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The Chat of Me & My Friends

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[Sunday, 3:47 PM]
Leonardo Adolfo Espinosa De la Rosa-McWhyDidYouStopReadingThisIsMyName has started a group chat with Allofurhoes, HunkyDory, Keith Frickin' Habersberger, Pigetto, and Romellow.
Leonardo Adolfo Espinosa De la Rosa-McWhyDidYouStopReadingThisIsMyName has named this group chat Dummy Thicc.
Leonardo Adolfo Espinosa De la Rosa-McWhyDidYouStopReadingThisIsMyName has changed the background.

Leonardo: guessss-

Leonardo Adolfo Espinosa De la Rosa-McWhyDidYouStopReadingThisIsMyName has changed their name to Lancylance.

Lancylance: whoooo-

Pigetto: Finally got his replacement phone?

Lancylance: ;D

Allofurhoes: Why did we have to refriend u?

Lancylance: i forgot my password so i had to make a new account!

HunkyDory: Sigh

Keith: Why didn't you have the support service email it to you?

Lancylance: it was an old account that was on my old email that i don't use anymore but anywho-
Lancylance: Keith for the love of GOD just friend me again

Keith: Nah

Lancylance: let me have a nICKNAME FOR U

Keith: It was a mistake to let u do it the first time
Keith: And the second time

Lancylance: and the third and fourth and fifth and blah blah blah

Allofurhoes: Hey where's Coran and Shiro :(

Pigetto: Their accounts are on private

Lancylance: a suspicious motive for some suspicious men-

HunkyDory: No we just value our privacy u doorknob

Lancylance: that thing ur talking about??? doesn't exist

Keith: That ass u think u have? Doesn't exist

Lancylance: 911 i've been shot in the back

Allofurhoes: It hasn't even been two weeks and we've already broken our Roasting Lance sobriety

Pigetto: What can we say, it's an addicting adrenaline rush

Lancylance: you guys are fucking druggies- stop it get some help

Keith: Nah

HunkyDory: Lance now that you have a working phone again I'm deleting all these pictures you took on mine

Lancylance: awh
Lancylance: send them to me first at least

HunkyDory: no

Lancylance: AWH

Lancylance has changed their name to SadLad.
Pigetto has changed SadLad's name to Lancylance.

Lancylance: >:,(

Pigetto: In too much pain for this rn man, go cry in the tub like everyone else

Allofurhoes: U can change my name babe I need a new one anyways since we moved chats

Lancylance: :,O

Lancylance has changed Allofurhoes's name to White[youalways]Lion.

White[youalways]Lion: tysm uwu

Lancylance: ur vewy welcome for de inwightwent uwu

Keith: Because you think Allofurhoes is a funny name


Lancylance: tying to pass off as a common white man smh

Pigetto: Literally how Allura, it's so basic

White[youalways]Lion: Cuz u all HOES

HunkyDory: What???? Even ME?

White[youalways]Lion: Yes

Pigetto: All of ur hoes, really?

Lancylance: no it's all of u r hoes

Keith: Wait WHAT

HunkyDory: Was it supposed to be that this entire time?????

White[youalways]Lion: Omg yes the entire time! Can't u guys read??

Pigetto: No sir, I'm illiterate


Lancylance: since yo blind asses was born!

Keith: Fight me

Pigetto: dOnT bE fUcKiNg RuDe

Lancylance: Bite me

Keith: Absolutely not

White[youalways]Lion: Hey that handbag is Prada stop throwing it around!

HunkyDory: Damn I thought we were the hoes under ur control

White[youalways]Lion: Well ur not wrong

Pigetto: I thought it was the dom in u jumping out tbh

White[youalways]Lion: U r also not wrong

Lancylance: slay my princess

White[youalways]Lion: I don't have a sword Lonce how can I

Lancylance: use ur acrylic nails bebé

White[youalways]Lion: gasp,,

HunkyDory: Don't u phucking dare.

Pigetto: Slay, queen, slay

Romellow: What have I just walked into

Keith: Hell

Lancylance: heavan
Lancylance: lmao Keith no

HunkyDory: Sup Romelle

White[youalways]Lion: Waifu I'm gonna slay

Romellow: Slay what?

White[youalways]Lion: Uh..

Pigetto: The men

White[youalways]Lion: The men!

Lancylance: oh no-

Pigetto: Oh yes

HunkyDory: Pls don't I have a project due tomorrow

Romellow: Why get dirty doing that when u can watch movies

White[youalways]Lion: God ur so smart

Lancylance: Rom i just got the best idea ull love it

White[youalways]Lion: Oh no-

Romellow: I fully regret what I said and I'm truly sorry for speaking out. I'll never do it again.

HunkyDory: It's okay sis, we all are

Lancylance has changed Romellow's name to (Rom)elle(Com)elle.

Lancylance: how's this motherfucking tea

Pigetto: Awful, I really wish u wouldn't piss in it before serving it to us

Keith: U didn't need to give us that imagery

(Rom)elle(Com)elle: Oh
(Rom)elle(Com)elle: This is actually really cute! How did you do that?

Pigetto: It's okay Keef, we know u have a piss kink

Keith: Blocked.

White[youalways]Lion: Not even going to ask

HunkyDory: You're just admitting to it by doing that buddy

Lancylance: u can change any person's name in a group chat that u have in ur friend list by clicking the little three dots at the top

Keith: Double blocked. Bitch.

Lancylance: Keithyboy ur sounding v unconvincing about ur piss kink it's okay if u have one we know about it all already

(Rom)elle(Com)elle: Oh my goodness I already know what I'm going to do to my brother: The Family Accident! :D

Keith: Triple blocked.
Keith: Oh that's nice

HunkyDory: Lance how could u!!! Look at what u did!!!

White[youalways]Lion: Great u took the innocence of my waifu FUCK

Pigetto: I don't say this often because you're nowhere near the hero we need, but u are truly the one we deserve Lance

Lancylance: all in a day's work :,)

(Rom)elle(Com)elle: Hehehe

HunkyDory: So how come I couldn't just have invited you to the old group chat? You know, the one with everyone already in it?

Lancylance: because it wouldn't have been as dramatic Hunk

White[youalways]Lion: Yea obv

Keith: It's because u wouldn't have been the chat leader anymore with ur new account isn't it

Lancylance: shut ur ugly mouth u don't fucking know me like that god Keith

Lancylance has changed the name of the chat to fuck Keith - He Has A MULLET.

Keith: Why is every first letter of each word capitalized except for fuck

(Rom)elle(Com)elle: You even capitalized the A

Lancylance has changed the name of the chat to Fuck I can't believe you've done this.

White[youalways]Lion: Mature af adult

Pigetto: And he would've gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for that meddling emo

Keith: How's that for some motherfuckin' tea

Lancylance: grrr i'm not making u anymore capuchinos

HunkyDory: Gasp that's so sad I guess he'll have to give those extra ones to me from now on then oh no-

White[youalways]Lion: I will fight u for them Hunk don't u even lay a hand on them

Keith: Wait hold on Lance don't be so fuckin' hasty-

Lancylance: yeus~? >:3( u have smthing to say~?

Keith: I'm not supposed to be eating trash anyways

White[youalways]Lion: U ASSHOLE

HunkyDory: Keith how dare u

(Rom)elle(Com)elle: Mmm what u saayyyyy

Pigetto: That u only meant wellllllll

White[youalways]Lion: Well of course u did mmm whatcha sayyyyy

HunkyDory: (Whatcha say, whatcha sayyyyy)

Keith: Are we a choir now??

Pigetto: Yes, it's required for the memes

Keith: U mean this meme that's like five years old by now?

Pigetto: Yea

(Rom)elle(Com)elle: That it's all for the bessssttttttttt-

White[youalways]Lion: Of course it is~

Keith: Lance are u still there

Lancylance: Yeah I'm still here


[Monday, 4:17 PM]
Keith Frickin' Habersberger (not in your friend list) has requested a private chat with you.
Accept or deny?

Keith: Fuck you're upset I'm so sorry

Leonardo: It's cool you don't have to eat them if you don't like them
Leonardo: I know it can be somewhat of an acquired taste

Keith: No I like them! I was just playing with you. I didn't mean anything by it, Lance.

Lancylance: I know
Lancylance: I'm all good here Keithyboy

Keith: Yeah?


HunkyDory: U okay buddy?

Lancylance: yea i'm looking for a meme but i can't fffffing find it

Pigetto: Didn't u just change phones

Lancylance: oh yea that's prolly why
Lancylance: in the arms oofff annn angell flllyyy awaaay and beeee frrreee

White[youalways]Lion: You sound drunk smh

(Rom)elle(Com)elle: Shouldn't the lack of photos have alarmed you?

HunkyDory: No it wouldn't.

Pigetto: Ha hahaaaaaaa

Lancylance: wellllllll
Lancylance: [JPEG Image]


HunkyDory: This is why I'm not sending him any of the ones he took on my phone

Lancylance: :3


HunkyDory: Yup

(Rom)elle(Com)elle: How can u possibly stand to have such a full gallery!

Pigetto: He doesn't, it drives him crazy

(Rom)elle(Com)elle: ?????????

Lancylance: it does i can never find anything and even my old starred folder was p hefty
Lancylance: but i can't just rid of them! they're very precious to me flaws and all

White[youalways]Lion: That cannot be healthy babe- stop it get some help

(Rom)elle(Com)elle: Yes!! I agree!!

Pigetto: There's nothing wrong with holding onto what u love, it's human nature

Keith: You kept the locks of ur hair after you chopped it all off Pidge you are the nasty one here

(Rom)elle(Com)elle: wHAT

White[youalways]Lion: I'm sorry come again there Keith

Pigetto: Shut tf up Keith no one asked u, it was an ACCIDENT

Keith: I don't think keeping it in a tuberware container under ur sink to cry over it constitutes as an accident

Lancylance: IN A TUBERWARE- damn

Pigetto: Shut up I will knife u, Matt said I would look COOL

HunkyDory: They're both full blown horders but Lance has justified it because pictures don't take up physical space
HunkyDory: Pidge on the other hand whew y'all should see her room

(Rom)elle(Com)elle: No thank you that's quite alright

White[youalways]Lion: Wtf are u gonna do when ur phone is full???

Pigetto: Fuck u Hunk I do what I want, hard drives can hold so much shit u don't even KNOW Allura

Keith: Won't the hard drives start taking up space tho??

Lancylance: Hard drive smard drive u ain't making me get rid of ANYTHING these are all my children

Pigetto: Damn straight

(Rom)elle(Com)elle: What the heck!!

White[youalways]Lion: I'm getting Shiro

Keith: Nooooo

HunkyDory: It's only right

Pigetto: U can't break me, I'm a Kim unstoppable force

Lancylance: u guys r such bullies smh when can we ever learn to all get along

White[youalways]Lion: Just wait until ur father gets home young man

Pigetto: Oh yea, and when's that

White[youalways]Lion: Whenever tf this bitch accepts my invite

(Rom)elle(Com)elle: I seriously cannot understand how you can keep so many photos and then turn around and say you hate that you do it

Lancylance: it's a careful and intricate art

HunkyDory: By art he means the symptoms of EFD and OCD

Lancylance: don't expose me u bitch

White[youalways]Lion: I thot u were American

Lancylance: no i'm lesbian

Pigetto: What a train wreck

White[youalways]Lion has invited Shiro Labeouf to the chat.

Shiro: Honey, I'm home.

White[youalways]Lion: About time!

Lancylance: oh yes daddy
Lancylance: love me some of that food kink~ 

Shiro Labeouf has left the chat.

(Rom)elle(Com)elle: Uh

HunkyDory: Great

Pigetto: I think that's ur fastest time yet, nice job man

White[youalways]Lion: I CA NOT BREATHE

Keith: Do I love or hate you.

Lancylance: that is the question
Lancylance: whether tis nobler in the heart to yearn for the flirt and affection of a hetero fellow or to take the fight against his handsome countenance, and by opposing, end him.

Keith: That didn't answer my question I'm still confused

Pigetto: It's hella gay tho i like

(Rom)elle(Com)elle: Oh I see now
(Rom)elle(Com)elle: Lonce u were a theatre major in high school weren't u

White[youalways]Lion: SKSKSKSKSKS

Lancylance: yes i was and i'm going to take that as a compliment

HunkyDory: I think that would be best for everyone man

White[youalways]Lion has added Shiro Labeouf to the chat.

Keith: God damn it

Shiro: I'm waiting to see what Lance does first before I antagonize u

Lancylance: i'll behave
Lancylance: just for now

Pigetto: As u always say

Shiro: Okay, I will... Maybe trust that. What am I here for again

(Rom)elle(Com)elle: Lonce wanted to keep his title as chat leader

Lancylance: ur a fake friend too! unbelievable and after i gave u that snazzy name too smh

(Rom)elle(Com)elle: Sowwy

Lancylance: no it's too late

Pigetto: Drama queen

Lancylance: damn straight!

Shiro: Okay, so should I invite Adam?

Keith: No absolutely not

Pigetto: That's gay

Shiro: That's tfing point Pidge

White[youalways]Lion: Pidge ur face is gay

Pigetto: Nice.

Lancylance: my eyes r bleeding dad did u just say tfing

Shiro: Yea, deal with it bro

(Rom)elle(Com)elle: Didn't u say fffffing earlier Lonce

Lancylance: only if u accept my friend request like a nice person would do :)

Keith: Shiro don't be a nice person

White[youalways]Lion: Don't anger the kitten waifu

Shiro: I will stop using tfing from this point forward.

Lancylance: >:(

Keith: Ha ha haha ha!

HunkyDory: You're gonna regret that Shiro

Lancylance: Rom shhhh u spill too many of my secrets! and Keithy u betta watch urself too i kmow where u two live

Shiro: I know but I'm used to it
Shiro: So, I should stay and just delete the other group chat

Pigetto: Yea

Shiro: And lose my since of worth as ATackoShtand?

White[youalways]Lion: Shiro ur supposed to be the strong hot af father figure not a poorly planned pun! no hetero

Shiro: Sorry, what was that? I think my hearing is off today can u say it again? I didn't quite catch it

Keith: She said no hetero u old wrinkly man

(Rom)elle(Com)elle: Come again? My ears don't work quite as they used to sonny

Lancylance: NO HETERO ROMELLE! i forgot about that one lmao

Pigetto: How do we always come back to this point, this place of abomination

HunkyDory: Like this Pidge watch closely- No hetero but women are v soft and hug shaped

Lancylance: no hetero but women? hot and gorgeous queens all of them i'm in love

Keith: No hetero but women are only ever assholes for legitimately good reasons

Shiro: No hetero but every woman I've meet is a badass including when Romelle can defect the trash that is western culture

(Rom)elle(Com)elle: !!!!! <333

White[youalways]Lion: Don't make me cryyyy guys my mascara is weak

(Rom)elle(Com)elle: No hetero but all my men in this chat have been nothing short of exceptional since the day I've met them

Lancylance: awhhh

Keith: no u

HunkyDory: <333

Shiro: uwu

White[youalways]Lion: No hetero but guys are very cute when they come up to u all soft n shyly ask for something like ur help or a hug and they do the lil hair finger thingie with embarrassed smiles and it's Keith I'm mostly talking about Keith but the rest of y'all do it too u guys ain't slick ure all so adorable

Keith: Don't expose me Allura god

White[youalways]Lion: I will always expose u whenever I say u need it

(Rom)elle(Com)elle: Pidge ur turn!!

Pigetto: Fffffine, god

Pigetto: No hetero, but the fact that u guys can piss standing up is really fucking cool

Shiro: Hell yeah it is!

HunkyDory: This got so fluffy my heart is going to burst!

Lancylance: don't u dare cry if u cry i'll start crying and it'll be a whole mess

Pigetto: Gross

Lancylance: i will use u as my tissue and that's a threat

Pigetto: GROSS

(Rom)elle(Com)elle: And I will join him :)

Pigetto: OH NO

White[youalways]Lion: Oh yes

Shiro: Ah yes the human sacrifice :)

Pigetto: W H A T I'm sorry W H A T bitch W H A T

HunkyDory: Awhh guys I'm down for the inevitable group bear hug! :3

(Rom)elle(Com)elle: Me too! Count me in as well :3

Keith: Pidge u should really start running

Shiro: Don't worry Keith. You'll be there with her too :)

Keith: OH NO

Lancylance: oh yes >:)

White[youalways]Lion: Huehuehue survival of the fittest

(Rom)elle(Com)elle: Bye bye it was nice knowing you guys! :)

Keith: rOmElLe-

(Rom)elle(Com)elle: It's okay Keith,,, I'm only leaving the chat because I have homework to do :)


Keith: I'm five steps ahead of u i jumped the fuckin' balcony

White[youalways]Lion: Gd u fucking athlete slay

HunkyDory: That's too bad then :)

Lancylance: Next time then :)

Pigetto: Jamakznakajnajaja

Shiro: There's always a next time Keith :)


[Sunday, 4:54 PM]

Keith: Lance?

Lancylance: yea always i'm not ur cool ninja sharpshooter for nothing man

Keith: Cool very cool
Keith: Always cool Lance

Lancylance: always dude

Keith: Yeah


[Sunday, 6:30 PM]
White[youalways]Lion has invited Coran Hieronymus Wimbleton Smythe to the chat.

Coran: I would like to ask what happened but I don't think much has gone on without me as per usual.

Lancylance has changed Coran's name to GorgeousMan.

GorgeousMan: You have always been my favourite for a reason my boy.

Lancylance: :D

Pigetto: U fucking suck up

Lancylance: yea well u suck down

White[youalways]Lion: Coran how could u

Pigetto: That doesn't even-

GorgeousMan: Easy. He helps me clean my classroom!

Lancylance: uwu

GorgeousMan: UwU

White[youalways]Lion: Fuck that that always breaks my nails

Pigetto: ssssssuuuucccckkkk uuuuppp

Lancylance: I can't deny it ;)