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Dead Heat

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Never once have you felt the way that you feel right now. Even when you think about all the shit you’ve been put through the past 24 years of your life, nothing comes close to the scale of the fire coursing through your vanes in this moment. It's not just anger, it's bigger and more complex. Sure, you're angry. At your father, at yourself, and at the asshole standing in front of you. But there's something that adds a hollowness to the melting pot of emotions inside of you. Loneliness. Helplessness. That man's stupid face as it looks at you certainly doesn't help. He has this confused expression that's just dying to be wiped off of his face by a sharp cut of your hand. It seems comical how dull someone could be. You feel everything piling up to the point where you're about to explode. But instead of keeping face as usual you storm toward the man with fire in your eyes.

 *2 weeks earlier*

"Y/N, it's time to go." Your best friend of over 20 years says down to you. Instead of responding, you get up off the couch that you've been sitting on for the past 2 hours and silently follow him as he leads you both down the building's main staircase. As you walk through the crowd of people dressed in black he glances back at you a couple of times, most likely trying to analyze your vacant expression.

"The fact that you haven't even said a word today makes it seem like you're actually sad he's gone."

At hearing this you stop walking. You finally look your friend in the eyes and notice the worried expression on his face. Your hard stare causes his expression to fall. He looks away from you and towards the floor as you continue walking past him. When you reach the base of the stairs, you barely notice the faces of the well-dressed people you pass as you head directly out the door. You'd rather die than receive looks of pity from people you barely know. Once outside you find solace in the dark and quiet car that’s been waiting for you.

You're alone for less than a minute before Jimin finally joins you inside. When the car starts moving, he doesn't say anything else to you because he knows you more than anyone. He knows exactly what situation you're in right now. You're not even remotely sad about the death of your father. Not with all the shit he put you through growing up. On one hand you feel like a weight has been lifted off you because he’s gone. No one is left to tell you what your purpose in life is. On the other hand, a new weight has been placed on your shoulders because of what’s about to happen to your family. Something your father had never anticipated happening was dying and leaving you in charge. Yet his untimely death had spoiled his plans. You, being unmarried and an only child, were all that were left of the Kim’s.

As the car finally pulled up to the decently sized mansion you and Jimin still sat in silence. You didn’t notice when Jimin turned his head towards you as you sat there contemplating the events over the last few days. You heard him let out a sigh and let ti hang in the air before you finally faced him and broke the silence.

“I’m sorry. Thanks for today.” You say as you finally look away, not feeling the need to say anything else. That was something that was great about your relationship, words weren’t always needed. He knew you needed time to sort your thoughts out before a heartfelt discussion on what the hell you were going to do about your situation. You might have seen a slight reassuring smile on his lips after your thanks had you not already been dragging yourself out of the car leaving him inside as you make your way up the steps of your home.

Before you know it you are laying on your bed in your pajamas staring at the ceiling. You barely remember walking up your large staircase or even changing out of your black funeral dress. The house is quiet and empty which makes every moment stretch on forever but simultaneously flash by in the blink of an eye. Your mind is in this surreal state of limbo, but it gives you the peace to go over your options.

Your family is likely to support your father’s opinions on you taking over. They’re very traditional and have their eyes set on a strong male head of the family. There are some who would support your claim, but many don’t know of your abilities to lead since you were so inhibited by your father. Theoretically, someone else in the family could take over, most likely Jin. He’s never expressed interest in leading the entire family but he’s highly respected here. But then what happens to you? You can’t just leave and start a new life, and know you’d never be able to.

If this is the case and someone else takes over, you’ll probably be given away to someone. Jin is married already so that ruins your chances of coming even close to staying as you are in the family. Not that you want to marry him anyway, sure he’s got a pretty face, but he thinks a lot like your father, which is something you aren’t very fond of. Still, your life will never be the same. You just hope that that’ll be a good thing. So long as you get out of it alive.

That night you dream of your childhood. There are a few moments from when you were younger that let you forget the truth about your lifeand future and you are lucky enough to recall them tonight, when you need it most. Tonight you recall the night that you and Jimin became friends.

It was during some annual family get together. It wasn’t a fancy ordeal, just a time for everyone to be together. All the parents had left the children to mingle in a separate area of the house. Jimin had always seen you around at these things. When you were around all the other kids he was intimidated by you. You were loud and friendly while he was quiet and shy. This is why little Jimin found it strange when he didn’t see you in the center of the room feasting on the attention of the other kids. After wandering, he instead found you in a room down the hall sitting outside of an open window looking up at the sky. It was the first time in days it had been clear enough to see the stars.

Jimin climbed outside to join you and sat next to you silently. The two of you star gaze for quite a while without saying anything.

“What do you think it’s like to be a star?” You ask the young boy next to you.

“I… don’t know.” He timidly answers.

“I think it’d be wonderful. You can look down and see everything that’s going on everywhere in the world, and you get to see a ton of other stars too!” You excitedly answer your own question.

“I heard that when people die, they turn into stars.” Jimin adds.

“Really!? So one day I’ll get to be a real life star!?” Jimin sees you bursting with excitement and is only able to give you the biggest eye smile you’ve ever seen as he nods in confirmation.

You two spend the rest of the night alternating between talking about what you would do as stars and gazing in silence. It was really the first time when you felt you could be yourself around someone else. Maybe it was because of how innocent he seemed. You wish you could relive moments like that every night, when times were simpler. But with morning comes the reminder of the harsh reality that you are going to have to face.

 The next day is a meeting with some high-ranking men in the Kim family. They too have been wondering what the hell was going to happen with your father gone. It’s no surprise to you how quickly it was decided that Jin, one of your father’s right-hand men would take over at least temporarily. At this point you shut your brain down, just wanting to be anywhere but here, especially when they move on to politics of the change and relationships with the other families. After over an hour of the board’s relentless debating, you let your mind start to wander away from all the issues in your life. You’re about five seconds from dozing off when you catch the end of a certain sentence.

“…best interest to ally families.” Your eyes immediately shoot toward the direction of the speaker knowing exactly where this is going. Jin, one of your father’s righthand men, notices your sudden attention on him.

“Since the death of his father last year, Min Yoongi has become the richest man in the country. Your father and his were in good standing with each other before their deaths. Marriage between our families was something that was discussed but never acted upon because of unfortunate timing. I’ve talked with Min representatives and it’s something that they’d still be interested in.”

“What would that do for us?” I ask. “So what, I go marry him and become a Min?”

“Like we were saying before, Y/N, we’re not in the best financial position.” Jin responds, realizing you weren’t listening to everything before.

“Why do you think that is?” You challenge.


“We pride ourselves in what? How smart we think we are? How we think things out and come up with long term plans that we never carry out?” You interrupt. Somehow you keep face and continue your rant towards the board. “We’re a sorry excuse for a family, we’ve got no power and can easily be cut down by everyone else because my father, who you seem to hold in such high regard, was a misogynistic pig who cared more about how many different brands of scotch he could collect that the longevity of the family-”

“Y/N!” Jin stops you and stands up, staring you down. So you do the same. You stand and place your palm of the table. You direct your serious expression towards the faces of the surprised members of the board until you land back on Jin. You look pissed but composed, an ability you got from your father which made it look like you could set fire to the entire world and still have the same look in your eyes. It looks like Jin is about to say something, but you don’t give him the privilege.

“You know I’d do better.” And you calmly turn and walk out.

You’ve lost, but you’ve also won. Things were decided in the meeting that wouldn’t be easy to change, but you did gain something. The words you said about the family and your father would’ve gotten anyone else killed, but instead it showed them all who you were. Not many people had seen the fire in you come out when your father was alive. Women were always supposed to behave and save face, but that never changed the fact that you are your father’s only child. Even though he wasn’t a good man, he was a frightening one. He was intelligent and everyone knew that he was capable of horrible things. You on the other hand, knew he didn’t care about horrible things or what his job was as the head of the family. There was a time where he might have been an awesome scary boss, but you surely hadn’t seen it. He was more content on just existing and having the power, which might have worked had there not been other families and had we not been involved with organized crime. And now he’s dead for it. You, however, know what it takes to be the biggest player in the game and hope you get to be as cunning as he was because you know you wouldn’t waste it. But for now, you have to worry about crap like marriage instead.

Min Yoongi, the richest bachelor in the country. How lucky are you? You bet he’s just like his father.

Min Yoongi sits across the table from you with an unreadable expression on his face. It’s almost like he doesn’t care that any of this is happening. Like it’s some minor annoyance and he’d rather be somewhere else. You too would rather be somewhere else but at least you're pissed about what's happening. He seems to have no interest in the situation at all. The meeting is fast and formal and you two don’t say a word to each other. Papers and pens are exchanged as well as conversation between family representatives. Eventually you catch his eyes and you two remain unmoved in a stare down. The intenseness of your expression causes Yoongi to furrow his brows. It’s an expression of curiosity, afterall, he’s never met you why are you suddenly looking at him like you’re about to jump across the table and stab him with one of the pens? The men around you interrupt your little exchange by shaking hands and collecting papers. You watch as they act like they just bought a car or something, not just put two incompatible strangers together. By the time you turn away from the final handshakes, you see that Yoongi is gone. What a charmer. At least that means I may not see him often. Your men collect you to leave. On the drive back, you come to the realization that you'll soon have a different home.

That night you’re out on your balcony with Jimin watching the sky as you talk about the strange meeting.

 “Was he cute at least?” Jimin asks you.

 “I can’t remember, I was too focused on the dumb look on his face. How could someone not care what the hell someone else does with their life? It was like I was some minor disruption in his day.” Jimin looks at you expectantly basically ignoring what you said.

 “He’s not fat.” You concede. “Not horrible looking, but he is short. You’d probably like him.”

 “I’m gonna assume you say that because he’s attractive and not because you think I’m short.” He responds. You snort at this as he rests his head on your shoulder.

 “What am I going to do?” You say to no one after a moment.

 “Use the situation to your advantage and take what’s yours. It’s what you do best.” Jimin tells you, somehow knowing an answer that would work for you. You knew you picked a good best friend. The two of you sat under the sky and star gazed that night for what would be the last time.

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Most of the next day is spent with boxes and memories. You are packing up and leaving your home forever. You’d never really lived anywhere else, not even been to many other people’s houses. It was a strange concept to grasp, leaving and not coming back. You aren’t too sad to leave all of the memories, most of them not that fond anyway. But instead of reminiscing on old feelings you keep one goal in your mind: Get what you deserve. After that talk last night with Jimin, you’ve made the decision to play along. It’s really all that you can do for now before you can find a way to take back the family.

After going through the house for the better part of the day, you come up with a lousy two and a half boxes of belongings. It’s kind of sad to realize that the few things you care about in this world can fit into such a small space. But you don’t want to take anything that will bring up any bad memories of your father. Things like that could end up distracting you and you still have to keep your eyes on the prize.

Jimin picks you up in the early evening to take you to the venue of the “event.” To call it a wedding would be comical. The contracts had  already been signed and this party is more of a formality for the family. It’s being held at the Min mansion which you find is undoubtedly, the largest house you’ve ever seen. Jimin gushes at the sight, talk about how great the party will probably be. Unfortunately, you aren’t able to get a good look at the interior when you arrive for the first time before you are ushered away down a long hallway towards the other side of the building. There you are led into a dressing room where some women are waiting.

When you walk in, you pretend not to notice the fact that all the girls stare at Jimin. He is already dressed for the event and honestly, looking fine as hell. This is something he gets a lot of and you’ve gotten used to others gawking in his presence. If only these poor girls knew.

The girls help you into a dark blue dress and help you appear presentable in between fawning over Jimin. Once they’re done, they leave you and Jimin alone in the room. As you look in the mirror you find yourself surprised. A bit of a smile finds its way onto your face as you admire the choice of clothing.

“A bit full of ourselves, are we?” Jimin comments, noticing you admiring yourself.

“It’s not that, it’s just… blue, not white. It makes it seem like less of a wedding.” You’re a bit perplexed as to who had picked it out. You turn back to Jimin. “And you’re one to talk.”

“Hey, it’s not my fault the girls love me. Unlike some people, I don’t need dresses and makeup to look good.”

You’re about to tackle him right there until you hear a knock on the door. It’s time to go.

You’re drunk. Not completely shitfaced but enough. It definitely helps you get through the night, though. Most of the people here, you’ve never met before, only occasionally recognizing some members of your family. There’s no one you’re really close with though, except for Jimin, who you currently find partying hard on the other side of the room probably four or five cocktails in. He’s always the life of the party on nights like this.

The venue is perfect for a party, and you may have enjoyed yourself in a different situation. The hall is large and grand, and could probably fit over a hundred people. Large round tables are scattered across the floor with a main table towards the front where you are sat. From your position, you are able to admire the grandness of the room. At first glance, the ceiling appears overly adorned in gold. There’s classical paintings and strange images that seem entirely too distracting. Then you notice the background, stars. Behind all of the pictures and gold is a night sky that stretches to each end of the room. It’s a shame so much of it is covered by other paintings. You think it’d be poetically beautiful to paint an entire ceiling as a night sky.

Your thoughts are interrupted by congratulations from Jin who has come to your and Yoongi’s table. You smile and thank him and as he turn away and heads towards the other board members, your eyes send daggers at the back of his head.

“Didn’t your mother ever tell you if you scowl like that your face will stick?” That’s right, he’s here. It takes every bit of your being to not make a snappy comeback, and all you can do is look away from him. You need him to tolerate you if you’re ever going to get your position back. Who knows, he could probably help you. But you know he won’t because you know exactly the kind of guy he is. He just shrugs off your reaction and goes back to staring straight ahead like you. What a lively couple we are.

This entire party is for everyone but you two, and you get more and more relieved as the guest leave. Jimin is long gone, taken home by the driver after passing out around the desert table an hour ago. You’re about to fall asleep while watching the stragglers when you hear Yoongi’s voice next to you.

“Get up, I’ll show you your room.” He says above you. For a moment you sag lower in your chair. It’s like every time he talks, you remember you’re supposed to be married now and become filled with dread. Still, you silently get up and follow him out of the grand hall down two separate corridors before you find yourself in a section of the house that gives off more homely vibes. He points to the door behind you.

“That is your room. It’s one of the places you’re allowed to go. You’re also allowed to walk back to the main part of the house, but nowhere else. My room and my study are on the other side of the hallway.” He points to a set of doors towards the end of the hall. “Never go in there, do you understand?” You nod. “Don’t leave the house unless you tell me first, I’ll have a guard everywhere with you.” At this your face changes.

“I’m not allowed to leave?” You ask.

“Not unless I say so sweetheart.” Damn he really is a cocky ass. He raises his eyebrows. “Do you understand?” He mockingly asks. The nerve on this guy!

“Yes sir.” You say a little too sarcastically complete with a salute. His eyebrows furrow as his face twists in confusion. You don’t give him the opportunity to question your weird response as you rush past the door behind you, slamming it shut to separate yourself from him.

You hadn’t seen him in the last few days, which isn’t something you’re too torn up about. You did, however, find yourself bored out of your mind. All you’ve done for the last few days is read, watch TV, and sleep. You now wish you had brought more things from home instead of leaving everything that could distract you from your goal. You’re not going anywhere with it now anyway, what were you supposed to do, just go to the Kims and demand that Jin give you your place? It’d be easier if your captor was on your side. But nothing will work anyway if you die of boredom first.

You’ve tried to go find more to do but are always stopped by this guard who seems to pop out of nowhere as soon as you think about breaking the rules by leaving your “designated areas.” Doing nothing productive has left you feeling drained. You want to see Jimin, but you haven’t heard from him since the party. You probably understood why he didn’t contact you the first day, probably too hungover to leave his bed. But after that, you started to get worried. It was unlike Jimin to suddenly stop talking to you, he’d want to know everything about your new life.

After a week, a Netflix binge, and about 40 phone calls that Jimin didn’t pick up, you start to panic on the inside. Surely if something had happened to him, you would know about it right? All you could do for all these days is reassure yourself. But it’s eating you up inside and you have to know. So you leave your room determined to only return with answers.

“Hey there.” The guard says, already standing to hover over you as soon as you’re through the threshold of your doorway. He’s attempting to establish dominance. So you, in turn, fix your posture to mean business

“I need to go see my friend.” You say up to him.

“Sorry,” He says, clearly not meaning it, “no can do.” What? Why not? It’s not like it has anything to do with Yoongi.

“It’s an emergency, and he’s really important to me.”

“Hmm. No.” He says again, almost sing-song. Wow.

“Are you kidding me?” You say, your obedient façade starting to break.

“Look kid, I can’t let you see or contact anyone, at least for now. Boss’s orders.”

Well now you’re upset for even more reasons. If they aren’t letting you contact anyone, maybe the issue is on your end and Jimin isn’t getting any calls from you. This could be bad, what if he thinks you’re dead or something? You two are all each other have, he’d be as broken as you are right now.

“Where is Yoongi?” You aggressively ask the large man in front of you.

“Busy. In a meeting.”

“But he’s here.” The guard seems confused by your statement and before you know it, you’re sweeping your leg under his and pushing his head towards the ground. It hits with a thud and he stays there.

Oops. Well you did say you wouldn’t go back to your room without answers.

You leave the confinements of the living section of the mansion and look for the place where business is conducted. Let’s just say, if someone were to see you walking through the house, it would look like a wild animal angrily looking for prey. You’re bursting through doors and making a ruckus. Every time you find an empty meeting room, the emotions in you get more intense. You feel the physical and metaphorical separation between you and the one person you care about as well as the person keeping you from him. Who cares about what Yoongi thinks of you anymore, he won’t be of any help anyway. You want some damn answers.

 When you reach the far end of the building you come across a large set of double doors. You continue your rampage and burst through only to find a large group of very intimidating looking men standing around a large table in the middle of the room. Definitely giving off evil vibes.

“Y/n!? What- How’d you get here?” Ah there he is, just the person you wanted to see.

“Let me leave.”


“I have had enough of this crap, I can’t even contact anyone? What the hell?”

“Y/N we will talk about this later, as you can see, I’m a bit busy.”

“Did you do something to Jimin?” His face changes. Great.

Never once have you felt the way that you feel right now. Even when you think about all the shit you’ve been put through the past 24 years of your life, nothing comes close to the scale of the fire coursing through your vanes in this moment. It's not just anger, it's bigger and more complex. Sure, you're angry. At your father, at yourself, and at the asshole standing in front of you. But there's something that adds a hollowness to the melting pot of emotions inside of you. Loneliness. Helplessness. That man's stupid face as it looks at you certainly doesn't help. He has this confused expression that's just dying to be wiped off of his face by a sharp cut of your hand. It seems comical how dull someone could be. You feel everything piling up to the point where you're about to explode. But instead of keeping face as usual you storm toward the man with fire in your eyes.

You stand directly in front of him, probably closer than you should, and steel yourself, looking directly into his eyes.

“I want you to understand something Yoongi.” It’s frightening how quickly you created this aura around yourself that would induce fear in anyone. “I’ve been through a lot of shit in my life, as I’m sure you can imagine. But every time something stands in my way,” You lower your voice. “I move it.”

Yoongi seems to be frozen in awe with his mouth slightly open so you continue. “That being said, I’m not your pet, I’m not your wife, and I’m certainly not your prisoner. You and I are the same.” You jut your finger into his chest when you say this. “I’m just as much a queen as you are a king, only I deserve it more. So I want you to know that if you stand in the way of me and the things I love, I’ll cut you down. I don’t care who the hell you think you are.” When he remains silent you turn to leave and walk past all the men who just overheard your little tantrum. Before you can exit the room, Yoongi finally speaks up.

“Y/N, trust me. You don’t want to see him right now.”

“Did you not listen to anything I just said!?” Seriously, how dull is he?

“Jimin isn’t who you think he is Y/N.”

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"Jimin isn't who you think he is Y/N."

What a dumbass thing to say. 

"What the hell are you taking about? I know him better than anyone! Don't act like you do, you haven't even talked to him before!"

Yoongi looks to the ground and let's out a sigh before turning his head back up to you,  and you could've sworn you saw a bit of desperation in him. 

"Go upstairs to my study. I'll be there in a few minutes."

At any other point in the exchanges between you two, you would've told him to screw off and stormed out. However, you notice the change in him. The way he looks at you is not like a man who has lost an argument. Instead you see guilt on his face. How could a person like him be able to feel such a thing? You quickly decide that it doesn't matter. Neither does your previous goal. Jimin matters. Your real family matters. So, instead of storming out the front door, you silently go back the way you came from. 


When you reach the hall connecting the bedrooms and study you suddenly remember the guard you'd "accidentally" incapacitated. You are beyond relieved when you find the floor outside your bedroom free of unconscious bodies. You figure he must've gone to tattle on you or something. It's not really something to worry about so you continue down the hall towards the study. When you inch open the door, you mentally prepare for what you'll find. But, it isn't what you'd expected at all. It looks like... a study. Fully furnished in wood, it's quite a use of space. Bookshelves along the sides, a large desk, a few chairs, and even a tasteful rug make the room seem like the personal office of a regularly adjusted human being, which threw you off a little bit. It was a pretty cozy aesthetic. You sat yourself in one of the large chairs and waited for him to join you. 

It was more than a few minutes. After about 12 minutes you got bored enough to get up and look around his study. He wouldn't like you snooping, but then again, he shouldn't make you wait so long. You take a look at his bookshelf and note his love of classics. Strange. There's an old photo sticking out of one of the books just asking to be seen, so you slip it out from between the pages to find what looks like a family photo. Even stranger. Yoongi can't be more than five years old, and his parents look young, specifically his mother who seems to be smiling brighter than anyone else. What you see in his childhood eyes is pure joy. That seems like it was a happy time in his life, and it makes you wonder what happened during the past couple of decades that changed that. You gently put the photo back into place, being careful not to leave a trail, and continue snooping. Propped up between the end of one of the shelves and a wall is what looks like a keyboard with a stand that's been collapsed down to conserve space. Who is this guy? Does Min Yoongi have some twin with a different personality?

You're about to examine the keyboard further when you notice rows of files peaking through an open drawer in his desk. How convenient, don't mind if you do. They're filled with names, titles, projects, and nonsense until you notice one labeled "Kim." Now you are aware that many people share the surname, but you're also intrigued by the fact that this file is one of the few yellow ones while almost all others are white. You pull the folder out onto the desk hoping to find some damn answers about something. You open the cover to see the first page only to gasp loudly. 

"Shit..." you whisper. 

It's a picture of your father after he died. He supposedly died of a heart attack, but it certainly didn't appear that that was the entire story. Not when there's blood coming out of his head. You can't bring yourself to look at it any longer so turn the page hoping to figure out what the hell it was that you just looked at. You find a medical form if some kind. It looks like they tested his blood, maybe? There's a list of chemicals you've never heard of and some are checked and highlighted. 

"Oh shit." You say, a bit louder this time. 

He was poisoned. Even you could put that together.

Directly after that you find extremely detailed accounts of every assassination made on him. In this section you also find an account of an attempted kidnapping of his daughter, you. While reading through it, you recall the night when your home was broken into by a single man. The psycho snuck into your room and chloroformed you. You didn't struggle for long until you blacked out. When you woke up, you heard that he wasn't able to escape with you in the end. He got away, but you stayed safe. However, safe was far from how you felt after that night. Nightmares of his face plagued your dreams for weeks. Often, the only times you slept during those nights were when Jimin came over and stayed with you. Your mind temporarily flashes back to what Yoongi had said about him before you continue through the pages. 

In the rest of the folder you find more images of your father, but from when he was alive. They were from about a week before he died and there were photos of him with everyone he had contact with, even you.

Think, why would Yoongi have stalker photos of your father leading up to his death as well as multiple detailed explanations as to how he was killed wrapped up in a neat file in his secret study? You look down and see the next yellow folder when the door suddenly opens. 

"Sorry, the meeting-" Yoongi cuts himself off as you two look at each other like deer caught in each other's headlights. After a beat passes you grab the first available weapon, an old fashioned letter opener, and point it towards Yoongi. He immediately raises his hands in order to not provoke you. 

"Woah, hey I don't-" He stops yet again when he sees exactly what you've gotten ahold of. 

"Care to explain?" You more demand than ask.

"Look, it's not what it looks like." You scoff at this. 

"What does it look like Yoongi?"

"You think I had your father killed, I didn't."

"Well you've got about 60 seconds to prove it."

"Same drawer, it's labeled 'Jeon.' A yellow folder just like that."

You reach down for the other folder that you saw earlier. It's thicker than the first one, which is no surprise based on the label. If there first one seemed violent, this one was bound to be gruesome. You cautiously open the cover and examine the first picture. The letter opener falls out of your hand as you grasp the page to get a better look. Even seeing the horrid post-death pictures of your father didn't compare to the shock of what you faced in this photo.

The head of the Jeon family was there along with his son and a few others, including two very clear, very familiar faces. The chloroforming psycho and the boy sitting next to him, Park Jimin.

Chapter Text

It felt like all the air had left your body along with all sense of sanity leaving this hollow shell sitting behind the desk. For a moment you sit like this, still staring at the same photo. You’re running through every possible reason that Jimin might be there. Maybe he’s a prisoner or being forced to do something. Maybe it’s not Jimin at all and he’s got some twin that looks exactly like him.

“Y/N.” Yoongi softly calls you. But you remain fixated on the image, looking for any falsities or things that will give Jimin the benefit of the doubt. That is, until you catch a glimpse of the next photos. You put the first image aside and deflate into the back of Yoongi’s desk chair as you analyze the next ones. Jimin has his arm around the chloroform man, and is laughing. You can’t seem to continue further through the folder so you quickly close everything back inside.

You only realize the tears in your eyes when you attempt to look up at Yoongi. You refuse to let them fall, telling yourself that you’ve been through worse, but have you really? Jimin is literally the person who you trust most in the world.

-Was that person.

You keep cautious eyes on Yoongi as he walks forward to take one of the seats in front of his desk. Something about Yoongi looks soft in this moment, but maybe that’s just because of the fragile state that your mind is in right now. He leans casually forward on the desk and looks directly into your eyes.

“I know what you’re feeling right now, and I know you don’t want to talk about it. But,” he let’s out a sigh. “Do you still want to know?”

The way he is speaking to you is much like the way someone would talk to a child. Normally you would feel like he’s talking down to you, but instead you feel comforted. He’s aware of how fragile you are in your current state, and is taking every step to make sure you only hear if you’re ready to.

After what feels like multiple minutes, you find enough resolve to nod your head at Yoongi, but you’re still not entirely sure if you want to hear what he is going to say, because you want him to say that Jimin has not betrayed you. Yoongi sits back and stares out the window of the study trying to think about the best place to start before letting out a sigh.

“He works for them. The Jeons. Even before he was born, his mother was indebted to them. After her death, the debt fell onto him.”

What a fact to start off with. This wasn’t some new thing. He has been on their side the entire time you’ve known him. He was probably raised with those boys from the photos. Jimin isn’t just working for them, you saw how he enjoys their company. He’s their friend, their brother. Before you can get through processing this, Yoongi continues.

“They plotted for years. The Kims are seen as the weakest of the three of us and are the easiest to get rid of. They had never acted on any of their plans, but they must’ve heard your father’s talks about allying with us. Individually they stand a chance, but together we’re bigger than them.”

Everything he’s saying makes perfect sense, but a part of you is still skeptical. It’s the part of you that want’s him to be wrong about everything so you can be reassured that the person you love most in the world still loves you as well.

After he’s done explaining the politics behind your father’s death Yoongi leans forwards again noticing your mental turbulence.

“There’s one more thing Y/N. He’s the one who did it.” No.

“Did what?” Definitely not.

“He killed your father.”

“You can’t possibly know that. You didn’t even see who poisoned him.” You deny.

“He’s the only possible suspect, besides you. Honestly, you should be relieved I didn’t suspect you to begin with.”

“What do you mean me?

“You had a motive too. You allying with the Jeons could guarantee you the power you’re looking for in exchange for help taking down the Mins.”

“It not that I want power,” you immediately respond. “What I think I deserve is tied to my blood right as a Kim. I want my family’s respect, not whatever power I can get my hands on.” Great, now you have to defend yourself, but at least you’re not talking about Jimin. You’re not sure you could handle anymore surprises regarding him today.

“I can respect that.” Yoongi says after your explanation. “That’s why I didn’t really suspect you. If that’s what you wanted, you wouldn’t have murdered the head of your family to get there.”

Wait, Yoongi knew about my desire for taking leadership of my family? He does realize the events that led you to becoming his wife are the things keeping you from that goal, right? And how long has he known all of this? He saw Jimin at the party, so after that? It’s all too much to be questioning right now, and you find your mind running around in circles until you’re not able to think anymore.

“I… have to…”

“It’s okay. I’ll leave you be for a while.” Yoongi says, saving you the struggle of having to saying anything else. He walks out of the office, leaving you alone again. After a few minutes of staring blankly at the closed folder on the desk in front of you, you decide the only way to escape your mind is through sleep. You leave the office and head straight down the hall to your room, where you crawl under the covers and hope that when you wake up, all the lies will have been a dream.


After a few hours, you wake up in a sweat and are immediately reminded of all the shit floating around in your head from the conversation with Yoongi just a few hours ago. You find that you don’t even want to think about anything right now. After you get out of bed, you decide to take a long shower. Once under the water, you close your eyes and try to imagine the water washing away all the worries, but instead you feel like you yourself are melting away down the drain. That’s when you feel it all at once. Jimin has never been a friend. He was a spy and murderer and you let yourself get close to him. You let your tears mix with the water.

When you step out of the shower you throw on some pajamas and work up the courage the venture outside of your room. Peaking out of the door you see that there is no usual guard to keep you from leaving. You find this strange, but are relieved to feel like you had at least some privacy. You wander around, not really looking for anything in particular. It’s not like you’re snooping either, just traveling through the house looking for distraction. Instead you find Yoongi sitting on the couch in the living room, facing away from you. You aren’t sure if you are annoyed that he’s there. What catches you off guard is a small sense of comfort that you’re no longer alone to steep in your thoughts.

“There’s a pot of tea on the stove if you’re interested.” Yoongi speaks up without turning around to face you.

“Thanks.” You say quietly as you remove yourself momentarily to slip into the kitchen. When you come you come back into the living room you sit directly on the couch next to Yoongi before you realize it. The two of you sit and sip tea in the most awkward of silences that you’ve ever experienced. Finally, Yoongi breaks it by speaking.

“I’m sorry, for everything.” The statement is yet another thing that catches you off guard. He was suddenly so different than the first day you met him.

“What’s your deal?” Yoongi raises his eyebrows while peering at you over his tea waiting for you to ask a more specific question that he’ll actually be able to answer. After a moment you can’t keep it in anymore and have to know.

“You’re like… nice.” You stumble out, words guarded with suspicion. And if Yoongi’s eyebrows could raise any higher they’d disappear behind his hairline.

“Listen, I know you’ve been around a lot of bad people who’ve… wronged you. I understand your lack of trust, but I am an extremely nice guy.” He says the last part of the sentence a little bit too smug.

“Yeah, cause nice guys hold girls prisoner.” At this his eyebrows go the opposite direction and furrow in confusion for a moment before quickly jumping to defend himself.

“No, I was just… keeping you safe. Look, the Jeons are planning something. They were more likely to take care of what’s left of the Kims which is why you’re here. But now they know that we know everything, we could be a target too. So I guess you’re not even safe here either.”

Wow, how reassuring. If your best friend killing your father didn’t kill the mood then Yoongi definitely just did. You two sit for a while basking in the realization that you are royally fucked, until something suddenly comes over you.

“Tell me a story from your childhood, a happy one, not some daddy issues crap.” You say to him and his eyebrows do the thing again.

“Uh… well, I guess I had a cat.” This kind of surprises you, but then again, Yoongi has told you he’s a “nice” guy. Nice guys can have pets.

“Tell me about your cat, Yoongi.” He sighs and puts his tea on the table as you lean deeper into the couch giving him your full attention.

“Uh, her name was… Suga.” You look at him incredulously.

“I got her when I was three, okay!? I didn’t know what I was doing when I named her!”

“Was she sweet like sugar?” You mockingly ask.

“No, she was a jerk really. Hated my guts. My mom always said that she’d warm up to me eventually, but that day never came. Still, I always tried to get her to like me.”

“What happened to her?”

“Mom or the cat?” And at this you freeze. He asked so calmly that it sounded like he’d actually tell you about his mom. You two weren’t really close and it felt like too intimate to ask something like that.

“Suga.” You clarify.

“Would you believe she died of old age?”


“Well, Dad thought I’d believe that. But I know he thought the cat was making me soft.”

“Wow, that’s… really horrible.”

“Yeah, sorry.” Yoongi’s story probably could’ve had a happy ending had you not learned about the cat’s death. “How about you, any stories with happy endings?” You really have to think about this one.

“Any of my happy stories involve Jimin. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem that any of them have a happy ending now.” You try to not notice the pity on his face.

“Tell me the happiest moment of your life.”

“But, Jimin is-“

“Doesn’t matter.” He interrupts.

You really struggle to begin telling Yoongi about the night you met Jimin and you two sat under the stars, but as soon as you get into the story, you start to feel better. As odd as it seems, it feels like the memory is lending you some sort of peace of mind. After the story, you look up and see Yoongi has a soft look on his face. It looks good on him.

“So yeah, since then, we sit together under the stars all the time, it’s become one of my passions. I actually saw the ceiling in the main hall and got excited because of the little stars peeking through. Thought it’d be really cool if the entire thing was painted like that.”

“Wow, when you tell stories like that, I almost forget our lives are shit.”

“Yeah well, tragic backstories and dead parents are basically included in our job description.” He laughs when you say this.

You two spend the night sharing shitty stories that somehow bring comfort to each other. Honestly, you feel bad for assuming Yoongi’s personality before, he’s a lot like you. When it gets pretty late, you decide you should probably attempt to go back to sleep. Yoongi agrees and says he probably should as well and walks you back toward the bedrooms. Once both of you are at your door, you turn to face him.

“Thanks. For tonight.” You say after awkwardly staring at each other. He lets out a breathy laugh.

“Goodnight Y/N.”

And you watch him walk down the hall to his door. In that moment you realized you were certainly setting yourself up to get your heart broken again.

Chapter Text

***Jimin's POV***

Jimin finished the drink in his hand before grabbing another from the closest bartender. He wasn't really keen on spending the night sober. Not when he had to look over at you sitting at the front table with Yoongi. He was losing you, and in more ways than one. It was only a matter of time, so why not take advantage of all the free alcohol? Maybe Jimin could just forget that entire night and rid himself of the situation he found himself in.

He knew he had definitely succeeded in one aspect when he woke up laying face down the next morning feeling like shit. He let out a large groan and buried his face deeper into the sheets that he then realized were not his own. They were too soft and warm. He groggily raised just his head trying to get a grasp in his surroundings. The room seemed a bit familiar until he lost the strength to place it in his mind. His head fell back down as he submitted to become one with the mattress.

"Jimin!" Someone shouted outside the door to the bedroom. Almost imediately the door was swung open as someone bursted inside. 

"Bro we gotta go, come on." He then knew where he was.

Jimin sighed deeply into the sheets before looking up to see an impatient Taehyung.

"The others are downstairs. An important meeting or something. Let's go, put on some clothes." 

Jimin lazily rolled his body out of the bed and was greeted with a throbbing headache. He should've taken it easier last night. When he left the room with Taehyung, he was still confused as to what was happening at the moment.

"What the hell Tae? Why am I here?" Jimin asked.

"No idea, but everyone's back. I figure we're about to find out." 

When they reached their destination, they found several familiar faces gathered around the table. 

"Hey there sleepy head!" A loud voice chimed from the table, ringing through Jimin's head.

"Ugh, Hobie it's too early for that volume." Jimin responded to the cheery friend.

"Yah! I'm the one who had to drag your drunk ass out of that party last night. Let me do as I please!" He complained right back at him.

Jimin just groans and throws himself into a chair next to Taehyung. Tae was about to say something to Jimin when another person entered the room, causing everyone to look up. Once he noticed that he had the complete attention of the room, he got straight to the point without a greeting to anyone.

"Due to my father's current state, I'll be taking over duties for the time being. Starting today we've pulled everyone back from their assignment. Min has been gathering too much information from us lately. As it turns out, he has as many spies as we do. You will all be confined to the house for a short while until we figure out what they have on us. Don't contact anyone outside of here. Any questions?"

"What about the fact that Kim's daughter is a Min now? Are we gonna do anything about that?" Taehyung asked, causing Jimin to listen a bit more closely.

"We'll deal with that when we're better able to gauge the situation."

The thought of "dealing with you" ran through Jimin's mind but he immediately buried it deep down. He never thought that it would ever have to happen, and secretly hoped that he wouldn't have to be the one to do it. But by burying the thought, Jimin came to a sudden realization. 

"Kook, how much do we think they know?" Jimin asked, noticeably more worried than everyone else.

"We're not sure yet, but they have enough."


He had come to terms with the fact that one day you would find out, but damn he felt worse than he thought he would. That's what he got for spending so much time with you instead of the guys. Maybe the time he had to spend confined with them would remind him why he's here. But right then he felt like... well... shit.

***Y/N's POV***

You have been spending quite a bit more time with Yoongi. It's not like you've been spending every second with him, he is busy very frequently. But in the evenings you eat meals together and drink tea while sharing stories. And honestly, it's a good distraction from everything to get to know him. It's been so long since you've met someone new. You haven't really had to get to know anyone new since you were a kid. Then again, you're not really close with anyone right now as it is. Maybe Yoongi is the person you know most about in your life. What a strange idea...

You find Yoongi very different but also very similar to yourself. You were both made from the same mafia boss archetype complete with tragic backstories, but it went even beyond that. Your conversations were pleasant because he had the same sarcastic banter abilities as you. You think you two could've been friends in a different situation. 

You two have a pretty good bonding routine until one day Yoongi doesn't eat with you. You find yourself feeling sad that he's not there, but blame it on the lonliness of being stuck inside all the time. But that lie you tell yourself doesn't stop you from waiting up for him. 

From your regular tea spot, you hear him come home around 10. You peak towards the front door only to see how much he looks like shit. You have the urge to tell him so, since it would be amusing to see his annoyance, but instead you offer him tea. That's out of character, you shouldn't get used to being soft on him. But you don't really know where you stand with him. You two are starting to get close, but you keep associating him with the shit you discovered in his office. You need to pull yourself together.

He doesn't respond to your tea offer and instead drops his stuff and head straight into the kitchen. There he rummages through cabinets and pulls out some liquor.

"Wow, that kind of day huh?" You ask.

"Yeah. I just... do you want some?" He offers.


You two attempt to have a normal night after that, only the tea is replaced with alcohol. You find out that damn, Yoongi can drink. He's an unhealthy number of drinks in and has become a whole new person. He's like a child, animated, easily distracted, and a little bit paranoid. You aren't doing very well either being that you can't seem to form complete sentences. You two had definitely lost it, especially when you started playing Never Have I Ever. How classy of you.

"Bullshhhhiiiit!" You screech. "There's no way you have never experienced that in your life!"

"I enjoy taking things in life slower." He defends.

"Gaaaah but it feels soooo good! 

"Listen I'm just not into that sort of shit."

"...It's not some weird kink, it's just roller coasters."

"Yes but I don't enjoy the idea of being hurdled through the air so exposed like that."

"It's so FREEING though!!!" You attempt to push your feelings about roller coasters onto him, but your power doesn't seem to work on him. He just sits there and stares at you until you give up. 

"Fine, then. Never have i ever married someone against their will." It's a low blow, and you realize how low when Yoongi's face sinks. He sighs and downs the rest of his drink. There's a moment of awkward silence before he gives you a serious glare.

"Fucking drink, Y/N." Now you felt bad. You knew that he probably hadn't planned for this to happen either, but you said it without thinking. You take your last sip and look back towards Yoongi.

"I'm- "

"You should probably go to bed." He says without looking at you. You can't tell if he's angry at you. All you know is that Yoongi might be the only one you have for a while so you can't afford to be on bad terms with him. When he stands from the couch you desperately stand as well. 

"Wait! I didn't... I'm sorry. I know you didn't want this either, I'm just..."

"Drunk." He finishes the sentence for you. 

"Yeah. I... I think I want to be friends with you, so please don't let my harsh drunk personality make you hate me."

"You think? What does that mean?" It's then when you realize how close you've been standing to him. You're practically toe to toe. If you were sober you'd probably back off a bit, but drunk you is a bit too worried about other things. 

"I'm... not really sure."

There's a long moment as Yoongi's face relaxes and you two separately ponder your relationship. You find yourself still lost in thought when Yoongi lowers his head for a breathy laugh. He looks back up to you, places a hand on the side of your face, and stares at you for a moment. You internally panic since drunk you is not equipped to deal with something regrettable happening right now. You literally hold your breath. 

"Go to bed." He says as he lets you go. "You're gonna feel like shit in the morning." He begins to walk away, leaving you dazed. Eventually you catch yourself and call after him. 

"I'll bet you'll feel worse, you drank like twice as much!" He laughs at this and turns away, heading to his room before calling back to you in a mocking voice.

"Goodnight wife!" This man was testing your patience.

Chapter Text

When you wake up, you find yourself more rested than you've been in a long time. You choose to attribute this to being exhausted the past few days. 

Although, you'd be lying to yourself if you said you weren't sarting to get comfortable where you are. The thought flies right through you mind with little consideration  as your brain catches up with the beginning of the day. 

You throw on a hoodie and trudge out the door and down the hall. Honestly, you're feeling good today. There's no one source of your serenity, but you decide it doesn't matter. After holding in so many emotions it's good to be open about the positive ones.

When you get downstairs, you realize you are probably without a breakfast partner. You look at your watch and see that it's already past 10, he would've left hours ago. 

You brush off your slight disappointment until you go looking for breakfast and find that there's really nothing to eat. Your good mood day is already starting to crumble and you haven't even had your morning tea yet. 

You find yourself the biggest mug in the cabinet and start making a cup of tea that's big enough to offset your lack of food. You walk through the kitchen towards your tea spot in the living room, but stop dead in your tracks at the dining table. There lays a box of poptarts with a note. 

"This is all we have, don't be a pig about it. I'll pick up more food on my way home early this afternoon. We'll do something nicer for dinner.

Rude, but also intriguing. You could really go for a nice dinner tonight. Now, not many things are nicer than a box of poptarts but you're happy to see him try. 

You listen to Yoongi's words and only grab one bag of poptarts as you continue making your way to your tea spot. 

 It's a quiet day spent reading on the porch and dining tea. The reading helps your mind drift from reality and offers a nice break from your world. You've also made it a challenge to drink as much tea as possible. 

By two in the afternoon your in your fifth cup, not that bad. You think that had you kept drinking you could've made it to about eight cups before dinner. That or enough for Yoongi to think you had some obscure tea drinking problem. 

You're about to grab a sixth when you hear the man himself pull up in his sleek black car. You expect him to exit the car in his regular formal manner, but are instead surprised to see a very casual dressed Yoongi almost slip out of the car. He doesn't notice your brief snort.

"You look very relaxed." He calls up to the porch.

"As do you." You fire back. "Maybe a bit too much."

He raises an amused eyebrow at you as he walks past and into the house. "Change into something casual." He says while continuing down the hall."But less casual than pajamas, please." 

You're suddenly filled with excitement at the recollection of the promised dinner. You pack up your book and tea as you rush inside to get ready.

The ultimate challenge is now dressing correctly. You have to find a way to look cute, but not like you're trying to for him, but still be casual, but also fit for some mystery place you don't know of yet. It's actually very inconsiderate of him to attempt to surprise you. Doesn't he know the location dictates the clothing? 

After about fifteen minutes of mindless staring into your closet, you hear a knock at your door.

"I need your help downstairs." Yoongi's muffled voice comes through.

"I'm not ready yet." You reply.

"What? How?"

"I... just...I need to change still."

"My god. Please do not tell me you've been spending this whole time trying to pick something to wear.”


You hear Yoongi sigh on the other side of the door and are about to just suck it up and pick a random outfit when Yoongi surprises you again. 

"Do you like... want help? Am I supposed to help in this situation?”

"Absolutely not, I'm capable of making basic decision."

"Clearly not if you're still in there. How are you supposed to run an empire if you can't even pick an outfit?"

"What!? They're completely different decisions!"

"But one's far more complex than which dress you should wear to dinner." 

At this you storm towards the door while saying, "Well you never said I should wear a dress! That would've narrowed it down!"
When you open the door you find Yoongi smiling amusing, knowing how well he's riled you up.

"Aw that's cute, our first fight."

You use your palm to push his face back out the door and close it again behind him. After he's quiet for a couple moments, you turn around and find yourself smiling when you should be annoyed.

You grab the light blue dress you haven't worn since you left home. You really do look good in blue. 

You finally make it out of your room and ready to go 10 minutes later sporting a casual night out look. What you find downstairs is something that leaves you with a blank stare. Yoongi has a bunch of groceries spread out all over the kitchen. It looks like some battleground of food that you definitely aren't trained to traverse.

Yoongi looks at you with a stupid grin on his face. "Sandwiches." He says while flapping a slice of bread in front of you.

"This... is the nice dinner? Sandwiches." You say, a bit in disbelief. "I dressed up for making sandwiches in my own kitchen."

"No, you dressed up for me."

You're now frozen with a blank stare for a different reason and Yoongi's face is still stuck with that stupid grin.

"Just come on and help, there's gotta be some kind of sandwich you want." He nods you over to the spot next to him.

You don't know what's going on, he has to be off in the head or something. Nevertheless, you find yourself making a sandwich, and a pretty damn good one at that. 

When you've created what you view as the perfect sandwich, Yoongi has the audacity to take it right out of your hands.

"The hell..." You stand with your hand still grasping at the ghost of a sandwich that was once there as Yoongi adds your creation to a large bag that contains more prepared food.

He zips it up and slings the long strap attached to it over his shoulder. "Alright, let's go!" He announces while walking out of the kitchen.

"Oh, so we're taking sandwiches hostage now?" You say as you follow him out of the house. He puts the food into the car and goes to hold the car door open for you.

You stop to glare suspiciously at him. He wasn't going to tell you where you were going, this much you can predict. You give in and slide into the passenger seat, but you can stop the feeling of excitement in your gut.
About 30 minutes later, Yoongi's driven so far out of town that you've lost track of where you are. The windows of the car are down and the cool evening air is flowing all around you.

The two of you have been really quiet. It's not uncomfortable, but calming

You relax further into the seat. "I just realized, it would be extremely easy for you to murder me right now. Middle of nowhere, no one knows, easy target."

Yoongi blinks a few times. "I'll keep that in mind." He says, looking straight at you.

You both smirk.

In a couple more minutes you reach your destination. You peer out of the car and your mouth falls open. 

In front of you there's a secluded grass area with trees surrounding it. Just over the shallow curve of the ground, you can see the city below. So alive but so far away. You stare for half of a minute until looking to your side and find Yoongi looking at you with that face again.

"I want you to know that this is cheesy and stupid and I fucking hate it." You say as large smile creeps its way onto your face and he mirrors you. 

"Would it make it better if I said I wouldn't murder you?" He responds. 

"Ah, how chivalrous." For a moment you stare at him before suddenly bolting out of the car for the field. 

You lose your shoes and keep running until you reach the center and lie straight on the ground. You feel like a child released into the wild. You take in the breeze until you hear Yoongi's complaints coming towards you.

"That's okay, I got it. No need to get up off your ass." He says as he tosses the stuff from the car onto the ground beside you.

"Why did we come here?" You ask looking up at him from the ground. 

He sighs looking away from you towards the city. He just smiles and leans down to start unpacking as you let your question die out.

Sandwiches eaten and sun setting, you decide to revisit your earlier curiosity. "So what happened? Watch too many disney movies and suddenly trying to be all gooey?"

He scoffs. "Look you've been through a lot. I could tell you could use some time away from reality. Plus the view's amazing up here once there's no light left."

Yoongi reaches into the endless bag and pulls out a bottle of wine. And you're glad, maybe booze will make this seem less tacky.

You have what would normally be tea time but have a good amount of wine instead and rant about things of little importance. Yoongi's generally quiet, but he can really get going when triggered.

"I swear to god if one more person trashes on pineapple pizza, I will bury their corpses with my bear hands."

"Wow Yoongi, that was unexpectedly dark of you."

Eventually you fall silent as you look up from your picnic location. It's then you realize that the view he was talking about wasn't the view of the city.

All the way out here the lights don't pollute the sky as much. There are so many more stars populating the sky out here than you've ever seen. Looking at it seems overwhelming for many reasons.

He took you here. Yoongi brought you here to bring back memories and make you feel better. It wasn’t done to make up for or fix anything, he just did it for you. It’s stupid and not that hard to do, but it catches you right where it matters.

“Holy shit.” He’s definitely gotten to you with his awkward acts of selflessness, his banter, and his stupid face. And for a split second you have hope for the way that things will turn out for you, but then you’re reminded of all the shit you’re supposed to be worrying about. Your life has just been flipped around and the reminder sends you into a sudden depressive state.

“Um...” You hear Yoongi’s voice next to you and realize you’ve dramatically sat up and are staring at the ground. “You okay? You look like you just had some sort of crisis, or something.”

You can barely make out his expression in the dark but you can tell he probably has his eyebrows furrowed in worry. 

It’s very unlike you to feel like you need someone else. But you realize just how glad you are to have Yoongi in this moment. He is able to pull you out of your mind, even if only for small moments like these.

Without words, you crawl closer until you are right next to him and pull his face into yours. You're not sure why you were compelled to do it, but it was just the right thing to do in that moment. Your lips meet for a solid 5 seconds as you relish in the realness of him before you slowly pull away. 

You’re glad it’s dark enough to not be able to reveal your blushed face afterwards. You stay by him but quickly settle your head onto his shoulder. You take it as a good sign when he leans into you as well. You look back up at the sky and hope that this doesn't come back around to bite you in the ass.

During the drive home you fall asleep in the car. It's a good way to avoid having to talk to him about your actions earlier. Unfortunately, it's short lived because he wakes you up after he pulls up to the house.

"Come on, I'm not gonna carry you in. You're like a brick." The wit is a good sign that he's not weirded out, but you're not conscious enough to worry about that right now. He helps lead you up the front steps but stops near the top.

Oh, no. Here it comes, the confrontation. Right now you don't have the mental capacity to formulate responses to any questions about your feelings. "Look" You begin.

"Shh." Yoongi hisses at you.

You pout at his rudeness until you notice that he's pulled his gun out and is pointing it at the suspiciously open front door. Well you're suddenly awake now. You tuck yourself behind Yoongi, very curious but also still tipsy meaning you're not at all helpful in any dangerous situation.

"Go back to the car Y/N." You know better than to argue and jog back to the vehicle. Once you're in, he nudges the door open and slips inside.

It must've only been five minutes, but it feels like an excruciating amount of time. You almost jump when he sticks his body out of the door to beckon you inside.

"What was it? Anything?" You call up to him.

When you reach the door you can see into the main hall now that the lights are on. All you can do is stare at the blood streak on the floor.

"I promise it's okay. You should probably go to bed and we'll talk in the morning."

A million questions run through your head. Was he not going to mention the fact that it looks like someone died? "Yoongi, is there a body? Is it one of ours?"

Yoongi sighs and looks at the streak. "I have some things to take care of." Before you can register it, he walks over and places a kiss on your forehead. "Just try to get some sleep."

God, what a reminder of the fucked up world you live in.


Chapter Text

Jimin’s POV:


Jimin has been extremely bored recently. He blames this on the fact Jeon’s pulled everyone back, but he can’t help but think about the hole in his chest where you once were. He doesn’t know what to do with himself.

Naturally, he finds himself at the same old bar watching the rest of the guys drink and dance with women. Most nights are like this recently, filled with bitter feelings and bitter alcohol.

He mindlessly takes out his phone and scrolls through his messages. He half scans the conversations until he gets to you. Against his better judgement, he opens the conversation and looks again at the last things you sent.

He reads through each of your pleas of reassurance. He could see you were worried, that is, until the messages stop. He stares at the screen until he’s had enough, then makes the stupid decision to scroll up.

He sees the text exchange you have before your wedding. Then he sees the one about your father. It doesn’t stop, he finds himself going back through the years, torturing himself.

Around the time he reaches some messages about past birthday shenanigans, Taehyung plops himself ungracefully in the chair next to Jimin. He closes the messaging app and focuses instead on his drink.

“Why do you look so depressed? You look like you’ve just been dumped or something.” Taehyung comments.

“Something like that.” Jimin replies, causing Tae to let out a sigh.

“Come on! We don’t have any responsibilities right now, you should be enjoying it while you can.”

“I know, I’m just bored. Honestly, I never thought I’d want to work so badly.” Tae laughs at this but is interrupted by a notification on everyone’s phones.

“Well it looks like you won’t have to wait long, we’ve got a meeting tomorrow. I hope boss has got plans.” Taehyung pats Jimin’s back before walking back towards the rest of the guys.

Jimin can only sit and hope for the best. What that was exactly, he doesn’t know yet. Instead of getting hammered, he thinks he’ll just call it a night and leaves early for once.

 The meeting is buzzing. No one knows the entire story just yet, but they are aware that they’d finally be able to do something. Jungkook has shared his father’s immediate wishes.

As far as what the Min’s know, they’ve been assuming the worst. The only way to know for sure is to get their hands on everything they have. Cue the breaking in plan.

If there was a time when you and Yoongi were out of the house, there’d be practically no one to stop them. Everyone was concerned with the safety of you two, not the safety of the information you had.

The plan would get them the info and also had the advantage of being a scare tactic. We could reach you before and we still can.

When Jimin hears this, many thoughts go through his head again. He’s torn over all the different ending scenarios in his head. He’s only pulled out of it when the meeting ends and everyone leaves. He needs to pull himself together.

Your POV:


You lie in your bed and stare at the ceiling, still having questions stirring around in your head. You really hated Yoongi’s habit of not cluing you in on things, it made you feel vulnerable and not in control.

Speaking of vulnerable, you can’t help but be paranoid. It’s at least obvious that someone had broken into the Min mansion. Yet here you are, just pretending nothing happened, sent to bed like a child. You’re starting to resent your relationship with Yoongi again. Him attempting to protect you is doing nothing but make you feel more like a child.

When you close your eyes, you can’t seem to quiet your mind. These thoughts of the unknown and the knowledge that someone could’ve been in your room looking through your things tonight cause you to be restless. You can’t just sit there anymore.

A second later you find yourself standing in the hall outside your door. No destination in mind, you just need reassurance. But you’re not quite sure what you need to be reassured of yet. The hallway is dark and eerie so you head towards the lighter end where it opens to the main staircase.

When you reach the end of the hall you hear voices from the grand foyer. You tiptoe across to the other side of the stairs to avoid catching any of their attention. It’s then that you realize you’ve found your way to the door to Yoongi’s study. You go to knock but hesitate. What we’re you even going to say?

“He’s not in there.” A voice scares the shit out of you and you not so gracefully collapse against the door of the study. When you come to your senses, you recognize the face as the guard you incapacitated during one of your first nights living here.

“Jesus! Not cool. At all.” You silently reprimand him.

“Just trying to save you the mental dilemma of figuring out if you should knock.”

“Well I’d appreciate it if you’d save that for when there’s no fear of death while walking around the halls.” You huff out.

“Well I’d appreciate it if I wasn’t decked by the new lady on her first night, but then again, there’s some crazy ass people out there.”

You scoff.

“Like I said, he’s not here. He went to bed a bit ago.” He says before you can make another comeback. You decide try your luck for answers.

“Who are the guys downstairs?” You ask. He lets out an uninterested sigh and starts to walk away.

“Go ask your husband.”

You decide that you now feel no remorse for knocking him out before.

Eventually you find yourself back at your bedroom but instead of going inside you look down to Yoongi’s bedroom door at the end of the hall. Would he still be awake?

You shuffle your way down the hall and put your ear to the door. After about ten seconds, you don’t hear anything so you turn around and stare back the way you came. The next couple minutes is a very awkward back and forth of walking from your door to his and then changing your mind.

You’re leaning against the frame of the doorway, still trying to figure out what to ask him. Of course, that’s when the door cracks open.

Yoongi’s head pops out with a look of suspicion like he’s confronting some unknown wild animal. His face is inches from yours for a moment. You immediately straighten yourself

“What… are you doing?” He asks, rightfully weirded out.

“Um… Just… walking around?” You visually cringe at the unconvincing answer.

“Uh, you probably… shouldn’t. We’ve got guests.” The entire conversation is incredibly awkward because of your weird behavior. The pauses in between your and his sentences are almost unbearable.

“Is it because of the break in?” Duh, of course it is, why are you asking him that?

“Yeah. There’ll be more people tomorrow. I’ll tell you about it then.” You nod before looking down at your feet. After another uncomfortable pause Yoongi sighs and opens up his door a bit more.

“Y/N, why are you walking around outside of my door in the middle of the night? It’s not because you want to ask about those men, you’re smart enough to figure that out by yourself.”

You don’t really know why you were drawn to Yoongi, because he doesn’t really know much more than you do yet. And now he’s calling you out on it, but you don’t know how to answer. You’re just glad that Yoongi is patient enough to wait for you to figure it out.

“Jimin…” You stop, finally realizing the issue you seem to have.

“My god, why am I going to tell you this?” You whisper to yourself. You rub your face as if that would help gather yourself. Your eyes connect with Yoongi’s.

“After my home was broken into, when I was younger, I…Jimin…helped me. I’d experienced how easy it was for them to just…” You take a deep breath as you look away from him again. “I had him then. He stayed with me because…I was scared.”

You open your mouth to continue. Maybe find some sort of way to keep up your façade and say you weren’t scared. Trying to prove something, but the words don’t come out.

Yoongi nods in a sort of understanding. Which is weird because you still haven’t actually given a reason to why you came to him.

“Alright. Look, on the condition that you leave the awkwardness here, you can stay here. With me. If you want.”

“Um, I didn’t..”

“Well, you asked without asking.” Your frozen state causes him to explain his decision more. “What kind of a guy would I be to have my wife suffer through her past without me.” Sometimes he just says the weirdest shit.

He turns heel and walks into his room but leaves the door open for you to follow. It’s dark inside but you try to analyze the layout and décor. He suddenly turns around sharply and points a finger at you.

“You’re not going to jump me, right?” He asks, very accusatory.

“What!? NO.” You say, a bit horrified as to what he meant.

“Kidding. I’m a light sleeper anyway. I’d see you coming.” He laughs and you see his façade fade in less than a second. How can he go from serious to joking that quickly? It’s mentally exhausting to witness.

“I have something to take care of real quick anyway. I’ll be back in a few, just… go to sleep I guess.” He states before sneaking out the door leaving you alone.

What is even happening right now? You’re in his room about to sleep in his bed. His bed is bigger and looks warmer than the one you were given down the hall. And despite his personality, he seems to have excellent taste in décor.

To save your mind from overworking again you decide to just do as he said and attempt to sleep. Maybe it’s the welcoming embrace of the softest sheets you’ve ever felt in your life or maybe it’s the knowledge that Yoongi will be back, but something finally allows you to drift off. Shit, you could get used to this.

For once, you don’t dream about the past. Tonight you look to the future.

 Jimin's POV:

 They have been told it’s been about 20 minutes since you left by the time they arrive. They have placed their men strategically as to not alert anyone inside. Jimin is somewhere on the side of the building listening to the surveillance team.

 “All I see is two on the main floor. Just guards.”

 “No need for elaborate avoidance then. Take them out and we’ll be able to waltz in.”

 “I’ll take team alpha in straight through the front then.”

 Jimin practically goes through the entire plan just watching. Many people, a few gun shots, and order to enter.

“You know what we’re looking for. Find anything. Meet back here in 20 minutes.”

“Jimin let’s go find his office!” Taehyung cheerfully chants while skipping up the stairs. As he follows up the stairs all that goes through his mind is how wrong this all feels.

 He doesn’t get to wallow in the mental crisis for long before Taehyung is kicking down the door to Yoongi’s study.

 “Wow! This place looks like it’s owned by an old man!” Taehyung makes fun of the dark wood furniture and old dusty books. “I’ll start at the cabinets, you wanna go through the desk?”

 “Sure.” Jimin responds blandly. He shuffles through all the documents on the desk before reaching for the drawers. Inside he finds conveniently labeled envelopes with the info they are looking for.

 “Woah! You got it? Man, that’s a lot.” Taehyung takes one of the folders. He looks through it as Jimin looks through the one with your name on it.

 “How’d they get these pictures of us?” Taehyung shows him the pictures of their group and looks back to the ones in your folder.

 “There’s no way they don’t know what we’re trying to do.” Jimin says grimly.

 “Come on! Let’s take these downstairs.” Taehyung slaps his back before scooping up some folders and walking out the door to the study. Jimin waits a very long few seconds before he follows.

 The next morning, as Jimin finds himself lost in thought, Taehyung approaches him again, persistant as ever.

 “Whatever you’re thinking about is eating you alive. Think about something else for once, you’re no fun when you’re depressed.” He whines. He’s actually a good friend and cares for Jimin in his own way. Jimin nods in acknowledgement to his statement.

 “Let’s go out, I think it’d do you some good. I’ll even let you pick.” Taehyung offers Jimin. “We could invite the hyungs, like old times.” He gives a bright, innocent looking smile. Jimin puts his face in his hands.

 “Maybe your right.” He needs to remember why he’s here. He needs to just quiet the war in his mind for good, and he might know a way he can do that. 

 Your POV:


You’re very warm. Hot almost, but not uncomfortably so. You come half into consciousness before going wide eyed at the face centimeters from yours. It seems like he had crawled into bed on the same side you had already occupied last night.

You stop breathing and slowly inch backwards until there’s an appropriate distance between you two. When he moves a bit you freeze yourself. He opens his eyes and reads your freaked out expression before rolling his eyes and closing them again.

“I always sleep on left.”

After a few minutes, you slowly escape the warmth of the bed to sneak out. If Yoongi notices, he doesn’t try to stop you. You head back to your room, which now feels cold and lonely. You wash up, get dressed, and prepare yourself for the undoubtedly long day your about to have because of the men downstairs.

Just as you throw on a sweater, you hear your phone ring. It’s such a mundane thing that it takes you a second to realize that no one should be calling you. As you stalk over to your phone cautiously, your heart sinks to your feet when you read the name on the screen. 



** Do you answer or decline? **

Chapter Text

After a few minutes, you slowly escape the warmth of the bed to sneak out. If Yoongi notices, he doesn’t try to stop you. You head back to your room, which now feels cold and lonely. You wash up, get dressed, and prepare yourself for the undoubtedly long day your about to have because of the men downstairs.  

Just as you throw on a sweater, you hear your phone ring. It’s such a mundane thing that it takes you a second to realize that no one should be calling you. As you stalk over to your phone cautiously, your heart sinks to your feet when you read the name on the screen.


Quite a few things flash through your mind. Jimin’s face, the years you shared together, the hurt he had caused you. You seem to be frozen in your place, the only thing bringing you back to your senses is the “missed call” notification on the screen.

You search your brain for any explanation as to why called and when you can’t come up with one, it scares the shit out of you. You honestly have no idea what to do and start to panic. Should you have answered? You could just try to call him back. No, why would you do that? But why would we call you like that? Shit, should you tell-

“What’s taking so long?” You hear Yoongi from outside your door. Without thinking you run to the door and open it, but no words come out and you just stare at him. He meets you with surprised eyes. He officially looks weirded out.

“Why are you crying?” He asks cautiously.

You’re crying? You hadn’t really noticed, too focused on having a mental breakdown.

“It’s nothing.” You immediately say, apparently fixed in defense mode. He raises his eyebrows and presses his lips into a thin line while he stares at you. After yet another uncomfortable duration of time you bring your hands up to your face to wipe away any moisture. You need to pull your thoughts back together.

“Uh, okay then.” He says, still weirded out and turns to walk away. Shit you should tell him, right? Your little internal war is cut off again when you realize you’ve already latched onto his wrist to stop him from leaving.

“Jimin called me.” His face loses all expression once you say this. He turns serious, which has you feeling even more uneasy.

“What did he say?”

“I didn’t answer.”

“Why not?” That’s a wonderful question. Maybe you should’ve, just to hear… but maybe it would’ve been too much.

After a while he stops waiting for your response and walks away from you. You chase after him towards the stairs, ignoring that you two are no longer alone.

“Should I have? Would you have?” He stops on the stairs to think about this. You wonder what it is he’s thinking or who he’s thinking of if he’s entertaining this imaginary call.

“I don’t know.” He says looking directly at you. But in his eyes, you get a suspicion that that might not be true. “Come on, we all have some things to discuss.”

You can’t tell if he’s angry with you or not.



“You wanna ‘relocate’ me!? What is that even supposed to mean?” You start to make a scene in front of the men who have gathered around the large meeting room.

“Us. Relocate us, Y/N. It’s obvious this place isn’t secure anymore. While we prepare a plan, it’s best if we didn’t stay.” Yoongi explains in an attempt to calm you down.

You look around at the men at the large table and standing along the walls. Honestly, you were only hot headed at a moment because Jin and the rest of your house were here. It pissed you off to see him sitting there acting all mighty in your rightful place, sending you away again. How come you were never allowed to do what you wanted to do?

“What do you want us to do?” Your eyes go wide, afraid you might have said your internal rant out loud, but Yoongi is just asking you what your decision is. He’s giving you a say, but you know he’s right.

“Okay. We’ll go.” With a nod you submit. Then Yoongi dismisses everyone to speak with Jin about next steps.

“Y/N you’re part of this too.” Yoongi calls when he sees you leaving with the others.

“I’m sorry, do you just ask me to stay and talk important business?” You ask, a comical look of disbelief over your face. “Since when did my involvement ever give me the authority to do so?” You turn to bitter sarcasm to emphasize both of their disinterest in your opinions on prior matters. “Please don’t let me interrupt the discussion of almighty-“

“I mean, we could always just not tell you.” You huff at this, feeling like a child having a tantrum and collapse into a chair at the large table. After everything, you’ll honestly take what you can get from them. When he notices you’ve finished, Jin breaks the silence.

“I think I have a good place for you to go. Your parents used to have this private timeshare in the country. We basically own it now and no one’s been there in ages, so it won’t be that predictable of a location. Y/N, you’ve probably been there before, do you remember? You might have been too young, though.”

“Wait, my parents had a timeshare? When?”

“After they got married. Sort of needed a place to escape to sometimes, I guess it never hurt to have a sort of safe house away from all this.”

“Huh.” Jin’s confession has you reeling. That’s not something you had expected your father to have done.

“Who knows about it?” Yoongi asks.

“Well we don’t actually have a timeshare agreement anymore, and no one actually owns it. We’ve kept it handy for situations like this, and there’s no record saying we own it, so I guess, just me.” Jin responds.

“Huh.” Yoongi mocks by mirroring your previous response. “Alright then.”



Jimin’s POV:


He needs to just quiet the war in his mind for good, and he might know a way he can do that.

He cares too much. It’s too important. You’re too important. He can’t keep hoping for your forgiveness, he has to know if he’s lost you for good. It’s too dangerous to be questioning sides. There’s one thing left to ask:

Which side is he on?

He chooses to put all his fate onto a leap of faith. All he needs is your help, even just to hear your voice. That would be enough, just to be reminded why he was doubting in the first place.

He gets his phone out and finds your name in the contacts. He hesitates before taping the call button. He shouldn’t be doing this to you, but he needs to know that he hasn’t messed everything in his life up.

Every unanswered ring diminishes his hope. But instead of sadness, he feels anger beginning to bubble up with every ring until it goes to voicemail.





Of course it’s raining, why would there be good weather on an evening like this? It’s not like you and Yoongi are driving off into the sunset together. No, instead you’re watching the water droplets race down the car window wishing you could just melt away like them.

Yoongi is quiet the entire trip and you don’t mind. It means your mind is free to wander around all the events that have happened. You think about how everything has made you aggressive and cold to others. But you give yourself some slack, knowing you were once innocent and free of worry as a child.

You still have the good childhood memories at your core. You like to think you’re more like your mother than your father, but it’s hard to tell sometimes. You look over at Yoongi and he drums his fingers on the steering wheel and can’t help but think about his parents as well.

Soon you arrive at your destination and follow a long road covered in trees to a decent sized villa. Through the rainy evening glow you could see the outline of a clearing behind the building which might be a lake, but it’s too dark to see. You’ll have to view it in it’s full glory tomorrow morning.

“Here we go.” Yoongi takes a deep breath before running outside of the car to grab bags. You can’t help but laugh at the unique way he runs around like he’s almost waddling.

Once you see he’s getting soaked you get out to take the final bag up to the house with him. Once through the entrance, you notice how it’s dark and smells like dust. It really gives off abandoned vibes and you start to regret agreeing to this until Yoongi turns on the lights.

It doesn’t look like it’s been decades since someone’s cleaned, and you let out a sigh of relief that it’s passable for living.

“Find a bathroom and get changed.” Yoongi directs. You comply, wanting out of the wet clothes.

Thirty minutes later, after walking around to get acquainted with the space, you find yourself on the couch with a book and a cup of tea. But you’re focused on the words in your head instead of the words on the page. You’re back to your previous debate on which parent you’re like.

That’s when Yoongi walks in, noticing your spaced out expression. He decides to watch for a moment. But when your eyes don’t move, he lets out a small laugh.

“You’re definitely not reading that book.” Caught red handed, you continue to stare at the book with the same expression.

“I’m… thinking.” You say, not meaning to sound as suspicious as you do.

“Yeah, you do that a lot.” You finally tear your sight away from the book to see he flop down on the couch next to you. Now that you think of it, who was Yoongi like?

“Are you more like your mother or your father?” It sort of just comes out of you mouth. His eyebrows lift in surprise but he pulls them back down and takes time to think about it.

“Both.” He says, and you suppose the same of yourself. “But never at the same time.” This really resonates with you. “You can try to be your own person, but other people are what make us who we are.” You suppose this is true as well.

“I always wanted to be like Jimin. Everyone liked him when we were younger, he was practically perfect. But I always compared myself to him.” You pause and let out a sigh. “I’m glad I’m not like him.”

“Me too.” He says this quickly which gets your attention. When you look at him, he’s facing sideways towards you on the couch. His legs are only and inch from touching yours and he’s looking sincerely into your eyes. It’s either that or the low cut shirt he’s wearing that cause something to turn inside you.

“I need a drink.”



Only good things come when alcohol is involved. Of course what better way to distract yourself from your attraction to your husband than to inhibit your ability to reason. Yoongi plays along though, and you find yourself a slurring mess an hour and a half later. You’re both pretty deep in, but it’s mostly you.

After you crying for the past 20 minutes about the fact that you haven’t had a “real” boyfriend since high school. He decides it best you call it a night.

“I think it’s your bedtime.” He says laughing at your most recent pout. But that only causes you to deepen your pout. He laughs again.

“You know sometimes, I forget you’re not a child.” When this doesn’t get fid of your pout he decides to mirror it. Leaning in to mock you. However, this gives you a great view given his choice of loose clothing and looking up to his pouting face, it’d be almost too easy to close the space. So you’re not surprised when you do. Yoongi however, is. Barely registering that it’s happened before you pull away from his face to stare him down in defiance.

“See? Not a child.” You say, but he’s still focused on your lips. He forgot that you’ve done that before, maybe he should be more careful. Did he really need to, though? You’re his wife, you’ve kissed him before. Maybe it’s because of the drink, but he pulls your head back into his with little thought.

This time is not quite as short as the first. You seem to reciprocate a little too easily, letting his mouth slot with yours. You take action to latch onto him as well, reaching out for the shirt you had so desperately wanted to touch before.

His hands snake down and around your waist as one of yours slides up his neck into his hair as things get a little more heated, tongues tasting the alcohol on each other. One of you lets out a noise resembling a moan, but you can’t tell who because the kiss has gotten impossibly deeper and you can’t stop yourself from throwing a leg over to the other side of him.

He seems to be as lost in it as you are since he pulls your body over the rest of the way so that you’re completely straddling him. After everything that’s gone through your head to day, it’s nice to lose yourself in him and forget anything else. You decide you want to share an impossible amount of time sharing breath like this.

When one of his hands ghosts under the back of your shirt to the bare small of your back, one of yours goes to the hem of his and begin to lift to take it off. Before you can, he grabs your thighs and hoists you up causing you to squeal from surprise. You two never part as he walks you to the bedroom, excitement bubbling in your gut.

When he reaches the bed, he lowers your head down to the pillow, slowing down the kiss. It makes you more desperate to continue but instead, Yoongi stops moving entirely. Pulling away and resting his forehead on yours, you two catch your breaths for a moment.

“Go to sleep.” He whispers just centimeters from your lips, and you want to yell at him. After all that? Go to sleep? You’re about to chastise him for treating you like a child once again until he pulls away climbs on the bed next to you appearing content in his decision to sleep.

You stare at him in awe of his ability to just close his eyes and pretend like that didn’t just happen.

He really is an ass. And you really like him.