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fuck the police

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jeongguk enjoys the view for all of thirty-two seconds before jimin leans over the console and bites his neck. it shouldn’t be a surprise, considering—well, considering, but jeongguk still jerks away, nearly smacking his head against the window as jimin giggles in the passenger seat.

“what are you doing?” jeongguk asks, leaning away and looking at jimin with something accusatory in his eyes. jimin’s own eyes are bright and dark at the same time, mischief ringing his irises, and he grins that cheshire cat grin before fisting his hand in jeongguk’s shirt and trying to tug him back over. “hyung—

“what does it look like i’m doing?” asks jimin, succeeding in tugging jeongguk back over the console and connecting their lips in a less than gentle kiss. the thing is, jeongguk rarely has any qualms about kissing jimin; they’ve been dating for almost two years and it never gets old—the softness of jimin’s lips, or the way he likes to bite jeongguk, sparking just a little pain along with the pleasure. the way jimin kisses him hello and goodbye, and everything in between—when they make out lazily on jimin’s sofa with no intent of going anywhere, or when they’re too worked up to do more than breathe hotly into each other’s mouths in the middle of getting off.

the only problem is that jimin has a habit of wanting to kiss jeongguk in inappropriate places—like the kitchen during a family dinner with jeongguk’s parents when they’re supposed to be bringing in the dessert rather than crowding each other against the counter to steal a moment alone, or the movie theatre when they’re meant to be paying attention to a movie, even if they are in the very back row and there are only a handful of people at the showing.

or—or here. they’ve parked jeongguk’s jeep at a once-popular look out spot, part of the city sprawling out before them. jeongguk’s parents used to take him here as a kid, claiming it was the best place to watch the sun set over the city, to watch everything slowly light up until the entire sky is glowing yellow and orange. he and jimin have been here a lot, too—they ended their first date right here, sitting on the hood of jeongguk’s car and laughing about how terribly dinner had gone. they had their first kiss here. they’ve had a few more than just their first kiss here.

but that was two years ago. for decades before that, probably, this look out spot had been known as the place for couples to come and—well. there’s something thrilling it, considering they’re still in public, even if locked in the relative safety and darkness of their car with only the moonlight upon them. it was only a year ago that the cops finally did something about it, sick of getting calls from innocent hikers who came across hormonal teenagers ruining the view in the middle of the day. now the area is patrolled, even now, nearing midnight, and the consequence for getting caught doing anything less than innocent here ranges from a hefty fine to something potentially worse. the spot has since been abandoned, few willing to risk their wallets or criminal records for a good fuck overlooking the city.

but of course, park jimin has always been one of the few.

jeongguk makes a noise against jimin’s lips, giving him a gentle push away. “we’re gonna get caught,” he protests, although he knows that argument will never convince jimin to leave; if anything, it’ll just spur him on, and jimin laughs as he slumps back against the window. he’s always been a dare devil, craving the high he can get from doing something he shouldn’t. it wouldn’t be the first time jimin has run into trouble with the police, although he’s always managed to worm his way out of it—something about his pretty eyes, his wily words.

jeongguk can’t say no to him, either.

“we’re not gonna get caught, you big baby,” sighs jimin. “it’s midnight on a thursday and no one has used this spot in ages. what cop is going to be out here?”

he does have a point, unfortunately. although people tried their luck at the beginning, they’ve grown smarter in the past year and have either looked for other look out spots or have just decided that it isn’t worth it. in all honesty, jeongguk is among them—car sex isn’t even that great to begin with, considering how uncomfortable it is. jimin seems to forget how gangly jeongguk is, even at twenty-one.

“yeah, but what if there is a cop?” jeongguk asks. “i don’t have money to pay for a fine, and you certainly don’t have money.”

“are you mocking my financial situation, jeon?” asks jimin.

“i’m just saying, hyung. you don’t even have a job.”

yet,” says jimin, reaching out to poke jeongguk’s arm. “post-grad life is miserable and the job market is shit. you’ll understand once you graduate, too. in the meantime, you, jeon jeongguk, dearest love of my life, are the only thing that brings me even the smallest amount of joy. and here you are, trying to deny me that joy.”

jeongguk rolls his eyes, although he giggles as he leans back over and kisses jimin’s nose. “you’re so dramatic,” he murmurs. “we could just go to your apartment. it would be much more comfortable and there would be no chance of getting caught.”

“where’s the fun in that?” sighs jimin, pouting; jeongguk kisses his lips this time, unable to resist it.

“are you saying our sex life has gotten dry? want me to break out some lingerie to spice it up?”

jimin groans. “god, yes,” he says. “you could do that even if our sex life isn’t dry. i will always appreciate that.”

jeongguk giggles again, kissing jimin once, twice, three times. somehow, the longer they’re here, the more relaxed he’s gotten, sinking into the idea of it. jeongguk likes taking risks, too, although ones that don’t involve the law. he likes extreme sports, rather, or seeing how far he can push jimin in buying him expensive gaming consoles. but there’s something about jimin that has always made him feel calm, has always made him feel safe, as though nothing could go wrong as long as jimin is with him. jimin loves him, takes care of him; he can’t keep the cops away simply by existing, but maybe jeongguk has always thought that the two of them have been fate. they grew up on the same street, went to the same schools, have been friends for their entire lives before they ever became something more. and that was fate, too—how jeongguk used to imagine the two of them together, his crush growing wildly out of hand with every year that they grew, too.

when he considers everything, jeongguk likes to think that universe has been kind to them. and maybe it’s strange logic to apply to trying to fuck in jeongguk’s car where it’s technically illegal, but it’s working nonetheless.

against his lips, jimin asks, “is that a yes?”

jeongguk nips his bottom lip, just for a bit of revenge. “if i hear a single sound or see a single person moving out there, i will throw you out of this car and run for dear life,” he says, and jimin laughs at him, the careful giggle that lets jeongguk know just how stupidly fond he is. and they’re still just two kids in love, able to make stupid decisions and learn from the consequences. jeongguk know plenty of people who have gotten away with this even after the fine was put in place, so what are the chances, he wonders.

jimin just laughs again, kissing him a little harder and reaching for him. jimin has wandering hands, always, first lightly scraping his nails over jeongguk’s neck and then sliding down his front before tweaking one of his nipples through his shirt, and jeongguk lets out a squeak in surprise. he realizes, with both dread and a thrill, that he would let jimin do anything he wanted. he would let jimin do anything to him.

with the radio playing some terrible techno music in the background, jimin hums along to the song against jeongguk’s lips. it vibrates against jeongguk’s skin, makes him shiver as he parts his lips and let jimin lick into his mouth, tasting and taking—taking anything he needs, anything he wants. briefly, jeongguk wonders why this spot is popular at all when they’re not even looking at the city—

“fuck,” breathes jimin, breaking away and watching jeongguk with dark eyes. there’s just enough light from the moon and the glow of the city to make it out, the flush of his cheeks, the way his dark hair has already begun to fall into his eyes. “there’s not enough room up here.”

“for what?” jeongguk asks somewhat dumbly, too preoccupied with watching the shine on jimin’s lips, already spit-slicked and swollen.

“what do you think?” asks jimin, already shifting onto his knees on the seat. the roof is low enough that he has to crouch over to do so, but jeongguk knows from experience that they can fit, even if one or both of their necks and backs will be sore by the end of it. jeongguk looks down at the steering wheel in front of him for a second almost helplessly, then back to jimin.

jimin jerks his head toward the back seat. jeongguk doesn’t need to be told twice—not when even just kissing jimin for a minute or two has gotten his blood hot, fully on board with the idea now as he slips his shoes off for ease and then awkwardly tries to clamber into the back seat between the two front seats. it’s a lot harder than he always anticipates, squeezing himself through the seats—but his foot gets caught on the console and he almost face plants into the seat as jimin laughs behind him and slaps his ass.

“let’s go, you noodle,” says jimin. “i’m going soft over here.”

“you were already hard?” asks jeongguk, out of breath from the effort by the time he finally manages to fit his whole body through the seats and collapses onto the back seat.

“can’t help it,” says jimin as he climbs over after him, having a somewhat easier time—jeongguk is tempted to comment on his size, but knows he’ll get a proper bite for that, and he would rather not have to explain the teeth marks on his neck to anyone. besides, he has no time before jimin has collapsed into his lap rather than the seat, straddling him and hunching over only a little as he grins at jeongguk. “you’re just extraordinarily arousing. my dick has a jeongguk setting.”

“what does that even mean?” asks jeongguk, tilting his head back against the head rest so he can look up at jimin properly. his hair is in his eyes, perfectly tousled, and his cheeks are still tinted pink. but he’s here, in jeongguk’s lap, the weight of him comforting and familiar.

“just shut up and accept the compliment,” says jimin, giving him no time to protest before he leans down and kisses jeongguk again. and jeongguk is eager to do so, to continue what they started, now in a better position for what they want. he rests his hands on jimin’s waist, kneading at the jut of his hip bones as jimin kisses him hard and sloppy, eager already. the sound of the radio is drowned out by the pounding of jeongguk’s heart in his ears and their kissing, slick sounds echoing within the tight confines of the car. he can feel jimin’s chest heaving against his own, hands curling into jeongguk’s hair and tugging just a little, just enough.

jeongguk makes a noise akin to a moan, tilting his head back further as jimin’s lips travel down down down, over his jaw to his neck, where he begins to suck a mark. jeongguk wants to tell him not to, but it feels too good, sparks building in the pit of his stomach as he realizes that jimin has subtly begun to grind against him. it’s nothing more than small circles of his hips, but the barely-there friction has jeongguk gasping, squeezing his eyes shut as he feels jimin smirking against his neck.

“like that, cutie?” asks jimin, voice muffled against jeongguk’s neck. “getting all worked up?”

“fuck,” jeongguk breathes, tightening his hold on jimin’s waist as jimin begins grinding a little harder. they don’t have much room, but jimin knows what to do anyway, always knows how to play jeongguk’s body like a harp—comes from being together for those two years, for being intimate for that long. but it’s something more—they’ve grown up together, so jimin knows how to calm jeongguk down with a mere touch, knows how to help him fall asleep by playing with his hair, knows where jeongguk is most ticklish. he knows jeongguk. and this is no different—he grinds his hips against jeongguk’s, kissing a line up the side of his neck, over his jaw, up to his ear.

here, he finally trails his hand downward, pressing his palm against the growing bulge in jeongguk’s jeans. this time, jimin whispers, “gonna be a good boy for hyung?” jeongguk gives a full body shudder, cock twitching in the confines of his jeans at the very question, at the low tone of jimin’s voice, at the hot breath against the shell of his ear. suddenly, he doesn’t care about where they are or the risk of it, too invested in jimin moving in his lap, fingers toying with jeongguk’s waistband.

“hm?” asks jimin, and jeongguk realizes he didn’t actually answer. jimin scrapes his teeth over jeongguk’s ear, making him shiver again. “are you?”

“yeah,” jeongguk breathes, coherent enough for that, and finally grinds his own hips upward, meeting jimin’s downward movements. he turns his face, seeking jimin’s lips again, wanting more. when jimin kisses him again, it sends something skittering down jeongguk’s spine, going straight to his cock as he grinds up again, again, again, getting lost in the feeling—jimin’s lips on his, tongue lazily circling his own, feeling jimin’s own cock pressing hot and hard against his even with the layers between them.

too many layers, he thinks—he wants more, wants jimin, and part of the thrill is not knowing what will come next. jimin usually calls the shots because jeongguk is always eager to let him to, and his mind goes a little fuzzy at the best of times, but jimin always lets him make the decision, anyway—if jeongguk wants to fuck jimin or be fucked by him instead, if he wants it fast or slow, hard or soft. they don’t have many options here, but he knows the questions will be coming next, knows when jimin nudges their noses together, kisses his cupid’s bow, opens his mouth, and—

there’s a knock on the window.

jeongguk flinches so hard that it almost hurts, his heart jumping into his throat at the sudden and sharp noise that cuts through his thoughts. he hears jimin’s head smacking against the roof of the car and his subsequent yelp of pain before jeongguk dumps him sideways, toward the sound of the knocking—which might not be the best decision upon reflection, but his first instinct is to get as far away as possible from it.

he’s breathing hard, still worked up from their movements, and he panics as he looks over and realizes that the windows have begun to fog up—but not enough that he can’t see the man standing outside of the window with a flashlight in one hand and a dreadfully familiar outfit on. for a time, jeongguk just presses himself against the opposite window, heaving and staring at the window, frozen with panic. jimin doesn’t seem to be moving either, both of them on either side of the car as though that will somehow protect them from what is coming next.

but jeongguk knows there is no protection. because the man standing outside of the window, who has just caught them making out and well on their way to doing something much worse, is a police officer.

finally, jimin looks at jeongguk, the same surprised and vaguely panicked look in his eyes. then he reaches over and attempts to fix jeongguk’s hair and clothing, smoothing them both down, and does the same to himself before rearranging his features into something much more collected and innocent.

“stop looking like that,” he hisses to jeongguk. “pretend we didn’t do anything.”

hyung,” says jeongguk, still panicked. “he’s gonna give us a fine.”

“not if we pretend we didn’t do anything!” jimin says, pinching his thigh. the man knocks on the window again, clearly impatient, and jimin takes a deep breath before rolling down the window and jeongguk sees him plaster that award-winning smile on his face—the easy, charming one, the one that makes his eyes crease. the one that everyone loves.

the one that he claims can get him out of anything. and fuck, jeongguk hopes he’s right.

jeongguk, for his own part, just tries not to look guilty and half fucked out, hoping that the officer will only want to talk to jimin. he watches as the man leans down to talk to them, shining the flashlight in their eyes for a second before he lowers it. but before he can say anything, jimin says, “good evening, officer.” he’s using his sweet voice—an octave higher than his voice actually is, the one he uses when he’s trying to convince jeongguk to do something stupid. like this. “what seems to be the problem?”

the officer stares at jimin. “want to tell me why the two of you are parked up here?”

“it’s the most notorious look out spot in the city,” says jimin as though that’s the only possible answer. “we’ve never been before, but we heard such good things from our families so we decided to check it out. we’re on a date. right, gukkie?” he turns to jeongguk with a bright smile, reaching over the seat to grab jeongguk’s hand. jeongguk just stares at him, wide-eyed, not expecting the attention to be turned on him. where the officer can’t see, jimin drops the smile and glares at him, squeezing his hand a little harder than necessary before jeongguk stutters out an affirmative answer.

“right,” says the officer, still clearly not believing it. “and what are you doing on this date?”

“looking at the city, obviously,” says jimin, gesturing ahead of him, where the only view is—the back of the seat in front of him. jeongguk wishes the ground would just swallow all three of them up and save him from this absolute nightmare.

the officer purses his lips, almost looking like he’s trying not to grin. he makes eye contact with jeongguk again, and jeongguk feels both shame and something else wash over him—because he’s still painfully hard, and now he’s terrified and his body isn’t sure what to do with that. and the officer is looking at him so accusatory, like he can see right through him, but his eyes are dark and calculating, somehow sending another thrill down jeongguk’s spine.

and that just makes him feel even more panicked, clutching onto jimin’s hand.

“you know it’s illegal to lie to a police officer,” the man finally says.

jimin gasps. “why would i ever lie to you, officer…”

the man narrows his eyes. “min,” he says. “min yoongi.”

“officer min,” says jimin, voice warm. he leans against the door, propping his elbow up near the window, and jeongguk can only imagine the look he’s giving the officer. “i’m park jimin. this is my boyfriend, jeongguk. we’re good people, i promise. it’s the summer so we’re just trying to enjoy jeonggukkie’s time off from university and my time before i’m a slave to some corporation and want to die because of a boring desk job, you know? and we wanted to have a nice date. you wouldn’t ruin that, would you?”

yoongi narrows his eyes again. “you’re asking me to believe that?”

“what else could possibly be happening?”

“i think that you two know all about this place, as literally everyone your age does,” says yoongi. “and i think you thought you could try your chances up here without getting caught. and you have gotten caught. so i’m sure you know the consequences.” he reaches into his pocket, pulling out a notebook or—or something, jeongguk can’t really see from here, but he panics, realizing that they’re about to get fined or hauled into the police station or something, and he squeezes jimin’s hand again, lurching over the seat to begin begging for his fucking life before jimin pushes him back against the seat.

“i don’t think that’s necessary, officer min,” says jimin, still sickly sweet.

“it’s literally my job, jimin-ssi,” says yoongi. “i get it, honestly. i was a teenager with a boyfriend myself, and i would be lying if i said we didn’t ever come here. but it’s the law, and no matter how nice of a time you want to have or… how horny you are, you have to abide by the law.”

jeongguk sees jimin’s back straighten just a little before he relaxes again, licking his lips. and jeongguk knows—he’s just come up with a terrible plan. something in what yoongi just said has given jimin an idea for how to get out of this, and jeongguk already dreads what it is.

“i’m glad you can understand, at least,” laughs jimin, that flirty laugh, the one he used to use on jeongguk before jeongguk actually realized jimin liked him back. “hormones and all that. sometimes you just can’t help it when your body wants something, you know?”

yoongi flips open the notebook, pulling a pencil from his pocket, too.

hyung,” hisses jeongguk.

“i won’t lie,” sighs jimin. “we were kind of in the middle of something… and i’m sure you know from experience how dissatisfactory it is to be interrupted when you’re ready to go. i was just about to ask jeonggukkie here what he wanted. he can be such a good boy if you give him just a little encouragement.” yoongi’s eyes leave the notebook for a moment, flickering from jeongguk to jimin and then back again, hesitating there. and jeongguk stares back, noting the way that yoongi’s eyes have darkened—or maybe that’s just the lack of light, maybe jeongguk is just seeing things, on the verge of hyperventilating.

still, yoongi doesn’t say anything, just going back to his notebook.

finally, jimin reaches his hand out of the window, curling a finger through one of yoongi’s belt loops. jeongguk’s breath hitches, terrified of what is coming next, but jimin just says, “i still think that’s unnecessary, officer. don’t you think we could… work something out? something that means all of us could be satisfied and you wouldn’t have to go through all of the trouble of fining us?”

yoongi stops writing. jeongguk sees him hesitate, like he’s trying to work out what jimin is talking about, and then he looks over and directly at jeongguk.

jeongguk swallows tightly.

“what do you mean?” asks yoongi, his voice going lower than it was just moments ago.

“well,” murmurs jimin. “we’re horny, you’re devastatingly gorgeous in that uniform of yours. if only we had something to offer you that is worth more than you following the law.” he sighs. “i’m sure we can find a… suitable arrangement,” he says, turning to look at jeongguk. jeongguk stares back, helpless, seeing jimin’s triumphant smirk and feeling yoongi’s heavy gaze.

there’s a long moment where no one says anything.

and then jeongguk realizes… he’s the arrangement.

“oh,” he says quietly, and then his eyes shift to yoongi’s again. “oh.” a heavy arousal curls within him, his still-hard cock jumping at the idea. he’s already worked up, horribly so, and wants—wants something. he and jimin have always been exclusive, but he can’t deny the fact that jimin is right: yoongi does look disgustingly attractive in his police uniform, not to mention the way he’s looking at jeongguk like he’s entirely on board with the idea. jeongguk never would have dreamed of doing anything sexual with someone other than jimin, but jimin is looking at him with thinly veiled desperation and determination, communicating all of it with his eyes alone: that it’s okay, that it’ll be fun.

that they really can’t afford to get fined.

jeongguk licks his lips. absently, his hand drifts back to the bulge in his jeans, noting how yoongi’s eyes follow the movement. and that’s just the thing—jeongguk likes when jimin tells him what to do. and if jimin tells him to get them out of this, he will.

“you’d like that, right, o-officer min?” asks jeongguk, trying to pour into his voice some of the charming coyness jimin was using earlier. “jimin-hyung was right. i can be—be a good boy if you want. i can be whatever you want.”

“shit,” yoongi whispers, backing away from the window. jeongguk palms at his own cock, letting his head fall back against the head rest before he lets out a little moan, not entirely fake—but jimin snickers, leaning over to press a quick kiss to jeongguk’s cheek. he’s proud, jeongguk thinks, and that sends a different kind of thrill through him. yoongi curses again.

“what do you say, officer?” asks jimin when he returns to his own seat. “think that’s something we can do for you so you can do something for us? like i said, jeongguk will do just about anything you tell him as long as he gets off by the end of it. he’s kind of a little slut, aren’t you, jeonggukkie?”

jeongguk just moans again, nothing fake about it. he can practically hear jimin’s smirk.

“he can fuck you, you can fuck him,” continues jimin, sighing. “we can make him watch while we fuck each other and he’s not allowed to touch either of us so he gets really desperate and starts crying and begging. either way, we’ll make you feel good. promise.” jeongguk lolls his head to the side to see jimin offering his pinky to yoongi like they’re not arranging something that is just as illegal as jimin and jeongguk trying to fuck in the car in the first place—and it would make jeongguk laugh if he wasn’t currently palming his cock through his jeans, getting more desperate with each second that passes in which there are two very attractive men beside him and neither of them are paying attention to him.

“jesus christ,” yoongi mutters. he runs a hand through his hair, clearly struggling with it, and jeongguk lets out a little whimper for good measure, only to have yoongi return to the car window with wild eyes. “fine. jesus, fuck, i can’t believe i’m doing this. if either of you so much as breathes a word of this to anyone, i’ll fucking arrest you.”

“wouldn’t you be the one getting arrested?” asks jimin.

“i’m still not against fining both of your stupid asses,” says yoongi.

“we’re not going to tell anyone,” says jimin. “like i said, we’ll just make you feel good and then you can scuttle on back to whatever hiding place you came out of and catch the next unlucky bastards who try their luck here. although i’ll be a little offended if you fuck them, too.”

“are you going to actually let me do that or are you going to keep talking?”

oh, jeongguk thinks. yoongi’s a feisty one, too, kind of like jimin—and part of him thinks that won’t work at all, not if jimin is struggling with yoongi to actually have control over the situation. so he huffs, kicking jimin in the shin as he says, “can you just—do something already?”

“of course, baby,” says jimin, voice going soft immediately as he lifts their linked hands to his mouth and kisses jeongguk’s knuckles. he turns back to yoongi, asking, “how do you want to do this, then? since, you know, we are ever at your service.”

finally, yoongi looks a little flustered, eyes flickering between the two of them before he begins, “i don’t—know.”

jimin rolls his eyes. “move,” he says.


move,” says jimin again, and then doesn’t wait for yoongi to do so before he opens the car door, smacking him in the process. he drags jeongguk with him, both of them stumbling out into the moonlight, and jeongguk gets a good look at min yoongi for the first time. he’s about jimin’s height, black hair perfectly styled over his forehead, and looking prim and proper in his police uniform. they watch each other for a second, jeongguk taking the time to appreciate the fact that yoongi has some obvious muscle beneath his clothing—as expected from a young and fit police officer.

then jimin points at the open door and says, “get in.”

“i’m… sorry?” asks yoongi.

“did you think we were going to do this outside?” asks jimin, and then lets go of jeongguk so he can physically manhandle yoongi into the car. yoongi ends up sprawled on his back across the backseat, a little cramped but not as badly as jeongguk is when jimin makes him do that, although a little more bewildered. and jeongguk is helpless to watch as jimin crams into the seat with him, going straight for yoongi’s belt.

“you still didn’t tell me what you want,” says jimin. jeongguk worries at his bottom lip, hand returning to his clothed cock as he tries to see around jimin’s frame, making eye contact with yoongi again. “alright, i’m guessing you like him more than me.”

“sorry,” says yoongi, not sounding apologetic at all. “he’s more my type.”

“hm, mine too,” says jimin, peering over his shoulder at jeongguk. “that’s why he’s my boyfriend.”

jeongguk’s not sure he’s supposed to hear it, but he can make out yoongi murmuring about how cute he is anyway, and jimin agreeing, saying something about how yoongi should see what jeongguk looks like with come all over his face; it makes him blush to his roots, stamping his foot on the ground as he glances down the various paths on the hill that lead to this very spot as though someone might come strolling along and catch them in the act. it’s a good thing they are doing it inside the car, despite how uncomfortable it can get, and he lets out a little whine before he turns his attention back to the car to find jimin sliding out of it again with yoongi’s pants in his hand.

he tosses them onto the hood of jeongguk’s car with a protest from yoongi, but jimin just jerks his head toward the car as he looks at jeongguk, and. oh. jeongguk swallows, only realizing now how nervous he is—not because he doesn’t want yoongi to fuck him (because he does very much) but because he doesn’t know yoongi, not like he knows jimin. more than that, yoongi doesn’t know him like jimin does. and jimin always makes sure that jeongguk is happy, is safe, feels good—even if jimin is right there, it’s different.

still, he wipes his sweaty palms on his jeans and then remembers he has to take his jeans off in the first place, quickly fumbling with the button and zipper before he strips them off. he hands them to jimin, who thankfully pulls him for a soft kiss. “it’s fine,” murmurs jimin. “if you don’t want to do it, you don’t have to. but i’m right here, okay? i’m not going anywhere.”

jeongguk bites his lip before nodding, stealing another kiss from jimin before taking a deep breath and turning back to the car. yoongi is still awkwardly lying in the backseat, neck craned where his head is resting against the door, and legs spread and bent so they can fit. jeongguk knows the logistics of this mostly, having done it before, and he quickly pulls his underwear off before he clambers into the backseat, sliding into yoongi’s lap and bending so he fits below the roof.

“hi,” he breathes.

“hello,” replies yoongi.

“you think i’m cute?” asks jeongguk, somehow latching onto that over anything else. but it makes yoongi smile—a blinding sort of smile, a pleased sort of smile, and jeongguk’s stomach flips inside of him.

“i do,” says yoongi. “i think you’re more than cute, actually.”

jeongguk preens at that, feeling himself relax. yoongi is—nice. nice to look at, not demanding anything out of him just yet. he can almost forget what they’re about to do, at least until he sits down fully on yoongi and feels yoongi’s half-hard cock rubbing against his own, making him gasp.

jimin chooses that moment to return, hands on jeongguk’s waist as he leans in through the open door. “alright, enough formalities,” he says. “it’s fucking freezing and while my nipples might like it, my dick doesn’t. baby?”

“hm?” asks jeongguk, tearing his eyes from yoongi—who seems to have become fixated with jeongguk’s cock, anyway—and turning his head to look at jimin.

“you wanna prep yourself or do you want hyung to do it?”

“hyung,” he says immediately, lips pursing in a pout. jimin has hardly touched him and it’s been too long since they were alone in the car.

jimin grins, kissing his shoulder before he reaches past him and digs around in the cupholders between the two front seats. in the meantime, he pushes on jeongguk’s back, making him lean over yoongi on his knees, presenting his ass to jimin. “good,” he says. “then you can prep our special friend.”

jeongguk takes a deep breath, turning back to yoongi. he looms over the officer now, one hand braced against the door above yoongi’s head and the other awkwardly hovering in the air between them, like he doesn’t know what to do with it. “um,” he says. “can i—”

“yeah,” breathes yoongi, widening his legs a little beneath jeongguk. “go right ahead.”

behind him, he can hear jimin ripping open a packet of lube they brought along, slathering it over his fingers, warming it up so it won’t be such a shock to jeongguk, but jeongguk is too busy worrying about touching yoongi’s dick to even think about that. he keeps his eyes trained on the growing bulge in yoongi’s boxers rather than yoongi’s face, seeing his own hard cock hanging heavily between his legs before he finally reaches out, slipping his hand into yoongi’s boxers and grasping at his cock.

yoongi lets out an almost pained gasp, head smacking against the door, and jeongguk giggles as he pulls yoongi’s cock out of his boxers, sneaking a glance at his face. yoongi is watching him with dark eyes, and jeongguk’s own cock twitches at that, and suddenly—jeongguk gets it. gets why jimin loves taking these risks, likes doing things that he probably shouldn’t just for the thrill of it. there’s something ridiculously arousing about this, knowing that he and jimin are bribing a police officer with their own bodies and liking it. beyond just trying to get out of a fine, jeongguk does want to make yoongi feel good, because his face is pretty and so is his cock, gaining interest as jeongguk begins to stroke it carefully.

“shit,” yoongi curses again.

“tell hyung what you’re doing,” says jimin from behind him, and jeongguk is far from being a talker during sex, letting jimin take the reins on that one. but if jimin wants it—then jeongguk will do it, licking his lips as he focuses on stroking yoongi to full hardness.

“i’m just, uh,” begins jeongguk, somehow feeling embarrassed about talking about it as though they all don’t already know what he’s doing. “m’touching him.”

“yeah?” jimin asks, running one of his hands over the base of jeongguk’s spine—up and down, fingers searching under the hem of his shirt, comforting him.

“yeah,” breathes jeongguk.

“does our officer min have a pretty cock, gukkie?”

jeongguk flushes again, eyes skirting to yoongi’s face before he whispers, “yeah.”

“want it inside you?” jimin asks, running his hand over jeongguk’s ass.

jeongguk breathes out slowly, meeting yoongi’s eyes before he nods, unable to do more than that. this is proving to merely make him harder even though he’s supposed to be helping yoongi, and he finally tears his eyes away when it becomes too much, running his fingers over the head of yoongi’s cock to collect the pre-come there.

he feels jimin kiss the base of his spine, one hand finally pulling his cheeks apart. “tell him,” says jimin. “tell him how much you want it, baby. how hard you are for him. can you do that?”

jimin doesn’t give him a chance to respond or to do as he’s told before he presses a slick finger against jeongguk’s rim and jeongguk lets out a gasp, lurching forward. jimin follows him, insistent as he rubs his finger over jeongguk’s rim, and jeongguk squeezes his eyes shut, trying to relax and remember what he’s supposed to do. but jimin is always patient with him, so jeongguk just nods again, keeping his eyes closed as he begins running his fingers over yoongi’s cock again.

“officer m-min,” jeongguk begins, trying to focus even with jimin rubbing over his rim, gently pressing the tip of his finger inside.

“you can just call me yoongi.” jeongguk opens his eyes again, breathing hard as he watches yoongi. “or—hyung, i assume. since we’re, you know.” he gestures downward and jeongguk laughs, realizing how absurd it is—but it helps him relax even more, jimin pushing his finger in to the second knuckle. jeongguk’s laughter tapers off into a groan, nodding.

“okay,” he says. “yoongi-hyung.” that makes him blush. “want—fuck, want your cock inside me. want it to stretch me open and make me cry.” he gasps as jimin starts fucking him with one finger, other hand rubbing over his lower back. he focuses on yoongi’s cock, running his hand over it again and again. “bet it’ll feel so—big,” he adds, even if it’s half of a lie; if anything, yoongi is probably average size just from feeling his cock, but jeongguk doesn’t think that’s something he should say to someone who is going to fuck him to get out of a ticket.

and yoongi curses anyway, encouraging jeongguk to keep going. “wanna—wanna put it in my mouth,” he gasps as jimin slips a second finger in, making his toes curl against the seat. he swallows down a wanton moan, closing his eyes again. “want you to fuck my face.”

behind him, jimin smacks his ass. “what else?” he asks.

“want hyung t-to put me in handcuffs,” says jeongguk, “so i can’t, move and then hold me down and fuck me until it hurts.

“yeah?” asks jimin. “want him to come inside of you?”

jeongguk hiccups. “want him to come in my mouth,” he says, “and make me swallow it and take me down to the station and fuck me there and let th-the other officers fuck me, too.” he cries out as jimin adds a third finger, fucking him faster and faster, stretching him open for yoongi, his own hand moving faster over yoongi’s cock—“want both of you to fuck me at the same time so i can’t move or talk or do anything, just have to take it like a good boy, wanna be a good boy f-for hyung, wanna—ah!” he gasps as jimin’s fingers brush against his prostate, making him jerk forward and almost bang his head against the window, finally opening his eyes to see yoongi staring up at him with both awe and lust in his eyes.

“jesus christ,” mutters yoongi.

“told you he was a slut,” muses jimin, smacking jeongguk’s ass again before he pulls his fingers out. jeongguk has no sense to be ashamed about it—not when they’ve already come this far and he has to admit very little of this has been acting at all. he just grins a little at yoongi, hair already sticking to his forehead from sweat and blood burning with a desire for more.

jimin taps his arm and jeongguk turns to see him holding out a condom and another packet of lube. “put that on him,” he says, and jeongguk does as he’s told, biting at his bottom lip as he opens the packages and shuffles down so he can roll the condom onto yoongi before slathering his cock with lube.

“hey,” says yoongi. “i thought you said you weren’t here for that.”

“oh no, we lied to a police officer,” sighs jimin, making jeongguk giggle. “are you gonna arrest us, officer min?”

“he’s a little preoccupied, hyung,” says jeongguk.

“i could arrest you after,” says yoongi; jeongguk’s eyes move to his sharply, a spike of panic running through him at the thought. the truth is, he could, even if he supposedly agreed to a bribe to make sure he didn’t. his eyes say otherwise, but jeongguk still looks over his shoulder at jimin, desperation clear in them.

jimin just grins at him, leaning up to press a kiss to the side of his mouth. “better make him feel really good, then, baby,” he murmurs, and pulls away with a smirk. another bout of nerves spike within jeongguk, but jimin winks at him, brushing his sweaty hair away from his forehead, and jeongguk remembers what he thought earlier—somehow, everything is always okay with jimin. besides, he’s sure that yoongi is so overwhelmed that jeongguk could just sit on his dick for a few minutes and it would count as making him feel really good.

he turns back to yoongi, giving him a shy sort of smile as he shuffles into position. it’s still cramped in the backseat, and he hunches over to fit before he reaches between them and grasps yoongi’s cock, shifting his hips until the head is nestled against his rim. he feels jimin’s hands on his back, rubbing up and down to comfort him, and jeongguk takes a moment to look at yoongi, at his tie half-undone and perfectly pressed uniform already wrinkled.

jeongguk tells himself that he’s probably done worse things.

and then he sinks down on yoongi’s cock, letting out a groan of pleasure as yoongi fills him. his eyes flutter shut despite his best efforts, losing himself in the feeling as he sinks down until he’s fully seated, skin to skin with yoongi. he hears yoongi let out a cursed moan, and jimin mutters, “you can touch him, you know.”

when jeongguk opens his eyes, he sees yoongi’s hands hovering between them, like he’d reached out before stopping himself, and jeongguk gives a little nod before yoongi does touch him—splays his hands on jeongguk’s thighs, running up and up to his hips, slipping under his shirts to hold his waist. jeongguk wiggles a little, trying to get comfortable before he leans forward, puts one hand on the passenger seat head rest and the other against the door above yoongi’s head, at least trying to save his back somewhat. then again, that’s the least of his worries with yoongi’s cock in his ass, sparks of pleasure shooting up his spine.

jimin massages his lower back, rucking up his shirt before he kisses a knob of jeongguk’s spine. “move,” he says, and jeongguk does as he’s told.

it’s a little awkward, a little cramped—but jeongguk makes it work, determined to get this right as he begins lifting his hips, sliding yoongi’s cock out of him a few inches before sitting back down. he huffs as he tries to work out the rhythm, yoongi’s hands still grasping his waist tightly, and groans once he finally works it out, bouncing properly in yoongi’s lap without managing to smack his head against the roof or the window. he ends up leaning over yoongi, their chests a foot apart, and he grasps the headrest tightly.

even with how cramped it is, it feels—good. he bites his bottom lip, muffling his own moans as he listens to the sounds of yoongi’s groaning, the slap of their skin within the confines of the car, and the slick squelch of the lube between them. yoongi’s hands wander, sliding over his stomach and down again, but bypassing his cock entirely—and jeongguk whines when yoongi does it a few more times, deliberately, opening his eyes to glare down at him even as he continues bouncing in yoongi’s lap.

“what?” asks yoongi, an amused smirk on his lips. and jeongguk had been wrong earlier about how yoongi being feisty like jimin means they couldn’t get along in this situation—it just means trouble for jeongguk, who has to deal with jimin sometimes being a little mean during sex, too.

“you’re being mean,” huffs jeongguk. “hyung, he’s being mean.”

“he’s allowed to be mean,” says jimin, one hand on jeongguk’s back and one—elsewhere. jeongguk can’t see so he doesn’t know what jimin is doing, but the way yoongi keeps letting out little surprised gasps might mean something. either way, jeongguk pouts, hunching over a little more to allow himself to fuck back on yoongi’s cock harder.

“you’re so pretty when you’re frustrated,” says yoongi, and then tilts his head to look around jeongguk’s shaking form. “does he like being edged?”

“we have a love/hate relationship with edging,” says jimin, like jeongguk isn’t even there and can’t answer for himself—although he’s too busy focusing on riding yoongi anyway, moaning when yoongi’s cock presses against his prostate. “as in—i love it, he kind of hates it. but sometimes he feels like being a masochist and asks me to edge him, so it’s not out of the books.”

jeongguk breathes hard, watching yoongi’s eyes move to his. he doesn’t feel like being a masochist right now, the situation arousing him more than it should, and he gasps when yoongi runs a tantalizing finger over his cock—just light enough to give him no satisfaction whatsoever. and yoongi chuckles. “cute,” he mutters.

“hyung,” he whines, unsure who he’s actually talking to—but jimin presses a kiss between his shoulder blades and yoongi finally thrusts up to meet jeongguk’s bounces, jostling him enough that his hand slips from the door and he almost faceplants into yoongi’s chest. he hears both of them laugh at that, and jeongguk’s cheeks flare red as he sits up again, grasping for the handle above the door this time even as yoongi keeps thrusting up into him.

jeongguk lets his head fall forward, body growing tired from exertion as he clings onto the handle above the door and gives minute bounces. still, yoongi’s cock brushes against his prostate once, twice—he moans loudly, saying, “right there—fuck, there, hy—ung!

“right there?” breathes yoongi, voice low and bordering on dangerous, and jeongguk squeezes his eyes shut as he stops bouncing, letting yoongi thrust into him harder, harder, sparks gathering in the pit of his stomach as he realizes he’s about to come completely untouched—

“stop,” says jimin, and jeongguk cries out when yoongi does, cock shoved deep within him. he almost forgot jimin was there, just watching and touching yoongi, too, forgot that jimin is always going to call the shots. jeongguk feels tears stinging the backs of his eyes for a moment as the curling in his gut quickly unravels, leaving him more desperate than before, and he looks down at yoongi looking up at him, cheeks flushed and chest heaving.

why?” asks jeongguk, whining even as he feels jimin fist his hand in the back of jeongguk’s shirt and tug him backward. he goes willingly, awkwardly hunching over so he fits sitting mostly upright, still on yoongi’s cock. here, jimin plasters himself against jeongguk’s sweaty back, mouth pressed to the juncture of his shoulder and neck, and snakes a hand around jeongguk’s front.

he toys with the head of jeongguk’s cock, making jeongguk gasp again, and says, “because i said so. and you have to listen to me, don’t you?”

jeongguk groans, tilting his head sideways as jimin kisses his neck. “i don’t have to,” he grumbles.

jimin squeezes his cock almost painfully. “you have to if you want to be a good boy. and you wanna be a good boy for your hyungs, right, jeonggukkie? wanna be the best boy?”

“yeah,” he sighs, hating how easily he can say it. the idea of being praised for his behaviour makes him warm all over, knowing he has the potential to have not one but two people tell him how good he’s been. and maybe the point of this was to make yoongi feel good, but clearly he’s not opposed to letting someone boss jeongguk around, and jeongguk is too far gone now to remember the point of this. he just wants—something. wants jimin to touch him, wants yoongi to keep fucking him. wants to do what they came here to do in the first place.

with one hand on jeongguk’s cock, jimin moves his other hand under jeongguk’s shirt and grasps at his waist, pulling his hips back and then forth. encouraging the movements, jeongguk begins to slowly grind on yoongi’s cock, keeping his eyes closed as he feels it deep within him.

“feel good, gukkie?” murmurs jimin, slowly stroking jeongguk’s cock in time with his grinding. jeongguk can only nod, eyebrows pinched. “tell him. tell him how good you feel.”

ngh,” begins jeongguk, grabbing the hand on his waist and threading his and jimin’s fingers together. “yoongi-hyung—feels good. feels really good. your c-cock makes me feel so full.

jimin hums against the back of his neck, swirling his thumb over the head of jeongguk’s cock. “better than mine?” he asks.

hyung,” whines jeongguk.

“answer the question, baby.”

jeongguk opens his eyes to look down at yoongi, whose hands are still splayed on jeongguk’s thighs, occasionally squeezing them. he looks out of it, too, tracing jeongguk’s slow movements as he draws them both closer to the edge. barely more than a whisper, jeongguk says, “no.”

he can feel jimin’s smirk against his skin. “think you can take the both of us?”

no,” says jeongguk immediately. maybe if they weren’t cramped into the back of his car, maybe if he had more preparation—but jimin just chuckles, kissing the side of his neck up to the shell of his ear. “m’so hot. wanna—wanna come.”

“you can’t come before officer min, jeongguk,” says jimin. “what kind of hospitality do you think that would be? you’re supposed to be making him feel good, remember? you’re supposed to give him what he wants.” jeongguk’s eyes bore into yoongi’s, silently pleading for him to say that jeongguk can come first—but yoongi just watches him, adam’s apple bobbing. it seems he has no intention of ending jeongguk’s desperation.

“tell him he can do whatever he wants,” murmurs jimin. “tell him you’re his little slut and he can punish you however he sees fit. he’s the police officer, right?”

“fuck,” jeongguk sighs, closing his eyes again. his grinding has gotten more desperate, trying to force yoongi’s cock deeper, and jimin’s hand is teasing on his own cock.

“you’d like that, wouldn’t you, gukkie?” asks jimin. “you’d like if he pulled your hair and put your pretty little cock in a cage and didn’t let you come until you promised to be his cockslut. right? and then you’d let me wipe your tears and call you a good boy and fuck you while you cried.”

jeongguk hates that the very idea of it makes his cock jump, pre-come spurting out of the tip and drooling over jimin’s fingers. jimin just giggles, too delighted for the situation, but jeongguk has no answer. he’s breathing too hard, whimpering as he grinds harder, yoongi’s fingers digging into the flesh of his thighs.

“you’d like that too, right, officer min?” jimin asks, voice low and sultry. “you wanna fuck him dumb and desperate? until he’s drooling and can’t even speak?” jeongguk feels yoongi’s grip tighten, all the answer he needs before yoongi lets out a groan of his own. and it’s too much—all this talk and not enough action, and jeongguk is so hard that it hurts, simply grinding not enough anymore.

he whines again, squeezing jimin’s hand. and jimin gets it, because he knows jeongguk inside and out—knows what he likes, what drives him wild. he kisses the back of jeongguk’s neck once, twice more before letting go of him entirely and pushing on his lower back instead, until jeongguk flops over with his chest pressed to yoongi’s. his mouth presses against yoongi’s shoulder, groaning as jimin rubs his spine.

“go ahead, then,” says jimin. “fuck him stupid, officer min.”

briefly, jeongguk wonders if jimin is getting off on this—seeing someone else fuck his boyfriend at his direction, seeing how jeongguk falls apart on someone else’s cock knowing that he’ll always come back to jimin instead. but he has no time to ask before yoongi wraps his arms around jeongguk’s torso, effectively trapping him there, and begins thrusting upward into him. the only thing he can do is take it, moaning into yoongi’s shoulder as yoongi drives his cock into him again and again, faster and harder than anything jeongguk could have done on his own.

he thinks yoongi might be saying something—encouragements, maybe, or praise—but jeongguk can’t quite pay attention to it, toes curling with pleasure as yoongi fucks him and he feels jimin pressed against his back, holding him down further. it takes a minute or two, but then he feels—more. realizes after a few more thrusts that jimin has slipped two of his fingers into jeongguk’s hole alongside yoongi’s cock, stretching him a little more, and he lets out a high-pitched moan, trying to stave off his own orgasm despite wanting to come so badly

but jimin told him he had to make yoongi come first, and he lets out a broken sob as he tries to hold it back, noting yoongi’s breathing quickening and his thrusts becoming sloppier. “hyung,” jeongguk groans into yoongi’s shoulder, turning his head to be heard properly. “please.” and just like that, yoongi drives his cock into jeongguk one last time and come with a sharp groan. their chests heave together as yoongi comes down from it, letting his arms fall from around jeongguk.

with a sniff, jeongguk weakly moves his own arm behind his back, blindly grasping for jimin in a silent plea. jimin fucks his fingers in and out of jeongguk a few more times, presses a kiss to his palm, and says, “okay, baby.” without further ado, jeongguk comes between him and yoongi, moaning brokenly as he does so. it’s hard enough that his vision whites out for a moment, feeling hands running over his back and thighs gently, bringing him down slowly.

vaguely, he’s aware of yoongi and jimin speaking to each other. he’s too tired to pay attention, only moving when he feels yoongi’s hands on him, lifting his head and then gently pressing a kiss to the side of his mouth, his cupid’s bow, his nose. jeongguk wrinkles it, although he’s never going to complain about being given attention after he’s been fucked—even if it’s not from his boyfriend. besides, he likes yoongi.

“did it work?” jeongguk eventually mumbles, cracking his eyes open as yoongi strokes his cheek.

“did what work?” asks yoongi.

“are you still gonna arrest us?”

yoongi laughs that, like it’s an absurd notion, and presses another kiss to his cheek. “i’m not gonna arrest you, jeongguk,” he says. “you made me feel really good, so don’t worry about it.”

jeongguk grins, finally coherent enough to sit up weakly, groaning as yoongi’s cock shifts inside him, and turns to look at jimin over his shoulder. he gives a lazy thumbs up, and jimin snorts before saying, “what about me, then?”

“what about you?” asks jeongguk.

“you made him feel good,” says jimin. “gonna leave your boyfriend high and dry? maybe i’ll arrest you.”

“you’re not a police officer,” says jeongguk, but he slides one of his legs off the seat so he can get off of yoongi and awkwardly shuffle out of the car. his legs and back are sore from being curled up inside the car for so long, stumbling into jimin as he gets out. he breathes heavily, leaning against the side of the car as he watches jimin. it’s still the middle of the night, no one around other than the three of them, but he already feels weirdly exposed being half naked and out of the car.

jimin leans in, kissing him. “gonna let me fuck you?” he asks, and jeongguk groans before letting his head fall back.

“no,” he says, knowing jimin will respect that. “my ass hurts already.” from inside the car, he hears yoongi snorts—and feels a little bad about just abandoning him, but surely he can take care of himself. in the meantime, jeongguk has to admit he’s more worried about jimin getting off. “you can fuck my face, though.”

jimin pushes him to his knees, leaning back against the car without having much energy to keep himself upward, and jeongguk just opens his mouth, waiting. within moments, jimin is stroking jeongguk’s fringe away from his forehead before curling his fingers into his hair, guiding his cock into jeongguk’s mouth. jeongguk lets out a moan, vibrating through jimin’s cock, and opens his throat as jimin begins to thrust inside.

he looks up at jimin through his eyelashes, eyes wide and almost pleading as jimin looks back down at him, arm braced against the car as he fucks jeongguk’s mouth. it’s messy with spit and drool, already beginning to drip down jeongguk’s chin, but he’s too lazy to do anything about it. he’d let jimin do anything, is the thing—and this is the least of it, keeping his tongue flat as jimin lets out a groan, pushing his cock a little further into jeongguk’s mouth until it hits the back of his throat.

“feels good,” jimin tells him, voice breathy and losing the stability that it’s had this entire time. “such a good boy for hyung, jeonggukkie. always make me feel good. love your mouth so much.” jeongguk groans again, eyes falling shut as jimin crowds a little closer, thrusts becoming shorter and more staccato. jimin must have been on edge this entire time, he thinks, watching someone else fuck jeongguk and not really doing much about it. he’s not possessive, but jeongguk knows how he likes to touch, likes to hold his hand everywhere they go, is happy to be the gross couple kissing in public.

so jeongguk lets him take what he needs now, head pressing against the car as jimin’s cock slips past his lips again and again, further and further until he thinks he’ll gag but manages to hold it back. jimin’s hand is gentle in his hair despite fucking his mouth, carding his fingers through jeongguk’s locks lovingly as his breath begins to come quicker, moaning louder.

jeongguk relaxes his throat even more until jimin pushes and pushes, his cock slipping into jeongguk’s throat. jeongguk can’t even groan, one of his hands rising to grip onto jimin’s jeans, only halfway down his thighs, and barely begins to lose his breath before jimin pulls out again, a string of spit connecting his cock to jeongguk’s swollen lips.

“fuck,” hisses jimin.

“m’i doing good?” asks jeongguk, head lolling against the car and voice already fucked out. jimin strokes his face and jeongguk nuzzles into his hand before he opens his mouth again, waiting. he hears jimin curse and is too lazy to even look, only aware that jimin isn’t intending to fuck his mouth anymore when he hears the slick sounds of jimin jerking himself off.

he comes onto jeongguk’s waiting tongue with a moan of jeongguk’s name, leaning over him as though to hide him from the paths that someone might be watching from—although it’s too late for that now. jeongguk lets out a sigh once jimin finishes, swallowing the come in his mouth before jimin takes his hand and helps him up, still leaning against the car due to his weak legs.

jimin crowds in again, chests pressed together, and jeongguk opens his eyes to look at him, already giggling when he sees jimin’s vaguely giddy expression. the night has turned out much different than they were expecting, although jeongguk certainly isn’t going to complain, and he’s grateful when jimin kisses him again—softer than anything before, now that they have nowhere else to go with this. jeongguk breathes against his mouth, still giggling as jimin licks him, bites his lip, nuzzles their noses together.

“fun?” asks jimin.

“yeah,” says jeongguk. “not bad for a midnight on a thursday.”

they giggle again, jeongguk now realizing how ridiculous all of it is—and how ridiculous it will continue to be if yoongi really doesn’t try to fine or arrest them for any of them. with the reminder of yoongi, jeongguk turns his head to see the officer has since gotten out of the car and has pulled his pants back on, buckling them back up. with a gasp, jeongguk sees the massive come stain on his shirt, which is a much different story.

“oh my god,” says jeongguk. “i’m so sorry. is that—will you be okay?”

yoongi looks down at the stain with a laugh. “honestly, i’ve probably gotten worse on this uniform,” he admits. “nothing i can’t wash out.” the last thing jeongguk wants is evidence that they did this at all, knowing it would put yoongi is a terrible position, but it’s not like there are any cameras around here to catch them, and since all of them promised not to say anything, jeongguk is going to trust that no one is going to end up arrested over this.

jimin pulls up his pants as well, walking around the front of the car to grab jeongguk’s and handing them to him. there’s a bout of awkward silence as they all sort themselves out, jeongguk frowning down at the come stain on his own shirt—although like yoongi, not the worst thing he’s spilled on himself. he runs a hand through his hair, watching jimin and waiting for him to say something, since jeongguk doesn’t know where to go from here. then again, he doesn’t think jimin has ever been in this situation either.

finally, it’s yoongi who clears his throat and says, “well… i should probably get back to… you know. cop things.”

“right,” says jimin. “cop things. hopefully no one has committed a murder around here that you could have prevented while you were busy fucking someone’s brains out.”

hyung,” whispers jeongguk, blood rushing to his cheeks. now that it’s over, he’s back to feeling embarrassed about the whole thing, but jimin just winks at him, grabbing his hand.

yoongi, for his part, looks embarrassed as swell. “yeah,” he laughs sheepishly. “hopefully not. but um… i’ll let you two get back to… your city watching. since that’s all you’re here to do. i can see that now.” it’s his way of confirming that he’s not going to fine them and certainly not going to arrest them for any of this, and jeongguk feels himself relax a little as he tugs jimin closer.

jeongguk clears his throat, shy as he says, “thanks for, uh—yeah. thanks.” he blushes, wrinkling his nose. “have a good night, officer.”

yoongi seems to hesitate, looking between the two of them before he says, “if you ever… ah.”

“we know how to contact you,” says jimin, giving him a salute. “just dial 112, right?”

yoongi glares.

hi there, what’s your emergency?” continues jimin. “oh, my boyfriend and i are looking for a good time and were trying to reach one of your officers… min yoongi is his name? cat eyes, big muscle, massive schlong. seriously, i think it tore my boyfriend’s asshole last time. that thing should be labeled as a weapon of mass destruction.”

jeongguk giggles, hiding his face in jimin’s shoulder. he can only imagine the look yoongi is giving him as jimin laughs, too, adding, “i’m kidding, obviously. about the massive schlong, at least.”

“hyung, stop,” says jeongguk. “he’s going to arrest us for blasphemy.”

“it’s not blasphemy if it’s the truth. you’re the one that had his dick inside of you and you can’t tell me it was ten inches long.”

yours isn’t ten inches long either.”

“i’d be more concerned if either of them were,” says jimin.

jeongguk giggles again and then pulls his face away from jimin’s shoulder, looking at yoongi instead. “we can give you our numbers, if that’s what you’re asking about,” he says. “i was serious about the handcuff thing.” he and jimin have tried it a few times, but they always happen to buy the cuffs that don’t actually work, either opening with a simple tug or… not at all. he can only imagine using real handcuffs would get his blood racing.

yoongi looks positively embarrassed about it, although he does accept their numbers and mumbles something about emergencies before jeongguk leans over and presses a kiss to his cheek and watches him practically flee the scene. then it’s just jimin and jeongguk left in the silence and the moonlight, that radio having cut out long ago.

it’s jeongguk who starts giggling first, overcome with it until he has to lean against the car to keep himself upright, laughter echoing into the night. jimin soon joins him, laughing just as loudly and throwing himself against jeongguk, forehead pressed into jeongguk’s shoulder as they laugh together, unable to comprehend the absurdity of the situation. they just laugh for a while, until there are tears in jeongguk’s eyes and he wraps an arm around jimin’s shoulder, pulling him in for a giggly kiss.

“what the fuck just happened?” jimin asks against his lips, making jeongguk laugh a little harder.

“i don’t know,” he admits, leaning his head against the car. “but i’m not going to complain.”

they laugh for a little longer, jimin pressing kisses to jeongguk’s neck and jaw, going nowhere. eventually, though, he complains about being cold and they hurry back into jeongguk’s car, jeongguk realizing that he’s not going to have to deep clean the back seat to rid it of any traces of their activities. then again, it’s not the first time either of them has had sex back there, but it’s different this time.

hurrying to turn the car on and warm them both up, jeongguk finally gets a chance to look out at the sprawling city and all of its lights. jimin complains about the cold again, holding his hands out imploringly, and jeongguk almost rolls his eyes before bringing them to his mouth, breathing hot air on them.

“you know,” says jimin after a minute. “i think i recognized that guy.”

“officer min?” asks jeongguk.

“yeah. his name kind of rang a bell and i was thinking about it while you were… you know. and i’m fairly sure i went to high school with him.”

“oh god.”

“i mean, he’s gotta be at least two or three years older than me, but i swear we were in some extra curriculars together.” jeongguk groans, planting his head on jimin’s shoulder, and jimin just laughs, continuing his speculations about exactly who min yoongi is—and jeongguk is half terrified to find out that it’s the truth, that he’s not just some random police officer who happened to stumble upon them.

but yoongi does have their numbers. and although jeongguk and jimin certainly aren’t looking to add a third component to their relationship, he doubts either of them would be opposed to having a little fun once in a while, police uniform or not. and with their newfound freedom, the thrill of having escaped consequences in such an immoral way making jeongguk giddy, he and jimin watch the city for a time before jimin suggests grabbing food.

it’s only once they’re back in jimin’s apartment, safely tucked under bedsheets and halfway to sleep, that jimin’s phone vibrates with a new text message. jeongguk just grins, even as jimin rolls over and grabs his phone, checking the message before he huffs out a laugh and sets it back down on the side table.

“what did he say?” mumbles jeongguk, cheek pressed into jimin’s shoulder.

“he asked if we prefer those fuzzy handcuffs or the ones that look like collars,” says jimin.

jeongguk laughs. “i don’t care, as long as they’re pink.”

jimin snorts, turning his head to press kiss into jeongguk’s hair. “i’ll tell him,” he says. and that’s how jeongguk falls asleep—thinking of handcuffs and cars and pretty police officers lacking just enough morals to make things fun.