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Dante and Virgil's Wild and wacky, yet Elucidating Adventures in the Lands Buffalonius, Angelic, and Britannic, with some small appearances by familiar figures: A comedy in 3 parts (3 parts each, sortof)

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As we sat in the serpent, we passed rolling green hills and farms with smoke gently curling from their chimneys. Flocks of confused birds sang in the air, Giles assured us, unseasonably warm weather. Blue and red flowers bloomed from hedges and it seemed that England was nothing like I had thought. Being less inclined to civil strife and much more green and pleasant. Giles entertained us by singing the song of that name.

Nothing else much happened other than a good deal of exposition in which we discussed the Universe, Philosophy, Love, Duty, Life, God, Heaven, Wisdom, Immortality, Souls, someone named Joseph Campbell and our places in the great stream of history.
And so the time passed without seeming to pass at all.