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She pressed her palm against the cold cement wall, the moonlight in the small, barred window filling the room. Sighing, she peered upwards, observing this world's moon. It was so odd to her, how beautiful a place full of cruelty could be. Forehead leaning against the wall, she closed her eyes, letting out a breath. She'd only been here for what seemed like two days, but it felt like an eternity was passing. Fear hadn't hit her yet though, and she wondered if it was because she was probably going crazy. She knew that it would be normal to be afraid in a situation like this, but Orihime couldn't bring herself to be afraid. In fact, she was slightly happy. I'm protecting everyone, she thought. The door way behind her made a noise, and her heart jumped for a second. Was it him?

"Human woman, what are you doing?" his voice came out deep and emotionless.

"Nothing," she replied plainly, lifting her head and turning around to face him, only to discover he was a mere two inches away from her.

"Nothing?" he asked curiously, his eyelids drooping a bit with boredom.

"I was just thinking," she told him, feeling uncomfortable around his curious gaze. She could never read him, never gauge his intentions. He didn't feel evil to her, but he didn't feel good either. She didn't understand what this feeling she had around him was.

"Oh? Are you thinking of ways to escape? I've already informed you of what would happen if you tried," he tilted his head, raising a brow in question. He was curious, wanting to understand the human mind. How did it work? How could humans and Arrancars be so different, yet so similar? He wanted an answer to this.

"No. I said I would come here, and I'm here. I will not fight. I accepted that I must be in this place. The only thing I feel is happiness and loneline-" she cut herself off, her eyes wide in shock at her own words. Why was she telling him this? He kidnapped her and brought her here, which should be enough for her not to tell him such things. Why did she feel so…open around him? She took a deep breath.

"Happiness? Why are you happy, woman? You are a captive here, a hostage. We can do whatever we wish with you, so why do you feel happiness?" he questioned her, confused by her words. His tone was neither menacing nor aggressive, it was calm and apathetic. He ignored the part about loneliness, as that actually made sense for a human in this situation. But happiness? Why would a human girl feel happiness at a time like this? She really made no sense at all to him…

Orihime stood before the fourth espada, with his green piercing eyes and his unmoving lips, and she, for the first time since she arrived, felt completely relieved. She understood now, why he wanted to know all of this. It wasn't her he was trying to understand at all. No, it was more than that…

"Because my friends are safe," she replied her voice strong and unshaken, but still quiet as she clasped her hands over her chest, "and I trust them with all my heart." She smiled at him, laughing a little at her own foolishness. Orihime was acting strange, but she couldn't help it. She could see through him a little more now.

The Arrancar was puzzled by the girl's expressions. What could she possibly be thinking? He reached forward, his fingertips grazing where her heart would be. Opening his mouth to ask what had been bothering him for ages, he began to form the first word when Harribel appeared in the doorway, her hip and folded arms leaning against the arch as she spoke.

"Ulquiorra," she said, her voice clear and leveled, "Lord Aizen wants to meet with you."

The statement was short and concise, but it held power when she spoke Aizen's name. Orihime took a step away from Ulquiorra, feeling that his energy transformed around her. He became more serious and obedient, like a child under a parent's gaze. The name made him stiffen, and he turned, nodding once at Harribel.

"We will have to continue this conversation another time," Ulquiorra said over his shoulder to the human. His eyes squared on the female espada who blocked the doorway. "Shall we?" He asked, merely to prompt her to move, as he did not want to keep Aizen waiting.

"She is…interesting," Harribel stated, giving Orihime a long analyzing look before straightening and backing away, exiting the room. The female espada didn't care for humans in the least, but she had a small amount of appreciation for the foolish girl, who was willing to sacrifice herself for her friends. The girl was too easily tricked, yes; nonetheless, she still had some strength to her.

Ulquiorra followed suit without a word, his hands in his pockets, and his eyes forward. As he passed the closing door, he stole a sideways glance back at the girl before disappearing all together.

Orihime let out a breath, the tension in her shoulders leaving. She may not be afraid of Ulquiorra, but the other espada made her heart beat faster. The sudden thought that all of their senses might be more heighten than hers made her nervous. Could they hear her nerves spiking? Regardless, why did he look at her like that? Like…he didn't really want to leave. Even so, she could see the physical change in him when he'd heard Aizen's name.

Was it…fear? No, that didn't seem right. It seemed more like respect. The arrancar's back had straightened at the mere sound of Aizen's name. What exactly had Aizen done to earn this espada's respect? Orihime thought about this for what seemed like a long time, and she paced as her mind pondered. Eventually, without realizing it, she found herself laying down on her hard bed that doubled as a bench. Slowly, she slipped away to sleep, and her final thought was those green piercing eyes.