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Moon, A New Student!

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Kukui chuckled to himself, about to enter the classroom. At the current moment, Sophocles and RotomDex were having an argument about type advantages. “There is no worst type! Every type has its own advantages in a battle!” Sophocles yelled. “That is incorrect!” Replied Rotom. “My research proves otherwise!” Meanwhile, the other students watched in complete exasperation.

“Is this normal?” Asked a girl next to him. “The fighting, I mean.” The professor shrugged. “I wouldn’t call it fighting, more like debate.” The girl’s Rowlet jumped up and down, it’s green bow bouncing up and down with it. “Emerald! Calm down!” The girl giggled. “I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s excited." Commented the teacher. “Shall we go in?”

“Alola!” Greeted Professor Kukui, walking in. “Alola!” The class replied. As they sat down at their seats, the girl walked in after him, Emerald sitting on her hat. Kukui turned to his students, who were giving confused glances at the female trainer standing next to their teacher. “This is our new student, Moon! Please make her feel comfortable, and answer her questions!” Everyone perked up. A new student? “Alola!” Said Moon. “My name is Moon, and I’m from Kanto!” That got Ash’s attention as well. “You’re from Kanto?” He asked. “Yep! Why do you ask?” Moon asked “Ash is from Kanto too!” Explained Lana. “Woah!” Exclaimed the other girl. “That’s so cool!” “Rowlet!” The bird pokemon chirped happily. “Oh yeah! This is Emerald, my pokemon partner!” Moon introduced. “It’s not asleep!” Rotom excitedly stated. “Hm? Why would it be?” The girl asked.

Ash grabbed his backpack, walked over to her, and showed her it’s contents. Those contents were his own Rowlet. “You see, Rowlet has loved sleeping ever since we met. It’s just kind of strange to see one actually awake.” Rowlet opened its eyes a slit, only to freak out at seeing one of its own kind. It flew out the backpack suddenly, causing Ash to fall backwards, and Pikachu to jump from his shoulder to the desk. “Oh no, are you okay, Ash!?” Moon asked, concerned. “I’m fine!” He answered quickly, standing up. The boy’s Rowlet flew back down with an apologetic look on its face. “Don’t worry about it Rowlet, I said I’m fine!” Suddenly, a look of horror stuck Kiawe’s face. “OH ARCEUS NO, NOW THERE'S TWO HYPERACTIVE TRAINERS!” He yelled.


“So, Moon, when did you get Emerald?” Asked Mallow, as they walked out of the school with Lillie and Lana. “Oh, well....” Moon’s voice became quiet. “...About a week?” “WHAT!?” The other three girls exclaimed. “Right after I arrived in Alola, Professor Kukui came to our house, and asked if I wanted a starter pokemon.” Moon explained. “I chose Rowlet, and nicknamed it Emerald, and now we’re here!” “You seem so close though…” Wondered Lillie. “But I raised Snowy, instead of encountering it, so I don’t quite understand what it’s like to meet you partner.” Lana nodded. “I guess it’s different for everyone. I saved Popplio, you raised Snowy, Mallow caught Steenee, and Moon chose Emerald.” She listed.

Moon sighed. “It’s all so strange, you know? Kanto is so battle crazy, I wasn’t really able to think of much else. But then there’s Ash, laughing and playing his pokemon like he wasn’t raised in the same harsh place. And then Kiawe, Sophocles, you three, even Rotom and the Professor! All of you are so different, but so close at the same time.” She looked down. “It’s like my entire world has been turned inside out.”

“Moon, I don’t know what it’s like to grow up in Kanto, but in Alola, it doesn’t matter who you are.” Said Lana. “We aren’t strangers to each other, we’re family.”

Moon lifted her head up, smiling at the blue haired girl. “Thanks Lana.”

Life isn’t like Kanto anymore. And that’s okay.

Because Moon has a whole Region standing behind her.