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How I ended up in Thedas

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How did i end up in these types of situations? oh wait i know, by jinxing myself. Who am i? Well i'm just your normal sub-average human female and a all around nerd. I'm not black but brown skinned with a youthful facial bone structure, 5'5" and 180lbs. I'm well portionate in all the right places except for the pouch i call stomach. My eyes are dark chocolate brown and my hair is very dark brown almost black. I wear baggy black pants and a tank top with a pair of well worn jesus sandles as that's what they look like to me. so yeah, pretty normal.

As to my perdicament, i ended up jinxing myself and my friends while out with them cosplaying as highborn elves and we were debating the cliche fall into another universe portal and such nonsense. Mind you we were cosplaying as elves from LOTR and WOW. The debate, the possibilities of such things happening could happen in space with wormholes but they asked what about it happening here on Earth. I'd scoffed and shot that notion down. I'd took fencing so i'd mad skills in swordmanship and taking extra lessons from samurai videos.

"As if, If that was possible then may a darkspawn swoop down and kidnape me!" I'd practiced my speech in Elvhen and my friends laughed until a roar sounded from above me and my friends. We scattered but i wasnt so lucky, whatever it was that grabbed me by the waist had took off with me in towed and instead of being calm i was scared witless.

"Should've kept my mouth shut." I growled struggling to get free.

"Let me go!" I'd screamed in elven and manage to elbow my kidnapper in the face making it drop me. Scrambling to my feet, I looked and felt pure dread course right through me.

"Darkspawn..." Running seemed to be the perfect plan and run I did with no sense of direction. Trying to figure out where the hell I am I see a path ahead of me littered with burnt corpes and four people fleeing from them. Speeding up I was gaining on them and waving and shouting at them to wait up. One of them paused briefly to look back making the others do the same.

"Thank Vala you'd stopped." coming to a halt I took a minute to catch my breath and looked closely at them, two males andd two women; one's old and looked to be a mother while the other three must be her children about my age which is twenty-one.

(A/N: wont start describing the four characters Should already know what they look like and the main character is generic)

"What happened to your clothes?" the mother of the three asked and I looked down at myself.

"Darkspawns..." I'd breathed my face aflame in shame. The elderly woman gasped and came to embrace me but paused at my flinch for a bit before embracing me regardless. I'd only flinched due to the small white lie.

"I'm Carver and this is my family." Crap, darkspawns, this dirth road I'm in Thedas but I've only ever beat the DA:Origin and its second part of origins. Anyway, the Younger of the three was looking elsewhere as he introduced himself and his family. My beautiful clothes were rags now and barely covered me. We continued running with the daughter named Bethany covering our tracks. Up ahead we heard clashes of steel, yells, screams, and battle cries.

"Oh my." I'd said taking cover with their mother as I didnt have any weapons to help fight. When the cost was clear, we came out of hiding and went oer to them as what seemed to be a heated argument that was finally put to rest. Two new members named Avaline and Wesley joined the group and the templar gave me his spare clothes to wear. They were alittle big but that was fine, I was covered at least. We'd inspected the darkspawns dead bodies, eww...for anything valuables and I found a decent raiper and gave it a turn.

"I didnt know you could wield a sword!?" came Bethany's accused tone and my reply would have been that it was never asked but Carver came to my defense, aww how cute.

"Maybe she wasnt allowed?"

"No, the darkspawns got the drop on me and my friends and we scattered but I got taken. it was unexpected and as female the worst case scenario was running rampant through my mind."

That sobered everyone up. Moving on and me finally helping out in the fights, we made it to the top with a wide, very wide circular space and for a moment all was good till the ground began shaking and heavy stomping became known.

Coming up from the otherside was a giant ogre charging like a mad bull. Everyone got out of the way except Bethany who was picked up like a rag doll. I threw my raiper at the ogre's face and it peirced it's right eye making it drop the girl who shakenly got away and began to fire off ice spells in rapid succession at some of the surrounding darkspawns while others minus the old woman took on the ogre.

I hid for abit and found a darkspawn sword and took it before going to Lady Leandra's side to defend her from the few darkspawns that noticed her. The ogre perished yet more darkspawns took its place. Everyone in the group plus us gathered together to make one last stand when a roar so loud almost like thunder sounded behind us and making the horde of darkspawns pause.

"By the Gods" I'd whispered as we all looked up behind us. There upon the ledge was a huge red and black high dragon staring down at us before turning its attention to the horde and took a dive flight and let loose gallons of scorching flames missing us but not the darkspawns that were either trying to kill it or flee. The dragon looked familiar as well.