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The seven boys piled into the two cars, Jinyoung pouting as Yugyeom climbed into the other car, but shrugged as BamBam was also in that car. Jinyoung had a relatively calm ride, finishing off a chapter of a novel he'd been trying to read, but with so little time free from schedules or practice, he'd been on the same chapter for almost a month. Jinyoung didn't mind his rushed lifestyle, except for the few times that Yugyeom would crawl into his bed, both of them too tired to do anything but sleep. But that was okay, Jinyoung thinks, they had each other through all of it and he wouldn't have it any different.

That day was no different, but doing both a photo shoot and a recording for GOT7ing at once had left them with a few free hours. Jinyoung intended to make the most of it. He had wanted to talk to Yugyeom and make sure he was okay after the filming. And maybe he wanted to do more than talk. But with hours free, and Jaebum and Mark debating on treating the group, he'd have ample opportunity.

"Yah Jinyoungie. You wanna come to barbeque?" Mark asked him.

"Aish maybe next time, I'm just so exhausted." Jinyoung lied smoothly "With all the comeback promotions recently and all the drama filming before that I've barely had time off"

"Aish, you need to relax more Jinyoung, you're gonna run yourself into the ground," Mark said, somewhat fondly. "It's okay, I'm sure Bambam and Youngjae will be happy there's more for them." He laughed

"True" Jinyoung laughed, "Have fun though," Jinyoung said as the cars pulled up to the dorm.

"Without you? Of course!" Mark laughed dodging a swatting hand from Jinyoung. "Probably should drop off all our stuff first though," he said climbing out of the car, Jaebum and Jinyoung following. Jinyoung waved at the other car as it unloaded, but didn't seem to catch Yugyeom's eye, as Jackson was the only one waving back.

They piled into the building's elevator, Jackson talking loudly with Youngjae, Jinyoung not paying attention to what they were saying. They got to the apartment and Jinyoung sighed with relief as Jaebum opened the door before they filed in. Yugyeom coming in behind them all and slamming the door behind him, all eyes turning to him in response. The six boys stood in shock as Yugyeom stomped past them and slammed the door to his and Bambam's room, not even taking his shoes or jacket off.

"Yugyeomie" Bambam called after him, kicking off his shoes before starting to follow him.

Jinyoung stood still, not sure what happened. Before kicking off his shoes and stopping BamBam, "Let me go" he said walking towards the room "I'll figure it out" The five boys nodded nervously, leaving Jinyoung to go ahead. Jinyoung stopped in front of the door listening for a moment before he knocked softly.


"Go away" Yugyeom called through the door, grimacing as his voice broke, hoping whoever it was didn't notice.

"Gyeomie it's me, let me in please," Jinyoung said softly through the door.

"I said go away" Yugyeom yelled at the door, burying his face in his pillow. He heard the knob jiggle, softly, suddenly glad he locked the door behind him

"Gyeomie, I said let me in," Jinyoung said firmly.

Yugyeom groaned loudly and stood to unlock the door, not opening the door itself before he sat on his bed, back against the wall. He watched as Jinyoung opened the door slowly and entered the room. Jinyoung frowned as he saw Yugyeom's bloodshot and watery eyes.

"What, hyung?" Yugyeom said bitterly.

"Yah, some way to say hi to your boyfriend" Jinyoung said, no bite in his words.

"Heh, right, that's what we are..." Yugyeom muttered.

"Hey, what's wrong? Tell hyung" Jinyoung sat down on the edge of the bed.

"What if I don't want to tell you?" Yugyeom grumbled, picking some lint off his sheets and throwing it to the floor.

"Yah, Kim Yugyeom. We talk to each other when we're feeling upset. That's what people do in healthy relationships."

"Healthy relationship?" Yugyeom laughed, "Yeah right"

"What are you talking about?" Jinyoung looked at him surprised.

"What am I talking about? I am talking about us." Yugyeom abruptly stood up, his voice getting increasingly louder. "About how you seem to enjoy making me feel like a burden! Like I'm going to break apart GOT7! Like I mean nothing to you!"

"Yugyeomie..." Jinyoung gasped

"No, don't give me that. Don't pretend you feel bad! You keep doing this to me and I can't anymore!" Yugyeom felt tears start to stream down his face. "I can't deal with us running around behind everyone's backs! I can't deal with you being ashamed of me! "

"Gyeomie, I'm not ashamed of yo-" Jinyoung stood up his jaw dropped.

"Stop! I know you are, you don't have to lie anymore! I know you don't love me. I see how you look at Jaebum hyung..." he barely got out, choking on a sob. "I get it... He's more experienced, and a better singer and you've been together since even your auditions and he's closer to your age."

"That's not true-" Jinyoung reached towards him.

"Don't touch me!" Yugyeom yelled, not caring about the soft gasps he been hearing from the living room. "I-I know... I know that you don't love me like I love you... I thought I could handle it... But since even Real Got7 season 1, you have chosen to hurt me. You know that the one idea that scares me most is that I'll be the reason GOT7 fails, and you've used that to hurt me! And I'm done."

"Gyeomie..." Jinyoung spoke weakly

"No! I'm done! I want a proper healthy relationship and you keep hurting me!" Yugyeom sobbed loudly, his voice breaking harshly. "We're done." he sobbed before taking a deep breath and holding in his sobs.

"Gyeomie, I didn't mean to hurt you," Jinyoung said desperately.

"I don't believe you," Yugyeom spoke harshly. "Get out"

"Please!" Jinyoung pleaded

"I said get out!" Yugyeom yelled pushing Jinyoung towards the door "GET OUT!"

Jinyoung stumbled out of the door and Yugyeom slammed it shut behind him, not bothering to lock it. Yugyeom walked over to his bed and fell onto it. He grabbed his pillow and rolled onto his side, facing the wall before sobbing into his pillow, for what seemed like years. As his sobs began to slow he felt a small body lay down behind him.

"Go aw-"

"Yugie it's me" Bambam whispered softly, slowly wrapping his arms around Yugyeom. "I wish I had known"

Yugyeom stiffened in BamBam's arms before turning to face him. "Hyung didn't want anyone to know... " he said shakily.

"I know..." Bambam said softly "How long?"

"Almost 2 years and five months... " Yugyeom felt Bambam gasp more than he heard it. "I mean at first we didn't really know what we were doing and then when we figured out the whole thing we were both nervous how you guys would react but eventually I jus-"

"Yugie, it's okay. I'm not mad just surprised." Bambam stopped him, trying to calm Yugyeom.

"You sure?" He asked nervously

"Of course, how did you manage to keep anything from me that long?" He joked.

Yugyeom laughed bitterly, "why did I even go along with it? " he shook his head pressing his face into BamBam's chest, yawning softly.

"Hey, you're exhausted. Go to sleep. " Bambam spoke soothingly, slowly combing his fingers through the younger's red hair.

"Stay?" He asked sleepily

"Of course" he whispered, starting to speak again, but Yugyeom was already asleep.