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Color Collision

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Chapter 1:

She could feel the bright sun on her face, the wind from the velocity of the helicopter. What a relief…Tar Tar was defeated, Inkopolis was saved. Eight was really starting to think that neither she or anyone who was helping her, hence Pearl, Marina, Captain Cuttlefish, and Agent Three would make it. The pressure of knowing that she had only 3 minutes to stop the large statue from sending Inkopolis to impending doom got to her, gave her crippling anxiety while she was riding the rails around the head of the human looking statue head.

However, all that climbing, all those tests, all the explosions…the trauma…it all paid off and she was finally going to witness the wonderful promise land, Inkopolis.

She turned her head to the green inkling still unconscious on the ground. She lifted her head up off the ground and looked around as if she was lost. Eight was fascinated by her looks. Her silky light green and long tentacles and traced a wet line across the ground as she moved, her bluish green eyes that twinkled in the light and her light fair skin. Eight smiled at her.

Three was just as fascinated by the Octoling before her. Her suctioned fuchsia tentacles that curled ever so slightly at the ends, her brown skin and her big…yet beautiful amber eyes. Damn. She was pretty.

Get yourself together, Three. Aren’t you still on a mission?

“Ah.” A voice from behind Three said. It was Cap’n Cuttlefish. “Look who’s awake! Good ‘ol Agent 3! You really saved our butts down there kiddo!”

“I-uh…I what?” Three couldn’t recall what happened at all. The only thing she could remember was flying through the ceiling, punching a…blender?... in the face and then…that was about it. Ohhh, they were talking about that! Eight and Cuttlefish were definitely going to get blended by that thing. Three knew she was right about those theories that she had put together while she was exploring in the underground. Everything she had come across smelled and looked familiar. She had seen cans and buckets of green ooze all over and the fact that she has cut herself before, badly, and can remember the faint smell of the ink that was coming out of said cut…she compared it to the smell of the green ooze she had come across.

Three moved into a sitting criss cross position. Her head ached. It ached badly. She put her hand to the right side of her face, which burned  for some reason. Everything kind of hurt, but not as bad as her head and the right side of her face. When she put a protective hand, moving it quite hesitantly, it felt rough like sandpaper. “Ow…” she sucked her teeth in pain.

“Oh.” Eight moved down onto her knees and reached her hand out. She didn’t want to see anyone in pain anymore and she knew that it was partially her fault for Three being in this condition. “Green…”

“Green?” Three asked, tilting her head to one side.

“Your face is the green. On right side…here.” Eight pointed to the right side of Three’s face. Three recoiled backward and bit, which had Eight taken back. Had Three not wanted to be touched? Was she just worried she would hurt her more? That wasn’t her intention. At least not now. Probably never. As long as Three doesn’t break out into fight mode again.

“My face is green? Why?”

“Aye! Agent 3 right?” Pearl said, walking over to the group, Marina following behind her. “Nice to meet ya! And yeah, your face is green. You really jerked out at Eight back there, I was for sure we were all gonna die.”

“Pearlie! I though you said you had faith in them.”

“I did. But did you see how coddamn scary she looked?”

Marina nodded her head, rolling her eyes slightly. Three did look intimidating.

Cap’n Cuttlefish put a hand on Three’s shoulder. “We’ll tell you more about it later. You should probably get back and rest though. You too Eight.” Cap’n Cuttlefish looked at Eight with a smile. “You did good Agent.”

“So, you’re Agent 8?” Three asked.

Eight nodded and smiled. “That’s what I be called right now.”

Three noticed that the Octoling was attempting to speak in Inkish. How adorable. Not to say that she wasn’t doing a good job, but she did have a bit of work to do. Might as well enjoy her broken Inkish. “It’s nice to be meeting you!” Eight added on.

“Nice to meet you too.” Three nodded and just smirked. She…didn’t know how to greet her. Or anyone matter of fact.

The helicopter ride was long ad relaxing. Everyone kicked back and decided to watch the sunrise, beckoning a new day and beckoning new opportunities. For this experience was making everyone feel different as if a new change was coming into their lives. Eight felt it the most. She saw the sunrise as a sign, although she has never seen a sunrise or sunset for that matter. It was beautiful. It was calming it felt more like…home. A feeling she can’t seem to remember. She knew she was definitely older than 15…she tried to think about her life before the tests but it just wasn’t possible.

She had given away her mem cakes to get back home. Which means she had given up her past to get to her future. Guess it was better that way. It probably was.

Taking the first step on Inkling soil was the hardest yet easiest task she had ever done. She was so unsure about this life yet so ready to take on it! She observed the buildings, the trees, the grass, the inklings standing before her now. She looked over at Three. Is this really where she lived? Is this truly what Inkopolis was? It was amazing!

Eight bounced in place. “Inkopolis.” She said with wonder in her voice, sounding like a young child. Everyone giggled behind her, admiring her interest and love for the city because it really was what she thought and more. She hopped in front of everyone. Her eyes lit up in wonder.

Three cracked a smile at the Octolings antics. She was so adorable and sweet, not like Three was thinking. After what she had seen in the underground, she was thinking the entire time that they were cold blooded killers. Well…Eight probably thought the same thing about Inklings. Also…despite what Three learned in school about the Great Turf War, she really thought the Octolings would be against Inklings in every way. As she walked the underground, some Octolings even saw her and didn’t bat an eye.

After a bit of discovery for the team, Pearl and Marina agreed to take Eight under their wing and let her stay in their ‘mansion’ for a while. Ugh…Three despised their mansion. It was unnecessary. It was just the two of them, well now three, that are living there. Too much stuff. Too much space. Whenever Three would mention this, Marie would always say how Three was just jealous because Three didn’t have a mansion, just an apartment. Three would clap back at her, stating the fact that her and Callie were also living in an apartment, slightly bigger than Three’s, but it’s still an apartment. They’re idols, they should have enough money to buy a house in the middle of nowhere, so they weren’t ambushed. Marie said it was fine, they couldn’t waste their money on that, they already had technically two placed to live, their apartment and their grandpa’s shack. But Three begged to differ.

By the time Three made her way back home, it was already evening. Her stomach growled violently. She hadn’t eaten all day long and her metabolism was super-fast, which meant, she ate a lot and was usually hungry most of the time. There was nothing in her fridge either, nothing at all besides milk, yogurt, a bunch of dairy products that they manufacture in those ‘human-like’ stores. She was starving but she wasn’t hungry enough to make herself sick off those dumb products. Might as well go to Crusty Seans.

“I don’t have enough energy for that…” she said, dragging out her words tiredly. She was so tired, and her head still hurt. The big band aid that Eight had placed on her head, while being utterly adorable and sweet, it also didn’t do shit.

Instead of continuing to complain, Three just grabbed a warm compress and placed it on her head right after she plopped into bed. It felt nice…warm…calming…and it made her even more sleepy. Her stomach still growled along with the noises that came out of her mouth when she realized that she had school the next day.


Four sat on the bench outside of Inkblot. She was occupied on her phone, constantly texting Three asking where she was. She should have been there by now, she was never late.

Four: threeeeeeeee

Four: three three three three three three

Four: where the shell r u???


Four: Im so lonelyyyyy. I’m so lonelyyyyy. I have nobodyyyy. For my owwwwwwWWNNNN

Three: can u shut the shell up im on my way. Im just leaving

Four: you r gonna be late we have class in 2 minutes. you can’t get here that fast

Three: I have my ways

Four stuck her phone in her bag and waited for Three. It was no use for her to go to class without her. Four definitely had more friends that she met up with normally, but they only showed up at Lunch and Four preferred sitting with Three for some reason. Being the outward and energetic inkling she was, sometimes she just wasn’t welcome everywhere… sometimes her friends felt that they needed a break from her and her energy.

Eventually, Three arrived. Faster than Four expected. She on a hat and a mask, covering most of her face. Four jumped up off of her seat and greeted Three with a smile, noticing the mask and hat but not mentioning it because it wasn’t odd for Three to do. “That was fast. Why are you late?”

“Agent work.”

Three’s answer was very straightforward. To straightforward in fact because it was never just a two worded answer especially if it had to deal with SquidBeak. “What about Agent work? Is that what you did all weekend? Because I couldn’t get in touch with you.”

“I know.” Three rubbed her eyes. “Don’t you have a life?”

“Ha! Bold of you to assume I have a life!”

“I didn’t assume… I ask-“

Four firmly gripped her hand on Three’s shoulder. “I definitely have a life and it’s together. Unlike yours.” She said with a playful smirk, putting her hands on her hips.

Three shrugged Four off her shoulder and shot her a glare. “My life is together.”

Three walked ahead of Four but Four hopped along behind her, eventually catching up to her side. She eyed Three up and down. Three noticed this and looked at Four with a confused and angry look, wondering why the shell she was eyeing her like that. “What?”

Four stopped her in her tracks with her arm and turned to her. “Did you get any sleep at all last night? You look like carp.”

Three rubbed her eyes once again and tried to make herself look presentable. She was lucky enough that the school provided and required mandatory uniforms for their attire or else she would look like literal carp. “I-“ she sighed. “Not really. My head feels like shit. The mission really took a toll on me yesterday.”

“Why didn’t you stay home?”

“It’s no use.” Three turned away from Four and continued walking. She didn’t really want to continue the conversation because Four would just dwell. “Let’s get to class.”

Four just evicted the question from her mind, shrugged and followed Three.

School was…the usual. Class after class after class after class, then lunch with the annoying yet very friendly Four. Except this time, she was extra annoying. Three was already tired, starving. Terribly starving. She didn’t have time to eat breakfast that morning AND she didn’t eat dinner the night before, neither lunch or breakfast that day either. She didn’t eat for a full 24 hours. How was she still okay? Or…how was she still trudging on? Four noticed how pale Three was, like, her hands and legs since she could see her face. No one reprimanded Three for her hat and mask. They didn’t dare mess with Three.

Even some of the teachers were scared of her.

Four kept bothering Three about her attitude because she noticed a change in it. Three was normally grumpy and…you know…Three. But she was never unfocused. She was never ‘out of it’. She was never… super pale. Four needed to ask her.

After a moment of interrogating, Four put together that Three hasn’t eaten for a full 24 hours, didn’t sleep for more than 24 hours…that was enough to take a terrible toll on ones body. No wonder she was pale and different. However, Three knew this and didn’t need anyone to remind her. She dismissed Four more than enough times that she could count and was super close to flicking the shit out of her. “Four. Shut. Up. I’m fine. I appreciate your concern but…I’ll be fine.” Emphasis on fine. Firm emphasis on fine.

Four just sighed. She felt it would be best for her to just let it happen and changed the subject to something different.

Once school was over, Three was so happy to lay her aching head down on the couch and rest. She turned on the TV to entertain and distract herself from any potential pain that may creep up on her. However, deep down in her subconscious she was thinking she should tell someone how she really felt but…

Three was strong. She could handle things on her own. She didn’t need help.

All she needed was tea, sleep and more sleep. If only she could sleep. She would feel so much better.

Maybe she just needed a break from agent work. “No that’s crazy.” She said to herself.

Totally crazy.

Chapter Text

“So…like I dreamed.” Eight said in her best Inkish.

She had become accustomed to her room already as soon as Pearl and Marina took her inside. Their house. Huge. Their rooms. Huge. Everything. Huge. It made Eight feel terribly small. Despite it making her feel inferior, she liked it and felt like she could just run around the entire house.

Pearl and Marina had been generous enough to let Eight live with them. After all they’ve been through, it was hard for them not to and they’ve already gotten so close over the base of a week. As soon as Eight arrived, she exerted a sense of wonder and happiness, pure joy and sincerity and Pearl and Marina could feel it from her.

They gave her a room on the top floor, a few doors away from theirs. The room already had furniture in it so it must have been a guest room. The furniture didn’t look bad at all, it was very shiny and sophisticated with a little bit of ‘umf’ to it as if Pearl had walked by and touched it. There was a bed placed in between two nightstands. Across from the bed was a tall dresser with a flat-screen TV mounted above it. Along with that, were two dressers and a… very big closet. Maybe too big for Eight. She didn’t have any clothes at all besides the ones she was wearing, the tight yet comfortable leather shirt, shirt, and high-heel boots.

Eight settled in, observing her room and rolling around on the bed like a child. She loved how fluffy and bouncy it was. Nothing like anything she had ever laid on.

There was a knock at her door about 10 minutes later. Opening the door was Pearl. “Yo, Eight! How do you like your new room?”

Eight gave the short inkling a thumbs up.

Pearl smiled. “It’s pretty big, isn’t it. The closet is much bigger.” Pearl said as she looked around at the room. “Oh squit! That reminds me. You need some clothes, don’t you?”

Eight slowly nodded. She didn’t want Pearl or Marina to give her anything else. The room was enough, she didn’t want to be a burden.

“Here. Let’s go shopping. Well… I mean, you’re probably tired. You can stay here while we get some stuff for you.”

Eight nodded. “Yes, ma’am.”

“Aw, kid. Don’t call me ma’am. Just call me Pearl.” In fact, it made Pearl feel weird to be called ma’am. She knew she was older than everyone else, being 21 and all but she couldn’t stand being labeled as a higher person.

Eight nodded. “Pearl.” She said, smiling. Pearl, of course, smiled back.

Pearl shook her head. This Octoling was just too adorable. “Aight, Eight. We’ll be back. Don’t cause trouble.” She joked. “Oh. And here.” Pearl tossed her a phone. “This phone is for you. You know how phones work right?”

Eight nodded.

“Aight. So just call us if you need anything. My number and Marina’s number is in there, as well as Three’s if you wanna chat with her.”

Eight remembered Three. She remembered Three very well.

“So that’s it. Remember, call us if you need anything.”

Eight nodded once again and with that Pearl left, most likely taking Marina with her.

Eight sat back on her bed. She fiddled with her phone. Loving the feeling of the touch screen. She messed with it for a while until she fully understood all the functions. She knew how a phone worked, but she always needed to fiddle with technology for a bit before knowing exactly how to use it.

She found Three’s contact number. She stared at it. Not sure how to start the perfect conversation with her. She didn’t want to make it awkward.

Oh well.

It was no use overthinking how to conversate. She could talk to Three face to face later. Anyway…she was probably busy…

After all the Cap’n Cuttlefish told Eight about Three. She probably didn’t want to be bothered either. The pressure of being the top agent in Squidbeak, managing school life, and managing her normal everyday life away from SquidBeak and school… it sounded hard. Eight didn’t understand school when Cap’n Cuttlefish explained it to her. And after school was explained to her, she didn’t understand why Three went when she didn’t have to.

One other thing Eight also remembered her and the Captain talked about was Agent 4 and Agent 1 and 2. Apparently, there was an Agent 4 and Cap’n Cuttlefish described her as ‘the life of the party’. Which…Eight also didn’t understand. Agent 1 and 2 were his grandchildren and the famous Squid Sisters, which left Eight astonished. She definitely had to thank the Squid Sisters when she gets to meet them. The Calamari Inkantation did wonders.


Eight got bored after a while, so she left the room to explore Pearl and Marina’s house. Hopefully, she wouldn’t get lost. Everything she encountered looked valuable, expensive…just…stuff she basically shouldn’t touch. Which she didn’t.

She ventured into the basement and was astonished to discover an entire music studio. At least that’s what she thought it was. It was varnished in all types of software, instruments, and speakers. Two very large speakers. Eight walked around Marina’s turntable…or multiple turntables. She had about three, most likely for different occasions and/or sounds. There was a recording booth, that looked like it was the size of her room upstairs. Multiple microphones were placed inside with a few more instruments disbursed on the floor. There was a large grand piano and electric piano just outside the booth and right across from it on the other side was an array of a desk layered with buttons. So many buttons. To top it off, a couple of couches and comfy looking swirly chairs.

Eight’s eyes widened. So, this is where they do their music. It was…amazing. And once again, really big.

Eight jumped when she heard a noise come from somewhere near the room. She quickly dashed across the room in a corner. A tall man, maybe about Marina’s height came from around the corner, dressed nicely, walking upright and with poise. He looked around and caught the eye of Eight. “Oh hello!”

Eight froze. Who was this man? Why did he have a weird accent? Why was he dressed so nicely? Why was he so tall? No one was as tall as Marina. “Hi.” Eight said shyly. She moved towards him a bit.

“You must be Eight. Pearl and Marina told me all about you.” He walked forward quite quickly and extended a firm hand to Eight. “My name is Geoffrey. I’m the butler.”

Butler??? How rich were they?

Eight returned the handshake. Geoffrey’s hand was very strong, and his shake was very firm, Eight thought her hand would fall off. “Nice to be the meeting.”

“Adorable.” Geoffrey got a kick at Eight’s Inkish. “Are you still learning how to speak the wonderful Inkling language?”

Eight nodded. She felt like she would have to do a lot of nodding when speaking to people but she assumed that every other Octoling that was new to the surface would too. “I learning.”

Geoffrey smiled. “I bet you are. Keep trying, you’ll get it eventually. But don’t worry, you seem like someone who can convey what feeling without words.”

Eight smiled back. She didn’t really understand what he meant by that… Eight did poetry, words were kind of her thing but…

“Well. I best be going. I have a job to do. Cleaning and checking every nook and cranny of this place. It was nice meeting you, Agent 8.” He smiled once again and turned away, leaving Eight to tend to herself in the music room.

Despite meeting a new person, she was still taken back how rich Pearl and Marina were. Dang did they have a lot.


Eventually, Pearl and Marina came back with clothes for Eight. A lot of clothes of different styles and such.

“I like!” Eight said as Pearl and Marina watched as Eight tried on all of the clothes. There wasn’t one article of clothing that she didn’t like and even if she didn’t like it, she would not have said anything because she was all too grateful for everything Pearl and Marina have done for her.


Once Eight got ready for bed, she laid down and opened up the messaging app on her phone. Looking at Three’s number, she finally decided to text her.

Chapter Text

“What’s that noise and why…?” Three said groggily as she shifted around in her bed. She really didn’t wasn’t to answer her phone, but she felt that it would be best since it was repeatedly dinging, might have been an emergency.

She picked up her phone off the nightstand and stared at it, trying to get her vision to adjust to the light of the screen in the dark room. 13 new messages from Eight…

Oh Cod Oh F**k. Eight was texting her and she didn’t even know. The Octoling must think that she was ignoring her. She sat up in the bed slowly, trying her best not to aggravate her head, which was still pounding.

Eight: Hi Three!

Eight: I hope me not bother you!

Eight: How are you?

Eight: We the missing you!

Eight: h

Eight: Sorry, finger slip

Eight: I wondering… when you want to…

Eight: How you say? Hang? Hanging out?

Eight: I checked with Marina, she say I said right.

Eight: Still work on Inkish. Sorry!

Eight: Anyway, want to hanging out?

Eight: If you want

This Octoling was too adorable. Too sweet, and too adorable. Three chuckled at the texts. Eight trying her hardest to speak Inkish…Three felt maybe she should just learn Octarian for Eight’s sake.

Three was about to text back when she noticed a glare on her phone that won’t go away. The blinds weren’t open, the TV wasn’t on. Nothing shiny was really behind her or in her area. It was irritating her because she couldn’t see almost half the screen. She closed one eye and moved the phone to see what was generating the glare. Then she closed the other and the glare was gone.

“What the…?”

She did the same action again. Closed one eye, saw the glare…closed the other, the glare was gone…

“Maybe there’s something on my face. Could be some damn glitter or something that Four might have gotten on my clothes. She’s always sneak-attack-glittering me, or whatever the hell.” She got out of bed and went to the bathroom. She clicked on the light and blinked to get her eyes used to THAT bright light.

She looked in the mirror, at her face… and almost jumped out of her skin. She yelped and stumbled backward, tripping over her own feet at what she just saw in the mirror. She got back up and walked towards the mirror hesitantly.

Along with her green scar that covered some of the right side of her face…her eye was now a bright green. “What’s happening???” she asked herself. She reached up to feel the scar, which was still tender to the touch. “Ow…”

Three ran back to her bed and sat down. She picked up her phone and opened Four’s messages.

Three: Four holy squit. look at my damn eye!!!

She sent a picture of her eye to Four. Four replied immediately.

Four: Woaahhhh what happened???

Three: idk but im terrified as hell

Four: im pretty sure it’s nothing but if ur scared try asking the captain and maybe he will know or ask eight

Three felt so bad…she completely forgot that Eight messaged her. She was going to quickly reply but she was creeped out by her eye it just completely passed her mind.

Three: okay but ill keep u posted on what happens

Four: kay

Four: wait, have u been feeling any better? Don’t fight it three ik ur feeling sick

Three: how many times do I have to tell u im f**king fine

Four: no ur not

Three: whatever ill talk wit u later

Four: aight then

Three placed her phone down firmly. She laid her head in her hands. So many thoughts ran through her head. It can’t be the ooze…Eight knocked all that stuff off her. She had terrible monkey brain about that day that she couldn’t quite shake off. She already didn’t feel the greatest about how she treated Eight, but that was subconscious brainwash and completely out of her control.

She could have fought against it though…

She keeps thinking this, over and over and over again in her head and it’s stuck on replay like a broken record.

Speaking of Eight. Might as well reply back.

Three: Sure Eight! What time and where?


Three got up, showered…because she was certain Eight would not want to smell her, got dressed as nicely as she could and ate breakfast, or at least as much as she could. She wasn’t really hungry.

She repeatedly checked herself in the mirror. Checking her shirt, her shorts, her shoes. She was wearing a dark blue visor, a dark blue t-shirt with a white jacket over it, black shorts, and dark blue boots. She kept looking at her face. It was partially covered. She wore a small eyepatch and a black and red mask. She also made sure that her tentacles covered up her right side of her face a little more than usual.

With a bit of worry and constant doubt of her looks, she headed out. However, she headed out with a happy attitude. She was going to hang out with Eight.


“Why are we doing this?”

“Because! I wanna see where this goes.”

“Whose idea was this anyway.”


“Hey. I told you not to tell her that I was related to this idea in any way.”

“Dude, she’s my girlfriend…I gotta tell her everything. I especially have to keep her updated on you. Troublemaker.”

“Like you don’t make any more trouble.”

“Guys stop it.”

“She started it.”

“I don’t care who- just focus! If we are really going through with this, we might as well do it right.”

Four, Pearl, and Marina stood crouched down in a nearby bush away from sight. Four recommended that they wear camouflage. Fortunately, Four had a lot of that laying around her apartment.

The reasoning for all this…the three of them was spying on Three and Eight.

“My legs hurt.”

“How can they hurt when you don’t have any.” Four burst out laughing at her own joke at Pearl’s shortness. Pearl actually giggled along, because she thought it was pretty good, yet she was irritated inside. Marina rolled her eyes but also giggled as well.

“Anyway, who got the binoculars?” Four asked. “I want them.”

“I do.” Pearl handed Four the binoculars. Four zoomed in on Three and Eight. They were sitting at a table in the square, eating and talking. She noticed how Three, probably absentmindedly, inched towards Eight as she spoke. Four internally screamed. “I’m so enjoying this.”

“Can I see? Are they kissing?” Pearl asked.

Marina snatched the binoculars from Four. “They better not be. They’re too young. It’s only the first date. We didn’t teach Eight how to kiss. What if she bites her. Eight doesn’t know how to properly-“

Four and Pearl stared at Marina.

“Sorry. I’m a little overprotective.”

“Yeah, you are.” Pearl giggled. “But I am too. Don’t worry, babe.”

Four grabbed the binoculars back from Marina and looked for longer. “Thanks for telling me Eight had a date. I never realized how much I’d be enjoying this.” Four smiled and chuckled a bit. “I could stay here alllll daaaayyyy looonnggg. I need snacks though.”

“I’d admit. It is a bit wrong. But we’re just protecting them, right?” Marina said, nervously.

“Yeeahh. You’re right. In a way.” Four said.

“Hey also…why is Three wearing an eyepatch?” Marina asked.

Pearl chuckled. “She looks like a pirate.”

“Well, she definitely ain’t getting that booty.” Four crackled up at her joke once again.

“Ah. Good one.” Said an elegant man voice from behind. Everyone turned around to see a tallish brown-skinned inkling in a suit.

“Geoffrey! What the hell are you doing here?” Pearl asked.

“Hi, Geoffrey,” Marina said.

“You guys have a butler???” Four asked, astonished but also not that surprised.

“I have a message to send you guys. It’s marked as urgent.” Geoffrey said as he took a letter out from his suit jacket and handed it to the girls. “I suggest you open it.”

Pearl took the letter and opened it quickly. She read it aloud. “Regarding the popular pop group sensation, Off The Hook, I see you. Marked, Agent Three-aw shit.”

“Why does she always-what is her-how does she-. WHAT THE F-“ Four said. Right after she said that Three turned around and shot them all a glare, topped with that signature ‘Three smirk’. She then made a motion pointing to the paper.

They all looked. Four read this part this time. “If I catch you pieces of shit again spying on Eight and I, I’m gonna behead you all. Love from Three.” Four looked up. “Tough love, Three.”

The four of them, including Geoffrey scurried quickly away.

Three turned back around. “Sorry Eight.”

“Was that-“

“Yes, it was. I should have known actually. How about we go to a more private place instead and we can talk and hang out there.”

“Yes! I would be the loving that!”

“To my apartment then.”

Eight grabbed Three’s forearm and Three led them away from the plaza.

Chapter Text

Three’s apartment wasn’t all that spacious, but it was big enough for two people to hang out in. Three didn’t mind the lack of so much space, but sometimes, she wishes she could move out a get something better. Nonetheless, it was a very nice apartment, nicely decorated, nothing but carpet (which helped just in case Three suddenly fell, but didn’t help when she spilled something), and more. There were two floors, upstairs was a hallway and then two rooms, Three’s bedroom with her own bathroom, and the guest room…which she never had guests until today. What fun. Now she had to clean the room. Or Eight could just crash in her room…

Downstairs was the living room with a TV and one couch, a small space for a table with four chairs, and then the kitchen and one more bathroom. Everything for Three was decorated to the way she liked it, more towards the dark side minus the carpet, which was white, however, everything else was green and black with hints of white.

After looking around, Three was mainly terribly embarrassed that her apartment was a wreck. She had Eight over, Eight… she was positive Eight didn’t want to see her apartment a wreck either. Four would always tell her ‘You never know when you’re gonna have someone over. So clean the damn apartment.’ But Three never really listened to Four, let alone heard her. Three looked over at Eight, who was still smiling as she looked around the house, clinging to Three’s side. Three couldn’t tell if she was appalled or…appeased?

“I like this…how you say…?”


“Apartment. I like! I like the apartment!”

Three smiled subconsciously. Eight said that so well, Three couldn’t be more proud. She could tell her that she’s proud…yeah. Tell Eight you’re proud Three. “Your moms would be so proud of you.” Three scolded herself, she wanted to show Eight how proud she was. Not Pearl and Marina. Idiot. Idiot. Idiot. Idiot.


Three jumped. “Huh?”

“My moms?” Eight asked with her head cocked to one side.

“Oh, haha.” Three sat down on the couch and Eight followed as well. “It was a joke between Four and me, we said that-“


Three you’re an IDIOT. “Oh shit. You haven’t met Four. But Four has met you.”


THREE. COD DAMMIT. You’re confusing her even more.

“I’m-I’m sorry. Lemme start over.” Three said. “There are other agents besides us. Agents 1, 2 and 4 and then us. You’ll get to meet them later. What I meant by Four has met you, is…I’ve told her about you, Pearl and Marina have told her about you, yet you two haven’t met face to face. She’s…an annoying dipshit…but you’ll love her.”

“Ohh. When?”

“When do you get to meet them?”

Eight nodded.

“I dunno. Once the Captain calls us back in for more agent work. I have his contact, so he’ll be sure to let me know and then you’ll know.”

Eight nodded once again, her smile still beaming brightly, lighting up the entire room. Three couldn’t help but smile back, it was so contagious. “Your smile. Pretty.” Eight said.

Three’s face got extremely hot and her tentacle tips turned to a bright shade of pink. “Thanks. You too.”

Eight blushed.

There was dead silence between them both.

“Eye patch is cute too.”

“Oh. I forgot I had this on. Thanks.” She said while touching it, a slight sting coming from the patch once she did. She couldn’t believe it was still tender to the touch.

“Why you have patch?” Eight asked.

“Oh I uh…I just like the way it looks.” Three said nervously. She didn’t want to show Eight the scar, it was getting worse. And why remind Eight of what happened in the metro? Showing her the scar could trigger…anything! Anything at all! Which could trigger a panic attack or- Three was thinking too hard. She was thinking about how she would react. Even Three didn’t want to look at her face in the mirror every morning. It reminded her of…so much…too much. It was making her head hurt even more than it already has been.

“It cute. But you lie.”

Three was taken back by what Eight had said. Did she mean something else? “Huh?”

“You may like ‘the way it looks’ but…you no wear for that reason.”

What was Eight getting at?

“You hiding something, Three.” Eight said gently, she scooted closer to Three slowly. “Why?”

Three felt a bit uncomfortable. She wasn’t one for close contact or even physical contact at that, and Eight was very touchy and was usually standing or sitting mere inches away from anyone she was talking with. Three didn’t want to tell her that though. She just inched slightly away from Eight so she wouldn’t notice. “I uh…” Three started.

“Wait…” Eight put a hand on Three’s shoulder and gazed at the right side of Three’s face. She could see a bit of green on the inklings pale skin. She grazed her hand across the green area, her darker skin color contrasting with Three’s. Three didn’t’ know what to do. She didn’t want to push her away…she couldn’t bring herself to treat Eight how she treats everyone else. Three jumped when Eight flipped the eyepatch and got a glimpse of the big green mark and Three’s glowing green eye.

That’s when Three’s survival mode and reflexes kicked in and she flipped the patch, elbowing Eight away from her. Eight recoiled back further than she was elbowed.

“I’m so sorry. Did I…did I hurt…” Three stopped and her expression changed to the darkest expression Eight had ever seen and Three slowly turned her face towards Eight. The expression went from dark despair to almost on the verge of crying. I fucking did it again. “I hurt you didn’t I…?” Three asked, tears stinging the corners of her eyes.

Eight just looked up at her, unsure of what to say. She didn’t understand what she did wrong. She didn’t understand what Three thought she did wrong. She didn’t understand how to fix a situation like this.

But what she did understand, was that Three was about to break down.

She watched as Three’s tears ran down her face. She grabbed at her tentacles, her chest and took harsh deep breaths…like she was unable to breathe… then she ran into the bathroom and locked the door. Eight took a moment to recuperate and got up off the couch. She headed hesitantly towards the bathroom door. After a bit, she knocked. “Three?”

… “Eight… I’ll… just go on back home.”

“No. I here for you.”

… There was silence before the door opened, showing a sad green inkling. Showing Eight her entire face, her scar, her eye, and her natural face. “Eight, it’s okay if you want to leave. I make everything so…dramatic. So unnecessary sometimes and…for what!?” she screamed, mainly screaming at herself. She slid down the wall and faced away from Eight.

Eight realized that possibly Three had a few demons. She felt it was time to address them. “I no wanna leave.”

“I don’t believe that…”

“But I don’t. I want to be…with…you. You are fun inkling. You are kind inkling.”

“No one seems to think so.” Three’s voice became super shaky. “Apparently I’m grumpy and anti-social. No one wants to hang out with me because I bring everyone down.”

“Then …how can I trust anyone. I can’t tell anyone anything without it blowing up!”

“Blowing up?”

“Mm hm.” Three continued. “When I was younger, maybe in elementary school, people used to spread rumors about me. I didn’t really care though but…now that I think about it…I did. I used to threaten people and I even went so far as to physically hurt someone. After that, the rumors stopped because people began to become scared of me. However, the only rumor that arose and… that hurt the most…was the one where someone said ‘She will strangle you if you get too close.’ And at that point, I didn’t have any friends. Everyone was scared of me… then that dipshit Four came along while I was at camp one year and changed it all.” She chuckled at that last part. “She was the only one who learned a lot later to not tell everyone everything about me. I trusted her with stuff, my secrets, and everything.”

“You do not the trust to me?”

“I… to be honest. I didn’t trust you because I just met you and…the whole ‘Octoling-bad’ thing is still stuck in my brain, but I know you guys aren’t bad at all. I don’t mean to…think that way. It’s subconscious. I didn’t want to tell you about my scar. I knew that if I told you, in some way, one of us would get hurt. I didn’t want to remind both of us of what happened down there.”

“It okay, Three.” Eight said. She slid down on the ground next to Three, scooting closer to her. “You…trust me. Okay? I promise…I can’t hurt you.”

“Well, thanks. I’ll have to wear this every day… so I don’t-“ Three picked up the eyepatch but Eight stopped her.

“You know what…you do not have put patch on. You are the…beautiful. You eye is the beautiful, you scar is the beautiful. I love. Everyone else need to love as well.”

Three felt as if she was going to tear up then and there. No one has ever said anything like that, at Eight couldn’t even form correct sentences, which made it even cuter and sweet that she tried.

“Look. It okay if I take shirt off?”


Eight took off her shirt and turned her back to Three. “See?” Three could see green marks on Eight’s lower back. They were patterned with splatter and dark green circles that followed down onto Eight’s lower back. Three’s eyes widened. “At Kamabo, I did tests. They hard. They…painful. But worth it. Cause I get to see you! I see all Inkopolis. Scars…they remind me… that I survived.”

Three, the entire time Eight talked, she couldn’t help but look directly into her eyes. They were a nice warm amber color and gave off such a soft feeling. Three didn’t know what it was, but she felt extremely safe with Eight all of a sudden. Three looked at the patch in her hand. It was so big, it covered up the entire, or at least, most of the right side of her face. It was uncomfortable sometimes too. She squeezed it. “You’re right Eight. I don’t need the patch. Thanks.”

Eight smiled. “You are the welcome.”

Three chuckled. “It’s ‘You’re welcome.’. That’s adorable though.”

“Oh… you’re welcome, Three!” she reached out for a hug and Three happily complied and returned the hug. Three usually didn’t like hugs but…this one felt especially warm.


Four: Ur fucking gay for her, you nerd

Three rolled her eyes at Four’s latest text. It had been an hour since the entire conversation she had with Eight. Three asked if she wanted to stay over for the night, Eight asked Pearl and Marina, who said yes, and Three cleaned the guest room for her and bid her goodnight. Then she cleaned herself. She couldn’t remember how many times Marie used to tell Three that she smells bad, but she knew that it was a lot.

But Three could never tell when she did.

Four: Now u gotta shower everyday when u have a girlfriend u know, cant be smellin like shit

Three: She not my girlfriend, we r friends. dont you have to be stupid somewhere else

Three kinda just wanted to sleep but Four had to spam. She shouldn’t have told Four about how her day went with Eight, her and Pearl and Marina already spied on her. She turned off her notifications and laid down. She closed her eyes.

Opening them once again, she heard a knock at the door and sat up. What that Eight? Probably. Who else would it be? She got up, strolled slowly to the door and opened it. Yeah, it was Eight.

“Hi Three. I am the sorry if I woke you!”

“Oh no. It’s fine. What do you need?”

Eight twiddled her fingers, claws scratching at her skin. “Can me sleep with you?”

The tips of Three’s tentacles turned pink. She nodded. Ew Three. You’re nodding like a fucking idiot. Stop nodding so hard, you’ll give yourself whiplash. “Sure. You okay?”

“Can’t sleep.”

“Well, ye-yeah. Here uh. You can uh… you can sleep here.” Three patted the side of the bed that she never slept on unless she needed to sprawl out. Actually, she was really hoping she wouldn’t randomly sprawl out while Eight was sleeping in her bed, she didn’t want to accidentally kick Eight and wake her up.

Eight got settled on one side while Three got settled on another. The sheets were so warm and the bed was extra comfy like it hugged Eight’s figure. She looked over at the green inkling, who was turned the other way towards the window. “Night Three!”

Three jumped. “Oh. Goodnight Eight.” She then curled up into a little ball and tried to make as much room for Eight as she could. Eight thought it was cute, she chuckled and the laid on her side and slept soundly the entire night.