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the Twilight of the Gods

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In the center of the Nine Realms is the realm of the mortals. Midgard. Or at least it used to be. With the ravaging of Surtur, causing Ragnarök, there were no Nine Realms anymore. Asgard has been annihilated. The Æsir and Vanir that were able to flee the destruction of Asgard were stranded on, for most of them, a foreign realm. The realm of the Mortal kind.

‘Of all the realms there are, that we know of. You chose Midgard, brother?’ It was Loki who spoke to his newly appointed god-king brother Thor. ‘Why?’ he added, empathizing his reluctance. Before answering Loki, Thor took a moment to gather himself. ‘Because, brother.’ As he spoke, he drifted himself and his brother away from the Asgardians gathered around them. ‘These are the last of the Æsir and Vanir. We need to rebuild. With the humans by our side, we have more resources to do so.’ Thor knew that the last thing his younger brother wanted was to be trapped in a realm he didn’t feel like he belonged. If Loki ever did. The god-king also knew that none of the Asgardians will feel like they belong in this realm. He realized that it didn’t matter to which of the other still standing realms they went; the feeling of aversion would always linger. Loki knew that Thor was right, although he would not acknowledge so out loud. Thor didn’t need to; he recognized his brother’s understanding.

Loki was not easy to understand. His motives were entirely driven on his own agenda. He is mischievous in the finest but also in the most catastrophic ways. Growing up together has made Thor somewhat aware of his brother’s body language. Not entirely, of course. His name is not God of Mischief without reason. However, Thor had learned when is brother was speechless; unable to make a cunning or sly remark. He knew he was right and although Loki might not want to express it, he supported the decision.
His modest understanding demeanor changed in a split second when Thor told him what the following step would be. ‘You can’t be serious?’ Loki exclaimed hostile. His brother answered with a laughing shrug. In his opinion, Loki did not really have a say in this. It was not by fault of his own, his brother didn’t dare to show up in New York. They needed help, and the person they needed was residing in New York. Therefore, it was their best option to head that direction. Loki grabbed his brother by the shoulder. ‘I mean it, Thor.’ His voice seemed more quiet than usual. ‘It is not the mortals their judgment I fear, brother. It is hers.”