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Mako lived to a house that was near the lake where the many rumors had started.


People talked that some kind of monster lived in the lake.


It had killed humans and animals too when they had gone too close.


Many had hunted it but with no luck, it always managed to escape or it had killed the hunters.


All of these started years ago when a kid got pulled in the water and got almost drowned because of the monster and when farm animals went too close the lake and got dragged down in the deeps and eaten.


Locals found the animal carcasses at the shore and decided to restrict the lake, fearing that more humans and animals would meet their end.


But some people were reckless and went to the lake, either showing to their friends that they were brave enough to swim in the lake, or they were hunters and wanted to catch it.


They met a horrible end by the monster. Many lost their friends, family members, and the farmers lost many of their precious animals.


Mako was interested to catch it and either sell it to the zoo or kill and stuff it, keeping it to himself or sell it with a high price.


He was sitting outside at the porch, looking through his fishing gears.


“Snorf snorf.”


Mako looked at his side and saw his pet pig with a purple ribbon around its neck following his working.


“Hey there Rosie, how’s my girl?”


Rosie went closer to Mako where he petted her and scratched her behind the ear.


Mako got Rosie when she was small form a market event where they had an auction, he raised her from a piglet to adult.


He had a weakness for pigs, having them at his family’s farm when he was a child.


Rosie was really precious for Mako. They went to markets and won prizes for being the best pig.


But she had a bad habit for running away sometimes, she did that when was a piglet and did that too when she was an adult.


Luckily Mako always found her form either at neighbors yards or at fields rolling in mud etc.


But he had a fear that something bad would happen to her if she wandered way too far.


One morning Mako woke up, dressed and went outside. “Rosie! It’s time for your breakfast.”


Usually, Rosie runs up to Mako when she heard the magic words, but now, nothing happened.


Sometimes she woke up later so Mako casually walked to her home he made from an old playhouse.


He peeked inside but it was empty.


“Rosie... You will miss your breakfast, come out.”


Still, there was silence. “You naughty girl, stop hiding and come here. Or you wouldn’t get any apples.”


Nothing, Mako started to worry, where Rosie could be?


He searched his yard, his house if she was there. Mako let Rosie in sometimes, he even made her own hatch to the door so she could go in and out as she pleased.


But there was no sign of her, Mako decided to search the fields and roads, hopefully, she found a nice mud pit and was there.


He searched wide, all the possible places but did not find her.

Mako had a bad feeling and he started to run at the lake, hoping the best and wishing that Rosie wasn’t there.


He arrived at the lake. “Rosie! Rosie where are you?”


Mako called his pet pig many times, but he didn’t see or heard her anywhere.


Then he saw something at the shore, he went closer and his eyes went wide.


It was Rosie’s ribbon that was torn off little bit, the marks looked like claw marks.


There were hoof marks and dragging marks on the sand, they ended in the lake.


Mako took the ribbon into his fist and shook in rage, whatever lived in the lake, it would pay that what it did for Rosie.


I got inspired to write this fic by TroijanDarts work <3