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"You actually did it." Says Simon as they step down from the make-shift stage. 

"We did it." Markus says. 

Connor is still shaking slightly. Everything it took to get them here and they almost just lost it because he couldn't control himself. He moves, dazed, following the others. He doesn't stand out among the five of them. Everyone is dazed. Everyone is shocked. No matter what they told themselves, they didn't expect to make it this far. This was the end, and they were simply facing it with grace; refusing to give up even when there was no hope. And then a miracle happened, and no one is sure how to respond to that. Least of all Connor. 

He stumbles towards the gates. 

"Connor?" North's voice behind him. "Are you alright?" 

"I...I need to go." He says. 

"Wait!" Markus catches his arm. "Tell us what's wrong. Please. We can help." 


 X - Truth

 O - Lie