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This Is The Last Time

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Jooheon barely remembers how the two of them ended up in that back alley, the thrum of heavy bass still in earshot from the club they'd just stumbled out of and his mind hazy as he pressed his rival into the dirty brick.

Just minutes ago they’d been on stage together, spitting bars in a rap battle in the city’s biggest underground club. Jooheon and Changkyun were infamous rivals in the underground scene, clashing fiercely every time they competed and exchanging barbs in the smoky backroom before their performances. Jooheon had been a firm favourite since he was just a teenager and far too young to be hanging around clubs - not that anybody ever had the heart to deny him entry - and Changkyun was a confident newcomer who was swiftly shaking up the scene and, to his chagrin, loved to challenge Jooheon every chance he got. It didn't take long for them to form a rivalry worthy of extremely heated showdowns and a very vocal fan base.

Tonight, however, was different from their usual clashes. Jooheon was a little too drunk and maybe a little high and Changkyun’s eyes gleamed when he had accidentally caught his gaze backstage. There was something electric in the air and they tore into each other harshly onstage, the noise of the hyped up crowd almost drowning out their voices. Despite their rivalry, Jooheon always loved the buzz of their high intensity performances, the way the entire club reacted to every syllable of every lyric. He felt the bass boom deep in his chest and dizzying adrenaline rushing through his veins and he couldn't deny Changkyun was beautiful, eyes blazing from underneath the cap he wore low over his face, the piercing in his eyebrow glittering when it caught the light and his pretty little mouth tantalisingly close to his mic as he rapped. Uncharacteristically distracted, Jooheon stumbled in the middle of a line, completely disrupting his flow and handing the round straight to an insufferably smug Changkyun.

It was all a blur after that - one minute they were in the red neon lit backroom, a victorious Changkyun taunting Jooheon with his smart mouth and the next, Jooheon just snapped. He grabbed Changkyun by the hoodie and pushed him through a fire exit door and out into the night air, the sudden chill a shock to the senses but not enough to sober or cool Jooheon’s temper.

“What the fuck--?” Changkyun hissed before he was silenced by the angry bite of Jooheon’s mouth, their teeth clacking together as he kissed him fiercely, taking the cap from his head and tossing it aside to wind a hand into Changkyun’s soft dark hair and tug it. Changkyun groaned, sloppily reciprocating the kiss and pulling Jooheon close against him.

“You’re a sore loser, Lee Jooheon,” Changkyun grinned crookedly up at him when they parted for air, mouth shiny and wet and bottom lip swollen. Jooheon wanted to bite it, draw some blood and wipe that smirk off Changkyun’s face. Instead he growled and pressed him harder into the wall, earning a satisfying little moan from his rival.

“You’re a little shit, Im Changkyun. Somebody should teach you a lesson.”

Changkyun snorted, still defiant despite his compromising position. He used it to his advantage, rolling his hips purposefully against Jooheon’s already half hard cock. Jooheon gasped through gritted teeth, trying his best to hold back and refusing to let Changkyun take back control.

He’d already lost once tonight and Jooheon definitely wasn't about to let Im Changkyun best him again.

He slid a hand inside Changkyun’s hoodie, his palm meeting warm soft skin that immediately broke into goosebumps under Jooheon’s cold touch.

If Changkyun were his lover, Jooheon thought, he’d take his time worshipping him, tracing the definition of his abs and his rib cage with feather light touches. He’d pepper his pretty tan skin with kisses and licks and gentle little bites with careful teeth.

This was cold reality though, and Im Changkyun wasn't his lover. He was the thorn in Jooheon’s side; an irritating tease who ran his mouth too often and was far too good at getting under Jooheon’s skin and stinging his pride.

Fuelled by alcohol and his infamously volatile temper, Jooheon’s usual friendly nature was forgotten in a haze of lust and anger. Teeth bared, he unceremoniously yanked up Changkyun’s hoodie, exposing his nipples and pinching them with rough calloused hands and revelling in the helpless way Changkyun squirmed against the dirty brick wall behind him. He leaned back in to kiss him harshly again, hands dragging down from Changkyun’s chest to squeeze his ass through his sweatpants. Changkyun moaned, quiet and muffled by Jooheon’s tongue in his mouth but still enough to go straight to Jooheon’s dick.

Changkyun abruptly pulled away, breathing heavy. He clumsily searched the pockets of his pants before seeming to find what he was looking for and wordlessly holding it out to Jooheon. It was a little packet of lube and Jooheon snorted, snatching it from Changkyun’s hand.

“You been carrying this around for me? I’m flattered.”

“Don't be,” Changkyun sneered, glaring up at Jooheon with dark, ever unreadable eyes. “I was saving it for someone better.”

“Liar,” Jooheon replied, steadfastly ignoring the hot flash of anger in his veins.

“Whatever, just hurry up and fuck me, honey boy.”

Jooheon growled and took Changkyun by the shoulders, turning him so he was facing the grimy wall before dragging his pants and underwear down to his thighs without warning. Jooheon bit his lip to stifle a moan at the sight of Changkyun’s round, plump ass and couldn't resist giving it a couple of hard smacks. Changkyun inhaled sharply at the sudden stinging pain, turning his head over his shoulder to narrow his eyes at Jooheon.

“I said fuck me, not spank me like a little bitch.”

“Don't pretend you don't like it,” Jooheon said, grabbing Changkyun’s ass and digging his nails in to leave little half moon marks amongst the red splotches already forming there. “I know you want it rough.”

He spanked him once more to prove his point and Changkyun had to bite his lip to stop himself making any noise. He cursed Jooheon out loud, hating him for being right.

Jooheon just chuckled and pushed Changkyun closer to the wall, coaxing him into arching his back so his ass was presented nicely for him. The thrill of seeing Changkyun looking so obedient and submissive made his cock ache, trapped painfully in his tight leather pants. He unbuckled his belt (not without noticing the way Changkyun’s breath hitched in anticipation at the metallic sound) and hissed through his teeth when he finally freed himself in the cool night air.

He tore open the packet of lube with urgency, desperate to bury himself deep inside the boy he hated and fuck him senseless until he lost control and unravelled before him. He poured the sticky substance onto his fingers, using his free hand to grab one of Changkyun’s ass cheeks and expose his entrance.

Changkyun suppressed a moan, trapped between the wall and Jooheon in such a vulnerable position. It was fucked up and dirty and his facade of indifference was swiftly breaking down, crumbling completely when he felt Jooheon slowly but confidently slide a finger inside of him. His muscles clenched around Jooheon’s finger greedily and he whined low and deep in his throat, making his neck flush and prickle with embarrassment.

Jooheon added more fingers and scissored Changkyun open, watching him writhe and gasp with sick satisfaction at how needy he was already.

Changkyun scrambled for purchase against the wall and couldn't help but desperately push himself back on Jooheon’s fingers until they hit his sweet spot and he cried out.

“More, give me more,” he demanded, and Jooheon gave his ass another slap, harsher than the ones before.

“Say please.”

Changkyun groaned in frustration, jaw clenching as he fought the urge to backtalk Jooheon, knowing he definitely wasn't in the mood for Changkyun's antics tonight. He swallowed his pride, blinking away sweat that had trickled from his temple into his eyes.

“Please,” he said, so quietly and softly it was barely audible even in the muted hush of the deserted alleyway.

“I wanna hear you, Changkyun,” Jooheon taunted, fingers still sliding in and out of Changkyun but dragging them torturously slow, deliberately teasing him to make sure he begged for it.

“Fucking please,” Changkyun growled, his deep voice making Jooheon shudder. He grabbed Changkyun by the jaw so he could turn his head towards him and claim his mouth as he pushed the head of his cock into Changkyun’s entrance. The heat was stifling and Changkyun was so fucking tight he had to force himself to take it slow as he entered him completely. After what seemed like an eternity he finally bottomed out, hips pressed against Changkyun’s ass. He braced his hands against the wall alongside Changkyun’s, trapping him in from behind with his arms as they both took a second to breathe.

Changkyun felt so full he could barely stand it and the cold leather of Jooheon’s pants against the back of his sensitive bare thighs made him whimper as Jooheon began to move. He fucked Changkyun hard, moving his hands from the wall to hold onto Changkyun’s hips bruisingly tight and thrust into him deeper. He moaned into the back of Changkyun’s sweaty neck, muffling his noises against the hot skin there and making Changkyun shiver.

Jooheon was hitting Changkyun’s sweet spot over and over and it was so good Changkyun couldn't help but let his sounds of pleasure spill out of his open mouth, moaning so loud his voice echoed against the brick walls and bounced off the metal shutters around them.

“You’re gonna get us caught,” Jooheon panted in warning, lips close to Changkyun's ear.

“Fuck you,” Changkyun managed to spit between rough moans. “I can't - ah! - can't fuckin’ help it.”

Jooheon let go of Changkyun’s hips and abruptly placed a palm over Changkyun’s mouth to stifle his moans. To Jooheon's surprise Changkyun didn't recoil or bite his hand in response, instead continuing to moan quietly into his hand as Jooheon fucked him relentlessly into the wall. He could feel Changkyun’s walls begin to squeeze around his cock and his hips stuttered, the both of them close to release. He reached around with his free hand to pump Changkyun’s cock in time with his thrusts, the younger’s legs nearly buckling under the force of the orgasm that hit him like lightning, his deep moan loud despite the hand over his mouth and hot cum spurting all over Jooheon's fingers.

Jooheon moaned as Changkyun’s walls tightened around him, moving his hands back to Changkyun’s narrow hips to grip him tight as he came, filling him up and branding him with bruises. After the last of the aftershocks Jooheon abruptly pulled out, making Changkyun wince and whine softly. He hastily tucked himself back into his pants and patted down his pockets with trembling hands in search for a lighter.

“It's been fun, baby, we should do this again sometime,” Changkyun drawled, cocky as ever even with shaky legs and Jooheon’s cum still dripping from his ass.

Jooheon scoffed, lighting up his cigarette. “This is never happening again.”

“Don't be so sure, Honey.”

“Just get dressed before somebody sees you.” Jooheon replied, lazily blowing smoke through his nose. He didn't wait for Changkyun’s sarcastic response, turning away from him and taking another deep drag from his cigarette as he walked away from that alley and into the night.