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Boy Without Luv

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Name: Kim Namjoon

Age: 20 years

Blood Type: A


Family: Son of Mr. and Mrs. Kim, brother of Kim Taehyung, half brother of Kim Seokjin


Traits: Charismatic, cool, dominating, generous, business oriented


Other notes: Most likely heir to Kim Enterprises, plans on marrying Min Yoongi

Name: Min Yoongi

Age: 18 years

Blood Type: O


Family: Nephew of Mr. and Mrs. Min


Traits: Calm, cold, dismissive, mysterious


Other notes: Only heir to Min Corp, has severe trust issues, was kept from society by his uncle until the age of 18, best friend of Jung Hoseok

Name: Kim Taehyung

Age: 18 years

Blood Type: AB


Family: Son of Mr. and Mrs. Kim, brother of Kim Namjoon, half brother of Kim Seokjin


Traits: Outgoing, carefree, kind, empathetic, creative, honest


Other notes: Unlikely heir to Kim Enterprises, best friend of Park Jimin and Jeon Jungkook

Name: Kim Seokjin

Age: 22 years

Blood Type: O


Family: Son of Mrs. Kim, stepson of Mr. Kim, half brother of Kim Namjoon and Kim Taehyung


Traits: Foodie, kind, patient, caring


Other notes: Unlikely heir to Kim Enterprises, doesn’t know his real father

Name: Jung Hoseok

Age: 20 years

Blood Type: A


Family: Son of Mrs. Jung


Traits: Kind, optimistic, over protective, hard working


Other notes: Best friend of Min Yoongi, mother is the head maid of the Min Manor

Name: Park Jimin

Age: 18 years

Blood Type: A


Family: Son of Mr. and Mrs. Park, brother of Park Chanyeol


Traits: Gentle, kind, honest, hard working


Other notes: Best friend of Jeon Jungkook and Kim Taehyung, doesn’t believe in love, plans to live unmarried

Name: Jeon Jungkook

Age: 16 years

Blood Type: A


Family: Mr. and Mrs. Jeon


Traits: Gentle, strong, introverted, honest


Other notes: Best friend of Kim Taehyung and Park Jimin, totally has a crush on Kim Taehyung

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Namjoon had been to a lot of parties in his 17 years of living, it came with the territory of being a chaebol heir. However, he had to admit that this was the biggest, most extravagant party he’d ever attended. Then again, he expected nothing less from the Min family.

The Mins were a special breed of rich. Not only did everything they own scream ‘expensive’, but their tastes were refined. Every move they made, the way they walked, even the way they fucking ate was high class. Not to mention that all their conglomerates were obnoxiously successful.

However, they were an abnormally small and cautious family. They didn’t often attend, let alone throw gatherings of any kind. Their sole heir had been sheltered from the rest of the world by his uncle, the current CEO of Min Corp, supposedly to study business before taking over the company.

Though Namjoon could more or less understand the Mins’ ways, his own family was quite the opposite.

The Kims were a business savvy family, operating especially around the idea of connections. At least one of the sons, if not the CEO himself, would always attend gatherings thrown by highly ranked members of the South Korean business world.

This practice was the reason why, when his father received word that the Min family was throwing a party, that Namjoon had ended up here. At Min Manor, on a Sunday afternoon, sipping on red wine and chatting it up with Park Chanyeol.

Namjoon looked to the Samuel Watson mantel clock, idly sipping on his wine as he allowed Chanyeol’s words to float in one ear and out the other. The older was going on about some girl he’d met and how she’d turned out to only want him for his money and status, which wasn’t all that surprising.

The younger had responded with something along the lines of, “Yeah, she sounds like a keeper.” Causing the older to chuckle.

“What about Min Yoongi though?” Chanyeol asked, pulling Namjoon’s attention from the clock.

“What about him?” Namjoon asked, knitting his eyebrows together in question.

Chanyeol merely chuckled again, and honestly, that fucking chuckle was starting to get on Namjoon’s nerves. “Well, I had been holding out for the chaebol princess, but…” he looked towards the rest of the young, eligible bachelors in the room. “...I think everyone else had the same idea.”

Namjoon smirked, following his gaze towards the rest of the rich, young, eligible bachelors. “Well, you’re not wrong. After all, he’s the only possible heir to the entire Min Corporation. Not to mention, all the rumours claiming he’s this, ‘unseen lotus flower’. I honestly think that every chaebol heir in Asia wants to marry Min Yoongi, female and male alike.”

Chanyeol groaned, causing Namjoon’s smirk to deepen. “Well, what about you then?” Chanyeol asked.

Namjoon’s smirk faded in time for him to paint a look of thought on his features. “My father hasn’t said anything yet. But, I bet you 100$ that he’ll ask me to court Min princess the moment we leave this party.”

Chanyeol smirked. “I’ll take that bet.” And so they shook hands.



After a little while of uneventful mingling, Namjoon’s father, along with the CEO of Min Corp, had made their way to his side.

“This is my son, Kim Namjoon. Namjoon-ah, this is Mr. Min.” Namjoon blinked, taking in the older’s effortless elegance, before bowing deeply and rising once again with a polite smile.

“Pleasure to meet you, sir.” Namjoon offered charmingly.

“The pleasure’s all mine. I hear you’re quite the businessman, hmm?” Mr. Min answered, and Namjoon couldn’t help but appreciate the older man’s features. Time had been kind to him, his nose soft and small, his eyes cat-like, with small, charming wrinkles in the outer corners. Though, rumours had said that the current CEO’s older brother had been even more good looking than he was, Namjoon just couldn’t bring himself to not drink in the short man’s appearance.

“Yes sir. I’ve been taking university business courses since I was 12.” Namjoon stated coolly.

The older man nodded, an impressed expression sitting lightly on his aged features.

“Well, young man, I expect to see you running the family business one day.” Namjoon nodded, bowing once again as the older retreated from the conversation.

Chanyeol returned to Namjoon’s side, whistling an impressed tune. “Damn Joon, praise from one of the bigwigs. You should feel proud.” Chanyeol said, patting the younger on the shoulder.

Namjoon hummed appreciatively. “I’m gonna go to the washroom, be right back.” He said, passing Chanyeol his glass of wine, before leaving the bustle of people and making his way down the seemingly abandoned hallways of Min Manor.




After looking around for a good little while, the teen had found a washroom. But before he had realized it, the sounds of live concerto and and people chatting had faded to no more than a whisper. He cursed himself for ending up so lost within the Min Manor.

He rounded hall after hall, the music becoming gradually more or less loud. Eventually, he stopped, falling back against a wall to sigh exasperatedly.

He made his way down a hall he hadn’t tried yet, stopping in his tracks as a younger boy, seemingly no more than 15 years old, blinked upward at him.

He looked to the small boy in shock, fear and panic. But the younger simply stared back at him, dark eyes piercing, contrasting with his snow-white skin that harboured no visible flaws. Namjoon couldn’t help but think the frail boy was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.

Namjoon cleared his throat. “Hello there, I uhm- seem to have gotten a bit lost…” He spoke, expecting the younger to direct him back to the party. But the boy simply watched him, gaze sharper than every knife in the Mins’ kitchen. Namjoon coughed out an awkward chuckle. “I- Uh- could you show me the way back to the- uhm… the party?”

The younger boy continued to watch him, and Namjoon couldn’t help but watch him back, drinking in his figure. He was small, underweight even, with soft black hair that fell in a fringe, several gentle curls overlapping near his eyes. His eyes, still piercing into Namjoon, we’re catlike and so dark, one could even claim them black. His gaze trailed to the boy’s hands, they looked strong, but at the same time delicate, not unlike the rest of the boy. He noticed the gentle slouch in the younger’s shoulders, nothing extreme, but enough to look relaxed, unfazed by Namjoon’s presence. Finally, his eyes fell to the boy’s lips, causing him to visibly swallow. They weren’t thin, but they were more sunken in, not quite plump like Jin or Jimin’s, but rather pouty. They were pink and slick with a thin coat of what looked to be saliva, either that or lipgloss. Namjoon couldn’t help but feel the urge to hold the boy in a way he didn’t quite understand. He opted instead to ask his question again, but before he could so much a hum a word, a shout down the hall drew his attention.

“Yoongi-ssi! Hurry up!” Another boy, no older than Namjoon, rounded the corner of the hall. He had a longer face and looked fit. He stood, arms crossed and waiting.

Yoongi turned back to face Namjoon, and it hit him. This is Min Yoongi. This is the sole heir to the entire Min Corporation. This is the chaebol’s hidden lotus. “Go back the way you came. When you see the gold encrusted grandfather clock, turn right and keep going straight until you reach the ball room. It’ll be loud so you should be able to find it no problem.” Yoongi explained, tone smooth and surprisingly deep. Namjoon felt himself internally shiver at the sound. But before he could say anything to the chaebol princess, the younger had followed the other boy down the hall and out of sight.

Namjoon stood, unmoving, still in shock from his unexpected encounter with the Min family heir. He could hear his heart beat in his ear drums. He eventually calmed himself, letting go a sigh he hadn’t realized he’d been holding.




After he had stabilized himself, he thought over Yoongi’s instructions. Fuck . Min fucking Yoongi had been standing an arm’s reach from him, and all he’d done was stand there like a blubbering idiot and ask for fucking directions . He internally cursed himself, following the directions the younger had given him.

He easily found his way back to the party, still in a daze. Just then, a hand grabbed his arm rather harshly. He looked down to see Taehyung, his younger brother, a boxy smile plastered on his face as he looked towards the dazed older. “Hey, Hyung! Did you know that…” Taehyung cut himself off, smile falling as he noticed his brother’s state. “Hyung? What’s wrong?”

Namjoon stared at the younger, still gripping the fabric of his dress shirt tightly. “I just saw Min Yoongi…”

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3 years later…

It had been a while since the party where he met Min Yoongi, and he had moved past the incident easily. Safe for the moments much like this one, where he’d be drifting, tuning out anything and everything around him, and his mind would always come back to the same thought... Min Yoongi.

Like he predicted, once the party had ended, his father had asked him into a meeting where he had requested for Namjoon to court Yoongi to his best abilities. Chanyeol had given him 100$ soon after, a short of incoherent mumbles following the loss of their bet.

Though Namjoon was well aware of his little mission’s stakes, the amount of money and power merging with Min Corp would get them was huge, he was equally aware of the chance of failure, which was almost certain. Though he was intelligent, attractive and of good social standing, Namjoon knew he was nowhere near Min Yoongi’s level. The younger was a goddess among gods, a god among kings, and a king among peasants. There was nothing Namjoon could offer him because there was nothing he didn’t already have. So, in the end he had decided it was more than safe to say that he would never marry Min Yoongi, especially with the amount of other bachelors looking to the very same, some more suitable than even Namjoon.

But he always kept coming back to that feeling from 3 years ago, a feeling he’d written off as mere intimidation. That would explain the sudden shock and awe that had fallen upon him, but then, what about the wanting? What about the strange and foreign desire to hold the small boy tightly in his arms, to keep him safe, to keep him all to himself? He furrowed his brows in frustration, maybe it was jealousy? Maybe he was jealous that Min Yoongi had everything he could only hope for?

He groaned, laying his head against the back of his office chair and closing his eyes, completely and utterly exasperated.

“Hyung?” A familiar, deep voice called out to the older. Namjoon opened his eyes, looking to his two brothers who had made their way into and had already begun making themselves at home in his workspace. He hummed in acknowledgment of his younger brother. “What’s the matter? You seem stressed.”

Namjoon waved his hand dismissively. “I just had a long day, that’s all.” He replied half-honestly. He had had a long day, signing papers, filling out forums and approving work loads, all while still managing to study for his up and coming test in finance management.

Taehyung quirked an eyebrow, looking unconvinced to the older. Namjoon smiled softly in reassurance to his brother. “Really, Tae. I’m fine.”

Taehyung scrunched his nose, still not fully believing the older’s words. “Is it Min Yoongi again?” A lighter, more buttery voice chimed in. The two boys turned to their eldest brother, Seokjin, who had made himself comfortable by curling up in a cushioned chair set in the room.

Namjoon sighed. He’d never been able to get anything past his brothers. While he knew the two were only looking out for him, Namjoon couldn’t help but roll his eyes at their constant concern.

“It’s just… He’s just…” Namjoon started, unable to put his dilemma into words.

“He’s Min Yoongi, we know.” Seokjin interpreted, opening one of the complimentary sweets Namjoon kept in bowls for meetings.

He rolled his eyes at his older brother. “Right. He just…” Namjoon struggled to find the words. “He just aggravates me so much.”

“What about him aggravates you? His status? His wealth? His popularity? His whole mysterious demeanour?” Taehyung prodded, popping one of the candies in his mouth.

”Fuck, I don’t know! He just aggravates me so fucking bad .” Namjoon rubbed his forehead, running his hands through his hair, lightly tugging on the brown locks in frustration.

“So… are you gonna go through with the whole courting him thing?” Seokjin questioned.

Namjoon sighed. “Well, yeah. I have to. I doubt he’d even consider it though, throw it on the top of the ol’ pile of offers I’m sure he started when he was 13.”

“Don’t be silly Hyung. Everyone knows you can’t really and truly court someone until they’re of age.” Taehyung giggled out like a girl. “You’ll get your chance. And when you do, I’m sure Min Yoongi won’t hesitate to elope right then and there!”

Namjoon smiled gently. “What would I do without you, Tae?”

Taehyung shrugged. “Probably suffer deeply from withdrawal.” Namjoon chuckled, causing his brothers to both smile in relief.

Just then, Namjoon’s phone buzzed. He looked to the device, a notification reading: 1 New Message catching his attention. He opened it, seeing it sent by none other than bet-losing Chanyeol.


Park Chanyeol:

Turn on KBS.


Kim Namjoon:



Park Chanyeol:

It’s about Min Yoongi.


Without hesitation, Namjoon swiped the remote sitting idly on his desk, flipping through the channels on a tv that sat just beyond Seokjin. He stopped at KBS, skipping backwards in the program as to not miss anything.

The woman reporting weather finished her segment, before switching back to the main station. An attractive man and woman sat at a desk. Both looked relaxed and well groomed. The woman was the first to speak. “Thanks for that, Jae In. In other news, Min Yoongi, heir to Min Corporations, is scheduled to make his first public appearance in almost 11 years!” Namjoon’s heart rate picked up.

The man smiled, flashing straight white teeth that looked like pure porcelain. “Ever since the tragic accident, killing both Min Ha Eun and Min Do Yoon, the previous CEO to Min Corp, as well as his wife, we haven’t seen any activity from their son, Min Yoongi, the only survivor of this terrible tragedy.”

“Ever since this accident, the acting CEO, Min Do Gyu, has kept the young boy hidden from the general public, in an effort to both protect and raise the young heir, with the help of his wife, Min Jae Hee.”

“However. The CEO has made an official announcement, stating that come Yoongi’s 18th birthday, he will be reintroduced to the rest of the Chaebol world.”

“That’s right, Jeon. The white lotus is finally able to bloom. With suitors already lining up to be the first to snake their way into being a billionaire, who will be the one to steal this hidden flower’s heart? More on that later.”

Namjoon switched off the tv, slouching back into his chair. “This is great, Hyung! Now you have a chance to woo Min Yoongi!” Taehyung cheered enthusiastically. Namjoon didn’t respond, clearly deep in thought. Taehyung and Seokjin exchanged concerned looks for their brother.

After a long, stressed moment of silence, Namjoon moved forward, reaching towards a mic on his desk. He pressed a small button, causing a red light to flash as he spoke into the mic. “Leeseok, I want you to find the exact time and location of Min Yoongi’s return to the public. Once that’s done, make sure I have an invitation.”

He got out of his chair, making a point to straighten his clothing before heading towards the door, Seokjin and Taehyung’s eyes on him at all times. “Where are you going?” Seokjin asked, staring up at Namjoon, still huddled on the chair.

Namjoon smiled. “I’m going to get a makeover.”

Taehyung squealed, jumping up to his feet and bolting out the door ahead of Namjoon. “What are you two waiting for?!” He called out from down the hall, causing the two older brother to chuckle and shake their heads, following closely behind the youngest.

Yoongi’s cold. He knows this from the many times Hoseok has commented on it. He’s unfriendly, dismissive, blunt, and just comes off as an overall antisocial person.

Though his uncle had tried time and time again to help Yoongi to become more outgoing and charming, “like a future CEO should be” he had said, it never worked. His aunt, however, had explained to Yoongi that it was alright. That, regardless of his unfriendly behaviour, he wasn’t heartless. She told him how he was truly gentle, understanding and caring, he just had trouble showing it, and that she, his uncle and Hoseok, along with all their house staff, know Yoongi’s true intentions. This reassured him, made him feel a bit better when others spoke about him behind his back. He was more than his company, more than his demeanour, more than his face, more than the white lotus everyone saw him as. He was Min Yoongi. And those who knew him, knew that.

Yoongi’s head snapped up at the sound of his door opening. In walked a familiar, auburn haired boy. “What ya doin, Yoon?” He asked cheerfully, smile plastered on his face.

Yoongi fell back on his bed, wrapping himself into a blanket burrito. “I’m wallowing.” He answered dryly, causing Hoseok to huff out annoyedly.

“Yoongi-ah, you can’t be doing this! Your whole, ‘welcome back to the world’ ceremony or whatever is coming up.”

“That’s exactly why I’m doing this.”

Hoseok crossed his arms. “Dude, you’re turning 18. How long are you gonna live as a fucking hermit?”

“As long as I can get away with it.” He answered dully.

Hoseok made his way to the bed, ripping the sheets off his best friend’s frail figure. “Well, you’re not getting away with it today.” Yoongi groaned, curling in on himself to keep warm. He yelped when Hoseok picked him up bridal style, landing light hits to his best friend’s torso, but eventually he just gave up, resting his head on the older’s chest tiredly and closing his eyes. Hoseok chuckled lightly. “You’re such a baby.”

“Am not.” Yoongi argued half-heartedly.

“Are so. And this whole celebration is like you coming out of the womb.”

Yoongi screwed up his nose, causing Hoseok to chuckle. “That’s disgusting.”

Hoseok shrugged. “That’s your position.”

“Pardon my reaction, I hadn’t realized I was a fetus.” Yoongi snapped playfully. To anyone else he would’ve seemed genuinely annoyed, but Hoseok knew better. The two boys had been best friends and had lived together since Yoongi was 4 and Hoseok was 6. Hoseok’s mother was the head maid at Min Manor, she and Hoseok had lived in the mansion since before the tragedy of Min Corp’s CEO. Yoongi was more than broken by the loss of his parents, as well had a terrible phobia of cars ever since the accident. But Hoseok was there for him. He played with Yoongi, cleaned up after Yoongi, convinced Yoongi to eat when he claimed to not have an appetite, and comforted Yoongi when he’d break down into tears. The two boys knew each other like the backs of their hands. Hoseok might even go as far as to say that he knew the back of Yoongi’s hand better than his own, always stroking the younger until he fell asleep, just like his own mother did for him.

Hoseok carried Yoongi to the dining room, sitting him down at the red-mahogany table. “Mr. Cartier made brunch, he said it’ll be out in a minute.” The older stated, calmly guarding Yoongi from escaping his meal and running back to bed. Yoongi sighed, pulling his knees to his chest in an effort to disappear from all existence.

Not long after, a plump French man with a cheesy moustache and goatee came sauntering into the room. He placed a few dishes of food in front of where Yoongi sat, flashing him an amused smile as he watched the younger’s expression turn from ‘dead inside’ to a giddy child on Christmas morning.

Regardless of how much of an appetite the young boy lacked, he still knew how to appreciate good food. Mr. Cartier beamed as he watched the younger happily stuff his tiny frame. “Relax Yoongi-ssi, there’s plenty more for later.” He spoke with a feint French accent. Yoongi smiled gummily, causing both Mr. Cartier and Hoseok to smile warmly to the younger.

That was the thing about Min Yoongi. He was cold and dismissive, but once you became close to him, he showed sides of himself you’d never have expected to see. It was almost like an honor, a privilege. It’s how you know he genuinely trusts you. And that’s worth more than every star the sky has to offer.

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This wasn’t what Yoongi had been expecting when one of his uncle’s many frivolous assistants came scurrying into his room, forgetting to knock, which, now that he looks back, had definitely been a bad omen. “Mr. Min would like to meet with you in his study.” The young woman had said, fixing her thick-rimmed glasses on the bridge of her nose after rising from a deep bow.

He hadn’t thought anything of it at the time, humming in disconcerted acknowledgment.

He had made his way down the winding halls and into the office-like room, finding a seat and shifting into a comfortable position.

He’d already run every possible scenario through his mind, prepared for anything his uncle might throw at him. He had prepared to be scolded for only getting a 98% on his last exam. He had prepared for his uncle to try and convince him about how he needed a ‘real’ assistant, rather than letting Hoseok continue to claim the position at his side. He had prepared every counter defence, gone through every argument. He was convinced that he was prepared for anything the old man had in store.

“I’m re-introducing you to the general public.”

This was not what Yoongi had expected.

“What?” The younger blinked, baffled.

“I’m going to throw a comeback party for you, there will be many suitors there from other respected chaebols. If you happen to find one that interests you, don’t hesitate to make yourself comfortable.” The older man smiled, mildly amused by his nephew’s astonishment at this turn of events.

Yoongi stared blankly at his uncle. He took a deep breath in an effort to sober his mind. “I’m not interested in any superficial gold-digging children’s attempts to court me. When did you plan this to happen anyway?”

“Those ‘gold-digging children’ are the future heirs to highly respected chaebol empires. And you never know, they might surprise you.” He smirked in amusement at Yoongi’s disgusted expression. “And all preparations are set for March ninth.”

“That’s in less than a week! And you’re only telling me this now ?!” Yoongi glared.

“Yes. Now, I’m sure Hoseok would be happy to help you find an outfit for the occasion. Lord knows you’re not going dressed like, this .” He gestured to Yoongi’s outfit of blue jeans, an oversized black sweater and fuzzy white socks.

Yoongi scoffed, storming out of the room. This was not what he had expected.

Days later, Yoongi found himself on a small raised platform, surrounded by high-end clothes, a famous fashion designer conversing with his best friend in an effort to create the perfect outfit for his return.

“He needs something dark to contrast his complexion. Simple, yet sophisticated.” The designer commented, hand on his chin as he stared at the young boy.

Hoseok hummed as if he actually understood what the fuck the other man was saying, causing Yoongi to scoff. “I feel like a suit is too much, he needs something that really screams ‘young, single and approachable’.” Hoseok replied, leaning closer to the designer. “He’s a virgin.”

Yah !” Yoongi called out, the two older men ignoring his annoyed shout.

“How about, fitted black jeans for the bottom. Maybe a few rips at the knees. Youthful, modern, but that can still accentuate his hips and glutes.” The designer reasoned casually.

Yoongi felt heat rise to his cheeks, he clenched his hands in fists, staring at the wall in contemplation at just how much he’d make Hoseok suffer after this.

Hoseok looked to the man, an approving gleam in his eyes.

“For the top, something more professional but sexy, like a silk dress shirt. One that will show off his lean frame while still remaining loose and casual.”

Oooohhhhh~ ” Hoseok drawled out in an impressed tone.

“Hmmm… for accessories, silver compliments his skin tone. We could give him a few rings, a watch, and some flashy earrings. A choker if he’s feeling extra flirty.”

“He is.” Hoseok insisted mischievously.

“Like hell I am!” Yoongi interrupted, face beat red and eyes wide. He stared at the two older men in the mirror, too embarrassed to turn and face them directly.

Hoseok raised his hands in surrender, a light chuckle falling from his lips. “Fine, fine. We won’t make you wear a choker.” Yoongi let go a huff of air he hadn’t realized he was holding. Hoseok lowered his hands. “Though, you have to admit, you’d look like a tasty snack in one.” Hoseok commented playfully, chuckling as Yoongi’s flush darkened and he stepped off the platform to, ‘take a break’.

Hoseok continued to chat with the designer, choosing materials and accessories for the young heir’s ensemble. Meanwhile, Yoongi made his way into the washroom.

He powerwalked into the expensive looking washroom, ignoring the supposedly empty stalls that sat behind him. He immediately turned on the tap, splashing cool water over his skin. After a moment of calming breaths, he raised his head and checked his complexion in the mirror. After approving the newly paled skin, Yoongi sent a heavy kick to the trash bin sitting idly by his feet. “Fucking hell. Stupid old man.” He sneered to the small dent in the otherwise flawless and unmoving white bin. “Who the fuck cares what I wear anyway? Why is it such a big deal? Does he seriously fucking think anyone will give a shit once they realize I’m a pessimistic asshole who doesn’t like any of their petty asses anyway?” He clenched his fists, letting out an exasperated breath of air.

After another moment of breathing in the room’s calming aroma of jasmine and lavender, Yoongi decided to return to his private fitting room in the back of the building.

Namjoon knew his brothers would be more than happy to help him figure out an outfit for Min Yoongi’s party. Seokjin was obsessed with fashion and Taehyung loved the whole cinderella effect of makeovers, so naturally they were excited.

The three boys arrived at the expensive fashion department they always went to when they had an especially important event to attend.

“Namjoon-ssi! Taehyung-ssi! Seokjin-ssi! What can I help you fine boys with today?” The store manager chimed, immediately recognizing the distinguished trio.

Namjoon smiled coolly. “A personal dressing room in the back, please.” He answered to the older woman. Normally, you’d have to call in a week in advance to book a back room with a fashion consultant. However, thanks to the Kims’ generous investments into the store, all it took was a phone call and the boys would be in the day-of.

The older woman led the three young millionaires to the back of the store, bowing and assuring them that a designer would be with them soon, before leaving the boys to roam.

Seokjin skimmed through the different suits, commenting on the tailoring and material quality, while Taehyung bolted straight for the Gucci section, giddily rummaging through the flashy colours and sequences.

Instead of joining the others in searching through the eloquently manufactured fashion pieces, Namjoon opted to instead fish his phone from his pocket, opening Naver and searching for, ‘Min Yoongi’. Several trending articles about the Min family’s upcoming reception for the young heir appeared in his feed. He clicked one, reading the first few lines silently.


Min Yoongi, also known as the ‘hidden lotus’ and ‘white lotus’, due to his concealment from the general public, as well as his rumoured good-looks, is finally making his return to the chaebol world. Though, not without first having a glorious banquet thrown in his honor.


Namjoon frowned at the lack of photos in the article. He quickly exited the site, going to the picture section in the web browser. He was met with shockingly few pictures of interest. All the photos consisted of Yoongi’s deceased parents and the current CEO with his wife. His frown deepened.

He scrolled rigorously, searching with different keywords, ‘Yoongi Min’, ‘Min Corp heir’ and ‘White Lotus’, but all he managed to come up with were photos of actual flowers. He sighed in frustration. He went back to the search bar, this time typing in, ‘Min Corp accident’. Several photos of the accident and news reports turned up, nothing Namjoon hadn’t already seen before. Just before he was about to give up and return to his siblings, a photo caught his eye.

It was a photo of an even older photo, printed and framed. In it were the old CEO, his wife, and a small child with cat-like eyes and a gentle, closed-mouth smile. His heart warmed at the vaguely familiar features of a young Min Yoongi, still as flawless as he remembered him.

He stared at the phone with wide, longing eyes, hyper aware of every pound his heart made against the inside of his chest.

“What ya doing Hyung?” Namjoon snapped his head up, he quickly shut off the phone, leaving the photo open in his tabs. He was met with a curious-looking Taehyung, chocolate eyes wide and dewy.

Namjoon blinked absentmindedly. “Ah, nothing! Everything’s fine! I- Uh… I need to use the washroom!”

Taehyung furrowed his brows in confusion as his older brother hurriedly left the dressing room. “Alright! But don’t take forever! The designer will be here soon!” Taehyung called out after him. Namjoon made a grunt of acknowledgment as he closed the door.

He rapidly hurried to the unnecessarily flashy washroom, quickly locking himself in the furthest stall. He sat down on the still-lidded toilet, opening his phone once again to see the youthful face of Min Yoongi. He bit his bottom lip, an emotion he didn’t recognize filling the pit of his stomach. It was almost like anger, so similar to frustration that it bothered him, but, it wasn’t an emotion he disliked, which only bothered him more.

He let let the phone fall to his side, leaning his head back against the wall behind him. “Fuck, seriously…” He sighed lightly, staying in that position for a moment longer. He let his mind wander to a state of emptiness, a void he often found himself coming back to. It calmed him, reminded him that everything was fine because nothing mattered. Nothing mattered .

Suddenly and without warning, the washroom door opened harshly, causing Namjoon to jump. Quick, heavy footsteps made their way inside, stopping at the row of sinks. He stayed quiet as the tap began to run, the sound of water splashing dully filling the room. A few moments passed as the water continued to fall idly against the porcelain bowl of the sink. Namjoon could make out faint, steadily softening breaths.

The silence, however, was quickly broken by the crash of what sounded to be the trash bin. “Fucking hell. Stupid old man.” A low voice spat out. Namjoon knit his brows together. “Who the fuck cares what I wear anyway? Why is it such a big deal? Does he seriously fucking think anyone will give a shit once they realize I’m a pessimistic asshole who doesn’t like any of their petty asses anyway?” The voice, male, as far as Namjoon could tell, was low, slurred, almost drunken. It felt like the warmth of a heavy comforter in the morning, enveloping, safe. However, the words the boy spat were like knives, to the point and unforgiving. It sent chills down Namjoon’s spine. The words were led by an exasperated huff of air. Finally, he heard the opening and closing of a door, the washroom once again empty.

Namjoon released a breath of air he didn’t even know he was holding. Once his mind broke from the spell set in by the stranger’s voice, he couldn’t help but become annoyed. More at himself than anything, but he’d never admit that.

He made his way back to his dressing room, the designer already in the midst of taking Taehyung’s measurements for no apparent reason, other than to fill the time Namjoon had been gone.

Namjoon sat down with a sigh, catching the attention of his brothers. “Hyung! You’re back!” Taehyung hopped off the mini platform, causing the designer who had been taking his measurements to huff out an aggravated breath of air. Ignoring the professional's clear annoyance, Taehyung pulled his brother onto the platform where he’d been standing. “Namjoon Hyung needs an outfit to woo someone rich.” Taehyung informed the designer with a boxy smile, the man replying with a mildly annoyed hum.

“You were gone for a while.” Seokjin commented casually.

“I got held up.” Namjoon stated bluntly. Seokjin raised a brow, causing Namjoon to take a deep breath. “Someone came crashing into the washroom while I was in there. He kicked the trash bin then proceeded to say disrespectful words about a, quote, ‘stupid old man’.” Seokjin’s lips curled upward into an amused smirk. “What?” Namjoon huffed out at his Hyung.

The older shrugged. “Nothing. It’s just that you seem to be really worked up by this, disrespectful washroom crasher.”

Namjoon scoffed. “I’m not worked up!” He blinked, noticing the raise of his voice. He made a coughing sound in the back of his throat. “I’m not worked up.” He repeated, calmer this time.

“Right.” Seokjin muttered dubiously.

“It’s just-“ Namjoon started, unsure of how to describe his aggravation. “I don’t know. He just aggravated me.” Seokjin raised both brows, a subtle shock in his expression. “What now?” Namjoon asked annoyedly.

Seokjin blinked, not responding for a moment. He opened his mouth, still stalling a bit, almost checking the reliability of his own thoughts. “You just…” He thought for another moment. “That just seems really similar to how you described Min Yoongi.”

Namjoon blinked, scoffing for a moment at the thought. “So what? I’m allowed to have similar opinions on separate people.”

“No, Hyung’s right.” Taehyung chimed in. “That’s the exact way you described Min Yoongi. You’ve never described anyone else that way.” Namjoon furrowed his brows, unsure of how to respond.

He was just aggravated, it meant nothing, it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter.

Chapter Text

Yoongi stared in disbelief at the decked out chamber orchestra set and glass fountain in the Manor’s courtyard. His uncle hadn’t held back this time ‘round. Yoongi had tried to convince him the the reception wouldn’t need every bit of high-class cuisine under the fucking sun, but his father disdained from discussing the matter further, and Mr. Cartier was too busy preparing the food to complain. They’d be eating leftovers for months.

Still, Yoongi couldn’t help his distaste with everything. He didn’t fucking want the excessive amounts of food. He didn’t want a goddamn fountain. He didn’t want an entire chamber orchestra. He didn’t want this motherfucking reception.

Something about the thought of being on display, dressed in fancy clothes, surrounded by luxurious things to entice fucking children into attempting to court him left a foul taste in Yoongi’s mouth. And why shouldn’t it?

He was practically being put up for auction. Bidder 1 offers sustained comfort, pass. Bidder 2, a diamond ring, Yoongi could already buy one on a whim and no one would even bat an eye, pass. Bidder 3, infinite riches, he already has that, pass. There’s nothing anyone could offer him that didn’t already have or didn’t want.

Not to mention, the thought of being surrounded and attacked with a barrage of questions and comments from people he didn’t know, caused him anxiety.

He groaned, falling back onto white silk bed sheets. He’d always liked the colour white. White is innocence and purity. White is the beginning of everything, before anything is muddied or thinking is 'colored'. New beginnings: White represents the clean slate, helping us through times of stress, and allowing us to put the past behind us, preparing us to move on.

And lord only knows Yoongi had needed at least that much.

“It’s too overwhelming.” He had stated to Hoseok, borderline whining. “Everybody’s eyes on me . Everybody trying to have a conversation with me . It’s fucking gross.”

Hoseok rubbed calming circles on the younger’s clothed abdomen. “You’ll be just fine, Yoongi-ah.”

“How can you be so sure?”

Hoseok smiled gently. “Because I’ve seen you deal with worse.” He replied, pulling the black haired boy up to a sitting position. “Now, let's get you all fixed up, hmm?” Yoongi nodded in response, letting the older drag him away from the bed by his wrist.

Every chaebol family of value had attended Min Yoongi’s reception, not discluding the Jeons.

Jeon Jungkook was one of the younger heirs to attend the celebration. He didn’t complain though, after getting word that both Park Jimin and Kim Taehyung would be attending as well.

The three boys were the best of friends, each one attending Busan North Academy, one of the top high schools in all of Korea.

Jungkook was one of the first to make it to the Min Manor, an hour or so before the reception’s official start time. He walked into the celebration alone, safe for the few guards his father sent to escort him.

Jeon Corp was one of the biggest chaebol empires, following Min Corp. Though the Mins were elegant in every sense of the word, the CEO of Jeon Corp felt them to be his sworn rivals, a rather petty thing if Jungkook did say so himself.

The young heir had no interest in his father’s affairs, instead putting his time and effort into his business classes, as well as art, music, sports and spending time with the few close friends he had.

Jimin was the next to arrive out of the three, immediately finding Jungkook in the far corner of the courtyard, a glass of champagne in hand.

Jimin chuckled. “Aren’t you a bit too young for alcohol?” He commented lightly in greeting to the younger.

Jungkook smirked, taking a sip of the drink before hissing at the burn in his throat. He nodded rigorously in agreement to Jimin’s statement, eyes shut tightly as Jimin giggled at the younger’s reaction.

“Maybe I’ll just stick to fruit juice instead.” Jungkook remarked, setting the drink down on the plate of a passing waiter.

“Is Taehyung here yet?” Jimin asked, the younger shaking his head in response.

“The Kims tend to arrive in a particular style. They always tend to come right as events kick off, something of an effect to charm their audiences.” Jungkook stated truthfully.

Jimin hummed in agreement. “Are you charmed by it, Jungkook-ah?” The older quipped.


“You know…” Jimin started, leaning closer to the younger. “A handsome setting like this one is perfect for a confession.”

Jungkook felt his face begin to heat up, coughing lightly in an effort to clear his body of the older’s inference. Jimin smiled amusedly, eyes forming into crescent moons.

“Kookie! Minnie!” A deep voice called out. The two boys looked over to see a bright eyed Taehyung adorned in a black suit, the top unbuttoned to reveal a white graphic tee. His light brown fringe fell gently on his forehead, framing deep brown eyes. Jungkook swallowed instinctively at the sight, eyes scanning over the older, trying to remember every detail all at once.

“You okay?” Jimin jeered lightheartedly, lips cocked into a smirk as he watched the younger marvel at his other friend.

Jungkook had liked Taehyung for god-knows how long, always gawking and stuttering around the older. Jimin found it rather cute, his dongsaeng’s puppy love.

Jungkook sobered, clearing his throat and straightening his posture. “Yeah, fine.” He replied, Taehyung blinking obliviously. “Let’s, uh, why don’t we go try the food?” He suggested, already making his way towards the open doors that led to the ballroom.

“Did I miss something?” Taehyung questioned Jimin, the older waving him off before following the younger inside.

The reception was already packed by the time Namjoon arrived, along with his father, Seokjin and Taehyung.

Taehyung immediately went off to find his schoolmates, Seokjin opting to instead sample every bit of food the massive table in the ballroom had to offer.

Namjoon hung back, sipping on champagne and admiring the playing of the chamber orchestra in the courtyard. Beethoven, symphony no.6 in F major. Good taste, appropriate.

Namjoon furrowed his brows at the abandoned grand piano sitting idly to the side of the strings. It was white and heavily glossed, more likely than not a concert piano. Upon further inspection, Namjoon could see the gold inscription of English letters reading, ‘Steinway and Sons’. Not cheap. In fact, that had been the same company that built pianos for Chinese art collector, Guo Qingxiang and John Lennon, among other famous and wealthy people. The curvature was exquisite. He gently caressed one of the keys, ivory, not easily attainable these days. It was a masterpiece. Was someone going to play it perhaps? If so, when?

He shrugged it off, opting to instead admire the decor, the large glass fountain that stood at the centre of the courtyard, the architecture of the Min family Manor.

It was a classic Victorian style mansion, fifteen thousand square feet or so for the house alone. The estate in total seemed an average 150 acres of land, each blade of grass groomed to perfection. The shrubs and gardens were well taken care of, not a single stem out of place. It was immaculate, impressively so.

The revelries were nice, however, a more important centerpiece was still missing.

Where was Min Yoongi?

Chapter Text

Yoongi took a shower before a stylist came in to give him a trim, small clippings of fluffy black hair falling to the ground until his hair was a desirable length. They put ridiculous products in his hair, utilizing a straightening iron to strategically place soft waves in the locks, securing them with a setting spray. He couldn’t help the thought that he resembled an idol, with this hair and these clothes, adorned with silver rings and a stainless steel, diamond accented, Rolex Oyster-Perpetual. Two miniature silver crosses hanging from each ear.

He huffed out a sigh, Hoseok smirking pridefully in the background. “You look fucking great.” His best friend assured him.

He rolled his eyes. “You certainly made sure of that, didn’t you?” The younger bit, Hoseok only responding with a deepening crease of his lips. “Still…” Yoongi began, drawing the other’s attention. “I can’t help but feel sorta like a circus clown. Putting on a show for rich kids until they basically try to buy me like they’ve bought everything else in their life.”

Hoseok thought for a moment. “Well, you wouldn’t be a circus clown, you’d be more like a fabulous male stripper.” The older joked innocuously, causing Yoongi to grit his teeth. “But, all jokes aside. I know you, Yoon. I think you’ll find that you’re gonna be just fine.” Yoongi smiled softly, a bit reassured.

He’d be fine .

A rap of knocks against the wooden door sounded throughout the room, causing heads to turn before an older man promptly glided inside. The older man’s eyebrows raised, a slight smirk on his lips as he scanned his nephew’s appearance. “Who knew such a presentable and gilded man lay dormant within this inert and lazy child.” He sneered.

Yoongi’s expression fell to one more indifferent and cold. He stood in disdained silence as his uncle walked around to visually skim each side of his figure. “Nice work, Hoseok-ah.” The older praised. “Joka, lets not keep our guests waiting, hmm?”

Yoongi kept his glare trained on the older, challengingly. The two stared at one another, neither one breaking eye contact in a silent battle of wills. The younger grit his teeth as his eyes began to sting from the dry air, turning glassy. “Aish.” The younger cursed, looking away to blink as the older’s smirk deepened triumphantly.

The older man walked out of the room, Yoongi trailing bitterly behind him. As they neared the ballroom’s entrance, Yoongi began to feel time slow down. He breathed a bit too heavily, trying to capture oxygen in his relentlessly constricting lungs. His head began to pound in sync with the beat of his heart, the sounds of bustling chatter becoming louder and louder.

He stopped in front of the closed door, his uncle raising a brow in anticipation. Yoongi took a deep breath, breathing out long and slow before placing both hands on the door handles, like he had done for years while playing hide and seek with Hoseok when they were children. Except, this was different.

This was it.

He turned the knob, the wood swinging inwards. Heads turned in his direction, wide eyes and awed expressions directed towards the young boy as hushed whispers fell over the room. He could see a few girls pulling out their phones to snap a couple pictures. Yoongi let a cool smile fall to his lips, pushing his anxiety to the pit of his stomach, he’d deal with that later.

“Seokjin Hyung!” Taehyung called to the older as he, Jimin and Jungkook reached the food table inside. Seokjin lifted his head towards the three, he was in the midst of munching on some pastry the younger didn’t recognize. “Whatcha eating there, Hyung?”

Seokjin swallowed his mouthful of- whatever it was- and proceeded to lay his plate on the table behind him. “It’s called baklava. It’s a Greek dessert, layers of filo, chopped nuts and honey. You guys should try some.” The older boy responded, taking another bite from the still-sitting plate.

“They sure made a lot of food.” Jimin commented dryly, causing Seokjin to smile cheerfully.

“Yep! And I plan to try it all!”

Jimin rolled his eyes lightheartedly, causing the older to raise his hand in a mock-attack. The younger boy backed up a few steps, chuckling, his eyes dipping into crescent moons.

Suddenly, all the heads in the room were turned towards the other side of the room, including Taehyung, Jungkook and Seokjin, causing Jimin to turn around in search of what they saw. His eyes landed on an open set of double doors, a small, pale looking boy, no older than he was, stood at the center of attention. He was styled chiquely, a cool smile falling on thin, pouty lips. Next to him stood the CEO of Min Corp.

Jimin quickly registered the young boy to be the famed Min Yoongi, the same Min Yoongi that Taehyung’s brother Namjoon was meant to court.

Jimin nudged a gawking Taehyung. “Isn’t That Min Yoongi?” Taehyung blinked, not seeming to get the inference Jimin made. He rolled his eyes. “Go get Namjoon Hyung!” He shout-whispered, the other boy’s expression turning to understanding before hurrying off through the open set of doors that led outside.

The young heir was led by his uncle, the man’s hand settled on the small of his nephew’s back as he guided him to meet a few other CEOs.

Soon enough, the room’s atmosphere relaxed, the majority of people going back to their conversations in patient wait for a chance to speak to the young heir known as the white lotus.

Taehyung quickly hurried back to the table, Namjoon following close behind in a relaxed saunter. “Where is he?” Namjoon asked coolly, taking the last drink of his champagne. Jimin gestured loosely towards where the young heir stood, his uncle’s hand still placed gently on his back.

Namjoon seemed to shift as he caught sight of the younger, his breath stopping for a moment before returning to its own relaxed rhythm. “I’ll wait until the CEO leaves him alone.” Namjoon reasoned with himself.

“But, won’t everyone else be waiting to do the exact same thing?” Jimin questioned the older.

Namjoon looked to him in consideration. He hummed. “You’re right. That could pose an issue…” He squinted slightly in direction of the flower. “Maybe I’ll make my appearance a bit early then…” He passed Taehyung his glass, slipping his hand in his pocket and walking towards the now retreating conversationalists.

“Ah, Mr. Min, this is a truly extravagant celebration, even more so than the last one I attended.” He remarked smoothly.

“That’s right, you would’ve been rather young the last time we hosted a social event.” Mr. Min chimed.

“Of course, I was seventeen when I attended your last party. You have quite fine taste of I do say so myself.”

“Well, we certainly try. Right, joka, this is Kim Namjoon, heir to Kim Enterprises. Namjoon-ssi, this is my nephew, Min Yoongi.” The older spoke, turning to his nephew. The younger humming dismissively as he locked gazes with Namjoon.

Namjoon could feel every separate beat of his heart pounding heavily against his chest. His breaths were manual and timed, a relaxed expression adorning his features, an act he had perfected throughout the years.

The younger was even more breathtaking than he remembered, having somehow become even more striking through the few years. Skin a pale tone, wrapped like a fucking gift in black silk and denim. Though his body was dainty and seemed rather fragile, his gaze held a cold, piercing judgement, hooded behind feline eyes. It was enough to make Namjoon do a double take. The boy had grown up well, a true beauty with the power to make kings bow before him, a goddess if he’d ever seen one.

Namjoon hadn’t even realized he’d been staring until the younger boy wrinkled his nose, causing Namjoon’s heart to fucking flip. He reasoned that it would have been offensive, if not due to the fact that the younger looked a kitten about to sneeze.

Yoongi’s expression turned to stone as he supposedly brought himself back to reality. A sharp “what” spitting from his dainty lips. Namjoon repressed a gulp at the sound, deep and slurred, somehow familiar. The tone would be relaxing if not for the sharp words he spoke.

“You have nice eyes.” Namjoon replied, internally cursing himself the moment the words left his lips. Yoongi’s brows furrowed, he was even gorgeous when dumbfounded. Namjoon had to look away to regain composure, catching sight of his siblings and their friends watching him in anticipation. “My siblings quite enjoyed the spread, Mr. Min. Give the cook my warmest regards.” He chimed, as if nothing had happened.

Namjoon and the CEO got into a conversation, the older man making a terrible attempt at humour that could rival Seokjin’s. Namjoon chuckled out of consideration for the older. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Yoongi, his gaze directed at Namjoon’s lips. Namjoon smirked, lifting his head smugly at the younger, who in turn sent a sharp glare, meeting Namjoon’s gaze once again.

The CEO patted Yoongi’s shoulder lightly, “Well, joka, I'll give you space to socialize.” The older commented before leaving the two younger boys to chat, much to Yoongi’s apparent dismay.

And just like that, the two were left alone.

“Yoongi, this is Mr. Park, of Park Inc., and Mr. Doh, of Doh Enterprises. Mr. Park, Mr. Doh, this is my nephew, Min Yoongi.” They each bowed politely in greeting.

“I’ve heard quite a bit about you, Yoongi-ssi.” Mr. Doh began. “And I must say, you live up to your reputation.”

Yoongi remained indifferent, unfortunately for the more-than-friendly CEOs. Every attempt to lighten the younger’s mood was politely declined, causing the older men to quickly lose interest in conversation, thankfully for Yoongi.

However, as the older men left, a newer, younger model came into play.

“Ah, Mr. Min, this is a truly extravagant celebration, even more so than the last one I attended.” The first thing Yoongi noticed about the other boy was his height. The fact that he had to look up slightly to meet the other’s gaze, it annoyed him, made him feel small. It was the same with most people, Hoseok and his uncle included, but this was… different.

Something about this guy just screamed arrogance. Which is why it was no surprise to Yoongi when he introduced himself to be Kim Namjoon, heir to Kim Enterprises. Known for their charm and connections, it was no wonder the boy spoke so well.

That was the second thing Yoongi noticed, the way Kim Namjoon spoke. It was fake. Almost like he was reading a script, like an actor. He seemed superficial and easy to fall into, the exact type of person Yoongi disliked most.

But he couldn’t help this lurching feeling in his stomach, in his anxiety. He knew this person. He’d seen them before, not just in pictures, but in real life. It was confusing.

He wrinkled his nose in an effort to dismiss his thoughts, stopping cold, face falling as he noticed Namjoon’s attentive stare. It was unsettling, like he could see everything. Like he knew every thought in Yoongi’s head.


He didn’t know this person. He made a mistake. He was wrong .

Namjoon continued to stare, gaze locked on Yoongi’s, almost challengingly, almost like he and his uncle’s.

The younger grit his teeth. “What?” He snapped agitatedly.

“You have nice eyes.” Namjoon answered forwardly, causing Yoongi to tense. His eyes? He blinked in confusion, brows furrowing. Namjoon turned away quickly, scanning the party for something or other. “My siblings quite enjoyed the spread, Mr. Min. Give the cook my warmest regards.”

Yoongi’s uncle made a noise of acknowledgment. “How are Taehyung and Seokjin anyway? Not getting into too much trouble I hope.” He jested lightly, to which Namjoon sparingly gave a chuckle. However fake it was, his lips pulled outwards, causing deep dimples to appear. Yoongi traced them back to the older’s lips, stilling his gaze as he did.

He noticed as one of the corners pulled upwards into a smug smirk. Yoongi furrowed his brows, looking back to the older’s eyes. His gaze was trained on him again, but this time, his chin was lifted slightly. Arrogant. Yoongi thought.

“Well, joka, I'll give you space to socialize.” His uncle reasoned, patting his back gently. Yoongi whipped around, flashing wide, pleading eyes. But the old man walked off regardless.

He stared off in direction of his uncle, what was he supposed to do now? Did the old man really expect him to talk with this snake?

“Yoongi-ssi.” Yoongi spun on his heel, distressed gaze meeting Namjoon’s rather predatorial one. Yoongi blinked absentmindedly before sobering, expression returning to that of ice and stone. “You really do live up to the rumours.”

Yoongi scoffed. “So I’ve been told.” He replied, words cracking like a whip. Normally, people would be nervous or angry by his tone, but Namjoon simply cocked a cool brow, smirk ever present on his features.

“Oh?” He commented in mock intrigue.

Yoongi couldn’t help the involuntary twitch of his lips, his chin creasing slightly as his bottom lip curled in displeasure. “Don’t think you’ll get to me with that superficial charm of yours, I can see through your pony tricks.”

“So then what would get to you, Min Yoongi-ssi?”

Yoongi sneered. “Honesty.”

“Well, honestly , you live up to the rumours.”

Yoongi rolled his eyes. This guy was annoying, no essence of self. “Well, as fun as this has been, I'm going to go.” He stated, leaving in search of Hoseok.

Namjoon’s eyes seemed to widen in alarm. “Wait!” He called to the younger, grabbing hold of his forearm.

Yoongi stared at the hand holding his arm. Kim Namjoon had just stepped over his boundaries, invading Yoongi’s space , in Yoongi’s home , slimy hands gripping to designer clothes, flashing a fancy wrist watch not much different from Yoongi’s own.

Namjoon quickly retracted the hand, raising both by his head in surrender. Yoongi glared daringly at him, just try that again you fucker . He waited for Namjoon to speak, to get his final point across. “The piano.” He blurted out instead, causing Yoongi to knit his brows together in confusion.

“What about it?”

“Well, I mean, is anyone going to play it? Or…”

Yoongi thought for a moment, gaze drifting to the large white piano set outside. He could play it if he wanted to, but did he really want to give this fucker the satisfaction? He pursed his lips, gaze settling on the instrument. Maybe Namjoon would leave him alone if he did, besides, it couldn’t hurt to play one or two pieces. He sighed lightly. “If someone does, will you leave me alone?” Namjoon blinked, settling the deal with a light nod of the head. Yoongi contemplated it for a moment. “Fine.” He stated, walking out towards the instrument, Namjoon following close behind him.

He walked out towards where the music played, whispering in the conductor’s ear before the chamber orchestra readily wrapped up its piece. He climbed up to the stand, sitting down against the plush material of the bench, letting his fingertips ghost against the ivory keys. All eyes were now on him, each gaze filled with anticipation, Namjoon’s more with shock. When Yoongi had said someone would play the piano, the older hadn’t realized he’d meant Yoongi himself.

The young boy breathed in deeply, before placing a finger on the first key and pressing gently.

His fingers began to dance along the surface of the keys, enrapturing his progressively growing audience. However, as he played the soft tune, the people began to fade, and suddenly, he was six again, playing for his mother. She smiled softly, eyes closed as her son pressed each note with care.

She used to tell him that she felt good as new after every piece he composed, practiced and performed. Just for her. She’d say his music was her cure. And if Yoongi could cure her with his music, he’d play. He’d play and play until his fingers felt sore and she’d have to rub them so that he could play some more.

He tickled each note delicately, every one dawning their own angelic laugh, until finally, he reached the last key of the piece. A single tear slipped from his eye, falling against the piano’s surface.

He was brought back to reality with the roar of claps and cheers, the party’s guests once again fueling his conscious anxiety.

Yoongi’s piece was as breathtaking as he himself. He played more beautifully than professionals that Namjoon had seen. But, something was off.

Namjoon had seen many concertos, symphonies and other performances, he was well rounded when it came to music, both classical and modern. However, he didn’t recognize Yoongi’s piece, it was unlike anything he’d ever heard before.

As Yoongi finished the piece, a tear fell down his pale cheek, hitting the surface of the piano. No one else seemed to have noticed, too caught up in the beauty of it all. But Namjoon could see a sense of pain emanating from the younger boy, a longing.

The younger quickly recovered though, standing up and bowing to his audience before coolly walking off stage.

Namjoon quickly turned to met the boy, but before he could even take a step, the younger was surrounded by eager spectators. Namjoon huffed out a sigh, he’d have to continue this another time.

Chapter Text

Being a witness to Min Yoongi’s piano performance was most likely the highlight of just about everyone’s day. Being able to see a desirable, young, obnoxiously attractive and rich as hell chaebol heir was one thing . But having said chaebol heir flaunt their flawless talent for you and you alone ( as well as a couple hundred others ) was something far exceeding dreams.

Everyone and their mothers had seen Min Yoongi’s piece being played to perfection, a vast majority of them recording or live-streaming the sudden and unexpected show of talent. Which also included Jungkook, Taehyung, Jimin and Seokjin.

The four boys had been drawn out by the crowd, well… three of them had. Jungkook had been unfortunately dragged into it.

It wasn’t that he didn’t appreciate the piece, he really did, it was beautiful, he just wasn’t one to knock shoulders with other people he could only consider to be brief acquaintances.

Thankfully, he managed to unceremoniously slip away from the others without their noticing, taking a deep breath of air as he did. He had also not enjoyed the strong smell of hundreds of expensive colognes and perfumes attacking his sensitive senses without his consent.

He made his way back inside the ballroom, which few people now harboured. He stood back near the far corner of the table, appreciating the quiet atmosphere, the soft remnants of Yoongi’s playing sounding gently from the courtyard.

“He’s great, huh?” A voice caught him off guard. He whipped around to see another boy, only a few steps away from where he stood. The auburned hair male leaned against the back of the far wall.

“Oh! I’m sorry, I didn’t see you. I can- uhm… I’ll go-“ Jungkook sputtered perturbedly.

The other male chuckled lightly. “It’s fine, I appreciate the company.” Jungkook nodded in response. “I’m Jung Hoseok.”

“Jeon Jungkook.”

“Ah, of the Jeon family. No offence, but your father has shit for brains.”

Jungkook blinked, baffled. He broke into a nearly silent fit of laughter. “I don’t disagree.” He replied honestly. He thought long and hard for a moment, his expression falling to that of guilt. Hoseok furrowed his brows in confusion. “Pardon my ignorance, but, I don’t recognize your name.”

Hoseok chuckled, flashing a bright smile toward the other. “People typically gossip about the heirs themselves, not so much their assistants.”

Jungkook blinked, his mouth falling into a small ‘o’ shape. Hoseok smiled at the younger’s belated reaction. “Ah, so, who do you work for then?” Jungkook asked sheepishly. Hoseok nodded towards the garden area, to which Jungkook furrowed his brows. “I think you’ll have to be a bit more specific, literally everyone’s out there.”

Hoseok chuckled again, and Jungkook couldn’t help but mirror the other boy’s smile. “I’m the personal assistant to Min Yoongi.” He stated nonchalantly.

Jungkook made a noise of acknowledgment. “He really is great.” The younger complimented.

Hoseok smirked smugly. “Yeah, I’m well aware. I’ve been listening to that brat play ever since I was old enough to use the big boy toilet.” Jungkook failed to suppress a wide grin. Like a bunny , Hoseok thought absently.

“So you’ve known him since you were pretty young?”

“I’ve lived with him, coddled him and put him to bed since he was five.” Jungkook raised his eyebrows, but Hoseok just shrugged nonchalantly. “My mother’s the Manor’s live-in maid. I was baggage.” He answered before the younger could even ask.

Jungkook pursed his lips, nodding gently in understanding. “Makes sense.”

Hoseok smirked, chin raising slightly in judgement. “You don’t seem put off by this. Maybe Jeon Enterprises has a hopeful future after all.”

Jungkook smiled softly, shrugging. “You’re just a good conversationalist.”

Hoseok nodded in agreement. “I am, aren’t I.” He stated smugly, smirk deepening.

Jungkook chuckled again, the two falling into a comfortable silence as the piece finished. The roar of cheers and clapping replaced the once relaxing tune. Min Yoongi bowed, casually walking off the stage as he was surrounded by eager members of the audience, and frankly, it looked rather overwhelming. But Hoseok just leaned against the wall, unconcerned.

Jungkook raised his brows in a half heartedly concerned expression. “Aren’t you gonna go save him or something?” He asked the older.

Hoseok looked at the scene, pursing his lips before shrugging. “Nah. He’ll be fine.” Jungkook just released a baffled, breathy sound.

A few minutes passed and the two boys got to know each other. Jungkook learned that Hoseok loved to dance, that his favourite colour was green, and that he was an absolute neat freak. While Hoseok learned that Jungkook loved art, played various sports and was close schoolmates with Kim Taehyung and Park Jimin. They joked casually for a while, before Jungkook was ambushed by a familiar deep-voiced weirdo.

“Ah Hyung! How many times have I told you not to scare me like that.” Jungkook whined.

Taehyung just pursed his lips and narrowed his eyes at Hoseok, trying to place the older’s face.

He pointed an accusing finger towards the auburn haired boy. “Mandy Wei Man.”

Hoseok blinked. “What?” He asked, furrowing his eyebrows.

Taehyung sighed disappointedly. “Guess not.”

“Hyung, this is Jung Hoseok. Hoseok Hyung, this is Kim Taehyung.” Jungkook stated dismissively.

Taehyung smiled boxily, causing Hoseok to make an amused expression.

“Pleased to meet you.” Taehyung greeted.

“Pleasure’s all mine.” The older returned.

“So, Namjoon Hyung said that Min Yoongi’s a conceited asshole and then proceeded to rant about how he only tried because our father made him.” Taehyung explained, waving his hand extravagantly in attempt to convey the message.

Jungkook choked on the fucking air he was breathing, coughing senselessly as he stared at Hoseok with frightful eyes. But the older just smiled gently. “Well, he’s not wrong.”

Taehyung turned his attention back to the older, furrowing his brows and jutting out his bottom lip in confusion. Jungkook lifted his hand meekly, gesturing from Hoseok to Taehyung. “Hyung, meet Jung Hoseok… Min Yoongi’s personal assistant.”

Taehyung blinked, looking in between the two before turning bright red in realization. His eyes widened and he started back peddling, explaining how he didn’t know and how it was just what his older brother had told him. But Hoseok seemed undisturbed by this sudden revelation, an amused gleam in his eye as he watched the younger desperately try to redeem himself.

Eventually, he waved the younger off. “It’s fine, it’s fine. Really. Yoongi-ah’s a bit…” He thought for a moment, choosing his words carefully. “He’s reserved. Lacks social skills. You would too if you’d been kept from the general public for the good majority of your life.”

Taehyung nodded hurriedly. “Yeah, I know, I didn’t mean to disrespect him in any way, really!”

Hoseok chuckled. “It’s fine. Everyone has that impression of him at first. He’s a bitter tsundere asshat that never lets things go and doesn’t ever seem to want to get out of bed. But, honestly…” Hoseok looked off towards his best friend fondly. “He’s probably the most caring, genuine person I know. He’s just been through a lot, put up a lot of walls. He’s my best friend and I wouldn’t ever ask for another.” Taehyung and Jungkook stared at the older boy, eyes wide and mouths parted slightly. Hoseok turned back to the two boys and smiled softly. “He really needs to meet more people and frankly, he’s still a virgin.” Hoseok smirked, nudging Taehyung’s shoulder. “So tell your friend not to give up on him, he really appreciates persistence and seriously needs to get laid.”

Jungkook was gawking flusteredly, a furious blush creeping from his chest to the tips of his ears. Taehyung smirked back to Hoseok, the two must have been born on the same fucking wavelength or something because they just nodded to one another before Taehyung patted Jungkook on the chest. “Kookie, Hyung and I are gonna get going.” He pointed towards Hoseok. “What’s your number?”

The two exchanged numbers like it was nothing, waving to one another as Taehyung hurried off to leave with his brothers.

They were seriously crazy.

The party had ended and Yoongi watched as several paid workers tore down his uncle’s extravagant set up.

He sighed, letting his head lull into one of his palms. What the fuck was that? People had basically attacked him. It was all because that fucking guy wanted someone to play the piano. Why was he so insistent anyways? He was aggravating. Everything about him aggravated Yoongi. His greasy attitude, his fake ass nonchalance, his fucking height, those dark eyes that seemed to tell more than his plush, pink lips. His broad chest that appeared rock fucking solid. He momentarily wondered how it would feel with his head laid against it, fingers gently playing with the fabric of his shirt. How it would fall with every exhale of breath, how it would rumble lightly every time he laughed. How he’d-

What the fuck ?

Yoongi hit the back of his head several times in an effort to shake his mind clear.

“Don’t hit yourself too hard now.” He looked up to see a smirking Hoseok staring down at him. “If you end up giving yourself a concussion, who do you think gets held responsible?”

The corner Yoongi’s lips pulled lightly, just enough to flash a half-smile. No pearly teeth or pink gums, just a slight pull of his cheeks and soft eyes to match. “You left me there to die.”

Hoseok shrugged, making Yoongi let out a breathy chuckle. “I was busy.”

“Oh? What was so important that you couldn’t be bothered to save my life?”

“I met some kids. They were interesting. One of them called you a, quote, “conceited asshole”. So, that was amusing.”

Yoongi rolled his eyes dramatically. “You sacrificed me for tea?”

“Oh! Yeah, he also said his brother tried to flirt with you.”

Yoongi knit his brows. “You’ll have to be more specific.”

“Kim Taehyung’s brother. So, either Kim Seokjin or-“

“Oh yeah, Kim Namjoon.”

Hoseok’s eyes lit up. “So he did flirt with you?” He asked, tone higher in his excitement.

“I don’t know if you’d call it that . The bastard just asked me to get someone to play piano, so I did in exchange for him leaving me alone.”

Hoseok blinked, mouth opening before closing again tightly in confusion. “So… why is he a bastard then?” The older asked.

“Because… he just was! He was, like, I don’t even know?” It came out more like a question than a statement.

Hoseok smirked knowingly. “Ohhhhhhhh~ You’ve got it goooooooooooooooooood~, don’t ya?” The older teased.

Yoongi got up from his seat on the white marble and plush cushion bench, but not before sending a sharp punch to Hoseok’s shoulder.

It was the next day when Hoseok’s phone buzzed in his pocket. He pulled the small device out, expecting to find a YouTube notification, or a message from Yoongi. Instead of the usual silly video upload though, he got a message from an unknown number, the words causing him to grin mischievously.


Unknown: Hey Hyung, it’s Kim Taehyung


He answered immediately, heart pumping irrationally in his chest at the plan the two boys had made the other day.


Hoseok Hyung: Hey Tae!


He fiddled with the settings, changing Taehyung’s contact to ‘Taetae’.


Taetae: Are we still on for plans? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Hoseok Hyung: You know it! Yoongi-ah’s free next Sunday,  what about Namjoon?


Taetae: That day’s perfect! Where should we  meet?


Hoseok Hyung: Hmmm…  How about the Han River?  At 6?  Make sure to wear something  casual


Taetae: Alrighty! See you then! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


Hoseok Hyung: See you!! <3


He smiled tenderly towards where his best friend sat, studying in a university business textbook, brow furrowed and bottom lip jutted out in concentration.

He would get Min Yoongi laid if it was the last thing he ever did.

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Chapter Text

“Let’s go to the park!” Yoongi blinked at the sudden exclamation. He was sitting idly, sipping on a scolding cup of black coffee when Hoseok ran into the room, demanding that they both go to Hangang Park.

Yoongi, decidedly, already had plans for the day. He was going to drink his coffee, read a book, maybe do some class work if he felt productive. “I’m alright.” He answered plainly.

Hoseok’s expression blanked, he stared at Yoongi for a moment before composing himself. He lent along the side of Yoongi’s chair, arms crossed over his chest while staring his best friend in the eye. “You’re hermiting.” He stated.

“Am not.”

“Are to.”

“How do you figure?”

Hoseok gestured to the younger’s lifeless posture. “You just got back into the world and now you’re locking yourself inside. You’re going to turn into a vegetable.”

Yoongi scoffed. “I’m not brain dead.”

Hoseok shrugged. “Who knows? The public hasn’t seen any activity from you since the reception, people are starting to speculate.” The younger wrinkled his nose in distaste. Hoseok smirked knowingly. Yoongi hated when people talked about him behind his back, good or bad.

He locked eyes with the older, letting go a sigh of defeat. Hoseok cheered, dragging the younger by his wrist and to his room to get changed. He casually threw on the first items of clothing he could find, a black Off White hoodie and black ripped jeans, which he paired with his white Air Jordans. Hoseok gave an approving smirk before dragging the younger towards his car.

“You’re driving.” Yoongi sniped, being met only by a bright smile of reassurance.

“Why are we here exactly?” Namjoon questioned his younger brother as he pulled the silver Mercedes-Benz into an empty parking space.

Taehyung hopped out of the car, relaxing at the breath of fresh air that wafted into his lungs. “Hangang Park is at its most beautiful during spring.” And it was true, the sight of pink cherry blossoms and green grass had Namjoon’s whole body relaxing. The temperature was perfect, not sweltering like in summer, but not too cold either, just well enough that he could get away with wearing a light sweater.

“Why do you keep checking your phone, then?” He asked the younger, suspicion heavy in his voice.

Taehyung looked up from where he had been typing away at his phone screen. He blinked dumbly before pressing send and shoving the device in his pocket. “Just texting a friend.”

Namjoon raised a brow dubiously, but let it go.

The two boys strolled around the park, walking a ways down by Han River.

“So, what’d you really think of Min Yoongi?” Namjoon snapped his head towards his brother, caught off guard a bit by the question.

Namjoon cleared his throat. “He’s…” He furrowed his brows in concentration. “He’s…” Taehyung waited patiently, a genuine curiosity in his eyes.

Min Yoongi was beautiful, and talented, inhumanely so. He naturally drew the attention of others, a true heartthrob in his audience’s eyes. His attitude was a bit aggravating, but not unbearably so. He was difficult, but not taxing. He didn’t deny people of what they wanted, proven by his lack of hesitation to play the piano when Namjoon had asked. But he didn’t generally come across as a people person. He was reserved, came off as cold, but Namjoon reasoned that it was more likely due to his lack of social experience than anything else.

“He’s… intriguing.” Taehyung smirked slightly, a quick ‘ding’ sounding from his back pocket.

He eagerly read the message on his phone screen, jumping up and down and waving his hand in the air like a maniac. Namjoon stared at him questioningly before catching sight of another boy, hand waving in return. He wasn’t anyone Namjoon recognized, nor anyone he’d seen Taehyung with. He knew his brother’s friends well enough, especially since they were more or less limited to Jungkook and Jimin.

The boy was well built with a long face and bright smile, auburn hair blowing lightly as he jogged towards the two brothers.

As the mystery boy got closer, Namjoon belatedly noticed the smaller figure he was dragging behind him. His breath caught in his throat at the sight of an effortlessly flawless Min Yoongi.

“Hoseok Hyung!” Taehyung cheered to the now stopped man.

“Taehyung-ah!” The boy, now known to Namjoon as Hoseok, returned happily.

Hoseok turned to the stone-faced boy behind him. “Yoongi-ah, this is my friend, Kim Taehyung, and his older brother, Kim Namjoon.”

Yoongi stayed silent, much to Namjoon’s disconsern. “Oh, yeah! Namjoon Hyung, this is my friend, Jung Hoseok, and his best friend, Min Yoongi.”

Namjoon shot his brother a scowl, before quickly capturing himself and plastering on a well crafted smile. “We’ve met.” Namjoon said simply.

Yoongi scoffed, causing Namjoon’s smile to falter. He turned to Hoseok. “I’m leaving.” And he did, to Namjoon’s dismay.

His friend seemed to have a similar feeling, as he quickly chased the younger heir down and talked to him.

Namjoon quickly turned to his brother as the others talked in private. “What the hell, Taehyung?”

“Sorry, Hyung. I just wanted to give you another chance. Get to know him a bit better.” Namjoon snorted, quickly sobering as the two other boys rejoined them.

“Sorry for that, he’s just not used to so many people at once.” Hoseok explained, sunny smile still plastered to his face.

Namjoon raised a hand dismissively. “No, no. It’s quite alright, I don’t take it personally at all.” He replied, flashing his own reassuring smile to the other.

Hoseok seemed quite relieved at that, though Yoongi raised a brow in suspicion. Namjoon grit his teeth, using all his power to maintain his polite smile.

“Well then, we better get going!” Taehyung declared cheerfully, linking arms with Hoseok and skipping away, leaving Namjoon and Yoongi by themselves, together. Alone .

Namjoon could feel his heart begin to gently thud against his ribs. “So.” Namjoon started, a bit too loudly over the sound of his chest.

Yoongi stayed silent, posture closed off as he wrapped his arms over his chest. His gaze remained sharp, piecercing, and Namjoon quickly fell into them. Beautiful, black orbs that glistened in the light of the sun. The rosy petals falling gently behind him. His black hair looked so, so soft against the quiet shine of his porcelain skin. A doll . Namjoon felt his heart clench. Min Yoongi was a carefully crafted and elegant doll, and all Namjoon wanted to do was wrap him tightly in his arms and coo, hand carding through that soft black hair as he planted gentle-

Fuck . That was a dangerous territory. It’s only his looks , Namjoon quickly sobered himself. He’s just a pretty face .

“This way.” Hoseok gripped Yoongi’s wrist in an almost bruising grip, leading the younger down a wooden ramp towards Han River, watching his phone as he walked.

“Hyung.” Hoseok hummed noncommittally in return. “Where are we going?”

The older didn’t answer. Instead, he gripped the younger’s wrist tighter, causing Yoongi to wince as he was dragged at a speeding pace, Hoseok’s hand flying awkwardly in the air as they approached two more boys.

Yoongi’s stomach clenched as he was pulled towards who he could now make out to be two vaguely familiar faces. He remembered them both from the reception, one more vividly than the other. The smaller boy was one he caught a glimpse of after finishing his piano piece. The taller one he could put a name to.

“Yoongi-ah, this is my friend, Kim Taehyung, and his older brother, Kim Namjoon.”

Kim fucking Namjoon .

“Oh yeah! Namjoon Hyung, this is my friend, Jung Hoseok, and his best friend, Min Yoongi.” The younger boy, who Yoongi now knew as Taehyung introduced them.

“We’ve met.” Namjoon spoke calmly. Emanating that false fucking charm that had Yoongi scoffing within seconds.

The older’s smile faltered for a second, causing a wave of pride to wash over the younger. “I’m leaving.” Yoongi spat, spinning around on his heel and retracing his steps back towards the tree lines.

He heard footsteps quickly pacing after him, his best friend appearing by his side in mere seconds. “Yoongi-ah, you can't just leave!” The older whisper-yelled.

“And why the fuck not?” Yoongi hissed, causing the older to huff out in frustration.

He took hold of the younger’s shoulder, gently, forcing him to stop in his tracks. “I know you don’t like people and all, but give him a chance.”

“I like plenty of people.” The younger snapped. Hoseok raised a brow doubtfully. “There’s you, my aunt, Mr. Cartier, my uncle…”

“Four people.”

“That’s plenty!” The younger defended. Hoseok responded with a judgmental ‘mhmm’.

“Fine! So maybe I’m not such a people person, big deal.”

“It is a big deal, considering you’re going to run a fucking empire someday. Just give it a chance, please?” The older asked with pleading eyes.

Yoongi’s features softened, shoulders slumping as he let go a sigh. “Fine. But I won’t like it.”

Hoseok smiled brightly. “We’ll just have to see.”

They returned to the other two. “Sorry for that, he’s just not used to so many people at once.” Hoseok explained, still smiling stupidly from Yoongi agreeing to give the boys a chance.

Namjoon raised a hand dismissively. “No, no. It’s quite alright, I don’t take it personally at all.”

He should , Yoongi thought bitterly.

“Well then, we better get going!” Taehyung called out, linking arms with Hoseok. The two skipped off together, leaving Yoongi without a buffer beside this asshole .

“So.” Namjoon began, causing Yoongi to tense. He didn’t like people. He knew he didn’t like people. And he especially didn’t like this person in particular.

Namjoon was a superficial piece of meat that felt superior to others, like he was worth more than the average person. He was made to be charming for business reasons. He had conditioned himself to say the right words the right way, to smile politely at all times, and to close in on the best deals. Namjoon was manufactured, created, fake, a fucking doll . Kim Namjoon was a fucking doll created to sell himself, along with his company, to others. And all Yoongi wanted to do was let him know how badly he pissed him off. To tell him that he should just be genuine and honest. Though, he knew that the older more likely than not, wouldn’t listen.

Yoongi continued to glare venomously as the older cleared his throat. “Shall we?” Namjoon asked, angling his body towards the direction the other two took off in. Yoongi huffed out a puff of air through his nose, moving forwards without giving a clear response to the older.

Namjoon quickly caught up to Yoongi, the preemptive movement from the younger catching him off guard. The two walked beside one another in silence, Hoseok and Taehyung having gone too far ahead to catch easily, and Yoongi was not in the mood to run. He kept his gaze peeled ahead of him, feeling the few glances Namjoon gave him to his right.

“How does it feel? Being back in public? Must be exciting after so long.” The older asked, trying to make light conversation.

“Hardly.” Yoongi sneered.

Namjoon’s head snapped around. He looked to the younger with his eyebrows raised. “How come?” He asked, genuine shock and curiosity glazing his tone.

“I’m not big on socializing.”

The older nodded understandingly. “Well, it can't be that bad. People seem to like you quite a bit after all.”

“They like my uncle, and his company. They like my money and the way I look. Not a single one of them knows me, therefore not a single one of them can like me.” He answered, tone calm and level.

“Well, you don’t really give anyone much of a chance, do you?” Yoongi stopped in his tracks, brows furrowed as he stared at the older. Namjoon stopped a few paces ahead of him, turning to look back at the younger. “Maybe if you let people get to know you, they could learn to like the real you.” He offered a gentle smile to the younger’s confusion.

Yoongi pursed his lips in thought, brows still furrowed tightly. The worst part was, he made a good point. But Yoongi would never admit to that.

Instead, he huffed annoyedly, continuing his walk beyond where the older stood.

They walked in silence for what felt like hours. Namjoon taking out his phone here and there to take a picture of something he found beautiful, then jogging back to Yoongi’s side.

At one point, he waited for the younger to walk a little ways in front before snapping a picture of his back, cherry blossoms falling perfectly by his side. Namjoon took the time to set the photo as his new background, before hurriedly moving to catch up with the younger.

“What’s something you enjoy doing?” Namjoon chirped marrily, causing Yoongi to gaze questioningly to the older.

“Why?” He asked warily.

The older shrugged. “Just curious.”

Yoongi looked ahead, raising his brows tentatively in thought. Namjoon thought how he looked so gentle, eyes soft, dark hair blowing gently. The older smiled, he felt somehow soft in the presence of the younger. A warm, fuzzy feeling wrapping around him like a blanket.

“I like the piano.” Yoongi replied, expression passive, something almost like a smile lifting to his lips, but not quite.

Namjoon nodded. “You’re very good at it.” Yoongi hummed softly. Namjoon thought back to the reception, the way the younger played with such passion and ease. “I didn’t recognize the song you played during the reception, who’s the composer?” He asked curiously.

Yoongi’s lips thinned. He took a deep breath before looking off into the trees. “Me.” He looked to the older. Namjoon blinked dumbly. He opened and closed his mouth like a gaping fish. Yoongi rolled his eyes. “I composed it.” Yoongi repeated, as if the older hadn’t heard him properly.

When the older continued to strain in silence, Yoongi sucked his lip between his teeth, consciously waiting for a response.

“Wow.” Was all he managed to cough out, causing the younger to relax, a small smile coming to his face.

He somehow looked even more beautiful than before, his eyes barely crinkled, the corners of his lips sinking into his pale skin. A blush-coloured petal fell lightly on his hair and Namjoon felt himself swoon. He laid a hand gently on the younger’s arm, getting him to pause where he stood. He reached with his other hand to pull the petal from the boy’s head, fingers brushing his hair and fuck , it really was softer than anything he’d ever felt before.

The younger’s shoulder was small, his true build overshadowed by the sheer size of his sweater. It hung to his thighs and bunched into paws at his wrists. The sight caused the older’s heart to flutter.

The shock from the touch showed in Yoongi’s eyes. His orbs were blown wide and beautifully sparkled in the daylight as they looked up to meet the older’s.

Namjoon’s eyes fell to the younger’s lips, parted slightly with the shock. They were glossy, the same way they were three years ago. Namjoon wondered whether it was from some type of lip gloss, or perhaps just the younger’s saliva. He felt the need to drawl his tougne across the younger’s pouty lips. What balm would he find, would it be flavoured or not, or would he just taste the pure flavour of Yoongi . He felt the need to find out, to lap up every inch of it until there was none left, until he had coated the younger with his own sinful dribble.

“Kim Namjoon.” Namjoon snapped his his head back up. Yoongi’s once passive and wide gaze had been replaced by something more cautious, more predatory. He felt the younger’s shoulder had fallen stiff under his touch. He quickly retreated, backing away with both hands raised in surrender. The younger’s gaze was piercing, sharper than when they had first met.

“I- I’m sorry, Yoongi-ssi. I don’t- I just- There was a petal and- Something just came over me and-“

“Save it.” The younger sneered, turning to continue down the trail.

Chapter Text

The remainder of the walk was hung in dreadful silence, and neither Yoongi, nor Namjoon, made any move to break it.

Eventually, the pair had migrated away from the Han, finding themselves near several small street carts.

As the two strolled along, scanning over objects and food items that the carts sold, a flash of silver caught Yoongi’s eye. The younger easily ditched his playmate, moving to get a better view.

“Hello there! How may I help you today?” Yoongi looked up from the small object, gaze meeting that of a taller man. He was muscular, no doubt worked out religiously. His hair was dyed a bleach blonde, brown roots poking through the crown of his head.

The man drew in a quick, shallow breath as his gaze met the younger’s, eyes widening exponentially. Yoongi blinked, unperturbed. He looked back down at the object curiously.

It was a silver studded earring with a small sign of the cross hanging from a short silver chain.

Now, Yoongi had never been one for flashy clothes or fancy jewelry. He preferred the more simplistic, purer aspects of things.

He watched the small silver for a moment, marveling its smooth, icy surface.

“You like it?” Yoongi snapped his head towards the too-close-for-comfort voice. The young boy had become so entranced by the trinket, that he hadn’t noticed the larger form looming over his own.

He scoffed breathily. “Fucking hell. You shouldn’t sneak up on people like that, or you’ll end up getting smacked.”

Namjoon smiled amusedly. “So?”

‘So’ , what?”

“Do you like it?”

Yoongi blinked, looking back to the small object. There was something charming about it. Like, it wasn’t trying to put on a show, be something that it wasn’t. It was just, an earring. No theatrics or extravagances. Just, an earring. Plain and simple.

“Yeah.” He replied simply.

Namjoon looked up to the man behind the counter, handing him a few bills. “We’ll take this one, please.” He smiled, deep dimples showing.

The man sputtered, regaining partial stability. “Uhm- Yeah, s- sure thing…”

Yoongi snapped his head back towards Namjoon, as the older took the small bag containing the accessory. He smiled mischievously to the younger. “You want it?” He asked slyly, greasy fucking grin staining his stupid face.

Yoongi completely shut down, expression returning to that of stone and ice. Kim Namjoon, that fucking motherfucker. He knew this would happen. He fucking knew something like this would end up happening. And he was fucking right.

The younger crossed his arms over his chest, leaning into himself defensively as he glared up at the older’s arrogant fucking smirk.

“What the fuck do you want.” It came as more of a statement than a question.

The older raised a brow, his grimy smile refusing to falter. “I just want to know if you really want it.”

Yoongi scoffed, gaze racking the other’s confident posture. He scrunched his nose in disgust at himself because yes, he did want it.

“Yes.” He deadpanned. He rolled his eyes as the older’s smirk deepened.

“I’ll give it to you then.” Namjoon grimed. Yoongi raised a brow in suspicion. “If-“ And there it was. Of fucking course. The younger snorted, he wasn’t surprised. “If… you play me the piano again.”

The younger blinked dumbly. “What?”

“I said; I’ll give it to you, but you have to play the piano for me.”

Yoongi pursed his lips in confusion. Why would he ask for something so simple? What did he gain out of it? What was he really after?

“Why?” The raven drawled.

The older shrugged, earring jingling dully within the bag as he did. “Because, I like it when you play.” He smiled, rubbing the nape of his neck sheepishly.

Yoongi hadn’t been so utterly confused in his entire life. “Fine.” He breathed out, causing the older to smile, deep dimples flashing cutely.

Yoongi couldn’t help but soften as he watched the older.

He didn’t quite understand why, but there was something quite pure about the way the older chuckled. How he held the bag out to the raven haired boy merrily. How he took Yoongi’s hand. How he all but skipped off into the cherry blossoms of the warm spring afternoon. And he didn’t pull away.

He didn’t understand. He couldn’t understand. Why did he keep letting this man get close to him? Why did he keep making the younger put his guard down? Why was he just so- so-

He didn’t understand.