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Stay in bed

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Stretching after yet another exhausting day you found your gaze wandering the cafeteria for that familiar form. In the far corner tucked behind a large plant and the vending machine you could see the top of his skull. Snickering at the sight you feel at peace. Man, he really gets his beauty sleep. Not being one not to make new friends and feeling awkward for watching him for over a month you decided to talk to the skeleton. Taking your thermos of coffee and an extra cup you pushed past the tables and strange looks, simply happy to finally have the guts to talk to him. Pulling the plant away you lean down and wave in front of his face while keeping your voice low. “Hello? You awake?” He mumbled something about five more minutes before blinking a couple of times. His eye lights were red today, red bags underneath them to match. “What time is it?”


“Ah…” looking towards the clock you speak with resignment. “It’s only eleven forty…” Your shift doesn’t end till two in the morning, letting out a deep sigh you hear the skeleton do the same. Glancing in his direction again you spot the confusion on his face. Coughing at your own awkwardness, but not willing to give up the chance to befriend him you smile and greet him. “Yeah, I don’t get off of work for a while too, but hi.” His grin looked tense as he visibly backed further into the corner. “Um, I’m y/n, I work in the reprocessing department… Coffee?” You were hoping to help him relax with your offer, though.


“What’ a want?” That stung. He looked mad and really exhausted, so you tried to reason that he wasn’t being that way on purpose. You laughed in your head at your dream scenario of becoming friends and learning all the great nap spots. Chuckling a bit at your own stupidity you go ahead and pour him a cup of coffee before sitting on your ass in front of him, all the while his glare gained a hateful edge to it.


“To tell you the truth, I’ve seen you around and seeing you look so, well, sleep deprived made me want to befriend you.” You placed the coffee near his side while keeping your distance, personal space was important after all. Scratching your head you continued digging your own grave. “I ah, thought I’d introduce myself and maybe buy you some food to get to know you…” He scoffed before smacking the coffee away and standing up.


“I don’t need ya fuckin charity.” His tone was cold and angry, but being so tired yourself, you didn’t stop.


“It’s not charity, I…” He cut you off as he motioned to move past you.


“Yeah? So, I’m a neat fuckin’ freak for ya to be friends with ta show off then?” This made you mad.


“What! No! I was asking you out on a date.” You didn’t think of it as a dating kind but more of a friendship kind of thing, just to get to know each other. Your cheeks turned red as he blinked, face falling to show a completely blank expression.


“Huh?” Was all he remarked as you turned on your heel and walked away, deciding to go back to work early so you’d be able to leave sooner. Hopefully sooner than he’d get off. As you walked past the tables people gave you a mix of confused and mocking faces, some even laughing about you as you walked passed. Fully humiliated, you ignored the fast approaching footfalls behind you. Simply moving faster. Once you opened the door you ran towards your work area, the key locked doors in a line there. You heard him just a few feet behind you, his breathing a bit ragged as you used your ID badge to unlock the door, quickly shutting it behind you before racing to the next. He didn’t follow you again.


As soon as the clock hit one fifty you felt a wave of relief wash over you, sighing in pure bliss as the morning shift walked through the door. “Morning guys.” You blinked the sleep away from your eyes as you peeled your gloves off before undoing your apron, mask, and eye protection.


“Morning y/n, been a slow night?” You nodded before stretching your sore back.


“Yeah, only a few surgeries and two babies. Probably gonna pick up at around…” You glanced to the surgery board, reading them out before sighing. “Noon…” Mark laughed before gesturing for you to leave.


“Have a good sleep tonight and maybe tomorrow you won’t look like the living dead.” Laughing at his remark you smirked.


“Say’s the guy who looks like he is dead.” Mark chuckled at that while you moved past him, Shara opening the door with a smile before stopping you with a worried glance.


“Hey y/n, you off now?” She sounded so concerned.


“Yeah? After an eight hour shift, I would love to be, why?” She looked back at the door before biting her lip. Voice soft and quiet.


“There’s a monster outside waiting for you, apparently he saw us come in and figured you’d be out soon.” Her eyes darted to the side. You stared at her until she started to sweat. You knew she wasn’t saying the whole story, but you really wanted to go home. Patting her on the shoulder you made your way to the changing room.


“Thanks for the head’s up, but I’ll be fine. Night guys.” They waved to you as you shut the door. After which, it took you five minutes to change out of the hospital scrubs before making your way to the series of doors that lead out. Unlocking and locking all of them but the last one, you stood and listened to an angry mumbling. It sounded like him.


“Fuckin’ stupid, just what the shit am I doing…” Unlocking the door, you were surprised to see his cheekbones dusted red, two coffees in hand as he turned around fast. Some of the liquid spilled on his janitor uniform, though he didn’t seem to notice. “So, I’m ah…” You raised an eyebrow while adjusting your bag. He stood still while you watched red droplets of sweat fall from his skull. Deciding to put him out of his misery, you spoke for him.


“That coffee for me?” He looked to his hands, staring intently at the cups before giving you a curt nod. Smiling at the complete awkwardness you gladly take one. “Thanks… I didn’t catch your name?” His grin turns cocky as his chest puffed up.


“Sans, but you can call me Red.” This caused you to smirk as you gestured for him to follow you.


“So, did you rethink my date offer?” He was grinning full force, gold tooth catching the light as he shrugged.


“Couldn’t really let a free meal ticket go, now could I.” He laughed in deep a baritone, sending shivers throughout your body. Your face flushed a bit as you tried to keep your tone from wavering.


“I know a great place for drinks if you don’t have anywhere to be right now…” You knew it sounded like a date, but you really had no intention of it being that way. He frowned a bit before shrugging.


“Can’t got to head to my second job…” You must have made a disappointed face because his grin grew. “Relax, I’m just asking for a rain check. No need ta get your panties in a twist, at least not yet.” Your face felt hot but you forced a laugh to hide it. “Here.” He handed you a piece of paper with a number written on it, a winky face beside it. “Text me later.” With that, he walked away. To be honest, you were a bit lost. Red, was so different from how he talked before, not to mention he was taller, had different eye lights, and a gold tooth. Still, it didn’t stop your heart from skipping a beat when you locked eyes with him. Though you were certain that meant you just admired his ability to work hard and sleep hard. As soon as you couldn’t see him any longer you pulled out your phone, adding his contact info in with a cute red heart icon beside it. Only, because it was red, nothing else to it. Deciding to text him when you woke up the next day you start the trek home, though it wasn’t that far because you lived across the street from the hospital.