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[Podfic] The Grating Roar

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Length: 28:16

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Reader's Notes:

I am exceedingly pleased to announce my new project: “The Grating Roar”, written by Engazed.

It is an AU (alternate universe) that is more AU than anything I’ve ever done. It is also a *fascinating* story with rich character growth. I also enjoy that the more typically secondary characters also have interesting story arcs and growth.

As you can tell from the AO3 tags on the fic, it is not slash. It is, however, a story of profound love. There are very dark moments, mature themes, but also tender and triumphant notes. I’ve not practically hyperventilated while reading a chapter before (note: not recording, just reading it as the author posted). Every time a chapter was posted, I had to drop everything until it was read.

I’m going to try something different this time. Chapters will release once a week, on the weekend. This is a substantial story, and each chapter has a lot of meat in it. Releasing on a regular schedule hopefully will allow time for people to listen to it before the next chapter is released, without there being too long between them. If you decide to wait until the podfic is complete, just know that it will be Quite Long, and would possibly be intimidating to listen to at that point. Consider it more a radio serial that you tune into once a week and it’ll be easier to deal with the length.

If you can deal with dark themes, with the reassurance that much of the worst is in the past, come along with me on an incredible ride.

Let us begin.