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Monster Book of The Unknown

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It started during Nightmare on Elm Street 1 for Freddy.
It started after the Losser Club fought the two Pennywise's the first time for them.
It started after the first Saw and The Ring for Jigsaw and Samara Morgan. And the others? well, It started once they died. What Started? Well, that's not something I can say just yet.

But I can say when it started for me. For me, it started when I met them all. I had known Penny and Pizzy the whole of my long existent on Earth and a few aeons before that. We arrived together after all. You see we are eldritches. While Penny and Pizzy have Darry and chouse to stay where we arrived I left the area heading Southwest to what would be the Rockies. I settled into the ground then warped my cavern while it shaped into the Mountains. As the centuries went by I adapted a bit better than my botheren and went as far as maskaraining as the humans that were our source of energy. But then I met Freddy Kruger. Well more like he got lost in the sewers and end up In my place.

Lost... Freddy didn't like being lost. Hell, he didn't even know how he got down here in the first place. One moment he's burning in his bowler room the next he's in a sewer. And it smelled worse then a normal sewer should. Like there was corpses somewhere down it. Plus the place started being light up with something that wasn't natural or artificial. Then he saw a kid. A little girl in a simple white dress and long brown hair. The child looked up at him and smiled softly while giggling," Are you Lost? Lost like I am?" 

"No..." Freddy replied staring at the girl. The Girl giggled and Freddy was reminded why he didn't like children. Then Girl started to shift. Her dress seemed to tear on its own, blood appeared down the dress and in her hair, her eyes turned black. so it was only the white of her eyes that could be seen.

"ArE yOu SUrE YouR NoT LoST?" She asked Freddy backed away from whatever this thing was until he hit a wall. He turned his head and saw a door. The door had some sort of words written on it but it was hard to tell what they were but Freddy shoved at the door until it open. 

"Well If it isn't the killer of Elm Street... Your name is starting to go around the sewer rats," An older version of the girl's voice spoke behind him. Freddy looked to a woman in black slacks, a purple dress shirt and a red and blue scarf. She had red glasses around her eyes.

"Who the hell are you?" 

"Yiki... And your Freddy Kruger," She replied.

Freddy looked at her then asked," Where the hell am I?" 

"Rockies... West Colorado near Pikes Peak. Come on You look like you need something to drink. I got whiskey, Rum, Beer, Vodka, stuff for a Margarita, whatever," Yiki replied as she led the burned man into an open room. It was golden in colour, at least the walls and the ceiling where. The floor was a red and blue checkered tile. The room's shape was an octagon. one each wall was either a door or an archway. The room its self had a bar and a living area. The furniture was all silver, green and purple.  Freddy slowly walked into the room not trusting this shapeshifter one bit. As he sat down on a green chair he wondered what this thing was.

"Not a thing Kruger. An Eldritch. So what do you want to drink? " Yiki asked. Freddy responded,"  Whiskey."

"Sure thing... Shots or full?" She asked. 


She nodded then I heard a circus song start playing. She pulled out a strange device and answered it.

"Lost? Hey I know..."

"Shut up Pizzle. After '04 I don't want to hear from you two," She yelled then nothing. She looked at Freddy then said," Sorry about that. Anyway, I am assuming you're going to want revenge then? I mean the folks downstairs don't normally allow just any soul to wonder in my sewers."

"What do you mean downstairs? and what do you mean Soul?" Freddy asked. She chuckled and answered," Your dead Fred Kruger. Burned alive. I mean have you seen your self. The burns aren't pretty."

"That must be why am not hungry..." Freddy replied. Yiki laughed a little then corrected," No that's not why. You walked 1,208 miles from Ohio to Colorado plus 104.3 here all without sleeping. That my friend is not something a living person can do. So you are dead that's the only explanation here."