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Bakugou glared at the women angrily.


"Look, everyone appreciates you're a good actor but the public isn't going to like you if you keep coming off as an asshole, this is just a possible solution to that"


His PR team had been saying for a while that he needed to do something about his attitude or they were going to do something for him. He definitely didn't expect them to do this though.


"What if it gets out that this whole thing was fake? That would negatively impact my career more than anything I've ever done, and where would you even find someone willing to do this?"


He knew there was no point arguing. Once something like this was decided then that was it, he barely had any control over his life anymore.


"It's not going to get out that it's fake because both you and him stand to lose-"


"Him?" Truthfully Bakugou was into anyone he deemed attractive, no matter what gender. Not that he was going to tell her that.


"Yes, being gay sells now, and you haven't exactly given us any indication that you're straight so we're going with it. Anyway-"


"This is so fucking sleezy, you realise that right? Using my sexuality to make me more popular?" Bakugou was enjoying watching the woman get more and more frustrated. She deserved it. He was right, this was a terrible thing to do.


"Welcome to the fucking industry, now, as for how we're going to find someone willing, we already have someone"


Now he might be a good fucking actor but having to feign attraction to whatever asshole was willing to go through with this might be his hardest role yet.


"Actually I'm telling you all this now because we have him just outside" The smug look on her face possibly made him angrier than this dumbass plan. "I'll bring him in and leave you two to get to know each other a bit"


She stood up and just before she opened the door he said "fuck you" and she looked back at him with sympathy for a second. Wait no, she can't have, if she was fucking sympathetic then why is she making him do this in the first place?


He looked up to the sound of the door closing but now another man stood on the other side of it. As their eyes met Bakugou felt his heart skip a beat. He's definitely handsome. Not the fucking point Katsuki . His gaze hardened to a glare before he turned to look at his phone instead. He wanted nothing to do with this asshole.


"Uh, h-hi I'm, Kirishima Eijirou" The man, Kirishima, looked terrified as he offered a hand out, presumably for Bakugou to shake.


"Bakugou Katsuki" He replied, not looking up at the red head. Kirishima hovered over him for a few seconds before he realised that Bakugou wasn't going to shake his hand, which he retracted while muttering something under his breath.


For a few moments they just sat on the sofas opposite each other. Neither speaking. Until Bakugou noticed how increasingly nervous Kirishima was getting. Not that he cared, it was just getting on his nerves.


"What's your deal shitty hair?" Kirishima finally met his gaze again, looking almost adorably flustered. Shut the fuck up moron, you don't give a shit remember? Cute boys can still be assholes. "Why are so nervous?" He continued, trying his best to stop his internal conflict.


"Ah…" Kirishima started, rubbing the back of his neck "You're, like, really famous dude, it's kinda weird being in the same room as you" He smiled nervously


Bakugou just responded bluntly "Aren't you?"


"Oh, uh, I guess? I'm in a band, we're kind of famous but you're like, very famous y'know? That's kinda why I got dragged into this" huh, so he also didn't chose to do this.


"What's your band called?" If asked Bakugou would just say that he was trying to be polite by making conversation. The way he subconsciously opened Spotify gave away his real intentions though.


Kirishima laughed nervously and looked at the ground "We're called Casual Sword Fight, it's just me and my three friends, Mina, Sero and Kaminari. We have a decent following I guess but nothing like you. Actually we're all kind of big fans of your work, that's why I'm kinda nervous I guess"


Just my fucking luck that it's a band I like as well


"Don't act so embarrassed, you're a good band" Bakugou only vaguely listened to the confused stuttering noises Kirishima made after that.


I'm going to have to do something about shitty hair's nerves or this is gonna look fake as shit and I'm gonna get in trouble for it . Bakugou used that as the excuse for the plan he just came up with


"Stand up" He announcement, now towering over the redhead. Kirishima followed suit and stood in front of him.



  • Kirishima



Bakugou closed the distance between them easily, smoothly running his hand up his chest to eventually land on his shoulders. Kirishima was struggling to keep his cool as piercing red eyes stared into his. "C'mon shitty hair, it's not gonna be realistic enough if you're so nervous around me" He could feel the actor's breath on his face as he spoke. His low, husky voice was almost too much for Kirishima to take. Actually this whole experience was far too much for him to take, so he ended up just frozen to the spot, staring at Bakugou in shock and awe


He wasn't sure how long they were in that position before Bakugou smirked and muttered against his ear "Guess we're gonna have to work on that" causing Kirishima to shiver.


When Bakugou left the room he quickly pulled out his phone and called the first number he could think of


"Mina? Can you come round tonight?"



  • Bakugou



It was a few days before the whole Kirishima thing actually came into play. Though they had maintained contact at the demand of his team. There was a movie premiere for some film that someone he was meant to be friends with was in and his PR team "strongly advised" that he brought Kirishima as his plus one, which meant that they'd get mad at him for not doing it.


He definitely didn't hate Kirishima. The guy was a good musician and Bakugou respected talent, but the way he was so nervous last time just pissed him off. Even if it was pretty fun to mess with him. Maybe he could be self-centred sometimes but he was still just a fucking person, people being nervous around him was just annoying.


The limo came to a stop and Kirishima got in. Wow, and I thought he looked good before, that suit really does a lot for him. You're not meant to actually like him dumbass, it doesn't matter .


The redhead sat down stiffly next to him, a stark contrast to the way Bakugou had draped himself across the seats. "Relax" He half-demanded.


"Y-yeah" was all he got as a reply. Looks like I'll be taking the fucking lead with this whole thing then .  He shuffled closer to Kirishima, resting his chin on his shoulder.


"The only people who know about this arrangement are people directly connected to us" he muttered lowly in Kirishima's ear "That doesn't include the rented limo driver or whoever could end up watching this security footage. Almost every second we're around each other we're gonna have to pretend. So get your fucking act together"


Kirishima apparently understood that as he quickly regained his composure, on the outside at least, and brought a hand up to run fingers through Bakugou's hair. Almost instinctively Bakugou leaned against him more, wrapping his arms around the strong torso. He sighed contentedly as Kirishima's arm came to rest across his back. Fuck, this isn't good.


Light flooded his vision as he opened his eyes. Wait when did I close them? "Sorry, we're like 5 minutes away and they told me to wake you up so you don't look tired when we get there"


He looked up at Kirishima groggily for a moment before the words actually set in. "Sorry" He mumbled, leaning back, letting his head fall against the back of the seats.


"What for?" Kirishima looked back and cocked his head in confusion. He reminded Bakugou of a sad puppy and it was undeniably adorable.


"Falling asleep on you, dipshit" There was no malice behind his tone as he playfully slapped Kirishima on the arm.


"Ah right, I didn't mind. I think I almost prefer you when you're not speaking" The redhead looked at him with a smug grin. Confidence really looks good on him.


"I think I almost preferred you when you were scared of me. What the fuck happened to that?"


Kirishima shrugged and replied, "You're not very threatening when you're asleep"


Bakugou pouted in response which just made Kirishima start laughing, and Bakugou may have cracked a smile after a while as well.



  • Kirishima



He wasn't exactly lying about how nervous he was around Bakugou but he also wasn't telling the truth. Though having him fall asleep on him definitely didn't have an adverse effect. But when they pulled up outside the event he felt the nerves building up again. Can I really do this? I totally panicked when I first met Bakugou and there are gonna be loads of celebrities here. Wait I'm a celebrity. But I'm not an actor so I'm not the same kind of celebrity, meeting bands is easy cause we have something in common and pretty recently I'm usually more famous than them. Is it bad that that makes it easier? When did our dumb little band get so big? Will people recognize me here? Will I be expected to have to do any-


"Kirishima, you ready?" His eyes snapped up to meet Bakugou's and it might've been the first time his expression didn't hold a trace of anger.


"Maybe?" He replied with uncertainty, cringing at the way his voice shook. Bakugou crouched in front of him and took his hand "You're gonna be okay, this is nothing, we just have to walk down the red carpet and maybe people might stop me but trust I'm trying my hardest to avoid those fuckers"


Kirishima chuckled slightly and he was maybe a little calmer now. He watched as Bakugou stepped out of the limo and followed after him.



  • Bakugou



He stepped out into the usual bright camera flashes and the swarms of people. Knowing that Kirishima wasn't comfortable right now gave him a good excuse to push past everyone, dragging Kirishima by the arm because taking him by the hand would cause too much commotion. Once they were in a slightly more crowded area he leaned towards Kirishima to whisper "You okay now?" To which the redhead thankfully nodded and Bakugou released the grip on his arm.


As he looked back up ahead he saw a mop of green hair a fair bit away and suddenly he remembered why he was at this thing in the first place.


"Katsuki you're going to a movie premiere for Deku's new film because the press thinks you're friends and likes when you interact"




Why didn't he just pay more attention to things?


"Are you okay?" Kirishima shot back at him and he started walking again. "Fine. See the green-haired little shit up-"


"That's Izuku Midoriya!" Bakugou despised the way Kirishima eyes glistened as he looked at his foe. "Aren't you and him really good friends"


"I've always preferred rivals" He replied coldly and Kirishima almost looked taken aback. "O-okay".


Thankfully they managed to avoid being stopped by anyone as they made their way across the red carpet. Probably due to Bakugou's years of training and they fact that neither of them actually had anything to do with the film. Though soon they inevitably had to pass by Deku and unfortunately that happened right as he got off of an interview.


"Kacchan!" Bakugou glared harshly as the green-haired man started wandering next to him. "Deku" He said back, with far less enthusiasm.


"How have you been? I haven't seen you in ages! Mom says auntie Mitsuki is always complaining about how you're never home" Wow, I'm fucking Deku, I have enough time and money to visit my parents a fuckin ocean away whenever I want. Dickhead.


"Wait are you two related?" Kirishima asked from beside him, his nerves slipping into his tone again. "Fuck no, we just knew each other as kids. Hey Deku, that interviewer wants you, bye" Midoriya pouted and walked over to where a news team had been trying to get his attention.


"He seems nice, why don't you like him?" Kirishima was doing that stupid sad puppy thing again. What was worse was that it was working. He could only hope Kirishima wouldn't figure out the extent of his power over Bakugou.


"Yeah he's nice, that's the problem"


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Once they got into the cinema it was much easier to keep a low profile. Their seats were at the very back and Bakugou switched with Kirishima so that he was in the corner, the redhead obstructing him from view slightly. Someone is gonna fucking kill me for hiding out during this whole thing but fuck it, all they asked me to do was bring this dumbass along, as far as I'm concerned I can do whatever I want from now on. He leant back in his chair, a slight sung grin on his face, which was immediately wiped away when he saw Deku.


Still gonna be a long ass night .


Bakugou would like to have said that the film fucking sucked. In fact he would probably find and tell Deku those exact words if and when given the chance. Well at least he would've liked to. Apparently someone had neglected to mention to him that the film was also directed by his favourite director, Yagi Toshinori. So 1 I don't even get to hate it and 2 Deku got to not only meet our shared favourite director but also worked with him. Great .


"You okay?" Bakugou jumped slightly as Kirishima rested a hand on his shoulder, turning to face him with a concerned expression. They were currently making their way to the after party, in Bakugou's opinion another stupid pointless social event that he didn't want to go to. Apparently he'd gotten lost in thought.


He looked up to meet Kirishima's eyes and the way he looked back at him almost prompted Bakugou to tell him everything he'd just been thinking, but luckily he caught himself before he did. He had to catch himself out again when he almost responded with the usual gruff "fine" he normally answered that question with. Guess this is where the being with Kirishima thing actually has to come into play.


"I'm fine Kiri" He instead responded, nudging him slightly with his elbow, trying his best to smile warmly. It took a second for him to realise what was going on but when he did Kirishima smiled and nodded back at him before lacing their fingers together tentatively. Bakugou squeezed his hand and tried to ignore his heart fluttering at the contact. It's fake.


They soon made their way into a large and far too ornate room, a buffet on one side and a makeshift DJ table on the other. A lot of people were gathered in the middle, all chatting and laughing, and Bakugou felt the familiar pressure in his chest. Calm the fuck down, this is nothing . Subconsciously he curled his arm around Kirishima's, pulling the other closer to him in an attempt to calm his nerves.


Bakugou was a good actor. A good actor with terrible social anxiety, he tried to cover it up, tried to act not anxious and normally it was passable but for Bakugou ever second of it was living hell. Everything just felt too loud, there were too many people, too many people he didn't like, too many people who knew him as nothing more than an cocky asshole. He couldn't deal with that right now.


"Are you sure you're okay?" The hot breath next to his ear caused a shiver to go down his spine, but he was grateful for it snapping him out of his panic slightly. He turned to gaze into red eyes and found himself calming down. Yeah, this is easy, I can just stick with shitty hair, he has enough charisma to get us both through this. I just have to act like his boyfriend. His hand rubbed the side of Kirishima's arm as his other hand played with the hairs on the redheads neck.


"Trust me, I'm fine," He started before crossing the small gap between them to whisper in his ear "Just stay by me" Bakugou hated being vulnerable, and he really tried to make the request sound demanding but he couldn't stop the hint of fear creeping into his tone. Whatever, he could pass it all off as acting later. He paused a second and then gently pressed his lips to Kirishima's cheek as he pulled away again. The soft smile he received in return made him feel safer, calmer.   



  • Kirishima



Every time Bakugou did something Kirishima would have to remind himself that it's all fake. That Bakugou kissing him sweetly on the cheek was just a show for the press, that the soft smiles and looks were just for his own image. Maybe it was just attributed to Bakugou's skill as an actor that made everything feel so real.


He suddenly felt the blond tense beside him, he turned round to see Izuku Midoriya approaching them tentatively. "H-hi Kacchan…" He looked so nervous, unlike before. Kirishima understood why when Bakugou replied.


"Fuck off nerd" Kirishima turned to him with a scolding look on his face. Do I really have a right to scold him? I don't know anything about these guys, it's not like we're actually friends or anything. Wait but I'm meant to know Bakugou do maybe I should keep it up anyway? None of his pondering mattered as Bakugou wasn't looking at him anyway.


His glare was focused on the boy in front of him, nervously scratching the back of his neck, opening and closing his mouth occasionally. "Spit it out dumbass" Bakugou practically spat at him.


"Can I talk to you alone for a moment?" Fear danced across Bakugou's eyes, and now it definitely wasn't acting. He swallowed thickly before nodding and allowing himself to be dragged away.


Kirishima looked around awkwardly for a second before he felt a hand tug at his wrist. "You're coming with me" Bakugou told him as if had been obvious, the same pleading fear in his eyes.


The three of them made their way to a balcony, well out of the way of the main party. Kirishima relaxed into the cool air, he hadn't quite realized how stuffy that party was until now. The second Bakugou was on the balcony he began pacing the length of it, his eyes trained on the ground. Midoriya watched him worriedly for a second before turning to Kirishima, clearly trying to verify who he was and why he had a place in this conversation.


"Kirishima Eijirou, I'm uh, his boyfriend", He offered his hand out towards the green-haired man and it was a nice change of pace when he actually shook it "I'm Izuku Midoriya, our families are really close" Kirishima just nodded, not wanting to be rude by pointing out that he already knew all that.


"Kacchan?" Bakugou stopped suddenly, still refusing to look up, his crimson eyes now hidden by a fringe of blond hair.


"If you're just here to tell me to go home then you can save your breath"


"I know it's hard for you but your mom-"


"I'm already giving them everything I have just to keep them afloat!" Bakugou's head shot up, red eyes glistening with tears as he shouted at his childhood friend.


"I can't afford to go home right now." His voice softened again but the words were still laced with anger as his glare bore into a now guilty looking Izuku "If mom just went back to fucking work I could, but she won't and no one has the guts to tell her."


"Why's it your business anyway?" He wiped away the tears with the back of his hand and his words turned suddenly sharp.


"You don't know what it's like." Izuku cowered back slightly as Bakugou sneered at him "Even if I do visit them we just spend our time in the hospital. Mom's so tired that she can't do anything, so then I'm left, having to take care of both of them." Bakugou flexed his fingers a few times and Kirishima wanted so badly to reach out and stop him before anything bad happened but he was too shocked to move.


"I don't if you've noticed, Izuku, but my life isn't all kushy like yours! All of the stupid scandals and the people just trying to use you, this industry is hell and you got fucking lucky. So don't ever dare try to get involved in this again." Bakugou wasn't much taller than Midoriya but at the moment he towered over him, fists poised at his sides. He had to do something.


Gently and slowly he placed his hand on Bakugou's shoulder. Suddenly the glare was turned on him and he froze for a second, but the gaze softened and Bakugou took a step back from Midoriya, allowing him to rush away.




"Don't ask"


Bakugou sank to the floor, leaning his back against the ornate railings of the balcony and Kirishima sat down next to him.


"You said that this industry is hell?" He asked as Bakugou leant his head back and closed his eyes.


"Yeah it is"




With a sigh Bakugou brought his head forward again and pushed himself so that he was sitting up. "The people fucking suck. Everyone's just in it for themselves or their public image, no one is ever actually like how they seem in interviews or even dumb shit like this. You can't trust anybody. Me included. You're too naïve Kirishima"


"You aren't being yourself now?" Bakugou narrowed his eyes in his direction. Not angrily like he had done with Midoriya, more offended confused.


"I don't know who I am anymore" His face relaxed again, as he stared down solemnly at the floor, pulling one of his knees up to rest the side of his face on.


Kirishima shuffled slightly closer so that their arms were now touching. Bakugou eyed him skeptically.


"What's your name?"


"Kirishima that-" Bakugou rolled his eyes and sighed angrily. But the pleading look Kirishima was giving him made him give in.


"Bakugou Katsuki"


"What's your favourite colour?" Bakugou still looked skeptical. Not that Kirishima really blamed him, even he wasn't really sure where he was going.


But this time Bakugou looked at him for a moment, clearly thinking carefully about his answer. It was kind of adorable.


"... Red"


"What's your favourite film?" He would probably say one of the ones he's been in right? Or maybe that would just be trying to sell his own image for him, or maybe he actually hated films and just did this for the money.


"Baby driver" Kirishima was taken aback by that. Apparently so was Bakugou as he looked away awkwardly after he said it. "Good choice" He murmured, and the hint of a smile crossed Bakugou's face.


"What do you want to do?" The blond's eyebrows furrowed in thought. Maybe I should change the question, is too much up to interpretation?


"I want to make films" Then why don't you? Kirishima wanted to ask. It's not like he didn't have the connections for it. But he could pry into that another time.


"What do you want to do about… what's going on in your life?" Kirishima was really pushing the line with this one. Bakugou looked frustrated for a second before he sighed loudly and answered.


"I want to go home" Bakugou swallowed thickly. I should change the subject, I don't want to make him cry .


"What do you think of crayons?" It was the first thing that came to his head. Bakugou looked at him like he was insane, for a second, then a smirk broke across his face


"Kirishima-" He just nodded, trying to encourage an answer "Fine, I think they suck ass" Bakugou finally answered, now grinning slightly.


"Can I kiss you?"


The grin disappeared and Kirishima thought he made a terrible mistake until Bakugou started leaning in closer. Their lips touched gingerly in a chaste kiss. Their face remained close together even after they pulled away, a smile spread across Bakugou's face as he lifted his hand, running his thumb over Kirishima's lips gently.


But his smile faltered briefly as he whispered


"Don't make me regret trusting you"