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A Golden Lily and A Joestar, Fight Against the Bizarre Fate

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The hot rays of the sun beat down from above as an older looking man waits beside a prop plane that's scheduled to fly him and a few others to Mexico for an important investigation. He sports a greyed flattop and a has a noticeable older complexion. He wears an elderly three-piece suit complete with a tie and a hat. He slammed his cane onto the ground as his old comrade had arrived. While he has much shorter hair and is older than how he looked previously, one could always recognise that large scar on his face. 

Robert E. O. Speedwagon stands before you now! Another familiar face arrives with two of his fellow Hamon monks and greets Speedwagon. He had his long gray hair tied in a ponytail in the back as he bowed slightly. "It's good to see you again, Speedwagon. I understand you're an American Oil tycoon now." He said as Speedwagon bows in greeting and takes off his hat.

"That's a bit exaggerated." Speedwagon smiled. "You look as young as ever Straizo. Hard to believe that we're the same age." It's been 50 years after Jonathan Joestar's death, and much has changed over the years, but a few small things here and there have remained the same. "Hamon energy is life energy, right? Haha, if only Viola was here. You'd be surprised by how she looks. I envy the both of you." Speedwagon says as he motions towards the prop plane. During the course of 50 years, Straizo has become Tonpetty's successor. While Speedwagon has had success building a fortune.

Their investigation to Mexico was made when a Speedwagon Funded exploration team had a huge discovery and contacted Speedwagon almost immediately. When Speedwagon heard the news, he got into contact with Straizo and asked for him to come along. What's more is that it's a secret known only to these select few. When they arrived, the small group entered a mysterious underground cavern. "I tell you Straizo, once you lay eyes on this, I believe, no, I am certain you'll feel a chill. It's frightful enough to even make your disciplined hair stand on end." Speedwagon tells him as they walked deeper into the cavern.

"I find it even worse than the terror we faced fifty years ago when we all battled with Dio." Speedwagon says. Staizo took everything in awe, amazement, and yes, in slight fear. The construction of this cavern wasn't normal. The depictions of these ruins were abnormal, the people in it were abnormal. Where those horns on their heads? Finally, they reach the place where Speedwagon wanted to show them. In a stone column in the centre of the cavern, Straizo was shocked to find multiple Stone Masks, similar to the one that was destroyed many years ago, littering the column and what's even more shocking was the a body encased within it.

Meanwhile, in New York, the year was 1938, a young, a teenage African-American boy by the name of Smokey Brown, was of below average height and medium build, walked down the streets of the concrete jungle just doing his job, just like he always did on days like this. His eyes locked and peeled for any potential targets. He needed to be careful though, the veteran New Yorkers, tend to bite. ...Literally. So it was hard to find a naive sucker. 

That's when spotted someone near a cola vender. "You got to be kidding me! You really never heard of this fine beverage?" The vender asked in pure shock at the idea of someone never hearing about the fresh, tasty drink from coca-cola bottle. "Alright. By your accent, I'd say you're in from England."

A foreigner? That's perfect! Foreigners are new no matter where they've been and they don't know left from right in places like New York. So this one will be more easier than to try and steal from a fellow New Yorker. Smokey thoughts so and he gave a mischievous smirk. He casually walked across the street and headed towards the Englishman as he decided to buy a bottle. 

"No kidding. You're gonna make the big city your home? Well, if you wanna drink, you're gonna have to lay down some shekels." The vendor says to the man. "Cash is the king around here." The Englishman took out his wallet and pulled out a $5 bill when Smokey took the opportunity to strike. In a quick motion, he snatched up the man's wallet and sprinted away as fast as he can. The vendor looked more shocked than the Englishman as he told him, "The nerve of him! You're not gonna let that mook steal your wallet, go after him!"

When Smokey thought he had gotten pretty far, he ducked behind an alleyway and looked over his prize. "What a patsy. That was easy as pie." He said. He was about to check through the guys wallet when he was suddenly grabbed from behind a pair of corrupted policemen. One, a fat, nearly overweighed man. And the other, a slightly tall, medium-built man with a beard. The fat one grabbed Smokey by his shoulder and head, as the two of them had wicked grins.

"Heya Smokey. Looks like I finally caught ya. Red-handed, ya punk." The fat policeman said. Smokey screamed from the top of his lungs as he tried to run away. But the cop had a grip like iron on the boy. "What are you doing on my beach, ya trash!?" The fat policeman asked as his bashed Smokey over the head with his nightstick. Smokey dropped to the ground, coughing to get his breath as his blood spilled under him. The fat policeman grabbed Smokey and slammed him against the wall.

"I'm gonna make sure they lock you up for twenty years." He threatened. Smokey looked up the officer with fear in his eyes as he begged him to just give him a warning and to let him go. "Take it easy. Please, sir. I only pinched a wallet." The fat cop only tightened his grip on the boy's shirt, nearly choking the kid. "I hate bottom feeders like you preying on the public." The fat cop says he grips Smokey's head and gets close to his face. Smokey nearly gagged at out disgusting his breath was. "But see, I'm nice, I'll do you a solid. I'm gonna let you bring me twenty dollars every week, also half of everything you glob." He said.

"Hello!" A voice called out. The three people in the alley turned and saw the same Englishman standing in the entryway, although the couldn't see his face just yet due to his hat, they did see his smile. "Hey, it's the pigeon who got his wallet lifted." The fat cop said as he took out the man's wallet. But instead of giving it back to him like any good officer would, the fatso told him that he was going to keep it due it being...evidence. The man continued to smile as he took off his hat and moved his hair a bit.

"Well now. How should I put this, here is what happened. There actually is no crime since that wallet was a gift, constable." He said to them as he lifted up his head for the sun to shine some light on his face. The young man was 18-years-old. He was tall (195 cm/6'5"), handsome, and was powerfully built, with emerald green eyes. He has short, dark and unkempt hair, parts of his bangs shooting outwards in spikes, apart from which he closely resembles his grandfather.

What he said, not only surprised the officers, but Smokey was shocked beyond belief. For some reason, this six and a half foot giant of an Englishman, was covering for him. The young man put his hat back on and he firmly, but politely told the officers, "So then, sir, would you please return both wallet and boy?"

"What you just say?" The fat policeman asked.

"As I said, it was a gift. He and I are good friends, let him go please." The young man asked again. The officers weren't buying that obvious lie and decided to confront him about it. The fat one tossed Smokey to the ground as they walked towards him, with the fat one picking his nose, "A good friend, eh?" He asked with skepticism as he placed a hand on the young man's shoulder. "Why don't you tell me what your good friend's name is?" While picking his nose, the fat one took out a large booger. The young man took a quick second before making a sound that meant he was taking time to think on it. The fat officer smiled as he knew that he didn't know Smokey at all. "What's the matter, limey? You want to see what a New York pokey is like, huh? Here's a present for ya." He said as he wiped his booger on the young man's cheek.

The two cops were grinning like stupid, little children by the...ugh, unsanitary action. The young man seemed to think so as well as he flick it off of his face. Once he did, he closed his eyes and he calmly asks the cop responsible, "That's curious. Help me understand, why would you do something like that? It's just such an unsavoury thing to do."

The fat policeman shouted, while picked his nose again, "There is no reason! I do what I like, whenever I feel like it, ya fool! But, if when someone wipes a booger on ya face, then it probably means that-!" He never got to finish his sentence as the young man, without warning, punches the overweighted officer in the face! Breaking his nose and made blood spew out! "YOU'VE MADE THE WRONG MOVE, YOU STUPID PIG!!" The Englishman had lost all composure now. And he certainly didn't give a damn!

The fat policeman, now his finger up through his own nostril and two teeth flying out, fall on his back as he screamed and cried in pain. "Gyaaaahhh!!! Take it out. Awww! Take it out!!!" His partner, though was shaking a bit, pulled out his gun and pointed at the young man who punched him. "What?! You're resisting arrest!" The bearded policeman said. The Englishman didn't seem scared at his weapon as he spatted on the ground as he gave the bearded policeman a cocky smirk. "Please, try to shoot me. But I'm warning you right now, before you can pull the trigger, I will have broken your finger like a rotten matchstick!!"

"Not from over there! I'll blow your damned brains out!" The bearded policeman yelled. The moment he began pulling the trigger, Smokey's eyes widened as he watched the scene play out. A golden orange lightening surrounded the cola bottle for a split second as the young man's body started to give off some sort of glow. The liquid inside the bottle began to bubble up from within and, like an erupting volcano, the liquid bursts out! Shooting the bottle cap like a speeding bullet, straight over to snap the cop's finger! "AAAUUGGHH!" The bearded cop screamed as he fell down his knees in pain.

The young man drank his soda as he felt so much better from unleashing his anger out on them. To be fair, they kind of asked for it. If they had just let the kid go when he told them to then he wouldn't have to beat the crap out them. Oh boy if his grandmother finds out about this, she'll.... The young man's eyes widened when he instantly began to think of the horrors of what his grandmother will do to him if she finds out this. He went pale and started freaking out. "Oh!! I gave into my temper again! Crap! I'm in for it! Oh...granny Viola is going to be furious!"

At this point, Smokey had no idea what to even make of this weirdo. One second he was macho-man against a pair of cops then all of a sudden he's shaking in his boots over some old lady? 'He beat down two cops but is scared of his grandma?!' Smokey thought to himself. "I'll just explain! Granny Viola will understand if I explain, won't she?!" He was praying to God if she'll understand! Honestly, the woman's anger was enough to give him nightmares sometimes. Looking back at the young thief and said, "Alright! Mr. Pick-pocket, what say we hightail it on out of here?"

He didn't need to be told twice. Smokey got back up his feet, grab the man's wallet and run away with the young man, leaving the two cops alone. As they ran from the scene, Smokey learned a few things when he was running with this strange man. Apparently, he didn't know exactly how he had launched the bottle cap with such force. He said he could always do things like that. From what Smokey had learned, both of his grandparents have/and still can do the same kind of things. So once she found out what he can do, his grandmother went straight away into trying to teach him...but he'd always find a way to sneak away. His grandfather had died from a young age, and his father, who had died in a war, didn't have any talents like that. His mother was gone too... So, his grandmother was the only family he has left in his life.

"I really owe you big time. You stood up for me by saying you gave your wallet to me, a thief and a black man. Everyone calls me Smokey, and I sure like it if you tell me your name. The man gave Smokey a proud smile and introduced himself to him. "It's Joestar. Joseph Joestar. My friends call me JoJo."

Welcome to Part 2. Battle Tendency.

Back in Mexico, the team was still inside the cavern as Straizo was shocked by the column in front of him. This was unreal! He stared at the body incased in it and asks Speedwagon, "What is this? Who's that a carving of on that pillar?"

"That's not a carving." Speedwagon says to him. "He has amino acids, proteins, and cells. And, though it's faint, he has body heat and a pulse. We are looking at a living man!" Straizo was rendered silence when the oil tycoon laid out this information to him. He felt a few beads of sweat run down his face. "Straizo, understand, who he is. How long he's been there. How he got there in the first place. What the masks are for. None of that matters! We are here for one purpose only! I brought you because of your Hamon ability, so you could use it to utterly destroy him while he slumbers in this stone!" Straizo had gone awfully silent for a moment as he stared at the slumbering man. Then a thought came to him. He slightly turned to Speedwagon and asked him, "And Joseph Joestar?"

"What?" Speedwagon asked in confusion. Why would he bring up Joseph now at such an odd situation? Straizo fully turned to Speedwagon and said, "Joseph Joestar, how is he doing? I heard he has Hamon ability and saved your life once." Speedwagon became even more confused as he spoke. He still didn't understand what he was getting at. "Wh...why bring up JoJo now?"

"As I recall, he was but thirteen years of age at the time. Yes, quite young. Your plane was hijacked by criminals who wanted to hold you for ransom."

That hijack happened five years ago. It was supposed to be a simple flight, but somehow three masked criminals got passed security and took control of the plane and forced the pilot to keep on flying while forcing Speedwagon to go up to the front, hitting him the butt of his gun when he refused. They didn't want to kill him just yet, right now they just wanted to get their hands on a large sum of money. Though it wasn't just them, himself or the pilot. There was one more passenger onboard. He was sitting in the back reading a Superman comic. One the criminals pointed his gun at the thirteen-year-old's head.

"Hey kid! You can't stay back here, ya know?" He said. "Get up front!" Joseph looked up from his comic and at Speedwagon and the others. As if he just realised their situation. However, he remained calm, cool, and collected. He wasn't scared of their guns or their threats. Joseph let out an annoyed sigh as he told his "captor", "You're hijacking the plane and kidnapping Speedwagon, correct? I am only a bystander, this is his problem. I'm just going to read my story, do your business and just leave me out of it." Joseph then just shooed the man away.

Everyone stared shock and, mostly annoyed by the criminals, at the kid's response. Unfortunately, the man didn't take kindly to that and hit Joseph with the butt of his gun and personally dragged him to the front, dropping him in Speedwagon's arms. "Wrong answer, punk! Now move!"

"JoJo!" Speedwagon said, worried for the boy's safety as he held his bleeding mouth and nose. He seemed to be somewhat fine, but when blood fell on his suit...all Hell was beginning to break loose as Joseph felt his anger rising. Speedwagon's eyes widened as he could feel in his bones of something really bad happening. 'Not good! That suit was a gift from Viola, this will set him off for sure! He's got no sense of self-restraint!' Speedwagon thought.

Joseph quickly rose to his feet with a look of pure rage etched on his face. He clearly wasn't thinking rationally at this point. The criminals immediately set their guns on him as Speedwagon tried to calm him down quickly before he does something completely reckless. "Control yourself, JoJo!" However, acting reckless is just the sort of thing you should expect from a Joestar.

"You fellows did know there was the possibility of a crash if you hijack this plane, did you not?!"Joseph asks them. He didn't care for their answer in all honesty as he ran over to the pilot and grabbed his head, and let out a wave of energy that Speedwagon was very familiar with. The brown-eyed man was completely shocked that a young thirteen-year-old boy was even remotely capable of doing something like that. "Is that Hamon?! Oh no!"

Joseph used his Hamon to render the pilot unconscious, and thus leaving the plane to fly without someone operating the controls. The plane swerved in and out of control, nearing towards the ground. Apparently none of the three criminals even know how to fly a plane. Joseph went to one of the seats and tore it up from its hinges. He turned to Speedwagon, who was holding the pilot up, and said, "Here! Get the pilot ready we're going to jump!" Of course Speedwagon thought he was crazy, but he had no other choice but to trust him. Joseph tore up another chair and opened the door. Without a second's hesitation, the two men, plus one pilot, jumped from the plane and used the cushions of the chairs to break their fall and landed on a grassy hill.

They had survived, but the same couldn’t be said for the criminals as the plane flew dangerously low and crashed within the forest a good distance away from them, causing an explosion to erupt and smoke, indicating the crash, flew into the air. Even though he was grateful for being alive, Speedwagon still believed that what Joseph did was absolutely reckless. "Why can't you ever just think things through, JoJo?"

"I do, in fact, a great deal. Mostly about how best to keep you and Granny Viola safe. You two are the only family that I've got." Joseph tells him rather sombrely. He may act reckless and gets into more trouble than any kid at his age, but he genuinely cares and loves his family with all his heart and will protect them with his life. Speedwagon looked at the boy's face and sighed.

"He may have his grandfather's face, but he's far from being a gentleman." Speedwagon said as he finishes his story. "That was the day I discovered that Joseph was able to use Hamon. When we returned to Viola, her reaction was mixed. She didn't know if she should be worried, proud or smack Joseph for not telling her. Regardless, she did her best to train him as much as she could."

"Ms. Viola has been training him, you say? So that would mean that she continues to train herself as well then? Why haven’t you brought her along with us?" Straizo asks.

"Only a little. From what she has told me Joseph often sneaks away from her lessons, but she isn't angry with him. She just wants him to live out his life in peace without this type of possibility happening. I didn't bring her along, or even tell her about this, is because I refuse to cause her any more suffering then she already has. I want her to live a normal life. That's what I want for her."

Straizo then walked past him as he asks, "So, young Joseph inherited the ability to control Hamon from his grandparents, Jonathan and Viola?" Speedwagon closed his eyes and nodded his head. "Yes." He answered. He turned back to the Hamon monk and asked him once more, "But why are you of him now?" Straizo turned around and gave Speedwagon the most intense glare he's ever seem, and before Speedwagon could even blink, the unthinkable happened.

Two of his men, along with Straizo's own students, suddenly dropped to the ground. Dead and landing in a pool of their own blood. Speedwagon staggered back in shock as he shouted, "What the hell!?" Straizo didn't seem to be bothered at all at the deaths that just occurred as he calmly tells Speedwagon, "I just took the lives of all these men. And when you lose your life, Jonathan’s grandson will know grief and anger and hate. He will develop a tremendous hatred for me. Poor Viola has suffered a great deal fifty years and had moved on from her sister's death just recently. For you, no doubt she'll be over wrecked with sorrow, grief, and agony to stop me."

"NO! STRAIZO!!" Speedwagon manages to scream out as the Hamon monk sprinted over and delivered a strong kick to the head, the force behind it was more than enough to split his head wide open. Speedwagon fell to the ground with a look of shock frozen on his face with Straizo standing over him with a cool stare. There was no hesitation, Straizo had killed his comrades as easily as plucking off a fly's wings. Straizo walked up the stone column to do who knows what when he stopped when Speedwagon spoke up. "Straizo... lost your senses..?" He asks.

"I haven’t. In fact my thinking is extremely clear." Straizo tells him with a smile. "I chose Hamon to forge my body into something pure and strong. But as I train, the ageing of my flesh became painfully clear to me. Hamon provides only a small advantage over ordinary people. It cannot guard against the process the ageing. In the battle we fought so many years ago, I secretly admired Dio." Wait he what?! "He was powerful. He was beautiful. He was immoral. I coveted the power granted by the Stone Mask, I didn't care who got in the way." Straizo says as he took one of the masks down.

Speedwagon shot him a glare. How could he do this?! Two of his dearest friends, Baron Zeppeli and Dire, and Jonathan for God's sake died in order to put Dio to an end! And he had admired him for his youthful and powerful stature?! "You're a twisted traitor Straizo..." He said as the man, who he had once called his friend, put on the mask. "You're blood will now bring me immortality. With you gone, the only ones to know of the mask will be Viola and Joseph Joestar. And once I have disposed of them, I shall learn more of the mask than Dio ever could."

Despite his hatred towards him, Speedwagon still tried to give Straizo a warning that the knowledge he seeks could have fatal consequences. But of course, he didn't hear a word of it. Straizo got a handful scoop of Speedwagon's blood and smeared it on the mask. It's tentacles came out and pierced themselves onto Straizo's head. A familiar light shined forth, meaning the transformation was taking place and Straizo was let out a painful scream. Speedwagon watched in silent horror as it went on. "JoJo... Viola..." He managed to say before he slumped down on the ground.

Back in New York, it was already getting late in the evening. Tires screeched to a sudden stop when a taxi driver stepped on the breaks when Joseph was walking in his way. He leaned out of the window and began yelling at the trouble-making Joestar. "Hey you! Why don't you get a clue what you're doing, dumbass! Pull your head out of your butt and see where you are!! Now get the hell out of my way!" Unfortunately for the driver, Joseph didn't take too kindly of his attitude and stomped over and grabbed him, nearly pulling him out of the vehicle. 

Joseph placed his hand over his ear and said, "Hello there! What, didn't hear that?! I can't make it out!" He then put all his attention and the driver and threaten, "Would you mind repeating all that? I like to know what it was you meant to say. In case I have to pound you." The driver looked positively fearful that Joseph threat, but thankfully he was spared when a voice called out his would-be attacker.

"JoJo! What is it you're doing there?" Viola Joestar asks him when she and Smokey arrived in time to see him pull the man out. Joseph's tough demeanour quickly changed to a more panicked one now that his grandmother was here. "Granny Viola!" Joseph gasped. Viola narrowed her eyes at her grandson and repeated herself. Her voice rising a little louder. "I asked you a question, so you better answer me."  Viola wore an elegant dress of green, white and yellow and white strap-on high heels. Despite being 70 years-old, thanks to her Hamon, Viola has maintained the appearance of a woman in her early thirties.

With that scary look in her eyes, Joseph dropped the man and tried to think of a good excuse to avoid certain death. "Uh... Well, you see... This man is...huh?" Joseph looked down and saw that the sign of the car's door. Thinking fast, Joseph turned to his grandmother with a cheerful smile and opened the door for her. "A taxi! This way you don't have to walk so far." Oh, please God, let her believe this! Viola raised an eyebrow at him before giving out a, rather ominous, kind smile. "Thank you, JoJo. You are such a thoughtful boy." She said as she walked towards him as patted his cheek. Giving him a hard pinch before turning to Smokey and kindly said, "Climb in Smokey, we're going for a ride." Viola and Smokey climbed inside the car, while Joseph gave out a deep sigh of relief as he stepped inside as well. He'll live to see another day.

They drove off just as another taxi turned the corner and the passenger gave the driver a smile. "Thanks for the ride. How much do I owe you?" She asked in her smooth Italian accent. The driver didn't turn around, but he was shaking nervously. "I-I think you've given me enough in advance." He said as he rubbed his black eye. "Oh, really? Well, if you say so." The girl said as she stepped out of the car and breath in the air as she took everything in. "So this is New York, huh?" She asked herself. "I don't know how Mr. Speedwagon expects me to find Joseph Joestar in a city like this, but I guess I better get started."

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As the taxi drove through the city, Smokey was granted only a shred of information of the Joestar family. What was once a grand one was now reduced to a grandmother and her grandson. Though, upon first meeting, Smokey was absolutely both shocked and amazed when he found out this young, beautiful, woman with such a voluptuous figure was Joseph's grandmother. However, he dare not ask how she was so young and didn't see what made her terrifying to Joseph. She seemed tough, but Smokey didn't think she was that scary. Over time, he began to learn a bit of their past.

"Granny, really. Speedwagon sent for us and we came all the way to New York simply because he asked. But now we find he's not even here? I think his behaviour is quite rude." Joseph said to his guardian. Viola didn't think so and thought more rationally for why Speedwagon wasn't in the city waiting for them. "I'm sure that the oil business requires much of his time. He probably needed to check over a few things before making his arrival."

Even with that answer, Joseph still thought that was rude, but accepted it nonetheless. Then a thought came to him. Considering how long the three of them knew each other, it might be possible. "Say, granny?" Joseph asked. "Hm?" Viola went as she turned to him. "I'm curious. Is Speedwagon really both yours and grandpa's best friend? Is that all it was?" He asked.

"Just what are you implying, boy?" Viola asked him. Not really liking where this was going. She didn't like that sly smirk on her grandson's face. He leaned in and said, "Well, let's see. He was never married was he? And you are a widow... Well, it leads me to wonder if simple friendship was the only relationship that was going on there." That did it. Viola's eyes turned to daggers, growling at bit. 

"You... Dumbass!!" She, from out of nowhere, pulled out Luck and Pluck and started beating Joseph with its sheath. Smokey duck in cover. Okay! He could kind of see why she can be scary. "AGH!! I'm sorry! I'm sorry, I was wrong!! OW! OW!! Forgive me! I know Speedwagon is loyal!" Joseph cried out to his grandmother. "You should be sorry! No man on this earth will ever amount to be the kind of man Jonathan was!!" From what Smokey had learned so far, the Joestars tended to be short lived. 

Granny Viola lost her husband, who was her entire world, in an accident at sea. She was pregnant with a son at the time. When he grew up, he married a girl who would also survived the wreck. They were JoJo's parents. Later claimed by war and disease. Viola even lost her younger sister, who later married and moved away years ago, through natural causes.

Due to her beautiful and youthful appearance, Viola was approached by a variety of men who wanted to marry her. Of course, she never took any of them seriously. Instead of going out to dinner to take in the consideration, Viola challenge each and every man who came to her to a sword fight. She didn't hold anything back. Needless to say, they all ran away in fear when they thought she was going to kill them. To this day, Viola was still very much in love with her husband and was loyal to him. Smokey thought of Viola as kind and giving woman, even to a punk like him or anybody else. Perhaps, it was because she lived in loneliness and grief.

Joseph was just the same. However, his kindness was what got him into trouble. All thanks to Smokey, or so the young teenager had believed. At a restaurant, the three had just arrived and were about to take a seat when a man beside their table, clearly a mobster, began to insult Smokey. "Hey waiter! Waiter!" He called out. One of the servers ran to the mobster's table and said, "Yes, sir." The mobster gave Smokey the stink eye and asked, "Who decided that stinking animal could be allowed in here!?"

Smokey was beginning to feel really uncomfortable and self-cautious as the man was drawing attention to him. He was getting nervous as the mobster continued on with his hurtful comments. "His smell is ruining my appetite! That kind shouldn't be allowed in a place like this." The waiter didn't want to things to escalate things any further and calmly said, "I understand sir. But there's a policy handed down from management. As long as the check is paid in full, we happily serve anyone."

"What was that?! You happily let beasts like that do their grazing in here?!" The mobster asked in disbelief, and loud enough for the restaurant to hear, as he made Smokey even more uncomfortable and was getting embarrassed by the stares people were sending there way. Smokey decided that the best way to resolve this issue...was to just remove himself from the area. "Guess I'll just be on my way..." Smokey said as he got up to leave but then Joseph grabbed his wrist before he got that chance. Joseph had gotten very pissed and got up from his seat as he gets ready for a fight.

"JoJo." Viola called out. What made Smokey uneasy was how calm she was. He couldn't see her eyes and her voice was firm and strong. "You heard him. Come on. You're not going to tell me to stop, are you?" Viola let out a small "Tch" before saying, "No. People are entitled to their opinions. But this condescending, overweighted, arrogant jackass has given public insult to our friend! Be mindful of the other guests, now, but beat him into the ground!" Viola said as she looked up. Smokey jumped back in fear when he saw fire in her emerald eyes. Across the restaurant, a man watches in interest.

Joseph gave a smirk as he stared the mobster down. "I was hoping you'd say that!" He said as he step up to the playing field. The mobster didn't take Joseph very seriously at all and just laughed at him as he stood up from his chair. Joseph kept his eyes locked on the mobster and took in every last detail. He cracked his knuckles as he said to Joseph, "Well now, boy. Looking to fight?" The mobster reached into his coat's pocket when Joseph suddenly stopped him.

"Let me help! If the brass knuckles are what you're looking for, you are not going to find them inside of your coat." Joseph smiled. "You might want to check your back pocket instead." His words caught the mobster by surprise. The restaurant's other patrons were now engrossed in the fight between the two. Joseph quickly gained their attention when he spoke. The mobster reached behind his back pocket and, sure enough, found his brass knuckles. "Huh? No way!" He said.

"Next you'll say, "You bastard! How could you have possibly known where they were?"." Joseph tells him. "Ya bastard! How could you possibly have known where they were?" The mobster asked him, immediately looking shock when he realised what he had just said. He couldn't believe he had said the very thing Joseph had predicted. Ooh, young Joseph Joestar was just getting started.

"By the visible abrasions that are on your right hand. It's obvious that you do your fighting using brass knuckles." Joseph pointed to the blood stains on the mobsters shirt. "You've no wounds, so the blood on your shirt is not from you. Therefore, you've just come from a fight. Since the blood is one your shirt, and that pink horror of a coat, it was taken off prior to the fight. And then, after you had completed your assault, the knuckles came off and that's when you proceeded to stow them away in your back pocket."

The mobster was really getting annoyed with seeing that cocky smirk on Joseph's face and he really wanted to knock it right off. He growled a bit as he put on his brass knuckles. Even so, Joseph wasn't intimidated at all, this man wasn't that scary as he liked to believe. "For my next glimpse into the future, you will now say, "So what, you little punk?"."

"Yeah, so what you little punk?! And now, you're gonna get it!" The mobster yelled as he punched Joseph across the face, drawing blood. He grinned like a mad man as he punched Joseph happily, feeling proud that he was able to knock his kid's ego down to size. "You like that, huh?! That'll teach you a lesson!"

....... Let's be honest, do you really think an ordinary man like him is capable of laying a hand on a Joestar?

"Sorry, you missed." Yeah, I didn't think so either. "What have you been punching? I wasn't the one you were pummelling so happily." Joseph said. Before the mobster had thrown the first punch, Joseph knew that he was too blinded by anger to really focus on anything else, so he grab the nearest coat rack and used it as a makeshift shield against him. The mobster's hand was damaged as two spikes had pierced through it. "Oh, my God!" He yelled as he fell to his knees, clutching his hand in pain. "I can predict and counter anything your tiny brain is able to come up with, do you understand you simpleton?!"

Seeing that Joseph was the victor of this tussle, the patrons gave the young Joestar a nice round of applause. Guess they hated him too. Smokey was at awe at Joseph's performance. Despite just meeting each other so early morning, he truly felt lucky to have found a friend in Joseph. Then the man that was watching nearby got up from his chair and began walking towards the small group. Joseph, thinking that he wanted to start something, got into a position to fight. But the man quickly dismisses the idea.

"Please. Forgive the behaviour of my underling, madam" He said. So he's part of the mafioso, huh? "You're Viola Joestar, aren't cha?" He said the red-haired woman. Viola narrowed her eyes at him and discreetly moved her hand behind the table and whipped out a knife. "I don't make a habit of giving my name out to mafia scumbags." She said to him. The mafioso nodded his head and apologised again. "Forgive me, madam. I've worked on a lot of business deals with your Mr. Speedwagon, you see. He told me stories about you, and him and me were in London a while back. I'm glad to meet you." He said as he walked in closer.

He may sound friendly, but Joseph and Viola didn't drop their guard for a second. If he so much as do something that'll indicate harming them or Smokey, the both of them will introduce him to the pavement. "I heard a little something through the grapevine. It hasn't made it into the papers yet, but you should know. It seems that Mr. Speedwagon has been murdered."

That bit of information made Viola's heart stopped as she drop her knife and let out an audible gasp of shock. Joseph was just shocked as he cautiously asked the mafioso, " sure?" Naturally, the responds to something like this was to deny it and think that it was mistake. Why would automatically believe that a loved one was dead the first time you hear it? "Rumour is that the cat who did was some sort of Tibetan monk." He told them.

"Some sort of Tibetan monk? Could it be Straizo?" Joseph asked him. "All they're saying is that the bodies was Speedwagon and his team washed up along the riverbanks somewhere in Mexico. It's a genuine mystery, nobody has any idea why there were killed or where the monk might've gone to afterwards." The mafioso explained. Viola laced her hands together and everyone could see that she was visibly shaking. Out of anger? Shock? Grief? Didn't matter which, all they knew was that she was greatly affected by it. 

"Actually...I think I might know. Perhaps it's what Speedwagon had told me a long time ago. He didn't tell me anything much expect that this something that he found involved Dio. And that wretched Stone Mask that changed him." Viola said. This can't be happening again. She can't go through this again! Smokey had been staring at the mafioso with suspicious eyes and warned Joseph, "JoJo, that guy is a mafia man. You can't trust what he tells you. He's trying to pull something!"

The mafioso pulled out a cigarette and said, "Believe whatever you want to, kid." He reached into his pocket to search for his lighter when Joseph suddenly said, "Hold on. Try your breast pocket if you're after your lighter." The mafioso looked surprised by that, but even more so when Joseph grabbed him by his collar and glared at him. "Anyway, thanks for the warning Smokey. But I think I believe what this man is telling us. These fellows are only motivated by money. Clearly, information like that is valuable to his organisation, so I'm inclined to listen to him. However," Joseph yelled out as he gave a mighty punch to the man's stomach. Forcing the wind to be knocked out from his lungs and blood to be coughed out.

"As true as that may be... You don't simply waltz over here and just blur out awful news to Granny Viola." Joseph tells the man. Honestly, have people nowadays have no sense of tact? "Don't you see how badly upset you've made her with this news? You are very thoughtless!" And with that, Joseph gave another solid punch to the man and send him flying, crashing onto a nearby table. Viola buried her face into her hands and couldn't stop shaking. Those horrible memories all came flooding in.

"It was fifty years ago... And still...those events.. haunt us even now!" Viola said, her voice breaking just a bit. Trying to hold it together. Joseph walked over to his grandmother and gently placed his hands on her shoulders. "Don't be frightened. I'm here and I'll protect you." Joseph reminds her. He hated seeing her like this. She had gone through so much and endured great pain, he thought it was a miracle that she stayed sane.

Viola turned to her only remaining family and practically begged him, "You mustn't Joseph! I'm scared for you...I don't want the same evil from half a century to take you away from me." Viola wrapped her arms around her grandson for comfort and reassurance. Viola lost so many people in her life. If she were to lose the child her son and daughter-in-law left behind...she didn't think she could go on.

"I'll be fine, Granny. If this is my fate,  I accept it fully." At the time, Smokey didn't understand what was even going on. But seeing this small and broken family, he knew that they had an unimaginable history.

"Ugh...! I've probably searched half the city looking for this guy and there's been no sign of him. How hard is it to find a guy who's as tall as a giant, built like a mountain, and goes by the name like JoJo?" The Italian 17-year-old said to herself as she laid her head on the table. She spend half the day looking for this JoJo that Speedwagon wanted her to go meet up with him and his grandmother, but she couldn't find them. Right now, she was taking a well deserved break in a cafe. Since her head was resting on the table, she didn't see the two people walking into the cafe and sitting right behind her.

She was just thinking about giving Speedwagon a call and ask for more information about the guy when she overheard the two people speaking behind her. "Hey, Smokey." One said. What caught her attention was his British accent. Then her eyes widened at what this Smokey character called him. "Hm? What's going on, JoJo?" JoJo!? The girl turned around and got a look at her target. A guy called JoJo and had a the body of a mountain, plus emerald-green eyes from what Speedwagon told her... Yeah. She found him. Hm, he wasn't what she had in mind. His Hamon was there, though not that strong yet. He might have the potential though.

"Look at this here. See what they're saying?" Joseph asked as he showed Smokey an article he was reading in a magazine. He couldn't believe it. Was it that possible? Does that really work? Smokey looked at the article with scepticism. "Do you think this is true? Can girl's really make them bigger?!" Joseph asked with great interest and curiosity. "Let's see... 'Go from a Double A cup to a C cup'." The girl behind them struggled to hold in her laughter. Smokey rolled his eyes at the article and laughed. "Ha, right? Just a bunch of snake oil, don't buy into it."

"Come again?" Joseph asked in all seriousness. This guy was pretty funny and the girl let out a laugh this time, catching their attention. "I have to agree with your friend there. That sounds like a scam than anything else, in my opinion. Does those have a cost?" She asked in a smooth Italian accent, which they both picked up. Smokey looked down and indeed saw the price. "A $1.25 a piece." Smokey said. She nodded. "Yup, definitely a scam. They're targeting poor little girls who are insecure about their bust sizes." She then got up and, ever so gracefully, walked over to their table and placed a hand on Joseph's shoulder. Flashing him a rather elegant smile. "Don't believe everything you read and see the first time, okay?" She said. Joseph's eyes widened at the sight of this young woman in front of him.

Beautiful! She was positively beautiful. This girl had long gorgeous blonde silky hair that cascaded over her back like a glorious waterfall down to her wide hips. She had semi-long bangs with one falling between her eyes eyes. Her eyes were a stunning cobalt-blue colour. They were framed by long, elegant lashes. She had creamy, soft looking skin. That's when his eyes drifted lower. Hey, Joseph was a young man after all.

She wore a long white dress that fell to her knees. Wore a white floppy sun hat with a yellow ribbon wrapped around it with three roses decorating it, and wore yellow strap-on low heels.. Even with that dress, Joseph could see she had lovely long legs. It also didn't hide the outline of her ample breasts, her womanly curves, and her shapely backside. 

"Well, I'll leave you two boys to enjoy the rest of your night." She said as she walked out of the cafe. "See you around." Joseph kept his eyes locked onto her the whole time, and Smokey didn't like that glint in his eyes. "JoJo, don't even think about it. I've heard Italian women have dominate personalities." Joseph let out a chuckle as he grinned. "Well, if they're as sexy as that little vixen then I'll have no problem." He said as he got up from his seat. "JoJo, no!"

The girl was turning the corner of the cafe, she stopped in her tracks when she saw a youthful man with long black hair and red eyes walking towards her in her direction. She narrowed her eyes and held her guard up. He may look like a human, but she felt something ominous coming from him. She gave a smile as he stopped in front of her. "Good evening, sir. Lovely night, isn't it?" She asked. The stranger narrowed his eyes at the young woman. Honestly, what's with this act? "You’re awfully calm being all alone at night. And you're so young too, aren't you afraid, Miss...?"

"Lily. Lily Fawn. And no, not at all. Why? Should I be?" She asked, her smile growing wider. "I wonder..." He said as he suddenly lunged at her and swiped his clawed hand in her direction. Lily tossed her hat up in the air as she dodged the attack by performing a backflip, while also kicking him underneath his chin, her foot letting out a familiar energy. 

The man groaned in pain as he felt a stringing pain from that hit. Lily did a few more backflips and caught her hat. He glared at her. "I knew it. The way you were so calm. The way you showed no fear. That precise execution of movement. You've been trained in Hamon, haven't you?"

"Yes, and how I use my Hamon is rather unique. And the way your eyes shined red under the moon, your claws, and the way your skin burns...I'd say you're a vampire, aren't you?" She asked as she put her hat back on. "I wouldn’t have guessed you would do this to yourself. Speedwagon had told me you were friends, Straizo." As if things couldn’t get even more interesting, Joseph walked out of the cafe looking for her. "Oh Miss. Italy, I-." He stopped mid-sentence when he saw the scene. Based on how they're positioned, it looked like they had just stared fighting. But Joseph knew this wasn't just some tussle. He felt an odd familiarity with the stranger. Lily tried to warn Joseph, but he beat her to it.

"I say, you look rather familiar to me. Yet somehow different." Joseph said as he walked a bit closer the newly vampiric man. Lily carefully moved till she was close to Joseph. He wasn't skilled enough yet, and she felt that he could be killed. If this guy tried anything, she'll knock his head off. "Please tell me. Have we possibly met somewhere before? And, why isn't your breath visible, it's so cold tonight. And if my eyes aren't deceiving me, I think I caught a glimpse of fangs in your mouth just now. Was I seeing things?" Joseph asked.

He and Straizo had a silent battle as they stare each other down. Joseph was getting annoyed and said, "Don't trifle with me, I warn you." The man gave a smirk and revealed his fangs to the two teens. "Even if it is in plain sight on this city street, JoJo, I'll take yours and this girl's life long before you ever become a danger." Straizo vowed. As Lily was about to charge at Straizo, Joseph stopped her by placing his arm in front of her. "Or perhaps not." Joseph said as he pulls out a Tommy-Gun, out of freaking nowhere and promptly proceeds to blasts Straizo through the cafe window. Shooting up the entire cafe. The other patrons had quickly dropped down for cover when the gunshots blew through the glass.

Smokey was just too stunned to even move as he ducked in cover and stared at Joseph like the mad man he apparently was. 'I knew the man was crazy... BUT NOT THAT CRAZY!! Right out on public? Incredible!! WHERE'D HE EVEN GET THE TOMMY-GUN!?!? WHY SHOOT UP THE WHOLE CITY?!?!' Smokey screamed in his thoughts as Joseph let out a yell as he continued to gun Straizo down. Right until the last bullet was fired. Lily looked inside to view Straizo's body before turning to Joseph. Gasping slightly when she saw the tears flowing down his eyes. "Yes, I was awaiting you, Straizo. That was on behalf of Speedwagon. But I don’t think you’ll go down so easily. Our war has begun!!"

Chapter Text

After gunning Straizo down with his Tommy-Gun, Joseph wiped away his tears before he shot a glare at Straizo's body and gave him an ultimatum. "Straizo! I'm going to give you a choice on how you want to meet your demise! Will it be plain old sunlight or Hamon! Or I could smash in your brains, how would you feel about that?!" He shouted as he entered through the shattered window. The people who had all managed to survive his rapid fire were, understandably, panicking and screaming. Saying that Joseph was planning to kill all of them.

Lily jumped through the window right after him and gave a whistle at the place. "Mamma mia, what a mess you've made here." She said. Smokey came out of his hiding spot and immediately began shouting at Joseph's sudden violent gunfire on, in his eyes, some random guy and shooting up the entire cafe. "JoJo, what you...?" Smokey began to say as Joseph walked towards a table and picked up a coffee cup. "Did you lose your mind? Just look at what you done!" Smokey turns to the girl beside him, who was treating this a normal as Joseph was, and asked, "Lady, did not see what this guy had done?!" Before Joseph took even take a sip of the coffee, the cup fell off, leaving Joseph to hold just the handle. Joseph sighed as he gazed over at the cafe.

"Yeah, I know. It'll take a small fortune to fix everything in this place." Joseph said. Lily just shook her head and reassured him, "I'm sure they have enough to cover for this place, beside it definitely needed the remodelling. That wallpaper was hideous." Smokey was in shock at these two. Were they both insane?! That wasn't even the main issue at this very moment!! "Not that! You just shot a person!"

"Person?" Joseph scoffed at that. "You mean Straizo?" He bent down to pick up one of the bullets. He noticed that all of them have strange dents on them, they were completely wrapped. Glaring her eyes at Straizo, Lily took off her hat and handed it to Smokey. "Listen, you strike me as a good kid, so you best get your butt out of here, now." She tells him. Smokey looks at her in confusion as Joseph said, "That thing that I shot? I can only hope that he was a person, and if he was, I'll happily go to jail without thinking twice about it."

Smokey was getting even more confused by the second. "Wha..? I don..! What else would he be?" He sputtered out. Smokey let out a yell as Lily suddenly held him up by the back of his shirt and jacket, and proceeded to carry him out. "Hey, what are you doing?!" Smokey asked. "Keeping you from dying, that's what!" Lily tells him as she carefully tosses the young teenager outside the cafe while Joseph walks over to shut up a pair of screaming, crying girls. "Can we please stop the crying, I'm trying to think here!" He said as he grab hold of one of the girls' shoulder and had her look at him. "If you don't calm down, I may have to make out with you."

"Oi dipstick! Quit flirting and focus, he's not dead yet." Lily told Joseph as Straizo, as expected, recovers from Joseph's attack and lifted himself from the floor. Seeing a man, apparently, rise from the dead, caused everyone to scream and jump out of the broken window. Leaving the three remaining occupants alone. Straizo glares at the two Hamon users as he digs into his right leg and removes a bullet. 

He then tightens his body around and all the bullets burrowed inside were blasted out. "Dio's failure was in his infatuation with his own power. He just couldn't resist constantly pushing his own limits. He stretched himself thin, allowing Jonathan to strike him." Straizo said. Giving a smirk, he continued. "But I have a different philosophy. I figure I'll have plenty of time to reflect on the extent of my powers after you're destroyed alongside that girl as to not leave any lose ends. There will no mercy for either of you. I thought it would be appropriate to open up with a technique that Dio used to kill Jonathan."

Joseph glared at him and pointed his gun at him, planning to shoot him again. However, when he pulled the trigger, he found it to be completely empty. Lily rolled her eyes at him as she charges at Straizo. The vampire was slightly taken off guard by her speed and knocked back by a solid punch to the face. Lily threw her punches as quick and precise as a skilled boxer would do, her Hamon was practically glowing off her body with every strike. Lily grabs Straizo by the shoulders and knees him in the stomach. She then spins around and elbows them in the stomach. Lily jumps back as she gathers her Hamon energy. Once she was powered up, she had planned to reduce Straizo to ash, but the vampire won't give her that chance.

"You're attacks will fail. However, I can fire high pressured essence from my eyes. Look deeply into my Space Ripper Stingy Eyes!" Straizo shouted as he fires the same high pressurised blood laser eye attack at the girl. "The hell!?" "Watch out!" Joseph and Lily shouted at the same time as the young Joestar grabbed Lily and pushed her away behind him just as the attacks shot through his head and throat. "JoJo!!" Smokey shouted. "Joestar!" Lily cried out. Straizo let out a "Hmph" as he took a step back. "That was two easy. Now the only ones left are Viola Joestar and you, Ms. Fawn." He said as he began walking towards her. "You bastard..." Lily hissed.

"Having you two be disposed of, that should be-." "I know what you'll say next."

"About as easy as taking candy from a baby." Two completely different voices said at the exact same time. Straizo snapped his head towards the voices owner and was even more in shock to find Joseph Standing there. Alive! He stood there with a smirk on his face. "Hmm. Next thing you say is, "How could he possibly be alive with that hole in his head?" Am I right?" Joseph asked him.

" could he possibly be alive with that hole in his head?" Straizo asked himself. He shot at him point blank! How could he have survived such a fatal blow?! Joseph's smirk widened as he began to explain. "Too much time meditating out in the Tibetan boonies has dulled your senses. That's why I like the city. It keeps you sharp, you wouldn't be so confused right now if you had just been a bit more observant." Joseph then pointed to the clock above him and said, "Alright, here's a hint. You wouldn't happened to have the time, would you?" The clock above him was backwards..?! No...that wasn't it. A mirror? Lily's eyes widened in awe at this guy's tricks. Had he planned all of this in advanced? 

"I've heard the story about Dio taken down my grandfather by firing some sort of blast from his eyes." Joseph said. "A mirror!" Straizo turned around quickly to see the real Joseph coming at him with the Tommy-Gun, holding it like a bat. "Look who finally noticed!" Joseph swung his gun to bash in Straizo's head. "I also heard that you may be several allergic to Hamon just as much as you are to sunlight!" Joseph slammed Straizo against the mirror, shattering it and charged up his Hamon. "Batter up! Here comes the pitch!" He grab ahold of the barrel of the gun and his Hamon transferred over to Straizo! "His Hamon's stronger than I thought!" Lily exclaimed. Filling his entire body with it. "That's out of here!!" Joseph yelled as he threw Straizo against the back wall.

"So, I hear that Hamon does a pretty good job of melting vampire faces. Let's have a look here." Joseph said as he walked over to Straizo's body. He bent down to removed the scarf that Straizo wore around his neck and was shock to see that he remained perfectly intact. He wasn't melted, or singed or anything. Joseph's eyes widened when Straizo stood back up and, almost immediately, fired the Space Ripper Stingy Eyes again! Only this time, when Joseph dodged it, it grazed his neck. Joseph rolled away from him as he wondered why his Hamon hadn't done anything. "He's...he's unharmed. It's as though I never even touched him at all! Could it be possible that Granny was wrong?"

"Not at all. Your granny was not wrong because I can see that you would grow into quite a worthy foe if I didn't have to kill you now." Straizo said. "Here's a secret before you die." He lifted a part of his scarf and held it up to Joseph. "There is an insect deep in Southeast Asia called the Satiporoja Beetle. 30,000 of their tiny stomachs have been dried out and then woven into this scarf. Their bodies conduct Hamon far better than a human body, thus dispersing the charge. It's similar to an electrical ground. I have inherited 4,000 years worth of history and research in the art of Hamon. Unlike Dio, I have studied the craft. I am a master of its strengths and flaws in all forms of combat."

Joseph walked along the wall, keeping his eyes locked onto Straizo. His smirk reappeared as he said, "Wow, that's quite impressive. No, really! It is. But did you think I'd completely rely on a gimmick like Hamon all of the time?" Straizo narrowed his eyes on the young man. He wonders where he was getting at. Joseph's smirk widened as he pulled a string that was tied around his finger. "I'm also very fast!!" He shouted as he plucked out the safety pin off of a grenade that he stuck onto his scarf. "What the-?! How did you pin that grenade on my scarf?!" Straizo shouted.

Joesph didn't waste any time in making a dash towards the window. "Come with me, little lady!" Joseph said as he scooped up Lily and hauled her over his shoulder. "H-HEY!!" She cried out. Just as Joseph jumped up, Straizo knocks the grenade off of him. "Child's play!" He said. "Sure! But I still was able to pull one over on you, wasn't I? And you should take a look at the grenade you just knocked away." Joseph said to him.

Straizo looked over and was shocked to find several wires attached to the grenade he tossed away. Straizo turns his head and finds a multitude of grenades on the back of his scarf. When and how the hell he did that? Lily took notice of this and yelled, "How the hell did you do all this?!" As she and Joseph jumps out of the cafe. "You son of a B-!" Straizo screams as he was blown to bits. Everyone outside duck in cover while Joseph and Lily duck right below the window. After the blast subsided, Joseph looked up and sigh in relief. "Well... That was a close one."

"Let go!" Lily said as wrest herself from Joseph's grip and stares at him. She places her hands on her hips as she gives him an uncertain look. "I can't tell if you're a lucky idiot or a clever strategist." Joseph grins happily, thinking this was a lucky chance to get with her, and stands up to look cool. "You're welcome to think anything you like about me. I know you're impressed by how I handle it, right?" Lily narrows her eyes. Definitely, an idiot.

"You seriously think that explosion was enough to kill a vampire like him? Look, stay here while I reduce him to ash." Lily tells him as she proceeds to climb through the window. Joseph grabs her arm and asks, "Hold on, what do you mean? The amount of grenades I placed on him should've put him down." Lily let out an angered sigh. "Always examine your opponents and think like them. Take a look." She said as she pointed inside. Joseph followed in the direction and his eyes widened. "Wha...what the hell is he?" Smokey walked up and saw for himself. His face paled and was already panicking.

Lily glanced at the young teen and sternly said, "Kid, what are you still doing here!? Run!" She tried to enter back inside but Joseph pulled her back to him.

"It's too late for that now!" Smokey shouted and brought his hands out for a prayer. "Please, God, I promise I won't ever do anything bad again!! No stealing, no lying, I swear it! Please, just save me!" As he shouted this, Joseph and Lily were silently watching Straizo's disembodied parts putting themselves back together. All of his organs, bones, disembodied limbs were reattaching and repairing themselves. "He's... He's a monster." Smokey said. He turned to the two older teens and said, hopefully, "You guys probably kill monsters all the time. You know what to do, right? JoJo?"

"Sure. Of course, I do." Joseph said in all seriousness. Smokey, for one, looked somewhat more relieved, while Lily looked at him with curiosity. She wondered what kind of plan he had this time. "Great! I know you would!" Smokey said. "Yup. I have a secret weapon for situations such as this." Lily got out of his hold and looked up at him. "Really..? A secret weapon? What kind is it?" Has he developed his Hamon more than I originally thought? She mused to herself. Maybe she shouldn't have underestimated him. "Why, isn't obvious? Look at his legs, you two! I've basically blew them to smithereens and they still haven't fully healed yet. That's our ticket then!

"What do his legs have to do with your weapon?" Smokey asked. What is this secret weapon of Joseph's? What was he had in mind in taking down Straizo? The anticipation is killing them!! "My legs are in great shape."

"So what are you gonna do then?" Smokey asked once more. Lily was getting antsy too. What kind of plan is he thinking about? They soon got their answer when Joseph grabbed Lily's wrist and began running like Hell! "Run away as fast as I can! Make way!" Joseph yells as he begins to flee. Lily was gobsmacked and now all her thoughts and opinions for this one man has jumbled up in one big mess. But at least she knows she was right about one thing. She felt her blood boil as she shouts, "YOU IDIOT!!"

"This guy's insane!" Smokey yells as he started running after Joseph. Inside the cafe, Straizo leaped through the hole through the celling and escaped. Joseph looked back at the cafe and thought to himself, 'Come on. Follow me, Straizo!' In reality, though he did ran away to get out of there, he also did it to keep others from getting involved in this mess. This way, they can take their fight somewhere without risking anyone else's life. This was the true power of Joseph's secret weapon. "Hey, wait up! JoJo!!" Smokey called out.

Straizo hides himself with the darker part of the building as he glares at Joseph's way. "I will make him pay dearly for that. Even though I'm immortal, it'll take some time to regenerate after what he did to me. From below him, he heard a camera flash and looked at the source. A young woman, a reporter, was close to where he was. An idea came to him. "This is a perfect scoop. The papers will be falling all over themselves. This is my chance to break into big time journalism." She said. Giving she was so distracted, Straizo made his move. He took a piece of the building and, with 235kg of pressure, crushed it between his fingers.

The sudden noise had caught the woman's attention and snapped her head up to see what it was. But whatever was up there had now vanished. Still the woman had an eerie feeling. Like she really shouldn't be here right now. The she heard a loud noise from behind her. A chill run up her spine. She slowly turned around and everything went into a blur. Eventually, after all that running Joseph and the others had finally stopped and found themselves a bridge. "We should be safe by now. Right?" Smokey asks, out of breath. Soon, Lily and Joseph caught the sound of something close by.

"I'm afraid not, Smokey. Do you hear that?" Joseph asked him. Once he finally caught his breath, Smokey stood up straight and said, "Do I hear what, JoJo? Only thing I hear is the river." Lily took a step forward. "No, it's not that. Look!!" She said as she pointed upwards. Standing near the top, Straizo glares at the young Joestar and has taken the female reporter hostage. Straizo places his two fingers into her mouth as she lets out muffle screams. "AAH! He followed us here!" Smokey shouts out. "Run, JoJo! Run!" Oh, but the hot-headed Joestar did no such thing.

"I would not do that if I were you." Straizo tells them. "Run away and I'll kill her right here. But come up and meet me, and I will let her go." Lily glared daggers at him. She had enough of his arrogant attitude and was about to step up when Joseph said something that left her shocked. "What sort of threat is that? I don't even know who that woman is, you moron!" He shouted. Lily growled and smacked him upside the head. "You're the moron here!" She yelled. "JoJo, let's run!" Smokey shouted.

"Whether you know this woman or not is inconsequential. If you flee now, I'll know just what sort of man you are. Rather than pursue, I can use this time heal myself, for a true coward would not seek revenge for Speedwagon. However, if you were to come up here after a girl you don't even know, then I'll see that both courageous and powerful." Straizo says as shoved his fingers deep into the woman's mouth, gripping one of her teeth. "Which means that you'll present a real threat and continue to pursue me into the future, and that I would, therefore, have to eliminate you here and now! I'll kill her regardless! Fight me or run! Decide!!"

Joseph stared intently at the once Hamon monk as few beads of sweat ran down his face. "Bah, Go ahead and do what you think need to do, Straizo. I wouldn’t fight for that floozie, even if I was married to her." Joseph said, throwing his hand up in a nonchalant attitude. "Are you certain that this is the type of game you wish to play? It would be so easy to tear through her neck and open up her chest cavity with just two fingers." Lily had enough of the both of them and tells Joseph, "Screw you." And jumped up to go and face Straizo herself. She didn't care if he was bluffing or not, Lily couldn't risk anything if an innocent life was in danger. Joseph was rather shock by that threat. He looked up and tried to stop, giving a nervous smile. "Come on, a true master of Tibetan Hamon would never do such a thing. Such gratuitous cruelty would be unseemly."

"You can't be serious!! He's not a human anymore, he's a monster that could easily kill that woman!" Lily shouts at him as a horrible crack was heard along with a short shriek from the woman. Straizo removed his fingers and tossed it down to their feet. The sound echoing through the night. Straizo had forcibly removed one of her teeth with his bare hand. The woman let out a scream as Joseph stood there, shocked that Straizo would something as cruel and malicious as that. "That... That was tooth! He just ripped it right out of her mouth!" Smokey said.

"Just as despicable! This bastard has no conscience." Joseph said as he felt his blood boil. "Consider that your last warning." Straizo tells him. Joseph clenched his hand tight and he grit his teeth so hard, he could easily bite through glass. "You demonic freak..." He growled. "Realse her, Straizo!! You'll pay for that!" Lily wasted no time in sprinting towards as Joseph tore off his jacket and shirt, leaving in just his tank top. Lily rushed in with a flurry of punches his way, while also trying to avoid hitting the woman. Straizo dodged her attacks and tossed the woman towards her. Lily let out a gasp and went to catch her. Joseph jumped and met her halfway as he shouts at Straizo. "You're a vile inhuman abomination!!"

"Your act of playing it calm, belied the fire that we see in you now." Straizo said simply. "Let's skip the pretty speeches! Now you're mine!!" Joseph shouted. Straizo let out a growl as he shot the Space Ripper Stingy Eyes right at Joseph again, aiming for his forehead and neck. "Joestar!" Lily shouted. "Oh no!" Joseph yelled. Then he pulled out two shot glasses from his pocket and held them in place. "Fool me once, then shame on me. But unfortunately for you, Straizo, you'll never be able to fool me twice! Hamon!!" Just as the blast was nearing his forehead, Joseph had managed to reflect it back at him! Shooting him right above his left eye! This time, Lily was impressed. She still couldn’t figure him out, but she was impressed. Though the second blast did pierced through his shoulder.

"Now you'll say, "That's impossible!"." Joseph said. "That's impossible..." Straizo coughs out as he falls back. "I deflected your shot with a little Hamon shot glass. I was pretty sure you'd go for my forehead again. Predictability can be quite a fatal flaw." Straizo refused to go down so easily and got back on his feet. He charges at Joseph and leaps into the air to attack him from above. But he was brought back down and Lily jumped over Joseph and hit him with an Hamon-filled axe kick. She turned to Joseph with a smirk on her face, to which he returned.

Lily rushed over and delivered ten blows to Straizo's stomach before launching him into the air with high kick. Joseph and Lily stood side by side as they charged their Hamon attack. "Give my best to Speedwagon...IN HELL!" Joseph yells as he and Lily mortally wounds Straizo with a Hamon-filled punch and that send him flying off the bridge. "Granny should be able to sleep well tonight finally." Before Straizo could fall down to the cold waters below, Joseph grabs his hand. Leaving the former human confused. "Why would you try to save me from falling? Aren't you frighten that I still possess enough power in me to blow your arm clean off?" Straizo asks.

"I like to see you try that. I'll just pummel you into fertiliser with my remaining arm. At the very least, I can trust Ms. Fawn here to make sure that doesn't happen." Joseph said. "I want some answers Straizo. Tell me, why did you throw Speedwagon's body into the river?" What? Lily turned to Joseph with a confused look before turning her attention back to Straizo. "Something here just doesn't add up."

Straizo's eyes slightly widened. For a brief moment, Straizo thought that he was holding onto him instead of Joseph. He should’ve figured as much. In some ways they're a lot alike. "Joseph, your grandfather, Jonathan's blood flows through you. From the outside, you appear to be opposites, but you're both insatiably curious. And now it is my pleasure to warn you that your nature has trapped you in a fate you cannot hope to escape." Straizo tells him.

Joseph tensed up a bit. What the Hell was he talking about? What fate? "What are you talking about?" He asked. "Soon you shall learn of him. Of the Pillar Man, and then you shall finally come face-to-face with him." Straizo said. Lily's eyes widened as her whole body tensed up. "The Pillar Man..?" She whispered to herself. Joseph was getting tried of Straizo being cryptic and thought about just dropping him right now. "Oh shut up, I'm done decoding your rubbish, Straizo!"

"But I threw the bodies into the river because of him, don't you see, fool?" Strazio continued. "The pillars sucked deeply of the blood from those bodies in the cave. It was like a plant ravenously drawing in nutrients. It was ghastly! So I dragged the bodies outside, but I had no doubts now that he will soon awaken from his 2,000 year slumber." Lily bent down, with a look of anger and shock, and desperately asked, "You said the Pillar Man, right? Where is he now?! Are they any more of them?!" Straizo didn't answer her. Instead, he did a familiar intake of breath as a soft ringing sound broke through. That's right... Straizo was a Hamon User. that he was a vampire...that means...

"Not to worry. It is fated that you shall meet him very soon. And when that time comes, you shall learn his identity and the true meaning of evolution! You're destiny handed has already been written...!" Beams of light was bursting through Straizo's body as it begins to crack under its radiance. The light of the Hamon he has contained has finally been released. He was creating Hamon from within his body this whole time. "There is nothing I regret, Joseph. All this time I planned on entering Hell while still vibrant and filled with energy, not as some withered desiccated corpse. I cannot tell you the ecstasy I have felt in being young again."

"Straizo, wait. Not yet! I need to know more!" Joseph shouted. The arm he was holding onto broke off and Straizo fell down towards the raging waters. "Farewell to you, JoJo!" His final words the young Joestar as his body was reduced to ash. Leaving Joseph to scream out in rage.


Chapter Text

1938. The second world war rages. Threatening to engulf more nations around the globe with each passing day. As the German army grows, it seeks to conquer the world with technology and weapons that stand at the cutting edge of science. However, they also research astrology, sorcery, alchemy and psychic powers. They seek to gain advantages through every manner imaginable in their quest for global domination. And it was through this tenacity that one of their spy networks in Mexico caught wind of Straizo's actions and into the ears of Major Rudol von Stroheim.

"Major von Stroheim!" A german soldier called out as he entered a room where his Major was mocking his servants. "The old man found on the bank of the Rio Da da, he is now awake Major von Stroheim. Shall we interrogate, sir?" In the base's infirmary, Speedwagon finally regains consciousness. Alive, but confused. He had no idea that he's being held captive.

Back in New York, the sun had finally risen over the grand city. Joseph and Lily had gotten the woman to safety by bringing her down to the ground. As Lily was checking her over for anymore injuries, Joseph had chosen this to be an appropriate time to flirt. "Are you alright miss? Can you tell me your name? Allow me to escort you home." He said. The woman jumped to her feet and sucker punched Joseph right in the face. "Why in the hell did you do that?!" Joseph shouted. He helped save her life and this is the thanks he gets!?

"You got some nerve calling me a floozie, you big brute! Just who do you think you are, huh?!" The woman shouted at him. Joseph looked, surprisingly, confused and didn't seem to remember calling her by that title. How convenient. "What? I never said that." Joseph said. "No. You did. You said that you would never fight for a floozie like her." Smokey said. He should know, he was right there when he said it. "Really?" Joseph said as he rubbed the back of his head nervously as he tried to apologise. "Wow, I didn't mean it. I'm really sorry about that, it just happened kinda." Smokey and Lily gave each other looks of scepticism. Yeah...right.

At the exact same time, both Lily and the woman gave a hard kick to Joseph's legs. Joseph let out a cry of pain as he crouched down and nursed his poor legs. "Asina (Jackass)..." Lily muttered. "Yeah, I'm sure it just happens every time you talk about a woman." The reporter said. Joseph hissed in pain as he stared at the reporter. "Your mouth okay?" He asked. The woman seemed to only now realise her lost tooth and screamed out loud. Joseph let out a sigh as he stood up. "Looks like the adrenaline from her fear just wore off."

"I wouldn't worry about that tooth, honey. After all you have so many cavities in your mouth, that it'd be lucky if the tooth had removed a few. Also the bleeding should stop soon, so you'll be fine." Lily told the reporter. She then turned to Joseph and said, "Now then, I think it's time we took a trip to Mexico. I have to get more information about the Pillar Man Straizo was talking about, and you have a role in this too." Lily offered her hand to Joseph and gave a rather friendly smile. "My name's Lily Fawn. Pleasure to meet you." Joseph stared at her for a brief moment before giving a smile and shaking her hand. "Joseph Joestar. All my friends call me JoJo."

Meanwhile in Mexico, Speedwagon had come to grips of his predicament and found himself in a full-body straitjacket. He was glad he wasn't dead yet, but he didn't care for the idea of being held hostage. He shifted his eyes to see Stroheim. A tall, well-built man of masculine facial features. Blue-eyed and has blonde hair that involves a short flat-top and a length at his neck. He wears a range of official Nazi military attire. "How are you feeling, Speedwagon? There's a saying in Europe that comes to mind. "The village in which the elderly kill each other is not long for this world." You have a secret. A secret that is very dangerous and could kill us all."

Stroheim walked over to a panel and pressed a button which activates the metal blinds to open in the infirmary. Stroheim turned back to Speedwagon and stared at him intently. "I want answers now!" He shouted as he pointed at what was present behind him. Speedwagon's eyes widened as he let out a gasp at what he was seeing. He couldn't believe that they had somehow brought with them. The Pillar Man. Somehow, they had excavated him from the cave and brought him here. But for what reason?

"There appears to be a man trapped inside this pillar. We extracted from the location we got from you." Stroheim explained to him. Speedwagon couldn't believe this was actually happening. He shut his eyes and began to curse his luck. "Why God!? Why do this to me?! Why couldn't you have just let me die back there?! Why did you make me live?!" He shouted up the Heavens. "It wasn't God. At least, not your God. I was the one who made you live." Stroheim said to him as he snapped his fingers. "But I can change that." One of the doctors came in with a cart that held a single syringe that held a very suspicious purple liquid. Speedwagon's eyes widened even more as he knew full well what that was.

"You are stubborn, old man. I'm smart enough to know that torture alone would not give us what we want out of you. I also know that you were penniless when you first got to Texas. You were nearly dead in the desert when you found the oil fields that would soon cause a massive overhaul as the world's economy." Stroheim tells him. "Get ready!! GERMAN MEDICINE IS THE GREATEST THING IN THE WORLD, DON'T YOU THINK? WE CAN DO ANYTHING!"

"A truth serum? For what? What more could you possibly want from me!?" Speedwagon shouts out at his captor. Wondering to know why he was going to be injected with a truth serum if Stroheim already has the Pillar Man, as stupid as that already is, on hold. "Everything!" Stroheim responds. "I want to know it all! Give me a history lesson, tell me about Straizo and about this Joestar! Tells us so we could finally awaken the Pillar Man!"

"NO! No, you can't!! You don't know the forces you're playing with! He's powerful enough to destroy us all!!" Speedwagon shouted at him. He tried to beg him not to make any further actions lest they'll all be killed by this thing! They had no idea of the horror they were planning to unleash into the world. But Stroheim disregards Speedwagon's warning and turns to his other soldiers. "Make the necessary preparations for the blood feeding experiment and don't screw everything up." He says.

Eventually, they left Speedwagon alone and Stroheim, with a few of his soldiers, went down to a different location. Where a giant cage was holding a group of Mexicans prisoners all begging to be released and go home. "I have a proposal for you. Go ahead and chose someone from among yourselves." This upsets and terrifies the prisoners, even more so when Stroheim continued. "We need blood for a very important historic experiment. Once you've all agreed on who will be the one to sacrifice his life, we will grant the rest of you your freedom immediately." Everyone was left speechless after that. Hesitating to go through with it. It sounded too good to be true. But could they really sacrifice one person in oder to save the rest of them. Unfortunately, they didn't have to choose. A young boy, who couldn't be older then twelve-years-old spoke up.

"Me! I volunteer for it!" The boy said with no hesitation. This genuinely surprised Stroheim. He needed someone to be used as nutrients for the Pillar Man, but he didn't expect a child to speak up and sacrifice himself like this. "If I do your experiment, you promise that you'll let everyone else go, right?!" The boy said to him. He held no fear or hesitation. he was willing to give his life for the others. Stroheim liked this boy's courageous and selfless nature, and it had greatly earn his respect for the boy. 

Stroheim gave the boy to smile and said, "You are quite brave. Courage like yours is a thing that must be cultivated like a lush garden." He walked up to the boy and placed a hand on his back. "Here, we allow only the fit to live." Strohiem turned back to his men and ordered. "Set the boy aside, and execute everyone else." His orders horrifies the prisoners and caused the lot of them to scream out of fear. Two of the soldiers took the boy out of the cage and set him free, leaving the rest of his fellow villagers to die.

Meanwhile, out in the desert, Joseph hangs on for dear life as Lily drove them in a speeding pace towards the way to Mexico on her motorcycle. Of course, Lily took the reins immediately and has been driving fast the whole way. Combined speed with reckless turns and Joseph was sure he was going to fall at any given point. As they were making their way through, they were unaware of a strange individual following them.

"H-Hey! Lily?!" Joseph asks as he held on as they drove down a small drop. "Yeah, what is it?" She said, not taking her eyes off the road. "I've been wondering something. How do you know about Speedwagon, and why did you say that you were sent out to find me?" Joseph asked. Lily gazed at him for a moment before giving a small smile. 

"Mr. Speedwagon and I met some time ago by chance, and when he discovered my talent in Hamon, he told me about you and the story of how your grandparents fought against Dio. Before all this happened, I was told by Speedwagon to go and meet with you and Ms. Viola while he handled some business." She said. "I'll admit, part of the reason why I chose to go was because I wanted to see how tough you are. And because Speedwagon thought I could teach you more about how to use your Hamon properly."

"So he sent be my teacher..?"

"In a sense." Lily told him. "You clearly weren't anything I was expecting. I couldn't tell if your were a lucky idiot or an ingenious strategist, but I was impressed by your skills in the end. So that's what matter right now." Joseph lucky he was sitting behind her, as she could see the biggest grin on his face. 'She seriously thinks I'm cool!'

"I'm actually surprised to find someone else who possesses Hamon other than Granny and myself." Joseph said. "When did you first realised it?" Lily thought about it for a moment before answering, "I honestly don't remember. But I like to think I've always had it since birth, you know." Then a thought came to him. "Did one of your parents practiced it before?" He asked. His question caught her off guard and they nearly slid off the pathway. Joseph let out a scream and he held on tighter to Lily's waist. Lily muttered a curse under her breath as she got control back on the motorcycle.

"Wh-what the hell was that all about?!" Joseph asked out of shock. He was about to yell at Lily to be more careful when he saw her hands were shaking and that she had gone awfully quiet. Joseph was concerned that he may have touched a sensitive topic on her part. "Lily..? Are you alright?" He carefully asked. The cobalt-eyed girl nodded. "Yeah... I'm fine. Sorry about that." She said. "Forget that. I'm worried for you right now." Joseph told her. "I'm okay, really. As for my parents, I couldn't care less if they possessed Hamon or not. In fact, I couldn't give a damn about them."

The way she said was filled with venom and malice that told Joseph that were a lot of tension between her and her family. He wanted to ask what it was that happened, but he decided against it. Nagging about her past didn't seem like a good option for trying to win points with her. Later on, Lily pulled over the bike and Joseph looked up. "Alright, enough. Something's going on here. I felt like someone's eyes had been on us, watching our every move."

"So you felt it too?" Lily asks as a tattered cloth fell, seemingly, out of nowhere and Joseph gets off to investigate. "Why? Clearly we're alone. Nobody could've followed us all the way out here, we're out in the middle of nowhere." Joseph walks up to the cloth and picks it up just slightly. "But I can't shake the feeling that someone's here!" He grabs a fistful of the cloth and tosses it into the air. After a brief moment, Joseph takes a sigh of relief. He turns back and walks to Lily, telling her, "Damn imagination. Must be the heat playing tricks with our minds."

With his back turned, an arm appears from the cloth. Lily's eye twitched and jumped off the bike. Joseph quickly turns around and raised to defend himself. The assailant's knife stabs through Joseph's arm, but luckily it didn't reach any vitals. Lily reached Joseph's side and used him as a balancing board as she lands a swift kick in the ribs of the assailant. He fell back, but recovered quickly and landed on top of one of the cactus. With the cloth gone, they were able to get a look at him. He was a mature athletic man whose dark hair is slicked back. His skin is coloured differently around his eyes, starting from a wide area on his hairline and converging to the side of the root of his nose. He wore a sleeveless officer outfit.

"Well, aren't you two sharp." He said, his German accent leaking through. "You both somehow sensed my presence, although I was engaging my skills of stealth this entire time. Even wild bats can't do that."

"Why the hell are you following us? We've got any business with you!" Joseph yelled at him and Lily went into a combative stance. Silently telling him to bring it! The man gave a sadistic smile as he gave them his answer. "Oh, I'm not following. I'm into business of capturing, see. Our army would like to ask you some questions about Straizo, Joseph Joestar!"

"Straizo? Why would you be interested in him? And who is 'our army'?" Joseph questions. The man didn't answer right away as he turned his attention to the blonde-haired woman beside him. "Ah, you must be Lily Fawn." He said. "And what of it?" She spat out. He chuckles. "My orders included bringing a young woman with an attitude back to our army. It seems you have some knowledge necessary for our little experiment." Lily let out a soft gasp as she nearly dropped her guard. Could he be talking about the Pillar Men?

Before Lily could ask him anything, she was surprised that Joseph placed himself between them. Moving his arms in front of her as a way to protect her. "By your accent, the cut of your face and your smell...I guess you're German. I want to know what business a thug like you has with either Straizo or Speedwagon, and what exactly you want Lily for. But if you're not gonna say anything, I don't mind having to beat some answers out of you!"

"You think you can take on the blade of SS Commander Donovan with just your bare hands, little boy?" Donovan asks as he likes his gloved hand. "I'm almost insulted. But since you insist, I'm happily to oblige!!" He took out his knife and lunges towards our two fighters. "Great, but how about I give you back your flea-ridden magic rag?!" Joseph said as he tossed the cloth up at Donovan that it completely covered him.

Joseph brought in a fist and struck what he had believed to be Donovan's head. But he reared back in pain as he found cactus needles sticking from his hand. Donovan appeared from above and kneed Joseph the face, knocking him back. Lily went after him to return the favour but Donovan ducked down to avoid it. She then tried to strike him with a kick, but he jumped up. He leaped over her and elbowed her hard in the back. Donovan then took out some rope and quickly bound her wrists together. 

Once He shoved her down, he went after Joseph and stepped on his face, pinning him down. "Victory! I really thought you were going to give me more of a challenge there. What happened little boy?" Donovan said in a condescending tone. "Repeat after me, I never should’ve challenged your superior power Herr Donovan."

"I... I never should’ve challenged your superior power.." Joseph said. Donovan placed a hand to his ear and leaned in closer. "What's that? I can't hear you." He said to him. "I underestimated your etiquette. You really are quite the gentleman for letting me rest right here and giving me these moments to recover safely."

Donovan had no idea what Joseph was doing. As he laid there, he was pouring energy into the cactus right beside his head, turning into a makeshift Hamon bomb. "What are you taking about? Recover safely? Have you lost your mind, little boy?" He said. Donovan then looked at the cactus and looked at it in confusion. It looked like it was inflating some sort of balloon from the inside-out. "Wait a sec, what's up with this cactus?" Donovan asked. "You should take a closer look." Joseph said and on his mark, the balloon exploded right in front of Donovan as hundreds of the sharp, stinging needles littered his entire body, including his face and tongue.

While Donovan was screaming in pain, he got an unexpected kick to the back of his head. Lily had jumped back on her feet as soon as Joseph triggered his trap and once Donovan was distracted by the needles, Lily jumped high in the air and kicked him into the ground. Pinning him the same way, he had done to Joseph. "Tch...Pathetic." Lily said as Joseph undid the knot of the ropes, freeing her hands again. "That cactus was my goal all along, Herr Donovan. Cacti are made up of nearly 95% water and they're known to be fabulously conductors of Hamon. Now then, repeat after me Herr Donovan. I promise to tell Joseph Joestar everything."

Even as he was pinned down and beaten, Donovan tells them that they could shove it and that he wouldn't tell them anything, even while under torture. Neither Joseph or Lily believed him on that part, so Joseph went to the motorcycle to retrieve something from the bag attached to it. Lily removed her foot and held Donovan in a headlock. He tried to escape but Lily, to his surprise, was a lot stronger. Joseph came back with a magnetic compass in hand and sticks it into Donovan's eye, and, he quickly tells Joseph everything he knew. Seeing that they gotten what they wanted out, they proceeded to go. However, they knew the couldn't let him go so easily. So they tied him to a cactus with a note reading "Hello Adolf!"

Once they were back on the bike and headed out, Joseph was oddly quiet. Which concerned Lily as he was a boisterous young man. "You alright?" She asked him. Joseph smiled and nodded. "I'm fine. It's just that...when Speedwagon's body disappeared, I swore to myself that I would never give up hope, no matter what." Lily jolted a bit when she felt something wet land on her back. She turned her head slightly and saw a tear leaving his face. Her eyes soften as he continued, "Turns out he was safe all along. Man, it's nice to hear some good news for a change, huh? I can't wait to tell Granny Viola, she'll be so happy to hear about this." Lily gave Joseph a smile and look on ahead. "Yeah. I bet she will be." She said, softly. 

'Although, there's no way of telling how the Germans have actually been treating him. Regardless, I'll bring him home and Granny Viola's smile will shine like the midday sun.' Joseph thought to himself. As they drove through the pathway, Lily looked back on the dark-brown haired young man and smiled. Joseph Joestar... He really is something else. Lily began to think that maybe she was judging him a bit unfairly. He seemed to be a great strategist, his control over his Hamon is impressive enough, and while he may be hot-headed idiot... he does have a kind heart somewhere deep inside. From the tone of his voice, he really does love his grandmother a lot. He was so lucky to have a family to love. 'JoJo... You really are pretty cool...' Lily thought.

Meanwhile, back in the base, Stroheim and his team had sent in the blood from the remaining prisoners into the pillar which the Pillar Man drinks through it. It was only a matter of time before he is resurrected. Along with Stroheim, Speedwagon was still in the full-body straight jacket and was placed in a wheelchair so that he may have a front row seat to this madness. "Look Major von Stroheim! The pillar's shell is starting to crack!" One the scientist shouted out. "It's currently holding the blood of five prisoners. We still don't know what its full capabilities are. Feeding it anymore could push it beyond our established safety zone." Another one warned him.

"Hmm. I'm curious how the blood was extracted in the first. No, wait!! I don't want to know. I can imagine what sort of things you've came up with." Stroheim says as he walks over to a trembling Speedwagon. "Aww...Speedwagon." He places a rather comforting arm on his shoulder. "No need to look so pale. I told you from the start there was nothing to fear." He said. Then suddenly, Speedwagon lost all composure and yelled out in fear and out of desperation for them to stop this. "Stop being so arrogant!! You've no idea what he's capable of!!"

"Relax, old man, the test chamber is impenetrable. It has iron  walls nearly twenty-inches thick. It's equip with flamethrowers, machine guns, and explosives if we need them. I shouldn’t be surprised that all of your courage doesn’t even add up to what I have in my little finger, you coward!" Stroheim shouted as he got close up to Speedwagon's face. "What to know what I think, Speedwagon? I think that thing is a simply a statue of petrified caveman bones that wasting my time!!" As he shouts this, several more cracks began to form from within the pillar and gallons of blood bursted through.

"Major! He's erupting!!" A solder shouted out to him. "It's blood! The blood it took out is spreading out everywhere, I can't see a thing!" One of the scientists shouted at him. Stroheim looked at the pillar and gave them an order. "Activate the sprinkler system!" At his command, the sprinklers were activated, washing away the blood and clearing their vision. However, as the water rained down. The Pillar Man made his first ever move, shocking those watching him. He bared his fangs out as he fell from his stone resting place. They had done it. They had revived him. The Pillar Man was alive once again.

Stroheim was in complete joy that the experiment was a success and let out a laugh. Happy that his time wasn't wasted after all. "Well, he'll need a name. Something better than 'The Pillar Man'. As his new godfather, I suppose this task falls unto me. Let me see...I'll name him after the Mexican winds, his shall be known as Sanviento!" He proclaimed. The newly-named Sanviento slowly got on his hands and knees, and it looked like he was trying to stand up. Stroheim smile widen as he encourage him to stand up and show them all what he's made of. ...Only for him to trip on the slippery water. Well that was anti-climactic.

Sanviento lifted his head and began sniffing around. He soon got up on his feet this time and began doing some well-needed stretching. Being encased in a stone pillar can really give you stiff joints. It's not exactly comfortable. Sanviento looked to be a tall and muscled man possessing long, vermilion hair and two small horns at the top of his head. His only clothing is a small loincloth. He also has crimson eyes and has a painted or tattooed symbol on his lift lower eyelid shaped like a gear. 

As Sanviento began to scratch his head, Stroheim starts laughing so hysterically, tears leaked out his eyes. "You see that?! Sanviento might have a future doing comedy in the cabaret!! The ultimate organism?" More like "The ultimate idiot"! What do you think there Speedwagon?! He's got the brains of a feral animal, he's trying to smell his way around! He's really just a primitive man!" While Storheim was laughing and making mockery of the situation, all Speedwagon was doing was shaking in his seat and he stared wide-eyed in fear of the creature.

"This is a farce! Regardless, let's just move on and assume he made the masks." Stroheim said as he turned to one of his soldiers. "You there. Start the experiment, somebody open the door to the next chamber."

"Yes, sir!" Beside Sanviento, a second door was opened to him. He looked inside out of curiosity and coming out from the next chamber was a tall, muscular beast of a man with sharp claws and fangs. He may have the body of one, but he wasn't human. Not anymore. "What? What's that supposed to be..?" Speedwagon asked in shock. "A prisoner. Well, a prisoner with a mask actually."

"Is that a vampire?" Speedwagon asked him. "Only a few days ago, that thing was feeble, toothless old man knocking on death's door. We still haven't feed him today. So he must be thirsty, I think he'll go straight for the attack!" The vampire lets out a yell like a wild animal as he lunges towards his meal. He stabs Sanviento through his shoulders with both arms and then bites the Pillar Man's neck. 

At first, Stroheim was very disappointed when he saw that Sanviento hadn't done anything to defending himself. However, he and the other scientist watched on his horror as what happened next. While the vampire bit him in order to drink his blood, he found himself being absorbed into Sanviento's skin, he tried to escape, only for his body to be sliced apart, but Sanviento grabbed his head and pulls him straight into his body, devouring him.


Chapter Text

As Sanviento devours the prisoner, Stroheim took a step back. The sight of him...eating in that type of manner was unreal. "What a marvellous creature!!" He shouted. "The masked man was no more than fodder for him! Sanviento feeds with his entire body! So... S-so nothing is nothing is lost, he can absorb every bit of his prey's lift force down to the last drop!"

He wasn't the only one freaking out at the moment, all of his soldiers and scientists were stricken with great fear at what Sanviento had done. If he could do that...then what else is he capable of? "He ate him! He actually ate the masked man!" "How is that even possible!" Many were shouting out and wanted answers despite not really wanting them. Then they panicked even more when Sanviento suddenly grew in size as he devoured the vampire. But Stroheim quickly shut them up.

"Get a grip. As long as he's still in that chamber, he can't hurt you. He just a little weight after his feeding, that's all it is." Stroheim said to reassure his men. Speedwagon, slightly recovering from the initial shock, speaks up to asked about something very crucial. "His...his intelligence. And what about his intelligence?" He asked. "What level of thought is he capable of?" Before Stroheim could even process a sentence, he felt a slight chill run up his spine. He turned back to Sanviento and found him staring right at him.

"Ma... Major von Stro... Stroheim." Sanviento said.

The German Major slammed his hands of the control dashboard and shouted in pure shock at the Pillar Man. "What?! But how did he-?! He said-! How could he know my name!?! He's not even supposed to be able to hear anything from in there!" Stroheim shouted. Sanviento didn't say anything else and just stared at him with an intense look.

Meanwhile, on the outside, Joseph and Lily found their Nazi base and were hiding near a rock formation a little miles away. Joseph looked through a pair of binoculars and said, "There it is. According to our dangling cactus friend, Donovan, the underground facility we're looking for is hidden down there somewhere. If he was telling the truth, then Speedwagon should be inside. So now, how are we supposed to get in there?" 

Lily thought she spotted something. "Hey, let me see those." Joseph passed her the binoculars and looked at the entryway. Two pairs of Nazi soldiers were doing gatekeeping duties and were doing full on body checks on the women. And by the looks of it, it was more then just a simple pat-down...ugh, men. Still, these types are easily to trick. "See those soldiers at the entrance?" Lily asked Joseph as she hands him one side of the binoculars. "Yeah, what about them?"

Lily stood up and goes down to the bike and opened up one of the side bags. She pulls out a dress and a pair of strap-on, brown sandals and goes being the rock. "Hey! What's up?" Joseph asks as he slides down. Wondering what Lily was planning. "Simple. The way those guards are handling things are very easy to trick them once you know their way of thinking." Joseph heard some clothes being discarded and carefully tiptoed around the rock. Stopping at the very corner of the rock. "Uh-huh...and..?" He asked, a smirk making a way to his lips.

"I'm going down there and use my feminine charm. I'll act like I was personally called for by their boss. You stay close behind for you to hear me so once I give you the signal, we'll take them both out. Also..." She trailed off. "Also what?" Joseph asked as he went in to get a tiny peek, only to have a rock being thrown to his head. "Ow!" Joseph cried out as he fell back. "Don't even think about peeping on me, pervert!"

The two gatekeepers were getting a kick at body checking the woman coming through. They didn't see why they had to make such pitiful expressions. They were just doing their jobs. "You're free to go. Next!" One of them said as they both turned around to "greet" the next woman. But they didn't expect this one. Their eyes nearly bugged out at how incredibly attractive this woman was. 

A lovely, voluptuous figure. Her blonde hair tied up into a ponytail, with a pink flower in her hair. A bright red dress that seemed to hug her body tightly. The colour made her cobalt eyes just stand out. Safe to say, they were already drooling over her and were thinking indecent thoughts. Lily gave a sweet smile as she walked past them. The guards took a quick second before running up and blocking her way. "Whoa, there! Where do you think you're going? You haven't gone through the frisking." One of them said as his partner was getting his grabby hands ready. Lily's smile turns seductive and says in a sultry voice, "Oh, dear. You weren't told yet? I was sent by your boss personally to go meet him. Won't you please let me through? I'm sure you big, strong men would allow this one little thing." 

Her smooth voice sent chills through their bodies as she spoke and crossed her arms to bring her breasts up. "Please, let me go through? If you do...I'll treat you two to something..." Lily trails off as she walks towards them, swinging her hips and cups both of their cheeks. "Really nice later on. Won't you like that?" The gatekeepers' faces turned bright red and began laughing as if they were drunk. "W-well, if Major von Stroheim requested for you... t-then I'm sure it won't be a problem." One of them said. Lily gave the two a wink as she walked past the gate. She looked over her head and saw dark brown hair. Perfect! Lily quickly turned around and shouted, "Now Jo-!"

"All I got under my skirt is more tequila, big boy. Is it alright to bring that through too?" Joseph said in the most horrible feminine voice he could muster up. Lily had the expression that literally screams WTF while the guards looked him with silent disgust. Joseph was poorly disguised as a woman. He wore a large pink and purple dress, with a weird headband, bright red lipstick, large blush marks on his cheeks...everything about was so wrong. 'WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!?!?!' Lily screamed in her thoughts. Joseph gave the guards a flirty smile as he tried to look pretty.

The guards immediately brought pointed their guns and yelled out, "Hands up in the air!" "Any funny moves and we shoot you dead!" Joseph held up his two bottles of tequila and kept up this very sad and very, very pathetic act. "Wha..? Put your guns down, I haven't done anything." He said as he walked closer to them. "That's a funny move there!" One shouted. Lily's eye twitched and shouted, "You idiot, what the hell are you wearing?! This was not part of the plan!!" The guards were shocked by what she just said and one pointed his gun at her now. "What you two know each other?! Fire!!"

Joseph and Lily quickly raised their hands up over their heads and the Joestar shouted out, "Noo!! Please don't shoot, I'm not moving and I've got my hands in the air!!" Lily bit back a growl and yelled out, "Oh drop the act, Joestar!! It's not working!!" Joseph let out a gruff sigh, he dropped the stupid impression and spoke in his normal voice,  "Alright. Damn, these Germans are so smart. They saw through my disguise almost immediately." Lily stared at him like he had gone insane. He seriously didn't realise how obvious he was in that getup?! She shouted, "What the f-!"

"Are you crazy?! Of course we saw through that thing, you're disgusting!!" The guard yells as they turned their attention back to Joseph. "Even my big sister isn't as ugly as you and we use her to plant the fields! She was an ox! You should've spent more time in front of the mirror this morning, big sissy!!"

"What was that?!" Joseph yelled out. Lily rolled her eyes. 'Oh it comes.' The guards laughed at Jospeh and the young man thought that enough was enough. He gripped the two bottles and send Hamon coursing through them. Like he did with the soda bottle, he blew the caps right off the bottles and targeted at the coconuts above them. The guards looked up just in time for two of the coconuts hit them square in the faces. As they staggered, Lily handled the rest. All while shouting, "Cazzo idiota! I can't believe you would actually f***ing think that would work!!!" She knocked both guards out cold with a spin kick.

"Hey! I had a pretty good reason for dressing up like this, alright!? I honestly didn't think the Germans could see through me so easily." Joseph said, defending himself as they dragged their unconscious bodies around the base. "Oh really? And sort of reason could you possibly have, Joestar?" Lily asked with high scepticism as she began stripping one guard of his uniform. She doubted a moron like him could have a good enough reason to pull off that stunt. "I'd rather for them to look at me rather than having to watch them drool over you." Joseph said as Lily began walking away with the uniform in hand. She stopped when Joseph said that.

"What?" She asked confusingly. At first, she thought he was making a stupid joke, but the look on his face proved otherwise. He was very serious. "I don't want to have to watch other men look at you in the same manner as they were while I'm here." Joseph told her. When Lily told him of her plan, she had walked off before he could protest. Joseph was getting pissed that those guards were staring at her with lust-filled eyes. Lily forgot what she was going to say and just shook her head. "J-just put that uniform and let's go." She said as she went around the corner to change. Joseph let out a soft "hmph" and changed into the other guard's uniform.

In all honesty, Joseph was feeling a little jealous knowing that these two guards were practically drooling over Lily and thinking indecent thoughts. Okay, sure like he was someone to judge. Yeah, yeah, Joseph may have been thinking the exact same things...but it felt...different when other men do it. Joseph didn't know exactly what, or why, but he felt drawn to Lily. Of course, her name didn't exactly match her personality, but he figured that was part of it.

Back from within the lab, the soldiers and scientists were all panicking and losing their minds over what was going on. Sanviento had somehow managed to escape! They were losing all sense of control and Stroheim demanded to tell him what exactly happened, much to his own shock. One of the scientists came up to him and told him, "Major von Stroheim, I looked away for a moment. Surely you understand..." The scientist was actually shaking. Skin was pale as a sheet and was breaking out in a cold sweat. He asked if he was here with them because he felt like he was losing his mind. "I mean, you were here as well, right? Everybody here was watching! It just...happened that...nobody saw anything!"

He reached for the coffee mug that was on Stroheim's desk, but the Major stood up from his seat and smacked out of his hands. But this action didn't make the scientist even flinch as he was still in so much shock. "It was only for a moment. I took my eyes off him for just a few seconds, that's all, I swear! It makes no sense! I mean, my vision is perfect, we all had a clear view! But we don't know what happened!! This is unbelievable!! The chamber's completely sealed and still the subject managed to escape!!"

"None of the walls show any sign of damage!"

"I don't care what you saw, I want him found!" Stroheim ordered. "Keep in mind that he may have concealed himself somewhere inside the chamber! Simply cut off the oxygen supply in there, he'll turn up when he finds out he can't breath." Then a German soldier came in with a roll footage in hand. The soldiers set up a projector and started the footage to see how Sanviento had managed to escape so easily. What they was something out of a nightmare. It started out normally with the subject standing in the centre of the room. However, Sanviento then suddenly ran towards the walls and used as a jumping platform to leap nearly forty feet in the air. While in the air, he twisted and dissembled his entire body to stuff himself through a 2-inch tall ventilation shaft.

The scientists, soldiers, Stroheim and Speedwagon were left in deep shock at what they had just witness. It was sick, unreal, and highly disturbing. Not only did he escape, but now he was running freely in the ventilation systems. Quickly realising that the vents lead directly into the room that they were in Stroheim ordered for the soldier, who was more closer to the vents, to turn around and move away from the vent as quickly as he can. But then the soldier began to hear something from within the vent and readied his gun. He looked into the vent but saw nothing. Once he did, it was too late for him. Sanviento slides out of the vent and dives into the officer's head through his eyes. This action causes Stroheim and the other soldiers to scream.

The man goes blind from the large hole where his eyes used to be, and stumbles around wondering why Stroheim turned off the lights. He was frightened beyond belief. "AAAHH! What's happening to me?! Major von Stroheim!! What's happening, where did everybody go?! And why is it so dark in here?! Why can't I see anything!? Somebody please help me, I can't see!! What's he doing to me!?" The soldier screams out. Speedwagon knew what Sanviento was trying to do and told Stroheim and the rest of the soldiers, "Sanviento's trying to take take control of that soldier's body!"

Stroheim and the rest of the soldiers all back away from him as he was now considered to be a massive threat to them now. "Someone! Anyone! Please don't leave me alone!! You can't abandon me! Don't leave me here with him inside me!!" The soldier's final words screamed out and Sanviento enlarges from within the man's body causing it to swell up immensely. Sanviento, from within the man, says, "Well, well...I don't fully understand what's happening here. But I feel like I'm practically bursting with new life!"

 While everyone was staring at him with great horror, Stroheim begins to feel worried. 'What a catastrophe. If this thing escapes, I'll be known for creating the fatherland's most powerful enemy.' He thought to himself. "We must destroy him!" Another soldier shouted out. 'At this point, it's either him or us!' Stroheim then gave his men the order to gun Sanviento down and shoot him to pieces. All of the Nazis shoot at him with their machine guns but Sanviento just says, "Stop, that tickles!" Then body of the man, and possibly Sanviento, then fell to the ground in a puddle of his own blood. At first, they believed to have put an end to him.

But then the body began to move again and started to crawl its way towards them. The soldiers started to scream again as they backed away from the thing. "Augh! He's still alive!" "Impossible!" "The bullets! They have no affect on him!" "He's an abomination!!" The soldiers screamed out as Stroheim was staring in shock. If bullets had no affect on him then how the hell are they going to kill him?! Then Sanviento points the man's finger like a gun at the soldiers. "What the hell is that supposed to mean?!" A soldier shouted. "Why is he pointing at us?!"

"Nobody move. Don't you see he's imitating one of your machine guns." Stroheim tells them. Feeling a little relaxed that maybe Sanviento wasn't so intelligent as he would've wanted them to believe. "Look, he's just copying what he seeing. So, when he spoke earlier, he only said my name. But did not understand it. Which means he's not intelligent. He just apes what he sees and that gives me a great idea! If he's only capable of acting like a monkey, we should start preparations for using him like one!"

Sanviento starts to speak up again, this time with his real voice and the lower jaw of man falls off, but still manages to speak perfectly and fluently. "You... Which one of you...was fool enough to disturb my slumber?" He asked. Stroheim backed away in fright as he shouted, "He...he spoke!"

"He's clearly capable of higher thought, I bet he possesses a great intelligence." Speedwagon says as he turns to the German Major. "He just learned our language. Don't you understand that he did that in almost no time." Stroheim's breath was caught in his throat when he slowly realised that Speedwagon might be right. "Die..." Sanviento breathed out as his hand tore through the man's flesh. With no warning, a blast shot through his finger and shot one of soldiers clear through his forehead. As he fell backwards, dead, the other soldiers were terrified that they would all be killed since Sanviento had just fired back their one of own bullets.

Speedwagon was getting just as terrified as they were and he didn't know how he planned to escape or how to truly defeat this monster. He nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt hands gripped his shoulders and saw two German soldiers standing behind him. "Let' s go, old man. We've better get you to safety. There's no telling how many more bullets that monster might have inside of him." The male, muscular soldier says to him.

"Just leave me! The last thing I need right now is help from a pair of German flunkies!" Speedwagon shouts at them. His eyes widened when he heard a woman's laugh. A woman? Amongst their ranks? Her male partner also let out a chuckle as he said, "What a pain." He walked forward until he stood in front of Speedwagon. "You never change. I'm glad to see that you're still just as stubborn as ever." Speedwagon blinked in confusion. Did...did he know these people? Why was he getting the impression that he's met them before. The female soldier kneels beside him and quietly says, "Don't worry. We'll get you out of in one piece." She then plants a kiss on his cheek and Speedwagon caught a glimpse of her eyes. "Wait...your eyes..."

The sounds of tearing flesh and blood splattering caught his attention, and looked up just in time to see Sanviento tearing himself out of the man's body as it no longer had any use to him. He looked up at the worthless humans before him and Stroheim began to panic once more. "AAHH! S-somebody do something!! Open fire!! No! Stay away!!" As he screams, the male soldier runs up to him and grabs a fistful of his hair. "Pardon me. I'll need a bit of your hair, just a small handful would do." He says as he began to pull hard on his hair. "What do you think you're doing?! Let me go!!" Stroheim shouts at him.

"The more you fight, the more it will hurt." He told him. "You're assaulting a superior officer- OW!" Stroheim yells as the "German soldier" tears out some of his hair. "Who are you? I know that demeanour, but it couldn’t be...!"Speedwagon says as he surges his Hamon onto Stroheim's hair. He dropped the accent and said, "I call this one the old, Hamon Hair Attack!" The hair in his hands turned to straighten needles as the intense energy blew off his helmet. Revealing his identity. Speedwagon's eyes widened in shock. "But that means...that means you're...Joseph Joestar!!" The young lady accompanying him gave a small chuckle. "He wasn't at all as I was expecting, but his talent for Hamon is genuine Mr. Speedwagon." She said as she tossed away the helmet. Letting free her long blonde hair. "Lily, it's you!"

Sanviento suddenly began firing more bullets from his fingers, killing all the soldiers and scientists in the room. Joseph quickly infuses his Hamon into Stroheim's hair and throws it into the air, causing them to deflect all the bullets. Using this as a shield to defend them. Eventually, Sanviento used up all of the bullets that were in his body and stared the young Joestar down. "You’re gonna lose your hair if you’re not careful, Mr. German Army Man. That felt like sandpaper, you should consider investing in a decent moisturiser." Joseph tells Stroheim.

Lily removes her coat and tells the Major, "Just stay back and let the professional handle this one if you wish to keep breathing. Oh, and Joestar here will help too." Lily grinned at that last part. "Hey!" Joseph shouted at her. "But how long have you two been here, Lily?" Speedwagon asked the cobalt-eyed girl. Lily gave him a smile and said, "Not to worry. We've just got here." Sanviento kneeled down and picked up a small strand of hair off the ground. He stared at it for a moment. ""

Joseph removes his coat and turns his head to face Sanviento. Lily looked over and mildly interested at what she saw on the back of his left shoulder. That's an interesting mark. Shaking her head, Lily regained her focus on Sanviento. "Sorry, we took so long. We'd be here sooner if we known what kind of party was going on." Joseph said.


Chapter Text

"JoJo..." Stroheim said as he stared at the youngest Joestar. "I've heard so much about you. Listen, and listen good! Sanviento here, the so-called Pillar Man, uses a mask to turn man into vampires. He does this to make them stronger and then he devours them! Destroy him! Take him out while there's still time!" Stroheim shouts at them, feeling slightly panicked over the whole situation. Lily shoves him back and says, while still glaring at the Pillar Man, "Just stay out of the way, and let us handle things." When Lily slams her fist into her hand, Hamon sparks flew out. She'd been itching for a real fight all day.

Joseph slid off the coat and walked towards Sanviento, reaching out towards him. "Don't do it, JoJo! He's dangerous!" Speedwagon shouted. Joseph kept advancing towards the Pillar Man. Slowing reaching out to touch him. Lily got into position with her fist readied. Joseph reached out...and tap Sanviento on the nose. "You're it!" Joseph said happily as he jumped back laughing a bit. ....What? Sanviento just stared as the young Joestar as he continued on with...whatever he was doing. "Oh, I get it. You're one of those strong, silent types, right? Ever thought about modelling, you've got a nice look there. Come on, let's see what you got, give me a smile!"

Lily groaned in annoyance as she facepalm. Of course.... By this point, she isn't even surprised anymore. If this was the same man who would willing dress like a woman, then she should expect even more stupidity out of him. Meanwhile, Stroheim and Speedwagon were staring at the scene in utter shock and bewilderment. What this really happening right now? "I know you can do it. Show me some vulnerability. Work with me here, make some love to the camera! Ready, set, give me happy! Now be silly! Show us those pearly whites." Joseph tells Sanviento. "Come on, big guy. Smile at the birdie."

"JoJo! Stop this nonsense immediately!" Stroheim yells out. "Don't provoke him! Please JoJo, Sanviento is dangerous!" Speedwagon warns him once again. But Joseph didn't seemed to bothered by their yells and kept on smiling at Sanviento. "Yeah, I know you think he's dangerous, but I have a theory that maybe he's not so bad. Let me test something out here. I don't want to assume he's evil just because he killed a bunch of brainless-."

"What are you, insane!?! If he's evil then why did he kill all my men!?" Stroheim shouted at him as he pointed to the bodies of German soldiers and scientists that littered the floor. Lily could tell that he was getting frustrated with Joseph's ways of thinking. And as much as she knew the feeling, she decided that she had seen enough of his antics to know that his ways of thinking could wrong or right. There's no grey area with him. And while she can think him saying Sanviento's wasn't evil was cute, she firmly believes that only a good Pillar Man is a dead one. Joseph stomped his way towards Stroheim and got up in his face, pointing his finger at him.

"Don't know, some would say you're responsible for what's happened! Weren't you the one experimenting on him and trying to blast him away in the first place?" Joseph shouts as he stuffed his fingers up Stroheim's nose. Lily scratched her head and said, "He's got a point on that part." Guess anyone would get pissed off if they were experimented on. "Not that I really care about that." He said. "The only reason I'm here is to make sure that Speedwagon makes it back to New York safe and sound. Anyway," Joseph let go of Stroheim and turned his attention back to Sanviento. "I'm not here to fight. And I'm feeling generous. Come on, loosen up big guy. How about that smile?" Joseph said but Sanviento only walked right past him without acknowledging him whatsoever.

It appeared that he may have listen to a word he said this entire time and Joseph got a little annoyed by that. "That was rude, he just walked through me like I wasn't even there. Who the hell does this guy think he is?" Joseph asked. 'Maybe I should teach him a quick lesson.' He thought with a grin. 'Have a nice trip!' Joseph turned his body around tried to trip Sanviento, but when leg contact with his ankle, it created a bad reaction as energy tore through Joseph's boot and Sanviento merely twisted his ankle around Joseph's leg and kept on walking.

Joseph let out a groan of pain as he fell to the floor. His leg twitching from where he made contact. "Joestar! Are you alright?" Lily asked as she kneeled beside him. "Wh...what the hell was that? That was the weirdest feeling and it hurt!" Joseph said. Lily checked over his leg and gave it a couple of squeezes. "You're okay...I don't think you took any damage from that thanks to your Hamon. But still..." Lily tells him as she turns to look at the resurrected Pillar Man.

Sanviento walks over to one of the soldiers' corpse and picked up his machine gun. He held it up and began to analyse it intently. "What is this? This...tool? Cold and long with many different pieces." Sanviento asked, particularly to no one. Speedwagon's eyes widened in fear as he said, "He does understand, he's not simply mimicking!! It took him practically no time at all to completely master our language!!" As if to further prove his advanced intelligence over humans, Sanviento took the gun and dismantle it almost instantly, a feat which would have taken several hours for a trained soldier to learn. He was using his advanced intelligence to learn everything around him. Two huge spotlights shined upon him and Sanviento raised his arms to shield away the harsh lights. "So bright. This light is new to me. What is it?" He said.

As Lily helped Joseph up, Speedwagon began to shout out, "Don't you see?! We weren't the ones observing all this time!! He was the watching us!!" As Sanviento was staring at the spotlights, Joseph came up and bang a helmet at the back of his head. "Hey big guy, you wanna learn a new joke? Just stop me if you heard this one before. Knock, knock. Knock, knock!" Joseph said as he kept tapping the helmet against Sanviento's head.

Lily crossed her arms and said to Joseph, "Maybe he isn't in the mood for jokes." Joseph then reached for Sanviento's earlobe and began to pinch and tug at it. "How hard is it to get someone to smile?" Joseph asked her. Lily shrugged in response as Speedwagon yelled out, "JoJo, get away!!" Something began moving inside Sanviento's body as he tells Joseph, "You are playing games, primitive. I do not...want to play games." He may have said in a calm manner, the anger rising in his tone was noticeable. Suddenly, Sanviento's ribs came out of his body, grew in size and spun around  and moved to Joseph and Lily's direction. "What the-?!" "Your Hamon, quickly!" The ribs nearly killed them, but the two teenagers managed to blocked the attack with their Hamon, creating a makeshift barrier.

This one of Sanviento's abilities. Ribs Blades, sometimes known as Fighting Ribs. They're capable of being manipulated in any direction. Having a maximum length of 132 cm and a maximum pressure of 825 kg/cm², Sanviento can use them to either crush or impale his opponents. "JOJO!! LILY!!" Speedwagon called out. The two Hamon users put all their strengths into the defensive, but when fighting off from the Ribs Blades, it causes a small explosion that resulted in the Hamon users to be launched into the air and slammed against the metal ceiling. Causing the two to scream out and coughed up blood. Sanviento's eyes widened when he realised that he didn't adsorb either of them.

As Joseph and Lily landed back on the ground with a very harsh thud, Sanviento begins to talk to himself. " These humans are...different from the others. I was not able to adsorb their bodies into mine. They just...flew away. And somehow his remains. It still seems fine. These two are I have yet to see...such humans. Are they a unique specimen? Or do all humans of this particular class possess the same properties?" 

Speedwagon's heart sank to the bottom of his stomach as Sanviento began walking towards him. "Could it be related to age?" Sanviento pressed his fingers against Speedwagon's skull and they were able to sink into his flesh as normal. So why couldn't he do so for the other two? Speedwagon screams from the pain Sanviento was inflicting upon him, but the Pillar Man paid no heed to his cries. "Ah... Now, I see. My instinct was right. Those humans are unique." Sanviento says.

"JoJo, please! Make it stop, please!!" Speedwagon cried out to the youngest Joestar. He was terrified. This was almost worse than what he had to deal with Dio and his zombie minions. Cause this Pillar Man might actually drain him of his blood and God knows what else. Joseph was slowly recovering from the impact and hearing Speedwagon screaming was making him all the more angry at the Pillar Man. "Speedwagon.... That bastard..!" Joseph growled at the same time as Lily was getting back up on her feet. She glared at the Pillar Man and shouted, "Let the old man go, Sanviento!"

"Now I'm in the mood! Come on, big guy! You wanna try and take me on?" Joseph shouted. "Get in line, Joestar!" Lily tells him. Sanviento turns to the two Hamon users and says, "It would...seem...that humans have...evolved their confidence." He releases Speedwagon and turns to confront Joseph, who had now lunged at him with fury in his eyes. "Hope you're hungry! One Hamon sandwich coming up!" He yells out as he made a direct hit to his stomach. However, when he made direct contact, Joseph noticed that all of the blood around them was beginning to float due to his Hamon. That's when Joseph realised that his Hamon wasn't affecting Sanviento at all. It was running off of him like rain on a raincoat. Somehow, Sanviento was repelling his Hamon and pushing it in all of the blood. Somehow, Sanviento's skin was behaving a lot like Straizo's scarf.

Sanviento looks down upon Joseph and says, "My body...and his body seemed to be repelling against one another." Where Joseph was striking him, Sanviento's stomach opened up and acted like a second set of jaws as it bit of Joseph's hand. Joseph let out a scream as he took his arm back. "Wh...what have you done to my hand?!" Joseph shouts. His allies were left in shock and what just happened! Joseph just lost his hand to this thing! How was he going to fight now!? "Wait! It's-!" Joseph lifted up his "stump" and revealed his hand. He counted each of his fingers and saw that his limb was still attached to his body. "Still there." He says. While Speedwagon looked surprised, Stroheim looked liked his brain had stopped working when he saw that Joseph was fine. Lily, on the other hand, looked like she was literally going to explode.

Joseph then did a thumb removal magic trick and said, "But check it out. I can completely remove my thumb. Doesn't anyone have a sense of humour left? Come on guys, this is funny stuff here." That's it!! *WHACK!* "OW!! Lily, what the hell was that for?!" Joseph shouted at her as he gripped his head. Ugh, he could feel a bump forming. "For that stupid stunt you just pulled! How could you joke around over something that nearly got you killed, huh?!" Lily shouted at him as she grabbed him by his tank top and shook him a bit. "Hey, if you were so worried about me, all you had to do was just say so!" Joseph tells her. He gave a small grin when Lily's face turned faintly red as she continued to yell at him. "Shut up! Don't joke about that either!"

As Sanviento gives an icy stare at the two, Joseph turned to face him as he says, "But seriously folks, lucky thing I rolled my wrist just in time. The beast's immune to Hamon." Joseph grit his teeth in frustration. Lily shook her head and tells him, "That's not true at all. Do not understand, it was your Hamon that was protecting you this entire time." Speedwagon agreed with her and said, "She's right, JoJo. It kept your body from being completely absorbed into that thing."

"Idiot!" Stroheim shouts out. "It's like eating a blowfish for him! He knows he must kill it first and then remove the poison part! That is how Sanviento plans on absorbing JoJo's body!" Joseph placed a hand to his face as he tried to think of a way to beat him...he just didn't know how to yet. This time Lily took a more observant approach to Joseph and this time, she could see the wheels turning in his head. She was surprised that he could even make a face like that.

"Well, too bad for him I'm not a blowfish. Regardless, I need to think of something fast here. Maybe it's time to make my emergency escape." Joseph says. "You can't do that!!" Stroheim suddenly shouts at him. "The danger of Sanviento escaping is too high! No one leaves until he's dead!" Lily picked a helmet and tossed at Stroheim's head. "Oh shut up! You're the one who released this monster first place!" Joseph spotted something on the ground and had a quick plan in mind. He took Lily's side and said, "Not only that, but you're also saying that you need someone else to clean up the mess! I don't need anything else on my plate, von Stroheim!!"

"Joestar, heads up!" Lily shouted as Sanviento charges at them with great speed. Lily rushed towards him and the two met halfway. She jumped up and tried to ram her elbow into his face, but when she did, his skin felt like rubber and it merely moulded out of shape upon impact. "What the-?" Lily shouts as she tried to kick him instead. Sanviento grabs her ankle and squeezed it tightly. Sanviento then reached out and gripped at Lily's neck and added pressure on her. Lily grabbed his wrist and unleashed her Hamon, but it only rained off of him. "!!" She coughed out.

"Lily! Bastard, let her go!" Joseph shouts out as he used his foot to grab a knife that was on the floor and threw it up. "Let's see if I can inject some Hamon into his system with something sharp!" Joseph, again, uses his foot to throw the knife at Sanviento's way whilst in the air. The Pillar Man drops Lily and the knife plunged itself into his arm. But it only sinked into his skin, becoming like rubber again. Joseph grit his teeth and shouted, "See if you can dodge this one, big guy!!" Joseph swung his leg and aimed for Sanviento's eyes. But his head quickly moulded and shifted under Joseph's foot. Before the green-eyed man could even think to dodge, Sanviento's leg swung back and kicked him hard against his solar plexus. Making him coughed up blood and reducing him to unconsciousness.

"Both he and the woman seem to create...their own energy. They control it with their breathing." Sanviento says to himself. He shifted his crimson eyes over to Lily, who was slowly recovering her breath from his initial strangulation. He would deal with her later, right now this one's appears more vulnerable. "But lying there now, unconscious, he is as venerable as any other human." Sanviento says as he placed his hands over Joseph's face. His fingers sinking into his flesh. "JoJo! You've got to used your Hamon Breathing!" Speedwagon shouts at him and he and Stroheim let out a gasp. Lily sat on her knees, holding her neck as her eyes turned wide when she saw Sanviento absorbing Joseph's body. "J-...Joestar!!"

"You've got to breath!" Speedwagon shouts as he falls to the ground, trying to wake Joseph up. "Use your Hamon breathing! Breath, damn it! Breath!!" Lily tried to power up her own Hamon, but Sanviento's grip on her neck made it difficult. Damn it! No! She can't let him die like this! "No! There's no stopping him, I've got to initiate the self-destruct sequence!" Stroheim shouted as he ran towards the control panels. Stroheim flip open a small lid and revealed a single red-button that stood out from the rest. Stroheim took several deep breaths to calm himself as he prepared to push the button. In doing so, it'll blow up everything and everyone in its range. That includes themselves. But it has to be done!

"For the Fatherland..." Stroheim raised his fist. "And for eternal glor-!!" "I wouldn't do that if I were you!" Jospeh voice suddenly spoke out and caught everyone, including Sanviento, off guard! "Everyone just calm down here. Looks like my gamble paid off. Figuring that attacks from outside are no good, I'm going to send some Hamon into him while he tries to enjoy his meal!" Joseph tells them. He spread a smirk and said, "I waited for you to start devouring me. This is gonna be fun! Enjoy your Hamon blast!!" Joseph unleashed a burst of Hamon energy into Sanviento from the inside out and blasted the Pillar Man in half!

As Joseph fell to the ground, panting from near exhaustion, chucks of Sanviento's flesh fell beside him. Lily got up and ran to his side. She placed a hand on his shoulder and asked, "Joestar, are you alright?" Joseph gave her a nod and said, "I...I think I get it. Now that I seen him from the inside, I understand his whole body is one big digestive system. Every one of his cells, they're all filled with aggressive digestive enzymes, making it possible to dissolve his prey."

"So you're saying that, even though it looks like he's absorbing them, he's really digesting them whole." Lily said, looking at Sanviento while gaining a confirm nod from Joseph. "Hamon. That was what kept us from being digested. I sent it inside him when he tried to eat me."

"JoJo! Your Hamon wasn't enough, you and Lily have to find a way to completely destroy Sanviento!" Speedwagon tells them as the Pillar Man's upper body began to move. Sanviento used his arms to launched himself towards the Hamon users and Lily acted quick, she grabbed a knife that was connected to a long chain and tossed it at him. She stabbed the knife into both his hands and wrapped the chain around him. One tug, and Sanviento was almost immobilised. "The separated parts of Sanviento are trying to connect to one another! That's pretty much exactly what happened with Straizo!" The cobalt-eyed girl said.

"Lucky for us then. Guess we both figured that he would try and go do the same thing! von Stroheim!" Joseph shouts at the German Major. Stroheim didn't hear him as he was too paralysed in fear when he saw Sanviento's body and flesh moving on their own, reconnecting and repairing themselves. Joseph grabbed another helmet and threw it at Stroheim's head, getting his attention. "Come on, get a hold of yourself! Does this thing have any weaknesses?!" Joseph yells at him.

"Uh... Sunlight! Ya, that's it!" Stroheim said, remembering the carvings on the walls in the cavers. "It was there on the walls of the caves. Sunlight is his natural enemy. The very reason he made the masks in the first place was to conquer the sun!" He tells them. Smirking at the answer, Joseph opened the door that had stairs leading up to the outside and he and Lily proceeded to drag Sanviento to the entrance of the base to destroy the body using the sunlight. "Are you insane, what are you doing!? You can't let Sanviento escape to the outside world!" Stroheim shouts.

"On the contrary, I think he needs to go on a nice, sunlit stroll!" Joseph tells him as he pulls on the chain. "Come on, mio amico! You’re going outside for a change!" Lily says. The two climb the stairs to get Sanviento exposed to the sun, but with Joseph getting close from passing out from exhaustion and Lily's neck still healing, they had to get to the outside before Sanviento tries to attack again. If he does, they'll be defenceless. "They're running out of breath! They won't be able to control their Hamon. JoJo's hasn't had enough training with it! This fight has completely exhausted him, and Lily can't probably use her Hamon yet!" Speedwagon shouts out.

"Cease this foolishness now, you lowly primitives." Sanviento says to the two teens. Using his upper body strength, Sanviento jumps up and goes to use the knife in his palms to kill the two, But Joseph quickly places himself in between Lily and Sanviento, taking the blade into his own hand. "Joestar!" Lily glared daggers at Sanviento and pulled the chain even further up the stairs. She reached for Joseph's arm, helping him up along the way. "Lily, forget me for now! The door!"

"Right!" Lily turned around and ran up to the door. She was just about to reach the handle when she felt something grabbing hold of her leg, yanking her back down. "Ah! What-?! I-I can't move!" She looks down and nearly screams when a bunch of flesh leeches had stuck themselves on to her legs. This was Meat Invade. Aside from the standard method of absorbing humans or vampires via his body, Sanviento can release chunks of his flesh in the shape of leeches, which latch onto and absorb his opponent's blood. Lily tried to her power up her Hamon but all that came out was a few sparks. 

She burned a few away but more and came in their place. "Lily!" Joseph called out as he noticed that those little leeches had attached themselves onto him as well. Regardless, even with this holding them down, Joseph and Lily kept pressing on and were just focusing into getting that door open! Sanviento was mildly impressed by their determination. "I never once imagined humans such as you would be born during my slumber." Sanviento said. As this was going on, Stroheim was watching all of this go down. His body, trembling all over as beads of sweat rolled down his face.

He felt responsible for all this. He was the one who resurrected this abomination and now these two youngsters are cleaning up his mess. He had to do something. For God's sake, he was a proud German soldier! He can't just sit back and watch. He took one step forward before he full on sprinted up the stairs. Stroheim comes from behind to help, he jumps across the last few steps, over Sanviento, Joseph, and Lily before landing right in front of the door. "Joestar. Young miss. Leave the rest to me, Colonel Rudol von Stroheim! Opening this door, will end all this. Allow me to help you destroy this vile creature!"

"Wow, von Stroheim. I never would’ve thought..." Joseph said. He was actually surprised that he would throw himself into this. He was sure he would run away and hide somewhere. "Guess you're more of a man than I thought." Lily said to him. Suddenly, Sanviento releases himself from Joseph and lifted himself up, thanks to the tendrils coming from his severed torso. "Hmph. Well attempted, primitive." He said. Stroheim tried to opened the door as fast as he could, but the tendrils shot out and grabbed him by his leg. Pulling him back.

Stroheim screamed as they tore through his pants and boot, and dug deep into his leg, sucking out his blood. "AAAGGHH! I can...almost reach the door!!" He screamed out as he stretched out his hand. "A meaningless struggle." Sanviento says as he pulled Stroheim even further away from the door. Stroheim let out a scream as he turned his attention to Joseph. "Joestar! Get up, don't just lay there like a baby!" He shouted. "I'm trying to think here!" Joseph shot back. "If you hadn't noticed we're all in deep trouble!"

"Silence!! Do you see those axes on the wall next to you?!" Stroheim yells at Joseph as he was more closer to them. "Reach up and grab one!" Joseph looked over and saw two axes hung on the wall, forming the letter X. Stroheim pressed on by saying, "Take one and chop off my leg!!" Hold on, what?! "I-! I can't do that!" Joseph shouted. He didn't think he has what it takes to actually do something like that. Stroheim bit back a growl and said, "You coward! Cut off my leg, it's way for getting that door open!" Seeing that there was no way to argue with him, Joseph was reluctantly agreeing to do it. Lily gazed down at the bottom of the stairs and saw that the rest of Sanviento's body were slowly coming up to reconnect. "Just do it, Joestar! He's going to recover!"

"But I'm no doctor! I have no idea how to do this right!!" Joseph cried out. "I am a proud servant of the Wehrmacht! I am prepared to do what ever is required to fulfil my duty. I proudly give up my leg for the Fatherland, now hurry up before it's too late!!" Stroheim screams out. They were running out of time! Sanviento was reattaching his body whole again! "Damn it Joestar, just do it!" Lily shouts at him. "Okay, I'll do it! If you really want me to chop it off, then off if goes!" Joseph says. "I demand that you chop it off now!" Stroheim screams out at him. Lily finally was able to use her Hamon and got the meat leeches off her legs and gripped on the chain holding Sanviento. 'I figured this guy was just some bloated, power monger. But I got to hand it to him...he's got guts! I wish there was some other way but if he's courageous enough, then..!' Joseph raised the axe over his head and yells out, "Forgive me!!"

With one swing of the axe, Joseph chop Stroheim's leg clean off! Stroheim powered through the pain and grabbed the door handle. Lily used whatever strength she had left to pull Sanviento up just as Stroheim opened the door, finally allowing the sun to shine in. Sanviento broke through the chain and raised his arms to shield his eyes from the light. "Tell me, big guy. How does that sunshine feel on your skin?" Almost immediately, Sanviento let out a short scream/roar when the sun's harsh rays touched him. His skin was started to crack and turn into stone. "We did it." Stroheim said as he let out a breath.

However, Sanviento suddenly began contorting his body, disfiguring himself as he made an attempt to avoid the sunlight. With inhuman speed, Sanviento flew past Joseph and Lily, and went straight towards Stroheim. Sanviento crawled into the stub where Stroheim's leg was cut off and nestle deep within his body. Using him as a literal human shield against the sun. Stroheim walks on one leg into the sunlight as he struggles to keep control of himself while Sanviento was trying to take control of him. "I...I can't believe this thing's will power! I never seen anything like it!" Joseph says.

"We have to drive him out of Stroheim's body somehow. If he stays inside him, he'll be totally fine even here in broad daylight!" Lily says. Stroheim falls to the ground as he could feel Sanviento moving inside him. "I can feel him! This can't be real!! Do you want to know what the worst part about this is?! My leg doesn't even hurt anymore! It feels pleasant, can you believe that?!" Stroheim yells out. Stroheim was then launched back onto his foot and began wiggling like a worm on a hook. Then he pulls out a grenade from his person.

"Wait! What are you doing?!" Joseph shouts out. "Put it down, von Stroheim!" He and Lily tried to stop him by running towards him, but Stroheim quickly thrusted his hand out from keeping them at a distance. "Stay back!! You've seen what horrible things Sanviento is capable of! There is no hope, my destiny has been determined!! So now, all I can do is destroy the both of us!" Stroheim says as he twisted the cap off and leaving the string exposed. "But I have one more thing to say to you before my time is done! If you know what's good for you, you'll listen close, Englishman! Our Wehrmacht, we... We did not awaken Sanviento simply for scientific research or military gain!"

"Then why!? Why would you risk it! Tell me!!" Lily demanded. She needed to exactly why Stroheim would allow Sanviento to wake up and nearly unleash him into the world. Joseph held her back by her shoulders when shouted. He needed to know as well. What reason would Stroheim had to do all this is the first place? "Silence!" The German Major barked at them. "It's Joestar's destiny to hear these words from my lips! Sanviento is just the tip of the iceberg, the Wehrmacht has discovered another pillar in Europe! We now know that Sanviento is not the only one of his kind around!" Stroheim says as his body began expanding a bit, ripping off his jacket and shirt apart as he coughed up blood. "Wait, so there's more of them?!" Joseph asked in shock! "Where are they, tell me von Stroheim!! Where?!"

"I'm sorry! But I don't have that answer for you, Joestar! There are more Pillar Men out there and they have powers that are beyond our wildest imagination. For millennia, those powers have been dormant but that won't last and soon they will awaken! You must find another weakness other than just sunlight! Or else hope is lost!! That's why we were experimenting on Sanviento, we were looking for that weakness! There's a battle against the Pillar Man yet to be fought! The event of fifty years ago call upon you for that battle!!" Stroheim said, explaining everything to Joseph. The latter was speechless. He didn't know what to even say or to think about what he was being told. Straizo had told him that his fate was set in stone...could this be what he was talking about?

"Listen to me! You will need more than just your Hamon to overcome them! You must go to Rome! There, you will someone who can help you! It is someone that your Speedwagon and Lily knows very well!" Stroheim tells him as he was dragged back by an unseen force towards a well. Sanviento was trying to move Stroheim into the well so that he could hide away from the sunlight. But Stroheim wouldn't grant him that luxury. He pulled the string with his teeth and now he had seconds left until the bomb goes off.

Stroheim gave a calm look to the Hamon users and let out a soft chuckle. He wasn't afraid to die. If it meant he'd be dying for his country and glory. "Farewell, you annoying Englishman!" He said as he crouched down, holding the grenade close to him. "Don't do it!!" "I still have questions for you! von Stroheim!!" They tried to run up to him and try to save him somehow, but it was too late. Stroheim blew himself up to expose Sanviento to the sunlight and the explosion caused the two to be pushed back.

"Damn that crazy German and all his honour!" Joseph said as they skidded to a stop. "He's a German Soldier, of course he was crazy! But...damn it!" Lily shouted as she punched the ground in frustration. "I'm sure that we could’ve found another way!" Joseph says as he felt tears forming in his eyes. Lily gripped her head as she began to say, "This is all my fault! I should’ve prevented all of this!!" Joseph grabbed her shoulders and made her look at him. "Don't say that, Lily! How could you have possibly prevent something like this, you're just one girl."

"I don't know! But I should've been able to-!" Lily was cut off when she she saw something in the corner of her eye. Joseph looked in the direction she was staring at and his eyes widened. As the smoke cleared, standing there, in place of Stroheim's place was Sanviento. Looking so condescending. The sunlight was hitting his skin, but it was taking much more longer to reduce his body to stone. "SANVIENTOOO!" Joseph screams out in rage.


Chapter Text

"SANVIENTOOO!!" Joseph screams out in rage. As a last-ditch effort, Santana jumps high into  the air to attacks Joseph. "YOU ANNOY ME, PRIMITIVE! I WILL DESTROY YOU!!" Sanviento shouts out as he charges at Joseph. 'Steady your breathing. Use your Hamon technique.' Joseph thought to himself as he took several breaths to power up his Hamon. Joseph picked Lily up and pushed her out of the way as both Joseph's and Sanviento's fist collided with each other. Sanviento was a bit more stronger than him as he knocked Joseph back, the force slashing his forearm and the two go flying into the well. "Joestar, no!" Lily shouted out as she ran towards the well.

"PRIMITIVE!! WHY OPPOSE ME?! YOU WERE DOOMED HERE FROM THE START!!" Sanviento shouts at him. Then Joseph let out a mockery laugh, points at Sanviento and said, "I know just what you're going to say next. You'll say, "I've seen right through you all this time, Joestar.""

"I'VE SEEN RIGHT THROUGH YOU ALL THIS TIME, JOESTAR! WHA?" Joseph smirks as Sanviento as he tilted his head to reveal that the water at the bottom of the well was acting as another light source due to its ability to reflect sunlight. Sanviento lets out a screams as he felt his body turning rapidly back to stone. "It's high noon over this well! The sun reflecting off the water should cook you nicely! Although, I doubt you even thought of that! You were thinking about jumping into the nice, cool water and getting out of the sun, right?!" Joseph said as he charges up his Hamon. He slammed both his feet into the well's walls and tried to stop himself from falling any deeper. "Well, screw that idea! I'm not letting you touch the water!"

Joseph put all his strength into his legs to stop them from falling just long enough to get Sanviento back to his former rocky self. As he hoped, Sanviento's body was breaking apart but the light. Because he was being hit by sunlight in two different directions, Santana turns into stone and is finally defeated. Joseph made it as his back touched the water. He finally let out a relaxing breath as he left his head sink a bit into the fresh water. 'I'm alive. Thanks to the sun. He's a statue now, but we finally got that smile.'

"Joestar! Joestar, are you alright!" Lily called out from above the well. Her heart was nearly pounding out her chest when she looked down. To her relief, she heard Joseph say, "I'm alive! Do you mind finding me some rope or something?" Lily gave a broken laugh as she set out to find something for him to climb out with. She managed to find some rope and tossed it his way. Joseph climb out of the well and tossed the upper half of Sanviento out. He then slide down and leaned against the well. "Thanks...Lily." He smiled at her. 

Honestly, this guy...he was just too much. One minute, he's arrogant...the next, he's goofy...and then he's something of a man filled with great pride and strength. And yet, Lily couldn't help but enjoy his whacky behaviour for some reason. Lily dropped to her knees beside him and looked like she was going to faint. Joseph noticed and went to keep her steady. "Wh-whoa! Easy...are you alright?"

"Did you plan that out as well?" She asked.

"Huh?" Joseph went, a little confused. "You flying into the well with Sanviento...did you plan that too?" She asked him. Joseph rubbed the back of his neck rather sheepishly and grinned at her. "It was in the spur of the moment, but yeah. I sure timed that perfectly, didn't I?" He asked. Lily then whispered, "Stupid..." Joseph couldn’t hear that and leaned in. "What? You say something?" Lily quickly lifted her head and tackled Joseph to the ground. At first, Joseph thought she was going to pound his face in, but was shocked to find her...hugging him. Lily wrapped her arms around his neck and held him close to her. "Stupid..! Don't ever scare me like this again, okay JoJo?" Joseph felt small droplets of water hitting his shoulders and his eyes soften on her. He gently wrapped his arms around her waist. "I promise."

*Three days later*

Lily had explain to Joseph that she might have an idea on how Stroheim was talking about and she indeed does know him very well and tells him that she had practically grown up with him. She also tells him that Speedwagon had met him around the same time when he had met her. So Lily got into contact with him and told him that they would be arriving in Rome. So now, here they were in Rome and were waiting for the one Stroheim told Joseph to meet in a restaurant. It was supposed to be a nice, quiet lunch. But, of course, with Joseph Joestar present, it was anything but quiet.

"What the heck is this supposed to be!?" Joseph shouted. Lily calmly sip her wine as she watched her new friend brought the poor, shaking waiter to his face. He was currently making a complaint that the place thought it would be funny to put black ink all over his spaghetti. The waiter tried to calm him down by explaining. "No, no, no, no, sir! Not at all! This is called a 'Nero Di Seppia'. It is a classic pasta dish made with fresh squid ink, hence the colour."

"Really?" Joseph said, a huge tone shift as he looked at his meal with newfound interest. Lily shaking her head in amusement. "It’s quite delicious!" The waiter tells him. Joseph was getting his appetite back as he practically drops the waiter and takes his seat. Seeing he was distracted by the food, Lily gave a subtle hand single to a man sitting across from them he flashed her a smile. Joseph lifted his fork and took a bite out of the pasta. Lily held in her laughter as the squid ink coloured his lips. Joseph's tongue was busting with the flavour of the food. It was incredible! "Say! This is delicious!" Joseph said as he slurped up several long strings of the noodles. The waiter gave a sigh of relief and walked away.

As Joseph and Lily were enjoying their meal, the man across from began to say to his date, "This hotel used to be a place of class and refinement. Now they let just anyone in here." That caught Joseph's attention as it sounded like indirect insult to him. The man then gave all this attention to his date and leaned in close to her. "Segnorina, accept this. A token of your beauty." He then reveals to her a gorgeous ruby necklace with a silver chain. The woman blushed at the gift. "Ah, it’s beautiful."

He gave her a dashing smile as he continued to use his charm on her. "Not as much as you. When you remove this at night, please think of me. And we shall be together in your dreams." Hearing that almost made Joseph want to throw up! That was the most cheap romantic crap he'd ever heard! "Come on! Did that mozzarella cheese-ball just say what I think he said?! I didn't know eavesdropping could rot your teeth! Lily, can you believe this guy?!" Joseph yelled.



"Lily? Did you- LILY?!" Joseph turned to look at her to see if she heard him, only for him to cry out in shock to find her staring at him with lovey-dovey eyes!! She was blushing!! And looked to be completely lovestruck! Lily gave a small swoon. "Ah...isn't he just the most handsome man you've ever seen..?" She said. Joseph felt jealousy ran over him with a force of a truck and glared daggers at the Italian man. "I shall cast an enchantment upon it. Just a little love spell, and then you will have no choice but to fall to my passion." He said to her as he gave a kiss to the ruby.

Lily was falling deeper into this guy's trap even further now. "What I wouldn’t give to be in that gem's place." She said. Joseph let out yell of frustration as he watched in between him and Lily's actions. "AAUGH! You've got to be kidding, this guy is making me sick! Lily, I thought you were better than this, why him?!" Joseph said. The man smirked at Joseph as he held up the woman's head. "And I shall spread my charm's magic to those delicious lips of yours." He said so smoothly and kisses the woman. Joseph had just about enough of him as he said, "That's just ridiculous! How could any modern woman fall for such an obvious act!? Disgusting!"

Thinking that he could teach him a lesson, Joseph went to his pasta and picked up three spaghetti noodles. He powered up his Hamon and transferred onto them. Straightening them out, hardening them so they could be used as a form of weapon. "Hamon Di Seppia. This should stick to that little Casanova's enchanting face for a bit." Joseph bend the spaghetti and lined up the shot to the man's face. With a chuckle, he let the spaghetti fly right towards him. However, the man quickly brought up his fork and caught them with the macaroni he was eating, catching Joseph by surprise. "Huh!?"

The man then rapidly twirled the fork around till it he stopped for it to fly back to Joseph. It was coming at him at high speed and Joseph quickly grabbed his wine glass to save himself. The spaghetti pierced through the glass but, thankfully, didn't hit him. Joseph was left entirely confused. How the hell did he do that?! Joseph ate the spaghetti and the wine spilled out from the macaroni. He swore he saw a flash of orange electricity ran though and said, "That...! That was Hamon! Yes, I'm sure of it! Lily, did you-?" Joseph was cut off by Lily's laughing out loud like someone had told the greatest joke in existence. "L-Lily..?" Joseph asked, confusingly. Lily kept on laughing as she got up from her seat.

The same waiter from before walked over to the man's table and gave a small bow to him. "Pardon for the intrusion. But there's a phone call from a Mr. Speedwagon, Mr. Caesar Zeppeli." The waiter said. Caesar pulled away and gave a small sigh. "Mamma mia, I will be right there." He said. This was Caesar A. Zeppeli. A young, extremely handsome man of muscular build and sporting unkempt blond hair and green eyes, whose distinctive features are two purple-coloured spots on both his cheeks. In his hair, he is adorned with two feathers on each side of the head. What's more, he is the grandson of Baron Will Zeppeli.

As Caesar was putting a familiar checkered print top hat, Lily was getting her laughter out of her system when she started walked over to him, waving her hand. "Hey, Caesar! Great to see you again." Caesar gave a warm smile and got up to give Lily a hug. He gave a small chuckle as he began patting her head. "Haha, it's great to see you too. I hope you haven’t gotten into too much trouble." Caesar said with a knowing smirk. Lily smiled at him and gave a playful punch to his shoulder. "Hey, there's no trouble I can't get out of. You should know that, big brother."

........WHAT?!?! Joseph's eyes widened in pure shocked when he heard all this! Hold on, back up a sec!! Rewind this a few minutes back! "What?! What the-?! That spaghetti-brained womaniser is the Caesar Zeppeli we came all the way here to find?! And he's your brother?!" Joseph shouted at the top of his lungs. Caesar just gave him a smirk as he and Lily started to walk away with the waiter, leaving Joseph with the millions of questions he had right now. As they were walking, Lily glanced back to the woman who was blushing at Caesar and gave her "big brother" a teasing smirk. Caesar looked down at her with a questionable expression. "What? What's that look for?"

"Nothing~. I just thought that was a very romantic display you've I can't help but wonder if you're finally ready to confess to her now." Lily said as she gave him a wink. Caesar blushed deep red and turned away. "Oh shut up. I need just a little bit more time." She playfully rolled her eyes. "Caesar, it's been ten years, I think that you've had more than enough time to tell her how you feel." She tells him. The waiter hands him the phone and Caesar sternly tells her, "I'm not having this conversation with you right now sister." Lily giggled at him when she was suddenly grabbed by her arm and pulled back to meet with a seething Joestar.

"You've got some explaining to do, little missy!" Joseph tells her. Lily laughed at his red face, which caused Joseph to get even more enrage. "S-sorry, JoJo! Hahaha, I couldn’t help myself but you were surprisingly easy to fool." She tells him. "You mean to tell me you planned that entire thing with him?!" He shouted. He enjoys making fun of other people, but he gets pissed when he's the one being made fun of. Lily gave him a nod. "Yup. I thought it would be good payback for spinning my head with your crazed way of thinking, but I think Caesar had other plans for going along with it."

"Which reminds me. You called him 'big brother', but I don't get it. You seemed to have hostility towards your parents but you have a close relationship with him. And for being brother and sister, you two don't look anything alike. So...I'm guessing that 'Lily Fawn' is an alias, right?" Joseph asked her. He was genuinely curious what was up. To his surprised, Lily shook her head at him.

"No. Lily Fawn is my real name. I do hate my parents and I love Caesar as if he really was my older brother. Like I said, I practically grew up with him. That's because we had come from the same place." Lily tells him.

Before we go any further, you must need to know what became of Sanviento. True, he was defeated. But that's only a fraction of the true. Before Lily and Joseph arrived in Rome, exactly three days ago. In Washington, the Speedwagon Foundation stands tall and proud in its land. The complex was built twenty-eight years ago with funds from the ample Speedwagon fortune. Here, all manners of science, medicine, archaeology and more are generously funded and exhaustively researched for the benefits of all humankind. 

But the Foundation also houses a darker purpose. And Speedwagon himself and those most trusted over the years are allowed to know. One to unlock the secret of the Stone Masks. Speedwagon and two scientists traveled down the lower basement and entered a room with the rest of the team waiting for them with the stone remains of Sanviento. "The UV Lights are very powerful. Please, if you don't mind." One of the researchers said as he handed Speedwagon a specialised protective mask to keep him from being blinded from the UV Lights. As he put it on, one called out, "Introduce the snake." 

From a slot opening from the side, they sent out a snake near Sanviento. The snake slithered towards Sanviento, thinking it was nothing more than a piece of rock. But a split second, it was suddenly pulled towards him by an invisible force. In seconds, the snake had been reduced to stone. Forever attached to Sanviento. "It was absorbed into the stone! Sanviento still isn't dead, his body is defending itself somehow." One of the researchers said. "What if he finds someway to awaken in there?"

"This can't be! We must find a way to destroy him!"

"The monster feeds on masked Vampires, he's immortal for all we know. What are we supposed to do?"

One of the scientists turns to Speedwagon and tells him, "Don't worry Mr. Speedwagon, he can't do anything. As long as he's under those UV Lights, he will remain petrified and can pose no threat to us." They sealed Sanviento away and now he remains "asleep" in their watch. "Hahaha, that's right."

"Hehe, well, I suppose that's a relief."

"There is still more research to be done if we are to understand him fully." One the scientist, and Speedwagon, took off the protective gear and showed everyone what he was found. He went to a projector and flip on the switch. The projector displayed a mural depicting, what can be assumed, to be four Pillar Men. Ranging from top, with the one with three horns, to the bottom, with one with two horns similar to Sanviento's. "See those. Those pictures were taken in the cave where we originally found Sanviento. Inspect them carefully." Speedwagon tells them. The researchers took a closer look at the mural and they quickly noticed something about each one of them.

"The horns! They all have different types of horns!"

"So if the one on the bottom is supposed to be Sanviento...then who are the others?"

"According to von Stroheim, the Germans have uncovered another pillar at an undisclosed location somewhere in the European continent." Speedwagon informs them. "Their faces are stacked vertically in this picture. Speaking historically, I would theorise that this indicates status or rank among the three Pillar Men. JoJo, Ms. Fawn and I are headed to Rome. von Stroheim told him that we must go there in order to find the person who can help us. And it turns out that person is none other than the grandson of Will A. Zeppeli, Caesar Zeppeli."

And now, we've come full circle. Speedwagon meets up with Joseph, Lily and Caesar at a fountain where he introduces the two. But...the two aren’t getting along very well. Right now, Speedwagon and Lily were sitting beside one another on the edge of the fountain, Joseph was making friends with a few pigeons and Caesar sitting off to the side "flirting" with a girl with a camera in hand. "Tell me, where might you be from? Would you like me to take picture, perhaps one of you in the fountain?" He asked.

"Huh?" The girl went. Lily's lips turned into a mischievous grin and leaned against Caesar's back. "I can sneak you a picture of you-know-who in her best night gown..." Lily whispered to him. Caesar fought against the urge to blush and the urge to push her into the fountain. "Shut. Up." He angrily whispered.

"Cooo! Coo!" Joseph went as he called out to a small flock of pigeons to him, with one resting upon his head and shoulder. "Boy, the birds in this country sure are friendly. They seem much smarter than the men here too, don't you think?!" Joseph shouted that last part towards Caesar. "Tch." He scoffed. Lily sent a glare at Joseph's way and stood up. "Hey, if you got a problem with my big brother then say it to my face JoJo." Speedwagon stood up and tried to ease the situation. "Knock it off JoJo. We didn't come all this way for nothing, the two of you better start talking." He tells them.

Caesar let out a huff as he said, "Mr. Speedwagon. I'm sorry, but not a chance. My grandfather died tragically fifty years ago. My father then took up his torched and spent his life hunting the mask. We Italians have the strongest familiar bonds of any culture in the world. We are very proud of that tradition, it is everything to us! That's something he'll never understand!"

Lily gazed sadly at Caesar. She had thought he didn't like JoJo because of how he performed with his Hamon and/or behaved in the restaurant...but she had never heard this from him before. She had no idea that Caesar was holding a grudge against Joseph's grandfather for Will's death. And that grudge has fallen onto him now. "Caesar..." Lily tried to calm him down, but he continued on. "In fact, you told me he didn't know about his own grandfather until just recently! A true man knows his history!!"

"Tell me this, true man! Is your whole family this dumb!?" Joseph shouted at him. Lily placed a hand on his shoulder to keep him from getting into an unnecessary fight with Caesar. Speedwagon placed himself in front of them. "That's not fair Caesar. JoJo didn't know anything because Viola and I kept it all a secret from him." He tells the young Zeppeli. Caesar let out a sigh as he clutched his wrist.

"I don't think that's any excuse. I heard about Straizo and I was impressed to find out that he fought with one of the Pillar Man. But I wanted to see for myself how tough he was, so I waited at the hotel. Lily, you may say that he was impressive, but I'm disappointed to say that his Hamon skills leave much to be desired. His Hamon is weak, it's worthless! His defeat of the Pillar Man was nothing but blind luck!! I'm sure that he would’ve been dead in under a minute if Lily hadn't been there!! I won't be forced to work with this imbecile!!" Caesar shouts out.

"Brother, come on. Give him a chance." "Caesar, just relax for a moment. JoJo's still training-." Lily and Speedwagon said before Joseph pushes them back behind him. Letting out a cocky chuckle. "We're done with the niceties here." Joseph says as he cracks his knuckles. "I'm going to have to settle this with a good thrashing." Caesar wasn't at all bothered by his threat and brought the girl he was flirting a moment ago into his arms. "Hamon as weak as yours couldn’t pluck the petals off this delicate flower." Caesar tells him.

Joseph felt his eye twitch and gave another chuckle. Trying to hide his anger was so obvious. "Oh yeah, well you couldn’t even beat one of those pigeons!" He says as he pointed over to the tiny flock. Caesar gave a cocky smirk as he stole a kiss from the girl. Just seeing him doing that so proudly made Joseph even more enraged at Caesar. "Grr! Are you gonna fight me or not!?" Joseph asks as he runs towards the blond haired man. "If there's any mocking to be done here, I'll take of it, thank you kindly!!" He tried to throw a punch at Caesar's way, only for him to be stopped by the girl Caesar had kissed. She had a tight grip on his neck and her eyes were hazy and glossed over.

"Ooh! You're using that old trick?" Lily says as she walks to Caesar's side. Lily crossed her arms over her chest and looked over at her brother figure. "Don't you think you're treating a little harsh with that one?" She asks him. Caesar crossed his arms as well and says, "Not really. Don't tell me you've forgotten what our coach has been teaching us?"

"You...bastard! You gave this woman a Hamon kiss!" Joseph said as he grabbed the lady's wrists to try and pry her hands off of him, but she was much stronger than he was. "Like I just said, your weak Hamon couldn't even defeat a woman. Sad." Caesar tells him.

'I must not interfere here. This will be a good lesson for JoJo. Overcoming this will only make him stronger.' Speedwagon thought to himself as he watched from the sidelines. The lady lets go of him, but she threw a solid punch to the face before grabbing him by the shirt and throwing Joseph into the fountain. Caesar sat down on the edge and sent dagger towards his way. "Ha! What did I tell you? My grandfather might still be alive, if your grandfather hadn't got in his way! I refuse to accept your kind, your pathetic blood!" Caesar shouts at him. "Whoa! Hold on brother, that's going a bit too far!" Lily shouts at him. Speedwagon agrees with her and tells him, "That's enough! You've crossed the line now."

"Stop! I've got this." Joseph says as he picks himself up from the water. "Someone as arrogant as you...just couldn't resist insulting my entire family, could you?!" Joseph asks Caesar. While he was still sitting down, Caesar jumped into the air and prepared to initiate his attack. "Like to see my manoeuvre sure to eliminate to the Pillar Men?! It's a clean technique!" Caesar claps his hands together and when moving them away, a large bubble veil extends from both his hands. Inside the veil, dozens of bubbles were swirling about. "Behold! My Hamon Bubble Launcher!" This was Caesar signature attack. Caesar can fire out a barrage of bubbles from his gloves, each coated in the Hamon. This increases the density of the bubbles and is able to hit objects with a greater impact.

"It's important to keep oneself clean! I, myself, have a thin layer of soap on my clothes at all times! You're looking a little dirty yourself there, Joestar!!" Caesar shouts as he unleashes a massive torrent of Hamon-infused bubbles that knocks Joseph away and surrounds him in a giant bubble. Joseph is unable to escape the bubble and slowly loses consciousness, breathing rather heavily. Caesar took the lady back in his arms as he stares down Joseph. "Well, I am impressed that you're still conscious. But your weak little Hamon couldn’t even pop a bubble. Just look at you, your breath is already all over the place. Enjoy your stay Joestar."

"And next you'll say, "Now I'll lift my Hamon spell Segnorina, thank you"." Joseph said. What? "And now I'll lift my Hamon spell Segnorina, thank you." Caesar said as he goes to kiss the lady again. Lily's eyes widen slightly when she took noticed that he predicted Caesar's next words. "Caesar, wait! Don't-!" Caesar attempted to kiss her again, only for a Hamon-infused pigeon to come flying out of her mouth and into Caesar's. This greatly caught Caesar by surprise and he fell back on the bubble. His weight popped it, releasing Joseph and now both men were catching their breath.

"While that woman was throttling me, I filled the pigeon with as much Hamon as I could and hid it away in her mouth. I knew you'd kiss her, either because you had to withdraw your Hamon or just to show off." Joseph then gave Caesar a smirk and said, "So I was right. Turns out that you couldn't even beat a pigeon." Caesar turned away with a "Hmph!" while Joseph let out a laugh.

Speedwagon let out a tired sigh. "What a day..." Lily placed her hands on her hips and shook her head the two. "Kids... They never seem to grow up." With the fight now over, the group heads to the hotel.



Chapter Text

Once they reached the hotel, they had a small moment to unwind for a while. Caesar had told them earlier that they had to wait something later tonight. Night rolled in and everyone gathered in a lounge. Caesar jumped into the air, and in a cool fashion, sat down in his seat perfectly relaxed. Lily stretch her arms over her head and sighed in relief when her back cracked. She then performed a front-flip and landed right on her seat cushion. Speedwagon and Joseph had sat in their seats like normal people, the boring way.

Joseph gave Lily an exception for her stunt, but he gave Caesar the stink eye the whole time for his way of sitting down. 'Honestly, just who does this jerk think he is!? Grand standing like that just to sit down in a chair..! I really can't stand people like him. If only I had a technique like his Bubble Launcher, I'd be able to teach him humility then and show Lily just how cool I am! I have to get stronger with my Hamon!' Joseph thought to himself. He then leaned back in his seat and was a little calmer than he was prior. 'But training is always such a hassle.' An idea popped into his head and he began shuffling the deck of cards. 'Let's how our little friend handles a game of chance.' Joseph thinks as he started to pass a few cards to Caesar's way.  

Caesar's eye caught a glimpse and said to Joseph, "I saw that, JoJo. Deal the cards right. Only cowards cheat." Joseph gave Caesar a questionable look and continued to pass over the cards to him. "Huh? Whatever do you-?" Joseph said before Caesar quickly shut him up when he quickly reach over and grabs his wrist. "Deal the cards properly, Joestar, or play elsewhere!" Caesar shouted as he shakes Joseph's wrist, causing about a dozen cards to start spilling out of his sleeve. Lily gave a long sigh as she held her head. She knew where this will lead to.

Joseph had gotten embarrassed and blushed a feint red. "Huh... fancy that. Well, that didn't work!" He laughed humorously. Caesar let out a smug scoff as he sat down back in his chair. "Pathetic. You should be ashamed that you have to resort to cheating and gimmicks to beat me!" Joseph wasn't buying that crap from the Italian man and then said, "You really are serious about cleanliness," He pulls Caesar's leg onto the table, where a small mirror was placed on top of his shoe. Lily facepalmed. Yup! She knew it. "This mirror is spotless!" Joseph yelled.

"STOP PROVOKING ME, JOESTAR!" Caesar shouted as he stood up from his seat, fist ready for a fight. "OH, I HAVEN'T EVEN STARTED!" Joseph shouted back. Lily let out a growl and stood up her chair so fast that it fell over. "KNOCK IT OFF, TU FIGLIOLICI!!" She yelled as she grabbed both their heads and slammed them against the other. "OW!!" The men cried out. "Shut up and play game fairly! And quit acting like brainless idiots, you're adults!" Lily tells them. Speedwagon sighs as he took a sip of his drink and watches in silence as the three are arguing amongst themselves now. But he let out a small smile as they reminded of him of his youthful days with Viola and his mates.

Soon a knock came at the door and a voice spoke through. "Hello..?" The fight had stopped as the two Hamon users looked back at the door, while Caesar was frozen stiff and his face was turning all kinds of red. "Hey, Phoebe. Is that you?" Lily called out. The door opened up to reveal a beautiful young woman. She had short midnight-blue hair that's brushed over her shoulders, ocean-blue eyes, and pale skin and had fourteen freckles scattered on her face. She wore a black robe, with a large hemline on the front, and which exposes her arms, back, and her belly. She wore a pair of blue pants and black knee-high boots with white high heels.

"Oh my, is this a bad time?" Phoebe asked. When she was walking over here, she heard a lot of shouting and was worried that they were in a middle of a fight. Lily laughed and shook her head. "Nah, just Caesar and JoJo acting like dumb kids." She told her. Phoebe tilted her head as she shifted her eyes over to the British man, she then smiled at him and walked over. She held out her hand to him and said, "So you must be Joseph Joestar. Lily told me a bit about you. Pleasure to make your acquaintance, my name's Phoebe Belladonna."

Joseph smiled and shook her hand. "Nice to meet you, Phoebe. So Lily talked about me huh?" Joseph said as he gave a sly smirk to the girl in question. She rolled her eyes and puffed up her bangs. "So what relations does Lily have with a beautiful girl like you?" Joseph asked in a flirtatious tone. When he said this, Caesar snapped out from his daze and suddenly was in front of Joseph, holding his wrist in a death grip. Joseph quickly backed off when Caesar shot him a glare that, if able, would shoot him dead. Phoebe wasn't at all fazed by this and answered Joseph's question. "Lily, Caesar and I have all known each since childhood and I've been trained in Hamon alongside Lily and Caesar for a good while now." She then smiled brightly at the blond-haired man."Hello Caesar! It's been a while."

Caesar, once again, stood frozen stiff and blushed deep red. He turned around and, much to Joseph's complete surprise, was getting nervous by just talking to her. "U-uh, yeah! It has...b-been a while. How have you been? How'd y-you find us?" Caesar asked her with a smile. 'Is he freaking stuttering?!' Joseph screamed in thought while Speedwagon and Lily watched in amusement. "Haha, I'm doing fine, thank you. Lily had called me earlier and told me where you were, I was happy because I wanted to meet JoJo and see you again." Caesar ignored the JoJo bit and smiled. She wanted to see him... Caesar felt his heart swelled.

Wanting both to spare the Italian man any further embarrassment and wanting to move things to move on from this, Speedwagon spoke up. "It's been eight hours Caesar, do you mind telling us what we're waiting for?" Caesar quickly calmed down and gazed at the clock hanging on the wall. "What are we waiting for?" Joseph asked. The sound of a car echoed through the night outside and Caesar gave a smirk. "Here's your answer." The car screeched outside and Joseph went to the window and opened it, so now everyone were looking outside.

From what they could see, a young man of athletic build, wearing a German soldier's uniform plus an assorted cap sitting on the driver's side. Seeing his uniform, Joseph immediately didn't like where this whole thing was going. "What the hell is a German soldier doing here!?" Joseph shouted. The soldier then looked up and gave the group a cheerful smile and an ok gesture. "It looks like we're clear." Caesar said. "Just who do you think guards the Pillar Men? He'll get us in there, behave yourself." He said that last part to Joseph with a sly smirk. "Again with the Germans?!" Joseph yelled. While this was going on, at the location where the Pillar Men remain dormant, an odd hole began to appear on one of the Pillar Man's forehead, strange winds seeped through..

Back with the group, the driver of the car is a young man that goes by the name of Mark, who came to deliver them to where the German found the other Pillar Men. "Germany and Italy have an alliance, and the Germans are interested in researching the nuance of my Hamon, see?" Caesar explained to Joseph. "You Englishmen are very lucky that you are being granted access to view the Pillar Men. No need to thank me, you're appreciation's written on your face JoJo." Caesar says as he reached over to ruffle Joseph's hair like a child while the latter grumbles in annoyance as Lily laughs at the two.

"Mr. Speedwagon, we have so many questions for you." Mark says to the scared-faced man. Despite being a Nazi soldier, Mark was surprisingly friendly. "I hope that we can all work together before to stop the Pillar Men before they awake." He says. Lily lets out a mischievous giggle as she reached from the backseat and searched through Mark's pockets, eventually pulling out a locket and opening it up, revealing a picture of a pretty girl. Both Caesar and Lily both grinned at Mark and began to, more or less, embarrass him.

"How's the beauty?" Caesar asks as he takes the locket into his hands. Mark looked over at them and saw what they had taken. "Now don't be embarrassed, you've got yourself a girlfriend back home don't you?" Lily asked him with a cheeky grin. Mark then blushed red and began rubbing the back of his head. "Well...she's... Uh, actually the truth is...I'm going back home next week so we can finally get married!" Phoebe gave a smile as placed her hands together. "Oh wow! Congratulations."

"WHAT?!" Lily shouted in pure glee as she and Caesar both caught Mark in a headlock. A really bad time for one as the car began swerving out of control in the middle of the street!! Banging through cars and knocking over a trash can. "Really! Mamma mia, congratulations Mark! I was his wingman when he picked her up, you know?! He was so nervous, Lily almost had to tie him up to keep him from running away!" Caesar said.

"And he knew I would! Hahaha!!" Lily says as she hung Mark from behind. While those three were having the time of their life, the others were clutching onto the car so they wouldn't die! "Heartwarming. Please, don't get us all killed here?! And please stop cuddling with the wheel if you don't mind!?" Joseph shouted at them. Eventually, they finished their celebration and Mark began driving normally. Still, while they were on the subject, Caesar chose this to get another crack at Joseph.

"I wanted to ask you JoJo, do you have a girlfriend back home?" Caesar asked him. Joseph didn't fully respond as he just gave a strong "Hmph" with an annoyed look on his face. Caesar smiled either way at that.  "I'll take that as a 'no'. But you're such a great catch, why doesn't anyone want to date you? Perhaps they're all too busy washing their hair eh?" Caesar says as he bursted out laughing. Joseph glared at the blond-haired man as he grit his teeth.

'Where does this pompous ass get off talking to me like that?! Once I developed my own killer technique, I'll show him a thing or two...or three!' Joseph thought to himself. He really wanted to developed a cool move so that he could knock Caesar's inflated ego down to size. Lily stared in between Joseph and Caesar. She enjoys poking fun at others, but this just seemed kind of petty. So Lily did the sensible thing and decided the best course of action was to embarrass her older brother in front of everyone!

"Yeah, he's right. JoJo, if you want to be able to win a girl's should ask my brother who's got the cutest girlfriend in the world!!" Lily said as she shouted that last part aloud. Caesar's smug face quickly dropped to a surprised one as his face began heating up. Joseph and Phoebe both were surprised by that and turned to Lily in confusion. "Wait, this guy's got himself a girlfriend?" Joseph asked. "Lily-!" "Yup, in fact he's had this particular girl for a long time, but he had yet to tell her his real feelings." Lily smiled in a carefree manner.

Phoebe looked up at her friend and asked him, "You have a girlfriend Caesar?" The man immediately went on the defensive as he said, "No, no I don't Phoebe!" He then glared at the cobalt-eyed girl who had a huge smile on her face and said through his gritted teeth, "You! Shut! Up!" Joseph tried not to laugh as Caesar's was turning all forms of red. Lily obviously had some dirt on this guy and he needed to hear it. And maybe use it as blackmail.

As they drove closer to their location, ynder the Coliseum, the Nazi team were already down to keep watch over the Pillar Men and make sure that they don't wake up as they already had the UV Lights locked onto them. Everything seemed to be going fine, but then one of the soldiers spotted something and yelled out, "Look! There's something on his head!"

"I don't think that was there before!" Another shouted as they began to investigate the hole that appeared in one of the Pillar Men statues. "Calm down. They're just rocks as long as they're under those UV Lights. No need to worry. Now get a closer look!" The Nazi officer tells them. Seeing the death of Stroheim's team as an example, the officer hopes that after cutting the pillar out, they will seal it up, so they never again see the light of day.

He couldn't be more wrong.

As one of the soldiers leaned in close to investigate, he heard an odd noise coming from the hole when suddenly, a spike shoots out and impales the man. This shocks the team as the officer shouts out, "He's supposed to be petrified! The one in Mexico couldn't move!!" The Pillar began opening his eyes as the rock material began to chip away from his body. He was finally waking up from his 2000 year sleep. Knowing would happen, the Germans try to set up more UV lamps, but the horn the Pillar Man had kills more of the soldiers and uses their blood and brain matter to block out the lights. The statue retracted his horn and awakens, and out comes the Pillar Men's fighting genius.

He was an immense being; powerfully built and very tall. His face is particularly chiseled and square with high cheekbones. He had short, standing blond hair and has prominent eyebrows. He has painted or tattooed on his face the thick outline of an equilateral square; crossing his face just under the bridge of his nose; upwards through the middle of each eye. He also wore large earrings and a metallic head adornment similar to a crown that opens at the front, which was how he summoned out his horn. He also has a small lip ring on the left side of his lip.

Now that had awoken from his sleep, the man cracked his neck as he looked down upon the many humans before him. "I see the world has undergone significant changes during my slumber. These insignificant inventions must be quite popular here." He said, with perfect fluency. This sudden action shocks the Nazi officer. "Wh-what he say?!" He shouted. The Pillar Man glared at the one who spoke and said, "I said your pitiful illuminations are no match against my power." He then lunges towards the soldiers, but he did with such grace and speed, it only seemed as though he was gliding past them. But when had gone through all of them, they quickly realised that he had fused their hands together.

As they were beginning to panic, the Pillar Man silence their annoying cries as he stabbed his finger through the Nazi's officer's head and sucking all of the Nazis' life forces out of their bodies, leaving them little more than empty husks. Once the vermin had been exterminated, the Pillar Man walked towards the other slumbering statues and places each of his index finger on their cheeks as he says, "Wamuu! Now is the time, awaken my masters!" The stone material faded from their bodies and jumped out of the stone wall. Now, after 2000 years, three of the most strongest Pillar Men had finally been awaken.

The heroes had arrive at the Roman Colosseum where Mark lead down the path to where the Pillar Men are located. He guided him to the Mouth of Truth, a marble mask which stands against the left wall of the portico of the Santa Maria in Cosmedin church, the site of the ancient Forum Boarium (the ancient cattle market). It attracts visitors who audaciously stick their hand in the mouth. Mark walked towards the mask and grip the top part of the mouth and lifted it up, revealing a secret entrance leading down to a cave below the city. Joseph was left at an awe at the entrance, but Speedwagon had mixed feelings. He's seen a good handle of things to be surprised.

"Somehow this doesn’t surprise me. The famous Mouth of Truth was a secret entrance all this time." Speedwagon says. Mark took out a flashlight and lead them all down the stairs. Several lights were held up so that they could view the historical carvings on the walls. Speedwagon felt shivers run down his spine as they walked down the steps. "You can really feel the chill of the dead here. Caesar, what sort of affects has your Hamon had on the sleeping Pillar Men?" Speedwagon asks.

"Hamon is only useful on the living. No reason to waste my powers on stone. We can't learn anything if they're not alive." Cesar tells him. "Hmph! Incased in stone or not, we'll disintegrate them to ash, right Phoebe?" Lily said with a grin. Lily turned her head back when she didn't get a reply.  "Phoebe?" Lily noticed that the ocean-blue eyed woman looked very uneasy and was gripping her hands rather tightly. Lily ran up to her best friends's side and quietly asked, "Is something wrong?" Phoebe let out a small sound of surprised as she turned to Lily with a smile. "Oh no. It's nothing. It...just this chill in the air." Phoebe says.

.......This smell....iron and bitter....why was it so strong?

Once they reached the bottom of the stairs, they were quick to noticed the lack of soldiers and guards around the area. That was odd. And very unsettling. "I'm surprised. You Germans don't have more than, uh, zero guards down here." Joseph said to Mark as he looked around. Back in Mexico, they were at least a half a dozen guards for Sanviento alone. "Hello!!" Joseph shouted loud enough for the room to echo out his voice. "Stop being foolish JoJo." Caesar tells the British lad. Mark looked around as well and said, "Wait, something's wrong. He's right, there should be guards posted all around his place."

A tremor ran through Phoebe's head as it signal her of great danger coming from within the dark. She didn't like this at all. "Everyone, be on your guard. This isn't normal." Lily slammed her knuckles together and Hamon sparked out. "Just tell me who's face I'm gonna break." Caesar, Lily and Phoebe all stood out in front of Speedwagon and Mark, to keep them safe, and to prepare themselves to what will be coming after them. Joseph only walked a few steps before stepping on something that made a very odd noise.

"Augh! Why didn't anyone tell me there were bats in here!? Gross, I stepped in bat dung! And I just cleaned these!" Joseph cried out. Lily rolled her eyes at him and said, "JoJo, quit being such a petty princess." Mark looked over with his flashlight and were shocked to find the remaining in hunks of the Nazis' corpses, and the way they were killed was definitely inhuman and the only explanation for their deaths was that the Pillar Men had already awakened.

Terrified of seeing their bodies, Mark had gotten scared and attempted to run away. However, Joseph tried to warn him to stay put as the Pillar Men who had done this could still be nearby. But his warning meant nothing as Mark had ran directly in front of the Pillar Men. The others all screamed at him to run but Wamuu walks into him, and thus half his body was absorbed.

Wamuu didn't seem to acknowledge that Mark was even there and kept walking. Mark staggered as his locket containing his fiancée fell to the ground. Caesar and Lily immediately ran towards their friend and Caesar caught him before he fell. By some miracle, Mark was still alive as he called to him as the others rushed to his side.

"What have they done?!" The Italian man shouted as he stared in both anger and shock at what has become of his dear friend. "Oh God...that thing just absorb nearly all of Mark's body!" Lily shouted in horror. Phoebe stared back in shock as she covered her mouth, feeling physical ill. The sight was too horrible. Speedwagon looks at the retreating forms of the Pillar Men with fear in his eyes.

"They just walked through your friend Like he wasn't even there! The Pillar Men have awoken with such massive power that we barely even exist to them. We may as well be nothing more than a colony of ants beneath their feet!" As Speedwagon spoke, Joseph was glaring daggers at the Pillar Men with intense hate and fire in his eyes. He couldn't believe how they could disregard human life so easily as plucking a weed off the dirt.

Wamuu then kneeled down to his two masters as one of them said, "It appears to be night outside Wamuu." He takes on the appearance of a tall, very well-built man. He has elegant, relatively feminine facial features, violet eyes and a much lighter complexion than the other Pillar Men. He wears a dark, tight head-wrap, is otherwise minimally dressed, wearing high boots, forearm guards, a thong, and a flowing loincloth. "That is correct Lord Kars and what should be your bidding?" Wamuu asked.

"Easy. We will be searching for the whereabouts of the Red Stone of Aja." The third Pillar Man said as he held up a Stone Mask. "The Stone is the last piece we need in order to complete the mask, then we will unleash its power!" This one takes the appearance of that of a tall, dark skinned, and very well-built man. He has white hair, protruding in a bouffant tuft from under a tall headpiece and blue eyes. A dark painted or tattooed X mark spans his face, joined at the bridge of his nose, touching the middle of his forehead and jaw. He wears a nose ring in his right nostril, and great, thick hoop earrings. His brow rests in a sinister scowl.

"Of course Master Esidisi." Wamuu then informed them of the news the Nazi officer had said, "From what the humans said, it seemed that in the land over the ocean, he was defeated by a weak light creating device. Could it be....the Clan of the Hamon....?"

"The guys we destroyed 2000 years ago have returned now?" Esidisi asked. Kars was silent for a moment before replying, "We'll just get rid of them again. Plus he couldn't keep up with our abilities. He's only lived 1/10 of our lives, let's forget the kid." Wamuu looked up at his masters and said, "However, the human world has changed much over the years that we've slumbered. Long ago, it was the Emperor of Rome who Possessed the stone. Unfortunately, I am certain that age has ended."

"Well then, we simply need to find where it is the stone currently calls home. Rather pitiful that he refused to speak of a clue on where he had hidden it despite the torture we've placed him under, but no matter." Kars said, feeling slightly annoyed when he began to remember about that man. He briefly recalled him being so painfully stubborn. Kars was glad he's dead. "They say the Emperor cherished the stone above all things. I believe that the humans of today still tell stories of it. I shall retrieve the stone for you, my master." Wamuu says.

"There is time Wamuu." Kars tells him. "For the moment then, let us go outside and observe the changes that have occurred in the human world." Esidisi suggested as he and Kars started to walk away and find the way up to the outside world. As they began to walk, Kars had unexpectedly stepped on Wamuu's shadow. This triggered something inside their subordinate as Wamuu's eyes widened in rage as he attacked Kars, throwing a backwards kick his way and only managing to slice his arm before Kars jumped away. Wamuu let out a gasp as he quickly realised what he had done. "Wamuu! Explain your insolence!!" Esidisi shouted at him.

"Stay your hand Esidisi." Kars called out as the wound on his arm rapidly healed itself. Wamuu turned to him and bowed down in shame. "I apologise Lord Kars." He said. "Of course. It had slipped my mind that you posses a reflexive attack against anyone who dares to walk across the depths of your shadow. It has been 2000 years after all." Kars said.

"I have offended you my Lord. I shall accept whatever punishment you see fit." Wamuu tells him. But Kars let out a small chuckle as he said to the warrior, "I simply cannot accept your apology. Your innate fighting spirit is what makes you a great warrior and that is why I trust you. The fault is my own for treading upon your darkness. Please forgive my transgression."

"You are too kind." Wamuu says as he bowed his head lower to him. Kars then gave a smirk as he told him to rise and they continued onward. Meanwhile, Mark was experiencing unspeakable pain and agony as he clung onto Caesar with, whatever he had left of it, his life. "Caesar...! Kill me please! Do it, you've got to kill me now!" He yelled. "I can't!" Caesar said.

"It's...! It's getting so cold, please Caesar. I'm...I'm so scared. I couldn’t feel anything at fist....but now the pain-.... Please Caesar, you've got to kill me now!" The young man begged of him. It was horrible..! So horrible, Mark wanted it to stop! He can't handle being in so much pain. He needed to die this very second. Lily was trying her best to hold it together, but Phoebe was in tears as her heart broke apart for Mark. He didn't deserve this...he had a loved one to go back to. And now they had been torn apart by these demons.

Joseph was shaking in anger. He may have not known the man as well as Caesar had, but he knew that no one should have gone through what he did. And the worst part of this was, is that there was nothing else they could do to help him. 'There's nothing we can do. I can't do anything to help this poor bastard...! I feel so powerless...' Joseph closed his eyes and tried to maintain a level-head as his fists clenched up beside him. 'I must control myself, I feel like I'm going to explode!'

A bright yellow light glowed beneath them and Joseph opened his eyes to Caesar using his Hamon to end Mark's life and to relieve him of his suffering. Mark gave a weak smile as he told his final words. "Give her my love, Caesar." With that his body went limp as he was given a peaceful death. Caesar fought back the tears that threaten to spill as he hung his dear friend. "I promise..." He said as everyone gave a moment of silence for the fallen soldier.

"He was so young. His whole life ahead of him. He worked hard for a living. He loved his family dearly. He loved his girl and his country. He was a good person, clean-cut, the boy-next-door. And they killed they die!"

A fist, glowing his Hamon, punched through the ground with the force of a sledgehammer. "Damn it, let's tear these bastards apart!!" Lily shouted.

"We cannot allow them to steal any more lives!" Phoebe yelled.

"Caesar!" Joseph yelled out.

"Don't you dare get in my way JoJo! I'm going to enjoy every second of this!! This is personal, I'll destroy these fiends myself!!" Caesar shouts as he charges at the Pillar Men with Lily and Phoebe running right behind him.


Chapter Text

The Pillar Men seemed to ignore our heroes cries as the begun to climb up the stairs. But they won't get far, not if the three Hamon users had anything to say about it. "YOU MONSTERS!! DON'T TURNED YOUR BACKS ON ME!!" Caesar yells as he jumped up behind them, landing on Wamuu's shadow and quickly gaining his attention. Caesar claps his hands together and formed a large bubble between his hands. "Fine then, I'll savour this one! Hamon Bubble Launcher!" He shouts as he chose Wamuu as his first opponent, perfectly fine by him as he was the one who killed Mark.

Using his Bubble Launcher technique,  Caesar had surrounded the Pillar Man in Hamon infused bubbles. At first, Wamuu doesn't seemed bothered by them, but when he reached up to touch them, his fingers all but blow up as Hamon energy surged through his body. Wamuu's eyes widen as he realises who Caesar was. "Could...could this be...? Is this what I think?"

"Nice work, Caesar may be a narcissist but his Hamon skills are solid." Joseph said, impressed by Caesar's expert control over his Hamon. "These bubbles may look harmless but prepare for a bombardment!" Caesar says. Now knowing that he was facing a Hamon user, Wamuu uses his mysterious headgear to unleash a gust of wind that bursts all of the bubbles at once. Leaving Caesar and the others shocked at how he was able to do such a thing. "He... He popped them all." Speedwagon says. "How on earth did he do that?"

"That's not his hair. Those are wires attached to his head he's manipulating." Caesar said. "He popped my bubbles with the wind that they created." That's when Speedwagon had a grand realisation at what that headgear was made for. "But then that means...they were designed to be anti-Hamon weapons. Somehow they're already familiar with the principles of Hamon. They must've Hamon at some point over two thousand years ago!" As he said this however, Wamuu's attack was not yet just over, as strange wind began to move around the Pillar Men.

"What is that? What's happening to the air around them?" Caesar asked. The same tremor ran through Phoebe's head as her eyes widened when she saw the air shift and turn. "Caesar! Look out, get down from there!" She shouted just as a cut formed down Caesar's lips. He stepped back as he touched his wound in confusion. "Uh...wha...what?" He said as numerous slashes appeared on his face. 

"Cover your eyes! That wasn't just wind, it was the aftermath of a powerful vortex that's still active!" Speedwagon shouts as the hundreds of small tornadoes Wamuu created shred Caesar's skin and one slashes his left eye. "Caesar!!" The girls shouted as they ran to his side when he let out a cry of pain as he fell to his knees, the attack left him incapacitated and possible blinded in one eye. The Pillar Men gazed down at the Italian Man and Kars said, "These humans know Hamon."

"I thought we destroyed all the members of the Hamon Tribe two thousand years ago and yet here they are. Ready to welcome us at our own awakening." Esidisi said. Lily glared daggers at the Pillar Man for what he did to her brother. "You son of a-!" She shouted at she jumped high and tried to punch Wamuu in the face, but he quickly grabbed her wrist before she could hit him. But upon contact, his hand was blown off and Lily lifted up her leg and slammed it back down on his head, causing some damage. However, when she tried to at him with another Hamon-filled punch, Wamuu used that same wind manoeuvre to slash at her and knock her back. Lily bit the inside of her cheek when the wind slashed at her stomach and neck.

Lily skidded on her feet to a halt as she stood back up, ready to fight again as Caesar made his way back on his feet, much to Phoebe's protest. "! You killed him! You killed my friend! Do you think losing an eye will stop me!?" Caesar boasted as he glared daggers at the Pillar Men. The warriors from two millennia ago started at him for a moment before letting out amused chuckles. This pissed Caesar and Lily off as they each shouted, "Stop! Why are you laughing?!" "What's so damn funny huh?!"

Wamuu chuckled as he began to say, "You have all memorised your Hamon Handbook very well. You always say the same thing. It was that way when we crossed from the western continent and it is that way now still. "You think losing an arm or an eye or a leg will stop me?". "How dare you take my friend's life, don't you know how much I loved him?". That's why we laugh human."

"You...! You bastards!!" Caesar shouts in anger. Kars was getting disinterested by this point and wanted things to move on already. He wasn't interested in fighting them as it would be a waste of time. "Ignore them. We're on a quest to find the stone." He says as the all began to walk away. "What?! Where are you going?! Face me you cowards!!" Caesar yells as he rushed in to attack them again. "Caesar, don't be so reckless!" Phoebe, worried for Caesar's life, quickly ran to him got in between them amuses them, raising her hand to protect him as Hamon sparked out. However, before she could do anything, Wamuu swiftly turned around and jabbed his fingers into Phoebe's neck, directly hitting the pulse beneath the skin.

"Phoebe!!" Caesar and Lily cried out as the midnight-haired woman was struggling to breath due to Wamuu cutting off any precious oxygen from entering her system. "You're most vulnerable in your throat and your lungs. We know that if you can't breath then your Hamon is rendered useless. But because I can't resist such worthy opponents, hear me, I shall spare all three of you because I long for the opportunity to meet you again when you are stronger. The next time we meet I want to admire your strength. I want, at least one of you, to become worthy of my time so that I might destroy you with great honour." He says as he throws Phoebe back against a stone pillar which made a sickening crack upon impact.

Caesar and Lily immediately ran to her side as she gasped for air. "Phoebe, are you okay?" Lily asked, checking Phoebe's neck for any injuries Wamuu had given her. None. Just the imprint of his fingers. Phoebe shook her head at Lily, silently telling her that she was fine with a small smile. She turned to Caesar and reach over to touch his face. "C...Cae...sar. Your eye...." She wheezed out. "Phoebe... I'm sorry." Caesar said as he bowed his head in shame. This was his fault. If he hadn't acted so recklessly and had been so short-tempered, his beloved sunflower wouldn't have gotten hurt because of him.

Wamuu turned back to his masters and said, "It appears that they were the only Hamon users here." Kars nodded his head in agreement. His violet eyes took a quick glance at Phoebe. It was odd... He had never met that woman before...but he couldn't help but think he'd seen that face somewhere before. Hmph, it was probably nothing. "Let's move." He said as the began to climb the stairs. They only took a few steps before someone let out a loud, and obnoxious, cough.

"*Cough cough cough*. Sorry, I just can't seem shake this cough. Maybe it's the Hamon training that's making me ill. What do you think?" Joseph asked the Pillar Men with a cocky smirk on his face. "....." The Pillar Men were silent as Joseph walked over to the others and practically grabbed Caesar's face and checked his eye. "Hmm...he only sliced your eyelid, the actual eyeball itself is just fine. Perhaps, you should sit this one out. I think we've all seen enough of the Bubble Launcher for one day. Lily, Phoebe, it's not that I think you're too weak, but I think you should tend to your injuries first." Joseph as he cracked his knuckles and faced the Pillar Men.

"Watch and learn as I take of this one myself!" Joseph said, bursting with confidence with a smile of his face. Understandably concern for his safety, and survival, Speedwagon spoke to intervene. "JoJo!" He said before he was cut off. "Just calm down Speedwagon. This guy is asking for it. It's time for me to show off the brand new technique I've been working on." Joseph says.

"What?!" Lily shouted. She was shocked to hear of this, since when did Joseph find the time to work out a Hamon technique? Though the more she thought about it, the more Lily was incline to believe that he was pulling out a stunt out of his ass. 'I have no idea what he's thinking... But I have to be willing to trust him. His insane thinking has worked out...more or less.'

"Please allow me to introduce myself, my name's Joseph Joestar and these are the hands known for defeating your mate Sanviento." Joseph said as he did an odd manoeuvre with his hands. Wamuu narrowed his eyes as Joseph suddenly held a pair of normal American Clackers with the letter J on each of the balls. Joseph then began to bang them together, creating a rhythm. "I call this move my Hamon Clacker Volley. I start off by filling these little Clacker balls here with a little Hamon." He said as began to transfer his Hamon energy into the Clackers. Once infused, the Clackers had become a lethal weapon banging against each other is a rapid pace as Hamon surges through them.

"WHA-HA!" Joseph shouted a cry as he whipped the Clackers back like they were nunchucks. However, they's are reason why these Clackers make the "clack" sound and one of them came around his shoulder and smack him right in the head. "OH NO!" He shouted as he bent down on his knees and clutch his head in pain. "JoJo, what the hell do you think you're doing?! This is no time for games!" Speedwagon shouted at him.

"For God's sake...." Lily sighed. "What are you doing?! Are you trying to disrespect my friend by playing the fool?!" Caesar shouted. What the hell was Joseph even thinking at this point?! Lily had told him that despite the insanity and odd humour that Joseph brings, he was a surprisingly great strategist. However, the way that Joseph kept presenting himself, Caesar was having trouble believing that.

"Not intentionally, I'm trying to be serious." Joseph says as he picks up his Clackers. "Caesar, I am truly sorry for the loss of your friend. I understand both your pain and your anger. Additionally, these guys may be the biggest group of egotistical jackasses I've ever seen in my life! I may not be a master of this yet, but I'll still knock you into next Tuesday with my Clacker Volley." Joseph made another odd hand manoeuvre and in a blink of an eye, a second pair of Clackers appeared in his hand.

Wamuu let out a small growl as Joseph began waving the Clackers around spastically in a very fast pace, however, Joseph had complete control over them and was able to easily manoeuvre them around his body. "I hate to admit it, but I know that my Hamon is relatively weak. I'm pretty sure I can make up for what I'm lacking with these steel Clackers, if I can just break open your skin, even a little and fill you with Hamon, that should even out my handicap don't you think? I can tell you're nervous." Joseph says as he looks at the stoic-faced Wamuu. "TAKE THAT!!" Joseph shouts as he throws both pairs of Clackers into a beam behind the Pillar Man, causing one side of it to be lodged in place. He had completely missed him.

This didn't deter the young Joestar as he whipped around the other Clacker around like nunchuck and, this time, performed it well. Wamuu gave a smile as he casually scratched the back of his head. It was evident that he, and everyone else, weren't taking Joseph very seriously. Esidisi lets out a chuckle as the spectacle was most amusing. "Well, that was fun." He said. "Let us keep moving. Apparently the human race has regressed rather than evolved." Kars said.

"Quite an understatement." Wamuu said in agreement as he lets out a small laugh. "Amusing though." Joseph grit his teeth as he glares daggers at the Pillar Man, angry that he wasn't being taken seriously. He wasn't the only one that was getting antsy. "JoJo! What are you doing?! Your childish little games are going to get us all killed!" Caesar shouts at him. Phoebe placed her hands on the Italian man's shoulders and tried to calm him down. "Please, relax Caesar. Maybe he has a plan."

While Caesar wasn't so sure about Joseph's chances and Phoebe is hoping that he has a plan, Speedwagon and Lily were thinking that whatever his strategy was could be beneficial. But at the same time, these weren't your everyday street punks. 'He's playing coy, but this may actually be the best JoJo's got.' Speedwagon thought.

'I'd feel a lot better if JoJo was facing some common street urchin. But I don't think he even realises that these opponents are on a completely different level than what he's used to. It be actually hilarious if it wasn't so tragic.' Lily thought as she watches Joseph intently. She was starting to get really worried for the young Joestar's survival. He was barely able to fend off just one Pillar Man, and she wasn't sure if he could pull the wool over their eyes. But... She had to believe in him. She had to have faith that he could do this. ' safe JoJo.' Why was she getting so worried over him all of a sudden? Yeah this was a stressful situation...but this type of worrying felt much more intense.

"Why isn't anyone taking my little metal balls seriously?!" Joseph says as he takes out, yet another pair of Clackers. Wamuu had enough of this and proceeded to take his leave. He didn't get very far at all when Joseph shouts at him. "That's far enough, don't make me clack you into the ground!" Alright, this amusement was getting annoying now. Wamuu turned to Joseph with a cold gaze as he said, "Stop. Don't you feel that human lives are short enough? There's no need to sprint to your death."

Joseph only gave a smirk as he whipped the Clackers around his body in a rapid paced once more. His feelings of confidence were burning brighter. Lily was just amazed at this guy, does he NOT have any sense of fear? "Silence! If you ever had Spaghetti on Nero Di Seppia, you know it looks bad but it's delicious. You should taste my Clacker Volley before you judge it." Joseph said as he whipped around the Clackers so fast that when he stopped, they had completely disappeared into thin air, shocking his respective audience.

"The Clackers... They vanished!" Caesar said, shocked at how Joseph managed to pull that off. "How did he do that?" Phoebe asked in amazement. The young Joestar kneeled to the ground with a smirk on his face. "I've been training on my Hamon. All the live-long day." Joseph sang. As if he was putting on a show for Wamuu.

"He's insane!" Caesar shouted out. Lily gave a deadpanned sigh but gave a small smile. "You have no idea..." She said as she and the others looked behind Joseph. Turns out, they hadn't vanished at all. Instead, Joseph was hiding the Clackers behind his back and he was locking them in place with his shoulder blades. ...Ouch! That must hurt in some ways. Or at least be uncomfortable. Wamuu must've been suspecting the same thing as something had gotten his attention. "Well look it man, no hands! Where are the Clackers?" Joseph asked as he began to laugh, getting an inch closer to Wammu.

"A true magician..." He released them sending surges of Hamon in them. "Never reveals his secrets!!" Joseph shouted as he slingshots the Clackers from behind his back at the Pillar Man in all directions. "Eat this!!" Before the Clackers could even touch Wamuu, he completely dislocated his upper body and dodged them with inhuman speed. The Clackers had only shot right through him, not touching him once.

"How could anything move like that? I can't believe what I'm seeing, he's faster than Sanviento." Speedwagon says.

"These Pillar Man are way more freakish than Sanviento ever was..!" Lily said.

"I don't think those idiotic Clackers did so much as gaze him!" Caesar said. Phoebe could feel her heart sinking deep into her stomach as she stared intently at the Pillar Men. She was getting physically sick just by looking at them. "I don't like this...! We should help JoJo, not stand around here."

"Hahaha.... I admire your weapon, your courage and your creativity Human." Wamuu said, chuckling as he puts his baby back together. "I'm actually enjoying your company. You deserve time." Wamuu then held up a finger and said, "One minute. But only one, that is how much time I will allow you to fight the mighty Wamuu." As soon he finished talking, an unseen force slice through Joseph's wrist to the artery, making the blood spill onto the floor. "JOJO!!" His friends called out.

"I shall use your wound as a timer. Your wrist will work well as a timekeeping device and you will lose conciseness due to a loss of blood in exactly one minute." Wamuu tells the young man. "Show me what you can do Human." Joseph staggered back as he stared, wide-eyed in shock, at his bleeding wrist. "This is what I often told the members of the Hamon Tribe; Your life is now my hourglass measured in blood."

"Wamuu, we'll waiting outside." Kars tells his subordinate as he and Esidisi take their leave. Kars and Esidisi head on up to the surface, allowing Wamuu to finish Joseph off as the only Ripple user left able to fight. "Now boy, go ahead and retrieve your weapon quickly." Wamuu says as he points back to the Clackers behind him with a smile.

"What?" Joseph asked as he placed a hand near his ear. "I'm sorry, I'm growing deaf in this ear. It almost sounded like you said 'go ahead and retrieve your weapon." Joseph's face then turned serious as he narrowed his eyes at him. "Which would be ridiculous. I mean why would you retrieve something that comes right back to you?" Joseph asked him.

"Hm?" Wamuu went as he heard a strange noise. A strange whooshing sound. Behind him, unbeknownst to Wamuu, the Clackers that Joseph as thrown earlier was in position. In truth, Joseph had missed Wamuu on purpose so he could catch him off guard. When one is thrown into the partition, causing one side of it to be lodged in place. The other side grabs onto the second pair of Clackers that Joseph had thrown, and essentially flings them back towards Wamuu from behind, much like how a boomerang works, striking him in the head before he even realised it.

The second pair of Clackers spun around towards back to Joseph and he managed to catch it. His grin widening that his plan worked. "Looks like my Clacker Boomerang worked pretty well! I shouldn't need the full minute to destroy you now!" Joseph says as he rushes towards Wamuu as he begins to beat him with his Hamon-filled Clackers, all while shouting, "That's for killing Caesar's friend! That's for not taking me seriously! AND THAT'S BECAUSE I'M SICK OF LOOKING AT YOUR UGLY FACE!"

While Joseph was beating Wamuu, the Pillar Man was in rage. But not with Joseph, but with himself. Angered, Wamuu allows Joseph to continue to strike him with the Clackers as he scolded himself for not anticipating this type of attack. "Do what you must. I deserve as much. No opponent has ever struck my face, and this is the price for my carelessness. I shall take this beating in order to properly honour you before I destroy you." Wamuu says as he sends a cold steel gaze at Joseph way.

"You say that no one has ever hit you in that ugly mug of yours? What an honour!" Joseph shouted as he continued to pummel Wamuu with much more force. "You didn't even stop to blink when you killed Caesar's friend Mark did you? You monster, do not value like at all?!" He shouted. From where he was standing, Speedwagon saw Wamuu's arm bend over backwards and was bulging as if he was getting ready to strike. "JoJo, watch yourself! His arm isn't broken, he's getting ready to use it!"

When his arms began to twich spastically, Joseph took notice and wisely came to a halt, jumping away from the Pillar Man as a strange aura began to surround him and glares down upon him. "Whoa! I have a feeling this isn't good for me." Joseph says with a nervous smile. "A charming observation Human. I'm now scarred due to my carelessness. It was my duty to allow you to pummel me as punishment for my own lack of judgment. That has now ended however." Wamuu says with an eerie smile.

"JoJo, hurry and finish him off while you still have the chance!" Lily shouted at him. But it was too late, Wamuu was already in position to attack the young Joestar. "My ultimate technique. The Divine Sandstorm!" Wamuu shouts. "Guh! I don't like the sound of that!" Joseph said. The Divine Sandstorm is Wamuu's signature technique. The attack is initiated when Wamuu starts to spin his forearms rapidly from the elbow joint, where the right arm spins to the left, and the left arm spins to the right. The rapid spinning creates a massive wind storm with enough destructive power to shred a human being into pieces, and make large pieces of rock crumble.

Joseph is unprepared to counter a technique like this as Wamuu's fists seem to grow before his eyes! "AAAUGH!!" Joseph screamed. The air between Wamuu's arms transforms into a powerful vortex of destruction. This vacuum creates a highly pressurised deadly microcosm. Joseph tried to save himself from the sandstorm by climbing up on the marble pillar, but the attack quickly broke it into pieces with little effort. "Great, if he could tear through marble pillars I don't see myself having much of a chance against a windstorm like this! I don't think I've ever seen anything this powerful!!" Joseph shouts as he was hit by the storm at full force and it tear throughout his body and tossed him around like a rag doll.

When Wamuu finally called down his attack, Joseph fell back to the ground with a loud thud. Bloodied, beaten and barely handing on to life. "JoJo!" "No, JoJo!!" Lily and Speedwagon shouted as the elder man tried to run towards the young man's side, but he was held back by the others. "Don't be a damn fool! Run Speedwagon, get out of here before it's too late. The girls and I will try to distract him somehow!" Caesar tells him as he and the girls prepared themselves for a fight.

"Curse this blood in my eye, threw off my aim." Wamuu says as he stares down at the young Joestar, who's body was twitching uncontrollably. "But it proved enough when you made the choice to hide behind the pillar." Then Joseph stopped moving all together. " died quickly." Wamuu said as he turns his attention back on the others. "Normally I would ignore human onlookers such as yourselves. However, you witnessed my shame so unfortunately I must take the time to destroy all four of you. You may pray now if you wish."

Now that he wasn't looking, Joseph, with a lot of effort, tried to get up and crawl away from the scene. Seeing him move caught the others attention. Wamuu must've noticed that something was odd because he turned around to see Joseph, but only saw his still body on the ground. "Hmph, must be the light." He says to himself. Seeing that his eyes were off him, Joseph got up from the ground and began to crawl away to safety. He needed to get to that mine cart.

'What does he think he's doing..? I don't believe it, he's actually trying to escape..?' Phoebe thought to herself as she watched Joseph trying to make a break for it. Once again Wamuu sensed something odd and turned back around. But again, only saw Joseph's unmoving body. He turned away and Joseph got back up to get out. Caesar glared daggers at the British mad, angry that he was actually abandoning them with this monster! 'That coward has no shame playing dead like that! I understand leaving me, but what about Speedwagon, Phoebe and Lily? I seen the way he looks at her! I knew he was spineless!' 

''re not seriously leaving us here...are you?' Lily thought in disbelief.

'This guy's the most powerful foe I've ever faced. My breathing is out of control, I can't control my Hamon. I don't really have any other option left...luckily, my specialty is running away.' Joseph thought to himself as he was inching closer to the mine cart. Just a bit closer, and he's out of here! Behold everyone, our now broken hero, Joseph, forced to play dead. Crawling for his life and now leaving Speedwagon behind to face certain death.

Even with all of this...Joseph remains dedicated. A hero more than worthy of this tale. How is that you may ask?

Joseph grabbed the edge of the mine cart and climb inside. Hearing the sounds, Wamuu let out a growl of anger as he whipped around and charges at the green-eyed man. "Nice try there Human!" He jumped up and his feet landed on the other side of the cart, but Joseph wasn't worried in the slightest. "You coward! No true warrior would ever fein death just to save himself!" Wamuu yelled at him. Joseph smirked as he released the brakes on the cart, causing it to move twoards the tunnel.

"Hahaha, that may be true, though my intention was not to escape but to distract! Truth be told, I was just trying to get you onto this mine cart." Joseph tells Wamuu.

"You are clever indeed.... So you were only playing the part of the coward to lure me away from your friends, is that right?" Wamuu asked.

"I'm surprised you fell for it, that trick is probably older than you." Joseph says with a smirk. His eyes shifted towards the others and was silently trying to get them to get out to safety. 'Get out now Speedwagon, run! Lily make sure Speedwagon get's to safety. Caesar, go! Phoebe, get a move on, what are you guys doing?!'

"JoJo..." Speedwagon says.

"That bastard, what a noble move." Caesar said. Phoebe took a step forward as she turned to the elder man. "Mr. Speedwagon, you should head on back to the surface. We can take care-." She began to say as Lily sprinted right past her and run into the tunnel. "Lily!!" They all called to her.

'Idiot!! What were you thinking...?!' lily thought as she ran followed the tracks to get to Joseph and Wamuu. 'You better be alive when I find you JoJo!'


Chapter Text

'Now that I've painted myself into a corner here, I need to come up with a second part of my plane. Which would be...' Joseph thought to himself as he takes Wamuu on a mine cart ride through the ruin. Wamuu then laughs at the young Joestar. The unflappable hero, he calmly searches for options, not knowing what to do next, but his will remains unbroken.

"JOJO!! LILY!!" Speedwagon yells as Caesar and Phoebe runs downs the tunnel, going after their fellow Hamon users. "Damn that JoJo, he's in worse shape than any of us!" Caesar shouts as he wipes his face clean from the blood. "It seems that JoJo's way of thinking is far more unpredictable than we were lead to believe. No wonder Lily had spoken so highly of him." Phoebe says as the two kept running.

Caesar grit his teeth a bit as he began to think, 'I should have been the one to lure Wamuu away...! I see now that JoJo only acts foolishly to confound his opponents. He must actually have a good plan to beat those monsters! As much as I hate to say it...but Lily was right. He might be a good strategist.'

As the mine cart traveled fast throughout the ruin, Joseph was trying to get his breathing in working order as Wamuu stands above him. Despite standing on top of the mine cart, the fast pace railing had not thrown him off balance. "Although you are quite confident for someone who is knocking on Death's door, I must tell you that your plan is a poor one." Wamuu says. "You're quite tough, I'll give you that. Soft-headed, but tough nonetheless." He then jumps down onto the cart and leans close to Joseph's face. "Tell me. How do you remain unyielding in the moment's before your death. Is it because you have bricks for brains or do you still have another trick for me?" He asked.

"Do you really want to know?" Joseph asks in return. "Actually no, let me guess." Wamuu says with a smile and points at the young Joestar. "Because you're so obviously clever, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you wouldn't be stupid enough to be holding a stick of dynamite behind your back."

He totally was!! Damn it! 'Damn! He's on to me!' Joseph thought as Wamuu continued on. "And I know you wouldn't insult my intelligence by thinking you could quickly throw the break and send the mine cart flying off the tracks. Maybe like this!!" He shouted as he kicked the breaks in. And because of the uncontrolled speed the cart was already going, the wheels gave out a horrible screech as it flew off the railing, sending them flying. 'Damn! He got me there too!' Joseph thought.

They eventually crashed through and found themselves on the outside. The wreck had caught the attention of Kars and Esidisi, who were both waiting for Wamuu. Joseph laid on his back as Wamuu walked over and stands above him. "The time on your hourglass wrist is just about up. There is absolutely no chance that you will survive this any longer." Wamuu says. The stick of dynamite was still ignited and near Joseph's reach. "I found your tricks to be very...quaint." Joseph's eyes were filled with courage and unquestionable strength. "Before you die, tell me, why do I still not see defeat in your eyes?" Wamuu asked him.

"I'll tell you if you want but you're gonna have to say 'please' first." Joseph said, irritating Wamuu for the last time. "More games? You've tested me long enough, prepared to die." Wamuu says as he moves in with the intention to kill Joseph for his insolence. However, just before his finger reached Joseph's throat, the young Joestar said something that would allow him to see tomorrow.

"Such a shame. Because a month from now I can guarantee that I would be able to be able to destroy you." Joseph said. This halted Wamuu's finger as he stared down at Joseph with a questionable look. "What was that?" He asked as he pulled back. "With just one more month of training, I would annihilate you. I was the first person to hit and as well as the first to scar your face. When I put my mind to something I can accomplish pretty much anything." Wamuu was silent when Joseph spoke and without giving him a response, Joseph shrugs his hands and turns his head to the side, seemingly accepting his premature death.

"Oh well, guess none of that even matters now. So...can we just get this over with? It would be an honour to be killed by a warrior like you...blah blah blah." Even while at the mercy of a Pillar Man who can, most likely, kill a person in eight different way Joseph remains to be pretty nonchalant about this "death". Wamuu seemed to be curious about Joseph's words as he asked, "What do you mean by this?"

"Oh I'm sick and tired of this talking..! Just hurry up and make it painless Wamuu." Joseph says to him, positioning himself in the proper stance as if he were laying in a coffin. "Explain yourself! What are you trying to get at?!" Wamuu shouted at him. He had no time for these childish games, he needed answers. He and Joseph then held a stare down competition as their eyes bore into each other, trying to get inside the other's mind.

Around this time, Caesar and Phoebe had it to the outside. But before they were seen by the others, they found Lily hiding behind a pillar telling them to be quiet and hide. Caesar and Phoebe quickly hid behind another pillar right beside Lily's. From there, they saw Wamuu standing above Joseph. "Lily, what's going on?" Caesar asked her. "Is JoJo alright?" Phoebe asked worriedly. The blonde-haired girl nodded as she turned her head back to the others. "I honestly don't know how, but I think JoJo's still alive." She says.

"Is it true you Pillar Men often live for millennia? That's a long time to be walking around with the shame of having your face rearranged by a lowly human. It seems to me that the only way you could regain your honour would be defeating me in a fight after I've undergone my proper Hamon training." Joseph said. He had gotten well enough of grasp of Wamuu's personality. He knew that his pride would get the better of him.

"I do not have to defeat you in order to maintain my honour!" Wamuu nearly growls out. Joseph was trying very hard not to smile as Wamuu's whole body was shaking with rage. Perfect, this was just what he needed. He had a good chance if he can make Wamuu think if his integrity is at stake. Because he called Joseph a coward, he had exposed himself as the prideful warrior type. Pride was his Achilles Heel He just needed one more good push.

"I don't know if you noticed but I'm still new at this. However, if I trained with my Hamon for a month, I know I can give you the fair fight a warrior like you deserves." Joseph says as he points to himself. The first person who ever hit you in the face gave you a nasty scar. It would be a shame if you killed that person before he's worthy. But if you feel the need to kill me before I have a chance to battle you as an equal, than go ahead and do whatever you need to do."

Joseph's taunting combined with his smug face pissed off Wamuu greatly as he grit his teeth and began growling like a wild animal. He was getting so angry, Joseph swore he was close to popping a blood vessel. "You bastard..!" Wamuu shouted as Esidisi appears behind him. "Wamuu." He said simply. The Pillar Man immediately calmed down and acknowledged his master. "Master Esidisi."

"You gave this human one minute. Why must you insist on letting him toy with you?" He asked as he stares at Joseph. He then raises an eyebrow. Well, isn't that curious thing. Joseph's heart skipped a beat when Esidisi suddenly made his presence known. No, no, no! What was he doing here!? He's going to ruin everything! 'Just go away! I almost had him!' Joseph thought to himself as Esidisi walks over to him and takes the stick of dynamite. He stares at it for a moment before he consumes the stick of dynamite whole, sliding down his throat and down to his stomach where it explodes inside his body.

"Master Esidisi, I have grown fond of this particular member of the Hamon Tribe." Wamuu says to his master. Jackpot!! He's got him! "JoJo, you will be happy to know that I have decided to accept your proposition. If you swear that you will train your hardest to fulfil your potential than I will give you exactly one month to do so." Wamuu tells the young man.

"So you're not going kill me now?"

"That's right."

"But we're going to fight again?"

"We are."

"Are you sure you want to do this? I'll give you a chance to take it back." Joseph tells him. He couldn't believe his luck! He was getting out of this alive! 'Yes! I can't believe it's working.' Joseph thought to himself. However, he didn't know just how much the Pillar Men takes these types of promises seriously. "However, I will need assurances that you will not try to run away again of course." Wamuu says as he pulls out a hollow ring of an unknown material.

Seeing the ring made Esidisi chuckle. "Hahaha. Nice Wamuu, I was wondering when you would finally propose." He said. "Say hello to the Wedding Ring of Death. Guess where it goes, a hint, not on your finger." Wamuu says as he inches the ring towards Joseph body. "Wha-?! What are you doing with that?!" He shouts as Wamuu passes through his body without any damage and implants the "Wedding Ring" around his aorta on his heart.

"This ring will start to dissolve in thirty-three days. It's impossible to remove and once dissolved, it will release a highly toxic poison. Any attempt to remove or damage it will also release the lethal poison." Wamuu explained to him. As Joseph clutches his chest in shock and fear, Wamuu continues. "However, there is one certain way to dissolve the ring without harm. Simply battle and defeat me within thirty-three days and I shall give you the antidote that I keep inside the hollow of my lip ring."

"JoJo!!" His friends call out to him. Highly concerned that situation had taken a drastic turn. "The vow on that wedding ring states, 'Till death do us part' JoJo. Be at the colosseum in thirty-three days. Meet me there at midnight and we shall battle as equals JoJo." Wamuu says as he takes his leave. While he had left, Esidisi stayed behind and let out a small chuckle. "I hope you didn't think your paltry tricks would help you escape Human." Esidisi says.

Then much to Joseph's shock and disbelief, Esidisi pulled out another "Wedding Ring", which means that he also decides to enter in on the wager. "I don't imagine the two of us will fight but just in case, here's a gift for you! One that fits perfectly around your windpipe!" Esidisi says as he implants the second poison-filled ring around Joseph's windpipe. Now Joseph is even more danger as he now that TWO poison rings inside his very body. "My poison is quite different from Wamuu's and I keep the antidote for that poison in my nose ring." The Pillar Man says to him as he lifts his head to speak to Kars, who was standing high above the ruin.

"Kars! Would you like to go next?" Esidisi asks him. "I don't think so. Immortality can be boring at times. To encounter a worthy opponent, that is both a rare and tantalising thought. A gift that give our lives meaning." Kars tells his fellow men. "I can see why you do this, however, do not forget that our goal is to obtain the Red Stone of Aja. We must stay focused. Let's go!" He says as he and the others jump high into the air, disappearing into the night with only Wamuu's parting words and Esidisi's wicked laughter echoing throughout the area. "Train hard and long JoJo! So you can challenge my Divine Sandstorm!"

Joseph managed to get on his knees as he watched the Pillar Men leave while he tries to catch his breathe. He couldn’t believe this! This wasn’t supposed to happen! He didn't think things would turn out like this! "I...I can't believe that... Two wedding rings with poison? Is that supposed to be some kind of sick joke or something!? I've got one around my throat and one around on my heart! Do these guys think I'm some kind of bigamist or maybe-!" Joseph shouted out before his vision began to get blurry and felt an overwhelming sense of exhaustion.

Very quickly, Joseph faints from the strain of the battle, but thankfully, he is still alive. His final thoughts before he passed out were about Lily and the others. He was glad to know that they were safe and that's what he considered of great importance. With that in mind, Joseph believed that there was no sense in feeling sorry for himself.

Now that the Pillar Men were gone, Lily, Caesar and Phoebe came out of their hiding spot and the blonde-haired girl immediately ran to Joseph's side. Carefully lifting him in her arms. "JoJo... You idiot...I told you not to scare me like this." Lily says softly as she gazed at his sleeping face. Honestly, this guy could be the biggest headache known to man...but he went through so much trouble to drive the Pillar Men away from them.

Lily acknowledges the kindness in Joseph's heart. He's goofy, acts like a big child and is playful man and prefers fooling around over having any responsibility...but he does have a great devotion for his family and them, the friends he has made. Lily concludes that that's just how Joseph was. Then...something began to grow warm and beating.

"JoJo... That fool." Caesar says with a smile on his face. "That was one hell of a bluff he just pulled there. The best conman couldn't have done it better than him." Caesar initially believed that Joseph was a weak-minded and incompetent fool of a man, but what he just did proved that he was an honourable individual.

"He acted with such bravery and vigour. I was deeply impressed by his performance in battle." Phoebe says as she gave a kind smile. From the moment they met, Phoebe knew that Joseph had great potential as Hamon Master, and what she had witnessed proved her theory. "But now that he's to back it up." She says, Caesar and Lily nodded their heads in agreement. "You're right, we don't have much time to work and we have serious Hamon Training ahead." Caesar says to them. "Let's get JoJo someplace he could rest up." Lily said.

Two days later, the group were in Venice, where not only did they came to have JoJo rest from his battle with Wamuu, but to make a phone call to a certain someone. Once JoJo was healed up, and had gotten some nourishments, Phoebe had him sit down while she looks into his body. Caesar and Lily had explained to him that she heightened senses, so she can easily look in his body to find the rings. Phoebe closed her eyes and pressed her hand on Joseph's chest, concentrating. There!

"Found it." She says, opening her eyes and taking her hand back, she tells them, "The rings aren't just on your arteries, but it looks like some of the parts are fused with the walls of the artery, it's like a four-dimensional puzzle." While Joseph knew full well about the rings inside him, he still freaked out. "OH NO! Hearing it again is still a shock!!" He yells as he gripped his head.

"Was there anything you noticed about the rings Phoebe, about the poison?" Caesar asked her. The midnight-blue haired woman shook her head. "I saw that there was a space within the rings, but I don't anything about the poison." She then gave a smile to Joseph trying to cheer him up, but still gave a little bit off bad news. "But from the looks of it, as long as you don't cause any direct impact on your heart or throat, you should be able to do any activity. However, I believe removing them through surgery is impossible with current technology."

"OH MY GOD! What was I thinking!? When I said I needed a month, I meant it as a bluff! I didn't think he take me seriously! I should've said I needed a year..." Joseph said, complaining about the situation. "A tip for you JoJo: Quit screwing around and act like a man! We need to think of something and fast!" Caesar shouts at him.

Joseph had stopped panicking and told the others, "I know this is how I think." All joking aside, Joseph knew full well that there wasn't any point in thinking about it too hard, doing that they'll only realise just how much trouble they're all in. Caesar turned his back to Joseph and poured himself a glass of water as he tells the young Joestar, "Once you're done with your thinking-freakout, I want you to pay close attention to what I'm about to do here."

"Huh?" Joseph went. Caesar presented the glass to Joseph then turned it over. Normally such an action would cause the water to spill out onto the floor, but with Caesar's experience and training, he used his Hamon to hold the water in the glass. Safe to say, Joseph was surprised. "The water is suspended in midair!" He says. "JoJo, catch." Caesar says as he tosses the glass at Joseph's direction. "Try to keep the water in the glass like that."

"Easy!" Joseph said as he caught the glass in his hands and used his Hamon to do the same thing. "I can do that no sweat!" He says, putting his Hamon to hold the water. However, unlike Caesar who had done it with great control and skill, Joseph's Hamon was too wild with free reins and the water, for lack of a better word, exploded all over Joseph. Caesar, Phoebe and Lily each took turns to tell Joseph what he had done incorrectly. "Here's what you did wrong. The strength of your Hamon is pretty much equivalent to ours." Caesar began.

Phoebe went next, lifted up her hands to point at her open palm. "But you waste a lot of your power because you release it from the palm of your hands."

"And that's you couldn't control the water. However, when Caesar held the water, he releases it from the tip of one of his fingers. A single point. That method allows him to focus his energy, making it easy to control the water." Lily finished.

"Scattering Hamon everywhere the way you do just disperses your energy. Think of it like using a squirt gun with its smaller hole rather than a open water hose, capisce?" Caesar tells him. "You're naturally gifted JoJo, but you need to a lot of work to get your Hamon under control. We brought you to Venice to meet our mentor, but it's gonna be grind."

"OH NO! Grind and work are probably my least favourite words in the English language!" Joseph cried out.

"There's no getting out of this, now come on!" Lily shouts as he grabs Joseph and, with surprising strength, lifted him over her shoulder. Carrying him like a sack of potatoes. "AUGH! Lily, put me down!! GAH, how are you this strong!?" He kept this up till they had arrive at the gondola canal docks, where Lily had, err....polity dropped him. "OW!" Joseph cried out. "Hahaha!" Lily laughed as she offered her hand to him. "Sorry about that." Joseph grumbled as he gripped her hand and she pulled him up to his feet. Joseph looked around and took in the scenery.

"Venice huh? I thought this was pretty much a tourist town. What's a Hamon Master doing in a place like this?" Joseph asked Lily. She turned to him and gave a wink. "You'll understand once you meet our master." She tells him.  

"You sure our mentor said to meet up here Phoebe?" Caesar asked her when they were scouting for anyone still working on the gondolas. She nodded. "Yes, I had made the phone call once we arrived at the hotel. Master should be here..." Phoebe says as she tried to smell for their master's scent. Then she spotted someone on a gondola and pointed to them. "Oh, look there." The others took notice of the individual in a red suite and matching hat resting upon their gondola and Caesar stepped up to talk.

"Excuse me. Do you know Air Saplena Island and how it takes to get there?" Caesar asked the boatman. However, either he couldn't hear him or was ignoring him, the boatman didn't respond back. "Gondolier, did you hear me?!" Caesar asked him, raising his voice. Then the boatman turned around to face him, but was wearing a mask with an eerie face, catching the group by surprise. The Gondolier stood up and pointed at the Joestar, who backed up a bit.

He then grabbed his ore and slammed it down on the water, next he levitated onto the ore and stayed perfectly afloat on the water. They took a closer look and the ripples forming in the water. Joseph was getting nervous and began to feel cold sweat run down his face. "I don't think I like this, not one bit." Joseph says. Suddenly, the Gondolier kicked up the ore and send it flying towards Joseph, smacking him across the face and send him flying towards the water. Caesar and Lily were just shocked as this was going on, but Phoebe gave a small smile.

"The hell!?" Joseph shouted as he quickly used his Hamon to skid across the water's surface and keep him afloat. This greatly caught the Gondolier's eye and was impressed to find him this talented. "You asked for it. I have no idea who you are but I'm gonna make you pay for that! You're gonna wish you never met me!" Joseph shouted at him.

The person smiled at the young man behind the mask and let their voice speak out. "At least he can control his Hamon well enough to stand on water. That's a start." She spoke. Shocking Caesar and Lily even more when the "Gondolier" removed both mask and hat to revealed herself to them. A tall and fit young woman. Beautiful and poised, she has blue eyes and long, dark brown hair.

"A woman!?"

"Is...that you coach!?"

"Excellent performance my lady. Lavender perfume today, I see."

"Damn it Phoebe, why didn't you say anything!?"

The woman goes by the name of Lisa Lisa. Nobody knows her true name, her place of origin where she studied or how she mastered the art of Hamon. She will be Joseph's coach for as long as it takes, or at the very least for the next month.

"Well, well. Don't think that I'll forgive you for hitting me in the face with that ore." Joseph said to her, raising a fist and began walking towards her. "Just because you're a girl, doesn't mean I won't give you what you deserve." Lisa Lisa just send a smile his way and calmly says, "You should just be happy that you impressed me with your initial display of skills. Walking on water when you obviously lack proper training is quite an accomplishment. However!" Lisa Lisa shouts as she kicked up the ore once again and began floating in the air.

"If you truly wish to master Hamon in a month, you must be prepared to die for it!" She shouts. The water had risen up and grabbed hold of the ore and held it in place for Lisa Lisa hold on to it, using the ore as a high-bar. Like a skilled gymnast, Lisa Lisa spun around a few times before launching herself high in the air and flew towards Joseph. Within a blink on an eye, Lisa Lisa had attached a metal mask Joseph. It's strapped to the Joseph's head, covering both the nose and mouth and cannot be removed without outside help. Once it was locked in place, Lisa Lisa flips forward and joins Caesar and the girls on land.

"What is this?!" Joseph shouted as he tried to get the mask of him. "Joseph Joestar. From this moment forward, you will be wearing that breathing correction apparatus until I say otherwise." Lisa Lisa tells him. Joseph let out a shock filled gasp and tried to pull off the mask with much for force, but no matter now much he pulled, it refused to come off. "I...can't breath...!" He shouted.

"Not without proper rhythm you can't. However, with proper breathe control you'll have no problem. If you do not maintain proper breathe control then, yes, the mask will eventually suffocate you, so focus." Lisa Lisa explains to Joseph with a tone a strict teacher and a commanding officer would be proud of. "Learn to master your breathe and you'll be running marathons while wearing it."

While this may sound as an undeniably cruel training tool, it was still an exceptionally effective one as well. Though Joseph was seeing it more as cruel than anything else. "Are you crazy!? Get this damn thing off my face right-!!" Joseph shouted. But he was cut off mid-sentence when he fell into the water. With the mask limiting his breathing, it was making his Hamon weak and thus making him fall through to the watery surface. "I...I can't breathe!!"

"You do realise your training has already begun. You can take the mask off for meals and whenever you need to brush your teeth." Lisa Lisa tells him.

"JoJo, don't make it hard on yourself. Just keep your rhythm and pretend that it's Halloween." Caesar tells him. Though he might be enjoying this thoroughly. Lily just laughed at him and called out, "Hahaha!! I'd say that's a good look for you JoJo, haha!" Phoebe gave a bright smile and says, "You'll do great JoJo!" Joseph swam back to the others and climb over the ledge. "I'm gonna get you lady-!"

"And one more thing before I forget, so we're both on the same page. I did not accept the responsibility of training you just so you can save your own skin." Lisa Lisa begins to say. "I am forging a squad of warriors capable of annihilating our enemies."

"You witch..!" Joseph growled out as he tugged on the mask. "Careful. You want another go-round with her?" Caesar asks him with caution. Lily scoffed, but laughed once more. "Pfft, let him. Having his ass handed to him seems to be the only way for him to learn."

"Hmph!" Joseph went as he turned away. "I would never hit a woman!" He tells them. "HA!!" Caesar and Lily laughed at that. Phoebe smiled as she walks to Lisa Lisa's side. "It's always a pleasure Caesar. Lily. Phoebe. And you JoJo, welcome to Venice. Come along Phoebe." Lisa Lisa says as she begins to walk away. "Yes my lady." Phoebe says as she follows close behind her with Caesar and Lily bowing at the waist.

'Sheesh..! You can't help but respect her Hamon skills but good luck finding anyone who would ever marry her. Even if she is kinda cute... Mmmm, well...not as cute as Lily, but she's definitely easy on the eyes.' Joseph thought to himself. His train of thought was broken when Caesar and the object of his affections grabbed his head and forced it down. "Show some respect!" Lily says. "Bow when she leaves!" Caesar tells him.

"Are you kidding me!?" Joseph says as he pushes their hands away. "Italy's most transparent playboy and fighting junkie wants me to be polite to that little witch?!" When he said that, Caesar and Lily shot him down with the most intense glare he's ever received. Whoops...looks like he touched a nerve there. And a very sensitive one at that. "Watch your tongue before I rip it out through your teeth JoJo!" Lily shouted at him. "Lily and I respect her as much as our own mothers. Show her the same respect, we're warning you!" Joseph said nothing, except letting out a grumble.


Chapter Text

As they walked ahead, Lisa Lisa turns to Phoebe and gently asks her, "Phoebe, how are you feeling? Are you alright? It's been well over two years." The freckled-face woman looked a bit surprised but she quickly shook her head and smiled. "No ma'am. I'm fine. I think I'm getting better." Phoebe told her Hamon teacher. Lisa Lisa looked unconvinced, but she nodded and decided to take her word for it. "Very well. Remember, I'm here if you feel the need." Phoebe bowed her head to her. "Thank you my lady."

Once the others had caught up with them, they hopped on a boat and sped off to Air Supplena Island. It's about thirty minutes northeast of Venice by boat. It's mysterious air is a start contrast to the city of canals but it possesses a dark beauty that seems to be a perfect fit for Lisa Lisa. This will be Joseph's new training ground.

"I have claimed that entire island as my home." Lisa Lisa says as she points over to the large structure. Air Supplena Island is the complete opposite of the warm and bright atmosphere of Venice, but makes up for it with the large looming towers of unique design. Situated in the Adiratic Sea, both the shores of Venice and Yugoslavia can be seen in the distance. Joseph looks up at the building and felt the sense of uneasiness. 'So this is where I'll have to die for my Hamon training. We'll just see about that.' He thought to himself.

While this was going on, Speedwagon was back in New York and having tea with Viola and Smokey. Upon arrival, Viola almost immediately ran up to give him a hug. Relieved that Speedwagon was alive and well, thanking God that he hadn't taken him too. After Viola poured a cup for him and a set down small bowl of snacks, she sat down in her seat and said, "I see. I'm so happy that both you and my grandson are safe Speedwagon. I don't know if I've ever been happier."

Speedwagon let out a wholehearted laugh as he took sip of his tea. Viola took her cup in her hands and then asked, "I'm also happy to hear that JoJo's gonna travel around Italy for a month. Especially with this Lily character, might she be JoJo's girlfriend?" Speedwagon smiled at her and laughed again. "Hahaha...that's a definitive maybe." He says as he and Smokey shared a worried glance at each other as Viola drank her tea. "Hmm, I do want that boy to be happy..." She smiled.

When Viola went to go prepare the tea earlier, Speedwagon told Smokey the full truth of what happened. And now, he wonders if he was being really convincing right now. He can recall vividly of how Joseph demanded him, ....or rather tearfully begged him, not to tell Viola about the poison rings.

"You want me to what?!" Speedwagon shouted at the younger Joestar. Joseph held his his hands together in a prayer gesture as he begs him to remain quiet about the incident with the Pillar Men. "Speedwagon, please! Don't tell Granny Viola about the poison rings, I'm begging you!!" he cried out.

Speedwagon was getting extremely nervous on the idea of lying to Viola and was shaking in fear what she might do to him if she were to catch on. "What do you want me to even say to her?! Are you expecting me to lie to her?!" Speedwagon asked, filled with dread as he held Joseph's hands. "JoJo! I may be an old man, but I don't wanna die today!"

"But if you tell her the truth, she's going to kill me!" Joseph cried. In all honestly, he would rather let Speedwagon be the one in range of Viola's wrath than him. Sad to say but the same implies to Speedwagon as well. While they were arguing back and forth, Caesar, Lily and Phoebe just glanced at each other with confusion. Clearly they hadn't met this woman.

'I don't know if it would do good to tell her anything or not.' Speedwagon thought. So now he was, hoping he was putting on a good show for her. And it seemed to be working for the most part. Viola seems to be happy enough that he was safe and believe that Joseph had gone off for a trip. He had hoped that he was going to survive this. But.... "How long did you came up with this little tale?" Viola suddenly asked. Speedwagon had visibly flinched and nearly choked on his tea. Smokey was getting nervous and wishes he can sinks into his seat.

"Uh, w-whatever you do you mean?" Speedwagon asked, trying to maintain his calm demeanour. Viola calmly took a sip of her tea before setting it down. She sat up straight in her seat and kept her eyes closed as she continued to speak calmly. "I am happy to know you're safe and sound. However, something about your tale seems to be too good to be true." She says.

"Him traveling to Italy with a girl? Come on, my grandson JoJo...a flirt who regularly comments on women's voluptuousness and is bold in his flirting and often times nearly flips up girls' skirts, I find it very hard to believe that any girl can handle being with him without me meeting her." Viola opened her eyes to look at Speedwagon, and while her expression was cool and collected, her emerald eyes were burning with fire and rage. This bizarre combination of emotions, made Speedwagon and Smokey shiver in fear.

The elderly man began to break into a cold sweat as those eyes bore into his soul. Viola leaned in, resting her chin on her laced hands, and asks, "You know that I detest lies, so if you want to avoid death by my hands, tell me everything." The fact that she was still so calm was terrifying the men. Knowing that Viola was NOT a woman of empty threats, Speedwagon swallowed his fear and tells the Joestar Matriarch what she wanted to know.

With this newfound knowledge, Speedwagon and Smokey were ready to take cover just in the case Viola were to lash out. "So...that's what really happened is it? And JoJo's off to prepare himself within the next month." She was still calm...that can't be a good sign. The men were too scared to speak. Then it happened. The moment Viola let out an anger-filled growl, the two men quickly hide behind their chairs when Viola stomped to her feet and punched the table in front of them, shattering it to pieces. "That idiot, he can't go anywhere without getting into trouble!! He's lucky he didn't come with you, otherwise I'D KILL HIM!"

Speedwagon and Smokey tensed up as they awaited for her to vent out her anger on the furniture and not on them. At this very moment, Smokey finally understood why Joseph was so fearful of her before. They were completely surprised when Viola gave out a sigh. They peeked from their little defence and saw her standing in front of the window. "I'm pissed off at what's happened... But if JoJo's teacher is Lisa Lisa, then I shouldn't be too worried about him." She says looking up to the blue sky above. 'You better get through this JoJo... Jonathan...please keep watch over him.'

"No sense wasting anymore of my time!" Lisa Lisa shouted. "I hope you're ready for the Hell Climb Pillar!" When the arrived to the Island, Lisa Lisa lead down the path to the middle of the island, where a giant tower rests. Upon hearing the name, her first three students turned pale as they looked up to the tower. "Wait...seriously?!" Caesar asked, very uneasy about what lies beyond those doors. "Aw crap..! I wasn't expecting this!" Lily said. "I'm not sure how to feel about this." Phoebe said. Joseph looked back at the others in confusion, but was relatively nervous by their expressions.

"What's the big deal?" Joseph asked, but his question was left unanswered when Lily turns to her Hamon teacher, "But...but coach! You know that the three of us haven't even made an attempt on Hell Climb Pillar don't you? You're really intending to start us off with this?!"

"So many have died on Hell Climb Pillar. I've heard countless stories..." Caesar says as he felt the sense of dread and death just by standing near the doors. Phoebe was getting scared by the thought of going in there and clung to Caesar's arm for reassurance, whom the latter forgot about his uneasiness and stood stiff as his face turned from pale white to bright red. "Stories that may or may not be true. If you fail, you have no place here." Lisa Lisa says as she opens the doors for them. "Hello? Would somebody care to clue me in on what's going on? This Hell Pillar thing doesn't really look all that tall." Joseph says.

"Well from up here it's really more deep than tall." Lisa Lisa replies. "Huh?" Joseph went before, in an instant, Lisa Lisa swung her leg and knocks all of her students into the pit. "That seemed excessive my lady!!" Phoebe yelled. "Coach, wait! Please don't do this!!" Caesar shouts as he and the others screamed and landed into the oily depths below. The Hell Climb Pillar is essentially a pillar that protrudes from a large pit. The pillar was built in 39 A.D., in the Roman Era, before the city of Venice was established. It was created by those who were trying to revive the Ripple technique, which had been largely wiped out due to the onslaught of the Pillar Men.

The height of the pillar is 24 meters and its greatest circumference is 7.20 meters. It was constructed with a slippery polished stone with oil flowing from the top and drenching the entirety of the pillar. The system is set up so that the oil reaches the bottom and then is taken back up to the top, so that it constantly flows much like a fountain. In order to climb the oil-covered pillar, one must use a concentrated Ripple in order to stick to the surface of the pillar, largely as part of a stamina test in which one must maintain the Ripple for a prolonged period of time. Should they fail, they'll starve to death

"Augh, I've had nightmares about this!!" Lily cried out. "What the hell is this?" Joseph asked as he stares at the substance they're all covered in. Upon closer inspection, he discovers that they were, along with the pillar, covered with oil. "It's twenty-four meters to the top of the Pillar and you may only use your hands to climb. There is no other way out, if you can't find a way to climb back, you'll die down there!" Lisa Lisa informs the them as she turns to close the doors behind her. Leaving them down at the bottom of the pillar.

"But that's impossible! There's no way that anyone could climb up that pillar!" Joseph says as he looks up at the structure in front of them. "Screw that!! I am not dying here!" Lily says as she makes her way to the pillar and focus her Hamon. There are thirty days until the rings dissolve. Joseph, Caesar, Lily and Phoebe must now overcome the most gruelling of all Hamon endurance tests, The Hell Climb Pillar.

It was been twenty-five hours since they had been, literally, thrown down at the bottom and Caesar and the girls had progressed 12 meters while Joseph had remained at the bottom. It was almost painful. Just sticking to the wall with their fingertips alone was difficult enough, but the oil was making the climb so unbearable. 'This is really bad. I can barely cling to the pillar and moving my fingers even a little bit is so exhausting. If I were to fall now, I wouldn't have anything left to start climbing again! But I can't think like that right now. Otherwise, JoJo, Lily, Phoebe and I will all starve to death down here!' Caesar thought to himself.

Lily was trying to keep her focus on just climbing the pillar, but her mind and eyes kept on going towards the young man at the bottom of the pillar. He was still stuck and every time he'd try to climb up, he would sink back down. "JoJo! The longer you stay in that muck, the harder it is to climb out! Now focus and- AAAHH!" Lily screamed as she nearly slid off the pillar. "Lily!" Caesar and Phoebe called out. "I'm fine!!" She shouted back. 'I have to stay focus on myself! I can't get distracted, not even for a second! ...Forgive me JoJo.' Lily thought.

"This is ridiculous!!" Joseph shouts in anger as he slammed his fists against the oily water. "I just got here! That smug witch knows I'm not strong enough to climb this stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid thing!! It's not fair!!" Joseph rips up his jacket and proceeds to create a makeshift guideline. "Just who the hell does she think she is anyway throwing us down this hole!? There's no way I could possibly respect her after this! I've always been patient when it comes to women, but she better start praying that I never make it out of here alive!! Bloody Hell!"

Once Joseph's guideline was long enough, he gave out a smirk behind the mask and wraps it around the pillar. "So this idiotic pillar claimed the lives of a lot of trainees is that right? Maybe they were all just too dimwitted to come up with a creative solution." Joseph says to himself as he begins to climb up the pillar and he was making a good effort. However, this was not the way that was supposed to be done as the guideline was severed and send Joseph falling back down below. 

Up from the top of the pillar, Lisa Lisa had thrown a dagger and put a stop to Joseph's cheating. "Using anything but Hamon is an insult to the pillar and your training!" She shouts at Joseph. "The Hell Climb Pillar only accepts Hamon, it refuses anything else! So don't ever forget that!" With her point made, she turns to leave but Joseph calls out to her. His anger tone quickly did a 180. "Wait a sec! Come back Lisa Lisa! I mean coach!! Wait!!" His shouts got her to stop and turn her head to face him.

" wouldn't really leave me down here to rot just because I don't have enough power to climb out of here, would you?!" Joseph asked. "I mean it's my first day! This is just some kind of test right?! To teach me humility? You'll pull me out later right?! Right?!" Joseph asked Lisa Lisa with clear desperate tone in his voice. As much as he wanted to climb the pillar he didn't want to die in this place. He had hoped Lisa Lisa would show some kind of mercy towards him. But then she gave him the most chilling, icy cold stare imaginable. Joseph's heart skipped a beat when she stared down at him as if he was a pig readied to be slaughtered. She didn't say anything, then again she didn't need to, and walked away.

'Her eyes are like ice. She really means it, she's just going to let me die down here.' Joseph thought as he slammed his hands against the pillar and dragged his fingers so hard against it, it left marks. "Curse her! What gives her the right to do this!? The fact that she's so damn beautiful just makes me more furious about this whole thing!!" He shouted. Well, it seems he properly motivated now.

twenty-eight hours later, Caesar and Phoebe had reached 15 meters, Lily at 13 meters while Joseph remains at 0 meters. The rings will now dissolve in twenty-eight days. Joseph stared up at his friends and was both worried, and wondering, at how they were doing. 'I'm pretty sure we've been in here overnight, and they still have a long way to go up that pillar. I should be focusing on myself, but I can tell that they're really struggling.' Joseph thought to himself.

"Uuh!" His eyes widened when he heard Lily's voice and looked up to see her nearly falling off. "Lily!" He cried out. But she quickly recovered and grabbed hold of the pillar, that's when Joseph took noticed of her hands. Her fingers look like they were about to come loose! If she loses that grip, she's going to come sliding down! Her Hamon looks like its about to run out. "Lily, focus!!" Joseph yelled up at her. Lily must've heard him because she retains her grip and begins to climb higher. Seeing this made Joseph sigh in relief.

He looked back at her and got worried when he saw that she was about to fall again. She was barely hanging on by her fingertips. He wanted to call out to her, but when he saw that she had climb higher, he took noticed of the Hamon energy around their fingers. 'Wait a second..! Is that how they've been climbing all this time? By using just their fingertips like that?' Joseph thought as he looked down at his oil covered hands. "Lily wasn't about to fall off at all. She was just-."

"Think of it like using a squirt gun with its smaller hole." Caesar's words echoed throughout his mind. "Th-that's it! It totally makes sense now!" At that moment, Joseph finally knew what he was doing wrong and discovered how his friends were climbing this whole time. "Consider this Hamon mystery solved!" Joseph channeled his Hamon energy and jumped up to the pillar. He pressed his fingers against it, and sure enough, he stuck on!

'I did it, It's working!! My Hamon is sticking to the pillar!' Joseph thought with joy. All this time Joseph had his hands flat, he was trying to use them to support his weight. When in fact, it's the opposite that works! Focused Hamon concentrated into the finger tips is where the true strength lies! "What a simple little trick, I've got it now all I have to do from here on up is just climb! And plot my revenge on that so-called Hamon coach! Hahaha!!" Joseph laughed.

His friends up above smiled at him, proud that he was found the answer. Now, they were sure that they would escape this pit alive. Another twenty-four hours has passed. As the days pass and they struggle to climb. In total, forty-nine hours passed. Phoebe has reached 20 meters, Caesar is stuck at 18 Meters, Lily at 17 meters, and Joseph on 16. Due to the amount of concentration needed for the test, Joseph was neither hungry, sleepy or had the need to take a leak. The rings will dissolve in twenty-seven days.

As Joseph nears closer to Lily's mark, he took noticed the top of the pillar and realised why Caesar was stuck. "Oh boy... Now I can see why Caesar started to slow down so much once he got to this point. The pillar begins curving outward here as it goes up. This is where this are going to get tough. This pillar is as unforgiving as that damn Lisa Lisa! And how did Phoebe get through it?!"

It is now three hours later (Fifty-two hours since the test began), Phoebe had reached the top and was now awaiting for the others from above. Caesar and Lily are at 19 meters and Joseph 18. As he begins to climb, Joseph took notice of a crack in the pillar. "Is that a...?! Yes, it is! It's a crack and it should be just big enough for my fingers. Thank goodness, time for a well-earned break here. I can't believe my luck, things are finally starting to look up for me." Joseph smiled to himself. This happy tone then changed he felt something beneath his fingers and that something made a 'clack' sound.

"Oh no! What was that?! It felt like some kind of switch!" Joseph shouted as all of a sudden the pillar itself began to vibrate beneath them, catching the other's attention. "Did you feel that guys?! What's going on!?" Caesar asked. Joseph's eyes widened when he recalled Lisa Lisa's words. How the pillar only accepts Hamon and how it refuses anything else. Lily pressed her ear against the pillar and heard something rushing through. She let out a gasp as she turned to the men and shouted, "Duck your heads!! Something's coming!!" They all braced themselves the moment where the pillar started spewing out highly pressurised sheet of oil from its 20-meter mark.

"Caesar! Lily! Joseph!" Phoebe called out from above to them. "Not good! I must've tripped some sort of boobytrap!" Joseph said. "This just went from difficult to impossible! How in the world are we supposed to scale this now!?" Caesar shouted. He took out a pen from his pocket and, with extreme care, lifted up to the sheet of oil. He had only just barely touched the tip of the oil before the intense speed and pressure sliced through the pen. Caesar took back his pen and saw the clean cut it had made. "That stream is so highly pressurised that it can cut like a razor!" Caesar shouted out.

Caesar and Lily glanced at each other before looking down at the young Joestar and it seemed that they were angry with him for putting them in this situation. Joseph was taken aback by their stares and while they were justified, he had to tell them that he had not done this on purpose at the very least. "What? Stop looking at me like that, it was an accident! You can't be mad at me!" Joseph says. Neither of them gave a verbal response as they looked away. Seeing this truly made Joseph feel guilty. He was the one who tripped the trap and is the one responsible for getting them stuck.

Joseph let out a sigh as he tried to offer his apology to his two friends. "Look I'm sorry okay? I was just trying to rest for a second I did what any sane person would've done. Whatever madman designed this diabolical thing set that up as a trap." Joseph tells them. While he may think they were angry with him, in truth, they were actually worried about him. 'We weren't giving you a look of blame JoJo,' Lily thought. 'We were giving you one of concern. I'm not even sure if Lily or I can focused our Hamon enough to get through oil in one piece.' Caesar thought.

Lily glanced up at the spewing oil and grit her teeth. She turned to her brother-figure and shouted, "Caesar! Brother, there's only one way can get through this!" Lily breathed Hamon towards her feet. Caesar realised what she planned on doing and did the same thing. They generated Hamon through their feet, so that they could still be connected to the pillar while also generated Hamon through their hands.

With one breath they dove through the oil. Hamon to attract and repel! Their feet to keep them on the pillar while their hands to protect them as they break through the oil. This level of skill takes a massive amount of concentration to control the two opposing types of Hamon simultaneously. It was nerve wracking and intense, but eventually both Lily and Caesar broke through the barrier and making it out alive. But while they were able to get through, Caesar was worried about JoJo. He didn't think he was capable enough to control two types of Hamon at once!

Nine hours later, (61 hours since the test began) Caesar and Lily reached the top. "Oh my goodness! Caesar! Lily!" Phoebe shouts as she sprinted towards them and pulls them up. The two practically collapsed from the exhaustion. She was so relieved that they had made it out unscathed. But now, she was worried for Joseph. Lisa Lisa had arrived to see their progression and was pleased to see that three of her students had passed the Hell Climb. However, Caesar raised his head at her and begged her, "Please coach! JoJo can't make it through that! You've got to turn off the oil for him!"

"That man has no patience at all! He'll, without a doubt, try something stupid to some do-or-die stunt any second now! Please turn off the oil!" Lily begged her teacher. Phoebe also went to her for help as she fell to her knees and bowed to her like a servant would do for their master. "JoJo's going to die down there! I beg of you my lady, please help him!" That man has so much potential and strength, she can't allow him to die in a place like this one. So many have died here already. But their pleas didn't reach Lisa Lisa as she made no attempt to spare Joseph from death.

While they were trying to save Joseph, the man knew that he wouldn't get anywhere by just hanging around. So, without a moments hesitation, Joseph developed a plan. It was all or nothing! Joseph was prepared to die trying to make it to the top despite the cries for his friends to stay put. Joseph gathered his Hamon energy into his hands and feet.

Once he had gathered enough, Joseph front flipped himself towards the oil barrier and pressed his hands against its weakest point. Joseph was using his Hamon to slide along the plain of the oil sheet, and seeing that it looses its speed the farther it shoots out, Joseph used the momentum of the barrier and leaped on over to the wall. A whole three meters! Seeing this greatly impressed Lisa Lisa as she hadn't seen anyone ascend Hell Climb Pillar like that before and he had done it by turning his weakness into strength. It was quite clever.

'I...I made it! Kind of anyway...' Joseph thought to himself as he clung onto the wall, trying to catch his breathe. 'I'm on the wall but it's not over yet. This overhang here is even worse than the one that was pillar down below.' Joseph reached up as he tried to climb over and reach the top on the last meter. However, he was already running out of breathe and it was only a matter of time before he loses his grip. But it happened.

Joseph couldn't control his breathing any longer and his Hamon had vanished. His eyes widened as gravity took hold of his body and found himself falling back down to the pit. No...! No, this can't end like this! He was almost to the top! Damn it!!

"I'm not losing a friend that easy!!" Lily shouted as she reached over and grabbed his hand, catching him just in time to save him. "L..Lily!" Joseph called out. "Let me set this straight with you. Neither I or Caesar were mad at you earlier JoJo. We were concerned for you that's all... But...I'm so glad you're okay." Lily says as she smiled at him. Joseph's eyes soften as he looked at her. "Lily..."

Lily turned to her master and said, "I'm sorry. Forgive me coach, but I couldn't let JoJo go down like that. Not after that stunt he just pulled." Lisa Lisa looked at her student before give a small smile. Letting her know that no harm had come from it. "I supposed I understand Lily. Although I'm surprised you have any strength left yourself." She said.

"Wait, what?!" Lily shouted as she nearly fell over and grabbed onto the edge to keep, now, both herself and Joseph from falling. "I could really use your other arm here!" Joseph shouted out. "Hey!! Brother! Phoebe! Quit flirting with each other and help me!!" Lily screamed over to them as she tried to pull Joseph out.


"We weren't flirting Lily!! Shut up with that!!"

"Don't let go!! LILY!!"

Ten seconds later and after saying 'don't let me go' another thirteen times, Joseph reaches the top in 61 hours and 9 minutes.


Chapter Text

Now that Joseph had survived the Hell Climb Pillar, he had...other pressing matters to attend to. Joseph chuckled as he loosen up and staring directly towards Lisa Lisa while they stood at the very top floor of the tower. "Hello again Coach! I bet you thought I was done for huh?" Joseph said. "I want you to know that while I was clinging to that pillar for dear life, I had time to think to myself, 'HOW SHOULD I EXACT MY REVENGE UPON THAT WITCH!?!'" He shouted at her.

While he was going on and on about the ways he could get back at her, his friends' expressions rang from amusement to an eye roll to genuinely being surprised. 'That's interesting. I didn't think JoJo would be the type to hold a grudge like that.' Caesar thought to himself. Lisa Lisa wasn't paying no heed to Joseph', threats and just stood there in silence as he rages on. "Which will it be, coach!?" He shouts. Then suddenly Lisa Lisa tosses Joseph a water-filled with it falling upside down. Joseph had caught it and instantly he saw that his Hamon abilities had greatly improved as he was able to hold the water up this time.

"I-I-I'm doing it! I'm really doing it! I'm holding the water in the cup while it's upside down!" Joseph said, obviously getting happy about his improvements. He wasn't the only one, Caesar, Lily and Phoebe were all proud of Joseph and how far he had come in just three, excruciating, days. Joseph's inherit talent was incredible but Lisa Lisa's Hamon training is even more so. For the second time with her, Joseph's anger tone took a complete 180 and went down on his knees before her.

"Forgive me coach! Please, I'll do whatever you say! You've got to give me more training, I beg you, please!" Joseph says to her. "You'll see what I can do! I'll overcome anything!" This brought a smile to Lisa Lisa's face. He really had grown. And for that she was proud. Lily let out a scoff as she sat railing. "Well that ended pretty quick didn't it?" Lily said. "I didn't think he'd able to hold a grudge for very long." Caesar says as he looks at Joseph's kneeling form. Phoebe let out a small giggle. "JoJo's such a simple soul."

"Oh don't worry JoJo, I've got plenty more for you." Lisa Lisa tells him. "I will train you into the ground."

"Thank you coach!" Joseph says to her. "Your next three weeks here are going to make the Hell Climb Pillar look like a cakewalk." Lisa Lisa said as a hand came from behind Joseph and stuck it's finger into the water, catching Joseph by surprise. "Who the hell do you think you are, sneaking up on me like that?" He said, turning his head to look at the person. Caesar and Lily gasped in shock when they realised that two men had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Phoebe recognised them and smiled. She was beginning to wonder when they'll show up.

One man was a tall muscular man with short hair tied into a ponytail and a Fu Manchu moustache. He wears a long hat, a sleeveless tunic, and armbands. The other was an equally tall, muscular man with chiseled features and somewhat glazed eyes. He wears a tunic, an over-sized fez, and armbands. Loggs and Meshina. Lisa Lisa's finest servants.

Loggins took the cup away from Joseph and held it up, both cup and water, with just one finger. He then keep the mass of water in a glass shape despite taking off said glass. This high level of skill surprised the four students. "Whoa! Who are these guys?" Joseph asked. "He's made the water move like pudding." Caesar said.

"I would like for you to meet two of my finest servants. These men will be your new instructors. Say hello to Meshina and Loggs." Lisa Lisa said, introducing them to the others. They heard her, but they were so focused on what Loggs was capable of doing with the water. "I...I can't even imagine how to do that." Caesar says.

"Would you like to learn then?" Loggs asked them. They took a second before looking up at their new teacher. "Didn't you hear me ask if you wanted to learn how to do this?" Loggs asked them again.

"Yes. Of course I did. Learning from you would be an honour." Caesar tells the man. Loggs smiled at them and motions them to come closer. "Well, fine then. Come closer, take a look and I'll show you what's going on." Loggs tells them. Lisa Lisa and Meshina took a few steps back and the others walked closer to see how Loggs was able to do that. But that wasn't the case and Loggs placed a lot of Hamon into the water and made burst all over them. None of them expected that and they fell over from unexpected surprise. Meshina and Loggs couldn't help but laugh at them.

"Why do you chumps want Hamon training?" Loggs asked.

"No matter. From here on out we're gonna," Meshina began to say as he and Loggs spoke together in unison. "Forge you into real men!!"From there, their training kicked off. And it was hell. Like Baron Zeppeli with his students, Loggs's and Meshina's trained them as if they were Spartan warriors. Their training consistent of balancing themselves on the sharp spikes with just their finger alone to strength their breathe and muscles, swimming in the ocean while taking ten full breaths in a single second and diving into the ocean, and staying there, for variety amount of hours!

"Strength your breathe! How can your muscles be strong if what's supports them is weak as a butterfly?!" Meshina shouted. "You must be able to take ten full breaths in a single second!"

"Aurgh! This sucks!!" Joseph shouted.

"You will inhale for ten minutes and then exhale for ten minutes! The mask doesn't come off until then!" Loggs shouted.

"Argh! Really?! ARRGH! You guys are insane!!"

It's been two weeks since Joseph had arrived on the island and though he hated the work, and Loggs, Joseph couldn't deny the progress that the training had given him. During those two weeks, Joseph had been trying to get close to Lily. Wanting to spend more time with her as the affections he holds for her kept on growing. was a little difficult. Lily was clearly given out some signals, but they were so spontaneous he couldn't tell if she was liking him back or was messing with him. Though, Lily has been noticing that Joseph was getting paler than normal.

Right now, Joseph and Caesar were getting ready to go for the deep sea diving course of their training in the morning and were waiting for Loggs and Meshina to come meet with them. The girls were off to the side doing some stretching. "Aw, man... It doesn't get any easier with this does it?" He asked Caesar. He got no response. "Caesar?" He asked while turning to him.

He was slightly surprised to find him staring off to where the girls were. Joseph leaned in and saw that saw he was mostly staring at the freckled-faced woman with that lovey-dovey, dreamy look on his face. 'Whoa...he's got it bad...' Joseph thought as he smirked underneath the mask.

During the past two weeks, Lily had told him in secret what's going on between him and Phoebe. Apparently, before she met them, Caesar and Phoebe were very close when they were children and Caesar had been in love with her since. Basically was the first person to bring him any real happiness.

But then things got...complicated and they haven't seen each other for a long while. Then things happened and Caesar just couldn't find the right time to tell her. Along with the fact that Phoebe still treats Caesar like a friend. Lily was both annoyed and worried that her older brother-figure would always be loving her from a far as he had been doing for the past ten years.

Joseph gazed down and took in his words. It was evident that there was a lot of history between Lily, Caesar and Phoebe and from the sounds of it, it didn't seemed to be that good. Joseph wanted to ask more but Lily told him that it wasn't her place and if he wanted to know then he should be asking Caesar instead.

Lily did treat Joseph fairly well and she certainly enjoyed his company, but Joseph wasn't sure about her personal feeling towards him. Did she like him as a friend? Or was she developing romantic feeling? Joseph himself was getting a grip on his own but he wanted to know more about Lily. He had tried making small talk and get to know her better. But she would always change the subject and brush it off to the side.

Joseph then found himself gazing at the cobalt-eyed girl and getting lost in her image. She must've felt eyes on her and turned to his direction. A small red blush appeared on Joseph's cheeks as he quickly looked away. "I've been here for two weeks now and after spending all this time with her, I've come to realise that Lily's a surprisingly nice girl. And...I think she likes me?Even though she nags me all the time,"

"Where's JoJo?" Suzi Q asked when she served up breakfast for the with the others in the dining hall. "What? Are you telling me that he's still asleep again?" Caesar asked, Lisa Lisa hadn't shown up yet. "I thought he'd be more adapted to waking up early." Phoebe said. But they needed to get him now. "Damn it! He was the one who begged coach to more training! Ugh, I'll get him." Lily stomped her way over to Joseph's room and practically knocked the door down. She stared annoyingly at the still sleeping form. "Grr! Get up JoJo! How long are you planning to sleep for!?" She yelled as she bonked Joseph over the head and grabbed him by the foot, dragging him down to meet with the others. "Ah! Ow, alright! I'm up, I'm up!!" Joseph cried out.

"She's still really soft on me."

"I didn't get enough sleep! Lend me your shoulder, kay?" Joseph whined as he slumped against Lily. She was so annoyed by his childish behaviour and shouted, "Hey don't lean on me!" Lily was just about to punch him off her when she froze as she saw that he was already falling asleep. Weird...he looked so peaceful despite that mask he's got on. She lowered her fist and let out a sigh. She then reposition herself so that he was resting his head on her lap. "Fine... But only for five minutes!"

When he thought about it, he doesn't know all that much about Lily. The kind of life she lived in. He knew that Lily was all around wild, loves to fight and had this stunning confidence and clearly knows how to handle herself in a fight. Her being beautiful was a great bonus. Joseph had even asked Caesar on advice on how to get Lily to like him, but he never gave much of answer and told him that she might like him...but also that Lily has a lot of anger and pain inside her, so she tends to put up a strong front with the unfamiliar advances he was doing. Lily just wasn' used to someone giving her affection.

When Joseph asked if that had anything to do with her parents, Caesar narrowed his eyes and looked like he wanted to punch something. That was more of an answer Joseph needed. definitely had something to do with them. But what? Why had they done to, not only have Lily despise them, but also failed to show her any amount of love.

"It's not my place to talk about Lily's past. I understand that you like Lily, but if you actually love her, then try to give her a reason to be vulnerable around you." That's what Caesar told him with all seriousness. He wanted to ask him more but Joseph quickly shut up when he saw their teachers arriving. From there, they immediately went through their deep sea test.

Throughout the entire time they'd been underwater, Joseph couldn't stop thinking about what Caesar said and he couldn't keep his eyes off Lily. About if he truly loved her and what her past was. From the very beginning, Joseph was mostly attracted to her by her physically beauty. But the time they had spend fighting by each other's side and training together, his simple, little attraction slowly grew to be much deeper than that. He wanted to know more about her, what her life has been like, and prove that he is trustworthy enough for her to be vulnerable around him. But....he didn't know how to do that. How can he get her to trust him?

....the emotion of being scared... ...Vulnerability... ...Putting up a front.... 'Did Lily put up a front so she would be scared anymore?'

About four hours later, their time was up and the four of them rose back up the surface with Loggs and Meshina waiting for them. Joseph had welcomed the fresh intake of air back in his lungs. "Hahh.... That was rough~." Joseph said as he hung on the edge of the stone ledge. The others climbed over and tried to catch their breaths. "Alright! That's enough training for this morning. Get going already and go eat lunch" Meshina said as he and Loggs stood over them with humorous smiles on their faces.

"We'll be sure to give ya a rough time in the afternoon." He said with Loggs laughing behind him. "Don't go complaining!" Loggs said as he and Meshina walked alway. Joseph cursed under his breath as he glared at their retreating form. 'Damn them...!' He thought to himself. "Here Phoebe." Caesar said as he offered his hand. The ocean blue-eyed woman looked up at him and smiled, taking his hand. "Thank you Caesar." She said as he helped her up.

"Dammit...those are totally enjoying themselves! An' I'm pretty beat over here!" Joseph said. Lily rolled eyes at him and wring out the water out of her hair. "If you got time to complain, then get up and let's go eat lunch already." She told him. "She's right, we don't have a lot of time." Caesar says as he and Phoebe started to walk away. "We're going on ahead Lily!" The blonde-haired smirked and said, "Great! Enjoy your lunch date~!" Caesar blushed deep red and shouted back, "This isn't a date, shut up!!"

"Hahaha!!" Lily laughed at her flustered friend. But then her face turned serious again and told Joseph to hurry up and get out of the water. "Come on JoJo. We've got to go." She said. "Whaa? You're such a good kid arent'cha, Lilly~?" Joseph asked in a teasing tone as he looked up at her. Lily let out a firm "Hmph" before saying, "It's just that you're too much a brat. Seriously, you're only a year older than me and you insist on acting like a child. How long are you going to stay like that? Hurry and get up!"

"Ah, yeah... Lend me a hand, will ya?" Joseph asked her. He was literally half way up with only his legs left in the water. Lily raised her eyebrow at him and looked at him like he was an idiot. Which, for the time as she's known him, is usually accurate. "What? You should be able to do that yourself!" Lily tells him. "What's the big deal? You just gotta pull me up a little." Joseph says as he gives her the happy-go-lucky look. "Why do I have to-!?" Lily shouted as she groaned in annoyance and held her hand out. "Just give me your freaking hand!"

"Thank you~!" Joseph said happily. 'All in all, pretty easy.' He thought to himself as he got out of the water thanks to Lily's help. She was so cute when she gets angry like that. When he got out, he stayed sitting on the stone path and looked so tired. More so than usual. Lily was still holding on to his hand as she said, "An actual kid would probably be easier to deal with... Come on, stand up, let's go!"

But Joseph didn't move. She didn't think he heard her either. Lily took a closer look at him and saw that he was getting pale and looked like he was going to pass out. Worried that something was going on with Lily kneeled down in front of him and gently held him up by the shoulders. "Hey, what's wrong? Are you feeling sick?" She asked him.

Joseph blinked before responding, "...Hm? see," Joseph began. 'Crap.' He thought. "I had a bit of trouble getting to sleep last night. So the sun is like pretty glaring and stuff." Joseph tells her. Lily sighed as she ruffled his head. She had figured this would be the would be the case. For the past week, Joseph had always looked so tired and wasn't as fully as goofy as he normally was. "I've told you before that you have to manage your physical condition on top of training." She said.

"Ahhh, yeah, yeah..." Joseph sighed. He sat where he was and turned away from her. "So like, go ahead without me, I'm gonna... Hm?" He started to say when he noticed that the sun's rays weren't on him anymore and that something was blocking it and providing a little shade for him. Joseph looked up and saw that Lily was standing right beside him, shielding him from the sun with her arms crossed. "What's up?" Joseph asked her. Lily didn't turn to answer him and did her best to not look at him. "....You've got one minute."

This took Joseph by surprise when Lily was doing for him. He had expected her to leave him behind but not this. "What..? Well, aren't you nice~. I definitely like this part of you, Lily!" Joseph said with a happy tone. Lily sneered as her cheeks coloured red. Ugh....this guy was too much sometimes. She turned to look at him and he had given her a flirtatious wink. "So how 'bout...three minutes?!" He said, pissing Lily off. "Wha!? Don't push it! Ugh, let's just go!"

"Eh?! Lily, you meanie!"

"Oh shut it!!"

Phoebe giggled a little as she and Caesar overheard their little squabble. They had been hiding behind a wall the whole time. "I'm glad JoJo and Lily are getting along so well." She said. Caesar chuckled at that. "JoJo had come to asking for advice before, but I'm watching him! He'd better take care of her if he's serious." Caesar said with a big brotherly tone. Phoebe smiled as she placed a hand on his shoulder. "Now, now. Have some faith in him. I'm sure JoJo's going to be a suitable man for her. Come on, we should eat." Phoebe says as she begins to lead them away.

Caesar looked at her with nervousness and adoration, taking a small deep breath before saying, "You know, after this war is over, I'd be more than happy to take care of you too Phoebe. I'm here for you if anything." Phoebe looked at him with genuine surprise and didn't know what to say. But she giggled and said, "Of course I know that. You've always been one of my dear friends, Caesar."

"But...Phoebe, I didn't mean-." She took his hand into hers and said, "We don't have much time before our next lesson begins. So let's eat while we still can." Caesar sighed in defeat at his failed attempt for the umpteenth time, but smiled nonetheless as laced his fingers with her. Things like that kept going on throughout the day, until eventually the sun sets over the horizon and everyone turned into the night to get some sleep. Lily was currently in her room, asleep at her desk while she had been writing out today's events in her journal. She was having a nice nap, but a painful memory was suddenly brought to life.

"But why can't I go?! Why do I have to be in here!" A young, six year old Lily asked. Crying that she was being placed in a dimly lit room as she looked down the hall and heard a lot of people gathering and laughing about some party. A woman practically shoved Lily into the room and said, "Just stay in here and keep quiet. You're causing so much trouble for your father and he doesn't need to be bothered and embarrassed to be seen with you right now." Lily was shocked into silence and sat there on the floor crying as the woman prepared to close the door. "I'll bring you some food later. Do NOT make a noise up here." She said as she locked the door.

The vivid sound of that door closing woke up Lily with a jolt and sat up in her chair, breathing heavily. She ran her fingers though her hair as she sort out her thoughts. Damn it...! That accursed memory..! That bitch of a woman! That bastard of a father. Even after all these years, those still haunt her even now. Once she had come down, she realised her position. 'Crap. I fell asleep on my desk? How did I even do that?' She thought to herself. 'I should get to bed...I'm feeling thirsty.'

Lily got up from her desk and left her room before she travelled down to the kitchen to get a glass of water for herself to drink. When she got there, she froze at the entryway as the sounds of movement and clatter echoed in the kitchen. Her fighting instincts went into overdrive as the thought of an intruder had somehow broken in her filled her mind. Lily's blood boil. Like hell she was going to let this guy go for this! This was her home! She wasn't going to let anyone invade it!

Lily charged forward and saw the silhouette of a man crouched down and shouted, "Hey asshole!!" She was already initiating to ram her fist through his head and Joseph quickly turned around and let out a cry of fright! "EEYAH!! SORRY!!" Quickly recognising his voice, Lily's fist halted, barely touching his nose. He wasn't wearing his mask. "Wha..?! JOJO?!" She shouted. "Eh...? Lily?!" Joseph shouted back. "The hell!? Don't scare me like that! I thought my heart was gonna stop!"

"That's my line, pezzo di merda!! What are you doing this late at-?!" Lily shouted at him when her eyes caught sight of the large bottle in his hand. The hell...? Why does he have that? She quickly connects the lines and pointed her finger at the two. "That, and you..." Joseph quickly got nervous as let out a half-assed chuckle. "Ahhh, well, it's see..." Joseph said as he tried to come up with a believable excuse. But he gave up on that and just held a finger to his lips and said to her, "Keep this a secret from Lisa Lisa and Suzi Q, okay?! You see, it's like...I kinda... I was having trouble sleeping..."

"JoJo, you..."

"I thought if I had something to drink, I'd just knock right out, so-."

"That's cooking sake." Lily told him.


"Cooking sake."




"Hey, how long are you going to laugh at me?!" Joseph yelled at Lily as they had ventured out into the courtyard. Lily was still laughing her head off as Joseph had actually mistook cooking sake for a bottle of wine. How dumb could he be. "You're just so clueless about so much." Lily said as she turned to look at him. "I've never had to do cooking or whatever! So ya can't help what you don't know!" Joseph retorted.

"Don't go making pitiful excuses." Lily said as she still gave off a few more bursts of laughter. "But thanks for the laugh, JoJo." She...actually needed it. "Dammit...hurry up and forget about it! And don't tell anyone." Joseph grumbled. "Oh, we'll see." The young Joestar mumbled under his breath as he crossed his arms and looked away, pouting at the knowledge that she was going to tell Caesar and Phoebe all about this in the morning. Once she had gotten her laugh out of her system, Lily's demeanour changed, becoming serious and concerned about Joseph.

"...So then...? Is it true you're really have trouble sleeping?" Lily asked him. "Hm?" Joseph went when he looked up at her. He saw the worried look on her face. "You mentioned something similar today." She said. "Oh... You remember that?" Joseph asked her, genuinely surprised that she would keep that in mind. "Of course I would." Lily told him. She then got a little embarrassed as she walked closer and stood beside him, with a faint shade of red on her cheeks as she said, "Well...I'm here to listen to you. If you want to talk about it." Lily lifted up her cobalt-eyes to Joseph, who was now looking at her like she's the weird one.

"Huh? Wha? What's wrong, what's up? To what do I owe this change of heart?" Joseph asked her. Lily's face flare up and backed away. "Don't read much into it!" She shouted. Damn it, this guy was a total headache!! "For you, who is usually not thinking about anything to not be able to sleep, I just thought something strange might've happened!" Joseph leaned in close and spread a teasing smirk. "Here we go~. Just be honest! Is it okay for you to be this worried about me?" He said.

Lily growled at him and crossed her arms, looking away from him. Her face was all kinds of red. "If you're not going to talk then you can forget it." Lily told him. Joseph let out a sigh and rubbed the back of his head rather sheepishly. "It's not that I don't wanna talk, it's more like.... Ahh, but man..."

"If you're a man, then act like one!!" Lily shouts at him.

"So mean!!" Joseph cried out. "...You won't get mad? Or laugh? And you won't tell anyone?" He asked her with all seriousness. Lily and him gave each other a bit of a stare down before she gave Joseph a confirm nod, and her word that he has her promise. "What is it?" Lily asked him. Joseph looked hesitate, but he told her the reason why he was have so much trouble.

"....I'm scared."

Lily stared back at Joseph in shock. She didn't know what kind of response she was expecting but that was most definitely wasn't it. "Scared?" She said in confusion. What...? What could he be possibly so scared off? "You know, those rings..." Joseph said. Lily's eyes widen in shock as she just stares at the younger Joestar. He clenched a fist close to his heart as he continued. "Though I told those guys to wait one month, what if by some chance the poison ends up leaking out the rings? Like while I'm busy sleeping or something...and I end up dying before I even realise it's happening?"

Lily's heart pounded from her chest faster than a drum and she her blood was running cold. These past two weeks....the whole time Joseph was being his goofy, childish self. Always making jokes and giving the occasional complaint! He was always laughing and smiling around..... She didn't think a guy like him to actually be thinking about those rings like that. For some reason...this was bringing her back to her days as a child. Lily swallowed her uneasiness and said, "....! You... That can't be possible."

"Well yeah, even I believe that it won't happen, you know?" Joseph said to her. "But whenever I think about it, I start trembling. And then I ended up not being able to fall asleep." Joseph then turned around, folded his arms behind his head and then, all of a sudden, starts to act like his usual self and tried to laugh this off. "So I had the great idea to try borrowing the power of alcohol! Maaan, how pathetic! Who would've thought I'd be so sentimental and moody?"

"JoJo." Pathetic...? That's what he thinks of this...? Lily stared at the young man as tears began forming in her eyes. This wasn't pathetic at all. "Mama... Papa... I'm sorry. I'll be good... I'll be a good girl, please let me come out." Lily shut her eyes tightly and fought away the tears. "Haha...funny story, right? Pathetic..." Joseph said, laughing at himself.

"There's nothing pathetic about it!" Lily says in a firm voice making Joseph look up at her with surprise. "That...the way you say that, I don't like it at all. If I were in your place, I would...probably be thinking the same thing." However, Joseph was much more stronger at handling this than she ever could. Joseph didn't know what to make of this, so he kept on being his cheery self. "...What? You're too kind, Lily. Are you trying to comfort me?" He asked.

"It's inevitable for you to have those kinds of feelings. Everyone has something unfamiliar to them that they're afraid of!" Lily tells him. 'Especially me!' Once again, Joseph was much stronger when dealing with this kind of thing than she is. Why can't he realise that!? Joseph didn't appear to take any of this seriously and continued to joke around. "What the~? If you keep being this nice to me now, it's almost like you're trying to take advantage of me."

Lily had enough of Joseph's shit and outright punched him in the shoulder, just as tears were stinging her eyes. Why can't he take things seriously for once in his life?! Why the hell was he going through so much trouble with his advances towards her if he was just going to joke about something like that?! "Quit fooling around when someone's trying to talk to you seriousl-!!"

"I'm not fooling around." Joseph told her. His voice was calm and serious. That definitely caught Lily off guard as she stared at his face. His expression was firm and focused. She didn't think he could make a face like that. Joseph's eyes soften and his heart began to ache as he saw the tears in her beautiful eyes. He had felt them before...but he thought that it was the first time he seen them.

"Jo-." Lily began to say before Joseph stepped up to her. "For example," He said as he grabbed hold of her wrist and pulled her to him. "Like this." Her body pressed up against his as he wrapped his arms around her, embracing her.

"I'm afraid...of being alone." Joseph tells her with all seriousness. "And from how you reacted...I think you're more afraid of loneliness than I am." Lily was frozen stiff as Joseph held her in his arms. Several droplets of tears fell on his shoulder as Lily asked, "Are you messing with me...or are you being serious? Which is it?"

"I don't know. But the only one I can complain to is you." Joseph said as he stroked her long blonde hair. "And...I think I'm starting to know you a bit better."

*Later on*

Lily dimmed the lamp beside Joseph's bed till it was just enough to light the small corner and sat down on her chair. "Are you sure you're okay with this?" Joseph asked as he laid on his bed. Lily tucked a lock of hair behind her ear and said, "It's fine. Don't worry, I'll stay right here until you're content and can sleep." With a nod, Joseph made himself comfortable and before he could fell asleep, he turned to tell Lily, "Just so you know, I care very deeply for you Lily. Unlike any person I've met before. I'm not sure what type of fears you hid away, but I'm here to listen."

Lily was speechless at this but smiled. Soon after Joseph fell fast asleep with Lily watching over him, occasionally re-tucking him in his sheets. Throughout the whole night, Lily watch over Joseph and made sure he got all the sleep he needed. She resorted to hold his hand as he slept so that he would know that she was right there. After tonight, Lily's heart began beating as she gazed at his sleeping face and recalled the time they spent together.

She smiled softly. She was trapped in that dark room for so long, and she owed Caesar, Phoebe and Lisa Lisa everything for coming into her life and grant her the happiness she was denied. But...

Lily got up very quietly and leaned in kiss Joseph's forehead. She was beginning to recognise the feelings she's been holding back. Though she was terrified of it....Joseph made her feel worthy of them.

For it seemed that Joseph held the key to that room to set her free.

Chapter Text

In the far, long forgotten past.

Hundreds of bodies were scattered about the field. They had tried to fight back, but their adversaries had proven to be much more stronger than they had anticipated and were mercilessly cut down. Somewhere within a pyramid, Kars looks to his Stone Mask and a red stone. "The spines that this mask uses can pierce a human brain. However, they don't yet have the strength to probe our immortal brains." Kars tells Esidisi.

"The solution is finding more power." He said as he held up a red stone near the candle light in the room. The little flame had grown attached to the stone and was pulled over to engulfed the stone within the fire. The stone itself emitted a strange red glow and in an instant fired a beam clean through Esidisi's hand. "Ooh. That's that now?" He asked.

"The mortals called The Red Stone of Aja. Its power is of a particular interest for our kind." Kars said. This little stone can refract light at least a billion times. The end result is light of incredible purity and strength. This amplified light holds power untold. But," Kars nearly shouts as he glared at the mask and stone in his possession. "This one won't do." Kars knocked the mask off the table and into the pile of other failure masks.

"This little red pebble isn't large enough. We need more capacity and strength in it." Kars said as he crush the stone to pieces beneath his fingers. "To complete our mask we need a red stone that is large and utterly flawless. We need a super Aja. Once we have that, we will conquer the sun and then become the final perfect step in evolution."

Back to the present.

"The mask were invented by the oldest Pillar Men among them and his name, is Kars." Lisa Lisa tells her students as they stand on a balcony, explaining to them how the creator of the Stone Mask, Kars, is seeking a gem known as the Red Stone of Aja to power the Stone Mask and become the ultimate life-form. Hearing Kars' name shocked them, not only because he created the mask, but because that he may just be the most powerful one out of all of them.

"Kars, Esidisi and Wamuu crossed the Atlantic in their search for a suitable super Aja." Lisa Lisa tells them as the assistant of hers came walking towards her. She was a young woman of average height and build, with blond hair that she keeps tied in a white headpiece with two roses on each side, a short-sleeved dark blue dress with a white apron over it decorated with light blue polkadots and red, low-heeled shoes. "There you are Suzi Q." Lisa Lisa says as she turns to her. Suzi Q was holding a plush, purple pillow with a necklace resting upon it.

"Señora, here. Just like you wanted." She tells her with a cheerful smile. "Thank you." Lisa Lisa says as she takes the necklace off the pillow and shows it to her four students. It was a gorgeous, crimson red stone attached to a silver case with a few gems on the side. "You see this. What I have in my hand here is a natural, perfectly flawless stone. A super Aja."

"Whoa!!" They all shouted in unison as they marvelled at the stone. "You've carrying the Red Stone of Aja around?" Joseph asked her in surprise. Lily was momentarily impressed by Joseph and smiled at him. He was breathing through that mask as if it was nothing. Lisa Lisa holds the stone up to the sun above them the sun's rays entered though the stone as it began to glow brighter and brighter, till in the centre, a small cross appeared. The four young Hamon users felt a frightening chill run down their spines as their instincts were telling them that something big was coming.

And it did. The Red Stone of Aja turned the sunlight into a powerful laser ray and they quickly jumped to the side as the ray broke right through the solid stone floor. "The warriors of Hamon were wiped out by the Pillar Men. This stone narrowly avoided being taken thanks to a brave, unknown man and now I have been given the honour to be its guardian." She tells them. Caesar was shooting daggers at the stone, staring at it with hate since it had connections to the Stone Mask and the Hell it caused. He clenched his fists in rage and grit his teeth to keep himself from flying into a rage.

Phoebe looked Caesar with worry eyes and reached over to hold his hand. Caesar felt her touch and gripped her hand. He was not alone in this, for Joseph understood his anger. 'Caesar... I know exactly how you feel. The Stone Masks, not only killed our grandfathers, but they took the lives of countless others as well. And now, we've met its creator, Kars!' Joseph thought as he glances back at the stone.

"Just break it!" Joseph says to his Hamon coach. "Yeah, crush the damn thing! Smash it to pieces and they'll cry like babies." It's the stone they're after right? So in breaking the stone, they won't be able to use it and will fail in achieving their goals. However, Lisa Lisa objects with the idea. "No. I can't do that." She says, looking away. "Why, what's stopping you?!" Joseph asked.

"Legend says the Pillar Men can't be defeated unless the stone is somehow a part of the process." Lisa Lisa tells him. "What?! That's crazy! Why would that be!?" Joseph was taking aback by this. Apparently destroying the stone would cause the opposite effect and instead make defeating the Pillar Men even more difficult for them.

"I don't know." Lisa Lisa says as she turns to the ocean. "But... I will perform my duty as guardian as best as can." She sounded almost melancholy as she stares off into the distance. Even she was unsure how the war will turn out. She was scared to even think about it. She turned her head to look at Phoebe, who looked just as concerned as she was. Lisa Lisa gripped her dress when she remembered the promise she made to her. She let out a sigh and faced her students with great strength.

"JoJo. Caesar. Lily. Phoebe. I'm afraid it's necessary for a final examination." She tells them. "What?! A final exam!?" They all shouted in unison. With a week left until the rings inside Joseph dissolve and kill him, Lisa Lisa knew that the final exam was beyond necessary. There wasn't much time left and its best to see now just how far all of her students have come. "Caesar and Phoebe, take on Meshina and defeat him. JoJo and Lily, you have the same assignment but with Loggs. Are the four of you ready?" She asked. Without hesitation, the four students nodded their heads in agreement. They were ready.

Later at dusk, Caesar and Phoebe met up with Meshina at the trail ground, located on the northeast side of the island. Aside from several small trees, two relatively large towers shaped similar to hourglasses and are attached at the top by two ropes. The only way to reach the platforms at the top of each tower is to climb the ladders that are attached to the sides. During combat, Hamon users are expected to balance on the ropes while attacking.

"Are you ready Caesar?!" Meshina asked.

"I was born ready." He replied.

"Phoebe, are you set for battle!"

"All I ask is for you to not hold anything back." She said as she, Caesar and Meshina gave each other a respectable bow before charging at the other with a battle cry with Phoebe starting things off with a axe kick. While they were beginning their duel, Joseph and Lily reached the small arena where he will fight Loggs. It was another smaller island connected to Air Supplena appropriately named Fight Island. The island can only be accessed via a narrow walkway from the Air Supplena, due to the large stone walls surrounding the area. Inside consists of a building and a large, but shallow pit completely filled with protruding spikes. Though typically not a suitable battleground, experienced Hamon users are required to use the Hamon in order to cushion their feet and traverse the pit. That was Lily's favourite day of training, Joseph's reaction and performance were crazily hilarious.

"It's almost dawn, it's always darkest then. Now, where could we expect Loggs to be hiding?" Joseph asked Lily as they entered the area. Lily looked around while she tied her long hair into a high ponytail. "If I had to guess, I'd say he'd jump us to catch us by surprise. I would stay sharp JoJo." She said with a smirk. "Heh, no need to tell me twice." Joseph said as he slammed his fist into his palm. "I've got a score to settle with him."

"Ha, then I wish you-." Lily was cut off abruptly when she stopped in her tracks. She had a look of fear and disbelief. "Lily? Lily, what's wrong?" Joseph asked, going to her side. He followed her eyes and gasped in shock at what he was seeing. Standing just above them, Loggs was twitching uncontrollably as blood poured from his wounds. It was so horrible and unnatural! Loggs was dead! His murderer had his foot plunged into his body and turned his face to look at the Hamon users. It was Esidisi! He was wearing a different outfit this time. His top is bare save for leather-like patches stitched to his skin at his shoulders and chest.

Joseph and Lily quickly entered into a fighting stance as they glared at the Pillar Man. "So you came to Venice! Came here to this island!" Joseph shouted at him. "I don't know what gave you the right to invade my home, but I'm going to kick your ass out of here!" Lily yelled. Esidisi gave a lowly growl as he stared down at the puny humans while his arm pulsated. Esidisi gave a short laugh as he turned his sights on the main island.

"To think that the woman guarding the stone is merely an island or two over that way." He said as he tosses Loggs' body to the ground before jumping down himself and walking away. Joseph and Lily quickly went over to their instructor's side, but there was no hope in anyway to save him. His lungs were pulled out. Lungs are vital for Hamon users, and for his lungs to be ripped out like had to been a kick of incredible power. The two teens kneeled down and mourn over the loss of a valuable ally.

'The tyrant Loggs. You yelled at me for three weeks. You were relentless with your instructions. To be honest, I hated you. I was sure that this would be my chance to get you back for everything you did to me. You'll have to watch us from where you are now, instructor. See what I have learned from you.' Joseph thought to himself. Despite his hatred for Loggins, Joseph feels anger at the death of an ally and both teens stood up to confront Esidisi in the middle of the field of spikes.

"Ready Lily?" Joseph asks her. "Ready JoJo." Lily says. And just before either of them could move, Lily was suddenly knocked away to the other side of the a large body of water!? "What the-?!" Joseph shouts as Lily was slammed into the ground. What the hell was that?! Lily coughed up blood as she struggled to get up as the unknown attacker made their presence known to her. She was a woman of average height and build, with tight muscles, reddish-brown hair and golden eyes. Lily spit out some blood and got up to greet the bitch who smacked her across the island. "Alright, mind telling who's face I'm about to rearrange?!" She shouted.

The woman gave the most psychotic and sadistic smile imaginable as she stared at her. Esidisi gave a chuckle as he made the introductions. "Allow me to introduce you one of our newest members of our little family. Ume. With the world dramatically changed over the two millennia, we had decided to that we may want new members that know of this world, and of course make them into Pillar Women."

"You what?!" Joseph asked in shock. "You turned her into one of you?!" Lily shouted. Another thing rang in their minds. He said one of new members which means that they might have more of possible vampires and/or new Pillar Men coming after them. Joseph and Lily looked at each other and both gave the other a nod. The situation may have changed, but they were more than ready to fight! Joseph will fight Esidisi and Lily will fight Ume. Let the games begin.

Esidisi stepped onto the spiked field, not caring nor feeling the pain one would feel if they stepped on the skips. He continued on as Joseph used his Hamon to help create a cushion as he met the Pillar Man halfway. "Hey, Esidisi." Joseph said. "I know it's six days early but I'll take it now. That antidote in your nose ring, is mine!"

The white-haired Pillar Man gave a lowly "hmph" as he stared Joseph down. "Out of my way, boy." Esidisi commands him. "I don't have the time to deal with you."

"You don't have the time? What do you mean?" Joseph questions him. "You have a lot more time than I do." He says as they stared each other down. Esidisi tilted his head and held his chin. "That...was pretty sharp. You may have a little more to offer. But when someone looks at me with an obvious challenge like that one." Esidisi said. "They're asking for their death."

Lily got into a fighting stance and powered her Hamon as Ume's psychotic smile widened as the waters had risen under her command and swirled around her. "I don't know how the Pillar Men or that demonic bastard Kars managed to turn you into one of them, but I won't go hold back since you made it clear you tried to kill me earlier." Lily tells Ume. This caused the golden-eyed woman to lash out at her. "You shut your mouth, you blonde brazen hussy!!" She screamed as she shot out a stream of water like a bullet at her. Lily had barely managed to dodge and the attack sliced at her cheek.

"How dare you speak of my beloved Master Kars in such a hateful manner!? How dare you even suggest that he would FORCE anything upon me?! I CHOSE to become one and I won't let a whore like you disgrace his name!!" Ume yelled. Lily did a few backflips to gain some more distance as she wiped the blood off her face. The hell did she call her..?

".....Alright... You know what?" Lily said as she took a deep breath and calmly exhaled. "SCREW WHAT I SAID!! I'M GONNA F***KING KILL YOU!!" Lily's feet broke through the stone floor as she charged at Ume with fire in her eyes.  She dashes forward and uppercuts Ume before she grabs Ume by her hair and punches her in the face multiple times with Hamon energy as she knocks her away. Ume skidded to a halt before baring her teeth at the blonde teenager.

"I'll make you pay for this, you blonde little bitch!!"

"Bring it, water whore!!"

As their fight was initiated, Joseph had begun his battle with Esidisi. The white-haired Pillar man moved his arm with the intent of removing half of Joseph's body in a single strike. Joseph swiftly moved his hand and stop his attack with just his finger pressed against his palm. He greatly took Esidisi by surprised when he controlled his Hamon with efficient skill as he easily broke through Esidisi's hand. The Pillar Man was impressed that Joseph was able to learn a great deal of control in a very short period of time, Esidisi believed it wasn't enough as he grabbed Joseph's hand and twisted it around. It was evident that he was threatening to either snap or sever Joseph's finger.

"You're still far from ready to fight someone like me! I've met and devoured countless Hamon users like you thousands of years ago!!" Esidisi shouted as he twisted Joseph's hand around. "AURGH!!" He screamed. "If I twist your finger completely off, you'll never use it for Hamon ever again!" Esidisi shouts as Joseph screams in pain. Lily turned to the young Joestar's direction and called out to him, "JoJo!" But a water whip came in smacked her against the wall. "Pay attention to your opponent, not your mangy, rodent boyfriend!" Ume yells at her. "You're really starting to piss me off!!"

Esidisi was prepared to twist Joseph's finger right off, but the emerald-eyed man thought and moved quickly as he ran and flipped over Esidisi until he was hovered above him. A wire was wrapping itself around his arm. "Huh?!" The Pillar Man went. "So you finally noticed. Your arm is wrapped up in a loop of fine silk thread." Joseph tells him. "It's soaked in vegetable oil, so it really conducts Hamon quite well. I admit, I was aiming for your neck, but you didn't give me the chance."

"How could a mortal have done this to me?" Esidisi asked as he took a closer look at the wire. He saw that there were two sides being pulled and his eyes followed the second back the point for it and saw that the wire was tied at the deceased Hamon Master's finger. "But...! But that's-!" Esidisi said as the wired was pulled to lift up Loggs' arm. "Actually a little morbid for my taste. But still, first blood goes to me and my instructor!!" Joseph shouted at the Pillar Man as, with a unyielding wave of Hamon and thanks to his intricate trap, Joseph succeeded in severing Esidisi's arm clean off. Sending it flying and landing on a spike.

"Twenty-five hundred years ago in China, a man wrote 'The Art of War'. He said this. "Victory is decided before the battle is fought."." Joseph says to Esidisi. "That means if you plan to win, you need to lay out strategies while your opponent is unaware. It's true that I skipped school a lot, but Granny Viola made darn sure I studied my history. So while you have a lot of years under your belt, you didn't leave any room in your head for strategy!" 

Joseph then began to laugh at the Pillar Man before going to his severed arm and kicking it. The Hamon that was in that had coursed through the arm and soon been nothing more than bones in seconds. Esidisi growled and his shoulders began shaking with rage. "How dare you?!" He said. "Aw, are you angry? Are you upset that I disintegrated your wittle arm?" Joseph question as if he were speaking towards a small child before really laying it to him. "Well then get a set! I'm far more furious that you!! Because of that little ring you saw fit to put inside my neck, I haven't slept right for weeks!!" Joseph shouted at him.

Though he would never tell him this, but the only way he was actually able to sleep in peace was when Lily was with him. Because her sitting beside him, watching over him, Joseph slept through the night without any problems. When he woke up that morning, He blushed when he saw Lily resting beside him. Holding his hand the entire night. Joseph's heart was beating rapidly the more he stared at her. He never felt anything like this before towards anyone. Joseph fully acknowledged his feelings for Lily in that moment and was happy he and Lily were able to meet. Getting back to business, Joseph prepared himself for the next onslaught, he was expecting Esidisi to become angry and lower his guard.

However, disturbingly enough, Esidisi evacuates his stress and, anger(?), by wailing and sobbing profusely like a toddler having a tantrum. He was bawling his eyes out and was so distraught that he could barely make any coherent sentences. Joseph nearly back away by just how creepy and disturbing this was as Esidisi continued to wail and thrash about. 'What the hell is this?! He's bawling his eyes out and I thought he'd go on a bloody rampage. This is more than weird, this is embarrassing! He's throwing a tantrum like some three-year-old.'

Esidisi then ran over to kneel at the skeletal remains of his arm and continued to cry. "My poor arm!!" He wailed. Joseph was officially getting creeped out by all this as he thought, 'gah...! Something's are creepier than mindless anger... I should finish him off quickly.' Joseph got over his initial disturbance and carefully walking towards him. Planning to just kill him while he was in this state. Suddenly, Esidisi's crying was cut of abruptly as he slowly began to rise to his feet and let out a sigh. His voice returning to his normal state. Joseph felt chills running as he stared at Esidisi, wondering what he was planning to do.

But Esidisi let out a sigh of relief and said, "Haa, I feel better now. Sometimes my emotions overwhelm me and when I'm about to lose it, I try to calm myself down by venting with a crying jag." He turned back to Joseph as he recalled the quote he had used before. He heard that saying once before. "Earlier, you referred to Sun Tzu, didn't you? I knew him personally. Long ago, I journey to Chine to study. "To fight is to delude. All war is deception. One tries to make their enemies angry in order to lure them into committing costly mistakes." That is precisely what you're planning on, am I right? Well it's not going to work." Esidisi said as he gave a smirk.

Joseph got a little uneasy as he took a small step back. That had been what he had been planning on when he rang up that trap. "But I must say JoJo, I really am shocked at your improvement. I admire your Hamon ability." Esidisi says as he turned and walked away. Going straight towards Loggs' body. "I've been longing for a worthy opponent." Lily blocked Ume's water currents with her Hamon as she and Joseph watched in horror as Esidisi stood over Loggs and stomped his arm clean off!

"What the hell?! What are you dong?!" Joseph shouted.

"Master Loggs!" Lily yelled as Ume growled at her, using the water as clawed gauntlets and slashed at her stomach. Ume then performed a roundhouse kick, knocking Lily back. Esidisi steals Loggs' arm for himself as he said, "Well it is a bit thin at the moment, but it'll grow thicker with a passage of time." Loggs' arm slowly become one with Esidisi's body, it's colour changing from fair to tan in seconds.

'He's too much! Just a minute ago he was crying!' Joseph thought to himself as Esidisi turns to face him again with a smile. "Oh JoJo." He said to him. "Did I just frighten you there? Come on, admit it, you're frighten a lot aren't you?" In some way, he was right. Joseph was getting frighten at this point. Because he couldn't read him at all. For so long, Joseph has always been able to read his opponents and then use their own feelings against them. But Esidisi's personality is beyond Joseph's comprehension. And he fears that he's the one who'd being read.

Suddenly the sounds of liquid bubbling made Joseph turn back to Loggs and saw that his body was steaming and the bubbling was most likely his blood. Suddenly the steam erupted from Loggs' body until his corpse was destroyed with Esidisi's own burning hot blood. "What's going on!?" Joseph shouted in shock. "An animal's core temperature will increase when it's fighting disease or greatly exerting itself." Esidisi said, beginning to explain himself.

"I can raise my blood up to 500° and then shoot it out at will. At the same time I took off his arm, I also sent in some of my boiling blood to show you. With his Divine Sandstorm, Wamuu can control the wind. With Ume's ancestry linked back to the ancient Vikings, she can control water. My domain, is that of heat. I control the inferno."

Chapter Text

Indeed, Esidisi's Mode is the "Flame Mode", consisting in raising his body temperature to lethal levels for others and using his veins as tubes with which he can inject his scalding blood into foes. But Joseph remained vigilant and didn't back down from this fight. "I'll grant that your power to destroy a defenceless dead body is amazing, but I can also see that the reason you did it was to try and scare me!" Joseph said to him as he pulled out his pair of Clackers and swung them towards Esidisi. "Now try a Clacker Volley!! My Hamon isn't like it was a month ago!"

Esidisi raised his hand towards the attack and it seemed as though he was about to catch the Clackers, but then his hand split in two and making the Clackers miss their target. Seeing this made Joseph gasp in shock and Esidisi giving a smirk at him. "I really did frighten you." Esidisi says. "You see JoJo, your uncontrolled emotions caused you to attack me recklessly and too soon. My veins will injected boiling blood into your skull and then turn your brain into a nice red stew."

Esidisi lifted his split hand up towards Joseph and from the opening, and from his fingernails which had popped open, his veins slithered out into the open air. Hungry for human blood. "This is the reason that I am called, The Burning King!!" Esidisi shouts as Joseph's eyes widen in shock...and the veins made contact with his flesh. Knocking him back and giving a painful scream. "AAAAUUUGHHH!!"

Lily had barely managed to dodge another one of those large water barrages when she heard JoJo's screams. Her eyes widened when she saw that the veins had broke through his mask. "JoJo!! NNOO!" She cried out. While this was going on, a crack suddenly appeared on the wine glass and Lisa Lisa stares back at it in shock. She suddenly got this terrible feeling in her heart, like something bad had happened. She turned up skyward and simply said, "JoJo."

Meanwhile, back at the trail grounds, Phoebe dodged and blocked Meshina's attacks as he tried to attack her with open-palmed Hamon attacks. Once she had knocked his arms back, she quickly bent down and delivered a sweep kick under him before slamming her Hamon-filled fist against his stomach. Meshina coughed up saliva as he felt something incredibly cold run through him like a knife.

When he was knocked back, the freckled woman gave Caesar the signal and jump he jumped over her to have his chance with their instructors. Meshina had quickly recovered and the both jumped into the air to attack the other. "Caesar!! Take this!" He shouts as he thrusts his palm at him. "Bubble Launcher!!" Caesar shouts as he created the bubble between his hands and used it as a shield against Meshina's assault. Both attacks made contact and it caused a reaction that resorted both Caesar and Meshina to be pushed back but the instructor felt the full force.

Caesar jumped back to Phoebe's side and, with a nod, they immediately charged towards him. However, Meshina quickly brought up his hand and stopped them both. "Caesar, Phoebe stop! Hold your attacks!" The two friends had stopped in their tracks and stared at their teacher as he continued. "If we continue this contest, one or three of us will die. And as much as my ego doesn't want to admit it, I'd be the loser. For nearly ten years more than either of you, I've been in preparation here. But today your Hamon attacks were so focused you both were able to burn the hair off of my arm and send literal chills through me. What else can I do after being shamed like this? The both of you have passed your final exam with flying colours."

Caesar and Phoebe gave each other a bright smile, a brief laugh before bowing at their instructor. Meshina gazed down at Phoebe and gave a ghost of a smile. He was so proud of her. Ever since she was brought here as a child, he wasn't sure if she would be able to handle it...but that child that grown into a fearsome and respectable fighter. She endured everything and look at her now. Caesar and Phoebe then walked back to the other side of the pillar where two backpacks laid waiting for them. Phoebe couldn't stop smiling as she hoisted up her pack.

"This is so wonderful. I knew we'd pass." Phoebe said happily to Caesar. The blond-haired man blushed as he smiled back at her. "Uh, yeah..." He said as he reached into his bag and pulled out a pair of binoculars, looking out towards Fight Island. Phoebe blinked as she stared at Caesar. Normally, Caesar would be bursting with pride over the accomplishment. But he wasn't. She smiled at him though. She could tell that he wanted to see how the others were doing on their exam.

Meshina must've thought that too as he said, "You should feel a sense of pride for this or are you more interested on how your good-for-nothing friend and little 'sister' are doing on their exam, Caesar?" The green- eyed male turned to the Hamon master and said to him, "The only reason I had the power I did in this that I wanted to match JoJo's talents. In the end, we're both going to survive the trails being presented to us. I can't deny it, JoJo seems lazy and impotent, but deep down he's worth having as a friend." Caesar suspecting that this is what Lily saw in him, maybe more, and that he sees too.

Meshina let out a scoff-filled laugh as he looked at the younger man with a teasing look. "You're not so good at making friends for yourself are you? But when you do, it's true love isn't it? After all, that's how you fell in love-." Meshina began to say when Caesar let out frightful gasp when he turned back to the island. "Look there!!" He shouted. The others turned to his line of sight and saw that Joseph and Lily were in deep trouble! They were fighting with Esidisi and....another member of the Pillar Man?!

"Why don't you hurry up and die!?! The sooner you die, the sooner I can take back the Red Stone of Aja back to my handsome, beloved Kars! Where he can obtain real power!!" Ume shouted as sent rushing water arrows at her hateful opponent. Lily collected her Hamon into her fists and punched them away. "Lady! You have the sickest taste in men!!" She yelled. Joseph bent back as he fell close towards the spikes as Esidisi pulled back his hand. "Hmph. And there's another of those clever dodges of yours." He said.

Though he sent his veins to kill him, fortunately for the younger Joestar, the mask had kept him safe for now. 'Alright! The Mask gave me some protection that time, but-' The mask wrapped around Joseph's face suddenly caught fire and screamed as he fell into the spikes below. Lily's widened as she thought the worst. "JoJo!" She yelled as she tried to run towards the spiked pit only to have a large body of water fire at her way. Lily used her arms likes swords and cut through the water in the middle. "Stop ignoring me!! Why are you so distracted by that pig-headed idiot!?" Ume shouted.

Lily growled in rage at her. Does she ever shut up?! And to make things more irritating was that she wouldn't stop insulting Joseph like that, it was driving her insane!! Ume rushed towards her with her razor sharp water claws and Lily shouts, "Insult my man one more time and I will rip your head off!!" She met Ume halfway and both tried to attack the other woman with their claws and fists, but both dodged their frontal assaults. Lily then slams her fists down on Ume, stunning her long enough for her to grab her by the midsection, leaps into the air and powerbombs her into the ground with tremendous force, smashing her ribs. She then shifts her grip and delivers a wheelbarrow suplex that breaks the Ume's spine. Just as Lily was about to fulfil her threat, Ume shoots up her leg and strikes her underneath her chin.

Joseph fell into the pit, his mask breaking off and caught in one of the spikes. Fortunately, Joseph hadn't been skewered by the spikes as he gripped at the spikes before he could fall any deeper. Though the flames did leave a sting on Joseph's lips and he cried out and breathed heavily, trying to ease the pain. He grip the lower half of his face as he said, "Damn him and his blood!" Joseph pulled himself up from the spiky pit and glared daggers at the Pillar Man.

"Man, oh man, I finally have the chance for these sexy lips to come out from under of that rotten mask and the first thing you do, you bastard, is burn them off!!" Joseph shouted at him as he clenched his fist. Also... what did he hear Lily say? Esidisi just granted him a smirk as he looked at him and pulled back his veins inside his body. "JoJo. Let's see, on the surface you make witty banter but inside your head, you're making all sorts of plans aren't you?" Esidisi asked him.

He didn't need an answer from the young man. The way he tensed up and the way the colour nearly drained from his face. Esidisi knew that he was right. "Ooh! You went pale JoJo! Did I hit the mark? Was I anywhere close to the bullseye!?!?" He shouted in near glee. But his smile was very sadistic. JoJo was left silent as he struggled to gain his cool composure and come up with a good plan. Then, it hit him.

'My next plan... Right. Yes! I'll use the string. I'll act like I'm dodging to get away from him but all the time I'll be running a string along this spikes with each move I make I can't let him catch on. Once he steps inside the string I'll wrap him up in it, then use my Hamon to finish him off.' Joseph thought to himself. Thinking that this was a good plan to kill this fiery bastard. Then he became a little uneasy when Esidisi began to chuckle. That laugh of his meant nothing but trouble. Could he be reading his plan? His intentions? No, that would be impossible.

Jospeh's eyes widen when he saw Esidisi, while still laughing, lowered himself towards the spikes and allowed them to pierce his flesh as he stared at him with eyes that held murderous intent. Then with great force, launches himself into the air as he released more of his veins from his body, small streaks of fire bursted from him. "Here is the Burning King's prison!!" Esidisi shouted as his veins attacked the young Joestar like vicious snakes. Joseph was lucky he was able to avoid them.

"How long can you possible keep avoiding my attacks JoJo?" Esidisi asks him. As Joseph kept on dodging his veins, Esidisi caught glimpse of something trailing down Joseph wool hat. The latter then turned to him and granted a smirk on his face. Esidisi's eyes widen slightly and Joseph continued to jump around from one spot to the other. "So I guess you finally noticed. Now what possible reason would my hat be shrinking?" Joseph said as he finally stopped at he gripped whatever was left of his and smirked at the Pillar Man.

"You appear to be caught in my web. My hat is made of 100% wool, it conducts Hamon very well." Joseph tells him. He expected...he wanted Esidisi to be caught off guard and get angry. But Esidisi wasn't fazed by this and instead spread a smile. "And?" Esidisi asked him as if he was expecting more than this. Seeing that he wasn't getting the reaction he wanted, Joseph got angry himself. "You're smiling again, I don't like it! What are you laughing about this time?!" Joseph shouted.

Then Esidisi did the unthinkable. "The next words from your mouth are, "I'm going to knock that smirk right off of your face!" Watch."

"I'm going to knock that smirk right off of your face! Wha? Wait a second you can't do that! That's my trick!" Joseph shouted at him, now getting pissed that he had used his famous little mind trick. "You said you had a web? Look around, I am the one with the web." Esidisi says as his veins were wrapping themselves all around them. Cutting the strings in half to destroy Joseph "web" so they could make sure the little fly doesn't escape. "I knew exactly what you had in mind with your little plan even before you did." Esidisi said as he chuckled.

"So JoJo, what was that phrase you said early? Something like "Victory is decided before the battle is fought." Was that what is was? It's true..True..! Very true! Very True! VERY TRUE!" Esidisi shouts as his veins grew in length as several hovered above Joseph and poured droplets of boiling hot blood on him. "How incredibly true with the words you spoke. But my plans were the ones to go deeper! My plans were the ones to decide victory! It looks like my veins have created some little holes on your body, so now I'll fill every one of them with generous portion of my boiling, burning blood! You'll look like a lovely birthday day cake covered in candles, flickering with their merry little red flames."

"AAUGH!" Lily cries out as Ume grabs her by the head and slams her knee into her face before using a water whip to smack her all across the grounds. Ume began to laugh as a craze maniac as she was enjoying causing pain to the girl who dared to insult her dear, beloved Kars. Her precious master. No doubt he will praise her for killing one of these filthy members of the Hamon Tribe and giving him the Red Stone. No doubt he will return her undying love for him. Oooh, she could hardly wait till that moment comes. "Hahahahaha!! Lord Kars, I do all this for you!!"

"They're on the knife's edge! They're not going to make it!" Caesar says as he watches the fights intently. Fearing that his friends were nearing death. Phoebe was shaking all over. Her fists clenched tightly on her lap. She couldn't take her eyes off of them. Esidisi...and this strange woman... She can't just sit here while her friends get killed. She had to go down there. "Caesar! Phoebe!" Meshina shouts, making his two students snap their heads at his direction.

"Judging from what I could see, we have to assume that Loggs has been killed. If either JoJo or Lily are not the ones to survive, we'll be the ones Esidisi and his new minion will come after next. JoJo and Lily are too far away for us to be able to help them now." Meshina says as he begins to climb down the ladder to the small door below. "I know it's painful, but right now we have to think about protecting Lisa Lisa and the Red Stone. So come let's make our preparations."

Caesar stood up and gazed at Fight Island just up head. His worry for his friends' survival was increasing all the more. He wanted to go help them and fight along side them, but...Meshina was right. They have to make preparations and protect Lisa Lisa if the Pillar Men were to come after them. "JoJo. Lily." Caesar said as he started to follow Meshina, but stopped when he saw that Phoebe wasn't moving. She was still shaking from her spot on the floor. Caesar's heart ached seeing her like this. He walked towards her and gently placed his hands on her shoulders.

"Phoebe, I understand how you feel. I want to go down there and help them too. But they're far away from where we are. Like Meshina said, he have to think about protecting coach and make sure they don't get the Red Stone." Caesar says, trying to comfort her as best he can. Phoebe gazed up at him with those big, sad ocean-blue eyes of hers. She sadly closed her eyes and said, "I'm sorry... But...I can't allow anyone else to die at their hands again." As soon as she said this, Phoebe quickly stood up, ran to the ladder, quickly traveled down and burst through the door. "Phoebe!!" Caesar called out.

The midnight-blue haired woman ran down the steps, zipping passed Meshina and ignored his cries out to her. She needed to go down there! She needed to save her cherished friends! She can't let anyone else to die because of those...those...MONSTERS!!! She made it back to ground levels and sprinted down the path towards Fight Island. Once she ran through one the buildings, she caught an unusual sound and just barely managed to avoid an electric attack. Phoebe did a backflip to gain distance as she came face-to-face with her would be attacker.

"I'm impressed. You were able to sense me despite your emotions getting out of hand. You are a bizarre little girl, are you?" The voice said. It belong to a young adult woman of average height and built. Tight muscles. Tanned skin. Short, neck-length indigo hair and violet eyes. Unlike with Ume, she seemed more calmer and somewhat well-mannered. "So what? Are you here to fight me? To kill me?" Phoebe asked. The woman didn't answer her right away as she first gave a small bow. "Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Viper and I am the proud recruited member of the Pillar Men. I have not come here to fight you. Not right now at least. I'm here to procure some answers for my masters. Answers...regarding about you."

Phoebe narrowed her eyes at her and went silent. She couldn't trust her word about not fighting her. After all, she and the others had shown up to this island uninvited. No doubt she was after the Red Stone as well. As Phoebe prepared to launch a Hamon attack, Viper noticed that Phoebe wasn't going to give the answers she needed so easily. So, she decided to use a different approach.

She turned her gaze over to the Trail Grounds and said, "I have been keeping an eye on you. I've made myself aware of how you are around the inhabitants of this island. Especially towards one man. He's very dear to you and he seems to love you a great deal...would you mind if I pick at his brain?" Her hands sparked with electricity. Phoebe's eyes widened in rage at this. Did she just freaking threaten Caesar right in front her!? And with that nonchalant, cool tone of hers...she didn't care one ounce of human life!! "You won't lay a finger on him!!!" Phoebe yells and, before she could stop herself, a massive onslaught of ice appeared from beneath her feet and rushed towards Viper.

The woman eye's widen in slight shock as she hadn't expected this and jumped onto a pillar high off the ground. What surprised her more is when Phoebe run towards her, straight up the pillar as her hands transformed themselves into ice claws and she swung them at her with blinding speed. Viper jumped to dodge them and they had just grazed her cheek. Viper took noticed, with Phoebe baring her teeth at her, caught sight of two sharp fangs. Viper jumped back down to the ground as she stared at Phoebe. While Hamon-users are able to achieve great things normal humans could only dream of doing, there was something odd about this one. The way she moves. Her speed. The ice. Those fangs.

"Ah, I think I understand now... Your scent is somewhat different as well." Viper says as Phoebe jumped back down to the ground. The colour drained from her face as she quickly realised what she had done. Because her unchecked anger, she had just exposed her greatest secret to Viper. She grit her teeth as the woman continued. "Normal Hamon-users are capable of achieving great abilities...but you seemed to be on a whole different level than the ones living here. Isn't that right?" Viper asked.

Phoebe was silent as she just glared at the Pillar Woman. Viper then asked, with a surprisingly and eerie gentle voice, "Do you want me to say it? Or do you wish to tell me yourself?" The freckled woman retracted her ice claws and clenched her normal hands tightly. She hated this. She hated what she was. From the very moment upon birth, Phoebe hated and was deeply afraid of her ancestry.

For years, she wished that she was born as a normal girl. But...that could never happen. She glared at Viper before she breathed out a sigh. "If you had been keeping an eye on me like you said you were, then you'd already know..." Phoebe said as she took a moment to mentally prepare herself for what she was about to say. "While I am...somewhat human. I'm not a full-blooded one. I am also half-Pillar Man and half-Vampire."


"Let me hear your screams as you twitch and rive in despair and agony! Knowing that you lost today JoJo!!" Esidisi shouts as more of his blood burns through Joseph's skin. But no matter how hot they were or how much they burned. Joseph didn't cry out. In fact, he looked calm and relaxed. The boiling blood wasn't fazing him in the least. His eyes closed and his arms crossed over his chest. He then looked up at Esidisi and starts to laugh.


"Nineteen years. I must say that's quite impressive for you to hide those parts of yourself for so long. But what I don't understand is how someone like you is able to exist, let alone be able to use Hamon." Viper says.

"If you think I'm telling you anymore, you're wrong. I may be a reluctant member of this little family but I am NOTHING like you! I am human! And I will live out my days as one." Phoebe tells her with great certainty. Viper then narrowed her eyes. "Then...why are you so hesitant with that peculiar man?" The half-breed Pillar Woman's heart skipped a beat. "I admire your talent as an actress, pretending to be oblivious to his feelings towards you. But you're fully aware of love him a lot more than he'll ever realise. You say you're human, but why haven't you officially embraced your love for him?"


"Is it because you fear that he'll hate you? Despise you? Kill you without a second thought because you're a part of the very beings that killed his father?"


"Are you really laughing as I'm about to deal you an excreting death? Have you been driven completely insane by the fear?!" Esidisi shouts, demanding to know why in the hell Joseph would be laughing right as he was about to kill him slowly and painfully. Joseph then stopped laughing and smiled.

"Well let's see here. You'll noticed my arms are folded and my eyes are closed, so this laugh would be one of victory, Esidisi. You're the loser here today because for the last 2000 years, you have been asleep at the wheel." Joseph told him. Finally, Joseph had gotten the reaction he wanted and his smirked widen at Esidisi's surprised face. "I lost!? What do you mean by that?!" He shouts.

"Oh really? You don't get it? You can't read me as clearly as you thought you could?" Joseph taunted him. "Let me help you understand just how badly you've underestimated me. You said that your plans went deep. Well, they didn't go nearly as deep as mine." Esidisi growled lowly at the young Joestar as he continued on. "While you were snoozing for the past 2000 years, humans have progressed. During the 18th and 19th centuries, leisure domain, or slight of hand became a very popular form of entertainment. I'm a very big fan of it myself. Illusion is my thing!!" Joseph shouts as he pulls the wool string upwards and Esidisi looks down in shock as he sees the wool strings beginning to wrap themselves around him.

"But...I cut all those strings!! I cut them!! It can't be!!" Esidisi shouts out in great disbelief. While it had taken a while, Joseph had managed to perform a two-layered trap with his wool hat to ensnare Esidisi. From his hand, his Hamon glowed brightly. Ume gasped in shock as she saw one of her masters be ensnared in Joseph trap while Lily cheers him on. "Hell yeah!!" She shouts in joy.


Viper's eyes then trailed off to the side and looks towards the direction of Fight Island. Phoebe was momentarily confused but she kept her guard up and prepared herself if she were to attack. But she didn't. Viper turned her and gave a bow. "Apologies, but I believe it's time for me to go. I'm afraid Master Esidisi has met his end."

"What?! Does that mean that-?"

"My mission was to interrogate you and find the location of the Red Stone. Nothing more, nothing less. And now that I have completed those tasks, I shall collect my unstable partner and be on our way. I only hope that the next time we meet, I expect to fight you at your fullest. Until we meet again, Phoebe the Ice Maiden." And just like that, Viper had vanished within a flash of lightening, nearly blinding Phoebe's eyes. When she looked back, Viper was gone. Her blood ran cold...she knew that Viper was telling Kars all about her and she had no idea on what he planned on doing with that information.

Her hung her head as her mind thought about Caesar. Viper was right. For years, Phoebe had always known about his feelings towards her...and as much as she loved him, she couldn't be with him. She was a monster and an abomination. And thanks to the Pillar Men running loose, she's only reminded of how much she hates about herself.

"Caesar...could never love me if he found out the truth. There's just no way...he's gone through so much pain, I couldn't live with myself if he suffered anymore because of me. He deserves someone better." Phoebe then suddenly went into a coughing fit and almost toppled over.

She was getting hungry again.....


"I'd say the rope magic worked." Joseph tells Esidisi. "I'd laid my trap carefully so that even if the string was cut, it would still function. A simple trick." Esidisi roars at the young Joestar as she also screams in agony as the Hamon traveled all around his body. "What you're going to say next is, "My veins will move faster than your pathetic Hamon can possibly go!" Now!"

"My veins will move faster than your pathetic Hamon can possibly go!!" Esidisi shouts as he moves into attack Joseph even while he was tired up by his strings. But Joseph won't let him have that chance as he channels his Hamon energy. "Now feel the feat of my Hamon Overdrive!" Joseph shouts as he unleashes the full force of his attack. Much like any other Overdrive, the technique sends a large pulse of Hamon through the wool thread into Esidisi's body. As you can guess, it was painful.

"I can't... I can't... You're only human. I am the evolved one, the highest life form! I will not be beaten! Now that you've pushed me too far!" Esidisi screams attempts a flashy last ditch attack to Joseph, but fails as the young man only sends a strong fistful of Hamon at him and knocks him back, screaming in pain as his body begins to rot and decay. Esidisi's body was shooting out some kind of strange energy. It must come living from millennia.

"Die already. Die with power of life you stole from thousands of innocent human beings!" Joseph shouts as Esidisi's body explodes from the attack. 'My Instructor, I thank you for torturing me. Mille grazie to you, Loggs.'

Upon his destruction, Viper suddenly arrives, standing above one of the lion statues. Joseph and Lily were caught off guard by her sudden presence and even more so when she says, "Come Ume. We must be going."

"WHAT?! What the hell kind of nonsense are you saying!?" Ume screeched at her. "These pitiful, lowly humans killed Master Esidisi and spoke ill of my beloved Kars!!! Why should we leave when we can kill them and take back the Red Stone?!!?" The water woman then held back her tongue when Viper's eyes glared daggers at her.

"Exactly. They had killed Master Esidisi and what makes them incapable of doing the same to you? Our mission was to located the Red Stone of Aja, that's it! It's almost morning, but stay here if you like. Die by their Hamon or the Sun for all I care." Viper then turned her attention to the others and bowed down. "I deeply apologise for my partner's annoyance and instability." She said as she vanished in a flash of lightening. Ume growled at Lily before turning around and running away. Jumping over the wall and into the ocean.

"Well...that was weird..." Joseph said to himself. "JoJo!" He turned his head to see Lily running towards him with a bright smile on her face. "Here!" She said as she lifted her hand to reveal Esidisi's nose ring, the antidote. "Ah, great! Thanks Lily!" Joseph happily as he took the ring into his hands and opened up the compartment, a near clear liquid slowly comes out, making him groan a little in disgust.

"Oh man, this reminds of snot. Hopefully it's just because it's dripping from a ring that came out of his nose." Joseph said turning his head away. "Don't you start complaining..." Lily warned him sternly. "Alright, alright! I'll knock it back." Joseph tells her as he dips the liquid onto his tongue and drinks it. Safely dissolving the ring around his neck.

He then did some well deserved stretching as he can, literally, breath more easier now that the ring was gone. "JoJo..?" Lily asked in a worry tone. Joseph touched his throat and said, "Yes, I do think it worked. The ring around my windpipe is gone and I can breath free again."

"So, you're all better now?" She asked. And a happy, relieved nod from the taller man, Lily was overcome with joy that she jumped up and wrapped her arms around his neck hugging him. "That's great!! Just one more and you'll never have to worry about those stupid rings again! I was so worried about you, I-!" Lily cried out as she quickly realised what she was doing and got off of her and back away. Her face was turning bright red. "Uh, I-I mean, I knew you'd make it."

Joseph blinked in confusion before giving a mischievous laugh and leaned in close to her. "Wh-what?" She asked. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought I heard you calling me, your man. Is that right?" He asked her, his grin growing wider. Lily's face was now solid red as she quickly backed away even more. "What?! No, no, no!! I didn't say that!! You were hearing things. Let's just get back to the castle!!" Lily says as she stomps her way back.

"Huh!? Wait a sec! Lily!? Lily!! I know you can hear me!! I want to talk!!" Joseph calls out to her as he rushes to catch up to her. Unaware that a brain is clinging onto his back.

Chapter Text

The sun rises above the horizon. Announcing the beginning of a new day. Lisa Lisa stands on her balcony as she holds the Red Stone close to her chest. "The sun is up. The tests are ending and soon, the four students Caesar, Phoebe, JoJo and Lily will be making their way back here." She says to herself as she stares out into the horizon.

"Señora Lisa Lisa?" Suzi Q asks as she presents two different blouses for her to wear. One pure white, the other purple one with orange strips and a light green collar. "Which blouse would you like today?"

"Oh, I don't know. What do you think?" Lisa Lisa asks the young woman. Suzi Q looks down at the two different options with a smile as she begins to think of how each looks so nice and pretty. "Well, white is always nice but I think something colourful would be kind of fun too!" Suzi Q says happily as Lisa Lisa takes of the Red Stone on the table next to her broken wineglass. "I'll let you decide."

"Okay, let's see. I think the white one is pretty. But I really like the lovely design on this one." Suzi Q says, going into one of her ramblings on fashion again. Lisa Lisa glances down at the Red Stone and begins to think about her students, growing worry for them as the day where they'll engage in war will be arriving soon. 'I wonder if JoJo, Lily, Phoebe and Caesar have passed their final exams. I have a bad feeling. I'm beginning to worry.' Lisa Lisa thought to herself as Suzi Q have finally chosen the outfit for the day.

"So today, we're going to go with the pretty white!" Suzi Q said with a bright smile on her face.

"Suzi Q?"


"Please send Ceasar, Pheobe, Lily and JoJo to my room as soon as they arrive." Lisa Lisa tells her.

"Yes. Of course Señora." Suzi Q said. Her attention then went back to the two blouses. Again. "Hmm. I know I said I liked the white blouse but the other one is nice too. So which is better. Ooh! Which do I chose?! White! But then again this is really nice two! Aye! What do I do?!"

Lisa Lisa couldn't help but give out a laugh. Suzi Q had always been a ditzy and carefree girl. Somehow, having her around to be her personal assistant helped her life in a stable state. Amongst the many others that she holds in her heart. "The colourful one will do nicely, thank you."

"Excellent choice!" Suzi Q said as Lisa Lisa takes off her dress and ties her hair up to prepare for her bath. She settles herself into the nice, warm waters and allowed her muscles to relax under the warm temperature. Suzi Q sets down her clothes on the table as she turns to her. "I'll just leave this here for you alright? I'll come back later and clean up the broken glass, be care okay?"

"I will, thank you." Lisa Lisa says. Their attention was turned to the door when they heard soft knocking. "Yes? Who is it?" The female Hamon master called out. A soft, timid voice spoke out. "Lisa Lisa? May I speak with you? Please?" Phoebe asks. From the sound of her voice, it seemed as though she was trying not to cry. Lisa Lisa immediately knew what she was here for and said, "Of course, please come in."

Phoebe walked into the room and made her way over to stand beside the tub. "Suzi Q, would you mind leaving us be for a moment?" Lisa Lisa asks her. Suzi Q gave a cheerful smile and walked out of the room, closing the door behind her. The Hamon master gazes up the midnight-blue-haired woman and gently asks, "You're hunger is acting up again isn't it?" Tears swelled in her eyes as Phoebe gave a silent nod.

"I'm sorry.... I'm so sorry my Lady..." She said as she fell to her knees and hung her head in shame. Phoebe felt herself to be disgusting whenever she would come to Lisa Lisa like this. Nine years...and she still hasn't gotten control over her hunger. Lisa Lisa reached over as she gently patted her head. "There's no need to apologise. From the moment you entrusted me with the truth, I willingly chose to take care of you Phoebe. There's no need for you to cry, you're nothing like them." Lisa Lisa says to her. Phoebe slowly lifted up her head and asked her master, "Do still remember your promise?"

Lisa Lisa's eyes widen in shock at Phoebe's question. But she let out a sigh and nodded. "No. My promise to you is still fresh in my mind." Tears fell down her face as Phoebe brought Lisa Lisa's arm to her lips. "Thank you." She slowly opened her mouth and, despite her clear hesitation, bit down on Lisa Lisa's arm and drank her blood. Crying all the while. Lisa Lisa knew that her student didn't want to this. She knew she hated it. Lisa Lisa brought her free hand and patted her student's head. 'I'm going to find an alternative way to save you Phoebe.' Lisa Lisa thought to herself.

Suzi Q walks back downstairs to do her duties when she heard a commotion going on. Loud voices going back and forth and she recognises them to be Lily and Joseph. She smiled as she went over to tell them what Lisa Lisa wanted them to do, but when she turned the corner, Suzi Q quickly back. She saw Lily, who was blushing bright red, being pinned against the wall by an unusual stranger! She wanted to scream and call for help, but when she heard Lily call the "stranger" JoJo, this took her by surprised. That's JoJo? Odd, for the past few weeks she's only ever seen him wearing a mask.

"Damn it, would you shut up about that?!" Lily shouts as she punches Joseph hard in the shoulder. "OWW! What the hell!?" Joseph shouted. "I know what I heard! You said I was your man! Not that I minded, in fact I want you to say it again."

'Oh my! Lily said that?! Wow!' Suzi Q thought as she watched the scene unfold.

Lily become even more flustered and turned away. "I keep telling you I didn't say that. And even if I did, I wouldn't it that out loud." She said, stubbornly. Joseph smiled down at her and grabbed her chin, making her look back at him. "Don't forget, I can read my opponents and easily tell what their emotions are. Look at me Lily, now that I have that stupid mask off, what do you think? Am I handsome?" Joseph asks as he leans in close to Lily, making sure he looked good for her.

Lily slowly began to calm down as she looked at him. Eyeing him up. She then got a cheeky smirk as she points her finger and said, "Weird lips. I think I see a burn mark there." Joseph quickly grabs his lips in a defensive manner while Lily let out a humorous laugh. Though Joseph didn't move from his position as he shot a playful glare her way. "Well, they may be weird, but if we were ever to fall madly in love with each other," Joseph said as he leans back in. "You'd be welcome to kiss them all you like."

'Oh, how bold JoJo! Go for it Lily!'

Lily puffed up her cheeks as she turned her head again. "Pfft! Yeah right, in your dreams!" She said. Joseph laughed. He knew she was trying to act tough but she was clearly embarrassed by this. She was so cute that he wanted to kiss her right then and there. He really wanted to. From the moment they first met till now, Joseph had fallen deeply in love with her. She was so different from any other girl he's met. She was tough, spunky, outgoing, a fighter both in physical and in spirit, and yet had that hidden kindness within her.

He can't really see himself being with any but her. Joseph also couldn't shake the feeling that she must've felt the same way. If she didn't, why hadn't she made any effort to get out of this. If she were really pissed at him, she would dropkick him flat on his ass and walk stage left. But she's not. She just stood there, looking away from him with that adorable blush.

"Are you in love with me?" He asked. This sudden question threw her for a loop as she, once again, blushed red as she shuts her eyes. "What?! Why would you-? I-! I....d-d..." She hesitated to answer. Why would Joseph suddenly ask her a question like that?! Okay, sure she found exhilarating that he would be so bold about this...come on, he's has her pinned to a wall! She had plenty of time to think over her own feelings. She just thought that she just liked him as close friend or comrade in their goal. But the more time she spend with him, the more she felt drawn to him.

Joseph was goofy, impetuous, wishes to avoid having any responsibility, regularly taunts his enemies, enjoying aggravating them, a complete showoff. But....he loves his family and the friends he has made and in just three weeks had turned into a strong, focused man. She sees that Joseph believes that anything is fair in a fight as long as one isn't needlessly cruel. All these different things...they had just drawn her closer to him. Lily does have feelings for Joseph...but she has no idea on what to even do with them.

Ever since she was out on the streets in the past, she had sworn off falling in love as she believed that it would never end well for her. Yet, here she was. Falling for a trickster, playful, and devoted man. Joseph reached up to cup her face and said gently, "Look into my eyes and tell me." This made her do so, but for some reason she found it harder to do. She couldn't find the words and she stared deep into his emerald eyes. Joseph smiled softly, got closer...and kissed her.

This caused Lily's eyes to go wide. She pressed her hands against his chest in an attempt to push him off, but she noticed something. Joseph kept Lily pinned, but it didn't really feel like he was pushing either. His kiss was a little clumsy. But at the same time, it was intense feeling, like on fire. He was just holding her. It was like he was taking his time with her, making sure she was comfortable with it.

Joseph threaded his fingers in her hair and realised that it was so soft. He pulled away and just looked deep into her eyes and Lily could feel her face going red, she seemed to be in a trance as Joseph began to trail his kisses down to her neck and collar. He wasted no time in biting, licking, sucking and kissing those two areas, causing Lily to squeak and squirm. As suddenly he did so, Joseph pulled away and planted another kiss on her forehead. "When you're ready, just tell me." Joseph tells her. Lily gazes into his eyes and nods. "Okay..."

From where she was hiding, Suzi Q was blushing deep red. She really hadn't expected Joseph to be that bold. Though she did hoped Lily would see the true light of her feelings and confess to Joseph. They do seem to be rather cute together. Lightly smacking her cheeks and taking a few deep breathes, Suzi Q made her presence known and pretended that she had just arrived to greet them. "Oh, JoJo! Lily! I'm glad you are both here." She said cheerfully. Her sudden appearance made Joseph and Lily quickly back away from each other and tried to act natural.

"Oh, hey Suzi Q! Uh, how's it going?" Lily asked, clearing her throat and fixing herself up. "Don't sneak up on us like that, alright?" Joseph said, rubbing the back of his head rather sheepishly. Suzi Q gave a good natured giggle at the two's little act before she tells them, "Señora Lisa Lisa wants the both of you to go up to her room right away. But she is taking a bath, so you should probably wait half an hour."

"Got it. We were planning to go anyway. We've got to tell her that they know all about the stone." Joseph tells her. "Huh? Oh no, you're not talking about her stone are you?" The ditzy little maid asked. Lily then gave Suzi Q a little nervous smile as she began pushing Joseph away and started walking. "Uhh, d-don't worry about it. You really don't want to get involved in all this...believe me." Lily says as she pushes Joseph towards the stairway. "Uh, okay." Suzi Q says as she begins to walk away herself.

Once she was out of earshot, Lily glances back at Joseph, who was telling her to quit shoving. A blush reappeared on her face, thinking about what had just happened moments ago. And how she had enjoyed the whole thing, especially on the tingling feeling that remained on her neck. Still, she still found it hard to tell Joseph what he wanted. So, instead, Lily decided on something else. Lily stopped pushing Joseph and quietly called out him. "JoJo?" The emerald-eyed man turned his head towards her and asked, "What's up?"

Lily smiled at him, her blush faded from her face, and reached up to kiss Joseph on his cheek. "You're actually pretty hot, ya know?" Lily whispered into his ear, making him shiver all over. Lily gave laugh as she ran up the stairs with a flustered JoJo running after her, shouting at her about making her pay for that as it annoyed that something like would catch him by surprised. Lily was laughing the entire time as she ran from him. During that time, unbeknownst to either of them, the brain that was attached from Joseph's back had suddenly vanished and went on to find someone else.

Lily kept laughing and running till she saw Phoebe walking down the steps. She stopped abruptly which caused Joseph to bump into her, and due to his larger stature, almost knocked them both down if Phoebe hadn't caught them in time. "Ah! My goodness, are you two alright?" Lily shoved Joseph off of her as she gave her answer. "Yeah, thanks for the save Phoebe." Lily said.

"What's up? Did Suzi Q told you about meeting with Lisa Lisa?" Joseph asked. Phoebe briefly hesitated as her skin lost its colour. She quickly thought of a response and said, "Oh...uh, y-yes! I was just waiting by the window and decided to go down to the kitchen to get some water." Phoebe prayed that they would believe her and hadn't noticed of her nervousness. Fortunately, they bought it. Lily went down to the kitchen with Phoebe while Joseph tells them that he'll be going on ahead upstairs. They nodded and said they'll be up in a few minutes. Joseph gave off an amused laugh when he heard Lily say, "Hey Phoebe, I want talk to you about Caesar!"

Joseph walked upstairs and sat by the windowsill and gazed outside, thinking things over. He had neutralised one ring, but now he has one more until it dissolves in six days, and how the Pillar Men now knows about the stone and had two more under their control. "The news I have to report is really important but Lisa Lisa's taking a bath so I'm going to have to wait for half an hour until she's done." Joseph says to himself as he looks out and took notices of Suzi Q handing off a package to a mail boat at the docks.

While sorting his thoughts, Joseph then thought that he was alone for now and that Lisa Lisa was just on the other side of the door across from him. He turns his attention to the door with a huge grin on his face as he, ever so casually, made his way over to the door. "If I was told to wait, then waiting is what I'll do..! Now where to spend half an hour. I think the best place is here by Lisa Lisa's door." He says he sits next to Lisa Lisa's door. Would it really be all that wrong if I took a peek through the keyhole to check things out?"

Joseph looks through the keyhole and sees more than an eyeful of a naked Lisa Lisa, who was sitting on the railing of her tub and moving her fingers through her long hair. Her back was facing him, but it was enough. Safe to say, Joseph was really enjoying the view. "Hoh hoh hoh hooooooooohhh!! NIIIIIIICE!!" He gleefully said. ....Little perv.

He looked back into keyhole, hoping to see more of the juicer bits, but stopped when he sees that Suzi Q inside with her, to which he expresses confusion as he had seen Suzi Q down at the docks only moments before. "Suzi Q? Wait a minute, what's she doing in there? I didn't even see her going into the room." Joseph looked outside then back to the keyhole, gripping the doorknob. "Well that was really fast. I thought she was still out on the docks."

That's when Joseph noticed that he was touching something wet, sticky and slimy. He removed his hand from the doorknob and saw a strange green liquid-like substance. "What the hell?" Joseph asked quizzically. This wasn't here before. The doorknob was completely covered in some kind of goo.

Inside the room, while Lisa Lisa was relaxing in her bath, Suzi Q walked over to the table holding the broken wineglass and her clothing. The Hamon master turned to her assistant and asked, "Suzi Q? Tell me, have JoJo, Caesar and Lily made it back yet?"

Now normally, Suzi Q would be smiling and cheerful, telling Lisa Lisa that two of her students have arrived. But this time, Suzi Q didn't respond. She stayed quiet and she wasn't smiling. This concerned Lisa Lisa as she stared up the young blonde-haired woman and called out to her again. Thinking that maybe she hadn't heard her. "Uh, Suzi Q?"

Suzi Q then slowly turned around to face her. But Lisa Lisa had gotten a bad feeling coming from her. Her eyes were blank and held a vacant expression, and she saw that strange green substance on the table, on Suzi Q's hands and all the way down to her legs. Lisa Lisa's heart dropped when she noticed that the Red Stone of Aja was missing. "Are you alright Suzi Q?! What's going on?! What did you do with the Red Stone?!" Lisa Lisa asked her, fear nearly echoed in her voice.

Lisa Lisa's eyes widen in shock as Suzi Q's body began to contort and twitching on controllably. Soon reddish-black markings appeared on Suzi Q's skin and that green substance started to cover her. Suzi Q began to gag as she struggled to make any coherent words, whatever was controlling her was very keen on making her bend to its will. "Who are you!? Tell me what you did to the Red Stone?!" Lisa Lisa shouted. "No! This is bad!" Joseph shouted out.

Suzi Q then coughed up slimly green chucks as her body began to bend and move on its own. Her eyes were left completely white and quickly Lisa Lisa figured out what was wrong with her. "It seems something has taken over Suzi Q's body!" She shouts as she jumps out of the bathtub. Quickly grabbing a towel to cover herself. That's when Suzi Q's body stopped convulsing and a familiar voice began to speak alongside Suzi Q's voice.

"You! You have reduced me to nothing but a brain with no body of my own! But nevertheless, I challenged to one last fight!" Esidisi/Suzi Q yelled out in anger. "I put the stone on the boat that just left the dock! I am here to stop you from chasing it and getting it back! I will not allow you to follow that postal boat!! No matter what!! The woman that I am inside of is still mostly alive you see!"

Lisa Lisa's heart skipped a beat when hearing this. "There is only one way for you to destroy me completely and that is to take her life as well! Can you do that?! Are you capable of that?! HAHAHAHA!!!" Esidisi laughed out like madman. That's when Joseph bursts into the room and confronts the Pillar Man he believed to have killed. "Esidisi!!" He shouts. "JoJo!" Lisa Lisa called out. "You won't stop coming at us will you?! You don't give up!" Joseph yells at the Inferno Pillar Man.

"JoJo!" A voice called out his name. Joseph turned around and saw Caesar and the girls standing behind him. "Oh Caesar. Phoebe. Lily. Well, it's about damn time!" Joseph shouted. "What that's supposed to mean?!" Lily asked, annoyed. Caesar then gave out a relieved smile as he saw that his friend was okay. "Ah, you are-." Caesar immediately cut himself and took a step back, obviously trying to make himself more composed and cool. He cleared his throat and said, "So you managed to survive your battle with Esidisi. You're a lucky one that's for sure."

Lily puffed her cheeks at Caesar and jumped on his back. "Oh don't even start big bother! We both know full well you were worried about JoJo!" Lily chuckled as she poked at his cheek. "No I wasn't! Shut up!" Caesar said as he tried to get Lily off of him. Phoebe let out a giggle as she watched them. "I can't help but feel you two real siblings whenever you're like this." She said as she and others gazed into the room to see what was going on, only for them to gasp in shock to find Lisa Lisa naked with only her towel covering her.

With rage, and jealousy, Lily growled at Joseph and tackled him to the ground. Once he was laying down on his stomach, Lily reached back, grabbed his legs and pulled them over her shoulders. Hooking her arms around his knees and pulled them with all her strength while sitting on his back to keep his upper body in place. Causing Joseph to scream in pain. "AAAUUHH!!" "What the hell's going on here?!" Lily shouted out. "JoJo, what the hell were doing in here with our coach!?" Caesar yelled. "JoJo...! How could you...!" Phoebe gasped, getting pretty close to fainting.

"Hey cool it, ya-AAAAUGHH!" Joseph cried out as he felt his spine breaking. "Cool it!! It's nothing like that ok-OW!! Take a look at Suzi Q!! AAUGH, THAT HURTS!!" Joseph screamed in pain before Lily lets him go as she and the others glanced over at the young woman. She was sitting on one of the stone beams, she was crying. The slime and markings had vanished. "What's going on?" Caesar asks. "It's Esidisi." Joseph replied, getting back on his aching legs. "Damn him. He somehow figured out a way to make his brain and blood vessels invade her body and take control of her."

"Say what?" Lily said as she stared back at Suzi Q. "Save me Caesar...." The girl whimpered out. "Oh please, help me. Everyone picks on me all the time. But you'll never pick on me Caesar, will you?" Phoebe's eyes widened and grabbed hold of Caesar's hand. Her eyes bore right into Suzi Q's body and found where Esidisi was hiding. Damn it! She thought that he was dealt with already. "Don't fall for a word of it, Suzi Q's not doing the talking. Esidisi's manipulating her." Joseph tells them.

"That's right. She managed to take the stone and put it on a postal boat!" Lisa Lisa informs them. "Leave this thing to JoJo, Lily and I, and find that boat! Get the stone back! If the Red Stone reaches Venice and is transferred onto a train, we'll lose track of it and have no way to know where it will end up!"

At this point, Esidisi quit the act and jumped into the air and attacks Caesar before he could make a move to go after the boat, knocking him to the ground. "Caesar!" Phoebe called out as she swung her leg at Suzi Q but she jumped back to doge it. "Your not going anywhere, dickheads! If you want to stop that boat or leave at all, you'll have to kill me first!" Esidisi shouted.

"A male voice. I see what's going on, his blood vessels must be controlling her from the inside." Caesar said as Esidisi leaps over the group and strung up Suzi Q to blocks the doorway, preventing anyone from leaving. "Yeah, come on!! Bring it! Use your Hamon and kill me!! It should be a relatively easy task for you to destroy me in my current state!" Esidisi shouts at them. "But then again, you must know that this girl's heart isn't nearly strong enough to endure a Hamon shock and survive it! Are you willing to snuff out this girl's life in order to defeat me?! If you are then hurry up and do it! Quit standing there and wasting time you stupid dickheads! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

"Hey!" Joseph shouted as he walked over to the possessed Suzi Q, holding her face between his hands. "I'm not soft-hearted Esidisi! All I have to do is end the life of one young girl and I'll be able save the entire world of you. I would consider a small but necessary sacrifice." He says with a cold tone. "Wait a minute, are you serious JoJo?!" Caesar shouts at him.

Joseph raised his fist into the air, Hamon surging through, and while gripping her face, aims right for Esidisi/Suzi Q's head. "Time to tear you into tiny little pieces Esidisi!!"

"No, you can't!"



"Don't do it!!"

"I'm not kidding here, I'm really gonna do it!!" Joseph shouted as his fist made contact with the enemy.


Chapter Text

"Damn it all! I just can't hit her!" Joseph said as he swung his fist right past Suzi Q's face and whirled around to the others. Seeing that he hadn't laid actually touched her, and that he (probably) wasn't serious about injuring her, the others all breathed a sigh of relief. Thank God..!

"The bastard..!" Joseph said as he turned back around and held Suzi Q up by her apron, and glared daggers. "I thought he'd pop out of her when I started to make my move but it didn't even faze him!" Esidisi slapped his hands away and released Suzi Q from the doorway. The creepy tentacles, no doubt came from the brain, sank back in and Esidisi said, "Enough of your bluffing. You can never kill this girl no matter hard you tried." Esidisi then let out the most creepy and sadistic laugh they ever heard.

"By now, I'm sure the stone has already arrived on the main island. You're too late! And now!" Esidisi said as he moved Suzi Q's fingers to claw at her face, drawing blood. It was clear what he had planned on doing to her. "And now just to make things interesting, I will make this girl's body explode and cover you all in blood that burns as hot as flowing lava!!" He shouted as he made Suzi Q claw and scratch her face so bad that the blood bursted out from her wounds. The blood splatter onto the floor where, upon contact, melted through stone floor.

"Look out! His blood is boiling hot!!" Joseph yells out to warn the others. Esidisi's blood began squirting out from Suzi Q's wounds as they saw that her body was slowly starting to deteriorate. "Suzi Q's body! It's beginning to fall apart!!" Lisa Lisa shouted. "If this keeps up, it won't be just Suzi Q who'll be in trouble! It'll be all of us as well! So, we have no choice." Lisa Lisa took a step back as she stared at the poor young girl. She didn't want to say this. But she also didn't want Suzi Q to suffer anymore from this. "JoJo, you need to use your Hamon on her right now!"

Joseph looked back on Lisa Lisa with shock as he turned back towards the possessed girl. He does not want to do this again! "Come on, no! I don't want to do this, please don't make me! I'm still having to deal with all the horrible nightmares I get about the time I chopped Von Stroheim's leg off." He said. "A different plan! We need a different plan right now."

"Alright, I'll do it then." Lisa Lisa said as she took one step forward before Caesar moved his arm out to stop her from going any further. "No, hold on a minute! Coach, let me do it." He said. Lily gripped her head and messed up her hair, getting agitated by the whole situation. "Come on! There has to be a way for us to save Suzi Q without killing her!" Lily shouted. Phoebe gazed at Suzi Q and reached behind her back, creating an icicle knife. She planned to use it and somehow freeze over Esidisi's brain long enough to tear it out of her. She knew that in doing so, she'll be exposing herself...but in an effort to save an innocent life, it was worth the risk.

However, luckily she didn't have to do that as Joseph quickly spoke up. "Wait, don't do anything! I thought of something! Caesar! Do you remember Hell Climb Pillar, we can give that a shot. It's do or die, so let's go for it!" He said. "You and me. Two types of Hamon at the same time."

"Two types?" Lisa Lisa asked before her eyes widen as she quickly knew what Joseph had in mind to end Esidisi. Caesar seemed to understand as well as he followed the young man's train of thought. "Yeah, I see what you're saying. You're right, something like that might just work." Caesar said. "You know what to do then." Joseph says.

"GUYS!!" Lily shouted as Suzi Q/Esidisi yelled out as Suzi Q's body began contorting and convulsing as blood spewed out from her wounds, Esidisi was getting close to exploding her body. "JoJo! Caesar!" Lisa Lisa called out.

"Right. I understand. JoJo, I want you to follow my breathing." Caesar tells the young Joestar and he nodded in acknowledgment. "Let's go!" Without a moments hesitation, Caesar and Joseph charges towards the possessed girl. Esidisi growled as he launched some of his blood at the two Hamon users. They swiftly dodged it and both ran to the opposite sides of Suzi Q, and powered their Hamon through the tips of their fingertips and struck Suzi Q at the same time. Joseph fingers aimed for her head and left leg while Caesar aimed through her back.

Combining their Hamon energy. Joseph creates a burst of positive Hamon and surrounds Suzi Q with it while Caesar creates a burst with negative Hamon, focused on her heart. And that point, the Hamon is both positive and negative zero. And it worked! Suzi Q began to wake up from her possession and fell to her knees and tears began to form in her eyes as Esidisi's brain climbs out of her dress and out from her back. And as a great bonus, not only did they force Esidisi out, but they also neutralised any damage to her.

"It worked, you forced Esidisi out!" Lisa Lisa shouted out. The brain flew up into  the air and wrapped its tentacles around Joseph, planning to take control of him instead. But just as Caesar and the girls were about to warn and get that thing off of him, Joseph stops as his back was right in view of the sun's rays. With that, Esidisi was finally disintegrated by the sunlight. As he was being reduced to ash, Lily and Phoebe knelt down and carefully lifted Suzi Q's unconscious form off the floor. Lily pressed her fingers against Suzi Q's neck and breathed a sigh of relief when she felt a pulse.

"How is she?" Phoebe asked her. Not that she really needed to as she could still hear the girl's beating heart. But it wasn't like she could to tell them that. "She's alive. I think once we get her injuries cleaned up and give her some rest, she'll be fine."

"That low-down, dirty scum. Hiding in a girl's body like that, he's nothing but a coward." Caesar said as he kneeled down beside them. Angry and disgusted by Esidisi's actions and how he could stoop so low in an attempt to bring them down along with them. "No Caesar. You don't get it." Joseph then said, his voice as soft and near gentle. Calm. Esidisi's brain fell from Joseph shoulder and safety landed in his hand. Joseph gave a look of sympathy as he watched it turn to dust and ash.

"I fought against him so I understand. See, he gave all he had and even threw away his pride because he felt a duty to get the stone for his allies. For thousands of years, he did as he please and he lived his life to its fullest. Whether it was good or evil, I respect his life and how he chose to live it." Joseph said. Even though Esidisi was a bastard who had killed and devoured countless of innocent human lives...he never lose sight of his goal, and will always act to get the Red Stone of Aja. Esidisi's devotion to Kars's goals was so adamant, he had gladly lowered himself to bring them to fruition, that Joseph couldn't help but respect him for that.

Sometime later, Lisa Lisa and Phoebe stayed behind on the island, tending to Suzi Q's wounds while Caesar, Joseph and Lily quickly raced to the mainland to get to the post office, hoping to get the stone before it had a chance to leave. Though upon arrival, it was easier said than done as the man in charge wasn't being as helpful as they would've liked.

"Listen...I already told you! All the parcels you received this morning are over there, right? Among them must the one containing a jewel." Joseph said as he pointed to a large cart containing a lot of packages. "There, over there! You mustn't sent it. Do you understand? We'd like to get that parcel back."

The man at the front desk didn't respond to any of what Joseph was tell him right away and poked his finger with the pen he was using. "OUCH!" Joseph cried out. "Don't get your hands over the counter..." The man said as he put a package on a mechanical weighing scale. Joseph gave the man a look before pressing his hand on the scale as he yelled at the man.

"Hey there! Are you listening to me?! Hurry up and give us that parcel!" Joseph yelled at him. The man adjusted his glasses and he steadied himself before he responded. "...Tell me... Are you crazy? You're asking me to give you a parcel which has already been sent, you're not expecting me to kindly comply I hope...!! Besides, you're telling me you know neither the address nor the name of the recipient...what are you plotting here?!"

"That...that's why it's so urgent!" Caesar said, trying to convinced the man to tell him where the stone had been sent and just how long it had been sent out. "Should that parcel leave Venice, it would become even harder to find it back!"

"Don't even think of being a swine Old Man! Why are you being such an ass about this, huh?!" Lily shouted at him, getting pretty irritated with this. The more time they waste in talking to him, the less of a chance they have to ever finding it. ""Swine"? "A swine"? Am I a swine? It's the law! The law! Young fools!" The man shouted at them.

"Foo...fools?" Joseph asked in bafflement. The Italian brother-sister duo stared at the young Joestar and took a step back as they knew what was going to come next. The man blinked in confusion at how quiet they all became before Joseph exploded. "HEY!! Did you just call me a fool!?!" He shouted as he slammed his fist on the counter so hard, it actually shook and he raised his other fist above his head. "AAHH! Are...are you trying to hurt me?!" The man cried out. "Give us the info we need, I'll break both of your legs myself, got it!?" Lily shouted.

All the commotion they were making was starting to catch the attention with the rest of the employees as they stopped what they were doing and were staring at them. Seeing them Joseph backed off from the man. "Of course not, I'm greeting you. You're a good postal worker." Joseph said as Caesar held Lily back by her shoulders.

"We have a way to find the jewel. We believe it's wrapped with something like this." Caesar said as he held out a small back and pointed to a symbol on the right corner. "That badge is printed on all envelopes from Lisa Lisa!!" Even with something like that, the postal worker still wouldn't give out the information.

"Obviously you do not understand anything. Are you stupid? Your badge thing doesn't make any difference if you don't have a warrant." He tells them. He screamed in horror as Lily made an animalistic growl of rage as she lunged at the man with her hands reaching towards his neck and would've done God knows what if Joseph and Caesar hadn't held her back. "Pardon my little sister, she can be a little crazy." Caesar said. "Especially if her test her patience." Joseph added with a grin. The postal worker turned back to his employees in fear and said, "He...hey! These people look fishy! So...someone call the police!"

"What? The police?" Caesar said.

"You're gonna call the police?" Joseph asked.

"Like hell you are, I'm not going back to jail!!" Lily shouted with bold confidence.

"Sorry, but we'll get the parcel containing the red stone back at any cost!" Caesar said with an intimidating and serious expression. "Laws are made for human beings! The parcel's recipient is not! So we'll get it back, even if we have to break the law!" The three Hamon users then jumped onto the counter and Joseph kicked the scale off the counter as they prepared to raid the whole post office. But before they could, Meshina entered the building, halting the raid. "JoJo! Caesar! Lily!" He called out. "We've found out it's destination!"


During the time they were at the post office, Lisa Lisa used a Hamon-based hypnosis technique on Suzi Q to extract information. "Suzi Q. While Esidisi  controlled you, you must've been at least semi-conscious most of the time. Now tell me, where is the stone headed?" Lisa Lisa asked her. Suzi Q grunted a bit as the hypnosis was digging through her mind and bringing out the most faded memories. "...Switzerland, Saint Moritz. A envelope with Señora Lisa Lisa's crest. The Address is...."

"Switzerland?" Joseph asked as Meshina told them everything. "What about Kars and Wamuu, are they there?" Caesar asked him. Meshina only gave then a nod as he continued on. "I just checked with my contact at the station, a cargo train for Switzerland left not ten minutes ago." Hearing that made Joseph grit his teeth as he grabbed the postal worker by the collar and lifted him up. "Hey, grandpa! Is that true?!" He shouted. "WAAAA! The mail to Switzerland must've already been sorted and loaded in that train!!" He complied.

"So that's it then. The stone has to be somewhere on that train." Lily said. "They've got a big head start, but we've got to somehow figure out a way to get ourselves to Saint Moritz before the train does."

"We have to do everything we can to keep the stone from falling into the wrong hands. We might have to do a little bit of dirty work." Lisa Lisa said as the others hopped into the car, with Caesar taking the wheel. "A few laws might be broken as well. Some of us may even end up in body bags."

"Don't worry, I won't."

"I wasn't ready before, but now there's no way I'm gonna lose."

"I'll eradicate every one of them!"

"Come hell or high water, I won't quit until I see their corpses go up in flames!"

"A frozen tundra will blow over their plans."

Lisa Lisa looked over the people with her, silently feeling pride for them and their bravery. "Let's go!" She tells Caesar. "Right! We're out of here!" Caesar says as he turned the key, started the engine, and they drove off to catch the package before it reaches its destination with Suzi Q waving them goodbye and praying for their safe return home. Through halfway through the car ride, Lisa Lisa stared at Joseph with focused eyes. He had made her more proud of him than she had ever thought possible.

Elsewhere, in the cold, snowy streets of Saint Moritz, a small white puppy walked alone in the night. He had been abandon for some time and was just wondering around the town now. He walked down a peculiar street where he came across a tall man wearing a fedora and a longcoat standing by a payphone. The puppy sat down by his feet and gave a broken-hearted whimper as he slowly wagged his tail. Hoping that the man would be compassionate enough to give him a place to stay and out of the cold. The man stood by the payphone for a while longer but no noise came from it. Another minute passed before he proceeded to walk away.

The puppy watched him leave before leaving himself. He stepped onto the street where bright lights shined in from the distance. He looked up and saw a car speeding towards him. The car was swerving around recklessly and its passengers were heavily intoxicated. They were laughing loudly as they continued to drink, not paying any attention to the road whatsoever.

The puppy gave a scared whimper as the car sped towards him. The man then walked a little closer to the car and held out his arm just a bit for a large, curved blade to come out and slashed at the car with blinding speed. The car swerved out of the way, missing the puppy by an inch and the two drunk men were killed in a fiery crash.

"Hmm...Esidisi hasn't reported back. He last said that he had learned the stone was somewhere in Venice. I wonder if something had happened to him." Kars wonders to himself as he continued to walk down the streets. "Master Kars." "Master Kars~." Two voices called out. The violet-eyed man turned around and saw Viper and Ume kneeling down to him. Viper held the little puppy safely in her arm. "Viper. Ume. I'm glad to see the both of you. Have you gathered any information about the stone and what became of Esidisi?" He asked.

Ume lifted up her head as a massive blush appeared on her face. Love and lust clouded her eyes. "You're glad to see me..? I'm so honoured." She said in a breathless tone. Viper quickly made her report in order to shut her up from her pointless, meaningless prattle. "Yes Master. We have concluded that the stone was under the protection of a member of the Hamon Tribe. Unfortunately Master Esidisi was killed by one the Hamon warriors, however, I suspect that he may have managed to somehow send the stone here."

Kars gave a nod. "I see. That is quite unfortunate, but I'm glad to know that we may soon have the stone in our hands. And what about...that other woman? Her face keeps appearing in my mind." He asked. Ume's eyes widened at that question. Other woman? What other woman!? Why does her ugly face invade her beloved's mind. Viper gave her answers. "I'm not sure if you'll find the answers interesting, unbelievable or shocking...but I will give them to you. Her name is Phoebe and she is not what she appears to be. While having mostly a human scent, I can smell Vampiric and Pillar Man blood in her veins. She is a half-breed of our kind, one that controls ice."

Kars' eyes widened in shock at the information as everything began to make sense. The pieces of the puzzle fell into place and he finally realised where he had seen her face. He almost let out a laugh at how amusing this was. The thought was almost laughable, but Kars knew it to be true. He knew that Tundra would go off into the night in secret, but he didn't think he'd go so far.

'So she is Tundra's makes perfect sense now. The two of them share the same face. I did not hesitate when I killed him, yet Tundra knew he had won that night. It irks me even now that he died with that smug grin...but now, I have found a way to take revenge against him.' Kars thought to himself as he looked at the tanned-skinned woman. "Does anyone else know of her true heritage?" Kars asked her.

"M...Master Kars... Wh-why are you so curious about this other woman..?" Ume said, struggling to kept her composure as her smile was becoming twisted. Viper shook her head. "I'm not sure about that. However, if they did I believe they would turn on her without so much as second thought." She tells him. Kars smiled. "I see. In that case, it'll be all the more fruitful. Viper, should the chance arrive, I want you to engage in combat with her and test her strength. I want to see if she's worthy enough."

"Of course. But worthy of what, if I may ask?" Viper asked him. "Master Kars..?!" Ume nearly yelled. "I would to run an experiment with her. Once I obtain perfection, and given her unique biology, I want to see what type of offsprings we would create." Kars said with a wicked smile. 'With a little force.'

Ume's heart dropped to her stomach as she felt her whole spirit shatter from within. What...? What is this...? Why was Kars choosing a random woman over her?! She was his most loyal servant! She chose to forsake her own humanity just to be with him! She had done everything he had asked of her and more without question!!


"But Master-!!" "An interesting experiment Master. I'll do my best to evaluate her." Viper says as she bows her head. Kars turned back around and walked away, saying, "That will be all. You two may be go now."

"Yes, Master." "Y-....yes...." In blink of an eye, the two Pillar Woman were gone as Kars walked down the cold streets of Switzerland.

Six days until remaining ring dissolves. 5:00 p.m.

"Hey JoJo?" Meshina said, trying to wake the young man up. Joseph was in a deep sleep and was snoring softly. "JoJo!" Joseph mumbled in his sleep. "JoJo wake up!" Meshina said as he hits on the head at the same time Caesar elbows Joseph's face to awaken him. It was pretty effective as Joseph wakes up to find that the train had been stopped by customs. "JoJo, we've caught up with the train." Caesar tells him. "They're going through their customs check at the moment." Meshina adds.

"That works in our favour. We're less than an hour from Saint Moritz, which leaves us enough time to get ready. It's good we caught up." Lisa Lisa says as she looks at the train. "Come on JoJo, look sharp." Caesar says.

"This is perfect. Let's find the stone now before they start moving again. Get serious JoJo." Lily said as she prepares to jump out of the car.

A car honked.

"Listen, I'm just saving up my strength for the big battle that's all. Get off my case. Let's hurry up and get there so we can retrieve that stone. Then we're gonna need some sort of plan for the fight with Wamuu." Joseph says.

The car's honking was more persistent this time.

"We'll wait for that until we cross." Caesar tells him. He then takes noticed of the constant honking and looks at the side mirrors to find a dark blue car right behind them. Joseph was getting annoyed by the a-hole that keeps honking at them and turns to face the car. "What the hell..." He says as he steps out from the car to yell at them. "Knock it off! If you want to go on just quit honking and pass us!" Joseph stopped when he saw the men in the vehicle. He took noticed of the German army uniforms they were wearing.

"German soldiers. What the hell are they doing in a car on the Swiss Italian border?" Joseph asked. One the soldiers, the man sitting the back, gave a humorous chuckle as he gripped his staff. "Well, well. You're looking rather in shape. My, you have grown so much, Joestar." He said. His face was covered by his hat, so they couldn't see what he looked like. Joseph was shocked to find that this random stranger somehow knew his name. "Huh? Wh-what did you say mister?" Joseph asked. "What was that about?"

Without given a proper answer, the car drove past them and went straight for the train. "Get back here! Who the hell are you?! What's going on here, I don't know any German soldiers!" Joseph asked. However, all of his questions had fallen on deaf ears as he and the others looked up ahead and saw that one of the doors was open with a handful of German soldiers surrounding it. Then a man appeared at the entryway and held up a package with a familiar crest. "Hey Major, we found the package!" He said as he held it up. To their shock the German Nazis had found the Red Stone.

They quickly drove up next to them just the major ripped it open the package and pulled out the Red Stone of Aja. Lisa Lisa was getting worried as to what purpose the German would want something as extremely important as that. "I don't understand, why do the Germans want it?" She asked.

"We have decided to take the stone as a specimen for our scientific research program. For the past three weeks, we have been watching your every move while you were operating in Venice." The unidentified Nazi tells them as he held the stone in his hand. "We began to surveillance when we lost our team in Rome. We saw your training, we saw Esidisi and Ume, and we knew you were chasing the stone. Now, our base is set up at a lodge up ahead. Follow us, we want to ask a few questions the stone and about Kars" He says as he pockets the stone in his coat and walks away. "Why not work together, eh? After all, we're not complete strangers JoJo."

"Hey! What are you blabbering about?! Don't think you know anything about me, ya bastard!" Joseph shouted at the man.

"If the Germans are here, that means..." Meshina trailed off.

"What do we do coach?" Caesar asked Lisa Lisa as he turned his head towards her. Lisa Lisa hesitated, but she then tells them, "We have to follow them. At least we know Kars doesn't have the Red Stone either."

At that time, the German army was marching across Europe. Taking country after country. They wanted to ensure their rule across the continent would last indefinitely. The power of the Mask and Red Stone would solve their problem perfectly by giving them everything they would need to prevail. The Germans were planning to use the ultimate power of immortality to conquer the world. That same day, five hours had passed by. It was now 10:00 p.m. Later on that evening Kars had made his way and approached the cabin they were in. He walked up to the side of the building and pressed his hands against the wall.

"I'll read the heat inside. The fireplace is lit. Four lights on the wall. Two on the ceiling. Two on the desk. No...three. Four humans standing by the wall. Their heights are 178, 174, 181 and 178 centimetres. One human is by the fireplace, 183 centimetres tall. There are five humans, all male." Kars says as he produced a blade from his arm and swiftly slashed across the wall in a quick and graceful fashion.

He took one step back as he retracted his blade. His violet eyes shined blood red underneath the full moon's light."One. Two. That's four and five." He says. All five of the German were brutally murdered. Their blood painted the walls, floor, and a few of the furniture as Kars stood at the open window.

Chapter Text

As Kars was surveying the room, his eyes caught glimpse of a man sitting on a chair so nonchalantly. "So you must be Kars. You're fast. In just a few hours, you heard about your friend's defeat, learned that we had obtained the stone, found our location, and have come for it. Very impressive. And then, this brutal, perfectly calculated assault. Not one of my men made even the slightest sound before they died." The unknown Nazi said as he stood up from his seat and turned around to face the elder Pillar Man.

"I was sure there were only five men in this room." Kars said as he stepped inside to confront this extra soldier. "Now tell me, why can't I sense your body heat?" Confused as to why he can't sense his body heat, Kars brought out his blade again and prepares himself to attack the soldier just as Joseph enters the room. "Hey rifle-heads! What's a guy gotta do to get a little food in here?" Joseph asked as Kars sprinted towards the Nazi, attacking him with his blade. "Kars!" Joseph shouted. However, the Nazi had blocked the blade with just his bare hand. The soldier's glove rips from Kars' attack and reveals that the hand was mechanical underneath.

"Huh? This man's...mechanical." Kars said as he took notice of the Nazi's hand. The attack had also sliced down the Nazi's hat, to which it slowly split down the middle to reveal the man's face. Joseph's eyes widen as he instantly recognised him. "Wait a minute..." Though he looked different now. With his hair being in a tall, splaying cut, had, no doubt, complex metallic cybernetic prosthetics, which included the section of his face surrounding his right eye; which is additionally covered by a sort of monocle. Despite this, it was still him. "You're Von Stroheim!" Joseph shouted.

'Double shock! This is more spookier than meeting a ghost in a dark cemetery after midnight!' Joseph thought to himself as he stares at the two men in shock. 'Kars and Von Stroheim, who I could've sworn was blown into little tiny bits back in Mexico. They're both standing right in front of me. Stroheim's hand looks like it's made of metal and his face is wrapped in some strange machinery.'

"The Germans must've been hiding this. What incredibly medical metal technology. Could it be for some kind of military use? I guess that's what saved your miserable life von Stroheim." Joseph said. Stroheim, still gripping on Kars' blade turns his head to him. "JoJo, as you can see, I'm back from Hell." Joseph let out a sigh as held his head. "Should...I be happy about it?" He asked. 'When you get down to it, he's not exactly a 'bad' guy except for the fact that he's a damn German soldier. And I don't like the way he struts around like he's better than anyone else. Still, I'm a bit happy.'

"Why don't you make yourself at home on the sofa and watch me while I do my work?" Stroheim asks the young Joestar. Kars sent down a chilling glare towards Joseph. Hearing the news about Esidisi's death from Viper, Kars had a feeling that it was at the hands of the emerald-eyed man in front of him. Joseph felt the glare shoot right through him and took a step back. 'He's glaring at me. He knows that I'm the one who killed Esidisi and he hates me for it. Even so...'

"Kars!" Joseph shouted. "Do you think I'm gonna just sit here and let you try and psych me out?!" Kars kept his cool, steel glare at Joseph before raising a finger to him and saying, "JoJo. Once I'm finished securing the stone, I'm going to put an end to you. It's too bad Wamuu is still off working in Greece, I can't allow a Hamon user who is able to beat Esidisi to remain alive."

"Tell me something Kars, do you speak as a warrior or are you after something else? Like Revenge." Joseph says to him. Kars narrowed his eye at him. Oh, he was definitely going to kill him once he takes care of the mechanical man. "Pay attention, you're fighting me. I'm the one who is going to be your final opponent." Stroheim said.

"No machine can stop me." Kars tells him as he was about wrest his blade free when Stroheim moves his other arm, if he were still fully human this wouldn't even possible, over and around his body till it reaches Kars' hand, breaking his wrist with little effort. "Is that right?" Stroheim says. Joseph was both amazed and shocked by this. "Arms of flesh and blood can't bend like that which means they are mechanical." Joseph said.

Kars growled in anger as this pathetic creature had dared laid a hand on him. "Now, for the fun!" Stroheim says as he rips a piece of flesh off of Kars' hand. Kars growled as he freed himself from Stroheim's grasp and jumped into the air. Stroheim's fingers squeezed at 1950 km/cm2. Almost twice Sanviento's strength. Stroheim then went into the Nazi salute and yelled with pride. "YOU UTTER FOOL! GERMAN SCIENCE IS THE FINEST IN THE WORLD!!! THESE ARMS HAVE SUCH GREAT POWER!! THEY WERE CONSTRUCTED BASED ON THE ABILITIES OF SANVIENTO!!"

Stroheim then reached for a golf ball as he said, "And so Kars, we calculated exactly what we need to do to you. In order to eliminate your power and leave you in desperate agony," He paused as he casually crushed the golf ball in his hand. "I'm going to pluck you like a chicken, bit by bit, and take you apart one squared centimetre at a time!! Hey JoJo!" He says as he flings the remaining golf ball at Joseph, hitting his hand as he tried to block it. "Ow, hey!"

"Don't you dare even think about feeling sorry for me! My proud, new form is the very embodiment of the ultimate peak of German science and engineering!!! You see, I'm not merely, I'm more!!" Stroheim says as brings out a large string on bullets and inserted into his abdomen. He opened his jacket and a machine gun had been set place and was aimed right at Kars. "Take this Kars!! My machine gun fire 600 rounds per minute and shed through armour plated like it was made of paper! I'll riddle you down into tiny pieces in no time at all!!"

"His body's mechanical too?!" Joseph shouted as Kars jumped back and raised his arms up to defend himself as the machine gun went insane in shooting him down with the many armoured bullets it held. It shot at him point blank. Tearing and ripping through his flesh. Riddling his coat, hat and his body with holes as Stroheim's abdominal machine gun forces Kars outside, breaking down the wall. While was happening, Joseph just stood there with his mouth agape and held a shocked expression. The ruckus going on quickly caught the attention of Lisa Lisa and the others when they felt the whole building shaking even from the second floor.

They quickly rose to their feet as they tried to make sense of what was going on. "The hell was that?" Lisa Lisa asked as she turned her attention to the door across from them. "It came from downstairs." Caesar said. "JoJo!" Lily shouted as she sprinted towards the door and ran out, Caesar and Phoebe following close behind.

Back outside, despite being pushed to the snowy ground, Kars was back on his feet as Stroheim kept on shooting at him. "I swear the stone will be mine today. Attempting to get it caused Esidisi his life, I refuse to allow his ultimate sacrifice to have been in vain." Kars said as he moves his bladed arm towards them and what caught their attention was that the blade was glowing brightly. "That light. The blade coming out of his arm is glowing." Joseph said.

"I can control light. Behold Brilliant Bone Blade." Esidisi's power was fire. Wamuu's was wind. Ume's, water. And Viper's lightening. But Kars' power is that of light. With that, he is able to produce bladed appendages from his arms and use these to reflect blinding light toward his enemies. The bullets fired at him and with blinding speed and the Pillar Man moved in to cut the bullet before they could even touch him.

"I-impossible, that blade is harden bone and skin not weapon's grade forged steel. It shouldn't be able to deflect bullets like that, let alone slice them in half in mid-air!!" Stroheim shouts.

"His blade is amazing, but why is it glowing like that?!" Joseph asked. Kars then ran towards Stroheim and swung his blade at him. In the brief moments before impact, the German soldier had gotten full view of his blade and was able to understand its secret. It didn't have a simple edge. Rather, it had a rotating blade moving at high speed. Tiny, razor sharp, shark teeth-like claws slid quietly along the outer edge of the blade. Ready to shred anything in its path. Each claw was flawlessly polished to a mirror-like visage and refracted the faintest light, making the blade look as though it were glowing from within. And in one swift motion, Kars rushed forwards and sliced his blade through Stroheim's body.

"We...we can't win this! At least not with my weapon's or any modern technology that I know of!" Stroheim says as he was slowly splitting in two. His upper body was slowly separating itself from his lower half as his right arm was sliced off. Stroheim's upper body fell down to the snow below and Kars stood above him. Like a God above mortals. "And what was Sanviento? Nothing but a weak child, a well-trained guard dog. He couldn't even compare to us. Now, I'll take that stone." Kars said as he grabbed hold of Stroheim and carried him off in search on the stone on his person.

"Kars... What the hell?" Joseph's managed to say. This battle was much more different than the others had been. It seemed to be more terrifying and the Pillar Man seemed to be more than just be a mere threat. Was it because Kars is the eldest and possibly the most powerful? Maybe, but...Joseph can't allow him to just leave. As Kars walked away with Stroheim, Joseph stepped out from the building and followed him at a good distance off to the side.

'That ice-cold sheen across his face. A blade that can cut bullets in mid-air. There's no way I could ever block that thing with only my bare hands. Even if I concentrate all of my Hamon into a single blow, that blade would still slice right through me.' Joseph thought to himself as he continued to follow Kars to an oncoming ravine where solid, frozen spikes rested just beneath it. 

'To be perfectly honest, I want to run away from here. He's way too dangerous to take on directly, I can't think of any way to get around that blade of his! Then again, I can't just leave and let him take the stone. If he obtains the stone's power, he'll become practically invincible. I'd never be able to defeat him! Arugh, damn it all!! I have to get my hands on Wamuu's antidote, Kars wants to kill me after all. Why me, was this in my horoscope?!'

Kars checks around till he notice something hiding in Strohein's breast pocket. "What is this? What's in this pocket here?" He asks as he rips off the fabric and comes face to face with the Super Red Stone of Aja. He takes the Super Aja in his hand as he carelessly drops Stroheim on the snow. He held an unnerving and wicked smile on his face as he finally gotten what he's been fighting to obtain.

"I have waited a long time for this. Five thousand years and at last the stone is mine. Not that ever doubted it would be, it was destined to fall into my hands." Kars says to the damaged Stroheim. "Kars!" Joseph yelled out. The violet-eyed Pillar Man turned his head to face him and his blade began to glow again. "Just be patient. I'll kill you in a moment."

That hit Joseph hard as a cold bead of sweat rolled down his face and eyes widened in slight fear. "Damn, that bastard! He...he really hates everything about me." Joseph says to himself. The young Joestar knew that letting Kars walk away freely with the stone in his possession, would mean the end for everyone. "Kars..." Stroheim called out. As the stubborn man he was, he struggled to sit up straight as he had one more trick. "You fool...! Don't think you've beaten me because I'm not finished with you yet!" He said.

Kars turned his attention back towards him as Stroheim lifted up his head. The monocle on his face lifted himself up and his mechanised eye had turned into a small laser cannon. "Huh?" Kars went as he stared back in confusion. "German science is the world's greatest! I will beat you!!" He yelled, boasting about his country science and technology. "Von Stroheim, you idiot! What do you think you're doing?! How could you sit there and boast at a time like this!?" Joseph shouted.

Stroheim gave a wide grin as the cannon positioned itself at Kars, then he gave a shout. "Ultraviolet Beams, activate!!" His eye fired a concentrated beam of Ultraviolet light. The beam itself is five times more intense than a set of typical ultraviolet lights and was able to pierce straight through Kars' hand and cheek, forcing him to drop the Aja. The stone begins to slide toward a cliff, if it falls it'll be lost forever. With this knowledge in mind, it caused Kars and Joseph to race for the stone.

Lisa Lisa and the others had just arrived at the battlefield and immediately took notice of the large hole on the side of the cabin. "What the hell? Look at this." Caesar says as he inspects the broken down wall. "What...what happened in here?" Meshina asked. Phoebe stood in shock as her eyes caught sight of the man responsible for this. "Kars happened." She said in nervous voice, making everyone else look in her direction and see the second half of the battle. Where they saw Kars and Joseph running towards the ravine.

Joseph raced down the slope, hoping to get the stone before Kars does. He ran as fast as he could, but he saw that Kars was getting faster and faster with each passing second. His eyes were focused on the stone and nothing else. "Damn, he's catching up. He's fast, he's focused on the stone like a laser. The way he keeps accelerating, he must be planning to grab the stone and fall of the cliff. He won't be able to stop before he reaches the edge. Damn it!" Joseph said.

The drop of the ravine was at least several hundred meters. With Kars' superior abilities, he could easily survive the fall. But it's as high as jumping off the tallest skyscraper without a parachute, it would most definitely be certain death for Joseph if he were to fall off. Joseph kept on running, but Kars was gaining more speed and was passing him. However, Joseph figured something like this was bound to happen. So he thought of a plan. He was planning on slowing down before he reaches the edge so he doesn't go flying off. But not Kars. It's uncertain of how this will end.

"There's no way I'm gonna let this slime get his hands on the stone!" Joseph shouted.

"GO! RUN HARD JOJO!!" Stroheim yelled at him.

"JoJo." Kars suddenly spoke up to the young man with a smile. "When I reach down to grab the stone, I'll be off balance with my flank open, I'll be vulnerable. Is that when you'll do it? Is that when you'll try to kick me?" Kars asked.


"You'll attack me with your Hamon even if it means the stone disappears into the abyss." Kars said as he chuckles. "You think your plan will work JoJo?" Joseph had stayed silent for a moment. Getting time to chose his next words carefully. Then with confidence in his eyes, he tells the elder Pillar Man, "You're right on the nose Kars!" He shouts as the latter lunges forth towards the stone with his hands outstretched in attempt to grab it. And just as Kars had said, Joseph swung his leg aimed right for the back of Pillar Man's head. "Here it comes Kars, its the kick you wanted!!" Joseph shouted.

As soon as Joseph swung his leg at him, Kars used his legs as momentum and grabs the stone with his foot. With the stone in his clutched, Kars sends Joseph a smug grin as he prepares to make his escape. However, Joseph's plan was still in motion and, instead of looking like he was defeated, Joseph set a smirk his way. "Now Kars, what's with ridiculously arrogant grin? I mean, I'm the one who should be smiling here." Joseph said. "I guess I should've expected as much from you. A trick like that, really isn't good enough to fool me. My kick wasn't aimed for your vulnerable flank but rather the snow, and it worked! Just like a break!"

Joseph kicked up a pile of snow and blinds Kars long enough for him to grab on the Aja. Once he got it in his hands, Joseph held it up and smirks at him. Silently telling him that he won. "What do you know, looks like I'm the one who made the nice catch and not you. Enjoy your trip Kars." Joseph said. Just as he was about to jump back and get back to his friends, Kars took him by surprise and unveiled his ankle blades to hook Joseph, stabbing him in his shoulder, and pulled him down with him.

"JoJo!!" The others yelled out to him as they rushed out to the ravine just in time as he was pulled down. As they fell, Joseph tried to get the blade off of him, but he quickly found it that it was starting to meld with his skin and won't come out. "AGH!! You son of a bitch!!" Joseph shouts at Kars. It's 175 meters to the bottom, there's only five seconds until they make impact. "Damn, falling to my death with this guy?!" Joseph growled out. "No thank you!!" Joseph reached out and grabbed an icicle spike to prevent him from falling with his Hamon.

He'd be fine if it were just himself, but with Kars' extra heavy weight made it harder to keep a good grip. Hamon goes through fluids easily, but ice and snow are solid and impede the Hamon, but water is trickling down the ice so the Hamon can use that to flow around the solid. Thus, it's working just perfectly.

"I don't care what you do, the stone will be mine." Kars said. Even when they're hanging off a mere thread of ice, he was still so determined to get the stone. "That's it exactly. That tenacity of what scares me the most." Joseph says. 'I'm best at exploiting my opponent's negligence, so a tenacious foe is the absolute worse for me to face. Tenacity is the opposite of negligence.'

"It will be mine today!!" Kars shouted as he moved his body upward and his movements caused the icicle to break apart and sent them spiralling down the ravine once more. Joseph let out a yell as they continued their fall. Then, with a stroke of luck, from the corner of his eye Joseph spotted another small platform with more icicles hanging off it. Joseph wanted to get to them but he knew that he needed to get Kars' blade off his shoulder. But when realising that the blade was a part of Kars' body, Joseph figured that he can send a jolt of Hamon through it.

Clenching his fist, that held the stone, tight and was about it hit Kars with his Hamon attack but Kars had foreseen this as he knew that Joseph would use his blade against and before he could even touch him, Kars used his free leg to kick Joseph straight into the rocky wall. The force of the impact had caused all of the icicles to break and fall off the platform.

Kars' blade began to glow again as he held up over Joseph's head. "And now," He said. But Joseph quickly caught on. "N-no, wait! He's gonna use that blade and cut me into pieces!!" Joseph shouted out. "Kars is waiting for JoJo to rebound before he starts cutting him! There's no way he can dodge that!!" Caesar shouts from above.

"Now I'm going to take great pleasure in slicing you in half and picking up the stone at the bottom of the abyss!" Kars yelled as his blade was mere inches away from Joseph's face. Thankfully, Joseph held up his hands and used the Aja as a shield against Kars, who he knows full well that he wants the stone intact. Kars growled angrily at him for even daring to pull something like that. Joseph just smirked at him and said, "Now you're not about to cut this are you? You wouldn't dare to take the chance of chopping the stone in half along with me. I can use your own strength against you by letting your tenacity act as a defensive measure for me. Now eat this Kars! Hamon kick!"

Joseph swung his leg at him and while Kars reared back to avoid it, the kick held no Hamon and Joseph used this as an opportunity to grab onto one of the falling icicles and managed to make them into a makeshift rope. "Damn, he's trying to use the falling icicles as a rope. He's clever. But there in a free-fall too, he'll never reach the top." Kars said with confidence. However, just as he said this, the rope was then quickly completed by none other than Caesar. "In that case, allow me to lend a hand. Hold on." He said.

This time, Joseph has managed to, not only save himself from falling, but also able to keep the stone safe and secure. Joseph looks up at Caesar and says to him with a grateful smile, "Caesar!"

"Hey, nice timing don't you think JoJo?" Caesar asked him with a smile. Meanwhile, Stroheim was looking at him with confusion as Lily was holding him up in her hands, curious as to how he was even alive despite seeing the mechanics in him. "What the hell's going on? And what are you two, some kind of team?" He asked the blond-haired Italian man. "Heh. Fusing falling icicles together to make a rescue rope. I had nothing to do with that, only JoJo would try something that colossally stupid. It was predictable." Caesar said with a slight chuckle.

"My brother's very right on that part." Lily laughed. "It was pretty dumb of JoJo to try something like that, but anything he comes up with usually ends up working for his favour."

"Hahahaha!" Joseph laughed. "At least you were able to think up of a super trick and then pull it off in the nick of time, I'm proud of you Caesar."

Caesar tensed up as his eye twitched when Joseph said this. It sounded like he was implying that he himself was capable of doing something this stupid and silly. "What was that?!" He yelled. Phoebe and Lily struggled, and failing, to hold in their laughter. "Nice, nice! Real outstanding work Caesarino!! And hey, if Lisa Lisa is up there give her a message." Joseph said as he held up the Red Stone. "I've got the Red Stone and it's safe! I kept him from snatching it."

Lisa Lisa heard everything and smiled at the news. Phoebe let out a sigh of relief and placed a hand on her heart. "Ah, thank goodness." She said. "That was a close call. Alright Caesar, you had better pull him up now." Lisa Lisa tells her student. Meshina turns over the literally half a man Stroheim and says, "Now my German compatriot. Your body is even more durable than any of theirs could hope to be. Listen, if you can stop with the snobbery maybe we can work together."


As Kars fell down to the bottom of the ravine, he saw that he was about to land on two small patches of white flowers. He moves his arm and smacks the wall, causing him to ricochet and crash between the walls and the snowy floor eventually landing perfectly beside the flowers. Kars stood back up and glanced down at the small plants, and saw that he did not crush them in the slightest. He then looks up at the ravine, and slowly turns his head away in silence.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" Kars suddenly began laughing maniacally before saying, "JoJo, you're a lucky one. I'll let you hold the stone for me for at least another day." And with that little promise, Kars walked away. Eventually, the sun arises bringing forth a new day to their mission. And a fresh change of clothes for our group of heroes.

For Joseph, he wore a light brown jacket, and underneath a tank top cut above the navel, gloves studded at the knuckles, fitting pants with a leather belt, and knee-high leather boots and a long, broad, striped scarf.

Caesar, he wore a long thin headband patterned with a row of tessellated triangles and adorned with two feathers on each side of the head. A light blue jacket, a white shirt, light blue gloves with studded knuckles, matching white pants with a light blue belt, kneepads, a pink scarf and blue boots.

Lily, she wore more of a cowgirl outfit with a short leather skirt and vest both with tassels, a white, sleeveless patterned, button-up corset that reveals her belly, cowboy boots and hat and adding a belt around her hips. She wore a long coat over this out.

And Phoebe, she mainly wore a sleeveless light and dark green and white dress that falls to her mid-thigh with long white stockings and light green almost knee-height boots. She wore a light orange cloak over her shoulders.

There are now five days until Wamuu's ring dissolves. And Joseph knows full well of this. He's running out of time. 'I'm really on edge. I only have five days until the ring dissolves and Kars is absolutely serious about killing me. I can feel the threats closing in, they're all around. I have to relax. This is ridiculous, I'm the one who's always saying you can't sit around moping about stuff.' Joseph thought to himself. Lisa Lisa turns her head to the younger man and calls out to him. "JoJo. What are you doing just sitting there? Get up from out of that chair, come over here and look at this."

"Right, be there in a second." Joseph said as Caesar narrows his eyes at him. Once Joseph joined them by the veranda's railing, he sees the ruins of a hotel just a few feet across from them.


Chapter Text

"The building on top of that hill is the address Esidisi put on the package." Lisa Lisa explains. Meshina looks through a pair of binoculars and added, "It looks like the abandoned corpse of a shutter hotel."

"Pretty grim description there, Meshina." Lily says. "Anyway, from the looks of it, no doubt it's the perfect hide out for Kars during daylight hours. Every door and window is boarded up, no sunlight could get in there."

"That's got to be it. I'm sure Kars hides in there during the day. I bet he's just sitting inside waiting for Wamuu to show up." Caesar says as he eyes at the hotel very closely. "Alright, so what's our plan of action? We can't be too reckless around them." Phoebe asks as the feelings of uneasiness began to overtake her. She wasn't liking this one bit. Caesar noticed her saddened expression and stepped up to wrap an arm around her. "That's a no brainer, we should attack now!" He says.

"I agree. Kars can't go outside as long as the sun is up." Meshina says agreeing with Caesar's idea. "And that gives us a tremendous advantage." Phoebe thought about it and believed it made sense for them to attack now, so she gave Lisa Lisa a nod. Normally, Lily would've fully agreed with them and say something like, "I'm ready to beat the bastard and the Ume bitch into the ground!" But she didn't. Lily thought that maybe the idea was a little too risky and by getting to Kars this way might be more difficult than they're being lead to believe. Though, she wasn't the only one who thinks so.

"What do you think?" Lisa Lisa asks Joseph, turning to him. The emerald-eyed man gazed at the hotel for a while before saying, "Sorry but...I have to disagree with you." That made everyone turned to him as if he had lost his mind. "You're looking at this wrong. I think it's more dangerous to attack when the sun is up." Joseph said, beginning to explain himself. "Just think about it, Kars has been living like this for thousands of years. He wouldn't have survive if he had left himself defenceless during the day."

"Oh please!!" Caesar shouted in anger at him. Worried about what he might do, Phoebe quickly grabbed his arms in an attempt to hold him back from doing anything rash. Setting his outburst aside, Joseph continued with his thoughts. "Walking into his hideout and trying to take him down right now would be suicidal. I'm not going to do it. It would be like a bug walking into a spider's web on purpose."

"Ha, come on." Caesar says. "JoJo, this isn't like you. Are you scared or something?" Lily gazed down in sadness before she walked up and stood beside Joseph, confusion Caesar. "Lily..?" He says. "I'm sorry big brother. But I have to agree with JoJo on this, the plan sounds too risky." She tells him with a heavy heart. Lily hardly ever goes against Caesar. He was her most cherished person and was the first one to bring her colour into her life, and she'd always been his loyal little sister since they were kids. So this, greatly bothers her.

"I think I'm going to Sun Tzu's advice this time, "Only engaged in a fight when victory is assured." Like I said, I'm not going in." Caesar's anger flared up and bypassed Lily and gripped on Joseph's scarf. "Oh yeah, so you're chickening out!?" He yelled. "I'm not afraid. I'm just thinking straight. I've got a cool head unlike you. Caesar, we have to wait for it to make his move first." Joseph tells him with a steady voice.

"And assured victory is what you want. Kars' all alone there, it's him against all of us! That's a six to one advantage. We have to strike now before Wamuu or those other two fighters arrives cutting that in half!" Caesar shouts at him. Lily and Phoebe quickly tried to intervene and pull the two away from each other. "Caesar, please! Relax yourself." Phoebe tells him. "Brother, you're not thinking clearly. Just think about it for a minute." Lily says.

"Calm down, don't go off all crazy now." Joseph says as he takes Caesar's hand off him and pushing him back a bit. "Try and keep your head together. Just focus and think it through. If we go now, he'll cut us to pieces. You can't approach this half-cocked."

"I AM NOT HALF-COCKED!!!" Caesar shouted, his anger and rage exploded like a ravaged volcano. "I'M GONNA END THIS!! I AM GOING TO FINALLY FINISHED THAT CUT SHORT THE LIFES OF BOTH OF OUR GRANDFATHERS!! I'M GONNA DESTROY KARS!!" The moment when Caesar learned that it was Kars who had created the accursed Stone Masks, he felt anger and hate against him as he was the one who was responsible for murdering his family.

"YOU'RE GOING TO FINISH IT!? RIGHT, AND WHY BRING ON OUR DEAD GRANDFATHERS INTO THIS?!? WHO THE HELL CARES?!?! DON'T DRAG THE DEAD INTO YOUR LITTLE DRAMA, YOU MORON!!" Joseph shouts at him. This time the girls got in between them and began to push them away from each other. "Alright both of you calm down!!" Lily yelled. "Please stop it!!" Phoebe begged.

"What did you say to me?!" Caesar asked, though he didn't want an answer. He heard Joseph loud and clear, and he wants an excuse to bash in face in if he keeps this up. "JoJo, stop it-!" Lily tried to say to him when Joseph nearly shoves her as he got into Caesar's face. "Family you've never met that came long before your time doesn't mean crap!! It's just foolish, only a complete idiot would die for something like that!!" He shouted. Phoebe let out a gasp of shock and covered her mouth as her eyes stared wide-eyed. Lily was gobsmacked when Joseph yelled out those unforgiving words. She stumbled back as she stared up at Joseph. ""

Caesar was left silent and he stared at the younger man with the most vicious and hate-filled glare Joseph had ever seen. He could practically see the burning, uncontrolled fire in his eyes. Lisa Lisa and Meshina, who were watching this whole time, were shocked and worried about this now. Phoebe snapped out of her shock and tried to say, "Caesar, wait! JoJo doesn't-" But the man she deeply cherished brushed her aside and swung his fist, contacting with Joseph's face. "You watch your mouth JoJo!!"

His punch send him flying onto the floor and Joseph sat up, holding his face. "Hey what was that for?! You a-!" Joseph shouted but was cut off mid-sentence when Caesar came in and stomped on his hand and face to force him down. Joseph quickly shoved him off and began to fight back. "A sucker punch huh?!" Joseph shouts as he delivers a punch to the jaw. "Oh it's on!" Caesar says as he punched Joseph's face, making his bleed through his nose.

"What the hell Caesar?! What's wrong with you!?" Joseph shouted at him. "Just shut the hell up!!" Caesar yelled. The two kept on fighting and messing each up pretty badly. Their fight was getting to out of hand and the others had to stop this. "Caesar, stop it now!" Lisa Lisa shouts. "You too JoJo!!" Meshina shouted. Phoebe threw her arms around Caesar, now crying for him to stop. "Caesar, please stop it!! Please!!" She couldn't take this anymore! She was so tired of this! "JoJo, knock it off!!" Lily shouted as she held Joseph back from going after her older brother again.

When they were finally forced apart, the two muscle-headed idiots were breathing heavily from the massive blows they dealt to each other. Joseph stared back in both anger and confusion at Caesar, and asked him, "You bastard what's with you?!" Joseph stood up straight but Lily kept her grip on him just in case he tries something again. The same goes Phoebe as well as she held on to Caesar. "Have you completely lost it?! You're acting like some kind of madman!!" Joseph said.

"JoJo. I guess you won't ever understand the concept of family honour and inheriting a battle like this." Caesar tells him. After all this time....after everything that has happened... Caesar couldn't believe that Joseph still doesn't understand. "Huh?" Caesar grabbed Phoebe's hands and gently pulled them off him as he begins to walk towards the railing, wiping the blood away from his lips. "Enough, I'm going." He said.

"Caesar, JoJo is right. It's far too dangerous. We have no way of knowing what might be waiting for us in there. We'll wait for Kars to make his move." Lisa Lisa tells him. Thinking that if he won't listen to Joseph, then he'll listen to her. "That is an order Caesar." She said. "The only thing that matters now is protecting the Red Stone of Aja."

Caesar closed his eyes and breathed out a sigh. "No coach. I'm sorry, I can't obey this time." He said as he turned his head just slightly for them to see his eyes. "You know this is a matter of blood and family honour. It's a Zeppeli problem. I just can't leave it unsettled when I know  exactly where Kars is hiding. I can't sit here twirling my thumbs waiting for him to come to me!!"

Without any of them being able to say anything to stop him, and feeling a sense of duty to his grandfather, Caesar pulled himself up and jumped over the railing and walked off. Alone. Phoebe, overcame with worry and guilt, jumped off the veranda and proceeded to chase after Caesar. "What do we do?" Meshina asked Lisa Lisa. "Follow him and do whatever you have to stop him from entering. Even if it means, using force." Lisa Lisa tells him.

All the while, Joseph was left in a state of shock and confusion. Why? Why was Caesar acting like this? It didn't make any sense to him at all. Not only that but he also disobeyed a direct order from Lisa Lisa, the one person who Caesar respect greatly as he would his own mother. So...why? Why was Caesar this dead set on destroying Kars? What had just happened to his best friend? "Caesar. Why are you doing this? Why are you damn grim and hotheaded all of a sudden? Why can't you be patient and wait a while?" Joseph asked in complete confusion.

Lily turns to look at him and Joseph noticed that her eyes had lost their brightness. They were nearly blank, hollow and filled with sadness. She sighed. "If you were any other guy being an a**hole, I'd break your spine in half. But...I can't be mad at you. You couldn't have known about. But," Lily said before walked and slapped Joseph across the face. "That was for my brother ya a**hole!"

"You see, you've inadvertently touched on a painful piece of his hidden past. Although you didn't mean to, you've hit upon a dark place where he harbours his saddest secrets." Lisa Lisa gently informed him.

"Caesar has a hidden past?" Joseph asked.

"He does. And its one that Phoebe and I share with him." Lily says. "Wha...what the hell could it be?" Joseph asked her.

As they were nearing the abandon hotel, Phoebe followed Caesar close behind. The walk towards it was in silence. She didn't know what she should say. She didn't know what she should do to help him. She'd never seen Caesar act so much in rage before and she was so scared of what he would do next. Nevertheless, Phoebe couldn't leave his side. Ever since that horrific night, Phoebe swore to herself that she'll be there to take care of him. She made a promise to Caesar...and his father.

"Phoebe." Caesar said as he stopped walking. The midnight-blue haired woman looked up at him with concern and softly said, "Yes?" She walked closer to him as he turns to face her. "I know you didn't follow me just to help me out." Caesar says to her. Phoebe gazed down at the snow sadly. "Yes. I can't let you walk in there alone to face Kars..." Then she looked up with him with a kind smile. "But I also can't force you to do anything, so I'm coming with you."

Caesar gave her a loving smile. He knew he could count on her. "Thank you Phoebe." Caesar looked at her beautiful face for the longest time. The deeper he looked into her eyes, he found himself falling more in love with her. Caesar knew that when they met they were just little kids, but he knew then on that she was the one for him. Her bright eyes, her sweet smile, her gentle heart, her quiet confidence, her cute little timid nature. He loved everything about her. When he thought he lost her, he had sunk down in a world of misery and depression. Caesar clenched his fist tightly. He had to say it. This war was just about over, and he had to tell her.

"Caesar..." Phoebe began. "I-." "Phoebe, there's something you need to know." Caesar said. He walked over to held onto her shoulders and Phoebe stared back at him with wide-eyes and her heart beated hard in her chest, as if it were getting ready to burst right out of her chest. "Caesar...what are you... B-but I thought you had a girl-." Phoebe started to say before Caesar cut her off. "There is no girlfriend! Lily was just trying to embarrass me in front you. Besides, why would I settle with any other woman when I already have you?"

"Wh...what?" She asked. "Phoebe, I love you." Caesar says. At once, Phoebe's heart stopped working and stared at him with a shocked expression. She was both overjoyed and scared when he let out those three little words. She tried to speak but the words were caught in her throat. "" The blond-haired man gave her a loving smile and said, "I've been in love with you for years now. I was happy to have been your friend, but I want to be so much more. So, Phoebe..."

Caesar had taken a deep breath. "Once this war is over...will you marry me?"

~*~Ten years ago~*~

Caesar was the son of Mario Zeppeli. For most of his life, Mario was considered to be the best furniture maker in all of Naples. Mario was the proper Italian man of his days, thoroughly dedicated to his family. Mario loved and cherished all five of his children. To Caesar, he was the ideal man. The type he strived to be. Hard-working, trustworthy, and a wholesome family man. Often times Caesar would go along to work with his father and help him out with whatever he needed.

Out of all of Mario's clients, he was best friends with this young couple that lived down the street from where they lived and Caesar came to know of them as well. Vincent and Athena Belladonna. They were good people and were always so nice to him. Vincent was strong, protective and yet a fun-loving at the same time. Athena was kind, loving and very caring. The man owed a small bakery and while his wife helped out, she mainly worked at her flower shop. And on one day particular that's when Caesar met her.

He was helping Mario build a new dining table when Caesar heard a soft, gentle voice. "Mother. Father, I'm home." Caesar turned around and he froze in place. His eyes went wide and felt his heart beat twice as fast. Standing there, greeting her parents, was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen in his life. Her skin was like ivory, had long midnight-blue hair tied in braided pigtails and had cute fourteen (he counted) freckles that were scattered from her right cheek, across the bridge of her adorable button-like nose to her left cheek. In her hands, she held a bunch of sunflowers and a small basket. She noticed him working with Mario and politely asked, "Who's he?"

"That's Mr. Zeppeli's eldest son, Caesar." Her mother said. She guided her young daughter towards the boy and he blushed red when she got closer. "Caesar Zeppeli. This is our daughter, Phoebe Belladonna. Phoebe, meet Caesar." Athena said and she introduced the two children. The little girl smiled brightly at him. "Hello Caesar."

"Uh! I-I-I...h-hi... Ph...Phoe..." He said, jumbling his words. Mario chuckled at his son and said, "You know, you can take a break if you want to play with her." Caesar snapped his head towards his father with face turning bright red. "Wha-?!" "That sounds like a good idea. This could be a good chance for you two to be friends." Athena said as she took the two kids out into the backyard where the two sat under the large tree in the middle and spent the whole afternoon talking and playing ball around the yard. Caesar felt his heart beat every time he even took a glance at her. He may have been just a kid, but he knew he was in love. He felt the need to protect her.

Since then, whenever Mario would go to the Belladonnas, Caesar would always come along just so he can keep seeing her. Caesar admired his father so much and wanted to be like him even more. Because he wanted to become the perfect man for Phoebe one day.

However, things had began to spiral out of control. One day, Mario had suddenly inexplicably left home without so much as a word. Leaving behind Caesar, his nine-year-old brothers, who were twins, his seven and four year old younger sisters. Leaving Caesar the only one to take care of them as their mother had passed away years before. Mario had left a good amount of money for his children, and it should've been somewhat easier to live on, however, all the money he had left and everything else they had of value were stolen by unscrupulous, distance relatives.

Caesar had tried to go to the Belladonnas for help and shelter, but he later learned that Vincent and Athena were killed in horrible accident and that his beloved sunflower was taken away from the house. Very soon, he and his siblings had managed to find a home with one of their father's friends and were treated with kindness when taking care of them. But for Caesar, who believed that Mario had abandoned his children, Caesar repudiated the traditional family pride of all Italian men. He had ran away from the family and become a delinquent, growing to hate his father and what he had done to them.

"I bet he's living carefree with some hot, young woman! I'm gonna find him and then kill him!!" He swore to himself.

A year had passed, and for a brief moment, his life had small glimpse of hope of returning to normal. Caesar was taken away, despite the family's protest, and was placed in orphanage, he heard a small commotion going on in the hallway. Out of curiosity, Caesar had gone out to check it out. His eyes widen in shock when he saw a familiar face. Phoebe was being harassed by a small group of boys and it looked like she was defending another kid. Angry that they would dare mess with his sunflower, Caesar charged in and got them away from her. Phoebe was both surprised and amazed to see Caesar again.

They didn't get a chance to reunite just yet as she turned around to check on the small child, who the boys were initially picking on before Phoebe had stepped in. A small, eight-year-old little girl with blonde hair. Once every thing had calmed down, Phoebe had asked the child's name. She cried bitter tears as she introduced herself. Lily Fawn.

Lily had explained that she was born in a house that was devoid of any love, warmth, and affection. Her father was way too focused in his work while her mother only cared about her husband and his reputation. Lily hated her mother more than her own father as she explained the reason she was here was because she had ran away. From the moment she was born, her parents didn't care for her in the least. Her father had clearly wanted a son and her mother believed it was her fault that she couldn't give what her husband wanted and begun to nearly neglect her once her father had.

Throughout her early childhood, while they fed and kept her healthy, they forbid Lily to step outside their house and to come out from her room whenever guests would come over. They never had even told their respective families about her and didn't know that she even existed. Lily could hardly say she even had a room and it was nothing but a white, bleak and near empty room. Nothing extravagant or colourful. Just emptiness.

She hated feeling ignored by her own parents and did pretty reckless things to gain their attention and to get them to love her. However, this only escalated things even more when her parents had ultimately decided to keep Lily locked up in a dark, nearly empty room for hours upon hours until they chose to just leave in there all together. For three years. Each night, Lily would cry and call out to her parents that she'll be good. She'll be good and will do anything they say. If they could just let her out and love her. But they never did.

Her father was so embarrassed by her as he wanted a boy to impress his parents and his status, and her mother constantly worried for the "oh so precious" reputation of her husband that Lily would no doubt destroy with her presence alone. What finally drove Lily over the edge, was when she heard her parents walking towards the door with other voices talking to them. A seven-year-old Lily ran to the door and patiently waited her them to finally let out.


"You know, we've heard rumours that you two had a child. Is that right?" A man asked.

"Yes... We had a child. But the child was a stillborn upon arrival. We've struggled greatly for a while." Her father said, with a fake heartbroken voice.

Caear's eyes widen in shock and Phoebe looked like she was going to cry. Did...did he just.... Had her basically just told them that she was dead!? Had they been saying this to everyone that they know?!

"Oh! We're so sorry, we shouldn't have brought it up. Can't imagine what kind of pain you've gone through." They believed him.

That destroyed Lily. She couldn't take it this anymore. She couldn't stay in this wretched house! She couldn't stay in that tiny hellhole any longer. She didn't care if they heard her, Lily had grabbed stool that was in the room and threw it at the window. Shattering the glass and Lily had escaped by climbing down the tree that was beside the window. She ran away and she didn't dare to look back.

For a year, Lily had no where to go. No one to turn to for help. She had just walked the streets aimlessly. She hair was messy and tangled. Her clothes were torn, covered with dirt and mud. And she was so lifeless and looked to be one day from starving to death. She barely acknowledged the people who would stopped and try to talk to her. Stopping just to help her. But Lily didn't even hear them.

Her heart and her spirit were so damaged beyond repair that she began to think if she was so undeserving of love...then maybe the world would be better off without her. She stood at an intersection and saw a speeding truck coming down the road. She saw that it was coming fast and probably wouldn't stop in time. Lily prayed it wouldn't stop in time. She began to walk forward, purposely stepping in the truck's way. But just was the driver of of the truck spot her and desperately hit the brakes, a hand shot out and pulled her away just in time.

A man from a local butcher shop had seen everything and rushed out of his workplace to save the small child. He was mortified when he saw the state the small child was in. After he and his wife had cleaned her up, got her a fresh change of clothes, fed her (by God above did they made sure they fed her), and gotten her examined by a doctor. The butcher and his wife took Lily to the orphanage where they promised that they'll take her in as soon as they figure out the necessary details.

Caesar felt appalled by the parents behaviour and he thought about his own younger sisters. How small they were when he was taken away. He looked at the sadden girl in front of him and from then on he swore to her that he would look after her and for her to call him her big brother. Lily was shocked to hear this and was afraid to go near him but eventually, she came around and became quite attached to Caesar, as if he were her older brother.

Together, Caesar, Pheobe and little Lily were very close and had each others backs. They looked out for one another and were the greatest friends they could've asked for. Lily had started to become more of a happy and carefree child, Phoebe was no longer alone, and Caesar found a reason to be happy again.

Then one morning, Phoebe had been abducted while she was asleep. And Caesar's life had returned back into darkness.

Chapter Text

The police were called immediately and upon investigation, it looked liked the kidnapper had climb through an unlocked window and had abducted Phoebe while she was in a deep sleep due to the lack of a struggle and that no one heard anything out of the ordinary. Even with the policemen investigating and searching all seemed that Phoebe had just disappeared without trace and whoever had kidnapped her was long gone. Caesar fell into a deep depression when the girl he loved so much was stolen from him. She was never found and if she was alive or dead or worse, Caesar had no idea.

He told Lily in private that he was planning to run away from the orphanage by the end of the week and take her along with him. Lily didn't know what to do. She loved her big brother, but she was scared of living on the streets. With her childish imagination she thought that scary monsters lived out in the dark streets. Caesar told her that she has five days to make up her mind before he leaves.

In the end, Caesar didn't have to wait very long for her decision. It only took one day and Lily was on board and was more than ready in getting the hell out of there! While Caesar was packing up food and stole a small bit of money from the owner's office, Lily was playing with the other kids when one of the caretakers comes and told them that a couple was coming in to adopt a child. At first, Lily was happy and smiled brightly. She thought that maybe she and Caesar could find a family and live peacefully. She thought that maybe it was that nice butcher and his wife. She and the rest of the kids ran to their rooms and got themselves ready for their potential parents.

Lily was a little slow in getting ready and most of the children all ran downstairs. Lily brushed her hair and tied it up in ribbons and braids and put on the best clothes she had. She was making her way towards the stairs, then her heart dropped down to her stomach. The couple that came in that day....were her parents. They didn't appear to be worried, heartbroken or anything at all.

"Hello. We liked to adopt a child." Her "mother" said.

A year. She ran away from them and had been on her own...for a year! But over the course of that year, she hadn't heard anything about reports of a missing child or her "parents" searching for her.

"Of course, I can set up an interview with the children if you like." The owner tells them with a kind smile. Even after she ran away and had been gone for a year....

"Can you set up an interview with handful of boys? We would like to have a son." Her "father" tells her. AND THEY DIDN'T EVEN CARE!!! Lily clenched her fist so tightly and with rage filling inside her heart. Angry tears swelled in her eyes and ran off to find Caesar. When she did, she practically bawled her eyes out to hurry up and leave. Some time later, Caesar ran away from the orphanage with little Lily in hand, ended up sleeping in the streets of the poor districts of Rome. During their time, Caesar took every precaution to protect his little sister. In a way, he adopted her himself.

The money they took was running out in a rapid pace and very soon they'll won't have anything else to survive. With the desperate ferocity of two young kids who had thrown away their youth and future, Caesar and Lily had become daredevil criminals. They both committed theft, arson, assault, burglaries, fights. Anything short of outright murder. Lily had changed from a scared, broken girl into a savaged, brutal, and cynical teen who's anger can be compared of that of a raging lion. Caesar allowed her to vent out her anger towards other street punks by letting her beat them half to death. Even the local mafiosos feared them.

One night, after Caesar, Lily and small group of theirs took control over another gang's turf, an Italian hoodlum suddenly came and approached them. "Hey, you're that guy named Caesar, aren't you?" He asked. His eyes then down towards the preteen girl at his side, she was clutching his tattered black jacket. "And that must be your little unstable sister Lily." Like a feral cat, she hissed at him. The hoodlum felt dread creeping up on him when he looked at her eyes. They were blank, soulless and dead. But her face held such an angry expression. Fighting back those feelings, the hoodlum sent a snarky smile to Caesar.

"So what's your last name?" He asked the blond-haired young teen. "I don't have one." Caesar shot back at him. In Italy, family names are highly honoured. So for Caesar forsaking his family's name meant that he forsaken the family's honour. The hoodlum gave a sarcastic laugh and looks at the teen with a pompous look. "Ha-ha! Well, that means there's no way you're Italiano. Italianos are proud of their family names." The hoodlum said, openly mocking Caesar.

Lily's grip on Caesar's jacket tighten and bared her teeth at the man. She would've pounced on him if Caesar hadn't put a hand on her shoulder. He had her stay put while he reached for his weapon. Caesar held nothing back and showed the man no pity and thrashes him with a wrench, with force enough to prevent someone from walking for a week before. He goes even a step further and gave the man a punch afterwards. Though he didn't know it yet, he was already beginning to use Hamon. Hamon was filled with that punch and had left the hoodlum in a coma for a month.

Six months after that incident, Lily was the next person to be taken from him. Lily had told him that she found a house that seemed to hold a lot of money and she could easily break in to get it. Caesar took this into consideration and allowed her to go but only if she didn't cause too much trouble for herself. She nodded and when night came, Lily ran off to rob their latest victims. It was supposed to have been a simple robbery. Neither of them knew just how personal that night was going to be.

Caesar stayed up to wait for her to come back. But she never did. He waited. And waited. And waited. But Lily hadn't come back. Getting worried for her, Caesar went to the address she had given him to go look for her. And upon arrival, he saw several police cars, an ambulance, and the owners of the house. It was Lily's former parents. Caesar could tell since the woman resembled her quite a bit. He saw that her father was being carried towards the ambulance and was barely conscious.

Caesar froze in horror when he saw the cops shoving and forcing Lily into the back of one of the cars. She was screaming, roaring, and thrashing around like a wild animal. She even bit down hard on one of the officers' hand. Lily kept shouting hateful words and curses towards her mother, father, the son they had adopted, and what they had put her through. She swore that she would come back to kill them in the most painful way possible.

Caesar tried to run up and save his sister, but the officers recognised him and drew their guns at him. Shooting at him and forcing him to duck into cover long enough for them to shove Lily into the back seat and drove off. Caesar never saw her again after that. He had lost everything now. He lost the love of his life. He had lost his little sister. What else is he going to suffer from next? Caesar cursed his life and the world that made him go through hell. He didn't care anymore. He just...didn't care.

Then, four years later, the truth that was kept from him was suddenly laid out in the most heartbreaking way Caesar could never predicted. At age sixteen in Rome, Caesar, after all this time, came across his father. He had aged, but Caesar knew it was him. He walking down the lit streets, going to who knows where. Caesar's eyes widened as his anger began to rise. "There's no mistake. It's really him! So he was in Rome!" He said to himself.

Then his green eyes then fell upon a young girl, who looked to be a year younger than himself, walking behind his father. She was wearing a knee-length dress with a dark cloak with the hood over her head so that her face couldn't be seen. He clenched his teeth so hard he could've bitten through glass. He knew it! He knew that he had gone off with some woman, but he didn't think he jumped to one so young! That bastard!!

The hooded girl then let out a bad cough and nearly toppled over if Mario hadn't caught her in time. The girl sounded sick and Mario patted her back gently as she tried to steady her breathing. "Are you alright?" He asked. "Yes... Yes, I'm...f-fine. P-please d-don't worry Mr. Zeppeli." The girl said, her voice was hoarse. She removed her hood to let him know that she was okay, but when she did, Caesar's heart tighten up and felt in was about to explode from his chest.

....It was Phoebe...!

Caesar nearly fell apart when he saw her. She looked deathly pale, was having breathing problems, and looked to be in a complete daze. She didn't seemed that she could think straight. Seeing her....seeing his beloved sunflower in such a horrible state...with him made his blood boil. Caesar fully believed that it was his father who had kidnapped Phoebe. He was the one who took her away from him and did God knows what to her. Just the thought of it made his stomach roil. Her face...her health... Caesar reached into his jacket for his wrench. At that moment, Caesar felt that he might actually murder his own father.

Mario placed his hands on Phoebe's shoulder and back to keep her steady as they continued to walk along the streets with Caesar silently stalking them. "Don't worry, just wait a little longer." Mario tells her as she slowly nodded her head. 'I'm gonna follow him, and once I've noticed how despicable he is...I shall kill him!' Caesar thought to himself. 'It's okay Phoebe, I'm going to save you!'

Caesar stalked them, glaring at his father the whole way. But his anger was slowly faded into confusion. To his own surprise, when he expected him to go have some fun, instead Mario went down into the basement of the coliseum with Phoebe running down ahead of him. Caesar went down the staircase as he stared at everything around in confusion and wondered what his father would be doing in a place like this. What really caught his eye was the wall containing three, very familiar, men. In Caesar's point of view of, it looked like the men were encased in stone.

Caesar whipped his head around and saw that he had lost track of his prime targets in this giant place. "Where did the scumbag go?" The young Italian teen asked himself as he looked around. Then something began to shine from the corner of his eye. He turned and saw what appeared to be a massive diamond. Caesar walked closer to it to inspect it and saw that it didn't appeared to be encased in stone. Meaning it was possible that he could get it out and possibly sell it. Caesar reached to touch it when he heard frantic voices and rapid footsteps coming his way.

"NO! Boy, don't that stone!!!" "Get away from there!!" Mario and Phoebe yelled as they sprinted towards him, trying save him from what was about to happen. "It's you!" Caesar yelled as his fingers touched the diamond. That proved to be the biggest mistake he could make. As soon as he touched in sharp hooks shot out of the wall, no doubt it must've been booby-trapped set up by Kars.

The hooks were about to sink themselves into Caesar's flesh but then in one swift action, Phoebe ran up and grabbed ahold of Caesar and was about to shove him out of the way but Mario, in an act of love and selflessness, pushed both Caesar and Phoebe away as the hooks stabbed through the man. Caesar and Phoebe fell to the floor and stared up in shock as Mario was being dragged into the wall. "Mr. Zeppeli!!" Phoebe cried out.

Caesar was at a complete loss for words and Phoebe was shedding tears and desperately got to try to save him. "Stay back!" Mario shouted out, making the poor girl shrink back. "This is all a trap! One of their traps, one that exploits human's curiosity to feed them then during their sleep!" Mario tells Caesar as he was pulled back and slammed against the wall.

Caesar wasn't aware that his grandfather, Will A. Zeppeli, suffered a horrible death on account of the Stone Mask, fifty years ago. As much as he didn't know that it was Mario, his father, who had spend his life training his Hamon, following his grandfather's footsteps, and had discovered those relics before before Nazi Germany. And that he was travelling the world in order to discover a way to destroy the creatures inside that wall.

Phoebe was shaking uncontrollably as tears continued to fall from her face. Standing there helplessly, useless reaching her arms towards Mario as he began to be absorbed by the wall. "Mr. Zeppeli...!" How could she let this happen...? What had she done?! This was her fault! Mario wasn't dead just yet as he then says, "Young man...I beg from you a favour..." Mario said weakly. Caesar, still sitting on the floor, tensed up as his heart clenched when he realised that Mario didn't even recognise him.

"Make your way to Venice and speak with a woman named Lisa Lisa. It's a matter of life of death. She's the only one who has any chance of stopping them. Allow Phoebe to guide you, she can take you there." Mario says. Perhaps it was because so many years had passed and Caesar had grown, or maybe it was because the wall was engulfing him, Mario did not recognised his own son. The son who loved him more than anything.

"Fa..." Caesar began to say as he tired to reach out for his father. Feelings of guilt, sadness and misery swelled within him as he watched his father slowly die in front of him. He now understood his father hadn't abandoned his family for selfish reasons. He did it because his didn't want to involved his precious children in something so awful. To protect them from the nightmares of the Pillar Men. Had his son learned about it, he would've followed his grandfather Will's footsteps, Just as Mario did. It would've been better if he knew nothing about it...he had better fight alone...that's why he left. There was no way he could've possibly tell them.

"Phoebe... Please...y-you have to keep your promise! Protect my son!! P-please keep him safe!! Don't be afraid!" Mario tells the ocean-blue eyed girl as he was fully absorbed into the wall. Mario was gone. Phoebe's heart shattered as she collapsed to her knees and let out a sorrow filled wail over Mario's death. Caesar's emotions took a whirlwind ride and broke down in tears. His father was dead...he never gotten the chance to tell him just how sorry he was and tell him how much he and his siblings had missed him. "Father...." He cried. Such a deep hatred, born from Caesar's mistake, turned into an immense pride for his father...his family.

"This is all my fault!! I should've known this would happen!! I promised Caesar I protect him till this was over! I'm sorry!!" Phoebe cried as her mind was coming undone. The blond haired man snapped his attentions towards his sunflower and rushed over to her side. He grabbed her by the shoulders and said, "This isn't your fault! Please don't blame yourself for this Phoebe!"

Phoebe was left momentarily left in silence as she took a good look at his face. The girl's eyes widen in shock upon realisation that this was Caesar. She shook her head as she had a massive breakdown and cried loud enough for the heavens to hear. She cried for what seemed like hours and kept on telling Caesar over and over how sorry she was and to not hate her for what happened. But in reality, Caesar could never hate Phoebe. Caesar pulled her into his arms and just held her as she continued to cry.

Once she had finished, she was rendered as an empty husk. Devoid of any emotion or life, a doll with a permanent expression of sadness. No matter what Caesar did or said, she didn't break out of it. Afterwards, Phoebe took Caesar's hand and led him to Lisa Lisa, where she had told her everything. Lisa Lisa was shocked at the news, but decided to take Caesar in as her student. 

When he was brought to Air Supplena Island, not only was he tried in Hamon, but Caesar had gotten a major surprised when he was reunited by his little sister Lily. The moment she saw him Lily immediately tackled Caesar to the ground into a hug. As much as Caesar was glad to have his sister back in his life, he was still worried over Phoebe. The empty shell had been prominent within her for a full month.

But all three had persevered through it all, Caesar and Lily turning their lives around, and trained hard together. Honouring those who had fallen before them and preparing themselves to fight against the Pillar Men.

~*Present Day*~

"I see." Joseph said as Lily and Lisa Lisa told him everything they knew about Caesar's past as well how Phoebe and the Hamon brawler had played valued roles in his life. "Caesar's misunderstanding lead to a deep hatred but then that changed. It became pride in his father and his family. So Phoebe brought him to me and he picked up where his father had left off." Lisa Lisa tells him.

"He's going because he needs to avenged his father." Joseph said, looking at Caesar at the distance. He and Phoebe had stopped halfway towards the hotel, but he didn't know what was going on. "Forgive me Caesar. I didn't mean to speak ill of your brave family." Then he smiled. "If you still want to go charging in there, even though you know damn well it's going to be a trap, then you must have figured out someway to beat Kars. Changed my mind. Since you're going in that derelict hellhole, then I'm right behind you. Caesar Zeppeli!" Joseph said. Lily gave him a bright smile and the two of them left to chase after Caesar with Lisa Lisa close behind.

Back with our blossoming couple, Phoebe was struggling to speak any coherent words and was blushing bright red. Caesar had just asked her to marry him. She felt overwhelming happiness...but at the same time, she felt a heavyweight on her chest. Thoughts of betrayal and hatred towards by Caesar are still haunting her.

As she stammered for an answer, Caesar just gave a chuckle and leans in to kiss her forehead. "I'm not in a rush. I get this isn't exactly right time or place for a marriage proposal. But I sincerely hope you say 'yes'." He says to her as he takes her hand and turns back to find a set of footprints on the snow that leads up to the hotel. The doors burst open to reveal no one on the other side. Caesar and Phoebe braced themselves for anything that might come their way.

A cool breeze blows in and suddenly something appeared near the entrance. It looked to be in a shape of a man but it seemed to only appear for a split second before vanishing from sight. "Who is that?" Caesar asks as he instinctively pulls Phoebe behind him. "I swear I saw someone there." Phoebe takes a few quick whiffs and recognises this peculiar scent as well as two more others inside the building.

The invisible figure appears again and charges at the two Hamon users as a huge gust of wind hitting them directly. Caesar quickly holds Phoebe protectively as he shields her when the gust of wind/figure hit them. Once the wind settled, they saw that he had vanished once again but they knew that he was still there somewhere close. As they went into their combative stances Phoebe tells her partner, "Caesar, we have to be careful. Wamuu has appeared to fight us."

"How do you know that?" He asked, mildly confused how she could that was Wamuu when they could hardly see him at all. Phoebe grits her teeth for a moment to scold herself before saying, "Trust me. This doesn't feel normal."

"Yeah, I believe you. The sun is shining too strong for him, he can't be out here and survive." Caesar says as he and Phoebe pressed their backs against each other and looked around for anything unusual that would indicate Wamuu's presences. "Caesar! Phoebe!" Meshina shouts out, snapping their heads towards the man. "What do you think you are doing? Going in there all alone is madness! Phoebe, I thought you were going to drag back!"

"Just stay back instructor!" Caesar shouts out to him. "We can't move at all, let alone go rushing in! Something is hiding just inside the entrance of the building." Meshina turns to look at the entryway but, of course, found nothing but darkness inside. "What do you mean, I can't see a thing in there." Meshina says but quickly understood the two Hamon users as a single footprint appears on the snow.

Phoebe yells at them that he was about to jumped and right then does he approached them to attack. Wamuu attacks them from above and was visible for Caesar, Phoebe and Meshina too get a good look at his face before he strike. Wamuu swiftly takes Meshina down by slicing off his arm, knocking him down and dragged him into the hotel. Leaving Caesar and Phoebe with only slash marks on their arm and shoulder. "What the is this?!" Caesar asked as he held his injured arm. "How can Wamuu come outside during the day? He did look kind of ghost like."

As Caesar was trying to think of how Wamuu can possibly come out during the day, Phoebe gripped at her own neck while trying to gain distance from Caesar. She smelled it. His sweet, delicious blood. It held such a sweet, candy-like scent that it was making her mouth water. However, Phoebe forced herself to hold back on doing something that she knows she will regret. The doors opened up once more, meaning that Wamuu is coming back for Caesar and Phoebe, and the two immediately jumped back.

Wamuu appears but this time he had made his presence known and they could see him more clearly. "Where is he? That infuriating, smart-talking upstart." He said, moving his eyes to find a certain Joestar. "I hear tale that JoJo has learned quite a bit. Where's the man who killed Master Esidisi?" Caesar and Phoebe looked closer at Wamuu's body and saw the strange little pipes in his chest. That's when they remembered that Wamuu controlled the wind. And that what's protecting him from the sunlight.

This was a technique called Wind Suit. A technique where Wamuu wraps his body in a whirlwind of steam released from his lungs, using make-shift tubes produced from his own body in order to release the air inside his lungs. The wind suit gives Wamuu the ability to reflect the sun rays off of his body, giving him much needed protection against the sun. Also, by reflecting the light, Wamuu becomes invisible, which gave him the opportunity to launch surprise attacks. However, the wind suit takes a lot of energy to maintain, and only lasts for roughly ten seconds, which forces Wamuu to stay near a sheltered area, in order to take cover once the technique is over.

"Too bad JoJo isn't here. You are the bubble user named Caesar, are you not? Simply by looking into your eyes I can see that you've also learned much through your ordeals." Wamuu says to Caesar. From the tone of his voice, it means that Wamuu has chosen Caesar to be his first opponent. "Very well. I deem you worthy of death, bubble user."

"We'll see who dies!" Caesar shouts as he prepares his attacks and Wamuu charging towards him. "I feel like I did back then! When I was naive at core, back when you viciously took the life of my father! And now, I'll use my viciousness to destroy you!" Wamuu thrust his arm towards Caesar and Phoebe making a strong wind currents to push them back, but they remain strong and stood their ground.

"Very impressive, but don't think you're wind will be able to just blow my bubbles away!" Caesar says as he pressed and moved the soap in his hands. "Some bubbles go right through wind." Large foams of bubbles formed behind his hands. "I've significantly updated my grandfather's Hamon CutterBubble Cutter!!" Based on his grandfather, Will Zeppeli's technique, Caesar further reinforces his Bubble Launcher, and creates bubbles with the ability to slice. Unlike his original attack, the bubbles spin at high speed and use centrifugal force, but are able to stay intact due to the Hamon. This causes them to form shapes much like saucers with a small blade-like ring surrounding each bubble. These bubbles move at a higher velocity and have higher tractability, allowing Caesar to fire them in any direction with ease.

The bubbles made their way towards Wamuu and his Wind Suite proves to be ineffective as to the bubbles, it's just empty air and they slice his body, greatly causes damage. Wamuu shouts out in pain as he stares wide eyed at Caesar. 'I underestimated his skill with Hamon! It is far more than I bargained for.' Wamuu thought to himself as Caesar sends a smirk his way. "Now Hamon user." Wamuu says as he then turned tailed and goes flees inside the hotel.

"Hold it! I won't let you go inside! Gliding Bubble Cutter!" Caesar shouts as he performs a more versatile version of Bubble Cutter. Caesar sacrifices the quantity of the attack, and focuses on effectiveness. By launching a few bubbles, Caesar is able to aim them much like homing projectiles. They are able to go around objects and have a higher chance of hitting the opponent. Which worked perfectly as the bubbles sliced Wamuu's legs, making him go off balance.

With him off balance, Caesar and Phoebe go in for a Hamon kick. They jumped into the air and were about to attack when suddenly a lightning bolt shot out of the building and strikes Phoebe, forcing her back. "Phoebe!" Caesar shouts, he was distracted long enough for Wamuu to bent over backwards and attack. Striking Caesar and knocking him back with his legs while another flash of lightning shot out and had barely hit him. A figure swiftly pops out of the hotel, grabbed Wamuu and brought him back inside by breaking through the wall.

Caesar ran towards Phoebe's side and help her up. "Are you alright Phoebe?" He asked. "Y-yes. I'm fine." She tells him, holding her stomach as she gets back on her feet. That didn't felt like an attack to kill, but more likely a stun. 'That was Viper. It had to be...' She thought. Caesar held onto his girl as he gazed at the hole. "What Wamuu just did, I never seen anything like that before. He's not just some immortal with incredible power strength. With senses like that, he's a fighting genius. But my Bubble Cutter must have inflicted severe damage on him." Caesar says as he took a step towards the new entrance.

"The advantage here is ours Phoebe. We have a way to take him and whoever else was there down even indoors. Let's go." Caesar says as he grips Phoebe's hand, but it quickly slip out. The young Italian man looked back at her in confusion. "Phoebe? What's the matter?" His eyes widen when he saw tears forming in her eyes. Caesar cupped her cheeks and wiped them away. "What's wrong? Why are you crying?" He asked.

Phoebe gazed up at him. Her eyes were filled with love and remorse. She wrapped her arms around his neck and said, "I can't bear the thought of you dying." Before Caesar could let out a word, Phoebe quickly knocked him unconscious as she gave a swift chop to the back of the neck. She gently set him down on the snow and kneels beside him. "If you were to die, I don't think I can ever live on. clearly deserve someone better Caesar. I hope you'll find someone else who's more worthy of you." Phoebe says as she leans down and a quick kiss to Caesar's lips. "I love you..."

Phoebe stood back up and made her way towards the hotel. She did not see herself surviving the fights to come...and she didn't care if she were to die. She'd gladly offer herself in place of Caesar and everyone else at death's door. She made a promise and she was going to keep it. If Phoebe was going to die, then she was going to drag Wamuu and/or Viper down with her.



Chapter Text

Viper hauled Wamuu up to the second floor and checked him over. Caesar was right, the attacks had dealt great damage to him and it would take a while before they healed. Viper looked at Wamuu with worried-filled eyes and asked, "Are you alright?" Wamuu nodded his head and started to heal his legs. "I had underestimated Caesar's skills. This is my punishment for my careless mistake."

Viper became crestfallen when she hear this. Out of the three of her masters, Wamuu was the only person she dearly cares for and feels attachment towards him. However, she couldn't find any courage to tell him or even say anything of the sort. All she could do was stand by him and make sure that she protected him. Granted Kars had talked down to her that she still held the kindness within her, but Viper held onto her kindness. Perhaps as a way to remind herself that she was once human. She reached over to hold his hand, but hesitated and pulled away.

She sensed that Phoebe had set foot in the hotel and pulled Wamuu away from the railing and deeper into the hallway. Once they were away from view, Viper stood up and said, "Our young "sister" has decided to join us. Please wait here while I handle her." Wamuu looked up at her, he was aware of Kars' plans to utilise her to create more of the Pillar Man in his image, but that wasn't what he wanted to ask. "Viper, why did you help me escape like that?" Wamuu asked. Viper tried to hold back a smile. He didn't sound upset, and she didn't sense anything negative. He was curious. That's all.

Viper turned her head and said, "I...I didn't... It makes me sad, seeing you get hurt." Her answer seemed to stunned Wamuu, but before he could say anything else, Viper turned and walk away. Kars had given her a job to do and she must see it through. Her personal feelings have no place or time in this.

Phoebe stepped into the hotel and carefully surveyed her surroundings. She blew out icy cold air into the open. If Wamuu or Viper were invisible then the cold air would expose them in no time. Having both Pillar Man and Vampire blood flowing through her veins, Phoebe's nerves are honed in an inhuman razor edge. She can feel the different change of the atmosphere within the hotel compared to what she felt outside. The scent of blood wafted into her nose and turned to the source. Her eyes widened when she saw Meshina laying on the table with blood seeping out from his severed arm.

Phoebe immediately ran towards Meshina's side and was relieved to know that he was still alive. She placed her hands over his severed limb and froze it over to stop it from bleeding any longer and to save him from dying due to blood loss. "Meshina, don't worry I'm gonna get you out of here." Phoebe says as she prepared to carry her Hamon instructor when a bark echoed through the room. She turned and saw a small white puppy barking up at her.

"Roman." A familiar voice called out. The puppy stopped barking and ran over to the owner's voice. Phoebe followed the dog and saw it run towards Viper, who was standing at the top of the main staircase. The puppy made its way towards her, with his tail waving happily, and the indigo-haired woman bent down to her knees and lovingly patted the dog's head. "It's going to be too dangerous for you to be here. Please go outside where you'll be safe Roman." Viper said. The puppy, newly named Roman, gave a small bark and ran down the steps and outside through the hole.

Phoebe careful walks over to the staircase and glares at Viper. The Pillar Woman gave a respectful bow to her and said, "I'm glad we've been able to meet again. At last I can see just how well you are in battle." Again, Viper sounded more calm and well-mannered as if she was trying to tell Phoebe that she wasn't a threat to her. But she couldn't let that fool her.

"Tell me." Phoebe said while she tossed her cloak aside. "What do you want with me? Do you wish to test my strength before killing me or force me into joining this little "family"?"

"You could say, both, I supposed. Depending on how things go." Viper says. "I was tasked with testing your strength as a whole before bringing you to Master Kars and what happens afterwards is something I don't know about."

"I thought I told you that I'm human, and I planned to be one for the rest of my life. I want nothing to do with any of you. And what does Kars want with me?" Phoebe asked her. She was getting a bad feeling from all this. Viper gave a nod and said, "It's natural for you to be curious. As you know there aren't many of us out there, and since you hold a very unique genetic makeup, Master Kars wishes to create as many offsprings as he can with you once he gains his perfect form. Thus creating a more powerful species of the Pillar Man."

Phoebe's eyes widened in pure shock and disgust. What did she say!? Kars...wants her to-!? She felt sick to her stomach just thinking about it. She didn't understand why Kars would even want her like that...but she had a sneaking suspicion that he wants this because he was thinking that this was a perfect way to get back at her great ancestor. The stories she's been told have mentioned that Kars was bitter towards him up until the very end. Phoebe glared down at Viper and with a single move of her hand, the entire floor was covered in ice with spikes decorating the walls.

"Well tell your "Master" that I've already have someone and he's more than a man he'll ever be!" Phoebe created her Ice Claws and practically teleported in front of Viper in an attempt to slice her head off. Viper quickly gripped her wrists and the two had a test of strength to see who will break out first. They stared each down as the ice began to cracked beneath their feet.

Viper slammed her forehead against Phoebe's and while she stubbled a bit, Viper pushes her against the wall and electrocutes her with high voltage shocks. Phoebe fought back a scream that threatens to escape her throat and she raises her leg and drops it down on her. She grips the wall and uses it to lift her body up, using both of her legs to shove her off. Phoebe moved quickly, slashing at Viper with her Claws as Viper used her lighting to block and knock them back. Viper whipped her leg to strike Phoebe in the head but ducked down. Viper then kneeled down to kick at her legs but she jumped up to dodge it.

Phoebe backflips to gain distances from her before created a giant solid wall of ice behind her. Viper glances back at wall as Phoebe rushes towards her, grabbing her by the leg and began to spin her round and round in a blinding speed before throwing her into a giant ice wall where she follows up with a powerful punch to the stomach that knocks the her through the wall while also destroying said wall. Phoebe created her Ice Claw in her right hand and stabbed in through her stomach.

Viper coughs up blood as she glares at the ice-wielding hybrid. Just Phoebe was about to punch through Viper's head, she produced a powerful electric explosion that irradiates from her body, forcing Phoebe away. As she skidded across the frozen floors, Viper gets back up and began to heal herself. "You are an incredible fighter. It's such a shame, had you been raised in the Pillar Men way, you would've been a valuable asset. Why must you continue to resent your heritage?"

"Neither you or the Pillar Men wouldn't understand if I told you." Phoebe says as she got back up on her feet. She began to recall the many stories her parents, mostly her father, would tell her about their family's secret ancestry. "My ancestor Tundra "betrayed" Kars by being one of the many who stood against him and unlike the rest of you, Tundra had experienced what real happiness was when he was taught a very important lesson that he didn't believe could exist."

Viper raised an eyebrow at this. Kars had told her bits and pieces about his immense hatred for Tundra, but she knew very little about him as a whole. So this caught her interest. "What are you saying? What lesson could he have possibly learned that exceeded the intelligence of his kind?" Viper asked.

"How to truly feel human."

Viper was left speechless. Even Wamuu, how had come out of hiding and had been watching the fight, was left in silence at Phoebe's words. "Through my ancestral grandmother, Tundra was taught how to feel human. Through her, he learned what it means to have and show emotions. Crying when you're upset or mad, laughing like a maniac when something humours you, and loving people to the ends of the Earth—and letting them know that. The Pillar Men liked to think they are superior to Humans, but Tundra had learned about making mistakes and being flawed. And he accepted that wholeheartedly. The rest of you are mere empty husks in comparison! Do you even remember that or have you thrown it all away the moment you had become on them?!"

"I..." Why did she chose to become a Pillar Woman?

"Tundra loved those complicated feelings and he hated Kars and his insane ideals! It because of him and the stories told to me as a child that I embrace my own humanity and why I hate my demonic halves because I'm afraid of hurting people! I want to live out my days as a human with the one man I had loved most! But right now, all I'm thinking is taking you down! And if I die trying, then I'm taking you with me!!" Phoebe shouts as she sends out a pulsing wave of ice, knocking Viper off her feet.

She then creates a large hammer made of ice and pounds Viper into the ground with it. Phoebe grabs her lighting opponent and stabs her six times in the lower chest area with an ice dagger and then stabs her a final time with two in the upper chest area. Phoebe then grabs Viper by the hair and spun in her around before slamming her into the ground. Viper teleported away and sends a bolt of lightning in the other direction hitting Phoebe from behind.

The fight was causing Phoebe great damage. Even with her regenerative abilities, it was still taking its toll on her and Phoebe knew that she had to end this fight soon. She thought she heard a droplet of water falling, but she brushed that aside and she got back in a fighting stance. Viper stared at her with tensed eyes. This young girl is very much confusing her. She said she's human. She said she resents her other halves. So why would she be willing to use their abilities if she hated them. 'Could it be that she wishes to destroy me based on the quote? It would make sense actually.' Viper thought.

The only way to kill a monster is to become one yourself.

Viper raised her arms as electricity course through her. She stared at Phoebe with a stone gaze and began to think about her life leading up to this. On why she had chosen to become a Pillar Woman in the first place and what... Who she had been fighting for. The person she held in mind wasn't Kars...but she wasn't stupid. She knew if she didn't obey him, if she didn't follow every order, then he would've killed her without a second thought. She recalled what Phoebe said earlier. How she wanted to live on as a human with someone she loved most, but that she can never do that. Viper gave a ghost of a smile. 'I guess we have something common.'

Phoebe created her Ice Claws once more and waited for the opportunity to strike. Viper did the same but noticed that something began moving along the surface of the ice. She focused her eyes on it and saw that it was swirling around Phoebe's feet. They went wide in shock when she realised that it was water. "Look out-!" She shouted at her when the water had risen up and trapped Phoebe in some kind of water-bubble. The girl's screams and shouts were muffled and bubbled out in the water.

Viper ran towards Phoebe and was about to free her when a familiar, obnoxious voice called out. "Don't you dare! Leave that little slut to drown." Viper narrowed her eyes as Ume walked into the room. She had a vicious look on her face as she glared at both Viper and Phoebe. It was almost as if she were daring to try and do something.

The indigo-haired woman thrust her arm out and destroyed the bubble, setting Phoebe free from her prison. As Phoebe coughed and gasped for air, Viper took a quick glance at her to check if she were alright before glaring at Ume. "And what exactly were you thinking?" Viper asked. "You realise that you're violating Master Kars' orders don't you?"

"He wanted you to test her strength. If we managed to kill her then that means she's pathetic and weak." Ume said.

"Exactly. A test of strength. I wanted to test her skills and strength in a fair fight but what you did would only get in the way. Proving that you're the only pathetic here." Viper tells her. "You're not here for such thing. You're just here because of your petty jealousy."

"Petty?! My beloved Kars thinks that slut is worthy enough to bear his children while she claims to have another man!! I refuse to hand him over to some whore like her!! Kars won't care if she dies, he'll only look at her as weak on unworthy of him...!" Ume shouts as she began to laugh hysterically. "And then he'll have to look at me and only me!! Only I am worthy enough to bear a child of Kars!"

Viper grit her teeth. She had just about enough of her. "I can't believe Master Kars allows you to keep breathing when you clearly won't obey simple orders." She said. Viper looked over at Wamuu and he gave her a firm nod. She had his permission. Viper shot out lighting towards her in an attempt to strike her down but Ume quickly doges it and began use her water whips to attack her. "You're insane!" Viper shouts as she grabs Phoebe and jumps out of the way in order to protect her. Is 'protect' the right word in this situation? Hm, oh well.

"I WON'T LOSE MASTER KARS TO ANYONE!!!" UME screams as Phoebe glares at her. Phoebe gets out of Viper's hold and charges at Ume. She raised her hand to force the ice to knock the water Pillar Woman up in the air and Phoebe jumping up towards her.

Caesar slowly began to regain conscious when he felt something on his cheek. He opens his eyes and finds Roman standing above him and licking his face. He slowly gets up and wonders what just happened. Immediately his memories were recalled and saw that Phoebe was gone. Worry and fear overwhelmed him once he realise that his soulmate had gone inside to face the Pillar Man her own. "Phoebe!" Caesar shouts as he quickly runs towards the entrance. He jumps through the hole and was about to call for her when he stops dead in his tracks for the events he had witnessed.

Caesar's eyes widen in shock as he watched Phoebe grab Ume and bites right into her jugular, blood splattering out. What...? What is this...? Caesar was in total shock as he stood there frozen with his heart pounding hard in his chest. Ume screams in pain as she felt her blood being drain from her body. She pulls back her fist and punches Phoebe in face. Viper tries to attack her but Ume turned into water and quickly escapes, her voice echoing through out the room. "Don't think this is over!! I will kill you for stealing my Kars away from me you hybrid whore!!"

'Hybrid...?' Caesar thought. Phoebe spits out all of the blood she took from Ume and whips her mouth, looking very disgusted. "Her blood was absolutely vile. I can't heal myself with that." She said as she slowly turns her eyes on Viper. Right...they still have a fight to settle. Viper gave a nod and held her hand out to her. Phoebe forms more ice around her and at the same time both attacked. Around this time, Phoebe's ocean-blue eyes glanced over and was shocked to find Caesar standing there. She was so close to being distracted. If she had, she'd be dead.

Viper shot out lightening that went straight through Phoebe's heart and Phoebe trapping Viper in a block of ice with only her upper body and right arm remaining free, however, spikes had formed and pierced her body. Phoebe gets knock into the ground and began to twitch uncontrollably. Gripping her chest and struggling to breath. Even so, she looks up at Viper and struggled to sit on her knees, ignoring the pain coursing through her body.

Viper gave a small smile as she saw Phoebe pressing her hand against the frozen floor and send her Hamon coursing through the ice and goes around her. "I believe I understood you a little better now." She said, softly. "I'm glad to have to fought you...Phoebe." The latter gave a tired smile, said, "Me too..." and ignited her Hamon. Inspired by Joseph's idea with the icicles, Phoebe developed her own technique. She sends her Hamon around the ice around Viper and poured so much of it that once she ignites it and causes an explosion. Destroying half of Viper's body, sending her to crash against the wall and slowly dies as Phoebe collapses.

"Phoebe!" "Viper!" Caesar and Wamuu shouts out as they both went to the two women's side. Caesar snapped out of his shock and quickly ran to Phoebe and picks her up to check if she was still alive. Hoping that she could be save. Meanwhile, Wamuu carefully holds Viper in his arms as she looks up at him with her violet eyes and gives a smile. "Have I fought well?" She asked him. Wamuu nodded his head, his eyes not leaving hers. "You fought excellent. But...what have you understood about her?" Wamuu asked her.

Viper gave a rather gentle smile as she tells him. "She had gone through so much and did what she could for someone she loved. I envious of her. the same time...I'm happy to have this chance." Wamuu stares at her in confusion and asks her what she meant. Viper kept her smile as she raised her remaining arm and reaching up to cup his cheek.

"I was nothing more than a street urchin when you found me. You told me that I held the eyes of both the dead and a fighter...that's why you turned me into one you and I was able to get my revenge on those who wronged me. I may have given up my humanity for power and to serve your cause...but something still remained. I never planned on it...I never toyed the idea that you would feel the same. Still, I'm happy to have met were the reason for me to live again. Thank you...for everything Wamuu. I love you..." Viper said as she closed her and was reduced to ashes.

Wamuu was silent as he watched the young woman died in his arms and gripped her ashes in his hands. He noticed that something was shiny amongst it and when he picked it up he found that it was her silver teardrop earring. He made a silent solemn promise to her and stands up just as Caesar places the unconscious Phoebe against the wall and narrows his eyes at Wamuu.

Meanwhile, back on the outside, Joseph, Lily and Lisa Lisa were making their way towards the hotel. What disturbed them was how quiet everything was and they couldn't find trace of either Caesar, Meshina or Phoebe. As the teens were looking for them, Lisa Lisa spotted the severed arm on the snow, she, long with the other two quickly realised that it was Meshina's arm. Which meant that something bad has happened.

"You saw it. Didn't you? What that girl had done?" Wamuu asked Caesar, referring to the moment where Phoebe had bitten into Ume's throat. Caesar tensed up briefly as he glances back at the young girl. He didn't answer him and instead initiates his attacks. "Now, take this!! Bubble Launcher!!" Caesar shouts as he fires his barrage of Hamon-filled bubbles at Wamuu. However, Wamuu anticipated this and used his wires to pop them.

"That's nothing." Wamuu said as he launches small tornados at Caesar. With quick feet movements, Caesar manages to dodge them without getting hit eventually using a full wave of bubbles against a more larger tornado. "Bubble Cutter!" Caesar shouts as he fires the razor sharp bubbles at the Wind Master. Wamuu manages to dodge them and makes a run for it. "Running?" Caesar questions as fires more of his Bubble Cutter. "I will not run nor hide from you!" Wamuu yells at him. One tornado grazes Caesar in the head and breaks through the ceiling. With Caesar giving a smirk at Wamuu, which in turn angers him. An intense exchange of wind blasts and soap bubbles ensues.

Each one nearly or has already dealt damage to both parties. With the intense exchange, Caesar takes full advantage of. Before Wamuu could unleash his ultimate attack, Caesar stops him by telling to look around. When he does, Wamuu was caught off guard when he saw hundred of Caesar's bubbles, still in their saucer forms, floating around. "My Bubble Cutters are now Bubble Lenses. And they're floating in the air all around you. And that enormous hole you knock in the wall earlier, is just like the open shutter of a camera on a bright summer day. Those lenses, they focus the sunlight into the hotel!" Caesar says.

With Bubble Lenses, the bubbles have the ability to retract light and focus them into beams, much like a magnifying glass. After launching them, the bubbles become stationary and any light source passing through will cause a domino effect, connecting the bubbles together and eventually shooting multiple beams at their target. Which succeeds greatly and manages to pin down Wamuu as he lets out a scream of agony. Caesar jumps into the air and was about to delivering the final blow with a Hamon blast.

One point. At one moment. A tiny blind spot. Caesar's body created the briefest of shadows among the blazing wall of sunlight. Wamuu didn't waste his chance. Wamuu took full advantage of the split-second the sun is blotted by Caesar's attack to deliver a critical counter-attack. He should Caesar once again that he was a fighting genius and a genius of strategy. "CAESAR!!" He held his arms out and hit Caesar with a point-blank deathblow with Divine Sandstorm.

Outside the rest of the team were hit by the aftershock the attack has it bursts out of the hotel with bits of debris flying at them and sending a few blocks of stone to almost cover the hole as if to keep them out. "Su...such destruction!" Joseph said. "That couldn't be-!" Lily shouted. "It's Wamuu's Divine Sandstorm, I'm sure of it!" Joseph tells her. "So that means, Caesar and Phoebe are-!"

When the winds settled down, Wamuu lowers his arms and looks down at his opponent. He was briefly surprised when he sees both Phoebe and Caesar laying on a pool of blood with the hybrid woman resting on top of Caesar. Somehow Phoebe had gotten up, got between his attack and Caesar and protected him by using her body as a shield. Nevertheless, Wamuu had gave a slight chuckle. "You had both grown so much in so little time. I'm satisfied. I haven’t had a fight like that in ages now, Warrior of Hamon." Wamuu says as he suddenly collapsed onto his knees.

"And it was a close one as well." Wamuu says as he tries to catch his breath. Parts of his body were slowly breaking apart. "If wind of my Devine Sandstorm hadn't the had the strength to blow your bubble senses to oblivion...I had no idea how I would've stopped the light before it destroyed me. And even if the mighty Lord Kars, who could not use wind, had been the one to first note your presence and confront you as I did and face your power," Wamuu pauses for a moment to forcibly, and rather painfully, heal his body. "If he had prevailed, he most certainly would've been far worse shape than I find myself in now."

Wamuu's eye then slightly widen as he saw Caesar standing tall holding Phoebe in his arms like a bride. He was grievously injured and is losing a lot of blood. Caesar places Phoebe carefully on the ground as he stumbles over to Wamuu. Both of these fighters have pushed each other to their very limits. And Caesar is way too injured to continue fighting. Wamuu takes notice of this as he tries to cease Caesar from fighting back while standing back up. "Enough. You will not fight again for you have nothing left with which to fight. My Divine Sandstorm has shredded your body beyond any chance of survival even with the hybrid's help." Wamuu says as Caesar raises a fist to him.

Wamuu closes his eyes and continues. "Stop. The battle is over." He says as he simple raises his arm to halt the attack. "You have no more Hamon with which to continue. See? You've almost completely bled out. That means, you have no hope." Even with this being said. Even with losing most of his blood and cannot generate any more Hamon for attacks, Caesar kept on fighting. He threw his punches but they were so weak they held no force behind them.

"Stop Caesar." Wamuu tells him with a soft tone. Caesar tosses one more punch and when Wamuu tilted his head to avoid it, Caesar slips on his own blood and began to fall backwards. Wamuu turns around and prepares to leave. "Goodbye. Your life and all you once were has ended." He said. However, Caesar would not go down that easily.

He regains his footing and lunges towards Wamuu, surprising the Pillar Man long enough to him to grab hold on his lip ring. Caesar gave him a smirk as he rips it off and fell down the stairs into a puddle of his own blood. "My lip ring with the antidote! Why did you take it!?" Wamuu asks him as the ceiling above them begins to break apart. It could collapse at any given moment.

"I... I'm not afraid to die here... But I am a proud member of the Zeppeli Family, so you see, it's in my blood... Something like this, might mean absolutely nothing to a demented inhuman monster like you...!" Caesar says to Wamuu, coughing up blood as he started to recall how his father and grandfather gave their lives for others. 'My father didn't recognise me, but he sacrificed his life to save mine anyway. My grandfather gave his Hamon energy to save JoJo's grandfather right before he died. It's tradition. I have to do something. I... I can't let my life's flame, just sputter out to darkness...!'

Caesar gazed at the unconscious Phoebe. The moment he saw her bit into Ume's neck...the moment he saw her fangs...he knew...he knew that Phoebe wasn't at all human. A hybrid, based on what they had called her. But...still... He remembers how he felt when he saw her that day. How he always dreamt of one day marrying her and having a happy family with her. Caesar...still held great love for Phoebe. He still loved her more than anything else in the world. That's something that won't ever change. He knew that he had proposed to her...but as much as he wanted to be with her, he must follow tradition.

Caesar takes off his bandana and wrapped it around the ring as he glares at Wamuu. This is the Zeppeli Family spirit, handed down from the past to ensure the family's future! It's the human spirit!" Gripping the bandanna, Caesar shouts out his words as his Hamon swirls around him. Hoping that his friend would hear him. "JOJO, THIS IS THE LAST OF MY HAMON! TAKE IT FROM MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Phoebe slowly opens her eyes and they immediately land on Caesar.

"TAKE IT FROM MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Their eyes widen as they heard his voice loud and clear, and seeing the glowing yellow light forming out. "Did you hear that?! It sounded like... Caesar screaming!" Joseph said. "Yes I heard it! Oh no, Caesar can't-!" Lisa Lisa said. Tears formed in her eyes as she makes a run for it. "My brother!! Phoebe!!" "CAESAR!!!" Joseph and Lily shouts.

The light faded from Caesar and he slump down, still sitting on his knees as he felt something large and heavy falling towards him. He gave a weak smile as he accepted his fate. A pale hand reached towards him. The stone fell and made impact. Wamuu lifted his eyes and saw what Caesar had left behind. A single crimson bubble floating around aimlessly. In it, was Caesar's bandanna and the antidote.

"He made a bubble from his blood. He must've used every last bit of his Hamon to make it. Before he died, he saved it for his friends rather than using to try and destroy me." Wamuu said as he raised his arm and used the wind to bring over the bubble to him. But he looks at Viper's earring and calls back the wind. "I'll let it go, but not because I'm sentimental about him. His talent as a fighter was undeniable. He, and the Ice Maiden, has my deep respect as a fellow warrior. I will hold you and the last moments we spent together forever in my memory, Caesar. A man as splendid and fleeting as the bubbles he conjured. Do you agree with this, Viper?" Wamuu says as he tucks the sliver earring safely in his person.

Joseph, Lily and Lisa Lisa finally managed to enter the hotel and were shocked to find it in such a wreck. The destruction of the room and the bizarre melting ice around it. "The place is a wreck. A Divine Sandstorm did all this and Caesar and Phoebe were caught inside the heart of it. But what's with this ice? How is it even here?" Joseph questions. Lisa Lisa and Lily called out for him as they found Meshina. "He... He's alive!!!" Lisa Lisa says. "Meshina's alive! We have to heal him!"

"This...this is..."

"Where are they!? Where's my brother!? My best friend?!" Lily shouted out as she frantically searches for the small family she loved most. Joseph goes to calm her down when he sees the crimson bubble floating towards him. When Joseph reaches out for it, he and the others quickly see Caesar's bandanna and Wamuu's lip ring. Joseph grabs hold of the bubble and immediately a full surge of Hamon energy spreads throughout his body. Lily covers her mouth with her hands as she and Joseph stares at it in shock. Joseph falls to his knees as he holds the objects in his hands.

"You know, I haven't been able to bring myself to call Caesar's name since we made our way into this place. It's because...I'm afraid there'll be no answer. If I can in here and cried out his name, there might not be any response in return. There might be nothing but a lifeless silence. That is what scares is what scares me. I couldn't accept it, so I didn't call his name. But now I know he's gone. The Hamon contained in that bubble told me everything I needed to know! Right here, just a few moments ago, Caesar died with Phoebe right alongside him!" Joseph said as both anger and sadness filled with him.

Tears swelled in his eyes and he refused to accept this reality. There's just no way that his best friend would die in a place like this. That the girl that he had loved for so long had died along with him, if not that then done something to sacrifice herself for him. "Caesar, you bastard! You had to be a damn showoff right up until the very end...and then you leave a precious gift like this for me! Caesar! Phoebe!! Where are you!?" Joseph shouts as he rushes towards a random pile and began to dig through the rubble. "Where the hell are you two sleeping?! I'll find you guys, I'll dig you out! Caesar!!"

"JoJo!" Lisa Lisa shouts in an attempt to stop him but Lily suddenly pointed out to something. "Look!" She yells as she points to one of the staircases. The side of it was slowly being covered with ice. They quickly run over to it and the two teens pulled and dug through the few pieces of debris out of the way.

They found Phoebe and Caesar. Unconscious. But alive. Phoebe was laying on top of Caesar with her arms wrapped around him. They saw her fangs piercing his neck.

Chapter Text

This gothic structure was originally a castle that began its life in the 14th century. It's also said it was a country house, acting as a fortress, built by Gessler, the cruel bailiff defeated by William Tell, the Swiss hero. In the early 20th Century, it was rebuilt as a private hotel...but after its owner's death and its closing in 1930, Kars noticed the building and made it his sun protection residence. However, neither Joseph, Lisa Lisa or Lily know anything about its structure or layout. Fighting here will undoubtedly be perilous.

"Disgusting." Joseph said as he brushed away one after another of those filthy cobwebs. They were everywhere. "Come on, cobwebby halls? Really? Would it kill you to sweep a bit? Okay I get it, scary monsters don't do that much house cleaning. But does leave evidence." Joseph said as he and the two women looked at the fresh trail of blood that leads to a doorway. They knew full well that it belong to Wamuu.

"See this blood trail? It seems as though Wamuu took a good Hamon thrashing." Joseph said as he kneeled down at the trail. "Neither Caesar or Phoebe went go down without giving a good account of themselves." With a flick of her wrist, Lisa Lisa cut down the rest of the cobwebs, clearing their path. Lily grit her teeth as she slammed her first into her palm, her Hamon flaring out of her like fire. Joseph smirked as he whipped out his Clackers. "We must've let Wamuu heal anymore!" Joseph said as he twirled the Clackers around. "Coach Lisa Lisa! Lily! It's time for some action!"

"Bring it!" Lily shouted as they walked over to the door. Joseph gripped on the doorknob before jumping back. "Yuck!" He shouted. "What is it?" Lisa Lisa asked him. "It's just..." Joseph started before looking down at the doorknob. It was bizarrely shaped, it looked like a fist. Joseph placed his hand on it and started to feel around it. "Well, when I took a hold of this door knob, it wasn't pleasant. It felt like I was grabbing the cold and dead."

"That's seriously creepy..." Lily said. Just then a voice shouted at them. Seemingly out of nowhere. "I'm not a door!" This brought the small group of heroes together as they wondered where that voice came from and who it belonged to. "Why are you looking around? I'm not a door but I am here!" Joseph's head snapped back at the door in front of him and saw a man coming out of the door, as if he was merged in it, greatly surprising him and the others. "That''s a-."

"A Vampire!" Lisa Lisa shouted. This Vampire fully emerges from the door and goes in to attack the green-eyed man. "JoJo, look out!" Lily shouted. Joseph saw his hand move and quickly brought up his Clackers for defence. The Vampire strikes and sliced the strings in half. Effectively destroying Joseph's weapon. The force behind it caused Joseph to fly back and land hard on his back. "JoJo!" Lisa Lisa and Lily called out, running to check if he was alright. The Vampire let out an obnoxious high pitch laugh as he stepped out.

If it weren't your little yo-yo there, I would've peeled your face right your head." He said as he laughed in a creepy grating tone. The vampire was muscular and had tall brown hair who has sideburns and a flattop, and grey eyes. He wore a stripped suit revealing the shoulders and the better part of the chest, held by two leather straps. He also has several metal rings at the wrists and a belt decorated by several beads.

"Hi I'm Wired Beck and I'll be slaying you now. I killed my sweetheart but then I busted out of prison. In no time Lord Kars took me in and made me part of his little gang. He's got my loyalty and I'm not going to let you go in there and disturbed Lord Kars when he's enjoying a well deserved rest." Wired Beck said. Lily felt her skin crawling with disgust. The way this guy was making her feel so gross.

"So they've done it. It's begun, they've started to unleashing their demon hounds on the weak and innocent." Joseph said as Wired Beck moved his hips back and forth while making an annoying noise. "Hnhnhn~. Hnhnhn~~." He went. "Stop that noise!" Joseph shouted at him. He got back up on his feet and cracked his knuckles. "You're just another Vampire who's bound for hell and leaving now. Well, let me help you plan your trip so you don't have to wait any longer!" He said. "Get in line JoJo, his face is pissing me off!" Lily said, her Hamon flaring out from her fists. But before every of them could have their fight with him, Lisa Lisa stepped in between them.

"Lisa Lisa." Joseph said. He and Lily glanced at each other, and took a step back. This was Lisa Lisa's silent way of telling them that she would face him. Wired Beck didn't seem to take her seriously and gave a sadistic grin. His sharp fang were practically glowing as he stared down at her. He played with his straps as he looked her over. "Mmmm~! You're beautiful, magnificent! Your skin is so soft, heavily and clear! Let me hold you and then I'll drink your life right through that skin."

Lisa Lisa turned her head away in a 'humph' as if she were rejecting a guy who was making poor flirtatious comments. "You're really not impressing me." She said. "HM!?" Wired Beck went. "I refuse to waste my time with your weak flirtations and shallow threats." Lisa Lisa said as she puts on a pair of sunglasses. Looking cool and confident, not a care in the world. "But if you want to hold me, go ahead and give it a try. I guaranteed it'll be the last thing that you'll do." She said, her voice was filled with confidence. Wired Beck gave a low growl at Lisa Lisa. He hated her attitude. Being the violent misogynist that he was, he wasn't going to let this go unchecked.

"YEEEE-HAHAHAHA!!!" He laughed loudly. As a vampire, Wired Beck has complete control of every aspect of his body. His form of attacking was by sharpening the hair protruding out of his limbs into spikes. "Spikes!" Joseph said. "He's covered top-to-bottom. They're popping out like hundreds of pointed fingers. They're metallic and an Iron Maiden jacket."

"I don't appreciate when stuck-up females are insulting like that." Wired Beck says as he played with his straps again. "They need to be punished, would you agree? And once I'm done with you, I'll be punishing that little one over there. Showing off her abnormal bust like that while having a cocky attitude." Wired Beck said, pointing at Lily's chest.

Lily's face flared up in anger and covered her chest from Wired Beck's sight. "Shut up!! They're not that huge damn it!" She shouted at him. Lily was a C-cup. Joseph quickly jumped into her defence, but not in the way she wanted it. "You take that back! Lily's bust is the perfect size." He boasted. "Not helping!" She shouted, her face was beet red.

Lisa Lisa payed no mind to their little banter and concentrated on gathering her Hamon energy. She eyed the Vampire in front her very carefully. She knew that he wouldn't be that much of a challenge so she decided to finish things up quickly and move on to the real threat. "I'll give you a nice squeeze! I'm gonna hug you to death!!" Wired Beck shouted at her as he moved in an unorthodox speed. With his multiple spikes on his body and his great speed, Wired Beck was more than capable of lunging at his opponents and delivering them a lethal embrace.

Lisa Lisa wasn't scared. She held her long scarf in her hand and moved it around with elegance and skill. The large looked to be a snake that was waiting for an opportune moment to strike. When in battle, Lisa Lisa's scarf becomes a Hamon-filled weapon with incredibly long reach. The snake found its moment and wrapped itself around Wired Beck's neck. Of course, this took the Vampire by surprise and stopped short in his attack.

"Gosh, thanks for the thought." Wired Beck says before he laughed like a lunatic. "You can't catch me like that, don't make me laugh!" Wired Beck gripped on the scarf and ripped it part. "See, I'm free!" He said. But Lisa Lisa already walked past him and took back the rest of her scarf. Wired Beck turned his head to face her, confused as to what she was up too. "Hmm? That's all? Where do you think you're going?" He asked.

Lisa Lisa simple ignored him and told her two students, "Come JoJo, Lily. Let's go."

"Uh, okay." "Right behind you Coach!" Joseph and Lily said as they walked up to catch up with her. The Hamon Master Lisa Lisa's movements, they're effortless and flow like silk efficient. She doesn't waste any energy. These were what went through Joseph's mind as he stared in admiration towards his teacher. "Come back, you can't just walk away!" Wired Beck shouts after Lisa Lisa before turning to Joseph. "Hey, you! Wouldn't you agree that woman who behaves like that needs to be punished?"

"Oh no, you are the one being punished. You see, you've just run out of time. Hamon is now running all through your body." Joseph said to him with a smirk. "Yeah, the steam is totally piping out of you man." Lily added with a smug look on her face. "Huh?" Wired Beck said. He was so confused. He had no idea what was going on. Or what was about to happen.

Wired Beck gave a little smirk as he said, "Don't be ridiculous, I'm not--." Before Wired Beck could question it, he then let out a high, girlish scream as all of his spikes had broken off and his body began to dissolved into nothingness. Dying instantly. "AAARGH! NOOOOOOOOOOO!" Without looking back, Lisa Lisa moved on and walked through the door. Joseph, if he wasn't before, he was greatly impressed now. He held a fist in the air and said, "Lisa Lisa has really got what it takes. I thought she might be out of her depth in a fight but it's plainly obvious she's even better than me! I am so impressed! I'm lucky to have her training me!"

Lily laughed a bit as they followed their teacher down the hall before saying, "You weren't the only one who felt that way. Phoebe, big brother Caesar and I were the same way when we each found Lisa Lisa. She's amazing and a great friend." She laughed once more but stopped when she began thinking about her two best friends. The fangs. The small streak of blood coming from Caesar's neck. That couldn't be real...couldn't it?

Joseph took noticed of her crestfallen expression and asked, "What's wrong?" The cobalt-blue eyed girl sadly gazed up at the British young man and said, "I...I just can't get that image out of my head. Was that...real?" Joseph didn't need any specifics. He knew exactly what she was talking about. He also didn't want to believe what they saw. From their seemed that Phoebe was drinking Caesar's blood.

Was Phoebe a Vampire too? If she was....then how could she be capable of mastering Hamon and walk out in the sun light? Back then, when they found them, Lisa Lisa was in deep shock. Her blue eyes were mainly focused on Phoebe. From the way she looked, it was as if she had known about this and only know had realised how potentially dangerous the younger woman was. That she had always known this part of Phoebe. But how long has she known about it?

Joseph didn't know what to make of this, so all he could say was, "Let's not think about this too much before we know more on what's going on. Because as far as I'm aware, the Phoebe that I've met and trained with wasn't a fake. She's kind, strong and she deeply cares for all of us. After all, she was the first real friend you've made. She was, wasn't she?" Lily gazed down and the memories she had were filled with joy and laughter. Phoebe was her best friend, an older sister she never and wished she had. Phoebe was a sincere and genuine woman. Tears swelled in her eyes and gave a small nod. "Yeah..." 

Joseph smiled down at her and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. "It'll be alright. Let's continue the fight in their name. Let's fight for both Caesar and Phoebe." He told her. Lily wiped away her tears and gave a bright smile. "Right!" She said. Then Lily remembered something even more important and stopped walking. "Hold on. JoJo, the antidote. Have you taken it yet? You can't waste time on this any longer." Lily told him.

"Huh? Oh, you mean this?" Joseph asked as he pulled out the antidote from his jacket. Lily puffed up her cheeks and said, "Yes I mean that. Take it now before your small mind forgets it." Joseph gave a small chuckle and said, "I'm going to drink it only after I defeat Wamuu. Heh, see this no longer signifies a promise between me and Wamuu. It's now a promise I make to Caesar, that I would go on living and stay in the fight!"

Joseph then took Lily's hand and placed the ring safely in her palm. He covered her hand with his and forced it into a fist, covering the ring. "Would you please hold it for me until I actually need it Lily?" Joseph asked her. "HuH?" Lily went as she blushed pink. This was a little weird...! Was this supposed to mean something? Lily gave a small stutter before she answered, "Um, s-sure. I-I'll do that."

From where she was standing, Lisa Lisa was smiling as she watched her students. Her heart was filled with pride at how far they come and grown up as both people and Hamon Masters. She also felt happy when Joseph decided to give the ring to Lily for safekeepings instead of her. Who knows what will might happen to her. All she could hope was for Lily to take care of Joseph if anything were to happen. That's all she can do.

As they venture further into the depths, the trail of blood grew ever thinner. Joseph, Lily and Lisa Lisa knew well what meaning could be drawn from that fact. Wamuu's Hamon wounds were healing. Sitting alone in a dark chamber, Wamuu sat on the steps in front of the large pair of doors that lead into the room. He was holding on to Viper's earring in his hand while awaiting for their guests. He then sensed their arrival and said, "So you're here."

The doors opened to reveal the three remaining Hamon Masters who were ready to destroy him, Kars, and whoever else got in their way. "I've been waiting." Wamuu said as his fighting spirit radiated from his body as he stared them down. "I see your powers have grown, greatly." He said. "Bastard! You're the one who nearly killed both Caesar and Phoebe, now I-!" Joseph shouts as he nearly rushes in to attack but Lisa Lisa to quickly stop him before he did.

"Cool your head JoJo. Now look at the floor." Lisa Lisa tells him. "I'm very calm. Don't worry, I'm in control here." He said as he looks down at the floor, seeing very distinct set of footprints. Each one was giving off some kind of greenish-blue glow. "You mean the footprints right? I noticed it too. There are two sets." Two sets of footprints. If Wamuu is here...then that could only mean one thing. "That means Kars is here! Tell me where I can fight him! Show me your cowardly self now!!" Joseph shouted. His voiced echoed along the walls of the chamber, but received no response back.

"Indeed, they are two sets of footprints, he's here. But I feel dozens of lungs moving near around as well." Lisa Lisa said, catching Joseph's attention and putting Lily on high alert. Wamuu's dark green eyes bore into Lisa Lisa's. He knew who she was. "So it's you." Wamuu said. "Fascinating. You are extremely composed and perceptive, though you are a woman. I can see how JoJo, Lily, Caesar and Phoebe were able to learn so much so quickly" Wamuu lifted up hand before he continued on. "And you can feel even the lightest respiration. You rank among the finest Hamon Warriors."

Wamuu then moved the wind to the dimly lit fire of the fireplace beside him and raised its flames bright enough for them to reveal the 100 hidden Vampires in the room, hanging upside down from the ceiling. All were wearing medieval-era armour and had eyes that glowed crimson red. "Damn! Look at that, there's so many! I'd guess you're all Vampires is that right?" Joseph asked. But they remained silent. "No response? That's creepy too."

Suddenly a bright light shone in the chamber that nearly blinded the team. They turned to try to see who had arrived to this little party and found that Kars has reveals himself, sitting upon a throne like seat. Ume was sitting right by his feet, staring up at him with lust-filled eyes and a wide smile. "Kars!" Joseph shouted. The elder Pillar Man said nothing and instead raised to snap his fingers. Signalling to the other Vampires above them when one of them spoke.

"Lord Kars saw fit to give us, his chosen ones, the gift of eternal life. We, number of a hundred, on our master order will tear you to shreds! A hundred against three, JoJo!!" One of them shouted as he and the others let out a combination of growls and roars at them. "You fiends!" Joseph shouted. He and Lily stood their ground as the chamber steadily became quiet again. The hundred army didn't move to attack. Yet. Wamuu didn't move. Yet. And of course Kars just wanted them dead, so if he were to kill them he would've strike. Joseph looked at the hundred Vampire army carefully. He didn't see making out of here alive and heavily weighed his options.

"This really is not good! It's a hundred of them against the three of us, we can't win." Joseph said. "What should we do coach?" Lily said as Kars lifted up his hand and was about to unleash his hoard upon them when Wamuu's voice stopped him. "Lord Kars, a moment." He said. "Back in Rome, JoJo and I promised to fight one another again. I want revenge for Esidisi. Please allow me the chance to fight him."

"No." Kars said with firmness. "Remember that my goal is to not only obtain the Red Stone of Aja but to claim Tundra's descendant as my own as well." Ume's eyes, that were once filled with lust, now filled with immense hatred when she heard this. Damn it, she should've stayed and killed Phoebe when she had the chance! ...Good thing Wamuu didn't reveal to Kars her transgression against his wishes. "Don't forget that Wamuu." Kars said, looking intently at his subordinate. Wamuu was silent for a minute, clutching Viper's earring, before bowing his head. "Yes Lord."

"Oh darn, no fight. Well I'm not in the mood anyway." Joseph said, putting his skills as a trickster and smart-ass into play. "Of course we both know I would beat you, but what end? All these Vampires are here. What sort of motivation is that I ask you? Win or lose, I would still come out of it dead right?" As he was putting on this display for all of them and walking around the chamber, Lily caught sight of him of leaving a trail...of green string? 'What's he doing? Is he intentionally letting him see him do that?' She thought.

"With odds like that, giving up is the only rational choice. So I'm throwing in the towel." Joseph said as he looked up at the many Vampires and saw that their eyes were focused the green string he was laying out as a trap for them. However, Joseph knew that they were watching and kept up with his act. "Damn. Had to try. I thought it was worth a shot. Even if you were watching all the time, a Hamon net was a good idea." He said.

"Kill them without any further delay." Kars said, more than ready to unleash the attack until Lisa Lisa spoke up. "Your choice. But if you kill us, you'll never get the stone or have Phoebe in your grasp." This manages to hold off their attack as Kars held out his hand to halt the army. "Hold it. What are you saying now woman?" Kars asked.

"You don't think I'd have the stone here with me. That wouldn't be wise now would it?" Lisa Lisa said as she pulled down her scarf and coat to reveal her bare neck, showing to him that she wasn't wearing the Red Stone of Aja. "We're heading to our destination, if we're not there in time to set the device the Red Stone will be destroyed, Phoebe will die along with it and you will have nothing!" She said aloud. Surprising both Kars and Wamuu.

The elder Pillar Man leaned back in his seat with a chuckle. "Look woman. Don't try to fool me." He said.

"Are you confident that you and your minions will be able to find it in time?" Lisa Lisa asked him. "The bomb I set is a very small one but enough to damage the stone and prevent its use. As for Phoebe, I have developed a way to use my Hamon as a makeshift bomb inside of her body and should I die, the bomb will instantly go off and kill her from the inside out. She may be human but her supernatural heritage is still prominent." Kars glared daggers at her as he let out a lowly growl. Joseph and Lily glanced at each other in both amazement and surprised. They weren't sure if she was serious as she never mentioned something like that before but for the sake of stalling for time and a winning chance, they had to play along.

"Were you fellows listening?! If we don't stop it, the bomb will go boom!" Joseph shouted.

"That would really suck on your part! Losing your precious stone you were all so damn impatient!" Lily added with a laugh.

Kars narrowed his violet eyes at them. "Even if true, we cannot let you leave here alive." Lisa Lisa thought he might say that so she came up with something else. "Therefore I have suggestion. Lily and Ume can have their fight one-on-one, JoJo and Wamuu will fight one-on-one, and Kars, you and I will also fight one-one-one. And those who are left standing... Will possess the stone!"

"What?!" "Are you serious!" "Wha-?!" With the stone on the line and serving as the ultimate prize, this took everyone by surprise. However, Lisa Lisa's offer still stands. Either they kill them and retrieve the stone and the descendant of Tundra or have a three-round battle to decide their fates. "The winners of this fight will have the Red Stone and all of its power. It'll be made very clear, which one of us will prove strong enough to wield the stone's power? Who is fit to survive, the Pillar Man or Humankind?" She said.

"How dare you say-?" Kars asked, his anger rising ever so steadily. "You bitch! You dare to mock Master Kars like that?!" Ume shouted. However, while they were growing furious over this, Wamuu seemed to be rather amused by this change of plans and let out a chuckle. This sounded to be much more fun. Unfortunately, Kars heard his laughter and quickly shot his eyes towards him. "Wamuu."

The younger Pillar Man let out a small gasp and corrected himself. "Lord Kars this is most absurd." He said.

'She is good! She's just proven herself to be a better gambler than I can ever dream of being!' Joseph thought. 'Lisa Lisa is just too cool!' Lily thought with a huge smile on her face.

Then Kars let out a small chuckle. "No doubt, you do have pluck. Very well, then we will battle for the Stone. But don't get have no tomorrow." He said. And just like that Lisa Lisa had used only mere words to turn a dire situation into more or less even odds. But so be it. If this is how things well play, then let's play! "Let's do this!" Joseph and Lily shouted in unison.

"And so now, we need to arrange a time and place for our battle." Kars said as he turned to his young subordinate and asked, "Wamuu, what are your thoughts?"

"We fight tonight. Under the gaze of the full moon. The area at the base of Piz Bernina fifteen kilometres to the southeast. We will meet at the Skeleton Heel Stone circle there. Many warriors have found death, glory or both throughout the history of that place." Wamuu said.

"In a stone circle?" Lisa Lisa questioned.

"How very fitting for you..." Lily muttered bitterly.

"How very fitting for you..." Lily muttered bitterly. "Hey! You can't just chose a place because it happens to suit you!" Joseph shouted at them. Regardless, there was no room for an argument and Kars turned back to Wamuu with a smirk. 

"Yes Wamuu, I believe that to be a fine choice. Now speak of the Red Stone. JoJo! You will bring the Red Stone of Aja to the Skeleton Heel at midnight tonight and don't forget to remove the bomb. Lily! You will go to neutralise the bomb in the ice maiden's body and bring her back to me in pristine condition. The woman will remain here with us as insurance." Kars said as he turned around and left the room in a shower of light. His subordinates following him. Ume disappeared in a whirlpool of water and Wamuu vanished with a gust of wind, but not before giving a hard stare at Joseph. The game was set.

With them gone, they were free to talk. Joseph turned to his teacher and asked, "Well Lisa Lisa?"

"They want to make sure that we don't run away from the fight. It is a reasonable request. JoJo, go and fetch us the Red Stone. Lily, go and neutralise the Hamon within Phoebe. It's very easy to do so and I know you can do it." She said, shocking her students. The part about the bomb on the Red Stone of Aja might have been a bluff, but she was serious about the Hamon bomb with their friend?! "You two mustn't worry about me." Lisa Lisa said.

Lily was shocked that her beloved teacher had actually put a ticking time bomb inside her best friend, but Joseph remained calm and said, "Would we? We'll see you back at the area. Trust us alright?" She gave her male student a small smile and said, "I assure you I do."

Joseph held onto Lily's wrist as he tried to pull her back to the main foyer, but Lily didn't budge. She needed to know. She had to know the truth. "Lisa Lisa. Please tell me you were making that up. Tell me Phoebe doesn't have a bomb inside of her." She said. Lisa Lisa didn't answer for a moment. She took a deep breath to calm herself before saying, "She does. I've placed that bomb inside her a week after she arrived to the island."

"Why?! Why would you-!?" Lily said as she tried to get to her but Joseph held her back. "Lily calmed down." He told the blonde-haired girl. "It's because..." Lisa Lisa began before turning her head to look at Lily. "I had made a promise to her."

After that, Joseph managed to drag Lily back to the foyer and bring Caesar, Phoebe and Meshina back to the cabin they were staying in. Lily carried Phoebe and Caesar on their back while Joseph carried Meshina on his back. The walk back the the cabin it was dead silent between them...but what could they possibly say? Surely nothing will be capable in lighten up the mood. Lily looked over at Joseph and saw that serious, yet guilt look on his face. "JoJo? Are you okay?" She asked.

"Until yesterday, I lived my life thinking only about myself. there's a new, intense feeling burning up inside of me. Is this compassion?" Joseph asked, mainly to himself. "JoJo..." "I swear, I just want to destroy those bastards and all their line! I have to do it! For Caesar, Phoebe and Meshina too! Lisa Lisa, for you Lily and for everyone else I know! I'll fight for you all!" Joseph vowed. He promised himself he would not lose. He promised to protect all those he cared for with all his strength. Lily was left in awe at him.

After making back at the inn and putting Caesar and the others to get some rest and to have their wounds treated. JoJo left to go find the stone while Lily stayed with Phoebe and focused her senses to find the bomb. It was located directly in her heart. Lily was nervous about this. She had never done something like this before and she was scared that she might mess up. But Lily had to try. She placed her hands above her chest and used her Hamon on the bomb. It gave off a bright golden glow for a few moments before fading. She doubled check to make sure and gave a sigh of relief. The bomb was neutralised and gone.

Lily held Phoebe's hand and gripped it tight. She shoulders shook as tears fell from her eyes. "We're going to win Phoebe. We're going to beat those freaks and make sure they'll never hurt anyone again. I don't care what you are...because no matter what...We're always going to be...*hic* friends!"

Meanwhile, Joseph search searches through Lisa Lisa's luggage and quickly finds the Red Stone of Aja resting upon a blouse. He check it over and was relieved that there was no bomb in sight. He let out a laugh as he knew that Lisa Lisa had pulled the wool over his eyes and took the stone in his hands. "Lisa Lisa, even when you're under pressure, you are one deceptive young woman." Joseph said. Before turning his attention back to her luggage.

"Well now, maybe I should bring you a change of panties in case you get scared." Joseph said while laughing mischievously to himself as he began to look through her belongings. During his little raid, he accidentally dropped a book-style shaped photo frame. When he looked down, he instantly saw a photograph of someone very familiar. "What? It's Granny Viola!" He shouted as he picked up the frame. "What would Lisa Lisa be doing with this?" He asked himself as his emerald eyes went over to the next photo on the left side.

"Who are these people?" So far the only person he recognised was his grandmother Viola who looked considerably younger than she appears now and was sitting on a chair. But he didn't recognised the other woman or the two men with her. The woman behind Viola with her hands on her shoulders. Viola held her hand while the man beside her held hers. The second man was standing beside the other woman holding onto a baby. Who were these other people?

That's when he spotted the date the upper left corner. "May 22, 1889. Fifty years ago. Then those young people are..." He took a closer look at their faces. "Speedwagon! And Great-aunt Erina! And that's Straizo holding a baby!" As the questions began filling his head, Joseph realised that he knew nothing about Lisa Lisa's past, the live she lead or the people she's known. And why Lisa Lisa would have these photos. A knock at the door came and Lily opened the door. "JoJo, we should get going." She said. "Right." He said.

Mere minutes after they left the cabin, waking up in a jolt in his room, a pair of green eyes stared at the room he was in and briefly wondered where he was. Only when he thought of something else more important had he forced his aching body to move and get to the door. "Phoebe...." Caesar called out.



Chapter Text

"That's why you should take extreme caution whenever you're around other people. You'll only be filled with regret and guilt.  Please believe us, we want you to live a normal life with love and warmth. Promise me dear?"

"I promise father..."

"I can trust you. If anything happens to me, please take care of my son."

"I promise..."

"Phoebe... You.... you are-?!"

"I'm so sorry! I never want you to see me like this...!"

"What do you want me to do...?"

"Promise me....if I start to lose control and attack any innocent people... Then Lisa Lisa... I want you to kill me."

Phoebe's ocean-blue eyes slowly opened and her vision was blurry and couldn't make out her surroundings. She had to blink a few times before her eyes cleared up. It looks like she was back at the cabin and since she was awake. That meant...she didn't die. Phoebe didn't know if she should should calling a blessing or a sick joke. How could she still be alive? Someone like her didn't need to exist in this world. She struggled a bit, but she pulled herself into a sitting position as she tried to remember what happened.

The she felt something gripping on her hand. She turned and nearly gasp in shock to see Caesar there right beside her. He laid his head on her bed and held her hand as he sat on his knees. Phoebe felt her heart go and mangled itself. It swelled as if filled with love that Caesar was by her side, but it also twisted in grief that he was here. Why can't he just forget his feelings for her? Caesar deserves someone much better than her. Someone who is actually human and not a blood-sucking monster?

While Caesar didn't know this yet, but when she ran away from the orphanage, it was on one night where she had nearly bit into Caesar's neck while he was sleeping. Phoebe hoped to get as far away from human civilisation as possible so she wouldn't do something she'll regret. Eventually she heard rumours about an island off the coast of Venice and decided that would be the best place to be since it would far from other humans.

Unfortunately it wasn't as abandon as she would have wanted. Instead she met Meshina, Loggs, Mario Zeppeli and Lisa Lisa. Lisa Lisa had sensed the potential she had in the way of Hamon and decided to take her in and train her. It was only about three years until the truth came out. When a couple of thieves tried to mug Mario, Phoebe had just...reacted and froze them on the spot. Fortunately, she had quickly called back her ice and Mario swept her up, running away before anyone would noticed. Mario didn't say anything about what happened until later that night when Lisa Lisa caught her feeding upon a rat, draining it of its blood.

It was then that she told them all about her heritage and how much she hated herself for being a monster. And when she made Lisa Lisa promise to kill her if she ever lose control of her humanity.

Phoebe gazed sadly at the young Italian man and ran her fingers through his hair. Thinking about about how big of an idiot he was when he was brought out of his sleep. He opened his eyes and quickly shot up when he saw that Phoebe had awoken. "Caesar, are you-?" Before she could finish that sentence, Caesar sprang up and wrapped his arms around her. Bringing her close to him in a tight embrace. "Thank God! Thank God you're okay...I was so worried about you." Caesar said as he held her in his arms.

He pulled away and held her face in his hands, taking a good look at her. "How do you feel? Does anything hurt?" He asked.


"Don't worry, I bet that JoJo and the others must've brought us here. Once we're both healed up we should go back and help them." Caesar said as he looked around the room.


"But until then, I am not leaving your side Phoebe. I'm staying right here." He said as he placed his hand on top of hers. Phoebe shut her eyes and pulled herself away from him. As if his warm touch had burned her frozen skin. "Caesar, please stop! Stop treating me like a normal person when you know full that I'm not." Phoebe said, curling up to a ball and wrapping her arms around herself. "You saw what I did. What I was capable of... So please, don't treat me like I'm just like you."

Caesar was silent when she spoke and took a seat on her bed. He stared at her with focused eyes as he reached up and grabbed hold of her hand. She tried to take her hand back but he held on tight. "What are you-?" He placed her hand on his chest, where she felt his heartbeat pulsing through. He then reached over to her and felt her heartbeat. "It beats just like mine." He moved his hand to touch her ear. "You have two ears like me." He stared into her eyes. "You have two eyes like me." He took her hand and gave a gentle kiss on the back. "And you have two hands like me..."

Caesar gave her a loving smile and said, "In my're a human through and through." Caesar scooted closer till he sat right in front of her and leaned his forehead against hers. Phoebe blushed deep red at how close Caesar was. She shut her eyes as she tried to keep the tears that were forming in her eyes from falling. She felt Caesar's hand underneath her chin, raising her head just slightly.

She opened her eyes and became bright red as Caesar leaned in close to kiss her. Phoebe turned her head and push to him away. "Caesar...please, stop this. I'm not the fit for you. I can't be the one for you. There's thousands of other woman in the world, surly you can find someone else can't you? I'm scared that I might hurt you...! I can barely control my blood thirst and I can't bare the thought of it!" This is wrong. This type of relationship can never work out. Caesar holds a deep seeded grudge against the Pillar Man. Why would she be any different? Besides she kept this as a secret from him for so many years. How could he possibly love monster like her?

It was then that Caesar fully understood what she meant. Four years ago, when Phoebe pulled herself out from her depressive state, she explained that she wasn't kidnapped, but instead had ran away and had just met his father along the way. She had ran away for his and Lily's safety. However.... "......" Caesar whispered. Phoebe looked up at him in confusion. "What?" She asked. ".....No one else." He said a little louder this time. "C-could you repeat that? I didn't hear-." Phoebe started to say before gripped her shoulders and told her with pride and assertiveness, "There is no one else!! There's no one in this world that could make me feel the way you do! You're the one I want, no one else will do for me!"

"Caesar-!" "Phoebe, I love you! You can try to change my mind and push me away but it won't work. Because I am never losing you again. I made that mistake ten years ago, and I won't do that now." Caesar told her. He was serious. Regardless of what he saw, the woman in front of him was still that same little girl he met so long ago. The same girl that he had fallen so deeply in love with and he would do whatever it takes to show her that. Phoebe couldn't stop the tears from flowing this time and sat there crying as Caesar brought her in for a hug.

"Phoebe...I don't care if you're some kind of Vampire or a Pillar Woman or not. Because the girl I have known throughout my life wasn't a fake. I know that you wanted to defeat the Pillar Men just as much as any of us. That's why you've chosen to fight, right?" Caesar asked. He felt her nod. He then smiled and gently stroked her hair. "Then there's no reason for you to be scared about loving me. I love you and I accept all of you. So please, won't you give it a chance?"

Phoebe clutched onto his shirt as she continued to cry. "Are you sure you're okay with this? Are you sure I'm the one you want to be with?" She asked. "I wouldn't have bothered to ask you to marry me if I wasn't." Caesar said, pulling away and wiped away her tears. Phoebe took a deep breath as she tried to calm herself down. "Caesar... I really do love you and I would give anything for the chance of being with you." Phoebe tells him. How did she end up with such a stubborn man?

Even after all this time, he hasn't given up on her. He didn't quit and kept on staying right by her side. She didn't deserve a man like him...but she couldn't see herself be with anyone else. She loved him. She should've just told him the truth. Phoebe held his hand as she begins to spread a small smile. Maybe...she can learned to see herself in the same light that Caesar was seeing her in. Maybe, with time, she can learn to accept herself as well. "I want a chance." She said. She wanted to be with him. Caesar felt his heart swelled with happiness and the two gave each other a loving embrace.

Phoebe had wrapped her arms around Caesar's neck so she was able to see the healing puncture wounds he had on the side. Phoebe suddenly felt guilty about that and said, "I'm sorry for biting into your neck like that." Caesar's eyes widened slightly and pulled away to touch his wound. He slowly turned paled and wondered what was going to happen to him. "About that... What's going to happen to me? Am I going to be a Vampire!?" Caesar said, freaking out a bit. Phoebe tried not laugh at his expression. He looked adorable. "No, no, no! That's not going to happen! I gave back blood to it you, not taken it!" She quickly said. "Huh?" Caesar went.

"My fangs can be used as syringes if I wanted them to be. When you were bust with Wamuu, I drank up as much of your blood as I could so that I could bite into you and put your lost blood back into your body. I also transferred a small portion of my Hamon to you as well." Phoebe explained to him. Caesar took a moment to process all that. His memory was a bit hazy at that moment, but he thought he could see Phoebe reaching out to him and pushing him out of the way from the falling debris. While what happened broke tradition, Caesar knew that he would break a thousand traditions if it meant he can be with her.

"Oh... I see." Caesar said, letting out a sigh of relief. He wasn't sure how he'd react if he had become a Vampire. He was sure it would feel weird. Caesar then moved to sit beside her and held her hand. Caesar still held a smile on his face as he turned to look at his beloved sunflower. "Phoebe. I love know that, right?" He asked. She nodded. "Yes. I love you too." She said as turned to face him. "Then after this is all over...will you marry me?" Caesar asked. And this time... "Yes, I will." Phoebe said as she closed her eyes. Caesar slowly closed his and leaned in, giving her a passionate kiss.

Funny. If one were to do a deeper investigation, they would see that history had repeated itself. Only this time, the couple might find themselves in a happier ending. Phoebe's ancestors, her family's hidden past...from what she knows from it, sounded like a tragic fairytale. But it was anything but fiction.

It was a fairytale that started 2000 years ago.

Once upon a time, there was a young man and a young woman who were born and grew up in two completely different worlds. The young man lived in a world of darkness and ice while the woman grew up with the sun and warmth. The man, along with his fellow men, had been around a long, long time. Only ever knowing about five things; The moon, the darkness, fighting, power and wanting so much more. He wasn't as enthusiastic about that as much as his fellow men, but he lacked the proper motivation to say otherwise, so he only went along with their plans.

Even way before, the man had no motivation to do much of anything rather than follow the status quo and he had always felt somewhat incomplete. He would always prefer to be alone, only ever going with his men when they needed him to do something. Even with his men at his side, the man never really saw them as mutual comrades but rather a group of people that he had no other choice but to follow.

Meanwhile the woman, while she was happy and content with her life, felt that she could be and do much more. She had a good parents, had great friends, and felt safe within her clan...but she felt that she might be a burden on them. Almost everyone in the clan had a great talent in combat, she failed in that type of skill. She had no talent as a fighter and she believe that she was the weakest in her clan despite them saying that it was nothing to feel ashamed. As much as they tried to help, the woman felt like an outcast.

These two people born in different worlds should never been able to meet. And yet, during one fateful night...they did. The woman had gone off into the forest to gather berries and medical herbs. She only intended to be gone for an hour. She never believed that going into those woods would change her life forever. She walking down a path when she slipped on a loose patch of dirt and fell down the hill side. It wasn't a very deep drop but it was enough to sprain her ankle. Her contents of her basket had spilled all over the ground. The woman was scared. She was far from home and she was stuck in the middle of the forest with a sprain ankle.

Suddenly the sound of a branch snapped caught her attention and woman tried to crawl away from the unseen terror. She could hear her heart pounding in her ears as she became overwhelmed with fear. Was it a wild animal? A bandit? A monster?! She soon got her answer when a man appeared before her. From there, the two fell into silence as they stared at each other. The woman stared at the man before her. He was tall, muscular, pale skin, had long ice-blue hair and eyes bluer than the ocean...and he was so unearthly beautiful.

The man stared at her with mild interest. She was fair skinned, had long jet black hair and brown eyes with freckles decorating her face. She looked pretty. His eyes trailed down her ankle and saw a bright red mark. He then asked, "Are you well?" The woman jumped a bit at his voice but answered him. "Y-yes. But...I've injured my ankle. I'm okay, I just need to get back to my home." She said as she tried to stand up only to fall back down and cried out in pain as she gripped her ankle. She jumped again when she felt a pair of hands on her. She looked up and saw the man inspecting her wound.

"Uh...I-I..." She stuttered. The man glanced at her. "Yes?" He asked. The woman felt like hitting herself for that. She hesitated a bit before deciding to introducing herself. " name is Aurora. May I know your name?" She asked with a timid voice. The Man looked at her before turning his attention back to her ankle. "Tundra." He said. Then he began to sent in cool air onto her ankle, greatly surprising her. "What-?"

"You're hurt. This will help dull the pain until you get it treated." He said. Aurora felt her face grew warm as after Tundra finished cooling her injury, he helped picked up her berries and herbs before picking her up in his arms and began to carry her out of the forest. Aurora stayed perfectly still as this strange, beautiful man carried her in his strong arms. Eventually they made it out from the forest and were in view of a village. "Where do you call home?" Tundra asked. "Oh, over there. By the stone pillars." Aurora said as she pointed to a small hut. Tundra nodded before walking over and setting her down just a few feet away from the hut.

Without saying another word, Tundra turned and began to walk away. But then, "Wait!" Aurora called out to him, making Tundra halt in his steps. He turned to face her and she become quiet now. Oh why did she call out like that? She stammered out her next words while trying not make a fool of herself. "Uh...Th-thank you for helping me. When...when I healed up, I like to see you again. So please...m-meet me by the waterfall." She said. Tundra simply looked at her before walking away without giving a response and walked back to the others.

"Hm. Heh, there you are Tundra. Where have you gone this time?" Esidisi asked his ice-wielding friend. He was relaxing in one of the many ruins of this land. "No where special." Tundra tells him as he sat down next to him. Esidisi just gave a chuckle at him. "You are a strange one Tundra." He said. Tundra looked around and saw that they were missing three of their little "family". "Where are Kars and the others?" Tundra asked.

"Kars decided to train Wamuu a bit more. Apparently, there's a clan that might be considered a threat to us. The other one went off to fetch something to eat." Esidisi said, rather dismissively. "Hmm. I see."

For two weeks, Aurora couldn't stop thinking about that kind man who helped her that night. Her ankle was finally healed wanted to thank him but didn't know how. So she decided to bake a nice, fresh bread filled with berries. She hoped he would enjoy it. Aurora packed the break into a small cloth and went into the forest till she reached the waterfall. She sat down near the base of the waterfall in a shaded area and waited for Tundra to arrive. She waited. And waited. And waited. The sun was setting in the horizon and Aurora was beginning to wonder if she was ever to see him again. Then from the corner of her eye, she saw him.

"I apologise for making you wait so long. I had urgent business to attend to." Tundra said. She smiled brightly and ran up to him. "It's you! I was worried that I wouldn't get the chance to thank you." She said. Tundra tilted his head in confusion. "Thank me?" He asked. Aurora nodded. "Of course. You did help me and I wanted to thank you for doing that for me. Oh, I made this for you." Aurora said as she handed him the bread. It was still a little warm.

Tundra looked at the food with a slight bit of confusion. He hadn't seen anything like this before. "What is it?" He asked. "Huh? It's bread backed with berries. Haven't you eaten anything like before?" She said to him. Tundra took the bread and began to get even more confused. Aurora couldn't help but laugh at him. She took a small piece from it and said, "It's quite satisfying." Before eating the piece.

Tundra tilted his head once more and looked at the bread in his hand. He brought it up to his mouth and took a bite. For the first time in his long existence, Tundra's eyes lit up. It was delicious! Aurora stood there smiling as she watched Tundra devour the bread in seconds. She could tell that he was very happy even though his face didn't show it completely.

From that moment on, Tundra and Aurora would meet each other in secret after the sun went down almost everyday simply enjoyed each others company. Talking about whatever came to mind. The lives they lead, their families, anything really. Being with Aurora, made Tundra feel all new emotions he never believed existed. They were growing more attached for one another. Kars knew that he had been going off longer than normal, but he thought nothing of it.

He began to feel so much more happier and free than he had ever been. He would always feel the happiest whenever Aurora was by his side. She began to teach him so many things about the world and he found himself being ever so curious about everything. Through him, Aurora gained more confidence in herself and learned how to speak up for herself more. Through her, Tundra learned how to laugh, smile, cry, be angry, be so to be jealous. While he was waiting for Aurora as usual, he caught the scent of another man around mixed with hers and he went to investigate.

His eyes widened when he saw Aurora speaking with another man. She looked to be sad. Tundra hid behind a tree and listened in. "Forgive me. But you're a traveling merchant, I cannot leave my family behind." Aurora tells the man. Tundra's heart pulsated when he saw the man reaching to hold her hands. "Please Aurora, I've fallen for you. Come with me and be my wife." The man begged. Tundra gripped hard at the tree and it slowly cracked from the pressure. Ice began to form around his feet. "I can't. My family needs me." Aurora told him as she tried to free her hands, but he wouldn't let her go. "Aurora, please be with me! We can see the world together!" He said as he tried to drag her away.

"No! Unhand me! I do not wish to go with you!" Aurora shouted. "Don't be like that!" He yelled at her. "NO!" She screamed. That was enough. Tundra wasn't going to allow this pathetic human run off with her. Before Aurora or the man could say or do anything else, the air around them began to grow colder and ice began to freeze over the green grass. The ice went around Aurora while it froze the man in the spot. "Wha-....what is this?!" The man shouted. A large arm came around and pulled Aurora against a strong chest. "Don't you dare touch her." Tundra said menacingly as he glared at the much smaller man.

"Tundra?" Aurora said.

"Who...what are you?!" The man said, his voice filled with terror. Tundra glared at him as he said, "Don't you dare touch what is mine. Now leave this place, and don't ever returned here again." He snapped his fingers and the man had bolted out of the forest. Never to be seen again. When things had calmed down. Tundra felt so ashamed. What was he thinking? Had he made Aurora afraid of him? What had possessed him to say those ridiculous things?

But Aurora wasn't afraid of him. She was caught by surprised, but she was find now. She timidly asked on how he did that, and Tundra told her everything. How he wasn't human and that he had been alive for so long he couldn't remember how long it has been. He explained that he always had control over ice and how it often triggers with his emotions. Which he didn't think it was possible until he met her. Tundra sighed and confessed to Aurora that he was in love with her. And thank her for teaching him how to be human. Aurora blushed a bit and was silent before confessing that she had fallen for him as well. With no other words to be said, the two shared a kiss.

They began to see each other more frequently and the love they felt for each other was only getting stronger. Tundra wanted to be with Aurora, but he was scared that her clan wouldn't accept a creature like him. Aurora felt the same way. She wanted to be with Tundra forever, no matter what. Before she didn't want to leave her family behind, but in the case of someone like Tundra she'll make an exception. Tundra never felt this strongly towards another being and he wanted to claim her as his. And he knew just how to do that. One night, he had taken one of the stone masks that Kars had created and took it back with in into the forest. Unfortunately, Kars saw this and decided it was time to follow him.

He followed to the waterfall and hid in the darkness. Kars wasn't sure if he should be upset or amused to find Tundra wasting his time with a human woman. Tundra took her hand and ran off in another direction, but Kars didn't follow him this time. He'll allow him a little fun, after all this was a fleeting emotion was it not. Kars was confident that this will end very shortly. Kars went back to the others as Tundra and Aurora spend the night at a cave. Where Tundra placed the mask over Aurora's face, and activated it. Once the transformation was completed, Tundra and Aurora spend the remainder of the night in pure bliss. However, all good things must come to an end.

Kars and told them that he and Esidisi have found the perfect Red Stone that was in possession of the emperor of Rome but the only way to get was to slaughter and devour the clan of Hamon Warriors first. Kars had shown them where they were located and Tundra's heart stopped. It was the village were Aurora was from.

He knew that Kars wouldn't dare to leave a single individual alive. It was at this moment that Tundra knew that was going to betray Kars. On the night of the attack, Tundra arrived at the village first, ignore the odd stares of the other clan members and went straight to Aurora. He told her to run away from the village and get her family to safety. 

Aurora was confused and wondered what had caused so much fear in her beloved. Tundra couldn't even explain to what was about to happen when the sounds of shouts, screams and broken bones filled the air. Tundra told her once again to run away and told her how much he loved her. He gave her a final kiss before running towards the carnage. It was a bloodbath. The Hamon warriors were slaughtered left and right. Tundra tried to save a few but they only saw him as one of the invaders and attacked him as well. Tundra was then confronted by Kars and the others, and Kars demanded to know what exactly Tundra was doing. The ice-wielder only glared at his former comrades and quickly trapped them in a block of ice.

Tundra couldn't allow them to get the stone, so he ran towards the emperor's palace and quickly informed the emperor about the invasion and who exactly they were dealing with. He told him that normal weapons weren't enough and that the Hamon clan were being killed. Even if he were to assist them, Tundra knew that they would all perish. Tundra told the emperor to take the stone and run away as far as he can. But the emperor wasn't sure if he could even trust this strange man. How would he know that he was worthy of being trusted. That's when Aurora came out of nowhere and spoke on Tundra's behalf. With the invaders inching closer, the emperor was hesitate in giving away his most cherished possession, but he could not allow it to fall in the enemy's hand. He entrusted the stone to Aurora and ordered her to escape.

Aurora and Tundra gave each other one final embrace, gave a sorrowful kiss and she ran away without ever looking back.

By the time the massacre was coming to an end, all of the Hamon warriors and the emperor were either killed or devoured, and Tundra kneeled before Kars. Beaten and broken. "Where is the stone?" Kars asked. His anger was evident in his voice. Tundra didn't answer. "ANSWER ME!" Kars shouted as he stabbed Tundra through the stomach with his bone blade. Tundra coughed up blood. He stared up at his former friend and gave a smirk. "That is the one thing I would never tell. It's gone and out of your reach. You'll never have it. You will never reached perfection you vile demon."

Kars grit his teeth in pure rage and murdered Tundra right there and then. Even at this point, Tundra held no regrets and died with a smirk on his lips. His only wishes was for Aurora to live a long life with the child they created and for the Hamon warriors to be reborn and put an end to Kars for good.

Chapter Text

On the same night where she was pushed into that police car after threatening her former family, Lily broke out from her holding cell and escaped. In her blind rage, Lily couldn't remember where her former family had lived in and simply stalked the streets. Getting into one fight to the next with nearly anyone who even looked at her the wrong way. At some point, Lily took refuge on a boat and fell asleep on the lower docks. When she woke up, Lily found herself at a large island. Turns out the boat she choose to sleep in was a delivering boat. Lily took one look at the large building and knew that a place like this, should have a lot of money or at least something valuable to steal.

Lily snuck out of the boat and made her way inside. She stopped at a courtyard and muttered out a curse. She didn't know where to even begin, the layout was gigantic and she didn't know which room to start stealing. Before Lily could take a step further, Loggs suddenly came in and grabbed her from the back of her shirt. He demanded to know who she was and what she was doing here. Lily surprised him when she swung her leg back and strike him underneath his jaw. Lily got out from his hold and ran off. She didn't get too far as she bumped into someone else.

She landed hard on the ground and looked up at the person who she had bumped into. Ready rip their face off. Standing above her, a beautiful, young woman stared at her with eyes mixed with curiosity and sympathy. In Lisa Lisa eyes, she was a rabid, wild animal in human form. Lily glared daggers at the woman with malice. In one swift action, Lily sprang up to attack the her but Lisa Lisa fell to her knees and pulled Lily into a sweet, comforting embrace. Lily was shellshocked as she sat there while Lisa Lisa held her close and said, "That's enough. It's alright... don't let rage rule your life."

The full moon shone bright captivating the arena in its soft light. With their hundred vampire army below them, Kars, Wamuu and Ume stood on top of the high beams of the broken ruins with Lisa Lisa below them. All were waiting patiently for Joseph and Lily to bring back the stone and Tundra's descendent. Fortunately for them, they didn't have to wait any longer as the two Hamon users arrived just in time. Joseph showed them the Red Stone of Aja, and to prove it was the real thing, he lit up a match and held it up to the stone.

Just like when Lisa Lisa had demonstrated before, the stone unleashed a powerful beam into the sky. Wamuu, Kars and Ume jumped down from the beam and were pleased with the stone being real and not a fake. "It's genuine and what of Tundra's descendent?" Kars asked Lily. The cobalt-eyed girl glared at him. "If you're talking about Phoebe, I've taken care of the bomb." She told him bitterly. Kars narrowed his eyes at her. He told her to bring her back to him but he shouldn't mind it all that much. He didn't think it mattered, after all once he obtained perfection he'll get her himself and the offsprings she'll give him will be converted in his image.

"Very well. We accept your proposal. We honour you by fighting one-on-one." Kars announced. Ume and Lily sent daggers at each other. Both making a vow to either break the many bones in their bodies or kill the other slow and painful. 'That bitch is so dead..!' They thought. Lisa Lisa gave a curt nod before walking towards her students. Joseph handed her the stone...along with the picture frame, catching her off guard and confusing Lily. "What's that?" She asked.

Lisa Lisa held up the frame and gave a half smile. "I supposed this means you saw the photos and you like to talk about it right?" Lisa Lisa said to Joseph. "Actually, I had intended to discuss with this with you anyway."

"Start with who you are." Joseph said with all seriousness in his voice, confusing Lily even more. She had no idea what was going on, but she decided to remain quiet and listen in. Lisa Lisa lowered her head as she held the photographs close to her. To this very day, Lisa Lisa will never forget the story that was told her to her. The story about what happened on that boat and the people who she owed her very existence and survival too. Lisa Lisa knew that no matter what she did, she could never repay her debt to her.

"Fifty years ago now, Viola lost her beloved husband on a ship sailing the Atlantic. He was Jonathan Joestar, your grandfather. That horrible day your grandmother saved the life of a baby girl. That was me. I am the baby in that photograph." Lisa Lisa told him. Her words were slowly but surly registering in their minds. Once they settled in, Joseph and Lily were left in silent shock as they began calculating the numbers.

"Wh-wait a moment here, that was fifty years ago. So if you were a baby fifty years ago..." Joseph began as he counted the numbers and made the calculations in his head. "Holy crap..." Lily said as she stared back at her teacher in shock. "AH! Hold on now, just how old are you anyway?!" Joseph asked, just as shocked. "Y-y-you're fifty?!" Joseph staggered back at the whiplash the information gave him about Lisa Lisa. It was true. While Lisa Lisa appears to be young and beautiful, she was, in fact, fifty years old.

"Oh man..! If your fifty...that means're really old!" Joseph shouted. Lily snapped out of her shock and began curious. She walked closer to Lisa Lisa and sized her up. Taking her appearance in and looking at every detail. 'She's fifty but she's able to make herself this young with Hamon?' Lily thought. "Is that right? Normally... you like you're in your late twenties. Hmm." Joseph said as he began to inspect her appearance as well. He knew he shouldn't be all that surprised. His own grandmother was much older and she had her youthful appearance. But's kinda hard to comprehend.

"They that Hamon energy is life energy and keeps you young. I guess that explains that you really don't act like a young woman would behave at all." Joseph said as he took a closer look at her profile and decided to make a tiny joke on the subject. "Ah..! I think I see a little wrinkle back there. Yup!" He joked. Both Lisa Lisa and Lily gave him a look and the younger girl said, "Watch it JoJo. She can still kick your ass." "Hey I'm just kidding alright?" Joseph said.

"Vampires, prepare the arena. Light the fires!" Kars shouted as two vampire soldiers tossed two torches into the centre of the area where a huge flare of fire bursted out and lit up nearly the whole arena. Signalling the beginning of the one-on-one fights, the Vampires let out loud cries and shouts as they were anticipating the fights to come. Lisa Lisa tied the Red Stone of Aja around her neck and said to Joseph, "There is not enough time for us to talk now. But we do really need to find the time. Because our roots are deeply connected."

"Our roots?" Joseph asked in confusion. Lisa Lisa nodded. "The Stone Mask killed my parents. Viola was pregnant she rescued the little girl on the ship. And as much as she wanted to, Viola knew that she couldn't raise two children, so Straizo became a father to me." Lisa Lisa explained. This piece of information greatly shocked Joseph and Lily. Straizo, the first real threat they fought together, was Lisa Lisa's adopted father. "Straizo was a father?!" "Are you serious?!" They asked at the same time.

"Everything I know about Hamon, Straizo taught me. He even gave me the Red Stone of Aja." Lisa Lisa said.

"He did that?" Joseph asked. "Wow, this is all just so unbelievable and hard to accept."

"I-....I don't know what to make of all this..." Lily said as she hung her head as she tried to understand what she was hearing. All this sounded crazy and not easy to understand. But in her gut, Lily knew that was nothing but the truth. After all, this was coming from the woman who saved her and gave her a reason to live again. What purpose would she gain from lying?

"It's tragic beyond words that the fear of growing old drove him to commit such acts of madness. JoJo, my feelings about you defeating him are extremely complicated. But I believe that it was destiny." Lisa Lisa said as she handed back the photo frame back to Joseph. Without much thinking, he clutched onto the frames as he tried his hardest to understand his Hamon teacher.

'What is there to say? Everything. All of it. So complicated. What a bizarre relationship. Lisa Lisa... she carries with her a past painted by sadness.' Joseph thought. Lily looked up at him with sad eyes. She had no idea what was going on, or what she should even say or do in this situation. But the least she can do is try and be there for him. Her hand was slowly reaching its way towards Joseph's arm when Kars' voice caught their attention.

"You there, girl. It's time for your battle." Kars said as he and the others walked away. Lily let out a small 'hmph' before she and others followed them into the arena. The walked inside the circle and almost immediately Lily found Ume, standing with a smug smirk, standing near the bonfire. The two glared at each other and Lily was about to move when Joseph grabbed her wrist pulling her back to him. "Lily wait." He said. "What is it?" Lily asked.

"For luck." Joseph said as he gave a smile and leaned down to give her a soft kiss on the forehead. Lily fought off a blush, said 'thank you' and walked up to stand in the opposite side of Ume, stripping off her jacket and tilting her hat. Kars and Wamuu stood on the railing while Joseph and Lisa Lisa sat on the stoned seats. The Vampires stood on the other side of the arena. While neither Joseph or Lily didn't know it, but Wamuu had watched them. He couldn't help it, it was out of curiosity.

There was no need for introductions. The first fight for the stone, as well as the safety of humanity, will now began. The Hamon Brawler Lily Fawn versus The Pillar Woman Ume. Without wasting a second, Lily immediately started things up and made the first move. She slammed her fist into her palm, her Hamon flaring out and punches the ground, shaking the arena.

Ume grit her teeth and buried her feet into the ground. Lily bent her knees and sprinted towards the water woman. Lily threw in a few punches and several kicks, but Ume smirked as she easily dodged her attacks.

Ume then delivered a strong roundhouse kick that send Lily flying to the other arena, making a hard impact on the stone walls. She coughed up blood and landed back on the ground with a loud thud. "Lily!" Joseph called out, but Lisa Lisa quickly grabbed his shoulder and kept him in place.

Lily spat out some blood as she got back up on her feet. "It's going to take more than that to keep me down." She said. Ume spread a sadistic smirk and said, "Oh really...? Hehehe! Then let's find out shall we?!" Ume thrust out her hand and shoots a high-pressure stream of water at her opponent. Lily's eyes widened and quickly moved out of the way.

"No you don't!" Ume shouted as she continued to shoot streams of water at the blonde-haired girl, making it hard for her to get close. Rather smart on her part by keeping Lily at a fair distance, seeing as close-range combat was her strongest suite.

"Damn it..!" Lily shouted as she kept on dodging the highly pressurised water. With doing so much jumping around, Lily made a misstep and ending up getting hit by the water on her left side. "AAUGH!!" Lily screamed as she felt the skin and muscle being torn and ripped from her body. The water hit again and smacked her against the wall. Lily grit her teeth as she gripped at her side, getting onto her knees. Ume laughed sadistically as she stared at Lily writhing in pain. "You're aren't so tough once you're at a disadvantage are you?"

She was sure that she was going to win this easily. Kars will praise her once she manages to kill on of the Hamon users. No doubt he will praise her and see for himself that she is the one worthy of his attention. That she was the one worthy to bear him the offsprings he desired. All she needed to do was to kill this puny little girl. Lily charged her Hamon and placed her hand on her wounded side. Biting the inside of her cheek as she healed her wound. It was a rather painful experience.

Lily barely had enough time to react before Ume came at her with several water whips that were created from her own arms. Lily found a couple of stones and large rocks, and thought of a way to use them and get it close. Lily sprinted towards them and grabbed a handful of them.

"Eat this!" Lily shouted as she tossed three stones at towards Ume with great force. Ume's golden eyes narrowed at this pathetic excuse of an attack and used her whips to destroy them before they made contact with her. Lily ran along the side and continued throwing stones at her, trying to get on her blind side.

One stone avoided her whip and zipped right passed her left eye. That was her opening. Lily jumped into the air and struck Ume at the side of her head with a harsh kick. Lily also delivered a couple of solid punches on Ume's stomach. She then grabbed the Water Pillar Woman by the throat and smacking her headfirst to the ground. Lily had to react quickly and channeled her Hamon into her fists and was about to bash her fist right through her skull. But Ume wasn't going to give her that chance.

Ume moved her hand up and a water whip grabbed Lily's ankle and dragged her away. The whip flung her high up in the air and when Lily fell back to earth, she was instantly trapped inside a small water bubble. Lily's yells were muffled as she tried to break free from her watery prison, but Ume held up her hands and made the bubble even smaller and more dense to make sure that it wouldn't break so easily. Lily punched, kicked, and slammed her body against the bubble trying to break out.

While she had trained for something like this, but this was much more difficult than the oceans of Air Supplena Island. Ume was making the water more denser and completely sucking the air from the bubble. Lily's struggling was slowly started to weaken. Her vision was becoming blurry and all surrounding noise was becoming muffled. Lily was starting to drown. Her lungs were burning at this point and she needed to breathe! She can't let herself die like this! She kicked. She punched. She clawed. But no matter what she did, the bubble wasn't breaking.

"Lily!" A voice barely audible reached her ears. Lily's eyes glossed over to the two standing in the seats. She could see the worry and fear in their eyes as the large man struggled against the Hamon teacher, trying to get to her. Calling out her name and wanting to run to her side.

Soon adrenaline coursed through Lily's body as she looked outside of the bubble. Her eyes landing on Ume. Lily glared at her and she channeled her Hamon through her body. She was practically glowing with Hamon energy and with just one hit against the bubble's surface, Lily broke out from her prison and saving herself from drowning. She wholeheartedly welcomed the fresh air back into her lungs. "What!?" Ume shouted as Lily had gained enough strength to punch the ground once more.

This time it held a bit more force behind it and had created cracks on the ground and shook the whole arena. This was a bit more stronger and Ume was taken a bit off guard by this and was momentarily distracted. But it was long enough to give Lily the opportunity to strike back. "I'm done playing games!" Lily was not going to die here. Not in the way these Pillar Man wanted her too. She was a born fighter and a survivor, and this time, she was fighting to protect the only group of people who actually gave a damn about her in her lonely, miserable life!

Ume was strong, Lily could admit that, but she held one critical weakness. And she was going to use it against her. Lily sprang up to her feet and rushed towards Ume. Ume growled at her and created her water whips, launching them towards Lily. Lily quickly brought up her arms and created Hamon shields around her arms, blocking the whips and kept on running towards the water-wielding Pillar Woman.

"Don't think that killing me will prove anything, you're nothing compared to Kars! What makes you think you have a chance with him anyway!? It's pretty pathetic that he thinks that Phoebe is more of a perfect woman than a trampy like you!" Now that last part was something she made up on her part. She didn't know why Kars seemed to be so interested in her best friend, but she needed to say something to throw her off. After all, Ume kept on going on and on about her love for Kars and how he...just adores her.

That triggered Ume. Badly. All at once Ume's rage, anger and jealousy overwhelmed her. How dare Lily say that? Of course she has a chance. She earned a chance with her Kars. He was the one who turned her into one of them in the first place. He told her so many sweet words and made promises of power and strength, and a life where no one will dare defile her. "SHUT UP!" Ume shouted as shot out more water and threw her water whip at the young girl.

Lily jumped and dodged out of the way from the attacks. Ume was blinded by rage and couldn't fight with a clear head. Not with the thoughts of Kars never wanting her the same way of her wanting him, how she was too pathetic to be considered worthy compared to the ice maiden. Such thoughts drove her to insanity. Eventually, Lily got close and personal with Ume. Grabbing her by the neck, Lily punches her multiple times, punching her once more to knock her away while saying. "I'm not done with you yet!"

Lily charges at Ume and lands a straight punch to her face. A punch to the side of Ume face. Striking Ume's gut with her fist. Delivering an overhead punch to Ume's head. Then Lily an uppercut to Ume's jaw to knock her away, stunning her. Then her attack, Golden Lion Barrage, went into play. As she was attacking Ume, the Hamon energy in her fists, had transformed into giant lion heads, the golden colour shone in their manes. And with each contact made, the lions would sink their fangs into her flesh.

First, Lily delivers a barrage of punches to Ume's ribs and chest, breaking them one by one. Second, she delivers an uppercut to the jaw, smashing it and launching her upwards. Finally, Lily leaps towards the falling Ume and lands a final punch to her spine, breaking it. Once Lily felt Ume's spine break under her fist, she unleashed an overwhelming amount of Hamon into Ume's body.

Ume let out a scream as the Hamon course through her body as she dropped like a rock on the ground below Lily landed back on her feet, but felt so exhausted. She used a lot of her stamina and Hamon energy to perform an assault like that. But at the very least, she had managed to defeat her.

As Lily let out a breath of relief, her legs grew weak under her weight and nearly fell over. Still she glared at the Pillar Men and shouted as she walked towards them, "There you have it! I won-...Augh!" Lily was cut off when she felt something stabbing her back. She staggered and fell to the ground. Ume was barely clinging onto life as she stabbed her fingers into Lily's back and getting some of her blood.

"Lily!" Joseph shouted, jumping down from the stands and going towards the blonde-haired girl, grabbing her and pulling her away from the Pillar Woman. Lisa Lisa quickly ran over to them and checked over her young student's injury. It wasn't deep but, combined with her already exhausted form, it was enough to keep her down. At least for a little while. All Lisa Lisa cared about was her little student was still alive and breathing.

Ume had a twisted and malicious smile as she began to laugh like a maniac. She looked up at Kars with both undying love and desperation. "Master! Oh my dear Lord Kars! I haven't been beaten yet! I can still fight, I'll kill her for sure! Then...then you'll love me!! Right?!" She exclaimed. Her lower body was being reduced to ash and was slowly reaching the upper portion of her. She hoped that Kars would be impressed by her. That Kars would see her worth and forget out Phoebe. That he would chose her to be the bearer of his children.

However, it was all for not. Instead of staring at her with love and devotion, Ume shrink back in fear when Kars glared down at her with hate and malice. "No. It was the Hamon user who won this fight. You have lost...and you are no longer any use to me. Not anymore. Especially after what you did." Kars said. Ume's face turned pale as she began to think that Kars had found out about her little scheme. "Wh-what..? Lord Kars, I-!"

"Wamuu had told me everything. How dare you go against my orders. I had told you that I wanted Viper to test Tundra's descendent and when proven worthy, she would be brought to me. But you went and choose to defile me, attacked Viper and attempted to kill Tundra's descendent. You are worthless." Kars said. Walking towards Ume like a predator stalking its prey. Ume was shaking all over as tears swelled her eyes. This...this wasn't happening. This couldn't be happening. Kars...he wouldn't-! "Lord Kars, no! NO, PLEASE DON'T-!" Ume screamed and Kars stomped his foot on her. Crushing her head. Bit of bone, hair and brain matter spilled out and Hamon proceeded to consumed her. Ume was now dead.

With the deed done, Kars turned to the Hamon users and said, "It is time for your fight JoJo." Joseph stood up and narrowed his eyes at him while he held Lily close to him. Then, suddenly, a large tremor shook the very ground they stood. It felt like an earthquake. "Wh-what's that rumbling nose?" Joseph said as the other Vampires were also in sight confusion at what was going on. The noise was getting closer and closer...

"They have come. It was worth the wait, the battle can begin now." Kars said as his Vampire army let out loud cheers and shouts. The source of the noise was much closer now and they were able to see what was heading their way. "Huh?! What's that?!" Lisa Lisa shouted as the Vampire soldiers were either being tossed into the air or were trampled upon.

Horses. Four, large, well-build horses were charging towards the arena. Complete with armour and a small chariot built for one or three people. But there was something off about these horses. They each had a row of razor-sharp teeth. "Out of the way! I don't care how many of you get crushed!" One of the Vampires yelled out.

"What-?! What is that thing?!" Joseph asked in shock. Even though the Vampires were in control of the reins, the horses were much too wild and were fighting against them, they kept charging towards Kars and Wamuu. One of the Vampires gripped on the reins and tried to gain control, but it was proven futile. "Lord Kars! Lord Wamuu! Please move! They've gone berserk, I can't control them!" He shouted.

The remaining Pillar Men did not heed the Vampire's warning and Wamuu simply walked towards the horse-drawn chariot, stepping into its path. "LORD WAMUU PLEASE!!" The Vampire shouted, fearing that his master would be trampled to death. But Wamuu closed his eyes and once he felt the horses were close enough, snapped them open and gave a cold stare at the horses. It send a jolt through them and they stopped instantly right in front of Wamuu.

The horses relaxed and lowered their heads. Wamuu held one of the horses' head and said, "Ah, these are fine steeds." He said. Kars turned his attention to the others and told them, "The Stone Masks worked extremely well. They're now strong Vampires."

"Wha-?! Vampire horses!?" Joseph shouted. They used the Stone Masks on the horses! Was that even possible!? It would seem so...after all the results were literally in front of them. Kars walked towards Wamuu and pointed at the track. "On that track, JoJo and Wamuu will face each other one-on-one in a fierce, ancient-style chariot duel." He tells the Vampires who let out cries of approval. "What do you mean?" Joseph asked them.

"An ancient roman-style death match. You will battle, racing around the arena trying to kill each other. Lord Wamuu or JoJo? Who will be the first one to fall under the wheels or get beaten down by his opponent? The loser dies!"

"Those are the rules JoJo. The beasts have a 100x normal strength, even Lord Wamuu can barely control them."

"Hold it just a minute!" Joseph shouted at them. "I will fight you on any field or in any cage, but Vampires are your minions, even horses so how is that fair!?" Joseph asked. He has a good point. How would he know that the horses wouldn't attack him and tear his head off? Fortunately, if you can see it that way, Kars gave a little smirk and said to the dark-brown haired man, "Don't fret Human. The reins you use will conduct Hamon. Wamuu will use his superior strength and you can use your Hamon to control them."

Joseph's horses were practically baring their sharp teeth, drooling, and their red, crimson eyes were digging into his soul. Joseph was a little creep out by them, he was sure that they were going to eat him. "Are you sure about that? They look pretty vicious." Joseph shouted, trying to warn his teacher. But she gripped the reins and send her Hamon through them. Within seconds, the horses' eyes faded to a more normal colour and became more relaxed.

Chapter Text

Joseph's horses were practically baring their sharp teeth, drooling, and their red, crimson eyes were digging into his soul. Joseph was a little creep out by them, he was sure that they were going to eat him. "Are you sure about that? They look pretty vicious." Lisa Lisa then walked over to the horses and began to reach for the reins. "Be careful, they're mean!" Joseph shouted, trying to warn his teacher. But she gripped the reins and send her Hamon through them. Within seconds, the horses' eyes faded to a more normal colour and became more relaxed.

"That's true, but a little Hamon does help." She said to Joseph. The young man send a smile her way as the hundreds of Vampires began chanting Wamuu's name, already envisioning their master's victory over the human. "See Wamuu? He has chosen an ancient form for this battle, that's a sign he means to win. It's not for fun, he's not going into this for the sport of it. He wants to take your life." Kars said with a devilish smirk.

"Just beat him JoJo." Lisa Lisa said. "We have no choice but to win this. There are no draws." Now that he had accepted this battle, Joseph was not going to back down. Not that he could, he wasn't going to run. He was fighting to protect his loved ones. He was going to win. Simple as that. Joseph threw off his hat and took off his jacket, throwing them into the wind as he shouted, "Wamuu, hey!!" Joseph walked over to the Wind Master, who looked up at him.

Joseph continued as he held up the antidote. "Did you notice that I haven't taken this antidote yet? I made a promise to both Caesar and Phoebe that I wouldn't drink this until after I took you down." He said as he slipped the ring on his right pinky. "That promise is going to provide with a power I've never experienced before." Wamuu gave him a hard look. In a way, Wamuu understood him. For he too had made a promise to someone. Wamuu lifted his hand and gazed at the silver earring. Yes...he had made a promise to her. Though, he did not understand why he was caring so much for it.

Joseph reached into his pocket and pulled out Caesar's bandanna and held it up to his head. Though Caesar was back at the inn, resting, Joseph vowed to participate and win this battle for him. He had too. It was the very least he could for him after the cruel words he said to him. "We'll face this fight together, Caesar." Joseph said as he tied the bandanna around his head and got on the Vampire horse-drawn chariot. "Let's ride into battle!" He shouted as he whipped the reins.

Battle for the Red Stone of Aja has began. Even with one victory on their side, they knew that things will be any and everything but easy. They can't under or overestimate the Pillar Man. They had to remain sharp and keep their cool. The battle between Lily and Ume had been completed. was Joseph vs Wamuu, in a one-on-one chariot duel.

"The time is upon us." Kars announced, pointing at the full moon above which was about to be covered by the clouds. "When the full moon once again emerges from behind that cloud, the battle will begin!" The Vampire army went wild at his announcement. They let out shouts, cries and roars, basically bringing forth victory for their master as they chanted Wamuu's name. This greatly annoyed Joseph. "I wish they wouldn't make all that noise! Why is that the bad guys get all the fans?" He said.

"One lap is 960 meters. It takes approximately one minute for these beasts to complete a lap." Wamuu said as he began to explain the details of the chariot race are explained to Joseph. "Do you see that column over there? One each lap, a different weapon with hanging from it."

"Weapons?" Joseph asked as he saw the a Vampiric soldier climbing down to the centre with a warhammer on his back. "No. One weapon at a time. Which ever of us will capture that column before the other will then have the opportunity to wield the weapon." Wamuu told him. "Do you see the first one up there? It's a giant sledgehammer."

Joseph nearly paled when he stared at the warhammer. It was massive and he knew full well what will happen to him if Wamuu gets his hands on that. 'That thing could smash right through a chariot in one blow. If Wamuu is able to get his hands on it, my situation isn't just going to be bad, it could be terminal. But if I can get to it first, cover it with oil and fill it with Hamon then victory will be mine.' Joseph thought, already forming a plan in his mind.

"I am looking forward to an excellent, fulfilling from you JoJo. Get ready." Wamuu said. Joseph gulp down his rising nervousness. Although he and Wamuu are driving chariots, the race remains a battle to the death. "JoJo."  Lily called out to him. Joseph quickly turned to see her staggering towards his chariot, fixing her cowboy hat and holding onto her side. "Lily? What are you doing, are you okay?" Joseph asked her with concern in his voice. "I'm fine..." She said softly as she gazed up at him.

"What's wrong?" Joseph asked as he leaned over the chariot. Lily then blushed pink, but smiled, and said, "For luck." Lily reached up to wrapped her arms around Joseph and gave him a passionate kiss. Joseph was caught off guard for a minute and Lily pulled away before he got the chance to return it. Regardless, Joseph smiled at her and thanked her as he brushed away her bangs. Lily's blush deepens as she gives him one last look and goes back to where Lisa Lisa was. 

Once again, Wamuu had watched them with great curiosity. He picked up Viper's earring, stared at it. Viper's peaceful face before she died flashed before his eyes and, subconsciously, put it on his right ear. The moon disappears behind a cloud and its reappearance will signal the start of the race.

"The moon approaches the cloud's edge. When its light falls upon us, the contest begins!" Kars announced as everyone looks up at the sky. While everyone was waiting anxiously for the moon to reappear the sounds of rocks being thrown around and the two women turned to see that Joseph had stepped down from his chariot. "JoJo, what are you doing there? The race is about to start." Lisa Lisa said, curious and deeply concerned on why and what he was doing when the race was seconds away from starting.

"Heh!" Joseph laughed a bit. "I'm well-aware of that. The start will be the key and I sure don't want to mess that up. That's why I'm checking the rubble under my wheels." Joseph said as he begins to clear the start of pebbles. He then turns to look at Wamuu's way and points to his own wheel. "Look at that Wamuu. You've got quite a big pile under your buggy. Are you going to take care of it?" He asked the Ancient Warrior.

Wamuu let out a "humph" and gave a tiny smirk. Not moving to check his wheel as he was confident that Joseph was trying to distract him. Joseph then gave a rather cheeky smirk his way. The full moon was only ten seconds away from reappearing. "Hurry! Come on, get up there!" Lisa Lisa shouted as the moon's light began to shine its light halfway up the arena and Joseph was still throwing the rocks aside. Five seconds.

"JoJo!" Lily called out! Joseph successfully jumped into his chariot and gets into position at the very last second the moon reappears: the race begins.

"Begin now!" Kars shouted at them. Wamuu quickly stared things up when he whipped the reins to get the horses to run just as Joseph had done. The horses ran down the track and while Joseph rode off, Wamuu's chariot was abruptly halted. "What's this now!?" He asked as Joseph races down the track. "Lord Wamuu is having trouble! His chariot is just standing there!" A Vampire shouted. Upon closer inspection, everyone saw that Wamuu's chariot was obstructed with rubbles.

Wamuu growled in anger. "JoJo! He did this!"

"That cheeky little devil." Lisa Lisa said with a smile.

"Haha! Classic JoJo!" Lily laughed.

"You bastard! You piled them there while we turned our attention to watching the moon!" Kars yelled.

"You're nothing but a cheater!" "A rotten Human cheater!" The Vampires shouted at the emerald-eyed man. But Joseph wasn't bothered by their words and simply told them the only rule they ever announced about this whole race. "Ha! Show me in the handbook where it says I can't do something like that. All you told me was to lose means to die and that's the only rule in this fight. When it comes to my survival, I don't care who I offend! Beep beep!" Joseph said.

Wamuu whipped at the reins again and with a little extra strength the horses broke through the rubble barricade and Wamuu quickly made his way on the track. Within a few seconds, Wamuu was a few feet away from Joseph. However, Joseph was still a good distance away so he wasn't too worried as he was nearing close to the column.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes! I can't wait to have you in my grasp!" Joseph says as he charges towards the column and reaches for his weapon of choice. He grabs right out of the ring it was hanging from. "I've got cha, you're mine!" Joseph said, smiling to himself. But that smile was quickly dropped when he realised that he was going much a lot faster than he originally believed and the warhammer was slipping out from his hand. He was saved by blind luck when the hook from the end of the hammer was caught by the ring on his pinky. Joseph thanked his lucky stars.

Joseph retains his grip back on the hammer and smiles, thinking he might just win this yet! "Great! That was lucky! Now the fight is in the bag, I got this." Joseph says to himself. "You can have the hammer." Wamuu suddenly says that before chuckling. "That was my plan from the very beginning." Unfortunately, because of the distance between them, Joseph didn't hear these words.

Kars chuckled as well as he began to read into the situation his subordinate was in. "I see Wamuu has a plan in mind. Let me see it now, your fighting genius." He said. Joseph smeared half of the hammer's handle with oil and channeled his Hamon through it, smiling widely as he did so. "A little oil up here, add some Hamon..." Joseph said as he twirled it around as he glances behind him. "I got a little medicine for you right here Wamuu!"

However, as the chariot race goes on, Wamuu was suddenly reducing his speed. Making himself fall behind. Lily took noticed of this and asked, "Wamuu's starting to lose speed. What's he doing?" Why was Wamuu slowing down? Is he doing out there? Kars gave off a soft chuckle before answering Lily's question. "It's not a race. They are in a fight to the death. They keys to winning are tactics and strategy, the right weaponry. Control of the environment."

"Alright then, I'll just slow down and introduce him to my little friend here, the hammer." Joseph said as he pulled back the reins just a bit for him to slow down his chariot and get close to Wamuu. But that might be the biggest mistake Joseph could make in this moment. "JoJo! Listen, you mustn't slow down anymore!" Lisa Lisa yelled at him, trying to warn him of the impending danger.

"Since you're the one with the hammer, I'll just get something else." Wamuu said as he held out his arm. While it's true that Joseph took the hammer, Wamuu grabs hold of the actual pillar itself as his choice of weapon. Joseph, unfortunately, laughed confidently and didn't know what was coming to him until he looked back at the last second. "Hahahaha. So Wamuu, are you ready to see exactly what this thing can do? Then here we go! HUH!?" Joseph shouted as his eyes widened. Wamuu let out a shout as he held up the massive column over his head with the same Vampire who brought in the hammer still hanging on it.

"He sure plans ahead. Better than I do." Joseph said as he stares up at the column. "JoJo speed up!!" Lily shouted. "Hurry up! Go faster and get away from him JoJo!" Lisa Lisa shouted. Joseph turned back and grabbed hold of the railing, already preparing to get the horses to go faster when Wamuu shouted, "Too late!" and throws the column straight into Joseph's chariot, forcing him to fall down, breaking the column and killing the Vampire in one swift action. "So now, you will no longer have your chariot." Wamuu said.

Joseph fell upon the track painfully and practically skidded and tumbled down the path. His horses rode off and his weapon landing behind him. "No JoJo!" Lily shouted. Lisa Lisa quickly grabbed her wrist in an attempt to hold her back before she could do anything. However, she also did it to keep herself in control as Lisa Lisa was getting extremely worried for Joseph herself. "Down already. Things seemed to be over a bit early." Kars said with a smirk on his face.

Joseph groaned in pain as he tried to get back up as the sounds of rapid hoof prints were making their way close to him. Wamuu spread a smirk and said, "He might to rethink his plan." Joseph did get back on his feet but he was so dazed and disoriented. He must've taken a blow to the head. "JoJo!" The two woman called out. Wamuu charges towards the young man, threatening to crush Joseph or attack him should he evade from the sides. "The probability of him being trampled by my Vampire horses is 90%. The chance of him attempting to break left is 5% and breaking to the right is 5%. So now then, what is our little Human warrior going to do?"

"My hammer... Where is my hammer?!" Joseph shouted as he looks around for his weapon. Lisa Lisa and Lily looked at Joseph with fear and worry in their eyes. As much as they wanted to scream at him to jump out of the way of the oncoming chariot, they both knew that it would be suicidal. Joseph should not dodge. If he does then Wamuu will stop and kill him with his Divine Sandstorm. But what Joseph did next completely shook the audience. Joseph found his hammer, grabbed it and headed straight for Wamuu's chariot. This, by far, shock the whole Vampire army, even Kars himself, but Lisa Lisa and Lily were cheering on for the cunning trickster.

"Alright JoJo!" Lily happily exclaimed. "Well done JoJo, great thinking! That's exactly right!" Lisa Lisa said with a proud smile on her face. Joseph swung down his hammer with all his might and made contact. He struck the harness between the horses and as the horses ran off, Joseph used the hammer's force to launch himself into the sky! Successfully using the hammer as a pole to avoid getting trampled by Wamuu's horses and jumps one of the horse. "How was that?! Haha!" Joseph laughed as he stood on top of the horse's back. "Hahahaha! And now for that big hammer whack you've worked so hard to earn!"

But whatever Joseph had planned to do was stopped short when his eyes widened when he found that Wamuu had suddenly vanished into thin air from his chariot. "Wha....he's gone!" Joseph shouted. "Wh-where'd he go?!" Kars let out a laugh and said, "You can clearly see that Wamuu is a step ahead of his quarry."

As if to prove his point, a familiar hand was coming out from the horse's back and grabbed hold of Joseph's foot. The emerald-eyed young man broke into a cold sweat and quickly recognised the hand to be Wamuu's. "Augh! Wait, that's right! These fellas can hide themselves inside other creatures!" Joseph shouted as Wamuu tighten his grip on his foot.

The Vampire army let shouts and roars, urging for their master to devour him. However, Joseph was lucky to have avoid the attack that Wamuu would've, in no doubt, brought and slipped his foot clear out. leaving Wamuu gripping his boot. "Haha! That was close." Joseph said as jumped onto the back of the other horse. Wamuu tosses away the boot and Kars let out a harsh "Tch!" under his breath. Angered that Joseph had managed avoid him.

"I've got luck on my side! For example, the way the handle of that hammer got caught in my ring. Luck helps with defectiveness. Now let's take a look at your situation!" Joseph tells Wamuu. "Wammu, your own power has trapped you inside of that horse. That's not very lucky." Joseph smeared oil on the hammer's handle and charged up his Hamon through it, and raised it up over his head. "And here we go!! A little Hamon for you and the horse you rode in on!" He shouted as he brought the hammer down.

Kars smirked as he said, "You fool. You don't see the trap." Lisa Lisa and Lily caught that from the elder Pillar Man, the Hamon teacher shouting at her student, "Careful JoJo! You need to keep an arm's length from him!" Just Joseph was mere seconds from making contact, Wamuu pulled himself out of the horse's back till his upper body was exposed. Joseph was in range for his devastating attack.

"Now that Wamuu has merge with that horse, he's free to use his hands without worrying about vibrations or speed. Which means that," Kars said.

"No one has survived a direct hit by that attack! Caesar and Phoebe were barely able to!" Lisa Lisa shouted.

"JoJo get out of him!" Lily shouted.

"And now you will taste Divine Sandstorm!" Wamuu shouted. Just like with the others, Joseph was hit with a point-blank, direct attack from Wamuu and felt the harsh winds bore into his body. Joseph was launched into the air and as he lost some blood, ultimately, lands back on his chariot creating a huge dent.

The Vampire army roared out their cheer, seeing that Joseph had finally gotten what he deserved. They were confident that he wouldn't get up again. "JoJo!" Lily shouted as she made an attempt to jumped from where she was and run towards the track, but Lisa Lisa stopped her as she quickly grabbed her arms, holding her back. Though Lisa Lisa felt a sense of dread, fear and despair rising in her heart when she witness Joseph getting hit like that.

Kars held a smirk on his face and sat down. He snapped his fingers and a Vampire walked up and handed him a wine glass. "Even if it lasted only the distance of half a lap, it was a battle filled with many twists and surprises." He said as the same Vampire poured him some wine. "But in the end, Wamuu proved the superiority of both his thinking and his fighting prowess." Kars took a moment to take a sip of his wine before he continued. "I think the next battle is going to be quite a test of will. Truly it is not my preference to fight a woman. Wamuu dislikes it even more. Not withstanding all users of Hamon must be done away with."

Kars then pulled out two silver capsules and tossed them at their feet. "Drink that. It will provide a painless death." He said. Giving them a small, very small portion of mercy of providing a chance of escaping a horrific, painful death and avoiding feeling any further despair. However, as they had shown before, Lisa Lisa and Lily weren't going to back down so easily. Lisa Lisa send a smile his way and said, "Thanks. That's quite consider of you."

"But hate to break it to you scumbag, but JoJo's a whole lot less dead than you think!" Lily said with a wide smirk on her face. "Huh?!" Kars went. His expression was of one filled with pure shock and confusion. What was she talking about? One of the Vampires ran to him and pointed at the track. "Lord Kars! Look, out there in the arena!" He shouted.

Kars shifted his eyes towards the track. In a split second later, the wine glass fell from his hand and shattered on the ground. "IT CAN'T BE!" He yelled, quickly rising to his feet. On the track, Wamuu's arms were heavily damaged, hanging by a thread on his body. By the looks of it, it appeared that Hamon energy had been the cause of it. But the state of his arms weren't of Wamuu's concerns. His mind was on other matters. His was shellshocked. He couldn't believe. He couldn't even process at what happened. His ultimate technique had been beaten.

"Madness.... How could this have possibly happened to me..?" Wamuu asked himself.

"Haha! Yes!" Lily cheered as Lisa Lisa gave a simple chuckle. "What's wrong!?" Kars growled out. "What is happening to Wamuu out there!?" He demanded an answer. What in the hell happened to Wamuu out there?! When did this happen?! Then a few of the Vampires shouted while pointing out to the other chariot, "Look! There, it's JoJo!" "He's alive! He's moving!" "He's not even hurt!" Joseph, looking relatively unscathed, sat up in his chariot, shook his head and gave off a cocky smirk while laughing. "Well, I apparently managed to survived once again."

"But Wamuu hit him directly with his Divine Sandstorm attack. How could he-?" Kars began to ask, but he was too frustrated and confused as to how Joseph had managed to come out of that devastating blow alive. "Directly?" Lisa Lisa asked in feign ignorance. "JoJo is cunning enough to make it look it was a direct hit. He is an absolute genius at trickery and misdirection. But I'm not sure I should be giving him praise for that."

"Who cares? All that matters is JoJo managed to survive and finally land a hit on Wamuu while he was at it!" Lily said. Feeling relived that Joseph didn't get killed. She was happy to know that. Joseph was special to her after all was he not? Then Lisa Lisa took a glance at Wamuu, making Kars a bit confuse, and said as she lowered her sunglasses a bit, "Take a close look at Wamuu's arms."

Kars looked back at Wamuu and saw the state of his wounded arms. At that moment he quickly figured what had happened. Just mere seconds before Wamuu unleashed his attack Joseph quickly ties Wamuu's arms with the reins using his foot, and filling them with Hamon. The minute he did so slowed the rotation of the arms and caused somewhat minimal damage.

Wamuu was already sticking one hand out of the horse, he was going to try using his Divine Sandstorm. However, in order to do so, Joseph knew that he had to stick out his other hand out as well and he had the perfect counter for that move. And what a counterattack. Wamuu's face was so clear to read. He was in agony. He had so idea on where he was even going, his eyes were vacate as sweat ran down his face. His ultimate attack...had been defeated. By a Human. A mere mortal.

It was now the second lap. But what will happen now? With the condition he was in, Wamuu could no longer hold a weapon. Was it still possible for him to continue fighting?

"It's not a surprise." Kars said. "Right in mid-attack Wamuu was struck with a lethal dose of Hamon. The confidence built up over a millennia of triumph has crumbled. The quiet, common tensity his victories gave him has vanished. A tragic shock for a proud warrior like him. But it matters not at all! Pull out the next set of weapons and do it now!" He shouts at he crosses his arms. Igniting a bright light to the other two Vampire soldiers of the other side of the arena. They saw his silent orders and went down to the track.

The smaller of the duo sat on the taller one's shoulders and held out two sets of crossbows. Each one varying in sizes. For the second lap, both warriors will receive crossbows. Each comes with ammunition for just two shots. The first warrior there has the choice of the small or large bow.

"What's this now? There's two weapons. There's a large one and another that's smaller!" Joseph said as he eyed the two crossbows. Kars smiled as he sat back down and began saying to the Hamon Master, "Lisa Lisa. This is what's going through your thoughts now; "Wamuu's mind is in no condition to entertained a fight. So why then would Kars be deploying these new weapons and with such apparent confidence?" It's very unsettling, is it not? Well the reason is that at his core, Wamuu is a warrior of legendary mental power."

"Mental power? What does that mean?" Lily asked, though she felt that she may not like the answer. You see, the very best athletes use a phycological technique called, "The Switch Comeback". When these champions are brought so low by the pressure of shock, failure or fear, they can flip up a mental switch and bring out their fighting spirit for one last Herculean effort. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. And Wamuu...will win at any cost. As you know...Wamuu is a warrior-born and that's part of the reason why he did what he did.


"Augh! I don't believe it! Did he really just do that?!" Joseph shouted with a mixture of fear and disgust as he stared back at the Pillar Man. His eyes were closed and blood trailed down like tears. an effort to regain his spirits and using The Switch Comeback....gouged out his own eyes.

Chapter Text

"I foolishly relied on my eyes because I was able to see and JoJo exploited my weakness." Wamuu said as he reveals his horn from his head. "Now I will use this horn to see things outlined in wind instead of light." Wamuu let out a yell as he gripped onto the reins and continued to fight in the race.

"He flipped the switch by removing his eyes from the equation. Now he is once again psychologically invincible. He senses the wind with that horn on his forehead. He sees air better than he did light." Kars said with a smirk.

Meanwhile, Joseph was more disturbed of the event that he had witnessed. He couldn't believe that Wamuu had gouged out his eyes, even more so as he was confused by that horn on his head. "What is that supposed to be? That's not going to have any effect on me!" Joseph exclaimed. "Because of you, I almost lost my friends Caesar and Phoebe! Try any trick you want, I'll do whatever it takes to finish the fight!" Joseph whipped the reins again.

While standing and waiting for the two oncoming warriors, the Vampires providing the crossbows began to taunt Joseph. "JoJo, which crossbow will you take?" "Yeah, which one?" They asked. Joseph spread a smug grin as he said, "You need to ask? You know the answer to that." Joseph sped off past the Vampires and ended up choosing the larger crossbow. "The large one you stupid morons! Power is what I want!" He said.

The two Vampires laughed at him. Not concerned at all about him with his choice. "You got to admit that one does have power." "Yeah, lots of power." They said as Wamuu rode up and took the smaller bow. Joseph tries to set up and make his shot, but even he started pulling it, the string was too tight for him to move it. "Augh, come on! I can't even draw this thing! It's so tight I can't get the string to go anywhere at all!" Joseph shouted as he tried pulling the string, but it wouldn't budge.

The Vampires laughed again at him for his idiotic choice. "You got greedy didn't cha!? Even a normal crossbow takes a huge amount of strength to draw back, haha!" The short one said. "You had to have the big one, huh?" The taller one said. "That's what greed gets ya!" They said in unison. While Joseph was struggling drawing his ball, Wamuu, with his smaller one, had no trouble drawing his and lines up the shot. "I will use the first ball to paint the picture of the wind." Wamuu says as he fires. Wamuu uses the wind to guide his shots with the smaller crossbow and managing to hit one of Joseph's horses. Blasting its head right off. "WHOA!!" Joseph shouted.

Wamuu rode his chariot through the track and his horses moved themselves out of the way when the horse that he shot, along with the whole chariot, were dropped in the middle of their path. Joseph had jump from the chariot onto the other horse. "Now that I know what the range is," Wamuu said as he lines up the next shot. "The next shot will not miss!"

"How am I supposed to defend myself if I can't shoot this thing!?" Joseph asked himself, still struggling to load his weapon. It didn't help that he could hear the Vampires cheering for Wamuu to bring in his demise. "Lord Wamuu, shoot him! Blow him to smithereens!!" "Let us snack on whatever small pieces remain!" Joseph once again tries to load up his shot and pull back on the string, but it was still too much and the string snapped against his fingers before pulling back, seriously injuring his fingers. But Joseph had no time to waste about the pain and turned back to Wamuu. He had to avoid his shot. That's when an idea hit him.

Joseph gave a kick to the horse side and he rode up ahead to run from Wamuu's "sight" by hiding behind the central fire. Making Wamuu unable to fire at him and making the Pillar Man growl in frustration. 'Right. Just as I thought, the wind stirred up by these fires makes it hard for him to figure out where I am. This is the spot.' Joseph thought to himself. Now, while all that may sound like a good idea, Joseph would soon learn that he had made a horrible mistake. A mistake that involved him underestimating Wamuu.

Wamuu growled in anger and points his crossbow towards the wall. He fired and the steel, metal ball traveled along the wall's curved railing. Joseph was staying on the opposite side from Wamuu, thinking that he can give himself cover by trying to keep the central fire between him and Wamuu. However, that was Joseph's the mistake as it allowed the warrior to guess his position and the ball was fired like a billiard shot. Eventually the ball struck against an edge of the and was aiming right towards Joseph, who saw it coming. "What!?" He shouted as the ball hit his side hard, making him cough out blood and be thrown to the ground.

"I was examining the terrain while we were circling." Wamuu said as he tossed away his crossbow as he already used his two shots. "I had to find the proper wall placement to use as a weapon." Joseph was in pure agony. The shot that dealt serious damage to his side and, not only caused some internal damage, but also hinder his breathing. He can't use his Hamon the way he needed to right now.  "......c-can't....breath!" Joseph said.

"The ball lost some of its momentum so it did not pierced JoJo's skin. But he's spitting up a lot of blood, which would then betoken some injury." Kars said as he stood up from the high stands and shouts over to Wamuu, "Finish him now Wamuu. But remember how wildly and full of tricks JoJo is! Be on your guard!"

"Has he set up another trap?" Wamuu asked himself as he makes his way towards Joseph. Heeding his master's warning about the young man. Joseph laid flat on his back, he recalls the one moment that occurred when he fell on the ground as he took that hit. For you see, Lady Luck must be in love with our young hero JoJo, because the momentum of that fall had finally allowed him to cock his crossbow without the others noticing. 'When I...hit the ground. ....The impact cocked my crossbow. I can't...let him...know that.' Joseph thought as he very discretely places his ball on the cross, setting it up to be use. 'I can't...kill him from this distance... '

Wamuu rode his chariot towards him. Inching close to him. But it wasn't time yet. He wasn't at the right distance.'Closer.....a little closer....' Joseph thought before... Bingo! He got him! "That's it!" Joseph shouts as he sprang up and aims his crossbow at the oncoming Pillar Man. 'He did!' Wamuu shouted in his thoughts as he let out a rage-filled growl. Joseph lets out a yell as he takes the shot, however, the pain shoots up in his body and he coughed up blood. The pain dealt to him had caused him to utterly fails at landing a shot at Wamuu and the ball went flying to the distance.

The Vampire army broke out in laughter as they mocked Joseph for his poor aiming. Kars himself held up a smirk as he thought about how pathetic he was being, and yet, acknowledged him for trying till the end. "Almost made it. His aim was off though, unfortunately. But I really must commend him for staying in the fight until the very last." He said as he chuckled. Lisa Lisa watched in concerned at the arena while Lily was fighting an internal battle with herself. Her brain was yelling at her to stay put and trust Joseph with his crazy tricks and her heart was screaming for her to screw all fairness and run down to Joseph's side, run down and save him. Lily wanted to trust Joseph, but she can't stand to see him like this.

"It's over JoJo." Wamuu said as he stood on his horses above Joseph. The latter was still sitting on the ground, cowering in fear and backing away from him. "No! Stay away! Don't come any closer!" Joseph shouts as he began to cry out and throw small pebbles at Wamuu telling him to leave him be like a frighten child cowering before the Boogeyman. "Go away! Leave me alone! Please, I just can't take it anymore! You've got to spare me!" He yelled out.

"Shameful!" Wamuu scolded harshly. He felt embarrassed as a warrior that one of his possibly strong opponents is now acting a like spineless coward. After everything that has happened, Joseph was now being like this? A pathetic, weak and worthless excuse of a warrior? Truly an embarrassing sight.

Wamuu was the only one feeling incredibly disappointed with Joseph behaviour as the Vampires began booing and hissing at him. "Look at him! The snivelling coward is throwing rocks!" "He's just a pathetic loser!" "Try to go down like a man, you disgusting little worm!" As Wamuu was growing upset over Joseph's ridiculous behaviour, the man suddenly said, "Listen Wamuu. Here is the very next thing that will come out of your mouth. "Don't you dare dishonour our battle here JoJo.""

"Don't you dare dishonour our battle here JoJo. Huh!?"

"Wan't some more?!" Joseph shouted as he tossed handful of more rocks at Wamuu's way, making him angry as they hit him. "That bother you? You know that a bat could simply fly in right between all those rocks and avoid every little piece. Why can't you avoid them like that Wamuu?" Joseph asked. Then a familiar sound rang through the arena and before the Pillar Man of the wind could do anything, he was suddenly hit with an iron ball. Piercing through Wamuu's chest. "You...bastard!" He said, coughing up blood.

"Haha! I guess the Human just took you down again." Joseph said, with his usual confident and cocky attitude already shining through. "You see, I banked the shot just like you did earlier." He said. Joseph had used the same rebound trajectory to hit the Pillar Man from behind, although the much more powerful crossbow and the Hamon made more damage than Wamuu had done before. The arena went silent Not one individual made a sound. There wasn't even a moan.

Wamuu's injury peered out like the sneering face of Jack-o-Lantern. The iron ball carried with it a small amount of Hamon. The wound began to fester. Wamuu's damaged arms grew even worse, no more Divine Sandstorms. Now or ever.

'I'm happy to have met you.... You were the reason for me to live again...' Wamuu let out a pained groaned as he falls towards the ground. He can't let things end like this. He can not lose like this! He made a promise to her... 'Thank you...for everything Wamuu. I love you.' Wamuu's eyes began to glow red as he let out a growl through his clenched teeth. Joseph held on to his side and tried to get his breathing in working condition. He knew that this fight wasn't close to being done yet and he needed to restore his Hamon. "I-I got to try to breath again. Get my Hamon in balance." He said.


"You're trying a kick after faking a fall?! Alright, if you still think you can do this! Rebuff Overdrive!" Joseph shouted. Joseph charges his Hamon into his elbows and delivers a powerful strike to Wamuu's legs. After letting out a scream, Wamuu fell back and landed hard on the ground and is heavily disadvantaged.

"It's over!" Lily shouted with a bright smile on her face. "Wamuu won't be getting up again!" Lisa Lisa added with the feelings of pride for Joseph. Wamuu twitched under the effects if the attacks as Joseph began to cautiously walks towards him. "How can this be? What...has become of the great Wamuu? The mighty no more. 12,000 years of victory...reduced to this." Wamuu said to himself. Joseph looked at the fallen Pillar Man and his eyes soften. He couldn't help but feel sympathy towards the man. That's when his eyes widen. As Wamuu sat up on his knees, Joseph saw that his arms were gone.

"His arms! His arms are gone!" Joseph said. "It is not..." Wamuu began to say. "Wamuu's way to give up an easy win. My wounds are only to flesh. my losses are a path to ability. I will use all of these things for victory!" As a last ditch effort, Wamuu throws his severed arms at Joseph. He threw them using his chest wound. They grab Joseph and are choking him. They end up driving him into the walls of the central pillar, and the exhausted Joseph cannot move or produce the Hamon. For his part, Wamuu unleashes his Final Mode: the Atmospheric Rift.

"What's going on? That's blowing towards Wamuu..." Joseph said. "The wind obeys me! This is my ultimate mastery!" Wamuu shouted. These words had shocked even Kars to the point of him actually trying to stop Wamuu from even performing it. "Ultimate mastery?! No, you shouldn't! STOP IT WAMUU! IT MUST NOT BE DONE!!" Kars shouted out at him. Whether he heard him or not, Wamuu continued on to unleash this ultimate attack.

"The wind is going into those pipes..! All of the seems to be flowing over to Wamuu." Joseph said as he watched the Pillar Man before him. "My Ultimate Mastery: Atmospheric Rift!" Wamuu yelled.

After tying and choking Joseph to the stone wall of the central pyre with his severed arms, Wamuu unleashes his Final Mode attack: The Atmospheric Rift. Using special tubes to suck in the air at high speed to eject it through a thin slit like a blade made of wind, Pillar Man threatens to decapitate Joseph although the fire somewhat hides Joseph's exact position.

"That's only wind?!" Joseph shouted as he stares in shock at the sight of the wind coming towards him. "I know you're near the flame. I sense it. Though I can't see exactly where that is, but I am going to find you eventually. Now that I prevented you from gathering your Hamon energy, I'm going to cut you in half!" Wamuu threatens.

The Final Mode: Atmospheric Rift. Wamuu's supreme final weapon. Typically used as a last resort, Wamuu uses the tubes for his wind suit to gather huge amounts of air and compresses it in his lungs. The air is then released through a slit on the horn of his head, causing it to become as sharp as a razor blade. The wind flails about much like a whip and is sharp enough to cut through stone. However, due to the scraping and heat led by the quick wind compression, the technique slowly tears apart Wamuu's body. But he was certainly a breathtaking figure. Tragic and heroic.

"It's...getting close!" Joseph said as the whip of wind inches closer to his head. "Time to pull off one of my famous tricks now." Joseph reached into his back pocket and pulled out a small bottle filled with flammable liquid with a piece of rope in it. 'This one's called, The Hamon Oil Trick.' Joseph thought to himself. He raised the bottle up to the fire till it lights up the other end of the rope.

'His lungs are literally high pressure oxygen tanks. Those pipes...if I can only hit them...he'd inhale the flaming oil, which in turn, would create an internal explosion. But this is the very last ace up my sleeve. If I mess it up-.' Joseph's train of thought was cut short when the wind had found him and grazed at his head and left ear. His scream had given Wamuu the precise location of where he was.

"Got you now! Your life is mine!" Wamuu said.

"Damn it! Take this Wamuu!" Joseph shouts as he throws the firebomb at Wamuu. Unfortunately, however, he cuts it before it could reach him. "That's your choice? Fool. I can sense anything that is far enough away from the fire. You're out of tricks. And that cry of yours gave away your position. And now...Atmospheric Rift!" Wamuu shouts as he charges up the killing blow. Like Wamuu, Joseph refused to give up so easily. He reaches out to his best friend's bandanna while calling out his name.

"CAESAR!!" Joseph unties the bandanna from his head and set it ablaze. "LEND ME YOUR STRENGTH!" He shouts aloud and throws it. "Another fire attack? I told you I can sense these things." Wamuu says as he shreds the bandanna to pieces. "And now, I will cut you in half to play my victory!"

"JoJo, no!"


"Now, he has finally won."

"Wamuu." Joseph suddenly said. "Let me tell you exactly when you lost. It was when I threw Caesar's scarf."

"Hm?!" Wamuu went.

"Don't you get it? I meant for you to cut the bottle in half the entire time." Joseph tells him. As the bottle laid on the ground, the oil was still being carried by the strong gust of winds Wamuu was creating. "Your ability to do it so quickly and easily is what lead to your downfall. The oil inside of it is now vaporising and look. You see the bandanna? All the pieces flying around?"

"Every little fragment is still on fire and they're entering my body." Wamuu says as he unwillingly sucks in the embers of the bandanna and the oil from the firebomb. All Joseph could tell him before the chemical reaction was, "Wamuu. You have been a worthy and admirable fighter. But a powerful ally named Caesar was with me throughout this contest." And with that the explosion went off. Joseph Joestar had finally won the battle.

Wamuu was reduced to nothing but a head and Joseph was finally able to get his severed arms off his neck and able to breathe normally again. Seeing that he was safe, Lily didn't waste another second before running down to get to him. "JoJo, be careful he can regenerate! Even like that after being blown to bits! You have to use your strongest Hamon to destroy him completely!" Lisa Lisa shouted at him.

With no fear or care, Joseph walked towards Wamuu's head and simply gazed down at him with a gentle look. "So it is finally over now...JoJo." Wamuu said. "It is." Joseph tells him. "You took revenge for Caesar and Phoebe."

"Yes I did."

"Then go ahead. Finish it." Wamuu says, granting Joseph full permission to end his life. Joseph clenched his hand and swung it down to him. "I will!" Joseph shouted. His hand crashed through the stone concrete, but he had purposely missed Wamuu by a good inch. Why? Joseph lifted up his hand and allowed for the blood to burst out and spill. He clenched his hand so that more blood could be spilled, feeding it to Wamuu as a sign of respect. "What is going on?" Wamuu asked, completely confused at what Joseph was doing.

"That smoke isn't from the flaming oil. It's coming from your wounds. The Hamon from your arms spread through you, every part of you is infected now. You are dissolving, I can only imagine the agony you feel. I can't prevent you from dying now, but there's this. My blood can at least ease your pain." Joseph tells him with a soft, gentle tone.

"Why do you want to shame me?" Wamuu asked him. Not really understanding on why Joseph was doing this. "I have made peace with myself. Stop! I don't need pity from you!"

"Is that what you think?" Joseph asked him. "That this done out of pity for you? No. Why didn't you destroyed Caesar's bubble of blood that carried his bandanna and ring knowing full well that they pose a serious threat to you. Why do you have Viper's earring? Was that pity?" Joseph had known that Wamuu had that earring the whole time before their battle had started. He only caught a glimpse of it at first, but now that he saw it on his ear, he was sure of it.

"It was because the man was a worthy and noble warrior. He deserved to be honoured for that. Viper was just the same, if not more so. I made a promise that she would be honoured for her spirit." Wamuu said. Then let out a gasp after he spoke. Joseph didn't need to tell him anymore. Wamuu had answered his own question.

"What you'll say next is, "JoJo, you can't mean..."."

"JoJo, you can't mean..."

"Yes I do Wamuu. The honour you showed my friends, Caesar's, Phoebe's, and even Viper's warrior spirit had earned your respect. So in return, I wanted to find a way to honour your warrior spirit. My blood is a tribute to you." Joseph tells him.

"JoJo!" Lily's voice called out. Joseph turned around just in time to see the blonde-haired girl run up and wrap her arms around his neck. Joseph hugged her back and held her close. "I'm so glad you're okay." Lily said as she pulled away to get a look at him. Joseph smiled at her just as Wamuu gave a small chuckle. "You beat me JoJo. And as a warrior, it would now appear that you stand taller than I do." Wamuu said with a small smile.

"KILL THE BASTARD!" A Vampire shouted out. Soon a small army of the Vampires barge in to try and kill Joseph, they raised their weapons high in the air and Joseph pushed Lily behind her once they had gotten close. But then... "Hold!" Wamuu shouted. "What betrayal is this!?" His hair grew long enough to grip the crossbow with him as the projectile.

He used a piece of his hair to pull the trigger and he launches himself towards the Vampires. Using his horn as a drill, and as a sign of respect to Joseph as well, Wamuu slaughtered all that dared to attack them. "You cowardly cannibals!" As he killed off the last of them, Wamuu's horn broke off and he fell back to the ground. "Wamuu!" Joseph called out. "Why do that?" He asked as he and Lily ran to kneel down beside the dying warrior.

Having spent the last of his strength, Wamuu knew that he only has so much time before he has to go. Even so, he has to tell Joseph these words before that time is up. "I am Wamuu. Although sworn to Lord Kars, I will not allow the Vampires to attack you. It's not because of sentiment. I told Caesar this as well. To me, only the strong truly existed. Victory was the single quality to be admired. I existed only according to my own code of honour. JoJo, please understand. To me, immortality was something utterly unimportant and trivial. All that has ever mattered to me was living up to my code." Wamuu told him. "And now, I desire that you should drink the antidote. You must do it before I dissolve completely away."

"You won't see it though." Joseph said.

"I don't need eyes, words or a horn. I will know it. What matters is that you do it." Wamuu said.

Joseph slipped the ring off of his finger and open it. He drinks the antidote and within seconds the poison around his heart had disappeared without a trace. Both poisons were gone now and Joseph can live on without them in his body. "I have no regrets. I am glad I was able to witness your growth as a warrior. Perhaps the reason I lived these thousands of years was so that I could meet you at the end."

"Wamuu..." A familiar voiced called out to him. He recognised that voice. "Wamuu. Let us sleep in peace...for all eternity." Viper said. Wamuu, for a brief moment, smiled as a mental image of Viper's smiling face flashed before him, reaching towards him. To sleep in peace...he... Wamuu would definitely like that. "Farewell to you, warrior JoJo..." Wamuu said as he dissolves into dust, scattering in the wind.

Wamuu became one with the wind. Joseph gave his opponent one final salute. Though no tears fell, they had shared a silent song. They had shared a warriors affinity. Parts of Wamuu's ashes traveled high and Kars gripped a small portion tightly in his hand. Kars was clearly affected by the death of a servant of his caliber. He recalled of Wamuu's ironclad code of honour. Thousands of years ago.

They were near in completion of eliminating the Hamon clan and while they stood before one remaining member, Esidisi was having the time of his life in torturing Tundra. Only problem was that no matter how much pain he inflicted upon him, Tundra did not let out a single scream or cry. Wamuu had once asked him to ceased the torture and it seemed pointless. Even if he had betrayed them, Wamuu still admired and respected the ice-wielding man. Of course, his plead to spare him had fallen on deaf ears.

The remaining member of the Hamon clan...was a mere child. "Wamuu. You must kill him." Kars ordered him. "But, my Lord Kars, with upmost respect he is only an innocent young boy." Wamuu said as he gazed at the child, crying and shaking in fear before them. While Kars saw the child as a potential threat...Wamuu merely saw him as what he was. An innocent little boy.

"That's true, just a boy. That is the reason he must die. If these Hamon users are allowed to live, they're likely to become our mortal enemies and Humans grow very quickly indeed." Kars tells him. Wamuu only let out a sigh. Even if Kars was the one giving him the orders, Wamuu...just couldn't find it within him to kill a child. He just couldn't.

"Is it beyond you?" Kars asked him. "It would seem I must demonstrate how it is done. Now resolving the problem," Kars paused for a moment as he walked up towards the boy. Unveiling his Bone Blade and shouted, "Is handled like this, Wamuu!" Before mercilessly killing the boy with no hesitation.

"Wamuu. He was too pure in his warrior philosophy." Kars said, standing up tall. "And he became weak as a result!"

Chapter Text

"Well that's the end of Wamuu." One of the Vampires said after all was said and done. The other two Vampires beside him nodded in agreement. "Indeed it is. What a disappointment." "You're right. He's only a poser."

Lisa Lisa resisted the urge to gag upon hearing these shameful words. "Your followers are such based creatures. Makes me want to vomit." She said when suddenly the three Vampires who were sullying Wamuu's name, were brutally executed by Kars. Stabbing all three in the head with his Bone Blade and sucking them dry of all their nutrients.

"I alone am the only one to remain, along with the descendent of Tundra's. Because," Kars said as he takes off his head-wrap, either as a sign of either honour or aggression, and unveiling his long, dark purple, wavy hair and three small horns on his head. Like a crown. "This world and all in it belong to me." He declares.

The Vampire army were awestruck as they stared at the unearthly beauty of their lord and master. "Look at him! Look! Lord Kars is amazing!" "Our Lord is ready fight!!" The army gathered around him as they eyed at our remaining heroes like predators overseeing their prey. "Listen Lord Kars, there's no reason for you to waste time on any one-on-one battles." "Forget the rules! Let us kill these three for you!"

"For you Lord, we'll turn them into sprays of blood!" One shouted as the rest followed in attempting to tear them apart. Joseph and Lily went into the offensive stance as the taller man shouted, "Just what I thought you would do!" But before they could fight back, Lisa Lisa jumped up and handled it herself. She kicked two away with Hamon-filled kicks and said, "I told you!" She held out the Red Stone of Aja for all to see. "It's me against Kars, one-on-one. But if those terms aren't to your liking, why don't I just smash this thing right here and now?" Lisa Lisa threaten.

"I will honour my word." Kars said. "A one-on-one fight. Count on it, my promise stands. That is why I chose to reveal my horn to you. As for my underlying's behaviour, as you can clearly, they are already dead." As Kars walked away, several of the Vampires were cut down into pieces before they themselves could realise what happened.

"All I want is that Red Stone and Phoebe by my side. However, though, Esidisi and Wamuu were my comrades for ten thousand years, I have no choice but to honour both their warrior deaths and warrior pride. I will fight you Hamon users fairly and then, I will finish this with my own two hands." Kars vowed as he turns his head to face them.

"For you, Lisa Lisa, seeing the fighter you are, I will not think of you as merely a woman. I will fight you with all the strength I have at my command." He says as he walks farther away. Prompting the others to follow him. "Come with me. That is where we shall fight." Kars says as he takes Lisa Lisa, Lily and Joseph to a strange construct named the temple of Piz Bernina.

"Champions of battle would come here to drink the blood of the fallen mixed with liquor. They thanked the Gods for the gift of life." Kars said as he scaled up to one of the high beams and stood with his arms out-stretched. "It's not an arena. But it will serve for our fight."

"Coach Lisa Lisa. You may be extremely skilled but you are still a woman. He doesn't look as strong as Wamuu was, let me take him for you." Joseph says as he turns to his Hamon teacher. Lily quickly interjected and said, "No! Please Lisa Lisa, let me fight him in your place!"

Lisa Lisa unhooks her white skirt and removes her matching jacket to reveal her outfit underneath. A dark strapless dress with shorted-skirt, black pantyhose, a pair of high heels, and, of course, her long, Hamon-conducting scarf. "I will not. I didn't live my life as I did and train all those years to be replaced by some stripling or a former street punk." She said as removed her sunglasses.

"Oh that's right. You have lived a lot of years." Joseph said with smirk. Lily gazed at her teacher and mother figure for a moment giving a wide smile and a thumbs up. "Kick his ass, Coach!" She cheered. Lisa Lisa gave her students a smile before scaling up the structure to meet up with Kars. There, she found a pile of assorted weapons.

"I shall use my brilliant Bone Blades. It would offend Wamuu's memory if I didn't offer you the weapon of your choice." Kars tells her. "Feel free to pick anything you like." Lisa Lisa didn't care for much of the weapons before as she immediately kicked them off the beam and said, "My scarf will be more than sufficient."

"As you will. And now," Kars said as he licks his blade. His bloodlust flaring up. "Let's fight." As Kars position himself for battle, his aura begins to shine out. And what spooked Lisa Lisa the most was that Kars shows no sign of violence in his stance. Lisa Lisa's eyes widened in confusion. 'How can he fight without violence?' She thought to herself.

"What's the matter? Are you not ready? Apparently the first move is mine!" Kars shouted as he lunges towards Lisa Lisa, his Bone Blades shining under the moonlight and in an instant, Kars disappears in a flash of light. "He disappeared completely in that sudden white light." Joseph said. "Where'd he go?!"

"Be careful Coach!" Lily called out to her. "Kars is here. I... I can feel him." Lisa Lisa said. Her voice shook a bit, but she remained strong. "But...he seems to be coming from above as well as below." Lisa Lisa stood perfectly still where she was as she tries to pinpoint Kars' location as the wind blew in her hair. She didn't know where or how he was hiding, but wherever he was, Lisa Lisa had to be ready for him.

Just then an arm started to appear from a crack in a pillar behind her without making a sound. Then suddenly Kars reappeared and attacked. "Attack of the brilliant Bone Blade!" He shouted. "Look in the pillar, there's a crack!" Joseph yelled. "Lisa Lisa!"

"Snake Muffler!" Lisa Lisa shouted as she detected Kars in the nick of time. Snake Muffler. As you all well know by now, Lisa Lisa's primary method of fighting involves her scarf, which is made with the yarn of the Satiporoja beetles, which can conduct the Hamon at 100%. She can channel her Ripple through her scarf to stand upside down, leaving the now rigid scarf the only part of her in contact with the ground. She may also use the sensitivity of the scarf to detect life signs and know the direction of incoming attacks, even when out of sight. That was how she was able to sense Kars even when he was behind her.

Lisa Lisa smashes Kars' face with a strong kick and when Kars staggered back, half of his face erupted in a golden light of Hamon energy. Knocking him out with a single but strong attack. "Alright! A knockout! Our wonderful coach really got him good! He didn't really compare to Wamuu, but dogs who bark rarely bite. Coach, I have to say that you really are better than me." Joseph said with a wide smile.

He wrapped his arm around Lily's waist and brought her close. "You see that Lily? She did it!" Joseph said, expecting to hear her laugh and praise her teacher. But then looked down at her when she had remained silent. Only to be concerned when she gave off a look of fear and confusion. "Lily?" "Something's not right here. That's was way too easy." Lily said before letting out a gasp. "Lisa Lisa-!"

"GAH!" Lisa Lisa gasped out as a blade stabbed her through the back and out through her chest. The real Kars stabbing her from behind while his double laid there on the beam, begging for help. "Help me! Help me Lord Kars!" His double called out as his body flatten and drained.

"Lisa Lisa!" Lily cried out.

"It can't be! What the hell is going on!? Kars wasn't the one fighting with her, he used a double!!" Joseph yelled. Kars pulled back the blade and Lisa Lisa, who a look of shock plastered on her face. "Hmph. What stupidity. Why would I ever chose to fight one-on-one?" Kars asked with a sinister smirk on his face.

"The only things I wanted out of this was the Red Stone and Tundra's descendant. Because I planned to become the ultimate life-form and create offsprings in my own image. I am not a warrior-philosopher like Wammu was, nor am I a romantic. No matter the method utilised, in the end, victory is the only thing that matters!" Kars shouted as he mortally wounded Lisa Lisa with his Bone Blade. Causing Joseph and Lily to scream.

'So..! That's why I sensed no violence. He never had any intention of fighting me.' Lisa Lisa thought to herself as her vision began to get blurry. "It's over!" Kars yelled as he send a strong chop at the back of Lisa Lisa's neck and knocked her down, taking the Red Stone in the process. "Jo...Jo..." Lisa Lisa weakly called out.

"I have the Red Stone. The only thing that's left is for all of you to make me happy by killing JoJo, Lily and bring Tundra's descendant to me!" Kars ordered with a sadistic smile as he grips onto the stone. Kars sends his vampire army after the Hamon users, which they let out a scream filled with their hate and anger towards the elder Pillar Man. Lily punched the ground and created a shockwave around them, knocking the Vampires out of the way. "KARS! KARS! YOU ARE GOING TO PAY!!" Joseph shouts out loud.

"OUT OF THE WAY!!" Lily yells as she slams her fist straight through one of the Vampire's head. The two began fighting through the Vampire army, slaughtering them one by one, trying to get to Kars and make him pay for what he had done to their teacher. However, the more they fought, the quick they were to realise that they're Hamon and their bodies were growing weak. Still it didn't stop them. They tried to keep up the fight. They stood right beside each other and tried to recapture their breaths.

"JoJo. Lily. You both look completely worn out. Your breathing in ragged. Your Hamon level is weak. And your both the only ones left out of all of the Hamon users that Lisa Lisa trained. Can you last? Will you last? JoJo. Lily. Think either of you beat me?" Kars asked, licking his lips.

Joseph delivered a sucker punch to a much larger Vampire, but he shrugged it off like it was nothing. Lily slammed her elbow against a Vampire's neck, but he laughed in her face and clawed at her stomach. "AHH!" She screamed. "Lily!" Joseph shouted.

"Let's rip off their skins!" The giant Vampire shouted as he and the rest of the Army ran to gang up on them. Joseph wrapped his arms around Lily and held her close. Using himself as a shield to protect her as the giant Vampire brought down his fist towards them. The two teens shut their eyes for impact. But it never came.

The Vampire's fist was suddenly halted when a large rose petal flew in and stabbed his hand. Then numerous rose petals suddenly rained down from the sky and killed him and the other Vampires around him. That's when a bright light shined in and burned the remaining army to a crisp.

Lily glanced down as her eyes widened at the rose petals. "Where did those come from?" She asked. The red glow from the "petals" had vanished and daggers had taken their place. "Th-...that light..." Joseph said as he looked behind him. "And that face!"

"This is your warning Vampires! You are now facing Major von Strohiem and the German elite!" Major Rudol von Stroheim, now fully repaired and back in action, stood tall and proud with his German army behind him. But he wasn't alone. "And we represent the Special Forces of the Speedwagon Foundation!" The small army men shouted. Both sides wore ultraviolet lights to fight off the vampires.

"JoJo." Speedwagon greeted.

"JoJo!" Smokey called out.

"Damn, Speedwagon you look great! And Smokey too! You're a sight for sore eyes." Joseph said as he smiled brightly at his friends. Stroheim let out a small laugh as he opened his jacket wide. "My right leg might be stiff now, but my body is better than it ever was before! Now all you Vampires will see what German science can do!" Stroheim shouts as he fires out powerful blasts of ultraviolet light from two flood lights located on each side of his shoulders. As miniaturised searchlights, they pack the same power as the original, but are light enough to carry with ease.

"It was the Speedwagon Foundation that made them small enough to carry. But our boy does like to brag." Speedwagon explained with a smile. Lily raised an eyebrow and gripped her head. "Can this guy be any more of a headache?" She asked.

"He's not that annoying." A familiar voice said, shocking Joseph and Lily to the core. They immediately turned to find the source of that voice. "Was that-?!" "No way!"

"Bubble Launcher!" A flurry of bubbles flew out towards the Vampires and a cold gust of wind froze over some of the bubbles. Once they were in range, the ice broke and the Hamon exploded into massive explosion. Catching every one of the undead minions. "Hahaha! No way!" Joseph laughed. "Brother!" Lily cried out in joy. Caesar and Phoebe had fully recovered and have rejoined our heroes for the final fight against Kars. Joseph and Lily ran to the (newly engaged) couple and gathered forth a big group hug.

"I can't believe you guys are here!" Lily said. "You think we'd pass up a chance to get even with Kars, not a chance." Caesar said as he hugged his sister tightly, happy to see that she was okay. Phoebe smiled warmly at her friends as they turned to her. "Phoebe! We-." "Lisa Lisa, she kind of-!" "You're-!" Phoebe's smile never faded and she shook her head. "I'll explain everything about that later. Right now, I'm just happy to finally got that weight off me." She said as Caesar walked and hold her hand.

Joseph's eyes widen in surprise as Lily squealed with pure joy! "AHAHAHA!! Wait are you too-!?" She asked, jumping up and down on her feet. "I've told Phoebe my true feelings. We're together now." Caesar said as he brought his beloved fiancée closer. "ALRIGHT CAESAR!" "YES! Finally!" Joseph and Lily cheered out as they got the two in another group hug. "About damn time you made a move!" Joseph said.

"I was so ready to lose my mind if you didn't do anything! Seriously, ten years was way too long!" Lily said, nearly crying out of happiness that two of her precious people had finally gotten together. "Alright, I think that's enough sentimentality for now. We've got a war to win." A strong, commanding voice said. Then a feeling of dread washed over Joseph. He glanced back at the daggers and that rose red colour. He knew only one person who was skilled enough to handle multiple blades. "JoJo!" Her voice called out. Joseph flinched and stood as stiff as a board while the others looked back.

Both the German army and the Special Forces stepped aside as the Scarlet Swordswoman herself walked through. She wore a rose red jacket with a black, turtleneck shirt underneath, a matching red skirt, black tights and boots. Her sword, Pluck and Luck strapped to her back as she crossed her arms at her grandson. "Hello JoJo. Fancy meeting you here. Have you finished your trip already?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Uh...H-hi..! Granny Viola." Joseph greeted with a shaky voice. "Granny?" Lily asked as she stared back at the red-haired woman. Viola then smiled and shook her head. "Relax, my darling. I'm not mad, well not as mad as I was before. Speedwagon had informed me of your situation and your friends here told me everything that's happened. I'm so proud of you JoJo." She said with a kind smile.

Seeing her smile like that, Joseph relaxed and smiled back at her. "Granny Viola. Thank you." He said. Viola smiled at him before unsheathing her sword and pointed at the Vampiric Army. "Now! Charge into battle all of you! Leave no Vampire escape here alive!" She commanded. At her words, both forces have a battle cry and rushed in with their ultraviolet lights, eliminating every Vampire to dust in their path.

Several Vampires jumped high into the air as they aimed to attack the Joestar matriarch. But Viola took one step and swung her sword. In a blink on an eye, she appeared on the other side and the Vampires that would've attack her had fallen to the ground in bits and pieces. "Whoa..!" Caesar breathed out. "Amazing!" Phoebe said, awestruck. "That woman's everything I wanna be!" Lily said.

Kars watched from above the beam and took in the sight of the fighting. "Hmm. Crafty creatures, no question." He said. He smiled widely as he spotted Phoebe amongst the crowed. He had to admit, for having the blood of a traitor, she was quite the beauty. He'll make sure to take his sweet time in creating the future heirs for global domination. But upon taking a closer look, he only saw her, Lily and Caesar fighting along the newcomers. "I don't see JoJo down there. Gone again." He said.

Then he felt something coming behind him and gave a smirk. "Oh you're just as quick as ever aren't you? Take eyes off you for a second, and there you are, putting another little scheme in play." Kars said as he turns his head to face the young Joestar standing in the offensive behind him, sending him a glare that would've killed him 10x over. "You crossed a line. No honour earns you no consideration. You said it would be a fair fight, but attack Lisa Lisa in a cowardly ambush. Thereby showing what you're made off and you have betrayed the honour and memory of your friend Wamuu." Joseph said.

"Save your indignation, your outrage means nothing. Any action is a means to an end for what I desire. The things that matters to me is the Red Stone and claiming the ice maiden for my own as a way to take revenge against Tundra." Kars said. "Battling over thousands of years means minimising dangers. Not taking any risk and moving your pawns very carefully indeed. This is what the battle has been about. And to show you how good I am at this, I'm going to manoeuvre you effortlessly to your death."

"Listen to me!" Joseph shouted. "For your information Kars, I've never hated anyone before this day, but you I hate!"

"You really hate me?" Kars asked him as he took out his Bone Blades again. "Then show me JoJo. Let's go one-on-one, we'll have that fair fight you wanted to have." That's when Lisa Lisa let out signs of life. She was still alive, but for how long. Joseph's eyes widened and turned to her fallen form when he heard her.

Kars chuckled at this. "Lisa Lisa is almost dead but not completely yet. I left her alive, my plan is to let her live for a while. And why would I do that? She's just another pawn. A worthless little pawn I can use against you." Kars said. To prove his point, and as a way to taunt Joseph and force him into a vulnerable position, he starts to make guitar noises while playing with Lisa Lisa's legs.

"You utter bastard!" Joseph shouted. Kars then stabbed through Lisa Lisa feet with his Bone Blade, removing her shoes in the process, and tying rope around her feet. "Now I've tied her feet together with this rope and do you know why?" Kars asked as he tossed the other end of the rope over one of the high beams above. "Why would I do such a thing as this? This is why!" Kars shouts as he kicks Lisa Lisa's unconscious body off the beam.

"Lisa Lisa no!" Joseph shouts.

"Off you go!" Kars yells as Lisa Lisa began to fall towards the many razor sharp rocks at the bottom of the structure. "If she hits the ground, she'll be dead. If you don't save her in a few seconds she'll be a Lisa Lisa shaped splatter!" Kars said. Joseph didn't have to think. He just rushed towards the rope and grabbed it to keep Lisa Lisa alive, unfortunately however, this also forces Joseph to left himself be wide open to an attack.

Stroheim, Speedwagon, Smokey and the other four Hamon users stopped fighting as all of the commotion caught their attention. They were left in shock at what they were now witnessing. "What?! JoJo! Lisa Lisa!!" Speedwagon shouted out. "What in the hell's going on!?" Caesar yelled. Smokey blinked in confusion before turning to the elder gentleman. "Lisa Lisa? That Lisa Lisa?" Smokey asked. "Do you mean to say she's the baby on the ship Granny Viola told us about?! That's means JoJo's...?!" Smokey asked.

"What are you talking about?" Phoebe asked the young teenager. "Does Coach have some kind of connection with JoJo?" Caesar asked. Lily looked back at her JoJo and teacher, feelings of confusion and fear went into overdrive in her brain as she tried to make sense on what's going on. The story Lisa Lisa told them, the photographs, everything! What does all of this mean?!

As Joseph grips the rope tightly in his hand, Kars laughed at his vulnerable position and says, "Now that you can't move from that spot, here's how efficient battle can be JoJo!" Kars said as his blades begins to glow brightly.

"I'll very calmly walk right up to you and slice you to pieces while you can't move!" Kars spreads a sinister smile as he walks slowly, calmly towards our young hero. His Boone Blades glowing and ready to be used to tear up Joseph's body. The emerald-eyed man let out a cry of sheer anger and yells at the top of his lungs towards the elder Pillar Man, "KARS YOU BASTARD! THERE'S A PLACE WAITING FOR YOU IN HELL!"

Down below, Smokey was watching the scene with wide eyes as he looks in between Joseph and the unconscious Lisa Lisa. Even he couldn't believe that such a fragment of the truth was kept under wraps for so many years and Joseph himself didn't even know it.

'JoJo doesn't know. He doesn't know the woman he's trying to his mother.'

Chapter Text

With the help Caesar's bandanna, Joseph barely managed to defeat Wamuu. Then, it was Kars' turn to face Lisa Lisa in their one-on-one combat. Suddenly, von Stroheim showed up to battle the Vampires, along with Speedwagon and Smokey. Caesar and Phoebe had recovered in time for the battle. Even Viola Joestar had arrived to take part in the fight. In a cowardly turn, Kars used a double to deceive Lisa Lisa. Then he literally stabbed her in the back to use as a pawn against Joseph. Joseph and Lisa Lisa are in the greatest peril of their lives.

"KARS YOU BASTARD! THERE'S A PLACE WAITING FOR YOU IN HELL!" Joseph screams at the top of his lungs.

'JoJo doesn't know. He doesn't know the woman he's trying to his mother.'  Smokey thought to himself as he watches this fight unfold. What Smokey thought was nothing but the truth. Lisa Lisa was, in fact, Joseph's mother. But why? If she was really was his mother, then why hadn't she said anything to him before? Why had she left him and had him believe that she was dead? Why?

Being forced to cling onto a rope to stop Lisa Lisa from falling to her death, Joseph is at a huge disadvantage against Kars. "You don't want to let go of that JoJo." Kars said, as if he needed a big reminder of why he's holding on to it. "It's a forest of crystal spikes down there, she would die horribly."

"Kars! You have lived for far too long! Your soul's decayed. It's like a pumpkin left to rot out in the dead field. Even flies avoid it!" Joseph yells at him.

"Yes, grumble at me. Shout your lungs out. Heave your insults at me. For as long as you're holding on to that rope my friend, that's about all you can do." Kars said, leaving Joseph to growl at him. Joseph struggles with all his might to keep clinging on to the rope but with Kars distracting him with taunts, he nearly lets the rope slip through his hands. Joseph quickly regains focus and tightens his grip.

"JoJo! Lisa Lisa!" Speedwagon called out.

"He can't follow what's really going on." Smokey said. "He doesn't realise that's his mother he's holding."

"WHAT?!" The three younger Hamon users shouted in shock. Smokey didn't appear to have heard them as he turns to Speedwagon. "Mr. Speedwagon, you need to tell JoJo!" Smokey begged him. Speedwagon tilted his hat to make it shield his eyes a bit. "Not yet." He says to the young boy. "But why not?!" Smokey shouted.

"It's not the proper time. von Stroheim!" Speedwagon shouts over to the German Major. "Have you finished disposing of those Vampires yet? We must help JoJo!" He says. "Yeah, right!" Strohiem shouts back as many more of the Vampiric army charged at him. "You think I just have to wave my magic flashlight and then it's all done?!" He shouted as he fired the ultraviolet lights at the Vampires, reducing them to ash.

Viola let out a "hmph" as she lifted up her skirt and performed her Rose Red Hurricane attack. Shooting down the Vampires in her wake. "Quit complaining and act like a man will you?" She tells the German Major as she fought with the same strength and speed she used fifty years ago. She was a Joestar too. This was her destiny as well. She will keep on fighting to ensure that the sacrifices that had been made would never be in vein. Meanwhile, Stroheim's troops and the Speedwagon Special Forces must still battle Kars' Vampire army. "Von Stroheim has got his hands full right now. Viola hang in there for just a bit longer!" Speedwagon yelled out. "JoJo..." Smokey breathed out as he looked back up to the fight.

"Careful now." Kars said, taunting Joseph with mockery clear in his voice. "That rope looks like it's starting to slip a little." Joseph glared daggers at the elder Pillar Man, and while he still cling to the rope in his hands, made an attempt to fight back. With a yell, Joseph launched forward. Preparing an attack with a swift kick, but Kars blocked it easily. He gave him a little smirk and his Bone Blade began to glow again. "As long as you're holding on so tightly to that rope, your clumsy feet have limited reach." Kars said as he slashed at Joseph's leg with his blade. He let out a scream as he was pushed back, his grip loosening just a bit, but still he held on.

"Oh no! His kick did make it to Kars but there was no Hamon!" Speedwagon shouted out.

"We're in real trouble!" Smokey said.

"You poor boy, it looks like you're running out of Hamon. But it is possible you might have enough left to make one last ditch attack on me." Kars said as Joseph begins to wrapped his hand with the rope. With that cruel, sadistic smirk on his face, Kars continues to walk closer to Joseph. Calmly, patiently...taking his time in watching the young man squirm like a worm on a hook. "I'll walk up there and then I'm going to take your life as easily as if I were plucking a little flower along a garden pathway."

Joseph took several deep breaths, trying to steady his breathing and gather his Hamon, but also to calm down his racing heart. He shot up one last glare at Kars before telling him with his signature smirk, "Kars! Maybe there is enough left in me. Enough Hamon for one last desperate attack. To be honest, even I don't know." Kars narrowed his eyes at him. What kind of trick was he thinking of this time?

"But either way, I devised a cunning plan. I guarantee it's something to make you choke!" Joseph proclaimed. "How badly do you want to know what it is? Cause I'm not telling!" Kars glared down at the young man and pointed at his stature. He didn't like where this was going. "Hey! I can see that you've stopped tying those ropes together now!" He said.

That's when Joseph lit up a match and held up for Kars to see. "You see this match? What do you think I'm going to be doing with this fire?!" Joseph asked him. Kars did not answer as he gave a gruff "Hmph!" and turned away. Then, without any warning, Joseph sets his scarf on fire. Shocking the others down below. "Huh!? What on earth is JoJo thinking?! He set his scarf on fire!" Smokey shouted. "Has he gone mad!?" Caesar shouted. "JoJo!" Lily called out.

Joseph stares up at Kars with a steel gaze before getting back up on his feet. "Before this flame has a chance to burn me, I'm going to find a way to use whatever I can to send you straight to hell!" Joseph promise the elder Pillar Man. "The scarf is a gamble. Something to motivate me. A little pain to help me find a way!" Joseph tells him.

"JoJo. Come on now, you can't fool me." Kars says as he then charges towards him. "That's just an act of desperation!" He shouts as he swung his blades at the emerald-eyed Hamon user. However, each time he tried to swing his blades at him, Joseph luckily manages to avoid the attacks while still holding up Lisa Lisa. When Joseph regained his footing, Kars then shouted, "Don't toy with me! You're just dodging around for a chance to catch your breath! It's no matter. I'm taking your life at the moment of my choice! I'm tired of dealing with your silly antics!"

"Aw, come on! I need to breath! So what if I look silly doing it!?" Joseph shot back. When Kars then held his Bone Blade to the rope, Joseph's eyes widened in fear. Further proof that Kars was done playing around. "JoJo, look. Clearly I can sever Lisa Lisa's rope with just a flick of my wrist. And if you dodge me again, that is exactly what I will do." Kars tells him and by the sounds of it, he means it.

Joseph growls underneath his breath. He knows full well that Kars was serious about cutting Lisa Lisa's rope, but what should he do now? "What do you think? Should I press just a little harder?" Kars asked him as his blade cuts at the rope just a bit to cause a tear but not enough to cut it completely. Kars' smiles widens and turns wicked as he continued to taunt the Hamon user. He kept on pressing against the weak rope with his razor blade. "It's so easy. Is that what you want?"

"DON'T DO IT!!" Joseph shouts at him.

"You ran away before, now come toward me slowly." Kars said. "Or you can stay where you are and watch as I cut through the line." Joseph growled angrily as he bared his teeth at the monster before him. The coward! Whatever Joseph had planned, he needed to do something to give him the advantage before Kars kills Lisa Lisa.

"So... What then?" Kars asks once more. "Is your life more precious than that of the woman dangling down there?" Joseph had enough of hearing this guy talk. He made up his made. As he gripped on the rope tightly, Joseph jumped back and used the pillar behind him to give him an extra amount of force and speed as he sends a kick to Kars' way. "Here's my choice!" Joseph shouted.

"I don't know what you think you're doing but when I cut this line, you will both be impaled on the crystal spikes below. You fool!" Kars shouted as he cuts the rope, sending both Joseph and Lisa Lisa to fall to their deaths. The flame on Joseph's scarf had been snuffed out. "JoJo!" "Lisa Lisa!" Their friends cried out from below. Kars smirked as he watched the two fall towards the spikes. "Idiot. Two birds with one cut." He said. That's when Joseph's eyes widened and pulled out his trick. Kars' overconfident expression quickly turned to that of pure confusion/shock as he was suddenly pulled down.

He looked and saw that a piece of rope was tied around his ankle. A sneaky trap laid out by Joseph. "What?! But he-?!" Kars shouted. The rope that was tied to him was connected to Joseph and Lisa Lisa, enough to keep them from falling. Freeing Joseph in the process and now Kars is being weighted by Lisa Lisa. "When did he make this happen? He didn't have enough time to-!" Kars began to ask himself before realisation hit him.

Before, when Joseph first launched an attack at him, he allowed himself to be cut along with the rope. And when he ignited the match he secretly tied his leg to the rope on Lisa Lisa. Of course, Jospeh couldn't do this without some sort of distraction to give him time. That distraction came when he lit his scarf ablaze and to tie the lines together, he manoeuvred Kars into doing his work for him by cutting Lisa Lisa's rope! If Joseph could be known as anything, it would be as a master strategist and trickster in all of history.

"That manipulating cheat!" Kars yelled out.

"Now you're the one saving both me and Lisa Lisa!" Joseph shouted as he used his scarf to snag Kars' other leg and lifted himself up high above him. "You deceived me, JoJo!" Kars shouted. Oh...OOOH! The irony and hypocrisy in this is certainly delicious. "How odd that I should hear you complain about trickery!" Joseph shouted. His Hamon was back in full power and his aura was flaring out, surrounding him in a golden orange glow.

"You enjoyed deceiving others but now the shoe's on the other foot! You may have lived for over ten thousand years, but you're going up against my skills, you need another decade! YOU'RE THROUGH!" Joseph shouted as his energy burst out like a raging lion. Kars refused to back down and held up his Bone Blade to attack, but that didn't matter as Joseph was ready for him! "HAMON! OOOVEEERDRIIIVEEE!" Kars and JoJo perform a last exchange of blows during which Joseph exhausts the last of his Hamon to win over Kars' blade, breaking in half.

'Did it work?' Joseph thought to himself as he breathed heavily. 'That was the last of my Hamon. I'm burned out, I don't have a once of strength left.' Joseph stayed where he was as he watched Kars with focused eyes. Waiting for something to happen. Waiting for any sign of his possible victory over him. Then it happened.

Kars let out a series of cries before screaming. His arm bursted in an explosion of blood as was several damage. Joseph smiled in relief and pride. "Yes, it was enough." He said. "Oh yes!" Speedwagon cheered out. "He did it! He hit Kars with his Hamon!" Smokey said in glee. "Alright JoJo!" Lily cheered.

"Off you go!" Joseph said as he sends Kars falling down to the spikes while Joseph catches his mother, bringing her up to safety. Kars let out cries of agony as many different parts of his body was impaled by the crystallised spikes that littered the ground. Though the fall and spikes weren't enough to kill him, Kars was still in great pain nonetheless. "I'll...get you!" Kars vowed. Phoebe glared at Kars and made her way towards him.

She wasn't sure what he could still be capable off but she didn't want to take any chances with him. Once she was was close enough, Phoebe froze the entire field of spikes and trapped Kars' bodY by making it freezing it to the ground.

With that taken care of the German army and Stroheim gathered around him. "Ooh! Look at that! Kars fell right onto his own crystal spikes!" Stroheim says with a big grin on his face before erupting into a fit of laughter. "BWAHAHAHAHA!!! The Pillar Man is done! See, the Hamon would travel right up his arm and do the job, you're weak! You're time on earth is up! A mere human could finish you off now!" Stroheim shouted as his men cheered aloud with him.

However, even while things may look to be in one's favour, you can never trust what your eyes see. While it is true that Kars is weaken, that doesn't mean that he's down for the count. Kars' arm gave a small twitch and in a blink on an eye, broke away from Phoebe's ice and leaped high into the air.

The German army freaked out for a few moments before a sudden gust of icy wind blew in a slammed Kars back down. This time encasing half in body in ice. Phoebe let out a shaky breath as she brought down her hand and glanced back at the German soldiers. "Stop playing around and kill him already! Take care of this will you?" Viola said as she sheaths back in her sword before walking back to the others. Stroheim gave a rather nervous nod before turning his attention towards Kars. "Let's eliminate him forever! Bring out the ultraviolet amplifier!" He ordered his men as they saluted in response.

Phoebe took a quick glance behind her before turning her gaze away. Just a few more minutes and this will be over, Phoebe mused. She briefly wondered if Tundra is smiling right now. Was he finally happy that things are coming to an end? She dearly hoped so.

Meanwhile, Joseph succeed in pulling Lisa Lisa up to safety and held her in his arms. Hoping is she were still breathing. She was bleeding, and was a bit paler than normal...but other than that, Joseph believed that she was alive. She just needed the right treatment. "Lisa Lisa." Joseph said, breathing rather heavily. That final attack did took the wind out of him.

"Kars said that he wasn't actually planning to kill you with his I don't think that your wounds are fatal." Once he caught his breath, Joseph quickly untied her feet and gently picked her up in his arms, beginning to walk down the structure. "We need to get you taken care of quickly. But I don't think think this is the day you're going to die." Joseph tells her with a soft tone in his voice.

Back down, Smokey breathed out a sigh of relief as he placed a hand over his heart. "It's finally done." He said. "Looks like it. And I'm glad." Speedwagon said, agreeing with the young boy. Lily and the others smiled at Joseph and ran to the structure to meet up with him once he gets back down. Still there's was one more thing that needed to be answered. Smokey looked up at the elder man and said, "Say...Mr. Speedwagon, um..."

"Huh?" Speedwagon went as he looked at the young teenager. "Can I please ask you something?" He said.

"Of course."

"Well... Why did Granny Viola lied to JoJo?" Smokey asked. "It doesn't make any sense that she would do something like that. Why'd she tell him that his mother had died when he was a little boy?" Smokey's question had greatly surprised the older man. As if he hadn't expected him to ask such a question. Yet, at the same time Speedwagon couldn't blame the boy either. Smokey wasn't done and he pressed on with his questions. "Why does Lisa Lisa hide her past and not tell him who she really is?"

"Smokey, that's...uh..." Speedwagon started to speak, but he couldn't find the words. The whole secret to these questions were so complex that he didn't know where to start with them and he wasn't sure if he should tell the boy. "I know Granny Viola told me not to ask you, and please don't tell her I did, but I've got to figure this out! I mean she is his mother. Keeping that information from him is just awful." Smokey tells him with his heart filled with honesty and kindness.


"JoJo and granny Viola...they're my friends. Back in New York, they both saved me. I was just a lowly pickpocket but they help me out anyway. That's the reason I'm here, I'm going to anything I can to help!" Smokey tells him. His eyes were strong, determined and unafraid. He owed this piece of his life to the Joestars. Joseph and Viola saved him. He was just out in the world, surviving one day at time. But thanks to them, he wasn't just surviving...he was living. He owed them everything.

Speedwagon stared back at the boy, taking his words in and debated if he should tell the whole story. Fortunately, that's when a small laugh came in. "How amazing you've turned out. You've turned from a wimpy little boy to a strong and brave man. I'm impressed. You're a fine one Smokey." Viola with a smile as she walked beside Speedwagon. Both men flinched at her sudden presence. "Viola!" "Granny Viola!" They shouted in unison.

Viola gave them a small smile and said, "It's alright Speedwagon. You can tell him." Speedwagon gazed at her for a moment before nodding his head, letting out a sigh. "Alright then, Smokey. Let me tell you. In New York you proved what a good friend you were, you took excellent care of Viola while I was gone. But this, you can never reveal to JoJo!" Speedwagon says to him. His voice filled with all seriousness. "This is the business of the Joestar Family. Friends or not, we don't have the right to talk about it." Speedwagon gazes up at Joseph and his long-lost mother for a minute before unveiling the hidden past of Lisa Lisa.

Chapter Text

The name 'Lisa Lisa' made up. An alias. A nickname at best. Her real given name is Elizabeth. She was raised and trained by Straizo, who taught her the ways of the Hamon once she was of age. She studied and worked hard to perfect the technique her adoptive father had bestowed upon her. They had met a few times here and there. They had their fair share of conversation and spending time to get to know one another. It was rather easy, really it was.

She and Jonathan and Viola's son, George Joestar II, fell in love. After sometime, Elizabeth had met up and was courted by George. Even to this very day, Elizabeth could still remember that day. He was so handsome in his military dress uniform. His reddish-black hair glisten in the sunlight and had the purest blue eyes she had ever gazed in. He was such an honest and pure man. When he approached her with a bouquet of flowers and asked for her hand, Elizabeth immediately said, yes. She couldn't ask for such a wonderful man. He was her everything.

As expected, they got married and their marriage resulted in the birth of their first child. A son. A sweet, innocent baby boy. They named him, Joseph. And just like that, their world was perfect. Elizabeth and George were united in holy matrimony and were blessed with a child. Upon seeing their son's little face, they made a promise to always protect him.

Joseph's father George enlisted as a member of Britain's Royal Flying Core. Aviation development rapidly during the first World War and George was among the brave pilots to fly into battle in the skies. He stood out as a hero even among the members of the Royal Flying Core. A man of his calibre should have been able to live a long life. He should have been able to live out the rest of his days in peace. However, that's not what happened. It was then that a gut wrenching horror from the past came back to haunt the members of the Joestar Family once again.

Fifty years earlier, Dio Brando created blood-sucking zombies. It was a horrible and difficult battle with many lives lost. Viola, Straizo, Speedwagon and the others fully believed that they had exterminated them. But one of them, a tiny little insect, escape their grasp. He had somehow hid himself within society and lived for decades undiscovered. It was cunning. Intelligent. And above all, supremely dangerous. He created no spawn of his own. He devoured the bones and hair of his victims, leaving behind no evidence of his existence. He sought vengeance for Dio's death.

And by some wretched, wicked twist of fate he had placed himself in positioned as a commander of the Royal Flying Core! The very same that Joseph's father was a part of! George, on his part, was keenly observant and figured this out. He had listened well to Viola, Straizo and Speedwagon. He knew full well of the stories.  George had character and talent, and was personally trained by Viola in the ways of Hamon. Enough to grant him a special form of self-defence, but Viola's wish was for him to live like a normal man.

George eyed the commander carefully. He sat in his wheelchair with his back facing him. George could sense the evil radiating from him. He took only one step towards him and before he was able to unmask the commander, he was discovered by his monstrous quarry and was caught off guard by the sheer speed that the Vampire possessed as he lunged towards him. George tried to defend himself and fight back, but he was only able to blast the one of the Vampire's arms off. His message to Straizo was too late. 

George Joestar II was brutally killed. His death was then covered up as an unfortunate nighttime plane crash. Straizo and Speedwagon found this suspicious, so they investigated and eventually learned the truth. It didn't matter how he had died, when learning of the tragic news Viola was plunged back into a world of depression and guilt. She shut down and nearly had a mental breakdown. Speedwagon quickly held her close and comforted her before that could happen. He placed her to bed before he retell the news to Elizabeth.

At the time, Elizabeth held an infant Joseph lovingly in her arms. Rocking him to sleep as she awaited for her husband to come home. She was surprised, but happy, to see Speedwagon come into the room. But her smile faded when he told her what he and her father had discovered. Without a word coming from her, Elizabeth turned around and gently placed her baby boy in his crib. Already fast asleep. She softly caressed his chubby cheek and took in one last look at his face. Instead of showing grief, Elizabeth ran out intent of bloody revenge!

She stormed out of the house, took a care and drove towards the RFC official headquarters. She ran into every room. Check every hall and entryway. Hunting down the filthy little rat that stole her husband's life. She did not stop until she had finally found him. It almost made her sick, seeing him cower in fear. Who the hell did he think he was?! He had no right to cower before her. With no hesitation whatsoever, Elizabeth struck him down. Killing him as painfully as she possibly could. For he had taken away the love of her life.

Elizabeth was a genius with Hamon, but she had let her emotions consume her rational thinking. An RFC official had walked into the room, dropping a stack of papers as his eyes widen in shock at the crime he had witnessed. A young woman was covered in blood and the commander's body was nothing but ash. She was careless. The military knew nothing about zombies or Hamon. They concluded that for some unknown reason, Elizabeth had attacked their beloved commander, killed him, and burned his body to hide the crime.

Word spread as only bad news can and soon she was known around the world as a murderer and a traitor to the war-effort. On the run from the law, Speedwagon meets up with her; using his foundation's all available resources to help erase all trace of her past. Elizabeth had to leave England behind...without even a word of goodbye to her son. A fact that she deeply regrets. She still wished that she could've seen him more time. Kiss his sweet little face. Hold him in her arms. Just one more time.

A baby Joseph awoke from his sleep and cried. He cried for his father, for his mother. But...they won't be able to tend to his cries. Fortunately for him, he still had one person left in his life. His grandmother Viola. She carefully picked him up in her arms and hushed his cries, drying his tears. Her eyes were blank, but there was still light in them. Because she still had something to protect. Something to help her keep on living. Viola knew what had occurred and she gave Speedwagon, her dearest friend, a very specific request.

She held the baby close to her heart as she utter out the words. Though they had hurt her, Viola knew she had to say them. "When this dear child grows up and asks about his parents, please... Please tell him they both died in the war." She said, her voice was solemn and quiet. Speedwagon's eyes widen in shock. He couldn't understand why she would ask him this at first...but he quickly did and nodded his head. "This sweet child... This poor little child... He is all I have left now. No matter what... I will never allow this cruel fate to take him away from me. I will protect him with my life." Viola said. And so it was. Speedwagon placed Elizabeth on Venice's Air Supplena Island where she changed her name to Lisa Lisa.

"Why..?" Smokey asked once Speedwagon had finished telling the tale. Viola had long since left and regrouped with the rest of the Hamon users. "Why is that way?! At least let him know his mother's not dead somewhere!" He shouted. That boy...he still doesn't understand. "I know painfully well why!" Speedwagon nearly shouted, tears threaten to escape his eyes.

"Viola lost her beloved husband and the son that he gave her! In the battle between Hamon and the Stone Masks. She had experience great suffering, more than anyone should ever in their lifetime. Fifty years ago, there was a time where she nearly lost to her depression, the guilt, the grief she carried within her! But thinking of her grandson. Her Joseph. Her JoJo. She didn't want Hamon to create yet another hole in her heart! Lisa Lisa feels the same!" Speedwagon exclaimed out loud.

Smokey let out a gasp as he finally understands. Tears formed and fell from his eyes. 'What tragedy for this family. Such a miserable fortune. But now...' Smokey thought to himself as he stares with a smile towards Joseph and his mother. 'It's better! JoJo used Hamon positivity! To save his mother's life!' Smokey wipes the tears from his eyes as he tells Speedwagon, "Mr. Speedwagon. There's no reason for Lisa Lisa to hide the truth from JoJo any longer. He already knows about Hamon, and he used it to save his mother's life!"

Speedwagon let out a sigh. "That's true. But's not my decision to make. It's question of how Viola and Lisa Lisa feel." He said.

"I guess..." Smokey said. "Major!" A German soldier called out. Smokey and Speedwagon turned around and saw that the Nazis had brought in a much larger Ultraviolet machine to fire at Kars. "We're ready to fire sir!" He said. "Excellent!" Stroheim says as he turns back to the fallen Pillar Man. "Everyone focus on him and now we will share the honour of executing Kars!" At this point, Joseph climb down from the structure and rejoined with the others. They all looked back to the fallen Pillar Man as they awaited for his demise.

Stroheim erupted into a fit of laughter. "Now Kars, die!! I can't begin to tell you how good it feels to give this order myself!" He shouted. He orders his army to activate the machine. They quickly powered up the machine and were more than ready to finish off Kars with multiple blasts of ultraviolet beam. But just as their long awaited victory would finally be achieved, Kars suddenly turned his head toward the ultraviolet beams, revealing that he has on the Stone Mask with the Red Stone of Aja in place.

Stroheim let out a genuinely terrified scream as everyone stared back in shock. When and how did he get that mask on?! But that little question doesn't even matter at this point as Speedwagon quickly shouts at Stroheim to call off the attack as the bright lights of the ultraviolets would only help him the oncoming transformation. Stroheim panics for a quick second and tries to call off the ultraviolet lights, but it was too late.

The artificial sunlight from all the German soldiers and Speedwagon Foundation operatives channels through the Super Aja, activating the Stone Mask, piercing through Kars' skull and into his brain. Kars broke free from his icy prison and the Stone Mask sends its undiluted energy into Kars. He could literally feel it coursing through his body! In his very bones and nerves! It was almost exhilarating for words!

After so many years...countless of thousand of years... Kars had finally done it. He finally undergoes the ultimate transformation of his people as our group of heroes watches in horror. "I didn't see him with the mask! I didn't know he had it anywhere near him! I didn't see him put in the Red Stone!" Stroheim shouts.

"No, it can't be! Dear God..!" Speedwagon says.

"Kars..!" Joseph growled out, but still in disbelief.

"This can't be happening!" Caesar yelled out.

"No..! Why?!" Lily cried.

"Oh God.... Grandfather Tundra....." Phoebe said as she covers her mouth with fear in her eyes. The power and energy radiating from the combining the Stone Mask and the Red Stone of Aja, the mask had broken apart into pieces and the Red Stone flew out. As Kars lays on the ground, he takes his sweet time in relishing the power running through his body. Kars has finally managed to become the Ultimate Being.

Everyone stood their ground as Kars slowly lifts himself off the spikes and up to his feet. He held a blank, vacant look in his eyes. The German Army began to slightly panic as they were staring in fear at the Pillar Man. Stroheim sternly told his men to stand strong, but it was obvious that he was just as scared about the whole thing as well.

Kars lifted up his still burning arm and eyes at it intently. Watching the smoke coming out from his wounds and his flesh melting from the Hamon. He doesn't say a word and remains to be completely silent. "He has become the ubermensch!" Stroheim says, cold sweat running down his face as he stares at Kars with wide eyes. "Can it be?! I thought no creature could obtain perfection, but now-!"

"Damn you..." Joseph said as he glared daggers at the last Pillar Man. Stroheim took notice of Kars' arm and realised that it was still burning due to the Hamon. Seeing this, he strongly believes that they have a chance. "See that? How is arm is burning, maybe we don't have to fight perfection after all! Hamon melts his accursed flesh even now! In another minute there will be nothing left of him! He has lustred after the Red Stone for millennial but when it is all said and done, his quest for immortality has failed!" Stroheim shouted. "You will perish knowing that you are a failure!! Ready the UV amplifier for another shot! One direct hit should be enough to finish him off. Hurry it up solider!"

As Stroheim and his men were readying the UV cannon, he was right about something and it was creepily strange. While Kars did use the Stone Mask and the Red Stone to become the ultimate didn't seem to have made any sort of difference. Nothing has changed at all. So...what happened?

What's made even creepier was that Kars still hasn't said a single word and seemingly is just staring out into space. But then his eyes shifted over to something off to the side. Appearing to be in deep thought. The others carefully looked to what he was staring at and saw that he was staring at a pair of beautiful Barn Owls sitting on a branch and a squirrel munching on some acorns of the ground below. He then takes everyone by surprise when a strange green foamy liquid starting forming on his hand as it overtakes it. Changing in colour and shifting around. The end results were unbelievable.

"I've seen some crazy stuff but this!!" Joseph shouted as his eyes widened. Within a few seconds, Kars had turned his hand into a living, breathing squirrel. Said squirrel then hops off his wrist and runs up his arm, lovingly cuddling against his cheek while Kars remains to be stoic and stone-cold. While this is bizarrely shocking, it's also greatly confusing why Kars would make something as harmless as a squirrel.

The squirrel had jumped down from Kars' shoulder and landed by the tree the other one was in. The other squirrel took noticed of it and hopped down to greet it. Nuzzling against it. Cute sight? Yes. A harmless animal. ....No. Absolutely not. The group of heroes were left shocked when the squirrel that Kars had made suddenly began to devour the other animal. Biting, chewing its way to its stomach. Like a demon, it had blood-red eyes and razor sharp, shark-like teeth. Once it took notice of the others, it immediately began running towards them with unimaginable speed.

It decimates the Nazis and rips open a hole in Stroheim's metal stomach before returning to its owner. It then turned into a pink and yellow flower completed with leaves and then to a large butterfly before returning to normal. Showing that Kars has now full control over organic life. That's when the sun began to rise in the distance. Everyone began to feel a glimmer of hope as knowing this will be more than enough to take down Kars as the sun's warm rays killed off the rest of the Vampire minions.

But while it killed them off....Kars remains untouched. He stands there before them like a God, basking in the sun as his long hair blows in the wind. Kars smirked at their faces of helplessness and fear before laughing like a mad man. Because of the power of the stone, Kars is now immune to sunlight. Kars' triumph is undeniable and the entire planet is now doomed. "JoJo, this is a horrible nightmare! We're doomed! This is the day all of us die! Humanity's done for!" Speedwagon shouted in fear. Kars' smirk widens as he relishes in his new found powers as he continues to laugh. He truly felt like a God among the mortals beneath him. And it felt great. 

"Alpha and omega both. I am the pinnacle of all life that has ever trod the earth." Kars said. A twisted smile appeared on his face as he recalled his former friend's final words. Oh how he wished that he kept him alive just so he could see the look of utter shock, the dumb confusion in his eyes. "Oh, I wish you could see how pathetically your attempt had been. How wrong you were. All of their forms are mine to take."

Kars then turned his eyes towards the rising sun. "And you, my old nemesis, I see how entrancing you are. Yours is a beauty the likes of which I have never seen. I once fear you...but now I fear you no more! Hahahahaha! Young Phoebe! You are mine now! I will act on my revenge against your traitorous ancestral blood and make you give birth to the many offsprings of my own creations!" He shouts aloud. Phoebe's heart sank down to the pit of her stomach when Kars said this. She felt sick. This was far more terrifying and disturbing than when Viper had told her. Caesar growled at him and pushed his beloved behind him. No way was he going to let this monster touch a single hair on her head.

"Kars...! He's become invincible! He has no weaknesses now! He even shrugs off Hamon like it's nothing! He's won and he knows it, you can see it in his eyes! Kars the Pillar Man is no more! He's become Kars the Ultimate Creation!" Speedwagon shouts.

Stroheim was practically shaking in his boots and stares down at his hands in pure terror and guilt. " all my fault. I'm the one who hit him with the UV after he put on the completed mask...!"

" there really no way to stop him Mr. Speedwagon?!" Smokey asked. Terrified at how much worse the situation had become. "He's so strong now! We're all going to be food for this walking museum piece!"

Joseph shot a glare towards Kars before he spoke up. "No. I got a plan." He said, making everyone look at him with surprised glances. "What kind of plan do you got JoJo?" Caesar asked him. But Joseph didn't answer as he walked towards Speedwagon. "Hold her." He said as he carefully placed Lisa Lisa in his arms before turning to Kars. "One last all-or-nothing gambit!"

"All-or-nothing gambit, you say!?" Stroheim asked. "Yeah! It's my final move!" Joseph said with a serious look on his face. His most valued technique. It was near unbeatable. And he was going to use it against him. "What does it involve?" Stroheim asked him. Quickly, Smokey and Lily looked at each other. Both getting the same idea on what this move was.

"JoJo, when you say 'final move', you're not referring to THAT final move, are you?" Smokey asked him.

"I think he is." Lily said, her eyes widening and her heart racing. She was really worried. She hadn't seen him use that move in a long while. Viola narrowed her eyes. She too was fully aware of what Joseph was thinking. She hoped it wouldn't come to this. Joseph shot a look towards Stroheim and shouted. "Listen up! This is something you're going to have to do for yourself!"

"Just tell me what to do and I'll follow your lead, JoJo!" Stroheim shouts at him. The German Major was more than ready to follow Joseph's plan. With everything that's happened, he'll gladly follow him down the path to hell and back!

Joseph looked back at Kars and gave a confident chuckle. "Hmmmhmmhmmmhmmhmmm..." He then sprinted forward. Grabs the Red Stone of Aja....and f****ing runs away!! "RUN FOR YOUR LIIIIIVEEEESSS!!!!" Joseph screams.

"AWWWW MAN, I knew you're gonna do thaaaat!!" Smokey yells, chasing at the emerald-eyed man.

"AW DAMN IT ALL!!" Lily shouted as she quickly ran after him.

"And that's my grandson..." Viola said as she held her head.

"RAAAAAAAWWWWRRRRR!!!!!" Kars screeched out as a large talon shot out/formed on the back of his hand and feathers began to grow on his arms. He was turning his arms into wings. "Hamon users mean nothing to me now. But you are a special case! This is a historic moment, and Wamuu and Esidisi must be avenge! I shall celebrate my rebirth with the utter eructation of Joesph Joestar!"

Chapter Text

Long ago, an already extraordinary man wished for further power. This man could soar like a bird. Swim like a fish. Breath like a tree. And move like a winding stream. But sunlight spelled his doom, so he created a Stone Mask. One day, he would face the sun without fear and then the world would be his. And his alone.

Eager to celebrate his apotheosis by killing the greatest thorn on his side thus far, Kars, with the murderous intent, follows Joseph by growing wings and flying toward him. The emerald-eyed man, blonde-haired beauty and the former pickpocket thief ran off like their lives depend on it. Which, of course, in this case, it did.

Smokey looked back and screamed when he saw Kars flying at them with impressive speed. "He's gaining on us!" The young teen shouted. "Not helping!" "No shit kid! Keep running!" Joseph and Lily shouted in unison. "Really, how am I think of something with you carrying on! We still got our dignity Smokey!" Joseph said.

"Oh yeah! You have dignity!" Lily said. Wondering if Joseph even has any shred of dignity since he DID decided to dress up as a woman. They ran towards the edge of the land and jumped down, sliding against the steep slope as they continued to avoid the Ultimate being. "JoJo's out there risking life and limb to lead Kars away from us! Good on ya! But still...It is only a matter of time. This foe ain't one you can beat!"

"JoJo...We have to help him!" Caesar said. Phoebe nodded in agreement. They were preparing to run after him but Viola stopped them with a simple, but strong command. "Stop!" Viola gripped her hands tightly that they were pale. She bit her lower lip before saying, "I understand how you two feel, and I want to run after JoJo as well...but...that would mean that his effort to protect us will be for nothing.... He's just like my beloved."

"He's coming!" Smokey shouted, looking back again to see Kars. Every time he even looks at him, Smokey felt the fear drive through him faster than a speeding car. "If you're gonna think of something, do it now!" Once they reached flat land, they picked up the pace and began running faster than before.

Joseph looked back at his two companions and said, "Why are you running with me anyway!? Maybe you haven't noticed this yet, you guys, but I'm the one who's got Kars really bent out of shape you know! Smokey, you and I are good friends. Lily, I care for you more than you could ever realise. So I'll take it really badly if you died because of me today!"

"Don't worry yourself on my account JoJo! In case you haven't noticed, someone's gonna look after you whenever you do all this insanity!" Lily ran to match Joseph speed so that she may say this to him. She was serious. After all they've been through, Lily wasn't going to leave Joseph to fight against this alone. And it's all because she's-.

"For the moment, at least, Kars is after my blood alone. He thinks that killing me is a good way to ring in his new life. Which means that monster's not gonna stop chasing me until I drawn my final breath!"

Smokey let out a small gasp. "JoJo." He couldn't take it anymore. He can't keep this a secret anymore! He has to know! Smokey has to tell Joseph the truth about Lisa Lisa! "There's something you really need to know! Lisa Lisa, she's more than just some Hamon Master! She's your-!" Smokey was so close in telling Joseph the truth but was sadly interrupted when the young man saw Kars swiftly flying overhead.

"That was fast! Quit flapping you son of a bitch!!" Joseph shouted at Kars. "Oh yeah! Keep insulting him, that'll get him to back off!" Lily said.

"Speedwagon, tell me." Stroheim says as he makes his way over to the elder man. "Has the Pillar Man really become the perfect being?" He asked. "Yes. Our greatest fear has been realised. In front of us, Kars has become an unstoppable force of nature!" Speedwagon shouted.

A perfect being is, above all, invincible. That means it does not grow old. It will never succumb to death in any form. Additionally, it has the abilities of all other lifeforms at its disposal and out performs them and finally, its predominate form is the standard by which physical perfection is judged. That is what Kars has finally become. He is the ultimate, perfect being.

Speedwagon falls to his knees while still holding on to Lisa Lisa in his arms as he looked at Kars in terror. "We have no way to stop him now...we've already lost! He has no weaknesses at all! Humans can't kill him! Not even Hamon or the sun itself would do a lick of good against him! JOJO!!" He called out to the young man as he felt in his very bones that Joseph might die before this day's end.

"Sorry, but you're gonna have to tell me later!" Joseph said to Smokey. They were nearing another edge but this time it goes straight into the ocean. "Huh?!" The teen went. "I'm kinda short on time!" Joseph shouted as he leaped off of the edge. He was momentarily shocked when Lily jumped up and grabbed his wrist, falling down alone with him and leaving Smokey behind before he can tell him about Lisa Lisa.

"JOJOOOO!" Smokey screamed out. Kars flew above and smirked as he believed that Joseph had fallen into the waters to try to escape him. Ha, such a foolish Human. "That won't save you." He said as he flew downward in the hope of catching him in mid-air and killing him slow and painfully, only to be taken off guard when a plane suddenly rose up seemingly from the water. Forcing him back.

The plane flew high into the air as Joseph handled it like a pro and send a cocky smirk at Kars' way. "HA-HA! You're not the only one with wings! I'm comin' for ya!" Joseph skilfully flies the plan to lure Kars away further from the others so that he may come after him alone. But apparently that wasn't entirely true. "Why are you here Lily?!" Joseph shouted at her as the cobalt-eyed girl strapped herself on the seat next to him. "What are you talking about? I'm not leaving you with him!" She told him.

Seeing that there was no point in arguing with her, Joseph let out a grunt and swerved the plan and hit Kars. Grazing him at his wings, causing a couple of feathers to fly out. But Kars wasn't concerned by that little tap and simply smirked as he turned around and chased after the plane. From down below, the others were surprised to find that Kars flying after it, quickly knowing that Joseph was on that plane. "Look! Up there!" Caesar shouted.

"That's one of our German war planes!" Stoheim said. Phoebe's eyes widened as she step back and shouted, "And it's heading straight for us!" The plane was flying at them and everyone, plus the two teams, ducked as it flew past them overhead and a thick layer of dust blew over them. Once the dust settled, Viola looked up into the sky and shouted for her grandson. "JOJO!!"

Joseph gave a smile and a salute to his family, his friends...he was going to put an end to Kars. No matter what it takes. He was ready. This was his fate left behind by his grandfather, and he wasn't going to let him down. Turning back to his target, Joseph moved flew the plan and grazed against the Pillar Man once more and flew away. Of course, Kars didn't pay too much mind to the hit and continued to chase after Joseph.

Joseph flew the plane over the ocean and once he was sure that he was far from the others, he flipped a hidden switch on the controls and flies back around, and once he got Kars in his sights, fires the attached mini gun at him. Kars processed to dodge the oncoming bullets, but with so many coming all at once, he growled at annoyance. He then turned some of his feathers into hardened plates. They, not only protected Kars from the fire rounds, but also launching themselves to the plane.

Kars had mutated his feathers into plated projectiles as hard as armadillo shells and coated them with a bullet-deflecting oil. Therefore, their toughness makes them ideal, not only as shielding, but as weapons in their own right. The feathers launched themselves through the plane's windows. Shattering them. Both broken glass and the feathers flew in and the occupants brought up their arms to protect themselves. The harden feathers burst through and stuck themselves into the cockpit.

"Shooting those feathers at us is dirty pool!" Joseph said as he looks at at the feathers behind him, only for him to snap his attention back when Lily grabbed his arm and shouted, "JoJo, look out!!" His eyes widened when he saw that the plane was aiming towards the water. "This doesn't look good!" Joseph quickly grabbed the controls and pulled up the plane just enough for it to skid across the water's surface. They held on tight as the plane rattled uncontrollably as Joseph tried to regain control. "Oh no you don't! Touching down is not an option! I've got to make my getaway!" He says as he pulled the plan up and flew high into the sky.

He turned the plan around and flew off, leading Kars away and leaving the others behind. "JoJo!" Smokey yelled out. "Aw man, how long can he last when all he could do is run for it?!"

"Fly boy, and don't look back! That's all we humans can do now! Just try to safe our skins." Speedwagon says.

On board, Lily gazes down at the controls and notices the speed they were going. "240 km an hour... I think we're okay for the moment." She said to Joseph. The emerald-green eyed man breaths out a sigh of relief as he puts on the headset. "That's good. I don't care how perfect that bastard may be, this plane has got more horsepowers. We're safe for now. If he has any morning plans, he'd better cancel them because I'm in this in the long haul!"

"Don't count on it." Lily said as her eyes slightly widened. Joseph looked at her direction and saw that the gas tank was slowly running out. "We've got only two hours left before this plane gives out on us. I don't know if we can keep leading him on forever JoJo."

"'re right. What should I do...?" Joseph said to himself as he tried to think of a plan. Meanwhile, Kars flew just behind him and narrows his eyes on the plane. He left out a 'hmph' and said, "You cretan. That metal coffin of yours will only protect you for so long. If you're plan involves landing somewhere, I've got news for you. The only way you'll return to terra firma is in bloody chucks."

"JoJo! JoJo-....! Do you read me!? This is Speedwagon, over!" Speedwagon's voice spoke through the headset. It was almost hard for Joseph to hear him but once he set the frequencies in order, he was able to speak through to him clearly. "Hey. You guys missing us down there yet?" He asked leaning towards Lily so that she could listen in.

While Smokey was running back towards the others, Speedwagon, Viola and the two Hamon users kneeled before a radio as the elder man spoke through the microphone. "Thank goodness! Listen, you were smart to grab that plane! I know it's not much but, the Germans and I will do what we can to help from here! Do you have a map?" Speedwagon asked him.

Lily rummaged through the cockpit in search for one. When she finally found a map, she opened it and showed it to Joseph. "Yeah, Lily found it." He said. "Good. Maintain radio contact and I'll guide you to safety." Speedwagon told him, but Joseph didn't hear his words as closely as he would've liked as Joseph had caught something in the map. "Jackpot." He said.

His eyes shifted to Lily and he saw that she was looking at the same thing he was. Realising what he had in mind, Joseph was going to tell Lily to take the parachute and get out to safety. But Lily reached over and held his hand. The look on her face was strong and determined. Even if he were to try to talk her out of it, Lily wasn't going to leave any room to argue with him. She was going to stay with him till the very end. Joseph stared back at her with intense eyes. Not a word was spoken between them, but they understood. Joseph laced his fingers with hers.

"Alright, first give us your current position." Speedwagon said to the young man. Sounds come out of the radio but Joseph's words, if he was talking, was mumbled up and incoherent, static got in the way of whatever he was trying to say. "What? JoJo, you're breaking up!" More static. "What's going on, hey!? If you can hear me, for the love of God, pipe up!"

"Yeah, clear as a bell. How do you think this is gonna go? I mean we don't have a weapon or fighting technique that'll work on Kars worth a damn. You were yelling about him being immortal remember?" Joseph asked him.

"Don't I know it! You running away isn't ideal, but it's all you can really do!"

Joseph let out a small chuckle. "Maybe not. Looking over this map gave me an idea."

"What idea?! Hey JoJo, don't face Kars alone, this is no time to act the hero! Lily, are you there!? Say something to stop him, please!" Speedwagon begs. Quickly realising that Joseph was planning to attempt a do-or-die gamble to defeat the Pillar Man. "He'll be too strong later, this is the only time!" Joseph shouted.

"DON'T DO IT! I FORBID YOU TO GET YOURSELF KILLED OUT THERE, DO YOU HEAR ME!?" Speedwagon shouted. Viola turned her back on the conversation as she struggled to breath and keep her composure. She was gripping her arms so tightly, her nails were so close in piercing her skin. Joseph was such a stubborn boy....whenever he makes up his mind, nothing could change it. Viola knew this...but...the pain hadn't become any less numb... Her shoulders shook and Phoebe took notice of this and went to the Joestar Matriarch's side to try and comfort her. Sensing her distress.

"Just listen for a second! I know, Kars is the most powerful creature on earth at the moment! But he was born here. Thousand of years ago this planet gave him life and if we're lucky it'll take that life right back!" Joseph tells him.

"Take it? But how?! What in the world do you think will be a threat to Kars?"

"Magma!" Joseph answered. "After all, magma's the hottest substance on earth! I'll drive him into the lava at Isola di Volgano! Even he can't survive that!"

"NO! You can't! You've risked your neck for humanity more than enough boy! Let me and the Germans do the heavy lifting for once!" Speedwagon shouted. He can't let JoJo do this! He can't! He swore on his life that he would protect Joseph and make sure that he survive to live a long life! He made that promise to Jonathan, Viola and his parents. He refused to break it. Joseph, along with the rest of the Joestar family, had done more than enough for the sake of humanity. Humanity that are, and will always be, ignorant of the evil that lurks amongst them.

Caesar grabbed the microphone, still in Speedwagon's hands, and yelled out to his friend, "Listen to him JoJo! Don't be stupid, Kars is going to kill you!!" Joseph spread a smile and said, "Maybe. But I'm at the volcano, so it's too late. Carpe diem as they say." With that Joseph flew closer towards the volcanic island.

Speedwagon dropped the microphone and his whole body shook. He now knew that he couldn't stop him. Fear and sadness swelled within him as he realise what was happening. Viola choked back a sob as she nearly fell to her knees. Phoebe quickly caught her before she could. "Mrs. Joestar...! Easy now." Phoebe told her as gently as possible.

"Mr. Speedwagon..." Smokey said.

"JoJo...that idiot!" Caesar shouted as he punched the ground.

"No, God. Not again... Lord Joestar. His son, Jonathan. And his son, George. The men of the Joestar family were all cut down far too soon..!" Speedwagon says. His eyes turned to the unconscious Lisa Lisa in his arms. If Joseph were to die this day, then everything that Lisa Lisa had done to keep him safe would've been for nothing. "Not again! Why do they always have their lives taken!?" There's was one more thing that could change Joseph's mind and get him to stop whatever he had planned. He knew that it would go against what Viola and Lisa Lisa wanted...but he had no choice. He grabbed the microphone and said, "Don't fly into that volcano! Survive for Lisa Lisa's sake!"

"Huh?" Joseph went.

"Listen to me! Lisa Lisa is your mother!"

"What did you say?" Joseph said, trying to get the connection back on. All he could hear was static. "You're breaking up!" Then, other sounds began popping up around them and Lily glanced over her shoulder to see what the problem was. She stood up and went to investigate. Joseph also took notice of the sounds. "Huh? That's sounds like... Chewing!" Joseph said when the sounds became louder and louder.


"Lily?!" Joseph shouted before feeling something biting and chewing at his flesh. He looked down at his shoulders and saw that a piranha was feasting on him. "AAAHHHH, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! GAH!!" Joseph yelled as he ripped the piranha off of him and saw a number of them flailing around them and eating through the plane in a rapid pace. Lily was trying to kill every one of them but some were moving around too much. "Piranhas huh?! That's logical!" Joseph said as he elbowed on one of them against his seat. Lily stomped a couple to death before saying, "These damn things will the plane right out from under us at the rate they're going!"

"But how'd they get here?!" Joseph shouted but quickly figures out the origin of these little parasites. "Those feathers Kars shot before! They turned into these damed things!" Joseph was right. The hardened feathers that stuck themselves into the plane were morphing into the carnivorous fishes and more were falling on them from above. "Damn it!" Lily shouted as she kept trying to kill them.

Joseph looked down and saw that three of them were in the process of tearing up, seemingly the only parachute they've got. "Bugger all, no! Don't eat the parachute! You devil fish!" Joseph shouted as he took the bag away from them. Lily glanced out the window and yelled out, "Oh no, you can't be serious!" Giant octopus tentacles suddenly came and entangle themselves on the plane's propellers, making the engines explode. Causing the plane to start diving into the island. Fire started to spread.

"JoJo! Lily! What's going on?! Can you two even hear me!" Speedwagon yelled out.


"Please, say something!"

As the plane was getting closer to the ground, a window pane broke open and Joseph jumps out of the plane to safety and opens the parachute. But he may be safe from the plane crash, he was exactly where Kars wanted him to be. His crimson eyes spotted him and the Pillar Man let out a menacing chuckle as he flies in towards him. He chuckled as he suspected in leaving the woman behind. "What a moron. You think that parachute is your salvation but it does is seal your fate. Your just a butterfly caught in a spider's web. Hahaha, now JoJo! Time to take my time killing you!" However, when Kars approaches, he saw that it was much too late that one in the parachute is a dummy.

The wheels in Kars' head were quickly turning and he suddenly realised. He turned around and his eyes widened when he saw that, Joseph, with Lily by his side, still piloting the plane. "Hey Kars! I'm a Joestar, we don't go down without a fight! You and I've got a date with that volcano, don't try to weasel out!" Joseph yelled.

"JOJO!!" Speedwagon, Smokey and Caesar shouted.

"AAAUURRGHHH! DAMN YOU!!" Kars screamed as Joseph crashed the plane right into him. Joseph was planning to ram him into the volcano and in the lava. The shrapnel metal of the plane did pierce Kars' body and wounded his legs, but that should be a slap on the wrist compared to what's going to happen next. "You're...a lunatic!" Kars shouted as he saw that they were getting ever so closer to the lava!

As they were mere minutes away from possible death, Joseph reached over and grasp Lily's hand. The cobalt-blue eyed girl looked up at with surprise, but her expression soften and laced her fingers with his. As they stared into each others eyes, Joseph began thinking about his family. A flash of Viola's kind, smiling face flashed in his mind.

'Granny Viola. A long time ago, you told me about my grandfather. You said he died on the Atlantic to save you and father from his greatest foe. I still remember the look of sadness and guilt you gave when you told me. I can only imagine the heartbreak you've must've faced. Trust me, I don't mean to be a copycat.... Maybe...this is the hand my blood dealt me.'

His and Lily's hands...were still connected. They held on to each other tightly. They weren't afraid. They're ready. Both gave a small smile and leaned in close. Their lips were just inches away and were just about to close their eyes. But Kars' wings turned back to their original state and his hands gripped the plane. "Really now? Do you think I can't pry myself from this foul contraption before you try to smash it into the ground, you gibbering primate?!"

"You coward!" Joseph growled at him.

Kars chuckled. "Know that your death won't accomplish anything!" He said as he began to pull himself off of the metal. The Ultimate Being laughs in their shocked faces as he plans to escape, but then a metal hands flew in out of nowhere gripped his neck from behind. Knocking him deeper into the shrapnel. The hand itself dug its finger into his neck.

Kars stares at the hand in shock and confusion at where the hell that came from and looks up to find Stroheim appears inside the plane and smirking at him. "What a shame. All of your scheming and still you die here." He said.

"Damn you!" Kars growled.

"Von Stroheim!" Joseph said happily. "When and how did you get into the plane? When the hell did you have time?!" Lily asked, bewildered at how Stroheim even managed to get on board without them noticing. The cyborg chuckles at the two and says, "I wasn't sure you could make handle this battle all alone! Next time, I should stow away in the cabin proper!"

"Next time huh?" Joseph laughed. This crazy German. He can be nuts...but man, is he one iron-willed soldier. "When I give the word, jump out JoJo!" Stroheim tells them.

"Not on your life! No way! Believe it or not, piranhas ate my damned parachute!" Joseph shouted at him.

"Unless you want to die, jump out of there this instant!" Stroheim shouted. As the two teens looked back at ahead of them they realise that they were now seconds from crashing into the lava. "AAAAHHHH!!" Joseph and Lily screamed as the plane crashed into a fiery explosion. From the other, Speedwagon was shaking uncontrollably as nothing but static and buzzedfeed came from the microphone.

"Please respond! I don't care what you say! Tell a bad joke or call me an old man! Let me hear your voice one more time!!" Speedwagon shouted for the life of him.

"JoJo...." Smokey said.

"No...he can't be... Lily...she must've... there's no way they're...." Caesar said as he falls to knees. He didn't think he can handle this... He refuse to believe that his best friend and his little sister was....

Amongst the flying debris and smoke, Joseph and Lily were launched out of the plane and were caught in the arms of Stroheim. When he caught them, he managed to save them by sacrificing his own robotic legs when they hit the ground. Knocking them back, and away from the magma. Once they caught their breaths and managed to relax for a bit, Joseph sat up and said, "Stroheim, you're crazy. I'm crazy too, but...I admit when someone's got me beat."

"That was a pretty courageous move. Beyond psychotic! But courageous, I'll give you that." Lily said with a tired smile. Stroheim looked over at the two of them and from what he can tell, they didn't have any serious injuries. "You two seem to be alright, but what about... Where'd he go? Please, tell me Kars fell into the lava!"

As soon as he said this, the volcano begins to erupt, and Kars was flung into the lava and begins to melt. His skin...his flesh were melting from his bones. "I'm still alive!" He shouted as he sinks deeper into the magma. "Alright!" Joseph said as his planed worked without a hitched.

"Must create armour! Something like a clam or a crab! A boney shell!" Kars shouts as he began create various types of armour around his body to try and protect himself against the lava. "Yes! Make me, impervious!" The armour around his body appeared to have worked, but he screamed again as the lava melted right through and continued to eat away at him. "It's not enough!"

"You dummy, that's lava! It's a thousand degrees in there! Now burn to a crisp you cocky bastard!" Joseph yelled as he rose to his feet. Kars screamed in pure agony and the flames and lava devoured him piece by piece until the volcano erupted again and consumed him whole. "Yes! That did it! Finally, Kars was the last of them! The Pillar are defeated!!" Joseph shouted as he raised a fist into the air.

Lily smiled brightly and ran into Joseph's arms. Wrapping her arms around his neck and laughed alongside him as he spun them around. Happy and overjoyed that their war against the Pillar Man was finally over. However their laughter was interrupt the ground they were standing in began breaking apart. Stroheim looked up at them and said, "The shock of his demise triggered an eruption! Let's get to safety before we celebrate further!"

"Good call. Hang on tight, alright?" Joseph said as he and Lily walked over to Stroheim and picked him up. Lily breathed out a sigh of relief and said, "I'm so glad it's all over." Her eye traveled to Joseph's smiling face and a faint blush coloured her cheeks. But she smiled either way. Once they get back to the others...Lily believed that it would be the best time to tell him how she really feels.

They didn't walk ten steps before the ground beneath them split open. Before sudden flash of light and breeze rushed through. Joseph's hand and half of his arm was cut off. And Lily hand a blade stabbing her through the back and the tip just below her collar bone. The blade was forcibly yanked away and she fell, without a sound, to the ground. Joseph's eyes were widened with shock as his mind began to process what happened. Meanwhile Stroheim was petrified when Kars, cloaked in heavy armour broke through the surface and landed behind them. His armour broke off and he smiled sadistically at them.

"Waaaaaahhh! AAHHHH!!" Joseph screamed. From both the pain of losing his arm and agony of seeing Lily, the girl he loved so much, laying lifelessly on the ground just a few feet away from him. "AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!" Kars stood like a God before Joseph as he smiles contently. As if he were at peace. Kars didn't know Joseph could sing so well, the song was beautiful. He laughed. "Music to my ears. You perform that aria perfectly, I so long to hear you sing it JoJo. It's too bad Lily can't hear it. But don't worry, I'll make sure that you'll see her again soon."

"'re alive..." Stroheim says in disbelief. How? How the hell did he managed to survive that!? He then caught sight of a small broken piece of his shell and quickly used his robotic eye to analyse it. "Inorganic..? But of course!" He said as he looked back up at him. Kars still stood there with a smug, triumphant grin.

How did he survive? Kars first covered himself in a substance, not unlike a crab shell. However, it was still organic. It wasn't up to the task, faced with the heat of the lava, it burned away instantly. Luckily for Kars, he had the idea to create a second layer of armour. Made of an unlikely substance. Mere air bubbles. The bubbles maintained a pocket of air between Kars' body and the lethal heat. As the outer layer burned away with each passing second, more bubbles worked their way outward to replace them. Maintaining a perfect equal limbering. Kars had the moments he needed to escape. The earth gave birth to life...but now...horror of horrors...Kars, a creature of the earth, has conquered the planet itself!

Eons ago, long before man first thought to chronicle his deeds, a group of creatures, like us but not, evolved alongside humanity. The sun was lethal to them, so they lived out their lives under the cool glow of the moon and in their subterranean cities. Even without the sun's sustaining rays, they endured far longer than their human rivals by feeding on other living things. To Humans that knew of them, they were revered as Gods or demons. Their numbers were small as few died and children were rare, in all things, they maintained a vital balance. They knew no striff and lived in peace with one another. But then a man of great pride and ambition was born among them!

Tundra walked passed the mummified remains of humans and looked up blankly at his friend who was facing the moon. "Quite a meal you had. Is there any purpose to this?" He asked him. Kars looked over his shoulder and responded with, "Strength is hidden within this body. Talents we cannot but dream of. I shall be the one to unlock them."

Tundra raised a brow and lazily shrugged. "I would wish you success, but I do not think the others will be happy to hear of your ambitions." He said. Kars smiled and gave a small laugh. He walked down from the small ledge and gave Tundra a soft pat on the shoulder. "No matter. If they refuse to see my way, then that's no concerned of mine." He said.

To that end, he created a Stone Mask. The mask granted him unheralded power, but at a terrible, ravenous cost. To survive, he had to consume life at a dizzying rate! If left unchecked, he would eventually devour every living thing on earth. His brethren began to fear the mask as well as the gifted soul who created it.

Kars met up with Tundra with fire in his eyes and a smirk. Tundra was both curious and mildly interested at what he wanted. He came out of his icy dome and walked up to him. Kars presented him with the Stone Mask and held it out to him. It was clear to him that Kars wanted him to experience the same level of power that he was right now. Tundra looked at the mask and gave a lazy shrug. He reached towards the mask but stopped when he looked past his friend. He let out a sigh. "I warned you."

"Hm?" Kars went as he turned around and saw that the entire clan surrounding them. Apparently when they saw Tundra with hand nearing the mask, they suspected him being a part of Kars' ambition. "Their very existence is a threat!" "There is no place for ones such as them in this world!" Two of the brothers of the clan shouted "ARRGH! We have to wipe out their evil!" An elder woman shouted.

Kars glared at them. Angry that they would not see that what he was doing was to benefit them. "Look at you fools. Don't you want to have dominion over the sun? To stand and ascends over all life?! TO PURGE OUR FEARS AND REIN FOREVER AS GODS?!" Kars shouted at them. But it was pointless, they all held out their weapons and growled at him. They were going to kill him and put an end to his evil.

Tundra sighed. "This much bothersome. Awaken me when you're finished with it." He said as he laid back in his dome. He knew that Kars was now much stronger than he was before. Even if he had some motivation or intention to, Tundra couldn't stop Kars. So he thought it was best to just let things proceed as they come. Kars held back a smile, he knew that Tundra was seeing his way, that he was more than capable. "If not, then die." Kars said. The clan rushed towards with yells and their weapons raised, but in matter of minutes of quick and precise swings of his Bone Blade, Kars, with no hesitation, exterminated almost all of his own people. Even murdering his very own parents who gave him life.

He, and his sole allies, took the two surviving infants and left the scene of the carnage. They set off in search of ultimate power. A journey of continents and centuries alike. And now, ten thousand years later, that power was in his hands at last.

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"He's a God..." Stroheim says, his voice was but a whimper as he looked up at the monster before him. "This tyrant has become a deity... And against such a foe, there is nothing that we can do! We must submit or perish!!"

Joseph struggles to retain his breath and spout out several incoherent words. Kars took notice of this and his smile widnes. He brought a hand up to his ear and said, "Hear that? I think JoJo's trying to tell me something."

Fighting back the pain and letting out an enrage roar, Joseph shot up to his feet and yelled out, "Hamon...Overdrive!!" He swung his leg towards Kars with a Hamon-filled kick, but Kars wasn't even fazed by this oncoming attack. Kars feigned confusion and said, "What? Hamon? Did you say Hamon Overdrive!?" Kars, with so much force and a heavy blow, crushes Joseph's leg. The emerald-eyed young man screamed as he was knocked back.

"JoJo!!" Stroheim cried out. As Kars flipped his hair, Joseph screamed in pain as he took a look at his leg. His eyes widened when he saw the damage. "No! How!? My leg it's...! Melting away!! This is impossible!!" Joseph's eyes widened even more as he realised that there was only one technique that could cause this to happen. "Melting?! You don't mean to say-?!" Stroheim shouted.

"It can't be!!"

"Denial will get you nowhere my friend! Hamon did that!" Kars proclaimed. "I've conquered the sun itself. What makes you think that something like Hamon was somehow beyond my reach?"

"Huh?! I just-!"

"Not only is Hamon at my disposal, but it seems that mine is hundreds of times more potent." Kars said.

"My God! That much stronger than JoJo's!? It's as though he brushed his knee against the sun! His flesh is liquifying and vaporising before his eyes!" Stroheim shouted.

Kars smirked at Joseph and brought his hand up to his ear again. "I wonder, how do you like the taste of your own medicine?!" Joseph gripped his leg and screamed in pain. A scream that greatly pleased the Ultimate-being. "Hmmmm, a very articulate reply. I suppose it's time to put you out of your misery." Kars said as he began walking towards the young Joestar.


'This is it..! I'm going to die here! This is the end.' Joseph thought. Joseph had accepted his impending demise calmly. He felt no fear. No pain. Nor regretted his plight. 'I did all I could.' He told himself. As the epitome of evil loomed over Joseph in triumph, he watch his dying self with perfect clarity. Stroheim felt much the same. Unable to move. He knew what snake prey feels like as it stares at into oblivion's maw.

Kars charges up his newly found Hamon and says, "The power in a breath. To think I will annihilate a practitioner of Hamon with his own discipline. Surely you can appreciate the irony in that!!"

'Ha...mon.... Stronger than mine has ever been...' Joseph thought as he watched a glow of Kars' own power and the crimson electricity coursing through him. Kars his hand above him as he smiled sadistically at the wounded Joestar. "Let me be the first to welcome you...INTO OBLIVION!!!"

Wait...! Hamon! "K-keep your....filthy paws...OFF MY MAN!!" Lily's shouted as she picked herself off the ground and placed herself on top Joseph and held up the Red Stone of Aja in Kars' path. Throwing him, Joseph and Stroheim off guard. "Lily!!" Joseph cried out. "What the...?! The Red Stone!" Kars shouted. As his hand strike the stone, the energy he produced fired its power full beam through Lily's hand and over her's and Joseph's shoulders, breaking through the ground below them.

The Red Stone of Aja. But why would Lily would brandish it at Kars in this final moment? Not even Joseph nor Lily had no idea! As if by instinct to protect Joseph, Lily lunged the stone towards the approaching Hamon to which it gravitated. Now in a moment, devoted of hope, Joseph's body did the one thing that could save their lives. Having survived Kars' coupe de gras and seeing that his lily was alive, Joseph's will to live sprang to action.

"Yes! The Red Stone...amplifies Hamon! Lily, you-!" Joseph said. "Heh...h-heh-heh... Guess we had the same thought..." She said.

Fuelled by the magnified blast of Hamon, the volcano's fury reaches the breaking point...and erupts! Launching the piece of land, and those standing on it, into the sky! Stroheim was pushed back as he watches the volcano's eruption. As soared high above the ocean, Joseph and Lily struggled hard to maintain hold on. "The force, it's strong! Like nothing I've ever known!" Kars said. Even so, he still believed that he won this fight. He got to his knees and said, "Do you really think that a little eruption would be enough to conquer the likes of me!?!"

Kars launches forward and regrows his massive wings. "I'll just fly my way to safety! Enjoy the fruits of your folly JoJo!" Kars said as he prepares to get away only for him to be stabbed in the throat by Joseph's severed arm. "Who's laughing now, huh?!" Joseph said with a big smile as he held Lily in his arms when they sat up. Joseph points at Kars and did his thing. "Let me guess! You're gonna say, "Did you plan this too, JoJo?! Tell me!""

"How do you always know!?" Kars gurgled out, glaring at him. For moment, Kars was distracted by Joseph's arm and cocky attitude. That moment was all it took! Scalding rocks he didn't see coming launched him even higher into the stratosphere!! "Did you plan this too, JoJo?! Tell me!" Kars yelled.

"Why are you even asking!? I set a trap and you walked right into it! All of this went down like clockwork!" Joseph proclaimed as Kars was taken by the Earth's gravitational pull. 'I just got lucky, but thinking I outsmarted him will drive Kars nuts!' Joseph thought as he laughed. At that moment, the rocks launched by the volcano's eruption reached escape velocity. Kars was the perfect being, nothing on earth could kill him but just then he was blasted into the vacuum of space!

"NO!! DAMN YOU!!!" Kars shouted in rage.

On the chunk of Earth that had dealt the final blow, Joseph and Lily finally rests. Joseph and Lily laid together side by side, smiling at each other. They were so content. If this was any other time or any other place, they were sure that they would want to lay like this forever. Joseph let out a soft chuckle. "You called me your man again..." He said. With a blush, and the smile still on her face, Lily nodded. "Yeah... I did."

"You're not going to deny it?" Joseph asked. "No. Not gonna this time." Lily said as she crawled closer to him, snuggling against his warmth. Lily looked at him and they stared into each other's eyes. "I love you." Lily said. "I love you too. More than you ever know..." Joseph said. They closed their eyes and leaned in for a sweet, tender kiss. Sealing their love in an unbreakable lock. 'It's over. Granny... and Stroheim... Old Speedwagon. Smokey. Caesar. Phoebe. And...Lisa Lisa. Everyone... Goodbye...'

"Thank you..." An unfamiliar, yet kind voice spoke through Joseph's mind. He didn't know who this voice belong to...but he sounded relieved and happy. The man was now at peace and can rest knowing that the earth and its people were safe from Kars. Now he and Aurora can sleep in perfect bliss.

Stroheim, watching on in horror, realises the inevitable. "No.... JOJO!!!!" He screamed. Von Stroheim made it back to the others, eight hours later. Where upon he told them the sad news and the events that happened.

February 28, 1939, Joseph Joestar and Lily Fawn, have died.

"NO!! NOOO!!" Kars shouted as he was out of Earth's orbit. "Don't panic! Just find the Earth." He said as six pipes burst out from his back and began blowing air. "I'll use air to change my trajectory. Once I'm back on solid ground, I will tear that boy apart!" Kars said, confident that he'll go back down and murder Joseph as painfully as possible. However, he would never see that happen. For he would never see the Earth again, because as the pipes on his back began to push him, his whole body, from head to toe, started to freeze up and he groan in pain. Ice was slowly encasing him and he began moving farther away from the Earth.

"No! It's not working! I'm freezing! The air is freezing around me! The moment it comes out of the jets, it turns to ice!" He spouts his wings, but they freeze as well while he drifts further as his body freezes over. Quite poetic justice that ice was holding him in place. I can't change my path! I can't move! Tundra!!! This accursed ice!" As Kars lets out one final scream, he eventually turns to stone. And so his "life" came to an end. Last and greatest of the Pillar Men. His body turned hard as rock and his floated through space for the rest of time. Never to return. He wished for death but there was nothing out there to kill him. The spark of thought within him went dim...and then silent.

Outside of New York City, April 1939

A memorial service was held in April, and Smokey, Speedwagon, Lisa Lisa, Meshina, Caesar, Phoebe, and Viola all gathered to pay their last respects to Joseph and Lily. While they gathered, a car rolled it and parked where they were. "We commend their souls into the Heavenly Father, though their lives on Earth has ended far too soon, they live in grace with you." The priest beside them said. "Comfort those they leave behind oh God, and let them know your peace." Eventually, he and the others left but Joseph's and Lily's friends stayed behind.

Caesar took Phoebe into his arms as she cried for the lost of the greatest friends she'd ever known. Caesar looked at the tombstone and was beside himself with anger and sorrow. If only he had gone after them when he did. Maybe if he had, he could've saved them. Smokey walked towards the tombstone and sombrely said, "Goodbye JoJo. Goodbye Lily. I haven't known either of you for two long...couldn't been more than six months. Don't matter even though your gone...I'm your friend...forever. Lily, please keep JoJo company...He needs you. He loved you."

Speedwagon softly gazes at Viola and was heartbroken to see the dead and sorrow in her eyes as tears silently fell from them. She looked exactly as she did when she lost Jonathan. And again when she lost her has lost the last thing that they left behind. If only her heart was buried with them. Speedwagon gently wrapped his arm around her and said, "Come Viola. It won't do to catch cold. Let's get you home."

Viola slowly shook her head. "Please...just a bit longer.... Let me stay here" She said. She said as she and others were completely unaware of the man walking towards them. The man walked behind the grieving Joestar Matriarch and covered her eyes. "Hehehehe! Guess who?" Viola's heart leaped into her throat. That voice.... No... It couldn't be. Lisa Lisa seemed to notice too as she raised her head. Speedwagon, Caesar and Smokey looked behind them and stared at the man in pure disbelief.

"What gives fellas?! I finally make it to New York and nobody was there to pick me up! Then I got word that you were all at a funeral, so I decided to crash it." The man with his happy-go-lucky attitude. As if crashing a funeral service was an okay thing to do. The man turned to Lisa Lisa and Meshina and said, "Hey Lisa Lisa! Guess you healed up pretty well huh? Meshina, good to see you too!" His eyes then traveled to Caesar and Phoebe. "Caesar, you look vibrant as ever. Phoebe, you look well! But you seem to be a bit bigger when I last saw you, what's up with that?" He laughed as Phoebe stared at him with disbelief and placed a hand on her stomach.

The man raised his gloved hand and wiggles his fingers. Distinct metal sounds and clicks echoed from it. "New hand works well. Though I've been meaning to ask Stroheim if he can jazz it up with few a gadgets or two as a whatnot. I guess that's right out with us fighting Germany." He said. Viola slowly turns her head to face the man and let out a gasp.

"Hey now! You leave these mourners alone!" A man yells as he and his friend began pushing the other man away from the group. "This is a funeral, show some respect you oaf!" The smaller man scolded. "Oh, so I'm an oaf am I?! You need a lesson in manners and I'm glad to oblige!" The man shouted as he gripped the smaller male's coat.

"Alright! Calm down, let's not be hasty. I'm sure he didn't mean nothing by it."

"But how...?" Meshina said.

"No way..." Smokey gasped out.

"Back off man, I'm just trying to catch up with my family and friends!" Joseph Joestar said as he shoves the other two men aside.

"JOJO!!" Everyone gasps out in shock. "AAAHH! You're telling me JoJo's alive?!" Smokey shouted. Joseph turned around, looking very confused at them and said, "Huh..? Yeah, of course. Wait, what's this about you're all staring as though you've seen a ghost. I know it's a funeral and all...huh?" Joseph looks down at the tombstone and read out the words carved into it.

"Joseph Joestar. Born 1920. Dead 1939. Lily Fawn. Born 1921 Dead 1939."

"WHAT THE-?!" Joseph shouted, shocked that they were holding a funeral for him and Lily. "What's our names doing on there, we're alive and well! Wait, this funeral was for us!?"

"W-wait, did you that both you and-?" Phoebe began to say when a new voice said, "JoJo! You know you're still recovering, you big dummy. Don't go running off in the rain like that." Everyone was shocked again when they saw Lily, alive as well, walking towards Joseph with an umbrella. She smiled at him when stood up and held the umbrella over his head. "Here, take this." She said as she offers it to him. That's when they noticed the ring on her finger. It was a stunning silver band with white diamonds across the front of it. There was also a large yellow diamond in the centre, surrounded by smaller circular diamonds.

"L-Lily...! That ring looks like a-..!" Meshina began to say but was too shocked to continue further, fortunately he didn't have to. Because Joseph took Lily into his arms and shouted at everyone, "Wha-?! Are you telling me that you don't know that we got married!?"

"YOU GOT MARRIED!?" They shouted, 2x as shocked as before. Lily spotted her big brother and Phoebe and ran to hug them. "Brother! Phoebe! It's so good to see you again!"

"Lily-?!" "You're married...?!" They said as she pulled away. "Yeah, crazy huh?" Lily said smiling brightly with a pink blush on her face. "AAH! It still makes me blush!" Lily squealed as she recalls her wedding day and the sweet revenge she got with a couple of certain people. Lily also took notice of Phoebe's stomach and the silver bands that she and Caesar were wearing. "Oh my God! Don't tell you that you guys-?!"

Joseph interrupted her happy moment when he pulled her back and said, "Wait a second here!! Lily, something about this doesn't feel right and I want to know what. The rock we were on fell into the ocean and us along with it. A fishing boat picked us far so good. Suzi Q found us and nursed us back to health in Venice for two weeks, dealt with your shitty parents and we tied the knot! So why did they all think we were dead!? You never set that telegram like I asked, did you!?!?"

"Uh.... I don't really know." Lily said as she went to think on it. "To me, that sounds like "no"!" Joseph shouted. "Uh....." When she was taken too long to answer, Joseph was mulling over his growing anger and he began moving his prosthetic hand. Lily grew a bit nervous and slowly back away with an uneasy smile. "Hey now, calm down. No need to get mad.... I never sent it, I'm sorry JoJo!!" Lily shouted as she quickly ran away. "AAUGHH! Lily, what the hell?! You had one job, woman! ONE JOB!"


*Play music*

Smokey fell to his knees and cried in joy, "JoJo and Lily came back to us all!"

"I'm so happy! We've all survived! Caesar, you-." Phoebe said happily as she turned to her husband but stopped herself when Caesar sprinted past them and ran towards Joseph. Viola nearly fell back but Speedwagon caught her in his arms. He was happy because Viola now had a smile on her face. A pure genuine smile. "Viola." Speedwagon said. "I'm so happy... My grandson's I can kill him with my own hands for making me worry so much!" She said as her smile dropped and replaced with annoyance and anger. Speedwagon chuckled. "Oh I know."

"Stop it, I said I was sorry!" Lily shouted as she hid behind the car. "Sorry?! They thought we were dead!" Joseph shouted at he as he tried to climb over the car. "JoJo! You idiot!" Caesar yelled as he got Joseph in a chokehold. "You stupid idiot! I can't believe you!!" He shouted. "Why are you choking me!! This was Lily's fault!!" Joseph yelled.

Lisa Lisa took off her hat and stared longingly at Joseph. Her heart began to heal and the weight was finally off her shoulders. "JoJo." She said. Over the next several years, everyone peacefully lives out the rest of their lives. Lisa Lisa a.k.a Elizabeth Joestar told Joseph that she was his mother. They moved to America. In 1948, she found loved again and married to a Hollywood Screenwriter.

Viola Joestar lived out the rest of her life teaching at a fencing school. In 1950, she died peacefully at the age of 81 surrounded with family and friends who loved her at her bedside. She smiled lovingly at her grandson's family. Caressed the cheek of her precious great-granddaughter. And stared at the photos of her family. The picture of George and Elizabeth with baby Joseph. The group photo of her, Elizabeth, Joseph and Lily with their baby. And her most cherished photo. Her and Jonathan's wedding. Viola died in peace and love in her heart as in her dying vision, Jonathan was standing before her with his arms outstretched. With no hesitation, she smiled brightly and leaped into his arms! Embracing him once again.

Robert E.O. Speedwagon continued to pour his energy into philanthropic research. Helping to further science and medicine in countless ways. He died in 1952 of a heart attack at 89 years of age. A life-long bachelor. He left no family behind.

The long-awaited married couple, Caesar and Phoebe stayed beside Joseph and Lily until Phoebe had given birth to her first child. A son named Carlo Anthonio Zeppeli. He had his father blond hair and mother's ivory skin. His eyes were a mixture of green and ocean blue. He was a sweet and affectionate baby. Once Carlo had turned one, Caesar and Phoebe said their goodbyes and went on to live out in the countryside of Italy. Where they will finally start a new life together in peace as a family.


Smokey Brown went on to work his way through college, majoring in political science. Later he became the first black mayor of a city in his home state of Georgia.

Major Rudolf von Stroheim would never see Joseph again. He died in 1943 at the Battle of Stalingrad on the front lines. A fearsome example of the German science he'd always championed. "Our technology is the greatest!!"

Once the things had relaxed and the sun broke through the grey clouds, Caesar walked alongside Joseph and Lily as they made their way back to the others. Smiles on their faces and looking forward to the future. And so, the years flowed by to a new generation.

And as for Joseph?

1987. New York's JFK Airport.

"Gah!" A 67-year-old Joseph Joestar cried out as he hugged his leg. A man with his luggage accidentally slammed right into him. "Honey!" A 66-year-old, but appearing as a 40 year old woman, Lily said as she kneeled by her husband side. The man with the luggage looked down and quickly said, "Oh! Right in the leg, huh? Sorry about that. You should watch where you're going you wouldn't want a broken bone at your age."

"You're right. How careless of me. I guess this is a case of live and learn." Joseph said as he looked up at the man and saw his face. Raising his eyebrow, he asked, "Hmm? Hey, wait a sec. You're Japanese, aren't you?"

" I am. Why do you ask?" The Japanese tourist asked.

"Oh boy." Lily said as she rolled her eyes. "Should've lied there kid."

"Huh?" The Japanese tourist managed to ask before Joseph shouted, "In that case, watch your damn bag!" He then grabs the young man by the head and kick him hard in the knee. "Yeow!" The man yelped in pain as he wallowed in pain. Lily fixed up her husband and picked up his suitcase. "Come now Joseph, did you really have to do that? It's not his fault that Holly's living in Japan."

"I don't care!! Our only daughter's been married to the Japanese man for over twenty years. Fell in love on the other side of the world and never came home again." Joseph said as he wiped the tears from his eyes. "Her son rarely gets to see his own grandfather! That's why I'll never forgive the Japanese! Then, again." Joseph pauses for a moment as he takes out a cassette player and places one of the earpods in his ear. "They do make nifty gadgets, though."

Lily just laughed at him and said, "Whatever you say darling. Come on, let's hurry. We promised Holly that we'd be there in time to celebrate her son entering high school." Joseph chuckled at her and offered his arm. Lily took it and they walked into the plane. Traveling to Japan to their daughter and her son. This couldn't be any better than this.

Four years earlier, a strange coffin was salvaged from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the Canary Islands, engraved with the name "DIO".

Back in present day.

"So, you're here to see him again?" An officer asked the high school student in front of him. "Y-yes. I am." She spoke in a very timid voice. The officer sighs and walks her down to the hallway of jail cells. "U-uh...Excuse me... but i-is it okay, if I see him by myself?" She asked him nervously, but politely. The officer looked at her with a weird expression but sighed and said, "He's your "friend" so go ahead." He then walked away but he muttered something along the lines of "Dumb kid, thinking a guy like that is her friend."

The girl decided to ignore that and continued on. When finally reached a particular jail cell, she nearly jumped when she saw him. "J-JoJo...? Sweetie, it's me." She said. Speaking to the teenage delinquent that sat alone in his cell as he stares at her with intense, cold eyes.