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Fixing Forever

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“Got it Steve. Speaking of lovebirds, have you and Sharon gone on that date yet? Yeah, yeah. I’ll be ready when you get here.” As she speaks the woman maneuvers around the room, absentmindedly retrieving and loading her weapons with her phone held between her cheek and shoulder. She’s barely had time to hang up before a child’s voice intrudes on the solitude of the room.

“Where are you going Mama?”

“Wanda and Vision went off grid and might be in trouble. Can you grab my tac suit Kate?”

The little girl nods and scampers out of the room and down the hall to do as requested, dodging around Clint
as he enters the room. The man wraps his arms around Natasha and kisses her cheek from behind, as she continues preparing for her mission. “Come on Nat, can’t Cap or Tony deal with it on their own?”

She melts into his arms with a sigh, her hand coming up and tangling in the hair at the base of his head. “Sharon’s running a mission for Fury, and he doesn’t think he and Sam can handle it without help.”

“Danger level?”

She shifts in his arms so that she’s facing him. “Unsure. I'd say they probably just lost track of time, but Steve seems worried. And I don’t think he wanted to tell me everything over the phone.” She stands on her toes to press her forehead against his. “Regardless I promise I’ll be back within a week, and then we can go out for dinner to celebrate the end of your house arrest.”

“Family dinner or…”

“Found it Mama!” The couple parts slightly as their eleven year old barrels into the room, the large half blind dog bounding along on her heels. Placing the bundle of clothing with the rest of assembled gear she turns to them with a cheeky grin and worms her way between them, turning the embrace into a group hug.