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Bitter-sweet love

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It's been a long, long day for a certain bitter boy. One would think having ties to such a rich family would ensure a life of easiness, but nope life had to say screw you. He knows that although his situation isn't the worst it still is tiresome and all around just plain annoying. As he opens the door to the lonesome apartment his family has shoved him off to, he hears a ring from the pocket of his black coat. 














It's Adrien, Felix's cousin. Quite, a surprise for him considering he doesn't call that often. Well then again no one ever calls that often, unless it's for something modeling or business related. 


"Hello Adrien, is there something you need?"

"Nope," he says while popping the p, "I just wanted to see how you're doing before you leave to come to Paris!" 


"What?" Felix asks confused as to when it was ever stated he was going to Paris of all places. 

"Father said you would be joining us here in Paris for a while. Something about trying to expand your modeling beyond America," Adrien flippantly says while stating the tons of things they'll do once he reaches Paris. 

Felix sighs and tells Adrien that he must finish 'packing' so to speak. He rushes over to his computer and sure enough in his email inbox is a short letter from Nathalie stating he will be going to France tomorrow morning. He feels a rush of anger, that slowly subsides into exasperation. Of course, it would be the case that his bi-polar uncle convinced his family to allow him to move to France on such short notice. 

He leaves his phone on the small table in the middle of his bare studio apartment and starts to pack. It's not really much considering much of what he wears is just simple formal attire and that one pun sweater Adrien got him for his birthday. On second thought maybe he shouldn't bring that.

As he is lost in thought he hears a chime go off on his phone. He looks to see a message from his one and only friend. A girl he met online some time back while randomly roaming through the internet at night. 

That fateful night he had somehow ended up on the LadyBlog of all places. Odd of him even, he knows how odd it was. However, he had stumbled upon the latest post on there about a strange girl who claimed to be Ladybugs best friend and was now spilling all the tea about her. He didn't completely understand why everyone just bought this girl blatant lies. But then again the blind chose to see what they want. Thankfully not all his hope in the people of Paris was lost as there was one brave commenter questioning these posts credibility. A commenter by the name of ChatonNoir. An interesting choice of name seeing as how everyone's name usually was centered around Ladybug, not a lot of love to her partner it would seem. Nice to see a change. Anyways, Felix solely mad an account to help back up this commenter as everyone was attacking their opinion on the matter. One thing lead to another and soon they were dm-ing each other about the whole thing and it turns out Chaton happened to know Ladybug's so-called 'best friend'. Eventually, they exchanged numbers as the creator of the LadyBlog was harassing the both of them for there stance on the post. It looked like they were so close to being banned and neither wanted to lose the new friend they have made. Sure enough though 1 day later and they were banned. Felix didn't mind as at least he made a friend out of the situation. 


Chaton: Hey I'm in class and it's boring. Sitting in the back is no fun at all. 


Salty: I still don't understand why they just shoved you away like that. Also, why is my name now salty?


Chaton: Welp I mean you were pretty salty when we first met. It's fitting.


Salty: *sigh* oh well, I guess I'm salty and proud


Chaton: That's the spirit! Anyways how's life over there


Salty: I just found out like 20 mins ago that I'm moving to France. More specifically Paris. 


Chaton: Oh.. Wow... Maybe we'll see each other! You did say you were the same age as me. We could be in class together!! Then I wouldn't have to suffer by myself!!


Salty: *sigh* but then I must deal with more idiots.


Chaton: Oh shit gotta run before the teacher finds my phone.


Salty: Run chaton! Bring me a coffee too!! Make sure it's black like my soul!!


Chaton: -_____- byeee


Felix leaves the conversation with a small smile on his face. Perhaps for once, his bi-polar uncle has done something good. 



The next day Felix wakes up late and in a hurry, he grabs his few belongings and rushes to the airport. But of course, life wouldn't be so wonderful had it not decided to make shit harder for him. First, he is stuck in front of a large, loud family, with little children. They constantly complain about the long wait time and it seems as though the mother had it out for him aka tried to pass him several times but failed. He just wants one coffee and some lady who doesn't want to wait for it attempts to steal said coffee. Finally, on the plane, he was forced to listen to the pig behind him snore all trip long. Overall he probably lost ten brain cells, 2 years of his life span, and 10% of his sanity. 

He finally arrives late at night. He finds the nearest taxi shoves his few bags in and heads off to the Agreste Mansion. As he waits for the trip to end he takes out his phone to message Chaton.


Salty: I'm in Paris and all it took was a few years of my life span and 10 brain cells.

Chaton: Well on the bright side I'm here! Maybe we can meet up and I can help you find the 10 brain cells you lost

Salty: I don't think you'll find them. Anyways, I'll be starting school here tomorrow, anymore of that positive advice. You seem to be full of it which I still don't understand.

Chaton: When all else fails try and make friends.

Salty: In another lifetime

Chaton: And you wonder why I call you Salty. 

Salty: ... in that case, everyone needs salt in their life, It makes things better

Chaton: Well then

Salty: Anyways I must go now I'm almost at my Uncle's place. I must be prepared to deal with the hell that awaits me.

Chaton: just don't lose more brain cells

Salty: I can only try


Felix turns his attention away from his phone to see the Agreste mansion out his window. The car pulls to a halt and he steps out, bringing his items with him. He pays the driver and is off into the Mansion awaiting hell. 


Sure enough, it didn't disappoint. He was greeted by his Uncle's assistant. He was given the rules of the house, schedule of his studies and photoshoots, as well as was shown where he was to sleep. He was then sent off to his room. Sadly not once did he see Adrien. Guess he must wait till tomorrow.