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Shazam Family One-Shots

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Billy had been in many different foster homes before. He had known so many different people, kids who had never felt truly happy before, teens who didn't know what being loved felt like, it effected everyone in different ways. The only thing was, he didn't remember anyone who was effected positively by being put in foster care, almost everyone missed their family no matter what that family did to them or what they had went through. Some of the foster homes he had been put in were horrible, he remembered a few where he'd even gotten broken bones from. This place was different though. Victor and Rosa seemed like they genuinely cared about their kids, like they actually wanted to hear about when Darla told them what she had done in school that day or what new levels Eugene unlocked in his games. Billy knew it could be possible that they did care, but he didn't want to believe it because he knew if he got attached it wouldn't be good for anyone in the end. Tonight though, he had a hard time finding reasons to not grow fond of this family.

Earlier when Freddy had told him about tonight being movie night he thought it would be Freddy and probably Darla watching a movie while the rest of the family went about their business. He thought it could mean that it was just Freddy's way of asking if he wanted to watch a movie with him. However, whatever he had thought was not this. He didn't think everyone would be in the living room together watching the movie intently, or be cuddled up next to one another like a real family would. Although while he looked around the room, he felt grateful to be lucky enough to have found these wonderful people. As much as he wanted to believe he was better off alone he honestly didn't know what he'd do without them now. His tired eyes surveyed each person in the room keenly.

He watched as Eugene leaned forward next to him while his fingers tapped against his knees rapidly, his eyes wide with eagerness as the movie got to it's climax. Darla was resting against Rosa on the other couch while the woman ran her fingers through her hair, her foot bounced softly on the carpeted floor while her other leg was stretched out on the couch. Pedro was a little different, Pedro sat on the other side of Rosa, leaned back, head tilted and arms crossed while he watched the movie. He didn't seem as interested as the others but was willing to sit through it until it was over. Victor sat next to Billy also leaning into the couch as if he had seen the movie before but wasn't gonna move until it was over. He had his palm set on top of Freddy's head, while Freddy dozed off against his other side. Mary had already left for college but Billy could imagine she'd probably be sitting right next to Darla with a content smile on her face.

The more Billy thought about it the more he knew that his mom could have never given him this. He had wanted them to be a family again for so long but now, now he couldn't imagine himself in another place. He belonged with the Vasquez's and nothing could change his mind on that. He slowly leaned against Victor as his mind started to drift and his eyes began to close, barely registering that Victor's arm was now gently placed around his shoulders. Yeah, this is where he wanted to stay.