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Assassin's Creed: University

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“Honestly, Ave, you can’t deny that Haytham’s fit…but please don’t tell Connor I said that.”

You giggled, playfully shoving Sam as you carefully placed your laptop into your backpack. Dr Haytham Kenway was the lecturer for your introductory statistics module, who also happened to be your flatmate Connor’s father. To be honest, Sam was right: the man standing at the front of the lecture theatre was absolutely gorgeous. Nevertheless, you knew that Connor would quite literally have your head if you ever spoke those words aloud, so you elected to keep your thoughts on his father’s appearance to yourself.

“C’mon Sam, my next lecture is across campus…you’re packing so damn slow that the very back rows have already cleared out!” You jested, grabbing your phone off of the work surface as you stood up. Samantha hurriedly packed her laptop away in its slipcase, tucking the case into her tote as you both exited the row of seats.

“Oh, dying to talk to Shay, are we?”

You glanced down to your feet, trying to hide the blush forming on your cheeks as you exited the lecture theatre. Shay Cormac was an Oceanography student who was taking the same physical geography module as you, but only because his friend Liam had convinced him to. You were grateful for Liam's persuasiveness, as Shay’s Irish accent was pure heaven to your ears and his presence made the incredibly boring module bearable.

“You’re lucky Charlotte isn’t here today, now you’ve got him all to yourself!”

“Oh, stop it Sam!” you exclaimed, stepping through the automatic doors that led outside. As you walked out of the building and into the sun, you silently cursed yourself for leaving your coat on; it was too warm outside for the extra layer of clothing. After briefly stopping to remove your coat, you both made your way towards the building where your next lecture was held, casually chatting to each other about coursework and your plans for the Easter break.

“Oi, Avery, Samantha! Wait up!”

The two of you had made it nearly halfway to your destination when you heard Jacob Frye’s voice calling out for you.

“Hiya Jacob,” Samantha called out to him with a cheerful grin. “How are you today?”

“Doin’ brilliant, love, you?” he spoke with a smile as he finally managed to catch up to you both. “An' how’s my favourite yank?”

You rolled your eyes, quickly checking the time on your phone. You only had five minutes if you wanted to make it to the lecture on time.

“Jacob, as much as I’d love to stay and chat, I’m going to be late-”

“Shit, sorry love, didn’t realise you had somewhere to be…” Jacob apologised, “I just wanted to invite you both to pre’s tonight at my flat, we’re heading down to Ocies after?”

“You know that I’m in,” Sam snickered, “nights out with you lot are always entertaining.”


You looked up; he was gazing at you with puppy-dog eyes. They knew that you weren’t into clubbing; in all honesty, you were surprised that he had directed the question at you to begin with.

“Sorry, I’m going to have to give it a hard pass…clubbing’s not really my thing, remember?”

Jacob and Samantha looked to each other; judging by the devilish smirks on their faces, it seemed as if the two were silently devising some sort of plan to convince you. Too bad for them, you thought to yourself, it’ll never work.

“Come on, love, it’ll be fun! You can invite your mates if you’d like, and Ezio, Connor, Eddie, Arno, and Élise’ll be there. I’m still trying to convince Evie and Henry, but I’m sure that’d be easier if I told them you were coming along.”

“I don’t know…”

“Ave, do it! You haven’t gone out at all since you and Jason split up…you could really use a night out! I’m sure Lauren’ll come along since Jacob’s hosting. And you could always invite Shay…”

Damnit. Sam had a point; you hadn’t really done anything for yourself since Jason broke up with you a few weeks ago. Plus, you honestly couldn’t be bothered to formulate a rebuttal, since you needed to leave now if you wanted any chance of making it to your next lecture on time. Sighing in defeat, you looked to Jacob for his approval.

“Anyone you want, Aves, as long as you’ll be there.”

“Fine, fine. I’ll come. I really have to go now, though…I’ll see you both later. Oh, and Jacob?”

“Yes, love?” he smirked, looking up at you with those sultry eyes of his.

“Don’t call me a yank ever again.”