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Broken pieces make a whole

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The woman curled her hair and did her makeup accordingly to the 40s fashion. She put on an old blouse and pencil skirt which was laid out for her in a dressing room. While dressing she wondered how did military woman fight in skirts, when it came down to it. She guessed they didn't do much hand to hand combat.

She smoothed down her shirt as she looked in the mirror, she looked like she could fit in those World War 2 movies easily. She put on a fake, kind smile, after all she was supposed to look after Captain America, logic dictated whoever did that in the 40s would be honored. She dropped the smile after she was satisfied and walked out to meet Fury and Maria Hill.
They had already informed her briefly about the situation with the frozen super soldier. It was kind of unbelievable to hear the story, how they'd found him still alive in that plane he went on his supposed last mission.

Natasha entered the room full of screens, Fury and Hill were looking at a camera showing Captain America in his movie set like room. He was sleeping peacefully, oblivious to anything that had happened to him and having no idea what he'll have to go through. Fury had told her they kept him sleeping until they established his system was stable.

"He's going to wake up anytime now." Maria told her.

"You just have to play your part and let him be in a comfortable environment, before we throw the truth bomb at him." Fury spoke up, not taking off his eyes of the screen.

"I understand." Natasha nodded with her hands behind her back. The captain started to stir in his sleep which was Natasha's queue to step inside. She took a big breath, setting her smile in place before opening the door to the time capsule of a room and the oldest thing in there was the guy waking from a century of slumber.

She stood at the end of the bed and waited until the captain was fully self aware. "Mr. Rogers, it's good to see you’re awake, we were beginning to worry." she said her practiced lines.
He looked around the artificial room with furrowed brows. Natasha stepped closer to the bedside, the captain was sitting up and looked at her awaiting answers. "Maybe you should have some water." she said and took the opportunity to pour some water into a cup at the bedside table. She held it for the captain, but he didn't take it.

"Wh--" he managed in a rough voice. "How--" he was cut by Natasha before he could ask something stupid.

"You should probably rest and calm down, you've experienced major trauma." She encouraged him to lie down.

"Aren't you a little young to be working for the military?" he asked looking her up and down, while taking in his surroundings as well. Natasha's fake smile didn't falter, he was one to speak, as far as she was concerned the captain was taken into Project Rebirth before he hit eighteen.

"It's never too early--" she was cut by the captain.

"Where am I?" he asked impatiently and moved to get off the bed.

"You're in a recovery room in New York City." she answered keeping her voice calm and kind.

The captain stood up from his bed and stepped closer to Natasha. "Where am I really?" he asked suspicion clearly on his mind.
Natasha was not briefed about the captain asking these questions. She heard Fury on the com hidden in her earring, but she didn't want to alter her attention, afraid Rogers would pick up on it. "Captain, you shouldn't--"

"This game, on the radio, it's from May 1941, I know cause I was there." The captain explained, Natasha didn't drop the facade, when the captain stepped closer to her. "Where am I and who are you?!" he asked, but Natasha couldn't answer, because Shield agents flooded the room.

The captain panicked and fled the room through the made up walls, knocking down agents in his way. He started running and Natasha followed him, she got rid of her dress shoes on the way, sprinting as fast as she could to keep up with a super soldier. She couldn't run to her maximum capacity in a pencil skirt so she called on the coms.

"All agents, code 13." she said while running. "Mr. Fury, I need back up." she told Nick.

The captain ran out of the building heading to the city, but marveled at the landscape and stopped, that's when a tranquilizer hit his neck. Natasha looked back at the building to see who could make that shot and saw Clint on the roof with a bow in his hand. The shot was spot on, but the captain pulled it out of his skin easily. He looked a little misbalanced for a second, but with the super soldier healing factor and the lack of liquid actually entering his body, he stayed on his feet.

She caught up with Captain America as he was surrounded by cars, blocking his way to the city. "Calm down, soldier." Nick Fury stood in front of him.

"Where am I?" He asked impatiently.

"In 2019, you've been asleep for more than 70 years." Natasha walked up beside Fury and faced the captain.

"We wanted to ease you into the 21th century." Fury added, while Steve kept looking around at the cars, the high tech weapons and the skyscrapers in the distance. "You gonna be okay?"
Natasha could imagine as the gears turning in his head, slowly processing the information thrown at him. "Yeah..." He huffed out, still looking around with wide eyes. "Yeah... Just... I had a date.." he murmured.

"Well then. Shall we head back?" Fury asked and the captain nodded, still trying to get his head around the situation. To be honest, even they didn't understand how such thing happened, must had been worse for the guy it was happening to.


Fury walked with the captain and Natasha hung back and followed them behind, sneakily looking for her shoes on the way, but no luck she had no idea where she tossed them. Clint jogged up beside her.

"Fucking Captain America!" he mouthed to her and she huffed a laugh.

"Nice shot." she told him, changing the topic. "Where'd you learn that?" she asked curiously waiting his answer.

"Well, some kids went to school. I learnt to shoot a bow." he shrugged, like that was so casual.

“You didn’t do school?” she inquired, paying attention to every tiny muscle in his face as he just awkwardly smiled and looked straight into her eyes. They walked the corridors side by side in comfortable silence.

Fury asked them to wait at the door, while he walked inside his office with Captain America. They leaned onto the wall different sides of the door and Natasha tried to read his mind, like she usually did with people when she had nothing else to do. She got tired of the silence and now that they were together outside the canteen, she might as well try to get to know him a tad better.

“So you’ve never learned to write?” It was more of a statement than a question, even though the tone was question like.

“What?” he narrowed his eyes.

“Your handwriting can’t be that neat, like the notes you’ve sent me.” She explained. “And now it makes sense.” Clint was trying to avoid eye contact, so he decided lightly kicking the floor was the most interesting thing. “Agent Dylon wrote those, you would have wrote more, cause you can’t keep your mouth from rambling, but there wasn’t enough time for her to write your whole day down.” She analyzed him, her voice smooth and kind, a smile tugging on her lips.

“Not well.” He turned to her at last, his sheepish expression answering her question. “I can read, but you wouldn’t be able to read what I wrote if your life depended on it.” He joked with a tiny sincere smile. They stayed like that looking at each other for who knows how long, but Natasha wished she’d reacted sooner.

“You know, I—“ she was interrupted by the door opening. Natasha turned to Nick Fury immediately straightening herself with her hands behind her hand. He stepped aside and she walked in.

Nick looked at Clint who didn’t make an effort to move, just watched Natasha enter the office. Fury snapped his fingers in Clint’s face. “Come on, hawk-eye, before we grow soggy.” He commented and Clint shook out of his zoning out. Fury clapped a hand on his back after he closed the door.

Captain America was sitting in one of the two armchairs facing Fury’s desk with his hands clasped together and leaning on his thighs. He looked deep in thought, Natasha didn’t know what to say so she just sat down in the other armchair and Clint leaned on the back of it.

Nick walked to his chair and sat down, leaning forward on his desk like he is telling them a secret, but he spoke like that no matter what that wasn’t new to Natasha. He looked the agents up and down, calculating. He decided to lean back in his chair, relaxing. “Years ago,“ he started with his voice raised. “I met a girl just about your age, believe it or not she came from another planet.” He continued the story, while watching the reaction of his audience.

With a sigh he stood up and walked around the room. “In that time, helping her, opened my eyes to something bigger than humanity.” He crossed his arms and looked Captain America in the eyes when he lifted up his head at last.

“Aliens?” Clint asked and earned all the disapproving glares of the room.

“Yes, aliens. Power beyond our imagination.” Fury explained. “When we can’t even keep peace on Earth. Shield was always about protecting and trying to battle the inexplicable.” He waited, then looked at the captain from the corner of his eye. “Like Hydra or aliens.” Gesturing to Clint which made the boy happy all over.

“You kids are the future, no matter what.” They all looked a bit offended at the title, but he continued carelessly. “I just thought you could be something more.” He nodded meaningfully at them. “I’ve been waiting for a sign to show me I’m not delusional about this initiative.”

“And that sign was you captain.” Nick watched the captain.
Steve Rogers stood up, close at the same height as the director. “This is insane, Mr. Fury.” He said matter-of-factly.

“A lot to digest at once, I know.” Fury agreed. “But I’m desperate.”
Captain America looked torn between past and future, between right and wrong. He had a pained expression, but he didn’t look weak, he looked Fury in the eye with all of his pride.

“Mr. Fury.” He took a breath before continuing. “War is something I know. You can always count on me to fight, I’ll happily be your soldier, but I need time to…” he looked around the office. “To adjust.”

“And we’ll happily help you with that.” Fury squeezed his shoulder, like a proud father. He turned to Clint and Natasha. “This is Agent Romanoff and Agent Barton.” He gestured to them and they both straightened up, Natasha stood up from her chair. They all nodded in acknowledgement.

“Hi, I’m new as well, captain.” Clint waved.

“Nice to meet you and please call me Steve.” He forced a small smile.

“Please, make Mr. Rogers feel at home.” Fury requested.

“Yes, sir.” Natasha nodded.

“You’re dismissed for now agents.” Fury told them.
Clint and Natasha left the room and Clint closed the office’s door after them. They started walking to building B where the sleeping quarters were. Clint had a big, stupid grin on his face.

“Why are you so happy?” she asked, after a few second, because curiosity got the best of her.

“If you told me I’ll be babysitting Captain fucking America a month ago, I’d told you you’re crazy.” Clint enthused.
Natasha scoffed, shaking her head. “I wouldn’t call it babysitting.” She rolled her eyes. “We’re just…”

“Babysitting a super soldier.” Clint interrupted, he was not wrong, but Natasha doubted the captain needed to be reminded of curfew or be put to bed and read a bedtime story.

“We’re just making sure he feels comfortable, it must be a huge shock to wake up in another century.” Natasha explained.

“No offense…” Clint started, testing the waters. “.. but if I wanted to make someone feel comfortable, I’d ask a grandma to let them pet her cats.” He waited a bit for dramatic effect. “Not an assassin who could actually kill you.” He shrugged dramatically.

“I guess then you’ll have to watch out when you go to bed at night.” Natasha warned him and pushed the button for her floor in the elevator.

“Wait, wait did you just make a joke?” Clint smiled playfully, Natasha stepped out of the elevator.

“Who knows…” she waved at him and slowly backed away, watching his confused face.


Natasha sat with Clint at breakfast, he was enjoying some waffles, which made Natasha curious about the chef here, while she was eating some eggs and toast. He almost choked when they saw Captain America entered the room. Everybody looked at him, it was no secret they had the lock down because of him and that face was hard to not recognize.

"Hey, Nat." Clint whispered, she was taken aback by the nickname but didn't question it. "I've been thinking, should I apologize?" he asked, his tone showing sign of distress.

"For what?" she asked, her voice low.

"Well, I kinda shot him, I don't wanna get off on the wrong foot." Clint explained.

"Hmm..." Natasha played it off, making Clint's stress levels rise. She noticed the captain getting closer to them. "You're on your own." she mouthed when Steve sat down next to Clint.

"Good morning." he greeted them politely, Natasha sipped her coffee, while maintaining eye contact with Clint.

"Good morning, Steve." she returned the polite gesture.

"I'm so sorry!" Clint exclaimed, looking the captain right in his baby blue eyes.

"For?" Steve spoke up awkwardly after a few seconds.

"The tranquilizer." Clint's face fell to confusion, did Steve not remember?

"Oh, don't worry." he smiled shyly, he took a sip of his tea. "Nice shot."