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A nice mouth rimming an equally nice ass

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"I'm so tired" taehyung yawns before slamming his body to his side of the bed smothering his face in the pillow. He just finished showering after a long day of rehearsals. Jin is sitting beside him already clean and in fresh PJs.
"You should dry your hair before you catch a cold" jin's eyes drift from his phone and he runs his fingers through Tae's damp hair. They slowly track down to his nape massaging the muscles there. It's critical to point out Tae only has a towel around his waist.
"And put some clothes on would you" he adds but the movement of his hand doesn't encourage the words coming from his mouth.
Tae turns his head to face to the side, "Ah, please keep doing that."
Jin puts his phone down he adjusts himself to lay on his side so he takes his hand off and that earns him a frustrating sigh from his man that he quickly shuts down with his other hand tracing circles on his back. Jin leans in planting a kiss close to taehyung's pouty lips.
"You are so tired aren't you? you worked so hard today" jin softly speaks, his touch now going up and down tae's back. Tae smirks and closes his eyes enjoying wherever this is going.
"I did. I deserve some kind of an award, don't you think hyung?" Jin hums and tae can see that his ears are getting slightly red. Shit is heating up.
Jin gets on his knees and he moves on top of tae trailing kisses along his spine.
"I have something in mind" jin gives tae's ass a light slap before he removes the towel, gently enough. An amused laugh escapes taehyung and he spreads his legs to give jin some space to sit in between.
"Do you need me to get on my knees or something?" Jin lies down facing tae's butt "just bring it up a little for me"
Tae arcs his back doing as he's told and Jin's arms sneak under his thighs to then unlock his hands in a tight grip around his waist. Jin holds Tae's ass closer and he starts licking the skin presented to him, after few licks his tongue slips right into the hole. A sound of pleasure escapes from the back of tae's throat and his body tenses over the hot wetness.
"Getting right into it huh?" Tae uses his hands to spread his buttcheeks giving more access to jin.

Jin tightens his hold and basically stuffs his face in eating Tae out. His tongue is restless coming in and out of tae's hole licking every inch it can reach and around it. Tae's moans are quickly getting louder and he hisses every time that gifted tongue twists inside him.
"Oh baby you're giving it to me so good! I fucking missed your mouth, please Jin keep getting me wet, fuck-"
The words gets Jin going even more and he tightens his hold and starts biting the flesh there. He sucks then wets his tongue and puts it inside Taehyung's entrance in a restless movement. Tae tenses up and he lets go of his buttcheeks to hold his pillow. Biting his lips so hard hes afraid he might draw blood, he's really hard right now and he just wants more. He starts moving his ass up and down against Jin's face looking for more friction.

They both don't know how things suddenly heat up between them. An hour ago, they seriously were talking about having a shower then going straight to bed for some sweet serene sleep. They haven't slept a full six hours in two weeks now. Guess a sweet lustful ass-eating ain't that off the mark.

Both of them are hard. Tae is barely maintaining his breath even and he's a mess of moans at this point. The sounds coming out of tae gives such a pleasure he doesn't care for his throbbing member. He wants to make taehyung come like this, with just his tongue and his nails digging deep into the other's hips. But Jin is to some extent a sadist, they both are, so he stops after one last lick from tae's balls up to his tail bone. He then sits on his knees to admire the scene. He's proud of how swollen he made Taehyung. He slaps each roundy red cheek and leans down to give a weak bite, just to leave the faintest mark he doesn't wanna hurt him too much. Except taehyung will probably ask him to do bite him as strong as he can because he won't be going lightly on jin's neck and shoulder when he gets the chance. Taehyung needs for things to be fair and Jin never found a reason to object. Why would he oppose to this?
He spreads tae's cheeks by himself this time so he can have a better view of his favorite part of the night. He loves the red marks that he caused on tae's butt and the way his asshole is stretching. He spits on it then his thumb circles around it and he slips it inside just a little.
"Babe i wish you can see how beautiful you look, want me to take a picture?"
Tae laughs.
"sure but i think i have to delete it right after"
"Of course"
He hands jin his phone and while the older takes a picture, he reaches to the drawer beside him and gets something from it. A sound of a click is heard.
"Here you go" Jin gives the phone and gets a bottle of lube in return. Jin gives a surprised look. Maybe he was expecting this request but it came sooner than he thought.
"What? You want me to fuck you now?" Jin slaps his ass once, and again, half playfully and half im-still-not-done-devouring-your-ass.

"Oh~ your tongue is amazing baby but it isn't long enough and i need something longer and thicker that's why i need your dick, pretty please" Tae shakes his ass at the 'pretty please' and he sounds all but polite. Jin considers for a second until he gets his mind set but he acts like he's considering more . He moves farther on top of taehyung, makes sure his cock is positioned right to brush over Tae's asshole and he presses his whole weight through it against tae's ass. He starts grinding. Tae moans at the action happening and he wants to fucking move so maybe jin's cock would somehow slip inside him. Jin doesn't like to keep biting marks but he sure doesn't think twice when it comes to nails and oh how much taehyung likes it when Jin gets this rough. He would rather get penetrated but he would be lying to say he doesn't enjoy the feeling of things getting too much. The feeling of anticipation and heat building up in his dick right before the moment of release comes. Taehyung's moans get louder and louder. Jin too is making sounds of his own.
"Why does it feel so good with you? You always taste so good and i can't get enough. Any part of you is enough but at the same time i can't get enough" Jin says inbetween biting and sucking kisses into tae's neck and shoulder.
"I feel the same.. I-I want you to always give me your all hyung... but i am happy with whatever really...hyung anything you give me i will happily take it"< br /> They are back to a room that could be silent if it wasn't for the moans and heavy breathing. They once got off grinding their dicks together through their jeans. They can simply get off like this. Probably why Jin stops to bring his mouth close to the man under him and whispers.
"Taehyungie, you know I would always give you what you want but i still want to play with ya pretty asshole just a bit longer, can you hmm.. can you hold it just longer, for me?" Taehyung's eyes are getting teary and his dick is throbbing between his hot body and the precum stained mattress. He can feel jin's dick against his crack. He nods in agreement. None of them really know how to say no to the other.
Jin softly kisses the back of his neck. Immediately positioning himself back inbetween tae's legs. He starts alternating between licking and biting to fingering, wasting no time to get the pretty hole stretched enough. Taehyung can't do but hold on to his pillow and shake his butt to get a little bit more pleasure. Not that jin isn't doing an already exquisite job at making him feel phenomenally good and completely close to cumming. He holds it in because he said he will .
Finally, Jin gets his fix of Tae's ass. A bottle lid is heard being opened and right away, Tae can feel a cool liquide coming down the curves of his behind to slip right into his hole with the generous help of two fingers. He loves this. He loves every second with jin but this is something his teenage-self always wanted to like, to experience and to love and few years ago he got to and it was the best feeling ever. Completely out of this world. He believes Jin being the one he did it with made it work. He doubts he would have liked it as much if it was someone else.
An "I love you" comes out of his lips and it sounds so full of... not lust nor even love because it's something stronger that Tae feels like he needs to invent a word for it to be fitting. He can't invent a word though so he settled for love and hopes humanity comes up with a stronger word.
"I love you too, even more than you could ever know" Jin smiles and he wants nothing more than to give the love of his life the world. He can give him his dick considering that's the only thing he has been wanting for the last half hour and ultimately he does.
Soon enough they both are coming. The hotel room is filled with orgasmic sounds and a series of swear words intertwined with an already-spoken confessions.
Jin has collapsed on top of taehyung. He came inside him and they are both so sweaty. After he thinks both of their orgasms died our he supposes it's time to get cleaned up and actually sleep. As he moves to pull out and do just that Tae stops him.
"Please keep it inside a little longer"
"Don't you wanna get comfortable?" Jin asks running his fingers through Tae's hair.
"Im comfortable like this." He softly groans.
His eyes are closed so he blindly pulls on to jin's arms urging him to lay back down. Jin is compelled. He lies down and breathes in tae's fruit-scented shampoo. He thinks, yes. They can stay like this for a while.