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The Distance Between Us

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“Please give a round of applause for our newest member.” Jiyhun announced to the crowd. Applause echoed through the hall.

“Huh? His face…” Clearly a guest had noticed the resemblance.

Saeran sighed, breathless. All the applause was a bit unnerving. And what would come next…

“Saeran!!!” Saeyoung cried.

Saeran jolted in shock at his name being said so loudly.

Saeyoung ran up to him and grabbed him by the shoulders. “You’re Saeran, aren't you? It must be you!” His grip was hard and dug into Saeran’s pink tuxedo. “You’re alive. Thank you so much for being alive.” The relief was clear in his voice. Tears were streaming down his cheeks and he made no effort to wipe them away.

“See? I told you there is nothing to worry about.” Jigging joked. He’d already known what a reaction seeing Saeran for the first time in two years would get from Saeyoung. But Saeran had had his worries nonetheless.

Saeyoung enveloped Saeran in an embrace. “It must be you. Say something, Saeran…Saeran. It feels like you’d go away if I don’t hold you. Don’t go away! Don’t you ever leave me now!” He released his hold slightly to turn his head to Jihyun. “Thanks, V. You have my gratitude for eternity. You saved my brother didn’t you?”

“I’m sorry I hurt him in the first place.” Jihyun replied.

“…You remember me. Even though my face is like…what it is now.” Saeran stood stunned.

Saeyoung resumed the hug once again. “What are you talking about? Of course I remember my brother.” He could never forget, not ever.

“…Saeyoung.” Saeran’s lips trembled as unshed tears sprung to his eyes. “It IS you!”


“You’ll love our new home Saeran. It’s a nice house, not dreary like my old apartment. And it’s under my real name! Isn’t that amazing? That we can have identities now? I’m still getting used to it to be honest.” Saeyoung pulled into the driveway and switched the gear into park. “You’ll be moving in, won’t you?”

“Yeah. I have all my bags at the hotel but I’ll get them tomorrow.” Saeran replied.

Saeyoung smiled. Suddenly tears sprang to his eyes. “I can’t believe this is really happening…!” He wiped his eyes with the back of his sleeve. This was probably the fifth time he’d cried that night, but it didn’t matter. All that mattered was that Saeran was home. “I have a room for you and everything. I was always holding onto hope that you were alive out there somewhere, so I made a room for you when I moved in. There’s clothing already there and a fully stocked bathroom, I don’t know if you’ll like anything I got but I couldn’t help myself from buying you things. I haven’t decorated it yet though, I’ll leave that to you.” Saeyoung unbuckled his seatbelt and opened his door, stepping out of the car.

Saeran followed suit and followed his brother to the back door. Saeyoung took out his keys and unlocked it. He swung the door open. They stepped inside and shut the door behind him. Saeyoung flicked on the lights. “This is it.” The house was furnished, but lacked decorations. Saeyoung suddenly felt self-conscious. “I haven’t decorated most of the house yet, despite having lived there for two years. It just never seemed all that important.” He rubbed the back of his neck. “It’s pretty plain isn’t it? Sorry…it didn’t seem worth doing at the time.” Nothing had seemed worth doing with his brother gone.

“Maybe I could decorate…? I sort of like interior design.” Saeran had decorated MC’s room back at Mint Eye. That was back when he was Ray.

“Of course! That’s a wonderful idea. This is your home too now, make it look however you want! I’d love to see what you come up with.” Saeyoung said happily.

Saeran was glad to have such positive support. He was happy Saeyoung was welcoming him with open arms. He’d been moving around with V these past two years, it would be nice to finally have a real place to call home.

“Do you want some ice cream? I always keep it stocked in the freezer. I have all sorts of flavors. I even have the kind you break apart to share with a friend, those have always been my favorite.”

“Mine too.”

Saeyoung smiled. “I’ll get us some. Actually, you come with me. This is as good a time as any to give you a tour.” Saeyoung led Saeran to the kitchen. “Here’s the kitchen. There’s the pantry, the stove, the oven, the fridge…oh I’ll grab the ice cream.” He went to the freezer and found what he was looking for. He tore off the packaging. “Let’s break it apart on three.”

They counted down and broke apart the popsicles. Saeyoung put his in his mouth, and marveled at the sweet flavor. It tasted much better than usual, and he was sure it was because he had Saeran there to share it with.

Saeran was happy too. All those nervous nights wondering if Saeyoung would remember him seemed like a distant dream now. This was his reality. It was so wonderful that he couldn’t have been sure it all was real, that he was allowed such pleasures. But for now, he decided to revel in it.

“Come on, I’ll show you around.”


After a few days, Saeran was finally settled in. Right now the sat snuggled together on the couch. Saeyoung had his head nuzzled into his twin’s neck, feeling calmer than he had in years.

“Tell me about your travels, Saeran. What things did you do with V?” Saeyoung asked.

“Well we traveled around a lot. We visited a bunch of different countries, and stayed in each for a few months at a time. We’d visit the landmarks and V would paint with supplies he’d brought. I usually just sat and watched him build the scene on canvas. And when I got bored of that I’d search for flowers and explore the local fauna.” Saeran explained.

“What countries did you visit?”

“A bunch. Croatia first, then Italy, Greece, France, Peru, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, and finally Alaska in The United States.”

“I’ve actually been to most of those countries on missions.” Saeyoung laughed. “I never got the chance to sight-see though, it was always for work purposes. Wow, you must have some amazing experiences. I want to hear about everything.”

“Is there anything you want to know in specific?”

Saeyoung sat in thought for a moment. He was curious to how well versed his brother was in the world, and how experienced in general. One thought kept coming to mind. “How experienced are you with girls?”

“Girls? What do you mean?”

“Boys too if that’s your thing. I mean have you ever had a girlfriend—that type of thing.”

Saeran’s face heated up. He was surprised such a private question was being asked. “There…was one girl. From Brazil. Her name was Maria. She owned a flower shop. I dated her for a while.”

“How far did you get? Did you kiss her? Did you get to fourth base?

“Yeah we kissed. What’s fourth base?” Saeran asked in confusion.

“Y’know a home run!” When Saeran still didn’t seem to get it He put it in more blunt terms. “Did you two have sex?”

“Saeyoung?!” Saeran turned beet red.

“What? We’re brothers! There’s no need to be embarrassed!” Saeyoung laughed. “I just want to know how experienced you are. Does my brother know the wonders of the world?”

“Well…Yes. I’ve had sex.” Saeran said in embarrassment.

“So you’re not a virgin. I was just curious.”

“Why would you be curious about that?”

“Well, you’re actually more experienced than I am in the realm of girls. I’ve never had a girlfriend before, I’ve never been able to. And I’ve never had my first kiss either.”

“So you’ve never…”

“No, I’ve had sex plenty of times.” Saeyoung shrugged.

“But you haven’t even kissed!” Saeran said in surprise.

“Because it was with prostitutes. You don’t really kiss prostitutes.” Saeyoung chuckled. He stopped laughing and sighed. “I always wanted my first kiss to be with someone I loved. I thought it was too special to get rid of for a couple hundred dollars. Sorry, that’s probably stupid…”

“It’s not stupid at all to want your first kiss to be with someone you love.” Saeran insisted.

“But I don’t have someone I love. I’ve never been able to have someone to love. Except…”

“Except what?”

Saeyoung lifted himself from his relaxed position on the couch to look Saeran in the eyes. “I love you.”

It took Saeran a second to understand what his brother was getting at. He blushed, and swallowed in anticipation. “Okay…” he breathed.

Saeyoung leaned forward tentatively. He hesitated, uncertain if he should be doing it, but steeled himself to continue. His lips finally met Saeran’s, and he swore he could feel electricity running through his veins. Saeran’s lips were soft and he didn’t want the kiss to end. He found himself deepening it.

Then he finally released.

He leaned back ever so slightly to look at his twins face, trying to gauge his reaction. Saeran had enjoyed the kiss as much as Saeyoung had, and wished he hadn’t ended it when he did.

“Wow…That was my first kiss. I…I liked it.” Saeyoung blushed and touched his fingers to his bottom lip, which still tingled from the contact.

Saeran bit his lip, wishing he was still kissing his brother. “You know…there’s another way people kiss. The more adult way…”

“Ah, you mean…” with tongue. “I’m kind of curious. Could you show me the way adults kiss?” Saeyoung licked his dry lips and breathed.

Saeran nodded his head.

Saeyoung leaned back in and kissed his brother, this time with more confidence. Saeran tilted his head to deepen the kiss, and Saeyoung wrapped his arms around his brother’s neck. After a few moments, Saeran prodded Saeyoung lips with his tongue, and Saeyoung opened his mouth to allow access.

It felt electrifying. Saeran explored his brother’s mouth with his tongue and Saeyoung tried to match his pace. It was so absorbing that Saeran barely noticed the tension flowing to his groin until—

He broke off the kiss.

“A-ah sorry I don’t…I mean…!” He tried to cover his hardened member with his hands in embarrassment. “I don’t know why…I-I…!”

Saeyoung watched him fumble with an unreadable expression. “Hey, lean back.” He finally said.

Saeran sat frozen in confusion.

“Here, I can fix it.” Saeyoung whispered. He leaned forward and began to unzip Saeran’s pants.

“Saeyoung?! What are you doing?!”

“Trust me. I’m really good at this.” Saeyoung smiled.

Saeran sat in confused silence as Saeyoung released his erect penis from the confines of his pants. He wanted to say something, something about how wrong it was—but the words caught in his throat. He really wanted to know what would happen next despite himself.

Saeyoung finally took his twin’s cock in his mouth. Saeran’s breath was completely taken away and he moaned. Saeyoung licked up and down the shaft and sucked on the head, providing calculated stimulation to maximize his brother’s pleasure.

Saeran couldn’t hold back the moans bubbling from his throat at his brother’s ministrations. “Saeyoung…!” He panted.

Saeyoung shuddered at his name being called out. Even though his hardened cock received no stimulation he felt jolts of pleasure run through him with every one of his brother’s moans. It made him ecstatic that he could make his brother feel good in such a way. For all the pain he caused his brother, he was grateful to be able to give pleasure. He couldn’t help but moan a little himself. ‘Does it feel good, Saeran? Am I making you feel good?’ He asked in his head.

Saeyoung was right: he was really good at this. Saeran could barely form a coherent thought, so many things were going through his head at once. He felt like his dick was melting in his brother’s mouth. He was a mess of moans and pants. He couldn’t believe his brother was doing something like this, the situation felt so unreal.

Finally, with newfound confidence, Saeyoung took Saeran’s full length into his mouth, which finally drove Saeran over the edge. He came inside his brother’s mouth, Saeyoung trying his best to swallow every drop.

When it was over, Saeyoung released Saeran from his mouth and pulled back, panting for breath. Saeran raked his hand through his hair and tried to catch his breath.

Saeyoung was the one to break the silence. “Saeran…” He looked his brother in the eyes. “That was fun, can we do it again some time?”

And that was how it started.