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Lost and Found

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Settling in to his new- well, he wasn’t exactly “alive” in the natural sense, so he didn’t know if “life” was the right word- living arrangements with the other guys had certainly been an interesting experience for Alex. It took several days before Tim finally seemed to stop getting mad at him every time the director tried to talk to him. Things had settled down quite a bit at the new place. Having Alex around seemed to help Jay sleep better, so that was good. Aside from the occasional “blackouts” that the others had, where they switched to their other identities, things were going smoothly. They typically didn’t go after him, but on the rare occasion that one or more of the guys was after him, he had a go-to hiding place, and he usually wouldn’t have to be there very long.

One night, when Jay, Brian, and Tim had to go do something for The Operator and switched to Skully, Hoody, and Masky before leaving, Alex soon had the house to himself. It wasn’t uncommon for the three to need to go out in the middle of the night, so he was used to it. Once the three left, Alex settled onto the couch, turned on the TV, and waited for them to return home. As he began to doze off late into the night, suddenly he felt a hand quickly cover his mouth. Alex, startled, tried to struggle as another set of hands grabbed his arms and pulled them behind his back. He then realized that the hand over his mouth was holding a rag, and the smell of chloroform reached his nose. Within a few seconds, he was out.

When Skully returned home, following Hoody and Masky, who walked hand in hand ahead of him, he saw the two stop just inside the doorway, looking around. He walked up behind the two, and they stepped further in to let him through the doorway. The TV was going, but Alex was nowhere to be found. Additionally, Masky turned to look over his shoulder at Skully.

“The door wasn’t locked,” Masky said, gesturing to the door handle.

“It’s not like Alex to leave the door unlocked like that, do you think someone got in?” Hoody asked, voice somewhat muffled.

“It’s possible…”

Skully pushed past the other two and rushed inside, looking around for Alex. No sign of him in the living room. He searched the bedroom he and Alex shared, nothing. In no time flat he made his way through the whole house, calling out for the director. No sign. Skully, feeling worried and dizzy, pushed his mask off of his face and passed out briefly. He woke back up as Jay, and quickly remembered that Masky and Hoody were still in the room. At first worried that they would get aggressive, he prepped to run if needed, but soon found that while he was out, Masky and Hoody had switched back to Tim and Brian as well. They all took a minute to try to figure out what was going on, since, as usual, they had no memory of anything that had just happened, and once again realized Alex was missing, in their normal identities this time.

“Do you think The Operator took him?” Jay asked, worried.

“I find it unlikely, but it is possible. Find anything?” Tim said, turning to look at Brian, who was searching the house.

“Yeah, actually. You guys are gonna want to see this,” Brian said, holding up a familiar-looking piece of paper. It was just like the sketches about the Operator Alex made that Tim and Jay had found long ago. The same messy, black writing was there, but it took up most of the page and was in a much smaller font. Brian read it aloud.

“Kidnapped by ex. Being held hostage. Hope The Operator finds a way to tell you. Help. Tell Jay I’m okay. From Alex. Transcribed by the Operator.”

“Well, looks like the Operator did find a way to tell us, though it could have been less flashback-inducing, these pages bring back bad memories,” Tim said, turning to look at Jay. “At least he’s not hurt yet, but we should probably find him fast.”

Jay nodded. “Where do you think he is?” He asked, pushing his hat up slightly.

“Not sure. It seems Amy’s back, and she’s the one who kidnapped him, but who knows where she’s keeping him.”

“If it’s Amy, she might want to hurt him for killing her. We need to find him, fast.”

“Agreed. Though, not that he wouldn’t have it coming. Maybe the Operator left us more clues?”

“We’d better look around, then.”

And so the search began.