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Sweet Torture

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Park Jimin awoke in his room, his thick duvet keeping in all his heat and leaving the small male with sweat sticking his hair and clothes to him. He threw the too warm duvet off, slowly sitting up in his bed and stripping himself of his shirt.

“Jimin. Get your ass up.” He heard Taehyung grunt in his deep voice as he stood in the doorway on the other side of the room.

Jimin sighed, pushing his sweat slicked hair back off of his forehead as he scooted out of bed and stood. He was used to the way his bandmates acted, used to the emotionless grunts that they gave him when the cameras were off; and used to the sweet care they gave him when eyes were on them.

“Yeah yeah.” He mumbled back to the younger, grabbing his things and walking to the communal bathroom that was the complete opposite of his room, splashes of colour and a lived-in feel to the small room.

“Watch it.” Taehyung hissed from behind him as he walked. His steps faltered at the sound, his mind racing through what he could do if Taehyung decided that he would punish Jimin for ‘lack of respect’.

He rushed past a confused and still half asleep Jungkook, shutting himself into the bathroom and locking the door after him. Jimin couldn’t believe the life he had gotten himself into, even now years after meeting the others, he was still shocked.

With a sigh Jimin began to move around the bathroom, hands expertly lifting a towel to hang gingerly over the mirror as he waits for the water to heat up. He had begun avoiding his own reflection soon after debuting, refusing to see the way he had become from the lack of affection and care that he was shown. While compared to other male idols he was skinny it wasn’t anything that people worried about, he had made sure that he never allowed people to see anything worth worry.

“Come on, idiot! We have to go!” Jungkook snapped through the bathroom door, the anger in the youngest beta’s voice snapping Jimin from his thoughts.

Jimin cursed under his breath, rushing to strip and get into the shower, washing his body and hair as quickly as he could make his body move. He nearly always got distracted in the bathroom and was nearly always reminded by one of his bandmates that he had to rush.

After a few minutes Jimin found himself dressed in his usual clothing, hair styled messily and his lips a shiny and carnal red, opening the bathroom door only to come face to face with a practically rumbling Yoongi. The sight of the angry alpha in front of him sending Jimin back a step with a gasp, only seeming to anger the alpha more.

“Took you long enough.” Yoongi hissed, his jaw tight as he reached out and yanked Jimin to his chest.

Jimin instinctively wrapped his arms around the older male, his body tensing nervously as he felt the harsh scratch of Yoongi’s nails through his shirt. He was used to this, the only affection from his members always came in the form of sex or sexual actions. He stayed as still as he could as Yoongi created a hickey on his neck, right where a pack bite would go, completely oblivious to how Jimin was tensed and afraid in his arms.

“Better cover that up.” Yoongi mumbled as he pulled back, seemingly satisfied as he turned on his heel and walked out of the room. “Oh, and hurry the fuck up.” He added over his shoulder before slamming the dorm door shut behind him.

Jimin silently grabbed the makeup from the bathroom bench and got to work, skilfully applying it to the hickey, though no matter what he did it was still faintly visible and would probably cause an uproar from the fans when they saw him at the fan meet they were going to.

After grabbing his jacket and phone from the bed Jimin walked out into the shared dorm living area, earning a few glares and multiple scoffs from his bandmates. He carefully sat down beside a practically radiating Seokjin, remaining silent as the other omega spoke animatedly about how excited he was to see the fans.

Jimin couldn’t help the scowl that appeared on his face at the sight in front of him, his inner omega instincts clawing at his insides and begging him to grab their attention, to make them look at him like they did Seokjin. He simply hated the small yet caring smiles that Namjoon and Yoongi gave Seokjin, the gigantic smiles that Taehyung and Hoseok shared as they watched a tired Jungkook lay his head onto the omega’s shoulder. Jimin would think back every so often, regretting his decision to hide his true sub-gender and scent from the world, but he knew he would never be able to fix it, his lack of a pack forcing him to act against his true nature.

“We should get going.” Yoongi stated suddenly, earning a whine from Jungkook and a laugh from his fellow alpha’s as he stood up.

“You’re so serious all the time.” Namjoon joked to his fellow alpha as the two of them began to walk to the door, the other members quick to follow and leaving Jimin behind to load their plates into the dishwasher.

Jimin carefully carried all the plates to the kitchen, dutifully putting the left overs in containers and the plates in the dishwasher, pausing only when his phone went off to signal that he had received a text.


To: Jimin
From: Jackson
We finished our schedule. You better come visit us soon mochi. xx


He couldn’t help the smile that came to his face at the sight of the message from the GOT7 alpha, his inner omega preening at the x’s at the end. The two x’s may not mean much to others, even to the alpha who sent it, but to Jimin they were a sign of affection of which he was desperately deprived of.

A sudden scoff from behind him made Jimin jump, his heart racing as he spun around to see who had caught him on his phone. Seokjin stood, arms crossed and a disappointed frown on his lips as he leaned ever so gracefully against the wall, watching Jimin with hawk like eyes.

“You spend more time on your phone than doing your chores.” Seokjin commented, pushing off the wall and walking forward.

The omega made no aggressive moves towards Jimin, never had if Jimin thought about it hard enough, but never the less Jimin found himself flinching and stepping back away from him. Seokjin seemed to not notice Jimin’s actions, simply grabbing the plates and putting them into the dishwasher himself as he hummed a soft tune.

“Go put your shoes on and be ready.” Seokjin said, his voice basically dead of emotion as he carefully worked.

Jimin nodded silently and rushed from the room, his hands moving without his knowledge and tugging the already long sleeves of his sweater into the cute ‘sweater paws’ that his fans loved. He moved to where the others stood waiting and chatting, silently grabbing his own shoes and putting them on as the others spoke as if he didn’t exist.

Once Seokjin was back the others glanced at him, Namjoon going as far as to glare at him as he helped Seokjin into his warm winter jacket. The other seemed a little less mad, though the others also didn’t spare him a single glance as they began to shuffle out the door. Taehyung, the last of his bandmates turned back to him, nose scrunched as he narrowed his eyes at Jimin.

“You’re useless. Seokjin shouldn’t have to pity you, shouldn’t have to do things that are your fucking job.” The alpha hissed, his annoyance clear in his eyes before he turned on his heel and stalked from the dorms, leaving Jimin behind with tears gathering in his eyes.

Jimin hurriedly walked out the door, shakily trying to lock the door after him as tears blurred his vision and his body shivered. He had to hold it together, he knew better than to let himself act this way, to act like an omega. Jimin paused, taking a deep breath as he shut his eyes, shoving down his emotions and the lump of sadness and depression lodged inside his throat.

As Jimin opened his eyes he nodded a bit, locking the door before taking off walking down the hall after his bandmates, soon catching up with them as they walked into the elevator. He slipped in with them, looking down at his feet when he accidentally nudged a grumpy looking Jungkook who turned to him with a glare hard enough to scare Satan himself.

He remained still as the elevator moved, silently waiting as his members spoke amongst themselves. Moving out of the way as the doors opened Jimin found himself being pulled into a friendly hug by Taehyung, making him confused for a moment before he caught sight of the fans at the windows who were waving and smiling. He instantly forced a smile onto his face, waving back at them as he leaned against Taehyung, playing his role of the happy go lucky omega of BTS. The fans seemed to eat up his performance, chanting his and Taehyung’s names out among screaming for the others’ attention.

“Walk faster.” Taehyung hissed into his ear, despite the happy if not flirty smile on his face.

Jimin nodded softly, allowing the alpha to tug him faster, quickly catching up with the other members as they got into their car. He jumped in after Jungkook, sitting in the back with their youngest member while Taehyung sat into the spot next to the door, his body groaning at the way he had to contort himself so that Jungkook could put his feet up.
“Finally. Our last fan meet before we get to go on break!” Hoseok exclaimed from the front seat as he turned to smiling back at the other members.


Once they arrived home that night, after their last fan meet and a couple of hours of filming for a show, all the members split off to finally relax after months of hard work and long hours of practice and filming. Namjoon and Seokjin settled in on the couch, the alpha protectively cradling Seokjin in his lap as Jungkook sad next to them with his head on Namjoon’s shoulder and Seokjin’s feet in his lap. Yoongi walked off to his room, probably content with creating more mix tapes or sleeping until the next day, and Taehyung and Hoseok crept off to Hoseok’s room with matching grins and dark lustful eyes.

Jimin took this lack of interest from his bandmates and rushed to the room, packing a small duffel bag with clothes and his necessities before slipping out the front door soundlessly. He easily slid his way out the back door of the dorm building, climbing the hidden fire escapes and sweetly smiling at a paid driver who among two others was someone that the idols in the company went to when they wanted to go somewhere unnoticed.

“Hey Jaewoo-Hyung.” Jimin smiled cutely, waving a little as the tall and buff alpha gave him a sincere smile.

“Hey Jiminie. Visiting JYP are you?” Jaewoo joked lightly as he took Jimin’s duffel bag for him, carefully placing it in the backseat of the small car before opening the passenger door for Jimin himself to enter the vehicle.

“You know it.” Jimin replied, playfully winking at the older male and laughing softly as he watched Jaewoo shut his door, the alpha snickering the whole walk from the passenger side of the car to the drivers.

“You should save that charm for your fans.” Jaewoo said, his voice mockingly serious and Jimin’s inner omega nearly jumped in pride at the look of amusement shining in the alpha’s eyes as he began to drive, carefully moving into a side street and exiting nearly an entire block away from the dorms.

“Are you saying you’re not a fan?” Jimin asked, a playfully shocked look on his face as he gave a small mock gasp, his hand flying up to cover his heart, “Oh Hyung you hurt me.” He added with a cute innocent pout on his lips, barely holding back the smile that so desperately wanted to show.

“’Course I am.” Jaewoo laughed, shaking his head at Jimin as they both shared a laugh before shifting into a comfortable silence.

For the rest of the drive Jimin sat comfortably, finally relaxing into the happy atmosphere, so unlike the way it was back at the door with the others. He loved being driven by Jaewoo, the older alpha had found out about Jimin’s sub-gender back when he was still just a trainee at Cube Entertainment. He felt safe as the other drove expertly through the streets of Seoul, giving in to his omega instincts and curling up in the passenger seat simply breathing in the alpha’s calming scent and relaxing more and more, even going as far as to drop into omega/sub space during the car ride.

As they pulled up to the back of the JYP dorms Jimin turned to Jaewoo and grinned sleepily, earning a happy chuckle from the other male as he shook his head a bit, getting out of the car and walking around to open Jimin’s door and grab his bag.

“Get in there Jiminie. Those boys have probably missed you.” Jaewoo cheekily joked as he helped Jimin from the car and carefully handed him the duffel bag
Jimin gave Jaewoo a pure happy smile before turning on his heel and taking off running into the dorms, his body radiating his excitement as he made his way up to the GOT7 dorms. Within minutes he found himself at the door, heart racing with an odd mixture of excitement, nervousness and worry, knocking a few times.

Mere seconds later the door swung open to reveal a shirtless Jackson Wang, the alpha’s face switching from tired to happiness quickly as he yanked Jimin into a tight hug.
“Minnie!” Jackson exclaimed, his voice carrying through the dorm as he cradled the small omega in his large arms.

The thundering sound of feet met Jimin’s ears seconds later and he couldn’t help but tear up, the excitement of the others bringing a warmth over his body that he hadn’t felt since being with the group last. Bambam was the first to run over, slipping his long thin arms between Jimin and Jackson and nudging his way between them to hug Jimin himself.
“Hyung! I missed you!” Bambam exclaimed as the others reached them, all pausing to let Jimin and Bambam hug for a moment longer.

Jimin loved that about GOT7, they always understood what he needed even without asking him. Like at this moment they knew that he needed the comfort of a fellow omega without even knowing that he himself was an omega. Usually when he visited the group he stayed curled into Jackson or Jaebum’s arms, on odd occasions even nuzzling himself into Yugyeom’s lap as they watched television all together.

“Come on~, we wanna cuddle him too.” Yugyeom groaned from where he stood beside Jackson, a pout on the youngest member’s lips earning a small coo from Jimin.
He carefully moved out of Bambam’s arms and over to Yugyeom, hugging him with a playful grin before quickly moving to give each of the others a hug of their own and stopping once he was snugly cuddled up to Jaebum’s chest.

“Let’s watch Dory now!” Bambam grinned, grabbing Marks hand and tugging the other omega with him as the others slowly follow.

Jimin stayed cradled in Jaebum’s arms as they made their way into the living area, the alpha only letting him go for a moment to sit down before pulling him onto his lap and cuddling him gently. He smiled, leaning onto Jaebum’s chest, his head nestled under the singers chin as Jinyoung sat beside them and moved Jimin’s legs to his lap to gently rub at them.

“Everyone ready?” Jackson called a little too loudly for Jimin’s liking, earning himself grunts and small ‘yes’s from his band mates.


It was half way through the movie by the time they realised that most of them were either asleep already or falling asleep. With an over exaggerated groan Jackson got up and shut the television off, moving to wake everyone up and telling them to go sleep before scooping a half asleep Jimin up and into his arms. Jimin leaned into Jackson, a small hum leaving him as they all quietly walked into their packs bedroom, all quickly changing before slipping into the huge bed to sleep.

Jimin whined ever so softly as he was placed down, only quieting when he felt the soft warm press of Jackson’s lips to his temple. He relaxed again, now fully in his omega/sub space as he shut his eyes and stood in Jackson's arms, listening to the faint sound of someone grabbing a change of clothes for him.

He pulled away from Jackson as he was handed a shirt, reluctantly pulling away from the warmth of the alpha to walk into the bathroom, body so relaxed that he stumbled slightly. Jimin rushed once inside, yanking off his pants, socks and shirt in what could only be described as a child-like manner, shuffling back out in the large shirt that he was sure belonged to Jackson and his own teeny tiny form fitting underwear.

Jimin was greeted by Jackson’s soft warm chest as he exited the bathroom, a sigh dropping from the alpha’s lips as he pulled Jimin over to the bed. Jackson tugged him down gently, sliding him between himself and Bambam. He smiled softly as he was moved to lay on his side, happily letting Jackson pull his back against his chest, his hands resting on top of Jackson's where they’ve wrapped around him. Jimin then carefully tangles his lets with Bambam’s and Yugyeom’s, smiling at the two of them.

“Night everyone…” He mumbled, trailing off and finding himself met with a chorus of ‘goodnight’s and ‘sweet dreams’ as he yawned, drifting off with warmth even in the deepest depths of his heart.