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Boys and the Great Sea

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The Sea was still.. The winds still there but nothing more than a mere whisper throughout the entire day. It was peaceful.


The Sea was, at least. Meanwhile, on the cost of elwynn, stood a town called Stormwind. A simple, yet busy town.


It was foggy that morning, it was barely light enough to see.


The alarm clock made a small clicking sound before it began blaring, and in response there was a low muffled moan from the pillows and thick blankets.


Broll reached out and aimlessly smacked the clock until his hand found the button to turn it off. He laid there for a good few minutes, then finally lifting his face from the plump pillows to switch on the nightstand lamp and then he looked toward the window. He watched for a while, then eventually sighed and dragged himself out of bed.


The cold air hit his skin instantly, Broll shivered lightly as he yawned and stretched. After some shuffling through the dresser and pulled out a simple blue tank top, and a pair of brown jeans, and then haphazardly tossed them on the edge of the bed.


The rest of the morning went as it usually would for him, he showered, brushed his teeth and then dressed.


He switched on the coffee pot and finally glanced at the time and then calendar then made a strangled sound in the back of his throat. “...I'm a dead man.” He then scrambled for his leather jacket, bag, and keys, muttering small curses to himself as he did and almost ran into the door on his way out.


Driving down the road, the wind rushing pass him, and the comforting hum of the motorbike engine allowed Broll's anxiety to fade for a while, until he finally arrived to the shop.


He led it to the front of the building and kicked the stand out before swinging his leg up and over the bike itself.


A black car stood in one of the parking spaces, an impala, to be exact, which caught Broll's attention for a mere five seconds until a certain blonde girl poked her head out the door and then jogged over to him with a skip in her step.


“Morning, Broll!” She grinned as she gave him a tight hug.


He hugged her back and laughed lightly. “Morning, Valeera, How are you?”


She shrugged. “Well enough. If anything i could use a caffeine boost.”


“When's the shipments coming in?”


“Not until saturday next week. Rehgar and i were getting things set up till the call came in that the guys fucked up. But good news, we got that impala to work on to keep ourselves busy and we can head out to Bolvar's diner for food. All on me!” Valeera pointed to herself with a grin and a wink.


Broll laughed. “Well i can't exactly turn down an offer like that. Lead the way friend!”




Upon entering the familiar scent of food and coffee hit him instantly, and the reality of hunger also had hit him even harder.


They headed into the back of the diner, to the spot by the window that had a view of the bay, there being a dock on the other side of the bay, which was about twenty to thirty minutes to get there.


Valeera was an absolute chatterbox as usual, always talking about something she's heard or seen, and the little stories she has.


Soon enough, a bearded man walked over with a warm smile on his face. “Good morning, you two.”


“Morning, Bolvar! How's Anduin?” Valeera asked.


“He's been fine, He just left for school with his friend. Now what can i get you two?”


Broll looked up and smiled. “I'll have the usual, please.”


“I'm feeling up for some eggs, bacon, and a muffin!” Valeera spoke with a grin.


Bolvar chuckled lightly and nodded. “I'll be back with your orders.”


Broll returned to looking out the window. And Valeera eyed him and then out the window in the same direction.


“You waiting on the loch ness monster?”


“Hmm? No- No. It's nothing. Nature does have it's ways of distracting me.” He chuckled.


The blonde-hair girl tilted her head then softly smirked. “Alright then, keep your secrets.”


Broll smiled and shook his head.


A lady entered the diner, a phone up to her ear, and generally disregarding the other people in the diner. She wore a simple black suit, and a deep red blouse underneath, her raven hair was neat and straightened, nails painted to match her shirt, however she wore very light make-up. She spouted something angry to the person on the other side of the call and hung up, nearly the whole diner was silent until she sat down at the counter.


Broll looked back at the woman and raised a brow. “Val, do you know her?”


Valeera shook her head. “I know she's new in town, and a huge bitch, but other than that i know jack shit about her.”


He hummed softly, taking one last glance at her before Bolvar finally returned with their food.



Once they ate they stayed at the diner for about the whole morning until Rehgar called for them to come in.


And when they returned to the shop, Broll helped Valeera take in the impala and worked for hours, stopping occasionally in between.


Rehgar came out with a package in hand. “Valeera, i need you to make a delivery. The man who runs the old lighthouse needed a new part to fix it.” However it took him a moment or two to think about it. “Actually, Broll how about you go? I'm actually thinking this is a good time for her to try and work something on her own.”


Broll hummed and nodded, while Valeera beside him brightened up a little.


He looked to the young girl with a smile and then nodded back at Rehgar. “Very well.” Broll cleaned his hands with a clean towel and then took the box from him.


The other man leaned in close and spoke lowly. “And besides you need a break once in a while.”


He nodded slightly in response and then pulled back, with the box in hand. “Val, try to not blow something up while i'm gone.” Broll grinned softly at her.


Rehgar barked a laugh. “She better not!”


“I'm not entirely irresponsible, Broll.” The young girl rolled her eyes. “Don't get hit by a car or something.”


Broll laughed and then loaded up onto his motorcycle and drove off.




After knocking on the door, a man opened the door.


“Yes?” He raised a brow.


“Hi, i'm Broll, one of Rehgar's guys.”


The man then perked his head. “Oh! I assume you have my delivery?”


Broll nodded and smiled, handing him the package.


He took it and smiled back, then extending his hand. “Broll, right? I'm Baine.”


He shook his hand. “Pleasure to finally meet you.”


Baine nodded. “You too, Take care, and send my regards to Rehgar, please.”


“Of course.” Broll smiled again and then left.


With the little extra freedom he had, Broll wasn't entirely sure what to do, so he ended up heading to the store to pick out something simple to snack on until he got back home.


“Hey, Broll..” Sighed the man behind the counter.


He gave an awkward smile and nodded. “Evening, Illidan.. How's Malfurion?”


Illidan merely scoffed in mention of his brother.


After a quiet moment Broll's lips pressed into a thin line and he went to grab a snickers bar along with a small soda and then heading to the counter.


“How about those, uhh.. Political protests, how are those going?” He spoke softly, setting the money down on the counter.


He looked at Broll out of the corner of his eye as he ran his items through, setting them on the counter as he then took the money to get the other man his change. “..Would you like your items in a bag?”


“No thanks.”


Illidan then handed Broll the change. “..Have a nice day.”


Broll nodded lightly as he slowly took his items. “Thanks, you too.” He stepped back slowly, but then sped walked out the door.


He got back to his bike, only to see the the dock in the far, far distance.


He smiled lightly and decided he was going to take the drive over.




The water washed up onto the shore, and from the end of the dock Broll could see stormwind in the distance, and the view made him smile.


He pushed over an old empty crate for him to sit on and just enjoy the scenery, he wasn't going to quite open up the candy bar yet.


Broll took a sip or two from his drink and closed his eyes for a bit just to feel the breeze on his face.


He then took the candy bar to open it until he heard the water make light splashing sounds at the end of the dock.


But the second he looked over he was rather startled.


A man, seemingly a few years younger than Broll, was peering over the edge of the dock. He had long, dark brown curly hair, and he had piercing blue eyes almost the color of the sea itself.


“Can i help you?” He asked, it was only then he noticed something moving behind the other man, that he realized was a long tail, like a fishes’, but the base of the fins seemed like it started as a blue with a purple hue but became a gradient into a pastel pink. Broll's eyes widened in shock, and he stood up.


The other man was startled by Broll's sudden movement, and he lowered down.


Broll blinked and realized his error. “No, nonononononono, wait!” He called out in a soft tone.


He looked back up over the edge, back up at Broll with that innocent look in his eye.


And slowly, Broll began approaching, and then kneeling down. And from here he could see even more of the tail, and that there were gills on the sides of his neck.


The fish-tailed man propped himself a bit more onto the dock, while being quite obviously wary and cautious.


“It's okay, i won't hurt you..” He gave him a soft smile.


He tilted his head somewhat curiously, and as Broll leaned down further, he reached out to touch the side of his face, as if the creature is as about infatuated with him as Broll is with him.


Somehow despite Broll's better judgement, he got down onto his forearms.


The creature's hand moved down to Broll's chin, and with a small gesture he managed to make him lean in closer. He propped himself even more onto the deck, and he leaned in close to Broll's face.


Broll felt the rest of the world fall away as if he's looking into another dimension, and he could just feel his heartbeat loud in his ears.


However, While they were dangerously close for a kiss, Broll felt something being yanked from his hand and then the other man pulled away quick, using the edge of the dock to launch himself back into the water, and all Broll could see was the figure of a man with the lower half of a fish, disappearing into the water.


It felt like an eternity before it all hit Broll of the man's intentions. “..Oh son of a fucking-”




Slowly dropping the binoculars from her eyes, Katrana's eyes widened, and she took her phone and dialed a number.


“Hey Nef, i think i've got something that will make us millions . I need you to send someone that can catch me a fish..”


(Art for the fic)