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Drunk on art

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To be completely honest, there was no way in hell Seokjin could have imagined this to happen.

But first of all, a bit of set up.

It is now probably their second - third? - week of comeback album preparations. As a general rule, the first week is almost exclusively to brainstorm ideas for songs, categorize the ones waiting in the corner since the last comeback or simply create new material from scratch.

The creating part is mostly Rap Line's  doing simply because that’s what they do best. Even though the Vocal Line is more involved in the creative process than ever before, it is also true that Namjoon, Yoongi and Hoseok are definitely the ones carrying on their shoulders the weight of coming up with new lyrics and producing mind-blowing music for the new album.

Hence Seokjin’s real part of the process coming up barely a couple of days ago, when he and the other vocalists were required to memorize songs and listen to the guides so they could start recording sooner rather than later.

It’s all another day in the office really: wake up, eat, sing, eat, sing, go home, eat, sleep, rinse, and repeat. Seokjin can’t say it’s not demanding but it is certainly easier than it was say three or four years ago, more or less used now to all the intricacies of making music people will - hopefully - enjoy, which in turn will allow them to keep making music.

It sounds exhausting and at times it really is, but there are also moments when he really, truly realizes just how lucky he is for doing what he does; how lucky he is for working with people so talented as his bandmates, his friends. His found family.

Today is one of those moments.

He was given the last set of guides and songs for the new album: the unprecedented Jin/JK/J-Hope unit song - one he’s completely enamoured with, and some other track Hoseok apparently had a lot to do with. Said song has a heavy beat and some rock-ish vocals that allows Seokjin to explore a fun corner of his range. It’s up-beat, the lyrics are astounding, and he cannot wait to get to perform it in front of an audience.

He likes the song so, so much, that it isn’t really planned  when he finds himself walking straight from the recording booth to Hoseok’s studio to praise him on it. For someone so talented, Hoseok is very humble, so Seokjin is always willing to take an opportunity to let him know just how great he is.

Somehow, the praising evolves into talking, and the talking turns into a hanging out kind of situation. Even though it’s a friday, it is also a work night by all means, but they end up ordering some wine from a convenience store near the building anyway. It’s just the two of them after the others bail for different reasons, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun.

They talk and drink and laugh. Hoseok's ears are increasingly redder as he laughs a bit louder and gets a little touchier than his usual sober self - which is quite a lot honestly.  But that's fine because they're friends and Seokjin is tipsy and Hoseok's just so nice to spend time with.

They get closer somehow, both cramped in HopeWorld ’s black two seater but that's fine too. They're comfortable with each other that way, they used to shower together back in their trainees days,  for crying out loud! A little knee bumping and shared body heat is nothing to them.

So they keep it up, laughing and touching and leaning into each other the way they’ve always done whenever they’re alone - although perhaps a little exaggerated due to their current inebriated state. Then at some point, Seokjin gets super curious about the meaning behind the song - Dionysus is the name? - and also about Hoseok's mind set when he was writing it. Like, for example, why using Dionysus out of all of the greek gods in existence? You know, the burning questions that need a quick answer when one is sitting a tad past tipsy at one's best friend’s music studio.

Hoseok just laughs at the question, a beautiful thing full of secrets Seokjin finds himself eager to unveil - and what an odd little phrase his brain came up with, huh?

“Are you sure you wanna know?” Hoseok asks immediately after taking another sip of the wine. "It might be TMI and I'm not sure if you'd like that."

“If I didn't want to know I wouldn't have asked,” Seokjin says, taking another sip from his own paper cup.

“Alright,” Hoseok starts, downing the last of his wine and setting the empty paper cup on the floor. “Have you ever navered 'gay greek gods’?”

“I can't say I have,” Seokjin says honestly. “Is Dionysus one of them?”

Hoseok giggles. “Sure he is. He even invented dildos, if you’re willing to trust some wild historians.”

“Aw, look at you, sounding like Namjoonie,” Seokjin coos, poking one of Hoseok’s cheeks just to be annoying. “He's rubbing on you. Soon you’ll be quoting psychology books and writing poetry by the river.”

“Fuck you, hyung! It’s interesting,” is Hoseok’s retort, tilting his head back to avoid Seokjin’s index finger. He also pouts a little, which is absolutely cute on its own. Seokjin smiles and stops the poking.

“So you picked him because he was a gay god?”

“And because when I came up with the concept I was shitfaced, had a dildo deep up my ass, and thought it was a pretty neat idea.”

That makes Seokjin pause.

The mental image.

Wow .

“So what you're saying is,” he starts, doing his best to recover, “we’re singing a rock anthem for horny gays?”

Hoseok shrugs. “Pretty much.”

There's a beat or two of silence before they both dissolve into laughter.

“I can't fucking believe you!” Seokjin accuses, feeling his lungs on fire. “And here I was thinking it had a deeper meaning to it.”

“Hey! Gimme some credit, will you?” Hoseok complains, still half laughing. “Of course there is a deeper meaning. Song's a metaphor for our days as outcasts inside the music industry, I bet you picked up on that already.”

“And?” Seokjin prompts, still amused.

“It also happens to be a perfect queer metaphor as well.”

“Really?” Seokjin asks, eyebrow up. Hoseok shrugs.

“I'm good at multitasking.”

That makes Seokjin ugly laugh, his brain providing a visual of Hoseok, wine glass in one hand, lyrics notebook in the other, while fucking himself on a dildo attached to some random surface. Multitasker indeed.

To be honest, he doesn't know if he's more amused by the whole song meaning reveal or horny due to all that dildo talking. Dildo up Hoseok's ass talking. Like, does he want to be Hoseok or the dildo fucking Hoseok? Or maybe both? Probably both, because Hoseok is hot hot and Seokjin hasn't fucked anyone in what feels like ages.

“Uh- what did you just say, hyung?”

Wait, did he say all that out loud?

Oh fuck.

“I-” He starts, but Hoseok interrupts him.

“Did you just imply you want to fuck me?”

Oh sweet lord this can’t be happening to him.

“Hope-ah, I-” He tries again, but Hoseok is not having it.

“Because if you did,” his friend says, looking right to Seokjin’s eyes, “I might actually be down?”

Wait what?


“I'd be down for you to fuck me,” Hoseok repeats, calmer than he has any right to be in a situation like this. “Or for me to fuck you, if that's what rocks your boat,” he clarifies, smiling brightly. “A bone is a bone, right?”


Seokjin must be dreaming, that’s the only explanation for this whole interaction to be happening. He probably drank too much, passed out on Hoseok’s couch, and is now lying face down somewhere between Hoseok's studio and their shared apartment.

The only problem with that theory, however, is the hand currently kneading at one of his thighs over the fabric of his jeans. A hand that is very much attached to one Jung Hoseok sitting close to Seokjin on the couch.

“Are you drunk, Hope-ah?” Seokjin manages to ask, mind still reeling. Hoseok smirks lightly.

“Maybe a little,” he admits. “Or maybe I'm just using it as an excuse to be bold.”

“Why would you need boldness for?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Perhaps to finally ask my handsome, handsome hyung to fuck me into oblivion.”

Oh .

Well okay.

Seokjin will never know what kind of face is he doing at the moment, but it probably reflects his train of thought in some way because the next thing to happen is Hoseok slowly but steadily leaning toward him. His face comes closer and closer, so close Seokjin can see the pink tinting the top of Hoseok's cheekbones, his thick eyelashes, the tiny freckle on his top lip.

“Do you want me to be bold, Jinnie-hyung?” Hoseok asks in a whisper. He's so close Seokjin can smell his perfume. It's both soothing and intoxicating. “Would you let me?”

The second Seokjin nods in agreement, Hoseok's mouth finds his and it is glorious.

Kissing Hoseok is exactly how Seokjin could have imagined it to be. There’s this way Hoseok has of taking control of whatever he does, and of course kissing isn’t the exception. He’s methodical about it, thoroughly using every trick in existence to turn Seokjin into fucking putty.

It’s a bit of a blur after Hoseok’s tongue finds the inside of Seokjin’s mouth, mostly because whenever it happens, Seokjin’s brain seems to disconnect. One moment they’re sitting side by side on the couch and the next Hoseok is climbing Seokjin like a tree, straddling his thighs with his ass pressing into Seokjin’s semi - which let’s be clear, stops being a semi the second Hoseok starts grinding against it.

The feeling of Hoseok rhythmically pressing his buttocks onto Seokjin’s crotch plus his wicked tongue game inside Seokjin’s mouth has Seokjin overwhelmed in every possible sense. He feels like a teenager, not knowing what to do with his hands other than letting them rest on Hoseok’s hips while his bandmate rolls said hips sinfully.

Eventually, Hoseok’s mouth detaches from Seokjin’s, traveling down his jaw to the joint below his earlobe. It’s a sensitive spot for Seokjin that leaves him pliant and gasping, makes his brain disconnect even more. How the fuck does Hoseok know that?

Oh, right. He’s the group’s unofficial massagist.

Damn Seokjin’s tendency to moan whenever a massage feels good.

“Hyung, please touch me.”

The phrase is said so softly Seokjin’s foggy brain might as well have imagined it. But none of this is occurring inside Seokjin’s head; everything is real and happening and fucking right there for Seokjin to taste and savour. Quite literally.

“C’mon, hyungie, I’m so hard already,” Hoseok says more clearly now, nibbling at Seokjin’s earlobe while his hands roam around Seokjin’s torso under his sweater. “You touch me and I touch you, yeah?”

Seokjin’s throat goes dry at the mere thought of Hoseok’s hand right where he needs it, so he pushes through whatever mist has taken home inside his head, moving one had from Hoseok’s hips to his crotch. And thank fucking god for Hoseok’s unfortunate tendency to wear basketball shorts to work.

Seokjin palms Hoseok’s dick over the thin fabric, earning himself a sound he’s never heard in his life coming from his friend. Something guttural and satisfying emerging from the back of Hoseok’s throat; a sound he definitely wants to hear again. So he wastes no time in pushing his hand past the waistband of Hoseok’s shorts and underwear, wrapping it around an impressive erection of what feels like a long, good proportioned cock. Huh.

“Why are you smiling for?” Hoseok says after a moment, minutely thrusting his hips onto Seokjin’s fist. Seokjin looks up to find his friend all flushed and disheveled. Perfect. Hoseok is just perfect.

“Am I?” He asks, twisting his writs just so, moaning as soon as the movement causes Hoseok to grind his ass harder against his still clothed hard-on.

“Yes you are,” Hoseok confirms. “Since you started stroking me actually. Do you like giving handsies so much?” He says with a smirk, one Seokjin erases with another well aimed twist of his hand.

“Maybe I do. And what about it?” He challenges.

“Nothing!” Hoseok chokes out. “That’s perfect. We love handsies in this house. Totally a fan. Top tier.”

Seokjin snickers into Hoseok’s chest because this is all so ludicrous. He’s giving Hoseok a hand job in the middle of his studio. Jung Hoseok from Big Hit! The same Jung Hoseok he’s lived around for almost a decade, the one he most definitely loves to pieces. All due to wine, a song, and a freaking queer greek god!

Why is Seokjin’s life like this?

“What are we doing, Hope-ah?” He asks, forehead against Hobi’s pectoral and hand still stroking Hoseok’s cock.

“Uh. I thought it was kinda clear?” He hears Hoseok say above him. He leans back to watch his friend’s face, finding an interesting mixture of arousal and confusion. “We’re fucking, hyungie. Or about to, anyway.”

Seokjin snickers again. “Yeah no shit. I just mean, why now? After all these years, after our teenage hormones calmed down, after all we’ve been through. Why right now?”

Hoseok remains silent for exactly two seconds before replying. “And you thought it was a good idea to ask this while your hand is polishing my dick?”

“Oh, god,” Seokjin says, realizing just now that his hand never stopped working Hoseok up. “I’m sorry, I just- Sorry,” he repeats, taking his hand out of Hoseok’s pants. If Hoseok’s bottom lip pops to a tiny almost imperceptible pout, Seokjin chooses not to point it out.

Hoseok tilts his head to the side, gaze heavy over Seokjin even though his eyes are still a little glazed over with arousal. Seokjin can’t help but feeling small under that gaze. Hoseok has powerful eyes, he always has.

“Do you not want this, Jin?” Hoseok asks, too calm for someone who’s ass is still very much on Seokjin’s lap. “Did I make you uncomfortable?”

Seokjin shakes his head energetically. “You didn’t. I want this too,” he assures. “Is just… I don’t know, what it is, really. Don’t you think we’re like too old to be playing the ‘horny teenager fucks everything up’ card?”

Hoseok looks at him intently for just a moment before nodding to himself, expression determined. “First of all, we’re not too old,” he starts solemnly. “In fact we’re not old at all! It just feels like it because we got swept into this life when we were too damn young and we didn’t get to be proper teenagers. So now here we are, finally able to relax a little after years of crazy hard work and we still kinda feel like we’re fresh from fucking high school!”

Seokjin laughs, he can’t help it. He ugly laughs despite himself, squeaking and shaking, gasping for air. The laughter finally subsides, however, when he feels Hoseok getting off his lap. Seokjin looks up in a panic just to find Hoseok staring down at him. He is smiling fondly, soothingly, and something inside Seokjin’s chest twists.

Hoseok cups one of Seokjin’s cheeks, his fingers strong and his touch warm. It’s grounding.

“We’re not gonna fuck up anything, hyung, I promise. We care about each other too much for that.”

“How do you know that?” Seokjin asks, voice small and uncertain despite himself.

“Because I do, so you’ll have to trust me,” Hoseok says confidently. “You know how I always help you with choreo and stuff? Well this will be no different. I’ll just be helping you in a sliiiightly different way than usual. That is, if you let me.” And then he has the nerve to smirk. Smirk!

But against all odds, against all the doubts gnawing at the inside of his belly, Seokjin nods.

To be honest, and although it might be selfish, he doesn’t want to miss this opportunity. He is worried about the future of their friendship and the group and all that, yes. But he’s also still pretty tipsy and still pretty horny. And he’s never been that good of a person to begin with, okay?

So he nods, and Hoseok nods back, leaning into Seokjin to trap Seokjin’s lips between his own. He starts off gently, without the heat of unresolved sexual tension present the first time around. It’s nice, it’s reassuring...

Then Hoseok drops to his knees between Seokjin’s legs and Seokjin.exe suddenly stops working.

What happens after that is not too hard to imagine.

Hoseok paws at Seokjin’s jeans until he can free his erection, strokes it into rock-hard fullness and takes it in his mouth as if he’s wanted to taste it for a very long time - which he actually confirms after some bobs of his head. As it turns out, Hobi is surprisingly vocal for someone with a mouthful of dick.

Seokjin allows the talking though, he likes it even. Hoseok is so witty and sharp, even in a situation like this. Always knows what to say and how to say it, always so fucking good. And god that mouth. It’s almost unfair how good he is at giving head, mostly because Seokjin can confidently say he’s as good or slightly better, but he can’t prove it because he’s currently having his brain sucked through his cock and he can’t for the life of him string two thoughts coherently.

“Fuck, Hobi, that’s… fuck.”

“Everyone loves an eloquent king,” Hoseok teases, taking Seokjin in his mouth again before he can think of a good enough comeback.

He can’t think straight even after feeling that familiar pull on the downside of his balls, only having enough presence of mind to tap Hoseok’s shoulder in warning for the impending load coming his way. Hoseok dismisses him with a wave of his hand, going at it with more intensity until Seokjin is shooting white ribbons to the inside of his friend’s throat for him to swallow.

Seokjin whimpers due to oversensitivity and Hoseok finally releases his softening cock. He helps Seokjin’s breathless ass tucking himself back in his pants then straddles his thighs again, kissing the living lights out of him. Hoseok’s tongue thrusts obscenely inside Seokjin’s mouth and Seokjin tastes himself in it.

This kiss isn’t like the last one; this one is demanding, frantic, desperate. Seokjin can feel Hoseok’s arousal in it, in the slight rocking of his hips probably seeking for friction on the evident erection tenting his basketball shorts. Hoseok tugs Seokjin’s bottom lip before breaking the kiss, pressing his face against the crook of Seokjin’s neck while his hips roll more sharply. It makes Seokjin smile, finally feeling a bit more like himself, a bit more in control.

“Need help with that, Hope-ah?” He whispers sweetly at Hoseok’s ear. “Want hyungie to help out?” Hoseok’s only reply is a whimper that has Seokjin’s spent dick twitching as if it didn’t know any better. Maybe some other time .

“Hyung please,” Hoseok begs, shameless against Seokjin’s skin. “Touch me or I might just cry.”

“I bet you’d look good like that,” Seokin teases, hands caressing Hobi’s back and sides. “All teary and flustered, begging for me to let you cum.”

“You’re as kinky as you present yourself to be, huh?” Hoseok says, a little too breathless for it to have any edge. “You like bondage too? Roleplay?”

Seokjin laughs. “Why? Are you offering?”

“I’m down if you are.”

“I’m so down I’m below the surface.”

“Can we not with the puns right now? I wanna cum sometime this year.”

“But I’m a punny guy, Hobi.”

“Hyung if you don’t touch this dick right now I swear to fucking God!”

Hoseok’s reaction to Seokjin’s hand on his dick again puts a smirk on Seokjin’s lips. He’s so sensitive, so fucking good for him! So much that all the time it took for them to get to do this seems almost unfair. They could have been hooking up for ages. But alas, maybe before wasn’t the right time for this to happen.

He strokes Hoseok deliberately, using each and every one of the wrist tricks he can remember from his college days. Hoseok’s face is still hidden in the crook of Seokjin’s neck but that’s okay. That way he can feel every moan in his skin, every huff of air punched out of him whenever something he does clicks just right with what Hoseok likes, what makes him turn into putty in his arms. It doesn’t take a long time for Hoseok to start frantically thrusting into Seokjin’s fist.

It’s oddly satisfying to hear his name escaping Hoseok’s lips in the middle of his orgasm. He’d be a liar if he said he doesn’t want to hear that sound ever again. In fact, the sooner he gets to hear that, the better.

Hoseok untucks himself from Seokjin’s neck to seek Seokjin’s mouth. A kisser much? He kisses Seokjin with such heat it might as well be foreplay for a second round if Seokjin wasn’t so spent and actually physically exhausted as he is. Recording an album in less than a month isn’t an easy task, an no amount of residual horniness can take away the fact that they’re both just tired idols with a ridiculously packed schedule.

The kiss evolves to something lazy eventually, just lips dragging against lips, more about the closeness than any further intention.

It’s nice.

“Ugh, I made a mess of us,” Hoseok says after trying to snuggle into Seokjin’s chest and subsequently realizing they’re both covered in his cum. “I think I ruined your sweater.”

“It’s okay. I can wipe the jizz in the bathroom and take this to the laundry tomorrow,” Seokjin dismisses easily. “It was worth it either way.”

“Was it?”

And there it is, Hoseok’s signature self-doubt, always carefully concealed under layers and layers of apparent overconfidence. That’s the thing with getting off, you see; it might mingle with your ability to keep the shields up.

Seokjin smiles softly, taking one of Hoseok’s hands on his.

“Of course it was, are you kidding? Jung Hoseok from BTS came all over my chest, I’m a blessed man!”

Hoseok snickers at that, his shoulders finally relaxing. For such a chill behaving man, he can get quite self-conscious at times. Seokjin should know, he’s practically the same.

Eventually, Hoseok detaches himself from Seokjin, tucking his now soft cock back inside his shorts. He takes two cold water bottles out of who knows where, handing one to Seokjin. “Hydration is good for you, hyungie,” he says with a smile.

There’s a silence after that but it isn’t awkward at all. If anything, Seokjin feels sort of sleepy and - surprisingly - like cuddling. Would it be too weird for him to ask? Is not like he has hooked up with one of his bandmates before, he’s not familiar with the etiquette.

“I think we should go, we have work tomorrow too,” Hoseok says after chugging the contents of his water bottle. “I’m calling a car. Up for a ride?”

“Want me to ride you? So suddenly? At least take me to dinner first,” Seokjin says without even thinking, his mouth faster than his brain. He cringes, suddenly unsure, but Hoseok just smiles in amusement.

“I mean, not today, but I think I’m almost done until you and the kids have recorded all your parts. Are you free on sunday?”

He says it so casually it takes Seokjin by surprise. A pleasant surprise. The best. Twelve out of ten would recommend.

“I’m sure I can squeeze you in,” he says, getting up from the couch.

“Sure you could,” Hoseok says with a telling smirk, leading the way to the outside of the studio. “In fact, after our dinner, I demand it.”

Seokjin laughs at the innuendo, loud and unabashed. Admittedly, this might be the worst idea he’s ever had in his whole damn life. But right now, sated and happy, walking next to his Hope-ah, the horizon doesn’t seem all that scary.