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Shifting Perspectives

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Jotaro wiped his cheek with the back of his hand and sent his mother a distasteful look. His mother planted another kiss on his cheek, oblivious to the sharp glare her son threw her way as he pulled away from her grasp.

“Have a great day at school sweetie!” She called out to him. Jotaro readjusted his jacket, ignoring his mother’s farewell, and began his walk to school.

It took less than 5 minutes after departing his house for his fan club to assemble and trail behind him resuming their routine from last year. It was probably an absurd sight to see a scowling high schooler stalking through the streets with a group of girls following after him like a bunch of ducklings.

Jotaro fished a cigarette from his pocket and lit it, hoping the nicotine would dull the growing irritation he felt. The girls were even louder today, bickering incessantly about who deserved the right of getting to walk within 1 meter of him. His eye twitched as he felt his temper flare up.

“Shut up you stupid bitches!” He barked at them and hoped it would be enough to quell their stupid infighting. Except this only seemed to add fuel to the fire as the girls squealed and argued about which one of them was directly blessed by the insult. Jotaro groaned inwardly and readjusted his cap, continuing his way to school.

He had finally managed to block out the group’s bickering when he felt someone knock against him, snapping him out of his thoughts and causing him to drop his bag on the ground. She turned, stooped over to retrieve the dropped bag, and handed it to him while muttering a frantic apology to Jotaro before setting off on her way. She looked vaguely familiar but before he could pinpoint just how he knew her, she had already disappeared in a quick sprint.

“Where’s she rushing off to?”

“How dare she run into Jojo?”

The girls around him bristled and one of them had latched onto his arm, rubbing away at makeshift dirt the mystery girl had purportedly left on his sleeve. This act raised the ire of the other fanclub girls ad soon they started arguing again. Wresting his arm away from her grasp, he furrowed his brow and dusted his sleeve before snapping at the girls to quiet down again. The day had barely started and his patience had already worn thin. He only hoped the rest of the school day passed with relative ease as he grumbled a faint yare yare daze before resuming his trek to school.




The distant sound of the school bell woke Jotaro. It was already lunch time. He had managed to doze off on a bench tucked away in a shaded corner of the rooftop, after escaping homeroom. He stretched his neck and rolled his shoulders, shaking the sleep from his body. The rooftop was quiet save for the occasional chirping of birds or the rustling of the falling fall leaves.  

He sat up and contemplated whether or not he should make the attempt to show up to math or just take off for the day. He did go the other day so maybe he could take today off. It’s not like his marks were suffering. For someone who was barely present and did the bare minimum in class, he did quite well on his exams—much to the vexation of his teachers.

The sound of the rooftop door opening broke Jotaro out of his thoughts and he grumbled to himself. If his godforsaken fan club somehow found his hiding spot, there would be hell to pay. He pushed up the brim of his hat carefully and eyed the intruder.

It was the girl who had run into him earlier. Her (h/c) hair was pulled into some sort of haphazard braid that was beginning to fall apart, stray strands blowing in the cool September air. She didn’t seem to notice him as she made a beeline for the other unoccupied bench. Plopping down onto the seat, the girl buried her face into her bag and let out a muffled scream. Jotaro quirked an eyebrow in amusement but his amusement soon gave way to irritation as the girl continued to scream into her bag.

He let out a small tsk before calling out to her, “If you think that bag is doing anything about your annoying screaming, rethink your strategy.”

The girl’s head snapped up at the sound of his voice and she looked back at him, face flushed with embarrassment.

“I-I’m sorry. I didn’t think anyone would be here,” she stammered. Jotaro grunted in annoyance as he dug around in his pocket for a cigarette. She blinked owlishly as she stared intently at Jotaro, recognition dawning on her face. Jotaro took a long drag from the cigarette and closed his eyes as he mentally braced himself for the squeal that was bound to come out of her mouth.

“Oh, you’re the one I ran into earlier!” She remarked then added rather sheepishly, “Sorry about bothering you twice today.”

Jotaro cracked one eye open. Not exactly what he was expecting to come out of her mouth.

“Don’t make a habit of it,” he responded. Jotaro pulled his hat over his eyes and continued to puff on his cigarette.

“I’ll try not to.”

Jotaro hummed in response. He half expected the girl to scurry away or attempt to carry a conversation with him. But the girl remained seated on the bench and was relatively quiet except for the sound of her digging around her bag before pulling out a book and a small bento. Jotaro’s brow furrowed. Once again, she defied his expectations. Though, it didn’t seem like she was planning on leaving any time soon. Jotaro stared intently at the girl, who seemed content reading and enjoying her lunch, hoping his gaze would convey enough murderous intent and convince her to leave.

Flipping through your worn novel, you munched happily on your meager lunch bent on ignoring the menacing aura the other roof occupant emanated. You weren’t in the mood to deal with the school’s most abrasive delinquent today. You overslept, nearly missing your train, and missed tennis club practice, earning not just the disappointment of the captain but also two extra laps after school today. You opted to sneak onto the rooftops today for lunch instead of being with your friends, desiring some needed alone time to think and maybe take a nap and let out a frustrated scream or two.

Except Jotaro Kujo happened to be there, obnoxiously puffing away at his cigarette, releasing a noxious cloud into the beautiful fall air every few seconds.

Crashing into Jotaro Kujo wasn’t on your to-do list for the morning nor was dealing with his shitty attitude during your precious lunchtime. You couldn’t help the slight feeling of regret that began to taint your lunchtime decision.

You huffed to yourself.

For such a prestigious school, you never understood how Jotaro Kujo managed to remain enrolled here. Barely showing up to class and probably going out of his way to raise the ire of all his teachers, his general nonchalance towards school and his obnoxious behavior really pissed you off. He was in your class last year, but you never saw him. You only knew of his existence due to having been forced to dispose of all the love notes left by admirers on his desk when it was your turn to clean the classroom. Prior to today, Jotaro Kujo was a faceless individual in your head with your opinions of him based entirely upon secondhand information from friends and the school’s rumor mill. Had one of his fan girls not gone out of her way to berate your for getting dirt on his stuff this morning, you would have never known who was Jotaro Kujo.

If he wants me gone from the rooftop, he’s gonna have to get up and move me, you thought to yourself. The rooftop didn’t have his name on it and so long as you maintained your space and minded your own business, he had no business pressuring you to leave. You looked up and met his gaze, daring him to try and move you. His brow furrowed even further as he held your gaze. The tension between the two of you thick enough to cut with a knife as you engaged in this unseen battle of mental fortitude.

Jotaro narrowed his eyes, a long tendril of smoke escaping from his lips as he removed the cigarette from his lip and crushed the lit bud against the bench—his stare never wavering. You could feel your eyes starting to dry out but you pressed on, never one to concede defeat. Time dragged on and you continued this for what felt like an hour—although it likely only lasted 3-5 minutes.

“Good grief.” Jotaro finally muttered. “Do whatever you want.”

You opened your mouth to argue that he had no right to tell you what you could do or not do but you closed it again upon realizing the small victory you now held over Jotaro. You shot him a smirk before going back to your book and your now cold lunch. Jotaro had pulled out a small book from his pocket and was now reading quietly to himself.

The two of you maintained this silence, respecting each other’s space, until the lunch bell rang. Gathering your items, you looked at Jotaro and hesitantly called out, “Have a good rest of the day.”

The male merely glanced upwards and nodded in acknowledgment. It wasn’t quite a response but it was better than being on the receiving end of an insult or a curse. You headed towards class and hoped it would be the last you had to deal with Jotaro Kujo.