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Death, Meet Skeletons

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 You yawned stretching your tired arms into air, your joints popping as you set down your scythe down with a dull thunk.The dark cloak around your shoulders fizzed out of existence disappearing into the underworld awaiting the next time you called upon it.

You glanced over to your mirror you watched as your bright yellow eyes faded into (e/c) signaling that your work was done, for now at least. Frowning you slipped the dirty black dress that covered your features off, throwing it into a forgotten corner. You hummed a dark and slightly depressing tune as you slipped on the comfiest pair of pajamas you owned, admiring the red strips that hugged your curves with amazing elegance.

 Flopping onto the messy bed you glanced across the room. Pictures from your favorite band littered the walls covering up the boring beige paint. Random bits of clothes were scattered about the room, including a pair of blue lace panties that was currently hanging from the computer. The window held a perfect view of the full moon outside, the swirling mist making the night a little more aesthetically pleasing. ‘I’ll clean this up when after I go to bed.’ You vowed, knowing full well that wouldn’t happen.

  A happy... if not a little tired smile erupted on your face excited to be home at last; it had been a long couple of weeks with work and all that jazz. I mean how did Hades expect you to get “everything done in a matter of days,” you were one person for crying out loud!

 So what if he complained, he should come down here and do it himself if it really bothered him. You were trying to get everything done as fast as possible! It's just hard finding the eroding souls in a completely new place. Sighing you ran a hand through your unkempt hair and promised to an unknown god that you'd take a shower after a nice long nap.

 I mean the cave- ‘ wait what did they call it?’ You knew they had a name for it ‘The cave-ground? No that couldn't be it, that sounds kind of stupid. Oh ya! The underground that's what it was called!’ - was huge.

 Not to make matters worse, monsters turned to dust when they died. Freaking dust! How were you supposed to find their souls, when you couldn't even find a body to link them to? This was exhausting to say the the least. Everyday for the past three weeks you had sneaked into the underground looking to souls. So far you had only found a few souls that needed your …aid. Not that you were complaining the less you had to work, the better.

 You’d think that the Fucking Grim Reaper would have more freedoms, but no you were stuck working yourself to death.-Heh, who said you weren’t funny?-  I mean you were... to most people at least, a myth so you should have been able to do anything you wanted. But, about a month ago monsters were considered myths to ,and they were stuck under a magical barrier for centuries...  So maybe not the best analogy you could possibly think of.

 The only reason that you and the others from the underworld hadn’t been dragged under the mountain with the monsters; was that you could look like humans if you wanted. Vampires always looked like humans. So they just stayed inside until it was night, and they could hunt for that month's snack. Or, if they were crafty they started ‘blood donation centers’ where good meaning people would give them blood to consume . Even the gorgons were able to hide the snakes that covered their heads with a type of illusory magic.The monsters however didn't have that option. They couldn’t change their appearance, so they had fallen to the human wrath.

 Wait, what was the topic before? Oh right your job well thankfully Hades understood that you needed to be careful, so he didn't punish you for “ not meeting his time frame .” Well, he didn't punish you much. He just made you watch over the feeding of Cerberus which you didn't mind, Ceb was just a lonely sweetheart . He was such an adorable twelve foot tall, three headed puppy.

 The more you thought the more your eyes drooped lower, and lower, pulling you closer to sleep.Quickly right before you fell asleep you pulled the covers over yourself in an attempt to warm your cold self up. Not that it worked, you would always be as cold as the grave.

Just perks of the job.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Quick Skip*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

 Light filtered through the open window, shining directly over you face you shifted in the bed not wanting to get up. Yet, it your stomach appeared had other plans it grumbled and growled demanding food that instant, slowly your eyes opened a little in surrender. Yawning you pushed yourself up out of bed glancing over to clock it was 12:37,you had slept for about 12 hours. Great.

 Sighing you climbed out of bed, marching over to the bathroom ‘ Food can wait till I’m clean. ’ You thought to yourself as you turned on the shower, ready to bask in the hot water. Walking back into the bedroom you grabbed a random outfit from your wardrobe, before snatching your phone from the bedside table. Smiling you Started your favorite playlist and stepped to the toasty warm shower.

 Your stomach, unhappy with the turn of events grumpily continued to growl. You just ignored it, you would get food but you didn’t want to smell like you had wrestled a zombie and lost when you went out. You might have been a Grim Reaper, but you had standards. They might have been low standards, but they were standards nonetheless.


 Besides you knew you didn’t have to eat, it was just your former humanity shining through. You would always try to eat as much as possible to look like a normal human but, you just didn’t see the appeal of eating three whole meals a day. No matter what your stomach wanted, your brain would always pull through and chose the sensible option.


 You sighed running the shampoo through your (h/c) hair, maybe if there was a food you could actually taste you would eat more. After you became the Grim Reaper you couldn’t taste a single thing. Something about the human food not having enough magic for your tastebuds to absorb, maybe monsters would have something you could taste.


 Hades and the other gods had magical food for them to enjoy, but you wouldn’t dream of eating that stuff. You had seen what happens when non-gods eat it, and you didn’t what anybody cleaning you off of a ceiling anytime soon. You had left that little party earlier that you usually would, and you were used to seeing gruesome things. You’d hate to know what the others there had thought, given their jobs didn’t include death.


 Even though you couldn’t taste what you made, the humans you had over always said your food was amazing. You guessed that when you were alive you were a good cook to, not that you could remember much about being alive. Though you spodosed that was for the best, you would always want to be alive if you still remembered, and there is no point in wanting what you can’t have.


You smiled, humming the tune of the song that was currently playing.However with you nothing ever stayed small, so within a few minutes you belting of the lyrics to on of the more ironic songs in your playlist.


Come on baby… don’t fear the reaper 

Baby take my hand… don’t fear the reaper

We’ll be able to fly… don’t fear the reaper 

Baby I’m your man…


La la la la la

La la la la la


Valentine is done

Here but now they’re gone

Romeo and Juliet

Are together for eternity… Romeo and Juliet~


 Your voice got louder and louder, vibrating off the white bathroom tiles until it got to the point where you could almost feel the vibration around you as you sang then end of the song, a silly smile on your face.


They looked back and said goodbye… she became like they are

She had taken his hand… she became like they are

Come on baby... don’t fear the reaper


 You laughed and stepped out of the shower grabbing the fluffy towel wrapping it around you as you dried off. You smiled didn’t waver as you threw on your clothes. Today was going to be a good day, you didn’t have any work, Hades had given you your paycheck, and the sun was shining. Nothing could stop you now, ‘ Grrrrrruuuuumbbble!’ Your stomach yowled, okay... nothing could stop you except your stomach.


 Rolling your eyes you slipped on a pair of combat boots and headed out to the garage. You threw open the door with a little smile,standing there was your bright red Kawasaki Z900RS. You didn’t love all motorcycles you saw, but this one had called to you. With its sleek body and comfortable seat you would have to be an idiot to pass this one up, you smirked at the orange flames that cascaded down the side. You looked like a fucking bad ass when you were riding this thing.


 Quickly you grabbed you keys, helmet, backpack,and leather jacket wanting to start the ride as quickly as possible. You jammed the key inside the ignition and started down the small slope that was your driveway. A sense of giddiness washed over you as the purring beast underneath you began to speed up, you wanted to ignore the speed limit and go as fast as you could. Yet every time you were about to you would stop and slow down. You couldn’t- no wouldn’t was a better word for it -speed up no matter how much you wanted to.


 Shaking your head you pulled into the parking lot of your local grocery store, and trying in vain to quickly find a spot place to park your motorcycle. You whipped off the helmet stuffing in your backpack and quickly jogged over to the door.


Grabbing in of the small baskets you made your way around the store, grabbing whatever you thought you might need for the next couple of weeks. An apple here, a can of soup there. Slowly but surely the basket filled to the brim with your favorite foods, well not that you really knew if you liked them. They could be the worst tasting things in the world and you would never know. You just liked them because of way they looked you the texture that they were when you bit into them...


That was kinda sad now that you were thinking of it. Only liking something because of its texture. You sighed looking down the pasta isle, you had mac and cheese last week so that was out of the question. You sighed picking up the two most appealing boxes ‘Ravioli’ and ‘Fettuccine.’ huh? What’s the difference? Does is one better quality? Uhhhhhhh…..? As you stood their questioning which one you should buy for a few seconds, not noticing the movement near the front of the isle. Suddenly a large hand was placed on you shoulder, causing you to flinch.


 “OH, I’M SORRY LITTLE HUMAN DID I SCARE YOU?” A screeching voice erupted right behind you, causing you to flitch again. “ PAPYRUS, DON’T HURT THE HUMAN YOU KNOW HOW FRAGILE THEY ARE!” Ok, ow! Why were these two yelling in your ear, you were two feet away from them. You turned about to ask them what they needed, then paused … they were fucking skeletons?!? The taller one that had a hand on your shoulder was wearing an outfit that looked strangely like armor and booty shorts paired with a orangey red scarf... Wait a second we’re those painted basketballs on his shoulder? The smaller one also where armor but had basketball shorts instead of booty shorts. He also wore a bright blue bandanna that was right around his neck.


What the fucking hell? How were there skeletons standing in front of you? You paused,your racing mind coming to a screeching halt glancing from the two bickering skeletons.You knew they were real you felt one of them papyrus -was that his name?- touch you, so you couldn’t be dreaming. How could they be-  ohhh, okay now you feel so dumb. They were monsters, I mean why wouldn’t there be skeletal monsters, she had seen a few spider monsters when she was in the underground. So it made sense that there would be skeleton monsters.


You took a deep breath and offered a genuine smile, “Don’t worry you didn’t hurt me, I was just deep in thought. Was there  something you two needed?” Papyrus gave a relieved smiled “ YES, I NEED YOUR HELP CHOOSING GREAT NOODLES FOR MY FAMASS SPAGHETTI!” The smaller one bounced behind him, literal stars in his eyes. “ I THE AMAZING BLUEBERRY ALSO NEED YOUR ASSISTANCE, THERE IS SO MANY THINGS TO CHOOSE FROM!”  Awwww Blue was so cute!


Your smile widened they were such cinnamon rolls. You nodded you head “Okay, I can help you guys out.” You walked over to the spaghetti noodles and took out the brand you always bought, presenting to the two of them “ This one has a great texture and is a great price, so I would go with this and…” you clicked your tongue scanning the spaghetti sauce and picking out your favorite “ This sauce, it’s not a name brand. But, it taste great all the same.” You glanced back to them noticing for the first time their happy expressions. You pause about to ask them what was up, when you when you were surrounded by skeletal arms. They were both giving you giant -and tight- hugs, you smiled hugging the two skeletons back.


 “ THANK YOU HUMAN!” Blueberry cried into your shoulder. “ F-for what?” You stammered, you weren’t used to people being close to you. “ FOR BEING NICE AND NOT INSULTING US.” Papyrus said, his voice shakey.“YOU’VE BEEN SO HELPFUL TOO!” Blueberry added. You felt your heart burst, someone was being mean to these little sweethearts! Was there no justice in the world, these two couldn’t hurt a fly. You put a comforting pat on both of them before separating with a smile. “ I’m sorry you guys had to go through that,some people just pick on others because they are different and want to feel better about themselves.” You paused all of their attention was on you, “If I can give you some advice, don’t let it get to your head. They will only hurt you more.”


 They looked at each other before glancing at you, they smiled as they spoke at the same time “YOU ARE SO WISE.”  You chuckled “ Nah I’m not,” You glanced at Blueberry “ Um, didn’t you need something to?” “ GASP! I ALMOST FORGOT ABOUT MY AMAZING TACOS! THANKS FOR REMINDING ME HUMAN!”   ‘Did he say gasp out loud?’ Was your last thought before they began to drag you around the store, telling you story after story about the underground,the royal guard, and their brothers shenanigans. When you all finally made it to the checkout your feet ached, but you hadn't been this happy for a long time. So, it was a small price to pay.


 Walking up to the register you reached into your purse, pulling out the money as you continued your chatter with the cool skeletons. "Are you to brothers?" you questioned. They both smiled " NO BUT I WOULD NOT MIND HAVING A BROTHER THAT WASN"T SUCH A LAZY BONES!" commented Papyrus, " ASWELL AS A BROTHER THAT DIDN'T TELL SUCH TERRIBLE PUNS EVERY FIVE SECONDS!"Added Blue.“ So, if you aren’t brothers are you guys related?” Out of the corner of your eyes you saw them stiffen, then look at each other before a quick, “ W-WE ARE COUSINS.”  Shot out of blue’s mouth. You rose your eyebrow at the stuttering, but you didn’t say anything. They had a right to keep secrets, after all you weren’t telling them about you being the Grim Reaper so you figured it was fair. You nodded like you believed the total lie, and saw them both visibly sigh. Those cinnamon rolls you shook your head. Grabbing your bags you walked out with them.


 “CAN WE HELP YOU GET YOUR STUFF IN YOUR CAR LITTLE HUMAN?” Papyrus asked “ Nah, it’s cool I can put everything in my bike.” Blueberry tilted his head to the side “ YOU DON’T HAVE A CAR?” You smiled “Nope, I have something better.” They both looked at you with visible confusion “BETTER THAN A CAR?” You smiled before justering to your motorcycle, they both looked at it with awe. The stars were back in Blues eyes as he looked it up and down.   “ THAT'S AMAZING!” You smiled graciously, “Thank you Blueberry.” You turned around and began to put your things in the bike, missing the bright teal blush that covered his face.


 After putting your things in your bike, you looked back at the skeletons and waved “ Well, see you later.” You pulled on your helmet and started up the bike, but before you could drive away Blue yelled out “WAIT!” You froze looking back at him as he jogged over to you. “ WE FORGOT TO ASK YOUR NAME!” You frowned thinking back to your conversation… yep he was right you never gave them a name. With a smile you extended your hand “ My name is (y/n),” you winked “ Nice to meet you.” Both of the skeletons groaned. “ OUR BROTHERS HAVE CORRUPTED OUR NEW FRIEND,AND THEY HAVEN'T EVEN MET YET!” You chuckled at the pair, ‘ it would be nice to keep in touch with them’ you thought. You could give them your phone number, but they might not want it. Well if talking with them was even half as funny as being with them, it was worth a try.


 Blue smiled and turned around ready to leave, quickly you blurted out “Can I have your phone number?” Papyrus and Blue smiled and pulled out their phones, “SURE NEW FRIEND!” Papyrus yelled “ OF COURSE MS.(Y/N)!” Blue replayed. You quickly swapped numbers then drove off, yelling farewells to your new friends as you drove out into the road.