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Don't Wait To Jump In Too Long

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When other groups find out they have a group chat dedicated solely to sex--and “other groups” means GOT7, because they are basically their only friends anymore--perplexed faces are met.

But it was Seokjin’s idea. And any idea of Seokjin’s that includes sex for the sake of “letting off steam” is actually only intended for chaos. Sexual, extremely gay chaos, because Seokjin might as well be the god of that.

And even then, none of them use the photos they send to jack off; they use it for blackmail. (“Seokjin, I’ll tell them you broke your phone on purpose!” “Didn’t you literally suck Yoongi’s dick in an opened dressing room?” “What--” “So what if I wanted the new iPhone?! I’ll just show the staff that photo of you!”)

Basically, Seokjin uses the group chat to collect dirt on all of the members. They’ve all realized this by now, but Namjoon’s whipped and the others just don’t care at this point.

Except for Jungkook of course. Because he’s insanely shy. And prudish. And yet, somehow ended up with Taehyung, who would probably be a whore if he hadn’t lost his virginity to Jungkook and been madly in love with him since before they even debuted.

Besides, Taehyung has awoken a quiet, but still a present monster inside of Jungkook since they started sleeping together. Jungkook is insatiable, will shyly rub Taehyung’s crotch out of sight from others, will whisper that he wants Taehyung to fuck him (in a bathroom, a dressing room, even a hotel room late at night with Hoseok in the connected room). He acts like a little baby; always desperate, whiny, crying for attention.

Taehyung thinks it’s insanely hot. He loves that Jungkook desires him, loves him, wants to have him all the time. Taehyung feels the same way as it is.

One day, Jimin sends a text to the group chat while they get ready for a show.

Chimmyyyyyy: i dare jin hyung to take a picture of himself riding namjoon

Yoongles: jesus christ

        A loud snort is heard from the other side of the room, precisely where Seokjin is seated. It’s only Hoseok, Jungkook, Jimin, and Seokjin getting ready, makeup artists with each of them. The other members are probably someplace else getting ready.

Chaos: and what will be the punishment

Chimmyyyyyy: eye--

Chimmyyyyyy: punishment??????

Chaos: don’t act like you don’t know that there are punishments to dares.

NyoomJoon: there aren’t though.

Chaos: there are now

Chaos: Jimin’s punishment for taking my latest dare was having a disgusting bed.

Chimmyyyyyy: I do not want to talk about that.

Chimmyyyyyy: Ever.

Chimmyyyyyy: That was a private dare.

Chaos: because I am merciful and just.

Yoongles: was disgusting though. can confirm.

Chimmyyyyyy: also these rules make no sense why did I get punished for doing YOUR dare

Sunny: can you guys get me out of this gc.

Sunny: i’m not even in a relationship anymore

Chaos: too bad so sad

Chaos: just kidding hoseok i know you’re sad and it sucks

Chaos: anyway there has to be a punishment if i do the dare

Chaos: which i will

Chimmyyyyyy: i take back my dare

Chaos: nope you already made it

Chimmyyyyyy: fuck

Chaos: yes that is what this group chat is about

Chaos: i will think about my punishment but it will not be pretty

Chaos: you guys will hate me

Chaos: i’m so excited

Chaos: :)

Sunny: you are terrifying.

Chaos: good :)

        There’s another soft laugh from where Seokjin is.

Chaos: be very afraid, gentlemen :)

Jungkook’s lip is red from how he was biting it as he watched the conversation progress. Even if the punishment should be handed to Jimin, he knows that Seokjin is an evil master of this group chat, and he will take a hostage, maybe more.

He just prays it’s Hoseok, maybe Yoongi, and not him.

After the show, Jungkook flops onto the bed of his hotel room with Taehyung behind him. Taehyung gets onto the bed and flips Jungkook over in a manner that’s almost hostile.

“You’re fucking cute,” Taehyung growls at him, immediately kissing Jungkook hard. Jungkook whimpers a bit, and Taehyung puts a hand into his brown hair, pulling it hard.

“Look at me.”

Jungkook sniffles. Obeys.

Taehyung is smirking at him like Jungkook’s a helpless little animal and he’s a tiger that’s going to devour him. Taehyung’s eyes are as dark as the room. His hand slithers onto Jungkook’s clothed thigh, he leans over Jungkook. Kisses him again.

“So cute,” he says again.

Jungkook whines softly and closes his eyes.

He hears Taehyung unbuckle his belt, but is too shy to watch, to look at Taehyung and see the bulge in his pants that is definitely present.

The flushed look on his face makes Taehyung snort a bit.

“Always nervous, huh, babe?”

Jungkook frowns and opens one eye. “What?”

Taehyung lifts his eyebrows for a second. “You’re always nervous. Bet you’re thinking about that dare too.”

Jungkook blushes more, and Taehyung knows he’s got him. He pulls his pants down all the way, and Jungkook sniffles as he closes his eyes again.

Taehyung gets off the bed for a second to get some lube after he instructs Jungkook to strip. He can hear Jungkook shuffling to obey, and when he turns back around with the lube in hand, Jungkook is in the process of pulling his t-shirt off and otherwise naked.

Taehyung smiles.

“Good boy.”

He looks at Jungkook’s very hard erection, then suddenly reaches toward it to rub on it. Jungkook flinches and whines softly, and Taehyung snickers a bit.

He takes out his phone from the back pocket of his unzipped jeans and flashes a picture of Jungkook’s cute little dick.

The click of the camera and light of the flash make Jungkook jump, and his eyes widen.

“Hyung, no, no no no, please, hyung,” he says almost desperately, Taehyung shushing him.

“Don’t worry, babe, I won’t post it.” Taehyung smiles again and gives Jungkook another kiss. “It’s our secret.”

Jungkook is quiet, his eyes almost teary when Taehyung pulls away.

“Do you promise?” he whispers.

Taehyung hums. Nods. “I promise, baby.”

He puts his hand between Jungkook’s legs, and the younger man whines again, putting his head down against the pillow, Taehyung humming again as he gets closer.

Both of them are too out of it to even hear the faint, but strong and high moans coming from two rooms over.

The next morning, while they’re eating breakfast in their manager’s hotel room while he eats breakfast downstairs, Seokjin barges into the room holding a plate of food. He marches right up to Jimin, who sits on the floor. Seokjin kicks his shin and then slams his cell phone down in front of the younger man.

“Eat that and choke on it like you do with dick, fucker,” Seokjin says with a smirk.

Jungkook stops eating his scrambled eggs, terrified, because Seokjin couldn’t have possibly done it. He may be chaotic and crazy, but he can’t be that chaotic and crazy.

        He rushes by Jimin’s side on the floor, peering at his phone.

There it is. Low and behold. An incredibly explicit selfie of Seokjin.

The older is sweaty, naked, and smirking in the photo. Jungkook nearly throws up when he sees the elder’s proud erection standing against his stomach and a less-defined chest that clearly belongs to Namjoon. Seokjin is riding him in the photo and has a hand on one of Namjoon’s pecs.

“Ha!” Seokjin shouts. “I reign, you absolute fools!”

“I tried to stop him,” Namjoon says. Everyone except Seokjin rolls their eyes.

“Sure you did, sure you fuckin’ did,” Yoongi grumbles.

“Okay, so I didn’t--” Namjoon starts, but Seokjin interrupts him.

“It doesn’t matter whether he tried or not! Onto my punishment!”

Seokjin points at Jimin. “You!”

Jimin lets out a whine. “Hyuuuuuung, pleeeeease don’t punish me!” He kneels before Seokjin, putting his hands together. “Please? Please?”

“Nice try, but no,” Seokjin tells him, grinning. “My punishment will be severe.”

Namjoon sighs and the rest of the members are silent, tense. Jungkook bites his lip, praying that Seokjin will spare him. He’s too nervous to do something risqué, and he knows Seokjin knows that. He just hopes he won’t exploit that.

He’s a fool.

Seokjin hums slyly, cocking an eyebrow at both Jungkook and Jimin.

“Well, Jiminie,” he begins slowly. “I think your punishment will be. . . Hm. . .” Seokjin taps his chin, clearly pretending to think.

Namjoon sighs again. “Darling. Get on with it.”

Seokjin waves a hand at Namjoon, groaning. “Ugh, you never let me have fun.” He crosses his arms. “Jimin will clean my sex toys.”

Jimin gags loudly. “ What ?! I don’t want to do that!”

“Then you shouldn’t have given me such a painfully easy dare, sweet Jiminnie.” Seokjin shrugs, still all smirky. “Make sure they’re squeaky-clean! Every last one.”

“No! I’m not doing it!” Jimin yells.

“Uh-uh!” Seokjin says, wagging a finger. “You do something naughty, you live with the consequences!”

Jungkook’s heart is pounding. Seokjin turns toward him and smirks more.

“As for Jungkookie. . .”

“I-I have nothing to do with this,” Jungkook tries to argue quietly.

“Ah, but I don’t care,” Seokjin says with a shrug. “My punishment for you is very simple, little Kookie.”

He wags his finger some more at Jungkook.

“You. You have to post a dirty picture on the group chat.”

Jungkook pales and his heart stops. He thinks he might cry.

Seokjin notices and sighs a bit. “Jungkookie. Don’t cry.” But Jungkook still can’t help sniffling.

Taehyung groans from where he sits on the couch. “Then don’t make him do it!”

Seokjin raises an eyebrow. “Wow. That’s crazy coming from you, Taehyungie.”

Taehyung makes a face. “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

“Okay, okay, cut it out,” Namjoon interrupts quickly, cutting between them. “You know what, Jinnie? Don’t make Jungkook do it.”

Seokjin gives a light, faint pout. “But I want to. . .”

Namjoon frowns at him, and Seokjin groans loudly.

“Alright! Fine! If Jungkook doesn’t want to do it, he doesn’t have to!” Seokjin shakes his head. “Since I can never have fun in this house.”

Namjoon rolls his eyes. “Or because we’re on tour right now. And we don’t have time for silly things like this group chat.”

“That I don’t want to be part of,” Hoseok chimes in from underneath the pillow he’s put over his face.

Seokjin grunts at Namjoon. “You weren’t saying that last night, smartass.”

Namjoon blushes, opening his mouth to say something, but Yoongi interrupts.

“Right! Whatever! Let’s just fucking eat. I don’t want to hear this stupid shit.” He sits beside a clearly upset Jimin and eats his omelet, quietly glaring at Seokjin.

Jungkook sniffles again, and looks over at Taehyung, who has his eyes closed. Jungkook wants to reach toward him, but before he can, Taehyung grabs onto his hand to hold it.

Jungkook bites his lip, wondering how Taehyung feels because Seokjin is somewhat right. Taehyung is a very sexual and passionate person, and an exhibitionist at that as well, so it almost surprises Jungkook that he’s not acting pissed off after Jungkook’s reaction to the dare.

Jungkook wonders. He’s confused.


He decides to help Jimin clean Seokjin’s sex toys when they get back home from a long tour. It’s been three weeks, and Jungkook has still done nothing regarding the dare, hasn’t even said he won’t do it.

He goes into Seokjin’s room, where Jimin is digging through a drawer filled with vibrators, butt plugs, and other lewd toys, and shoving them into a plastic bag. Jungkook helps him, being careful not to touch too much of the toys.

Jimin tells him they’re going to wash them in the bathtub, so they head to one of the bathrooms. Jimin puts the toys into the tub and then lets the water start running. In the meantime, he looks over at Jungkook.

Jungkook knows what he’s going to say, but he still flinches when it comes out.

“So. You’re not doing that dare, huh?”

Jungkook blushes deeply. “No. Why would I?”

Jimin shrugs. “I don’t know. Maybe to take a risk?”

Jungkook frowns at his hands, at a pink butt plug that hasn’t gone into the tub yet. “I don’t. . . Know if I want to take a risk.”

“If you want to? Or if you’re ready?”

“Why does it matter so much to you?” Jungkook asks, a bit upset. “It’s none of your business.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know,” Jimin says with a wave of his hand. “But Jin’s brought all of us into it, so I guess it’s involuntary.”

Jungkook is quiet. The water gets high, and Jimin starts letting the toys bounce around in the water before he starts to clean them with a rag and some of Seokjin’s body wash.

“You know,” Jimin says after a few minutes, “Yooni-hyung and I didn’t experiment much before the group chat either.”

Jungkook grimaces, not even thinking to tease Jimin about the nickname he has for Yoongi.

“Don’t tell me you guys suddenly spiced things up because of a stupid dare. Please.”

Jimin rolls his eyes as he scrubs a vibrator. “No, not because of a dare, silly. Because of. . .” He shakes his head a bit and scrubs the vibrator harder. “I don’t know. I guess being in a situation like that group chat kind of. . . Made us want to do more.” Jimin pauses. “Probably because Seokjin’s a real kinky whore.”

Jungkook groans. “That’s disgusting. Why would you guys want to be like S--”

“Jungkook, don’t argue with me until you try it,” Jimin interrupts. “Have you even done anything apart from missionary with Taehyung?”

Jungkook opens his mouth to speak, but he has nothing to say.

Jimin raises his eyebrows. “Exactly.”

“Okay, but. . .” Jungkook bites his lip. “I’m. . . I’m just. . .”

“Nervous, I know,” Jimin says with a sigh, taking the butt plug from Jungkook’s hands. “I was too.”

Jungkook helps him clean the plug, his cheeks red.

After a few more minutes, the toys are cleaned. Jimin lets the water drain out, then dries the toys with a towel.

“I’m not trying to pressure you, Jungkook,” he says eventually. “But I think you should know that being risky isn’t always a bad thing.”

Jungkook doesn’t know how to respond to that. But he doesn’t think Jimin is right.


Except yes, he is.

Jungkook can’t stop thinking about it. About taking a risk with Taehyung for once in his life.

Maybe he really ought to do it. Maybe it won’t be that bad.

But he’s so nervous.

And he manages to talk to Taehyung about it at the worst time: while Taehyung is placing hickeys all over his body.

Taehyung is paused right above Jungkook’s ass.

“What?” he says, teeth brushing against Jungkook’s spine and making him shiver.

“I-I--” Jungkook gulps. “I think we should t-take a risk. Send s-something to the group ch-chat.”

Taehyung sighs. “Babe, you shouldn’t feel pressured about that.”

“I don’t, though,” Jungkook practically whines. “I-I just think we sh-should. . .”

“Is it because of me?” Taehyung mumbles. “Because I don’t want to do it if you only want to because of me.”

“It’s not because of you!” Jungkook sobs, desperate for more touches. “I just! Think we should just risk it!”

Taehyung is quiet for a while. He kisses Jungkook’s spine, then breathes against his skin. “We’ll talk about this later.”

“But hyung,” Jungkook tries but is met with a shush.

Taehyung hums, then continues to kiss down Jungkook’s back, stopping on one of Jungkook’s naked ass cheeks.

“Hyung, I really want to--” Jungkook is interrupted by Taehyung licking across his perineum, and he whines loudly, his hands suddenly death-gripping the sheets.

Taehyung holds his thighs to pull his ass closer to his face, and Jungkook can’t help the noises he makes.

His mind gets fuzzy as Taehyung eats his ass so enthusiastically, slurping loudly. His hips drop down onto the bed, and he starts to drown in what he feels, which is pleasure, and lots of it.

Taehyung lays down on his stomach. He looks so good, with his blond hair messy and his defined biceps and the fact that he’s only wearing pants. His eyebrows are furrowed together as he drags his tongue across Jungkook’s hole, then prods it inside.

He looks up at Jungkook and meets eyes with him. Jungkook feels him smirk against his skin.

But then he pulls away, and Jungkook makes an almost pained noise that Taehyung ignores.

“Babe,” the elder says, his eyes half-lidded and his voice soft and sexy. “Take a picture.”

Jungkook freezes. He frowns a bit, but is met with a whispered, “Just do it.”

Jungkook’s heart is racing. “F-For the-- For the group chat?” he says quietly.

Taehyung wiggles his eyebrows and his smirk grows. “Didn’t you say you wanted to take a risk?”

Jungkook scrambles then. He tries to reach for his phone, but just as he has it in his hand, Taehyung starts eating him out again and he drops it onto the floor.

“Fuck, dammit, T-Taehyung,” he whimpers, shuffling to reach for his phone again and fumbling to open his camera and turn it towards Taehyung.

His hands shake almost violently. Taehyung looks at him as he struggles to take the photo. Jungkook snaps one, and then Taehyung winks as he snaps a second.

“F-Fuck,” Jungkook whines, “Don’t do th-that. Please. D-Don’t.”

Taehyung snickers against his ass and Jungkook’s fingers shake as he selects the two photos and sends them to the group chat before tossing his phone to the floor to ignore the consequences.

“Hyung,” Jungkook chokes out.

“What?” he hears, obviously smug from the way his voice sounds.

“Hyung, just,” Jungkook tries, then sniffles, “Just fuck me. P-Please. Fucking fuck me, right now, god-d-dammit.”

“That’s no way to talk to your hyung, Jungkookie,” Taehyung mumbles. But he pulls away and Jungkook can hear him as he takes off his pants.

“S-Sorry,” the younger still whispers, sniffling again because the rush of adrenaline is so rough inside of his veins because he doesn’t know what he’ll do when those responses in the group chat come.

He wonders how Taehyung feels, but a part of him knows that Taehyung doesn’t give a shit. He wonders if Taehyung’s ever given a shit.

Jungkook hears the lube bottle open and feels it slither into his hole. Taehyung shoves three fingers inside of him. Jungkook hisses at the sting, but then sighs because even if it hurts, he likes it a lot.

Taehyung fingers him roughly, presses against his prostate and makes Jungkook wriggle and moan loudly.

In the next moment, Taehyung’s fingers are gone. They’re gone for a second too long, and Jungkook considers checking where Taehyung went, but decides not to.

In the next moment, Jungkook feels the blunt head of Taehyung’s huge dick. He flops onto the pillow and whines into it as if it’ll somehow take away the overwhelmed feeling in his chest.

Taehyung is at the hilt too fast. He’s too big, too much for Jungkook, and the younger is already lightheaded.

He releases a moan. Squeezes the pillow hard.

Taehyung holds onto one of his hips, and starts fucking him hard and fast. Jungkook’s heart gallops like a horse, and he releases sweet noises as he’s fucked so hard. Tears sting his eyes. His toes curl. It’s so much.

Taehyung pounds his prostate. Jungkook curls even tighter into himself. His back arches upward unnaturally, and his moans get higher and higher until they’re soft and almost girly.

Taehyung growls at him, and it’s so hot and heavy around Jungkook that his lungs almost collapse. He feels too much too fast, especially with Taehyung stretching his walls and abusing his prostate.

He comes untouched. As always, to be honest.

Jungkook sniffles, his head fuzzy. He can’t hear anything, can barely see anything either; he can only feel Taehyung’s hands on him, can only feel his length inside of him, can only feel the heat of Taehyung’s cum when he finally finishes.

It’s only until ten minutes later, after Jungkook’s cleaned up, that his phone somehow appears beside him (Taehyung put it there when he got up to get a towel) and he sees that he has too many notifications from the group chat.

He doesn’t bother opening them; he’s too fucking exhausted.

But he can hear the loud knocks on the door of his and Taehyung’s bedroom.

“Jungkook!” he hears Seokjin screech excitedly. “Jungkook, you sound like such an angel! So cute!”

Jungkook frowns, but can’t fathom what Seokjin could be talking about. He passes out besides Taehyung as the elder chuckles at him.


Taehyung recorded it with his phone. He took a video of himself fucking Jungkook, of his cock being sucked into Jungkook’s hole, disappearing and reappearing.

And Jungkook sounded too cute. He sounded like he was so blissed. Taehyung just couldn’t resist.

So yeah. He sent the video to the group chat. But it’s not his fault.

Jungkook didn’t end up caring too much. He was embarrassed for the most part, especially because the other members wouldn’t stop teasing him.

And besides. They’ve recorded themselves having sex almost every night since then, almost always per Jungkook’s request.

So it’s not entirely Taehyung’s fault.