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Regulus is back, back again!

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Regulus kept drifting in and out of sleep over the next couple of days, never fully awake but always frantic if touched.
After he had passed out in the living room the other day, he had been moved to a guest room just next to Sirius own sleeping quarters. Remus had been taking care of the worst of Regulus injuries. The arm was the worst part. It had almost been fully ripped off right up to the shoulder blade, the bone had been thorn somehow but with time Remus hoped it would heal nicely . What looked like deep human nail marks was also found all over his body, Remus had been disgusted when he found some of the nails still stuck in the wounds. Sirius had been kinda frantik. If he was in the room he would be all over the place, it was almost impossible for Remus to work. To Sirius’s desmay, they had had too kick him out of the room after the first couple of hours.

Remus was finally done rebinding and patching up the last of Regulus injuries, and was resting in a red armchair right next to the bed as Molly Weasley came in with some water and food for him. Her eyes filled with motherly worry as she looked over the sleeping Regulus, she glanced up at him with a small smile before setting the food down.

“ How is he?” She asked quietly.

“Better.” Remus answered, you could almost hear the lack of sleep in his voice. “ He might end up with some scars, and there isn't a lot more I can do about his arm. But he should be back on his feet in a couple of days.”

“Good.” She turned back to the door. “Remember to tell Sirius. Harry should be distracting him for now, but he could use someone he trusts to talk to about…. well all this.”

“And you think that ‘someone’ would be me?”

“Yes that's exactly what I think dear. Cheer him up a little, bring out the old chocolate trick.” She winked at him before exiting the room.

Lupins hand was planted right on his face as she left.
“Right… ´The chocolate trick´. I don’t think I will need that.” He laugh softly before leaving the room as well, forgetting all about the food Molly had brought him.

It didn't take him long to find Sirius.
Sirius and Harry was deep in a conversation about their Marauders years at Hogwarts right in the middle of the kitchen. And from the sound of it he was talking loudly about one of James many favorite pranks.

“It was quite simple actually, all we did was switch all the whipped cream bottles in the kitchen out with Professor Slughorn’s shaving cream!” Sirius explained animatedly as he went into full detail on their bottle swipe mission, and their run from the many angry house elves and a furious Filch afterward.


Remus learned in the door frame with a smile on his lips, listening carefully to their old tales of their youth.

When the story was over and Harry was laughing happily with Sirius and Remus let them have their moment before clearing his throat.

“Moony.” Sirius stampede to his feets and went over to him by the door, he layed a gentle hand on Remus shoulder which Remus couldn’t help himself leaning into. “How is Reg…” The words was caught in his throat.
Remus made eye contact with Harry and made a out motion with his hand. Harry shrugged but left the room never less.

“He will be fine.” Remus said with a smile.

“Oh thank god” Sirius let out a breath of relief. “Thank you Moony, I can’t think of what i would have done if he came back just to.. die again.”

“Sirius… do you know what happened to him?”

Sirius looked tired. “No… there was rumors that he got on the wrong side of Voldemort on a bad day. Moony my parents didn't even get his body back, I …. snug out to his funeral… they buried an empty coffin, but it doesn't make any sense that he is here now, and looking just as he did before his disappearing.”

“That's also what's worrying me. It could look like a classic tale of time traveling but… traveling to the future has never been done before.” Remus bit down on his lip. “We will just have to ask him when he wakes up.”


“But I have to ask before a known Death Eater and heir to the Black families legacy wakes up.” Remus said a small smile fell over his lips. “ Who would you say was the most dramatic of the two of you?”

Sirius eyes lit up with a glimpse of joy.
“Oh definitely the little path!”



Regulus eyes flew open, a silent scream stuck in his throat as his chest moved up and down rapidly. Each breath felt dry from his mouth and came out as soundless pants as he began to hyperventilate.

“Hey...hey! Breath, you are okay.” An unsure voice was heard from right next to him. He Turned around in the dempt light and came face to face with James Potter ….s long lost brother? Okay this was all starting to get way to out of hand. First the Lupin-poster, then “oh btw I'm your brother even tho you dont know me”. And now this? A younger copy of James Potter with eyes as green as the slytherin common room. What blasphemy of a world had he woken up in?

The boy in front of him couldn’t be older than 15 his hair was an out of control mess of black curls, he was wearing jeans and what looked to be an oversized muggle shirt with the words “BLACK SERPENT” written in yellow over his chest. Regulus scuffed at the display of muggle worship but was kinda intrigued by the band name.

“I'm Harry, Harry Potter” The boy reached his hand out to him, Regulus stared at it for a moment before grabbing it with his one good hand. So he was a Potter, Regulus was pretty sure he had never seen him at Hogwarts thought.

“ Regulus Arcturus Black, pleasure to meet you.”

“The pleasure is all mine.” Harry winked at him as he squished his hand a little tighter, a blush creeped up Regulus neck. Who the bloody hell did this kid think he was. “I should probably go tell the others your awake again, blimey Sirius almost had a heart attack when you fated.” Harry had let go of Regulus hand now and was moving for the door.

“Wait!” Sirius was really here, Regulus had thought he had simply heard wrong when someone had said Sirius name while he was panicking. But for Sirius to really be here, being worried about him? It was to unreal. Sirius didn’t worry about him, he never had… not after he went to Hogwarts, not after he got new friends and a new “brother” no, this couldn’t be real.

Harry though didn’t hear him calling out as the door slammed behind the black curly mess. And Regulus was left alone in the dark with his thoughts. Another one of those anxious thoughts jumping into his head now that he didn’t feel like dying at any moment was, the danm cursed locket.