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Chara's Blood (Red Pen) Diary

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Entry 1

Well, I'm currently not able to murder anyone, like Frisk thinks that I want to do all the time, so...I guess I can do this. And haunting people as a ghost gets boring after a while. You get known after a bit. Because there's only me. I'm the only real ghost. It's me. Now you know.

Anyways, I don't want to do this. But, I'm so bored! Like Frisk will never read this because he thinks I'm evil (I probably just need some counseling okay). That's how bored I am. My life (death? Must consider identity) already has no point, so why not? For how stupid that dumb skeleton Sans is, this was nice for him. He said something cryptic about "finding my purpose" and how this was important for the future. Whatever. I still hate that stupid skeleton. At least he got me this knife ("red pen") and notebook...somehow. Maybe I'll continue this thing later.

Entry 2

I might have found a purpose for this pen and notebook. Like, I was just messing around with it as a single item, and decided to see what would happen if I equipped it. It gave me 3 defense and 4 attack, just like each an item would normally give me, but the stats said it was "a traveller's record, impervious to temporal changes". So that means, it's possible to record memories from previous timelines! It could be the only reliable record of a RESET! This could solve so many stupid issues! It would be a lot harder to forget something good that happened...or something bad that happened.

...Not like I'd ever let anyone else see it, let alone use it. I don't even need this since I already remember any LOADs or RESETs. Ahahaha! It's useless! Kind of!

Hmm, this writing thing is growing on me, but I'll only write in this diary if something interesting happens! Wait….that's never.

Or maybe I'll use it to prove that I'm not such a bad girl after all. It's time for my redemption arc!


Entry 3

Today I learned that Frisk hates doing anything fun. Well not really, but he didn't really do, well, anything today. He just wandered around, talked to people, and just sat there. Like what the heck boi what are you even doing? Anyways, I get pretty bored with nobody to talk to and nothing to do. At least I don't require any energy to do anything. I can't even feel anything unless I choose to, so I float around and get dragged everywhere with Frisk, since I'm attached to his SOUL and all that magic stuff.

I sometimes wish Asriel could still be here. There aren't really any ghosts around at all, especially not human ghosts. Humans are boring. They just die and rot in their graves. Monsters are more interesting! If you kill them, they evaporate into dust, which you can kick around, save, spread all over the place, sprinkle on a flower which you inject with pure extracted determination, all that fun stuff.

Speaking of which, Flowey was waaay more fun than Asriel ever was. It's a simple analogy. Goat=Crybaby, and Flower=Daredevil. He had nothing to lose, so he acted without abandon. And that really helped my plans with Frisk when we acted like a real monster. I gave him the option to fight, to punch, to challenge, threaten, insult, and give up. Too bad it didn't work after that one time. idiot. Why didn't you listen?! You died in a really dumb way, which just messed everything up for future generations. You could have fought back, or at least let my body rest in those flowers, but no! You just STOOD there and got yourself killed! Only THEN did you go back only to die in front of Mom and Dad, starting a war and ruining what was left of a family! You should have just followed my plan and gotten the souls to get everyone free! AND because you didn't lay my body in my village, which was my DYING REQUEST, now I'm stuck with the most boring companion EVER! Asriel, you are such an IDIOT!

Crap, I'm sounding like "Flowey" now. I'll just stop before I humiliate myself in writing anymore.