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Tell me a secret.

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Its Monday, jungkook's most hated day of the week. He stretches his arms over his head with a yawn as he tries to keep his eyes open. He had managed to get through five hours of classes, one more and he will be done for the day.

He shouldn't even be complaining, others have it worse. The lecturer keeps on talking at the front of the class and he can't help but roll his eyes. He leans back against his chair, his eyes darting across the room. Ha, he is here again today, not like he didn't expect him to be but at least now he has something pay attention to.

Kim taehyung, if he guesses right, always sits across the room from him, just at the end of his row, also almost invisible. Jungkook likes to watch him because he just feels like something is different about him, he doesn't know what but his guts tell him and he has always known to trust his guts.

Taehyung stares intensively at the lecturer and Jungkook can't get it, he doesn't get how everyone actually listens to what she has to say. Taehyung is in a nice looking dress shirt today, from the looks of it, he probably might be heading out right after. The man sweeps his loose strands away from his face. His hair looks stubborn, just as it looks soft. It reminds Jungkook of when the man had decided to grow his hair long, he had been just as excited as the girls in their department; not that he is going to say that out loud.

“you might as well go say hi at this point, rather than you eating his ass with your eyes.” his closest friend, jimin says as he nudges him in the ribs. Jungkook whines a little before glaring his friend down hard. “shut it” he sneers as quietly as he can. Jimin chuckles putting his attention back towards the front of the class. “just know I will not be sharing my notes with you.”

yen, yen, yen. That's all I can hear coming out of your mouth” Jungkook resorts and quickly takes his hand off the table, luckily preventing the pen jimin had just jammed down from entering his hand. “what if I hadn't taken my hand away?” Jungkook asks, wide eyes in fear. Jimin only shrugs, his eyes still on the lecturer.

Minutes go by and it's quiet between them, Jungkook's eyes shifting back to look at taehyung time to time. The minutes turn to an hour and he stretches once more as the lecturer gives her finishing speech. Both him and jimin have always had a habit of waiting back until the class is almost clear, they preferred to sit back than be in the clutter at the door.

He places his head on the table, sighing continuously as he watches jimin round up on his notes. The other is furrowing his eyebrows as his hand scribble away across the page. Jungkook sighs again quietly this time so as to not distract the other. He turns his head away towards taehyung's direction, the man already packing up his belongings and standing up. Jungkook watches his every move carefully, hoping the other doesn't look up and catch him staring.

He passes them both and Jungkook at least tries to not look his way then, while jimin looks up from his work for a spilt second before looking down again. By the time Jungkook looks in that direction once more he is sure the other has left.

“you could just say hi” jimin repeats mumbling, his eyes still on his note. Jungkook rolls his own. “are you done yet?” he asks, changing topics. Jimin raises his head. “are you waiting for me?” and he looks some sort of suprised.

“what do you think?” Jungkook throws back, slight irritation dusting his face. Jimin bleaches a little. “i am so sorry, kook. I have somewhere to be at. I am sorry I forgot to tell you.” he pleads and Jungkook shouldn't be offended but they had plans, they were supposed to go to the arcade today. He blinks a couple of times as he tries to register the other's expression. Jimin looks genuinely sorry so he shrugs. “yeah, sure. We can always do this another day.” he mutters, folding his arms across his chest, not even aware he is pouting. Jimin coos. “i swear I will make it up to you kook. I promise”. Jungkook shrugs again, quietly watching jimin finally pack. The other stands up with a bright smile. “go home, okay and see you around, yeah?”


Jungkook stares at the board hard once jimin leaves, he tries to arrange his activities for the rest of the day, it's almost evening, the sun coming down on the horizon. He decides that he would get some instant ramen and some eggs at a grocery store, then head home to actually catch up with what ever happens during class then maybe up a level on one of his numerous games.

He sighs loudly, the noise bouncing around the quiet room. He stretches one more time, feeling the sleep behind his eyes making him reconsider reading today. Walking down to the door, his eyes catches something unusual on the floor lodged between a table and the back of a chair. Out of curiosity, he squats down and picks it up. It's a ring, a really familiar ring, one that he has seen on taehyung numberous times. Something in his head screams jackpot, an opportunity. Finally, he has an opportunity to talk to him.
He picks it up and pockets it, already excited for the classes he shares with taehyung tomorrow. Tomorrow, he is going to talk to Kim taehyung.

Tomorrow comes and so does the classes but the other doesn't show for either of them. He wants to bug jimin about it since he lives in the same apartment building with taehyung but jimin looks like shit today. He isn't smiling, his eyes are blood shot though he tried to hide them behind dark shades. He keeps on biting his bottom lip and Jungkook can swear it bleeding. He can't even stay in one place, his body moving continuously. Jungkook wants to ask what's up but once he looks his way, his words get lost. Jimin looks dangerous as much as he looks tired, he looks like he can snap at any moment.

He slumps down in his chair, sulking about how everything he had spend the night thinking about didn't work out. He had even sat down and written what he would say mutiple times, though it always ended up with a conclusion that the new one was way more wackier than the last.

Classes end and jimin walks out first without even saying goodbye. He is fast enough to get to the door before the human traffic starts, dashing out with full speed. Jungkook can't even comprehend his behavior so he just sits with his head on the table while he waits till the class empties out.

When he opens his eyes again, it's way well into the evening. The sun no longer shining. He curses under his breath, unable to wonder how he had slept for so longer because it's past eight meaning he has just a few more minutes till his bus comes and goes.

He dashes out of the lecture room, running through the lit halls as fast as he can. If he misses the bus he will have to wait for another two hours or just take a cab and he doesn't think he has the amount of money required on him.

He passes through a corner he is sure was a short cut, pulling through the darker parts of the school with speed. He is almost out of the place when he hears a whimper, then a cut off moan coming out of the old music room he had just passed. He shouldn't stop but he has always been so curious. He tries to give himself a good reason why he should miss the bus for this then something pops up to justify his general nosiness as always. Who ever is in there is probably having sex and in jungkook's defense he has never actually seen people do it with his own eyes, like yeah. He has seen it on television or when he is doing it himself but he hasn't ever seen two people fucking before and that's his excuse. He just wanted to see some people fucking with his bare eyes.

He walks towards the room as quietly as he can, peering into the almost dark place. He squints really hard to make out the figures in the room, his eyes adjust to the light slowly and he can make out a man and a woman? The man has his lips latched on to the other, nothing more yet the woman let's out little moans.

Jungkook watches as this goes on for a brief second before the man raises his head and literally sniffs the air. “who is there?” the man snaps, letting go of the girl in his arms. She falls to the ground like a sack of potatoes, red liquid seeping down her pale neck. “i said who is there?” the man sneers and Jungkook takes a step back while the man walks forward a little before like a flash he is right in jungkook's face, his lips red, the blood of the girl staining it and his chin.

Jungkook stumbles back, looses his footing and lands on his butt. He can't believe it. He won't believe it. The man now looking down at him has blood red eyes and fangs protruding from his mouth. Jungkook can't believe it. Vampires do not exist, he tells himself, they do not exist.

Jungkook keeps on telling himself that but here he is about to die in the hands of one.





“i am so close to losing my shit, tae. How more nights do we have to do this?”

Taehyung rubs his hands through his hair but doesn't give an answer because he doesn't have one. It's getting harder to get rid of the wacky vampires nesting in the abandoned parts of the school. He would have loved if someone else did it but when he got instructions back, the council had asked him to take care of it since he decided to actually go to the school. As quoted 'your decision, your problem. So deal with it'. He is definitely sure it's moonbul that had it sent, he can't wait to visit the headquarters and give her a piece of his mind.

He ushers his group of five trusted friends down the corridors, working mainly on sound and smell. It's faint but there is a scent of mixed human and vampire blood lingering around. They use it to trace down their culprit of today.

He isn't sure how they do it but someway taehyung's group never seem to get more than one of the vampires at a time. It's like he knows they are all within the walls of the university but know matter how hard they search they just can't seem to find them unless they want to be found. Yoongi thinks they probably have a good witch by their side and taehyung has to agree because with the ratio of people going missing and the amount of vampires been caught, it doesn't add up. Yoongi had asked for a few more days to think of something but taehyung's patience is running out and he won't say it out loud but he is losing his shit. Things haven't even been going well for him. He can't find his fucking ring no matter where he searches for it and he needs the damn thing to walk in the sun. He had almost caught fire this morning when trying to leave for school. Yoongi told him that it would at least take him two months or more to make a new ring and taehyung might as well lose his shit visibly.

“here!” sanwoo points at a badly lit pathway. Taehyung takes a sniff of the air and he can smell it, that sweet smelling scent of blood. He gestures for everyone to head out with him leading them. Turning into the corner where the old music room is, he suddenly stops. This smell... It's a lot familiar.

“fuck” jimin steps forward. His eyes trained on the blood trail leading into the room. “what the fuck is Jungkook doing here” he groans, heading in even before taehyung let's him.

There is no vampire in the room when they step in. Taehyung instructs both jae and jinsoo to head out and scout the area for the vampire. Once they leave, taehyung starts to pay attention to the two humans in the floor anxiously. “alive” sanwoo let's out when he checks for the pulse of the girl. “same here” jimin mutters thickly, his hands visibly shaking at the sight of the boy's blood. Jungkook, if taehyung is correct, has terrible bite marks littering his neck, they look too deep as if the vampire had just stabbed him with his fangs multiple times to increase the amount of blood coming out. Taehyung grimaces, it must have hurt a lot. Jimin rips out off a part of his t shirt and presses down on jungkook's neck to stop the rest of the blood from wasting away.


“ I am going to rip out their throat and feed it to them” he sneers, squeezing his fingers into a fist. “i will fucking kill them”

Taehyung huffs, turning to see that soonbin has brought the car around. “yeah, jimin. That's what we are here to do but first let's get this two to safety” he finally speaks, moving aside to let both men carry the humans.

The ride back home is quiet and stuffy mainly because they didn't catch who was responsible and partly because they haven't for a while now. Taehyung scratches his head again, frustration bubbling in his guts. Why did it have to be jimin's human friend, why? Now he has to handle an emotionally involved jimin till this is over.

They managed to get the footage from the hall and corridor so no one will could across the gruesome scences and now they at least know who to search for specifically.

Taehyung places his head on the window, staring out at the night unfolding. He should feed, he can feel his thirst going out of control little by little, no. He can feel everyone's control being pulled at because Jungkook smells overwhelmingly good, so damn good. He sighs, shutting his eyes so he can concentrate hard enough to forget about the smell. He takes one last big breath before he stops himself from breathing, he doesn't need it anyway, he is typically dead. Instead of him to try blacking out, he snaps his eyes open because there is another smell in the car all of a sudden, it startles him because he couldn't even notice it before then. A mixture of both vampire and human blood. A fledgling. Just as he turns his head backwards to look at the woman laying down beside the boy, her red eyes snap open. “sanwoo!” taehyung screams at the one closest to the two before the woman can sink her teeth into Jungkook.

Taehyung is so thankful for the jimin's fast reflexes because he has her pinned back to the funton laid on the floor for them. She snaps and sneers at him, her eyes glistening wildly. A fledgling. Fuck, they are turning people now.

Without permission again, jimin with a hit from his elbow, knocks the girl out. He leans back, eyes meeting taehyung's comically wide ones. “what the fuck tae.”

“i know” he says, turning back to face the road. If they are turning people, they need to head back faster. Jungkook doesn't seem like he is dying soon but the more the blood stays in him, the more his body will not be able to resist it, they will have two fledglings on their hands and a crazied jimin to go with it. Taehyung doesn't have to talk for Jinsoo to drive faster.

The car pulls into the parking space of a building in the outskirts of town. Everyone but taehyung rushes out, already knowing what to do. They rush the two unconscious people into the building while taehyung strolls behind them. “hyung?” jinsoo calls to him. Taehyung didn't even notice the other was lurking behind. “yeah?” he answers and he can swear the boy looked startled at his response. Jinsoo is one of jimin's children he had created a few hundred years ago when he was going through a phase, he wasn't even the best of the best then, tipping a little over to the crazy side. Half of them left him, another half is still trying for his head and a few others like jinsoo stuck long enough to watch jimin go into other phases until this one.

“its nothing” jinsoo suddenly mutters, picking up his pace, leaving taehyung behind. Teahyung sighs because he has a clue of what this is about. The thing with sires and the children is that nasty old bond that forms once the person is turned. The children feel a certain amount of emotions from their sire, depending on how much they let out in the first place. In this case, jimin is letting out way too much emotions at the moment and probably all his kids can feel it. It's not really sensible for him to be open like this when half of his children want him dead but again he can't blame jimin, not after what has happened.

Inside the building is clean and crisp, the downstairs empty but noise bubbling from upstairs. He climbs the steps slowly, rotating his shoulders till they crack. He is probably going to need a month long nap when this is all over.

“taehyung-ssi!” Kim namjoon yells from the other end of the hall. “over here” he waves at him to come over. Taehyung sighs, trying to not roll his eyes, he loves namjoon but sometimes he just can't keep up with his games but it's not like it's his fault, it's like instincts to him since he is an incubus and probably half of the time is just trying to feed off of you.

Taehyung can't tell what it is today, namjoon seems some sort of giddy and it's almost alarming. “hey namjoon” he says once he is close enough. The other doesn't say a word but instead engulfs him in a hug. “tae. How have you been?” his breath ticks taehyung's ear when it breaks on it and the vampire almost recoils.

“been better namjoon. What are you doing here today?” namjoon let's go of him, standing straight till he is towering over him. It's his day off so he should be off feeding some where. He shrugs. “nothing actually. I was at a club feeding and when I was done I found Jin hyung trying to jump off some building ” he smiles, dimples coming out on full display.

“he jumped, didn't he?” taehyung asks unamused. Namjoon nods. “couldnt stop him so I dragged him into my car and brought him here. He is fine now, still in the room lying down”. He chrips. Adjusting his white coat. To be honest, Taehyung still doesn't understand why Namjoon thought it was the greatest idea to open a hospital for supernaturals when he needs to occasionally feed. He also doesn't understand why he helps Jin when the punished god is trying to end his life which he definitely can not.

“what do I owe you, joon” he throws because of all people in the world he rather not owe the incubus, the longer you owe, the grander the price and taehyung doesn't have time for any of it.

Namjoon's demeanor takes a ridiculous turn right before taehyung's eyes and yet he remains unfazed, in fact he is more comfortable. The incubus smiles at him more seductively, his lanky arms moving slower than normal, his eyes twinkling with mischief and lust. “i would have asked to feed on you, tae but Jin hyung did me the favour already” he says when he leans in and for a second taehyung is tempted to push him away. “you had sex with him?” taehyung's eyebrows shoot up and the only response he gets back is the wiggling of namjoon's eyebrows. Don't be mistaken, half or most of the time when namjoon isn't hungry or around the people that know who he is. He is more of a quiet, shy and open person. No games, no tricks and no mindless sex. Taehyung likes him that way but that Namjoon isn't as effective at work like this one. Its bothersome but everyone has learn to either avoid him or go with flow.

Namjoon tells him about the information he could gather while he was at the club, he gets the best Intel there, knowing most of everyone in the community. Namjoon didn't find much, didn't even have the smallest clue of what was happening. He apologizes for not being a lot of help but taehyung pushes it aside, telling him that they will get down to it some way.

The room isn't exactly buzzing with a lot of people, it's a slow night and there are just mainly vampires lurking around, Some as nurses or doctors and the others are just taehyung's men. There is loud thrashing around in one of the rooms at the back, it's so loud it's drawing all most everybody's attention to it. Taehyung starts to move towards it before sanwoo comes running out with panicked eyes, one look at the vampire and taehyung breaks into a mini sprint.

There is a lot to see when he enters the room. Jimin is sitting at a corner, staring at the sliver knife in his chest. It's so close to his heart just missing by an inch. Taehyung can feel himself tremble with fear. Jimin snaps his head up at that, their bond tingling.

Taehyung scans the room again to find jinsoo pinning down a panicking Jungkook, the boy looks delirious, probably opened his eyes and stabbed the first thing he saw but that didn't matter, what matters is where did he get the knife from?

Namjoon enters the room soon after, gasping almost comically before trying to lead jimin out of the room. Taehyung is furious, his hand trembling by his side. “dont hurt him, tae” he begs as he tries to stop being pulled away. Taehyung doesn't look at him but he tries to suppress his anger so his only child wouldn't have to feel the additional emotion. “tae, please” he pleads one more time before being lead out.

The room quiets down once jimin is out of it. jinsoo some how managed to stop sneering at the wide eyed boy underneath him. Taehyung has so many questions and one of them is why is Jungkook even awake?

The younger boy's eyes finally land on him and if taehyung thought it was the widest he could go, boy, is he wrong. “tae...taehyung? What are you doing here?”

Taehyung only folds his arms across his chest, he already knows it's only going to get worse from here on.

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A metallic smell, scorching heat and screams. Jungkook wants to get out of what ever dream this is supposed to be. He stirs a little, the surface on which he lays on being quite comfortable. He can tell now that he is probably staring at his eyelids, he is awake. At first, he lays still unsure what to do about the other's he has noticed mumbling in the room. A sharp pain raises from his neck like a little burning flame and it all comes back to him. Jungkook remembers. Vampire.

Like reflex he pulls out the small pocket knife he always had kept in his side pocket. Snapping his eyes open, he stabs the first person he sees. Vampires, they are real.


Jimin is looking back at him, unfiltered confusion and suprised painting his face. “jimin? What are you doing here?” he asks suddenly a lot dumbfounded. Before he can do more, another man has him pinned to the bed again. The man is sneering at him, his eyes just as red as the other man who had bit him. Jungkook tries not to panic but he can't help it, not when he watches a pang of red flash in injured jimin's eyes. His friend stumbles back into a corner, still staring at the sliver lodged in his chest. A wave of pain passes through his face and the one on top of Jungkook whines.

Almost immediately, other people rush into the room. From the angle Jungkook is positioned in he can't really see who. He stares up at the man on top of him and a shiver runs down his spine. Hatred. pure absolute hatred swims in his eyes. Jungkook shakes in his hold, trying to set himself free but the grip is too strong. The man doesn't move an inch.

There is some mumbling at the door but Jungkook doesn't have the strength to check anymore. His neck tingling, leaving off sharp pains from time to time. He can even swear he is close to blacking out again, the darkness lingering at the corners of his eyes. A tall man rushes in suddenly, gasping really loud at the sight. He helps jimin up and leads him out of the room.

“dont hurt him, tae” he hears jimin beg at the door as he tries to stop being pulled away. He gets no response “tae, please” he pleads one more time before being lead out. Tae? As in taehyung? Jungkook doesn't believe it until a few minutes later when their eyes meet. Taehyung looks furious and completely stressed, his hair pack back in a slick ponytail and in exchange for his regular almost looking dress shirts he is wearing a causal black T-shirt.

“tae...taehyung? What are you doing here?” he asks, his eyes widening more than before. The other doesn't answer, he only stares daggers at him as he folds his arms across his chest. A minute or so pass by with them staring at one another. Jungkook tries to make up something with all of this. many things just dont add up.

The tall man comes back in with a syringe in his hand. “hello human boy” he smiles brightly, dimples on full display. “this shouldn't hurt at all”. There is a sudden pinch on jungkook's shoulder and his body suddenly starts to feel a lot heavier. He's been drugged. Fuck. He tries to struggle again but to no avail and soon before he even notices, he passes out.




Taehyung sits on one of the numerous chair littering the small hospital, he lolls his head back and let's out a sigh. What is he going to do with the Jungkook boy. Namjoon had managed to get him stitched up and under taehyung's permission dozed with another one his syringes, so he won't wake up again.

A new day is already beginning and taehyung knows it's going to be a mess already. He almost lost his child and best friend today, accidentally? It still runs shivers down his spine. Namjoon had got the knife out alright, but he had to get out a nice amount of blood from jimin before the silver in his system actually started to take effect on his heart. It took a while but jimin is fine now, probably feeding on a blood bag.

Taehyung tugs at some strings on his head just to check if he actually passed out and is probably dreaming all this. He has so much to do now and he can't exactly wrap his head around somethings. Why the hell did Jungkook have that knife? He can literally feel a headache coming up.

“is that you I see, future vampire king?” Shit. Not him. Taehyung had hoped he would leave without getting to see him. “hi, jin hyung” he mumbles, eyes still shut and hands still pulling at his hair.

“hello to you too”. Taehyung doesn't need to open his eyes to know that the many centuries oldogod has sat down. “i am sure namjoon told you what happened”

“you tried to kill yourself hyung, that's really nothing new”

“i am hurt by the fact that me almost dying leaves you unfazed” he huffs. Taehyung opens his eyes then to see the stunning man leaning back in his chair, his black hair covering his eyes a little, giving off a mischievous glow. His arm rests in a cast which he definitely doesn't need anymore if taehyung is correct. Jin is probably just leaving it there as a reminder that he jumped off a building again and it still didn't kill him. Nobody really tries to understand the rules of seokjin's curse. According to him he had been a god of high caliber and because of his charming face (which taehyung doesn't want admit is), he probably, (probably because taehyung isn't sure anymore,) slept with someone he wasn't meant to, also probably committed treason at one point and did other shit that accumulated to this punishment.

Jin was sent down to earth with a human body. At first, after a few week, Jin killed himself out of pure curiosity to see where he would end up. He ended up back up in the sky, mocking the other gods for making such a shitty curse. (He didn't know they were just pardoning him, one life span complete and he could take back his place in the skies) he angered the other gods so bad that the god of life and death (AKA Jin's father) cursed his human body with immortality and now no matter how much he does things to himself he can't seem to actually die or habour the injuries for too long but he can still feel all the pain at impact. Taehyung came to a conclusion about a hundred years ago that the man is probably a closeted masochist.

“i can't believe you had sex with namjoon in his office” taehyung throws, leaning back in his chair more.

“well. You know how it's a stupid thing to owe him and besides he knew I would be fine but he still dragged me back here because he wanted a piece of this ass” Jin boasts as he smack the side of his thigh. Taehyung rolls his eyes. “i would have pulled out your tongue if you could actually die” he sighs and Jin winks at him a soft smile on his face. “such a pity then, you would only get the floor messed up and namjoon angry”. Taehyung sighs again, his head ache finally settling down. “how is jimin? I heard he literally got stabbed in the heart” jin asks. His face straight but his eyes still twinkling with glee.

“he'll be fine”

“of course he will be. He some how managed to get through all those years without listening to a word you have said” true, jimin had developed a habit ten years prior to when he had gone through his fledgling phase. Taehyung thinks it's definitely because he had turned him without his permission but taehyung has an excuse for that, the latter was dying and taehyung still unable to control his emotions, decided to go through an ugly attempt to make a fledgling. An ugly attempt that worked. “either way” jin continues, “do you want me to do a background check up on the human with the knife?”

“its just a knife” taehyung resorts though he  knows it's not just a knife. The knife lodged into jimin's chest has ancient inscriptions on it, inscriptions taehyung had seen on weapons of an older Hunter family tied strongly to great witch. A family that has been rid off at one point in history and if right, taehyung now has one of their members in his hands which is not good. He would rather not have them rise out of where ever they are hiding to sniff the problem happening at the University because if they do, Seoul wouldn't be safe for a lot of supernaturals.

“you and I know it's not. A layer of the silver peeled right off into his blood stream and both of us know that only a few families have that sort of powers tied to them also if I am correct, you are not on good terms with most of them” taehyung only grunts when Jin finishes with stating the obvious. “you know if you can't handle this all, you can just ask the council for help”

Taehyung chuckles, a sad smile on his face. “so they can have another reason to call me an incompetent fool?” Jin frowns. “i really don't get you, taehyung. it's not like you want to be part of the council you could just say you want out”

“you know I can't Jin, it's not that easy” he frowns too.

“yeah, it's more of your name being at stake, you told me already." He mutters loudly “Okay then” he slaps his hands down on his thighs, suddenly excited. “i think I will head home now” taehyung raises one of his eyebrows in question. “you are going home?” Jin looks at him like he is stupid before nodding. “like home, home, like our house?”

“yeah” jin nods, a small smile pulling the corners of his mouth.

“don't tell me you are trying to die again.”

“for crying out loud, taehyung. I am tired. I want go rest this human body.” he exclaims, a laugh rippling out of him. Taehyung smiles a little. “i can't trust you hyung. There have been too many times you said you were going home and you meant your real home. I don't want to have to scrape your body parts off a railway again”

“i am actually going to our house, taehyung.” he repeats, pouting. “and besides if I did want to try one more time today I would have just asked you to push me down the stairs.”

“i am sure you know I won't do it.”

“that's why didn't ask” he chuckles, standing up and walking away. “get the hunter kid back home before he becomes missing to them and while you are at it, maybe ask Yoongi to make a memory lost potion thingy for the boy” he waves his hand nonchalantly before he turns back, a dangerous glint settling in his eyes “we don't want him to wake up spilling shit, do we?” taehyung only nods. “see you at home. Tae” Jin says lastly as he walks down the stairs.

Taehyung watches the sun rise through the window, his mind working a million ways to figure it all out. He can feel all the years finally catching up with him. He sighs. His fingers sneaking around in his hair trying to put some pressure on his scalp. He needs a vacation, a long, long one but first he has to fix the mess at hand.





Jungkook blinks his eyes open. Where is he again? He takes in a big breath, stretching a little. The celling start to look familiar now so he guesses he is in his room but he isn't sure of how he got there though. His neck let's out a little sting so he rubs it. It feels rough and sore, little bumps of his skin rising at different places. He huffs feeling his body refuse to listen to instructions immediately.

He blinks a couple of times again before forcing himself to sit up. His head spins a little at the action but he really needs to get to school. He forces himself into doing half of his morning routine before finally giving up and wearing anything he could find. There is something bugging him now but he can put a finger on it, something he should be remembering, something way too important but every time he tries to think about it his head starts to pound so loud he staggers.

“you are up?” his brother, Junghyun asks once he spots the other at the head of the stair case. “i just finished making breakfast. you should have some before you leave.” Jungkook nod slowly, his mouth feeling heavy. He takes his time to get down the stairs, moving to the kitchen counter where his food is waiting. Junghyn had made scrambled eggs and toast, basically the only thing he can make quick enough when he get up before Jungkook does.

Junghyun is seated in front of the television watching one of his supernatural documentaries he always has pre-recorded. Jungkook still doesn't get what he sees in it. He stuffs a few pieces of egg in his mouth before looking for any mild pain killers around the house, he can't find them but he doesn't want to bother his brother during his show, he hates bothering him in general.

He picks up his plate and heads to the living room to settled down beside him. “whats today's episode about?” he asks, trying to make conversations. As much as Jungkook doesn't like admitting it, he and his brother are no where close. He can't exactly remember when it started but Junghyun had never been around, he was either on call at the hospital or gone on a business trip to somewhere. He never spoke to Jungkook about this things when he asked, always hiding just enough to leave him in the dark. Jungkook had offered to help with the fees at one point but Junghyun had refused, telling him to just go to school. It made Jungkook worry actually because Junghyun wasn't working well enough to have the amount money he brings home or gives jungkook. It makes him worry because everything just smells like he is doing something bad, it makes Jungkook feel like he is spending dirty money. They have nobody but each other, both parents been killed in a fire and no other families they know of. Junghyun is still a student doctor, he shouldn't be having this much on him.

“nothing much” Junghyun answers between bites “today, they are just talking about a video that have been going around the internet of a man who jumped off a building, later on stood up and walked away.”

“it could be fake” Jungkook mumbles putting a piece of toast in his mouth. “it could be” Junghyun agrees “and if it is fake, Who ever edited this should be in movie productions or something” Jungkook nods absentmindedly not think much about how his brother's eyes are still glued to the television.

'next week on our show, we are going to show a very convincing video that shows a clear footage of a vampire...'

Vampire .

Fucking vampires.

Jungkook puts his hand to his neck. He remembers now, the vampire in the old music room, the biting, jimin, taehyung! His head starts to pound louder and he grunts. “hyung” he winces. “do we have any aspirin left in the house?” his brother looks at him, watching how jungkook squeeze his face in pain, a look of concern sweeps pass his. “yeah. I should have some in my bag” he gets up. His plate in his hand. “are you okay. kid?” he asks, moving to the little table close to the door where he had dropped his bag. He then places his plate on the kitchen counter unable to get his priorities straight like always. He searches through his bag while Jungkook just sits on the couch, head lolled back, all the corners of it pulsing loudly.

“are you sure you want to go to school today?” his brother asks, placing a cup of warm water to his lips. Jungkook takes just enough for the pill that is popped into his mouth right after. He swallows, Junghyun giving him more water to drink. “i am fine. It will probably pass soon.” Junghyun's eyebrows furrow with worry. “are you sure? You can take the day off if you want and maybe come with me to work for a check up?” Jungkook smiles a little to reassure him. “i am fine hyung. It's not a big deal really, just a slight head ache” Junghyun nods, taking his word for it, he stands up again probably to get ready for work.

Jungkook blinks his eyes shut. Taehyung. He had seen taehyung yesterday when he stab jimin. Oh gawd, he had stabbed jimin. Jungkook bleaches once he remembers that. He had panicked and pulled out the last thing his parents gave him and stabbed the closest thing he has to a best friend. He had stabbed jimin but what was jimin doing there with taehyung in the first place? What happened after he got bitten? and why aren't there any scars? Who was the dimpled guy or the other vampire on him? Vampire? Should he call it a vampire? Too many questions, jungkook's head pounds louder again. He need answers.

“hyung?” he calls to his brother who is still in the kitchen cleaning up a bit “do you know how I got home yesterday?”

“huh—” Junghyun appears again. “how am I supposed to know. You know I have night shifts this week. Wait—” now he is frowning, giving his best I hope I don't have to get upset with you face, something in between angry and not angry. “dont tell me you went drinking on a school night ” Jungkook gives  a sorry smile. “i went out and got carried away”


“i am sorry. I really am. We just wanted to have dinner but things went out of hand. It wont happen again” he is truly sorry. So sorry that he has to lie to his face because there is no way he will tell his curious about the supernatural world brother that he had encountered a vampire yesterday. He has questions he needs answered, he doesn't want more he can't give answers to.


He can't really remember how he got to school, being so lost in his own head, he didnt even know he had reached the place. He thanks his limbs for working on memory. He gets to class a little bit late, the lecturer already in front of the class teaching. Jungkook ducks his head as he enters, looking through his lashes to see if he can recongizes anyone in the crowd. No jimin but there is a Taehyung sitting in his regular seat. Mainly out of impulse, a little bit of curiosity and not a single pinch of courage, he slids on to the seat next to him. Taehyung doesn't raise his head, he doesn't even act like Jungkook is there, his eyes concentrating hard on the teacher.

Today, he is in one of his regular dress shirts not like the t-shrit Jungkook had since him in the night before. He has is hair plaitted down in a single french braid and around his neck hangs a new accessory. When Jungkook looks at it better, it looks just like the one jimin has on always. It a necklace made of gold and dangling from it is a small pendant that looks like it's filled with moving green liquid. Jungkook is sure it's for jimin. It makes him nervous. Did he kill his friend? And if he did why is taehyung sitting here like nothing happened?

He tears a piece of paper and begins to scribble a lot of questions. He goes through his back pack and pulls out the ring from a few days ago. Sighing, he places the ring on the paper and slids it towards taehyung, finally getting the opportunity to give it to him. At first the man doesn't spare it a glance, his eyes still stuck on the lecturer. Jungkook anxiously taps on the table loudly to get his attention and luckily for him, he does. Taehyung looks at him with his sharp eyes causing him to blink a couple of times before pointing at the paper. Taehyung's eyes widen when he sees the ring. He looks up at Jungkook again and the boy gives him a tight smile but the other looks away.

Taehyung takes the paper, his eyes darting back and forth across it, he gets to a point and stops, his eyes snapping up to look at Jungkook. There is something in them, it settles down slowly in his eyes and jungkook's guts registers it as anger, deadly anger. Taehyung rips out a piece of paper roughly from his book, his eyes still on Jungkook, squinting in distaste. Jungkook feels blood rush up his neck, this is the longest amount of time taehyung has looked at him and this counts as a win even if he looks like he wants to kill him.

Taehyung passes his own paper back and in the finest writing Jungkook has ever seen (and he is not being biased) it simple says,

'meet me outside after classes. Don't make me wait'


Jungkook raises his eyebrows in question at the other but taehyung has already looked away, his eyes back on the lecturer and his facial features resting. Jungkook doesn't know what to feel about this, he looks down at the paper again reading the contents one more time before placing it in his pocket. If taehyung asked to meet him, he better if he wants questions answered.




Chapter Text

Min Yoongi is a fraud and does not deserve the title of the witch of seoul. Taehyung is going to tie him up with one of his many magical enhanced ropes and drown his grumpy ass. He blinks multiple times at the little message on the table, unable to wrap his head around the fact that the fucking potion he had forced into Jungkook yesterday some how didn't work.

He leaves the paper on the table while he pretends to continue to listen to the lecture, his mind working out a solution for this. He tags jeon Jungkook as a threat now, he is wrapped too deep in this to not know something and how did the hell did the boy even remember what happened the day before? he is just going to blame yoongi for this one, he isn't going to let it fall on him.

Right before the class ends taehyung looks at the paper again. Series of question are scribbled roughly on it with the most ugliest handwriting he has set his eyes on. He reads through it again, trying to give answers to each and every one in his head. Jimin is fine. namjoon is none of your business, same goes for you seeing what ever you saw the day before. The last one still manages to make him freeze again. He peeks at the boy sitting across from him and he just gets upset. how can he look so care free when with him in the equation a lot of things are wrong. He sighs out loud without noticing and he can tell the other is looking at him now, he can see him from the side of his eye. Taehyung ignores him, staring back down at the last question.

What are you? Are you a vampire?

Taehyung thinks at that moment that selling off Jungkook to a donor brothel or club will do him more justice than to handle this sensible but then again he slowly gathers around in his head that Jungkook belongs to a hunter clan or at least that's what they all presume.

Gosh, he would really give anything to get rid of this kid and the mess coming with him but he can't , if jungkook's family doesn't get to him first, Jimin will, even though it might lead to him dying too.

The bell rings, bringing the other out of his thoughts. He shakes his head a little so he can think more clearly before standing up and heading to the door, not looking back to see if the odd looking kid is coming right behind him.

It's a few minutes before, Jung kook finds him. taehyung is leaning on the wall right after the stairs leading to the cafeteria. People are buzzing around them, chattering as they move towards their lunch. Taehyung can smell it and its almost repulsive, human food. He wrinkles his nose in distaste.
"You didn't tell me where to meet you" he huffs, bending in half to take in more breath. He probably ran around for a while. Taehyung sighs inwardly, he was kind of hoping that jungkook would look for him, not find him then give up.

"Well, it's lunch break." He answers with a shrug. Jung kook looks up at him then, his eyes annoyingly wide. "You eat human food?" He wheezes and taehyung has never wanted to hurt any body this much before and he had fought in many wars for his life. He looks side to side, wondering if someone had heard him, not like it did make any sense to other humans but hunters seem to be lurking in this days, he rather not have one take note of him.

Taehyung clenched his fists, tempted to punch the human but he only says "what exactly are you talking about?" If it's to play dumb, he is good at that. He kind of had a lot of years to practice.

"You are a vampire right?" He moves closer to whisper and taehyung has to turn his head away from him so as to not to smell the blood rushing through his vein. Jungkook smells surprisingly sweet. "So you probably sucking human blood or something" he continues, curiosity swimming around his eyes proudly. Taehyung wrinkles his nose a little. "I still don't know what you are talking about"

"Then why did you call me out to see you?" Jung kook asks, confusion resting on his face. Good. Great. That's almost exactly what taehyung wants. He uses this as the opportunity to bring out his formerly missing ring. "This..." he almost shoves it into jungkook's face "where did get it?". A look of recognition sweeps the human's face. "Oh. That" then disappointment follows. "I found it on the floor in class a few days ago, i have been trying to give it back to you".

Taehyung nods. "Thank you then. I really need this."

"You are welcome" Jungkook mutters as his eyes rest on jimin's necklace dangling from taehyung's neck. The vampire follows his train of sight and little panic rises in his chest. "So if that all..." he starts to prevent more questions. "I should be on my way them. It was—"

"Is jimin okay?" Jungkook asks suddenly, interrupting taehyung. "Did i kill him?" He whispers, tears filling his eyes. Taehyung can't keep up with his expressions anymore. He sighs for the hundredth time, finally feeling a pinch of guilt for leaving the other in the dark. "Jimin is fine. He is just a little sick" he answers, throwing the fact that Jungkook isn't even supposed to know he knows jimin out the window. "He will be back next week i hope." And with that taehyung starts to walk away, if he stays longer he might end up saying stuff he rather not.


Oh my goodness.

"What is it?" Taehyung snaps, his patience running low. Jung kook visibly recoils at that. The vampire coughs, trying to calm down. "What do you want?" He asks again, more softer than before.

Jungkook scratches the back of his neck. "Uh..." he pauses, looking down then back up to look into taehyung's eyes. "I just wanted to say thank you for yesterday. I thought i was going to die and also i was wondering..." He pauses for few seconds as if weighing his thoughts. "I was wondering if i can get the knife back"

"The knife you stabbed jimin with?" Taehyung's eyebrows shoot up, completely forgetting he had just been thanked. "You have some nerve" he spits.

"I am sorry, okay. It's stupid for me to ask since i had stabbed jimin but like i need that knife. It's all i have left of my parents" he sputters. Taehyung rolls his eyes at this though, he is now feeling other stuff he doesn't want to acknowledge. He kisses his teeth. "Look here, kid. I will get your knife tomorrow and after that could you not stand in front of me ever? Like I would rather not have you bugging me again, okay?” He might be acting a little bit harsh pushing Jungkook away even when he probably needs to know more about him but he rather not have him at arms reach, not when the supernatural world is tilting at its edges.

Jungkook's eyes are wide with hurt, taehyung almost feels bad. "Thanks" he says but it almost looks like he doesn't know he is saying it. "I will try to not disturb you again, okay? Uh..." he scratches his neck again. "Could you tell jimin i am sorry and that i will see him around, yeah?" Before taehyung can respond to him, Jungkook walks down towards the cafeteria, entering as fast as he can without looking back once.

That ended well.



"Explain to me what this is" taehyung slams printed articles from the Internet on the table right in front of Jin. The handsome god seems unfazed, picking through the papers idly knowing fully well it's only going to make taehyung lose his shit.

Today had been rough and now he had come back home to a message from the council about a video circulating on the Internet, also something about it being on a TV show. Taehyung had watched the video and there was no lying, the idiot that jumped off a building and stood up unfazed and grumbling afterwards is Jin.

"I must say, the things this generation finds amusing enough to capture still confuses me" Jin comments, his eyes remaining on the paper. Taehyung sighs aggressively. "Fix this Jin or i will cut you up and leave your body parts in different continents" he threatens strong enough to make Jin look up at him eyes wide. "You wouldn't dare. It would take me months to be put back together."

"Boohoo. Just so we are clear, i will leave your head in namjoon 's room so you get to see all the action live"

"I would kill you after " Jin bleaches, a little amount of fear dancing in his eyes.

"Then fix it, jin hyung." He finishes, walking to the kitchen to get himself a blood bag. He pulls one out of the fridge, staring down at the new outside friendly bag. "Jin... who thought of packaging the blood in tomato juice boxes" he yells for across the room.

"Namjoon said he is trying something new. Something about an easier way to carry it around." Jin yells back before chuckling.

"What?" Taehyung questions, strolling back, sipping the content through a straw, the Super cute looking juice box with a smiling tomato on it clutched in his hands. The box kind of smoothes the ripples in taehyung, he doesn't know why but it's just so adorable it leaves him smiling a little.

Jin is still laughing, his head lolled back, one of the papers in his hand. "The comments are killing me" he chokes and taehyung can't help but smile wider, happy Jin has that effect on him. "It would be quite annoying to all the people who have tried to kill you over the years if mere comments fuck you over" he jokes, leaning forward behind jin's back to read what's in his hand. It's just speculations, people only guessing what Jin might be. "There are a lot of people calling you a demon"

"Hyuna would feel insulted" Jin comments, a playful smile still on his lips. True, the centuries old demon would probably puke on Jin just to be a little dramatic about. Taehyung knows because he thinks it might have happened before.

There are other ones, like how it's an illusion or a ghost or a leprechaun? Taehyung doesn't know but he knows he isn't supposed to be smiling with Jin about this so he walks away to sit down on the couch, trying to finish his meal, the cool liquid not really drowning his thirst. It makes him miss the old times when he could sink his teeth in any human he thought smelt good but that was way back before he had sired both jimin and minji.

"Taehyung?" Jin turns back, the smile wiped off his face completely. Taehyung raises his eyebrow in question while Jin rolls the paper and tosses it. The vampire catches, smoothening it out to read the content. He stops at one point and starts again. He can't belive it. "What are we going to do Tae? "

Like he has a clue.


Taehyung paces around the living room of yoongi's house resting right above the witch's hip, classy and almost famous studio/book store/coffee shop/bakery. He places a finger in his mouth biting off his nails.

"You should stop that before yoongi uses them for a potion out of spite" a voice erupts from the farther corner of the room. Taehyung knows who it belongs to. "Hoseok?" He calls to him, almost running to meet the other.

Jung Hoseok, sea serpent remains lying on a long sofa, his head covered with a cloth. The man stretches when taehyung closes in but he doesn't bother to take the fabric covering his face off. He has on a green long sleeve shirt and some baggy jogger. The outfit does a great job in covering him up completely Taehyung has a clue why.

"You didn't get to the water again, did you?" taehyung asks, frowning.

"I will be fine" Hoseok grunts but taehyung knows it's a lie, he knows what happens when Hoseok doesn't visit a body of water after every two months. The thrist and longing the other feels during that time, it's almost like suffocating even though there is air around him. He also knows how it stops Hoseok from being downstairs to attend to customers and other stuff. Taehyung knows how it makes his face look too. It's actually the reason he can't attend to people because how can he when he has blue shimmering scales lined up beautifully along his face and other parts of his body. They shine so prettily as light reflects on the ones on his hands that he probably didnt try to hid. Taehyung stares at them, still never been able to get enough. everyone but Hoseok himself thinks he is beautiful this way.


"Yoongi is some where at the back, still trying to see if he can decipher the symbols on the knife" he interrupts immediately. Taehyung nods even though Hoseok can't see him. He pulls away and heads towards one of the rooms down the corridor. "And taehyung?" Hoseok calls to him all of a sudden. The vampire hums for him to go on. "Yoongi will take care of me so you dont need to worry ". The vampire doesn't say another word after that because he knows so he just keeps walking.

"Fucking fraud" he mutters when he sees yoongi bent over in concentration. His workshop is dark as always, hiding away things he doesn't want to be seen. The purple light from his cauldron illuminates the room as the only source of light a part from the lamp on the table the witch is leaning over.

"I will pretend i didn't hear that so as to save our long lasting friendship" the dark haired man says not even sparing taehyung a glance. "You should see jimin. I will be right with you" he instructs, pointing towards another inner room.

When taehyung opens the door, he sees jimin laying on his back, his arms stretched out upwards as he uses his phone. "Hey minnie"

"Hey yourself. Can i have my necklace back now? I was trying to get myself food from downstairs and i got burnt." He extends his hand towards taehyung to show him the nasty burn lined across his arm.

"I am so sorry" taehyung tells him, moving closer as he takes the jewelry off. "I came by to see how you are doing" handing it over to the other. Jimin shrugs, dropping his phone on the white sheeted bed to collect. "I am fine, i guess. Yoongi finished looking me up for any hidden effects namjoon didn't or rather couldn't know about. He says i am good so i guess I'm good." He shrugs again as he finishes. Taehyung figures that jimin would rather talk about something else.

"I saw him today" he starts off and jimin can't hide his curiosity. "He told me to tell you he's sorry for hurting you and that he hopes to see you soon "

"He remembers?" Taehyung nods. "How?"

Taehyung shrugs. "For now i am just going to blame Yoongi until we have a valid answer" the older vampire rubs at his ring, a little troubled. Things keep on piling up with no solutions what so ever.

"You found your ring?" Jimin suddenly asks, his voice bouncing around the small room. Taehyung smiles and nods. "Turns out jungkook had it all along. Said he find it on the floor in class."

"That's good" he nods, his hand twitching, when that happens taehyung knows that something is bugging the other, so he asks.

"What is it?" He confronts. Jimin looks at him, his eyes wide. "Come on jimin, we both know you have something else you wanna say" he pushes because the other needs it sometimes. Jimin shakes his head in refusal but taehyung squeezes his arm in reassurance that it's okay to speak his mind.

"I have to stop hanging with him, don't i?" He croaks after a few minutes and taehyung doesn't have the heart to answer so he nods. He hasn't really thought of it but they might have to stop going to School all together. They can't risk their cover being blown because they are bored and want to experience university life in Korea after 50 years. "Ah... i figured" jimin tries to seem nonchalant but the hurt dangles around his words.

"Do you like him?" The words come out of taehyung's mouth before he can stop himself. Jimin just stares at him, a small smile dancing around his lips. "Yeah, but not in that type of way. i kind of owe him"






By the time taehyung leaves yoongi's home, it's a lot late. He managed to take along with him both jimin and the knife. They can't hold on to it any longer and he has to give it back to the owner anyways. Yoongi had spent the last few hours writing out the rest of the symbols so the metal could be taken.

Jimin remains pouting as the walk back home, quite upset that he didnt get to see hoseok's pretty scales before they left. (Hoseok indefinitely went to hide when he heard the other coming out). The moon is high up and bright enough for them to bask in it. It doesn't really make sense because it doesn't have the heat the sun does but they both love to pretend that it did. They like to pretend that the moon had become their own sun.

"Stop it, you are still going to see him again " taehyung nudges the latter in the ribs, jimin eyes him and literally hisses like a snake. "But that doesn't mean he will still have his pretty scales out." He sneers "why does he always run away from me" then winces.

"That's because the last time he let you look at them, you almost ripped a few out" everytime taehyung remembers that day and hoseok ear drum bursting scream he can't help but cringe in pain

"But they are so pretty" he exclaims.

"Doesn't matter. You probably scarred him. It's like someone seeing our fangs and going oh they are so pretty then trying to yank them out" taehyung explains and jimin just stares at him, his eyes wide. "That would fucking hurt"

"Exactly!" Taehyung exclaims, his arms raised with exaggeration, actually pleased that he got to him this time.



They keep on talking, talking about random things from the past and present. Soon enough they are at the building they live in. They take the elevator to the floor they share, taehyung offering to give jimin some more blood before they say good night.

"Look who's back" Jin greets immediately he opens the door but taehyung's isn't concentrating on the god who's dressed up way too good to still be in the house. Taehyung is looking at the human sitting on one of his couches, with a blooming bruise on his right check.

Fuck. Why does no one listen to him.

"Jungkook?" Jimin squeaks from behind him. "What are you doing here?" At that moment, jungkook looks like he is about to break down in tears.

"Please, i really need your help" he croaks, shaking like a leaf. Jimin leaves taehyung's side to meet the human, holding him immediately while taehyung reminds at the door staring at them.

"Are you coming in or not?" Jin asks a bit snappish, an eyebrow raised and his arms at akimbo. Taehyung closes the door behind him and steps into the house.

He is going to regret this. He is so sure of it




Chapter Text

Jungkook feels terrible, a solid mixture of disappointment, embarrassment and pain. He can't really comprehend what had just happened but now he is siting on a table alone, stuffing his mouth full with cafeteria rice. He drinks water to stop himself from choking on his meal, he shouldn't be eating but he would rather do this than have to see taehyung at the moment.

could you not stand in front of me ever? Like I would rather not have you bugging me again, okay?

He shakes his head frivolously like it might push all the thoughts out. So much for hitting the jackpot. He grunts when he takes the last spoon of rice to his mouth leaving it hanging there. He shouldn't have asked all those questions, he shouldn't have been all over him, if his crush for the past two years is a vampire so what? It's not like it's a big deal (it definitely is a big deal).

"Hi" someone calls to him and when he turns it's just sunhee, he has a few classes with her. Jungkook gives a small smile. "What's up?" The girl takes this as an opportunity to sit beside him. "I don't see you here often"

"Well, that's because i don't come here often" he answers, leaning away from her with one swift movement, if she notices she doesn't act on it.

Jungkook looks down at his phone to check the time and while he isn't looking sunhee sniffs the air around him. "Did you change your perfume or something?" she blurts. Jungkook pulls farther away from her, his face squeezing in discomfort. "What the fuck sunhee?"

"Sorry" she waves her hands about. "It's just that you smell different, more edgy". Shit. Jungkook is in no mood for her crazy ethics. Sunhee has a name she lives up to, always saying the weirdest things and acting up in front of some particular people. He picks up his tray. "I have to go. See you around" getting up, he rushes away.

"Be more careful, jungkook" she yells after him. He doesn't look back, walking out briskly for the room once he drops his tray.

To occupy his mind he sent the whole trip to the arcade playing games on his phone, turning the gadget mute as he steps foot into the place. He registers to himself that he is going to definitely stay here till late in to the night.

He allows himself to play as many games as he can, killing off any thoughts that try to grow in his mind. It's well pass eight when he leaves but even then, today, he had enough money on him to take a cab home.

On his way home, he closes his eyes briefly. He can't exactly believe that it was just yesterday that he had almost been drain of all his blood. He touches the little bumps on his neck again, they had itched a few times in the day but apart from that nothing, nothing at all. During his search for taehyung earlier on he had gone to look for him at the old music room, it was partly out of curiosity. Spotless, there wasn't a single thing amiss, it didn't settle well with jungkook but he knows that it would be stupid to just leave the things the way they were.

He is taking it quite well, of all things in the world to find out, jungkook learnt of the existence of vampires and some how he isn't exactly fazed by it. He can't pull himself to wonder why but he figures that he wasn't really on one side, it wasn't either they exist or they don't too, it was more of its fine either way for jungkook, like being lukewarm about the matter, not on anybody's side.


The name pushes itself into jungkook's head again. He groans, suddenly upset again, he didn't have to be that mean, didn't have to act like jungkook was dumb. It's fine if he is trying to keep his identity a secret but he really did wish they could just be friends

"Excuse me" the driver calls him out of his thoughts. Jungkook snaps his eyes open to see that they have reached his destination. He pulls out his cash, hands it over before getting out.

When the car drives away, jungkook just stares at the stairs before his house. He doesn't know if he wants to go in yet, junghyun would probably not be home and he would end up drowning in his own thoughts. He sighs inwardly, braving himself and taking steps in.

The first thing he notices when he closes the door behind him is that the lights are on and jungkook had turned them all off before leaving. Junghyun had made it a forced habit for him too.

"Hyung?" He calls down the hall, the passage still dark. "Are you home? I thought you had night shifts" he gets no response but he hears swift footsteps. Jungkook starts to panic. What if it's a bugler or another vampire? jungkook pales, searching around quickly for anything to protect himself, that's when he spots junghyun's bag on the little stool where he always keeps it. "Hyung, if you are trying to prank me it's not funny" he tries again, a small sense of relief rushing through him at the sight of the bag. Still no response but the foot steps get closer. "Hyung! " he almost screams in frustration and that's when junghyun does show up from the shadows just behind the door leading to the study. Jungkook spots him immediately but he can't take his eyes off the direction the footsteps are coming from.

His brother gestures for him to come over with his hands, there are bruises littered over the other but he seems relatively fine. In his other hand he is holding a longer version of jungkook 's pocket knife and he is holding it skill and experience. Jungkook takes slow steps towards his brother, his eyes not leaving the dark hallway. He feels like a fool now, shouting when an intruder parades the house. For a second he allows himself to look at his brother, he is bleeding. Junghyun is bleeding by his side, the blood soaks his shirt through bright red. Junghyun is bleeding but he still looks like a wild cat on alert. "Jungkook!" His brother snaps, pulling him out of the thoughts going through his head. Before jungkook can register what's happening, he is being thrown to the floor by a heavy body. He yelps in both pain and surprise, the side of his check coming in contact with the edge of the little table with a loud thud. It hurts so bad but jungkook can't seem to notice because he is struggling to not get bitten

"Jungkook!" His brother screams but he can't really pay attention to the other when there is a feral looking person on him. It's just like the night before, him on the floor with a vampire trying to rip out his neck, the only difference is that there is a deep gash across both eyes on this one. The vampire on him can't see and is probably working on sound and smell only. Jungkook wants to vomit as he holds the man farther away from his face, the cut that runs along his left eye to his right is pouring blood right down on jungkook. The vampire continues to sneer and snap his teeth at him, his fangs looking a little too much for jungkook. Jungkook tries to push away harder but some how the vampire manages to wrap his hands around his neck, forcing the air out of him quick.

Suddenly, there is a gurgle and the man on top of him is spitting blood on his face. Jungkook screams this time as the vampire lays on him lifeless. Junghyun had stabbed him behind the neck dragging it all the way down to the end of his spine.

"Jungkook? Are you okay?" His brother pants, his eyes wide. He manages to push the dead weight off jungkook while he tries to catch his breath. "Hyung" he winces, sitting up, still staring at the body at his side.

"You have to go"

"Hyung, you are hurt" jungkook mutters, watching more blood wet the drying red spot as junghyun moves, he is losing lots of blood. Junghyun comes back with a wet clothe and a clean shirt, his expressions hard. "Clean up and leave"

"You are hurt!" Jungkook protests. "Let's go to the hospital please"

"Jungkook listen to me okay. I need you to leave now and not come back until i call you okay"


"Jungkook, please. There might be more coming. I don't want you to be here when they do" junghyun expression softens, he turns away then going into the the kitchen and coming back with his shirt off, trying to wrap a piece of cloth and bandages round his waist, his face hard and eyes focused like he has done it may times before. Jungkook watches him, the wet cloth dripping water to the floor.

"Jungkook!" He snaps when he finds the other staring. Immediately, jungkook starts to take off the bloody shirt, cleaning his face and neck before wearing the new one. He struggles to his feet when he us done, moving towards junghyun. "Hyung, let's go to the hospital, please."

"Jungkook, please leave."

"Hyung" he winces, tears filling his eyes. He can't leave him like this, he can't leave him to fight this all on his own.

"Jungkook. I am trying to protect you" he resorts, moving away from the other to check through the front window. "So, you need to leave now."

"I will not. You are all i have junghyun and you are always pushing me away, always telling me you will handle it on your own but you fucking can't this time, not when you are like this, not when they are vampires coming for you" Jungkook screams, finally losing it. He is not going to lose his brother, he is not going to lose what he has left as a family because he still isn't strong enough. Junghyun sighs at him, his expression pinched.

"Jungkook. Look, i just need you to go ahead of me, okay. I will be right behind you"

Jungkook shakes his head "You are lying to me" now he is crying. "Let me protect you for once, hyung "

"You can't" junghyun rages. "You can't help me jungkook. Not by staying here. I need you to leave. If you leave i will be safe." Jungkook opens his mouth again to talk but his brother doesn't let him he rather pushes him with flimsy effort to the door. "Go on now. I promise to call you when everything is over" he smiles brightly at his younger brother though the light in his eyes don't twinkle like they used to, it leaves a sinking feeling in his guts.

"Hyung " he let's out in a pleading tone but junghyun has already stepped back into the house, closing the front door shut and locking it so that jungkook can't get in but somewhere in his head the boy knows that the wood locking him out wouldn't be a problem for the ones coming for his brother. "Hyung!" He bangs on the door, screaming at the top of his lungs, his brother doesn't respond and soon when the voice has left his throat, jungkook crotches down into a squat and sobs. "Hyung please" he whispers as he bangs softly. "Please, let me be useful for once"

A few minutes pass before jungkook straightens again. He had given it thought. He can't mope around, if there are vampires after his brother he knows vampires of his own too. He decides to go in search of taehyung or at least Jimin. Immediately he starts to run towards Jimin's house, the only thought in his head that they definitely live together.

He is out of breath when he reaches the block of apartment, staring up at the building, he realizes that he doesn't know what what number his house is. He grunts, feeling like a complete fool. Tears reach his eyes again and he is tempted to punch the wall in front of him. How could he be so incompetent? Going through the whole building would take hours and he doesn't even have minutes to spare. He doesn't know what to do then, running out of options at the moment. He can't go to the police, what would he say? Vampires attacked both him and his brother? they would probably laugh at his face and maybe even check if he is under the influence of something.

"Fuck" he yells in frustration, not noticing the man he had just scared ten years off of. He presses hs hands to his eyes in an attempt to stop his tears from falling.


Jungkook raises his head, meeting eyes with a gorgeous looking man, dressed is a slim dress shirt and the tightest pair of jeans he has seen. Jungkook just stares at him for a few seconds, his brain short circuits. A look of recognition passes the other's face before a pinch of worry settles. "What's wrong kid?" He asks moving closer. Jungkook moves back at that making the man raise his hands up to show he is of no harm. "I know you. You are Jimin's friend from yesterday right?"


Jungkook nods quickly, his eyes wide. "Please do you know where i can find him, it's urgent" The man does not respond first, his eyes catching the bruise on jungkook 's cheek and the ugly ones blooming around the neck of his skin. He suddenly looks up again, meeting eyes with jungkook as soon as his mouth closes shut after he finishes his sentence.

"Come with me, first let's take care of your bruises " the man frowns as he extends his hand towards jungkook. The younger boy just stares at it, not taking it. He can't trust anyone, not right now. The man seems to be able to read the doubt right off his face. He sighs. "Jimin isn't home yet but he is on his way. I am sure you would rather sit in my house than here out in the cold." He stretches his hand again. "Come on." Jungkook stares at the hand contemplating for a short minute before passing him into the entrance of the building. The man looks down at his abandoned hand then back at Jungkook. "Or don't take my offered hand. It's cool" he mutters to himself following after him.

They take the elevator to the sixth floor, Jungkook counts all the buttons as they light up. Once it opens up, the man step out first, pulling out his keys from his little hand bag. "My name is Jin by the way because i don't think you are ever going to ask." The man named Jin tells him over his shoulder as he leads him down the hall.

They stop at the second door to the last, Jin chucking his key in to open it. He leads the younger boy in to how. It's a lot to take in, jungkook doesn't exactly know where to start from. Jin leads him to one of the chair, offering him a seat which he took while the other went in search of the kit.

"So, kid are you going to tell me why you are all bruised up and scared?" Jin starts a conversation as he enters.

" I am not scared" jungkook disagrees as he watches the man bring back with him a little first aid box.

"I would have believed you if your hand wasn't trembling " at that jungkook actually pays attention to his hands, they are shaking and no matter how much he clasps them tight they don't seem to stop. He doesn't have much time, he can't be here sitting down and getting himself cleaned while his brother bleeds out.

Jin watches him for a few minutes before bending down to take a better look. "What happened to you?" He inquiries, his voice softened so as to not scare him. Jungkook can't seem to look up from his shaking hands. "You have to tell me so i can help. If it's a really big deal i will call them back right away." Jungkook swallows, his throat feeling dry, he doesn't know if he can trust him, doesn't even know if this Jin man actually knows who he is looking for. "It's okay, kid. You can tell me." He places a hand on his arm, squeezing reassuringly.

"Vampires" he whispers and he can't help but feel stupid as he says it. "There are vampires after my brother." Jungkook can't look up yet, a slight pinch of fear suddenly creeps up his spine. what if Jin doesn't believe him. What if he laughs? To his surprise Jin straightens up immediately.

"Are you sure of what you saw" he asks in such a serious tone that jungkook has to look up at him. Meeting his eyes, jungkook sees no sort of sarcasm. Jin's expression has hardened and there is a different light in his eyes. The boy nods because his mouth feels heavy again. Jin hums "Then i might actually have to call them back" as his statement finishes, there is the rattle as the door opens, both men look that way as a a short lived giggle burst through the front door..

"Look who's back" Jin greets immediately as both Jimin and taehyung step in. Jungkook looks away because he doesn't want to see taehyung 's expression, it hasn't even been more than one day since the man had told he to not interfere in his life and now here, he is right in his life.

"Jungkook?" Jimin squeaks from behind taehyung. "What are you doing here?" And that moment, jungkook feels like he is about to burst in tears at the sound of the other's voice. "Please, i really need your help" he croaks, his hand shaking uncontrollably now. Jimin leaves taehyung's side to meet him, holding him immediately while taehyung reminds there staring at them. Jungkook wants to be strong, he wants to stand up and take control of the entire situation, he wants to lead them to his brother immediately but in the arms of Jimin, he suddenly realizes how incompetent he actually his. His fears of the night finally cling to his insides and he tries to let it out in a startling sob. Jimin squeezes him tighter, whispering soft calming words, jungkook can't really hear over his own noise.

"Are you coming in or not?" Jin asks taehyung a bit snappish. The door gets closed and taehyung walks towards Jin. "What happened here?" the man seemed so unamused it made jungkook a little angry.

"Jimin get him to calm down so we can ask him" Jin says, ignoring taehyung. After a few tissues and a million sighs from taehyung, jungkook starts to talk, trying to explain everything as he remembers. He watches as their faces hardened as he reaches the end of the story, Jimin holding his hand tight. "Are you sure of what you saw?" Jimin asks him again but this time it's as soft as a feather. Jungkook squeezes his hand and nods. "He looked just like the man from yesterday" he manages to say. Taehyung stands up right after, his phone to his ear. He paces around as he talks to someone over the phone, his eyes more sharp and colder than jungkook has ever witnessed.

"Jimin?" Taehyung calls to the other suddenly, his hand gesturing that they should get going. Jimin stands up, pulling his hand away from jungkook, the other grips on harder before it slips out completely. "I want to come" he offers and Jimin shakes his head confirming the little voice in jungkook's head that has been telling him he is nothing but a liability. "We will bring him back to you okay?" Jimin promises with one of his smiles. Jungkook doesn't smile when they leave the house again with his home address written on paper, he doesn't smile either while Jin cleans him up better, takes care of his bruises and also feeds him. He doesn't smile and he can't seem to get his hand so stop shaking.

Jin offers him to sleep in Jimin's room. At first, it took jungkook a while to process it but when he finally stays, laying on his back, he come to terms with the fact that not only did both Jimin and taehyung know each other, but they also live together. It makes him wonder why they would act like they don't know each other in school or why all of a sudden everything seems so fake. He can't seem to get it. It had been all good until yesterday, everything had been so fine. Perfect in fact.

Jungkook doesn't know, he doesn't even understand so he stares up at the ceiling waiting for either good or bad new.





Taehyung, Jimin, jinsoo and Sanwoo, stand in front of the house of the address jungkook had given them. Each of them take a deep breathe of the air and before saying anything to each other, they all know. It smells like a lot of blood, a tint of human but a lot of vampire.

Taehyung steps forward first, already tired out of his mind and too upset to start quizzing anything at all. The door is open when he tries it. They all step inside and something is wrong, absolutely wrong.

"It reeks of magic" San woo gags, being the one with the most sensitive nose but it's true, the amount of magic and charms spread over the house is overwhelming, the swell of potions and ancient spells feeling a little too much for the witch guarded vampires. There are older spells of about ten to five years woven so neatly and beautifully woven into the structure of the house that if taehyung hadn't studied under young for a few years he wouldn't have known they where there then there are brand new all most shabby ones probably made in hast and are as new as an hour ago. "Search around" he instructs the others as he walks around the kitchen, he sees them, the little carvings hidden as best as they can be. Taehyung reads some of them out; protection spells as old as time, it surprises taehyung, he isn't even sure if yoongi knows about them.

"Nothing!" San woo calls out first from upstairs

"Same here" Jinsoo says not too far from taehyung.

"Same with me" Jimin finishes last and most disheartening. Taehyung looks up when the other walks into the kitchen.

"There are spells everywhere" taehyung says with the amusement of a little child. Who ever made this house was a really strong witch and who ever came in tonight had probably been just as strong to have spells to clean up the house spotless but they are not strong enough to let the stench of both the blood and magic fade away.

"What the hell have we got ourselves into?" His best friend frowns, his eyes brows furrowed. "What are we going to tell him" now?”, taehyung knows Jimin is asking about the human back home. Taehyung can't help the sudden excitement bubbling in him that he can't match the same tone as Jimin. "I don't know, i don't but i know i wouldn't be the one telling him any of this" and besides he has too many other things he would like to tell and ask the boy.



Chapter Text

It's almost morning by the time both men come back home. Jimin had been fidgeting all the way back and taehyung was busy being too fascinated by the pictures he took of the carvings for yoongi. As much as the older vampire doesn't want admit it, jimin knows that what ever this is, is definitely going to bite them all in the ass. 

The house is quiet when they get in, the curtain drawn to prevent the soon rising sun from coming in. Jin is nowhere in the house, the only thing he left is a sticky note that told them he would be out still the next evening and what human food they should try feeding jungkook. Jungkook. Without Jin's strong scent filling the house, his smell waffs through it warmly, sticking to the roof of jimin's mouth and even his tongue. he can tell taehyung is reacting the same way too, the latter's nose flares a couple of times.

They both lay down on the couch together, Jimin moving in for a cuddle. Taehyung uses it as an opportunity to comb his hand through his soft curls.

"He is going to be up any minute now" Jimin whispers, both of them hyper aware of the human's shallow breathing.

"And when he does, we will tell him together." Taehyung answers taking in a deep breath he doesn't even need. "Everything will be okay, Jimin. It has always been and we will get through this just like other times"

Yeah , they will get through this together, just the both of them, they won't lose one another.


"Jimin?" The weak voice startles both of them awake from their short slumber. "Did you find him?" Jungkook ask once he sees his eyes open. Jimin's heart aches, the human looks so scared that his words fail him. "Did you find him?" He asks again more eagerly, probably already making up theories in his head. "Kookie—" he starts sitting up straight. Taehyung is awake too, his eyes trained on the boy. "Kookie, we didn't find him" he mumbles and at that moment jimin can see the boy's whole world crumble down.

"But you promised" he croaks, his eyes so wide and blank. "You told me you would bring him back to me"

"He did but it's not his fault that your brother wasn't there. It's more than you will ever understand. Things were weird at your house—" taehyung butts in trying to give the explanation jimin is failing to do, it causes Jungkook to look at him. "I wasn't talking to you" he snaps rudely. Taehyung's eyes widen at that, an eyebrow raised. Jimin can feel it, the tension rolling off the older vampire, he extends his hand and grips taehyung's arm harshly as a warning.

"We will find him, Jungkook. I promise you." He tries again, unable to meet the boy's eyes any more.

"Don't. Don't make promises that you can't keep. Don't say that when you are laying here all cuddled up with him" Jungkook almost screams. "Not when you are doing absolutely nothing"

"Jungkook!" Taehyung snaps too but the other pays him no attention.

"I am sorry." The word floats around the air, hanging heavily in the room. "I am so sorry I disappointed you and made a promise that I wasn't sure if I could fulfill."

"Shut the fuck up. Jimin. You don't have to apologise for anything" but he does. He has a lot to apologise for, he has so much to be sorry to Jungkook for, he doesn't even know where to start from. He squeezes taehyung's arm again, almost weakly this time.

Jungkook just stands there, slowly coming down from his rage, his eyes glistens with tears and he opens and closes his mouth numberous times before he stalks back into the room he came from.

Jimin stands up when the door slams shut. He heads to the kitchen to get one of the blood bags only to be suprised by the cute little packaging it came in. He pokes the straw into it and takes a long sip, his trembles slowly rolling out of him as the cool liquid fills him.


It's not that he didn't know taehyung had been standing behind him for a while now, it's more like he doesnt want to acknowledge he is there. "Yeah?"

"You are fine, right?"

"Peachy" he holds a sigh as he sips more of his meal. He wish he could say he is not really, that for the past few years he has been feeling so guilty about everything but what's worse than any other thing is for him to talk and find out that Taehyung is actually disappointed at what he did. It's a fear he doesn't want to left ever come true. A lie he would like to burying for as long as he can.

"You know if you want to—"

"I am fine, tae" he snaps, just a little to get him off his back. The man remains quiet from a few minutes, the tension in the air almost choking jimin. "Yeah. Okay. I will head to bed then. Don't forget to draw… to draw the curtains shut or something" he babbles before walking back towards his room.

Jimin let's out the sigh he is holding when he hears the door click shut. He's sorry. He swears he is but sometimes taehyung can be a little too nosy; once he finds a little hole, intentionally or not he rips it up into a bigger one trying to look for a why and jimin just doesn't want his nose in this one, not this time. He sighs again, biting down on his straw. He always fucks things up with his promises doesn't he?



"Are you ready?" Yoongi asks, pulling up the strap of the bag dangling off his shoulder so it can stay better as he leans on the door of the other's room. Hoseok is still shoving things into his little backpack. "Almost, give me a few minutes." He says, dashing to a corner of his room to pick up a few more things. Yoongi chuckles. "We are only going to be gone for three days" he smiles, Hoseok always has a habit of packing way too much when ever they do this.

At first yoongi hated it. He hated having to leave his home and duties for a while just because of a one person. It had been hard for him to have his things left unguarded but now it's not so bad, he guesses, at least now hoseok is more than just a person taehyung pushed on him, hoseok is a friend and he can do things for friends, besides all he had to do is close the shop for a few days and drag the serpent to sea. It's really not that big of a deal.

Hoseok finally zips up his bag and they head out to the bus station as soon as yoongi had put up his protection charms all around his home. As they sit waiting for the next bus to busan, Hoseok can't help but tap his feet anxiously. Yoongi understands this so he slides his hand into his, holding it tight and reassuringly. Hoseok doesn't look up, he only stares at their entwined fingers, squeezing just as tight.

Before they had left home, yoongi had spent the past few days working on both a potion to hide Hoseok scales and a way to decode the inscriptions on that hunter's knife. He wishes he had been fast enough with what he was doing so Hoseok didn't have to see himself like that but there is so much he can do at once and no matter how good of a witch he is, he can't do anything about the man not liking who he is.

During periods like this, yoongi has noticed how paranoid and how less confident the other becomes, just like now, even though yoongi's potion has worked quite alright, Hoseok had come out of the house with a hoodie, sun glasses and a face mask, he even bends his head low so he doesn't have to make eye contact with any one.

"You know you acting this way though my potion worked just fine is really hurting my pride" yoongi mumbles to him without a single sign of malice staining his words. Hoseok let's out a weak chuckle, "I am sorry"

"You don't have to be, hobi. It is never your fault" he encourages, smiling at the other though he doesn't witness it. Hoseok doesn't say another word till they are at the sea in busan.

They wait until night, just wandering around the sea shore, having a little to no conversation. It's half past nine when yoongi finally agrees it's time. He turns around when Hoseok starts to take off his clothes just to give him privacy, only turning back when he hears the splash of water.

While he waits for a glow from the sea, yoongi quickly chants a few spells to stop anyone from wandering to the area. He then sits by the sea shore, his sweat pants getting wet as the water pushes up against him.

There is the glow finally and yoongi let's out the breath he is holding, the blue hue shines through the darken water, faint yet visible to his trained eyes. yoongi can tell something is wrong by the way it illuminates less of the body of water than when he had first met him but that's only because the spell is working, the spell Hoseok wanted is working so well it hurts yoongi. He should be proud of finally making it perfect, should be glad that he has finally hit the jack pot but he is not with the side effects, not when things are like this.
It's like glitters sprinkled on the sea bed, the way he glows. Almost like the purest magic yoongi has ever seen and he has seen quite a lot of pure white magic in his life or maybe he is just being biased. He can tell hoseok is going in circles as normal, enjoying himself to the fullest so he just stares and stares and stares at the fluctuating light radiating from the serpent.

Few minutes pass before Hoseok pokes his head out of the water, his mouth stretched back akin to a smile. His dark eyes twinkle so brightly they beat his mesmerising scales by a mile. He is so beautiful, yoongi thinks, so damn beautiful and it hurts him so much that Hoseok can't see it, it hurts him that Hoseok might never see it. The serpent stares at Yoongi for a few minutes like he wants to say something but Yoongi learnt years back that Hoseok can't talk when he is in this state. He thinks about what ever he might be doing that caught Hoseok's attention. The huge snake wiggles his head about, using his tail to splash about water, well it was meant to be a splash but it ended up as a mini wave dozing Yoongi with cold freezing water. The witch yelps and he can swear that if Hoseok could laugh at the moment he would. “i am going to hurt you once you are back to being able to scream in pain” Yoongi threatens with a smile on his face. Hoseok cocks his head to the side, the moonlight reflecting on his blue scales so beautifully that Yoongi has goosebumps.


The serpent starts to move his head in a continuous motion, up and down, up and down. Yoongi knows what he means but he shakes his head in refusal. Not today. He doesn't want to go for a swim and pretend that everything is just fine. Hoseok waits for a few more minutes, reluctantly hoping that the other would change his mind but Yoongi shakes his head again and whispers a no, hundred percent sure the wind carried his voice where it needed to go. Hoseok dives back into the water again without another gesture, miniture waves building up as he moves.

His bigger, he thinks as he watches the blue hue move about with speed, a little to big to still be a regular sea serpent. Yoongi had always wanted to ask why but he knows Hoseok wouldn't like it. Yoongi knows he wouldn't say a single word in return for days if he tries to confront him.

After a long while of staring at the waves forming at sea from Hoseok's playfulness, he pulls out his phone to take a look at the pictures taehyung had sent to him. He swipes through a few and can see that there are similar symbols to that on the knife. It's made by the same person he can tell just from the aura that erupts from each word he had managed to decipher as he says it out to the air. Strong, too strong. In his years, the last time he had seen such amount of power last was his teacher and his teacher is gone and buried with the past, Yoongi had made sure of it. so how? It baffles him and at the same time makes him feel a little unsure of himself. He tucks his phone back into his pocket, shoving his insecurities back down where they belong. He should watch Hoseok play. It really makes him happy.

By the time it's morning, the sun slowly rising on the horizon, painting the sky warm, yoongi remains in Hoseok's arms where he had fallen asleep, they are no longer littered with beautiful scales and Yoongi does not allow himself to be sad about it. They stayed until it's bright enough, just laying on their backs watching the sun come up. They don't say anything, not a single word until they are ready to go. "We should go see the streets again? You know like see what's new" yoongi offers as he rolls the blanket up. Hoseok smiles up at him. "We did exactly just that months ago"

"Yeah i know and unless you have something better to do we will be doing it for as long as we have time come here" yoongi finishes as he stuffs the blanket away in one of their bags. Hoseok mumbles something but yoongi is too unbothered to ask what it is or more like he doesn't want to fight at all, not now at least, maybe later when his thoughts are clearer and he can bicker without saying too much.

"Let's get ice cream seokie." He suggests as they walk towards the street. "I will let you pick my flavor"

"Yeah, sure"




Jin watches Namjoon stick the needle of the syringe through a bottle. He knows the other is frowning but he acts like he doesn't see because that's what he is best at. Namjoon turns around to face him, a wary smile on his face. At least it's better than none. "You know you are literally turning me into a murderer" there is pure fear in his words but Jin smiles back wide. "I can't die, joon. You of all people know that". Namjoon stares down at him spawned on the bed, he looks so against it that it makes Jin want to actually stop. He can't tell what's in the syringe, Namjoon didn't even let him know but he can tell it must be deadly from the grimaces planted on the other's face.

"I swear to god if i lose my license because of you" he complains as he sits down. Jin chuckles. "Firstly you just swore to me because i am a god and secondly, this secret dies with me, literally." namjoon smiles a little at that, cleaning the older's arm with a wet wipe dozed with disinfectant. "I will be here when you wake up okay?" He mumbles, his eyes watering. Jin smiles a little, extending his free arm to cup the other's cheek. "Yeah, I know".

it's just like a pinch right before the bend of his arm, the fluid being pushed into his blood stream and Jin can't exactly telling when it starts to hit him but he knows when his heart stops.

He can't really say he can express the feeling of death, the feeling of not existing anymore. After many years, he doesn't know what it feels to be actually in that condition or more like he doesn't remember. It's just darkness, darkness and more darkness. A stop in his life for a brief moment before it goes on, like actually slumber.

He gasps in a deep breath, blinking his eyes open. "Hey" namjoon greets him with another wary smile. Jin just stares at the ceiling the same type of disappointment creeping in on him again. He blinks a couple of times, registering how the feeling of warmth spreads through his body makes him feel. A joke. A fucking joke. He blinks again and his eyes start to fog. "I am alive" it comes out more as a question than it is a statement. "I am still alive"

"Fuck. Jin are you crying?"

Yeah, he is because no matter how many times he does this it still hurts like hell, it hurts just like all his million deaths, it hurts to be alive. He let's out a little sob, just a little one but his whole body shakes. He deserves this he tells himself, really does and as years pass he isn't even sure why he does it anymore, he doesn't know why he tries when he knows it's never going to happen.

"Please, take it away" he mumbles to the Incubus holding his hand tight. "I don't know what you want to do but make this pain go away". Namjoon doesn't say a single word when he latches lips with him, just like the day before when namjoon had met Jin laying on the floor after another fail at death, he didn't cry then but he did ask namjoon for this same favour.

"Is this okay?" The latter asks minutes later as he pulls away, his cheeks slightly tinted. Something dances around in his eyes but namjoon doesn't let Jin look long enough to mark it as something. "Yeah, it is" Jin answers because he knows that it might be hard for namjoon to go on, because he knows he probably tastes bitter to namjoon, he probably isn't the best to feed on either.

Jin drinks the water handed to him while he watches the other clean up around the house, pulling off his dress shirt, switching to another just to come lay beside him right after he turns off the lights. "You know i will never understand why you do it, right?" he whispers into the dark after a few stiff moments pass "but i will never judge you."
Yeah, Jin knows that's why he is laying in his arms.

He wakes up later in the day feeling completely numb, maybe it's the poison he isn't sure but he knows it will wear off soon. "How long was i out for" Jin asks because he knows namjoon isn't alseep either. The man shifts a bit trying to get more comfortable in his arms. “eight hours” namjoon answers already knowing he is only asking for how long he wasn't alive for.

"Oh. That took longer than normal" he sighs, using his free arm to rub his eyes. He likes to keep track of how long he has been out. Three to five hours at most so this is a new record. Namjoon sighs softly, turning away from him. “do you need to feed?” jin asks, putting his hand through the other's hair. Namjoon shakes his head but Jin knows he's lying. "You know you just have to ask me, right?"


“and you don't.”

"I don't."

Jin wants to ask why but he figures that Namjoon might not want him to push it and he can't really blame him, he has heard a few other incubi tell him how bitter he tastes but he doesn't make him feel any less worse from being rejected by the man in his arms. "Just… Just tell me, okay. You don't even have to bother to much, just tell me and I will help. You have done so much for me. I am capable to do that for you too." Namjoon doesn't say a single word but Jin doesn't feel the slightest offended.

He just smiles at the ceiling. He is alive again, isn't he?

Chapter Text

Taehyung sits across the table from the empty seats. He tries to keep his cool but it doesn't make sense, they had agreed on two o'clock and it's well past two and not a single person is here except him. What did he expect really? He is the one that's really bothered about what ever is going on this days.

"Sorry i am late" moonbyul say as she causally drops a few of her shopping bags on the table, a small smile on her face. "I was kind of busy". Taehyung wants to deck her into the table and make her beg for him to stop but fighting with her would cause a lot of damage, it takes forever to finish and he likes this shirt, Jimin got it for him and the latter wouldn't be too happy if the reason why it got ruined is because of her.

A small look of disappointment crossed her face, when taehyung remains unresponsive. She sits down across from him, her legs crossed. Taehyung still doesn't say a word, rather looking at his phone as if there is something to be concentrating on. The woman huffs, causing taehyung to look up at her. She too now is busy looking at her phone, shopping bags placed on the floor. She looks quite nice today, he tells himself. She is dressed up in a causal shirt and jeans, blending in so well with youth, in contrast with taehyung, it looks like she has adapted to the generation perfectly fine, while taehyung is still having a hard time.

"I have to apologize, i was kept waiting at the office for something" Heechul says as he walks in, all dressed in a proper suit, understandable since he is a politician of some sort. Taehyung tries to not roll his eyes while moonbyul doesn't raise her head. "Ah... taehyung-ssi, you have arrived" taehyung nods, giving him a brief smile. Jihoon comes in not soon after, quietly taking a seat after apologizing for his late arrival. They wait for the last person to take his seat and no one wants to admit they are actually upset about how late he is because he always so late.

"I am really sorry" he says rushing in, in his hip, edgy street wear, his smile a little too bright for taehyung. Flex lee, the youngest amongst them only being nineteen when he was turned years before taehyung, making the oldest amongst them, physically the youngest. "I hope i didn't keep you waiting for too long"

"Its okay," Heechul responds for all of them while moonbyul kisses her teeth. “can we get this done with? I actually have somewhere to be at”

“you are some one to talk” taehyung adds, finally acknowledging her. Moonbyul eyes him before looking away.




There is a knock on the door that makes Jungkook open his eyes. He stares hard at the door before whispering come in. He is still curious and not really surprised that the latter hears it. Jimin walks into the room with a tray in his hands. "Hi" he smiles and Jungkook is too embarrassed to respond. Yesterday, Jungkook had just been taking all his pent up emotions on jimin and hearing him say what he said the day before had made him feel like a really bad person.

Jimin sighs. "You should really eat something" he sits down on the edge of the bed. "And we have to talk too" Jungkook doesn't move an inch even though the smell of food is suddenly making him hungry. "Jungkook" jimin tries again. "You are not scared of me, are you?" It's almost a whisper, almost a scared declaration of something.

Jungkook opens his mouth before it gets out of hand but nothing comes out so he coughs. "You are fine, jimin. Why should i be scared of you?" He mumbles, taking advantage of the vampire's good ears. Jimin shifts a little. "Then why aren't you looking at me" oh. Jungkook turns to meet the other's warm brown eyes. "That's because I am a little embarrassed about my behaviour last night."
"It's okay, kook" he smiles a little, extending the tray to place it on his thighs.

"But its not" he starts, staring down at the nice looking dinner. He had spent the whole day moping around and maybe crying a little. He hadn't thought of eating because it meant going outside to face the mess he had left. Facing jimin is okay but taehyung? After snapping at him like that? The other vampire probably hates him more and Jungkook hasn't decided how he should feel about it. "I was being silly. I came to you for help and when you couldn't do anything i yelled at you."

"Well, it's understandable too. I did make a promise i couldn't keep."

"You didn't know you couldn't keep it, jimin. I am sorry. I am placing my burdens on you and still being angry at your hard work when i am incompetent" he says, finally picking up the fork.

"You aren't incompetent, kook" the vampire tells him, his expression softening. Jungkook chuckles. "You don't have to lie to me, jimin. Look, i spent the whole day thinking, placing things together so i wouldn't go crazy. I thought real hard and came to a conclusion that everyone probably knows what's going on except me” He laughs now, eyes down as he rolls the spaghetti with his fork. "You should have seen my brother yesterday, jimin. You should have seen the way he held his knife, the way he was so calm with that dead vampire leaking out on our carpet" his eyes are wide as the memory flashes in his mind. He can't help but shiver. He looks up to see if jimin is still there though he knows he is. The vampire's eyes are softer, worry dancing in them. "You should have seen him almost expertly wrap his guts right back in" he whispers, the sight right behind his eyes.

"Jungkook-" the other reaches out to squeeze his knee in comfort. Jungkook acts like he doesn't notice,opening his mouth to go on. "He seemed so unfazed when he told me more where coming for him. So unbothered while i was losing my mind" he laughs again. "Then i thought all again as to why i wasn't even that fazed too when i found out you guys were what you are. Like why don't i want told scream and run for my life? Why do i only have more and more questions that i might never get answers to? I also wondered if i will ever find my brother again or if he will disappear just like my parents did on the night of the fire." Jungkook misses the grimace that passes across jimin's face. He hates talking about that incident but it has always been his biggest fear and now, this happened and somewhere at the back of his mind he just knows he might never have see Junghyun again.

"You should eat." Jimin interrupts his thoughts, his eyes glassy. "You should eat your food before it gets cold" then he is standing up. "And do tell, Jin hyung thank you for the meal when you see him so he can make you better food, okay? "

"Yeah sure" Jungkook answers, a little confused. He stares down at the food then back at jimin's back as he walks away.

"And Jungkook. I am so sorry, okay?" jimin says lastly, slaming the door behind him before Jungkook can say another word in return.

Jungkook eats dinner with a small smile on his lips because the food is really, really good for a set of vampires. He puts the tray aside and stares up at the ceiling again, trying to arrange his thoughts and give himself various solutions and options. He has nothing but that's normal. Really normal




It's been one week of taehyung walking on egg shells in his own home. At first, he really didn't care about the human occupying jimin's room, he is just actually still furious about the last time when he got snapped at. He wanted to show the helpless human who is boss but jimin had thrown at him series of threats that had literally ran chills down his old spin so here he is, in the house he is paying for alone even though the rest of his roommates are as rich as him, here he is walking around on eggshells because he doesn't want to get in a fight with the annoying human sitting on the table cross from him for an early dinner.

Jimin sips his meal out of the juice box while taehyung had poured a bunch of them in a wine glass so Jungkook can see exactly what's going on. He takes a full swing of it when he is sure the other is watching him. He smacks his lips then smirks while meeting eyes with the human. Taehyung can see him visible tremble but before he can feel any sense of victory Jin smacks him across the back of his head. "Stop traumatizing the boy and let him eat" he scolds, giving Jungkook a sorry smile while taehyung winces, rubbing his palm where there is a dull pain.

"So you are saying i shouldn't eat?" taehyung shoots back, now staring daggers at the oldest in the room. "You know that's not what he meant." Jimin adds his mouth. "You didn't have to pour all that in a cup when you know it might intimidate jungkook" taehyung doesn't bother to look at the other vampire because he already knows he is staring daggers too. "I like to have my dinner this way and if the human isn't comfortable with it then it's his lost. I will not discomfort myself for another's comfort."

"I have a name, you know" Jungkook finally speaks, it's not like his regular weak mumbles, it's almost has the same tone as the night he had snapped at taehyung. "And i am okay with what ever way you choose to eat. It's your home not mine. So if you would excuse me"  he stands up, his food barely touched and taehyung just knows he is doomed.

"Start eating" Jin commands in almost a growl "and make sure you finish it" jimin adds too in the same tone. Taehyung sighs and drags the repulsive smelling food closer too himself. In his own house, his own house.

He carries this mood all the way back to the university. He still feels a little dizzy from all the vomiting he did and somewhere within all the pain he is feeling, his pride has been hurt because he had to bare with both Jin and jimin laughing at how stupid he is. they didn't really expect him to eat it and were a little too curious about him finishing it to actually stop him from doing it.

He feels stupid and nauseous but that quickly chance when they walk down an area under construction and the heavy scent of blood fills his nose. He quietly leads them forward to a hall looking place. The area is dark, their eyes being able to handle in the situation. firstly, the atmosphere is eerily still, even his boys don't move an inch then suddenly there is sneering and this almost disgusting wet sound, a sound all vampires should know well.

Taehyung gestures for all five of them to head out, pulling closer to the noise. There is more sneering, more people and the smell, it just don't smell right. Taehyung tries to place it and when it hits him he is absolutely baffled. The room mostly smells of a few weeks old fledglings but the blood, the blood smells like that of newly made fledglings, it smells like half human, half vampire.

Someone turns on the flash light of his phone at that moment, causing the fledglings scattered on what looks like a stage to hiss. Taehyung looks back to see who it is and it's jimin of course, the other's face painted with disgust.

"What the hell?" Jae exclaims, while soonbin makes gaging noises as they watch the blood covered new vampires sneer at them as they all get to their feet. Their eyes are an odd shade of gray, contrasting completely with the red ones vampires are known to have.

"Are we keeping one?" Jimin asks as he moves forward.

"Why not all of them?" Jinsoo throws back as he follows jimin.

"Because we don't have enough resources for this " taehyung answers, his eyebrows furrows. What ever this is, if he thinks it is what it is, if this vampires are really truly practicing cannibalism then this is more fucked up than he expected which also means he will have to be sitting in that room with rest of the council members again. Taehyung grunts, feel all his stress seeping right back into him. He crouches and sprints forward right after the rest, pulling the first fledgling he gets to over his head and slamming him back down to the ground hard enough to hear it's spin shatter, he turns around and steps on its neck until he breaks it, pulling that leg further and further away until the head is dislodged from the body. Every body knows Taehyung like to take his time to kill, they know it's some sort of guilty pleasure of his so they cover his sides, killing fast and swift, making sure they at least have the one they are taking back with them.

Taehyung grabs one who was trying to sneak up on jimin, he sticks his hand right through its back and rips out its heart, tossing it on the floor, lurching at the next one with speed before it drops to it's knees. Taehyung can't really say he missed the odd smile on that fledgling's face but he can say he is at fault for underestimating this group of weird vampires. He let's out a short scream when the knife slide into his guts. It sizzles, burning him from the inside. Taehyung can't even tell the last time he had felt this pain. His eyes change colour immediately, the red shining bright and angry. He reaches for the vampire who is still smiling brightly, squeezing it's neck quickly before pulling it out. He closes his eyes when the blood spatters on his face.

"Fuck" he mumbles, his head feeling dizzy from the quick lost of blood and pain. He opens his eyes again, his hand holding the knife, he looks down at it. it looks exactly like Jungkook 's knife and other fuck escapes his mouth as he pulls it out, already aware of the consequences of it been left in his body for too long. It's a big wound, the sliver eating up the flesh around it and stopping it from healing. Taehyung winces a little, his hand occupied with trying to stop himself from bleeding out. He seats himself down in a corner, his legs already feeling too weak to keep him up. The hall is almost quiet, his men almost done with taking care of the fledgling at least that's what taehyung thought.

He swears he didn't smell the last fledgling, in fact he didn't see him until he was right in front of his face with a type of gun taehyung has really bad memories of. The vampire just stares up at the man in front of him well aware that every other person is occupied and he is too weak to do anything now.

The sound of the gun been shot rings across the hall, stopping everyone in their tracks. Taehyung closes his eyes because they hurt way too much. He decides that today has won the worst day ever in his last ten years.



There is so much noise coming from the living room that it jars Jungkook awake. He heads out before he can think twice, his knife clutched in his hand, running purely on the adrenaline rush through him. There is blood everywhere and way too many new faces.

"Take that knife way before i hit you" the blond one snaps at him. Jungkook blinks a couple of times before dropping his hand.
"Jungkook, you should go back into your room" Jin suggests, a tight smile on his face. Jungkook stands there a little shocked. Blood, too much blood. "You heard him, human boy" the dimpled man from before tells him, his expression serious and even though Jungkook is given instructions he should be listening too, he hears a scream that just makes his legs move closer to the seven men in the room. Another scream ripples out from the other side of the couch and when Jungkook looks over it, he sees a bloodier taehyung spawn on the plastic bag covered floor. The dimpled man keeps on pulling bullets from his body while another one of the new faces pours some liquid on the open wounds. Taehyung is crying, his face squeezed in agonizing pain. Jungkook let's out the breath he is holding. "What happened?" It comes out as a squeak that draws attention back to him.

"Go to your room" jimin snaps when he finally looks up from taehyung. He is holding the other vampire's hand tight, his eyes a bright red and his blood cover cheeks stain with tears too.

At the sound of jimin's voice, Jungkook rushes back to his room, the sight of taehyung engraved in his mind. He leans on the door in the darkness of his room, listening to the sound of taehyung's screams break through the quiet of the night. He squeezes his eyes tight hoping for the best. It goes on for a few hours so Jungkook sit on the floor, his heart heavy but his eyes dry. He waits, listening until people are saying goodbye and the place becomes complete silent. Jin and jimin mumble about a few things, taehyung's room door opening and closing a couple of times before Jin says louder that he will be leaving as well. A few long minutes pass before there is a timid knock on his door.

"Hey, jungkook" it's jimin. He doesn't bother to answer. "I am sorry about what you had to see tonight but could you help me watch over taehyung for a bit? Everyone had left before i realized there arent anymore boxes of blood I just need to go hunting, i am almost starved." jimin pauses for a response but doesn't get any. "He is asleep, kook. So it wouldn't be much of a bother. Please" he tries again.

"Sure. Go ahead." Jungkook finally answers.

"Thanks kook and i am sorry about all this, yeah? I promise to make it up to you."


Jungkook waits to hear the front door close before he stands up and heads to the vampire's room. He doesn't bother to knock, sliding in as quietly as he can.

"What are you doing here?" Jungkook jumps a little in fear as he let's out a squeak. "Don't scare me like that. I thought you were asleep" he scolds, the vampire watching him from the bed, his red eyes sharp. "You didn't answer my question, where is jimin? And why did he let you in here?"

"You are asking way too many questions, shouldn't you be resting? " Jungkook shoots back, taking a seat on the only chair in the room

"Where is jimin?" The vampire asks again, visibly upset. Jungkook notices. "He went out for a while. He will be back soon since he asked me to watch you"

"And how did he think that was a good idea?"

"Ask him when he gets back" Jungkook answer feeling slightly annoyed too. He crosses his arms over is chest and huffs, his eyes darting around the room. It's dark, only the little lamp beside the vampire's illuminating the room so he can't see much. Taehyung squints at him. "I am hungry again. Get me a box"

"No can do. Jimin said you are all out." Jungkook watches panic flash on the man's face and stay there.

"What? Then what am i going to feed on?"

"You can feed on me?" Jungkook answers before he can stop himself.

"What?!" Taehyung's eyebrows shoots up.

"I said you can feed on me" he repeats kind of surprised himself, that he actually means it.

"You are joking."

"I am not." He almost chuckles at taehyung's worried face. "You are hungry and i am literally a living blood bag. You can feed on me. it's fine"


"Look. Don't make me feel stupid" he interrupts, getting embarrassed already. "You are injured and hungry and that's a good enough reason for me to let you sink your teeth in my neck. I rather have you drink my blood with my will than have you pounce on me and drain me or something."

"I am not going to do that" taehyung says quietly.

"I know" Jungkook agrees while meeting eyes with taehyung's softening red ones, the edginess at the corner vanishing .The boy stands up, taking a seat beside taehyung on the bed. He smiles down at him, shifting the collar of his shirt to expose his neck.

Taehyung smiles back a little. "You should lay down" he suggests, patting the empty side of his bed. Jungkook doesn't know why but blood rushes to his cheeks as he walks to the other side of the room to lay on the bed beside the vampire.

Taehyung takes his time, letting out little winces as he turns, positioning himself over the other, one of his arms keeping him up. Jungkook squeezes his eyes shut making taehyung let out a short chuckle. "You can open your eyes you know."

"I am fine, thank you" Jungkook says not even bothering to open it one bit though he has wondered for the past two years how it would be like to look at this man up close.

Taehyung pushes the collar of his shirt downwards, the fingers touching the other's skin lingering in his thoughts. The vampire leans in and gives Jungkook's neck a long lick. The other let's out giggle making taehyung stop in his tracks. "What?"

"Nothing. Just… just go on" he tells him, his cheeks tinting brighter and brighter, the vampire only hums before leaning in again. He squeezes the sheets underneath them tightly when taehyung takes another longer lick, the saliva turning cold against the chilly air of the room. It's like two little stings when taehyung sinks his teeth into Jungkook's tanned skin. The younger let's out a squeak at the sting, laying completely still as the vampire pulls out his teeth and latches his warm lips to his skin.

It's weird at first. Jungkook can feel his blood leave his body at a slow pace. It makes something grow at the bottom of jungkook's stomach, something he knows too well and is trying to completely ignore.

Taehyung hums around his neck, sucking and sucking with no break in between. Jungkook starts to feel light headed but in someway he just knows to trust taehyung. The vampire takes a long drawl and Jungkook let's out a moan, his body tingling in a weird way. Taehyung doesn't stop, he places his free hand on jungkook's other shoulder pressing him down as if he is a prey trying to run. "Tae...taehyung" he chokes, his head spinning. It's getting too much, he feels weak and the corners of his eyes are darkening. "Taehyung " he calls out one more time before his grip on bed sheets loosen and he blacks out



Chapter Text

Jimin opens the front door, calling for the human immediately as he enters. He had some how managed to get a few bags of blood from namjoon before coming home. It was out of pure luck that he caught up with him so he didn't have to go hunting. He had them in a cooler, most of it still not packaged into the friendly juice box. “jungkook?” he calls again, taking off most of the things he has on then dumping the blood bags into the fridge. He calls him one more time before opening his room to see it empty. He then figures that the other must be in the room with taehyung but what he comes to see really didnt a come across as an issue in his head.

“tae?” he calls out to the vampire, still drinking from a very much passed out Jungkook. “kim taehyung!”. He screams, watching taehyung come out of his hazy, before the older vampire can say anything jimin is picking the human off the bed. “what the hell are you doing? You could have killed him” Jungkook looks pale in his arms, his breathing shallow. Taehyung licks his lips, his eyes blank but his expression confused. Jimin shakes his head at him, walking out the room because taehyung can't seem to find his words.

Jimin considers calling namjoon back, he needs to give the boy blood. There has to be a transfusion or he might not make it over night. He picks up his phone and makes a quick phone call. “i know it's like day time for you but I need my sleep, jimin” the grumble voices passes over.

“sorry, yoongi hyung. I just need your help. It's kind of urgent”. The man grumbles over the phone but listens to what jimin has to say either way. “i will be there in a few.” he says before ending the call. Jimin stucks in jungkook on his bed, watching the rise and fall of his chest for a few minutes. Fucking idiot.

“what the hell did you do?” jimin yells, barging back into the other's room. “did you seduce him into letting you drink from him?” taehyung stares back at him, his eyes still as red as ever. “i am hungry, jimin”

“you are not answering my question”

“he let me feed on him.” he says, nonchalantly.

“he let you feed on him not let you kill him. What the hell were you thinking?”

“i was thinking I am hungry and also how stupid you are to have left me with the human when I am injured.” taehyung snaps.

“are you even sorry?” jimin scoffs, completely astonished. “yes, I am. I feel terribly sorry and I don't really want you here telling me of my wrong doings”

“you better make it up to him, tae. You better make him know how sorry you are” he storms out of the room, his mood rotten. He paces about of a few minutes, partially waiting for Yoongi to arrive and also blaming himself for what had happened. He heads to the kitchen soon after to pick up one of the bags of taehyung. He tosses it at the other without looking at him, slaming the door right after so he doesn't have to hear what the other has to say.

The door bell rings right after and jimin dashes to the door. “thanks for coming, hyung” he greets. The older man grumbles a reply, walking in with Hoseok at his heel, at least that one had a smiles. “hey, hobi” the serpent waves back, his eyes still droppy from sleep. They are both dressed in black from head to toe, Yoongi with a messager bag across his chest.

“where is the living blood bag?” Yoongi finally asks, jimin ushers him towards his room while Hoseok goes ahead to visit taehyung with a bottle the witch had given him.

“he seems alive” Yoongi talks to himself. “because he is” jimin answers with sass. The witch pays him no mind as he settles down beside the human. He pinches his mouth open and pours down a grey looking substance into it, making sure the other takes everything down. “my job is done here.” Yoongi yawns, sitting up straight. “i just have to make sure he is actually awake before I leave” he gets up. “let me check if Hoseok gave taehyung the potion the right way.” jimin just nods, looking down at the human asleep. The bite marks are completely gone, at least taehyung remembered to lick it closed.

“fucking idiot. Did you think that letting him drink from you would make him like you?” he voices his thoughts, watching colour come back to the other's cheeks. “fucking idiot”. Jungkook hums, stirring a little. It has jimin wondering how powerful Yoongi might be for it to worked this fast. “hey kook?” he calls to him, tapping his arm softly. “are you up?” the boy hums again, his eyes fluttering. “yoongi hyung, I think he is waking up ” he yells.

A few minutes later the dark haired man is walking back into the room with Hoseok at his tail. “that was quick” Yoongi says, leaning over the boy curiously, “he is the hunter kid right?” jimin nods while Yoongi just stares down harder a little hum escaping his mouth. Jungkook suddenly opens his eyes, staring straight into yoongi's and jimin can't really explain what happens next. It's like Yoongi breath gets seized right at that moment, it's like he choking for air, his eyes wide and scared as they stare back into jungkook's blank one. It's Hoseok that pulls the witch away from there and at that moment, Jungkook blinks copiously while Yoongi let's out a loud breath.

Jimin is standing up, completely panicking. “what the hell just happened?” he asks, looking back and forth from the witch to the human. There seems to be a red glow shining from within yoongi's chest. The witch clutches it, panting. Jungkook just stares at him confusion planted on his face.

“get me out of here” Yoongi gasps as he shakes in Hoseok's hold. The man doesn't say a single words as he leads the witch out though his eyes carry heavy emotions.

Jimin makes sure Jungkook takes in water and manages to get him back to rest before he heads out to find the two others who haven't left. “why didn't you leave?” he asks Hoseok who is sitting in the living room staring at his hand. He looks up and gives one of his weak fake smiles. “he said he had to see you before he left” jimin doesn't wait anymore, he heads into Jin's room where the other is seated on the bed.

Yoongi looks up at him once he enters, his eyes blank just like how jungkook's was. “why did you do it?” he asks almost mechanically. “why did you kill his parents?”. When the question reaches jimin's ears, his heart drops to his stomach. He doesn't know what it is but he can feel something consume him. “why did you fucking do it jimin?”. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. How the hell is he going to get out of this one?





"Could you pass me that jar, hobi? " yoongi requests as he leans over his cauldron, staring down at the glowing liquid with a frown. Hoseok looks at the direction the other is pointing at. It is a jar of clear bubbly liquid, he picks it up and it's so heavy he almost drops it. "What is this?" He asks, his curiosity quipped. Yoongi glances at him for a brief second. "Tears of a banshee. Be careful with it. it took her years to get me that whole jar" immediately those words slip out of the witch's mouth, Hoseok holds the jar between his hands tighter. He drops it closest to Yoongi before taking a seat just watch him do his work.

“so are we not going to talk about the heart ache you got when you met eyes with the human kid?” Hoseok finally voices his thoughts. At first, Yoongi doesn't respond, he only adds a few more ingredients to his potion then he turns around suddenly, like he just heard what the latter had said. “i am fine, hobi” he waves it off, turning back to stir the potion twice anticlockwise then thrice the other way. Hoseok just seats and watches because he really didn't expect a genuine answer in the first place.

It takes a few more minutes for yoongi's power to be fully concentrated and even then he still remains to grumble under his breath. “maybe you should take a break, yoon” Hoseok suggest, concerned. Yoongi doesn't look back at him, only turning the liquid faster and faster. “yoongi!” he calls to him right before the potion comes flying out to land on his face. Hoseok squeaks but Yoongi doesn't make a single sound.

It's slient in room, the eerily green liquid dropping off the witch in lumps. “yoongi?” as the name bounces around the room, Hoseok watches the witch's shoulders shake as he breaks into a sob. Hoseok is used to this, he is very much used to an over emotional Yoongi. it happens when he has hit a wall, when he doesn't understand what's happening anymore. It happens when he is stuck, not moving but trying to with all his will. Hoseok has seen this a few times before. Times like this, the latter barely talks to anyone just Hoseok because they live together, apart from that he distances himself from every other person. When  Hoseok had asked why one of the other good days, Yoongi had answered that during that period he is trying to find himself, trying to understand everything in his own way and would rather not be influenced by the thoughts of other because if no one else knows, both of them are fully aware of how easily influenced the witch can be.

Hoseok stands up and wraps the other in a hug, his chest pressed firmly to the witch's back, not minding the goo touching his arms. He doesn't say anything letting the other cry his stress away because sometimes just holding someone in your arms and not saying a word is more than enough.

Minutes pass as they are in each other's embrace. Yoongi stops quietly crying so he let's out a sad chuckle, “now, I have to start again” he sniffs, preying Hoseok's hands off him.

“you could just do it tomorrow” Hoseok protests. The witch shakes his head. “yoongi, you could at least get cleaned up” he protests.

“that's what spells are for” and with a snap of his fingers he is in something new, the mess completely cleaned up even the ones stuck on Hoseok's arms vanish. Hoseok sighs, stepping in front of the other. “lets go to bed.”

“its twelve in the afternoon, hobi” yoongi's eyes are wide, little tears still dusting his eyelashes.

“you love afternoon naps” the serpent pushes.

“not when I am busy, I dont.” he tries to push Hoseok away but the man stands still right in front of the cauldron. “come on, Hoseok. I have to work.”

“three hours” he raises his fingers to emphasize. “just three”. Yoongi shakes his head again, trying to keep a straight face. “two then and I will make you a meal” Hoseok doesn't miss the smile then. “hobi, I have to work” he winces. “one hour and fifty nine minutes?” he tries again and Yoongi let's a giggle slip. “thats still technically a hour” he points out.

“i know. So that's a yes then. ” Hoseok beams.

“i have to work.” Yoongi barely protests.

“its a yes.” Hoseok chrips with a bright smile. Yoongi tries to shake his head again but the serpernt holds it with both his hands, stopping him. “its a yes.”

Hoseok made him a ham sandwich which he is really good at, bringing it back to a resting Yoongi. When he enters their shared room, the witch has his back facing him. “are you asleep already?” he asks, getting a little huff back as a response. He places the meal on the side table, crawling up the bed to be the big spoon. Yoongi hums, the warmth radiating from him heats Hoseok cold skin. He buries his nose into the other's hair, taking a large breath of the witch's earthy smell.

“cold” Yoongi mumbles absentmindedly. Hoseok frowns. “sorry. I can't help it” he chuckles and even he can hear how fake it sounds. Yoongi shifts a little, pushing back until they are flushed together. “its okay. I like it. It's just like cool water after a hot day.”

“are you saying I am like a cold bath?” Hoseok jokes, a smile on his face. Yoongi shakes his head, finally turning to face him. The witch looks completely drained, the sleepless night finally catching up with him. He blinks his eyes open a little. “if that's what you think it is hobi.” he smiles a little, moving in closer to get a sniff of Hoseok. “you smell like sea water and all that good ocean juice. I love it so much”. He mutters into his skin.

Hoseok watches Yoongi finally fall asleep in his cold arms, the latter continuously rubbing his nose against his neck. Hoseok watches the witch glow so beautifully even in this subconscious state. It reminds him that he is too cold for someone as warm as him. He reminds himself that he can't be with a person who is so comfortable in his skin when he is not. Yoongi reminds him of all the things stopping him from actually opening his heart to love this man in his arms. He can't love him if he cant love himself.

Hoseok is like the moon while Yoongi is like the sun. Yoongi helps him to shine and no matter how much he tries to reach him they are made for two different times, too different places unable to see, unable to meet.

He pulls the other tighter to his chest as he lays his head to sleep. Just two hours together. He hopes they dream good dreams because this is their only escape for the cruel world around them.





“leave my house, already.” namjoon exclaims, trying his littlest to push Jin out the door of his study. The older man has a lazy smile on his lips, It makes namjoon a little more upset. “leave hyung, leave!”

“it doesn't seem like you want me gone though.”

“i do. All you do here is lazy around and not let me get to my work.” namjoon sighs, giving up on pushing the other. Jin turns to look at him, his smile morphing to a smirk. “you don't mean it”

“i do and stop looking at me so seductively, I remember I am the Incubus here not you.” namjoon replies walking back into the room.

“what does that have to do with anything?” Jin asks following him.

“everything? jin. Are you having an identity crisis or what?” namjoon throws a question back.

“i am so lost”

“i am too” namjoon sighs “sorry. I am blabbering again. I need to work Jin so it's either you seat somewhere quietly or you leave.” he settles down on his chair again, pulling himself closer to the desk. Jin seats on the couch watching him as he starts to go through his work.

“dont you need to feed?” Jin breaks the silence half an hour later. Namjoon can't even lie to himself that he doesn't know why the other has been patiently waiting around. Namjoon understands why he hangs around under the name of helping him feed. Namjoon understands that Jin gets lonely sometimes and needs to be held, namjoon knows Jin is selfish too, he also knows that the other is only coming here because namjoon is probably the only one that can hold him the way he wants with no actual emotions attached. Namjoon knows a lot of things, he also knows that one of the things stated above is a lie.

“i was planning on heading out later” he answers not even looking up. He hates lying. He hasn't really fed in a while, he can't really get over the way a particular person's hands feels on his skin. He knows he is foolish because he did this to himself he could have just watched from afar, he could have just watched him shine so bright from across room and would have never touched him but here he is now, starving and aching because he knows everything about this person isn't good yet he wants him, he wants everything from the way he holds him when they are together to the way his bitter taste remains in namjoon's system, how the thought of him has built a camp in his head.

Jin remains quiet until namjoon looks up at him.“i am right here, joon. I have told you if need me I will help.”

“are you—” namjoon stops, shaking his head. He had wanted to ask if Jin was just using everything as an excuse but even if he is trying to stop himself from sleeping with him, he shouldn't chase him away with his thoughts.

“what?” Jin asks, curiosity resting on his face. Namjoon shakes his head, getting up from where he is seated. “its nothing.” he let's his regular self get pushed down by instincts, his true form taking over in it's stead. He straddles the other, closing his eyes shut for a second just to inhale the smallest smell of Jin's arousal, sour like lime. Namjoon might just want to drown in it. When he opens his eyes they meet with Jin's blank ones. It has him wondering if they would ever show the tiniest hint of emotions.

He pushes his thoughts away when he leans in closer to the other. “i can always use you right?” he whispers, slowly keeping his emotions far away from actions. Jin hums, his warm hands already finding their way to his waist. He isn't going to think about it, he isn't going to think of the way his touches linger. He is not going to think. Jin pulls his face closer to latch lips, the kiss slow and warm, almost intimate. namjoon snakes his hands through his soft curls, tugging a little at his hair. Jin hums again, lining his tongue over namjoon's lips to ask for entry, namjoon almost allows him when Jin's phone vibrates. At first, it's short buzzes like text messages but then his phone actually starts to ring, his cheesy ring tone filling the room.

Namjoon pulls back, snapping out of his hazy. He feels dizzy, almost nauseous from the energy radiating from Jin as normal. He tries to slide off him when Jin reaches to pull his phone out of his pocket but before he can, the god gets hold of one his wrist holding him there. Both the frowns on their faces mirror each another. Jin picks up the call and even namjoon can hear taehyung yelling something to the other. For someone who might have almost died two ago, he sounds so alive. Namjoon uses Jin's divided attention to pry off the half ass grip on his wrist, the other doesn't even really notice. He heads back to his side of his room, sits on his chair, lols his head back, eyes shut before he let's out a sigh, his head still spinning.

It's enough, that little should be enough. Feeding even the littlest from jin has always been more than enough, Jin is a god after all even though he is been compressed into that tiny shell of a human, his emotions and reaction, including his arousal are as grand as if he still lived in the skies

“i have to go” Jin finally says to him after the conversation namjoon wasn't paying attention to ended. The other towers over him but he doesn't bother to open his eyes. “yeah sure. It means I can finally get to work again.”

“maybe we can continue this some other time?”

“sure” never he tells himself but he knows he is lying. He knows he is still going to starve himself right back into the other's arms. Jin leaves the house without another word while namjoon finally opens his eyes staring at the corners of his study. He blinks a couple of times. He really might never be enough

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Taehyung crosses his legs as he waits for Jin to step back into the house. He can smell the other's strong scent lingering already. He stares at the wall in front of him, the house completely quiet expect from mumbling coming from the jimin's room. The other vampire hasn't spoken a single word to taehyung since he insisted on getting out of bed and getting to work. Yoongi's potion had done it's magic and he fine now, completely fine, he guess.

He let's out a sigh, stretching his arms above his head even though it leaves stings down his chests where his injuries have almost completely healed. He hears keys rattling at the front door before it opens. Jin taking off his coat and shoes resound loudly in the quiet house. “why are you up?” he asks as he strolls slowly into the living room, his eyes not leaving the other's face. Taehyung looks away. “where you always off to hyung?” he counters, pushing the question aside. A lot of things have been going through his mind, well, they clouded his mind. He has to blame someone, he just has too

“somewhere” Jin answers, taking a seat beside him. “what's wrong?”

Taehyung sighs again in frustration. His scalp itches but he knows once he starts he wouldn't stop till he bleeds. “i almost drained jungkook” he rattles, pulling his eyes down to stare at his laps. “it wasn't intentional”

Jin hums, stretching his legs. “you know you shouldn't have.” is all he says, extending his arm to hold one of the vampire's thighs. Taehyung stares at the long fingers wrapped around his lap, they look so good on his silk pants. It reminds taehyung of the things the both of them had been up to a century ago.

“i…you can't blame me for this” he counters, preying the other's finger off him. Jin squeezes his face in confusion. “then who should I blame, tae?” the man's voice have both soft and hard undertones. Taehyung swallows, actually feeling like a little kid. Who is he meant to blame? He already hates himself for not being able to control his thirst even after all this years but he also blames every single one of them in the house at the moment. He blames Jin for leaving in the first place. He blames jimin for not tell Jungkook that he didn't have to actually be in the room with him and he blames the stupid human for offering himself up. He blames everyone. “no one” he mutters.

“you were going to say something, taehyung, so you better spit it out” Jin says harshly, which is common when he wants the vampire to say his actual thoughts.

“its fine hyung”

“speak to me. You always have something going on in your head but you never talk.” Jin sounds on the verge of snapping. “you know I was actually busy, right? You called complaining and screaming at me for leaving like didn't let you guys know I am or like I don't have my own life and plans.”

“busy doing what?” he asks again.

“that's none of your business. Get your shit together, tae then maybe we can talk, yeah?” then he is up, letting out a yawn. Taehyung watches him walk to his room. He knows. Jin definitely knows what he is thinking, who he's blaming. “if you need me, I will be getting the videos of myself on the Internet deleted and also trying to figure out how to find who ever took the video in the first place.” he reaches his door, turning around, a small wary smile on his lips. “rest well.”

By noon they all settle at the dinning table, the smallest amount of words passing between them all. Taehyung takes his meal in the juice box today just to be on the clear side. They almost seem like statues with only their hands moving to feed. Taehyung tries to not whine at the awkwardness. Jimin hasn't said a single word to him all day and he only came to see the human at the table. Jungkook seems perfectly fine, even better.

A piece of cutlery drops down on the fine China drawing everyone's attention to who did it. “about yesterday—” Jungkook opens his mouth to say and taehyung is dreading it already. “are we not going to talk about all the things that happened? Or would you all rather dust it under the rug” he leans back folding his arms in all seriousness. Jin chuckles, dropping his fork too. “this isn't my story to tell” he let's out, a look of amusement gracing his face.

Taehyung looks up at jimin who is sitting across from him, the other looks away. “its not my story to tell either” he mumbles. Taehyung swallows. “come on. use your words, tae” Jin teases. “go ahead.”

Taehyung leans back. “its not that important”

“it is if you were bleeding out on the carpets the night before” Jungkook objects, plain worry showing on his face.

“its nothing serious. we found a den, I was careless and I almost got killed.” he rushes through before putting the straw to his mouth taking a long sip. Jungkook doesn't look satisfied but taehyung can see jimin nudge him in the ribs, probably telling to not push it.

“that's not all that happened yesterday though” Jin suddenly adds, not hiding his smile any longer. “i am right, Jungkook?” the human flushes red at the call of his name. “honestly, what were you thinking?” he finishes with a hint of seriousness. Taehyung would like to ask that question too. Jungkook lowers his eyes, his mouth sealed shut. “come on, Jungkook. What happened? Did he seduce you or anything?” jimin finally speaks, his eyes planted on the other vampire in the room. Taehyung matches the glare, quite upset that the other still doesn't want to believe him.

“he didn't.” Jungkook says. “i offered to let him”

“exactly.” taehyung exclaims. “why would I seduce him. It's not like I am attracted to the human or anything”

“i have a fucking name” Jungkook snaps and Jin let's out a wow, his eyes wide with excitement.

“i am really aware.” he answers steadily, looking at the human with no hint of interest.

“i can't believe I let you drink from me”

“well. That's your fault” taehyung throws back, taking a sip out of his second box, he needs more than normal if he is going to heal well and fast. Something hits his head, it feels wet and when it falls to the table, it turns out to be a squeezed juice. He looks up at jimin, a growl rising from his throat. “what the fuck was that for?” he sneers as he wipes off the blood on his forehead.

“apologise to him for fuck's sake” Jimin has an unsettling look on his face. “you almost killed him yesterday.”

“like I said it's hi—” before he can finish his sentence jimin is at his side of the table, holding taehyung up by his collar. The older vampire smirks. “why are you getting all defense about him, jimin-ah. He is just a living blood bag”. Taehyung can hear the younger one growl within, even the hands holding him up tightens but taehyung can't help himself but laugh because he knows, they all know (well except Jungkook) that he could get out of his grip but he rather entertain jimin's baseless anger.

“enough” Jin pops out of no where, tapping on jimin's hand like a little child who wouldn't let go of something. He sounds bored as he repeats the same word again. “enough of this fight honestly” he continues once jimin let's go. “and you guys wonder why I never stay at home. Now, let's all sit back down. you are scaring jungkook.” then he slumps back into his chair, glaring at both of them. The vampires take their seat because they know not to mess with him. Fighting with Jin is like fighting with death. Taehyung can't really explain it but you will have a lot to lose and he always has none.

Taehyung doesn't look up at Jungkook when he sits back down. Jin coughs. “ since none of you idiots are going to be civilized about anything that goes on in this house, I will fix it all up as always.” he sticks a piece of his dinner in his mouth and only continues after he is done swallowing. “firstly, taehyung to will have to make it up to Jungkook in what ever way he sees fit. Like a payment for making him almost witness death” he stares at the vampire untill he succumbs, nodding. “and jimin. I heard from Yoongi and I really don't know what to say but you have to not take what ever is going on with you out on taehyung. He has his own problems and you—” his eyes go to Jungkook who has been eating silently. He stops with the fork half way to his mouth. “you go back to school from next week. We can't have them thinking you are missing. Don't worry. Jimin can go back with you and play University students or whatever.” he paused and takes a deep breath. “any objections?” he asks but it sounds like he actually left no room for it. “its settled then”.

That's how taehyung finds himself driving a really quiet Jungkook to see a new movie the next two day. He tried to push it back a bit but jimin had said Yoongi confirmed he was okay enough to move around.

Jungkook had not said a single word to him since that time at the table, it was even Jin who came to inform him of what Jungkook wanted. “is there anything else you want to do after this?” he asks as he turns into another street. Jungkook doesn't utter a word as he stares out the window. “jungkook?” he calls to him, sparing the other a quick glance. “yeah?” he mutters still not looking at him.

Taehyung rolls his eyes. “i asked if there is anything where else you would like to go to after the movie”. The other shrugs. “i dunno”. The vampire rubs the back of his neck, uncomfortable with the atmosphere. “look, jungkook. I am sorry for acting the way I did. I am also sorry for almost killing you when you were being nice enough to let me feed on you.” he doesn't get a response and it leaves him unsettled. He tries to concentrate on the road, pulling into the parking lot of the cinema.

They both go inside, barely arguing about the movie to watch. They end up seeing a horror movie that Jungkook picked but luckily taehyung has been eyeing it for a while.

The room is slightly filled. Taehyung stops breathing, though he can control himself, there are way too many smells cramped up in the room, it would actually make him sick. It's takes till half of the movie for taehyung to come to the conclusion that it isn't all that. The graphics are off, it has the same cliche plot line and the jump scares make him laugh but he can't say the same for the human beside him. Taehyung can hear Jungkook pulse quicken, he can ever hear his heart pound. It's amusing really. He tears his eyes away from the screen to look down at the boy, he is still watching but discomfort and fear seeps out of him. “you don't seem to like horror movies” he moves in to whisper causing Jungkook to jolt a little. “stop that” he hisses, not giving taehyung even a little glance. “don't distract me”.

“i am not going anything” taehyung looks away, putting his attention on the bowl of popcorn between them. He picks one of the popcorns, staring at it as he tries to remember how it tastes like. He pops it into his mouth only to spit the sour tasting thing out immediately.

“don't do it, don't do it, girl!” Jungkook starts to warn. “don't open the door, you fool”

“you know she can't hear you” taehyung adds. “shut it” Jungkook responds with all seriousness. “i know that.” Besides his warning the girl still opens the eerily looking door and gets pulled in by the creatures behind it. Jungkook shrieks at the jump scare, the box of popcorn flying about. Taehyung just watches with curiosity. The vampire tries to concentrate on the screen while giving half of his attention to jungkook's rambling, it actually made watching the movie some sort of interest.

The film goes on, taking good use of it's one and a half hour and the next time there is something scary jumps at them on the screen a arm is wrapped around his, a head pressed to his collar bone. Caught off guard taehyung takes in a deep breath and everything smells so sweet, intoxicating even. “jungkook…” he calls to the other pressing hard on to his arm. “the scene is over” endearing. the word slips into taehyung's head when the other looks up at him, he watches his cheeks tint in the dim light room before meeting his eyes. His eyes. Taehyung hasn't actually looked into them before. They hide nothing, showing you exactly what he is feeling at the moment.

The human pulls away and mumbles a sorry. Taehyung doesn't respond, looking down at the spot on his arm where Jungkook had head rest for a few minutes. He wouldn't mind if he does it again. He also doesn't mind if he could look inside those brown eyes again too, they were telling him something and he hasn't caught on yet.

When the movie ends, people bustle out. They both wait not uttering a single word to each other. Once there is no one left there taehyung starts to talk. “what else do you want to do Jungkook?”

“i don't know”

“dinner then?” taehyung suggest, getting up. “i know a place you might like.”

Jungkook scoffs when taehyung pulls into the parking lot of the closest seven/eleven store. “what?” taehyung asks, genuinely curious. Jungkook squeezes his face in disbelief before getting out of the car, taehyung following right after him. He walks through the aisles with Jungkook watching him fill the basket he is holding. “are you not going to tell me what's up?” he asks leaning over the human's shoulder to watch him place two different types of ramen in the basket.

“its nothing” he answers moving down to the next aisle. He picks a few more things before heading to the cashier, looking back at the vampire so he did pay. The cashier rounds the figures and places the goods in bags. Taehyung pays for it while placing the pack of batteries he had come here for. He helps Jungkook with some of the bags, putting everything in the back while Jungkook climbs in.

“i didn't know you eat that much junk” taehyung tries to make up a conversation.

“that's because you don't me” Jungkook retorts and taehyung hums in agreement. “but why so much though. we still have to have dinner.”

“dinner?” Jungkook turns to him confused. “i thought this was dinner”. This almost makes taehyung stop the car. He looks at the boy's face, the expression pulling out a laugh from him. “why would I take you to a seven/eleven outlet for an apology dinner?”

“because its you and I am below your feet and just a scummy living blood bag.” he blurts. It wipes the smile off taehyung's face as he takes in the other's pained expression. “hey, jungkook. I was just joking, okay? and besides I just used that to get on jimin's nerves”

“at my own expenses?” Jungkook throws. “very mature of you.”

Taehyung looks ahead then, tapping the steering wheel according to the slow temp music playing. He really doesn't know what to say back. He stirs a little on his seat, trying hard to not look at him again.

“have you… have you heard anything about my brother?” it reaches taehyung as a whisper, the grip on the steering wheel tightens. “no. Not yet. I have people working on it”. Jungkook hums. “i am sorry it's taking so long”. To be truthful taehyung had forgotten all about the boy's brother and it makes him feel terrible.

“it's okay.” but it's not.


He pulls into a classy restaurant, Jungkook hums again when he reads the name of the place. “i am not dressed up for this”.

“same here” he responds “but does it matter?”

“lets go to a fast food place, please” Jungkook suddenly requests. Taehyung looks at him, the latter looks more sunken into himself, his expression blank. “hey... it's okay really.”

“let's go. Honestly, I rather have a burger and I saw you spit out the popcorn so it's obvious you can't eat food so yeah, I am not going in to that place to either watch you watch me eat or watch you gag on human food.” Taehyung starts the engine again, letting out a sigh, he really doesn't get him. They go to the closest drive thru buy the food and head home.

He listens to him eat quietly. In his head he wonders what the other is thinking. He scratches his scalp. He is also worried because even though he doesn't want to admit it, Jungkook does have an effect on him. That's what happened to him two days ago, once the human's warm blood touched his tongue he really couldn't get enough. It was like his first year again, the crave and itch didn't stop, It was like he wanted to melt into him, like he wanted to merge them together as one. He lost control and didn't notice until jimin had called his name.

Jungkook is dangerous. Jungkook has to be dangerous for him.

“can I ask a question?” Jungkook disrupts his thoughts.

“you just did” the human turns to look at him, the burger wrap squeezed into a ball. “really?” he says before letting out a sarcastic laughing. “you are really doing that?”

“sorry, forced habit” he gives a small smile, glancing at him for a second before looking back at the road. “go on what's the question?”

“never mind” he mumbles, looking away again.

“jungkook. Come on, tell me. I am just trying to be friends” what the hell is he doing?

“why?” the other response, turning to him again. Taehyung shrugs, “you heard both jimin and jin. I have to make it up to you and be friends”. Jungkook scoffs “so it's not because you want to then? It's just because they are making you?” taehyung blinks a couple of time but doesn't respond at all. “i thought so.”

The human doesn't utter another word even after they enter the house. Jin sits on the couch watching a show while taehyung knows jimin isn't in the house. Jungkook says a quick greeting to Jin before heading to the room.

“what did you do to him this time?” Jin asks the vampire though he still has his eyes on the television. “nothing really. I am actually kind of confused” taehyung answers taking a seat beside him. Jin scoots closer. “you probably said something, tae. You need to get your head out of your ass not everyone will be like him so lower your defense and nasty remarks a little, hm?” he holds his hand, a small smile resting on his warm features. Something shifts inside taehyung, lord knows when last they acknowledged he existed. Lord knows how long he has tried to forget about him.

“you should probably have a meal. You had a long day.” Jin suggests, squeezing his hand tight. It's comforting, this little gesture takes away his thoughts and the vampire is thankful. Taehyung can't exactly remember when Jin came into their lives, it's more like he has always been there, always helping and putting them back together even before the fall. He gets up to get two boxes, sitting back down to cuddle with Jin. The other puts his hand through his hair, pressing his finger down on his scalp while he eats. Taehyung sighs, pulling closer, taking deep breathes of his dull, strong, homely scent. Reassuring.



“you did not have to kill him, you know” Jin tells him, his pipe leaning out of his mouth, the smoke raising to the sky. He is dressed in the finest hanbok the fledgling has ever seen. Taehyung nods, his face is cover in warm blood, his eyes bright red. Jin frowns at him, a small sigh leaving his mouth as the vampire drops the limp body on the floor. There are two more there, two Jin had stolen from the closest village. “give it a try one more time.” he instructs, watching the vampire stalk towards the panicked, wide eyed girl. Her muffled screams fill the room but taehyung can't hear it, his skin tingles at the thought of feeling her warm velvety blood on his tongue. He pulls her closer, his fangs glistening with blood in the moon light.

“look at her face, taehyung” Jin instructs over the screams. Taehyung does ad he told, scanning the human's face. She is crying now but it doesn't move him, he just stares on trying to feel the emotions Jin talks about, trying to see the young girl as someone not a simple meal.

He sinks his teeth into her neck, trying to control himself as the blood touches his tongue. Just a quarter he tells himself. Just a quarter. But what exactly is a quarter? He feels the grip the woman has on his cloth loosen, her hand falling at her side. He brings his head up, staring down at her paling body. “i failed again” he tells Jin, tossing the body aside. The older tuts at him, “then you just have to try once more.”

Taehyung nods as he walks towards the last person, his nose flares at the sweet smell coming from him, he can't hear the cry or pleads, he only hears the blood running through his veins. “i guess I will just keep trying”

Taehyung sees them again. He sees all those faces, all those eyes that he had drained life out of. They point at him in his dreams, they point, accuse and laugh. They tell him how doomed he is, how he will never truly be happy.



The vampire takes in a deep breath, shaking awake. Jin's fingers still remain in his hair. “its okay. you just had a nightmare is all” the other remains looking straight ahead. “i am here, okay?”

Taehyung squeezes the blanket covering him, his heart still beating fast. He chants in his head that it is only a dream yet when he opens his eyes he still sees their faces, still hears their voices.

“you will be okay.”


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Jungkook twirls around the drink in his mouth with his tongue. Its his third can and he still has a pack or two left. He tries hard to concentrate on the video game he is playing on his phone but his mind drifts a little back to the car trip. They haven't found anything yet, nobody knows where his brother is and even all the texts he has been sending have been left unanswered.

He grunts when his character loses, exiting the game. He checks the time to see it's a little past noon which means that it's likely that everyone is supposed to be asleep in the house. He gets up and tip toes out of the room he partially shares with jimin. He needs a bottle of water and that's really the only thing he doesn't have in his room.

As normal, the living room is pitch dark, the black out curtains doing an excellent job by hiding the sun away from the inside. Jungkook has to maneuver his way through the darkness. “looking for something?” the voice asks. Jungkook freezes at the sound, looking for where it came from. He meets eyes with the vampire laying on the couch, half his face cover with the big fluffy blanket, leaving only the eyes Jungkook looks into. He looks away. “i just need a bottle of water.” the vampire let's out a oh before closing his eyes shut.

Jungkook uses it as an opportunity to get himself the bottle and head back. “do you have time though?” taehyung asks all of a sudden. The human stops in his tracks, turning around. “time for what?”

“i dunno, I just want to talk, I guess.” he answers softly, his eyes still closed. Jungkook shifts his weight from one foot to another in consideration. “its okay if you don't want to”

“nah, I want to talk.” he says a little too eagerly, he wishes he could smack his mouth. “i was just remembering the last time we were together alone and you almost killed me”

“that wasn't the last time we were together alone” taehyung objects sitting up and turning on one of the decorative looking laps on a small stool beside him. Jungkook gawks at him. How exactly does he look this good with bed hair and sleep crust in his eyes. “jungkook?”

“yeah?… Yeah, it wasn't, it wasn't the last time” he blurts, jittery before taking a seat on the closest couch. He doesn't miss the little smile on taehyung's face.

“did you enjoy it though?” the vampire asks, putting his legs down from the couch. The change of position casts the warm light differently on his skin, Jungkook just looks, his supposed anger seeping away like always. “jungkook?” he calls again with a little laughter in his voice. The human's cheeks starts to tint. “oh yeah I did” he catches himself, looking away finally.

“but it didn't seem that way” taehyung states quietly. “it made me feel like I was doing something wrong. Was I?”

Jungkook looks up at him, purposely missing his eyes. “you didn't. It was fine. I was just angry at you.”


“i am still. You so fucking annoying, always being snappy and mean” Jungkook blurts, pinching the inside of his palm.

“i am sorry about that. I just have a lot of things going on. I get like that sometimes.” the vampire says, rubbing his hands over his face a few times. “i will try to get my head out of my ass”

Jungkook feels taken aback by his response. He then sighs. “it would do everyone good really.”

They shift into silence, taehyung picking at threads poking out of the blanket and Jungkook stares at his bottle of water then a thought crosses his mind. “how are your injuries?” he voices, remembering how the man had screamed that night.

“good. almost completely healed. You wanna see?” he asks, a small smile on his face and Jungkook nods. The older man pulls his shirt over his head, exposing stretches of tanned skin. Jungkook gets up and moves to the chair he is seated on. There little scars about, barely there, almost fading away. Jungkook looks at the places taehyung points at. They are all closed up and healed. His fingers hover around them, tempted to touch him but he doesn't, putting his hand on his lap, squeezing tight to stop himself. “they are healing well.” he comments, leaning away from him. Bad idea. Bad idea. Definitely a bad idea.

“yes, they have and it's all thanks to you really” the vampire doesn't make any move to put his shirt back on. Jungkook shifts in his seat, trying to not put his eyes back there. “what do I have to do with it?” he asks, his curiosity quipped. Taehyung shrugs. “i don't know. There's just something about fresh warm blood that helps the healing process.” then leans closer. “i didn't tell you anything but the boxes of blood we drink is ninety five percent pig's blood and five percent human.”

Jungkook stares at him with wide eyes. He is so up close. How is he so beautiful? “why are you telling me that though?”

“nothing” the older smiles. “just telling you that we barely actually drink human blood so you don't have be all bothered” he leans away.

Jungkook rubs the back of his ear, feeling awkward. “what does blood taste like to you?” he blurts, his voice filling the room. He can't look at the vampire because he scared of the expression his face would carry.

“ pig's blood? human blood? or yours Specifically?” taehyung offers with a hushed voice probably to show that the human has to tone it down a little. Jungkook contemplates for almost a minute. “mine”

“why did you take so long to answer?” he chuckles, Jungkook squeezes his face in pretense as he watches the other let out the little laugh. “i wasn't sure of which one I wanted to know" he mumbles

“i can bet you had thought yours first but still if you asked me to answer all of them I would.”

“then do”

Taehyung doesn't respond he just smiles, leaning his back against the couch. The movement draws Jungkook back to his chest and he wonders how it would feel to have his lips on taehyung's skin. He wonders if it would feel warm or cold, he aches to know.

“well, pig's blood tastes like bland liquid, like tasteless and almost sour but in a good way. It's not the best but it does the job so we take it like that—” taehyung starts, drawing him out of his thirsty thoughts. “okay, it doesn't really do it's work” he changes his statement. “it more like it keeps us from getting hungry but doesn't help with our abilities like human blood does.”


“yeah Like, hm… it makes us stronger, better speed, agility and all that. It even makes the healing faster and stuff.” taehyung answers the questions with his eyebrows furrowed in concentration

“and is that all human blood does?”

“yeah. Feed us, make us stronger and it's pretty tasty.” Jungkook grimace at that. “sorry, if that made you uncomfortable but it is what it is. The taste of blood varies by people. I don't know why but it just that way.”

“and me? What did I taste like” the human asks softly, his eyes meeting taehyung's.

“sweet” taehyung starts. “too too sweet, like I was dumped in a large bowl of candy.” he seems closer, his eyes running around jungkook's face. “intoxicating too. Like I might never get enough of you” Jungkook hums when taehyung's fingers touch his cheek. “like I would always want a taste of you”. It's there again, the feeling that what ever taehyung is doing is right. That this is right. The vampire leans in closer, his head arched in away that if he moved a little bit closer he could leave a kiss or maybe a bite on jungkook's neck.

“taehyung!” jimin's voice erupts from one of the rooms causing the man to drop his hands immediately, what ever they had going on breaking into pieces.

“i am sorry.” taehyung say, again in a hushed voice. “i didn't meant to, honestly”

Jungkook stands up then, his legs a little shaky. “i… I should go to bed. Yeah. Good night then. It was nice talking and stuff” he rambles, his voice as shaky as his legs. He can feel his cheeks getting hot as he turns away, heading to his room.

How? How could he do that again? How could he be willing to let taehyung touch him after what he did the last time? How could he be willing to let him do it again?

Suddenly, Jungkook is pissed as he lays on the bed. He rounds up that taehyung still doesn't see him as someone, that taehyung doesn't recognize him and was only probably trying to get a drink again. The vampire must have been trying to seduce him. He definitely doesn't want to be friends. He is just food to him. Just food.

Jungkook feels stupid and his heart feels heavy in his chest. He unlocks his phone and check his messages to his brother. No response. What exactly was he thinking? Tears dance around in his eyes but he refuses to let them fall. He feels so lonely, so oddly alone or maybe he is just over thinking everything.




He is up again right after six in the evening courtesy of Jin who had woken him up for a meal, night time being the actual start of activities for the house hold.

Jungkook doesn't look up from his meal only stuffing his mouth with real food rather than the junk he has been at. Conversation passes over his head, the three other men discussing and arranging their duties for the evening. He spares a glance at taehyung's direction and is completely surprised that the other is staring at him with his soft brown eyes. Jungkook looks away.

“jungkook what's your plan for today?” the older vampire asks, trying to add him into the conversation. He raises his head, looking at the other occupants of the table. “uh, i dunno. Jimin is supposed to take me to that Yoongi guy for some reason apart from that I don't know.” taehyung nods at that, taking a long sip of his drink, his eyes still on the boy. The conversation continues as Jungkook continues to eat. He doesn't say another word or look up even though he knows he is being watched.



They take a night bus to yoongi's place because though there is a car left jimin can't drive and Jungkook doesn't have a license yet. The supposed witch's house is at a complete different district, Jungkook doesn't know why but he feels antsy about it or maybe it's just the mood jimin is in, always on edge and snappy. He can't exactly remember the last time the vampire had smiled since he had moved in. It makes Jungkook think it's all his fault and he feels really sorry. He leans in closer to the other and holds his hand tight once they get off the bus. Jimin looks down at their entwined fingers before looking up to meet jungkook's eyes with an obviously forced smile. Jungkook tries to read him but jimin doesn't let him, leading him towards a mustard yellow shop.

The inside is in complete contrast from the outside. There a plants everywhere, the green covering most of the unpainted walls. The furniture made purely from polished wood, chymes and dream catchers hanging from the roof at corners, tapestry on the walls. Jungkook can't really tell what they are going for but in some way it manages to blend in perfectly. There are little bookshelves separating a roll of tables a total of twelve from each other and people just pick from it as they sip their beverages or eat their confectioneries. Then at another corner there are people listening to other people perform under blue light. He wonders how this Yoongi guy managed to stuff everything in here without it being so clustered, he concludes that it's probably just magic. It has to be.

Jungkook stands in awe at how full the place is even with the sun down. Jimin pulls him towards a corridor at the back. It leads to a door which they go through and right after lays a flight of stairs. They take it by twos reaching the top really quickly.

The house above is absolutely stunning, charms dangling around and shelves and shelves of plants growing all over. Jungkook doesn't have enough time to look at every single thing, a new one fascinating him immediately as his eyes land on it.

“hyung?!” jimin calls out. “hyung! I know you are home so come out already.”

It's the red head that comes out first a small smile on his face. “hey, jimin” he waves and the vampire waves back in a less friendly way. “yoongi is busy at the back so if you want to see him, can you wait a little?”

Jimin nods, staring sharply at the corridor he had just walk through. Jungkook shifts his weight from one foot to the other, fully aware of the tension in the room. The red head looks pass jimin and gives Jungkook a bigger smile. “jungkook, right?” he asks moving closer. The human nods. “we haven't properly met. I am Hoseok” he extends his hand for a shake which Jungkook takes.

It's cold. His hand is cold like the ocean in the morning. It makes Jungkook almost want to shiver. He looks down at the hands together then up at Hoseok again. Odd. Looking at him he suddenly feels better, he isn't that bothered about the cold hands anymore. It's almost like Hoseok's smile warmed him up. Hoseok is warm. Jungkook smiles at him. “nice to meet you” he says only to watch the other's smile brighten.

“so would you like anything? I mean we can go downstairs and I could make you something” he offers before looking back at jimin who's watching them. “if you don't mind jimin-ssi” he throws the question to the vampire. Jimin shrugs absentmindedly, his face as hard as ever. Hoseok nods, ushering Jungkook down the stairs again.

“so what can I get for you?” he asks after Jungkook had spent a few minutes staring at the menu. They are both sitting across from each other on the table closest to the counter.

Expensive. Everything on the menu is a little bit too expensive or something he doesn't like and besides that, Jungkook doesn't even have any money on him. “i don't know hoseok-ssi. To be honest, my pockets are empty”

Hoseok laughs at that, all warm and hearty. “i wasn't planning on making you pay in the first place.”

“oh, no. I can't” he really can't take free stuff anymore. It's making him feel really bad. “i really don't need to take anything and besides it would be unfair to the other customers.”

“they are all gone. Jungkook” the red head informs him.

“no, they aren't.” Jungkook protests, looking over his shoulder to peek at the few costumers left. Hoseok gives him a small smile. “i assure you that none of them are eating human food and besides I have all this baked goods left and no one to eat them, jungkook.”

“i really shouldn't.” he tries to protest again.

“you really should.” another voice adds from his side and when he turns one of the people Jungkook had seen at taehyung's house slips in one of the seats. “Hoseok really doesn't like people rejecting his bake goods” he air quotes at the last two words. “i go scot-free only because i can't eat human food.” Hoseok smacks the man, a lazy grin stretching his lips. “stop making it seem like I chain people and shove food down their throat”

“i never said that but it seems likely” the vampire smiles, leaning back in his chair. Hoseok hits him again before he stands up, excusing himself to get the snacks, taking jungkook's quietness as submission.

“you probably don't know my name, do you?” the vampire speaks right after. Jungkook shakes his head feeling really uncomfortable. “jae” he says and Jungkook nods again.

“how are you holding up? You know your brother and all that?”

“good? I am okay, i guess.”

“i am back” Hoseok exclaims as he walks towards them, a plate in one hand. He places it down in front of Jungkook before taking a seat. “what where you both talking about?”

“nothing” jae says while Jungkook mumbles a thank you while he picks up his fork. On the plate is a moist looking chocolate cake. Jungkook doesn't really like cake but he eats it either way. He watches the vampire, his blonde hair making him look more pale, almost paper white. He has on this round looking glasses that remind Jungkook of something he can't pin point. Yet, Jungkook doesn't know why but he doesn't like this jae person. He feels like the other feels the same way too. He doesn't know about Hoseok but he isn't letting off any bad vibes.

“and why are you here?” Jungkook hears Hoseok ask the other as he tunes into the conversation.

“i came to get jimin actually. he is kind of needed at the moment.”

“oh. He is upstair with yoongi. They have something to settle.” Hoseok answers.

“is it that serious? Yoongi has the sound proof spell up.” jae preys but only receives a nod from the other. Jungkook watches the both of them converse back and forth, he feels like he shouldn't be listening in on any of it then he thinks to himself that if they didn't want him to hear they wouldn't be saying it in front of him.

He leans back in his chair once he has eaten half of the cake. It was surprisingly good. He is full and feeling heavy, his eyes dropping at the sound of the soft jazz music playing and the chatter going on before him. He sighs inwardly, looking around to see how the shop has emptied out and how the sky is turning brighter behind the wide windows.

Jungkook's vision blurs. He is dozing off. He tries to wake himself up by blinking a couple of times but it's no use, his sleeping pattern completely messed up. His head resting on his shoulder, back completely pressed to the chair, he sleeps. He can still hear some of the things they speak of and at one point he also hears jimin come down the stairs. When his friend touches his cheek he is fully awake. Jimin taps him, a wary smile on the vampire's face when Jungkook opens his eyes. The other explains to him that he needs to have a conversation with yoongi and that Hoseok would take him home afterwards since he has to leave with jae.

Jimin waves him good bye as he climbs the stairs. Jungkook doesn't wave back. He doesn't feel like it.



The house is empty when Jungkook walks in, both Jin and Taehyung out too. He heads to his room first, well jimin's room. He cleans up the mess he left the night before stuffing the wrappers and cans into the nylon bags before settling to fold both the clothes Jin had lent him and jimin's. He hums while making the room more tidy, occupying his hands so he doesn't have to think too much. There is too much to think about.

He hates been here. He doesn't want to acknowledge the thought but it's there, right at the bottom of all his other thoughts. He hates waking up each day, feeding off them and acting so lost. He feels like a fucking burden, he knows he is. He just threw himself at them, asking for help when they had other things to worry about, for example trying to stay alive. Seeing taehyung like that had been a wake up call. They have their own shit to deal with and that's why he let the vampire feed on him even though he has only ever been mean to him.

He thinks he understands Taehyung, well not him but most of his actions. Jungkook thinks that he would act that way too if he was given an extra person to take care of, not even a person that could fend for himself but a mere human or a wacky hunter that doesn't know what he is if what that witch is saying is right.

He needs to go back home someday. He needs to but just the thought of it makes him nauseous. What if he sees something they had missed this is unlikely and he knows it but he is still scared out of his mind.

His phone buzzes from where he had dropped it on the bed. Jungkook ignores it only for it to buzz again. He picks it up and he can't believe his eyes. There are two messages from his brother. His brother has finally responded.

Where are you?

You need to come home. I need to see you.

Jungkook stares at the messages for a minute contemplating whether to respond or not. He decides to call but it just rings beforebbeing cut off. Another text comes in.

Don't call, I can't receive it. it's dangerous. 

Jungkook stares at his phone, his heart sinking to his stomach. It seems so fake, it seems like a very obvious trap which makes him think that they actually can't be that stupid. It makes him think that his brother is probably waiting for him back at their house.

I'm coming. Hold on

Before he leaves he picks up jimin's sticky notes and scribbles on three different papers sticking one on the fridge, one the shoe rack and then the television so if they missed one they would see the other.

Gone home. Brother texted. If I don't come in contact with any of you by noon, come find me, yeah?

He has to laugh. He could just call them to come with but if yoongi is right, if he is a hunter it means his brother is one too and it wouldn't be the cutest thing to bring a bunch of vampires over after what he has been through.

Jungkook knows he is going regret it. He just knows but he also knows that wasting more time like he did before might be fatal again and he can't handle it. He wouldn't be able to.

He might not need to come back here, he might never need to be burden to them again, he thought as he climbed down the stairs with speed. He is going to do something right, he tells himself as he feels the edge of his pocket knife on his thigh. He is definitely going to.

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Earlier that day.

Namjoon shakes himself awake. He had fallen asleep on a chair, his coffee cold. It's well into the afternoon and it's really obvious that the person he had spent the night with had left.

Tasteless. Almost dull.

He stretches, his mind already wandering back to the night with the stranger. Just some random he found at a club. He had in someway managed to lure him back home even though he hadn't been on his A-game for a while now. He had starved, his body tingling and hurting from within. Jin didn't come to see him. He didn't even call.

He is a fool. He had seen this before somewhere, when an incubus marks up a person it would never be the same again, the human continues life not knowing if not told but for the Incubus, it will never be the same again. Everything changes.

Tasteless. Almost dull.

He can't feed anymore if everything doesn't taste as good, if everyone is not him. He rubs his hands over his face hard. What the hell did he do? He doesn't know. He doesn't know anymore, he is craving, he wants the god all to himself he knows, he just knows it's not the same for the other. He knows yet he still dials his number, listening to it ring. Jin doesn't pick up and namjoon doesn't wait for it to lead to the other's voice mail.

He sighs, rotating his neck continuously until he hears the crack. He has work and can't ponder on stupid things like desire and love.

Does he love him?

Namjoon always wonders, he always wonders if he is in love with Jin or just the taste of the pleasure he gives. He wonders about it a lot but never ponders on it long enough to give himself answers because maybe he doesn't want to know, maybe he never wants to know.

He stands, trying to get himself ready for night duty. His eyes land on his bed, a piece of paper laying on it. Namjoon sighs, he doesn't want to remember what he had done yesterday, he doesn't want to think about how he burst into tears in the hands of a stranger.

Thanks for yesterday. It was nice. I hope you get over whatever you are going through.

- S


Namjoon squeezes the note into a ball throwing it into the dustbin, more concerned about where the fuck the guy had torn the paper from.

Yesterday was shitty and at night it had spiralled down by a hundred. At first he thought he could do it. He thought he could hold this other man like he had done with others a million times before, he thought he could feed off him and be fine but the taste was overwhelming in a really bad way and he just couldn't get that damn god out of his head. His stomach had hurt as he fed, like food poisoning, it grumbles with distaste and namjoon hated it just as much as he had already started hating himself.

He had cried, breaking in loud sobs that startled the man on top of him. If they could have listened well enough they could have heard the sound of his heart break just a little. They had had to stop for a few minutes, namjoon some how managing to laugh it off in his drunk state. They didn't do anything after that, the both of them too tired and drunk to pick it up again when namjoon calms down.

He is an idiot, he is going to starve,

And it's not even his choice anymore.




Yoongi pushes his hand through his hair multiple times. The amount of things jimin had told him are a little too much for him. How could the vampire even stand being around the human, how could he smile and laugh with him.

He hears footsteps coming up the stairs and he starts to push his thoughts away. It always been hard for him to keep a straight face when he has thoughts roaming his head.

The human steps into his room, a wary shy smile on his lips. “hi” he greets, taking the seat Yoongi points at. The witch sighs. “you know who I am right?” he starts watching the other. Jungkook nods. “good so we will skip the introduction” he picks up the enlarged pictures of the carvings all over the humans house showing it to him. “do you know what this is?” Jungkook squints, searching the picture with his eyes. A look of recognition crossing his face. “the decorative carvings in my house?” he asks back unsure of himself and it shows.

“who told you that?” Yoongi continues questioning, dropping the paper.

“my brother?”

Yoongi hums. “your older brother. What does he do for a living?”

“i am not to sure. He had a lot of jobs.” Jungkook answers looking tired and super uncomfortable.

“look, relax.” Yoongi say feeling a little empathetic towards him. He stands up, picking up one of the many mugs littered about. He opens up the cupboard closest to him and pulls out a small pouch filled with dry herbs. He puts a few spoon in, aware of the eyes on him as he works. He picks up the electric kettle sitting in a corner and makes him a cup of tea. The smell of peaches fill the room. He hands it to him, sitting back down. The younger looks down at the cup before taking a sip. He let's out an unconscious hum of satisfaction.

“what does it taste like?” Yoongi asks, looking down at the carvings again.

“like pineapples?”

“good. They smell like peaches to me. It means it works” Yoongi smiles to himself. He had created the bag of tea a while back when jimin was having repetitive nightmares and anxiety issues. The vampire had gagged, gave a bad review and had stopped drinking it. Yoongi figured that the herbs didn't blend the best with his magic. He then did an experiment. He made a spell that converted the taste of the tea to what ever flavour you like the most. He had no body to test it out with because jimin said he rather die than taste it again, both Jin and taehyung gave up on the tea life a while back, namjoon never visits and Hoseok would rather be found dead than to start drinking hot water and flavouring as he had said.

Jungkook has his eyebrows raised, confusion resting on his face but Yoongi ignores it, pushing the papers around. “jungkook” he starts, “honestly I don't want to bother you” which is true because he really doesn't want to do this but If he doesn't they wouldn't be able to get anything from him and he really just wants to see if it triggers some part of his memory back or at least the parts Yoongi had seen when they had met for the first time. The link is really weak between them but Yoongi can feel it. He can feel the blood of some of his ancestors shed to make his magic more powerful, well not his, more of his master's. “you said your family got killed in a fire?” the boy nods slowly, his eyes amazingly wide. “i know it's not the best thing to talk about but I need to know. Do you really not remember what happened?” he pushes.

“no.” Jungkook croaks, his hands holding the cup tightly. “just nightmares filled with fire, smoke and screams” he whispers and Yoongi nods. “thank you for being honest with me jungkook. Do you want to stop having those dreams?” Jungkook shakes his head. “no. It's fine. I want to remember. I don't want to forget what I have left of that day.”

Yoongi senses it. He can feel the urge of seeking revenge hanging around Jungkook at that moment. The fire and zeal for it dances in his eyes. Yoongi is tempted to touch his hair again. Not good. A lot of things could go wrong if Jungkook let it fully consume him. He is powerful. The hunter emitts a small amount of the grand magical power sealed in him with another spell Yoongi is familiar with but can't make sense of.

“so do you ever wonder why you aren't exactly phased by finding out about this other realm? You seem oddly calm about finding out vampires are real” yoongi starts again after a cough, pushing his thoughts away.

“no. I didn't put too much thought to it. I just figured that deep down somewhere I probably believed all this exists” the human answers, his eyes watching Yoongi carefully. The witch nods. “did you ever think you might just be from a line of hunters?” he throws.

“hunters?” Jungkook looks confused again.

“yeah. Hunters. humans that hunt down people like me, Hoseok, jimin and all others you met these days”

“i know what they are. I am asking why you think I am one.”

Yoongi sighs, sitting straight up. He explains the connections of the carvings in his house and on his knife. He tries his best to explain how his family line was one of the strongest clan of hunters ever, linked to a great witch who had exchanged power for blood and souls. Yoongi doesn't like to think about it but he did witness that frist hand. He simply told him that his family's witch died and they were massacred only and only a few survived which does include Jungkook's actual line of family. The human looks like he doesn't believe a word spoken but Yoongi is okay with that. He understands. He only hopes that the hunter allows him to lead him the right way, he hopes that he can harness the black magic in him into a purer form before it consumes him.

Jungkook drops the cup on the little table in front of him finally. “this is a lot to handle” he says almost to himself before chuckling. He then meets eyes with yoongi. “is that why they want to kill Junghyun? Is that why vampires came for him?”

Yoongi nods even though he had figured that the other's brother is definitely not dead. He can still feel two different auras of the same as the spells woven in the carvings, one stronger than the other. He hadn't been able to sense them until the night his heart glowed. Their auras had been hidden well. Junghyun is somewhere in town and he is going to pop out soon and something tells Yoongi that the boy's elder brother knows, he knows everything and might be coming for them.

“i need to get home. I need to think” jungkook says standing up. Yoongi does the same too. “hoseok will take you home. It's not safe for you to go around by yourself right now. some bad people can sense you” which is also his fault. He had spoken out the spell, activated something he doesn't know about and now that their link's there, the human's aura is more visible to those who can see it and that's a lot of dangerous, blood thristy people.

Jungkook nods not refusing, heading down the stairs first. Yoongi follows finally putting his hands in his hair again, pressing at his scalp.








“you need to calm down” Jin tries to reassure as the younger vampire paces the house. Jin had found the sticky notes cute but as for jimin not so much. Maybe it's because Jin sort of figured what Jungkook might be thinking and also they get to call in an hour or so. Jin remains unbothered, a small smile on his face as he watches the man pace. They are both waiting for taehyung to come back from his meeting with the rest of the council. They can't do anything unless he is with them. They can't make any stupid moves if no one is in danger.

He holds the smaller around his waist pulling him to a halt, their body flushed against each other. He kisses the nape of his neck, “calm down jimin” he says softer than before. The other goes limp in his embrace, leaning back into the warmth. “we will figure it out. he said he would call us so let's wait until he does”

“i am going to whoop his ass when we see him” jimin exclaims, a little of the tension slipping off his shoulders. “he is so fucking dumb.”

Jin chuckles. “i know” then he hums against the other's neck and he can tell jimin is smiling. “i miss this” he whispers, swaying along with him. Jimin nods a little. “me too.” Jin snakes his hand under his shirt and he giggles. “are you trying to distract me, hyung?”

“maybe” he responds, turning the other to face him with a quick motion. Jimin's eyes Immediately go half lidded, pressing his body closer to the other while his hands run up his chest to rest around Jin's neck. The older smiles down at him. Pretty. jimin is still as beautiful as he was since he had met him a few centuries back. He is stunning as ever and Jin still can't get enough of him.

Their lips meet softly, almost curiously, like they are tasting each other for the first time. Jin kisses him slowly, humming quietly at the taste of his lips, the lips he still wants touching his skin, leaving heated kisses everywhere.


“The minister has arrived, he has arrived” Jin hears them scream behind the door. He sighs, straighten his back some more, his hands claps behind his back. One more village and he is done for a long time. The door opens and Jin walks in with his shoulders held high. He hates the responsibilities of this job but he just has to stick with it if he wants to protect what he has.

He is greeted by many, their smiles almost blinding but definitely fake. Jin nods at their greetings, trying his best to keep the his own smile on his face.

It is almost like a festival, the little village showing him all the advantages they can bring to the government, boasting of their good trades so as to prevent Jin from cutting the funds coming from the government. Jin is not entertained by their ethnics, listening partially to what they have to say and smiling as little as he can.

The announcer pops up again after the noise quiets down. He praises the performers that had just left before he starts with the ones about to come up. Sword dancers. The word catches Jin attention. He had heard to them before, they were famous near and wide. The biggest pride of this village.

The music starts and jin's eyes start to dart around as he watches the dancers swiftly move to the middle of the center opening. They are dressed in the finest silk, their hair done up with the most beautiful ornaments. Jin watches the last young man walk across to stand in his position in the center. He bows his head to the minister, his eyes piercing and alluring. The music stops and starts again, the men moving with graceful steps, the one in the middle too fast, so fast that Jin can't catch his full facial features.

They twirl and spin, their knives clattering and shinning. Jin is fascinated. His eyes not leaving the center dancer for a second. The fluid movements of the man, entrance him, it leaves Jin wanting more even when the music stops and all is heard is their heavy panting.

Jin finds him later that night, dancing with a few others, his cheeks bright red from the rice wine and his clothes less appealing. The crowd quiets down, little sounds of curious mumbles rising instead as they clear a way for him. Jin stops in front to the boy, his head bowed down with respect. “your name?” he asks, the mumbles grow louder.

“jimin of the park house, sir” he answers and his voice is like the start of good delicate song played by the most skilled gayageum player. Jin grits his teeth. “raise your head” he instructs and jimin does as he is told, his eyes till carrying that same bright intense fire as before. Jin scans his face. Beautiful. A good mix of pureness and sins. “i just felt I needed to give a compliment of your skills personally. You did excellent” jimin bows his head again saying a thank you but before he does Jin doesn't miss his smile. He feels his heart sieze. He doesn't know why but he is drawn more towards him. He claps his hands behind his back, turning away, trying to control the fast beating of his heart and the blush creeping up his neck. He will see him again. He is sure of it.

That night as he discussed with the heads of the town, they ask him to speak of what ever he wants to take back with him. They must have heard the rumours, one of the many stories about the minister one of them being that though he is offered gifts and riches from the villages he visits, he never takes them. That's why he is sure that when he blurts out the young man's name without a blink they were all stunned and upset but Jin was set on it. He will not leave without him.

By morning, Jin has the young man accounted for as part of his entourage. The human says a tearful goodbye to his family, loved ones and friends but Jin can tell, he just can tell that this boy doesn't mind leaving.

As they start down the path leaving the city, Jin can't seem to contain his excitement. He wish he could get a message across to taehyung. He wish he could tell his only friend of the new addition to their family.



Jin pulls back a little, meeting jimin's eyes. Still as fierce as ever. It leaves him feeling a rush of nostalgia. He smiles down at him, leaving little pecks on his lips. He still feels the same way no matter how much they had changed over the years. He doesn't regret any of his decisions and never will.

Jimin snakes his hands into his hair, bringing him back into the kiss, his warm lips dancing on his. Jin's heart swells. He misses this, he misses it so much but things had been said, actions done and they both can't come back from it, their relationship left in the past and unable to move forward with them.

Still, Jin feels the same way he did when he placed eyes on the other. He feels the same way he had felt all those years before.

Jin still loves him.

A phone buzzes pulling them apart. Jin leans against the couch, licking off the taste of his lips from his. It's jimin's phone buzzing. The younger stares at it, his eyes wide. “what's wrong?” he asks moving closer to see too. It's a simple message from Jungkook and in some way it doesn't settle well with Jin.


Hi. I am sorry. My brother said it isn't safe here for us anymore, we are hunters he said and they kind of want our heads at the moment because he messed with people he shouldn't have messed with. So, we left town to a relative's place to lay low. I am sorry I didn't come to say a proper good bye. I am so so sorry and thank you for everything, I really mean it. Tell everyone I am thankful too and one day I hope to repay you. Till we see again.



Jimin is shaking. Jin doesn't know why but he is so, Jin wraps his arms around him like he has done for years. He does it again to try to hide jimin from the sadness of the world, to hide him from all the things that would bring tears to the other's eyes. He failed.

As always.

Chapter Text

Three years later.

Days had turned to weeks, weeks to months and months to three years and everything is almost back to normal. Everything moving slowly, leaving gaps in issues they were trying to understand. Since the day Jungkook had gone missing or as he said ran away to lay low it's as if the troubles arising vanished with him, slowly not that noticeable but everything has been eerily calm for the past three years. Even the vampires holding camp at the University had some how been sorted out. It seemed that the spell protecting them had reduced in power by a grand size making it easier for Yoongi actually notice it and break it the next time he had tried. There were just a few of them when they were caught, none of them like the cannibalistic ones they had met the other time. It was a real disappointment to taehyung because the one they had managed to take back with them had died suddenly, leaving them completely in the dark.

After the first year had ended and they seemed to have found anything else. They all decided to cautiously go back to normal; even taehyung and jimin got to go back to school but jimin dropped out soon after saying something about school not being the same, it only reminding him of Jungkook and he didn't have the heart to bare it. Taehyung understood this and dropped out for almost the same reasons. He did have other things to do but yes, Jungkook was one of the reasons. It's still so absurd that the human just packed up and left without a trace. It is* comforting to know he is still alive through Yoongi but it still manages to leave taehyung uncomfortable when ever he thinks about the other's disappearance.

Today, taehyung takes jimin out to get a few things, they go window shopping until they find the urge to buy what ever was on display then they try to eat street food in a competition to see who can get down the most without puking.

They are both laughing the loudest in the midst of the crowd when taehyung sees someone that looks like Jungkook in the within it, just a few heads away. He tries to search through the large body of people with his eyes but he loses the person. He then tries scouting out his scent but his nose gets filled with the overwhelming smells of the other people around them so he just stops. Jimin doesn't notice anything wrong when he looks at the other. The younger is busy gushing at the lucky charms and rings on sale on a stall. Taehyung let's out a sigh, blaming his mind for imagining the other while he tries to pay attention to what jimin is saying.

The second time he sees Jungkook, he is right that it is him and it's not just his eyes decieving him. He drives pass him as the other strolls into a cafe. Taehyung had almost stopped his car in disbelief. He quickly parks it on a free space, getting into the cafe too.

They meet eyes almost instantly. “jungkook?” he calls just to be sure. The human smiles at him, the softness to it almost missing. Taehyung takes the seat in front of him. “what are you doing here” he asks almost immediately, his eyes still taking in the other. Jungkook has grown, he looks more toned and his gaze is way more intense than jimin's, they say things taehyung isn't sure he wants to know about. The younger is dressed in black, contrasting the image that taehyung had of him that consisted of him in Jin's soft coloured clothes. He smells different too. His once honey-like smell is harsher, almost too much like it might actually hurt taehyung's nose.

“its been a while hyung. Have you all been well?” Jungkook ignores his question, his eyes searching like he is looking for a reason for something. They meet eyes again and taehyung can't seem to look away even though it is as if the other's is stealing something away from him.

“jimin misses you. He thought you might have been killed” he hears himself say, still lost in the other's eyes.

“really?” Jungkook cocks his head to the side, a small laugh leaving him. It almost leaves chills down taehyung's spine at how familiar that looks. “i can't say the same for me.” he takes a sip of the beverages in front of him, managing to continue talking even before taehyung can ask why. “I found out or let me say I remembered a few things while I was away, hyung.” he taps on his cup slowly. “i remember.” he states “and I know you know what I am talking about but the real question is does jimin know you do?”

“i don't know what you are talking about” taehyung answers sharply, his face losing colour. He never wanted to say it but he knew. He knew what jimin did, they were connected by the link. He had definitely felt it, in fact it was almost like he saw it.

“you don't?” he raised an eyebrow then actually laughs, something about his gaze darkening. “stop acting dumb, hyung.” he stands up, a look of annoyance resting on his face then he leans into taehyung's personal space. “i am not the same person you met three years ago so don't act the way you did before then think I will only get angry and do nothing about it”

“are you threatening me?”

Jungkook straightens, his face suddenly blank. “just be careful, hyung” . He warns, leaving taehyung staring at the cup on the table as he tries to fix what he can in his head. “fuck” he mutters, suddenly feeling like everything he has worked to keep safe is in danger.

He needs to think of a plan. He doesn't want jimin finding out that Jungkook knows. it would only hurt him and it's just Jungkook, he really can't be that big of a threat can he?




A great amount of heat. Jimin feels like he is burning from within. He let's out a scream, falling to the ground. This pain, it's so familiar. He curls into a ball, tears coming to his eyes. He can feel it, the sadness and the life slipping out of his child. He can tell. Jinsoo. He chokes on a sob, taehyung finally coming to his rescue, his friend's breathing just as laboured as his. Jinsoo. At the last moments, jimin can feel the longing the other feels, the longing for someone to save him. He feels the despair and feeling of being betrayed. Jimin can almost feel the scream ripping out of the other. He let's out a louder sob because it's heartbreaking. Jimin wants to help but he can't. He can't do anything.
Taehyung whines as he holds him tighter. The other can feel half of what the younger feels. He can feel just enough for tears to come to his eyes. Jimin wants to die. He hates feeling this. If this is how taehyung had been when they lost daehyung, then he is a million times sorry. He is so so sorry. This hell.




16 years ago.

Shit! Shit! Shit!

It wasn't supposed to happen this way. They had just been playing around they didn't expect this to happen. Jimin bends over panting, his heart pounding at the thought of almost being caught. He stands in a corner of a dimly lit street, trying to catch his breath. Both he and daehyung had spilt ways trying to get the fucking hunters off their backs.

This all the fault of that one girl jimin had brought. The fucking human had to just wake up from the daze as both vampires were taking a break from feeding. The idiot had ran about screaming, startling the humans in the house with her. Their entire den woke up from their haze. At least the fifteen of the people they had lured in for the next few days came running out with blind hysteria and those fucking hunters didn't miss the mild commotion.

Jimin feels so stupid. If he hadn't half heartedly been dripping the potion Yoongi gave him in their drinks with out following the full instructions they wouldn't be having this issue. He had gotten too relaxed and it might hurt him tonight. He needs to get home. He trusts that daehyung will find her way back too. She has always been smarter than him so he even expects her to get home before he does.

It's almost day break when jimin slides into their home at the outskirts of the city. He heads into his room immediately, avoiding Jin's searching gaze. He wants to sleep this off but first, he has to see daehyung, he has to make sure that he sees her so her presence can calm the itching under his skin. He waits, a few more minutes passing yet if feels like an hour. He calls her number a few times but it doesn't go through. That's when a huge amount of despair drops heavy on his heart. He gets up to leave in search but then his heart actually starts to ache, right as a loud piercing scream fills the whole house.

Jimin feels like he is burning, it feels like when he mistakenly let's the sun come in contact with his skin, that frying sensation but this time he feels it from within making his legs give up on him. He groans, his eyes wide with fear. Daehyung. He can feel her. He can feel her pain. He can tell she is dying. He tries to stand up, pulling himself to the living room where Jin is holding a thrashing taehyung. He chokes on a sob when he sees the other, the pain increasing just a bit. Daehyung. She is dying.





Taehyung steps out of his room that's right beside jimin's. Yoongi had just called so he went to take it in his room though he knows the other can still hear. “they found the body, jimin. Yoongi said it was the jeon brothers. They left him out in the sun to burn.” he tells the other two occupants of the house. Both Jin and jimin are staring straight at the television. The older vampire can still see jimin shaking on his seat. His heart hurts more than before because the pain he is feeling is directly from his child.

“i am so sorry jimin. I saw and met Jungkook before and he didn't seem harmful”

“you what?” jimin snaps his head back, his eyes fogging.

“i met him about a day or two ago. We only talked. I didn't think he was a threat” A lie.

“thats for Yoongi to know. You know nothing about this taehyung. You don't even know him. This isn't about what you think, this is about me and the fucking hunters out to hurt me” the other rises, his glare intense. “you fucking do this all the time when you don't know shit.” he moves closer. “always doing the exact same thing over and over again.”

“jimin— I swear he wasn't—”

“someone is dead, taehyung. Jinsoo is dead, my fucking childe is dead” he screams, his hands waving around for emphasis. “you can't bring him back. No one can.”

“i am sorry” he mumbles feeling like he has let them down for the millionth time.

“sorry doesn't cut it, tae. Not this time. Its the same thing with you. you never tell me anything just like the same way you don't ask me before you do anything.” jimin continues to scream, his face red with anger. “We are supposed to be family but you never seem to think my opinion is valid enough to influence your decisions even if it involves me.”

Taehyung watches him, his eyes wide. He didn't know. He didn't know the other thought of the things he did for them that way. It hurts his heart that he had been hurting his best friend all those years. Jin on the other hand, remains on the couch, his eyes stuck on the television, buzzing ever so softly. He doesn't move. It's almost as if the god has turned into stone but it's okay, Jin had learnt that it was better to let them settle their argument without intervening, it helped them clear the air between them better.



Taehyung barges in to the room where the the citrus smelling blood oozes out of. He knows this smell like the back of his hand. He knows who it is.

“help” Jin croaks, his eyes wide, tears spilling out of them. Taehyung is startled by this, he has never seen the god shed tears. He is covered in blood, shook to the core and in his hands is the head of paling jimin, the entire side of his neck gnawed off. He is bleeding out too fast.

“who?” taehyung finds himself growling, falling to his knees beside them. He is going to find them and rip their heads off their necks.

Jin chokes on his sobs unable to answer the question. “please” he begs weakly. He didn't need to say it. Taehyung knows what he means and he can't do it. He shakes his head. “he asked me never to.” he tells the other of the conclusion brought from many of jimin and his candle light discussions. Jimin had told him that no matter what, no matter what happened he wasn't allowed to turn him. Jimin wanted to be human till his last breath.

Jin grabs on to the collar of the vampire's shirt, his eyes bright with anger. “do it” he snaps. “i don't care what he said. I am not losing him so do it” taehyung tries to refuse but he knows he rather lose jimin's trust than lose Jin's. The older is all he really has left. He has to try.

He takes a big bite of his wrist, breaking enough skin to have blood dripping down his arm. He puts it over jimin's cold lips, the other's breathing shallow and rigged. Taehyung can hear him choking on his own blood, his body shaking a bit then he stills

They both wait. Sitting with the cold body for what seems like forever. Taehyung hopes with his whole heart that it works, he hopes with his whole heart that he doesn't lose both of his loved ones in one night.

His heart hurts as he watches the older cradle the youngest's head in his arms. It hurts him so much because now he sees what he has been trying to ignore for the past few years. Though his heart and loyalty belongs to jin it's not the same for the other. All Jin sees now is jimin. Jimin is all he needs and now, his slow decision had taken the only thing that brought a genuine smile on jin's face has slipped right through their fingers.

“i am sorry” he chokes out a sob, watching his hands as his tears fall on them. “i am so sorry”. He raises his head to meet eyes with the other. Right at that moment he can see the happiness drain from Jin's eyes; cold, blank ones staring back into his.

A simple gag changes everything. Taehyung smells it, he smells how the citrus blood left in jimin's body loses scent, turning completely bland. He smells it before the fledgling snaps his now bright red eyes open. From the look on his face, Jimin has carried the smallest form of hate ever since. Taehyung is sure of it.



“i didn't want to. I honestly didn't but I think I might hate you.” jimin closes his eyes, giving off a pained expression. “I kept this thoughts for so long and I am not sure i just know I hate being with you, taehyung and I am so sorry ” they are both crying now, Jin finally looking back at them with a frown.

Taehyung sucks in a big breath. It hurts even more now that he hears it out loud. He turns around, picking up the car keys he discarded on the dinner table, storming out, his head buzzing and his chest heavy.



He finds himself at a bar, tipping glasses and drinking until he feels all warm inside, the buzzing changing to light fuzziness. He blinks a couple of times, his eyes hurting from all the flashing neon lights. He hates the music and hates the smell of the place more, the smell of all those humans, rubbing up against each other is repulsive. Disgusting. He needs it though. It like a punishment for the mistakes he has made and is going to make. He takes in one last big breath before he tries to quit it, feeling like he has done enough harm to himself.

He watches the crowd, paying attention to anything he can to stop himself from thinking about all that's going on. He keeps on searching idly until he comes across something he didn't expect to see ever. He gets up, pacing quickly to take the open side beside him, his anger bubbling over the top.

“you fucker” he spits when he sits. Jungkook turns around to look at him with a hint of disgust on his face, when he realizes its taehyung he smiles. “hyung”

“don't fucking call me that” he snaps, meeting eyes with the dark looking ones. Taehyung can see it now, he can see the murderous intent lurking in the other's eyes maybe because Jungkook doesn't try to hide it anymore. He is just like every other jeon the vampire had come across.

The human tips his head back, glass to his lips. “how can I help you?” he asks, once he swallows it all down in a few gulps. Taehyung takes a big breath to calm his nerves. “why the fuck did you do this”

Jungkook stares down at his empty glass like it has something amusing in it. “i remember what he told me that night. He said that they had taken something from him so he had to do the same” he looks up at taehyung suddenly. “i am just returning a favour”

“you fucking bastard!” taehyung snaps, his heart still tingling. He grabs jungkook's collar harshly, the younger laughing right in his face. “i could rip out your throat right now” he threatens.

“i don't think you should, Kim taehyung” a new voice adds. A woman walks towards them, wearing a wild smile. “they are quite a lot of hunters littered around here, it wouldn't be too good for you.”

Taehyung squints, already displeased with her. She smells wrong, too wrong. “who are you?” he barks, not in the mood for the shabbily dressed woman.

“me?” she points at herself, her smile switching to a smug grin. “jeon sunhee. Jungkook's distant cousin. We all had some classes together, right jungkookie?” she looks at the human and he nods.

Taehyung frowns, completely confused. He can smell it better now she definitely has to be a vampire but it's so different, like some thing else is there. A vampire who is a hunter? Unbelievable. He shakes his head to push the thought away. “you.” he points at Jungkook. “i will be seeing you later” he finishes, stepping away from them both. He really doesn't need this now and if what she said is true, he doesn't want to be stuck in a club filled with hunters.

Jungkook only chuckles. “of course hyung. It's what I am planning.”

“aren't you going to ask the question?” sunhee calls after him before he is too far. “all the vampires I meet ask that first.” taehyung stops on his tracks, making the girl smile. “i could to tell you were curious.” she laughs, “I will tell you if you give both me and jungkookie here a kiss.”

“stop joking around.” Jungkook warns her but she only shrugs, eyes still on taehyung, daring him. Fuck this. He tries to manage his slipped expression of surprised. He rolls his eyes and finally turns away.

“try not to get caught. We don't need jungkookie getting all emotional when you are dead” she says sure he can hear her clearly even with all the noise.

“fucking cut it out” jungkook hisses at her as taehyung leaves through the door.

He takes a big breath of the cold morning air. He has a few hours to sunrise yet he doesn't want to go home, not now and not for a while. He gets into his car and starts to drive. He doesn't know where to but it doesn't stop him.




“are you okay?” Jin asks, his fingers running small circles on jimin's back. He leans into it, his shaking still not stopping. He regrets it already. He regrets telling taehyung how he feels. He can tell already that the older vampire might vanish again like the last time. The time Daehyung died. He turns his head, pressing his face against the older's neck. Jin hums, pulling him closer. “you will be fine” he comforts him but jimin knows he wouldn't be for a long while. Jungkook knows. It's obvious he knows.

When the pain seizes eventually and her body is found, tossed in the bin out of the city like she is nothing, anger takes it's place in the hole gapping within jimin. He slips out at night again when he is sure that the whole house is trying to sleep.

He runs, running as fast as his legs let him. He had always know where the hunters in this city lived. He had always known and he had also suggested to get rid of them before they did to them but no one listened. It was the jeon Family or at least what was left of it. They weren't all they were before and They really don't have any place in this community anymore ever since the great war.

It doesn't take time before he is standing in front of the large house, moving in swiftly enough for them to still be caught off guard. Jimin breaks the door down, going at the humans in the house as fast as he can, his anger fueling him to go on. He rips and tears until he is covered in blood. He gets hit multiple times but he doesn't stop. He keep on going on at it until everything is red, gurgles and silent screams feeling the room.

He take a big breath again, taking in the smell of their blood. He regrets nothing, he will regret nothing, he tells himself. He heads to the kitchen to find a match stick before going out back from where he had entered to get the little keg of gasoline he had brought with him. He pours it over all the bodies, splashing it on the faces and wounds of those who still managed to be alive, hoping to at least let them feel more pain while they still can.

He takes the can through the house before he dumps it, barely anything left in it. He then lights the match, looking down at the bodies. Tears reach his eyes. He can hear the child crying upstairs. It's muffled but he can hear it. He doesn't want to but this still doesn't feel enough. He has to end the jeons once and for all, he just has too.

“please” a woman at the furtherest end croaks, “please, spear them” she is bleeding out from her side and neck; she doesn't have much time left. Jimin knows he shouldn't. He knows it will bite him back in the ass but he still finds himself going through the rooms on the upper floor until he find the two children hiding under a bed. He squats, giving them a small smile. His ears picks up on the chants of thank yous' the woman says. The little kids scream, trying to get away from him once they see him. Jimin sighs, grabbing the one closest to him first then the other, trying to be as quick as he can.

He carries the struggling humans down the stairs, not bothering to tell them to close their eyes, he would just use one of Yoongi's memory loss potions he carries around for emergencies. “close your eyes, jungkook.” The older one tells his sibling. “don't open them until I say so” the smaller one nods, covering his eyes. The elder whispers for their mother when they go through the living room but jimin knows she will never answer even if he was louder. He can no longer hear that human's heart beat.

He drops them outside on the lawn, their cries too loud in the darkness. He walks back in, fully aware of the older one trying to come back into the house. “i am sure you are old enough to understand this. if you step back i will not be taking you out with me.” the boy stops in his track, his cries louder. “ seat down there, comfort your brother and tell him to shut up before I lose my shit ” the boy actually listens, sitting on the grass, telling his brother to be quiet.

Jimin steps back into the house, lighting the match again and throwing it without looking. The body it lands on catches quickly and moving to the next, the fire hungry and wild.

He steps out taking in a deep breath. He sits down beside the children watching their house go up in flames with silent sobs. Jimin watches the red and orange light up the night, little screams of the yet to be dead filling his ears yet he feels unsatisfied. In fact he almost feels bad. “i am sorry” he tells the children. “they took something of mine and I am so sorry that I am taking something of yours now” the children only stare back at him with wide teary eyes and jimin's heart hurts the slightest. He pulls out the little bottle in his pocket, handing to the older. “drink” he gestures for him to. “it will help you forget. You will need it”. The boy does as his told, fear laced with his every move. He gives some to his brother too, the little child drinking most of the content. Jimin is handed back the bottle, a little later the children fall asleep courtesy of the potion. He watches over them, only leaving when he hears the police sirens.

He doesn't go home but rather stays away from home until his wounds heal and he can lie with a straight face.


He is not okay. He has never been okay since that day.

Chapter Text

“you are making me wonder if you are ever going to turn back into human” Yoongi tells the serpent staring at him in the makeshift pond behind one of Jin's many homes. He flicks the creature between it's eyes causing to cower away. Yoongi frowns. He misses Hoseok but he never says it. It's been four months since the other had been in constant pain, those days the younger screamed at morning and at night, his blue scales taking a purple undertone.

Yoongi rushed them to the sea and once Hoseok felt the water on his skin he never turned back to his human form. No matter what the witch did, the serpent remained as what it is. It had been hard to get him back to the city and it hadn't been an option for Yoongi to leave him there. He had rather stayed but the witch of Seoul can't be too far from his city source. Maybe it's that Yoongi misses the sound of his voice or his smile or maybe it's the way Yoongi sleeps alone on his bed this days with no cold skin to cool his ever slightly hot one.

The serpent circles around the badly dug up pond. It had been something Yoongi had forced the vampires to do, they did a crappy job but it isn't that bad as Yoongi has his magic keeping together. He tried so hard during the past months, he tried to figure out what was wrong and at the same time tried to make the other comfortable. Yoongi had failed at the first one but was doing just fine with the second even though he has to hear Hoseok's pained sounds when ever he had to yank out a scale for his potions.

Something was definitely wrong with Hoseok, even in the form he is, his scales don't seem to change back into the sparkling blue it used to be and it's more of an ugly shade of purple.

“would you let me know if you are hurting?” he whispers to the other. The serpent makes a coherent sound that the witch takes as a yes. Yoongi leans in over the edge, pulling the creature's head into a soft hug. Hoseok let's out something that is close to a sigh and Yoongi knows he is about to cry. He stands up straight not looking down at the other so it can miss the glistening of his eyes. “i will eat dinner then come back out with yours, okay?” he doesn't wait for a response before he turns away and heads into the house.


It's only the stars that are out tonight, the moon missing from its place. Yoongi sits beside the pond unable to sleep, only a blanket under him to not let his clothes get soiled by the wet earth underneath him. The water is steady, probably because the other is sound asleep some where at the bottom of all it. He shakes a little at the chilled breeze pressing pass him. The water is almost blue in the dark, Hoseok's glow still the right colour, lighting the whole thing from within, yet he still can't see Hoseok.

He stretches and let's out a yawn. He has to work harder he tells himself. He tells himself he is probably missing something, that he is probably doing something wrong. He closes his eyes trying to clear his head of the self loathing thoughts going through it. He knows that if he doesn't stop now he is going to thread through memories he doesn't want to. He doesn't want his mind pulling him back to those times.

He leans down on his side, stretching his legs out into a lying position while using his elbow to keep him up a little. He extends his other hand to touch the cold water. It scatters the perfect reflection of the night sky on the surface. He pulls his hand out and places it on his face, little droplets running down it. It cools his heating skin. The witch let's out a sad sigh as he places his hand back into the water only to pull it back up to rub it over his neck next. His eyes flutter shut as he goes on and on. “i miss you” he whispers into the air.

How can you miss someone so much when they are right there.




Too soft and if yoongi's half alert brain is right, he fell asleep outside on cold hard earth. He snaps his eyes open to see he is laying in one of the rooms, his heart picking race when he sees the other side is roughed up and the smell of the sea still lingering on the sheets and air.

He gets up Immediately, rushing out to the living room, then the bathroom, the the other rooms in search of the other. Nothing he pinches himself to make sure he isn't in one of those special dreams his mind let's the magic in him create.

He is awake, he is sure from the tingling sensation coming from his arm. He heads back to the room he woke up in first to be sure of what he smelt. He scans the room, his eyes falling on the piece of paper on the dressing table under a cup of water.

'hey.' it starts with Hoseok's oddly fine handwriting. Yoongi's eyes start to ache. 'saw you freezing to death outside when I woke up. Didn't want you to die on me so I tried changing back. I did! I was just as surprised as you are right now. I took you in and did want to wake you up because I know you having been sleeping well, yoonie. You should sleep well. any way, I stayed for a while, tried to see if I could say longer with you but I woke up later on aching so I went back in the water. Don't worry yourself to hard yoongi. Honestly, don't because I know the reason why this is happening but I will let you know when I am ready. I miss you and I can't wait to hold you again'


Yoongi is boiling when he is done reading the letter. He doesn't exactly know what part of it he should be angry about yet he finds himself stomping out to the back to give the unresponsive serpent a piece of his mind.

“Hoseok!” he screams when he reaches the edge. His throat starts to slowly close on him and he can't hold his tears anymore. The water shifts a little but no serpent “bring out your fucking head” the witch snaps and the creature does just that, his eyes only above the water. It's cute so Yoongi doesn't look at him. “you don't have the right to be so selfish” he tells him, his voice slowly losing the bite to it. He shakes his head, trying to stop the tears. “you don't have the right Hoseok. You don't. I don't care if you wanted me to sleep. The only reason I couldn't was because you weren't with me. I couldn't sleep because I couldn't hold you. I just want to hold you” yoongi's head feels funny, almost to heavy, maybe it's because he isn't breathing right, he takes in a loud breath but it does nothing. He still feels funny, his throat tight and tears running down his cheeks.

The serpent stares at him, his eyes only giving off the smallest emotions. “and it's not fair” yoongi continues, trying to remember another thing that was written in the paper crunched up in his hand. “what the fuck do you mean by not working myself up when you are in pain, what the fuck do you mean by knowing what's wrong and why the fuck won't you tell me? Why the hell not Hoseok?” he shakes, his whole body almost vibrating when he let's out his first sob. It's odd like that, him shedding tears, it's like a volcano has finally erupted, all the sad things that he had always pushed away forcing their way back in. He falls to a squat, sobbing into his palms it's a little too much. "It's not fair” he whispers “i miss you and you are right here.”
The water splashes violently but Yoongi doesn't look up, not wanting the other to see him in his most vulnerable state.


His voice comes out softly as he wraps his arms around the witch. “breathe, I am right here with you.”


“so from dinner all the way till when I can't bare it anymore?” Hoseok repeats the conclusion one more time. Yoongi nods, staring down at the scales on the other's thighs, they are completely purple. He can't seem to raise his eyes to look at him, wrapped in a towel with his hair still very much wet. Hoseok flicks the other on the forehead causing a yelp from him. “stop beating yourself over it, yoongi. It's not your fault.” the witch says nothing while rubbing the throbbing part of his face.

“i am not going to tell you” the red headed man says suddenly, his legs dipped in the water, Yoongi watches them. “because I know you are going to convince me and I don't want that”

“i won't I promise” he finds his voice, looking up to catch the other's conflicted eyes. “please tell me so I can help.” Hoseok shakes his head in refusal, taking his eyes away too. This gestures hurts Yoongi but he says nothing staring back down at the other's legs again.

A quiet minute passes, the only sound being heard is the splashing of water as the younger moves his legs continuously. “do you like me?” he asks breaking the silence. Yoongi snaps his head up, his eyes wide. He isn't sure of what he heard. “wh—what...” he blinks copiously “what did you just say?”

Hoseok runs his hand through his wet locks, his eyes on the water, like he is looking back at his own reflect that's distorted by the little waves he creates. “i asked if you like me yoongi. I am asking if you like me even when I am that slimy creature that stares at you dumbly.”

When the words process in yoongi's head, his tongue feels heavy in his mouth. He does. He really doesn't. He likes…no loves Hoseok he is sure of it, he has been sure for the longest time. Hoseok is looking at him now, his face blank of expression yet his eyes carry fear, he waits... “i do” the witch finally says.

Hoseok turns away from him, a small laugh leaving him.“that took you a while.”

“i know. I am sorry. You just caught me off guard.”

The younger nods, moving his legs faster, the water splashing around loudly then he slows down again, yoongi's eyes still on his purple scaled thighs. “i know you do yoongi” he stares again. “i know you like me just the way I am but you also make me want to hate myself” Yoongi blinks again, staring hard at the scales. “its not your fault but I can't help but want to hold you and talk to you. It makes it harder to accept me the way am, makes me want to be someone else ”

“i don't need someone else”

“i know that" the younger chuckles softly, almost sadly. “but it doesn't stop me from loathing myself. I always want to be here for you, hyung and for the past few months I hadn't been able to, all I could do was watch you fuzz over something I have the answer to.”

“you should tell me”

“i can't. Please, I can't. I need to do this for us and if I tell you, you will make me do it either way because it's the right thing to do.”


“no yoongi” he snaps harshly but when they meet eyes Yoongi can tell he doesn't mean it. “i am sorry” he mumbles, scratching his scalp loudly. The witch takes his hand away from it, both of them sharing the bad habit. He slips his fingers in between the other's, squeezing it tight.

“you don't have to tell me then. I will just find out myself” he whispers as he kisses his cold knuckles. Hoseok pulls them out of his reach like yoongi's lips were fire that just burnt him.

“you don't get to be selfish too yoongi. I am asking you to leave this alone.” the words roll off his tongue like heat engulfing Yoongi. The witch tries to find the calm version of his lover in the midst of all the anger slowly resting on his face.

“but you are hurting” he hears himself say in a voice that doesn't seem a lot like his.

“and that's my business.”

“please, Hoseok. Stop being so difficult, I am just trying to help.” he begs, trying to take hold of the younger's hand again. Hoseok leans away from his reach, hurting Yoongi with the rejection.

“stop” he snaps, his eyes hard. “stop trying, okay? You can stop. I don't need you to go on poking around. I know what's wrong and I want it this way.”

“and I don't!" Yoongi snaps back too, feeling that it's a little too unfair that his reasoning isn't been appreciated. “i don't like the way things are so, I am going to fix it”

Hoseok shuts his mouth and swallows slowly, the anger resting heavily on his face. Yoongi meets it with his own imitation. The young rises. “suit yourself” he says as he lowers himself into the pond with the towel still wrapped around his waist. “see you tomorrow” he manages to add before fully emerging.

“Hoseok!” he calls for him. “come back here Hoseok. Please.” he begs but there is no response and soon enough the water still again just like the night before but this time it reflects the sun, blue blue sky and the clouds.






Namjoon pushes his hair back, concentrating hard on the paper work on his desk. Its one of those days when he has so much to do and such little time to finish. He leans back, stretching his arms above his head and letting out a grunt, then he rotates his neck a couple of times, preparing to go through a few more papers before taking an actual break but he stops midway when there is a knock on his study room door.

 He opens the door to find Jin leaning against the panel. The younger had completely forgotten he gave him a spear key a while back, that maybe because Jin had stopped coming at one point over the course of the year. “hi” the older greets stepping in. Namjoon gives him a small smile, trying to tell himself he is not been used because he knows that look on the other's face. He had seen it a lot last year when jimin and Jin tried dating again but the vampire had found out Jin still killed himself some times. Jimin broke it off and Jin kept on coming to namjoon to help him.

Namjoon doesn't like it but he never sends him away. He keeps on telling himself that Jin needs him. “hey. What's with the visit today?” he heads to sit back on his couch. Jin doesn't speak, his eyes wandering around. Namjoon knows. He just knows but he only swallows. “you came to see me, hyung? How thoughtful of you.” he smiles up at the man and he smiles back, little and definitely not genuine. “i was literally about to call you honestly”

Namjoon catches his attention then. “really?”

“yeah. You... you told me to call you if I needed to feed right?” Jin nods. “if you help me. I would help you yeah?” the older states and namjoon nods too. “yeah so I need a favour. I am starving”

Jin's eyes widen. “really? You rarely feed off me”

“i know. I am hungry, there is so much work and I can't go out right now” lies. He had forced himself to feed the other day, he had even tried human food before he gave in and feed off a random human he brought home with him. Right now, namjoon would just not rather kill this man and watch over his body while he comes back to life. He doesn't need this today. Too many times, too too many times has he held Jin in his arms when the god goes hours over the documented time. He can't take it anymore and Jin doesn't stop coming because it's the easiest and the most quiet way to do this.

“are you sure? I know I don't taste the best” the older looks conflicted.

“its fine. It's not as bad as you think” he tells him. Only if he knew. Only if namjoon found the courage to tell him that the only reason he didn't feed on him was because he would of get more addicted to the taste of him but today, today he is going to do this for Jin or at least that what he tells himself.

“top or bottom” Jin blurts, heading out of the room first.

“huh?” namjoon exclaims caught off guard. Jin smiles better. “i asked if you want to top or bottom?”

“bottom” he whispers, his cheeks tinting. The few times they had done things, Jin insisted on being the bottom. It makes namjoon feel a kind of way.

“okay then. Meet me in your room yeah?”

Namjoon's takes his time to head to the room. He firstly arranges his desk, then he walks around the living room for a bit, rearranging things better like they weren't perfect in the first place. He feels hot and his cheeks are probably the colour of a ripe tomato. He doesn't know why he is reacting to it like this. It definitely hasn't been the first time.

He takes in a deep breath moving towards the room slowly. He steps in to see Jin sitting at the edge of the bed, his gaze distant. He crawls towards him from behind, resting a small kiss on his cheek. The older smiles when he gets pulled out of the thoughts. “we should get to it, right?” he twists well enough for them to lock lips. Jin kisses him slowly before pulling away. "On your hands and knees" he whispers and namjoon starts to take his clothes off.

He does as he is told, his body exposed to the other and namjoon doesn't mind being in such vulnerable position. It makes his stomach curl pleasurably. The older takes off what is left of his clothes, climbing up the bed towards the other. He litters kisses down namjoon's back, snaking his hand beneath to give a few pumps at his hardening length. He arches his back, the pleasure sipping out of the god already.

Jin gasps making the Incubus feel a little self conscious. “is this slick?” the man exclaims like a little child given something to draw his amusement. Namjoon freezes when the older's finger tracing around the rim. It makes him shutter, the way he teases. He slowly pushes in a finger, just to the first knuckle and it has namjoon's arching his back more. The younger let's out a mewl as the first main stage of Jin's arousal hits him, still bitter as ever yet it is almost intoxicating. He swallows thickly when the older pushes further, the pad of his finger searching around his walls.

Namjoon's feels heat gather around his entire body and he can tell he pouring out more slick at this point, the warm liquid running down his thigh. Jin quietly gathers some of it in his hands and the younger hears him hiss.

“more” he croaks when one isn't enough. Jin chuckles, listening to him and adding in another. Namjoon's let's out louder sound, his head spins from the stretch, he hasn't been at it for a while or maybe it's just the person touching him, the person kneading the flesh of his body like clay, like he is about to make a whole new creation out of him.

Without namjoon's instructions Jin adds another digit, this time stretching him as much as he can as he rubs the Incubus' walls almost carelessly only slowly when the younger let's out a loud gasp. Jin hums, pressing on the spot again, making the Incubus shutter. “there” he mumbles, he face pressed into the bed and his hands holding the sheets tight. “right there… oh… oh fuck” he feels his legs give up on him but when he tries to lower himself down, Jin put a firm grip on his hip. “up” he commands darkly, running a shiver down the other's spine. He does as he is told, raising his ass up high, the warm air feeling cold against his slick covered skin.

Jin pulls out his hand and namjoon's feels empty, he let's out an unconscious wince and the older huffs, pulling him up a little. He doesn't tell him when he pushes in and namjoon's doesn't mind the surprise. Jin fills him so good he screams. It's too much, all too much, his pleasure and the other's mix so well, namjoon's feels so full that he could vomit. He chokes on his saliva, tears coming to his eyes. And he knows, he just knows he is never going to stop now, he knows he will really truly never stop craving to be in the arms of the other, he will never stop wanting to be held like this.

Jin is quiet, less vocal than when he is underneath. He starts of in a very slowly pace, grunts leaving him abundantly. Namjoon's pushes back as Jin pulls him in, he prays to anyone, anything that this happens forever, that this doesn't stop. The older snaps his waist, picking up pace and namjoon almost bites his tongue as he let's out a sob. He is so fierce with his movement, the fingers pressing into the Incubus' skin as he goes harder and harder. Jin breaks him, he takes his fine creation, breaks it just to build it back again only to repeat over and over again. Namjoon cries, his head swimming at every rock of his hip, at every angry thrust and at every angry grunt that comes out of the other.

Namjoon let's himself be used again, the once sour pleasure turning sour so suddenly it almost makes the younger want to gag. Everything just starts to feel bad. Everything starts to feel wrong, namjoon feels sick. “jin” he calls out to the other but it doesn't seem like he can hear. “jin, stop.” he begs, his voice cracking as the other reaches and grabs his hair hard. “jin” he croaks, trying to stand on his elbows but they prove fatal so he tries harder, twisting his body enough to see the other's face. Namjoon wishes he hadn't. He pushes backwards and up with force until he uses the back of his head to hit the forehead of the god's.

Jin blinks, his eyes concentrating on the younger. “i…” his voice trails off as namjoon pulls away from him, gets off the bed immediately and heading to the bathroom, locking door immediately.

He grabs his robe and sits on the covered toilet, his head in his hand. This has happened before, this wasn't the first time he has been taken advantage of but why did this feel like he is getting his heart ripped right out while he is still alive. He chokes on a sob, falling on his knees quickly, throwing the toilet cover up to quickly let out the contents in his mouth. He feels sick, his throat raw and angry. He gags and what is left of the human food in his stomach goes down the toilet bowl. He breaks into a louder sob, covering his mouth as a failing attempt to get himself quiet.

“namjoon?” the little voice from behind the door calls and the younger tries to swallow his tears up. “i am so sorry”

“its nothing hyung. I will be fine” he tries to reassure him but his voice is shaky and broken. It's just too obvious. Jin remains quiet but namjoon can hear him seat down and rest against the wood. He crawls towards it too, leaning back, holding himself tight.

“you can't fix me you know” Jin finally whispers after long minutes pass. “i am a little too broken to be fixed”

Namjoon stares at his hand, they are pink, blood still showing through them because of how hard he had been holding on to his elbows. “i could try” he hears himself say. Jin let's out a humourless laugh. “you actually need to stop that, namjoon. I am probably only going to hurt you. we both know that”

“then what would you use me for then?” his voice comes out so tiny and weak. Namjoon hates it, he hates not being able to come out clean and tell him how much he loves him, he hates not having the courage to tell him he has loved him for the past three years but he knows too. He knows Jin doesn't need that type of burden now, not as how broken he is at the moment, not when he still loves someone else so deeply.

“i don't know. Maybe we should end this?”

When it reaches his ears, it sounds like Jin is telling him he knows they will only crash and burn but he still wants to go on. It sound like the question is only the way he can say if you want out now I will let you but if you stay, that's it. You stay.

“no.” he answers. “no it's fine. It's use each other jin. I need you and maybe you need me so let's use each other”

“are you sure?” he asks again, giving another chance to think it through another escape but namjoon nods even before he vocally says yes. It will be fine. This is almost enough, almost right but still too wrong.






“i didn't expect that number to go through” jimin states as he leans back in his chair, looking across the table at the human staring daggers at him.

“i didn't change it hyung. Just didn't need it”

Jimin nods as his response. He hadn't expected the younger to pick up or even meet him but here they are, staring each another down.

“you came alone? Aren't you supposed to be worried that I will take off that little ring of yours off and toss you out in the sun.” his eyes twinkle almost innocently but jimin can see behind them, he can see the anger and behind that he can see the hurt, yet he laughs to his face.

“wouldn't be the smartest move because this time it would be Taehyung and Jin coming for you” he leans in, a smug look on his face “and trust me, they don't leave anything unturned and they would get rid of what I couldn't” the younger squints as jimin passes his threat back. “if you think you can play this game, Jungkook I just want you to know I have been doing this for the longest time.”

“what do you want?” the human spits, ignoring his statement.

“you know what I want and I know you want it too but we aren't getting that, are we?” jimin frowns when not a single expression crosses his face. He just repeats his previous statement. “lets call it fair. I took and you did the same.”

Jungkook laughs then and there is barely any humour in it. “fair? My family taking one of yours verses you taking a number of almost fifteen?” he rages then suddenly tones down Immediately. “so, one isn't enough for me. One can never be enough” he mutters hotly and jimin understands. Taking one will never be enough, taking one will leave an itch you can't stop nor resist. He understands. “i always wondered why you were so familiar.“ the younger continues ”It was always at the back of my mind but I couldn't place and when Junghyun finally got that stupid spell out of me, when I remembered. The screams, the blood, the red and orange. I remembered you too” he tells him, staring right into jimin's eyes and the vampire feels like he is reliving it. “i wish I didn't though.” he rises. “the next time we meet it might not be as calm and relaxing as this” Jimin nods, waving him off with an awkward smile.

He takes the bus back home, so busy staring at his phone that he almost misses his stop. The house is empty when he steps in and he isn't surprised. Taehyung hasn't been home for the past few days. He changes out of his clothes into one of Jin's giant sweaters, the room too cold but he is too lazy to fix that.

The vampire makes himself a bag of popcorn, places it in a bowl and watches one of his shows as he pretends to eat it. It keeps his hands busy so he wouldn't pinch himself. The laughing faces keep his mind occupied to stop him from sinking into the darkness waiting.

“you are back?” Jin asks like he wasn't the one that had just come back. The older standing at his side all so suddenly, it almost gives jimin a heart attack. He looks up at the other. “where were you?” he slips, his eyes scanning the man's face. Jin has that look again, something on the edge of disappointment but landing safely on sadness. Jimin knows that look, he can't forget how the glassy look in his eyes makes him shiver. Jin stretches with a groan, turning away to his room with out giving him an answer. “hyung!”

“not now, jimin.” he answers, not turning back.

Jimin pulls himself into a ball when the older's door slams shut. His heart hurts, he doesn't exactly know who to talk to and at this point he just wants to please them, to make them happy so they at least smile when they see him. He wants the house to go back to normal, back to when his mistakes didn't take a drastic hit on their lives equally.







Jimin never complained about the things he needed to learn when he left his village. It was like a whole new world and now he had to be more elegant at everything. Minister kim as he was told to call him, makes life almost too perfect and that puts pressure on the younger. He is even fortunate enough to have help from the other master of the house who goes by Taehyung, who has taken a liking to him. The ever happy man tells him how he has always wanted a friend. They cuddle most nights now, Taehyung pressing his nose to his neck. They talk about things, things that are meant to be kept a secret from the rest of the world.

Jimin is happy. Happier than he has ever been.

When his first spring with them arrives, Jin has a series of special people visiting for a short period of time. The entire house gathers around, cleaning and arranging. It leaves jimin really idly because he used to spend time with all the maids when the Masters of the house are busy. He goes through the gardens during the day, trying his best to not get lost in the maze of a house. The flowers a beautiful and they smell amazing besides the chilled air that leaves the youngest holding his winter clothes tight.


The human snaps his head to where he is being called. It's the oldest standing at the beginning of the path, his smile wide and beautiful. Jimin can not help but smile back. Behind him stands various of men who have pale skin and intense red eyes like taehyung's. Jimin figures they are just like him. He takes careful steps towards them not to fall and embarrass himself.

“sirs” he bows then raises his head to give the sweetest smile. Jin beams proudly. “this is jimin of the park house. He is the newest addition to my court.” jimin bows again, his smile does not waiver. “jimin here used to be part of the famous sword dancers, I am sure you have heard of them. I saw for myself what they were all about and couldn't leave such a treasure behind.” he continues to both boast of his win and praise jimin at the same time.

“will he be showing us his dance then?” a hoarse voice from the back projects. Jimin snaps his eyes up to meet the odd stare of the man. His appearance sends a shiver down jimin's spine. His facial presence is either ugly or good looking.

Jin frowns. “of course” it sounds like a statement but to jimin it sounds like a question.

“definitely” the human finds himself saying, the urge to make his new master proud more overwhelming than anything. Jin gives a small smile as he nods his head. He excuses them and leads them back into the house. Jimin waits till they are gone before he heads in himself, rushing to his room to begin to practice. He hadn't held his sword or knives in a while, they almost seem foreign to him. 

He spends the rest of the day preparing, the pressure on him unbelievable. All that goes through his head is how he has to please them. He hears the rumours. He knows about how Jin gets bored of the people he brings back home with him quickly. Jimin also hears that it will be the same for him. He hears that it might not take that long either because he isn't good at the etiquette of the court.


The night is nosy with music and chatter but jimin doesn't enjoy himself, he is too busy thinking of what he will do and how well he has to do it. He had practiced for hours, making sure he infused the best of his tricks into the short dance routines.

He stays behind the while people celebrate. He goes through his steps over and over again, trying to perfect it yet his heart feels like it's now resting in his throat when he is called out to perform.

He stands in the presence all of those eyes, getting into position, holding the swords carefully. He turns and swirls according to the music when it starts, the rush driving him insane. The music is dark and deep, his movements telling a story and dragging the audience a long with him, making them crave to know the end. He dances like it's his last, moving swiftly, swaying to the music, his moves both sharp and elegant. He prepares himself for his trick and the sound of his swords dropping to the ground as he fails, snaps everyone out of the trance he had put them in.

I fell
I fell
I fell

Jimin chants in his head as he picks up the weapons and finishes his tricks, trying harder to compensate for his mistakes. His eyes burn with tears but he doesn't stop until the music seizes and he has nothing more to offer. The hall is quiet as he remains in his end pose, a knee to the floor, eyes staring right above Jin's head. He doesn't want to know. He doesn't want to see what expression the other has on his face.

“nothing to boast about” the one who had ask for the performance, commander jaehwa mumbles too loudly, leading to giggles and hushed whispers. Jimin feels heats rise to his face. He has never failed before, not even once and now that he wanted to be the best he could be, he has embarrassed his master. He hangs his head low, trying to regain a steady breathing pace.

“you did absolutely well, for someone who has not lifted a weapon for the past year” taehyung's voice booms out across the hall, stopping the mocking voices. “don't you agree?” Taehyung directs the question to Jin and the human raises his head to catch his expression finally.


Disappointment. It's written all over his face and jimin doesn't like it. He almost feels ashamed. He bows one more time before leaving their presence.



He spends the rest of the night in his room, fighting the tears trying to fall out of him and by midnight when the celebration has toned down, out of pure impulse he finds himself standing at the door of commander jung, in one of his finest outfits, ready to show him what he can do. He gives himself a little pep talk, encouraging himself. He has done this before. He will do anything to please Jin. He likes it here.

He knocks, moments passing before the man inside response asking for who it is. Jimin answers with his name and is permitted to enter. Commander jung smiles widely at him as soon as he steps in. “jimin-ssi what a suprise”. The human bows in greeting, informing him of his intentions to change the thoughts that he had blurted out by offering to show him another one of his routines. The vampire only smiles, nodding his head.

“You dance beautiful jimin-ssi” jaehwa compliments him once he is done, his rough panting filling the room. Jimin hearing this words, feels completely accomplished, he even hopes that the vampire will speak good of him the next day. He rises, thanking the commander with the intention of heading out. “oh no. Jimin-ssi. You can't just leave like that. You should have a drink with me”

The human frowns and the suggestion, turning to refuse but the commander is already shaking his head to refuse his refusal. He can do nothing but take a seat beside him as to not anger him.

Jimin pretends to not feel the hand pressing hard on his thigh, he rather pours the man another cup. It's been three to four cups down and the vampire is a little too close.

“you are really pretty.” the man mumbles against his ear as he leans in and jimin tries to lean away but the arm behind him he wasn't even aware of pulls him closer. It makes an alarm go off in his head. “sir, i should head back”

“stay a little longer” he protests.

“no, I need— I need” the grip around his waist becomes painfully tight.

“what do you need, pretty flower.” he pressed a kiss to his ear and jimin shakes in his hold, disgust easily slipping across his face.

“i need to go, sir” he states again, prying the hands off him and standing up. “i had a wonderful time in your company, commander jung” then he bows, turning away Immediately which was a mistake. It happens all so fast that he doesn't know what's going on until he is pinned against a wall. He let's out a loud breath, already struggling with the tight grip around his wrists.

“did I give you permission to leave?” he growls, his red eyes glistening furiously. Jimin let's out a wince, absolutely scared. He wants to reach for his knife, wants to fight but he is overpowered. “i can't let you go” he says, a glaze filling his eyes, leans in and takes a long sniff of jimin's neck “your blood is driving me insane. I should at least have a taste of what commander Kim enjoys. ”

“he does not drink from me” jimin spits, his hands balled into fist.

“really?” the man raises his head, looking at jimin now, pure amusement painted on it. “then he truly has mastered his bloodlust but I haven't and jimin-ssi only fools would let you go without a taste of your blood”

“i think you are the fool here, commander.” jimin bites.

“how so?” he mumbles against the human's skin as he leaves kisses that make his stomach turn.

“we are both aware that there are a few more of your kind staying here at the moment. If the smell of my blood is unresisting why haven't they come for a taste?”

“like I had mentioned before they are fools”

“or because I belong to minister Kim?” jimin states and the other freezes then laughs. He doesn't stop, laughing away on the skin of the other.

“not for long” he says when he calms down. The words almost confirm the other's worst fears. “how about you join my court when you are no longer needed here?”

“let go of me” jimin snaps, his fear turning to anger. Jin would never let him go. He is sure of it. Jin would never do such a thing. Taehyung won't let him.

“angry?” the man taunts as he takes a long lap on the skin stretched over jimin's neck. The human tries to cower away but is held firm. “i will let you go after a drink” and with that he sinks his teeth into his neck. Jimin let's out a loud gasp at the pinch, his neck tingling. Jaehwa takes out his fangs and replaces them with his lips, sucking out the red liquid as quick as he can.

Jimin can feel it leave his body so fast, his swears he is getting dizzy already but he knows he can't pass out, not now in the hands of this man. Jaehwa releases his hands once they feel limp enough in his hold. Jimin leans against the wall, his head spinning and darkness calling to him. Jaehwa doesn't stop drinking, his hands roaming about to grope the human. Jimin winces again, with what energy he has left, slowly puts his hand through a hidden hole he had made for easier access to the little silver knife stuck away in his under garment pocket.

He pulls it out swiftly, stabbing the vampire in between his shoulder and neck, without thinking twice. He let's out a shout but doesn't pull away instead he dips his teeth back into jimin's neck again but this time he doesn't take them out, he just pulls away with the flesh still held in between them.

It hurts like a million fires burning jimin at the same time. He falls to the ground right after a scream leaves him too. His cloth gets quickly soiled with his own blood. He tries his best to keep his hands to his neck, he tries to stop himself from bleeding but his eyes start to roll and his hands feel weak. He doesn't know what has happened to the vampire in the room, if he has left or he is still there. He just hopes that someone finds him. He hopes that he doesn't die here. He doesn't want to die yet.



The next time he opens his eyes, he is looking up to Jin's. The older had been crying. His head hurts, he is thirsty and everything is just too loud. He blinks at him a couple of times, the smells something, it's blank and sour yet he craves to have a taste of it. He tries to remember what happened and when he does, he lifts his hand to his neck. Smooth skin. H e looks up at Jin again who gives him a worried smile then he finally acknowledges the vampire in room.

Taehyung is sitting beside them, his head hung low, blood all over half of his face and the same red substance decorates his right arm.

“what did you do?” he croaks, his heart beating fast against his chest. “what did you do Taehyung?!”

Chapter Text

Taehyung finds himself at a club at night, the music giving him a head ache and the alcohol leaving him slightly buzzed. He has been here occasionally, the place being a hot spot for blood donors and all that. He stares down at the phone he holds idly in his hand, it hasn't rang since the day he left, probably because everybody is used to him running away when everything is a little too much. Just like the time with Dahyung when he had spent almost a year and a half outside the country, just wondering about aimlessly. At least he is just out of the city this time.

He spends his time away, drinking till it takes effect and just watching life pass from the side lines while his mind races and works its way around things. He doesn't like to keep track of the days passing and he doesn't know how long he is going to be away for. He takes another sip of his drink not paying attention to the person that had just lowered themselves beside him but he knows that smell, it's too harsh not to miss it.

The vampire cocks his head to the side, sizing him. He has no energy to get upset or rather he just doesn't care enough about the threat the boy should bring at the moment. “how did you find me?” he asks still, only curious about his devices.

“the community speaks a lot, taehyung-ssi.” Taehyung takes quickly to the missing word hyung. He really doesn't know how to feel about it. (It had been a little nice when jungkook popped out from nowhere and started calling him that. He might miss it even if it was only said to taunt him) “you know how they are never really quiet if you do what's right” he continues and Taehyung nods, well aware of the way things work. Even for the right price, the tightest mouth will speak. He let's out a hum. “well, good for you.” he taps his drink gently, watching the ice cubes in it shake. “should I bother asking why you came in search of me?” he doesn't need to try to raise his voice above the noise, not when the human is so close that he can hear his rapid heart beat.

Jungkook shrugs, taking his shot then letting out a loud sigh. “just wanted to catch up.” Taehyung laughs at that, his eyes displaying full amusement just like his face. “we are supposed enemies now, jungkook. We don't catch up.”

“i am not enemies with you” he mumbles, not looking his way. Taehyung only rolls his eyes. “so what? You are only enemies with jimin? Is that what it is?” he breaks out in a bark of a laugh again, only exaggerating it to taunt the human. “didn't you learn anything from your three years of hunter's training?” he emphasize on the hunter's training by distorting his voice. He feels funny, his ears buzzing. He is drunk, he notices and not even surprised. “you being enemies with jimin makes you my enemy, Jungkook. You should have at least learnt that from your new found family” emphasis on the new found family again and he just finds himself so funny so he laughs again. Taehyung is not dumb. He is still fully aware of his surroundings, no matter how buzzed he is, he is still on high alert.

Jungkook grimaces, annoyed at the fact that the older is taunting him, it only makes Taehyung laugh louder, drawing some hazy eyes towards them. He meets eyes with the younger and there is just something about it that almost wipes the smile of his face. He looks away, thumbing at the design of the glass in his hand, unnerved by the look in the other's eyes and he doesn't know what it is.

A minute passes before Taehyung opens his mouth again, blurting out what ever comes to his mind just to make conversations. He might be trying to run away from everything but it doesn't mean he isn't lonely. “are you still afraid of horror movies?”

“what?” the other asks back, his face squeezed with confusion.

“horror movies. Are you still scared?” he repeats, a arm up on the table, his chin resting on the open palm, leaning closer to the human's face. He smiles. Jungkook leans away. “why are you asking that all of a sudden? ”

“dunno” he shrugs. “your glow up's quite amusing, just wanted to know if it was the same on the inside, you know all dark and harden or whatever.”

“you have got to be kidding me” Jungkook scoffs, rolling his eyes and Taehyung pulls a smile, stretching his arms above his head. “any way, I think I have had enough for today.” he gets up patting the other on his shoulder. “see you around kook.”



He doesn't even get the chance to change into his robe in his room when his phone rings. He stares down at the screen waiting for it to stop, thinking to himself that if it's not important the person wouldn't call the second or third time but the person does.

what do you want jae.”

“why do I feel like you were watching the phone ring” one of his oldest friends speaks, ignoring the question.

“i don't know what you are talking about” Taehyung sighs, taking a seat. “whats up? You of all people know not to call me.

“yeah. I know but it's important.” there is shuffling from the other end like he is moving. “jihoon went missing yesterday.” he says in a hushed tone.

“and?” Taehyung urges him to go on, already losing interest in conversation.

“and he is being tortured. I am saying half of his base is immobile” the younger's voice shakes. It makes sense since half of Jihoon's base is his family. “they can seem to find him anywhere, even with magic. It's as if he vanished into thin air. They are trying to keep it under control but how long will it be before their sector gets the full gist?”

“calm down jae. You are panicking”

“i am not” he huffs.

“you are. Is that why you called?”

“no... Yes, I mean no. I called to tell you to be careful and not vanish on us too. I don't like the feeling of pain, especially the type I can't make stop.”




“please be safe and not do anything careless. I know how you are when you get like this” Taehyung laughs then.

“i promise you. I will be super careful.” he lies plainly and maybe jae knows he is too. They exchange pleasantries after Taehyung asks about the other's, ending the call with quick goodbyes. He tosses the phone on the bed as he remains on the couch, staring at the wall. It's kind of fucked up, In fact almost upsetting. If they start to take them all down one by one it will be so much easier to move on quickly with what ever plan they have. Taehyung doesn't like that.




This time when he heads out, he goes down to the hotel bar and isn't even the slightest surprised to see the hunter there. At first he watches him from the other side of the room but soon enough curiosity takes over and he finds himself walking towards the other. “did you get a room here?” he asks as he lowers himself on the stool beside the younger. Jungkook doesn't look up, it is almost as if he doesn't acknowledge him yet until he says. “i have some important business to attend to”

“and those it have to do with a certain council vampire who recently got missing?” the older throws.

“i don't know what you are talking about” Jungkook answers half heartedly.

“of course you don't. I am just getting a feeling that you might be bring all the trouble back just as you took it away. ” the younger looks up at him then, his eyes tired but sharp. Taehyung has to look away even though he isn't intimidated. He cracks his knuckles. “honestly, kook. I have questions, lots of them and being as crazy as I am I am willing to push aside the recent events to ask what the fuck you have been up to?”

“its none of your business” he mutters.

“its very much is because I can bet my limbs that the business you are meant to be attending to is me. I am here right now” he extends his hands up and wide. “with no other aid but myself and you haven't made a move after all those threats? You are confusing me ”

“i didn't come for that.” he mumbles again.

“i can indulge you if you want. We can even make a deal, if you win you get to do what ever you want but if I do you have to answer all my questions.” Taehyung suggests, beautifully carrying a mischievous look.

“i said I didn't come for that” the younger snaps so suddenly that Taehyung is startled. The vampire narrows his eyes. “then what did you come for?”

Jungkook leans back, scratching the back of his ear and it almost looks like he is embarrassed. “i just came to check on you. You are all alone, word got out fast and now you are an easy target”. Taehyung literally freezes when he hears that, a strange feeling settling in his stomach. He scoffs, “i am always an easy target to fools and shouldn't I be afraid about you instead? oh, might hunter with the heavy threats and big moves” he emphasizes, taunting him again.

“i didn't come here for that” he repeats again.

“but you see, I don't care.” he tells him suddenly agitated and annoyed at the fact that the human is showing concern after he is the reason Taehyung is here in the first place. “someone who declares war on a house and throws threats shouldn't be bothered about the people on the receiving end since they are basically the ones who caused the inconveniences in the first place.” he picks up the latter's untouched drink and gulps it down at once, the harshness of the liquid burning his throat as he starts to leave.

“taehyung!” Jungkook calls after him, a few eyes drawing towards them.

“know your lane, kid and stop playing lukewarm, you are only going to get yourself hurt.” he throws over his shoulder not looking back.




Half a week passes before he sights Jungkook again. He had gone to a feeding party somewhere closer to home, somewhere people knew who he is and could recognizes him too. He had come there because he missed being known, he missed the feeling of people seeing him and actually being afraid.

He sits at the corner of the dim light room. It's an underground den, draped with a lot of red silk, crowed at the corners with leather chairs, cheap wine and other sorts of alcohol to give off some sort of appeal. Taehyung notices it might have worked. The music playing about is slow and sensual, encouraging the people on the dance floor to blend into each other, their scents mixing so much it irritates Taehyung but he doesn't leave. He tips a cup of cheap wine into his mouth, grimaces at the quality, he could be upstairs at the VIP section but he really doesn't want to know who and who is up there too, not too sure if he wants to make conversations.

He crosses his legs, relaxing back on the leather chair, scanning the room for someone to take home. He is hungry and hasn't fed in a while. He narrows down on a pretty looking boy at the side, he isn't his type but the vampire he is with is a little too handy, the kid looks in, taehyung can tell he doesn't want to be here. He will give them time, if the weird looking vampire doesn't stop soon, he will step in. He takes another swing at his drink, rolling it in his mouth before he swallows. It doesn't do much honestly, but today he just doesn't want to try.

He watches the crowd again, following the movements of their bodies, some of them have their teeth sunk into humans already and it's an unpleasant sight, it makes the older vampire wrinkle his nose in distaste. Taehyung hates it when they don't even have the sense to do that in private because under this circumstances they shouldn't be doing this at all, not here, it was like an unspoken code to at least be alone with your meal unless you are at a feeding orgy of some sort but no one is stopping them so they just do.

It's messy honestly, almost disgusting, Taehyung leans forward now, a frown on his face. He thinks to himself that they should get rid of some of this people or at least get stricter security or something. He snaps his head to the side when he smells it, vampire on vampire, just like the last time someone was feeding on it's own kind. His eyes runs through the crowd but he can't seem to find where it's coming from and as much as he tries harder, the scents get so mixed it's almost vanishes then suddenly strong honey hits his nose, blocking other scents completely. The older man grunts. “what the fuck are you doing here?” he asks not looking up at the hunter who is standing in front of him at a vampire feeding party. Taehyung can hear the whispers already, he isn't glad about it.

“working?” the younger answers, taking a seat beside the other. “got a job with a few other hunters to watch what goes on here.” Taehyung turns to face him a look of disbelief planted on his face. “i am being serious, taehyung. I am not stalking you or anything” he raises his hands, a small smile on his face. Taehyung turns away, he already feels like shit and may or maybe not a little upset that he can't find the scent again, not when the human is sitting there.

“this job, who assigned it to you?” he asks as he watches the younger pull his cup of wine closer.

“i don't know. Wasn't told who. it was more of us getting instructions from my brother to watch this place so to make sure that nothing goes out of hand” as he explains taehyung's eyes drift back to the human from before, the vampire has stopped being touchy but he still too close. “why are you here?” Jungkook asks pulling back his attention.

“me?” he finally looks at Jungkook properly, his eyes are clear today and he is actually smiling warmly. “oh, you should know why I am here jungkook. It's too obvious”

“so you are going to feed on one of them?” he states.

“like I said too obvious” he sighs loudly as he leans back, his eyes closed. He is feeling so uncomfortable in his skin tonight.

“are you okay?” the human asks, concern clear with his words.

“i told you Jungkook pick a lane.”

“and I did”

Taehyung hums more surprised at himself for understanding what he meant. “i am part of a lane, you know right. I am a two in one package deal” he jokes.

“well, I made you a lane.”

“it doesn't work that way, jungkook.”

“i know but it doesn't mean I won't try.”

He is looking at him now, his soft eyes carrying nothing Taehyung should be afraid of. It almost makes the older man want to be careless again, it makes him want to forget what he is really here for and joke around with this kid just for the thrill of it, just for the thought of everything crashing at the end. “you are being weird jeon” he throws looking away.

“not really. Just finally finding the courage to tell you how I feel”

“those feelings aren't for me though, they are for cool college student Taehyung, this here” the points at the both of them. “this is something completely different.”

Jungkook laughs before he can hold himself. “did you call yourself cool?” Taehyung blinks, taken aback by the only thing the younger had heard. “i am cool” he states, puffing his chest out a little.

“more like annoying” he throws back immediately and the vampire smacks him on his arm. The younger doesn't make a sound but he squeezes his face in pain.

“we will be fine” he says when the laugh has been drained from him. “i am still the same just with some upgrades and you are probably always the same too.”

“i am not talking about us individually jungkook. I am talking about our titles. We don't clash, this can't be a thing.”

“we don't know if we don't try” the younger insists a look of hope coloring his face, Taehyung looks away again before something deep down in his chest starts to burn. He shouldn't be here, he tells himself. He shouldn't give in to any of this. He stands up, feeling odd inside. “i have to go.” he says not looking at the other. “will probably see you around again.” he doesn't wait for a response before he is walking in the direction of the human he had been watching.

The vampire has his lips latched on the kid's neck. “hey there” he smiles, leaning on the wall at the other side of the human. “i was wondering if you wanted to hang out.” the vampire at the right side raises his head to look at Taehyung, his eyes widen when he recognizes him. “council member Kim” he pulls away, bowing a little. “its a pleasure to meet you” he trembles but Taehyung pays him no mind, only concentrating on the kid beside him. “so what do you say? I can I take you home?” the kid looks back and forth between the two vampires, probably weighing who is more dangerous. He is young, maybe too young to be able to legally sign a contract to be here. It makes Taehyung uncomfortable. The kid nods, agreeing to go with Taehyung. The vampire extends his hand which the kid takes, following hin out. The other vampire doesn't make a sound talk less of move.

Outside, it's cold, the sky brightening as the early morning starts. Taehyung takes out one of his lesser filled cards, one of those he keeps around for reasons like this because he doesn't appreciate having real money on him. “4,1,5,2” he says as he hands over the card to the boy. He knows kids like this, he has seen them before, knows what leads them to places like this.

“what?” he stares, eyes wide, his cheeks tinting bright in response the cool air hitting his face. “what's this for?”

“take it kid and don't come back to places like this again.” he takes hold of his hand and places the card in it.

“but—but you didn't drink—”

“i don't need to” Taehyung says, interrupting his stutter.“now hurry off before that creepier comes out to see if you stayed or something.”

“my contract? I can't stop coming I singed a contract”

“and I will get rid of it”

The kid stares at him again, his mouth opened like he has something to say but forgot.

“come on, go or do you need a ride?” he offers and the boy nods. Taehyung nods too with a small smile before ushering him towards his car. The boy is a little hesitant at first but Taehyung assures him that he is safe.

He drops him off a couple of streets away in a beat down district. He thanks Taehyung continuously after not saying a single word through the car ride. tears making his eyes glisten, his smile bright and so happy. The vampire smiles as he watches him go into a two story building, feeling good that he has helped another who is as unfortunate as he was.




“where have you been?” sunhee asks immediately jungkook steps into their shared home in town. He just wants to lay on his bed. He needs the rest but he has to see his brother first. “you were missing for days”

“i wasn't missing, I was working.” he sighs, pushing pass her.

“i can smell him on you, you know” she pushes.

“and what are you now? A wolf hybrid too?” Jungkook knows it hurts her before he finishes his statement. “i am sorry okay. I am not in the best mood at the moment. I need to see Junghyun.” actually he needs to get out of this building, he hates how the aura makes the magic swimming in him go haywire, it literally drives him insane. It always leaves an unsatisfied itch under his skin, like it's craving more than Jungkook can offer, like it's feeding off him.

“Junghyun is in a meeting right now.” she tells him as she turns away, not wanting to be around him anymore.

“with who?”

him. They have been at it for awhile that's why the energy in house is all weird ”

Jungkook listens to her, as he walks the opposite direction towards his brother's office.

“you shouldn't go there” his cousin warns. “Junghyun asked that no body should hang around.” Jungkook nods, changing direction to take the stairs towards the room he barely uses. He lays on his bed in his almost empty room, staring up at the ceiling, tracing the very familiar carvings with his eyes. He still can't tell what they say and all he has even been informed about them is that they kept them safe and help regulate the amount of power flowing around the halls of the house.

Jungkook hates it here. He hates all the random people roaming around claiming to be family even though Jungkook doesn't recognize a single one of them. He also hates the fact that some times he doesn't have control of himself, he hates when he feels like he might burst at the seams, when he feels like something is being caged within him. Sometimes he hears too loud and sometimes he smells too well, especially when he is in this house filled with too many secrets, he feels odd; different.

In the past three years he had stayed away hiding amongst the others here he had learnt to fight, to cast minor spells. To kill without blinking an eye. It had been hard but he didn't want to disappoint his brother. Junghyun always wanted the best from him. Junghyun that had become different, completely different.

The day he went home, he met the older sitting in the living room waiting for him. He was watching his favourite show again, a small smile resting on his face. Jungkook had ran towards him, hugging the man tight only to pull away and see crimson red eyes staring back at him. Jungkook knew that colour, he also knew what it meant. surprisingly, he didn't care and when ever he tried to ask questions later on out of pure curiosity Junghyun changed topic, whisking him away before he could say a proper good by to his friends, friends? Or so he thought.

Taking out the magic jimin had placed in him to make him forget that night had hurt like a bitch. Jungkook had a continuous headache for days and wouldn't eat because his heart ached too. Junghyun asked him to close his eyes that night but not before he saw what he saw. Not before he saw the red spilled on the wooded floor and carpet. Not before he saw their mother.

He still doesn't know what hurts more, finding out his family was murderer in cold blood or finding out that jimin was the one that did it. The pain slowly turned to rage as months passed. He became aggressive and upset all the time, at the same time he became a better hunter, preparing himself for when he had to meet the other again.

The first person he met when he stepped back into Seoul was Taehyung, Kim Taehyung. He still looked as mesmerizing as ever. Jungkook had forgotten to think about the other while he was gone, it was like his existence completely skipped his mind.
Meeting him had set something off in the hunter, he wanted to know what the older had been up to, if he was okay? He wanted to catch up, listen to what he had to say and at the same time he wanted to show that he wasn't the exact same Jungkook he had pushed around. He needed to show all of them so he bite them in the ass the only way he could.

He never really like the people that Taehyung moved around with, what where their names again? Jae, Jinsoo and some other guys he hasn't fully met. Junghyun come up with a plan and Jungkook had followed through, well, not exactly. He didn't know when it happened, didn't know when they got Jinsoo or how they got rid of him, in fact he didn't know they had gotten rid of him until Taehyung had walked up to him and screamed right at his face.

He lied straight up, sunhee telling him through his tiny earpieces, briefing almost immediately in such a way that it looked like she had forgotten to tell him in the first place; she probably didn't. He was amused, staring down at his glass to process it before opening his mouth to talk. Honestly, he doesn't even know what he is doing anymore, he hasn't been this confused since Junghyun had been attacked three years ago. He just goes with the flow at this point hoping he doesn't die or something.

Meeting jimin hurt more than he expected though. He had questions, wanted to scream at him and maybe he wanted to hit him a couple of times but the older looked beaten up already, probably from pain he felt that day. Jungkook had heard it was indescribable; sharing the feeling when someone dies. He wasn't exactly excited about seeing the other act so sure and confident, he almost looked like he wasn't afraid to die. That made Jungkook slightly pissed, his anger building so heavy that he had to leave.

He really doesn't know what he is doing and he is sure he has know clue about what Junghyun is up to too.

“jungkook?” a voice calls him. He turns his head to look at the head poking through the now opened door. It's his brother. “sunhee said you wanted to see me?”

“yeah.” he rises. “i will be right with you” his brother nods, giving him a brief smile before closing the door shut. Jungkook heads out not long after him, entering his elder brother's office as he is just about to sit in his chair. Jungkook doesn't pay attention to the things hanging all over the wall, he doesn't like looking at the weird looking charms and inscriptions. The room is brightly lit, the air condition blowing fine and there is even a humidifier in a corner yet it's still the most stuffiest place in the house.

“i haven't seen you in days.” his brother starts, the smile Jungkook notes as insincere tugging his lips wide.

“i was out, working” Jungkook gives the same answer again.

“that's not what I heard”

“but that's what happened. do you have people watching me hyung?” jungkook tries to keep his cool. He has always told his brother he likes his privacy. Junghyun never listens and they had butt heads a couple of times in the past.

“no of course not. I know how much you don't like it” he says, leaning back in his chair, his smile taking up something gruesome. “but that doesn't mean that the walls don't have ears”

“nice saying you used there. Does it make you feel any wiser?”

Junghyun only laughs at his taunt as he shakes his head slowly. “if you are doing what you are just because of some past feeling Jungkook then you better stop right now or you will hurt yourself but if you are still trying to take revenge for what they did to our family then you should know that you have my support”

“but are you still trying to get revenge too hyung?” he asks, stirring away from the topic of Taehyung. “are your plans till surrounded by that thought? What you said to me a few years back, is it the same?”

“yes. I meant it and I still do. Once we get rid of the jimin and his family, we will also demolish the council, pushing us back to our former status ”

“if you remember it well then don't get distracted. What ever you are doing now, what ever you have gotten yourself into you have to figure your way out of it. This is not what we wanted” Jungkook tells him, watching his brother's smile suddenly fall. He had believe him the first year when Junghyun didn't have a certain feeling to him, when his older brother had made a chant of the words he had told him. When Junghyun was still Junghyun. Now a days, he barely says a word about it. It almost feels to jungkook like he has forgotten about it.

“you too jungkook. Don't get distracted okay?” his voice is suddenly weak with doubt. Jungkook rolls his eyes at him, a scoff leaving his mouth. “stop worrying about me and worry more about yourself. Drink a bag or so while you are at it. Your red eyes are pissing me off”

He storms out of the house as quick as he came in, what he came for in the first place completely forgotten. It is on his way to one of his favorite bars, craving for a drink does he remember that he had forgotten to ask if Junghyun had been the to one to capture jihoon. He sighs loudly, drawing a few eyes in the moving bus. Why is everything so messy?





The next time Taehyung sees jungkook, he swaying to the music at a club, a stranger clinging to his back. The vampire had decided a while back that he is going to feed off the human and is actually more excited about the meal than the sexual activities that come with it.

“do you mind?” he hears the voice before he sees the face and maybe if the cherry scent coming from the big burly man holding him wasn't overwhelming then maybe he would have smelt the honey a while back.Taehyung doesn't bother to look back, the stranger literally giving way and not fighting to be with the vampire. Pussy.

“you scared my dinner away” Taehyung says as the younger presses his chest firmly to his back. “or are you planning to let me feed on you again?”

“i am not that stupid” the hunter whispers into his ear, snaking his arms around his waist to pull him closer.

“what do you want Jungkook?” he slurs, a little too drunk again and a little high from the smell of the blood rushing through his veins. The vampire can tell it's different, he wonders how it tastes like now. The younger doesn't answer, only moving swiftly behind him. Taehyung pulls his eyes shut then lolls his head back until it's rested on the other's shoulder. “you have to answer me.” he says. “what do you want?” jungkook's fingers tighten around his waist, their bodies almost molding into each other. Taehyung needs him to speak. He needs him to tell him what he wants. The younger lowers his lips to the vampire's exposed neck, littering kisses on it. Taehyung hums, his head foggy. He shouldn't do this, he can also smell the alcohol in jungkook's breath. They are both not thinking straight.

“you know what I want” he finally responds, his teeth slightly scraping the other's neck. Taehyung doesn't hesitate then. He starts to move towards the exit blindly, the younger's hand in his. They get into his car quickly, leaving all the bright lights and noises behind.

The ride back to his hotel room, is quiet, the sexual tension filling the air. Taehyung doesn't mind, he doesn't even think he is going to regret this. He doubts it. For the first time in a while he is doing something he wants to do without considering any other person but himself. “do you have a tracking device on me or something?” he asks as he turns into the parking lot. “its getting creepy the way you pop up from no where” Jungkook doesn't answer again, in fact he just stares out side the window as taehyung turns off the engine.

They both get out of the car, heading into the next free elevator as fast as they can. Taehyung picks his floor, leaning back against the metal wall. “you know it's okay if you have changed your mind” he tells the quiet man, it's kind of leaving him on edge the way he doesn't utter a word.

“i haven't” he answers and it has one of taehyung's eyebrows shooting up. He crosses his arms. “really?”


“look at me when you say that jungkook. I want to see your face”.

The hunter does as he is told, looking right into the older's eyes. “yes, taehyung. I still want to fuck you.”

“oh!” he exclaims, a chuckle leaving his mouth before he can stop himself, they are both lucky that it's just them in here. “you are so brave now”. Taehyung gushes, not missing the slight colour dusting the other's cheeks before he turns away again.

It's almost amusing, how they had in some way managed to not touch each other all the way to his room because once Taehyung has the door slammed shut, Jungkook has him pressed to it, their lips molding into one another.

Taehyung let's out a hum as Jungkook kisses him. It's nothing special but the vampire doesn't think he is going to stop anytime soon. His hands wander all over his body. Hard. The boy liked to work out. Jungkook kisses down his chin, leaving pecks all over his neck. He sucks hard and Taehyung let's out a soft moan, putting his fingers through his hair. The younger's hand wander underneath his shirt, running his hands teasingly until he rubs at taehyung's nipple. The older takes a loud breath in, biting down on the hunter's lips just a little yet the skin breaks, causing the sweet taste of jungkook's blood to fill his mouth. Taehyung's head spins, he can barely concentrate, if Jungkook had tasted good then, this is a million times better.

He tries not to suck too hard only stopping when he hears the other laugh. “what?” he asks as he pulls away, his cracked voice barely above a whisper and his eyes blown wide.

“i think I will have to change my mind. I should let you feed first” Jungkook smiles, his hand never leaving the other's body. “you seem starved.” then he is lifting him, taehyung responding to the action by wrapping his legs around the younger's waist. “i am not starved” he pouts, nibbling and licking at the vein visible on the hunter's neck. It pulses against his tongue making him hum.

“does seem like you are though” Jungkook insists and Taehyung can tell he is still smiling.

They position themselves this way; Jungkook has his back on the headboard of the bed while Taehyung straddles him. The older remains kissing at his neck, excitement coursing through him, it makes him want to bounce a bout with anticipation. “be easy on me, yeah?” Taehyung nods. “i am being serious Taehyung. I don't want to black out and be on the brink of death again”

“i heard you the first time” the vampire grumbles as he pulls away. “stop making me feel terrible”

“oh, so you can feel terrible? You didn't act that—” Jungkook yelps “did you just bite me to shut me up?” Taehyung huffs against his skin, pulling out his teeth. “yes. Now shut up or you will spoil the mood” and immediately his lips are back on the skin pouring out a thin line of blood. Taehyung sucks and has to rest completely on the other, too far gone by the intoxication to have a clear mind. Jungkook tastes just the same but yet different, from soft and mild to strong and harsh, like a good mixture of honey and lime. He can taste the alcohol in his blood too, his whole body feeling alive.

“why does it always feel so good?” Jungkook pants, his neck stretched sideway to accommodate the action. “i make it feel that way. Good biters always make it feel good” Taehyung mutters to him, lips still against his skin, snapping out of his haze just a little. “talk to me” he mumbles on his skin, trying to keep his mind grounded so he won't to go into auto pilot like before.

“i don't know what to say” Jungkook tells him.

“just do something okay?” taehyung grunts, already calculating how much is more before he can stop. He hasn't had to do that in a while but there is just something about the taste of this human's blood on his tongue that just makes every suck feel like he is going through a drug induced euphoria. “what are you doing?” the older questions, jungkook's action pulling him out of his thoughts completely.

“you asked me to do anything”


“do you want me to stop?”

Taehyung shakes his head, arousal finally overcoming his thirst. He likes the human's hands on his ass, he likes the way he kneads them. He puts his lips on the two tiny holes and takes one more sip before licking them shut, pulling away slowly to whispers in jungkook's ear “now that's done, what's next, hunter-ssi”

“a lot, taehyung-ssi” with that response, the younger flips him so he has his back pressed on the bed. Taehyung giggles at the sudden action, drunk off two things now. “didn't that make you dizzy?” he asks, unable to control his smile as the human squeezes his eyes shut and lowers his head onto taehyung's chest. “shush, are you sure you didn't drink too much?” the hunter grunts.

“no I didn't. I promise. I thought to myself that if I drink up all your blood there wouldn't be any left to make your dick hard”

“shut up” Jungkook chuckles, raising his head to give the other a soft kiss. It's not anywhere enough for Taehyung who pulls him closer by a hand to the head and pushes his tongue into the other's mouth, wanting him to taste what is left on it. For a second Jungkook hesitate and it makes Taehyung want to pull away, figuring that the other does not like it but that is pushed away when the younger sucks at the muscle exploring his mouth.

“let me suck you off for a bit” Taehyung suggest when he breaks off the intense kiss. “you know, so what's left of your blood knows where to head too” he smiles, enjoying the look on jungkook's face. He enjoys the way his cheeks and ears redden. He likes it when the younger can't meet his eyes. Taehyung had liked it the first few times it happened years back but now he knows he's almost tipping over the edge to loving it.

“don't make me hit you” jungkook warns but there is not bite to it. He pulls off the other, going back to the position they had started with, legs spread wide. Taehyung follows quickly, laying on his stomach in between them. He licks his lips as he locks eyes with the younger staring down at him. Jungkook has that intense gaze again, the one that makes Taehyung always look away but this time he doesn't, he only keeps the eye contact as he unbuckles the belt and takes down the zipper.

Jungkook is hard already, creating a tent with his boxers. Taehyung reaches for it and squeezes, eyes still on him, it causes the younger to hiss. “looks like you don't need my mouth after all” he hums, stroking the length slowly.

“but you are still going to do it right?” Jungkook asks, his head lolled back.

“yeah.” Taehyung pulls out his length, sizing it with his hand around the base. He is bigger than the ones he has been with for a while, it sends another wave of arousal through his body. He licks up from head to base, enjoying the feel of it pulsing against his tongue. Jungkook let's out a strangled moan. “i haven't even started yet” he says, Jungkook squeezing his face as he looks at him. “stop talking” the younger says with a commanding tone and for a second, taehyung's pride makes him want talk back but he knows better than to spoil the mood so he just takes the head into his mouth, tonguing at it playfully. Jungkook let's out another hiss, his hands snaking into taehyung's hair.

Taehyung takes his time, slowly bobbing his head up and down, not taking enough his mouth. Jungkook groans. “stop teasing, taehyung” it comes out a quiet plead and the older finds himself, lacking his jaw, pushing down until he feels the other's length against the back of his mouth, swallowing around it. The hunter's sounds of pleasure increases voice as taehyung sucks around him, pulling upward only to push back down. Jungkook's noises leave him pleased, causing blood to rush down to his half hardened dick. He rubs down against the bed, seeking friction to reduce the ache but it's nearly enough.

Jungkook pulls his head away all of a sudden. “i am going to cum” he croaks, leaving Taehyung feeling good about himself.

They strip as quickly as they can, latching lips together again as their bare skin touched. The younger had asked if he had been prepped or if they needed to do that first. Taehyung had chuckles and told him a few lewd things he had done to himself the night before. Jungkook had turned a bright shade at his words and Taehyung soaked it all in again.

The younger lays him down on his back, helping him put a pillow underneath him, his head between the croak of the vampire's neck. He places kisses along his chin when he pushes in, both of the letting out loud obscene sounds at the same times. Taehyung loves the stretch, he loves the way he feels like he is being ripped open. He presses his nails into the back of the younger when he moves. Taehyung's eyes roll to the back of his head as he let's out another moan, Jungkook's thrust taking a rhythm, hitting his prostate with great precision. The vampire is crying and doesn't even notice it until the tears are running down the side of his face.

Jungkook continues to litter kisses along his face and neck as he chases his orgasm, pushing into taehyung with sharper and shorter thrusts. It doesn't take long for him to let out a long grunt, thrusting his way through his orgasm. Taehyung wince underneath him when the other takes his forgotten cock in his hand. It takes the vampire just a few strokes, already too rallied up to last too long.

They lay side by side in the darkness of the room trying to catch their breath. “well, that was fun” Taehyung starts, breaking the silence. The man beside him nods. “cant say was the best though”

“are you trying to hurt my pride after you cried?” Jungkook throws back.

“we will never speak of that okay?” he warns, leaning on his elbow so he can look down at the younger. Jungkook is smiling, his eyes droopy with sleep.

“yes, definitely. I will not say a single word about you crying while having sex with me.” he taunts, getting off the bed slowly.


“where are your towels” he asks in between laughs.

“don't ask me like you literally don't have a room booked here”

“yeah. That's true” he turns to look back at the vampire, spawned on the bed still naked. He smiles wider, causing Taehyung to return it with the same energy.

When Jungkook comes back Taehyung is half asleep, his eyes completely completely closed as the younger cleans up the mess they made. Before he falls asleep completely he feels jungkook plants another kiss on his lips before pulling him closer into a hug.

Taehyung blinks the sleep away when he wakes up later in the day, snuggling closer to the warm person beside him. He is amused, he didn't expect Jungkook to still be here. “i didn't think I would find you still here when I wake up” the vampire voices, a smile creeping up his face as he remembers the night before.

“i am full of surprises” the younger says, turning to give the vampire a kiss on the head before sitting up. “but I have to leave now”

“of course. A hook up shouldn't prolong it's way all through the morning” he stretches, trying to set boundaries.

“this wasn't a one night kind of thing” Jungkook says back and when Taehyung looks at him the younger is frowning.

“its not?” well, this surprises taehyung, He is not going to lie. “are you saying you want to do this again?”

“if you want to. Do you want to?”

Taehyung scratches his scalp, the small smile on his face growing. Well fuck “yeah. Sure. I am cool with it” he might as well be sleeping with the devil at this point and he knows the consequences, wouldn't even be surprised if it happens.

Jungkook shrugs on his shirt, already worn his pants while Taehyung was stretching. “i will see you later then?”

“yeah.” then the human is out of his house while Taehyung just lays back down staring at the ceiling. He is sober now and yet he still acting like he can't think straight.


Later for Jungkook means that same evening. Taehyung is completely ready to go out but just from the knock on the door and the sweet smell of honey, his plans changed.

They locked lips even before he could close the door this time. Taehyung feels giddy, almost too good. It's alarming but he pushes it away. It's upsetting that he knows it's going to end soon enough. He is going to have to stop this if he is going to go back home to them. He pushes the ugly thoughts out of his head as Jungkook pushes his unbuttoned shirt down his shoulder, carrying him up so he can litter kisses on his chest. The vampire giggles as he snakes his fingers through his soft locks. Jungkook is rougher today. He settles himself on the edge of the bed and asks Taehyung to ride him. The older complies after a short while of prepping himself open again. He pushes down with a wince and before he starts moving, Jungkook has his hands holding him tightly, pulling him up and slamming him back down.

Taehyung doesn't complain he actually liked it a lot. It was kind of better this way, it made him feel like that was all this was, the younger taking out his anger on him. The hunter still let's him feed on him, like the night before but Taehyung takes just a little. He doesn't feel like drinking much.

Jungkook continues to visit him almost all the time and Taehyung waits. The hunter would come when he was in the greatest mood or when he was angry and sometimes he comes when he is just to drunk to know why he is even there. Normally, taehyung would have been out and about, drinking away time, trying to have fun but now he just waits for the other to stumble into his room and fuck him gently or sometimes senseless. And when he wasn't around, Taehyung had time to think. He tries to give himself a good reason why he is playing with fire. He tries to find an answer wise enough to say outside but he can't. All he can think about Is how much he just wants to do it. All he can think about is how good the adrenaline in is, how inevitable the end will be. Jungkook had come here for a reason and even though he wasn't good at what he was doing Taehyung still played along.

He holds the other like a life line when he screams out his name. Jungkook takes care of him and even showers him with affection most times and that is something that taehyung had been getting less of over the years. Even kissing Jungkook almost feels right, it almost feels good. They barely talked most time, Jungkook being conflicted about something only preferring to sleep it off than speak out but when they did, Taehyung finds the other endearing. Taehyung finds him amusing, specially when the other is a little bit dizzy from the feeding session, when his mouth gets loose and he says a lot of rubbish, well, not rubbish but Taehyung doesn't allow himself to think if the things the younger says because if he does, he will have to admit a few things himself.

“they sent you to me, didn't they” he asks one night as he has his head on the younger's chest, playing with his fingers.

“i don't know what you are talking about”

“there is no point lying to me. It's obvious” he insists.

“honestly, taehyung. I am here on my own.” the hunter reassures. “i promise you. This has nothing to do with them.”

“then why?”

“you know why”

Taehyung doesn't say another word again, he only sighs, pressing closer to the other. He made up his mind after that night.

From that day, just sex turned to cuddling on the couch and going out to eat. Taehyung could tell it was getting different, he could tell it was getting out of hand. People could hear and people saw in fact taehyung was kind of surprised that no one called.

Jungkook is usually relatively quiet while they are out together, in fact he is so unsettled that it pisses Taehyung off most times including now. “calm down” he hisses as he picks up jungkook's beverage to take a little sip only to sticks out his tongue. Bitter. “its not like anything can happen in broad day light with all the humans in here.”

Jungkook grabs the cup from him. “stop that. you will get sick” he warns and the vampire smiles. “so why did you bring me here?” the hunter asks after taking a long sip of his drink. Taehyung folds his arms across his chest. He looks around the busy cream coloured shop before bringing his eyes back to the other. His smile waivers a little. “i am going home, kook”

“so?” Jungkook urges him to continue.

“and this has to stop.”


Taehyung watches the younger's face. Jungkook has gotten good at hiding his feeling over the years. “you aren't going to ask why?”

“should I?” he asks back in a low mumble. Taehyung doesn't bother again. Jungkook probably knows. It's quite obvious that once Taehyung heads back home whatever this was seizes to exist. It had hung over their heads from the beginning. It's been a month, it's high time he stops running from his problem.

“i will be checking out of the hotel by noon tomorrow so you should probably come get your things in the morning or something”. He tells the human and he nods in response, his eyes glued to the cup in his hand.

“can I at least come to see you tonight?” he asks suddenly.

“no, you can't” he answers because Taehyung knows he wouldn't leave if the other holds him tonight, he won't have the heart to leave.

“yeah okay.”


Taehyung tries not to think about how Jungkook looked when he had come to take his stuff in a bag. He tried not to look too but he still did, watching the hunter pack his things slowly. Taehyung had stole a shirt of his a while back before he had come in, he had it hidden in one of his numerous bags. He stands still and watches from the other side as the room gets cleaned of anything belonging to jungkook. He didn't utter a single word. He didn't even say goodbye when he left. He only nodded.

There is a knock on the door while taehyung had almost finished packing. He looks at the time, he has an hour until Jae comes to pick him up to help with all the rubbish he had been buying. The knock goes again and he is also sure he didn't order any room service. He heads to the door and looks through the peephole. “fucking jungkook” he whispers as he heads back into the living room to continue packing. “i am really not in the mood for this” he shoves a few more things in his bag then picks up his phone when he hears a harsher knock.


 Jae. Probably won't be here when you do get here. Tell jimin to get Yoongi and his scrying ball working right now. I am about to go missing.


 What the fuck are you talking about.


He doesn't respond rather he tosses the phone under the couch, just in case they need the information he has been busy gathering. The door of his room clicked open and he hears foot steps rushing in. Honestly, he doesn't understand why he hadn't smelt the bunch of vampires since but it's probably the magic hovering all over them, scent blockers and other charms he figures. “i really thought you were going to break the door down but you had a key card? You could have just let yourself in this whole time.”

“we like to be polite” the woman from the other day says, sunhee, if he remembers correctly.

“yeah, sure. Knocking before trying to kidnap someone is polite” he turns around and tucks that stolen jungkook shirt in his bag. He is definitely going with it. “quick question though” he turns back to look at the group of people standing awkwardly on defense in his room. “those Jungkook know you are here?” no response. “i will take it as a no then” he dashes forward with speed, snapping the neck of the one closest to him, preventing blood spill. He stepped back immediately, his hands up in the air in surrender. “sorry. I just didn't like the way he was glaring at me” he smiles. The whole room tenses up, waiting for the command of the lady before their next move. Taehyung's smiles only widens, feeling very cocky. “come on. Take me already. I honestly don't want to have any drama and i can't afford to have blood spilled here, the room is under my tab."

Sunhee stares at him for a few seconds, conflicted. Taehyung rolls his eyes. “jae will soon be here. Hurry up”

“you are freaking me out” she tells him.

“was I being obvious? Come on smelly vampire” he waves at her to come forward. “what are you doing to use to knock me out?” he scans the people in front of him, his eyes narrowing at an object in someone's hand. “a bat? How unpolite of you”

“shut the fuck up”. The girl snaps, signalling for someone behind her. A man goes out and comes back in with someone covered with a black cloak.

“you have got to be kidding me” Taehyung exclaims when he sees who it is. “you are meant to be dead” what the hell is Gunwoo doing here.

“but I am not” he smiles and with the snap of a finger Taehyung starts to feel heavy. He knows this magic, he thought it didn't exist anymore. It's not meant to.

“you fucking bastard. Just wait until Yoongi finds out” he spits, fear finally taking over his mind. It's serious than he thought, in fact way out of what he calculate it all to be. His head spins and everything is dark before he hits the ground.


It hurts, being burnt but as much as taehyung screams he laughs. They have been going at it for a few days now, only leaving him to heal up so they can start again but it has become a little bit harder for the vampire when he is rarely fed. He barely has clothes on too and he is cold at night, the weather dropping into unimaginable degrees. He stinks of his own blood and other things he doesn't want to think of but yet it's all too funny because he really didn't expect himself in this type of situation already. He doesn't even feel betrayed, why would he be when he knew he was just playing with fire would kill him. Playing house with Jungkook was going to lead to this anyway so he wasn't surprised, he was more like ready.

He guesses that that this was what they had done to Dahyung before actually killing her. They want to make everyone in his link hurt first. Fucking psychopaths. He laughs even louder, though it is weak. Taehyung is not scared of anything like this. He isn't scared of death even though he knows he might not. Jae had warned him, he has told him not to be careless and now he is probably hurting too. They are all hurting. Taehyung isn't scared of dying but he is scared of all the lives he will without a choice end. The damage is unthinkable.

“i need to know what's funny to you” a man says as he walks in, right in the middle of another round of torture. He waves the people in the room out. They listen immediately. Taehyung looks up to see an older, skinner version of Jungkook, finally he gets to meet the popular Junghyun. He Snickers. “it tickles” he lies in between puffs of breath. He is tired and he just wants to sleep but he isn't going to show any signs of weakness, especially not in front of him.

The human... No vampire, (Taehyung comes to notice when he nose finally picks up on his scent in the midst of the stench of blood and cooked flesh.) Raises an eyebrow and Taehyung can't help but laugh again. It's unbelievable really. Is everyone here a vampire? Vampires hunting their own kind? Hunters being vampires? Taehyung can't seem to wrap his head around it, it leaves a bad taste in his mouth but it doesn't stop him from laughing just to rally the other up.

“i am well aware that fire and silver doesn't tickle, council member Kim,”

“you don't say. How would you know though?” Taehyung looks up at him again from beneath his sweat soaked bangs. The man ignores his question, moving to grab the little blow touch they have been using to cook him for a while now. Taehyung holds in a wince, swallowing thickly. That's had been burning particular spots, waiting for him to regenerate before going at the same spot all over again. He hates the smell of his own fat burning, it sticks to the air, rests in his nose, hair, clothes and if hr has to see his own bone again he might actually lose his mind. He squeezes his fists into balls as he leans back in his chair, he tries to not to think about the pain when the silver chains run against his skin, he had tried to break them before but they had magic woven into them. indestructible.

“i don't think you will be laughing after i am done with you.”

“try me” he bluffs. “in my younger years I had it worse. You aren't special.” true. He almost died that time. He can tell remember it like it was yesterday, when the humans started talking note of the activities of vampires. They had caught a few of them then, Taehyung being part of them because of his carelessness. (They had all been tied to stakes, the humans believing they were more of magical creatures that couldn't be killed unless burnt. They were naive at the time and it had done the vampires a lot of good). Taehyung wouldn't have survived it if not for yoongi's spell set a confusion amongst them and Jin got him out right on time. It had been hard to recover from that, there are still scars all over to show for it.

“we will see about that” the man face hardens, he looks really upset. “any other thing you have to say before I burn your lips off your face?” he threatens the in pending torture.

Taehyung widens his eyes with a mock fear, he can't help but joke about it. He can't help but act like he is unfazed because one of the things he has learnt from jin is to never show his fear to those below him and this man here is lower than the scummiest of vampire he has ever met.

“nothing much” he chuckles. “i will just like I you tell Jungkook that I am going to cut off his dick with my teeth once I get—” Taehyung screams, his chest being set on fire, the other man had turned on the torch interrupting him.

It hurt like hell and all he could think about how sorry he is to his family, how they will be going crazy at this moment with fear and pain. Taehyung is sorry but it really doesn't stop him from trying to laugh his pain away.

Chapter Text

“So you are telling me that when you got there you didn't find him but his things?” Jin asks gently though his voice shakes at the edges. Jae nods at the question, fear very present on his face “and all we have is the stupid message he left” the vampire nods again. Its just the both of them in the living, once he heard from jae he called every other person to the house. He rather have them under the same roof if anything happens and it does.

Immediately after jimin stepped into the house, he falls to the ground with the loudest scream ever, piercing through the walls of the house, colour drains from his face quickly, tear reaching his eyes.

Jin doesn't even know how to react, he has others in different sides of the house, their pain scream resonating in the walls of his head. He has to make it stop. They have to stop. At one point, they did after an hour or so and that's when he could even start to think straight enough to ask for anything or any type of help. He called Yoongi first thing first. The witch answering almost immediately. “you have to find taehyung and you have to find him right now”




When jungkook steps into the room, taehyung has his eyes closed, his head lolled back. The room is freezing cold, the air stuffy with the smell of flesh. It's nauseating but Jungkook tries hard not to concentrate on it rather he puts his mind on the man in front of him; barely with any clothes on, the material being burnt right off his body. Taehyung has wounds that don't seem to be healing, they ooze out a lot of blood. “you shouldn't be here” the vampire mumbles, still the same position.

“i didn't know” jungkook whispers as he stops right in front of him. It's true he didn't know they had come for him, just like every other thing that has been happening, he hasn't really been carried along. “i promise you I didn't know” he tries to sound as sincere as he can, he tries to let him know he isn't lying “i am so fucking sorry tae. I had no clue.”

The vampire opens his eyes and stares at him for a few second, the younger holds his gaze. He smiles “i know jungkook. Calm down okay?”

“i am sorry.” he mumbles head low, taehyung hums when he hears it but doesn't say anything back. Jungkook stands in front of him just waiting for anything to happen.
“what do you want Jungkook?” he asks closing his eyes back.

“can I feed you?” he asks, pulling out two syringes filled with his blood. Taehyung opens his eyes, eyebrows knitted with worry. “what the heck?”

“let me fed you” the hunter repeats, moving closer enough to have his arm extend it to taehyung's lips.

“you are going fucking get caught, jungkook”

“i don't care, just drink” he protests, moving just a bit closer. “please drink” the vampire eyes him but he wraps his chapped lips around the tip, sucking as Jungkook pushes the content out. Taehyung finishes the first one quite quickly, moving to the next one with speed. When it finishes he licks his lips and swallows slowly, his eyes turning a bright shade of red.

“more” he croaks then shakes the chains binding him, letting out a loud hiss when the silver comes in contact with his skin. He blinks, the red in his eyes tone down a shade. “dont do that again” taehyung tells him. “dont try to feed me again” he instructs but even then Jungkook doesn't listen, he keeps on coming and taehyung keeps on drinking, his wounds healing only to be burnt right open again.



“tell me you found something” Jin asks hovering around.

“if you could stop hovering about then maybe I would” yoongi snaps feeling way to pressured already.

“fucking hell yoongi” the god exclaims, “it's been nearly a can't say you didn't find a single thing”

“well, I haven't. There I said it”

“if you continue like this we will get no where” jimin adds quietly, he has been seating in that same position since he got there, his skin pale and he looks like he is in constant pain. Yoongi sighs, jimin looks like he could dissolve and fade away any minute from now, it makes him wonder how taehyung is fearing.

“i will figure something out. I am having one of my friends over from jeonju. I might be able to get something this time” he tells them, looking through his srcying ball again. He isn't looking at anything in particular but he doesn't say a word.

When they leave later on in the day Yoongi leans back and looks up at the ceiling. He hates to admit it but he pities them, just like the way he pities himself. It's not something that happened all of a sudden but it's there now, it's really there. He pities each and everyone of them but he pities himself the most. He can't pinpoint what's wrong and is really not a fan of putting all their troubles on his shoulders but this time, this time if he doesn't help, Jin will lose everything. If taehyung dies, he is taking every single thing Jin loves with him. That would be diasterous because Yoongi knows jin. He knows what type of god he was, he knows what type of person he is, knows how much he wants more and more and more even when his hands can not contain them, he knows how much he treasures what he has and never want to lose any of it. Yoongi knows jin for who he truly is and all he can say is that the god will not be able to handle the heart break. It would never be a pretty sight.

“what are you thinking about” Hoseok asks, pulling him out of his thoughts. The red head had been standing there for a while now, watching him think. He scans over the human when he doesn't respond. “you should sleep more, hyung” he instructs in the form of a plead, already turning away to another room.

“what are you doing here?” he asks following suit. He hasn't seen Hoseok in weeks, the man bearly came out of the water because every time he did they only fought.

“i am tired of eating raw fish.” he answers going down the stairs, yoongi still following.

“i can change then” the witch says, feeling a little bit anxious. “what do you want instead”

“i want to have dinner with you, hyung” he turns to look at him. Yoongi looks away, unable to look at the purple little scales littering his face. Hoseok could barely transform, there is something so wrong about his face, he looks like he is in constant pain. “at least look at me" he mutters almost painfully, picking up the microwave meals to put them in the machine.

It's not disgust. That's not what it is. It's just the pain he feels because he knows that if hoseok just spoke this wouldn't be happening, he wouldn't be unable to look at his lover's face. Yoongi follows him again when he picks up their meal and walks toward the dinning table.

Hoseok chews slowly, Yoongi doesn't take a bite. “your food is getting cold”

“i am not hungry”

“then you should have let me–”

“hoseok–” he draws sharply, his eyes stinging with tears. He swallows when they meet eyes. “please…”

“lets not do this tonight yoongi”

“just tell me. I am begging you to tell me”

The younger lowers his head again, taking a spoon full of the meal into his mouth, acting as if he hadn't heard.

“ Hoseok–”

The serpent slams the fork in his hand down on the table suddenly, then he huffs, turning his head from side to side. “i came here to have dinner, yoongi. I came to have dinner and cuddle with you, okay? I just want to have proper food in my mouth and a nice bed to lay on that's all I am asking.”

“you could have all that if you just tell me how to stop this.” he tells him, keeping his voice even as to not trigger the fight silently blooming.

“i can't. you know I can't”

“and you want to enjoy all this? You want to enjoy being with me, cuddling and all that shit when you are in pain, when I can't look at you because I feel like I am a failure because you are hurting and I can't make it stop.”

“i didn't ask you to feel that way” he mutters down at his food and yoongi scoffs. “you are joking right. Didn't you say you where doing this for us, that this–” he points at the other. “what ever the fucking you are going through is for us?”


“then why can't you see that we are falling apart because of it. Why the fuck can't you see that.” he finally snaps.


“you think I don't know how much it hurts when I hold you? How much it hurt for you to be in this form? I am not stupid, so you better stop acting like I am”

“what do you want me to do?”

“talk to me. Fucking talk to me”

“i can't do that”

“fine then” Yoongi gets up swiftly, the chair scraping the wood floor loudly, he sighs and leaves.

“where are you going to?” hoseok calls to him.

“to bed. Goodnight” he answers heading up the stairs. He doesn't need this. He really doesn't.





“you know your brother is a vampire right?” taehyung ask immediately jungkook sits down beside him. The younger is sure the vampire has lost track of time, the days going by faster and faster. Jungkook doesn't speak of things outside the four walls of the room unless he is asked.

“yeah. I found out the day I found him”

“ooh” he mumbles. “do you know why he decided to turn?”


“do you ever know?”


Taehyung let's out a little laugh. “then I shouldn't try to ask you if you know Gunwoo?”

“the witch?”

“you do know him?” there is a bit of interest in his voice now. Jungkook shakes his head. “not well enough”

“what's that supposed to mean?”

“exactly what i said. Not enough. I know his name, i know that he is a witch and i know he is my family's witch. That's all I know ” Jungkook explains, a hint of frustration in his voice.

“that's all they are telling you” taehyung finishes. “they don't tell you anything”

“i know that you don't have to state the obvious.” Jungkook mutters, picking at a piece of darken substance off the floor.

“stop playing with that. It's my nipple” taehyung says causally and Jungkook panics so bad that he almost screams. The vampire bursts into quiet laughter. “the look on your face. priceless.”

“its not funny” the younger huffs, annoyed. “this isn't ths right time to be joking around”

“i don't need your lectures, jungkook.” taehyung sighs. “what did you really come here for” the latter hesitates. “you better talk. It's almost torture time.”

Jungkook shift his body a bit, contemplating before he decides to stand up. He dusts himself off then stands straight, eyes on taehyung. “i need you to feed”.

taehyung frowns. “you have to stop doing this, Jungkook. you are driving me insane”

“that's what they want. they want me to come in here and drive you insane taehyung. This is the only way how.” Jungkook hears how stupid his lie sounds with his own ears. He knows taehyung can see through everything.

“its a stupid idea, really” the vamipre mutters before raising his head better. “come on then” he gives one of his weak smiles. “feed me.”




“you should stop” taehyung says barely above a whisper. Today, taehyung is in the worst state than any jungkook has witnessed and he has witnessed a lot. Things have been burnt completely, his skin peeled off in some places and his face is so so pale, it's alarming. Jungkook knows what he is talking about, he also knows that he is serious. He hears him but acts like he can't. “jungkook, you need to stop feeding me blood” he says, unable to even raise his head. The vampire is battered and bruised, purple ugly marks on his skin accompanied with wounds that are healing way too slow. Jungkook knows that feeding him these small amount of blood isn't doing any good now, it's only making him more hungry, mostly insane.

“if you get caught–”

“you keep on saying that but i won't get caught. Nobody care enough for that to happen. They are all too busy.” jungkook interrupts and taehyung shakes his head slowly, his eyes closed, like he is asleep.

“you are going to get caught, kook. You don't need that type of problem and I don't need your help anymore.”

Jungkook doesn't like how that sounds, his heart starts to race. “it isn't enough? I can try to bring more, I can take out more”

“stop” taehyung snaps with the littlest energy. “its not necessary, don't waste your time.” then he sighs. “i am really tired jungkook. I don't want to have you shove hope right down my throat so you can have these few moments with me” he opens his eyes to meet the one's of who is squatting beside him. “let's stop this” he whispers, a wary smile on his face. Jungkook shakes his head. “you are hungry and hurt. Its getting to your head.”

“i am fine. I think it's you that doesn't want to see what's right in front of you”

“i don't like the way you are talking.”

“i don't too but it's a matter of time. I have no regrets. I just wish I could see them again, i wish i could even have you tell them something for me but you can't, not when i am taking their lives with mine. At least you get your revenge, I am handing it to you on a silver plate.” he closes his eyes, his head rocking side to side for a bit

“taehyung?” jungkook calls to him after a silent minute passes.

“hmm?” the vampire barely responds

“dont go” he croaks, his throat feeling dry.

“dont have a choice.” he swallows. “can you do me a favour?”


“touch my cheek?” he mutters and Jungkook does as he told immediately, putting the cold ashen skin in his hold. Taehyung leans into it and hums. “still as warm. You should probably find Jin someday. It would be nice if you two hung out that's if he doesn't kill you first.”


“i am so tired,” he breathes out. “I am just going to rest for a bit, okay,” then almost immediately, he rests back completely, his body going slack before it stills, the silver chains rattling one last time

The room is more silent as it is, too silent. Jungkook is frozen in his position looking up to stare at his peaceful face. Taehyung had never really looked this peaceful, he always had this look that said he had so many secrets and made so many bad decisions, he still carries on his shoulders. Taehyung always looked on edge but the taehyung here, head bent low, looks relived, almost happy.

Jungkook can't cry, his mind is working too hard for him to shed a tear. He know what he has to do, at least he has a clue. Things are never going to be the same after this but he made up his mind a long time ago and he knew who chose.





On the same day Hwasa arrives in Yoongi's house, they discover a few things that leaves Yoongi feeling a little stupid. He couldn't wrap his head around the fact that some of the answers where just laying around. “how the hell did you know that?” Yoongi asks her. The pretty lady crosses her legs and smiles, barely looking tired from her trip. “i have seen a lot of serpents at my place. it's either they are bad or good, it all depends on that. He has only lasted this long because he is good but if he keeps on resisting then I don't know how much longer he has.”

That was a lot to handle. It almost makes yoongi's mind go blank. He blinks a couple of times before he excuses himself, asking the woman to go ahead with looking at the carvings he had presented to her.

“Hoseok” it had started as a small little whispers, his body swaying at the edge of the ugly dug out pond. “ Jung Hoseok! ” he screams when the water barely stirs. “you better come out here.” he hasn't seen him in days, not after what had happened over dinner. Yoongi feels lonely, almost out of place and it gets him thinking about what it would be like if the other wasn't actually there, if he stopped existing. It feels like his throat is closing up on him. “hoseok!” he screams one more time, watching the water stir finally, the serpent poking his head out soon after.

“we are doing it. In the next two weeks we are going to do it and you can't say no” He doesn't need to explain. He knows Hoseok understands. “if you are this dumb then I am going to be smart for both of us.” he tells him. “two weeks. I just need two weeks then I will turn you into that dragon whether you like it or not”



There a loud siren like sound coming from some where, its loud, buzzing in his ears. “ah–" he let's out his breath loudly. His head feels like cotton is stuffed in it and he feels way too heavy. He tries to move but things hurt, everything hurts. He turns his head to the side and passes out again.

“tae? Tae, you need to drink” the voice tells him, drawing him out of the darkness he has been resting in. “you need to eat for the wounds to heal” taehyung grunts unable to open his eyes. He feels warm skin on his lips, it smells like honey, like Jungkook. He opens his mouth, his fangs shooting out. He scraps his teeth along the skin, letting out a hum before he bites into it. A sharp startle is all he hears before he starts to suck, faster and faster, more and more. The blood fills his mouth and drives him insane. “tae–” a small whimper and he's back, not completely but almost. He let's go of the arm, his eyes still heavy and shut. He doesn't know why but he doesn't struggle to keep on drinking every time he is being fed. He drinks a lot but that's it, he falls right back asleep too tired to struggle for more.

One particular day, he finally wakes up, snapping his eyes open immediately he gains consciousness. The first thing he sees is a blue wall, it leaves him a little bit disoriented with the unfamiliarity of it. He stirs, his body still aching just a little; at least his head doesn't hurt as much.

He flips himself to face the other side slowly, his eyes landing on the other person in the room. “hi” he greets with a weak hoarse voice, a small shy smile on his face.

“hi” jungkook copies a smile on his face too, the younger pausing his action. Taehyung focuses on what's odd. “your neck” he exclaims, eyes on the numerous bite marks scattered on the human's pale skin. The latter was right about to wrap his entire neck in bandages. Jungkook looks away, his face blank as he pulls down the left sleeve of his shirt down to hide the injuries there too. “i am fine” he croaks, trying to smile. Taehyung sits up now, the younger not being able to hide it fast enough, he had seen the marks on his arm too. “you–you let me feed on you? jungkook, I could have fucking killed you”

“i know that”

“you dont. You really don't. You can't be pulling this type of shit” he yells, his ears suddenly buzzing, jungkook had gone too far but who's fault is it actually? It was taehyung who had said just about the right words to influence the younger. Taehyung is the reason why jungkook has gone against his family and now, they are both here hiding away.

“its not like I had a choice” the human snaps back. “i couldn't get blood anywhere. Who am I supposed to call? What exactly was I supposed to do? Watch you fade away? For fuck sake I am trying and I don't even know what I am doing”

taehyung stares at him with wide eyes, guilt resting on his heart. “jungkook–”

“i am fine. I swear to god, I am fine” he retorts.

“come here” the vampire speaks softly, gesturing for him to come closer. “come on” he tries again when all the other does is stare at him.

Jungkook takes his time to head towards the bed, even closing his eyes for a few seconds with every step. He sits beside the other with a sigh. “they aren't healing.” taehyung whispers as he sees the bloodly mess closer. The bite marks are terrible, it is obvious that taehyung definitely didn't lick them after every feed. “i am sorry” he continues, his fingers hovering over each mark but not touching.

“i am fine”

“have you eaten anything?” he pulls him closer, looking at the wounds better.

“i will later. I was waiting for you to wake up” he answers. Taehyung hums. “you shouldn't have been feeding me if you aren't eating well. You could have passed out, jungkook.” he explains, the younger remaining quiet, leaning in to the his hold. Taehyung takes one of his arms and bites into it enough for it to take a few moments to heal. “here–” he puts it in front of the latter's face, the crimson liquid flowing down his arm slowly. “take a few sips it should help”

“i don't know how you think I would just causally drink your blood” jungkook scoffs.

“i don't know what makes you think that I wouldn't force you to” he resorts.





Silence but taehyung is smiling. “drink the damn thing before the wound closes up.”

“i will not turn myself into a blood sucker for you. That is a line I will not cross” he says sternly.

Taehyung let's out a loud dramatic gasp. “you insult me and my kind. Unbelievable


“and I was only trying to help you. I was just trying to heal your wounds and you call me a blood sucker like I am some creature from the deepest parts of hell” he continues dramatically even though his head buzzes louder.

“but that's what you are” the human mutters.

“oh, you had it coming” taehyung exclaims, slaming his wrist into the other's mouth, using most of the strength he has to keep it there as Jungkook struggles. “spit it out and I will beat you to plum.”

Jungkook stills, his lips on the other's skin. He takes a little sip then another. “blood sucker” taehyung whispers to him before he snickers. The younger pushes his arm away then, lending back until his head is placed on the older's thighs. He licks his lips. “i only did it because you threatened to hurt me. I can get you arrested for assualt.”

“shut up. You are spilling bullshit already” taehyung laughs, he isn't surprised that Jungkook might act a little goofy for now, courtesy of the effects of the blood mixing in his system. He pulls his fingers through the younger's hair, watching him giggle. “where are we any way?” he asks, eyes darting around the unfamiliar bedroom.

“one of my old houses” he answers immediately a weird smile on his face.


“yeah. the actual one I used to live in when I was younger”

Taehyung watches him, the human's smile barely waviers but he can see it in his eyes. “you shouldn't have.” he looks around, already wondering if jungkook had watched jimin kill someone in this very room. The younger rubs his cheek agains the soft blanket covering the vampire. “its no biggy” he whispers like it's a secret he is willing to share only with him.

Taehyung feels guilty. He really doesn't like to let emotions take over him like this but he honestly didn't expect jungkook to go this far. He was testing his luck by letting himself pass out right in front of the other, he was testing his luck by hoping that jungkook would do just exactly this, that jungkook would go against his entire family just for him. He feels guilty because deep down it has always been an option; using jungkook that is. Taehyung could tell how much he already means to him, it's almost scary, the possibilities that will come with it.

He sighs and rubs at jungkook's scalp. “you shouldn't have.” he says again almost absentmindedly as he stares down at the other's sleepy face.





It's cold when he wakes up. Taehyung missing from his side. Days have been like this for the past few days? Months? Jungkook has definitely lost track of time too. It seems long but not long enough, jungkook doesn't want to end. He doesn't need it to. He stirs in bed, letting out a content sigh. Yesterday was beautiful. Yesterday had been the best day of his life. The moment when he had held taehyung healing face and kissed him senseless; something has been wanting to do for a while now. That was it. They just kissed, their foreheads pressed together and the most stupid smiles ever on their faces. Taehyung looked happy, he looked okay, alive, like really alive and that's all jungkook ever did need.

He turns onto his stomach, his cheeks turning a shade of red. He tries not to squeal because it's so suffocating, just remembering the rest of yesterday makes him want to die then come back again just to love taehyung. He has never seen the other look so shy, the way taehyung had craddled his face in his hands, the way there were twinkles in his eyes… jungkook doesn't want to believe they were looking at him, he doesn't want to believe that taehyung's eyes looked at him that way, just in the same way he doesn't believe that he said such words with his mouth.

its funny how much I have come to love you

It's funny really. Jungkook shouldn't believe it but immediately the words left the other's mouth he had believe every single part of it. He can't exactly explain how he feels, what he should be feeling. The amount of joy running through him is undescribable.

He reaches behind his neck to give it a scratch, it's been itching for a few days, causing a lot of trouble. He had even tried the ointment he had managed to snag on of his late night runs to the grocery store close by. It didn't stop the itching, in fact the next day his entire whole back had started to itch.

He flips himself on his back, staring at the ceiling with a frown, his hand rubbing at his neck. Apart from that he barely remembers half of the things he does, like as if he is being sucked in within himself and a whole entity but that entity is still him. It all starts when his eyes start to blur and he feels hot all over, his skin itching even though there is no rash. Almost immediately after, he kind of loses it, like a light has been shut off and he can't see anything but he knows he is awake, He is sure of it. He wonders if taehyung notices when he is in that state, wonders what he does too.

He gets off the bed, the itch feeling a little bit more like little stabs from within. He heads into the bathroom, splashing water on his face continuously. The room which he stands in feels completely stuffy, his head pounding, like a hammer hitting the walls of his skull. He leans on the sink, looking into eyes that aren't his. He straightens and sways, his mind going to who he can ask what's wrong.

He heads back into the room that has become their room. He searches for his phone he hasn't seen in a while, sitting down on the bed immediately he finds it in one of the drawers.


He unlocks it quickly heading to his messages, numerous of the come in but he ignores them, clicking on his cousin's name. He needs to know what's wrong with him and if it might be harmful to taehyung. He can't bare to hurt him.




“why do you have your cell phone on?” taehyung asks the younger as he slowly walks into the living room. He had spent half of the morning outside watching the sun settle in the sky. It's cold, too cold, very obvious that winter is around the corner.

Jungkook looks up from the gadget then blinks slowly as if he is trying to gather himself. He looks back down at the gadget again. “i just need to check something”

“can't be so important that you're willing to risk a lot” taehyung counters.

“give me a second, tae. I just need to check something” he says almost harshly. The vampire looks at him from his head to his feet before his eyes follow the hand scratching the back of jungkook's neck.

“what's that?” he asks moving closer, at first Jungkook looks like he barely heard him but when he moved close enough to see better the younger suddenly flinchs. It leaves taehyung worried. “what the hell is this?” he asks again, holding the other's shoulder to look at the red raw patch of skin behind his neck. Jungkook tries to slip out of his hold. “its nothing”

“it doesn't look like nothing” then it clicks in his head. Of course it had to be that. “do you take–” he pauses closing his eyes. Fuck. it really had to end this way, just when he thought… what exactly did he think? “do they make you take a potion every once in a while?” he finishes as Jungkook finally slips out of his hold. The younger nods slowly. “what did they tell you was for?” all those days when jungkook had been blank and unresponsive, just staring at him or the wall only to snap or flinch at every little thing taehyung did. He should have known.

“ah… to I don't know, give me more strength” he scratches his scalp this time. “ah, like to help with the activities and work I have to do. Like protection” his voice increases when he finds the right word.

Taehyung frowns. How many things do they have to hide from him and how many lies do they have tell him to hide them away. Jungkook needs to go home. He needs to go home now if not now tomorrow at least. If he doesn't… taehyung doesn't want to think about it. “the potion–did they– did they give you any? Do you have any with you right now?”

“no" he answers, blinking a couple of times again.

“how many weeks do you stay before you take one?"

“a month?”

“and your last one was last month there and about?” taehyung questions and the younger nods. Jungkook has to go home. He needs to because taehyung can't help him this way, he doesn't have the power to. At this rate Jungkook will break down from the inside, he will give up himself to the ugly power running through him and if they don't stop now, if they keep on going this way, Jungkook won't even remember himself, talkless of taehyung. Jungkook would lose his mind, get consumed by the darkness and will never come back.

He has to go home but taehyung knows he will never leave. Taehyung knows that he won't go now that things are like this, now that he might be living out his heart desires. Taehyung knows, he also knows what can change that. “i should tell you” the vampire swallows slowly, his tongue feeling heavy. Now that he has come to terms with the fact that he has to do this, that he has to let him go. Its no longer a game now and they have to stop playing house. “i have been using you”

“what?” there is pure confusion on the younger face when he freezes, the turn of conversation a little too abrupt.

“i have been using you all this while jungkook. Right from the beginning, I even tricked you into taking me out of your brother's grip and now I don't think I need you anymore” none of these were lies.

“you are joking. Stop joking.”

“do I joke? Or do I ever lie jungkook? Have I to you?”

“stop fucking with me tae. not now.”

“jungkook you need to snap out of it. This–” he points around. “what ever this is, isn't what you think it is. I–” his voice cracks as the line of thought becomes clearer. “ you are not anything more than what I see you as.”

Jungkook looks up at him then, he even stops pacing, something he had been doing for the last few moments. “and what is that?” he blinks a couple of times when taehyung opens his mouth only to shut it back. He dashes to the vampire holding him by his collar. “dont say it”

“you are nothing but a dumb blood bag. A dumb manipulated blood bag with legs” he states the words that he remembered used to irk the younger, he is sure it would do more harm to him in the state. He is hundred percent sure.

Taehyung can say he saw it coming so he isn't exactly suprised when jungkook snapped, with the amount of power running through him he is only suprised it didn't happen sooner. Taehyung watches as his eyes darken some more, he watches how recongintion and love vanishes from them only to be replaced with fear, anger, hatred.

Jungkook lands a punch and taehyung let's him. He falls back at the impact, still not strong enough to take such a powerful hit. “take it back” he screams into his face. “take it all back” another punch. “take it back tae.” and another. “please. Please just take it back” then another.

Taehyung feels light headed, yet he tries to not close his eyes, he tries to pay attention to the pain. They laying now, laying on the cold bare floor, jungkook straddling him down to it with all his weight, still hitting him as tears fall out of his eyes.

You don't love him.

His ears tingle, and he can taste his own blood in his mouth.

Please knock some sense into me. he silently begs but the pain doesn't do anything but hurt and Jungkook's anger just keeps on increasing as he goes on. Taehyung will heal. He will. He always heals on the outside, never on the inside.

Jungkook looks pretty even with tears running down his face. Taehyung wonders how it feels to cry for the one you truly love. He wonders if this is how Jin cries for jimin, he wonders if he will ever cry this way.

“take it back”

“i can't” he croaks, after spitting out the blood in his mouth. “i can't take back something I mean” jungkook lowers his fist then. He looks down at taehyung, his eyes running around searching for the lie on his bloodly swelling face.

“you are lying” he croaks not believing, then he looks down at his bruised fist then at taehyung's face again. “you lied so I could hurt you” he tries to justify it.

“jungkook” he says sternly, “you need to snap out of it. Wake up”


“i don't love you jungkook. I never did” he says slowly, the lie hurting more than he can imagine.

“but you–”

“i said that yesterday because I was lost in the moment. I didn't mean it. You need to go home. You need to go home, tell them I seduced you into letting me go and even kept you hostage. Go home jungkook” he instructs with a little smile, at least he will get to use the other one more time.

Fantasy and reality don't really mix together ever. 




Taehyung walks into his house again after a month or more, he is covered with bruises and a swollen lip. He has tears in his eyes. He isn't even sure of how he got there but he knows he is home from the warm familar arms that hold him. He is home, home where everything is exactly the same and normal. Everything is real.

“what the hell happened to you” someone asks and taehyung doesn't have an answer. What the hell happened to him? He doesn't know, he doesn't think he will ever. He feels the warm liquid roll down his cheek, getting colder as it goes. He puts his hand up to catch one of them. Oh this might be what it feels like then. This might be what it feels like to cry for lost love.

Chapter Text


ignore the noise,

Ignore the silence too.

And let the darkness consume you.




“why isn't he here and why did he even bother to send you” heechul asks, leaning back against his chair.

Jimin looks up at him, his legs crossed majestically. He picks at the invisible dirty underneath his nail and blows. “you of all people know why he isn't here and why I am” he answers, unable to hide his distaste for the other. He shouldn't be here, true, but he is the second in command and taehyung hasn't really said a single word since he got back. It's very obvious he shouldn't be at this emergency meeting, they can't have every person knowing how much damage they have taken.


“the actual question you are meant to be asking, heechul-ssi is that how come Kim taehyung survived this but jihoon didn't” Felix adds, his eyes still on his phone and his hands moving across the screen with speed.


“that's either because jihoon hyung wasn't as strong as they said he was or” jimin squints as he pretends to think, cocking his head to the side “his family wasn't as competent as they boast”

“you have a lot to say don't you.” Moonbyul says, her expressions mirroring jimin's. He smirks. “i have always had a lot to say byul, you just never listened but now you have to, don't you?”

“this isn't going anywhere” Heechul interrupts, his frown deepening. “felix you are the one who called us here so urgently, why is that?” at the question the youngest looking raises his head for a few seconds, scanning the all the occupants of the table before looking back down at his phone, loud animated sounds coming from the gadget. “fledglings. I keep seeing these ugly, disgusting fledglings on my side of town” he throws his phone on the table, the game still going on without him. Jimin feels himself sit up right subconsciously. He has never seen Felix get off his phone ever, talk less of frown the way he is now. “they seem deceased or whatever. They feed on our kind, I am saying they drink the blood and feed on the flesh too, like zombies.” his deep voice booms with distaste. “i know taehyung stated your family had encountered a few years back, so I wanted to know if you have any information on what to do with them”

Jimin schools his expression as all eyes lay on him. He tries to pick his words wisely, trying not say more than he should. “we dont. Three years ago they appeared and vanished without a clue so we don't have any valuable information about them.” he relaxes when Felix's intense gaze leaves his face. The youngest looking picks up his phone again and sighs, he had lost the level. “well then. Do any of you have anything else to say?” jimin asks, fully curious if anyone of them has had as much damage as their side or jihoon's.

Everyone shakes their head except for moonbyul. He had noticed before that she is acting more quiet and the look in her eyes now say it all. “byul is something wrong?” he asks first. She shakes her head still trying to show pride. “byul.”

“jimin can I speak to you later, after this I mean?” her eyes are wide and her voice shakes. It leaves eyes on her. She gets up Immediately and bows low. “until another day then.”





 Jimin finds himself sitting across the woman in a coffee shop, she had her girls asked for the whole place depriving the coffee drinkers of their comfort, not that jimin cares. He stares at her, carrying a bored expression on his face perfectly although he is itching inside to know what's wrong, why exactly she looks so scared. He knows moonbyul and for as long as he has known her, she isn't one to show fear so easily, especially to people of the opposite sex after years of being told she wouldn't be suitable as council member.

“i need your help” she starts.

“and why is that?”

She sighs loudly. “look right now, I am pushing myself into the tightest spaces, jimin. I know we aren't not on the best terms but your family is the least sketchy one amongst all of the others.” jimin cocks head to look at her funnily. “byul, now isn't the best time to say we are not sketch. Taehyung dead ass just survived something that a vampire three to four centuries older than him couldn't.”

“it doesn't matter. I know your aren't sketchy because taehyung isn't that type of person.”

“you know what type of person taehyung is? Surprising” he exclaims because honestly he doesn't even know who his best friend is anymore, not after he came back, not when he just stares at a wall all day, not moving, not speaking. What could have broke him? Who?

 “i am not here to joke around jimin.” she says sternly.

“i am not either so what do you need our help for?” he asks, resting back in his chair.

“i can't seem to find my family.”

“i don't understand what you mean”

“i can't seem to find my family, jimin. Most of them have vanished one by one, every single one of them are disappearing, even my newest daughters are gone. I am so scared that these two might go missing too” she says as she points at the two girls guarding the door. “and the most scariest thing is that last week, the last of my team went in search for them and they came across those zombie vampires Felix spoke about but the awful thing was that, this ones–” she pauses, gritting her teeth as if it would stop the tears in her eyes from falling. “these ones were part of my family. They were my own family, eating one another in an abandoned building” she chokes and coughs while jimin stares at her with wide eyes, his worry blooming. 

“moonbyul–” he reaches out to comfort her but she slaps his hand away.

“dont” she seethes. “i don't need your pity just your help.”

Jimin laughs, not in any way surprised by her behavior, he is actually at fault for trying to comfort her. “so what do you want from us then.”

 She also leans back in her chair, her face hardening and her expressions fading away, her ice cold eyes stare sharply at him. “i need to know why I could feel anything, I couldn't feel any of their emotions or their deaths. I need your witch to tell me because if I am correct he is the witch of seoul, so he should have answers.”

 “i will see what I can do about it.”

“alright then.” she gets up. “do let me know when there is an update.” then she starts to leave after a little bow.

“byul!” jimin calls to her before she reaches the door. The woman turns around to look at him, her suit still looking neat. “yes?”

“what did you do to the members you found?” he asks and she just stares at him, her eyes watering again all of a sudden. 

“that's none of your business, jimin. Just know that they wouldn't be bothering anyone again.” then out she goes not even looking back once. Jimin understands what she meant, he even knew immediately she said she couldn't feel them die. Moonbyul had said that because she probably did the killing herself.








Namjoon crosses his legs, a cup of warm tea in his hands. Today, Yoongi has come to visit him, it's a rare occasion and in someway it kind of warms his heart. He has been avoiding everyone and yet no one noticed.

“you look lean” the witch starts, a cup of tea also in his hand. Namjoon shrugs taking a sip of his drink. Of course he looks lean, he might as well be starving himself to dead unwillingly. Yoongi eyes him. “is there something I don't know about?”

Namjoon drinks again. “nothing more or less”  too many things. “but do you ever wonder what others might think of you? For example, let's say the words that pop up in their heads when they see you?”

“not really. I don't classify myself as a self conscious person.” the older answers, even though it visibly that he is a little confused by the sudden question.

“good for you then”

“why are you asking?” Yoongi drops his cup on the table closest to him, his eyes searching all over the younger for any clues he might pick up to give him answers.

“nothing really” namjoon says, mustering his least fake smile. “but I do have another question.” the witch nods for him to go ahead. “do you think they will finally notice when you leave?”

“what point are you trying to make here, namjoon?”

One sounds panicked. The other seems calm.

“you didn't let me finish, hyung. I wanted to ask if now that no one notices what will it be like when you are actually gone.”

“namjoon— we all noticed. i noticed you have been avoiding us it's just that we—we—” he pauses for the right words to use. “we are all just so busy we lost track of things” namjoon knows this, he knows this like the lines on his hardening palms, he knows it like every single page of his text books he had memorized out of the time in the long boring days that have passed. Namjoon knows all so well but he can't stop himself from having these selfish desires. He can't help but feel heart broken and left alone in the dust by the only people in his life.

The Incubus laughs, lolling his head backwards. He can hear how hallow it sounds, he can feel it too. “i know hyung. Firstly I wasn't even talking about myself but i do know. You all have problems and things to deal with. I am not in the equation unless someone is dead or dying” or needs a warm body to hold at night or to share burdens with.


“its okay, yoongi. I am not saying any of this to scare you or make you treat me better. I just wanted to ask a question, I wanted to know what you thought.” he raises his cup to take another sip, watching as the older carries much confliction on his face. “you came here for something right?  what's it about?”

Yoongi nods. “yeah. I wanted to find out what you know about, dragons.”

Namjoon raises an eyebrow. “interesting subject but firstly why?”

“hoseok. I think that he might be one”


“you don't have to believe me. I don't think I believe this too but, I need to know everything you know. I have to figure this out before it's too late.”

 “i don't know anything about serpents being able to be dragons.”

 “Hwasa, told me that it varies, it always varies, there serpents that can turn to dragons and some that can't. Every thing varies” he exclaims and it's almost as if namjoon is watching him lose his mind.

“hyung, Hoseok is a water seprent, how can he be a dragon.” namjoon pushes because it doesn't make any sense to him.

“that is what you think he is. Did he ever tell you that? Did he tell any of us that?”

“yoongi you have to calm down”

The older closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. “i have come to realize that I actually don't know who he is” he smiles but there is no joy in it. “i have been living with this person for so long and I don't even know his age or where he came from. Hoseok literally just appeared from no where Namjoon. I don't even remember how we met. Do you?”

The Incubus blinks repeatedly. hoseok? How did he meet Hoseok? How did he–

 “i remember. hyung, you brought him here one night, he was bleeding” he shakes his head like he got it wrong. “no dying”

“i must be crazy then because I met Hoseok when I came to visit you at the hospital one night. You were treating him, Namjoon and I had never seen him before in my life”

It doesn't make any sense but when Yoongi brings it to light, it's almost as if his memory is being pulled out of his head and being replaced by the other, as if the memory he just recalled has melted away, has ceased to exist. “who the hell is Hoseok?” he asks without even knowing. His confused gaze meeting yoongi's.







Hoseok sits at the edge of the ugly pond and looks down at the water. He stares at the pair of eyes reflected on it, his mind wandering away from his body.

now that he has found out you can't stay here anymore?

“i can't stay here anymore”

 yes, you can't.

“but why? why exactly do I have to leave again? After all this years, after all the wandering I have done, can't I have this one thing in this life, just in this once? why?”

 because it's your punishment. You don't deserve a chance to enjoy this, not with the blood you have shed.

“no. No I am going to refuse this, I am not going to turn into that dragon. I will not let this life end just so I can come back as another creature you have complete control over.”

 A laugh. A loud laugh, malicious, mocking and angry.

you are still going to die either way, Jung Hoseok; I am actually amused you used your real name this time. Is this version of him that special? Do you want to live a long life with this one? Because he still has a few decades to live unlike in his last life.

A louder laugh, loud and roaring.

dont deceive yourself, you can deceive others but it will never be possible for you. Prepare yourself. Even if you don't want to, fate will take it's course and you will find yourself right where you should be; dead after you have granted three wishes just like every single one of you 367 lives.

haven't I suffered enough? 

have you? Have you suffered enough? Has the pain you left in the heart of many, finally been felt in yours too?

hoseok stares at his reflect on the surface of the pond, the same reflection that refuses to look at him, the reflection that bares the expressions of disgust and hatred. Hoseok stares back at himself blankly but this is not him is it? Then who is it and who is he?






He tends to ignore the words he hears, the things he sees. He does not acknowledge the signs that shine too bright. The signs that make life hard. Everyday, he will choose to live the way he does because he is not willing to let it go. He is not willing to let it all fade away, to let it all vanish. Desire, love, lust, loneliness, want. They could all mean nothing, they could all be nothing but they are everything to him, they will be everything to him. He forgets who he is, his identity, what he has wished for himself to quench his thirst, to satisfy all his heart cries for. Beyound his reach. Everything single one of them; they are all beyound his reach. They remind him of all he will never gain, of who he will never become. Everything, every single thing he wishes to hold, to touch, see, feel.

Beyound his reach.


Chapter Text


The water is cold against his skin but not freezing, he lays on his back in the pool of water floating around with the sun heating up his face. He can hear nothing. He wishes he can't hear anything normally; the whispers and rumours, the truths and lies.

He wishes he can't hear a thing of it so it would seem less realistic, more fake. This morning taehyung wakes up feeling better, feeling okay at least. He had taken a drive to one of the other houses Jin bought for emergencies and now he is swimming in the fancy pool, his ears filled with water, blocking out all sounds.

As he floats he still ponders on the questions going through his head, he still wonders if he can figure this out on his own, if he can end this again all by himself. He wonders and as much as he thinks, he can't come to a conclusion that has the least complications, he can't come to conclusion that leaves him happy.

He doesn't belong to them anymore. As much as he doesn't want to admit, he doesn't belong to them. He no longer puts them first, he no longer care about all they have been through together. He is willing to throw it all away if it will lead him into tasting what it means to be happy again.

He let's himself drown to the bottom of the pool, sitting down with his back against the tiled floor. Taehyung frowns, at least now he knows why it hurts more. It feels like he is betraying them even without doing anything, but just the thought, just the thought of jungkook, the thought of him smiling so bright despite all the pain jimin has gone through is almost the same as a stab to the back of his best friend's neck.

Taehyung hates it but he can't stop it, he can't stop missing the hunter, he doesn't know how it happened, why it happened or when, he thinks it might have always been there, maybe it was from the time he had first seen both jungkook and jimin together, maybe it was the way he laughed. That pretty laugh.

He shuts his eyes, hoping his mind would turn dark and blank like the back of his eyelids. It's quiet, perhaps too quiet for him. He needs to make a decision now, he doesn't want to, not yet but like a rash blooming, the things to come sting his skin and he just can't let it catch his family off guard. He doesn't need anymore casualties.

Taehyung doesn't really have an answer to it. Quiet whispers and giggles, scared hands and stretched lips all placed in a very unfamiliar place. Taehyung doesn't know. He didn't know when he fell in love with him but he remembers when he realized he did, like always having something there but actually never trying to use it. Jungkook had always been there, always lingering but Taehyung was just too blind to see it.

Now, loving jungkook… loving jungkook is too easy, it's too damn easy and because he has, he can't stop falling in love. It's almost feels like when not being around him, not holding him just to listen to him giggle is leaving a large gap in his chest.

Loving jungkook is way too easy, it's like swimming in a large clear pond, so clear that you can see what's underneath, it has nothing to hide. Jungkook is like that and Taehyung stopped swimming to get out, willing letting himself sink to the bottom, letting himself get consumed into the crystal clear waves.

Loving jungkook is too easy but at the same time, loving jungkook is more dangerous than anything he has never ventured.

He pulls himself out of the pool, pushing his soaked hair off his forehead. He sits at the edge and just stares. He feels something, he feels a certain type of way but he just doesn't know what it is. His phone rings where it lays not to far from him. Taehyung doesn't pick up, letting it ring; If it's not important they will stop after a few more rings, but it doesn't stop and the noise annoys him so he picks up the gadget looking at the caller ID before swiping to answer. “this better be good jin.”

“you seem to be speaking now. I was worried that it would be a problem.”

“what do you want?” he says, blinking a couple of times to prevent the water running down from his hair from entering his eyes.

“the jeon clan called,”

At the sound of that taehyung's heart drops, his mind already making out things that could have gone wrong. “and?” he croaks his throat feeling too tight.

“they want to see us, well, you in particular”

“who exactly called and do you have any idea why?”

“well I can't exactly give you very detailed answers because I didn't take the call, jimin did and he really doesn't want to speak to you but he did say that it was Junghyun who called with jungkook's number and that's all I can tell you” Taehyung nods totally forgetting that Jin isn't right in front of him.

“so are you coming then?” the other asks, already sounding a little impatient.

“i dont really have a choice. When do they want to meet?"

“today. They said today whenever we are ready.”




“what's he doing here?” taehyung asks with an eyebrow raised as he locks eyes with the Incubus in the driver's seat. Jimin nudges him with his elbow, though since he had popped into the house to pick him up he hasn't said a word. “yoongi hyung said we better take him along”

“i am not some charity case” namjoon mumbles, causing for jimin to roll his eyes before getting in one of the back seat. “get in tae. We have to pick up, jin at yoongi's place.” he says sternly, annoyance still very prominent on his face. There is so much space, so much gap between them at the moment. The last time they had actually spoken was the time jimin had told him he hated him. It's quite obvious that they both might never be able to come back from that.

“why is Jin over there though?" Taehyung asks anyone immediately as he slips into the front seat. A good few minutes pass before namjoon let's out a sigh.

“jimin said that he had something's to settle with yoongi and also he has to pick up the potions you asked him to make"

Taehyung let's out an exclamation, nodding slowly. He did ask Jin to get those potions earlier on during their conversation. The car quiets down again, soft music playing from the radio, namjoon driving fast and swift that it takes only a few for them to reach jin's now turned to yoongi's house.

Taehyung knows he should probably tell him, or perhaps warn Yoongi of what big wave is coming but Taehyung isn't sure himself and he doesn't want to set off big waves. Today, he will try to confirm and when he does he will know how to go on from there. Once Jin gets into the car any sort of noise stops and taehyung feels some tension he later learns to ignore.





“what the hell are you trying to pull?” taehyung spits, eyes too wide and expressions too raw. He can't stop looking at the gun pressed against the side of jungkook's head, he doesn't want to know exactly what expressions the younger is carrying. It was Junghyun holding the gun to younger's head. Junghyun is supposed to be his brother. How the hell did they go from easy talking to this? Why the hell are they even trying to do?

He should have known that they would pull a stunt, actually he figured they would but he didn't expect them to go this far.

“calm down” jin hisses, his eyes only on taehyung as he takes in the new expressions he has never seen him carry. Taehyung for the first time in years looks like he would act completely without a plan and it frightens Jin more than anything in the world.

Jimin shuffles beside them, his movements uneased. “do we look like jokes to you, Junghyun? We all know you wouldn't hurt a single hair on your brother's head.”

The older hunter laughs roughly. “and that's where you are wrong. Jungkook here isn't only my brother anymore, he is more of two things now. A traitor and a failed experiment.”

“what the fuck are you even talking about” jimin snaps, his rage fully present.

Taehyung'seyes flicker then to the one's that have been staring holes in his face ever since he has stepped his foot into the room. Jungkook smiles and it feels like hot needles stabbing his stomach.

“did taehyung ever tell you how he got home safe? Did he tell you why he had bruises that just didn't match up to the pain you had felt? Or did you think it wasn't really necessary to ask”

Taehyung locks eyes with jungkook again and he just wishes the idiot didn't look like it was okay for him to die at this exact moment. Taehyung looks only at jungkook who isn't shaking, who doesn't look the tiniest afraid and suddenly he hates himself more than anything in the world. The vampire looks away, staring daggers at the older brother. “what do you want?” he seethes, well aware of the fact that changing topics from the one his friends are way too curious about would only create more suspicions. “its funny enough for you to think that I really care about what would happen to your little test tube of a brother,” he bluffs, his eyes darting the farthest away from jungkook's face. He really doesn't want to know. Junghyun grimaces at the statement, shifting his weight from one leg to another as he stands. Taehyung smirks, his mind already looking for ways to feast on that little slip up. “what's wrong, Junghyun? Are you afraid that jungkook might blow up one day and go into autopilot mode, killing everything in sight just like you made him out to be?” he rolls his eyes. “that's why you are doing this right? That's why you want to make use of him one more time.” now taehyung is looking at the other with the same amount of disgust running through him. “but that's where you are wrong, Junghyun. I am actually so amused at the fact that you thought I saw your little brother here more than just some person I could easily manipulate.” he laughs mockingly. “please, I beg you. Tell me what exact emotions you think I have for him.”

“taehyung” jimin calls to him gentle but the other doesn't listen.

“i am waiting, junghyun” he continues, fear suddenly creeping up on him, slowly wrapping it's hands around his neck, carefully whispering into his ear to look at jungkook, to see exactly how the other might be feeling too. “you should ask your brother. Ask him if I feel the exact same way he does, ask him if I ever did reprocate the feelings. ”

“taehyung” jungkook suddenly snaps, drawing all eyes to him “dont go there. Dont...”

Taehyung purses his lips. “you should kill him” he says above a whisper, swallowing thickly.

“taehyung you are going way too far”

“not really jimin. Junghyung should kill him if he isn't of any use to him." He looks at jungkook. “get rid of him if you don't need him anymore. I am only sorry because he has been through so much for you and you rather use him as bait. You turned your little brother into someone who isn't afraid to die and it's almost disgusting.” jungkook takes in a deep breath, his eyes cold and distant but there is no hatred laying anywhere, just little hints of sadness.

“tae stop. you have done enough” jungkook whispers, blinking a little. “you don't have to lie anymore. You don't have to pretend.”

“what the hell is he talking about?” Jin asks but no one responds, taehyung squeezing his lips in a pout.

“i am not acting, niether am i lying.”

Jungkook laughs. “so you rather have this end this way. You rather keep on lying till the end. you need to stop lying. I need you to stop. Please

Taehyung frowns but remains quiet.

“we didn't come here to all watch you fix your relationship or whatever it is you two have going on” Junghyun finally speaks again, a displeased expression on his face.

“and I didn't come all the way here to get this disappointed in you” another voice adds to the mix as the door opens to let the person in.

Ah Gunwoo. Taehyung had expected much earlier in the situation. The vampire doesn't bother to look up at his party when the sound of disbelief rises. “nice to see you joined the party Gunwoo. It would have been a shame if you didn't,”

The witch smiles, his eyes twinkling bright with something taehyung can only define as murderous intent. Gunwoo has always been different from yoongi—no— Yoongi has always been different from both his teacher and friend. No matter how hard he tried he just couldn't think like them, couldn't be them. It had left him losing his mind and also his identity. It didn't take too long before he left what he used to call home, it didn't take too long before he stopped baring the name of his teacher and father.

“nice to see you have come prepared too” Gunwoo says, taking junghyun's seat. “i can smell yoongi hyung's soft and feeble magic stinking up the place.”

“cant have you putting my whole group to sleep, can i? ”

“taehyung” jimin calls out to him in with a whisper. The older vampire raises his hand to shush him, keeping his eyes on the witch. He leans back in his chair, trying to seem more relaxed though his stomach wrecks havoc with the amount of fear running through him. It's all a game, everything has turned to a very twisted gamble. “now that you are here let's get serious, shall we?” he smiles at the witch and only receives a scoff as a response.

“of course, do you think I would come here to play around or waste time.” he raises an eyebrow. “i am here to tell you what i want, how I am going to get it and how you will not be able to stop me.”

“always so straight forward, Gunwoo that's what I liked about you honestly.” Taehyung nods. “go ahead then.”

Gunwoo laughs and it bounces around the room like they are the only ones left in room, almost as if there aren't people watching them with their eyes wide and their hearts beating loudly.

“tell you something, taehyung. You have always been the really fun one amongst all these goodie two shoes, always knowing your way out of the hardest things and honestly, seeing you here all rallied up makes me change my mind.”

“what are you talking about?”

Gunwoo smile widens more and it's so close to being eerie, as if he is keeping the real thing for later. “what I am saying is that, I will not be telling you my full plans anymore, Kim taehyung, I will only be telling just enough for you to start at something but so little I would have you carving for more.”

Taehyung tries to contain his expression. “why? Is it that big of a deal that you have to change the way you go at things?”

“no but at the same time yes. You see Taehyung when my father condemned me to waste away because Yoongi was way better than me, In my despair and heartache, i changed a lot. This plan, this will make my father roll in his grave so yes. Yes, It made me change.” he breathes out. “now to get to business.” then his eyes dart up, a look of recongition passing across his face. “oh, Jin? Jimin? You are here. I never noticed.”

“you don't say,” Jin hisses, folding his arms across his chest.

Gunwoo chuckles. “nice to see that you are well and kicking”

“gunwoo, get to your point already" Taehyung snaps causing the witch to let out a roar of a laugh. The room is still until he is done, then he sigh. “gosh, the way i love seeing you rallied up, it's tickling my fancy” he mocks, his eyes twinkling brighter. He coughs. “so here's what I am going to tell you. I need you to send a message to my brother for me. tell him I said that he should have listened to the snake boy when he said that he was fine with it. Tell him that how is he going to handle the consequences of him turning into a dragon?” Gunwoo chuckles like it's just too funny. “oh and ask him for me, ask him if his weak heart can handle when the snake boy dies”

“how do you know these things” Jin interrupts suddenly, his voice a little shaky.

“the question you were supposed to ask Jin-ssi is 'what are you talking about?' but from your question it shows that you know what exactly is going on but do you taehyung?” he looks at the vampire, searching his face. “i don't think so” then he laughs again, sighing when he stops. “you are quite boring so I will be leaving now,” he gets up “oh, and watch your backs, the betrayal coming your way is quite obvious but still can't have a knife in your neck because you are careless. Also bring Yoongi with you when we see next, I really miss seeing his cute little face” he waves at Junghyun to tag along. The older hunter releases jungkook and walks towards the witch. “do whatever you want with the fool. I don't need him anymore.”



Taehyung quietly walks towards the car outside, refusing to allow himself think, he doesn't need that at this moment. He is well aware of the human walking right behind him. “get in the car” he commands and jungkook listens without a fight, slipping into the back seat.

“fucking hell. Is he just going to let him go with us?” jimin suddenly exclaims angrily. Taehyung doesn't look back because he had prepared for it, in fact he expected it sooner.

A big gap and too many misunderstandings in between.

Jin pulls him closer and tries to shush him up, telling him now is not the right time to throw a tantrum. Jimin pushes out of his hold and walks away.

“where are you going to?” Jin shouts after him as the other storms down the street. Taehyung doesn't look his way, slowly entering the car.

“i need some time” the younger answers, looking back at taehyung in the car with longing. They lock eyes but Taehyung looks away, agitating jimin the more. “i fucking don't want to be around him”.

Jin nods then, heading towards the car. “call me when you find somewhere to stay, yeah?” the other nods.

Namjoon turns toward taehyung, his eyes still on the god who is taking time to walk towards them. “do— do they have something together, like are they together or something?” he whispers. Taehyung doesn't look at him, he watches the younger vampire disappear around a corner. “yeah, they have always had something going. Fucking idiots.”

Namjoon leans away again just as Jin enters the car, Taehyung misses the Incubus frown. “yeah, fucking idiots.”




The sun takes it's time to shine in the morning.

Taehyung sits down in front of the glass door leading to the balcony. It could rain any moment; he can smell it in the air already. To gather his thoughts these days has been the most hardest task, also living with someone who he wants to hold so badly but has barely said a single word to since he moved in.

Life is hard and it's not something Taehyung had learnt in a day or something he had just realized. It took him a few months, many years ago to feel less optimistic about life, took him a few long years to agree that life may only exist to be a mere obstacle course, only there to entertain the creators of it.

Life is hard; Taehyung wishes he could deck the whole thing.

The door to his room quietly opens and shuts again. Jungkook. The human has been staying in his room ever since he moved in, Taehyung finds it amusing because there are so many things weird about him being here, in a house he shares with others who jungkook had hurt. (Well, he hurt jimin but it still counts as hurting Jin).

The younger slowly walks towards the kitchen, Taehyung counting his footsteps as he remains staring outside. The sky is so grey, he tells himself, just at the same time as when his head is filled with the moment Taehyung had last held jungkook in his arms. Jungkook is warm, maybe too warm, like fire emblemed into a person. It's almost like an addiction to Taehyung, hot skin to take away the coldness of his hands, hot skin to meet him half way, to make him lukewarm.

“what are you doing?” the vampire asks as he leans against the panel of the kitchen entrance. He doesn't know how he got here and sure enough doesn't know why he is opening his fat mouth to speak.

Jungkook turns around startled, then he frowns when he sees who it is. “nothing” he whispers, the house too quiet for him to talk normally, unlike Taehyung that honestly does not give a shit if any of the other people sharing the house with them hear a thing.

“doesnt look like nothing,” which is very much true because, jungkook seems to be making something over the stove.

“but I say it's nothing” he answers back, not sparing him another glance. He stretches upwards into a cupboard that Taehyung remember Jin stashes his human food ingredients. Jungkook puts his hand through it, picking up things to look at them only to drop them back as he mumbles something coherent.

Taehyung moves closer, “what exactly are you looking for?” he asks, making jungkook freeze midway in an action.

“why are you still here?”

“what are you looking for jungkook,” he asks one more time, slowly like he is trying to let the younger know that he wants to help. Jungkook drops his hand and sighs, “salt,” he says, “i can't seem to find the salt.” Taehyung nods at that, moving forward until he is almost pressed again jungkook's back. The hunter freezes again, the vampire leaning forward to pick the salt at the very end because Jin seems to have a variety of seasoning and everything gets pushed back eventually.

He drops it on the counter beside the other's hands but he doesn't move away, his head subconsciously lowering until he can smell the fruity punch of his shampoo from jungkook's hair, until his nose is filled with that intense honey again. He takes a deep breath, leaning in closer.

“taehyung?” he croaks, stilling. “what are you doing?”

“just a few more minutes.” he answers with a sigh. “just give me a few more minutes.”

“taehyung” he calls to him, pushing back just enough for the vampire to get off his back so he can turn to face him. “what the hell are you trying to— what the hell are you crying?” Taehyung widens his eyes, putting his hands up to wipe away his tears. “why the hell are you crying, tae?” his voice softens as he takes in the other's appearance. The vampire chuckles because his heart seems to be squeezing tight and he just doesn't know what to do about it, he doesn't know how to understand this feeling.

“i missed you” he finds himself saying like he is taking another breathe, like it's okay to say exactly that. Jungkook stares at him, barely moving. The house is so quiet at that moment, almost as if it is trying to let Taehyung hear the ugly words that he just said.

“you aren't good for me" jungkook finally says slowly. “you know you aren't good for me. I know that but I missed you too,” he whispers, he looks like me might be breaking from within. “i missed you so fucking bad it hurts hyung.”

Jungkook is like an addiction that Taehyung didn't know he had. Jungkook is like a drug that leaves him high, that sucks him in until he is out of breathe and still wanting more. Jungkook is an addiction he will always want to push away but will always come back to. Jungkook is like an addiction that starts again immediately his hands touch is hot skin and his lips take another taste of his honey smeared ones. Taehyung pushes and pushes, taking as much as his hands can carry, he pushes and jungkook pulls till his feet are barely touching the ground.

He can't tell when they lock lips, but he knows how it feels, he knows just how homely and beautiful it feels, how right it feels in the midst of so much wrong. Taehyung is drowning in this drug and he barely struggles.

They both take loud gasps when they pull away, jungkook's wide eyes twinkling as they search taehyung's. “you aren't good for me,” he repeats, “yet I would still fucking die by your hands” he smiles, bring one right out of Taehyung.

“before you continue with your drama filled what it is, please turn of the damn stove you have burnt what ever you tried to make” screams Jin from where ever he is in the house. Jungkook let's out a loud exclamation then, quickly turning off the fire from beneath the mess of a meal.

“sorry." Taehyung chuckles. “we can try to make another one.”




The sun had come down before Taehyung finds the other sneaking into his room. He lays still, faking to be asleep while the other climbs on top of him to lay. “you can stop pretending.” he whispers as he leaves a small kiss on the side of his mouth. Taehyung smiles. “what do you want, parasite”

“i just wanted to cuddle”

“this isn't how to cuddle, you are smothering me with your muscles” Taehyung responds, his voice laboured because of the weight on his chest. The younger rolls off to the side, sticking to him almost immediately, their legs entangled.

They remain that way for a long time, Taehyung slowly putting his fingers through his hair. They need to talk, they really need to but Taehyung also needs them to forget that the world wants them to burn, he wants them to forget that there are way too many people upset with them, too many people that want to rip this peace and calmness right out of their hands.

“here” taehyung says with a faint smile as he hands over his ring to jungkook once they are both laying on their backs in the quiet of his room, staring at the ceiling. The younger looks down at his palm, his eyes wide. “what is this for?”

“reassurance, I guess. A way of me telling you that I am not going to try to push you away anymore” he turns his head to meet eyes with the younger. “i am tired of ignoring my feelings”

Jungkook smiles. “took you too fucking long”

Chapter Text


“how's jimin?” taehyung asks Jin as the older drives them towards yoongi's house. It's cold today, been raining since as early as five. Taehyung hates it and he wishes he didn't have to get up today talkless of leave jungkook all alone in the house.

Jin rotates his neck a few times only stopping when he hears a little crack. “you both need to talk” he answers, his hands too tight on the wheel. Taehyung is sure that Jin knows every single thing that's bothering the younger vampire, He did end up staying with jimin, stating he needs to keep an eye on him. So, yes he definitely knows.

“i know but I just asked how he is doing”

“he will be fine if you both just talk.”

Taehyung hums, relaxing back into his chair and staring out the window to the streets. He doesn't like how it looks, he never did.

“you Should tell him that I was the one who made you do it" Jin says barely above a whisper. “i think it's about time he knows”

“wouldnt make a difference. It would only make him feel guilty for hating me and I don't want that.”

“then how are you going to fix this, you both can't be fighting at a time like this”

“i will figure myself out.”

“taehyung” the older says so sternly that the vampire startles. He takes in a deep breath. “i need you to start clearing the air, we don't have much time.”

“since we are getting up in everyone's business, you should probably take your own advice, hyung” taehyung starts, slightly irritated at the others persistent push. “dont you think its high time you let either one of them go?”

It's not like taehyung hadn't noticed for a while now, it's not like he didn't see the way namjoon and Jin acted around each other for the past three years now. He saw them, he just didn't point it out and if his instincts were correct namjoon probably claimed Jin in some way the god knows nothing about.

Jin expression hardens and his hands tighten around the wheel more “i am figuring it out”

“you arent exactly. Did you let namjoon know you are in love with someone else? Or does jimin even know what's going on between you and namjoon?” the car falls into complete silence then, the music too low to feel in the void. “just as I thought. Fix your problems and I will fix mine then maybe— just maybe we can update one another about it.”




“what you are here for better be good”, Yoongi says as a greeting, slowly rotating his shoulder as he leads them into the house.

“trust me it's really good”, taehyung retort, receiving a nudge from jin, who tells him to be serious.

Yoongi sighs, “i have things to do so how about making things quick, huh?” he sits down in front of a little table filled with papers and books. The witch looks more tired and stressed when another sigh leaves his mouth unconsciously. Taehyung looks at jin with a very stupid expression. He doesn't think he can do it, isn't even sure if he wants to now. The god rolls his eyes at him making funny faces too, trying to send the message that he better go before he gets his ass whooped.

Taehyung sighs, “where is hoseok by the way?” he sits down across from the witch. Yoongi picks up a paper and stares at it way too hard, “in the pond I guess. I don't see him much these days.”

“how is that even a thing? Don't you feed him or something?”

“tae!” Jin says sharply causing the vampire to look at him. “try to be more serious, please

“sorry.” he mumbles, finally looking back at Yoongi again. The witch has dropped the paper and as one hand running around in his hair. “hyung, there is so much I need to tell you and there is such little time.”

“and you are wasting more of it.”, Jin adds.

“shut the fuck up, hyung, unless you are willing to do the job yourself.”

“it would be nice if you just get to it, taehyung. I can literally smell bad new off you” Yoongi suddenly say maybe in an attempt to stop the fight about to happen. “and you should talk now so my suspicions can be confirmed.”

Taehyung sighs again, readjusting himself in his seat. “firstly, what i am about to tell you has a lot to do with everything. Maybe it's even the answer to most of our questions—”

“get on with it. No need for the dramatics” Yoongi interrupts.

“of course.” the vampire blinks, a little disoriented because he has to now skip most of his speech in his head. “okay, so—”





“didnt expect to see you here this soon, bored?” Yoongi asks as he leans back in his chair, a cup of tea in his hands. Namjoon watches the witches hands carefully then he blinks.

“i need a favour” he croaks, unable to have gotten his voice back after all the screaming and crying he did the night before.

“you rarely ask me for those” the witch says, dropping his cup on the table close to him as his expression becomes more serious. “what do you need?”

Namjoon looks away and stares out at the window right beside them. Had there always been a big tree there? He isn't sure, he looks away from the swaying branches to see Hoseok swimming closely to the surface of the water in that ugly pond yoongi made for him. He sighs and looks back at the witch, taking in the dark circles under his eyes, taking in how much his love for another has drained him of life. Yoongi will understand, he has to. “remember when you first met me?” he asks softly, a small pained smile resting on his face. He doesn't like to speak of it, same goes for Yoongi.

The witch sighs then picks up his cup to take a long sip. “i would like to not remember that.” he mumbles, the cup still covering the lower part of his face. “pasts like that are meant to be forgotten”

“a past like that made me the way I am.”

“is there a day you don't speak like you have lived more than I have?”

Namjoon smiles. “i literally didn't say anything.”

“what do you want, joon?” the other interrupts, his eyes scanning the Incubus'.

Namjoon freezes, trying to collect his thoughts. “i— i don't know what to do, hyung. So I need you to grant me someone's desire and help me make it stop.”

The witch frowns. “what's wrong?” his voice softens and namjoon remembers when Yoongi had to always talk like that to him, so as to not frighten him. “its nothing” namjoon's voice shakes. But he isn't a little boy any more, he isn't the child Yoongi had picked up from the dark alley just because he had pity on him. Namjoon isn't that way anymore but he can't help but want to cry and hold unto the witch as his last hope.

“dont lie to me, joon. Just tell me what's burdening you.”

Namjoon swallow. “i fell in love and it was with the wrongest person” he finally speaks, a hand sneaking up to the back of his neck to rub it nervously.

Yoongi stare at him, his face plain. “do I get to know who?”

“no but when you do hear my wish, it would be as if I spoke his name.”

“what do you want me to do for you namjoon?”

The incubus smiles, he knows he is going to regret it but it's worth it, it will always be worth it.






you know I don't like you bringing me here,” the first voice compliant but another shushes him before he can go on. “you have to be quiet now, hoseok. You know how they get when you talk.”

“then why do you even bother to bring me along every single time.”

“what do you want me to do? You want me to come to this filthy place all alone Hoseok? You know I hate it here.” these voices are accompanied with footsteps, drawing closer at the second.

Namjoon cowers further into the darkness, he can't have anyone see him like this, he would rather die at that exact moment.

Someone sneezes amongst the two walking down the path. “it reeks of anger and pain, yoongi. I wanna leave” one winces.

Namjoon picks up on something, a name, Yoongi. Yoongi the witch of Busan, the white white, and before he can stop himself, he rushes before the man, crashing to his knees. “please” he croaks, still trying to present himself modestly with his tattered outfit, not enough material left from what used to be his shirt to cover up himself properly.

Yoongi and the other stop on their track, Hoseok letting out a little yelp. “please, take me away from here” he tries to use his voice again. He doesn't look up rather he doesn't try to, he doesn't need to know how disgust sits on yoongi's face.

“an incubus” the witch breathes out. “what have they done to you?”

Namjoon holds on to his shreds of clothing tighter at the words, what they had done? They stole his right to choose. “please,” he tries once more. “please, just take me with you and if you can't just kill me right now” he says hotly.

“i have never seen anyone this eager to die” Hoseok whispers “how much have they taken from you?” 






“what's with the random visit?” jin questions, his legs crossed as he relaxes back into the chair across from Yoongi, the witch's frown is so deep that it leaves a tingle of fear down the god's spine.

“jimin?” he asks, ignoring the previous question.

“out to meet someone”

Yoongi nods, “thank goodness. I am here to speak of something that does not sit well with me.” he let's out a heavy breath then takes a big one in. “jin, you have lived longer than I have and I know i am in no place to interfere with your affairs but this is concerning one of my own.”

Jin squints, his mind already figuring what this is about. How many people have to confront him concerning this particular issue? “what do you have to say, Yoongi?”

The witch's gaze intensifies at that moment, “what ever relationship you have created with namjoon has to stop, he is willing to give up way too much for something so futile.” he speaks, going straight to the point.



“before I lose my temper, I will let you make this clearer to me. If you need to change your choice of words I will let you.”

“i leave my statement as it is”

“you have no right, yoongi” he fumes, outraged at the disrespect, “you have no right to invalidate any of my relationdhips with anyone.”

“i absolutely do in this case, Jin and you of all people know that.”

Jin glares without another word for he knows the other is right.

“i did not come here to fight with you. I just came to tell you that if you intended to keep him in the dark concerning your relationship with jimin then you can't”

“you told him?” Jin asks, unbelieving that the other could.

“like I say many times, your business is none of mine, so I did not. I don't know how he found out but I am only here to tell you to let him go, jin. He doesnt need this sort of problem. You can't make him go through this when you don't even love him.”

“i will not let you come into my house to invalidate my feelings and tell me who i love and don't love.”

“i did no such thing, i only asked a question, no need to get rallied up”

Jin swallows slowly, “we will do just fine, namjoon will be fine, there were things we agreed to and besides as both of us know, incubi are incapable of love.” he spurts only for Yoongi to laugh at his face. The witch laughs but anger still rests on his face.

Jin is a god, at least was was one and normally, he is has the biggest aura in the room, frightening those who can sense it. There are only a few like his kind, ones who are gods also and ones who wield unimaginable powers like Yoongi. Despite, the witch being calm as always, when Yoongi is angry, it's as if electricity vibrates around where he stands and Jin can absolutely see the form of his magic hovering around his body like protective gear; a white flexible dusty substance that looks too sharp to touch.

“so just because he is an incubus and he is incapable of love, you think its okay to put him through all this when your heart is with another”

“you are misunderstanding my—”

“No!” Yoongi roars, “you are the one who's misunderstanding everything, Jin. What do you even know about the incubi? Do you think there are only one type? Let me hand it to you now, you are wrong” he pauses to recollect himself. The witch coughs and gives a small smile, the anger draining from his face. It leaves Jin on edge. “sorry, I got carried away” he pauses again, adjusting himself into his chair better, “i will take it that you had no clue and it is under that which I will use to forgive you and your ignorance. Namjoon is an euphoric Incubus, just like those of lust, there are a few others who feed on other things they are just not as popular as the others. Euphoric incubus feed on any form of happiness. At a certain age, they are given a chance to choose their food source and they must stick to it for at least a year before they can permantly continue to feed from that only one source” he stops once more, his eyes locking eyes with Jin's, “namjoon was meant to feed on happiness, he had been doing it for half a year already” he continues, his voice soft and mild, completely lost of its edge, in fact almost pained. “they didn't let him, jin, they didn't let him choose.”

As the witch's voice trails out, it dawns on the other. They didn't let him choose. Jin wants to kill someone, anyone. “who?” he seethes but Yoongi only stares at him. He knows the story, he knows where Yoongi had found him, an incubus in the red district, an incubus used just to earn money but Jin didn't know that it hadn't been Namjoon choice of feed, someone like Namjoon in a place like that is so absurd to imagine, too ugly to think of. Jin starts to feel sick.

“he can still feel on your happiness, jin.” Yoongi starts again with a plead dancing around in his voice, “he says he can taste it sometimes when you let go of the burdens bending your back a little or when you are lost in something so deep that you let your guard down so it leaks out just a bit. he says it's bitter and yet overwhelmingly addicting. Please, don't do this to him because we both know you will always come back to jimin and he will try to keep you, to fix you, to tailor you into a good person and he might die trying.”





Jimin blinks a couple of times, his eyes stinging from staring out the street for too long. It's weird in the car, Namjoon so stiff at the wheel. Jimin stares at him. Namjoon, he really doesn't know much about the doctor, does know much about this particular person and here he is asking for a favour just because everyone is way too busy to pay attention to him.

The Incubus shifts in his chair as he takes the next turning. They are supposed to go see an old movie at a drive in cinema and a few other things, he doesn't know why he chose him of all people but he figured at that moment that Namjoon is probably the only person who isn't so tangled up in this mess they call their lives and it's refreshing to jimin, to have someone who doesn't have a clue of what's happening do he can act like nothing is. It's good to know that he doesn't have to run anymore.

The Incubus packs the car at a good spot, where they can see the screen properly. He turns off the engine and sighs loudly, putting on hand through his hair roughly. “i have to ask a question” he says, his voice strained. Jimin looks up to catch his eyes, nodding right before the other looks away. “why do you want to do this? I mean we barely talk?” his voice shakes and the vampire swears he can almost hear fear in the mix.

Jimin smiles a little. Why? Maybe because he is selfish. “yoongi said to make you tag along and we have never hung, not even once.”

Namjoon watches him, blinking slowly like he needed the gesture to help let the words sink in, then he let's out a chuckle.“is that all? Is that why you had me drive you here?”

“you want the truth?”

“if you would tell me”

Jimin's little smile widens but he turns away, opening the door to get out. “let's set up, the movie is about to start” he tells the other before stepping out.


Does jimin even know why anymore?

Maybe somewhere up there, there had been a reason why taehyung had actually turned him, maybe it was to give him a second chance.





A few years before minister Kim came to the villiage.

It's the sound of snow getting crushed beneath the feet of a person that wakes jimin up. He blinks, trying to adjust his eyes to the brightness of the lamp breaking through the darkness.

“do you ever fall asleep, Namjoon-ssi” he croaks, Turing to the other side of his bed. The older steps into the house, dusting off the small amount of snow resting on his shoulder off.

“the first snow fell, jimin. Did you not have a look?” he ask softly in the dark. Jimin who still has his back to him, smiles.

“no, i did not because like the others in the village, I do not lay awake at the earliest parts of the morning, devouring a book whole with my eyes.”

Namjoon laughs quietly, “if I do not read as much as the others, would I be classified as a scholar like the rest of them?”

Jimin turns then, “you are more competent than all of them combined, namjoon-ssi and I wish you did come to terms with it.” he smiles, the light from the lamps casting shadows across his face. “let's rest” he say, patting the empty space beside him. “you have to rise early to read more.”




The classic black and white movie plays across the big screen but jimin doesn't watch, he just stares at the profile of the other, who has his full concentrate on the film.


Maybe it's because he is selfish.


It takes the power of a million to not over react when he finally met namjoon many years back. He never did believe in soul mates or reincarnations but namjoon happened. Kim namjoon happened all over again and the first thing he thought when they met eyes with him was to flee.

Jimin wanted to run, when he hadn't the last time, namjoon had been pulled out of his arms forever.

He is a good actor, better than most. Maybe it was the years he spent acting like who he wasn't, different countries under different names.

The Incubus giggles at something shown on the screen and his dimples appear, leaving a sick feeling at the pits of jimin's stomach.

The same, exactly the same that it hurts a million times more.

What punishment did they give him? What did they take from him now? as if death the first time was not enough.




“are you dancing for the head house again?” namjoon asks as they both seat underneath the big tree in their compound. Jimin nods slowly, a grimace permanently on his face as he has his hand wrapped around one of his feets trying to relive himself of some of the pain. “this is the fifth time in two days” the scholar mumbles, his eyes still on his book. “when will it stop? When your legs fall off?”

Jimin laughs out loud at that, “you know I have an expiration age, namjoon-ssi. I will be free once I turn twenty one” he tells the other, even when they know there are the right amounts of lies lingering in that statement. It's just something they never speak of. They both are aware that even if jimin passes that age, he will only stop being the center piece but he will still be part of the sword dancers as he is a gift to the gods and until he is too old to do much he will continue to please both the gods and men.

“two more years are long enough for you to lose feeling in your legs.” he warns quietly.

“i don't mind, ” jimin shrugs “it will be an early retirement and I will just have you carry me around” he giggles lightly at the thought of it.

“why do you take everything that easy? Is everything a mere joke to you, just as my feelings are?” Namjoon snaps suddenly.

the other looks up at him and for the first time in the five years jimin has known Namjoon, anger danced brightly in his eyes.

“dont tell me you are angry”

“and if I am?”


“i need you to not take everything so lightly, jimin. Every day I have to stop myself from properly holding you because I fear what will become of us”

“namjoon, I am a gift to the gods” he says slowly so it may sink in. This should not be happening, he was only placed into Namjoon's home to learn words and proper speech like the rest of his fellows, not this. “what you speak of is impossible”

“we will never know if we do not try and jimin” he cups the other's cheeks gently. “jimin, I do not think I am afraid anymore.”

Jimin wishes they never did what they eventually turned to do. He wishes he had ran because all it took was the touch of his hand and for the fire at the oracle's home to die out, that's all it took for jimin's whole world to come crashing down rapidly.





“that was definitely a good movie” namjoon comments as he starts to drive out. Jimin nods and stares out the window again.


Second chances, huh?


“do you still like to read books?”


“pretend like you didn't hear the word. So do you read books?” jimin smiles shyly.

“i think I am obligated to pick up books once in a while because of my occupation, but yes, I do love reading causally when I have time”

The car quiets down again, the radio playing some random blues. Namjoon coughs, “the last time we were this close is when you got stabbed in the chest, did your wound heal well?”

“yeah it did.” he looks at the Incubus, “do you want to get a drink or something?”

“but you can't drink anything, right?”

“its fine, i will just watch you eat. I need to get out of the car for a few, been in it for too long”

The vampire stares out the window until namjoon finds a little shop around the corner. They both get out, the vampire heading to pick a seat while namjoon ends up ordering something sweet for both of them. “you didn't have to” jimin says as he stares down at the whipped cream. Namjoon smiles, “couldn't have you staring at me while you drink nothing”

“then you could have just disagreed to the idea in the first place.”

“and miss the coffee shop date aesthetics? I think not” he tells him, his smile wider.

“is this a date?” jimin asks softly, weirdly catching namjoon off guard, the taller stutters “i... I didn't mean—”

“its fine, I was joking.” jimin giggles a little. “you can calm down now.”

Namjoon gives a small shy smile. “sorry, I just always wanted to do this.”

“what? Drink coffee?”

He shakes his head, but doesn't say anything.

“if you want someone to take you to places like this you could call me, I wouldn't mind.”


Second chances, huh?


Just maybe.


“i don't—”

“i really don't mind, just call me anytime”

“i don't think I want to”

Jimin frowns “why? is it me? You don't want to do it with me?”

“its not you. I swear it's not” he panics, “its just that I don't think it's best for us to do things together even if it's as friends”

“help me try to understand because I am trying hard to”

Namjoon shakes his head frivolously. “i— please, tell me you don't know”

“i don't know?” jimin cocks his head to the side, more confused than anything and namjoon is frowning again, the fear that had vanished at one point settle down on his features.

“its obvious that you found out and you wanted to know more about me, jimin. You don't have to pretend anymore.”

“i am so lost right now” the other exclaims tiredly, genuinely confused.

“jimin, please, you need to stop acting already. It doesn't make any sense that you would suddenly want hang out with me after all these years of pretending to not notice me or refusing to talk to me.”

“that's not what happened, namjoon. I—” jimin starts to panic too.

“dont try to justify yourself,” namjoon interrupts, “it was clear as day even when I was taking that knife out of you, you wouldn't look at me and didnt even bother answering my questions, so don't lie, you are here for a reason”


“he told you, didn't he? Did Jin decide to finally come clean?” he pauses to search jimin's face for answers but the other just looks more confused. “i am so sorry, I didn't know it was you, I didn't know it was you he was in love with, if I had, I wouldn't have done what i did.”

“what did you do, namjoon?” he asks sternly, he doesn't mean to but it just comes out that way, he is pissed but not at him, just at some other person.


Second chances, huh? Yet there is still a fucking god standing in their way.





All it took was for their lips to meet, for their hands to feel and for the fire to go out.

There was a reason why a gift to the gods shouldn't be touched, why they shouldn't be defiled.

Rumours where enough to have fingers pointed and jimin had to watch everything unfold. He had to watch namjoon, a man at his prime admit to have seduced him just so he could save him. He had to watch namjoon, the love of his life get ripped apart in the town square. Jimin had to watch, he had to see every single bit of it.

He should have fled.



It's pretty much almost midnight when jungkook steps out of his room. Taehyung had asked him to dress up for dinner and it had taken him way too long.

The vampire takes a look at the younger from his head to his feet, taking in his entire whole outfit. For someone who had taken almost the whole night dressing up, he looks way too casual. “is this all?” he asks, eyeing the younger's black on black outfit. Jungkook nods slowly, causing taehyung to sigh. “i said we were going to dinner, somewhere fancy, kook. You took so long, I thought that maybe you would blow my mind or something”

“im sorry my sense of dressing up isn't blowing your mind ” the younger says back, crossing his arms. “its not as if I have much to work with”

“but you too so long” taehyung winces.

“i had to figure out which black shirt went better with the jeans.”

“i can not believe you” the vampire exclaims, standing up from the chair he was sitting in. “lets go, we will find you something in my closet”

And they do. Taehyung sits back and watches jungkook put on and take off a few choices, only stopping when he puts on a sliky white shirt with a low V neck. Taehyung stares at the other through the mirror where he stands, taking in how pretty the shirt makes him look. Jungkook locks eyes with him from the mirror and there is this confident aura oozing from him.

Taehyung finds himself standing up, moving towards the other with long strides. “the dinner is expensive” he whispers into jungkook's ear with a little kiss. “don't tempt me to waste all that money just to fuck you against this mirror” then he nibbles at a vein on jungkook's neck. The younger let's out a breathy laugh. “i need to get dressed, tae.” he says, taking away the other's hand which has slowly been palming his clothed dick. “i am too fucking hungry to do this.”

Taehyung sighs and pulls back. “i think I need a bottle of wine” he says randomly, taking his seat again.

“do you even get drunk?”

“do you want to find out?”

Jungkook turns back to give him a look as he pulls his legs through better looking pants. “i feel like I should be scared of drunk you”

“i am scared of drunk me too” he smiles, getting up again when he sees that jungkook is ready. “you look beautiful this way and In every other way there is.”

“of course. That's old news” jungkook jokes, leaning into give him a kiss. Taehyung pulls him closer, his hands playing with the hairs at the base of his neck.

It slow and warm with many promises to come, it's something they do now a days, giving little like this so they won't fall so deep that they forget where they are because they will forget where they are.

“maybe when we come back, maybe you can feed on me?” jungkook whispers uncertainly as he pulls away, his eyes still closed shut and taehyung is kind of thankful they are, at least the younger was able to miss the worried and reluctant expression he is carrying at this moment.

“maybe.” he mumbles back, releasing jungkook from his grip. He steps back turning away from the other. That maybe might be a never to taehyung, jungkook just doesn't smell right anymore.


“i can order anything I want?” jungkook asks as they walk hand in hand into a fancy restaurant downtown. Taehyung nods “eat for two” and he technically does while taehyung sits back and watches him eat with the smallest fond smile on his face. “i always want to spoil you like this” he says quietly, following jungkook's hand movements. “but calm down, you are going to choke yourself” he exclaims when the younger shoves a big chunk of steak in his mouth. The hunter looks up, chews a bit and swallows slowly, “i was going to say something obscene but I don't want you jumping me”

“i have self control, kook” he laughs.

“then stop rubbing your feet all over my thigh. I am trying to eat some good food” he complains, his eyes cast down on taehyung's manicured feet still slowly trailing down his thigh. “you might give me a feet kink at this point”

Taehyung sighs and pulls his feet away. “go ahead and eat” he says, grinning from ear to ear and jungkook just stares, eyes wide, fork in his hand.

“now I am scared”

“you shouldn't be”

“how can I not be. Have you seen yourself in the mirror when you do that? You look like a fucking blood sucker”

Taehyung squints at him as jungkook bursts into little giggles. “make that make sense, jungkook because you just said—” he sighs “never mind”

Jungkook bursts into a roar of a laugh, drawing a few heads to them. “this is why you are fun, you don't laugh my jokes but it's still so hilarious when you don't get them”

“is that your example of a joke? namjoon does better when he isn't sober” he taunts and jungkook frowns, “be careful now, Mr kim, I might mistakenly shove a big piece of meat down your throat?”

Taehyung's left eyebrow twitches “oh—”

“no—” jungkook blushes, “i meant the steak”

“of course, Mr jeon” he plays along, “eat up so we can leave before I lose my patience, drag you out and pin you to an alley wall ” he remains eye contact as he says those words, taking in how jungkook's eyes darken, the tension between thickening.

“i think I am done here” jungkook says, pushing his plate away. “do you want to find that alley wall?”

Taehyung smiles at that, standing up first to lead them out.

They don't find a wall in an alley so they just stick with their car. Lucky for them, the vampire finds an empty parking lot not to far to drives them to.

Taehyung eagerly pulls back the car seat as jungkook helps take of his belt, quickly pulling it out from beneath all the material, trailing his tongue down the growning member.

Taehyung hisses, “dont be a tease, kook. I have been waiting”

“give me a second, I just want to taste you” and with that, he takes down the other's cock in one go, his jaw lacked. Taehyung grunts loudly, tugging at jungkook's hair. The younger pulls back slowly, leaving just the tip in his mouth, his tongue circling it slowly. The vampire let's out another grunt before snapping his hips upwards while pushing jungkook's head downwards. The other gags in surprise but soon enough widens his mouth to allow taehyung to fuck into it.

It's messy, sloppy and most of all obscenely loud but taehyung can't seem to take control of himself as he fucks into the heat of the other's mouth. Jungkook pushes back the other's hips to stop him as he pulls away, his eyes blown as he looks up at the vampire.

Taehyung holds him by the chin and kisses him hungrily, wanting to taste himself on the other's tongue. Jungkook smiles at him as he pulls away, spitting on his hand before grabbing at the vampire's length again, giving him a few quick pumps before pulling away once more.

Taehyung watches him as he struggles to take off his pants. Jungkook still beautiful, his lips bright red and his eyes dark and blown. His skin looks like it's glistening from the thin layer of sweat building on it and there is just something from the way the distant light from outside reflects on him that makes him seem almost unreal.


A fucking goner.

Taehyung is a fucking goner for him.


The younger straddles him, snapping him out of the thought. “wait, hold up. you aren't prepped and lube, we need lube”

“its fine” jungkook says, adjusting himself better “i fingered myself in the room before we came here”

“was that why you took so long?” taehyung asks, a little chuckle building up. “you were busy fucking yourself while I was waiting for you so i could take you out to eat?”

Jungkook looks down at him, his eyes twinkling with glee. His growing hair sticking to his face “you telling me to get all dressed for dinner was kind of hot”

“so you decided to— FUCCKK” taehyung let's out a moan as jungkook pushes down on to his length. The heat is a little overbearing, he is so tight, too tight. Jungkook let's out a groan, stilling to get used to the size.

“did you do that to get me to shut up?” taehyung pants, his hands already on jungkook's hips.

“yes” he moves upwards, letting out a choked sound “now, shut the fuck up before your blabbing dwindles my dick” then pushes back down.

Taehyung let's out a strangled moan, his head spinning but jungkook breathing steadying his mind so he doesn't go into auto pilot.


Jungkook always smells the best this way, smells vibrant and rich. It makes taehyung want to drink and never stop.

The younger kisses him, “stay with me, okay?” he pants, with the action taehyung's eyes start to clear. The vampire digs his fingers into the other's skin, he has to stay grounded, he can't let it happen again. “hey, hey, taehyung. A little lessles the waist, you are hurting me”

“sorry” he mumbles, loosening his grip.

“its okay” jungkook tries to reassure him, “just look at me, okay? Only at me” he tells him, locking eyes with him. “we will be fine”.

Taehyung wants to believe him, he wants to look only at his face but his eyes can't help but stare at the other's neck littered with bite marks so deep that they left scars. He doesn't know it but he is losing it again, instincts kicking in, years of fucking and feeding working in so fast, his fangs out again.

Jungkook smells good, way too good.

“hey!” jungkook yells, using his elbow to hit him on the middle of his head, “you better not be going into that haze again or I swear to god i will not be hopping on your dick ever again”

Taehyung swallows slowly and smiles a little, “then let's be done before I lose my mind”

“try it. I swear I will bite you back as hard as you do. I don't know why I had to pick the—”

Jungkook doesn't finish because taehyung is thrusting into him in such a way that it will definitely hurt for the next few days.

Taehyung pulls him down into every thrust, his fingers digging into his skin and jungkook is crying into his hair, his moan too loud and too pretty.

Taehyung tried to feel him there, tries to concentrate on the sound of the other's voice not the sound of the blood flowing through his body. He keeps a steady pace until jungkook is cumming all over his dinner shirt, shaking and clinching around his length. He is close, so close. He is thrust looses rhythm as he chases his orgasm, grunting loud as he fills the other's hole with cum.

“disgusting” jungkook mutters with an airly laugh, “i don't know why I let you do that when i have to wear my pants back.” Taehyung laughs, kissing his collar bone.


Jungkook smells nice but taehyung has it under control now.


“i am too fucking tired to drive us home” he says in between his laugh and jungkook sighs, getting off him, his softening dick flopping down weirdly that it has taehyung laughing some more.

“i don't even get what's funny” the younger mumbles as he takes some of the tissue in the car to clean himself the best he can. “what are we going to do now? Call a cab?”

“or we could sleep in here”

“i am not fucking sleeping here, not when I am like this” jungkook exclaims.

“fine, I will call the fucking cab, just get dressed already.”

Chapter Text


When they ask me.
Why are you scared?
What are you afraid of?
I have always have one answer.
My answer is nothing.
It does not need to have a name before I fear it, it doesn't need an identity to spread like a plague in mind, devouring and conquering every pinch of light.
What's wrong with you?
Why are you sad?
It's nothing.





“where are you heading to?” jungkook asks as he stirs in bed, his eyes slowly opening to stare up at the vampire wearing a pair of black sweatpants and a large hoodie. Taehyung smiles down at him, “finally going to have the talk with jimin. You should sleep some more, i will back a little later”

“i don't think I can after hearing that.” he raises his head, “do you want me to come with you? I can do my own part and apologize”

“its fine, there a lot more I will need to be apologizing to him for and I don't think it would be a good thing to drag you along” taehyung says, leaning down into the bed to give the other a very quick kiss. “i will be back before you even say I miss you

i miss you” jungkook says with a small smile, making taehyung beam. The other turns around, “do you need anything? I can get it for you when I am coming back”

“lube? you used it all up yesterday” he says, rolling over in bed, he doesn't know why but his cheeks start to tint. “we will need more of that”

“if we want to do something like that again?” taehyung adds.

“yeah” he whispers only because he knows the vampire can hear him.

Yesterday had been one of the best yet most funniest things they had done. The end of it had been so disgusting but it had been so worth it.

“on my mother's counter where she chops her vegetables” taehyung whispers to jungkook, a moan slipping out of his mouth.

“your mother has probably been dead for centuries now” the younger chuckles.

“and so? If she was alive she would have cut vegetables where you dick is laying”

“you put me here tae”

“true, I didn't say I didn't. Now be quiet before you dwindle my dick again ”

“it was one time” the younger exclaims “how would I have known you wanted to have sex when we were finally going to have the talk?”

“dick's dwindling” taehyung says in a sing song manner as he lubes up his hard on.

“for fucks sake, we both know that a lie”

“do we? Do we really?” taehyung whispers hotly into his ear as he slids in smoothly, breathing in and out when jungkook let's out a choke. “i guess we do” he continues as he pulls back slowly only to rock his hips forward.

“you are so fucking annoying”jungkook grunts, a small smile lingering on his face.




After jungkook listens to the door close after the other, he stretches a little before searching for his phone that had actually buzzed him awake. He yawns as he putting in his passcode, his eyes a little crusty so he cleans them.

It doesn't rest well as he stares down at the messages because he never thought he would have to see this so soon.


You better go see him soon— S


The same sentence repeatedly, over and over again, like it's chasing after him.

Jungkook gets up with a frown as his heart sinks to the bottom of his stomach, if taehyung finds out he is keeping this much from him, the vampire will never forgive him.

It's bad enough that taehyung is always on egde when jungkook makes any moves, always so vigilant because they both know him just being released like that is way too easy and they are just too stupid to lay every single thing on the table for each other because there is more to it, a lot more.

He splashes water on his face a couple of times before he gets into an outfit almost identical to Taehyung's. He has to do it now, it's his only chance.



He walks in slowly as he enters yoongi's house. Under his skin he can feel the aura of the witch's magic reject a lot of things swimming in him, it leaves him agitated and a little irritated. The house is technically rejecting him.

“if you are looking for Yoongi, he is out with Jin” a voice comes from the kitchen. The hunter follows it, only to find Hoseok leaning against a counter, stuffing his mouth with fruits. “longest time, jungkook. you have really grown” he says half heartedly as he eyes him suspiciously, “what can I help you with? Yoongi will not be back for a while”

Jungkook stares at him carefully, taking in how the once pretty scales have turned an angry red with black undertones. Hoseok looks like he might drop dead any time soon. “actually I came to see you” at that one of the serpent's eyebrows shoot up.

“you don't say” he readjusts himself where he leans so he can look at the younger eye to eye. There is something about Hoseok's gaze, hot and irritated but at the same time tired, maybe too tired. “how can i help you kid”

Jungkook's face twitches just slightly at the word, kid but he only takes a deep breath, figuring it's just how the house makes him feel, rejected and angry. “i am here to talk to you about the wishes”

“you shouldn't know about those, jungkook” the serpent says almost too calmly, his eyes not leaving the other, not even once. “who sent you here? because I know taehyung wouldn't let roam about without him stuck by your side. So let me guess again, he doesn't know about this right?” he asks, biting off the top of a banana and humming with satisfaction.

Jungkook can only nods, trying to keep all his troubling emotions down, just like the voices. “i just have to do this and I am free” he answers slowly, finally listen to how stupid and unsure his thoughts sound out loud.

Hoseok hums again, closing his eyes then opening them, they twinkle mischievously now. “what do you want, jungkook? And what will you give me in exchange?”




It takes an hour and a half for jimin to get dropped off at the shop they were supposed to meet. Taehyung refuses to let himself get annoyed because he kind of deserved it.

Jimin walks in looking a tiny bit guilty when their eyes meet. “have you been waiting long? ” he asks softly as he sits across from him.

Taehyung smiles a little, “its not biggie, I didn't even think you would come” he laughs nervously, the smile wiping off his face soon after. “how have you been, jimin?” he whispers like it's a giant secret.

The younger's smile vanishes too, “a little lost. Too many things happening in such a short time I don't know how to handle it.”

“i am sorry”

“you don't need to apologise, taehyung. As much as you did a lot of wrongs you were just trying to protect what you love.” he runs his hand through his hair, “i understand that, making stupid decision on your own just because you are afraid you might lose what you love?” he looks up at his best friend “we aren't soulmates for nothing. I think I just overreacted a little” he trails off.

Their pastries is placed in front of them. taehyung had them ordered because of the shops policy. Jimin stares down at the plate of sweets, picking at it absentmindedly with his fork, “did you know?” it comes out barely above a whisper.

Taehyung leans forward, “know what?”

“jin and namjoon?”

Oh. Jimin finally knows.

“i will take it as a yes” he answers for him, “did one of them tell you or—”

“i figured it out on my own” taehyung says quickly, causing jimin to let out a sarcastic laugh.

“am I that fucking stupid?” he asks, tears visible in his eyes and this made no sense to taehyung because both he and Jin have been through this phase before, breaking up and dating other people, this was normal and jimin never did react like this.

“jimin... what's wrong? You are acting strange.”

“no... no” he shakes his head “i am acting right, this is how I am supposed to act.” he trails off then slowly going back to picking at his food again.

“do you want to talk about it? We came here to talk, jimin” taehyung persuades, “we don't even have to sit we can just walk around, I know a park around here” he suggests.

Jimin looks up and nods, his tears missing, “lets take the walk.”



It's slowly turning into a cold evening and taehyung is actually thankful he wore warmer clothes today because he really doesn't like being cold.

Jimin let's out a little sad chuckle, pulling him of his thoughts. “you know, when I found out Jin was a god, I was kind of happy. I thought maybe I will be able to fulfill my true destiny of being a gift to the gods, I thought of I kissed up to jin's ass he would tell who ever he could to forgive me, to forgive him I thought that I should have been the one to be punished and that now that I had a god at my reach, I could push my point one day.” he laughs louder now, short and sharp like he is embarrassed by his words “i thought a lot of things, taehyung, they were dumb and so fucking stupid. I realize now and I can't even fix any of my mistakes”

“i don't understand you, jimin” the other interrupts, so worried because he doesn't seem to know where the root of all this is coming from.

Jimin turns to him sharply, both of them stopping in their tracks, “i hate him” he starts “i hate Jin just as much as I hate you, taehyung but— but behind all that I love you both just as much. I— I thought I would be okay, I thought pretending everyday like I didn't know, like I couldn't hear or see was enough to have us be happy for as long as we could be but I make mistakes, we all do and it fucks with us more than we thought the outcomes should. I don't know, I just don't know”

“jimin—” taehyung tries to lowers his voice so it would seem more calm as an attempt to cool down the other who looks like he is about to lose it completely.

“no—” he shakes his head, “if you try to stop me, I will never say it.”

“say what?”

“i know” he almost snaps, “i know, Jin made you do it. I knew a while back. Hoseok told me one of the days I met with him when Yoongi wasn't around” he laughs “he is such a fucking snake, living up to his true creepy self. He told me Jin made you turn me and you took the blame and that's why i was so angry because I couldn't understand why you were trying your hardest to protect Jin when you knew I would forgive him. ”


“of course you don't have any fucking reason why, you just take all the blame as always, always taking everything on your fucking shoulders and never complaining. Let me tell you something I am sick of it so fucking sick of every single thing I have done since Jin walked into my home town all those years ago, I am sick of myself too and the decision I have been making for a while now.” then he is crying, the heat that was ones there gone with the chilly breeze.

Taehyung pulls him into a hug, letting the other cry as much as he needed, not bothering about the people watching them.

Being alive for so long, living carelessly was no longer was in the equation, yet even though they were always careful, they made mistakes and the consequences of those mistakes piled high on their heart.

Living forever means they never stop, they never stop making mistakes and they never stop having to face the consequences until it's piled so high that it's suffocating. Jimin is suffocating and taehyung doesn't know how to handle it because he is dying the same way inside. “we'll be fine” he mutter into his hair as he pats his back, the lie leaving his tongue tastes disgusting because it's too obvious it's what it is.




“so what do you intend to do?” taehyung asks as they walk back to the house they used to share.

Jimin shrugs weakly, his eyes downcast, “i think I will just leave on my own for a few months or years, see how the world has changed and all that”

“oh” taehyung says softly, already missing him. They still have a lot to work out, still a lot to bring up but they are at least fine for now.

“yeah, I can take that time to think and clear my head better. Would have thought of therapy but I might end up at an asylum”

“with your type of issues? Definitely who is going to believe a single word you say?” he chuckles.

They walk hand in hand up to their apartment with promises to watch movies and pretend to eat popcorn.

Taehyung is the first to get into the house, taking off his shoes and dashing for the kitchen, “butter popcorn, right?” he asks the other over his shoulder.

“yeah, you know that I love the way they smell” jimin answers.

“alright then” he says back only to turn back to see jungkook holding out his sliver knife in front of him.

“did I wake you up?” taehyung asks with a smile but jungkook's expression doesn't change. There is this darkness swimming in his eyes and he has his jaws clenched.

“move” he growls and taehyung is more confused than anything.

“are you threathening me with your little knife, kook?”

The hunter mutters something under his breath which taehyung understand should be a spell and suddenly jungkook's knife bursts into blue flames. They touch his skin gently but the younger doesn't seem to notice.

Taehyung steps back then, figuring it would be better than to play with fire where there is a stove. “what's wrong, kook?” he asks carefully as he takes steps backwards, the hunter following but he is sure jungkook can't hear him. They move further into the living room, Taehyung's eyes now on the shadow moving behind jungkook.

“hey! Be careful, he is fragile” taehyung warns jimin after the other hits jungkook so hard he gets knocked out.

“sorry, I am still a little angry at him but why is he acting like that?”

“like I should know but fuck, if he was just trying to role play he will never let this down”

“i don't think I wanted to hear that”

“same here” a foreign voice adds, drawing their attention to another person in the room. A vampire. Taehyung hadn't even noticed at first because of how weak his scent is and how similar it is to jungkook's which made it harder to hide.

“if you guys don't stop with the surprises, I swear to god, I will go jimin style on the jeon house again.” taehyung exclaims tiredly as jimin stands still with shock.

“jinsoo?” the younger vampire croaks.

In the corner of the house on a chair sits the supposedly dead jinsoo who is making everything seem more of a lie as moments pass.

“hyungs, it's been the longest time and those expressions, I never got to see them before.” he smiles oddly “how do you like the start of the greatest plan since rebellion?”

“you have got to be kidding me” taehyung mumbles to himself. They need to give him a fucking break.




It will always be nothing because I will never be able to explain it and you will never be able to understand it till you can feel it. Until you are in my ugly, heavy shoes I painted a shabby white, as a background to cover them with fake flowers I worked so hard on.
It's nothing.

Not until you are here, not until you are drowning when there is air all around you, not until you carry the ugliest thoughts just for yourself, not until you make yourself so fake you can't seem to recognize you.

It's nothing trust me.
Nothing to tell and nothing to see.
Nothing to want to be either.
It's really nothing.

Chapter Text


Hoseok is sitting in the living room, poking at his scales with a look of plain disgust on his face. Yoongi who is sitting across from him, scans all over this person sitting there and can't seem to recognize him. The hoseok he is used to didn't emitt such vicious, deceitful aura.

“stop staring at me like that, you are going to make me want to rip more of my scales off.” Hoseok suddenly says without even looking up.

“we need to talk” Yoongi hears himself speak. These days his heart is heavy with a lot of things and after the few discussions he has had with taehyung, he has a few things to cover with Hoseok.

“you might as well just say 'oh, Hoseok i think I will like the house to myself again’ ” he says sarcastically as his eyes flicker up to meet the witch's. Yoongi breaks the eye contact because Hoseok now, yellow, angry slitted eyes always leave him uneased.

“i gave it some thought” the witch starts, ignoring the jab at him. “i want to end searching for the reason why this is happening.”

Hoseok cocks his head to the side, confusion clear on his face. “you are being vague.”

“i don't think I want to turn you into a dragon Hoseok, not anymore. I don't think I can do it” he repeats.

“oh!” Hoseok exclaims so softly that Yoongi almost missed it. He still has his eyes downcast as he continues to pick at his scales. Yoongi's eyes lower to them too, He can see blood leaking down from some of the wounds Hoseok made himself.

“you should have told me that it would have ended with you dying, I wouldn't have even thought about any of this in the first place.”

The serpent snaps his head up Immediately, fear written all over his face “how much do you know?” he seethes “and who told you?”

“you need to calm down, hobi. There is nothing to be scared of”

“there is a lot to fear, yoongi. Too much you don't know about that we have to fear.”

“only if you could—”

“no! I don't want to tell you. I don't know if you would look at me the same way if you would find out.” Hoseok looks sad now, almost defeated but at the same time he doesn't look like himself anymore so Yoongi can't tell, it actually reminds the witch of the first time they had met, Hoseok had been very hard to read, he was littered with scales that were a softer shade of red and his slit eyes were always wary. He had the tendency to try to deceive a person even if he didn't intend to, it was like a subconscious act and Yoongi can see him slowly falling back into that.

“you don't know that” Yoongi says after swallowing slowly, this is getting hard for him“you always assume you would know how i would react and I just wish we both could find out together.”

Hoseok stares at Yoongi for a brief moment before blinking a couple of times. He looks away then sighs. “come here” he says quietly, patting the space left beside him. Yoongi takes his time replacing himself there and once he does, Hoseok cups both his cheeks in his hand, giving a little kiss on his lips. “i am sorry” he whispers when he pulls an inch away.

Yoongi opens his eyes to see the other's still shut. When did he stop being able to recognize Hoseok? When did his lover start to see way too different, way too far gone? The witch chokes on a sob as he scans the other's face. It isn't fair. “you don't have to apologise for anything” he reassures him with a whisper before pulling him into a deeper kiss.


Taehyung doesn't want to think about it because he would only get annoyed. It's day break when he opens his eyes and the only reason why he does that is because Jin had come in search of jimin and wouldn't stop making noises.

He groans as his head pounds unsure of why he is laying on the floor in an akward position when he could have just laid on his bed.

“you are all so weird” Jin exclaims, trying to help a frowning jimin up.

Taehyung squeezes his eyes shut, a grunt leaving his mouth this time as he tries to remember what had happened the day before. He slowly opens them again after getting nothing only to notice jungkook still passed out not to far from him. He slowly crawls towards the younger's direction, tapping his shoulder slightly “hey— hey kook, you need to get up” the younger doesn't wake but taehyung isn't worried because his heart beat is stable.

Jimin lets out a whine, holding his head in his hands. “oh my fucking god, why does this hurt so bad.”

Taehyung looks at him, blinking slowly. What exactly happened yesterday? He pulls himself to his feet, swaying a little when he does, he closes his eyes again, his head buzzing louder. He knows he is forgetting something important but he just can't put a finger on it.

He picks up the human as carefully as he can without tumbling down himself. “i will put him in bed” he says to no one in particular, his eyes still on the purple bruise growing on jungkook's neck. “did you hit him?” teahyung turns to look at his best friend, his mind just saying that it is what it is and he doesn't have the strength to get the slightest bit angry. Jimin shrugs as he leans into Jin's open arms. Taehyung watches and it doesn't sit well with him for some reason. He looks away, “he is fragile jimin, you of all people know that”

He doesn't get a response from the other but it's not like he wanted one in the first place.

He lays down the human in their shared bed, looking around the drawers for any ointment to relieve him of some of the pain in him. He finds just a little left in the bathroom, carefully rubbing what's left of it on the younger's bruise as he listens to jimin and Jin leave the house.

He let's out a loud sigh, putting his buzzing head back into his hands.

What's he forgetting? What exactly happened yesterday?

The thing is that taehyung knows its important. It leaves his heart uneased so he knows its not good news too but why can't he remember?

His phone rings to bring him out of his thoughts. He pulls it out of his back pocket where it had been all this while. He stares at the caller's name before picking up, “this better be good” he huffs into the phone.

don't be mean” Jae says firstly “its not like I want to disturb your honeymoon phase or anything


sorry, sorry. Okay, so I got a call today, someone in the council wants to call an emergency meeting.”

Taehyung kisses his teeth. That's definitely not good, emergency meetings only mean that someone or people were or are in danger. “do you know who?”

wasn't told. I think they want to keep all the information within the members as much as they can”

Taehyung sighs at that. “i really don't have the energy to sit in a room with them”

but you need to go. If you send someone else to a meeting like this they will think that you have either become weak or you are too scared to even leave the house

“we all know that's not true”

but do they? tae, please just suck it up and go. We already have a lot going on and we don't need some stupid idiots thinking we are incompetent.”


today, once the sun sets. You are allowed to bring one of your family members” Taehyung hums and says nothing. “so are you going then?”

“yeah but I will need you to come over so you can watch jungkook for me when i leave” he asks.

sure as long as he doesn't try to kill me or anything.”



The venue for the meeting is the same as always; an old building out of the busiest parts of the city. The structure of it looks like it would give out any moment but only those who visit it frequently know that it's steady as a mountain.

When they had started to use it, Heechul had thought it was best that they left the outside to rot as it was already. All the corners surrounding the building are filled with dying weeds. The metal and wood used to create the front has started to loose shape and rot.

Taehyung lefts out a huff as he drags the old rickety door aside. He still doesn't understand why they don't have someone do that from the inside. He waits for jimin to draw the door back shut before he starts walking down the tunnel. It's quiet and badly lit but taehyung knows they aren't alone, within the shadows there are people waiting and keeping an eye on the entrance, as expected of Heechul and moonbyul. They take the next turning to the right and come across a dark wooden door that taehyung does not hesitate to open.

“taehyung!” Heechul greets immediately as he steps in. Taehyung gives a little bow to him before scanning the room carefully. He is the last to arrive, even felix has taken a seat and is not on his phone today. He gives a little bow to the other two in the room before heading to sit down, jimin quick on his trail.

“firstly, before we get started does anyone have anything to say? Any new update concerning the dilemma at hand?” Heechul asks, his eyes darting around the room. Taehyung watches the movement of every person. Behind the heads stand their most trusted, their sliver ware very easy to find as they are attached to their bodies with no clamfogue. Well, everybody has there trusted in the room except for one person.

Taehyung's eyes land on Felix who is staring right back at him, his eyes dark and hungry. The last time taehyung had seen him like that was during the great rebellion. The youngest looks too upset and greatly hungry for blood spill.

“cut to the chase, Heechul. Why was this meeting called?” moonbyul slightly snaps

“well, I don't know. I wasn't the one who called for it” the man shrugs, a look of amusement on his face.

“then who—”

“i did” It comes out like a sneer when Felix speaks. Sometimes taehyung forgets how deep his voice sounds. “i called this meeting because I want to know exactly what everyone thinks about this scenario ” he readjusts himself in his seat, his piercing gaze still on taehyung. “yesterday at one of my headquaters down town, where most of my family hung out for one of our little relaxation party. We were having fun, bonding and all that then suddenly we are under attack by another family ”

The room stills immediately, the littlest movements halting. Everyone's eyes now on the youngest looking, there is this tension clinging to the air.

Moonbyul blinks a couple of times before her eyes trace who Felix is still staring at. “taehyung... do you any clue about what he is talking about?”

Taehyung clenches his teeth. He doesn't, he can barely remember the events of yesterday night.

“taehyung?” moonbyul tries again when all she gets is silence.

He leans back, “i have no clue” he says slowly. “i wasn't exactly capable of making plans yesterday and besides I was having one on one time with jimin over here” he points upwards to his friend.

“this is true” jimin says right after.

Heechul chuckles, “just because you said that's what happened doesn't mean it's true. Where's your alibi? Or evidence? Anything to prove your claim”

An alibi? All he has is jungkook and who exactly in the council would believe anything the ex-hunter would have to say?

“you have got to be kidding me” Felix fumes. “let me make this clear, I did not come here to joke. I lost vital members of my family last night and some of them are brutally wounded. For fuck's sake Changbin hasn't woken up yet so taehyung you need to tell me why you had ordered the attack on my family.” the vampire snaps, his red eyes flashing with pain and he is so close to looking like he is losing his mind. It has never been a look on Felix so it has the atmosphere in the room change again.

They are all looking at taehyung now and for fuck's sake, he is starting to believe he did it yesterday too. “you have no evidence of me doing that. How dare you accuse me”

“cut the fucking act, Kim taehyung. I was there, I saw. Are you telling me that I do not know how sanwoo and jinsoo look like?”


“what the fuck are you talking about?” jimin suddenly adds “why the fuck would you bring a dead person into your mess?”

“know your place, Park” Felix seethes, his eyes still on taehyung “before I turn you into fine dust”

“dont you dare threatening my person” taehyung throws back heatedly, leaning forward now.

“then fucking come clean. How did you think you can get away with it when two of your closest lead the raid.” Felix screams.

“i will need everyone to calm down” Heechul finally intercepts “we will get no where if all you both do is scream at each other.”

“maybe we should move this meeting to another day so who ever need to bring evidence for their claims can. ” moonbyul adds, her arms crossed over her chest and her frown set deep.

“good idea” heechul smiles. “i will inform you all of the appointed date by noon tomorrow.” then he raises and give a little bow to the rest of the members “then i will take my leave. Please, let's all refrian from trying to kill each other's families before the next meeting okay?” the man gets no response but It doesn't seem like he needed it because he turns to take his leave immediately.



Taehyung is the last to go the room quiet after waiting almost an hour for them to really leave. Both he and jimin walk quietly side by side towards their car. He let's out another sigh once jimin starts the engine.

Taehyung hates this so much, it makes his blood boil. The thing is that at the moment he has no clue as to what's going on, he is so lost and he is sure it's all because he can't remember what ever happened yesterday.

What happened yesterday?

He let's out a louder sigh. He should see Yoongi to fix this but he doesn't want to see the witch if he doesn't have to, to be honest he doesn't think he wants to see Yoongi for a long while.

He closes his eyes shut, his head leaning on the window of the car. It starts to drizzle, slowly turning into a light shower. The sound of the rain hitting the car drowns out his thoughts long enough for him to almost fall into some sort of nap.

His phone starts to ring all of a sudden, breaking the silence they had both gotten accustomed to. He stares at the caller ID, contemplating whether or not to take the call. He does. “what?” taehyung sighs into the phone.

i don't know how to put this, tae” jae starts and just from the tone of his voice taehyung starts to feel uncomfortable.

“try, please.”

so— ehm, jungkook woke up later today and he was in such a frantic, walking up and down while asking where you were. I told him to calm down and when I managed to touch him, he was boiling over. I somehow got him to take a seat. He kept on mumbling something before he passed out again and it was jinsoo's name.That left me super uncomfortable tae” 

Well, now taehyung is a little bit surprised. Jimin gives him a face mouthing 'what's up?'. Taehyung shrugs and turns another direction. “then what happened?”

yeah so, this is the thing, it gets slightly worse. I thought it was best to call namjoon to check up on him and see if it's just a fever or something but turns out the ball was way out of the court. Namjoon said it was weird so he did a blood test and when the result came back, its been fucking with my head since

“jae, please get to the point”

jinsoo's blood. Jungkook has enough of jinsoo blood in him to turn him into a vampire if he dies right now but here is the thing namjoon said that at the degree the boy has been burning he should be dead but he isn't which is so weird according to him so I decided to transport the human over to yoongi's place so he can have a look at him. We drop him on a couch so we can brief Yoongi on what's going on and it happens in a flash, jungkook is up and trying to strangle namjoon. At this point we are so lost because everything is just weird. He didn't seem like he was even fully awake so I knocked him out

“then what happened?”

nothing. I was asked to call you

“are you all still at yoongi's house?”


“will be there soon and jae—”


“do you have clue where sanwoo is and what he has been up to?”

nah, why? do you need him?

“no. We will talk when I get there, okay?” he says, ending the call before getting a response. He turns to jimin who looks really worried now. “turn the car around, jimin. We need to head to yoongi's right now.” The other doesn't ask any questions, instead he finds a good place to make a turn. On the way, they both remain quiet, taehyung watching the road pass by through the window. He can't get why yesterday seems like it never happened and yet all that's been brought up today is Jinsoo. It leaves him on the edge because now he knows he is missing something important.

“maybe we did something we wished we forgot” jimin suddenly mumbles, making taehyung look at him.


“i said maybe we did raid Felix's quarters yesterday and decided that we needed to forget we did that” he repeats himself slowly, his hands tightening around the wheel.

“why would we, jimin?” he asks gently, figuring jimin is just trying to make sense of it.

“because—” he let's out a little sob “who the fuck would do that, tae?” he takes a quick glance at the other before looking at the road again “who would bring a dead person into all of this? ”

Taehyung doesn't answer because he himself doesn't know why a dead person's name keeps on popping up everywhere today. He considers for a second that this childe of theirs might be alive but the more he thinks about it the more he realizes that it's not possible. They had felt the pain. They had felt every single thing Jinsoo had felt as he passed and that can't be fake. It can't be and it's really unfair that someone has to use an open wound against them at this moment.


Jimin parks in front of the house when he gets there and Taehyung heads in first, rushing in search of the others. Namjoon is in a corner with jae helping him put on some ointment because the skin on his neck has started to bruise. He gives them a brief glance before heading towards the living room. Hoseok is causally sitting on a couch across for jungkook, his eyes cast on the human's sleeping figure. The serpent looks a little bit conflicted, his face twitching with slight annoyance.

Taehyung just stands there, staring at anything but Yoongi who's in another corner trying to figure out what's going on.

“you are here” Yoongi croaks without looking back. “he will come around soon enough then you can question him.”

“yeah.” is all taehyung can muster to say. He has been steadily trying to avoid the other for the past few weeks now and he doesn't want to know how Yoongi looks this time, he doesn't know how worse it has gotten. He wishes the older hadn't come to him, he wishes he didn't have to carry such a heavy secret too.



Taehyung crosses his leg over the other, leaning back in his chair as he takes a good look at the witch sitting across from him. Yoongi has lost a big amount of weight and is more pale than usual with a sickly blue undertone. “you coming to visit me is one of the weirdest things that has happened this year.”

“don't be dramatic, I have been in this house before.” he says, scratching at his wrist slowly.

“yes, you have but that was like years ago when jungkook first moved in” taehyung continues, his fingers twitching because Yoongi doesn't look well and Yoongi looks like he has a really big secret to tell.

“true. you know how I like the comforts of my house.”

“i agree to that”

The room quiets down, Yoongi actually looking at anywhere but Taehyung's face. “do you need more time, hyung? We can talk about any other thing for now”

Yoongi shakes his head, then gives a brief smile. “how do you tell a friend you are dying?”

Taehyung can't say he has ever felt this way before, he can't say the last time he had heard such, it had been so long since he felt his heart drop like this, it makes him almost nauseous. “how do I answer that?” he says slowly “what's going on?”

Yoongi closes his eyes, his fingers now rubbing at his reddened wrist. “you know, from the beginning i always figured the inscriptions had something more to it. Something heavy like it had too many secrets woven into them. Guess what? I was right” he opens his eyes and they twinkle with something taehyung can not put his hands on. “i think I cracked the code, taehyung. It was simple actually, apart from hiding and protecting the jeons, wunoo had left a curse as old as my father just for me.”

Ever since taehyung has met Yoongi, the other barely ever showed his true feelings blankly on his face. There is this thing about him that you can only get such expressions when you don't expect them, when Yoongi has let his guard down and is just being him, not the witch of Seoul. It's at those moments when he is seated around the things and people he loves, when he is genuinely happy.

Yoongi doesn't like to show his emotions that easily yet taehyung registers the fear resting prefectly on his features.

“you have to promise to not tell anyone” he says almost in a whisper, watching taehyung shake his head before he continues. “i have tried everything, taehyung but it's presistant, eating me from inside like a little fire, just burning as quietly as it can and I have tried. I can't stop it.” his voice shakes.

The witch of Seoul sits in the living room of taehyung's house and the vampire witnesses for the first time ever, he witnesses this man cry.

“you can't tell Hoseok”

“that isn't right, he de—”

“no,” Yoongi snaps “he can't know about this. I will figure it out and if not I will tell him myself.”


It's a little too much to handle.





Hoseok blinks a couple of times, the sun shining on his face making his eye sight blurry. The lake he sits by is still, the water glistening every so beautifully that he wants to take a swim again but he has to wait, today is the day that he shows her his true form.

Today could be the worst day of his life or the best thing he has had in a century.


'are you really going to do it?'


Hoseok closes his eyes tight. Not now.


'what if she doesn't accept you or tricks you only to run off to tell the village you are the monster that steals their children during a full moon '


Hoseok tries to ignore him, tries hard to not listen to a word the voice says, what more does it need from him?

“Huejin-ssi?” her soft voice calls out his name as she draws closer. The serpent rises to his feet immediately, trying to meet her half way. Today, min Yoonji has her hair let down from her regular pony tail and she is in something a lot less flashier than the purple outfits she always wears.

Hoseok assists her through the rocky path to prevent her from tripping like she has done before not once or twice.

She smiles at her, “were you waiting long?”

Hoseok shakes his head slightly, his tongue too heavy with anticipation and his heart beating so fast that he thinks something might be wrong with it.

“good” she continues “they wouldn't let me out of my home so I had to sneak away today”

“miss!” hoseok exclaims as he guides her into the clearing.

She laughs softly, her eyes twinkling with glee. “i promised you I would come today, didn't I? I can't disappoint you.”

The fact that hoseok has heard some sort of statement like this from the same soul over and over again, leaves a small sad smile on his face. “thank you” he mumbles, pushing his long hair back behind his ear.

They both sit down beside each other, staring at the still water, watching how pretty it is.

“you still haven't told me why you rather put on this ugly men's outfit than a skirt? Or am I mistaken and you are a man?”

Hoseok blinks twice at the question before taking the other's hand and placing it flat on his still growning blossom “you tell me? am I a man, miss?”

The girl pulls her hand away quickly, her cheeks flushing red. Hoseok smiles, it's amazing watching her like this, it's the first time in all the times hoseok as sort this soul and it had appeared to him in a form of a woman. Hoseok looks down at his chest and back at her face.

But this isn't his first rodeo.

“i have something to tell you, miss”

“i told you to call me by my name” she frowns just the slightest. Hoseok smiles, “i find it hard to”

“try harder” she says. “tell me, why did you want to meet up today?”

Hoseok scratches the back of her neck, “i wanted to show you something”


'dont do it'


“go on”

Huejin stands up, her eyes locked with yoonji as she starts to take off her clothes. The Miss's cheeks start to tint but she does not look away. “please, don't be afraid when I show you” she shutters

“i won't” yoonji says a little too loud. “trust me.”

“okay” she nods “i will try to believe you” then she turns away, heading right for the lake, her golden skin almost glistening as the sun reflects on it. She puts one feet in and let's out a satisfied sigh. She knew it would be really cool today and she had been craving for a swim all morning.

She turns back to take one more look at Yoonji sitting at the edge. This has been the first time this soul has reincarnated as a person so similar to the original. She gives her a wary smile which is returned. Hoseok only hopes that she accepts her just like he had. She leaps into the deeper part of the lake, doing a few lapse before transforming into her true form. She is a beautiful shade of lilac and she glistens like precious stones under the sun. She pulls her head out of the waves only to meet eyes with ones full of fear.


'at least she didn't scream'


Hoseok swims to the edge of the lake but as he comes closer, yoonji rises in panic, her voice lost and colour drained from her face but she does not leave.

Hoseok's heart sinks. What is she to think of this? She lets out a sad sound and plunges deeper into the lake swimming as fast as she can.

“Huejin, wait!” she hears Yoonji scream but she can't bare to look at such expressions directed towards her, it's like the first betrayal all over again.




If only they could remember.

Jimin and taehyung exchange a look, then their eyes land back on Jinsoo on the couch, looking all mighty and fine.

“how did you manage to sire only people who eventually want you dead?” taehyung says.

Jimin kisses his teeth, “at least my lover isn't on the verge of becoming a cannibal in all sense.”

“you are saying it like that's my fault they have been fucking with him since he was born but you... you hand picked your children” taehyung argues

“are you both really not taking me seriously right now?” Jinsoo interrupts completely annoyed.

Taehyung raises his hand to shush him “we haven't been able to speak to each other for weeks because of you so can you give us a minute?” he raises an eyebrow, his eyes cast on the youngest vampire. Jinsoo sighs triedly then nods.

“oh and Jinsoo, you would at least give me a hug before it settles that you are about to betray us.” jimin adds “you were my favorite you know?”



But they don't