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Loving Jin was like hugging the sun. It was a warmth that started somewhere in Namjoon’s chest and spread in his entire body, hot and comforting and bright. Waking up next to him was like opening the window on the first real day of spring and smelling the first blooming flowers, it was fresh budding sprouts, the first breeze that wasn’t cold, the first singing birds returning, it was witnessing the equinox in one man’s sleepy blinks and smiles. Holding him was like kindling a fire in the woods to cook marshmallows on, that happy and simple and nostalgic, Namjoon’s childhood was the weight of Jin’s hand in his, his entire adolescence was the slope of Jin’s waist, his entire life in the close beat of his heart.

“I love you.” Namjoon would say whenever the comfortable silence between them dragged on for a bit too long. “I love you” when the sun first showed up in the horizon and again when it ducked at night, “I love you” as they walked hand in hand, “I love you.” as they just rested in each other’s embrace. “I love you” before bedtime, “I love you” always, in every moment even when unspoken.

Malta was a dream. A land as sunny as promised, as hidden away as hoped. Nobody knew them there, nobody understood their language, they melted into the crowd, into the scenery, free as flowers in a field.

They walk the cobblestone streets every day, they sink their toes into the ticklish sand on the beach, searching for crabs, for shells, for coins. They eat at the tiny restaurants, picking things at random off the menu, they watch the fireworks, they ride the horses in the sunset, they listen to the beautiful music and they sleep like they haven’t since they were children, with the soft sound of the waves in their ears and the moon shining just for them.

Namjoon watches Jin run down the beach, barefoot, red cheeks, playing with the tide, losing his straw hat and picking it up again, laughing, loudly, laughing truly. He thanks the universe once more for giving him back the love of his life, he swears to live a life full of gratitude forever for this enormous act of kindness that was not taking him away from him.


Jin crashes into his arms and Namjoon holds him tight, picks him up and spins him, making him giggle breathlessly.

“I wanna drink!”

“But it’s only noon, baby.”

“I want sangria!”

They drink and have fun and bother a few people then they stumble their way home, still laughing, still talking loudly, holding on to each other to not knock themselves against street signs and when they do get home they crash on the patio, on the big hammock and Namjoon hums a song and Jin falls asleep, swaying left and right, holding on to his entire world.

Days bleed into each other, they tend to do so when there’s nothing but bliss all around, when your heart is at peace finally.

This particular morning, however, feels different. Jin wakes up with a shudder, a cold breeze making its way up his leg to his exposed bum where the silky covers had fallen off, leaving nothing but goosebumps in its wake. He rubs his eyes and turns slightly to watch their curtains billow, again and again, the breeze turning to gusts of wind. There are clouds, rolling in like smoke from a distance, from where the water meets the sky. Rain today, he figures and moves to glue as much of his body as he can to his sleeping lover.

Namjoon still has his eyes closed but instinctively wraps his arms around him when he feels him nuzzling, looking for warmth. Their days on the beach have given Namjoon a honey glow to his soft skin and it contrasts so prettily with his snow-white hair. Jin runs his fingers through it, plays with the locks and sighs, a sad thing. He had caused this, once through the shock of their breakup and again when he tried to tie himself to another man. He nibbles on his lip, guilt and shame weighing heavy in his chest, how could he have done this to the love of his life? Selfish, stupid, unworthy …

“Don’t do that, baby.” Namjoon tells him as he blinks the sleep away and moves to gently tug his lower lip from between his teeth. “What’s wrong? What are you thinking about?”

He’s thinking about how much he doesn’t deserve him, how irresponsible he had been with their love, how ungrateful. He’s thinking about how small a person he is, a coward to the bone, that chose to hide his hurt with destruction, that turned icy cold instead of trying to kindle back their fire. He doesn’t say the words, just lets the tears fall but none of the droplets make it farther than his cheek, kissed and shushed away as expected. He doesn’t deserve this gentleness.

“Whatever it is, I want to make it better, yeah? Can you let me do that, Jinnie?”

Jin nods, of course, he’ll allow it, he’ll never deny Namjoon anything ever again. So he turns, shifts the covers, rests his head on his folded arms and raises the pretty slope of his bum, presenting it to Namjoon whose big hand immediately gropes it.

“Punish me ...” Jin whispers.

“What for, dearest?”

“Everything. Please …”

Namjoon wants to tell him that he is also guilty, just as much if not more than him. They might not have caused their breakup but they both stayed away, losing themselves in senseless destruction, hurting so many, hurting each other. But right now this isn’t about apologies, about getting even. This is about Jin’s need to feel absolved, to feel like he’s doing his penance.

“Alright. Do you still remember our safety code?”

“Yes, yes. Please ...”

Namjoon moves to a sitting position and he can see his lover relax the second his hands are on his buttocks, caressing, for now, thinking this out. When one of the warm hands vanishes, Jin knows to brace himself. The smack lands loudly on his left ass cheek and immediately turns into a pink handprint. The caressing resumes until another smack lands, this time on the right side. After five to each cheek, Jin can feel the warmth spreading, can guess that his behind is surely and steadily turning a darker shade. Namjoon soothes him after each hit but they soon begin coming down in faster succession. So do Jin’s breaths. By the 25th slap, his thighs are shaking slightly. That’s when Namjoon moves, reaches into their nightstand to grab a few things and Jin thinks about the objects in the drawer and what could his partner possibly need.

Then he feels it. A burning, hard smack against his already sensitive ass. He yelps in surprise and then feels another blow, this one also loud. He realizes Namjoon had brought out his hairbrush and he’s using the flat wood on the back of it. It’s just as efficient as any paddle. After ten hits with the brush Seokjin’s ass has bloomed into a beautiful angry red. He flinches when he hears the swoosh of Namjoon raising his arm and he squirms every time it lands with a crack.

“Color, baby.”

“Gr… green. Don’t stop.”

He doesn’t, he just silently moves lower. The first one against the back of his milky thigh stings immensely but so does the second and third. He loses count of the minutes, focuses just on the sensation, on how his ass is throbbing with a pain coming from within, on how his thighs burn as if he was being hit with nettles. When Namjoon throws the brush away and digs his nails into his abused flesh Jin realizes he’s probably also a bit swollen. It feels like a cat scratching him, a sensation so unpleasant and stinging that he can’t help but try to squirm away.

“Stop that. Hands and knees, c’mon.”

Jin whimpers and sniffles before getting into position, wondering if Namjoon will keep spanking him or go grab the belt. But it turns out neither of his guesses are correct when his lover grabs his balls and pulls them painfully back, telling him to close his legs, efficiently trapping them in the back of his thighs. Jin bites his lip again, knowing what comes next.

The first slap across his delicate balls has him jerking forward but with his legs pressed together, all he does is pull even more painfully on them. He knows not to do the same when the second slap comes but his body is a traitorous thing, flinching and jerking away on its own accord. The third slap is accompanied by a wet shout and by the fifth Jin is crying, sobbing and bitting into the pillow.

Good, Namjoon sighs. It’s never been easy to make his lover cry even when he desperately needed to. He brings his hand down across his balls five more times before relenting, making sure they’re nice and swollen and crimson. Jin’s back is shaking violently from how hard he is sobbing. Namjoon shushes him, guides him gently to open his thighs, releasing his genitals and turning him to rest on his left side, not putting any more pressure on them or his ass.

“That’s it, baby, let it out … “

Namjoon spoons him, mindful of the delicate areas, rubbing circles into his back, kissing the top of his head. Seokjin starts hiccuping and his breathing is erratic so Namjoon counts for him, gets him to inhale for 3 and exhale for 5. He calms down in a matter of minutes but he’s still crying, fat tears rolling down his heated cheeks and soaking the pillow, snot clogging his shiny nose and bitten lips glossy with spit.

“I love you.” Namjoon reminds him, uses the sheet as a tissue to clean him up, not caring how gross that is. “I love you.” he repeats, carding his fingers through the sweat damp locks, getting them out of his eyes. “I love you.” once more, embracing him from behind, kissing his shoulder, once for every freckle he has gotten since they’ve arrived in Malta and spent every day on the beach.

“I’m so sorry ...” Jin manages, voice broken.

“Shhh. So am I.”

His mind is still racing, he’s still beating himself up about things, Namjoon can tell from the frown that won’t leave his darling face, from the held back tears and the almost imperceptible shiver that runs through his entire body, anger at himself, poisonous self-hate. So he does what comes instinctually, pressing closer to his love, arm slung across him going downwards until his fingers wrap around the half hard length. Jin gasps, body tense. Namjoon strokes him leisurely, not too slow and not to fast and his lover’s body arches against his own as if his touch was the most intense thing in the world. He hardens embarrassingly fast and gets wet almost immediately after, precum abundant, making his hand glide easier, the sound of it loud enough to cover Jin’s wanton panting.

“I’ve missed your beautiful cock.” Namjoon tells him hot against the shell of his ear. “I’ve missed how heavy and hard it feels in my hand, how wet you get when you’re really excited ...”

“Namjoonie ...”

“What is it, baby boy? Embarrassed already? Can’t praise you without getting you all flustered and blushing? You know how much I love your cock. I love that it’s so long, I love that the head of it gets so red when I rub it just right ...”

To prove his point he begins stroking faster, squeezing harder. Tears start falling again but this time not from sadness but from the delicious combination of need and bashfulness.

“Shut up ...”

“You have no shame presenting your ass and balls for me to hit, asking to make you hurt and cry but having me jerk you off is too much? Oh baby, you’re so precious.”

Seokjin doesn’t say anything, can’t anymore, really, his neck is barred for Namjoon to kiss and bite and mark up in red and purple, all he can do is shiver, hairs standing from the intense sensations all over his body and he tries his best to ignore the sloppy, wet sounds coming from between his legs where his lover’s hand is making him throb and twitch and melt like ice cream in the summer.

“You know what I like best about your pretty cock, baby?” Namjoon continues after littering the column of his neck with hickeys. “I love how useless it is. So big and long and hard but what for? No point to it since you’ve been born to be my pretty pillow princess.”

Seokjin gasps and whines terribly when he loses the delicious friction between his legs, he was so close, just a few more strokes and he could’ve climaxed. Namjoon is fiddling with something behind him so he pouts and harrumphs loudly, his way of protesting the sudden lack of pleasure. Then he feels it, the slightly cold and slimmy sensation of lube between his sore ass cheeks. Namjoon’s finger circles his puckered entrance and Jin’s entire body goes lax. It has been so, so terribly long since he’s last experienced this.

“Good boy, relaxing like that for me. Do you want my finger, baby?”


It’s so tight, Namjoon realizes and adds more lube just to be safe. He tells his lover to be good, to open up, relax more and when there’s finally a little give he begins slotting a second finger in as well. It feels as if his ass is sucking him in, squelching from the amount of wetness yet still so stubbornly tight, he tries to scissor them but to almost no avail, there’s no room for it. Namjoon changes tactics then, drilling the two digits in and out fast, making Jin’s plump ass jiggle and the man moan and yelp uselessly. When he least expects it he shoves another finger in and continues thrusting.

“Namjoonie… Namjoonie ...”

“That’s it, baby, open up for me.”

Finally, he manages to spread his fingers open a little, the firm muscle of his lover’s entrance a bit more malleable and that’s when he curls his fingers and memory serves him right, hitting the sensitive nub inside dead on. Seokjin almost arches out of his grip, with a half shouted moan so Namjoon moves with him, uses his other arm to pin him down, pressing hard on the small of his back while he shoves four fingers in and resumes his rapid thrusting but this time massaging the prostate as well. Jin melts into a mess of screams and heavy breathing and half coherent please. When Namjoon feels him suddenly tightening up again he knows that he’s close to cumming so he quickly removes his hand, leaving his hole to twitch around nothing, empty and unsatisfied.

“You’re doing so well, baby boy.” he reminds him, peppering his heaving backside with kisses. Then he stands on his knees, pushing his soaked boxers down, releasing his aching hardon at long last. “C’mere, princess.”

Seokjin turns to sit on his hands and knees as submissively as he can, legs spread as much as they’ll go, cock and lower belly on the mattress, eyes raised up to meet his lover’s but it’s a challenge considering that his cock is right there next to his face, hard and hot and delicious, making his mouth water.

“Go ahead, ask me.”

“Can I please have a taste?”

“It’s all yours, beautiful.”

Seokjin wastes no time, burring his face in Namjoon’s crotch, liking all over messily, tongue flat, taking it up from root to tip on all sides. Not a drop of precum is wasted, not one of the bulging vein on the underside left unlicked. Seokjin lavishes the huge cock in his spit, tasting it like the most delicious treat. Once he’s had his fill he moves lower, lapping at his lover’s balls, sucking them gently into his mouth one and then the other and back again.

“Feel that, baby? Feel how full they are just for you? I can’t wait to empty myself in you, breed you nice and full.”

Jin only moans in acknowledgment and really gets down to blowing Namjoon properly, stretching his lips around the fat girth of his cock, taking him in as much as he can, until he can feel the bulbous head poking the back of his throat, triggering his gag reflex, he doesn’t stop, chokes and drools around the hard length, dragging his mouth up and down with no mercy to himself, letting his man use him like a fleshlight until there’s enough spit falling from his hungry mouth to soak a dark circle into the sheets. Seokjin ruts against the bed, his own cock in need of attention, desperate for some friction. it’s so unsatisfying, the rough drag against fabric not even close to the velvety warm touch of his partner’s hand but he’ll take what he can get. If he focuses only on the good parts, on how full his throat feels, how dizzy the lack of air gets him, how the head of his cock catches on the wrinkles in the bedding then he might finally cum.

But Namjoon isn’t completely lost in the pleasure of using Seokjin as a cocksleeve so he notices the sway of his hips, the powerful blush, the way his hands shake where he’s holding himself half upright and he’s quick to pull out from between his darling’s swollen, glossy lips.

“That’s enough, beautiful. don’t want you cumming before I’m inside of you. Turn around.”

Jin whines, drops flat against their bed for a few moments to collect himself from the third round of edging. His body is positively vibrating at this point, he’s wound up tight as a bow ready to shoot. He just needs Namjoon to release the cord, let him spring free. He breathes, bites back tears and turns as instructed, hands and knees again but this time Jin uses his hands to spread his asscheeks and present his hungry hole properly, hoping to entice the other, to avoid another session of edging.

“Look at you, my pretty bitch, presenting so nicely. So good and pliant, what do you want, hm? Be a good girl and tell me.”

“Please … no more teasing … wanna cum so badly ...” Seokjin is surprised at how airy his voice comes out, how fucked up he already is when all he’s done is get fingered and suck dick. God, he was so easy. And he’s missed this so much, missed feeling so safe and secure, enough that he can let go and be vulnerable and needy. The tears are falling again, he’s a mess.

“Need this … Namjoonie, need you to still want me … daddy ...”

Namjoon almost chokes up hearing his love so broken, seeing him so defenseless. He cups his plushy ass and teases his winking hole with the head of his cock, all flushed red and dripping.

“Say that again, baby girl, who am I to you when you’re like this? Who do you call for when you’re desperate and needy like this?”

“Daddy … you’re my daddy ...”

“And what’s this, princess?” he asks, pushing his cock against his asshole.

“That’s daddy’s home ...”

“That’s right, angel, that’s daddy’s home, that’s where he should always be, always inside of you, right?”

“Always … please, please ...”

“I’m gonna mess you up so badly, sweetheart.”

Namjoon breaches him in one hard thrust, making Jin’s arms give in and fall face first into the damp covers. He feels like heaven, he is home, warm and inviting and suffocating in the best way possible. it’s not just his cock that’s inside of him, it's all of him, Namjoon’s heart is fused to Seokjin’s, they beat erratically together, they lose their breath together, they both tingle from head to toe and burn brightly for each other, consume and get reborn at the same time, conjoined like it was meant to be. It was meant to be.

Namjoon fucks that thought straight into Seokjin, punctuates it with each punishing thrust, with each slap of heated, sweaty skin against skin. He fucks him with the rhythm of a wild animal, primal and imperative. This no longer a matter of want or lust, this is pure need. Seokjin in his addled state is convinced that if Namjoon’s cock were to leave his body his heart would stop. He can’t be away from him anymore, he wants to hang off his daddy’s cock forever, turn into his mindless fuck doll and be good, exist just to be loved and torn apart and put back together again by this man that holds his heart in his hands.

Namjoon drapes himself over Seokjin’s body, dwarfing him, engulfing him. He holds onto his middle with one strong arm, keeping his lover’s lower half up for him to be able to fuck into with abandon whereas his other arm is pushing on Jin’s throat, smothering him in the covers, forcing him to gasp and fight for air, wiggling under his grip.

When he notices that the fight has left Seokjin, that he is completely limp under him, Namjoon blinks away the fogginess of lust that is clouding his mind and flips his lover over.

Seokjin's eyes are bloodshot and glassy. His chest is heaving, finally able to breathe freely and fully. He can’t stop the tears nor the whimpers, can’t stop his flushed, sweat slick body from opening up, legs parting widely, arms going up in a show of complete submission.

“You are so beautiful, god, you have no idea ...” Namjoon tells him, cupping his face, kissing the words against the other’s tongue. Seokjin can hardly reciprocate, dazed and powerless, all he can do now is shiver and arch prettily, making himself as inviting as possible.

“Please … come back home, daddy ...” he says against Namjoon’s lips. “ ‘M so empty … can’t … can’t live like this … need you ...”

“Shhh, princess, I got you, daddy’s got you, angel ...”

He goes slower this time. When he pushes in Seokjin's hole is slack and drenched, matching his ragdoll state well. Namjoon uses one arm for leverage and the other to keep Seokjin’s up above his head as he starts fucking him again but this time in languid, long strokes, making sure that he feels every vein on his pulsating cock inside of him. Seokjin’s legs weekly fall to his sides like that of a broken doll, all he can do now is take and take and moan wantonly. Namjoon loves him when he’s like this, docile and open. He loves feisty Jin just as much but there’s something to be said about how this vulnerable mindset he goes into speaks the truth about the way in which they love each other.

“Daddy ...”

Namjoon’s a goner whenever he hears the word from his sweet lips. It’s more than just play for them, more than a fetish. Daddy means Namjoon holds Jin in his palms like a baby bird that has fallen from its nest.

“Yeah, baby. I’m here.”

“Feels so good ...”

“Yeah? I can see the outline of my cock in your tummy, baby.”

The slower pace of their fucking now is due partly to this reason. Namjoon loves watching Seokjin’s tummy bulge every time he pushes in, the thought of him messing up his intestines like this making him throb. There’s also the way in which Seokjin's length twitches every time he brushes against his overstimulated prostate. Namjoon can feel it with the head of his cock, it’s swollen and sensitive and each contact with it results in a twitch and a moan from the pretty man under him.

“Daddy … breed me … please … wanna be yours ...”

“You are mine, sugar, nobody’s ever going near you again.”

That sparks something in Namjoon, triggers his poorly concealed possessiveness and spurs him on, hiking Seokjin’s hips against his and getting on his haunches to begin pounding into him once more. Every push of his hard cock into the reddened, lax hole punches another gasp and moan out of his lover. Soon enough he has him screaming, the pressure inside of him too much, his prostate too abused, everything too good. It’s like a jolt of electricity to his system every time Namjoon fucks into him with a grunt or a low growl. Beads of sweat fall from his snow-white hair and Seokjin struggles in his hold to reach up and kiss him, sloppily, more teeth and tongue than lips. Seokjin is aching, his balls retracting, thighs trembling uncontrollably it’s almost scary, the things Namjoon does to him, how well he can mess him up when he wants to.

“Please, need to cum … I gotta … I needa… please ...”

“Go ahead, baby, cum for daddy.”

Seokjin’s cum shoots from his cock all over his belly and chest and up to his throat, he cums in ropes and ropes until his cum is almost clear, his balls empty. He feels his body flooded with ecstasy, he’s floating, the best orgasm of his life and Seokjin can’t help the giggles and the drool.

“You too, daddy … gimme ...”

“Yeah, baby, I’m so close ...”

Namjoon buries his face in Seokjin’s neck, bites down on it, marking him up and when he feels the other constricting around his cock from the pain he can’t hold back anymore, cumming deep inside of his love, painting his intestines white, grunting through the earth-shattering climax.

They breathe, hard, fast pants, hot bodies still linked, Seokjin wants to feel him go soft inside of him, wants to keep the cum plugged up for as long as possible. They kiss, hands glossing over each other, they’re both so sweaty and heated.

“God, I love you so much, Jinnie, my Jinnie, my princess, my life ...”

“Love you so much, can’t live without you, Joonie ...”

Thunder rumbles from outside, the dark clouds had arrived while they were making love. Soon enough they can hear rainfall, big drops crashing against their open windows, a pleasant yet fast pitter patter. Namjoon knows it’s time to get up when he feels Seokjin shivering and it’s not from his caressing.

He goes to pull back the billowing curtains and close a few of the windows, inhaling the fresh scent of the sea mixed with rain. Seokjin watches him, traces the strong, tall outline of his body with his eyes, lingers on the tight slope of his ass and the powerful thighs and calves. His lover is beautiful, built strong and big just for him, to care for him, shield him, make love to him so deeply and thoroughly Seokjin feels like he’s missing of a piece of himself when they are not conjoined. When Namjoon turns to look at him in return, Seokjin blushes, tries hiding in the dirty sheets but he’s quickly pulled from his hiding and placed on Namjoon’s lap, held tightly, close.

“How are you feeling?”

“I’m sore and my ass is burning, my balls hurt still ...”

“I’m so...”

“I’m so fucking happy. I haven’t been this happy in years.”

Namjoon smiles, reassured, Seokjin traces his dimples with his fingertips.

“You’re my whole world, Jinnie, do you know that?”

“I do. And you’re my whole world.”

“I won’t let anything happen to us ever again. I swear.”

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Loving Jimin is like putting balm on a wound. Yoongi feels soothed, feels cared for, feels as if he’s started healing already. Loving Jimin is like taking your medicine every day until you are better again, it’s a sweet convalescence. He’s learning to walk again and Jimin is holding his hand, he’s watching his wounds close and Jimin is stitching them carefully. Jimin is his remedy.

The days they’ve spent right after returning to the real world had been like that scene in the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy gets taken away by the tornado and no, they were not in Kansas anymore. Day after day after day of questioning, of setting things right, of yes, Jimin’s helped me through it all and no, I couldn’t have left him behind. Four years sorted out in a matter of weeks, black ink on white paper, their normality up until that point turned to evidence.

Yoongi is so happy to finally have his own apartment again. He is so happy to get to turn it into a home with Jimin.

They’ve been moving in slowly but steadily. The older let Jimin choose whatever furniture he wanted and grunted and sweated pushing and pulling it around until it was arranged exactly how he wanted. He let him pick the colors of the walls, the carpets, the drapes, the teacup set he swore they’ll use, C'mon, Yoonie, I’m sure we’ll have guests one day.

Yoongi believes him, that’s why he’s washing them now, a set of eight baby blue gold-rimmed teacups all sudded and clean in the kitchen sink. It’s late afternoon and it’s getting cloudy, they’ve wasted so much time today, they should’ve been done with the cutlery and such hours ago.

Jimin saunters in just as he was contemplating this and drying his hands. Yoongi stops and raises a brow at his lover. Jimin is wearing black thigh high socks. Only black thigh high socks. He smirks and dallies towards him, draping himself over Yoongi.

“Aren’t you cold?”

Jimin giggles.

“Fuck me.”

“I did fuck you, I’ve done nothing but fuck you since this morning and the house is a mess.”

“You didn’t fuck me in the kitchen yet.”

“We eat in here, Jimin.”

The boy only gives him a sweet peck on his pouty lips and moves to bend over the table, arching his back.

“Then eat.” he says, winking. Yoongi scoffs but moves closer nonetheless, discarding the rag he was using to dry his hands. He slaps Jimin’s ass, watches it jiggle and turn pink.

“You’re insatiable.”

“I’m delicious, is what I am. See for yourself.”

Yoongi spreads the meaty cheeks and eyes the boy’s beautiful puckered hole. He’s fucked him four times already and it looks just as tight as it’s always been.

Yoongi’s a weak man, he’s discovered this years ago. As much as he likes to act cold, play it cool, many things get to him. Like the way Jimin’s hole is clearly glistening with strawberry lube, that gets to him because call him weird but he actually enjoys the flavor, loves the way it mixes with Jimin’s own taste and the salty tang of cum from the loads he’s blown inside of him all morning so Yoongi falls to his knees without need for more incentives.

He keeps his lover plush ass spread with both of his hands, makes sure to grip it tight enough to bruise and bites the soft flesh over the previous marks, making sure they stay visible and painfully purple. Goosebumps spread through Jimin’s body, from the tips of his toes and down his spine, it feels so comforting and hot to be marked like this.


“Don’t start with me, Jimin. I’ve wasted enough time already on your needy ass.” He spanks him too, for good measure, driving his point across with four powerful slaps, enough to leave clear handprints on him. The younger gasps and hides his face in his folded arms across their kitchen table.

Yoongi doesn’t mean it, of course. He loves fucking him, loves the neediness because it mixes so well with his own possessiveness. It soothes his ego immensely having the other hang off of him at all hours of the day, pleading and negotiating, sometimes begging sometimes outright demanding that he take him, anywhere they are, however he pleases.

So when Yoongi finally starts lapping at his entrance, Jimin’s entire body goes lax. He won’t admit it but there are moments when he prefers having his ass eaten than getting kissed. It feels far more intimate, having his lover on his knees, between his spread cheeks, tongue where he had fucked into not too long ago. He’s so sensitive there, every stroke of Yoongi’s wet, flat tongue sends shivers through his whole body.

And yes, he tastes delicious. It’s like licking the nectar off a fruit, Yoongi’s convinced he’s lost his mind, how can a man taste so good? Perhaps Jimin was some sort of strange hybrid, a cross between human and carnivorous flower. He’s fallen for the sweet trap and now he’s being consumed.

He knows that two fingers are not enough the second he inserts them and Jimin only responds with a pleased, content moan, when he notices just how slack his hole is and remembers that he did that, he made Jimin so loose with his cock, he goes a bit insane again. The few leisurely thrusts are followed by the harsh push of four fingers and Jimin yelps and jolts. Yoongi holds him down with his free hand, growls against his entrance, teeth nipping dangerously at it and his lover settles though he’s keeping his body tense, ready for the assault on his senses. Four fingers burn and he clenches, causing obscene squelching noises. Yoongi continues to open him up even more, keeps licking and lapping around his fingers and when he curls them, god, Jimin’s knees almost give in. His prostate is swollen and sensitive having been battered for hours yet it still sends pleasure through him like electric impulses, his thighs tremble and he can’t stop the moans and the screams.

He vaguely registers Yoongi’s hand moving from the small of his back where he was pinning him down to the table, he’s too focused on the one that’s fingering the cum out of his ass. The cum that Yoongi had fucked into him and he is now eating like the last meal of his life. And then Jimin feels the hand squeezing his cock that was hanging uselessly between his open legs. He screams, doesn’t know what else to do when his lover is eating him out, fingering him and jerking him off at the same time.

His climax hits him like a freight train, there’s no buildup, just an overwhelming of his senses and then an explosion. He can’t even tell if he’s cuming from his ass or his cock, vision white, legs useless and entire body putty. It’s only when he begins to come down from his high, when his breathing goes from desperate breaths to steady panting does he even feel that Yoongi’s mouth is still on him, cleaning him up, eating the cum from his cock and finishing the one that was leaking from his ass. Jimin feels so loved.

“That’s dirty ...” he tells Yoongi.

“There’s nothing dirty about you.” the man replies, finally standing up, kissing the top of his head where he still lying limp and fucked out on the table. “I’m going to shower.”


There’s no resting when Jimin is like this. As much as Yoongi tries to take refuge somewhere in the menial chores or the semi-privacy of the shower stream, Jimin finds him and crushes over him like tides against rocky shores. There’s no escaping him, no outrunning, all he can do is accept him as he is, embrace this boy that’s like a huge wave pushing him violently to the shore.

Jimin follows him in the shower only ten minutes after he’s got in, pulling the curtain aside and jumping under the hot stream of water to press himself as close as possible to his lover’s wet body.

“Why did you run off?”

“Tried to get away from you.”

“Why would you?”

Yeah, why would he? Yoongi lets himself be kissed before watching Jimin sink to his knees. There’s no need for more questions, more explanations. Jimin parts his pillowy lips and takes him in his mouth without a word. Yoongi grows hard on his tongue just from the warmth of it and the little suckles. He cleans himself as best as he can in the meantime, lets the younger cockwarm him, calm down a little. Yoongi should be ashamed though because he’s not a teenager anymore, he shouldn’t be getting so hard so fast and from barely anything. He reminds himself that he is easy and the way Jimin looks up at him with hooded, lustful eyes is another one of those things that get to him.

He moves his hips slowly, languidly, watching how his length slips out from the back of Jimin’s throat until only his weeping slit is touching his lips and then it all goes back in, buried to the hilt, Jimin’s nose against his tummy. The younger doesn't even blink, just drools and drools and lets himself be used like this. Yoongi twitches and Jimin hollows his cheeks.

He loves sucking cock. Hadn’t always been so, it used to freak him out, the lack of air, the insistent push that made him choke, back in those bleak days he doesn’t like thinking about. Then he learned that sucking cock soothed something inside of him when done right, when done patiently, slowly, turns out he had an oral fixation that lollipops and popsicles couldn’t alleviate. With Yoongi it was something about the weight of it, his girthy length that stretched his lips out so nicely filled him up in ways nothing else could. And Yoongi loved getting sucked, Jimin knew this from their early days together when quick, secretive blowjobs and handjobs were all they had. Seeing Yoongi’s eye roll to the back of his head, bottom lip bitten and fists clenched to his side, old habit, made him feel powerful.

Water is falling on top of them and Jimin can hardly breathe, can’t open his eyes and Yoongi knows yet he does nothing about it, he knows the other is crying and drooling even without seeing it clearly, he knows he is struggling but he lets him torture himself, lets him take what he wants, what he needs.

And when Jimin’s tiny hand moves to cup his balls and give them a gentle squeeze Yoongi can’t fight back the groan of pleasure because he understands that gesture well enough, it means his baby is getting impatient. Not that he’s tired of sucking, not in the least, but that his need to have a cock down his throat is lesser now than his need for cum. His Jimin is always hungry for him, always greedy and that thought … another one of those things that get to him.

“Fuck, baby ...” he cums so deep down his throat he wonders if Jimin can even taste it. Probably not but he swallows down the load nonetheless, sighing contently like he’s just received his favorite treat. Perhaps he did.

Jimin doesn't move for a while, waits for Yoongi to get soft on his tongue just like he waited for him to get hard. Yoongi’s sensitive but puts up with it, distracts himself with the soap. Jimin suckles the tip briefly then pulls away, kisses his flaccid cock all over and then his balls, his way of thanking him and what for? doesn’t he know Yoongi lives for him?


Jimin tells him he wants to dye his hair and locks himself in the bathroom. Yoongi lets him do whatever he wants, he’ll never order him around, never tell him what he can and can’t do. He busies himself with hanging the laundry and putting away the now dry cups.

Their house is still not ready, there are boxes scattered around and there's still stuff they’ve ordered that hasn't arrived yet. The weather’s gloomy and Yoongi lays down on the sofa for a bit, stretching his aching back, watching the clouds pass through the open window, it’s cold but not cold enough to bother him, he needs to cool down a bit, feels as if he’s been dunk in hot molasses all day. He might be feverish or that’s just how Jimin makes him feel. He wonders what color he picked, he thinks he’ll miss the blond.

The rain starts with a few heavy drops, knocking against the window and Yoongi doesn’t register them, only enjoys the pleasant pitter-patter, then he realizes. The laundry on the lines on the balcony. He jumps from his spot on the sofa and grabs the hamper and runs outside to collect their drying clothes. The rain turns from light to heavy within minutes and it’s a futile battle, Yoongi’s drenched and so are the items he’s frantically taking off the lines.

“Yoonie ...”

Yoongi turns and when he sees Jimin, when he sees Jimin with his freshly dyed black hair, back in his thigh high socks and his opened oversized shirt, when he sees that that is everything he’s wearing, it’s like that scene in the movies where the raindrops stop falling and hang in midair.

He looks like a cat and a fairy mixed into one human-like succubus. Jimin walks out on the balcony and he’s getting wetter and wetter with each step. He gives Yoongi a lingering look, keeps walking, reaches the railing and takes in the fresh air, turns his head towards the grey skies and lets it all wash over him. The shirt is drenched now and clinging to his body, he leans over the railing, arching his back, Yoongi can see his ass peeking from under the soaked garment. He drops the laundry, drops everything, fuck it, nothing’s more important in this moment. In a few quick steps Yoongi is behind him, clinging to him, mouthing at his throat, everything is so wet it’s like they’ve never left the shower.

“The things you do to me...”

“So you like it?” Jimin’s toying with him, of course he is, arching so prettily, fat ass grinding back against his groin. “I’ve always been a brunet, Yoonie, this is me as I am ...”

“And you’re all mine, aren’t you, pretty baby?”

“Yeah … no more layers. Just me. All yours.”

They’re shivering but it’s not the rain, the rain is outside of them, the universe has nothing to do with their own little world, this tiny heaven they’re building together, the first couple. Yoongi gently turns Jimin’s head to guide their lips together, share a breathe and the bit of warmth they can. The younger can’t control his hips, they move in tight, steady circles and he grips the railing when he feels the hardening, growing bulge against his ass. Good, he’s pleased to know that his lover is just as insatiable as he is, just as ravenous.

Yoongi grinds back, lets Jimin feel him, feel the effect he has on him, makes him understand the full extent of his weakness for him. He grips the tiny waist, scratches his nails against it, leaving claw-like marks in the soft skin and making goosebumps erupt. He cups Jimin’s small chest and pinches his pebbled nipples, both at the same time, pulling at them roughly and listening to the smaller cry out and arch himself even more in his hold. Their breathing comes out heavy and it's all they can hear, that and the constant beat of their hearts like drums before a fight.

“Take me, Yoonie, take what’s yours ...”

It’s all a matter of unzipping and pulling down and Yoongi’s throbbing, girthy length is already pushing against the used up entrance of his lover. He doesn’t bother trying to stretch him out some more, lets him feel the burn, the insistent drag of every thrust, he knows Jimin loves it, needs to be claimed in this way, without too many pretenses, rough and urgent.

His prostate is so thoroughly abused that he clenches immediately as Yoongi’s cock hits it but he powers through it, cries out his desperation into the open, lets himself be used regardless of the almost electrical jolts of pleasure and pain. If anybody were to look out their windows now they’d see them fucking like animals on the balcony, shameless, loud, obscene. The thought alone, of being seen and despised, makes Jimin even hotter and he starts pushing back meeting Yoongi thrust for thrust, the sound of wet skin against skin louder than the rumbling downpour.

“That’s right, baby, fuck yourself on me, take what you need.”

“Need you … “

“You have me. Always.”

Jimin is crying and he’s happy, he’s so fucking happy. He bows his head over the edge of the balcony looking at the deadly drop below, the empty street, so small and far away from their nest above everything else. This is how it feels to fuck Yoongi, to love Yoongi, like walking a slackline and not fearing the fall.

He screams, the older leaning over him, body hard and heavy on his back, pressing him down into the railing and fucking him faster, meaner. Yoongi grips Jimin’s short length and starts pumping it in time with his urgent pace, milking him for all he’s worth. He feels the smaller tremble under him, notices that his ecstatic cries are echoing in the space between the buildings, catches the rustle of drapes, their neighbors no doubt aware of their vulgar coupling. It spurs him on, chasing his release, emptying himself inside Jimin’s velvety walls once more and not stopping until he feels the other’s hot release on his fingers.

Jimin doubles over, legs giving in and Yoongi catches him, turns him and holds him in his arms, gently guiding him the few steps until they are inside again, leaving the rain to keep on coming down, lightning threatening something more in the distance. Jimin is heaving, clinging to him so small and weak and wet, shivering like a sick little kitten. He loves it when Jimin’s like this, vulnerable, dependent. The thought scares him.

“I’m alright now ...” the younger speaks, whispers more. He means the foggy lust that takes hold of him some days, fueled by insecurities and need. Yoongi kisses him, deeply.

“I’ll make us tea.”

“Use the new cups...”

“Lemme dry us off first.”

Jimin can’t move, not yet, so Yoongi picks him up, carrying him to their bedroom. He’s stubborn about this, has been for months, this fixation with being able to carry Jimin around, manhandle him. He wants to be strong for his lover, wants to be his pillar so that Jimin will never feel like he needs or wants anybody else.

“I love you so much, Yoonie.”

“I love you too, more than anything else in this world.”

Chapter Text

Loving Taehyung was like opening the window on the day of the first snow and feeling the exhilarating chill of winter against your bed warm skin. Loving Taehyung was learning to embrace the cold, to take the hit of a snowball and watch it explode into sparkling white bits. Kissing him was like sucking on an icicle, like pouring maple syrup on fresh snow and turning it into a treat. Loving Taehyung felt like swimming naked under the frozen surface of a lake, it felt like watching the northern lights dance like a veil in the sky, it felt like the long polar nights in which you forget about missing the sun. Loving him meant knowing that inside igloos it can be very warm.


Hoseok spends his days after the sting putting things back where they belong. He puts criminals behind bars, confessions on paper and into files and the files into boxes. He puts his clothes in his side of the closet and Taehyung’s in the other. He puts mugs away now after they’ve been cleaned, he puts meetings with his sponsor in his schedule. He puts time aside for physical therapy and sometimes even for psychological therapy but this one doesn’t take place in a clinic but on long walks and coffee meetings with dr. Kibum. He puts Yoongi back in his contact list and he puts his feelings aside. Most importantly he puts Taehyung first.


So when Taehyung asks him to please make him some tea Hoseok doesn’t grumble anything about the fact that’s it past midnight and they should both be asleep by now. He gets up from under the toasty covers and trudges to the kitchen, rubbing his eyes and pinching his cheeks. His love has insomnia. That’s not what he calls it, he just says he’s a night owl, always been one but Hoseok can spot the white lie told for his sake and lets it slide. He makes sage tea though, hopes to put him to sleep.

When he returns to their bedroom Taehyung is sitting against a pile of pillows, big rimmed glasses on his nose and a big book on his lap. Hoseok wants to snuggle him, wants to bury himself in the warmth that is his boyfriend. He hands him the tea which he accepts with a sweet smile and both of his hands. He blows on it and takes quick sips, surely burning his lips a little. He thanks Hoseok, kisses his forehead when he cuddles up to him, own mug in his hand as well.

“Whatcha reading?”

“Choe Namseon.”

“Heavy shit.”

“Yeah, but I like it, keeps my mind from running into different directions.”

Hoseok knows Taehyung has a lot on his mind, he can see it in everything he does, from the frown on his beautiful face to the way his fingers jitter at times, from his bitten lower lip to his restless left foot, there’s always something weighing heavy on his thoughts, keeping him trapped in his own skull. Hoseok wishes he could climb those high walls, break into the fortress and just tell him to stop, please stop, I’m here, there’s no need for you to struggle alone. Sometimes Taehyung lashes out, yells at him that he’s fine, that everything’s ok, stop doubting it. Hoseok takes a sip of the tea and burns his lips too.

“You don’t have to stay up just because I can’t sleep.”

“I’m not sleeping while you’re not.”

Taehyung sighs and kisses his forehead again. Hoseok swore to himself to never let Taehyung do anything by himself again. He’s found him in the wilderness, a wounded animal fighting for survival all by itself and he’ll be damned if he ever lets that happen again. Sure Taehyung is untamed and so deeply rooted in his habits and values but he’ll stick by him no matter what, protect him like an endangered creature he doesn’t fully understand but loves nonetheless.

He shifts a little, adjusting the pillows with one hand, carefully balancing the mug with the other. Hoseok is quick to help him, fluffing them up for him, handing him another one from his side for extra padding.

“Better? Does it still hurt?”

“It’s fine now, thank you.”

He’s getting better, Hoseok knows this yet he’s still treating him as if he is made of glass. The first couple of weeks after the sting Taehyung was constantly on his feet, helping him, helping the team sort through the evidence, categorize it, write down and fact check all confessions, everything. He worked as much as any officer and even gave the Interpol team a run for their money. And then he crashed, suddenly and badly. One day he was burning the candle on both ends and the next he collapsed right at his desk, Hoseok barely managing to catch him but not before banging his head across the edge of it. He had bruised ribs and poorly treated lacerations, he was neglecting a recurring prolapse and he was high as a kite on speed. Hoseok beat himself up over it, hated himself for not realizing sooner, how could he had been so blind, Taehyung was strong but not that strong, not enough to carry this operation on his back. He forced him to rest and took time off from work as well which was unfair to Yoonji and Yoongi but Taehyung was more important.

The first days were pretty rough. The withdrawal hit him hard, the cravings made him sob into the sheets every night, made him say things he didn’t mean. Then he calmed down and settled into a quiet depression. He let Hoseok handle him as he wanted, let him bathe him, clean his cuts, put creams and medicine on his bruises, even let him see the scar on his inner thigh, the white lines that jaggedly read K.S. He stopped crying, stopped talking, just thought and thought about everything all the time. Weeks passed like this and now he’s better, they’re better. Hoseok still feels as if he’s walking on very thin ice and he doesn’t want to fall under the frozen surface. The waters under seem so cold and black.

“Can you put this on the nightstand?” Taehyung hands him his now empty mug and Hoseok blinks as if startled from a nap. He puts his own mug right beside it as well.

“Please go to bed, angel.” the younger pleads, stroking his cheek.

“I can’t when I know you’re up.”

“I’ll just read for a bit until I get sleepy.”

“Then read aloud and we’ll get sleepy together.”

“You’re far more tired than I am. All I do is sit all day.”

“I’m not tired...”

“God, I wish I could fuck you to sleep.”

Hoseok’s eyes go wide. They haven’t been intimate in a long time, just the odd handjob every now and again, Taehyung either too depressed or in too much pain to do more. The frustration has been building and it’s about to reach a breaking point.

“I miss that ...” Hoseok admits quietly.

“Yeah?” Taehyung’s voice dips low, turns sultry as he leans in.”Miss my cock, angel?”

Hoseok nods, bites his lip, can’t explain why he’s suddenly so shy. Perhaps it’s been a while too long, perhaps he’s truly just that tired. Taehyung pushes the covers away and lifts his hips and before Hoseok even comprehends his underwear is off and his cock is out, just like that, sitting prettily against his thigh.

“Go ahead.” the younger whispers in his ear and he can’t resist. He gets comfortable, settles on his side, half on Taehyung’s lap and hesitates only for a few moments before wrapping his lips around the soft appendage. He sighs, content, his mouth full but not overwhelmingly so, his cheeks ablaze. Taehyung starts carding his fingers through his hair, caressing his temples gently from time to time and whispering something to him, praise, about how good and sweet he is and other such things. Hoseok’s never cockwarmed before but he knows in this very moment that he’s found a new thing to obsess over. This is so soothing, so warm.

Their wall clock tiks and toks into the night, minutes passing by and the older getting sleepier yet the fingers in his hair keep their rhythm unfaltering, tireless. After a good half hour, another sound fills their comfortable silence, a delicate and constant pitter patter. It’s raining again as it’s been since morning. They listen to the water drops fall and crash against their windows, it’s not a downpour like in the afternoon, just a light shower, the last of a storm dying out.

Hoseok’s hard in his pajama bottoms. It didn’t take him long to become so but he ignores it still like he’s been since he’s started this. He doesn’t want to bother Taehyung with his needs, this isn’t about him, it’s about them both, together and right now his lover isn’t up for satisfying him, all he wants is his mouth and his pliance and that’s what he’ll give him.

Yet Taehyung’s hand eventually wanders from his hair down his back, tracing his spine up and down a few times through his threadbare sleeping shirt and after a few beats, it slips under it, long fingers barely scratching him as they keep traveling along his back and then ribs. Taehyung spends the longest time feeling up his abs, every dip of them twice and thrice over. Goosebumps make his hairs stand up on his arms and legs. His lover notices.

“Feel good, baby?”


“Good. I’ve missed touching you like this. I love your body so much, you know that, right? Love how strong you are without being bulky, you’re sharp baby, like a switchblade. You could break me if you wanted to, but you don’t want to, do you? No, you’re happy just like this, all limp on my lap, suckling on my cock like a big baby.”

Hoseok breathes in loudly through his nose and shivers when he feels Taehyung moving his hand up towards his nipple. He keens when he starts pinching and rubbing at it, squirms a little when he pulls on it meanly.

He keeps this up for a while longer, just teasing Hoseok, grabbing his hips, scratching his back, touching his abs and then going back to tweaking his nipples that have now pebbled and become so sensitive. He’s also getting harder and harder, his length now pushing the back of Hoseok’s throat and at one point the older can’t take it anymore and turns the cockwarming into a blowjob. He shifts, getting on his belly and starts sucking properly, moving up and down the delicious shaft and relishing in the taste of his lover’s precum. Oh how he’s missed this, he was just getting better at sucking him when they had to stop all sexual activities and he wants to prove that he still remembers, still knows to hollow his cheeks and swallow around the length and swirl his tongue around the head while squeezing his balls at the same time. Taehyung tosses his head back against the pillows and groans. He grabs Hoseok’s hair, pulls until the other tears up and uses his vice-like grip to guide his head up and down at a punishing speed. Hoseok chokes and slobbers around the cock in his mouth but doesn’t once try to push away from the sweet torture.

Then Taehyung forces him off, abruptly, only to slot their lips together in an aching kiss, all tongue and drool and taunting bites. Hoseok’s breathless and his own dick is twitching painfully in the confines of his pajamas.

“Get naked, pretty, wanna see you ...” Taehyung orders and who is he to say no? He almost tears the clothes off in his haste and once nude the younger uses both his hands to caress him all over, bottom lip pinched by his sharp canine as he fights the hunger that has overtaken him.

Hoseok is so beautiful, all lean muscle and sharp lines, bony hips but hard, strong thighs, chocolate abs but delicate collarbones. Lust looks so good on him too, a matching hunger in the way he licks his lips and a promise of submission in the dark gaze of his almond eyes. Taehyung tries leaning towards their nightstand but the older doesn't let him, he retrieves the bottle of lube himself and once he has in his hand he blushes again, unsure.

“Straddle me, baby, but face away, I wanna see that ass of yours.”

Hoseok gulps but does as he is told, clumsily climbing on his lap backwards and bending nicely, hands between Taehyung’s legs. He feels his young lover’s big hands on him soon after, covering his modest behind and groping the smooth flesh of it a few times before spreading him open to look at his hole.

“So pretty … I’ve neglected you for so long, angel. I’m such a bad owner.”

Hoseok can’t control the tremor in his body when he hears him talk like that, when he calls himself his owner just like he did on that hazy night they first met. Hoseok knows deep down that Taehyung owns him, body and soul but he never says it out loud. Hearing the words like this, his secret thoughts spoken loud and true does something to him, excites him and puts him at ease all at the same time.

“Finger yourself, pet, wanna see you open up for me.”

Hoseok whines and grips the bottle of lube tightly. he’s so embarrassed, he’s never done this in front of Taheyung before, he’s never prepped himself before, always been spoiled and rimmed and stretched by the other. Still, he pours the gel on his fingers and tries warming it up before awkwardly reaching behind himself to lather his entrance.

Taehyung gently places a hand on his lower back, caresses the two dimples there and then guides him to lean lower, expose himself more.

“That’s right, baby, lemme see. Put a finger in, go ahead.” he does and it feels so good, so right. He pumps it in and out carefully, tells his body to relax and accept it. “Good pet. Now another.” this one burns but only a little, he quickly retracts his hand to pour more lube, shudders when the cold substance enters him with his two fingers but the glide is much easier and it feels much better. “That’s my good boy, you’re doing so well. Curl them now, love, find your sweet spot.”

Taehyung’s voice guiding him is like molten chocolate, sweet and rich and sinful. He moans shamelessly once he finds his prostate and he’s secretly proud of himself for doing so on his own for the first time. In his eagerness to please he pumps his fingers faster, making himself moan louder. Taehyung keeps caressing his back soothingly, encouragingly.

“There’s my good baby boy, making himself feel good for me. Three fingers now, baby, c’mon, stretch that hole for me all nice and loose.”

The third digit is insanely good, Hoseok feels so full already, he’s arching beautifully and he’s being loud, half of it a show for his lover, the rest just him being possessed by his own lust. He notices that besides his moans and the squelch of his lubed up fingers fucking his hole, there’s one more sound in the room, not that of rain nor the clock, but Taehyung’s precum slick hand gliding up and down his cock. he’s jerking off to the sight of Hoseok fingering himself.

“TaeTae, please ...”

“Please what, pup?”

“Want your cock so badly ...”

“Yeah? Want me inside your tight hole? Want me to split you open nice and wide?”

“Yes, yes ! But … don’t wanna hurt you ...”

“You won’t , sweet baby, I promise. C’mon, sit on my cock, take what you need.”

Hoseok whimpers when he pulls his fingers out, so empty and unpleasant. He gets on his knees and Taehyung is holding his cock up for him to get on to. Gingerly he lowers himself, the first breach so tight and delicious it makes both of them groan and then he continues, slowly, painfully slowly until he’s sheathed all the way inside of him. God, he’s so full, so complete and at the same time in desperate need for more.

Hoseok wastes no more time with getting used to it, he starts moving eagerly up and down Taehyung’s length, making the man under him grip his hips painfully, bruisingly.

“So tight, baby … fuck, feel so good around my cock.”

“Love it so much ...”

“Bounce on it, pet, fuck yourself on it. C’mon, I know you’ve been dying to.” he slaps him a few times for good measure, forcing bratty whines out of him and Hoseok starts fucking himself on Taehyung’s dick like he’s been born to do it.

The pace is fast and brutal, Hoseok’s thighs burning from the strain but with Taehyung’s hands guiding him up and down relentlessly he ignores the pain and powers through it, chasing a climax he’s never been so desperate for.

With each glide down he squeezes his asshole’s muscles, gripping tightly around Taehyung’s cock, making the man groan and moan lowly, hands clamping on his hips, hanging on for dear life.

“You trying to milk me, pup? Wanna make me spill inside your hungry hole, breed you nice and full?”

“Ah, don’t say that ...”

“Aww, now you’re shy? As if you’re not fucking yourself on my cock like your life depended on it, as if you’re not my good, slutty bitch ...”

“TaeTae ...”

“You’ve missed my cock so much you’re willing to do anything to get it, even present your hole to me and finger yourself on my lap. Isn’t that what whores do, pup? Tell me.”

“Yes, yes … but ..”

“But what? Are you too ashamed to admit it? Don’t wanna say it out loud?”

Hoseok’s so embarrassed, his face is burning, his legs hurt so badly they’re shaking, his arms are useless, he can’t even hold on to anything so he just hugs himself and continues to move up and down, up and down. He’s so sweaty and hot all over, glistening in the dim light of their bedroom and the way Taehyung is talking to him makes him feel as if he’s about to combust. He hates it and he loves it at the same time, he hates feeling exposed and vulnerable but he also knows he’s safe to be this way with Taehyung.

“Please ...”

“Tell me, pup. Tell your owner what you are and I’ll let you cum on my cock.”

“Ah, I can’t...”

“Yes, you can, baby.”

“I’m … ah, yours ...”

“You are mine, angel, but what are you right now?”

“Ah, please, I can’t anymore … I’m gonna cum ...”

“Say it, pup.”

“I’m … ah ...” he’s crying, he can’t believe he’s crying from the humiliation and the overwhelming pleasure. His stomach’s in knots, the tight coil of pleasure in his belly is about to burst. Taehyung reaches around him, grabs his aching, red cock and strangles it in his grip, preventing him from cumming without permission. Hoseok panics, he can’t handle this, he needs to cum.

“I’m your bitch ...”

“Louder, puppy.”

“I’m your bitch, TaeTae, fuck, I’m your slutty bitch! Please, lemme cum, please!”

The second Taehyung takes his hand away it’s like a dam burst. Hoseok climaxes with a scream, making a mess out of his belly and chest and the sheets. He hasn’t cum like this in what feels like ages and his ears are ringing from the euphoric release, eyes rolling towards the back of his head. When he comes down from it he’s so weak and limp and he’s shivering madly.

He barely manages to lift himself off of Taehyung and almost immediately collapses on his belly, neverminding the mess he’s making. He nuzzles Taehyung’s balls, flattens his tongue and licks all over them and then moves onto the shaft that tastes like himself and lube.

“Came hard, baby?”

“Mmm… yeah. Your turn ...”

“Where do you want it?” Taehyung asks as he takes himself in hand, pumping his cock fastly.

“My mouth ...” Hoseok replies, sticking out his tongue, opening wide.

“Hungry, aren’t you? You know I haven’t cum in so long, my balls are so full ...”

“Want it all … Gimme … Feed your bitch ...”

Taehyung isn’t lying, he cums in thick, hot spurts, first two landing across Hoseok’s face, almost in his eyes and the next four on his tongue, coating it in milky white. Hoseok makes a show out of swallowing it, gurgling it shamelessly before showing off his clean tongue then using his fingers to collect the cum on his face and sucking them clean as well.


By the time they’ve cleaned up and snuggled back in bed under new covers, they are both finally sleepy even though it’s close to dawn. The rain has finally stopped and they’re back to having only the clock as background noise, so pleasant and cozy.

“Hey, angel, are you ok?” Taehyung asks against Hoseok’s chest where he’s cuddled up, using him as a pillow.


“I’m sorry for making you say those things ...”

“Don’t, it was hot. I’m just … still getting used to myself I guess.” Hoseok kisses the top of his head and hugs him tighter. “I love you, TaeTae.”

“I love you too. I’m gonna get better really soon and things will go back to normal, I promise.”

“Don’t worry about that. We’re fine. it’s just a rough patch, we’ve been through worse.”

“Yeah. I love you.”

“And I love you. Only you, always.”

Chapter Text

Loving herself was like pushing stones up a slippery hill. Yoonji knew it was a Sisyphean task, close to impossible and ultimately useless. Yet she pressed on relentlessly, absurdly. On the best days, she felt motivated to try despite the imminent failure and on the worst days, she wouldn’t even take the first step up that slope.

She’s made changes in her life after the Kim case had been officially closed. She stopped drinking but started smoking, she grew out her hair, locks reaching down her chest now and went on an online shopping spree one sleepless night, purchasing a whole new wardrobe for herself that featured skirts and colors. She stopped working long hours until the dead of the night, she started drinking more water and less coffee. The day she tore down the boards on her bedroom wall that held up all the details of the most important case of her life was the same day that she texted the Superintendant back and finally accepted that date proposal.

So she began dating him. Yoonji feels about meeting with Choi Siwon the same way she feels about going to the gym, another habit she’s picked up. It’s a chore but in the end, it’s necessary for her overall wellbeing.

Everybody’s told her that. Even Hoseok that seemed taken aback at first but then gave her an approving half nod and a not so loud “it’s for the best”. Yoonji agrees; it’s for the best. Everything she’s been doing is for her best.

So she latches on to Siwon’s arm and smiles prettily when he compliments her baby blue dress that goes so well with the headband in her hair.

“You’ve always been pretty, Yoonji-yah, don’t get me wrong, but lately you’re just stunning, you’re like a whole new person.” He tells her and it’s well-intended.

Yoonji accepts it, she does want to be a whole new person. Someone that has nothing in common with the girl from a few months back that didn’t sleep and drank herself until she passed out on the floor, working and doing everything with a single-minded obsession of taking down the Mob and saving her brother.

“How’s Yoongi?” Siwon asks as they take their seats at the table he reserved in some fancy Spanish themed restaurant.

“He’s fine, busy moving in with Jimin.” she answers, tip-toeing around the fact that she hasn’t actually spoken to her brother in weeks and only knows things through Hoseok who also hardly ever hears from him.

“I see. Well, he’s earned a break more than any of us. And Jimin-ssi too. They’ve done so much.”

A snake is what Jin called Jimin. A seducer and a double-crosser that would stand at nothing to get his way. He warned her not to trust him and now Yoonji is left conflicted. Her brother is living with Kim Namjoon’s former lover. Who had been secretly working with Yoongi to take him down. Something that both Hoseok and Taehyung seemed reluctant to accept.

“Him and Hoseok will get medals for their work on this case. I’ve proposed you for one as well.”

“Oh, there’s no need for that!”

“Nonsense! You’re the one that convinced me to re-open the investigation in the first place.”

For selfish reasons, she wants to say. She only ever cared about her brother.

“Thank you. It would be an honor to have you pin a medal on me.”

He chuckles and takes her hand in his much larger one.

He lets her order whatever she wants and pays for everything. He holds the door open when they leave and keeps her on the inner side of the sidewalk. Of course he had brought an umbrella with him too and it comes in handy when it starts raining and he gets to circle Yoonji's middle with his arm, holding her close and making sure she doesn't get wet. Siwon is an old fashioned man, the type that takes pride in being a gentleman and Yoonji has heard the girls countless times calling him a catch, the kind of man women dream of building families with. So Yoonji tries to live up to the standard and be what is commonly known as a trophy girlfriend.

They take the long way home when the rain stops for a while, through the park where he buys her cotton candy and coos at how sweet she is, when her fingers are sticky after eating, he cheekily sucks on them making her giggle. She kisses him because that’s what you do after your boyfriend makes you giggle.

And when they finally reach her doorway, when he ever so politely asks if he could come in, she says yes because that’s what you do after a date, that’s why she’s cleaned the apartment that morning, that’s why she’s wearing matching panties and bra.

Siwon plays it cool, always does. Seats himself on her sofa, her new sofa without mysterious stains on it and graciously accepts the glass of wine she’s poured. Yoonji bought that bottle yesterday for this exact occasion. They sip the wine, talking, Siwon playing with her hair. She leans closer and he automatically kisses her, she parts her lips and he dives in deeper, she whines a little, nothing too dramatic and his hand flies to her leg, right at the hem of her dress which he slowly, slowly starts pushing upwards. It’s a well-rehearsed dance. Yoonji knows what action will result in what consequence, everything is very well choreographed, from his breathy “should we take this to the bedroom” to her tiny, almost shy nod. Siwon carefully places their now empty glasses on the coffee table and picks her up bridal style, smiling, satisfied that he’s proving himself a strong man. Yoonji ducks her head in the crook of his neck and acts girlish, acts impressed and swooned because that makes Siwon love her more.

When they reach the bedroom he gently places her in the middle of the matress and immediately starts kissing her while she circles her arms around his broad shoulders. He smells nice, she notes, smells fresh and clean, not a hint of expensive perfume on him. Then they both hear it, the buzzing, Yoonji’s phone from the other room, rattling on the table. She tenses up immediately.

“Do you want to go get that?” he asks, politely.

“No, fu… ignore that. Keep kissing me, please.”

“You like it when I kiss you, Yoonji?” he asks, playful smirks on his lips but she doesn’t confirm it, merely shuts him up with her own lips.

They keep that up for a while and when Yoonji notices that he is not doing anything more she moves to start unbuttoning his shirt. His neat shirt which he irons himself. The phone keeps buzzing and buzzing. He moves down the column of her neck and his hands move up her legs, under her skirt, caressing her thighs. She pulls on his undershirt and silently convinces him to take everything off.

Siwon is a handsome man, his chest broad and sculpted, a man that has worked in the field for years before receiving the honor of being Superintendant. He is also a proud man, not in the vain way, more like a man that knows the work he has put in and exactly how much he is worth. The phone never stops buzzing and they decide to ignore it.

He manhandles her a little, wrestling with the dress and the bow at the back until he finally manages to pull it off of Yoonji.

“Wow.” he says when he sees her and he is obviously referring to the pastel-colored lingerie she has on. It’s frilly and overtly feminine, delicate and Yoonji has the audacity to blush even after spending hours online shopping for the perfect matching set to get exactly this reaction from him.

“Do you like it?” she asks, feeling deserving of more compliments.

“I love it, you’re so beautiful, so amazing, Yoonji … I almost don’t wanna take it off.”

“Then don’t.” she smiles.

Siwon agrees and cups her breast over the delicate fabric, sucking and kissing her collarbones and then lower down her sternum, down her ticklish belly and lower still. When he reaches her clothed core he nudges her legs open and pulls aside the panties to get access to what he truly wants. He starts lapping at her moist pussy with tact, up and down and then swirling around her clit and then back between her folds. It takes him exactly five minutes of this before he inserts a finger and then another five until the second, all the while he keeps on nipping and sucking wherever he can. Yoonji moans, grips her own breasts, throws her head back after a while to let him know she’s enjoying herself. And she is, it’s very enjoyable, it’s just that Siwon’s pussy eating ways are very methodical and Yoonji is used to sheer unabashed hunger. The phone that had stopped buzzing for a while starts up again.

“Ah, Siwonie … stop, please, I …”

“Are you alright?” he says from between her legs, lips glistening with spit.

“Yes, just …”

“Can’t wait any longer?”

Oh, she could wait, she could actually fall asleep right now, it’s been a long day. But she nods regardless, tries to make it seem eager. He falls for it, smiling and standing up to unbuckle his belt, making a show out of it. Yoonji bites her lip, tries to show him she really wants him.

It’s getting late and the light is dimmer and dimmer and Siwon doesn’t ever turn on the lamp, he’s content with just fucking in the dark, says he feels her better this way. Yoonji thinks he’s just insecure about his dick.

The second he’s naked he crawls back on top of her and starts kissing her anew, more passionately, his hands slipping under her bra to grope her bare breasts and tweak her nipples. She moans into his mouth and reaches down to give his dick a few pumps, making him gasps and breathe faster.

“Do you want me to su… return the favor?” she says in a whisper.

“No, sweetie, it’s alright. I enjoy eating you out.”

Yoonji is a tad disappointed, she likes sucking his dick, it’s easy to deepthroat. That doesn’t mean Siwon has a small dick, it’s fairly average in length and not too girthy, a solid, medium-sized dick. Sure, on a man as tall and broad as Siwon it might look a little underwhelming but it’s a perfectly average dick on a man. Yet, even though he’ll never voice any type of insecurity, he’ll rarely let Yoonji have a good look at it or get too intimate with it.

Blowjob out of discussion, the next step is obvious. He reaches for her drawer where they keep the lube and condoms and makes quick work of putting the rubber on and then warming up a dollop of lube to coat his length with. Yoonji lied about not usually getting very wet so Siwon did what any other doting five-star boyfriend would do and integrated into their lovemaking routine a fair amount of pussy eating and lube.

He still doesn’t take her panties off, whispering something about her being too sexy and adorable as she is, slides them aside and enters her without much other decorum. Yoonji grabs the backs of her knees to keep her legs up in a comfortable position and starts moaning to encourage him to go faster and harder so that the sound of skin against skin would get loud enough to cover the buzzing of her phone in the other room.

Siwon doesn’t moan, doesn’t say much either, he’s the heavy breathing, sometimes grunting type so Yoonji has to be the one to make their fucking less silent and awkward. She doesn’t mind it, thinks that it’s probably normal for people to not have entire conversations while at it.

She feels her hair being pulled and realizes it’s trapped under her. She isn’t used to the length yet, keeps snagging it in stuff at random times and it’s so annoying.

“Siwonie … switch?”

He doesn’t say anything but pulls out and runs a hand over his sweaty face while she turns around on all fours and arches her back prettily. She also quickly and discreetly rubs her scalp that finally stopped hurting.

“Oh god, you’re so hot like this.”

Siwon finds very simple things hot, like doggy style and lingerie and Yoonji eating a popsicle. To her surprise, he does pull her panties down but only to her mid-thighs before adding more lube to his dick and re-entering her. Yoonji thinks it’s cute how easy it is to excite him.

It’s fully dark right now and she can hardly see anything anymore. If she pays close attention she can hear the sound of rain from outside. Ah, so it started again. The only glaring source of light in the room is her digital alarm clock which reads 10.30 pm. She has a dentist appointment in the morning and she doesn’t wanna fall asleep in his chair tomorrow so she clenches her inner walls and starts pushing back, meeting him thrust for thrust.

“Ah Siwonie … you make me feel so good, I’m so close ...”

“God, Yoonji, don’t say stuff like that … I’ll ...”

“Are you close too, hm?”

“Yes …”

She wants to keep talking but knows that can overwhelm him and distract him so she buries her face in the pillow moaning wantonly, desperately. It takes only a couple of minutes of this before Siwon blows his load, grunting his way through it, sweaty chest against her back as he doubles over in pleasure. Yoonji smirks in the dark at how easy that was.

When he comes to, he pulls out and carefully ties and discards the used condom, quickly returning to cuddle Yoonji, kissing her lovingly, caressing her back.

“You’re amazing, darling.” he tells her and she preens. “Are you gonna come shower with me?”

“Mm.. you go ahead. My legs are all wobbly, I can’t stand up straight yet.”

He kisses her and moves to grab a towel and a clean t-shirt and boxers. He started keeping spare clothes at Yoonji’s about a month ago. She’s afraid of the day he’ll leave a toothbrush next to hers, isn’t sure if she’s ready for that.

Once she hears the water running in the shower she quickly goes to grab her phone and returns to bed.

43 missed calls. And then text messages.

“Why aren’t you picking up?”

“You’re with him, aren’t you?”


“Do you like him more than me? Is that it?”

“Or is it because he’s a cop?”

“You think I’m dirty, don’t you?”

“Well guess what? SO ARE YOU, NOONA.”

“He doesn’t know, does he? Nobody knows. You don’t have the guts to tell them.”



“I’m sorry … I’m so sorry.”

“I didn’t mean that. I don’t think you’re dirty.”

“I’m just so jealous.”

“Please tell me you don’t love him.”




“I miss you, noona.”

“I miss you.”

“I miss you.”

“I miss you.”

“I love you.”

“Please answe me ...”

“please ...”

Yoonji reads the text with her hand down her panties, rubbing herself mercilessly, sending spikes of pleasure and pain up her spine. She stuffs three of her fingers inside her burning core, thinks back to months ago, thinks back to those times when she didn’t know, gets wetter and wetter, fourth finger going in easily, she’s crying and she’s cumming and she’s mufflling her screaming in the pillow while her boyfriend is still in the shower.

“Jungkook… Jungkook ...”

Chapter Text

He was laid out on a table, hands and legs tied up and the air smelled of stale blood and he was only twelve years old. The room was dark and the walls seemed to shift as if they were inside the guts of a great beast. They meaning him and his father. He knew it was his father even if his figure morphed together from the shadows and towered over him like a titan, he knew those uncaring fish-like eyes and the bony hands that never cared to caress him once. The monster was his father and he was only twelve and tied to the table in the belly of a creature.When he tried begging for his life, he was met with a burst of ghostly laughter, when he pleaded for mercy, he was struck, lip split open and when he cried, all bloody and teary, his father’s mouth opened inhumanly and bit straight into him.

Jin wakes up with a yelp, chest and back covered in cold sweats, hands shivering. He looks around, disoriented, the entire room cast in a milky white, it’s hardly dawn, the clock reads 5 a.m. and the air is cool and fresh and calming. He breathes in, tries to steady his heart. Besides him, his lover snores, deeply asleep. Jin rubs his face, his own rest long gone now, leans to plant a gentle kiss on Namjoon’s snow-white locks and carefully gets up from their bed.

He throws on whatever is handier, sweats and a t-shirt and a teal windbreaker, puts on his trainers and quickly grabs his keys and wallet, foregoing the phone. The rain had finally stopped after a few long days of uninterrupted downpour and the sand on the beach is still wet and sticky. It’s so silent this early that he can hear the steady crunch of his every step. The waves are gentle and Jin spends a few long minutes just watching the water come and go. He breathes and sighs and lets guilt weigh his heart down heavily.

He’s been having these nightmares for a while now. They didn’t start immediately after the almost wedding so they’ve taken him by surprise when they suddenly invaded his newfound bliss. They’re mostly the same, he dreams of his father but the man is always blown out of proportion, turned into this monstrous figure that either beats him, berates him or consumes him. He’s always a child in his dreams. Always small and powerless and never once trying to fight back, resorting only to pleading as if he somehow subconsciously believes his father would listen, that there’s still hope he might stop. Well, he has stopped, Jin figures.

His father is finally dead. For years Jin has kept him alive under constant medical care, did what he figured any son would do for his only parent. After all, his father was the only thing he had left, or so he thought. During those years Jin had tried his best to be the son that he was supposed to be all along, to lead the clan as he was meant to. He didn’t question his dad about what had happened that day, he never spoke of it, never went near it. Not even when he thought he was losing his mind and seeing his mother’s ghost, not even when he woke up in the middle of the night because he could have sworn he heard the sound of bullets, not even when the mere thought of Namjoon sent him on an anger fueled killing spree. And during all of this his father loomed, a silent, poisonous shadow.

He was free of that now. Here he stands, on a beautiful beach in Malta, the last of the Kims. And he’s happy and miserable all at once.

A whimper startles Jin out of his trail of thoughts. He looks around and doesn’t see anyone but the whimper gets louder, more urgent, more pathetic. Jin follows the sound down the beach, behind some stones where he often finds jellyfish and tiny crabs for Namjoon. There, a dog, laying on its side, belly raising and falling rapidly. it’s badly injured, there’s blood. It’s probably been attacked by bigger hounds and now it’s dying. Jin places a warm hand on the dog’s head and the poor thing quiets down, tries to lick his fingers.

“You must be in so much pain.” Jin says, not sure why. “I can’t help you … I don’t know how...” to be kind, to help, to save a life. The dog lets out another tiny squeal. “All I can do is end this.” Jin pats the small head, lets his fingers be licked.

Then he brings his other hand to the dog’s neck. He’s done this before but only to people. It can’t be that different.

“Goodbye now.”

He snaps the neck fast, efficiently. The dog is still within seconds. Jin continues to pet it. Was that actually mercy or just his usual cruelty masquerading as kindness? Does he even know the difference?

It takes him half an hour to bury the dog farther down the beach. He thinks about saying a prayer or something but he’s not religious, he can’t afford to be, and in the end, it is just a stray dog he’s never seen before. Jin shuffles away awkwardly and washes his hands in the foamy tide.

The sun is rising steadily, a beautiful view but it does nothing for Jin, sunrises and sunsets nothing more than pretty light shows for him. They mean nothing unless reflected in Namjoon’s eyes, unless he waxes poetics about them, unless he gives the passage of time meaning. Who did Namjoon say all these things to in their years apart? Oh, that’s right …

Jin huffs in anger, chastising himself for letting his mind wander there. It always got him angry. He quickens his steps and soon enough he reaches their car, the one they’ve been renting since they’ve arrived in Malta. Driving always calmed him down yet it didn’t drive away the invasive thoughts.

Nor the jealousy. God, was Jin jealous and it is so unfair, he had no right to be, not when he was so close to actually marrying someone other than Namjoon. But he can’t help it, he just can’t.

He doesn’t have a destination in mind yet he still arrives at the large convenience store near the end of their small neighborhood. He goes in without a clear shopping list, passes by a group of men drinking in the empty parking lot that leer at him as he walks. Who even drinks at this hour? Jin immediately cuts off alcohol off of his mental checklist, he might be miserable but he’s still got class. He buys fruit and a carton of almond milk, thinks about making something yummy for Namjoon for when he wakes up and just as he is about to check out he also grabs bleach and hair dye. The men whistle at him and say something he doesn’t understand while he gets behind the wheel.

Jin’s been blond before, back in college, during the happiest days of his life. He had to dye it back black when his father summoned him and Namjoon to duty, gave him an entire speech about having to look like a man when leading other men, not some bitch boy that nobody could take seriously. So now Jin doesn’t care much about the damage he is doing and goes platinum. He slabs on a hair mask and goes to make the fluffiest pancakes he can as it sets in, arranging everything prettily, making hearts out of strawberries before going back to the bathroom to rinse out his hair one final time and blow-dry it.

It’s probably the sound of it that finally wakes Namjoon up.

He groans, certainly not happy to be awakened by such a ruckus but as he stretches the sleep from his body and fills his nostrils with the delicious smell of strawberry pancakes and fresh coffee he can’t help but smile. Jin watches him getting up in the bathroom mirror, the door wide opened to their bedroom. He’s only wearing his panties, not wanting to accidentally bleach his pajamas and in the spur of the moment he reaches in his toiletry bag and finds the tiny lipstick sample he randomly received from a store a few days back.

“Am I still dreaming?” Namjoon asks, gruff voice, solid figure leaning against the doorframe.

Jin doesn’t answer but drops to his knees and crawls the few steps towards his lover, already eyeing the huge bulge in his pajama bottoms. Namjoon reaches out, caressing the now blond locks, taking him in. Jin leans into his touch, nuzzling his palm.

“Pretty baby ...”

Jin glares at him for the comment, takes his thumb into his mouth and suckles it. Namjoon reads him like an open book.

“Pretty slutty baby.” he amends and Jin nips his finger. “Oh? Woke up in some sort of mood?” He gets his answer when Jin bites him and Namjoon is instant in his reaction, slapping him hard enough to send him crashing on the cold bathroom tiles. Jin smiles, cupping his reddening cheek yet he has no time to adjust to the pain as Namjoon grabs him by the hair hard enough to make his scalp burn and drags him to the bedroom, Jin’s knees and arms scrambling for purchase on the floor and failing miserably.

“You get up way before me to do this?” Namjoon asks, pinching Jin’s face between his thumb and pointer finger. “To make yourself look even more like a cheap bimbo?” He spits on him and backhands him one more time, Jin barely letting out a small yelp at the pain. “Why do I even bother treating you nicely when all you are is a dumb whore? When all you want is a cock up your loose cunt?” Jin lets the insults fall on him like rainwater, cold and sobering and cleansing. He gets back on his knees in front of Namjoon and parts his red lips, sticking his tongue out obscenely. He can’t talk, can’t conjure up the words for what he needs right now but he trusts that Namjoon knows anyway.

“Oh? Really? You’d rather take it down your throat? Wanna paint my dick red with lipstick?” Jin says nothing, just lets spit fall from his open mouth onto their fluffy carpet and waits. Namjoon laughs and pulls out his rock hard length, wasting no time before he starts stroking it right in front of Jin. It’s obscene and vulgar, the way he traces his red lips with the glistening tip, the way his cock head is now painted crimson, the wet sounds he makes with every glide of his hand. Jin keeps drooling and waiting, eyes blown wide and shiny.

“You’re fucking gagging for it.” Namjoon mocks him. “Fucking shameless, there’s not a thought in your brain that isn’t cock right now, is there?” Jin leans in closer, tries to open his mouth wider. “Might as well use you for what you were made.”

Namjoon doesn’t go easy, knows that he shouldn’t, so he plunges his entire cock all the way down Jin’s throat, ignores the gagging, ignores the chocking sounds, immediately starts pounding away, not caring about the other’s lack of air, he uses him as a cocksleeve, gets in there balls deep, holds the back of his head with his hands, gripping his hair and pulling, keeping him in place.

Jin knows he looks like a disgrace. He’s wearing panties and lipstick and he’s gagging on cock. He’s got a lover that’s tall and broad and strong and smart and he lets him slap him around and degrade him and use him to get rid of morning wood. Jin is nothing more than a little bitch, an effeminate boy toy for someone that is clearly more capable than him at doing anything. Sucking his dick is the only thing Jin is good for and why is he even hard right now? Only faggots enjoy being used by other men.

Namjoon feels the three taps on his leg and immediately pulls out.

“Jinnie, are you ok?”

Jin coughs a few times and tries to speak, Namjoon crouches next to him, caressing his back soothingly.

“One more time, baby, I didn’t understand.”

“Re… ah… Red.”


Jin isn’t sure what happens next exactly. He is swooped up from where he was kneeling on the floor and quickly laid down on the soft bed. He hears Namjoon running around the house and soon enough there’s a glass of cold water against his lips and Jin is drinking and he is grateful because he was thirsty and oh god why is he crying? Namjoon shushes him, kisses his cheeks, leaves and returns with a wet cloth that he uses to wipe away the lipstick and Jin is crying harder and Namjoon is kissing him and hugging him tightly, so tightly. Jin cries himself to sleep.

By the time he wakes up, almost an hour later, he has one of Namjoon’s oversized t-shirts on and he’s smothered in blankets and it’s inhumanly hot so he tosses them off of himself and rubs his eyes. They sting, he must’ve cried more than he thought he did.

“Joonie ...” he calls out, voice hoarse. The man hears him nonetheless and comes running in, hugging him gently as if he hasn’t seen him in years.

“I’m so sorry ...” he tells him, face smushed against his shoulder.

“You did nothing wrong.”

“I was too harsh.”

“No, you were perfect. It was exactly what I wanted.”

“But then ...”

“My thoughts went into a different direction and it ruined everything. It wasn’t you, I promise.”

“Still… I should have noticed, should have read you better.”

“You couldn’t have, it happened too fast.”

“Do you wanna talk about it?”

“No… not right now. I made pancakes.”

“You must be hungry. I’ll go reheat them.”

Namjoon makes sure to praise his cooking and declare the pancakes the best he’s ever had and Jin knows he is exagerating just to make him smile and he appreciates that and he does indeed smile. He smiles even more after they are done eating and Namjoon starts calling him beautiful and breathtaking and conjures memories from their college days. They take a picture together to “commemorate the return of blond Jin” as Namjoon puts it and Jin soon forgets about their failed scene and the thoughts that made him safeword out of it.

“Perhaps I should dye my hair too.” Jin’s eyebrows shoot up to his hairline.

“Why would you?”

“I know it bothers you to see it … like this.”

It’s because I did that to you, Jin wants to say but doesn’t. Every day he has to wake up to the knowledge of what he has done to the love of his life, how he had abandoned him and shunned him, not given him a single chance to explain himself. Namjoon had to witness his parents getting shot right in front of him, he had to carry around the guilt of murdering Jin’s mom, of choosing Jin over anybody else, including his own family. And all he got in return was more and more vitriol. Jin fights back more tears, sips on some orange juice to steady himself.

“Besides, my roots are showing. I think that’s a good sign.” Namjoon adds and points at the top of his head where indeed, the hair began growing in a darker shade. Perhaps he was healing, perhaps he had forgiven Jin even though Jin couldn’t forgive himself.

“If you really want to … we can go to the shop later.”

“Great. Will you help me dye it though? I’m afraid I’ll make a mess.”

“Only if you let me dye it purple.” Jin laughs and so does his lover but he knows that Namjoon would truly let him, he’d let him do anything.

They spend a good part of the afternoon cuddling and rocking in their hammock on the patio, Namjoon reading a book and Jin listening to him even though his English wasn’t that good and he didn’t quite catch the plot, he enjoyed Namjoon’s voice and the subtle rumble in his chest when he spoke that soothed Jin immensely.

“Are you asleep, baby?”

“Mm… no. Just like listening to you.”

“You can nap, if you want. You’ve had quite a morning.”

“Stop thinking about it, it’s fine now.”

Namjoon drops it for the time being but Jin knows he won’t get out of the conversation later. Namjoon worries about him constantly and he’ll prod and ask and analyze until he’ll be satisfied that he is indeed truly fine. Jin wonders how he’s managed to keep any of his thoughts a secret from his love.

“Want to take a walk down the beach? We could go to the cove and then take the path walk to the seafront, get some ice cream. Maybe even buy you that handmade coin purse you’ve eyed the other day.”

“I don’t need a coin purse.”

“No, but you want it.”

“It had a pretty design.”

“And my princess deserves all the stupid pretty things he wants.”

Namjoon kisses him and Jin melts.

He also melts once they’re outside, the scorching afternoon sun unforgiving after the long days of rain. They walk, hand in hand, Namjoon having brought two bottles of water for them to have, always the doting boyfriend. Jin wonders if this is really about the coin purse or if Namjoon just wanted to not be stuck within four walls with him.

The cove is beautiful, like a huge blue eye, it glistens blindingly in the sunlight. Jin hears the seagulls above them and shields his eyes to look up. Then there’s splashing noises. Harsh splashing noises. Jin sees her first, a little girl in a bright orange swimsuit, in the cove, tiny, slender hands hitting the water desperately. She’s drowning and Jin freezes, watching her sink and resurface only to sink again. She’s dying and he knows how painful death by drowning is, his father always used to waterboard those who have angered him most. “It feels like inhaling fire, it goes through your nose, down your throat, at first you gag and fight it, basic survival instinct but then your reflexes fail you, water goes in your lungs, it’s slow-motion suffocation.” his father would explain with a grin while a man was convulsing in his restraints as another kept pouring water over the towel that covered his face. Jin understood his dad’s description very well because when he first learned how to swim he had thrown him into the pool, arguing that his instincts would tell him what to do. He too flailed and struggled and felt the fiery sensation of water invading his body until his mother had jumped in and held him up, allowed him to breathe again, all to the dismay of his other parent. “It’s do or die out there, the sooner he realizes that the better.”

Namjoon lets go of his hand and dives in, kicking the water with his strong legs, swimming as fast as he can. He reaches the little girl just as she is going under probably for the last time and pulls her out, holds her lolling head above the surface and keeps swimming with only one hand until he reaches the shore.

“Jin… Jinnie… Baby, help me!”

Jin snaps out of it then and runs to the other side of the cove, grabs the limp body of the girl and lays it down as Namjoon gets out of the water. He knows he should do CPR but his hands are just refusing to cooperate. So Namjoon steps in, breathes air back into her lungs, once, twice, puts her on her side, lifts her hands until finally, mercy, she begins coughing out the water.


The parents thank Namjoon over and over and over again, the mother is crying, cradling her now conscious and very scared daughter, the father doesn’t let go of his hand, talking fast and full of emotion. Jin just sits by his man’s side, tries to smile, tries to nod, but can’t really take his eyes away from the little girl. She could have died. She would have died if he had come across her alone. What is wrong with him …?

Needless to say, the coin purse didn’t snap Jin out of it and Namjoon is now worried. He tries to get him to talk, indulges him and takes him to a seafood restaurant, gets him to drink some sangria, hopes that it would loosen up his tongue but the blond stays silent and deep in his thoughts. Namjoon holds him extra close on their way back home, takes them on the longer route, avoiding passing by the cove again. Unfortunately, they do pass by the stones behind which Jin had found the injured dog that morning.

“I’m gonna take a nap for a bit ...” he announces once they make it home and Namjoon takes that as his cue to take a hike for a while.

It’s late in the evening when Jin wakes up. He’d dreamt of nothing, a black sleep and he was grateful for it. His stomach rumbles and he goes looking for his partner which he finds on the patio, as expected, hair now a burnt caramel color. Jin runs his fingers through it and Namjoon hums, tips his head back and lets himself be kissed.

“How long was I asleep?”

“Almost four hours. I got bored and went to that little salon a few streets up. Do you like it?”

“I love it.” He says and plasters himself to Namjoon’s back, arms wrapping tightly around him. “I love you.”

“Hmm. And I love you, you know that, right?”

“I do.”

“So then … Can we finally have a conversation?”

Jin hugs him tighter, kisses his hair one more time and moves to sit next to Namjoon, hands entangled. Namjoon turns to him and waits, patient as always.

“I’ve … been dreaming of my father.” Namjoon clasps his hands tighter, encouragingly. “Nightmares. He … eats me. In my dreams. Like in that shitty painting you had.”

“Like Saturn.”

“Like my dad but he’s a monster and I’m powerless and I’m just a kid … I hate that feeling. I’ve felt that way my whole life. And he’s dead now but I still feel that way.”

“He’s hurt you, Jinnie. You don’t just get over something like that.”

“But I need to get over it. I’m happy now. I don’t want him … I don’t want him to ruin our happiness again.”

Namjoon kisses him before the tears get a chance to fall. He kisses him gently, as if he is made of glass and holds his hands and they’re so warm and secure. Jin breathes in and continues.

“I safeworded today because I thought about how he used to call me a sissy ...”

“Baby, I’m ...”

“It’s not your fault. I like it when … you call me names. You give them a different context. I like being slutty and you know, girly, with you, it’s safe, it’s positive, it’s affirming. You don’t put me down for it, you enjoy it.”

“I don’t mean those words when I say them.”

“Exactly. It’s all play. But since I was thinking about dad still when we started … my thoughts just drifted.”

“Thank you, Jinnie, truly, thank you for telling me this and trusting me with this.”

“Of course, you silly egg.”

Jin’s stomach gives out a menacing rumble and his face is set ablaze. Namjoon laughs at him for it.

“You’re hungry enough to eat a silly egg.”

“Shut up ...” another rumble and another laughter erupts but this time from the both of them.

“Let’s make dinner then. This talk has been heavy and I think we can both use something yummy to cheer us up.”
“I’m craving Korean food.” Jin pouts.

“Well … we can drive to the shop and see what we can make with what they’ve got at their Asian aisle.”

“I’ll be happy even if it’s just ramen.”

Jin’s glad that he didn’t have to go into more details although he’s sure that Namjoon will open this topic again soon to try and find a way to makes things right. it’s what he does, he’s a fixer. Wherever he spots a problem he wastes no time and spares no effort to mend it. Jin feels broken and he hates that he’s forcing his boyfriend to either make do or repair him.

The stores had thankfully more variety than anticipated and they happily fill their backseats with numerous bags, Namjoon excited to be tasting something familiar again. Just as they were about to drive back home Jin remembers that he forgot to buy soy sauce.

“Well do we absolutely need it?”

“Are you kidding me? It’s quintessential! Wait here, I’ll go get it real quick.”

he doesn’t think much about it. He doesn’t take into consideration the fact that it was dark outside now, the parking lot is quite big, they’ve parked closer to the exit than to the store and a couple of the street lights were out. So by the time Jin recognizes the group of drunkards from that morning, it is already too late. One of them knocks Jin over the head while the other two begin dragging him towards the shrubbery surrounding the lot.

It takes him a few long moments to regain his footing but as soon as he does Jin realizes what’s happening. And from then on it’s pure instinct. His elbow flies back with practiced precision, the sound of a nose breaking familiar and Jin smiles. He turns around quickly his fists meet the dazed man’s face in rapid succession until he collapses to the ground. The other two jump him together, trying to knock him to the ground as well but Jin knows not to get tripped and knows how to dodge such amateur blows. His assailants are meant with far more violence than they themselves were ready to give. Jin hits to kill, he goes for the eyes, the arcade, he punches and kicks ribs where he knows they will crack and bruise and puncture lungs and through it all he feels so good he giggles. In a span of ten minutes he takes out three grown men and he could keep going, he could just kill them and the cops would name it a turf dispute between hobos. What stops him is the wispy, pained accusation of one of them.

“Mostru ...”

“What?” Jin asks in English.

“Monster ...”

Jin laughs. He laughs hysterically, he laughs so hard he doubles over. He laughs because it’s funny how no matter where he goes, no matter what he does, across the world, far away from anybody that knows him, people still know his true colors, even disgusting drunk hobos can read him like a book. And isn’t it hilarious how he can’t outrun himself? It’s like a cartoon, it’s like he put on a pair of glasses and expected people to think he was someone else. There’s no escaping himself.

He washes the blood off his hands in the shop’s bathroom and buys the soy sauce, passes the men he had left passed out in a pool of blood in the dark part of the parking lot and climbs into the car by Namjoon’s side whistling a happy tune.

“What took you so long?”

“Had to take a leak and then I couldn’t find the Asian aisle anymore.”

“Silly.” Namjoon kisses his nose and drives off.

They make ramyon and japchae and soondubu jigae and wash it all down with a Maltese brand beer. Namjoon is visibly more relaxed and happy now that Jin is back to talking loudly and making jokes and drinking far more than he should.

“God, you have no idea how much I love you.”

“Love me enough to wash all these dishes?”

Of course, he does. Namjoon starts rinsing their bowls and Jin goes to flip through channels in front of the TV.

“Switch to some Korean channel, princess. You honestly got me homesick with all the food you’ve made.”

“Alright but I think only the news is on at this time ...”

He’s right. The news is on and Jin drops the remote as soon as he sees his old family mansion on the screen.

… the estate having belonged to the late Kim Kangmin, a man notoriously linked to the Mob and even rumored to have been the leader since the late eighties. The new owner is socialite and entrepreneur Kim Jungkook, who, at the tender age of 19, has already taken into possession the until now seized assets of the formal Kim clan crime ring. The young businessman is said to have made his fortune oversees and plans to remodel and repurpose everything, in his words, that has been tainted by the criminal lowlifes that have terrorized the capital. On the same note, later this week, the three key officers that have led the operation against organized crime in Seoul are going to be awarded medals for their duty and bravery and their service to ...

Namjoon comes in, wiping his hands dry.


“We have to go back.”


“To Seoul … Namjoon, we gotta go back.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I thought … I thought I was the only one left, the last fucking monster of this godforsaken clan … But, he’s still out there …”

“Who is?”

“Jungkook. I gotta … I gotta take him out, I gotta, or else this will never stop.”

“You’re not making any sense, baby. We can’t go back.”

“If I don’t kill Jungkook my father lives on. Don’t you understand, Joonie? I’ve created a monster, just like my dad created me.”

“You’re not a monster ...”

“I almost killed three men today and you have no idea. Namjoon, I killed a fucking dog today!”


“Please … you gotta understand, I can’t let him out there, I can’t … It’s like he’s never died, it’s like he turned me into him ...”

Namjoon holds him, holds him tightly, feels him tremble and sob, feels his heartbeat erratically, his love is scared and he needs to help him, needs to protect him.

“Are you sure, love? Are you sure you want to go back?”

“Yes … please, please ...”

“Alright. Shh, we’ll do it. Ok? Let’s go back home.”

Chapter Text

The air conditioning is working fine and the room is large enough yet it still feels so incredibly stuffy. Perhaps there is no fault with the room itself, perhaps it’s just the fact that it is a room inside the High Court in Seoul. The three bored and antagonistic looking judges are not helping with the overall vibe either.

Hoseok pulls on his sleeves again, he feels like a scrub in this ill fitting brown suit but he hadn’t had the time to go shopping for proper attire so it’ll have to do. Besides him Taehyung looks so much more put together despite wearing a dress shirt two sizes too big, his beauty is so effortless and with glasses on he looks far more professional than him. Hoseok sighs, fiddles with the buttons and keeps on waiting.

They’re here just to give out their final statements regarding the Kim case. This is it, finally the last day of their involvement in this mess, from here on out it is out of their hands, everything left in the care of the judiciary system.

Yoonji is here as well, seated aways from Hoseok, in a navy dress, knee-length and cute little kitten heels, her hair braided to look soberer. She hasn’t even glanced his way, only spoken to Siwon who looks dashing in his uniform. Of course, he does.

Hoseok and Taehyung both flinch a little when the doors open and Yoongi and Jimin walk in side by side, looking like twins with dark hair and dark suits on. Hoseok tries to smile his way but Yoongi only nods his head in reply.

Soon enough the prosecutor announces they are ready to begin.

They are called up front one by one to give their statement and answer a few questions. The tension keeps rising for no obvious reason.


“I am special agent Min Yoonji of Seoul Metropolitan Police. Last year I have received information from a then-unknown source regarding criminal activities pertaining to the organized crime families dubbed the upper and the lower Kim clans. Since my brother had gone undercover four years prior to investigate the lower Kim clan I had strong reason to assume the information came through him and I immediately contacted Superintendent Choi Siwon about reopening the case my brother had been working on alongside special agent Jung Hoseok. After establishing a covert operations team under Superintendent Choi’s supervision we have managed to shut down the Kim families’ illegal activities and organize an extraction mission for my brother, special agent Min Yoongi and his informant. The details of the entire mission can be found in the numerous documents we have compiled these last few months and have forwarded to Court as is protocol."


What cannot be found in those files are the heartache and hardships of that long, long year, there is no report on how finding Hoseok to be a depressed alcoholic had made her cry in her pillow that very night, there is no chart detailing the downward spiral that was her alliance with Kim Seokjin, there is no graphic that can explain her desperation to recover her brother and there is no confession …


“During the sting operation, you went in undercover as a guest at the mock wedding of Kim Seokjin. The files don’t detail the means by which you acquired the knowledge of this reception taking place.”

“I was in...” Yoonji catches herself just then. “I was informed by my brother’s collaborator.”

Taehyung’s eyes narrow as he carefully watches her. His jaw is clenched in concentration, not wanting to miss any detail, not a spike in her breath, not a twitch in her lips as she lies her way through this.

“The criminal psychologist working on this case alongside you deemed this reception as a symbolic transfer of power from Kim Seokjin to his new partner. You were the only agent on the scene that had gotten close to the main accused. Have you managed to identify or get a good look at this new leader of the upper Kim clan?”

“No, Sir. Kim Namjoon had stormed the building and once the sting began I’m afraid I got carried away by the chaos that ensued.”

“So we have no description of the man that could potentially build or rebuild a criminal empire.”

“I’m sorry, Sir, I have no idea who he is or what he looks like.”

Yoonji catches it then, the steel cold glimmer of Taehyung’s eyes. She watches him watching her. He tilts his head and it looks so menacing a shiver runs down her spine. He knows. He knows she is lying.

“No need for apologies, agent Min, you have done more than enough for this case and for your country. We thank you for your service and we salute the decision of honoring you with a well-earned medal for your efforts and success.”

“Thank you, Sir, honorable judges.”

She walks back to her seat but she can still feel it, that calculated, icy glower. Siwon’s hand on hers is warm but it does nothing to soothe her. Yoonji feels stranded in a blizzard and she doesn’t know how to find her way out of it.


“My name is Min Yoongi, I’m a special agent with the Seoul Metropolitan Police and I have been undercover for a little over four years as part of the efforts of bringing down organized crime in the capital.”

“The reports you have submitted go well over a thousand pages of detailed intelligence that would have been impossible to acquire otherwise. On behalf of this Court let me just state that you have done extraordinary work that very few would have been capable of and we commend you for it.”

“Thank you. I consider it as nothing more than my duty.”

“We have very few questions to ask, agent Min, so I’ll be brief. When was it that you have come into contact with your key informant?”

He looks across the room at Jimin and can’t fight back the tiniest smile. He remembers it exactly, the day the Monster Plaza opened and Namjoon had him sing to entertain the guests. It was the day Yoongi had picked to be his last. He was going to end it all after that party, just go home, down a bottle of something too expensive and plant a bullet in his head. But Jimin shone so ethereally under that one spotlight, sung like a chorus of angels and yeah, Yoongi’s depressed brain was blowing the entire experience out of proportion but that didn’t matter, what mattered was that Jimin had been his epiphany.

“He was being kept by Kim Namjoon as a sort of entertainment. But it was thanks to that proximity that he was able to know things that even I, with the high position I had managed to attain in the criminal hierarchy, couldn’t. I noticed his capabilities and desperation to break free from a life of crime so I offered him to become my partner in exchange for freedom.”

“That is very admirable, agent Min. I’m sure it was a risky endeavor.”

“I trusted him and I trusted my sister. Jimin gave her everything she needed to know and I had faith that the two of them could save the day.”

“No doubt. Now, perhaps you have managed to catch a glimpse of Kim Seokjin’s partner, given the close eye Kim Namjoon had on his former ally?”

“I regret to inform you that I am, sadly, just as clueless as my sister. Neither I nor Jimin know what this person looks like or what their name is. All we know is that he is young and that he had been recruited that same year, details which I have included in my report.”

“I see. And lastly, agent Min, you were the last person that has seen the Kims. You went in pursuit in a helicopter and got into a fight at the private terminal. Who exactly knocked you unconscious?”

“Kim Namjoon did.”

“A blow to your right jaw, correct?”


A cough. Yoongi gets momentarily distracted, his cat eyes quickly scanning the gathering for the small irritation and they land on Taehyung who’s … smirking? Can it even be considered a smirk? It’s so small yet it seems so cocky. Yoongi then looks to Jimin who is biting his lip, worriedly.

“Agent Min?”

“Yes, sorry. Could you repeat?”

“Do you have any idea where the two could have escaped to?”

“No, I didn’t hear them mention anything but my guess would be China since both of them have allies there and Interpol had always had a difficult time conducting investigations there.”

The prosecutor thanks him and dismisses him and calls Jimin up next. As they briefly exchange seats, the now brunet whispers to him.

“Report said left temple, not jaw.”

Yoongi frowns, nods in understanding. A tiny detail, it just slipped, it wasn’t a big deal. Unless… does it have anything to do with the way in which Taehyung settles in his chair, arms crossed, looking at Jimin as if he’s expecting something?

“None of the reports state your surname, Jimin-ssi.”

“Yes, that’s because I don’t remember it, Sir.”

“Please elaborate.”

“I’ve… I’m a victim of human trafficking. They’ve … I was taken from my family as a child. I managed to escape prostitution and lived on the streets for many years.”

“I understand and you have our sympathy. How have you come to know Kim Namjoon?”

Jimin bites his lip again. He knows what he has to say he just needs a second, just a moment to make sure he doesn’t accidentally let the truth spill, that he was saved by Namjoon, that he had fallen madly in love with him, that despite his endless, blind devotion all he had ever been was a place holder for Seokjin. He needed a moment to discipline his tongue into not letting out the stream of curses that always come to mind when he thinks about how much he loathes Seokjin for forcing him to exist in his shadow for so many years.

“He picked me off the streets, said I was pretty and that if I was obedient he’d take care of me. I was desperate and starving back then, I had no choice. I didn’t know he was going to keep me locked up and use me ...”

When the first tear falls he hears it, that disdainful scoff. Jimin doesn’t even have to lift his head to know where it came from. He just needs to get this over with.

“When agent Min found me trying to hack the security system I was attempting to run away. He told me then that he was working undercover and suggested we become partners. He told me I could finally do something good and also be free again. So I put all my faith in him and gathered as much information as possible.”

“The intel you provided was invaluable. One final question: one of the consultants on the case, Kim Taehyung, that went over your report, signaled that there was an image file missing from the final batch you had sent to agent Min Yoonji, an incriminating photo of Kim Namjoon at a gathering at his casino. Is this correct? Is there such a photo missing?”

Jimin’s entire body goes rigid and his eyes immediately meet Taehyung’s. His best friend, his only friend is staring him down coldly, having laid the challenge at his feet. Jimin knows he’s being pushed into a corner. If he confirms that the picture is missing it’ll blow his entire cover, he didn’t send that photo specifically not to incriminate Namjoon, that was his and Yoongi’s only safety net, the only thing they had to blackmail Namjoon with in case he came for them.

“I’m sorry, Sir.” Jimin says carefully. “I don’t know what photo you are talking about. Everything I had was sent to agent Min Yoonji. If I had such a photo of Kim Namjoon I would have sent it as soon as possible in order to incarcerate him.”

“I understand. It is probably just an error. Thank you, Jimin-ssi, you are dismissed.”

No prosecutor could dismiss him more than Taehyung just did, Jimin thinks as he almost runs back to his seat to cling to Yoongi as much as he can in public.


“They’re all lying through their teeth.” Taehyung whispers to Hoseok almost inaudibly.

“Then we lie right back at them.” Hoseok replies and stands up to give his own statement.


“I’m special agent Jung Hoseok and I’ve led the sting against the Kim clans alongside special agent Min Yoonji.”

“The Court would like to thank you for your service as well, agent Jung, especially since you have sustained two gunshot wounds during this entire ordeal.”

“Thank you, it means a lot. And I’m also very thankful that I’m able to continue my work as an active agent.”

“Your report was very clear and detailed, as expected. We only have a couple of question. Firstly: how did you come into contact with Kim Taehyung?”

“He contacted me. He was working at one of Kim Seokjin’s establishments, the Sugarglider, as an exotic dancer, but feared for his safety after we had raided the place in search for illegal substances. Taehyung-ssi is very skilled with computers and he also knew all of the regulars that were close to Kim Seokjin so he offered to fact check all the intel we were receiving from Jimin-ssi. It was thanks to him that we discovered Kim Namjoon’s plot to assassinate Kim Kangmin.”

Yoongi’s hand gripped Jimin’s tightly. He has no idea how Hoseok came across that video but he knows for a fact that Namjoon had no such plan of killing Seokjin’s dad. Jimin caresses the back of his hand and it’s meant to soothe him, it’s meant to remind him to breathe.

“I understand. Lastly, do you know who the assassin Kim Namjoon sent is?”

“We still don’t know who the man filming and ultimately murdering Kim Kangmin is but it was thanks to Taehyung’s hard work that we have the video and it had served us well during the sting. We do plan on looking into it and eventually arresting the person.”

“Thank you, agent Jung, you have worked very hard.”

Hoseok is all smiles as he stands down and he remains the only person smiling as Taehyung walks up, everybody else piercing him with their eyes. He pays them no mind and calmly goes through his statement.


“I’m Kim Taehyung, a former dancer at the Sugarglider under Kim Seokjin’s employment. I have joined this investigation as a consultant after realizing how much risk Kim Seokjin posed for the people around him and justice in general.”

“Your contribution is invaluable, Mr. Kim. The Court is aware of the fragile state of your health so we will keep this brief. Your skills as a hacker, how have you acquired them?”

“I’m self-taught. Growing up homeless has made me very good at picking up skills and reading people’s characters.”

Hobi chuckles as silently as he can. Nobody else understands why, all they hear is threats.

“And the knowledge that Kim Namjoon hired an assassin?”
“I’ve overheard Kim Seokjin discussing this with clients over drinks one night. He said that he was very concerned because he knew from someone that was very close to Kim Namjoon that the man was going to send one of his lieutenants to murder his dad and allegedly finally end the feud. About a week later the video surfaced on the dark web from which I managed to recuperate it.”

“Have you any idea as to which lieutenant Kim Seokjin was referring to?”

“I’m sorry, no, not at the moment. But I will be looking into it, Kim Namjoon was very picky with the people he trusted, I’m sure we can narrow down the list of suspects and bring the person to justice as well.”

“Thank you so much, Taehyung-ssi.”

“Thank you as well.”


Yoongi is close to growling, anger building up in him ferociously. Who does this Taehyung think he is, vaguely threatening him like this, declaring that he is basically going to pin this on him? And what for? What does he even want?

“Don’t let him get to you.” Jimin whispers in his ear and holds his arm painfully tight.

“He’s basically at my throat.”

“He knows, Yoonie, he knows we lied, he just doesn’t know exactly what about. This is just a scare tactic, to get us to crack and make a mistake. Trust me, I’ve known Tae my whole life, he knows how to use people’s emotions against them.”

“So what do we do?”

“Nothing, don’t give him any more ammo. He might be good at people but so am I.”


Yoonji basically drags Siwon out of the Courthouse, mumbling something about a headache and being hungry and he dutifully shields her away from everyone, asking if she’d prefer Italian or Korean today and promising to stop by a pharmacy to get her a painkiller. As if any amount of food or painkillers could numb out the fear that has nested in her chest.


“So what now, babe?” Hoseok asks, happy to finally take off that awful brown jacket.

“Nothing. We planted the seed now we just wait. Act as normal as possible.”

“It’s not like we’re around each other much nowadays anyway ...”

“Well, we gotta change that.” Taehyung winks slyly.




It’s 10 in the morning when Hoseok knocks on Yoongi’s door. He knows he’s home, the man had always loved sleeping in when possible so he knocks harder, presses on the doorbell too, insistently until finally he can hear someone grumbling and shuffling and the door opens. Hoseok’s ears go red in an instant.

Yoongi’s hair is fluffy and messy and his cute face is puffy from sleep. He’s only wearing pajama bottoms that hang low on his hips, very very low. And then there are the hickeys. All over. Hoseok tries to play it cool.

“Morning, stranger!”

“Hobi … what are you doin ...”

“Oppaaaaa … who is it?”

That startles both of them. Yoongi blushes only slightly before replying loudly.

“It’s Hoseok, baby.”

Silence. Then shuffling. Then the pitter-patter of bare feet on the floor and Jimin appears while tying his silky lavender robe and trying to blow a strand of hair that is poking his eye.

“Good morning.” he greets, voice raspy.

“Morning. Um … Jimin, right?”

“Right, right, you’re Jung Hoseok. I’ve heard a lot about you.”

Hoseok shakes his tiny hand as Yoongi watches them carefully, expression unreadable.

“Good things, I hope.”

“Of course. Please, come in. I’ll make some coffee.”

“Thank you.”

Hoseok takes off his shoes before entering and Yoongi pulls on his pajama bottoms’ strings to hike them up and secure them around his waist. He doesn’t bother to go looking for a t-shirt or something, just silently follows his partner into the kitchen. Hoseok notices the long, red stripes on his back.

“What brings you around, Hoseok-ssi?”

“Please, Hoseok is fine. Or hyung if you’d like.”

Or oppa, his mind supplies. He settles next to Yoongi at the kitchen table while Jimin busies himself making coffee. When he puts the mugs down in front of them his manicured, sharp nails click against the porcelain. For some reason, this irks Hoseok.

“I was hoping I could steal Yoongi away from you for the day.”

He speaks of him as if he’s not there, as if Jimin is in charge and Yoongi doesn’t protest, doesn’t utter a word, his eyes glued to the mug in front of him.

“Oh? Do you have something fun planned?”

“I was thinking of going shopping for suits. You know, for the commencement ceremony. I’ve called Yoonji as well and she said she’ll meet with us.”

“Oh, how sweet. You should get dressed, Yoonie.”

Yoongi and Jimin look at each other for a long, long moment, wordlessly talking until eventually the older nods and gets up to go looking for clothes. Jimin pours Hoseok his coffee and places a cute sugar jar next to it.

“Thank you. Oh, Tae told me to say hi.”

Jimin keeps on smiling as he has since the beginning.

“Tell him I say hi back. Perhaps I’ll come visit you as well soon.”

“He’d love that. He gets lonely during the day when I’m not there. He’s still not well enough to go out on his own.”

Jimin’s facade falters for a brief moment, the thin shadow of sadness passing over his face.

“I’ll make sure to drop by then.”

“That’d be great.”

Yoongi emerges minutes later, clad in all black as per usual, hair tamed for now and face freshly washed. He looks older, Hoseok figures, his cute, rounded features gone, leaving behind the sharpness of an adult that’s been through too much. He picks up his keys and wallet and phone in such a ridiculously cool manner, stuffing them in the pockets of his tight jeans, downs half of the coffee and then bends over the table to kiss Jimin and Hoseok knows he adds tongue just to be obnoxious. He coughs and stands up, letting the chair screech across the tiles.


“Yeah, you driving?”

“Came by Uber.”

“Then I’m driving.”

Hoseok loves Yoongi driving. Ever since the Academy he always let the brunet take the wheel because there was this swagger with which he gripped it, one hand only, while the other rested either on the gear stick or his thigh, legs spread wide, comfortably, he drives like he’s the one that paved the road. And Yoongi loved driving Hoseok around because that meant he could demand rides on his motorbike whenever he pleased because as much as Hoseok loved Yoongi behind the wheel, Yoongi also loved Hoseok on the bike, leather-clad legs spread, back arched, grip tight on the handles, his heated back against Yoongi’s chest as they zoomed across the city. It was a fair trade.

“Take a left here, we gotta pick up Yoonji.”

“Huh? Did she move?”

“Nah, spent the night at the Sup’s.”

“Ah, her Siwon oppa.” Yoongi scoffs.

“Don’t rag on her, Yoonie oppaaaaa.” Hoseok mocks him.

“Shut the fuck up!”

They laugh though. It’s weird how some things haven’t changed at all, like Yoongi’s gummy smile and Hoseok’s habit of slapping his thigh when he cackles, it’s weird how they still crack up at the same crass jokes yet so many things have changed as well, from the guarded way in which Yoongi holds himself to the careful manner in which Hoseok moves around him.

Yoonji is waiting for them on the side of the road in jeans and a t-shirt that clearly doesn’t belong to her. When she gets in they greet her happily, stiffly and she can immediately feel the bizarre atmosphere.

“Where are we heading?”

“A thrilling location!” Hoseok announces.

“It’s the mall, isn’t it?” Yoonji settles in the back seat.

“Amazing! You can read minds!”

“There’s nothing to read in the pitch darkness that is the inside of your skull, Hobi!”

“Please, it’s Hobi oppa to you.”

“Can we drop the whole oppa shtick already?!” Yoongi protests and speeds up only to abruptly stop at a street light, jostling the other two in their seats.

“What’s gotten you so pissed?”

“Oh, you haven’t heard?!” Hoseok starts cackling again.


The mall is crowded which is great, it’s a distraction, they can get lost among the people, make empty conversation about how annoying everything is and look at that shop and we should totally come back to this cafe after we’re done. They wander around like this for half an hour, talking without actually talking and it does help, it does lessen the tension, why is there even any at all? Eventually, they go inside some fancy shop where the customers whisper and there’s only instrumental music playing.

“This place is kinda boujee.” Yoonji leans in between the boys, whispering too loudly.

“Well, it’s not like you get the Order of National Security merit every other day.” Hoseok comments.

“That’s not gonna happen though. We’ll only get a commendation by the Commissioner General.” Yoonji grumbles.

“What? Since when?”

“Since like yesterday evening. Awarding us with high merits while the Kims got away is a bad image so Siwon’s request got denied.”

“Then why are we even bothering with suits? Can’t I just show up in a t-shirt that says “I got shot twice and all I got was this lousy commendation”? Hoseok snickers but there’s bite to it.

“As much as I appreciate the dark humor, let’s just splurge.” Yoongi suggests, browsing through the stiff collared shirts. “I remember us being a pretty hot trio. What happened to that?”

“Backstreet’s back!”


They spend too much time deciding between black and charcoal and then between charcoal and navy, Hoseok arguing that black is too funeral-y and charcoal isn’t even a color. Yoonji complains that they’re agents, not Marines, why would he want to look like a sailor in navy and Yoongi gives up with a sigh, makes an off-hand comment about just wearing burgundy then and unfortunately for him, the duo takes it seriously. So here they are, in the thankfully roomy fitting rooms, trying on three-piece burgundy suits.

“Yikes, bro, did you run into a mountain lion?”

Yoongi’s confused for a second before he catches a glimpse of his back in the mirror and tugs the white shirt on at lightning speed.

“Jimin goes feral if I don’t fuck him every four hours.”

“You top?!” the two shout and the entire store hears it.

“Shhh!! Yeah, what’s the big deal?”

“Who are you and what have you done to my Kumamon humping brother?”

“See, this is why siblings shouldn’t share a room well into their puberty.”

“Yoonji’s right tho, I remember the porn you used to watch back at the Academy. That was not something a top would watch.”

“You went on my phone behind my back?!”

“You had no password and never deleted your search history.”

“How is that an excuse?”

“How is Jimin not a top though? He looks like the human version of the devil on your shoulder.”

“Oh, nice one.”

“Could we go back to trying on suits and stop discussing the dynamics of my sex life?”

The silence lasts for exactly how long it takes Hoseok to take off his T-shirt.

“Wow, see, now that’s the body of a top.” Yoonji comments, pointing out his six pack.

“Thanks but ...”

“Those are just his insecurities.” Yoongi scoffs, putting on dress pants.

“Wow, rude.”

“What? You’ve always worked out too much because you’re skinny and you didn’t want the bulky guys to think less of you.”

“Yeah, and you used to flash your gun holster whenever a taller officer passed by you.”

“Yo, guys, guys! What the fuck?” Yoonji intervenes. The two cough a little, embarrassed, mumble some sorries and then resume their dressing. She doesn’t let it slide though. “I’m invoking the Jung-Min treaty.”

“You can’t invoke something we made up when we were twelve.”

“We signed it in blood!” she argues, hands flailing.

“I remember getting really queasy.” Hoseok recalls and chuckles. “But we did bury it at a crossroad and I don’t wanna fuck with no demon.”

“Unless he looks like Dean Winchester.” she slaps his back. Hoseok cackles and nods.

“Again, we were twelve. Demons ain’t real.” Yoongi struggles with the tiny buttons of the black vest so Yoonji helps him.

“Don’t care. We agreed on it. When invoked, we owe each other the absolute truth. So spill, bro.”

Yoongi looks at himself in the mirror. He looks great already, the dress pants hugging his behind nicely, the vest contrasting beautifully with his shirt. He picks up the burgundy jacket, fiddles with it and finally confesses in a low voice while dressing.

“Hobi got me flustered. I haven’t seen him in a long while and it just ...Fuck. I thought we were over this.” he says this while gesticulating between the three of them.

Hoseok also puts his jacket on and the two men stand beside each other in the mirror. They look expensive and even though they’re wearing the exact same suit they wear it differently, each their own flavor of swag.

“I got jealous when I saw how Jimin clawed you. I thought he had no right to do that.” Hoseok admits and looks at his feet. They need to pick out shoes as well.

“I um … got kinda turned on watching you two change.” Yoonji also speaks her truth.

For a few long moments, they just stand there, blushing incandescently until Hoseok reaches out for the both of them, tugging them by their hands until all three share a tight, tight, three-way hug.

“Have we seriously stayed away from each other for three months because of that?”

That is a pretty serious matter.” Yoongi grumbles, biting his lip.

“It’s not, okay? Not anymore. You have Jimin and you have Taehyung and I have … Siwon. We’re fine. We can spend time together. Act normal.”

“We’re all in a changing room hugging. That’s not normal behavior, sis.”

“Yeah, we should go find you a dress before my boner becomes visible.”

“Hobi, seriously?!”

“What? Sex has been sporadic, I’m on edge. Knowing that Yoons tops isn’t helping at all either!”

“Why would that matter?”

“Cause I bottom.”

“You bottom??!!”

One matching burgundy dress and three huge holes in their savings later, the trio trudge their way through the increasingly more populated mall until they finally find a secluded, cozy spot in a cafe. They order cakes, they text their partners and then while sipping on their brews they can feel the tension disappearing, making way for the comforting warmth of familiarity among them. Yoongi keeps one hand on Yoonji’s thigh and Hoseok leans his head on Yoongi’s shoulder while playing with Yoonji’s fingers. This isn’t right but they give it a rest for the moment, let things just happen for a while, it’s been so painfully long after all.

“I’m so happy you’re back ...” Yoonji speaks first, voice small.

“Don’t. I don’t wanna cry in a cafe. I’m back, that’s what matters.”

“I’m sorry. For giving up on you back then.” Hoseok adds.

“I shot you, it was only fair.”

“Ok, no, you’re right, let’s stop. I can feel the tears coming.”

Yoongi draws circles on her thigh, soothingly and Hoseok matches the movement unconsciously on her hand. She can breathe again, she’s safe. As long as she has these two she’ll get through anything.

“Jimin wants us all to have dinner together after the ceremony.”

“Won’t it be awkward?”

“Far better than having us three be alone for too long.”

“Yeah, we’re not really … stable.”

“We need fucking therapy.” Hoseok groans.

“Yeah, go tell dr. Kibum about that. Watch him write a book about it within a month.”

“Fuck no.”

“Whose dr. Kibum?”

“Ah, right, you haven't’ met him. He was assigned to our team as a criminal psychologist. Basically, he was the Kim love expert. Had this whole theory about how those two fuckers did everything because their love was taken from them.”

“Well, he was spot on then.” Yoongi is actually impressed someone from the outside figured it out.

“Seriously? They were just psychotic.”

“They turned psychotic. Trust me, I’ve watched Namjoon’s descend into despair for years and never once had he stopped talking about Jin, everything was either for him or because of him.”

“I sorta get it now that everything is over … I would go insane as well if anything happened to the two of you.” Hoseok says matter-of-factly.

“You kinda did go dark side for a while there ...” Yoonji points out, worrying her lip.

“Yeah, it’s fine now. Really. I’m actually meeting with my sponsor later today. We gotta talk since … well, I guess there’ll be booze at the commendation.”

“Ah shit, I forgot! I’ll tell Jimin to not put wine on the table.”

“It’s ok, you guys can drink. It’s on me to be responsible about it.”

“Not when we were part of the problem from the beginning. We should have done something about your drinking since back in high school.” Yoongi seethes.

“Done what other than kill my dad?”

“I should have. I have it in me, I always had.”

“Stop it, both of you! We’re not killers.”

“Maybe not you, sis.”

They drop it, letting silence and the intermittent noises of the cafe bustling around them take over, calm their nerves. They rarely manage to get through a conversation without it spiking, without it turning into something else. There’s too much between them, too many things to unpack and neither of them is willing to even go that deep, they stop whenever it gets too uncomfortable, too close to the open wound truth.

“Will your mother be at the commendation?” Yoonji breaks the silence and addresses Hoseok.

“No, I haven’t even told her about it … I don’t want her seeing me like this.”

“Like how?”

“Busted shoulder, recovering alcoholic, gay. That’s a lot to unload on her at once.”

“You gotta tell her at one point.”

“I know but … not so soon. Perhaps I can go visit during the holidays. Maybe you two could tag along.”

“Definitely. I miss momma Jung’s cooking!”

“I miss the care packages she used to send us during the Academy.”

“You used to eat all my hotteoks!”

“You’d let me!”

“Of course I did.”

“God, stop making me jealous! I wish I had gone to the Academy with you!”

They talk like this for a while, reminiscing about this and that, cherry-picking the happy parts of their past, glossing over most of it. It’s how they cope, it’s not like thay don’t know what the truth is but they’d rather not bring it into focus. Much like blurring the background in a photo, it’s the beauty of what’s in front of you that matters, not the lingering shadows in the back.




It rains on the day of the ceremony and the main hall of the KNPA is decked with flags and flowers and packed with officers in uniform and important looking people. After the Kims case almost the entire precinct went under massive restructuring, many people lost their jobs after uncovering their ties with the Mob and many new faces were brought in, younglings fresh out of the Academy or unexperienced officers from other districts so far away the criminal underworld didn’t even care to reach towards. There were new people in leadership positions as well, such as the new attorney general, Song Minho, a man that looks far too slick for that position and the new chief inspector, Lee Jihoon, who is currently having an intense staring contest with Yoongi.

“Tell me I’m just seeing things.” Jimin whispers to him while pretending to fix his tie.

“He’s been planted here but by whom?”

“Whoever hired his family.”

“They’re cleaners, not spies. They’re some of the very few people that managed to get away after the clans crashed, why the fuck aren’t they in hiding? Why would he be out here, in the open, playing cop?”

“Same reasons we are, Yoonie. It’s safer here, the deeper in the shadows the more suspicious.”

“He couldn’t have ended up chief inspector without some serious ties. Who’s he working for now?”

“Wanna ask him?”

“Maybe, but not now, not with Hobi and Taehyung around. They’re still watching us.”

“Go talk to them.”

Hoseok is making sure Taehyung is drinking plenty of water and feeling comfortable, having reserved him a seat way up front for the upcoming ceremony. He’s been more active lately but every few hours of productivity resulted in an equal amount of hours spent in bed, exhausted so Hoseok was being extra careful knowing how long today was going to be and wanting to manage his lover as much as possible.

“Yoongi’s coming.” Taehyung says, covering his mouth with the water bottle.

“Like clockwork.” Hoseok replies, smiling.

“Hey, you two!” Yoongi greets them too cheerfully.

“Well aren’t you full of energy today?”

“Just eager to get this over with. Wanna come hunt down my devil sister?”

“Yeah, we just gotta follow the smell of heteronormativity.”

Yoonji’s feet are killing her but she breathes through it, she promised herself to learn how to walk in heels without looking like a newborn lamb and she’ll be damned if she lets a dozen blisters stop her. She clutches her purse and chuckles at something Siwon is saying even though she hasn’t been listening. The man bought her a huge bouquet of roses and they were such an inconvenience, there was no place to put them so she keeps moving them from one seat to her lap, to his hands, to another seat as people shuffle by them and try to settle.

“Ah, sweetheart, I think your brother is coming to steal you from me.”

Thank god, Yoonji thinks.

“Sir.” Yoongi and Hoseok salute formally, making her laugh.

“Min-ssi, if you have come to rob me of your sister’s presence I’m afraid I can’t allow you to.”

“Sir, if I may, with all due respect, nobody can make my sister do something she doesn’t want to.”

“I’ve seen that first hand, myself, during the mission. But she’s come a long way since then.”

“Oh? Am I more agreeable now?”

“Far more., dearest.”

“We’ll return her soon, Sir, promise, but I think we should be up on stage by now.” Hoseok intervenes, having lost his patience.

“Right. Go on then, sweetie, I’ll be cheering you from here.” he kisses her and takes the huge bouquet from her once more, Yoonji also tossing her small purse on top of it as she quickly follows her brother and friend.

“That made me throw up in my mouth.” Hoseok whispers to her.

“Weren’t you hand feeding chocolate to your boo just a minute ago?”

“You’re both disgusting and I hate you. Let’s get these medals and fuck out of here already. I’m sweating.” Yoongi pushes them up the few stairs and onto the stage.

The whole ceremony starts with long, very long speeches from a bunch of officials, all of them saying basically the same thing, how important this case is, how severe the problem of organized crime, how incredible the agents that have worked to bring criminals to justice are, how their sacrifices mattered and so on.

Hoseok fights back a yawn. He doesn’t need these strangers’ thanks, to him it had all been a fair trade. He took two bullets and killed a man, made compromises, cut corners, shook hands with a gangster and in return he has Yoongi back and Taehyung by his side. It didn’t even bother him anymore that the Kims got away, to hell with them. After all they’ve also made a trade, their entire empire for each other. Why is he even getting a medal? The one that should be up on this stage is Taehyung. He didn’t compromise, he didn’t cheat his way out of the underworld, he endured and persevered on his own for so long, none of them should even have the guts to look him in the eyes after all of it. And Taehyung can’t let it go, doesn’t feel like he’s finished the job, can’t ignore the loose ends. And Hoseok wants to stay by his side this time around, won’t ever let him go through the darkness alone again.

Yoongi is used to acting, he puts on masks with ease, knows to keep his lips shut, schools his features into blank neutralness and waits it out. He started all of this by playing gangster and now he’s here playing cop. He looks at Jimin sitting all prettily in the front row and he’s reminded once again why all of it is worth it. If he has to wear a mask for the rest of his life he’ll do it gladly as long as he gets to be with Jimin behind the curtains.

Yoonji, however, is not used to lying, always the blunt one, never having a filter, the last few months have been a crash course in being a phony. This nicer, more palatable Yoonji is the result of her careful observations of what people find non-threatening, this Yoonji is her camouflage, keeping her safe and hidden while the real her yearns for something she knows is forbidden.

Music starts playing, something somber, and the three of them move front and center almost robotically. The medals are pinned to their chests and they bow deeply. Flashes go off, blinding them for a few seconds and they all try to look very honored, very proper. More bowing and handshaking, more thanks and congratulations and it’s finally over.

“This reminds me of our third-grade graduation.” Hoseok laughs, rubbing his eyes.

“Ugh, our moms made us wear matching clothes.” Yoongi recalls.

“And this time we chose the matching clothes.”

“Mom would have been proud of us, don’t you think?” Yoonji grabs Yoongi’s hand, squeezing it tightly.

“Probably. Let’s not bring her up right now.” he glosses over it as usual.

They make small talk with some people they vaguely know and greet some of the new ones even though they forget the names as soon as they are said. Some newspapers ask them questions, ask for more pictures. It’s all very tedious and dull.

Yoonji recognizes the silhouette first, she’s seen it so many times in the dark after all. The large, black umbrella is shielding his face as he leans against the expensive car, rain pouring heavily from above. Then he tilts it, just enough for their eyes to meet and Yoonji forgets how to breathe. She sputters an excuse, something about needing the toilet and dashes around the building. He follows silently, smirking.

They meet right around the corner, he quickly places the umbrella above her, protecting her.

“What are you doing here, bunny?”

“God, I’ve missed you calling me that in person.” he sighs, leans in, nuzzles her neck. Her heart stops, it aches.

“You can’t be here, what if somebody sees you ...”

“Let them. I don’t care anymore. I can’t stand being away anymore.”

She grabs his face, caresses his cheeks and he smiles, toothly. There are tears in his eyes and she’s about to combust.

“It’s not safe, baby.”

“It’s never safe. Congratulations on the commendation. You deserved it.”

“For trying to arrest your fiance?”

He frowns, lowers his head to conceal his frustration.

“It wasn’t like that. You never let me explain.”

“I’m afraid to know.”

“I want to tell you though. I want you to know the truth. Unlike other people around you.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“Taehyung. You think Seokjin-hyung was satisfied with only me?”

“I don’t understand...”

“On his inner thigh. He’s branded KS. Do you think I’m a criminal, noona? He’s killed dozens of kids.”

She blinks at him, confused. Jungkook wouldn’t lie to her, would he? He’s always been so genuine with her, so sweet. He loves her after all.

“I have to go before anyone comes looking.”

“Before Superintendent Choi comes looking, you mean?”

“Don’t start again ...”

“I’m coming by tonight.”

“Kookie, no.”

“I am. I can’t live like this anymore. I need you.”

“I’m a cop, Kook!”

“I don’t care!”

“Just stay away from me. For your own good!”

She walks through the rain and it still feels like her heart is not working.

When she finds the group again they are still answering questions for the press. She intertwines her fingers with her brother and Hoseok, tries calming herself, ignores their suspicious looks and raised eyebrows.

And then Jimin comes, beaming, latching on to Yoongi and making him let go of his sister’s hand.

“Sorry to interrupt! But I have a fridge full of food and champagne on ice waiting for us at home so if we could wrap this up that’d be great.”

He doesn’t wait for an answer, pulling his boyfriend away and thusly making Yoonji and Hoseok come along as well. Taehyung chuckles from the side, knowing how good Jimin is at getting his way. Knowing that he is better.




The food was delicious and excessive but nobody dares not eat especially after Jimin whines about how he slaved away in the kitchen the entire night so that they could enjoy themselves. He gets complimented, a lot, perhaps too much and his face shines with a bright pink hue, pleased, satisfied with the praise.

They hardly all fit in the living room but they make do, Jimin on Yoongi’s lap like a prized cat, Hoseok and Taehyung squished closely together on the loveseat and Yoonji and Siwon on the sofa, plenty of space between them. The blue teacups are brought out and the smell of Earl Grey makes for a calming atmosphere. It’s getting late and they’ve managed to hold up non-awkward albeit shallow conversations for hours now. Everybody has their guard down, shirts slightly unbuttoned, legs spread, postures relaxed. Taehyung senses the danger in that immediately and decides to take advantage.

“You’ve made this place so cozy, Minnie, you’ve always had a knack for homemaking.”

Jimin raises to the challenge easily, smiling, eyes crescents.

“Thank you, Tae, I must’ve been a housewife in a previous life.”

“I’ve never asked, how do you two know each other?” Siwon asks, falling right into it.

“Oh, friends since childhood.” Jimin answers easily.

“I wouldn’t call what we had a childhood, Minnie.”

“Let’s just put the past behind us, hm? We’re here now, that’s what matters.”

“Of course and I’m eager to leave it all behind as well, but there are still loose ends.”

“They don’t concern us, Tae. We did everything in our power. It’s done.”

“Jimin-ssi’s right, this is no longer our case. We should move on.” Yoonji adds.

“Doesn’t it bother you, though, Yoonji-yah? How you were right there when it happened, when the Kims got away? Doesn’t it frustrate you?”

Taehyung’s glare is piercing cold and Yoonji feels fear creeping up on her again.

“Hoseok-hyung was the one that lost them in pursuit, Tae. Don’t blame Yoonji noona for it.”

“Technically, it was Yoongi that lost them. When Namjoon punched your jaw, right?”

“I thought I was having friends over for dinner, not getting interrogated in my living room.”

Of course, Yoongi isn’t going to crack so easily, Taehyung bows his head slightly in apology.

“I’m sorry, Yoongi, you’re right, I shouldn’t have brought up Jimin’s ex.”

Jimin is quick to grip Yoongi’s thigh in warning and the man clenches his jaw, biting back the words.

“You know, I have this bottle of rose I’ve been saving for a special occasion. I’m gonna bring it, might brighten the mood.” Jimin chirps and it’s almost natural as he stands up and smiles at the gathering. “Oh, that’s ok with you, right, Hoseok-hyung? It won’t trigger your alcoholism, will it?”

Hoseok smiles back, not missing a beat.

“That’s sweet of you to ask. Don’t mind me, I can handle my addiction just as well as Yoons can handle his anger issues.”

“Wonderful then. I’ll be right back.”

Yoonji is grateful for the booze, she needs it, she feels like she’s suffocating. Jimin places a glass full in front of Hoseok as well but she takes it away from him and downs it herself. That lil prick.

“Sweetie, don’t drink too much.” Siwon warns her. Right, she forgot he was here as well.

“She can handle her liquor, Sir.” her brother intervenes. “She can handle herself in general.”

“I can even without you being overbearing, thank you.”

“You’ve gotten really sensitive since you started wearing dresses.”

“Got a problem with dresses, bro? I thought you are into performative femininity. Or is that only in the bedroom?”

“Watch it.”

“Or what? You’re gonna go all alpha male on me too?”

“Come now, Taehyung butts in, I don’t like seeing you two argue. Sometimes you act more as a couple than as siblings.”

The two inhale sharply and weigh him down with a warning look. The former dancer is grinning, happy to have touched a nerve. A very interesting one.

“I’m just trying to take care of you as best as I can, sweetheart. Yoongi-ssi, I meant no harm.”

“I know that, Sir, you could do no harm even if you wanted to.”

“He’s a good man, Yoongi.” she warns him.

“And you’re a very cute couple.” Taehyung compliments them. “ Unexpected too. I thought bad boys were more your type, Yoonji-yah.”

“I think you’ve spent too much time around that type of men, Taehyung-ssi. I mean, I guess it’s given when you’re a stripper.”

“Perhaps. That’s why I fell for Hobi. He was the only good man around. And he didn’t mind me stripping, he actually enjoyed it. Guess he has a type as well.”

“His tastes must’ve changed since me and my sis last saw him.”

“We all change, don’t we, Yoons? Didn’t you say so yourself, that one time? That the old you is dead.”

“I was undercover, Hob.”

“And now you’re not?”

“What are you even talking about?!”

“Yoonie, I don’t feel so well. I’m gonna go get some air on the balcony. Excuse me.”

Yoongi is still seething. Taehyung chuckles and it’s rude but he doesn’t try to mask it.

“I’ll go check up on him. Then I think it’s time we leave.”

Yoongi follows him with his eyes not batting an eyelash. He better not upset his Jimin further or so help him …

“Siwonie, could you take these cups to the kitchen?” Yoonji asks sweetly and the man is eager to comply.

And then they were three.

“Hobi, I love you but I swear if your boyfriend opens his mouth one more time ...”

“I know, Yoons, I’m sorry. He meant no harm.”

“Why are you covering for him, Hob? You know he meant every word.”

“So did the both of you. Let’s be real, nobody was acting nice.”

“I don’t trust him. I don’t like him.”

“Me neither.”

Hoseok just tsks at the siblings’ confessions. He stands up with a grunt and stretches a little.

“That’s just your jealousy talking.” he eventually tells them.

“This is not about that, Hobi.”

“No? Then what is it about?”

“We just don’t trust him. He worked for Kim Seokjin.” Yoonji whisper shouts at him.

“And Jimin literally fucked Kim Namjoon for years! Do you think I trust him? Oh, and Siwon? Great officer, but the man’s a fucking prick and you deserve better.”

“Really Hobi? I deserve better? At least I’m not dating former criminals.”

“Oh really?!”

Siwon returns right at that moment, sensing the tension he asks if everything is alright. The three lie, as they have all day, they say they’re tired, they’re tipsy, it’s time to go home.

They fugitively exchange niceties as they walk through the door, Taehyung and Jimin not even looking each other in the eye.




Siwon insists on walking Yoonji home but every vibration she feels from the phone in her purse makes her almost gag from anxiety. When they reach the front of her building she almost pukes because she can already see the man waiting for her by her door.

“Siwonie, it’s been a very long day. You won’t be upset if I don’t ask you up, right?”

“Can’t I at least walk you to your door, hm?” he kisses. She takes the stupid bouquet from him and places a hand on his chest to stop him.

“Please, Siwonie. I want to be alone … I … I wanna call my dad.”

“Oh. You haven’t spoken to him in a long while.”

“Yeah. So you see, I’m not in the best mood right now. I promise I’ll make it up to you tomorrow.”

“Ah, alright, since you insist. But do text me before bed. I wanna know you’re alright.”

“Ok. Good night.” He kisses her again, deeper, licking into her mouth. She presses on his chest again.

“I love you, darling.”

“Yeah… me too. Bye now!”


Jungkook watches her with stormy eyes as she unlocks the door. She doesn’t dare look back at him, simply walks into her apartment and allows him to follow her inside. The door gets slammed shut and then the roses get ripped from her hand and tossed violently against a wall.

“What the fuck does he think that he can buy you with roses?!”

Yoonji flinches, stumbles as she tries walking away from him backwards and almost falls before he grabs her.

“Why are you wearing heels? Why are you in this stupid grandma dress?”

She doesn’t know either, she’s so confused at the moment. Her world tilts, Jungkook had thrown her over his shoulder, her shoes falling off with twin thuds. he’s walking towards her bedroom. Her clean bedroom, and drops her on the prettily made bed.

“What has he done to you? What did he turn you into?”

“What did Seokjin do to you?” Yoonji doesn’t recognize her own voice as the words leave her lips. Jungkook laughs bitterly.

“He taught me how to beat people up, how to torture them, how to kill them … I was already fucked up but he made me into this … thing I can’t escape anymore.” The boy brackets her with his strong arms, stronger than the last time she’s seen him, biceps swelling with his every move, stretching his shirt to its limit. Yoonji can’t help placing her palms to his hard chest.

“I’ll tell you everything, noona. I promise. Just don’t run away from me anymore.”

He grips the neckline of her dress and rips it open all the way down, the fabric tearing with a piercing sound. Yoonji yelps.

“Do I scare you, noona?”

She looks into his doe eyes and sees nothing but love and lust so she cups his face and kisses his nose sweetly.

“My bunny isn’t scary.”

He smiles blindingly, kisses her breathlessly all over her face time and time again, giggling happily.

“Tell me what to do, noona.”

“Show me how big you’ve gotten, baby.”

This is the Yoonji she remembers being. When her hands meet Jungkook’s heated flesh, when they roam freely across the slopes and dips of his muscles, when she can feel herself getting wetter and wetter, she knows her heart is beating again. When her hand circles around his girthy member she knows her lungs have started breathing again. Jungkook whines and doubles over under her ministrations, head burring between her breasts and she melts at the sweet sight. Her boy is back in her arms, panting, mouthing at her nipples to soothe himself, hips bucking erratically into her, cock leaking all over her fingers. How did she live without this for months?

“Noona, please, please ...”

“Please what, baby? What does my pretty boy want?”

“I haven’t … I haven’t in months ...”

“Oh? Haven’t found someone younger and hotter to fuck all this time?”

“No… never anyone else again … noona I … haven’t even touched ...”

She moans, head falling backwards at that thought. God, he was perfect, perfect.

Yoonji scoots back on the bed, spreading her legs, directing Jungkook’s shaky hand to her core. His fingers fumble with her clit and hole making obscenely wet noises. The boy whines more at that, suckles even harder on her breasts from which he can’t seem able to detach.

“Baby held off for so long, really?”

“Yeah … I couldn’t … I didn’t wanna … spoil anything ...”

Yoonji ignores the veiled accusation of her spoiling everything with her relationship with the Sup. That’s to be unpacked another time. For now she’s getting needy herself and she needs to take care of her desperate boy.

“Get inside me, baby. Make noona cum with that delicious cock of yours.”

He doesn’t hesitate for a second, quickly moving Yoonji into a classic missionary and not wasting any more time before thrusting in. Jungkook almost shouts at the surge of pleasure, his achingly hard cock throbbing between her tight, wet, hot walls. His hips move on their own, a fast and unrelenting pace.

Yoonji gasps, moans being punched out of her as Jungkook doubles down, hiking her legs up higher, bending her in half. it’s painful but it’s also so good, he hits her cervix a few times, pain sharp and sudden but immediately replaced by pleasure again, it’s maddening and they’re both sweating, breathing heavily, trying to kiss but ending up just sucking each other’s tongues filthily.

Jungkook is a mess, there are tears running down his face, it’s never been so good, never, not even the first time they’ve done this when Yoonji popped his cherry.

“Noona … needa … needa ...”

“What do you need, baby bunny? Hm?”

“Needa cum … please … I gotta … gotta fill noona up … make her mine again … please ...”

Oh, he is driving her wild. She kisses him again and nods.

“Yeah… do it … fuck … I missed you so much ...”

Jungkook cums and breaks out into sobbing as he empties himself inside her heat, spasming and twitching in her tight embrace.

“There you go, baby, that’s my good boy, shh…”

It takes him long minutes to come back to himself, minutes spent with Yoonji caressing his hair and his back, kissing him gently, shushing him and praising him. it’s the safest and warmest Jungkook has ever felt and he makes sure to show his appreciation by licking Yoonji into three consecutive orgasms until she’s the one laying in his embrace in need of comfort.

“I love you, noona …” he reminds her.

“I know, bun.”

“Please tell me you love me too ...”

“Tell me the truth first.”

“Alright ...”

Chapter Text

The cafe was bustling with people in the a.m., everybody in a rush, everybody in need of their caffeine fix and a quick breakfast, the sweeter the better. Hyuna wiped her sweaty hands on her frilly apron, checked her lipstick in a shiny spoon and grabbed a menu to hand to the two men that have just sat down at a table as soon as it had emptied.

“Good morning, what can I get you?” she chirped, pulling out her tiny notepad and pen.

“Coffee, black.”

Hyuna tensed fully, hand gripping the pen so strongly it started to bend.

“And something sweet for me. Or do you still not know what my favorite dessert is?”

“Master Kim...”

“Shh, none of that, darling, that’s behind us now. Walk it off a little, breathe. Bring us our order and then we can talk, ok?”

She nodded and robotically moved back to the counters, hands shaking as she poured fresh coffee. She tried to even her breathing, act normally, not raise any suspicions. Her heart, however, was beating out of her chest when she went to pick out a dessert of Seokjin. How many have died so far for getting it wrong?

“You scared her, Jinnie.”

“There was no way of talking to her without scaring her. It’s alright, she’s a strong girl.”

She was, she returned to their table and calmly, steadily set the cups of coffee down and then a slice of cherry pie. In the pocket of her apron, she hid a knife she had grabbed quickly off another table. She was not gonna go down without a fight.

“Ah! I love cherry pie!”

Hyuna’s eyes widen in surprise.

“It’s not my favorite but it’s great. Thank you.”

Her hand goes down to her apron.

“No need for that, darling. I’m not here to cause trouble. I just have a question to ask you.”

“Please, I don’t know anything, I’m done with that life now ...”

“Must be an interesting story, how you managed to walk away freely.” Namjoon intervenes, startling her. “Who helped you?”

“An officer ...”

“Min Yoongi perhaps?”

“Yes… He said… said I shouldn’t be doing time for other people’s crimes.”

Namjoon laughs and takes a sip out of his cup.

“Hyuna, just tell me this, doll, who is running the brothels now? I assume Yoongi got Hui out of this mess as well somehow.”

“Please, I don’t know!”

“You didn’t all leave, I know this for sure, not all of you were strong enough or smart enough to take advantage of the chaos and go. And there’s no way you are not still in contact with at least some of them, you were all like family.”

Hyuna sighed and bit her lip, tried her best to fight back the tears while thinking about all her friends that are still working at the old brothels.

“Some fucker named Seungwoo.” she eventually replies, gritting her teeth.

“And how are things with him in charge?” Jin weighed her down with his gaze.

Hyuna chuckled and it was bitter.

“Peachy as you would expect.”


The park was full as expected of a Sunday afternoon, children playing happily, chasing each other around, squealing with glee as their parents watched on from the benches. The man Seokjin and Namjoon wanted to talk to was standing aways from the majority of people but still kept an eye on his three boys as they were kicking around a ball enthusiastically. He munched on rice cakes from a paper bag and looked very serene and content.

“Didn’t expect you back so soon, Master Kim.” he said, turning to the couple half hiding behind a tree.

“Vigilant as always, Jongup.” Seokjin laughs and emerges from the shade.

“I’m afraid I can’t be at your service anymore.” Jongup sees Namjoon and extends his hand to him. The two shake hands. “Pleasure to finally meet you, Sir.”

“Likewise. Thank you for looking after Seokjin all these years. And for being a formidable foe in the trade. You’ve given me many headaches.”

Jongup chuckles and offers Seokjin some rice cakes.

“Not your favorite but they are delicious.”

“You still don’t know my favorite.”

“I do know a long list of not your favorites though.”

“Who’s running arms now, Jongup?”

“Newcomers, a bunch of kids. Jungkook didn’t want to put anyone from the old clans in key positions. He did some cradle robbing and got newbies in charge of the most important branches. Unexperienced and violent.”

“And very loyal. Just as I taught him ...” Seokjin sighs deeply.

“Are you going to reclaim the clan?”

“No … No, Jongup, I’m done. I’m just here to put an end to it all.”

“Talk to Choa. That girl has always been a gossip queen, I’m sure she still has her ear to the ground.”

“Thank you, Jongup. I wish you all the best.”

They shook hands one last time and turned to leave when Jongup voice called back to him.

“Will I ever know why we always destroyed the guns?”

Seokjin laughs and waves his goodbye.


It was dark in the cramped tent at the fair, a single round table with a few chairs around it inside. On the table, there was a huge crystal ball behind which a blonde girl sat, jewelry jingling with her every motion that was supposed to summon the spirits.

“What brings you here, travelers?”

“Mostly the apple-flavored cotton candy.” Seokjin laughs and sits down, Namjoon by his side.

“Hello, Choa, it’s been a while.”


Namjoon smiles and signals her to stay calm.

“Please tell me you’re coming back, I’m sick of working small scams at the fair.”

“What, you mean you can’t actually read my future?” Seokjin pouts making the girl giggle.

“Show me your hand.” she says and then gently cradles his palm. “Ah, I see … you are going to marry a very tall man with dimples that will love you forever and perhaps burn down another city for you. You will be rich and live a long and happy life and have one child.”

“Oh! Boy or girl?”

“Hmmm… A boy. And ah! The lines here show me that you will meet a girl that is down on her luck working as a fortune teller and you will have a lot of good things come your way if you tip her handsomely so she can cover her rent.”

“I’ll double whatever he tips you if you can answer some questions for me.” Namjoon speaks and the girl straightens her back, sly smile on her lips.

“I assume this is about Wonderland.”

“About what?”

“It’s what they call it on the streets. Jungkook’s new clan. He took in a lot of kids and allowed them to run wild, drinking, killing, fucking, anything’s permitted as long as they follow orders. That’s a dream come true for those punks so they call it Wonderland.”

“What do you know, Choa? We need names.”

“Sure. Seungwoo runs brothels, he’s this tall dude that keeps to himself, doesn’t talk to many people, doesn’t rely on anybody. Puts a padlock on the place after they close for the night, basically keeping the workers trapped.”

“Fucker ...”

“Yeah. Then there’s Hangyul, some cocky bastard, always running around smiling like he’s trading candy instead of guns. They fixed their relationship with China so they’re selling to them again. Jackie’s been out of the picture since you left, boss. He went home and nobody’s heard from him since.”

“It’s fair, I did break my promise to him. I’d rather know that he’s retired than working for the new clan.”

“Yeah. We also got Yohan, dude’s this huge dork and he takes care of logistics. Whatever Jungkook doesn’t feel like doing he delegates to him.”

“Does he go out often? Jungkook I mean. Or does he keep a low profile?”

“Oh, he’s a socialite, at least that’s his cover. He’s always attending parties and stuff. But he’s heavily guarded. This kid, Dongpyo, looks like a doll but he’s a very sharp shooter. Pretty sure this one’s underage and I have no idea where he found him but he’s deadly. That’s why he’s in charge of security.”

“Who covers them legally?”

“See, that’s the thing. I know he blackmailed our former cleaners into working for him and he put Jihoon as chief in the police but there’s another man that became attorney general that is not from the new clan.”

“Do you know who?”

“Name’s Song Minho.”

“Oh.” Seokjin spoke. “That’s Kwon’s man.”


“The Kwons are coming back to Seoul from what I heard.” Choa continues. “There’s been a lot of fighting happening on the streets and the black market is flooded with offers from both clans. The competition is pretty fierce.”

“So Jiyong wants back in the big city. Funny that.”

“It just makes things messier.”

“Thank you, sweetie, for everything. Your tip is well earned.” Seokjin says and pulls out a wad of cash, handing it to the girl and she gleefully takes it. Then she becomes even more bubbly when Namjoon hands her an equally thick wad himself.

“Stay safe, alright?”

“You bet, boss. Are you taking back Seoul?”

“Nah, we’re just tying up some loose ends.”

“Say, do they sell any strawberry shortcakes around here?”

“Why? Are those your favorite?” she grins.

“Not at all.” Jin winks.




It’s blistering hot on the rooftop and both Seokjin and Namjoon are wearing all black. They’re laying on their stomachs watching the entry to the building next to them, Namjoon through binoculars and Seokjin through the snipper riffle’s scope. They’ve been tailing Jungkook for days and since last night they haven’t even taken a break.

“My eyes sting ...” Seokjin complains in a low voice as if there is a chance of anybody hearing them from atop a building during rush hour in the city.

“We can switch.”

“I’m good. Shouldn’t he be out by now?”

“Perhaps the negotiation didn’t work out.”

They’ve been observing Jungkook carefully, Namjoon taking notes on his every move, every habit, every quirk. His routine is pretty chaotic, on most mornings he skips breakfast and only has a coffee in his car, Dongpyo being the one to fetch it for him daily. Some mornings however he sleeps in and then has brunch with business associates downtown. Mostly he resides in Seokjin’s former town villa, the penthouse having been transformed into the new HQ. However, he does go oversee the renovation of the former Kim manor at the weekends and sometimes spends the night. When he’s there he’s alone, relying only on the manor’s new security system. He does checkup on his men, does the rounds as Seokjin used to but his visits are always unexpected and random and almost always end up in either violence or heavy drinking. So far Namjoon hasn’t noticed any drug-taking habit nor has he seen the boy with a partner.

Jungkook’s cover is the same as Seokjin’s old one, namely, he is a business owner that likes to invest in real estate. He turned the Sugarglider into the Rabbit’s Hole and the former Monster Plaza is now named the Madhatter. There are walls tagged all over the capital with a red rabbit symbol, marking off his turfs. Most of his men are very young, many underage and their devotion to Jungkook is almost crazed, something he likes to maintain by throwing lavish parties and rewarding his most loyal, most efficient subordinates.

There has been a push and pull though. Kwon’s return to Seoul meant a spike in street violence, shoot outs, destruction. Jungkook fires back always without fail. He’s vengeful and seems to enjoy the competition, doesn't seem to take Kwon too seriously. There’s a graffiti on a wall on the street that borders Wonderland’s turf and it’s of a huge rabbit eating a baby dragon.

Seokjin wants to end things cleanly and fast. One shot through the head, he falls dead and they escape through the back alley of the building they’re on. They’ll be on a plane back to Malta by evening.

From above they see Dongpyo stepping out of the bulletproof car and pacing around, clearly bored of waiting for his boss. He takes out his phone and scrolls for a while.

“He’s so fucking young … and he looks like a baby.” Seokjin comments. “How did he end up here?”

“How did any of us? Unfortunate circumstances. He’ll be free once Jungkook’s out.”

“I hope so. I hope all of them realize the mistakes they’ve made and step away from this life.”

Namjoon looks at Seokjin for a while. His love is tired, so tired, his eyelids open and close slowly and his body’s stiff from maintaining the same pose. The riffle is heavy on his shoulder but he knows that offering to help will be met with a refusal. After all, this is Jin’s fight, this is his demon he must defeat.

Jin hasn’t spoken to him much about what troubles him. Sometimes he’ll mention the nightmares, other times he’ll feel sick when he passes by a butcher’s shop. He feels responsible for his father’s actions, for his own, for Jungkook’s, as if the entire curse is solely on him. Namjoon tries to comfort him, reassure him but he knows that’s not enough, nothing will ever be enough as long as the Kim clan’s legacy still lives on.

Dongpyo spots a bunch of pigeons and kicks his leg to scare them and watch them fly. He follows their flight, shielding his eyes with his hand, looking up at the sky and the birds and the buildings.

Jungkook comes out, finally, walking fast, clearly angry.

Seokjin gasps and grips the riffle, scrambling to angle it properly, to get Jungkook’s head between the reticles.

The wind blows, pushing the few fluffy clouds away, letting the sun shine.

The scope glints.

Dongpyo’s eyes widen and his hand immediately reaches for his gun.

He shouts at Jungkook to get in the car and shoots.

Namjoon lunges himself over Seokjin, tackling him down.

The bullet ricochets against the edge of the building.

There’s shouting from down on the street.

“We gotta get out of here!”

“But Jungkook...”

“Next time! Let’s go!”

They dash for the fire escape, suddenly very alert, pushing against the exhaustion in their bodies. They can hear the clamor of multiple steps coming after them. They’re halfway down the stairs when bullets start flying, the sound of them zooming past just barely missing their bodies making the adrenaline pump faster through their veins.

They reach the street and run for their getaway car but just as they near it a group of men come from behind the corner and start shooting their way as well, forcing them to detour. Seokjin realizes that Namjoon’s got a death grip on his hand, pulling him along like the burden that he is.

“Joonie, let’s split up!”

“No! I’m not leaving you alone!”

“We can’t let them get the both of us!”

Seokjin uses his free hand to push Namjoon off of him, to let go of his hand.

“I love you!” he tells him and runs down the street on the right. Namjoon curses but when a bullet hits the window next to his head, shattering it to pieces, he quickly jogs away in the opposite direction, taking the street on the left.


Seokjin runs towards the main street, pushing people around brutally, getting cussed out. He elbows his way through the crowd but he loses none of his pursuers. From what he managed from glimpsing back, there are five men after him. People begin screaming once they notice the guns in their grips.

They’re getting closer and closer, catching up with him. Seokjin notices the street food vendor coming up and he makes a split moment decision as he passes by, he grabs the man’s cart and tips over the vat of hot oil in which dumpling are fried. Four of them fall right into it, burning their legs, screaming in agony. Seokjin keeps running as people scream in horror behind him.

He reaches the entrance to the metro and there’s a bullet grazing his hair, making a flow blond strands fly. It ricochets noisily and the people walking the stairs duck in fear. Seokjin slides down the bannister, the last man still hot on his trail.

It’s cooler underground and fewer people, he zigzags through them until they too notice the danger and begin panicking, scrambling towards the exit, efficiently slowly down the man chasing Seokjin.

A train arrives, noisily and opens its doors. Seokjin quickly climbs inside but the man manages to do the same a split second before the doors shut closed.

Seokjin realizes he’s trapped himself. He has about 5 minutes until the next stop, he needs to survive for 5 minutes and then make a run for it. He pushes through the passengers and moves from railcar to railcar, the man still hot on his trails but thankfully concealing his gun. This will buy Seokjin a second or two if he decides to shoot.

The loud announcement comes through the speakers. Seokjin keeps moving, gets closer to the front of the train. He notices mothers with their kids around him, he can’t endanger them, can’t start a fight inside.

“Master Kim ...”

He turns and right there, a familiar face.


“You’re back! Oh my god, I’m so happy ...”

“Back away, Taem. That man’s after me and he’s armed.”

Taemin glances at the sweaty, angry looking man that is keeping his right hand inside his jacket, clearly gripping a gun.

“Fucking Jungkook’s men. Here...”

Taemin fumbles with his backpack and uses the motion of the train approaching the stop to bump into Seokjin and hand him something quickly.

“Wha ...”

“It’s a knife. Fight back, Master Kim. There’s plenty that have been waiting for you to come back.”

The train stops and the doors open. The man lunges towards Seokjin, thinking he has him cornered. Taemin knees him in the stomach unexpectedly and Seokjin has no more time to think this through, he slits the guy’s throat before he can pull out his gun. As soon as the blood gushes out people begin screaming. He all but jumps out of the train as the door close and watches it go, watches Taemin smile back at him.


Namjoon barely makes it until the end of the street before he turns back and shoots, swiftly eliminating two of his pursuers. He keeps running, panic flooding his system when he realizes he has the gun and Seokjin’s unarmed. He needs to escape as fast as possible, he needs to get to his lover.

Once he reaches the main street he thinks about blending in and losing them in the crowd but bullets fly by, shattering store displays and people are quick to start chaotically running for cover. He gets pushed and shoved and slowed down.

Then he spots a taxi and all but rips the door open, jumping on the back seat.

“Drive! Drive!”

The wheels squeak as the car suddenly starts, earning honks from the drivers around who are most likely also trying to speed away from the danger.



“What’s happening?! Were those people shooting at you? Ah shit, don’t tell me they’re from Wonderland!”

“You gotta step on it, Mark.”

Namjoon looks behind and he sees the three men shooting a woman point-blank and getting behind the wheel of her car. Suddenly he gets jostled as Mark actually floors it and zig zags through traffic. The three criminals, however, are hot on their trails and catching up to them.

“I’m so fucking happy you’re back! It’s been chaos without you, boss.”

“It’s chaos with me as well. I’m not back to take over again.”

“Don’t say stuff like that, big boss. I’m taking us across the bridge, if we get to Kwon’s area maybe they’ll give up.”

A bullet shatters the back window and passes through the rearview mirror.

“Fuck, Mark, are you ok?”

“Yeah, I got insurance!”

Namjoon shouldn’t laugh but he does as he turns and fires back, managing a headshot through the windshield. That’s when they begin shooting at their tires. Mark zig zags as much as he can and keeps the tires safe while the rest of the car’s back gets turned to swiss cheese.

As they reach the bridge the man that is not behind the wheel risks it all and leans out the window to shoot but not at the taxi. Namjoon notices too late that in front of them is a truck transporting tree trunks.

The bullet hits the truck’s tire and the entire vehicle spins out of control. The trunks spring loose, crashing into cars around them. Mark pulls the wheel as far as it goes, turning the cab to its side for a safer impact. They crash violently against the truck, the force of the impact sending both him and Namjoon into the doors on the other side.

Namjoon’s ears are ringing and his shoulder’s in pain from the impact. He’s covered in shattered glass and wood chips.

“Go, boss, get out!” he hears Mark shout. “Get outta here and take Seoul back!”

Namjoon doesn’t have to explain things to his former employee. He bangs on the car door until it opens and he falls out. It takes him a moment to get on his feet but a bullet ricocheting close to his legs sends enough adrenaline through his system to shoot back and then start running.

There’s utter chaos on the bridge now, the pile-up a messy mass of broken cars and blood and tree trunks. He can’t run through traffic so he runs towards the edge of the bridge.

The river under it is murky, cold and it has many strong currents under the peaceful surface. An almost impossible swim.

He thinks of Seokjin and then takes the dive.




They’ve been staying in a love motel since they arrived back in Korea. It’s under the radar, a place where nobody bats an eye if two men stay in the same room and come and go with their faces covered.

The place is cramped, a huge bed and a tiny wardrobe, some sort of makeshift kitchenette and a minuscule bathroom in which Seokjin just finished showering mostly with intermittent hot water.

He’s far more bruised than he thought and he takes the time to press a cold bottle of water to each blotch of purple and sickly green, he takes the time to breathe, to tell himself that’s ok, that he’ll be back, nothing’s happened, everything’s fine …

It’s his fault though, isn’t it? With his stupid nightmares and guilt, so childish and selfish, dragging Namjoon along for what? Revenge? Peace of mind? As if killing Jungkook could erase the countless murders he has committed, as if killing Jungkook would make him a better person.

When he sees himself in the mirror with tears staining his face again he slaps himself. Hard. And then again when the tears won’t stop.

He doesn’t hear the door. He doesn’t hear the wet footsteps. So he startles and screams when cold, soaked arms wrap around him, Namjoon’s shivering figure pressing against his.

“Shh, baby, it’s alright, I’m here ...”

“It’s my fault …”

“Nothing is your fault. Turn around, look at me ...”

He can’t, he can’t face Namjoon but he doesn’t fight him when he forces his face up with the tips of his blueish fingers. He fights back more tears, bites his lip painfully.

“Hey, don’t do that ...” Namjoon caresses his face gently, so so gently.

“I’m so sorry … for making us come back … I’m sorry ...”

“Shh… I don’t regret it, ok? I don’t. Shower with me? I’m freezing.”

“What happened …?”

“I had to jump off the bridge.”

Jin hugs him, tightly, wishes he could transfer all his body heat through the embrace alone. Namjoon hugs him back just as tightly, keeps shushing him as he undresses, kisses him tenderly as they enter the shower, tells him he loves him as he runs the water as hot as it goes.


The sun is setting and they are under the covers. Jin hasn’t spoken a word and Namjoon hasn’t pushed him. He cradles him and kisses his forehead and nose intermittently, caressing his back and arms up and down, up and down, without need for a break.

“I wanna die ...” Jin eventually speaks.

“I’ll die with you then.”


“I can’t live without you. You know I can’t. If you die I die the following second. My heart only beats because yours does.”

“Don’t be stupid ...”

“I am stupid. Or insane. Either way, I’m convinced that there’s no other reason for my existence other than loving you and protecting you. However the planets aligned and the universe turned the day I was born, I know without a doubt that I came into this world for you.”

Jin kisses him, seals this promise between them as they have countless times before. First chastely, delicately, as if he were kissing a flower bud and then more passionately, sucking on his lover’s pillowy lips as if they were coated in honey. When Namjoon parts them and lets him in Seokjin licks inside like a man starved, sucks on his tongue messily, hungrily, until spit starts running down their chins.

His hands also roam, coming to knead like a kitten against Namjoon’s big, cushiony chest while Namjoon’s arms circle Jin’s tiny waist, bringing him closer, rutting against each other hotly.

Before either of them know it Namjoon’s on top, his ever harder cock rubbing against his lover’s, the abundant precum making their members glide easily. Jin keens, breaks the kiss only to latch onto Namjoon’s nipple and suck hard. The man grunts and chuckles lowly, he’s figured out his lover’s obsession with his chest a while ago and lets him have his fill.

“Joonie ...”

“Yeah, pretty baby? What do you need, hm?”

“Daddy ...”

Namjoon smiles, leans over, bracketing Seokjin and spreading his legs wide open.

“Need daddy to love you? Need daddy to show you just how precious you are to him?”

“Please … please … no waiting … just … right now ...”

Namjoon understands and quickly scans the small expanse of their room. He grabs the lotion off the nightstand and lathers his baby’s waiting hole with it, going in with two fingers straight away, making the other arch his back beautifully and whimper and grab at the cheap sheets. His entire body flushes a beautiful shade of pink as he moves his fingers and then his pretty tear stained cheeks turn red when he adds a third.

“Is it too much, baby?”

“No … wan it … wan it now ...”

Namjoon understands desperation, understands how his baby gets when he spends too much time in his own head. He needs to be jostled back to the present, needs that lightning rod of pleasure to pierce through him.

He places a pillow under Jin’s hips and angles him just right. At first, his cockhead is met with resistance, slipping against his puffy rim.

“You gotta relax, Jinnie, can you do that for daddy? Can you breathe a little for me, angel?”


Namjoon breathes with him, in and out, nice and slow a few times. He kisses the blond once his chest has stopped heaving, reminds him how much he loves him and tries again. This time his cockhead slips in and it’s so unbearably tight and hot Namjoon grunts and grips the sheets as well. Seokjin whimpers, needily and starts wiggling his hips, trying to get more of the massive length inside of him sooner.

“Easy, princess, easy. I don’t wanna hurt you, precious.”

They go slow, painfully yet deliciously slow. Even after his entire cock is in Namjoon still goes at a snail pace, fucking Jin with slow, deep, long thrusts. Seokjin can feel everything, every vein, every pulse of the throbbing cock inside of him. He clings to his lover like a koala, nails digging sharply into his broad back.

They keep it up until the sun bleeds into the horizon and paints the room a dark shade of red. Seokjin’s floating, it’s bliss. He cums without even intending too, surprises even himself as he moans through it. Namjoon cum minutes after, while licking Seokjin’s belly clean of his release.

“I can’t live without you either ...”






The Kim manor is going through an intense renovation, scales are up on many sides of the house, there are construction materials in the once manicured lawn and around the whole place a brand new stone fence equipped with motion sensors.

Namjoon and Seokjin are back in their all black gear, scoping out the perimeter. It’s late at night but they have no time to waste. Jungkook now knows they’re back and out to get him so he’ll only double his security come tomorrow. But for now, he doesn’t expect another attempt on the same day. He’s come to the manor for the night, relying on the security system to keep him safe until tomorrow.

The two lovers have discussed their plan before leaving the love motel. It was far from perfect but if they can get in undetected then it will be just between them and Jungkook.

Namjoon pulls out the cellular scrambler and looks at Jin. His partner nods and he presses on the button. They have already disabled the gate’s alarm and the security cameras by pulling out the wireless chords from the pole just outside the road. But that wasn’t enough, there are many layers of security at play here.

A few minutes pass in deathly silence. The scrambler signals that everything has been jammed. They help each other up the wall and down into the yard. They walk instead of run, still wary that there might be additional infrared sensors.

And then they see them coming. Shadows at first, moving quickly before stopping mere meters away from them, growling threateningly. Rottweilers.

Seokjin moves carefully and slowly, reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a bag of cutlets. Namjoon does the same and pulls out sausages. They thought that guard dogs were farfetched yet they thankfully chose to be safe rather than sorry and picked up meat at the corner store on their way here.

The dogs start wagging their tails and stomping the ground. Once the treats fly to the opposite end of the yard they follow it happily. Namjoon and Seokjin hurry towards the manor.

Once at the back door they are confronted with a keypad. Seokjin rushes to get the decoder attached and quickly runs it. The dogs start fighting over the last piece of meat and one of them is already eyeing them, ears sticking up.

There’s a small beep sound just as the pack of dogs starts running back towards them. They go inside and shut the door just in time.

The place is softly lit up and it looks like it has always looked. Many memories come flooding back, some happy like playing around with his mom or hiding from Namjoon during hide and seek, right there, under the stairs where he never checked.


“Sorry… Being back here ...”

“I know but we gotta focus.”

It’s very silent but they’ve seen the silhouette of a man in the windows upstairs so they know Jungkook’s on the first floor. They carefully, silently go up the stairs. Each step makes a creaking noise, sending shivers down their spines. These very stairs have been stained with blood so many times. These lavish walls have witnessed so much, more death than life, more sorrow than happiness. Yet this is the house that has brought them together. At least for that, for some moments, it felt like home.

A huge vase shatters with an ear piercing sound and it takes them a moment to realize it had been from a bullet. Namjoon is quick to cover Seokjin and bring them back to the foot of the stairs, taking cover behind them as one more bullet hits the banister and shatters the wood to splinters.

“Welcome home, Jinnie.” Jungkook’s voice comes from above.

Namjoon and Seokjin pull out their guns and wait for him to emerge.

He doesn’t. And then the lights go out.

In pitch darkness, Namjoon reaches for Seokjin’s hand but he can’t grasp him, can’t see him. But he hears the footsteps, hears him run away and up the stairs.


Namjoon follows, blindly.

There are so many long corridors, so much furniture to bump into, so many doors after doors. There’s creaking and there are steps and there’s heavy breathing and it’s all very confusing, very frightening, like a maze but you’re blindfolded.

“Come now, don’t you remember your own home? You should know it like the back of your hand.” Jungkook’s voice comes again followed by a shot in the dark and a split second of flashing light. Namjoon follows it but soon loses the trail again.

Another shot and a yelp. Jungkook fired. Then they are running. Namjoon wants to scream, he can’t see what’s happening and he’s just lost Jin.

Jin also doesn’t know what exactly is going on other than he’s being hunted down in the dark. He shoots at random, knows he should save his bullets but he’s scared and he hopes that maybe he’ll get lucky. As he runs his body remembers where he is. He knows this corridor, he knows the door at the end of it.

There’s a loud bang and then he sees it. A sliver a light coming from that exact room. He runs to it like he had that night as well.

His father’s office. For a second he expects to still see his mother’s disfigured corpse on the chair, right across from the corpses of Namjoon’s parents. But no, there’s just Jungkook, leaning against the same desk, gun pointing straight at Jin’s heart.

“Hey, baby.” Jungkook grins at him. “You must be having some intense deja-vu right now.”

Seokjin points his own gun at the young man.

“Did you come here to kill me?”

“I came here to end it all. The Kims, this madness, it has got to end ...”

“I’m not a Kim, Jinnie.”

“Yes you are, I made you one!”

Jungkook laughs. Loudly, hysterically.

“You are sick!” he tells the older. “You made me? You buried me alive, you deranged fuck! You buried me alive, scared me into being your loyal little bitch and now I’m your son? Then what was the wedding about? You wanted to marry your son or something? Face it, Seokjin. All I ever was was a replacement. For you, for your dad, for Namjoon. You know, all the people that have never loved you.”

“No ...”

“Yes. Your dad hated your guts and then you made Namjoon hate you and then you couldn’t stand yourself either. All that gangster swag was just a fucking show, you’re a circus act, Jin, a fucking sad clown. No amount of killing was ever enough to fill that void, you wanted looooove. And then you found me. And I was everything.”

“You loved me too!”

“No, I fucking didn’t! I idolized you until I realized you ain’t shit. You’re just a pathetic, desperate, sad fuck with daddy issues. And you know what’s really ironic? You’re just like your father! Ruthless and lonely and despised by all.”

Seokjin’s eyes are swimming and the hold on his gun is wavering. He hears Jungkook cock his gun, finger on the trigger, ready to pull. He wants him to do it. Wants this all to end.

There’s banging on the front and flashes of blue and red coming from downstairs through the window.

Namjoon emerges from behind the door, gun in hand, ready to shoot. Jungkook quickly points his own weapon at him as well.

“Drop it, Jungkook. There’s police at your door.”

“You called the fucking cops?! Are you insane?!”

“Go downstairs, talk to them normally and we walk out through the back. Nobody has to go to prison tonight.”

Jungkook grits his teeth. The banging gets louder.

“This is not over.” he spits out before tucking his gun in his waistband and running downstairs.

Namjoon follows him with eyes, still ready to shoot if he so much as turns around. He doesn’t though, he can hear him answer the door, voice high and cheerful.

Seokjin crashes against his chest. Namjoon embraces him tightly, kissing the top of his blond head.

“C’ mon, baby, let’s get out of this cursed place.”




They sleep in until late afternoon, exhaustion weighing down their bones like led. And even after they wake up they keep on cuddling under the rough sheets, keeping each other warm and safe.

A knock on the door. A note slipped under.

Namjoon grabs his gun and signals for Seokjin to take cover. He opens the door, ready to shoot but the corridor is empty. Still, he bolts the door shut. Seokjin picks up the note.



“Glad to have you back. Should you decide to join me into taking down Wonderland I suggest you contact agent Jung Hoseok.

Kwon J.”

Chapter Text

It was either the dampness spreading under him or the soft sniffling that woke him up that morning, Yoongi can’t exactly recall. He rubbed his eyes, chasing the sleep away from them, fighting with his grogginess, he hated waking up before dawn. But he had to get up, there was no delaying it.

“Baby ...” he called out, voice rough but low. Jimin only whimpered, tried hiding in the pillow.

Yoongi pushed the covers away and felt with his hands. Yeah, the bed was soaked. He sighed. Jimin was crying.

“It’s alright, baby. I’ll clean up.”

He kissed the upset boy and got up, feeling his muscles protest.

Yoongi already had a routine for when this happened. Run a bath, bring cleaning supplies, get Jimin out of the dirty bed, take the soiled sheets off, leave the detergent to soak in the mattress, put the laundry in the washing machine and start it, strip Jimin and get him clean, go back and rinse the detergent from the mattress, bring Jimin clean clothes, get him out of the bath and settled on the couch, hang the laundry and put fresh sheets when the bed dries. His body learned the movements by now so he could do all this even while half asleep.

It began as soon as they had moved in together. At first, Jimin said it was from nightmares but he never elaborated on what those nightmares were about. But then it began happening when he was awake as well. He’d become less and less talkative, start sucking on his fingers while watching mindless TV and then he’d wet himself. It always took him by surprise and he always cried and babbled apologies in his very baby – infantile way.

And that’s what Jimin seemed to become, a baby. He’d lose focus, couldn’t handle even ordinary tasks like buttoning up his pants or cutting up his food. He’d lose his capacity to speak properly, his very simple thoughts expressed through baby talk and gibberish. He’d act small, clutching pillows, drawing his knees up against his chest, making grabby hands at Yoongi because he needed to be cuddled and cooed at. And Yoongi obliged.

Frankly, he thought this was all trauma-based. Jimin never told him in so many words what had happened to him. He knew he was a victim of human trafficking, he knew he grew up on the streets, that he had it rough for many years but he also knew that Taehyung had protected him and sheltered him and that everything had changed after Namjoon. Whatever shadows were still clinging to him from his past Yoongi couldn’t name.

So he was patient, learned to live with it. It usually passed in a couple of hours, Jimin coming back to himself as if he was waking up from a dream. He rarely talked about it, sometimes he’d apologize for being a burden, which Yoongi always denied that he was.

“Sowwy ...”

“It’s alright, love. Do you want a bath bomb?”


The pretty colors and sparkles in the tub water made him smile but he still kept his eyes downcast, still consumed by shame and sadness.

“I’ll go clean up the bed, ok? Will you be alright by yourself for a few?”

“Yes, momma ...”

That disturbed Yoongi more than anything. He could handle his boyfriend pissing the bed ever so often, he could handle him drooling around the fingers he’d stuff in his mouth, heck, he would put him in a diaper and put a paci between his lips if he had to but Jimin calling him momma or mommy made him shudder, made his stomach turn.

Because he knew Jimin didn’t even remember his mom, didn’t ever get to have a mom really, and this whole behavior of his, this coping mechanism was just a way to soothe his loss. And Yoongi relished in it.

To be honest, Yoongi got a kick from having his lover so dependent on him, knowing that Jimin had no control over his regression, that he was so vulnerable that he had to always be either locked up at home or by Yoongi’s side made the older so fucking happy.

As he is scrubbing the mattress for the Nth time he notices another spot, darker, smaller. Blood. He pours some detergent right on top of it and thinks about the other night when he went too far, bit too deeply into the other’s flesh. He loses control like that sometimes when Jimin is himself and rallies him up with his filthy words and pleas, when they go at each other like feral animals, scratching, biting, bleeding.

He loves that Jimin.


“Coming, baby.”

He loves this Jimin too, this wet, sudsy baby that can’t even dry himself or pull up his pajama bottoms. This small, defenseless Jimin that is all his to manhandle and protect.

He carries him to the living and places him on the sofa, hands him one of the throw pillows to have something to hug while he puts on the nature channel on the lowest volume.


“In a minute. I still gotta hang the laundry.”

“… ‘kay. Kiss?”

“Of course.” Just a peck on the plump, spit wet lips, chaste and sweet.

“Birdies!” Jimin squeaks, kicking his feet excitedly once he notices what was on the TV screen.

“Yeah. Watch the birdies, ok, love? I’ll be right back.”

Yoongi knows Namjoon had never gotten this version of Jimin. For all the daddy play and the infantilizing and controlling, Jimin always had his wits about him, he never fully allowed himself to be this way. No, this was just for Yoongi, just like his usual side, when his cheeky, vixen personality shone through. Deep down, in the dark corridors of his soul, Yoongi knows it’s fucked up to be this pleased by his boyfriend’s mental issues yet he can’t help it. He posses Jimin fully now and he has no intention of putting a stop to it.



It’s either Jimin aggressively shaking his shoulder or the incessant knocking on the front door that wakes Yoongi up a second time today. He jolts from his uncomfortable slumber on the sofa and grunts.

“Someone’s at the door.” Jimin tells him, voice normal. He’s back to himself again.

“Right, right … I’ll get that.”

He shouts that he’s coming and scrambles to put his slippers on and trudges towards the door. Jimin goes to find his silky house robe, his adult self not wanting people to see him in his boring pajamas.

Yoongi is yawning and scratching his belly when he opens the door. He wakes up immediately once his eyes land on his visitors.

“Morning, Yoons.”

“No.” he says simply and moves to shut the door and bolt it closed.

Namjoon’s hand and Seokjin’s foot on it prevent him from doing so.

“Please, just hear us out.”

“Go away!”

“Yoonie, who is it?” Jimin’s voice comes from down the hall.

“Jehova’s witnesses.” he yells back and pushes harder to get the door closed.

“Good morning, Jiminie!” Namjoon shouts over Yoongi’s head.

Suddenly the door is pulled open wide, Jimin in the doorframe, clutching his robe, utter shock on his face.

“Are you two insane?! Get inside before anyone sees you!”


When Yoongi bought the living room set he never imagined having guests over, despite Jimin’s insistence that one day they will surely. And now he has Namjoon and Seokjin on the loveseat with only a stupid coffee table between them and Jimin and himself.

“We’re sorry to barge in like this on you, Yoons.” Namjoon says and he is truly apologetic. Seokjin doesn’t even look their way. “But I had nobody else to turn to.”

“Why the fuck are you even back?”

“We couldn’t just let things be. We couldn’t let Jungkook just go wild and terrorize the country ...”

“Oh, what, they sell conscience on the street in Malta? Why the fuck would you guys care what that kid is doing?”

“Because he’s unhinged ...”

“So what?! Do you have any idea the shit we’ve been going through since you two left? The entire fucking trial, the endless declarations upon declarations, questionings that lasted from noon to morning the next day, countless fucking pages about every single damn crime and every single motherfucker that was ever connected to them, it took us months! Months to get most people to buy our story and we’re still not in the clear! Jungkook’s terrorizing the country? You two are terrorizing me without even fucking being present! And now you’re back because what? You want to take back the clan?!”

“No!” both former mobsters answer loudly.

“Then what?!”

“We just want to eliminate Jungkook.” Namjoon explains but it only makes Yoongi huff in anger once more.

“Why the fuck? Why?!”

“Because he’s my fault.” Seokjin finally speaks.

“A lot of shit is your fault, Kim Seokjin. But I’d rather you fucking cry about it on a beach in Europe than in my living room.”

“Look, Yoons, perhaps we can make a trade, help you guys in exchange for your help. You said you’re still not in the clear. Is someone suspecting you of lying about how Jin and I got away?”

“Yeah ...”

“Is that someone Jung Hoseok?”

Yoongi and Jimin both stiffen when they hear the name coming from this man.

“How ...”

“We tried disposing of Jungkook but he got away, gave us a run for our money too. It was quite a mess, I’m sure it’ll make the news in a few hours. Then we received a note. From The Dragon.”

“Kwon contacted you? He knows you’re in town?! Fuck ...”

“Yeah. And he said that if we need help with Jungkook we should contact Jung Hoseok.”

“What … How ...”

“I was hoping you could tell us that.”

“That makes no sense, what would Hobi want from Kwon?”

“Hobi?” Namjoon raises his brow mockingly.

“He’s my former partner. Worked with my sister to take you guys down.”

“Oh, how is Yoonji?” Seokjin perks up.

“How the fuck do you know my sister?!”

“I helped her out of a pickle when she gunned down a man in the police HQ. She’s got a better personality than you. She also informed me about this lil bitch being the rat that started this whole mess in the first place.”

Yoongi instantly stands up to knock Seokjin out cold but Jimin is quick to pull him back down in his seat.

“Well, she got the wrong person, Seokjin-ssi.” Jimin finally speaks. “That’s why you believed him, right?” he addresses his former lover. “Not only did the information come from your ex but it was also backed up by the person working the case.”

“I had no doubt in my mind it was you.” Namjoon nods.

“I know nobody in this room believes me but I will say this even with my dying breath: it wasn’t me, it was never me. Namjoon, I never would have betrayed you.”

Seokjin laughs, mockingly. Yoongi is about to bark out all the insults that he knows. Jimin doesn't give him the chance.

“You had the rat under your nose the whole time, Seokjin-ssi. But you were too blind to see it.”

“Are you serious? Do you really think I’m even listening to you? I don’t believe a word that comes out of your mouth, you snake.”


“You know nothing about Taehyung.”

“I know everything about Taehyung.”

“Just like you knew everything about my Joonie? And you sold it all to the cops.”

“I know what your Joonie liked to mix to numb him out enough to stop thinking about you not being there anymore and exactly what to say to him to get him through all those lonely nights.”

This time Jin is the one that stands up ready to fight but Namjoon is quick to grab his belt loops and shove him back down in his seat.

“Enough! We are not here to dig up the past, we are here to discuss what we can do moving forward.”

“What do you want us to do, Nams? Our hands are tied, there are eyes on us, there’s no way we can tiptoe around the cops and help you assassinate a guy just for what exactly? Old times’ sake? Shits and giggles?”

The phone rings, interrupting them just as Namjoon was ready to answer. The two brunets shuffle a bit until Jimin finds the phone and hands it to Yoongi with a heavy look in his eyes. Yoongi gestures to the other couple to be silent.

“Hey, Hobi, morning. No, you didn’t wake me … What? What do you mean blown up?! The fuck … Babe, turn on the TV!”

Jimin scurries to do so, switching quickly to a news channel. There’s a live coverage of the capital’s center where several buildings are in flames, all of them important courthouses.

“ … police are still investigating if this incident is an act of terrorism or the result of escalating tensions between the new wave of gangsters that have been engaging in armed street violence since the fall of the Kim crime empire. Earlier yesterday another incident occurred when several armed men have opened fire on each other and caused a pile-up on the highway. It is still unclear if yesterday’s occurrence is linked to today’s disaster.”

Yoongi gives the Kims a stern look and the two innocently raise their shoulders.

“Hey, Hobi, do you think maybe this was Kwon?” he puts the phone on speaker.

“Unless the dragon changed his logo to a rabbit, then no.” Hoseok’s voice comes loudly through the phone. “The buildings were tagged before they got blown up. This is a turf war.”

“Who do you reckon?”

“Jin’s would’ve been husband most likely. Tae’s been keeping his ear to the ground, apparently, a new menace is rising from the Kims’ ashes.”

Seokjin frowns when he hears Taehyung mentioned and Jimin only smiles, satisfied.

“I don’t wanna get involved. Had enough with the Kims.”

“I hear you. Even though there are still some loose ends ...”

Suddenly the TV screen flashes with the Breaking News logo and the two former partners pause their discussion to listen.

“This just in: a new explosion occurred at the Metropolitan Police Department. So far no fatalities have been reported, the only people in the building at this hour being maintenance personnel and a few officers finishing their night shifts. They have been injured but none are in critical condition. First responders say ...”

“Yoongi-ssi? You there?” Taehyung’s voice comes through the speaker, surprising everyone.


“Hobi went to call Yoonji, make sure she wasn’t there by any chance.”

“Oh my fucking god ...”

“Relax. I’m sure she’s alright. Listen, would it be ok if we dropped by later?”

Yoongi looks at Jimin and then at Namjoon and Jin. They nod, all three of them, faces stony serious.

“Yeah, actually … Bring Hobi and Yoonji with you.”


“Alright. We’ll be waiting.”

“Talk soon.”

They hang up and for a few heavy moments, the only sound is that of the anchor lady talking fastly about escalating crime in the capital. Jimin turns off the TV.

“This just got personal.” Yoongi eventually speaks.

“It’s always been personal.” Jimin adds, running his hand through his hair nervously.

“This isn’t just about Jungkook.” Jin says, resting his elbows on his knees, exhausted from everything. “This whole fucking web of lies, the crimes, the violence, don’t you see it? We caused this. Me and Namjoon vanishing was never going to fix it. And it won’t stop either. Not until we all stop as well.”

Yoongi groans and stares at the ceiling, exasperated.

“I fucking hate having guests.” he says.



It’s awkward. Ok, it’s beyond awkward, it’s absolutely insane having everyone around the coffee table, sipping on tea and staring daggers at each other. It was bad enough last time but now? Now they’re only missing Jungkook to make this whole thing a proper mess.

Nobody has uttered a word since entering and sitting down. The tension is almost palpable. Namjoon clears his throat a few times as if getting ready to speak but he never does. Hoseok leans in as well, opens his mouth then leans back in his chair. Yoonji is sweating bullets and is trying to mask it by fanning herself with her hand and it’s completely useless. Jimin sighs from the bottom of his heart.

“So ...” Seokjin eventually dares.

“Why are you back?” Taehyung asks.

Their eyes meet and it’s a staredown, the former dancer, however, is far more composed, far colder.

“We gotta stop Jungkook ...” Seokjin says, his voice suddenly small. Taehyung laughs.

“I’m sorry, I’ve been on some really strong painkillers, I’m probably hallucinating.”

“Let’s not make things more difficult than they already are.” Namjoon intervenes. “Jin and I are here only because we failed in taking Jungkook down ourselves. He’s taken control of what was left of both the clans and recruited new people as well. He’s creating something that will soon be more than just a Mob syndicate, it will be unstoppable. Adding the now revived Kwon clan to the mix only adds fuel to the fire. You’ve seen that they are not shying away from anything, not even blowing up buildings. If we let them continue it will be mayhem.”

“And you care because …?” Hoseok finally speaks up.

“Because we had some time to finally think about everything we’ve done so far in our lives and we want to stop, we want to change.”

“So what, we’re here to witness your redemption arc? Give me one good reason not to arrest you both right now.”

“Hoseok-ssi, let’s be real for a moment, nobody in this room is above murder. We all have blood on our hands. This is not just about Jin and I, it’s all of us here.”

A heavy silence falls upon the gathering for a few long seconds. If Taehyung had to guess, the body count among the seven of them goes well over the hundreds. Of course, the Kims carry the majority of that weight but Namjoon is right, none of them are innocent.

And within this, he sees an opportunity. A risk as well but he’s always been a daredevil.

“Cards on the table then?”

“We have nothing more to hide. We’ve come to you all in good faith.” Namjoon says, taking Jin’s hand in his own.

“I was the rat.” Taehyung says, leaning back comfortably on the throw pillows on the sofa.

He watches them all carefully, as if in slow motion. Hoseok knows this already, having been the first to figure it out but his brows still rise from the surprise of the sudden confession. Namjoon is equally as surprised but he’s never been a man of theatrics. Jimin gasps, tiny hand clutching his robe again, the complete opposite of Namjoon. Yoonji’s eyes open wide and her lips part, she’s probably the second most shocked. Her brother is taken aback but then he lowers his head, nodding slightly in understanding and perhaps remorse of having suspected Jimin still after all this time. And then there’s Jin. He lets go of Namjoon’s hand and stands up, unsure of what to do next. He looks at Taehyung and Taehyung does his best not to show any emotions at all.

“You … Why…?”

“Oh, Master Kim, you know how much I needed to quiet down the demons. No pain of mine could have ever been enough, I could only silence them by giving them justice. The Kim clan created me just as much as you created Jungkook. Or have you forgotten how your father used to kidnap and buy children to sell their bodies to pedos?”

“I shut that down, Tae, as soon as I’ve known of it ...”

“But it was too late, hyungie. Too late for me and Jiminie.”

Seokjin turns to look at the boy but he has buried himself between Yoongi’s arms, trying to hide from Taehyung’s words.

“Just so that we’re all clear. Both Jimin and I were taken by the old Kim clan as children and forced into prostitution. I’ll spare you the gory details but it has been a long journey for us and even though I’ve protected Jimin as best as I could, there was nothing that could have been done for me. The darkness I’ve carried with me my entire life culminated with my decision to bring this cursed family to an end. I hacked you, Yoongi, because Namjoon kept digital records of everything, unlike Seokjin who I had to convince to slowly trust me with information. I’ve sent the information to you, Yoonji, because it was the best cover for me to use your brother in case I ever got caught. I didn’t plan on Jimin getting involved, I didn’t plan on meeting Hoseok. And I’ve certainly never foreseen Jungkook.”

Seokjin collapses back in his seat and Namjoon is quick to wrap him in a tight embrace as the blond shakes and processes everything, the words still ringing in his head.

“So… you were never involved?” Yoonji turns to her brother, hands trembling in her lap.

“You all need to understand something …” Yoongi begins, still clutching Jimin to his chest tightly. “I love Jimin more than anything. When I went undercover, when I started living like Namjoon had been living his entire life, that’s when I saw true darkness for the first time. Every shitty thing that has happened to me, to us, growing up as we did, it seemed like a walk in the park when I was elbows deep into some random dude’s guts on the side of some dusty country road. You lose yourself to the shadows without even realizing and Jimin … He was my only beacon of light, the only thing that guided me back. I had no intention of ever leaving his side, I was never going to leave the clan, not without him at least.”

“But you left me behind ...” she cries, hands uselessly dabbing at her wet cheeks.

“I left you with Hobi.”

“You shot me. Out of your own will, you fucking shot me because you chose Jimin over us.”

Hoseok doesn’t want to cry, not here, in front of the Kims, not ever in front of Jimin. He turns red, chest heaving because he’s so angry he could strangle Yoongi but he’s also so hurt, so sad he wants to rip him from his lover’s embrace.

“I need air ...” is all he says before he storms out to the balcony to just breathe for a few seconds without feeling like his chest is collapsing in on itself.

“I’m so sorry ...” Jin speaks, wiping his tears on his sleeve. “All this pain …”

“Did you love Jungkook?” Taehyung asks him, and there’s finally emotion in his voice, there’s finally softness in his eyes.

“I ...”

“It’s alright, Jinnie. You can say it.” Namjoon encourages him, intertwines their fingers.

“I don’t know… Honestly, I was just so lost, I thought nobody would ever love me again, I couldn’t trust anyone, I was so fucking alone … And he just made me feel safe. He allowed me to be monstrous and liked me for it, loved me for it. It felt freeing. I loved the way he made me feel. And I gave him all the power he craved in return for an ounce of his affection.”

“Did… Jungkook love you?” Yoonji asks but she doesn’t look at Seokjin.

“I … don’t know. I think he loved the idea of me more. He never truly knew me.”

“Why did you make him a monster like you ...”

“Yoonji-yah … He always had it in him, that darkness. I only brought it out.”

“He is just a kid, Jin.” she insists.

“So was I when all this began.”

Hoseok returns, slamming doors. He plants himself in front of Seokjin and just blurts it out :

“I fucking killed your father. I struck a deal with fucking Kwon to get to him and I fucking pulled that fucker’s plug and watched him suffocate to death.”

Seokjin stands up, mouth agape. Everybody tenses, ready to pull the two apart the moment they start fighting. Seokjin takes the first steps, closing the gap between them and Hoseok’s hands ball into fists, ready to strike back. He doesn’t expect the hug, nobody does.

Seokjin wraps the shorter man in a tight, warm embrace. Hoseok’s arms hover awkwardly, unsure but eventually settle on weirdly patting the broad man’s back.

“Thank you ...” Jin tells him. “Thank you so much.”

He lets go of him and smiles at him, eyes sparkling, swimming in unshed tears.

Namjoon rises from his seat as well and offers his hand to Hoseok. Again, the officer hesitates, confused and unsure, before shaking the offered hand.

“Thank you.” Namjoon echoes his lover.

“I was expecting a punch.”

“You surely deserve one for striking deals with fucking Kwon but we’ll let that slide considering the huge favor you’ve done for us.”

“I never would have gathered the courage to kill my father. He was just … he’s always overwhelmed me in every single way. I’ll never be able to repay you for freeing me of him.”

Hoseok just nods and shuffles back to his place next to Taehyung, feeling at least slightly lighter now.

Seokjin then turns to Jimin and Jimin is ready to put up a fight if needed. Yet all Seokjin does is bow.

“I’m sorry.” he says.

“Wha ...”

“I’ve been jealous of you ever since I first heard about you and Namjoon. I never thought about you as a person, you were always just that bitch that took him away from me but let’s be real, you didn’t, I drove Namjoon away, what happened to us had nothing to do with you. You needed to survive and you needed to be loved just like anybody else. I should thank you, Jimin. You were there for him when I wasn’t, you took care of him when I was too busy being a fucking monster… I … I could never thank you enough, Jimin, for keeping him safe from himself.”

Yoongi is shocked to see actual tears in Namjoon’s eyes.

Jimin smiles, small and sad.

“He never told me he loves me. It was always you, Jin. I was just a replacement, a poor substitute for the real thing. You have no reasons to be jealous of me and no reason to thank me. He took care of me just as much as I took care of him.”

It’s an awkward hug with Jimin on his tiptoes barely reaching Jin’s shoulders enough to embrace them.

Taehyung watches Yoonji, carefully, patiently. But her truth is never voiced.



There’s a fresh pot of tea now on the coffee table and the guests of the unusual tea party are tired as if each word spoken among them had taken a part of their souls when they’ve left their lips. The wounds are fresh and bleeding still but they’ll heal. They sip on tea and add honey and the flesh has already begun to mend.

Yoonji takes off her heels and grunts as she rubs her swollen ankles. Yoongi moves next to her on the sofa and wordlessly places her feet on his lap, massaging the pain out of them. Taehyung watches them silently.

Left alone on the armchair, Jimin clutches a pillow to his chest and seems to be close to dozing off.

“We need to come up with a plan.” Hoseok says, adding far too much honey to his tea.

“Jin and I want immunity in exchange for helping you take down Jungkook.”

“That’s gonna be very hard to pull off.”

“The law permits it, I’ve checked.” Namjoon tastes the tea and realizes is chamomile. He smiles and nods his thanks to Jimin who doesn’t acknowledge him.

“We’re gonna need to establish another task force for this case.”

“We can’t let anyone know about it. Jungkook’s already got people infiltrated in the police.” Yoongi reminds Hoseok.

“Well, Yoonji can use her loverboy’s authority and get us approved for a covert mission. Put these two in witness protection.” Yoonji scowls at her partner’s phrasing but nods her agreement nonetheless.

“We can’t involve the girls. They can’t know about us all and how we’re connected. They’ll do many things in the name of justice but not this, not give the Kims a free pass for their crimes.” she says, wiggling her toes when her brother accidentally tickles her.

“We still need a warrant … and we still need to find a lawyer for the Kims.” Taehyung says. “ ChimChim, can I borrow your laptop? I have an idea.”

Jimin doesn’t reply, instead buries his face in the pillow. Yoongi immediately catches on and switches with Hoseok to go by his lover’s side.

“Is he ok?” Namjoon asks, vaguely familiar with Jimin’s mannerisms when he’s distressed.

“Baby, are you alright?”

Jimin just whines, sound muffled by the pillow.

“He just needs a few moments.” Yoongi reassures them all. “Can I give Taehyung your laptop, baby?”

“ ...’m tired.” Jimin says, voice small and high pitched.

Seokjin’s face suddenly lights up.

“Does he do this often?”

“None of your business.” Yoongi cuts him down fast.

“Don’t encourage him.” Taehyung says from his seat. “He should have stopped doing that a while ago.”

“Could you all back off?”

Seokjin approaches the couple carefully. He gets down on one knee to be at a lower level than Jimin and slowly cups one of his small hands in his big one. He is aware of Yoongi’s hawk-like gaze on him but he pays him no mind.

“Hey, Minnie, could you show me your lil eyes for a sec?” Seokjin spoke as if Jimin is an actual baby. Surprisingly the brunet did lift his face from the pillow. “There he is!” Jimin giggled. “Are you tired, lil one?” Jimin nodded. “Do you need a nappy for a bit?” Another nod and a pout. “Alright. But before Yoonie here puts Minnie to bed, can you tell me something? Yeah? Can your TaeTae here borrow your lappie for a while?”

“TaeTae can … but … no breakie.”

“No breakie, he’ll be very careful. Thank you, Minnie.”


“Sure thing!”

Yoongi was confused but he saved his questions for later. He picked up Jimin, pillow and all and excused him to their guests before carrying him to their bedroom.

When he returned he handed Taehyung the laptop wordlessly and turned straight to Jin.

“What the fuck was that?”

“He regresses, doesn’t he? You’re not aware of it?” Seokjin answers easily.

“I’m aware of it, sure, but what’s with the baby talk?”

“He’s a little. That’s he coping mechanism. He needs to be babied for a while. He probably does that when stressed.”

“He’s always been childish. But never like this.” Namjoon comments.

“He’s fucking traumatized and you all should know better than to enable him.” Taehyung accuses them while furiously typing.

“Let’s not talk about enabling coping mechanisms.” Seokjin stares him down.

“That’s different ...”

Hoseok listens to the exchange while still rubbing Yoonji’s swollen legs.

“Jimin’s not harming himself by being little. But you, mister, need to read up on it.” Seokjin points at Yoongi before sitting back down next to Namjoon.

“Can we fucking get back to this plan we’re trying to concoct?”

“What are you even looking up?”

“Oh, she speaks! Thought the massage put you to sleep.”

“My feet fucking hurt, don’t be a dick.”

“I’m trying to find us a competent man of the law that is young enough to not have been corrupted yet and reliable enough to join us.”

“Tell me you’re not looking in the Korean police for that ...”

“Where would you look then, miss special agent Min?”

“Hobi, your boyfriend’s a ....”

“You’ll be massaging your own feet if you finish that sentence.”

“Ugh. You need someone with enough authority to get these two out of consecutive life sentences. Anybody on the force with that much power has already been bought. You need to look outside.”

“As in?”

“Interpol. We need them back here.”

“They’ll never side with us.” Namjoon sighs. Taehyung tilts his head, smiles at Yoonji and types away faster.

“Give me more. What am I looking for?”

“Young, overachieving type but with a few strikes for conduct, harmless stuff, just enough to show us he has issues with authority and can think on his own. Preferably of Korean descend … Preferably someone that’s familiar with the Kim case ...”

“I’m starting to slowly like you, Yoonji.”

“Please don’t.”

It takes him a few minutes, going through so many people even when taking so many factors into consideration is tedious, there are many people who fit the bill but miss the mark by a hair. And then Taehyung grins and snaps his fingers, then turns the laptop to show them the profile of a young man.

“That is a child.” Namjoon comments.

“Huening Kai. Youngest Interpol agent of this generation. Exceptional in almost all fields, comes from a family of agents, was doing his internship last year when the Kims case was in full blast.”

“Think he’ll want to work with us?” Seokjin asks.

“We can serve him the whole hero, do it for the greater good and justice story.” Yoonji explains, stretching her arms above her head.

“Your sis is cool, Yoons.”

“No, she’s not.”

“Aren’t you all hungry?” Jimin shows up, puffy face and messy hair.

“Baby, did we wake you?”

“Of course you did. But it’s ok, I’m ok now … That was just … it passed quickly. C’mon, it’s brunch time.”

Nobody objects.



And it’s oddly comfortable. When they are all sitting around the same table, equally hungry and tired and scared for their futures, for those few moments they forget what had brought them together in the first place, in what pitch darkness their connections were made, how deeply dependent they were on each other without even realizing. Among them, there was so much pain shared but also a lot of love. And of course they are scared and of course, they are not quick to trust each other but it’s a start when Hoseok passes Namjoon the salt and Yoonji lets Taehyung take a strawberry from atop her waffle and Yoongi smiles, genuinely smiles at them all. There’s a little spark in that darkness.

“Here, I made you your favorite.” Jimin tells Seokjin and places a plate full of chocolate and banana pancakes in front of him. Seokjin’s eyes become huge, he gasps and just stares up at Jimin, mouth hanging open in shock.

“So I did get it right.” Jimin giggles.

“How ...”

“It’s the only thing Namjoon never ate when I cooked it.”

Seokjin laughs, he laughs so hard his cheeks hurt and Jimin is so pleased with himself he claps excitedly.

“What are you two laughing about?” Taehyung asks.

“That’s between me and Jinnie-hyung.” Jimin tells him, poking out his tongue.

“Hey, I’ve known hyung longer than you have!”

“And I’ve known him the most!” Namjoon intervenes. “Now all of you shut up and dig in!”

Stars don’t shine enough to help you find a path on a dark night but their twinkle is enough to keep you searching for it.



Chapter Text

“Is it good, noona?”

Jungkook’s hair is long now and it makes him look so debauched when it messily frames his flushed faced and droplets of sweat fall on Yoonji’s collarbones. They’ve been fucking for hours, the sheets are a wet, crumpled mess, the entire room reeks of sex and it’s hot, they should open a window or something but neither are willing to move, not when he’s three fingers inside of her heated pussy and his bicep is bulging from the strain of fighting back another cramp.

“Curl your fingers, baby … Ah, fuck, yeah, just like that … keep going ...”

Jungkook watches her carefully. At first he got distracted by everything, the way her long hair fans across the pillow, the way her perky boobs move with the rapid rise and fall of her chest as she pants, the way her slick drips from her hole down across her perineum and unto the blanket where the dark spot only grows bigger and bigger. But now he knows to watch her face, take into account every frown, every bite of her bottom lip, every time she closes her eyes and moans. Jungkook’s learning.

“Bunny ...”


“Touch my clit now ...”

When he pulls out his fingers they stay connected to her through glistening strings of wetness. He can’t help himself, he puts the digits in his mouth, sucking on them, lapping at them and whining hungrily at his favorite flavor in the world. She laughs, softly, endearingly. He smiles at her and moves to touch her where she instructed, rubbing in tight, fast circles.

“Lower, baby, lower … no, too low … ah, yeah … bit to the left … Fuck! There! There!”

He bites his lip and focuses. He’s learned by now that when she throws her head back and curls her toes he’s doing something well. Yoonji’s so wet the sounds are obscene and Jungkook’s fingers glide easily over her sensitive clit.

Honestly, Jungkook had been overwhelmed at first. Eating her out was well and good but he couldn’t just do that forever, he didn’t want to bore her so he asked, shyly, after many attempts and stutters, if she could show him what else she liked.

Yoonji had been delighted. They sixty-nined and Jungkook struggled to eat her out while she was deepthroating him and gagging on his dick, spit coating his balls messily. But then his noona got mean and gripped him tightly, not allowing him to cum until he made her climax first. So he emptied his head of any thought concerning his own pleasure and ate her out like he knew she deserved and got rewarded with her shouts of ecstasy and thighs trembling on either side of his head. But she didn’t let him cum.

Then Yoonji pulled out a vibrator from the bottom drawer of her dresser. Jungkook was surprised to see such a thing in her possession and couldn’t help wondering why she bothered with Siwon when she had it.

Yoonji giggled mischievously before hopping back on the bed, on top of her young lover. She placed the vibrator between her folds and against Jungkook’s cock and started it on the lowest setting. Jungkook jolted at the sudden onslaught of sensations, tried to buck away from it but his girlfriend didn’t allow it, pinning his hips down with her free hand, sharp nails digging into his flesh as a warning.

She amped the speed and he began shaking, it was too much, his cock rock hard and red and covered in her juices as she just got wetter and wetter from the vibrations.

“You like that, bunny? Like sharing a vibe with me?”

“ ‘S too much … feels like I’m gonna ...”

“Gonna what, baby?”

“Gonna cum or pee or both … it’s … ah…”

She pressed closer, effectively smushing the toy between them. She reminded him to not cum before her and Jungkook’s eyes watered. He needed to get away from the powerful stimulation but he also wanted to see Yoonji cum again.

Her pussy had gotten hotter and redder, it looked like an open flower, a rose or a carnation. Goosebumps spread over her arms and thighs and she cried out, biting her lip hard.

“I’m so close …”


Suddenly she tossed the toy aside and in one quick motion impaled herself on Jungkook’s cock. The boy felt engulf by lava, it was so incredibly hot. Her fingers quickly moved over her sweet spot and she came with a long, loud moan. Jungkook cried out, feeling her spasm and tighten around him, a torturous pleasure. He thought he could cum like this, just a few thrusts into her maddeningly tight core and he’d climax but she didn’t allow it.

“One more, baby, give noona one more and then you can cum too.”

That’s how Jungkook ended up knuckles deep into her, listening and watching intently, switching between fingering her hole and rubbing her swollen clit. This was by far the most complicated way, Jungkook thinks. Yoonji is more sensitive in certain spots than others and he needs to memorize them all, teach his hand to play her like a new instrument. Thankfully she instructs him well, doesn’t let him do anything stupid, guides him firmly and promptly.

“Mmm… feel that, baby boy?”

“Noona’s getting tighter ...”

“Means I’m close baby … Means I wanna clamp down and squirt all over your cock.”

“Ah… can noona do that? Can she squirt?”

“Haven’t in so long, sweetie, I don’t know ...”

“Wanna make noona squirt … Please, what can I do …”

“Curl your fingers, angel … mm, yeah ...feel that?”

“’ S different ...”

“That spot feels the best … I need you to keep your fingers curled like that, bunny, and fuck me fast and hard and without stopping. Think you can do that?”

“Yeah… anything...”

“My clever baby, learning so well and quick … go ahead, make your noona squirt.”

Jungkook bites his lip and focuses. The angle’s a bit uncomfortable for both his fingers and his arm but he’s not about to give up, not when his noona spreads her legs so beautifully for him, cups her breasts and digs her nails into the soft flesh, looks at him with so much lust and love in her hooded eyes.

He starts off at a relentless, punishing pace and Yoonji screams. Jungkook feels her immediately clamp down around his fingers and it’s harder for him to move now but he adjusts his position and manages to piston his arm even faster. He hooks on to that spot she showed him every time he thrusts in and every time he pulls out. The wet, sloppy sounds of her pussy are only covered by her screams of pleasure and Jungkook grins, smugly, proudly.

“Gonna cum for me, noona? Gonna squirt for me?”

“Fuck, bunny, fuck, fuck ...”

Her boobs are squished like a stress toy in her hands and when her legs begin to spasms uncontrollably and she tosses her head back, baring her slender neck, Jungkook knows. Her walls begin to tremble and the boy can’t help himself, ducks down and attaches his lips to her clit and Yoonji wails, reaching her climax. She squirts with Jungkook’s name tumbling brokenly from her lips and he whimpers when he gets a mouthful of her release. He tries his best, desperately lapping at his noona’s pussy but he can’t drink it all and ends up with his face covered in the clear fluid.

Yoonji is boneless after her third orgasm, drenched in sweat and twitchy all over. She lays there, spread eagle, the stuffy air of her room seeming cold to her on her heated pussy. Yoonji tries to catch her breath, pants like a dog in the dead of summer and Jungkook attaches himself to her like a human furnace, making her groan but she can’t say no to him, not when he nuzzles her sweaty neck, kissing her with his lips still covered in her juices, not when he attaches his talented mouth to her pebbled nipples and sucks on them to soothe himself. Jungkook’s cock is rock hard and leaking obscenely against her soft thigh and the poor boy can’t help rutting against it.

“Is my bunny humping me?” she laughs.

“Please ...” he speaks around her nipple. “Needa cum ...”

Yoonji inhales deeply. She can feel it taking over her, that darkness she usually keeps under lock. It makes her muscles relax, makes her stretch out languidly like a snake trying out the limits of its new skin.

“Hands and knees, bun.”

Jungkook whines pathetically, already anticipating being denied a third time. But he obeys nonetheless, detaches himself from his tiny lover and doesn’t question her order.

“Bum up, c’mon.”

He arches his back prettily and blushes furiously ‘til the very tips of his ears. He’s never been in this position before, so exposed and vulnerable.

Yoonji stands behind him and caresses his back and buttocks and thighs.

“You’re so beautiful, Ggukkie. So big and strong ...”

“Noona ...”

“People fear you, don’t they?”

He inhales sharply and tenses. He doesn’t like thinking about that, his other life, when he’s with her.

“Maybe ...”

“Maybe? I’m pretty sure you can break most men barehanded.” she continues.

He probably did, Yoonji thinks. Seokjin keeps calling him a monster and Jungkook himself told her about how he was forced to commit crimes. How many crimes though? What kind of crimes?

“You could easily break me ...”

“No!” the boy turns to meet her eyes but she stops him.

“Stay still.”

“I would never hurt you, noona, I love you.”

“Yeah? Love me that much, bun? Love me enough to let me do what I want to you?”

Jungkook feels odd. He’s been here before, made to do things to prove his love. But he does love Yoonji, truly. She’s not forcing him to do things, she’s asking.

“Yeah, noona … do what you want. I trust you.”

Yoonji smiles and pets him again, continues running her hands over the smooth expanse of his skin, soothing him, calming him. It doesn't take long for him to relax under her ministrations.

Yoonji reaches between her boy’s legs, where his fiery red cock has been leaking steadily and strokes him firmly a few times then stops and begins again. Jungkook whines and shakes but doesn’t protest.

“Good boy, my good sweet baby boy.”

Jungkook keens. Yoonji moves to cup his balls and roll them in her hand.

“They’re so full. You haven’t touched yourself at all, baby?”

“No ...”

“Why do you do this to yourself, bun?”

“ ‘cause … that’s noona’s ...”

“I see, your baby cock is all mine and only I get to touch, right?”

“Yeah … only noona ...”

She runs her nails over the taut skin of his balls making the boy erupt in goosebumps and shake. Only hers, he says, but Yoonji can’t help but wonder if that’s entirely true. He did have sex with Seokjin after all, didn’t he? Out of all the things Jungkook told her Seokjin made him do, was sex one of them?

She spreads his ass cheeks and Jungkook yelps, hiding his face in the crook of his arms.

“Is this also noona’s?” she asks looking at his pink, tight puckered entrance.


“Words, bunny.”

“Yes … everything… everything’s noona’s ...”

Suddenly Jungkook feels something hot and wet against his asshole and it takes him a few seconds to process the sensation and realize it’s Yoonji’s tongue. Yoonji’s tongue is lapping messily at his hole.

“Noona! Oh god … oh god ...”

It feels so weird yet the sensation makes him shake, makes his knees go weak. He’s so sensitive there, he never knew. Tears fall from his eyes because his noona is eating him out. He’s ass up, face down and his noona is fucking his ass with her tongue and he’s never felt more vulnerable. He loves it, his heart is beating erratically, he’ll never get over how good this feels, he’ll want this all the time from now on.

Then something else is prodding at his rim. A finger, a spit coated finger, it’s breaking him, it’s inside of him. Jungkook cries and shakes more violently. Her finger goes in and out slowly and he can feel everything.

“Breathe, bunny, breathe. Is this too much for you?”

“No … love it … love my noona so much ...”

They do this for a while, Yoonji letting dollops of spit fall from her lips and on to his hole, making everything slick. She watches him carefully and figures this has to be the boy’s first time, he’s too overwhelmed for it not to be. Yoonji adds a second finger and Jungkook almost collapses, knees turning to jelly. Yeah, definetely his first time.

“Did anybody touch you like this before, baby?”

“No … no… only noona ...”

“No? Nobody’s been up your bum?”


Not even Seokjin, Yoonji thinks but doesn’t voice it. Yet they were going to get married. They must have done some things sexually.

“What about you then, bunny? Ever put your cock in someone’s ass?”

“Noona … don’t … don’t wanna ...”

So he has. Yoonji curls her fingers just right, searches for a few moments and then she finds it. Jungkook moans brokenly, cock leaking a steady stream of precum now, puddling on the sheets. She keeps on fucking him with her fingers, spreads them a little, makes sure to hit his prostate enough times to keep him moaning and leaking but not enough times to make him cum.

Jungkook probably came in Seokjin. That man that didn’t even love him only used him, turned him into a criminal, broke him. He’s just a boy, he’s just a baby boy that’s starving for love, he didn’t deserve to be involved in all this shit.

Yoonji uses her free hand to grab the vibrator from she had discarded it previously and carefully, slowly, replaces her fingers with the toy.


“Easy, bunny, breathe, take it like a good boy, you’re noona’s good boy, right?”

“I … I am … ‘m noona’s good boy ...”

“That’s right, baby. Take it nice and deep, can you feel it? Can you feel it against your sweet spot?”

“Myeah ...”

“Good baby. Turn around, on your back.”

Jungkook struggles to move with the toy in his ass and his cock so hard it hurts but he obeys, gingerly laying on his back, sniffling and biting on his fingers to keep his hands away from touching without permission.

Yoonji kisses him, filthy, licks into his open mouth like a wild animal and runs her sharp nails down his chest and over his hardened nipples. She loves it when he whines but she loves it more when he screams and he does scream once she seats herself on his cock.

Yoonji doesn’t move, doesn’t bounce on it like Jungkook desperately needs her too. All she does is turn on the vibrator and sit prettily, cockwarming him. Jungkook squirms, kicking his legs, hands fisting the sheets, bares his neck and moans and cries and begs.

“You’re gonna cum like this, baby. You’re gonna cum with your cock in my pussy and a vibe up your ass like a good little boy.”

“Noona … ‘s too much … noona, noona!”

“I love you so much, bunbun.”

Jungkook almost blacks out when he cums, eyes rolling back and tongue sticking out, he’s never been this fucked out in his life. He loses control of his body, twitching and bucking erratically, sweating bullets. Yoonji feels his cum shooting up inside of her for a long time and clenches tightly around him. She doesn’t want to waste a drop of it. She does, mercifully turn off the vibrator and leans in to caress her boy’s face, move the wet hair from his eyes, kiss his nose, kiss his drolly mouth.

They lay like that for a long while, until they can breathe normally again, until Jungkook goes soft inside of her and the cum leaks out much to their displeasure. Jungkook runs his fingers up and down her sweaty back and she listens to his heart beating away deep in his chest.

“That’s my favorite sound in the world ...” she says.


“Your heartbeat.”

Jungkook kisses the top of her head.

“I love you.”

Yoonji wants to tell him about the new mission. Wants to warn him about it but how can she when she was the one that suggested bringing the Interpol back, when she spent the afternoon with Seokjin as if they were old friends, when she has a date with the Superintendent in a few hours?

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong.”

“Yes it is, you always go silent when you’re having bad thoughts.”

“It’s nothing ...”

Jungkook has an idea what it is. He knows he can’t ask Yoonji to accept the things he does but he knows she loves him and shouldn’t love conquer all? Shouldn’t he be enough? What does it matter what he does when he’s not with her as long as they are happy when together?

“I have a meeting I gotta get to ...” he tells her.

“What’s it about? Drugs, guns, sex?”

Jungkook sighs, exasperated.

“You said you won’t lie to me.”

“It’s about money laundering. I made a good deal last week with Japan and got a huge sum I can’t use until it’s clean.”

“What did you sell them?”


Yoonji lifts her head from his chest to look him the eyes.

“Where did you get those from?”


“You don’t deal with him.”

“I don’t. I took them from his men. From their chests.”

Yoonji says nothing. She looks for any signs of remorse but all she can see in Jungkook’s eyes is her own reflection.




When Hoseok returns from the gym Taehyung is still asleep. He carefully puts down his bag and takes off his sweat-drenched t-shirt but can’t help staring at his beautiful lover. Taehyung’s ashy locks covering his eyes, his long, spidery legs sprawled out from under the sheets, his tiny nipples begging to be sucked. They’ve fallen asleep naked last night and Hoseok’s grateful for it because he now gets to see how prettily his skin glows in the early morning sunlight.

Taehyung’s hard, his boner tenting the covers and Hoseok gets an idea. He strips himself bare and moves on to the bed, pulling the blanket aside and revealing Taehyung fully. He’s so hungry for it.

Hoseok kisses the hard length, small, adoring kisses from root to tip and breathes in the musky, clean scent. Then he licks it, tiny kitten licks that later turn into flat tongue lapping up and down and around the shiny head. There’s a thick vein on the underside of Taehyung’s cock and Hoseok makes sure to lather that up with his spit as well. Then he nuzzles his balls, loves how they’re always cleanly shaved and soft, loves how they hang low and heavy, always full for him. When precum starts beading from Taehyung’s slit Hoseok’s mouth waters even more. He sucks it up, loves the taste, savors it fully and when his own dick demands attention he wraps his fist around it and begins sucking Taehyung like he means it.

Taehyung stirs in his sleep, tiny moans escaping his lips. Hoseok hollows his cheeks and takes him in as far as he can without gagging. Taehyung’s moans grow louder and Hoseok bobs his head faster, up and down.

“Mm… baby ...”

His voice is rough in the morning, lower and sexier than usual. Hoseok shivers and speeds up his own hand on his cock. He’s leaking so much, almost as much as Taehyung on his tongue.


Taehyung is watching him now, eyes still heavy with sleep and arousal, one hand almost blindly reaching to tangle in Hoseok’s hair and keep him down, keep his lips wrapped around his cock.

“Cockslut couldn’t wait till I got up ?”

The older whines around his mouthful. He was hoping to get his lover off without waking him up because he knows once he starts dirty talking there’s no stopping him and Hoseok loves it, loves hearing the filthy words spilling from his lips but he gets so overwhelmed, so lost in the feeling of being small and vulnerable and needy.

“Are you hungry, angel? Need to give my baby his morning treat?”

“ Phease...” Hoseok sputters around the cock.

“Go deeper then, baby, that’s right, take me all the way, lemme feel the back of your neck ...”

Hoseok gags violently and chokes around the throbbing member but Taehyung’s hand keeps him firmly in place. It’s hard to breathe and Hoseok’s throat is constricting around the intrusion. God, he’s so bad at deepthroating. His eyes water and he lets go of his own cock to fist the sheets, try grounding himself and not puke all over his lover.

“You love this … You love it when I force you to take my cock. You never ask for it openly but I know you love it when I hurt you, when I make you admit what you really are, my stupid, cock hungry sleeve.”

Hoseok’s crying, fuck, he’s so easy to rile up, so easy to bend and break. All it takes is Taehyung voicing his darkest thoughts in that gruff voice of his and he’s gone, lost to the overpowering pain and pleasure cocktail.

“Gonna cum right down your throat, make sure you don’t waste a drop ...”

Taehyung bucks into Hoseok’s drooling, open mouth, makes him choke even harder, makes his stomach do flips at the sensation and then, thankfully, mercifully, he cums, hot spurts that Hoseok can’t even taste, just swallow involuntarily.

He takes big breathes once his lover pulls out, chest heaving and eyes still swimming in tears. He’s still so hard, he’s still so needy.

He lays on his tummy and starts cleaning Taehyung’s cock, going back to his initial kitten licks and kisses, Taehyung strokes his hair, satisfied, basking in the afterglow of a great good morning orgasm.

Then Hoseok gets an idea and it’s very unlike him or so he thinks. But from his spot between his lover’s open legs his eyes land straight on the scar on his thigh. That scar, the one Seokjin put there, his initials.

And Hoseok knows Seokjin, being the monster that he is would never have relented control to Taehyung , which means he had always dominated him, used him, hurt him.

So he licks lower, past his balls, lower still, until his tongue and lips meet Taehyung’s puffy entrance.

“What are you doing, baby?”

“Wanna eat you out ...”


“Cause … wanna make you feel good here too ...”

“I don’t think I have another one in me, darling.”

“But ...”

“Besides, we should take care of you now, hm? Baby sucked me off so well, he deserves to cum.”

Taehyung props himself up on his elbows and looks at Hoseok with so much love in his eyes. But Hoseok feels there’s something else there as well.

“Can I … can I fuck your thighs?”

The younger is surprised, eyebrows shooting up into his hairline.

“I guess… I mean, I have nothing against it.”

They easily locate the lube and within a minute there’s a slippery, glistening mess between his legs and Hoseok’s cock is twitching with interests. Taehyung brings his legs together tightly, as tight as he can, trapping the older’s member between them, feeling him pulsating hotly against the soft meat of his thighs. Hoseok moans at the feeling, it’s been so long since he had his dick engulfed by something tight and wet. He starts thrusting immediately, eyes closing in pleasure, moans spilling from his lips one after the other. Taehyung watches him, watches how the shiny head of his cock pokes between his sealed legs and vanishes back again, watches Hoseok throw his head back and hands grip tightly, almost wanting to leave marks.

And Hoseok is lost in his own fantasy, one in which he’s not fucking Taehyung’s thighs but his ass, one in which the head of his cock is hitting his prostate and not thin air, a fantasy in which Hoseok gets to do to Taehyung all the things Taehyung does to him. If Taehyung were a girl he’d fuck her like he wants to fuck …

Hoseok cums between his boyfriend’s legs with a shudder and a pathetic cry. He’s made such a mess, he’s such a mess …




Seokjin wakes up with a creak in his neck and a stiff back. He hasn’t slept on someone’s sofa in so long he can’t even the last time he had done it. It’s early and he rubs his eyes and tries moving his limbs slowly, steadily but he hurts all over either way. On the floor right next to the sofa Namjoon is still fast asleep, snoring lightly, hands under the tiny throw pillow he used. Seokjin reaches down towards him, caressing his puffy cheek and stroking his brown hair. He feels guilty again for dragging this beautiful man down the rabbit hole with him, hates himself for making him drink poison for his sake every day.

There’s a noise from the kitchen, a clatter as if someone dropped something in the sink and Jin gets up to investigate, stretching as he goes.

Jimin is there, fumbling with a carton of milk and cocoa powder all over the counter. He jolts when he sees the older and holds his hands against his chest defensively.

“Sowwy ...”

Ah, so he’s back to this.

“Did you make a mess, baby? It’s alright we can clean it up.”

He easily finds some paper towels and Jimin watches him closely as he cleans up.

“What do you need, Jiminie? What were you trying to do?”

“Choco milk...”

“Ah. You should have told your daddy you wanted some.”

“Don’ have a dada ...”

“You don’t? What about Yoongi?”

“Yoonie momma.”

Jin is taken aback by this and a wave of sadness washes over him. Jimin was with Taehyung in that awful place growing up, Jimin was the only one Taehyung saved from the fire he had set. The things he must have gone through, the ways in which his mind must be broken …

“Do you want me to make you some choco milk?”

Jimin nods and nibbles on his lower lip. Jin cups his face and stops him, lifts him up to sit on the counter and lets him suck on his thumb as he works.

It feels bizarre, as if he’s moving through a dream. This pastel pajama-clad person is the man Jin hates the most, he’s the one person that Namjoon allowed in his life other than him, he’s the one that went behind Namjoon’s back, betrayed his trust to sleep around with the lieutenant, Jin knows Jimin is cunning and seductive and not be underestimated yet right now, when he’s suckling on his own fingers and swinging his legs from where he’s perched up the counter, Jimin is so small and weak and vulnerable.



“You have a momma?”

Seokjin almost drops the mug he just pulled out from the shelf. Jimin watches him with big eyes, waiting for an answer.

“No … I … My momma’s not around anymore.”


“I never had a dad.”

He finds some marshmallows in the pantry and adds as many as he can on top of the hot chocolate. Then he thinks about how Jimin is going to manage since his coordination is off at the moment. The marshmallows are slowly melting in the hot liquid.


Yoongi is still groggy with sleep yet he shuffles towards his lover almost blindly, hugging him to his chest, the other’s legs wrapping around his waist.

“Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“Too many times ...”

“It’s not too many times, you can always wake me up, yeah? No matter what.”

“Jinnie makes choco milk.”

Yoongi seems to just then realize Seokjin’s presence. He nods instead of a good morning great and the older awkwardly smiles and nods back.

“You need to put it in a sippy cup. It’s on the top shelf.”

“Oh… ok...”

Seokjin follows Yoongi’s instruction and doesn’t question the man on why he owns a sippy cup and why he indulges Jimin instead of seeking treatment for him. He understands regression, understands being a little and needing this as a release, as a comfort. But Jimin seems to be taking it a bit too far.

“After you drink your choco, we’re taking you back to bed, ok, droplet?”


“You need your rest ...”

“Don’ like the pastic ...”

“I’m not crazy about it either, baby, but we need the plastic to keep the bed safe from the mess.”

Seokjin frowns but still bites his tongue, reminding himself that this is none of his business. He hands Yoongi the sippy cup and the man feels it to check if it’s too hot and makes sure the lid is on securely before bringing it to Jimin’s lips. The younger happily starts drinking, eyes turning to crescents in delight. Yoongi rubs his back as he drinks.

“Why’s everyone up?”

Namjoon stands in the doorway, hair in all directions, yawning like a bear. Jimin drops the sippy cup and clings to Yoongi.

“What’s wrong, petal?”

“No see me ...”

Namjoon chuckles.

“Has anyone seen Jimin?” he says, looking around.

“He was here a second ago but he just vanished.” Jin adds.

“I’ll go check in the bedroom, since I also have to take this invisible box there.” Yoongi plays along and lifts Jimin up, holding him by the butt as you would a baby and quickly carries him out of the kitchen. Jimin tries hiding his giggles in the crook of his care giver’s neck.

Seokjin sighs and moves to clean up the spilled chocolate milk and collect the sippy cup from the floor. Namjoon helps him, using it as an excuse to check out his behind.

“Quit it.” Jin slaps him playfully. “Was … Was Jimin like this with you as well?”

“No … I mean, he did act childish and called me … you know. But it was never this intense.”

“He wets the bed.” Jin whispers to his lover.


“Yeah. I’m worried about him.” he continues while eyeing the door. “Yoongi’s kinda encouraging it.”

“Yoongi loves him, he’d never hurt him.”

“I know but he shouldn’t enable him. If it’s not a sex thing he’s regressing out of pure trauma.”

“I’m not worried about Jimin, there’s nobody better for him than Yoongi, he’ll handle it.”

“But I’m telling you ...”

Yoongi’s return abruptly puts a stop to their whispered arguments and the cat-eyed man seems to be aware that they were talking behind his back. He closes the door to the kitchen shut.

“If you ever see get the chance to see him like that again, call me. Don’t interact with him, don’t speak to him. This does not concern either of you in any way.”

“We didn’t mean to overstep any boundaries.” Namjoon reassures him.

“But ...” Jin starts and Yoongi immediately interrupts him.

“No. You’ve spent years hating Jimin because he was your replacement, you put his life in danger when you named him the rat, you can’t just show up at my doorstep now and tell him you appreciate him and you’re sorry and suddenly everything is fine and you’re his friend. You are not his friend, Seokjin, and I don’t want you around him. And I especially don’t need advice on caring for him from the guy who caused his trauma in the first place.”

“I didn’t know about that place until I had taken over the clan ...”

“Your father trafficked and kidnapped kids and sold them to sick fucks to use their bodies. I can’t even fucking imagine what Jimin went through, he’s been taken when he was fucking seven years old, he can’t even remember his own fucking family name! You making him fucking hot chocolate is not going to erase that.”

“I never said it would ...”

“Yoons, c’ mon, this discussion is pointless.”

“Don’t you even start with me, Namjoon. You used him as your fucking fuck doll. You controlled every damn aspect of his existence, you fucking control freak, he wasn’t even a person around you.”

“I kept him safe.”

“You kept him as a toy. You know what? Fuck this, you’re right, this discussion is pointless. All I care about is nobody finding out we helped you two escape. I want me and Jimin to be safe and I want you two fuckers out of our lives forever. I’ll help you take down Jungkook but never forget you’re only tolerated here and I never want to see either of you again after this.”

He storms out, slamming the door behind him so powerfully the frames on the walls start swaying. A sharp yelp comes from the bedroom, before another door gets slammed in the house.

Jin sighs and hides his face in his hands, fighting back tears that seem to choke him as they fight to escape him. Namjoon is quick to wrap him up in his arms and hold him tightly against his chest.

“What have I done ...”

“It wasn’t your fault, princess, Jimin is not your fault.”

“Yes he is and so is Taehyung and so many fucking others …”


“I’m fucking insane, Joonie. They should lock me up, I deserve it.”

“We made mistakes, it’s true. But we’re getting better, we’re moving on. What matters is what we do from now on.”




Jimin sits up and clutches his chest when Yoongi comes to their bedroom slamming doors, fuming with anger. He’s scared, he doesn’t know why he’s like this, was it something he did, said …

Yoongi paces the room, a trapped lion, wants to punch a wall, break things.

“Mommy ...”

The small, scared voice is enough to snap him out of it, enough to force him to breathe in deeply and exhale slowly a few times, calm his erratic heart.

“I’m sorry, baby, I didn’t mean to ...”

He approaches Jimin, sits on the bed next to him, watches him shy away, try to turn into a ball and hide. Yoongi sighs sadly. He manhandles Jimin despite how rigid the boy is in his hold, sets him between his legs, arms wrapped around him, nose nuzzled against his soft cheek.

“Don’t be scared of me, droplet.”

“Angry ...”

“I was but not at you. Never at you.”


Yoongi inhales sharply, closes his eyes and counts to five before kissing Jimin’s forehead.

“I don’t want you talking to him anymore, petal.”

“But ...”

“He’s a bad man, baby. And I need to keep you safe, alright? I can’t live without you, baby, I can’t let anything bad happen to you.”

“Jinnie kind ...”

“He’s a liar. He’s only pretending to be kind. Remember the bad words he called you?”

“Myeah ...”

“A kind person wouldn’t say that. So if he ever tries talking to you again, you come to me, baby, alright?”


“And you still remember what I told you about Namjoon?”

“He don’t exist.”

“That’s right, petal. I love you so much.”

“Love you too, mommy.”

Jimin relaxes in his hold, nuzzles against his chest, tiny hands playing with the buttons of the pajama top. Yoongi doesn’t loosen his grip on him for one second, he needs to feel his boy against him, needs to hold on as tightly as he can, never let him go, never let him escape. He won’t lose Jimin like he’s lost …

“Mommy, kiss?”

Yoongi kisses him, kisses his button nose and his flushed cheeks and his fluttering eyelids and then his pouty, plush lips, once, twice, three times over.

“’m tired again ...”

“That’s cause baby had a rough early morning. It’s not nice having people around, is it?”

“Som’times ...”

“No, baby, isn’t better when it’s just you and me?”

Jimin pouts, thinking the question over. Yoongi can’t let him think about it too much.

“Don’t you like it best when … when it’s just you and mommy?”

Jimin whines, clutching Yoongi’s shirt, trying to hide his face. Yoongi’s never called himself that before and it’s making the little one flustered.

“Don’t shy away now, tell me, tell mommy, isn’t it the best when we’re alone?”

“Myeah ...”

“I love you, droplet. I love you more than anything, you know that right?”

“Mommy loves me.”

“Mommy loves you endlessly.”

Jimin managed to unfasten some of the buttons and he’s nuzzling right into Yoongi’s exposed chest. Yoongi caresses his hair, kisses the top of his head, keeps him close, suffocatingly close. Jimin kisses him over his heart and the older melts. Then a thought crosses his mind, like a dark train in the dead of the night.

He nudges Jimin, slowly, hoists him up a little, opens his shirt more, kisses him more, rubs soothing circles on his back. Jimin keens, toes curling. Yoongi bites his lip, is he really doing this? He gently, almost unperceivably moves the younger until his fat lips naturally meet with his nipple.

“Mommy ...” the little whispers, afraid of his own voice, of his own desire.

“It’s alright.” Yoongi’s voice is quiet. “Go ahead.”

Jimin hesitates, whines, hands balled into nervous fists. Yoongi keeps rubbing his back, keeps nudging him slightly. Then Jimin settles, places his lips over Yoongi’s nipple and starts suckling, lightly at first but then louder, harder. His breathing even out, his body slumps against the older’s.

“Good boy, mommy’s precious angel. You’re doing so well …” Jimin makes a content sound and just lets himself turn to mush in his lover’s arms.

“Just you and me, baby, yeah? You don’t need anyone else ever.”

It’s quiet in the room but for the suckling sounds and the constant tick-tock of the wall clock. Yoongi’s cock is rock hard and he never thought it would be so dark down this rabbit hole.