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angels could be b̶a̶d̶.

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It was a normal day for Bakugou, so far. He was on patrol in the south-eastward. That’s the last place where the murderer had been spotted. But nothing suspicious had happened so it was getting quite boring.

He had been searching the area for weeks now. Somehow, the killer had completely slipped under the radar and countless Police officer’s noses. Bakugou is one of the top official officers of the Cadet Corps. He ranked top of his class, acing everything. Some go so far as to say that he is better than Aizawa, their experienced leader.

Aizawa himself even said Bakugou is amazing for his age, but too full of himself to become a leader or captain. That was the only thing holding him back.

He said if he could solve this case on his own, he would be promoted and considered making him second in command if he did a well enough job. Bakugou immediately agreed, not knowing that he had to solve the case of the recent murder cases with only a few weeks to do so. This was his last week so he was getting desperate.

This murder, according to the information files from the few witnesses, he was a young adult, perhaps 18 or 19. The victims he killed were normally young teenagers, ranging from 11 to 14. The files described him as a short boy with dark short hair, green eyes and a terrifying laugh.

Nobody knows his name for sure. Just hope he never comes knocking on your door. He would stab his victims in the throat before slicing their tongues out. The victims normally died of blood loss. The bodies were sometimes left when others were hidden somewhere around the city. Normally, he would leave the victim’s tongue behind. Pretty gruesome right?

He was feared everywhere. And I mean, everywhere. Kids weren’t allowed to go to school alone and nobody stayed outside at night for long.

Bakugou lazily leans against a brick wall, lighting a cigarette and raising it to his lips. He inhales the bitter tasting mouthful of smoke and exhales. It was his happy place.

Other people found it weird and tried to get him to stop but he never listened. If it killed him earlier in life than so be it. Not like he was going to be a huge difference in someone’s life anyway.

“Someone! Help!” Bakugou sharply turns his head around. A lady had run out of an old apartment from across the road. A car screeches to a stop in the middle of the road. Bakugou quickly runs across the street after looking both ways like a good boi. She collapses into Bakugou’s arms.

“I’m with the police force, Office Bakugou Katsuki. What happened? What’s going on?” He asked the lady frantically. The woman was middle-aged, around her late 30s or early 40s.

The woman pointed inside, breathing heavily and not being able to speak. The driver came out from the car and slammed the door behind him, making the lady flinch harshly. He came down to the lady and Bakugou on the ground.

“What’s wrong with her?” The red-haired man asked. Bakugou didn’t even glance at him, instead gave him a hasty reply. “I don’t know, but she’s traumatized. Maybe an abusive husband inside her home.”

The lady shook her head, her long hair getting in her face. “My, my son!” Screaming was heard from inside. Bakugou quickly put the woman into the red-haired man’s arms before rushing inside. The woman wailed as she was held back by the strong male holding her.

Bakugou kicked the door open to the apartment, holding up his gun to the side of his face. As he entered the old apartment building, a slicing sound was heard with a long scream after. Bakugou tears through the place, trying to find where it was coming from.

He kicked the door down to what looked like an old nursery room. The place was trashed, everything was thrown around the room and broken. It was clear that whoever it was, they were trying to fight back.

A small figure was in the corner of the room, crouched over a smaller dead child. He was crying softly. Bakugou walked over to them, the boy seems to not even notice his presence.

He crouched down behind them, putting his hand on their shoulder. “Don’t worry, you’re safe now. I’ll save you.” Bakugou promised softly.

The boy’s crying turned into maniacal laughter. It grew louder and louder.

“Oh Kacchan,” The boy cooes. Bakugou’s eyes widen. There was only one person who called him Kacchan. The boy turns his head around, his face stained in blood. He smirked evilly.

“It’s too late for you to save me now.”