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In This Life, My Choice is You

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With a sigh the three magic wielders retreated back into the subway tunnel, a few aurors were repairing the walls; but one was holding Tina’s wand in one hand and Newt’s wand and case in the other. The man kept glancing at the case, as if something dangerous would and could burst out at any moment.

Tina held back a chuckle at that observation, because it was true to an extent, so Tina couldn’t blame the poor man. The only creature the man had seen come out of the case was Frank, Newt’s thunderbird. Tina could see why the case would trouble the man holding it and everyone else still in the Subway. Newt shuffled away from the girls and gently took his wand and case back; the auror gave him a grateful smile. He then moved and handed Tina her wand back to her as well, before addressing the three of them.

“MAdam President wishes to meet with you after enough time to escort Mr. Scamander to the Sonoran Desert. She is assigning you to make sure that he makes it there and back safely; with no more escaping creatures.” He told her and Tina nodded before walking away. Newt was standing near Queenie awkwardly shuffling his weight from foot to foot.

“Let’s get FRank and go home,” she said softly. NEwt nodded before looking around and finding some litter on the ground. With a quick wave of his wand, two exact copies of a day old newspaper appeared. A second movement and all three papers became plain, black umbrellas. Hand two of them to Tina and Queenie, keeping the third for himself. Then he led the way to the street.

“If you two could keep your wands and eyes on the case, please?” He asked, his own eyes to the sky along with his wand. He sounded a shrill whistle and watched as frank sank lower and lower in the sky, and angeled himself towards them; towards the whistle. Newt opened the case and watched as frank sank into the case and Tina and Queenie made sure no other creatures tried to escape the case. None did. A flick of Newt’s wrist and the lid of the case shut and the locks latched shut. Newt picked up the case and silently walked over the the women.

He stumbled, weary from multiple days and sea, it was really hard to truly rest with the ground unsteady, followed by two days of rescuing his creatures, and culminating in the attempted rescue of an obscurial and the capture of Gellert Grindelwald. So suffice it to say that he was tired, and mayne slightly injured from a few cures that he had been unable to fully dodge, along with a few stumbles from racing through the tunnels.

Tina seemed to sense this and reached out to steady him. He nodded his thanks to her. She then grabbed her sister’s arm with her free hand, and apparated the three of them to the alley near their apartment. The apparation point for the building. This time it was Tina’s turn to stumble. Newt also returned the favor and unthinkingly wrapped his now free arm around her waist.

“You should climb into your case. It’ll be easier to get passed Mrs. Esposito that way.” She whispered, to which NEwt nodded and set down the case behind the sisters, who provided the cover he needed. A minute or two later and the case’s lid shut when Newt pulled a small, hidden lever in his shed/workshop. Tina latched the case before picking it up in one hand and Queenie’s hand with the other. With a gentle tug she led her sister into the building and up to the apartment, spared the arrival of the landlady. Queenie was zoning out, in a fog: completely silent, staring at nothing and non-responsive. Tina’s heart was breaking for her sister. She had spent most of her live watching and taking care of her sister, but this was not something Tina could protect her from. Heartbreak had to be dealt with individually. Though she would do whatever it took to help her sister.

With a sigh Tina kicked the door shut behind them before setting down the case near the door to shuck her coat off and remover her hat. She kicked her shoes off before seeing to Queenie and getting her out of her own coat, hat and shoes. She then steered her sister to the couch before flicking her wand to light the fire in their fireplace. A second flick in the direction of the kitchen to start heating water for some tea. She grabbed the case and set it down behind the couch. Three raps on the lid to let Newt know that the coast was cleared and it was okay to come out.

She headed for the kitchen to finish the mugs of tea, as he climbed out of his case. The man had taken off his own blue tweed jacket and his mustard yellow waistcoat. His shoes had been left in the case. He padded over to the window, watching the slowing rain. Tina came back into the room carrying a steaming mug in her hands. She glanced at NEwt, who was watching them from the corner of his eye. Then she pressed the mug into Queenie’s hands and sank to the ground in front of her and made sure she drank the sugary hot chocolate..

When Queenie finished the drink, Tina banished the empty mug to the kitchen. She then headed into the kitchen to make herself and Newt a cup of a hot beverage. While she was gone Queenie got up from the couch and stood by him near the window. She reached out her hands with a sad smile and squeezed his own hands before dropping them, both of them turning to the window.

Tina came back, to ask Newt if he wanted tea or hot chocolate, and sighed at the sight of the two of them. The two of them had been put through a ringer or two in the last several hours to days in Newt’s situation. With a sigh Tina rolled her neck trying to get out the tension, it worked a little. At least her neck disks popped back into place. She joined them, watching as Frank’s rainstorm lessened, the thunder and lightning having vanished some point after apparating to the apartment building and Newt coming back out of his case.

Her hand brushed Newt’s shoulder as she moved past him to stand between him and Queenie. His head turned to her, eyes meeting briefly before his gaze was once more focused outside the window. They watched what little of the sunset and stopping rain before someone spoke. Surprisingly it was Queenie who spoke.

“Anyone hungry?” She asked, her voice rough with suppressed emotion, her mind unconsciously shielding itself with Occlumency. Newt and Tina shook their heads in the negative; after the last few hours, food was the last thing on either of their minds. Queenie nodded before drifting away from the window, in the direction of the bedroom and water closet. Tina watched her go, body tensing again as she worried about her sister. A few seconds after the door closed, Tina made to go to her sister, to try and comfort her. A gentle but restraining hand stopped her from going to far though. She turned to Newt, ready to tell him to back off and let her go take care of her sister when he spoke. His words held reason and she forced herself to listen to them.

“I may not know Queenie as well as you do, she is your sister after all, but I do know a thing or two about heartbreak,” he started looking at her face briefly before his eyes fell to her shoulders. “Give her some time alone, let her start processing what just happened. She’ll let you know if she wants or needs you.” He finished his eyes once more finding hers. He held the stare for a minute before removing his hand.

He returned to his suitcase and turned to look at Tina. He gave her a small smile before descending into his suitcase. The lid shut behind him and left Tina staring at it. She sighed, knowing that Newt was right. So she went into the kitchen and made two mugs of hot chocolate. She brought them over to the suitcase before knocking on the lid once again. He poked his head out and she handed one of the mugs over.

“It’ll warm you up, and at least it’s something in you belly. Goodnight Newt.” She told him before turning back to the kitchen to drink her own mug before heading to the lavatory across the hall to bathe before bed. She did not see if he drank the hot chocolate or not.