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Marvelous Colors

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Everyone who has ever held the power can feel it, the morphing grid becomes a part of them. Their DNA is changed forever with faster healing, extra stamina, increased flexibility, greater than average strength, a constant situational awareness, and most importantly a permanent connection to the grid itself.


That connection doesn’t allow a morph, only the morphers can handle that feat. No, the connection comes with seeing the people of the world with extra colors.


Any ranger former or current can see the colors. Most people have no color at all, their connection to the grid, or personality is weak. Uncommon is the weak flickers, wisps of the color a person would be if they held the mantle of power. The rarest individuals have bright blinding colors surrounding them, close to that of a ranger or ex-ranger.


This is the story of these rare individuals, so important to the world and their own teams that the grid responds, recognizing them as honorary rangers. Drawing former rangers to them in droves. In some cases the grid responses helping these individuals and protecting them.


When Tony Stark announces to the world that he is Iron Man two rangers stare at the screen in different locations. Hunter Bradley from the Thunder Academy in Ocean Bluffs and Eric Myers sitting in a Silver Guardians break room in Silver Hills.

They recognize a fellow Crimson ranger, so close to red yet different in so many ways. With an anger, a drive, a block that stops them from integrating into a team. At least until they are dragged kicking and screaming through their own ego, eventually turning into family with their team.

Both decide to help their fellow Crimson in various ways.

If the Silver Guardians start giving Stark industries lower bids and buying their products well that’s not really anyone's business. Though Wes does give Eric knowing, and seriously annoying looks every time it happens.

Hunter pulls a few strings contacting Thunder and Wind Ninjas asking them to take jobs at Stark industries. Just so they can keep an eye on Tony Stark as the man seems to attract trouble and his innocent employees should have protection. Cam ends up working for Stark after hacking the man and sending him an email with every little crack in security he found. Whenever asked Hunter denies telling Cam to hack Stark for personal reasons. Cam for the most part just glares at Hunter during the monthly team reunions.


Ethan James and Justin Stewart ended up sharing an apartment as they get their PHDs at MIT after a bit of prodding from Tommy. Who really just wanted both his former teammates (kids) to be safe during the stressful time of college.

Justin is a huge fan of Dr. Banner and follows his papers with a far too much enthusiasm. So when Banner goes missing of course Justin pestered Ethan to find out why. With a bit of a bribe or two of snacks Ethan relents and hacks his way into the US government. When they both find out about the Hulk, well their not exactly pleased, he looks too much like the monsters they fought against. Yet the grid shines glowing around the man with an unmistakable blue, even in the video of destruction.

Ethan is the first to crack, remembering how much Anton thanked them after being free of Mesogog. After consulting Justin the pair decide to make a plan to save their fellow Blue. Ethan hacks into the account of Banner’s trusted “friend” both rangers chuckle over the irony of the name Mr Blue. Sometimes Ethan or Justin pretend to be Mr. Blue, giving Banner advice on yoga and keeping calm.

Justin is the biology expert between the two and with a bit of help from Tommy concerning genetic mutation he comes up with a solution. It’s not much but it will allow Banner to control his transformations at least a little bit. So Ethan hacks into Dr. Samuel Sterns computer, changing the formulas listed there to give Banner some hope. In turn they find out about Sterns’ plan.

They bring Dax Lo and subsequently Operation Overdrive into their plan. Dax then convinces his team to go on a mission. The blood almost all tracked down and destroyed.


When Thor comes on planet no one is happy. Earth is a Galactic no-go zone and Thor needs to leave immediately. The space rangers elect Carlos Vallerte to go speak with the Asgardian.

Carlos first meets Thor and the color surrounding him is a weak black, barely noteworthy. Thor explains his banishment and resignation about being a mortal. Carlos spends twenty minutes berating the former god of thunder about galactic politics and war. Afterwards he gives Thor his number and some advice from another Adam Park, another black ranger.

“Everybody needs a hand now and then.”

When Thor watches the Destroyer almost kill the warriors, Adam’s words ring through his head. He steps up and offers to sacrifice himself to help protect and give the warriors, his friends, a hand.

The next time Carlos sees Thor it’s on Asgard. The weak black aura has roared to life, a vibrant black as strong as any ranger. Carlos hugs his brother in arms and lets the man know that if he ever returns to Earth to contact Adam Park, Tommy Oliver, or Zack Taylor. Any ranger on Earth would be happy to show him around. As long as he doesn’t scream his alien status to the rest of the world.


Carter Grayson meets Steve Rogers by accident, Light Speed and Shield have a meeting to discuss why Shield needed to give up a potentially demonic artifact. He ends up running quite literally into Captain America.

Captain America is a Red, so bright he matches Earth’s first red Jason Scott in terms of intensity. For his part Steve just stares at Carter. The super soldier serum makes Cap as close to a Ranger as any person on Earth can be without becoming a ranger.

Steve later swears for a brief moment he can see red around Carter. In the end Carter swaps contact info with Steve and offers to just listen and help the man adjust to the modern era.

It’s a good thing he did, because it’s Steve Rogers who ends up alerting Carter about the alien attack in New York.