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It Started With a Video

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Sean was a little.

It wasn't even a fucking lie.

He told Ally (AllyTNT), Ethan (CrankGamePlays), and Dan (DanTDM, who came down to visit about a week ago). Ethan and Ally got it. They told him it was completely normal for somebody to have a kink, and that was his. Dan.... he needed some explaining to. He was an innocent cookie, so Sean refused to do it. But the nineteen year old youtuber, Ally, had no problem with explaining. He kind of made a weird face when it was broken down, but in the end he told Sean he supported him. 

And those hate comments calling him "gay," "fag," and "gay freak." Were all true. 

He was gay. He just knew because he hadn't been attracted to any girls after his breakup but had felt a longing to be with a boy. He explained his feelings to Ally, who, unsurprisingly, came out as gay, also. Sean knew. She had been staring at girl's asses for months

Sean didn't know how he found out he was a little. 

Oh wait. 

He knew exactly how. 

Fucking Ethan. 

Ethan had dared him to suck on a pacifier for twenty seconds and he was completely dazed by it, loving the way it kept him from swearing. 

And it was also Bob's fault. He made a joke about how Jack would look great in a onesie so Sean tried it on and fell in love with how the soft pink material clutched his body. He remembered looking in the mirror and almost shaking until his bones rattled, afraid someone would walk in. He gulped. Surprisingly, he wanted Mark to see him dressed up in a onesie, looking completely weak with his green hair ruffled and his blue eyes blown. 

Mark? Why would he want the half Korean boy to see him dressed up like this? He would probably make some half ass joke about how he just needed a bottle full of breast milk. Jack smiled at the thought of a bottle but winced at the thought of breast milk. He took of the onesie and went to make him a bottle with some coke with zero sugar. 

And that was how he was sitting here today, sucking on a bottle in front of a camera, talking to millions of people. 

"Oh," he said. "A lot of you are probably wondering why am I sucking on a bottle like a toddler. Well, the dishes were messy as fuck and I was too lazy to get my ass up and clean one so I found my friend's baby's bottle that she left and drank out of that." 

It was a complete lie, but a good one. He needed his bottle to feel safe. He was glad he didn't decide to get his initials and a septic eye carved into the side of it. It was already green. He could just picture groups of skeptical comments. He shook his head. Nobody would notice. 



Mark was a dom. A daddy if you would call it. With his last girlfriend he had presented the idea of a dom/sub relationship to her and she just looked at him, disgusted. She asked in her annoying voice, "you aren't seriously turned on by the disgusting shit on you?" 

He went, "pfftt, no!" but broke up with her the next day.

He wondered if his friends found out. Ally was different. Not completely. But it was the way she said the pet names especially to Jack that pissed him off. 

"Hey, Ally, can you toss me a blanket?" Sean asked one night when they were getting ready to have a movie marathon.  

"Sure, sweetie." 

Mark had froze. Ally had always used names like "sweetie," "huney," and "baby doll," but the way she had said triggered him. He shot a look towards Ally, who just rolled her eyes and turned around to grab Jack a blanket. 

He realized he was starting to develop a crush on Jack. 

But he wouldn't possibly be into the weird shit that Mark was. Right? 

Mark thought so, too. 

...until Mark saw the video with Jack and the baby bottle.