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So Damn lovable

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Peter swung from building to building, a smile across his face from under his mask.

“The police have arrived and taken the men to jail, good job, Peter.” Karen says, his smile turns into a grin.

“Thanks Karen.” Peter lands on top of a skyscraper, he sits down and looks out at the view. The buildings surrounding the Avengers Tower made everything look awesome.

The sun was about to set soon, he’d have to call May and check in with her in a bit. He was only a few blocks away from where he stuck his book bag.

Peter looks around over the buildings once more and sees a man sitting with his legs crossed, he was staring at Avengers tower from the top of a building.

The young hero immediately got up and swings over. He lands a foot away from the man, he had pitch black hair that was to his shoulders. “S-Sir?” The man looks back at him, Peter froze and Karen spoke.

“Peter, that is Thor Odinson’s brother, Loki. Would you like me to contact Mr. Stark?” Karen questions, worry in her voice. Loki sat in leather black pants and a dark green leather long sleeve top on with black straps across his chest.

Peter forgets to speak for a few minutes, “N-no! I got this.” He steps forward and gulps. “Um- Y-your-You-“ The teen takes a deep breath before speaking again.

“You really are Loki...” Peter finally says, Loki sits up straighter and raises an eyebrow.

“Indeed I am. And you are?” Loki glances at his suit.

“I-I’m Spider-Parker! Uh, S-Spider-man! Mr. Loki sir.” Peter almost jumps off the building when his voice cracked. Loki chuckles.

“Are you sure you are a Spider-man? You sound quite like a boy.” Loki smirks and Peter’s shoulders drop.

“I’m not a-a Boy! I’m a m-man...” Peter heard Karen laugh for a second and Loki looks back over the building.


“Alright, Child.”


The teen looks down the building, seeing the height almost matched the Tower. “What are you doing up here?” Peter asks, he sits down next to the God, his heart beating out of his chest. 

“I doubt your Avengers and the other mortals would find themselves happy with me walking around this disgusting place.” Loki’s stare turns into a harsh glare, almost as if he was wishing the Tower would catch fire. 

“Well maybe. People aren’t really comfortable with the guy who attacked them but you gotta let them warm up to you.” Peter replied, he sees Loki rubbing at his hands. They were covered in scratches and burns. 

Peter jumps over and instantly reaches for Loki. “A-are you okay?!” Loki looks at him with shock written all over his face. He hides his hands from the child. 

“I am fine. It is nothing.” Loki’s shock doesn’t disappear, his chest warms. 

“But- Your hands are hurt.” Peter tries to look at the God’s hands again.

“It is none of your concern. They will heal later.” Loki leans away from the boy. His thoughts raced. 

“How long until later though? At least-“ Peter tries before Loki stands and glares down at him.

“I will be fine!” Loki doesn’t understand this child’s feelings, his own confusion instantly turns into anger, this small mortal thought he was weak and needed help. 

Peter falls back and his lip shakes, he began stuttering again. He tries to put some distance between them when he slips and begins to fall off the side of the building. 

A hand grabs at his and stops him from falling. He looks up and sees Loki, surprise crossing his face again. He pulls the child back over the building side and doesn’t let go of him.

Peter looks down at Loki’s hands and sees they were bleeding now. He stands in front of Loki and takes the God’s hands into his own. “I-I’m sorry, Mr. Loki. I just w-want to h-help...” Loki steps back but didn’t take his hands away.

“I do not need help. Especially from a child.” The boy lets go of Loki’s hands and steps away.

“S-“ Loki shushes him, he looks away and sighed.

“I may need help bandaging them until they do heal.” Loki doesn’t look at the child. Peter smiles and jumps up. 

“A-Alright!” Loki raises his hand and a roll of bandages appear in his hand. Peter gaps at this and his mouth falls open. “Wow, that was so cool! You really can do magic! Me and Ne- Uh, my friend we’re talking about what kind of magic you can do!”

Loki smiles, he hands the bandages to the spider. He sits down with the boy and tilts his head. Peter begins to bandage Loki’s hands. He finishes and looks up at Loki, “Thank you for letting me help.” Loki stands and smirks.

“You do understand you’ve just assisted “The Guy” who attacked Midgard?” Loki watches as the boy stands up and puts his hands behind his masked head.

“Yeah, but who gets to say they’ve helped the god of mischief?” Spider-man says, Loki holds out his newly bandaged hands and a green snake crawls out from under his sleeve.

Peter’s arms fell and he leans forward, “Holy Cannoli. That’s so awesome! Can you make other stuff appear, Mr. Loki?” Peter’s curiosity gets the better of him and he reaches out for the snake.  

“Just call me Loki.” The snake jumps at him and goes on to his arm. He grins and almost shakes with happiness.

“This is-“ He looks up and sees Loki was gone, as if he wasn’t even here to begin with. He glances down and sees the snake opens it’s mouth and shows it sharp fangs before disappearing in a flash of green dust.

“Whoa. Karen, call Chair War-God!” Peter jumps from the building and shoots out a web as he goes.

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Loki looks at the boy next to him as he takes a seat. “Hello.” The spider began to swing his legs, he held a brown bag.


“Hey Mr- Uh, Loki!” The Spiderling pushes his mask up to his nose and opens the bag, he bites into a small brown circle with black dots in it.


“What in the worlds is that?” Loki question, the child looks at the thing and stuffs it into his mouth and reaches into the bag, he pulls out another one and holds it out to Loki.


“T-try I-hm- It.” The spider says, Loki hesitantly grabs the surprisingly soft circle. He takes a small bite out of the thing and glances down at it.


“This is good, what is it?” The God questions, the child laughs and grabs another circle for him.


“There chocolate chip cookies, me and my au- An Acquaintance made them.” The child said, he smiles as Loki takes the so called cookie and starts to eat both of them.


“I like them.”


“So do I.” They sat for quite a while eating the cookies until there were no more. Loki has searched the bag, wishing for more of the cookies.


“Sorry, I’ll bring more tomorrow. Maybe you and me can make them later.” The spider says, practically jumping up. Loki tosses the bag over the roof, the child shoots something out of his wrist and instantly grabs the bag, Loki jolts away and looks at the boy’s wrist.


“Don’t just throw it, that’s Littering. You can get a fine for that.” The teen says while wrapping the bag in the stuff from his wrist. He looks up and sees the God staring at his wrist.


“That is quite strange.”


“So is disappearing.” Loki hums and looks down at the small people below them.


“You would wish to make these cookies with me?” The god asked, tilting his head to the side. The spider nods as he pulls his mask down.


“Yeah! You and me can make these, I’ll have to get the recipe from my Acquaintance though.” The spider laughs, Loki messes with his no longer bandaged hands.


“Alright, Spiderling. I would like that.” Loki smiles, the child looks at his hands and almost jumps into him.


“Whoah! They healed! That’s great, did they heal okay? O-oh! Do you have like healing spells or can you heal quick like me?” The spider crosses his legs and Loki could hear the pure wonder in his voice.


“I-I...I know ways to heal quicker than most with my magic so yes, I have healing spells I believe?” Loki barely says through the spider’s questions. He felt a bit overwhelmed.


“That’s so cool! I can’t wait until I tell Ned-...Arty... Y-yeah! Nedarty!” The child stutters and Loki could hear him gulp.


“Nedarty? Are you sure that is their name?” He raises an eyebrow and the spider begins to Loki around nervously.


“Y-Yes?” Loki knew this child was lying but didn’t say anything, he crosses his arms and smirks.


“What a wonderful name.” He sees the spider’s tense shoulders relax as he sighed and coughed.


“So, um Loki, what really brings you to the big apple?” The boy leans on one of his hands and stares into the green eyes of the god. Loki glances at Avengers Tower and glares.


“The idiotic avengers and Odin, king of Asgard. I’m being hunted by both of them and I am supposed to be imprisoned for my crimes.” Loki says through his teeth.


Spider-man brings his knees to his chest. “Do you feel sorry?” Loki looks at the child.




“Do you feel sorry for what you’ve done?” The spider spoke slowly, Loki wonders what’ll happen if he says no, if he truly didn’t feel any regret.


“Yes, I do.” He says with his chin up. The spider nods.


“Good, it’d be pretty bad if you didn’t. But as long as you regret what you’ve done, I forgive you. The avengers and Mr. Odin may not, you’ll have to tell them your sorry next time you meet.” The spider sighs and stretches his arms out. Loki closes his eyes and chuckles.


“If only it were that easy.”


“It might be.” Loki disappears and The spider looks around and snaps his fingers. “I gotta start learning how to disappear too...”

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It’s been two weeks and every day, The Spiderling has brought him Cookies and brownies and small candies called “Jolly Ranchers” and “Lollipops”.


Loki must admit that the candies and other snacks were nice, the child always brought something with him. A few days ago the boy came back with a cookie and a dislocated shoulder.


The god almost had a heart attack that day. He healed the boy and checked him for another injuries after that. Loki didn’t know if he kept returning for the snacks or for the Tower, or at least that’s what he told the younger man.


He knew exactly why he kept coming back, it just wasn’t either of those damn things. It was the Boy.


After time had passed, Loki was left waiting, staring out across the buildings and waiting for the spider. Every bad thought came to his head. If the boy was hurt, if the boy didn’t like him anymore, if the boy was captured-


More bad thoughts ran through his mind, voices whispered to him and he tries not to listen, he tried so hard not too.


Loki stares down towards the ground. It would be a long drop and he might actually die if he were to fall. He leans down some more, he began to tip over, he closes his eyes the second he began to slip.


Hands grab at his wrist and hand. He turns and sees the spider child holding him. “Hey Mr- Um, Loki! You know you have to be carful, you almost fell.” Loki was pulled back.


“I know.” Loki keeps his eyes down, the spider leans down and tries to see what he was staring at but only saw the streets and cars.


“I got cookies.” Loki finally looks up, he holds out his hand and Peter places three cookies into his hand.


Loki glances over and sees the spider roll up his mask to his nose and begin to eat a cookie. “Oh dear.”




“You have no hair on your face, you really are a child.” Loki says with a smirk. The spider huffs.


“I’m not a total child!”


“Tell me that when you have hair on your chin.” Loki snorts when he sees the boy pout and sigh.






“Why did you choose this building?” Peter suddenly questions. Loki stops and glances at the Avengers tower.


“The view make everything look less disgusting.” Loki sees a cloud above them.


“True but that didn’t sound right. Why did you really-“ Peter’s senses went off like a fire alarm. He looks around and sees an explosion happen a few building away.


He stands and glances at Loki, “Wanna come?” The god looked like he had slapped him with a fish.


“What? Have you lost your mind?” Loki tilts his head and heard another explosion.


“Maybe. Are you coming?” He hold’s out his hand and Loki glances at it and where the damage was happening.


He shakes his head and slides away from the spider’s hand. The spider’s shoulders dropped and he nods. “I’ll see you later?” The spider falls forward and Loki reaches out to grab him.


The spider shoots something from his wrist and it sticks to another building and he swings. Loki watches as he rushes to the problem.


The trickster shakes his head and stands up.


Peter lands onto a top off a car and stands. “Hey Ock!” The man turns around, his eyes narrowed. He stood and suddenly he was lifted off the ground.


“Spider-Man! So nice to see you again.” Doctor octopus says with a grin. The metal arms rise in the air before rushing at him.


Peter jumps back and stands on the side of a building with his arms cross, “Your getting pretty slow. Maybe those need some oil or something?”


Another arm reaches from him and he flips forward, he shoots out webs under the long metal arms and pulls them out from under the Doc.


The villain falls into the ground with a groan, “No, I’m just waiting for a friend.” Doc. Ock looks up and Spider-Man felt his senses go nuts. He looks around and sees nothing.


“Friend? I didn’t think you had any.” Peter turns to see a grey body running at him. It slams into him and he goes flying back.


“Peter! Are you okay?” Karen asked, Peter takes a deep breath and gets to his feet.


“Yeah I’m good, thanks for asking.” Peter sees Doc ock rises, ripping his webs and he glances towards the other and sees Rhino standing with a smug smirk.


“Hey bug.” Rhino says, he stomps his foot into the ground and leans his horn forwards.


“Didn’t know you guys were friends, did you meet on Super-villains. Com or?” Spider man turns his electric webs on as Rhino charges at him again.


He waits for the last second before jumping over the Rhino and shooting his webs at his neck. The man yells out and slams into the building in front of him, Peter covers him in webs and smiles.


“Olé!“ His senses when off again and he winces, Metal wraps around him and began to squeeze. Peter yells out as something cracks.


Doc Ock’s grin grew and he lets out a laugh, “Look at what I’ve caught, a pathetic little spider.”


Peter lets out a wheeze, “D-d-didn’t your mom ever teach y-you it’s rude to call people n-names?” The squeezing grew tighter and the spider cries out. He heard loud footsteps and sees Rhino charging at him again.


Peter was let go of and Rhino slams into him, he slams into the ground and a crater forms under him. “Peter, would-“


“N-no thanks.” He already knew where Karen was going with the question and he did not want Mr. Stark’s help with this.


“Aw, time to squish a spider.” Rhino stands over him, his arms raised in the air as he held a car. Rhino drops the car onto the spider.


Dr. Oct lets out a loud laugh, “Finally-“


The car moves and rises, The spider lifts the car off him. Rhino grows and slams his fist into the car, Peter still held it with a huff.


Rhino goes to hit the car again when something hits him.


Peter watches as a truck slams into Rhino and sees Loki standing with his hand held out. “Hello Spiderling.”


Doc. Ock lets out a scream and rushes towards Loki, Peter throws the car off of himself and webs one of the octopus legs, his ribs argued against him moving. Loki reaches down and places his hand onto the ground.


Peter’s eyes widen as he sees ice crawling from Loki’s hand and under the legs of octopus, they begin to slip and soon Doc. Ock falls to the ground.


Loki disappears and reappears above Doc. Ock, a knife appears in his hand and Peter’s grins and sees Loki slams the knife into the Ock’s belt, the metal legs go limp and Loki hops onto the ground with a smirk.


He flips the knife into the air and Peter jumps over and catches it before it lands into his hand. “No.”


“I would’ve caught it.” Loki argues while staring at the boy, Peter lets out a laugh and goes to hand the knife back when Karen’s voice interrupts him.


“Peter, Tony Stark is calling.” Peter felt his heart leap out of his chest and he began to feel anxiety building up.


“Don’t answer!” Karen quickly sends Tony Stark to voice mail and Peter instantly feels guilty.


“Don’t answer what?” Loki questions, Peter shakes his head.


“Iron man was calling me, I may have....Not answered?” Loki took a second to process what the boy said before bursting out laughing.


“Oh my, Spiderling.” Loki heard Peter laugh and stop quickly with a ‘Ow’.


Peter raises his hand and pressed his hand against his chest. “Ouch.” Loki stops, he gently reaches out and pulls Peter’s hand away from his chest.


Loki places his hand onto the boy’s chest and presses, Peter yells and takes a step back. “I-I should go?” The spider tries to turn but Loki grabs him and they were gone.


Peter stumbles back as they were now standing on top of the office building they always met on. “L-Loki?” The god places his hand back onto the boy’s chest and his hand glows a pale green.


Peter sighs when the pain fades, he leans into Loki and smiles. “You-?”


“Yes. You’ll still feel a bit of the pain but your chest is healed.” Loki says while takes a step back, Peter rushes forwards and wraps his arms around Loki.


“Thank you! We should totally team up again! And the ice powers! Those are so cool! You have powers like Elsa! Oh I can be Anna!” Peter says quickly and Loki pats the child’s shoulder before untangling himself from him.


Loki coughs into his hand and covers his purplish cheeks. “I have no clue as to what your talking about.”


“Elsa and Anna? Frozen? Um, How about next week we have a movie night?” Peter asked, he sits on the side of the building.


Loki tilts his head, “Movie night?”


“Forget It, meet me here at 4 and we can go watch Frozen, if that’s okay with you? You one hundred percent don’t have to if-“


“Alright.” Loki interrupts the rambling boy with a smirk.


“Alright?...Alright! I’ll-“ Loki disappears before Peter could finish, Peter didn’t even care as a million thoughts race through his mind.


He just got a ex-super villain to agree to having a movie night with him. If he brought him home than he’d reveal his identity and Aunt May could get hurt but he highly doubt Loki would do anything like that.


Karen’s voice snapped him out of his daze. “Peter?”




“You have 47 miss calls from Mr. Stark, 22 miss calls from Pepper Potts, five miss calls from “Pirate Fury”, ten miss calls from “Chair War-God” and over twelve from each of the Avengers and two texts from Thor. Would you like to reply to any of them?”


Peter gulps. “N-“


A sound catches his attention. He sees Iron man’s suit flying at him.


He was going to actually die.

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Peter sat in the middle of everyone. Ever Avenger, Nick Fury, Maria Hill, and even Happy stood staring at him. Tony Stark takes his place in front of Peter, he drags a chair up and puts it backwards, he sat down with a huff.


“Want to start this off or should I?” Tony asked, he raises an eyebrow and glances at the teen’s shifty eyes.


Peter glances up. “Y-you can?” He was panicking so badly.


Tony instantly pulls up the video of Spider-Man and Loki working together and disappearing. Peter sunk deeper into his seat.


“So, Spider-Man. Whats your explanation?” Fury glares with his one eye. He stood next to Tony. Peter cracks a nervous smile.


“U-uh, well, Um....” Peter felt his lungs burn as he tries to speak. He lets out a cough. “L-Loki randomly came to help me?” The unimpressed look on Tony and everyone’s faces made him gulp.


“Randomly? You sure about that?” Tony leans forwards and Steve uncrosses his arms and leans against the wall he was closest too.


“Son, you don’t have to lie to us. You can tell us the truth.” Steve tries to comfort him but Peter glances at him before looking back at his hands.


“M-maybe Loki wants to do good now...” Peter felt a hand on his shoulder.


Natasha stares down at him with soft eyes, “Peter, I know what lying looks like and you’re terrible at it. Tell us why Loki “Helped” Spider-Man.” Peter looks down at the ground.


“I may or may not have met Loki on accident.” He quickly says. He knew he couldn’t try to hide it for much longer with two of the greatest spies staring him down and his mentor sitting right in front of him with Nick Fury behind him.


“And you didn’t think to call me or Happy, or any of us?” Tony rewinds the video and pauses right where Loki was laughing with Spider-Man next to him.


Peter felt his nervousness disappear. He sits up in his chair and crosses his arms, “You never answer.” Peter said it loud and clear. Tony’s glare drops and his eyes widen.


“I would’ve-“


“No! You wouldn’t! I’ve left so Many messages and barely anyone answers them!” Peter yells, Happy tenses and felt guilt spread up into his chest.


“Loki is literally the God of Mischief! He could be tricking you and trying to use you! He can kill you!” Tony argues, trying not to feel guilty about ignoring the Avengers newest Avenger.


Fury steps in, he puts his hand on Tony’s shoulder and stops him.


“Parker, you have to understand. Loki is dangerous, he’s killed a lot of people and I don’t think a kid from New York is going to be any different.” Fury speaks with a stern tone.


Thor steps up, “Loki would not hurt a child.”


“You don’t know that.” Natasha says, she knew how manipulative the God could be. Thor glares at her.


“He is my brother.”


“Stepbrother. And from what you’ve told us about him, it seems like you don’t know him at all. After the snake story and wall accident story...” Clint adds, he didn’t like this one bit. He wanted Peter far away from Loki.


“Peter. We just don’t want you getting hurt.” Steve finally spoke up, everyone’s attention was back onto Spider-Man.


“I know but he won’t hurt me.” Peter wanted to leave very badly.


“How do you know?” Tony questions, he rubs his forehead and stands up.


“Because he just saved me. If he wanted me dead, I think he would’ve done that a few weeks-“ Peter slams his mouth shut and wished himself dead or for someone to come save him. Tony’s face twists with anger and Peter felt his growing confidence dissolve away.


“Weeks?! How long have you been talking to him?! How long have you not came to me?” Tony yells, Peter bites the inside of his cheek and he fidgets with his hands.


“N-not that long.”


Tony’s fist tightens and he walks Way from everyone and goes straight to the alcohol. Bruce takes off his glasses and runs a hand through his hair. “Peter. Loki’s-“


“Changed! He’s okay now.” Peter stares at everyone but no one wanted to look at him except Fury and Thor.


“Like Stark said, he can just be manipulating you.” Fury watches Tony down a shot of vodka. “If Loki turns on you-“


“He won’t. You are all just talking about ‘What-If’s’ but they won’t happen!”


“You don’t know that.” Clint walks over to Tony and gets a shot for himself. “Loki is unpredictable and a bastard.”


“No he’s not. He-“ Peter tries to talk but Fury stops him.


Fury mentions to Thor to step up. Thor steps forward and holds out a gold and black bracelet with different kinds of symbols. Thor looked heartbroken.


Fury snatched the bracelet away and holds it out to Peter. “Spider-Man, this is a chance to forget everything. You put this on Loki next time you see him, call Stark, and we’ll capture him.” Peter doesn’t want to be near the bracelet.


“This will disable his powers, a little gift from Thor’s father for when we ran into Loki.” Fury takes Peter’s hand and drops the bracelet into his hand.


“I-I won’t. He trusts me...”


“If you don’t, you are done being an Avenger and Spider-Man.” Everyone stops, Tony drops his glass and it shatters when it connects to the ground, he marches in front of Fury and hides Peter behind him.


“Fury, we aren’t-“


“Yes We are. It’s bad enough Peter’s associating with Loki, if he doesn’t do this, he is done being a hero.” Everyone in the room started to argue against Nick, even Natasha and Happy started to yell at the one eyed man.


“He is not done being anything! Fury you just can’t-“


“I wi-“


“Nick, you can’t be this harsh. He’s-“ Steve tries to help but Tony started to yell.


“We are not just taking this away from him! Fury, you do this and I’m done helping you.” Tony screams.


“We have other sources than you, Stark.” Fury’s eye narrows.


Peter wasn’t listening, he takes off running, he runs right for the open window. “Peter!” Tony yells after him but Peter was already diving outside.


He clutches the bracelet tightly in his gloved hand. He began to fall, it felt so slow as Peter almost reaches the bottom of the tower.


Spider-Man shoots out a web and jumps up, he didn’t listen to the thunder crackling or for Karen trying to talk to him, telling him Tony was flying after him.


Peter looks around and sees the alley he stuck his clothes in. He swings into it and rips off his mask, he heard Iron man rush pass him and it began to pour.


Peter tries to break the bracelet, he tries to smash it, he tries to crush it, nothing worked. The symbols shine brightly in the darkness of the alley.


The rain soaks his hair and he lets out a frustrated yell. He slams his fist into the building. He couldn’t betray Loki, not after he saved him, not after he helped him. Not after everything they’ve told to each other.


Loki trusted him. He told him he trusted him after he tried to give him a brownie, Peter lets out a dry chuckle at the memory. The God thought he was trying to poison him before trying the fudge brownie.


Peter rubs his eyes harshly and his head began to hurt.


It was either give up Loki or be done with being a hero. Even if he did give up the suit and give up everything, he’d have to find a way but no more Avengers, no more Tony or Pepper or Karen or Happy.


Peter crawls down the building and grabs his clothes, he already knew what he was going to do. He just didn’t know how. The thunder cracks and lightning lights up the sky.


The spider heads home and walks in through the front door. “Peter! Tony Stark called-“


“I know...C-can you call him back and tell him... Tell him I’ll do it.” Peter walks to his room but Aunt May’s Hand gently touches his shoulder.


“Peter, are you okay?” She asked, Peter nods and looks at the ground.


“No.” Peter leans his head into her shoulder and wraps his arms around her. His wet hair sticks to the sides of his face and her shirt.


“Pete, Whats the matter?“ May says softly.


“You know how I met Loki? Avengers found out and...They want me t-to catch him.” Peter’s voice cracks a little at the end and he forces a smile.


“Oh Peter...“ She hugs him tightly and runs a hand through his wet hair.


“I-If I don’t catch him, Fury is gonna “stop” me from being a hero.” Peter takes a deep breath and May pulls back and looks him in his eyes.


“Do you want me to go fight him? I got the bat under my bed if you-“ Peter lets out a laugh and shakes his head.


“Definitely not. But thanks.” He smiles at her and she frowns.


“No matter what Peter, you’ll always be Spider-Man. No one can take that away from you and certainly not a weird one eyed pirate guy.” May says with a soft voice and Peter nods.


“Thank you.” He backs away and goes to his room, he glances back at May and smiles. “Your the best.” She grins and crosses her arms.


“Yeah I am. If you need me, I’m right here.” Peter nods again and closes his door. He slides down it and takes the bracelet out of his pocket and glares at it.


Fudge Thor’s father.

Chapter Text

Peter paced back and forth. He got out of school awhile ago and he was freaking out ever since. He had to leave and go meet Loki in thirty minutes.


He looks down at the bracelet in his hand, he tried to light it on fire but the thing didn’t even even melt like he hoped it would.


He thought about flushing it but knew it’d get stuck in the pipes and it would clog the toilet. Peter was walking around in his costume and everything, Aunt May came in a few times and asked if he was okay again and wanted to talk.


He was on the bridge of Okay and a metal breakdown, and he was falling more towards the breakdown to be honest. He told Ned everything, Ned almost had a heart attack when he heard about the threat of him not being a superhero anyone.


Ned even called Fury a wiener. Peter lost it after that, he looks at his window with a huff. “May! I’m heading out!”


“You sure you don’t want me to call? I can go-“ His amazing Aunt peaks her head from around his doorway.


“No, I got this. I think?” Peter replies with a shaky voice.


“Peter, I can use the bat, I can make that bat from the walking dead! I’ll go talk to Mr. Pirate and maybe-?” Peter lets out a loud laugh, he holds his sides and grins.


“Maybe later, I’ll call you if anything.” Peter puts on his mask and steps out the window.


“Good. Try to be back before 11:30!” May yells back from the couch. Peter lets a smile spread over his cheeks.


“I will! Love you!” With that, he takes off swinging.


He passed Avengers Tower with a glare and saw Loki sitting on the building while staring at the sky. He wanted to turn around but his arms kept moving and soon enough he stood next to the God.


“Hello Spiderling.” Loki’s smooth voice makes Peter frown. He wasn’t ready. His grip on the bracelet tightens.


“H-hey Loki.” Peter glares at the Tower again and began breaking down every situation that could happen in the next fifteen minutes.


“So where shall we be having this movie night you’ve spoke of.” Loki questions with a smile that made Peter turn to jelly.


“I-i-Well, I, uh, i dont-He-“ Peter’s shoulder’s Shakes with nervousness, a hand on his shoulder made him freeze.


“Spider.” Loki says calmly, Peter stops trying to talk and wraps his arms around Loki. The raven haired God stares down at the boy and pats his head.


“I am so sorry.” The spider mumbles out. Loki raises an eyebrow and feels the boy pull away from him. Loki was going to question what the hero meant when he reaches up and takes his mask off .


Loki forgot how to function.


Dark brown hair was ruffled and brown eyes stare into his green ones. The spider was adorable and very, very young like he thought. The boy holds out his hand and smiled.


“I’m Peter Parker.” Loki glances at his hand and raises his own, he shakes the boy’s hand and doesn’t let go.


“I-it’s nice to meet you, Peter.” Loki stutters, he never stutters or falls over his words.


Peter holds out his other hand and shows the bracelet. Loki practically hisses at it and glares. “Peter, where did you get that?”


“The Avengers gave it to me after you disappeared. They said you were just using me but...But I trust you.” Peter said with so much anxiety, his chest began to ache as his heart practically beat out of his chest. “I’m not listening to them.”


Loki lets out a laugh and grins, “Your refusing to do what they say? Maybe I am evil and I’m corrupting you.”


“Welp, Mark me down as the most corruptible spider ever....” Peter tries to match Loki’s grin but fails. Loki sees the sorrow in his eyes and his grin turns into a worried frown.




“I-I can’t be a hero anymore.” Peter felt tears prickle at the corners of his eyes as he said the words that broke Loki’s heart.




“N-Nick Fury said if I d-didn’t put that on you, I-I couldn’t be a hero anymore...Guess I’m might actually be a baddie after all, Can I be your sidekick?” Peter tries to joke but the air became heavy and his tears fell, Loki wipes them away.


“No, I cannot take that away.” Loki grabs Peter and they disappear. Peter shakes his head to get rid of the slight blurriness and looks around.


They were standing in Avengers Tower in the empty elevator. The elevator began to rise up. Peter steps in front of Loki and stares up into his eyes with confusion written all over his face.


“Loki, you have to go! It’ll be okay-“ Peter pleads and Loki puts his hand on the teen’s head and runs his hand through his hair.


“I cannot take your passion away from you, you must continue helping others.” Loki says softly.


“Y-you won’t be! Please, Loki. You need to-“ Peter couldn’t finish his sentence.


The God snatches the bracelet away from Peter and hesitantly puts it on his wrist with a pain filled groan. He shudders and grips his wrist tightly. Peter’s jaw drops as he sees pitch black spread up into Loki’s veins and vanish quickly.


Burns peak out from under the bracelet and they spread out a little before stopping. Loki closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, he cracks a smirk. “Seems Odin wanted me to suffer a bit after all.” The elevator digs and the doors open.


Peter turns around to see Tony looking stressed out and eating a Hershey bar, Steve sitting with a book in his hands, Bruce sat with a hologram up And Natasha was sitting with her legs over Steve’s while staring at her phone like she was waiting for it to do something.


His heart drops into his stomach and tries to hide Loki behind him but the God pushes him forward and his feet dig into the ground. Tony glances up and his eyes widen.


“Holy shit.” Tony runs over to Peter and grabs him. “Friday! Call everyone and tell them to get their asses here now.” He pushes Peter next to him and he glares at the in pain God.


“H-hello Tiny Man.” Loki forces a smirk and returns the glares.


“Hey Rock of ages-.....Where the hell is your mask?” Tony’s face falls and hears the dig of the elevator and sees the rest of the gang rushing over and surrounding Loki.


Thor is the first to walk in front of his brother. He gently grabs his brother’s wrist and sees the damage, his eyes become glassy and he sighs. “Brother-“


“We are not b-brothers, Odinson.” Loki says coldly, Peter could barely feel Tony gently grabbing his shoulders.


“Kid, where is your mask?” Tony asks again. Peter shows it clutched in his hands and Tony thinks the worst.


“Did he take it off? Shit.” Tony tries to block Loki’s view of the teen.


Natasha walks next to Tony and sees Peter’s eyes, she sees his eyes were almost bloodshot and his cheeks were red.


“ребенок паук?” Natasha says gently, Peter wasn’t even looking at her as he stares at Loki.  She frowns and glares at the God of Mischief.


“Sir, Nick Fury has been alerted and he is on his way. He is ten minutes away.” Friday calls from above, her voice rings throughout the area.


“Thanks Fri. So Loki, looks like you’ve been caught by our newest Avenger. That must be a pain in the ass.” Tony glances at the shaking Spider-Man and his worry skyrockets.


Loki flashes a smile at Peter and his brother grabs him by the shoulder and began to drag him. Clint had his bow ready and a arrow pointing at Loki’s head if he wanted to try anything.


The avengers walk after Thor and Loki and Steve puts his hand hand on Peter’s shoulders. “You did the right thing.”


“No.” Peter pushes Steve’s hand off of him and he runs after Loki. He pushes pass everyone and stands in front of Loki.


“Why would you-You should of left!” Peter yells, he glares at Loki and his hands clenches into fists. Loki tilts his head to the side. He reaches up and Tony already had his repulser glove on and he points it at Loki.


“Try something, I dare you.” Tony growls out, Natasha grabs a knife from her boot, Thor glances at everyone and his hammer flies into his hand. Peter instantly shoots everyone with webs and forces them back so only he and Loki stood in the center of the room.


“Peter? What-” Loki tries to question the teen but his wrist was grabbed and Peter tries to tug the bracelet off. Loki frowns and places his hand onto the boy’s. “It won’t work, only Odin can take it off.”


“So Odin needs to get here now and take it off!” Peter screams, he tries again to yank it off but stops when Loki slowly pushes him away.


“Like you said, it will be okay.” A ding made everyone look at the elevator. Nick Fury and four guards holding very large guns rush out. Loki stands in front of Peter and Clint, Natasha and Thor destroy the webs.


“Loki, back away from him.” The guns point straight at Loki and the guards take their place around the room. The Avengers glance at the guns and keep their eyes on Peter and Loki. Tony holds out his gloved hand towards Loki and looks at each other the guards.


“Peter, back up.” Steve says, he sees one of the guards start to shake and his gut tells him something is wrong. He and Clint glances at the guard.


“Felt, change your guns to lethal.” The guards press a button under the tigger of their guns and aim at Loki again.


Loki puts one of his hands behind him and touches Peter’s hand, he squeezes it while glancing back. He whispers out one word. “Go.”


Spider-Man refuses to move. “No.” Loki turns to Peter and reaches his other hand out. The shaking guard steps forward and Peter’s senses went off like a alarm.


“Alva-“ Fury tries to yell but the guard’s finger tightens over the trigger, Clint and Steve were already rushing towards the man when a loud shot ran through the air. Tony lets out a scream and everything happens in a flash of movements.


Loki was on the ground, his eyes wide and he sees Peter standing in front of him. Everyone froze.


No one moved, no one breathed, no one did anything.


Spider-Man stood with a hole going through his suit and into his chest. He stumbles forward and looks down, blood began to pour from his wound.


The poor teen looks around at everyone, he even looks at the guard who shot him. He looks at Loki with such fear and worry, it makes him sob.


“P-Peter?” Peter falls to his knees and brings a hand up to his chest, he pressed against his wound but blood slips pass his fingers and slides down his suit, it leaves a crimson red trail as it slides from the wound.


Loki jumps up and falls in front of the boy, his knees slam into the ground. He shakily holds out his hands and retracts them.


Peter’s legs shook and his body felt numb. He could hardly breathe, blood slips pass his lips and he looks up at the worried God. “A-are you okay?” He asked, he just wanted everyone to be okay.


Tony falls to his knees. Natasha covers her mouth as she silently screams, her knife falls to the floor. Clint drops his bow and stumbles back.


Bruce felt his heart race and his veins become a pale green, Steve practically snarls, he continues to run at the guard and he slams his fist into their face, they drop the gun as they fall to the ground wheezing.


Thor slowly backs away and tries to say something but no words were spoken. Fury felt his heart shatter once he sees the blood coming from the poor kid.


Peter’s eyes droop and they fight to stay open. Loki felt the teen fall against him and he couldn’t feel his tears slipping from his green eyes and run down his pale cheeks.


All Peter heard was yelling and some one asking him to stay awake.

Chapter Text

Loki held a knife tightly in his hand. It’s been minutes since Peter was hurt and the useless Avengers stood around him, he refuses to move from the ground next to the doors.


Peter was in those doors behind him.


Tony was pacing around with Pepper walking next to him, he’d be damned if he let anyone take Peter away right now, he made the doctors come straight to the tower.


Natasha and Clint stood together, she leaned onto his arm. Steve sat with bloody knuckles and Thor was leaning on the wall opposite to Loki.


Bruce was calming down in the living room with ice cream and some Bob Ross.


Fury stood with his hands on his head and Maria stood with her arms crossed next to him, a frown on her face and her worried eyes darted around the room.


Loud footsteps were heard, everyone sees Peter’s Aunt May running toward them with her face blaring red and her eyes were bloodshot, Happy was right behind her.


Loki curls up more once he sees her, the burns on his arm spreads from the cuff. Tony stops pacing and May looks around and sees the doors, she runs to them but Tony steps in front of her.


“The doctors are working on him.” Tony says gently, May’s eyes lit up with fire and she looks around and sees Fury. Her hands ball up into fist and tears begin to run down her face.


She pushes Tony out of the way and stomps in front of Fury and Maria. Happy meets Tony’s eyes for a second before looking back at the engaged brunette.


May slams her fist into Nick’s face and his head almost slams into the wall behind him. Blood ran down his nose.


“How dare you! How dare you let Peter get hurt!” She looks at Loki and he meets her eyes and quickly looks away. Her harsh eyes find Nick’s eye again.


“Peter wasn’t getting hurt, he wasn’t going to be betrayed, he was okay! Do your own dirty work next time, better yet! There shouldn’t be a next time! Loki hasn’t done anything for almost two years! You should’ve listened to Peter! You should’ve of listened!” May screams, she slams her fist into Fury’s chest and Maria steps forward but Fury holds his hand up.


Fresh Tears slide down her cheeks and trail down her cheeks, she lets out a sob. “Peter was okay without any of you stupid Heroes getting in his way! H-he was okay...” She wraps her arms around herself and Happy tries to place his hand onto her shoulder, but she shrugs him off and and stomps in front of Loki.


Loki tries to sink deeper into the floor. The knife he held was gripped tighter. May kneels down in front of him. She tilts her head and her lip shakes. “S-So you’re Loki?” The god nods and looks up into her eyes.


May gently reaches out and places her hand onto his, she grabs the knife and places it next to them. The brown haired woman leans forward and wraps her arms around Loki. She sobs into his shoulder. He wraps his arms around her and lets her cry.


“Is he going to be okay?” May questions quietly.


Tony runs a hand through his short hair and Pepper rubs his neck. “T-the gun the idiot was using was old, the Bullets entered his chest, skimmed in between two ribs and almost hit his heart, destroyed tissue and hit a few blood vessels, the suit took some of the damage but not a lot...”


May holds onto Loki tighter. “H-he’s going to live?”


“I-I-Yeah. Yeah, Peter’s gonna pull through.” Tony lets out a sigh, Peter had a seventy-nine out of one hundred chance to live if the doctors got the bullet before it messed anything else up.


May let’s go of Loki and sits next to him. She grabs the knife from the ground and points it at the Avengers.


“If any of you ask or even think-“ A loud ringing noise runs through the tower and everyone jumps up.


Tony looks at the doors and sees a red light going off. “Friday? What’s going on?” Tony asked while gripping his chest.


Peter seems to have gone into Cardiac Arrest. The doctors have found more damaged tissue around his heart. ” Everyone holds their breath. “ The doctors are working to stabilize him .” Friday finishes.


Tony stumbles back and his chest grew heavy and his breathing became shallow. Pepper wraps her arms around him and rubs his back, Steve sat, wishing he didn’t let Natasha and Thor pull him away from the guard.


Natasha hides her face into Clint’s arms and he looks up towards the ceiling with his knees shaking. May covers her mouth and more tears run down her face. Loki glares at the bracelet on his wrist.


Time passes and nobody moves or speaks, Friday’s voice runs through the halls. “ Peter is stable again .” Everyone lets out a sigh of relief. “ It’ll be approximately two hours and the Doctors will be done .


“T-thank you, Friday.” Pepper replies, Fury suddenly speaks.


“Miss. Parker, I am sorry about Peter.” Nick says, May glares at him and crosses her arms.


“Apologize when Peter’s awake.” May looks back at Loki, she sees the bracelet and sighed. “That doesn’t look good.” She remarked, seeing the burning going up to his elbow, his sleeves were rolled up and showed the damage.


“No it’s not...” Loki mumbles. He hides his arm and looks at the doors.


Peter didn’t know what was happening. There were bright lights and a lot of people around him. He faded back into the darkness though, not worried by the lights.


Everything might not have gone as he really thought it was going to go.

Chapter Text

God, everything hurt.


His chest aches and his hands felt numb. The lights came back and ruined the darkness.


Peter just wanted to get away from the light, he wanted to hide and get away from the pain and brightness.


He didn’t know if he’d rather this pain or falling off a skyscraper


Fighting against everything seemed like a good idea but that might cause more pain. He felt something holding him down, his arms were pinned down and his legs were stuck to the soft surface he was on.


His mind wandered to his family, he tries not to think about the darkness and light anymore.


He knew why the Avengers were acting so protective. Everyone was worried for him, he was the youngest of the Avengers and everyone saw him as the baby of the group.


Peter understood.


The Avengers watched Loki kill people, they saw him attack the city, they fought against him.


He knew Loki was dangerous.


Loki never did talk about the attack on New York City but he did say someone made him do it.


But... When Thor told him stories of him and Loki playing with wooden swords as kids and when Loki would read books to Thor and Thor would just fall asleep, Peter knew that side of Loki was still there.


Loki even told him a few stories about when he beat Thor a few times, with magic of course but still, he won.


Peter saw the soft side of Loki that wasn’t viewed by many, he found the part of Loki that he was searching for.


Loki listened and Peter just wanted to be heard. Fury and the Avengers were difficult though, they didn’t want to listen to him.


He wishes he buried the bracelet and pretended he lost it.


Everything turned weird. He wanted everyone to get along, he was a baby to almost everyone, he needed to be protected in peoples minds.


But he really didn’t need to be protected from Loki.


Loki was his friend and he trusted him.


Fury saw him as a kid. The Avengers saw him as a kid.


He wasn’t a kid.


He was Spider-Man.


When he wakes up, he was going to make everyone sit down and talk, even if he had to web them all to the chairs and couch.


The doctors came out, they disposed of the bloody clothing and looked at the worried people in the hallway.


The doctor walked up, he looked at Tony and May first. “Mr. Parker is lucky. The damage to his chest was fatal but his body is healing rather quickly. We were able to get the bullet before it completely destroyed the tissue and-“


“Is he okay?” Loki interrupts. He stands on his feet and glares at the doctors.


May looks at Loki and gives him a small smile. The doctors began stuttering, “Y-Yes, he is okay. He needs at least a week of rest for his body to fully heal.”


Loki lets out a sigh of relief and leans against the wall. Pepper walks forward and began pulling the doctors back, “Can anyone see him?”




Everyone began rushing into the room, Pepper stayed back with the doctors.


Peter laid on a bed, he looked pale as paper. His chest was bandaged and his suit was missing and the grey blankets were pulled up to his stomach. There were a few wires connected to him that were monitoring him.


“Oh Peter...” May walks around to his side and gently touches his hand. She reaches up with her other hand and runs her fingers through his chocolate brown hair.


Tony walks to the other side of the bed, he opens his mouth but May’s harsh glare makes him stay silent.


Loki wanted to tear his arm off.


The burning became awful, the pain began to spread up from his arm and into his shoulder. The bracelet felt like it was attached to his skin.


He refuses to look at the damage, he refuses to acknowledge that the pain was becoming overwhelming and unbearable.


Loki just wanted everyone to give every bit of attention to Peter, he wanted the hero to be safe.


And yet, he had gone and got him injured.


He feels the guilt in his chest blossom when he sees Peter. Loki looks at Peter’s bandaged chest and digs his fingers into hands.


When the spider wakes up, he will apologize with the one eyed idiot.


The god watches as the woman, May was her name, he watched as May gently runs her ran through Peter’s hair and sees her glare daggers at Stark.


There was a hand on his shoulder, it made him hiss and smack the hand. He sees Thor looking at him with worry. “Brother, your wrist...” Thor whispers the words.


Loki glares like May did, “Not another word until he wakes up.” He says, his eyes shift back to Peter. He pulls his sleeve down to completely cover the bracelet. 


He won’t look.


Thor grabs Loki by the collar of his shirt and drags him to the corner of the room. “Loki, we both will know what will happen if you do not go back to Asgard in time, this cannot be ignored or taken lightly!” Thor whispers angrily.


Loki scoffs. “You don’t think I know? I simply do not care right now, when Peter wakes, Ill acknowledge it.”


”The harm-it...If he does not wake within the next twelve hours, I am dragging you to Asgard, I will not allow you to di-“ Thor tries to say but Loki slams his foot onto his.


”Not another word.” With that, there were silent.