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Just us and the moon

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They’ve been in London for over a week on business and things are starting to get to them. Speedwagon didn’t realize how easy things were on the relatively secluded Joestar estate, or how much he had grown accustomed to living there. The caring, lingering touches and confident, sincere words of affection that they normally share have disappeared entirely for the sake of keeping up appearances.

The lack of these things is clearly starting to weigh on them. Speedwagon has lost count of how many times Jonathan has carefully dodged his wandering hand, or how many times he’s had to shy away from Jonathan’s arm as it hovers at his waist. As frustrating as it is, however, it must be done for safety’s sake.

By the time they finally return, it’s well after dark. They unload their bags from the carriage by the light of a full moon and bid their driver goodnight before heading towards the front door. Once they set their bags down, Jonathan grabs Speedwagon by the wrist and tugs him outside once more.

“Jojo! What’s goin’ on?” Speedwagon says, placing a hand on his hat to keep it from flying away as Jonathan leads him down the front stairs.

When they reach the driveway, Jonathan stops and bows to him. “It’s been far too long, I’d like to take you on a date, if I may?”

Affection swells in Speedwagon’s as he grins and decides to play along, at least a little bit. “Why, Mr. Joestar, this is all so sudden!” he exclaims, pressing a hand to his chest.

Jonathan returns his grin, though his is much more sly, as he reaches out to pull Speedwagon close by the waist. “Sudden, you say? It’s been days since I’ve last touched you properly, Robert. I intend to make up for lost time,” he says lowly, speaking against Speedwagon’s ear.

The heat of his breath lingers in Speedwagon’s hair as he leans into Jonathan’s embrace. It does certainly feel like it’s been longer than a few days. The warmth and weight of him in Speedwagon's arms is more than welcome. “Well, since you put it that way, how can I say no?”

With a pleased hum, Jonathan presses a quick kiss to his temple before leading them away from the house. It’s a mild night close to summer and the sky is clear of clouds, allowing the full moon to shine light nearly as bright as day onto the grounds around them.

They take their time wandering the paths around the house. They hold hands, thumbs and fingers alternating between lingering strokes and firm squeezes before eventually leaning into one another, eager for any and all contact. It’s calming and focusing to once again be able to touch and feel each other, especially after pretending and withholding for so long.

They eventually make their way back to the house, Jonathan leading them to his bedroom. There they become closer still, pressing eager skin to eager skin and taking hungry kisses from each other as pale light streams in through the high windows.

Eventually they fall asleep, wrapped tightly in each others arms, knowing that the moon and the stars will be the only witnesses to their intimacy, and knowing that they will pass no judgement.