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Khaleesi and her Khal

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I turn to gaze out at the sky as the maids braid my silver hair. The wind blows through the balcony doors ruffling the silk curtains. Never did I think I would be marrying a dothraki lord. But tonight I would be wed to him and expected to please him beneath the stars as is their custom. Viserys bellows from down in the courtyard and I inwardly cringe. I run my hand over the purple bruise on my wrist. Earlier today I had pleaded with Viserys not to sell me to the dothraki lord but he would hear none of it. He had gripped me tight and hissed in my ear that I shall do whatever the lord wishes even if I have to fuck his bloodriders, else I shall wake the dragon. That has always been what Viserys has told me before he beat me. I have always craved a family but Viserys is not what I would call family even though he is my blood brother. He would sell me to be raped and tortured if it got him the power he so desired. I lift my arms above my head and the maids slide the extravagant silk down my naked body. I stand and look out towards the cliffs where tonight Khal Drogo and I will become man and wife.




I sit beside Khal Drogo as we are presented with gift after gift. I smile and thank them with the little dothraki language I know. Finally I am presented with a trunk of three dragon eggs. The stones encasing the eggs glimmer in the faded sunlight and I reach out my hand to trail my fingers over the hardened orbs. I feel like I can almost sense a faint heat coming from them. I thank the Magister and he bows before me with a great flourish of his robes. Viserys sneers and I look away. I rub my aching wrist and startle when Khal Drogo places his hand over mine. I look up in surprise and see Khal Drogo looking at me with his impossibly dark eyes, lined with kohl. He moves his thumb over my bruised flesh and I gaze up at him. There may be a bit of a language barrier between us but in that moment I know he understands what happened. He looks over at Viserys as he bellows drunkenly and narrows his eyes. He reaches for the sword at his hip and I panic. I quickly grip his hand in mine and plead with him with my eyes. Viserys may be a cruel bitter man but he is the only family I have left. Khal Drogo searches my eyes before finally giving a small nod. I squeeze his hand in gratitude. I settle in with Khal Drogo as we watch the bloodriders battle each other for the prize of mounting the women.




The daylight fades behind the mountains and Khal Drogo suddenly stands. He gives me a single glance before walking down the steps. I look around and see the Khalasar watch me. I quickly stand and follow slowly behind the Khal. He moves to stand beside a snow-white filly. I move to her side and gasp. Her mane shines with a thousand tiny jewels and her saddle is stitched with full and half crescent moons. I run my fingers across her silky flank and turn to beam at Drogo.


"She is to be mine?" Drogo gazes at me with his dark eyes before grasping my hips and lifting me unto the horse. A bloodrider brings forth a mighty black stallion. My beautiful white filly looks almost dwarfed in the fearsome beasts presence. Drogo leaves me and gracefully leaps onto the stallions back. I never would have thought a man of his size could ever be called graceful but he manages it quite magically. I watch as the cords of muscle ripple in his forearms as he roars in dothraki. The fellow dothraki stomp their feet and answer their lord. Drogo turns back to me and pulls his stallion beside my filly. He reaches out and grips my smaller hand in his massive one. He raises our arms high in the air and yells a single word.


"Khaleesi!" I look out at the Khalasar and watch as they lift their swords and yell. I look over at Drogo and see him watching me with his ever watchful gaze. My heart racing I lean over my saddle to place my hand over his heart. The chanting continues all around us and I lock eyes with Drogo.


"My Khal." Drogo is silent as he watches me and I can feel the blood pounding in my ears. Finally Drogo lifts his hand and places it on my chest, where my heart beats fiercely.


"My Khaleesi." Drogo speaks the words softy and stutters slightly. I smile brightly at him, extremely pleased to hear the words. Drogo grips my hand in his and presses his feet to his stallions side. I follow suit and we ride off into the night to consummate out union.