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i cant believe youve done this

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Midoriya has added Bakugou, Uraraka, Todoroki, Kaminari, Iida, Mina, and 13 others to the chat!


Midoriya: hewwo everyone! i created this group chat so we could complain about He Whom Must Not Be Named whenever we like :D


Bakugou has left the chat!


Kirishima: aww come on bakubro :(


Kirishima has added Bakugou to the chat!


Bakugou has left the chat!


Kirishima has added Bakugou to the chat!


Bakugou has left the chat!


Mina: give it up kiri hes not going to stay lmaoooo

Mina: also midoriya its he who must not be named but go off ig


Mina has changed their name to bubblegum binch!


Kirishima: never say never!


Kirishima has added Bakugou to the chat!


Bakugou: fucking FINE ill stay but dont fucking think this chat wont be muted


Kirishima: :D!!


bubblegum binch: gay


Kaminari: are we just going to ignore the hewwo???


bubblegum binch: oh shit i didnt see that hEWWO??? MIWSTEW OBAMA????


Sero: miwstew obam awe yous thewe??? pwease miwstew obama the watews gwetting highew D:


Midoriya: i immediately regret this


Iida: i dont know what you were expecting :/


Iida: wHy do you think i never made a group chat, izuku


Midoriya: idk maybe you just didnt think of it


Iida: absolutely ridiculous i need a 1000 word apology


Midoriya: :(


Iida: completely understandable have a nice day


Kaminari: im sorry did iida just m em e


Kaminari: also these names are :/ time to fix that! bakusquad lets Fuck Them Up


Kaminari changed their name to pikachu!


Sero changed their name to i choose you!


bubblegum binch: gay


pikachu changed Kirishima’s name to rock hard ;)!


Aoyama changed their name to ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*!


pikachu: thats the spirit!


pikachu changed Iida’s name to enginum!


pikachu changed Tsu’s name to love is stored in the frog!


pikachu changed Uraraka’s name to ra ra rasputin!


pikachu: get it

pikachu: u rara ka


bubblegum binch changed Ojiro’s name to furry!


pikachu: SKSKSKS M I N A


rock hard ;) changed Bakugo’s name to bakubro!


bakubro: :/


Todoroki: ‘im going to keep this chat muted’ huh


bakubro: fuck you icy hot


Todoroki: im


Todoroki changed their name to icy hot!


bakubro: none of yall are going on my will


rock hard: ;(



bakubro: one person is going on my will


Midoriya: get that gay shit out of my house :/


icy hot: thats what my father said to me when i was born


enginum: izuku youre literally dating me and shouto


bakubro: literally shut the FUCK up you over cooked broccoli do you WANT to die


Midoriya changed their name to over cooked broccoli!


over cooked broccoli: i fear no god :)


bakubro is not idle


over cooked broccoli: oH SHIT


over cooked broccoli is now idle


enginum: the memorial service will be this wednesday,


icy hot: everyone please pay respects to my boyfriend izuku. hes not dead yet but he will be


✧・゚: *✧・゚:*: f


bubblegum binch: f


love is stored in the frog: f


enginum: f


ra ra rasputin: f


furry: f


pikachu: f


rock hard ;): f


Sato changed their name to sugar do do do do do do!


sugar do do do do do do: f


Shoji: f


Tokoyami changed their name to revelry in the dark!


revelry in the dark changed Shoji’s name to seven arms eight vaginas


revelry in the dark: f


Jiro changed their name to lesbian!


lesbian: f


i choose you: f


Hagakure changed their name to hewwo???!


hewwo???: f


Momo: f


icy hot: thank you


bakubro is no longer idle


over cooked broccoli is no longer idle


bakubro: hey what the FUCK deku


over cooked broccoli: :)





over cooked broccoli: you looked sweaty! youre welcome


pikachu: im fucking crying mido who hurt you


over cooked broccoli: ill give one guess


pikachu: thats fair


rock hard ;): screenshot_1001 AVI HELP IM CRYING BAKUGOU JUST GOT KILLED


bubblegum binch: im sorry whos this avi????




bakubro: kirishima i cant believe youve done this