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Your Lips Keep Moving

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The five students paused in a line at the grand main entrance to the university, standing side by side, shoulder to shoulder as they took in their surroundings for another year at college. They descended upon the student body looking flawless and perfect in every way. Whispers and squeals could be heard everywhere as the lower students started to crowd around them, phones in hand as videos and pictures were being taken, sure enough the word spreading that they finally arrived.

The first in line adjusted his glasses, finally taking note of the commotion they caused, and he stared at the crowd with disinterest.

Kim Woojin. Fourth year university student and student council president. He is ranked second in the entire university and one of the few students who placed in the top 1% of the country. Athletic, cold personality, has golden skin that makes him stand out (in a very good way). He doesn’t have time to waste on useless things. prefers to keep quiet, silently observing those around him. He will go down as a legend at the private university as the president who made the most changes to the school, for the better. The university’s reputation increased ten fold due to his leadership.

Next to him, another student sighed, irritation on his face. he noticed many girls and boys gawking and ogling him from all around. he gave a wink and blew a kiss, making them squeal and someone even fell to the ground in devastation at the seemingly innocent action. Perhaps the students missed it, or maybe they were just blind, but he rolled his eyes in clear exasperation at their stupidity. His evil smirk told he knew the power he held over everyone. The students both feared and worshiped the ground he walked on.

Lee Minho. Fourth year university student and student council vice president. He is ranked first in the entire university and one of the few students who placed in the top 1% of the country. He is woojin’s shadow, enforcing the things woojin doesn’t have the time or patience for. They work as a perfect team in harmony to dominate the school. He has the smile of a god but the personality of a devil. He hates people, but loves to dance. His physique is powerful yet graceful, making everyone’s mouths water at his deadly beauty.

Further down the line, someone danced back and forth on their feet, impatient to get going. He was oblivious to the looks of admiration around him, too caught up in his own world. He was shorter than the other four, but not at all unattractive. He was well built, athletic, and had an edgy look about him despite the private institution enforcing the students to wear a strict uniform dress code.

Seo Changbin. Third year and student council treasurer. He is ranked in the top five of the entire university, his scores always fluctuating depending on how motivated he is to study for that semester, and one of the few students who placed in the top 5% of the country. He is a mathematical genius, but even more pronounced in talking. There isn’t an equation he cant solve. He is the spokesperson for the student council instead of woojin because he doesn’t shut up and woojin cant be bothered to address the mindless students he leads. He has an endless energy that gets people in a good mood. He has a charm and charisma about him that draws people to him. they all wish they could be like him.

Next to him, someone grumbled in annoyance. He fixed his brown hair and straightened the blazer to his uniform, picking off some lint only he could see. A few of the more serious and studious boys and girls in the crowd sighed dreamily at the sight of him.

Kim Seungmin. Second year and student council secretary. He is ranked third in the entire university and one of the few students who placed in the top 5% of the country. He hates anything that bores him and likes things to be organized and in their perfect place. He dislikes sloppy and disorderly people, and does not like to waste his time if it does not benefit him in some way. He is cold to most students, and chooses to ignore their obvious obsession over him. he is only barely nice to those that he considers his friends. he only has four friends, so he’s almost never nice. A perfect tutor, if there is something you don’t understand, seungmin is the one to go to. (after he tells you how worthless you are, of course)

At the end of the line, a giggle could be heard. His brown eyes sparkled at the attention he received and soaked it up like a sponge.

Hwang Hyunjin. Second year and student council reporter. He is ranked in the top five of the entire university, and one of the few students who placed in the top 5% of the country. His rank fluctuates back and forth between 4th and 5th in the school depending on how well changbin does, but he could care less about his grades. He is the most beautiful boy in the school, and knows it. he uses his popularity to get the gossip and there isn’t a thing he doesn’t know is happening in their university. If something occurs, hyunjin is the first to know. His loyalty lies only to his friends and reports back to woojin and minho faithfully what he finds out. he is in a position to blackmail any person in the school, and even some outside of the school; do not piss him off. He is admired everywhere he goes. He loves to dance, and often practices with minho. He loves attention and affection, but loves it even more when he gets it from his friends. hes emotional and not afraid to show it. the moment he cries, the rest of the school cries with him. he is the master at emotional manipulation and can get out of any sticky situation. Woojin and minho’s secret weapon when things aren’t going the way they want it to. Having people near tends to overwhelm hyunjin when he is having a bad day. He uses seungmin as a buffer from the outside world if he has to. His precious dog kkhami is the university’s unofficial mascot.

The five of them are rich, godly, and untouchable at JYP University. They are a tight knit group and refuse to let anybody else in. Most people either hate them or want to be them.


“Tsk, look at them acting all high and mighty. Well I for one believe in equality!” jisung placed his foot onto the hood of the very expensive rich-boy car in front of him. “This is discrimination! I will not stand for it!”

He continued to spout nonsense as jeongin and felix sighed.

“and please tell me why you dragged us here in the back parking garage of the snobby university students?” felix asked his friend.

Jisung flicked his electric blue hair out of his eyes and grinned at him. he started shaking a can of spray paint that matched his hair, humming in satisfaction at the rattle sound. “ill tell you why! Every day we have to watch from across the street their snobbish ways. They think they are all that with their crisp little starched uniforms, and their cozy little campus, all clean and shit. They get the best facilities for their clubs and sports while we get barely functioning electricity!”

Jeongin nodded in agreement. This was true. Their city had two colleges that the residents could attend. There was JYP University, a prestigious college for only the best in the country. They were beyond wealthy, and had everything handed to them. If you made it into JYP University, you were set for life. they were prim and proper, focusing on the finer things in life. then you had JYP Community College across the street and a little further down. they were for the “financially unstable” residents. Those that couldn’t afford college were forced to go there. There is no dress code, the clubs and organizations are disorganized, and its pretty much a free for all on the campus. You have people of all kinds attending there. It was, to put it simply, a complete zoo. All the wild ones were found there.

JYP University students wouldn’t be caught dead associating with anyone from the community college. They were too good for that. and the community college students hated the university students simply because they think they are ridiculous with their “better way of living.”

To sum it up, they absolutely despise each other and are constantly at each other’s throats any chance they get and they have been for years.

The community students like to play pranks on the rich kids, and in retaliation the rich kids play unfair by buying out all of the facilities or preventing the community kids from getting an upgrade to their buildings, you name it. they toss their money around rather than getting their hands dirty.

Which was fine by jisung. Even the littlest prank sends him shivers of satisfaction.

“ok hyung, so what are you planning on doing to this car? Whatever it is, im in!” jeongin squealed and clapped in glee. Felix just sighed. Jeongin was enjoying this a little too much.

“well my dear maknae, im glad you asked,” jisung said. He pointed a finger at the car he was currently stepping on with his black combat boot, his many bracelets on his wrist and arm jingling with the motion. “today I woke up and looked outside my window to this campus in the distance and noticed the place looked so dreary and grim with all their greys and blacks. This place needs a little color!” he laughed, bringing his hand up dramatically to his face “oh ho ho ho ho!” his stupid cackling echoed in the parking garage. They were on the lowest level, and felix looked around warily to make sure they were the only ones there.

Felix rolled his eyes, putting his headphones over his ears and tuning jisung out. this was going to take awhile, but he was bored so he tagged along to whatever antics jisung was going to pull. He fixed some of his bleached blonde hair, carding his painted black nails through it before adjusting his headphones comfortably.

“ok, but why this car hyung?”

Jisung shrugged at their maknae. “because jeongin, it’s the most obnoxious one in the garage. Its mint green for god’s sake! It was practically begging to be vandalized by me.” He patted the car lovingly, giggling at what he was going to do to it. “whoever’s pretty little souped up four wheel drive this is gets the golden opportunity to have the Han Jisung redecorate it. its been awhile since I’ve had any inspiration to pull out my old dusty art skills, but today is this person’s lucky day!” he rattled the can of spray paint again.

Jeongin shrugged. “whatever you say hyung. Lets get this done with before someone sees us.”

Jisung grinned, his many earrings tinkling in the quiet garage. “watch and learn my precious child.”

Light as a feather, he hopped up on the hood of the car and got to work spray painting the hell out of it with electric blue paint.

Felix yawned, minding his own business just staring out at all the rich boy cars safely packed away in the parking spots. The place really was nice compared to their own campus, and getting on this one wasn’t easy. They had to evade some of the security that usually drives around making sure everything was safe for the little twats that attended here because their daddies say so.

As he looked around, waiting for jisung to finish, he caught a red light in the upper corner of the garage. His eyes widened and he quickly took off his headphones.

“jisung!” he hissed. Jisung immediately stopped painting pretty pictures on the car and looked to felix. He would recognize that tone in his voice anywhere, they’ve been friends long enough to know when something was wrong.

felix nodded to the security camera he spotted.

Jisung looked in that direction and swore. “shit! They have freaking cameras even in the parking garage! It’s a college campus for crying out loud. shit shit.” He hopped down from the hood, his boots hitting the ground. Jeongin looked worried.

“they definitely have our faces on there don’t they?”

Jisung nodded in confirmation, worrying the lip ring on his lip. He ran a hand through his blue hair and tried to think. Pretty soon security could be on them. They would be in so much trouble, and jisung didn’t even want to think about how much it would cost him for the damages to this custom made car. Even though the spray paint wasn’t permanent, it would still take quite a few washings to come off.

Felix sighed again, remaining calm. “I can take care of it, but you owe me one Ji.”

Jisung grinned, relief on his face. he launched himself at felix, smothering the boy with kisses. “oh thank you thank you lixie. You are the bestest most prettiest best friend in the whole wide universe!”

Felix giggled slightly, but then shoved jisung off. “yeah yeah, now move while I try to connect my phone to the campus’s main security server.”

“will it take long?” jeongin asked, twisting the many rings on his hands in nervousness. “what if they already saw us and are on their way?”

Felix looked at him incredulously. “do you know who you are talking to? Give me like 10 seconds and ill be able to hack into their wimpy firewalls and have this thing deleted before they can even make it to the garage.” He pulled out his simple smart phone he bought used on the internet and started tapping away. “I need you guys to cover me for like 60 seconds while I hack into their main frame and delete any traces of the security cameras in this level of the garage. Wait no, I might as well do it for the entire parking garage because the upper levels might have caught us entering. But I also might do a sweep of the campus in case we were caught on any of the cameras they may have hidden around the buildings. By my calculations, a place this big and rich would have at least 50 from the moment we entered the campus grounds all the way to the parking garage and…”

“I love it when he does his techy talk,” jisung sighed dreamily. “it makes it so easy for me to vandalize things when felix is around.”

Jeongin giggled at that, agreeing.

Felix clicked his phone off 5 minutes later. “done. I've also programmed their footage to loop at an empty space for approximately 10 minutes so that should give us enough time to get out of here without them catching us on camera again. Honestly, I should have thought of this to begin with.” He shrugged.

Jisung grinned at him, then kissed his hand and touched the hood of the car he just ‘redecorated.’ He honestly thought it looked pretty good, if he does say so himself. “I think this is one of my best works. The owner is gonna be so happy when he sees this. electric blue and mint green mix so well together.” Then he mock saluted it and grabbed jeongin’s hand, getting ready to stop drop and roll the hell out of this joint.

Felix blew his bangs out of his face and put his headphones back on, slowly following jisung and jeongin acting like idiots, dodging from building to building until they were safely out of the campus and back on their own grounds down the street.


“what the fuck happened to my car?!” minho fumed as he stood in front of his car. Woojin chuckled next to him.

“seems like someone paid you a visit while we were at our student council meeting.”

“no shit. Who the hell would even dare place a finger on my baby?!”

“to be honest minho, the mint green was a bit much.”

Minho glared at his best friend. He gritted his teeth as he took in the damage. Electric blue paint decorated his precious car. There were obnoxious doodles all over, and painted little squirrels and other forest creatures, along with hearts and peace signs. Whoever the hell vandalized his car was nice enough to not paint the windows so he could still drive clearly.

Woojin snickered again. “I hate to admit it, but whoever did this is kinda talented.”

Minho growled at woojin, debating whether to hit him or not. “im not driving in this. I would be a laughing stock! You're giving me a ride,” he ordered woojin.

Woojin just pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and shrugged. “fine, ill help you call someone to take care of it in the morning. I'm too tired right now.”

“I bet it was someone from the barn down the street,” minho grumbled, going to woojin’s black sleek car.

“now minho, they are our counter-part school owned by the same families. We shouldn’t insult them,” woojin lectured, pulling out of the garage. Minho ignored him, squinting at the security cameras in the corners, grinning at the thought of being able to find out who did this once he gets his hands on the footage in the morning.


“so let me get this straight,” chan swung around in his chair from where he was producing music at his laptop. Like felix, he had bleached blonde hair, but he tends to change the color often from time to time. His wardrobe consisted of black anything, and today he was donning a black silk shirt with tight black ripped jeans and black converse. He had long gold dangling earrings in each ear, with a matching gold eyebrow piercing. “you three snuck into rich boy-ville and spray painted someone’s car. Then felix did something illegal, hacking into their computer system and erasing any evidence of you guy’s being there. Oh and you took my precious son on this rebel mission of yours. Did I miss anything?” chan quirked up an eyebrow as he stared down jisung, felix, and jeongin.

“hyunngggieee im not a baby anymore! I’m literally 19 years old!” jeongin whined.

“don’t talk back to me or you are going to your room,” chan playfully scolded. Jeongin pouted.

“uhm? Yeah that about sums it up! you should have seen the car hyung. I quite liked it,” jisung grinned. Unlike chan, he was a bit more colorful and edgy with his fashion. He had a black and neon green short sleeved hoodie, with black cargo pants on and a few chains hanging around his hips. He had on black combat boots, but replaced the laces with matching neon green ones. It contrasted with his electric blue hair and silver earrings and lip ring, and the many bracelets on his wrists.

Chan sniffled. “I couldn’t be prouder my children. You know how much I hate that place,” chan high fived jisung.

“you aren’t mad hyungie?” jeongin asked, surprised.

Chan waved him off. “nah, you kids need to live a little. I certainly did. although what you guys did was too risky. Be more careful next time.”

They all nodded, and felix put his headphones back on. Chan took his hand, and felix looked at him with a puzzled expression.

“we owe you one lixie. Thanks for always looking out for us. You know you don’t have to,” chan told the younger, knowing he was still listening even with his headphones on. Felix smiled and nodded.

“I was bored anyways. Besides, I despise them just as much as you guys,” he told chan with his deep voice. Felix wasn’t quite as bold or loud as jisung, and not as suave as chan in his fashion. But he was still unique in his own way. He was wearing a white tshirt with neon pink suspenders leading to black jeans and black shoes with neon pink laces. Around his waist, he tied a black and white hoodie. His wrists held different colored bracelets, and he liked to wear neon pink fingerless gloves. His one ear was double pierced, sporting a long dangling earring and a gold cuff at the top. He had delicate silver and gold necklaces around his neck. To complete the look, he always had a different colored pair of headphones he wears depending on the day.

“so now what?” jeongin asked the three of them. He had bright red hair that stood out from a mile away, but it still looked really good on him. he wore black liner to outline his fox-like eyes, and always had some kind of cool rings on his delicate and slender fingers. He wore sporty clothes, choosing to stick to close fitting pants and comfy tshirts and hats. The style suited him.

“hmm now I guess I actually finish that music project that’s due in a few days. Then ill have more time to think of something else we can do,” jisung hummed in content, already thinking of the next prank. If he could make even one student from the university of pampered princesses miserable, he considers his life mission complete.

“well, im leaving then. Bye,” felix told them, heading off to dance practice and turning up the volume to his music.

“stay safe!” chan called. Felix grunted in recognition as he headed out the door. Chan smiled at that. even though felix seemed closed off, he really did show he cares in the slightest of ways. Usually he ignores the world with his headphones and music, but always makes sure to listen when his friends are talking, even if he still had the headphones on. The other three learned over the years that even if felix didn’t look like he was listening, he still was. He was always a constant with them. If you needed help, felix would be there despite his grumbling. He always chimed in when he had advice or an opinion to give, and he always had your back. They love him even with all of his quirky behaviors.

“you too,” chan chastised jisung. “no more pranks until you finish your project. Its important to get good grades.”

“yes dad,” jisung said with a giggle, hopping over and giving chan a kiss on the cheek. He dodged out of the way quickly before chan could playfully swat at him and then headed out the door of chan’s studio he used on campus.

“can I hang out with you a little hyung while I try to study?” jeongin asked with his sweet adorable face. chan sniffled, his heart not being able to take the preciousness in front of him.

“of course you can, my son. You can stay as long as you like.”

Jeongin grinned, making himself comfortable in the chair next to chan as he took out his books and tried to study.


“so, you mean to tell me that your worthless cameras didn’t catch a single thing in that parking garage?” minho asked the security guard with a deadly cold voice. The guard gulped, not sure what to do. minho’s family was one of the most rich and powerful in the country. Making him unhappy would be a death sentence.

“yes sir, there’s nothing on there. Your car was never vandalized.”

Minho hissed, “then why the hell are there pictures of squirrels spray painted all over it!”

“i-i don’t know,” the guard uselessly answered.

“move, let me see the footage,” minho shoved the guard out of the way, watching the footage from yesterday afternoon play on loop. He grumbled in anger as he confirmed the guard was right.

He stood up straight and sighed. “obviously it was tampered with. This is literally the 21st century, anybody can do anything nowadays.”

He started to grind his teeth as he thought of his next steps. Well, if the technology was deemed useless, then he will just have to find out who did this the old fashioned way.

He pulled out his phone and rang the one person on campus who could find out anything.

“hiya hyung! I would ask why you are calling me this fine morning, but I already know a certain little car got spray painted yesterday and im assuming you want to know who did it,” hyunjin answered cheerfully on the other line.

“im so glad I don’t have to waste my breath explaining,” minho laughed in relief. “you know who did it?”

“not yetttt, buttttt give me a couple hours and I should have your answer. There’s bound to be somebody on this campus that saw something.”

“great, keep me updated. I owe you one,” minho huffed on the line.

“sure thing hyung! You already know what I want~” hyunjin giggled through the phone.

“yes I will treat you and the others to a movie night with popcorn, snacks, and cuddles. Now find out who that bastard is!”

“rodger that!” and hyunjin clicked off.

Minho grinned evilly for a second time since his car was ruined. Whoever this is apparently hasn’t ever faced his wrath.


“so what do you got for me?” minho asked hyunjin later that day at their dance practice.

Well, minho wouldn’t really call it a dance practice. It was more of them messing around and learning on his own since he wasn’t allowed to officially join dance on the school’s team. Hyunjin was on the dance team and often practiced with minho instead of with the other official members. hyunjin hates when people always say how good he was because they didn’t want to hurt his feelings with constructive criticism. This annoyed the hell out of hyunjin. How was he supposed to get better if everybody always told him he was perfect? Clearly he has a lot to learn, and minho has always been there for him. minho never sugar coats his words and always shows hyunjin the dance moves with patience, even if he has to spend hours out of his busy schedule to teach him.

Hyunjin admires the way minho dances. It’s the most beautiful thing he has ever witnessed, and he wishes he could be that flawless. Minho is his motivation to do better and to find his own style of dancing. It saddens him to know that minho’s parents are against him dancing and refuse to let him join. Their college isn’t like the other colleges. Because they are so prestigious, the students still need to get some kind of permission to join extracurricular activities only if they aren’t paying for it out of their own pockets. Everyone’s parents and families pay for the highly expensive tuition in order for them to go to this university, and minho is no exception. Since he doesn’t pay for his own way at the school, he needs his parent’s permission to join the high class dance team. The school doesn’t want some slacker on their team, they only take the best of the best.

Minho doesn’t know it, but that’s another thing woojin is seeking to change at the university before his graduation. It shouldn’t matter how your tuition is being paid for, as long as its within a yearly tuition budget the student should be able to join whatever the hell they want without having to get permission from mommy and daddy like a bunch of middle schoolers. They are all adults!

“well, not a whole lot to go on, im afraid,” hyunjin started off, warming up in the room and doing some stretches. “but a friend of a friend of a friend, who is friends with the janitor, who talks to a mother of a freshman at the community college down the street said that some second year was going around boasting about buying spray paint and ‘using it well.’ Now we all know they are barn animals over there, so it doesn’t prove anything just because some random kid had spray paint the same time your car was painted,”

Minho was about to interrupt, when hyunjin shushed him. he wasn’t finished. “but, I went a little further and had the walking google maps (seungmin) ramble off common stores around here that sold electric blue spray paint. how he knows which stores sell spray paint is beyond me, but anyways, it turns out that the little art store near the community college’s campus sold some about a week ago. They didn’t say who they sold it to, spouting off something about ‘keeping the customer satisfaction policy’ bullshit at me, but I have no doubt it was someone over in hooligan city.”

“damn,” minho breathed. “that was fast. You impress me again hyunjinnie.”

Hyunjin grinned. “if I wasn’t so good looking, I would be willing to infiltrate their campus and find out who it was. But im too noticeable and would get nowhere.”

Minho smiled. “thanks anyways jinnie. Ill find them one way or another,” he vowed.

Just then, woojin walked into the dance studio. He gave them a small smile, sitting on the ground and resting his head against the glass mirror. “have I ever told you guys how tiring being the student council president for one of the most prestigious universities in the country is? Because it is.”

Minho and hyunjin nodded, their jobs not easy as well, but not nearly as hard as woojin’s.

“at least this is your last year, right?” hyunjin tried to comfort him.

“yeah, and I still don’t know what I want to do,” woojin complained.

They were all silent for a moment, minho meeting woojin’s eyes through the glass mirror. “we’ll figure it out, yeah?” woojin nodded at the unspoken message hidden between the lines of minho’s statement. They both know the chances of doing what they wanted were very low, their families too powerful, the pressure too much.

“sing for us?” minho asked his long time best friend. Woojin always comes to their studio to sing whenever he gets too stressed out. today he didn’t have his guitar, but hyunjin pulled up some of woojin’s favorite tracks on sound cloud. They all share a secret passion for music in some kind of way. Minho and hyunjin love to dance, changbin loves to write and make music in secret, seungmin and woojin love to sing. Music was kind of the string that brought them all together. It was what made them different from the rest of the uppity students they were forced to spend their time with. They found each other one way or another throughout their years at prestigious schools, and refused to let anybody else into their close group. Minho and woojin were forced by their parents to join student council, so of course changbin, hyunjin, and seungmin decided to completely take over the student council and follow under them.

Woojin smiled at the song that came on the speaker of hyunjin’s phone. He liked this one the most. The lyrics were beautiful and he felt he could relate his life to this particular song. It was created by his favorite artist on the internet. They went by ‘CB97’ but that same person also collabs with a few others and calls themselves ‘Stray Kids.’ Woojin would never dare download or listen to the songs at home or on his personal devices. His parents were always watching him. but hyunjin can do what he wants, and he lets woojin listen whenever he can.

Woojin sang along to it, and the other two started dancing some more in their own world. woojin likes this, hanging out with his friends after a long and stressful day. Despite what they go through, what their parents force and expect of them, he can always count on the other four to lean on if things become unbearable.

Hyunjin’s playlist was interrupted by his phone ringing. He skipped over to it and grinned as he answered. “seungminnie, what do I owe this pleasure of your call?” he put the phone on speaker so that the other two could hear the younger.

“you were supposed to meet me 10 minutes ago for our study session with changbin,” seungmin scolded him lightly. “I let you have your 10 extra minutes of fun, but you know I don’t like to be kept waiting.”

“aww Minnie, you know I hate studying. Why cant I just wing it on the next exams? We just started school not too long ago! Changbin can take the fourth spot this time around,” hyunjin whined.

“hey! Don’t act like you can just give me the position any time you want!” he heard changbin yell in the background.

“but I do? three times now?” hyunjin giggled.

“listen here you little twerp. I’m perfectly capable of topping all of your scores! Every last one of you, and that means you minho! I just go easy on you guys so I don’t hurt your feelings-“

“you would have to first top us in height before you think about taking our school rankings!” minho called out with an obnoxious laugh.

“anyways,” seungmin interrupted their rambling. “be here within 5 minutes or im leaving.”

“hey, what about me?! You mean to tell me you only come because hyunjin is here? You hurt me deeply seungmin, the love of my life, the apple to my eye, the peanut butter to my jelly-“

“please hurry before I end him and then myself,” seungmin whined cutely making hyunjin giggle again, his eyes lighting up in adoration. Woojin and minho gave each other a knowing look.

“fineeee, wait for mee~” and then hyunjin hung up, packing up his things. “see you guys tomorrow! Ill let you know if anything else comes up, minho hyung!” and then he skipped out the door.

“he seems too happy to be going to study,” woojin remarked from his spot on the floor.

Minho sat down next to him, gratefully accepting the water bottle woojin offered him. “you know why he’s really happy,” he responded.

Woojin smiled softly. “at least one of us is truly happy.”

Minho frowned, leaning his sweaty head against woojin’s shoulder. He was dead tired. “yeah, makes me think there’s still hope for the rest of us.”

Woojin patted his head despite his hair being gross. “as soon as I finish up some things, ill help you find whoever ruined your car.”

Minho smiled. “we know its someone from the community college, so this should be a little easier.”

“you gonna retaliate?” woojin asked. Minho always got his revenge.

Minho snorted. “of course. I cant believe you had to ask.”

“what are you gonna do?” woojin asked. He usually didn’t involve himself in childish pranks against their rival school, but he still liked to hear about it.

“I was thinking…they seem to like playing with technology. I wonder how they would like it if they couldn’t use it anymore?” minho giggled.

“oh no…” woojin knows that giggle. “just don’t get caught, yeah?”

“do you even know who I am? You insult our many years of friendship.”

Woojin rolled his eyes, letting minho snuggle into him to get a few minutes of quiet before they both had to return to their homes. It was a three day weekend coming up, and their parents requested they have a dinner party they must attend. Woojin was going to give minho a lift to his apartment to shower and change before they head home.

“remind me to ask hyunjin to download the latest songs from that one artist. I heard he’s working on some new projects.”

Minho smiled at his friend’s secret passion for singing. “of course woojinnie.”


Chan was busy clicking away furiously at his computer, determined to finish his next project and get it out there on the internet. He hit the backspace button a couple hundred of times, and then grumbled under his breath.

He ran his fingers through his hair, tugging on the ends in frustration. Nothing was working! Nothing seemed to sound right! The lyrics were there, the backtracks and melody was there! The composing and producing were all there! But something was just missing.

He sighed, staring with blurry eyes at the screen, feeling like he wanted to cry or scream or pace around his studio.

His door suddenly swung open and chan turned to see jeongin close to tears.

“hyungie,” jeongin sniffled.

Immediately chan forgot about his problems and got up to hug jeongin. “what’s wrong innie?”

Jeongin clutched the back of chan’s shirt and sniffled into his chest. “I got my scores back from the recent exams, and I didn’t do so well even though I studied so much, and my parents are so mad at me. And-“ he didn’t finish, letting some of his tears soak into chan’s shirt.

Chan breathed in a steady breath, already knowing what jeongin’s parents probably said to him. “oh innie im so sorry. I know how hard you worked for these exams. Don’t listen to your parents. Its only a few weeks into the semester, we’ll figure something out okay? You still have a few more exams to bring up your grades.”

“but no matter what I try, I just cant seem to understand the material! What if I really am stupid?”

Chan leaned away, looking sternly down at jeongin. “you are not stupid and I don’t want to hear you ever say that again. People learn differently, and you are just one of those that don’t follow the standard boring old way of studying. We just have to find something that works.”

“but ill never be as smart as you hyung. I don’t even know why you bother staying at this college when you could be somewhere else,” jeongin complained. It was a useless argument, he knows it, but he couldn’t help feeling like a failure.

Chan rubbed his hands up and down jeongin’s arms, trying to comfort him. “jeongin, ive said this before and im going to say it again, as many times as it takes. Yes I got really good scores on my placement tests out of high school. Yes I was accepted into any college of my choosing. Yes I could have done something much more ‘important’ than studying music. But I didn’t, because that’s not who I am. Grades don’t define who a person is. Grades and GPA only reflect how much effort someone puts into something, not how smart they are. Grades mean nothing to me. Music is something I love to do, and im happy where im at. This school has some of the most talented and inspiring people and its extremely flexible in the arts department. So what if we aren’t rich? So what if we don’t have the top notch equipment and facilities? As long as I can continue studying music and getting my degree, it doesn’t matter where im at. And besides,” he smiled up at jeongin, wiping his cheeks softly with his thumbs. “I got to meet you guys. My friends and music is all I need to be happy in life. money and stupid numbers on a sheet of paper mean nothing to me.”

Jeongin started sniffling for a whole new reason.

“don’t give up jeongin. we will be able to help you out. we aren’t going to leave you by yourself to figure this out on your own. And even though im graduating this year, felix and jisung will still be there for you, and ill come around as often as you want.”

Jeongin nodded, hugging chan again. Jeongin truly was lucky to have met them when he did. he always found it hard to fit in because of his bad grades, but chan and the others didn’t care about that.

Just then, the power went out, enveloping chan and jeongin in darkness.

“what the heck?” jeongin said, looking around and trying to adjust his eyes to the dark.

Chan gasped. “oh no. oh no, oh no, oh no!” he ran over to his computer, clicking on the keyboard. It was useless, the computer was completely shut off. “I didn’t save all that work I did!” chan yelled.

“ill go get felix!” jeongin promised, dashing out of the room. He knows it was futile, but if it made chan feel a little bit better, he could at least try.

Chan sat in the dark room, bumping his head on his desk. Hours of work, gone down the drain. He was upset, but not as upset as he thought he would be. Honestly, the track he had almost finished just didn’t satisfy him. he wasn’t happy with it, and he hates posting new music he didn’t completely feel proud of.

He sighed, waiting for felix to come to see if he could fix whatever happened.


“there, its done. You happy now?” changbin hung up his phone, facing minho and hyunjin. Seungmin was sitting in a chair off to the side, reading a book. Woojin was at his desk, finishing projects for the upcoming weeks. They were all hanging out at their exclusive student council office room. It was quite luxurious, with desks for each them, comfy chairs and love seat couches scattered around the place and small tables with lamps. The walls were lined with bookcases, and they even had a mini kitchen and bathroom where they can prepare their own snacks and coffee if they wanted. There were wide windows letting in the natural light, and the view overlooked the front of the campus. It was their own private space they can use however they pleased, and nobody was allowed to come in. a small waiting room was connected to it that lead to the halls of the building. Students can wait in there if they had a specific problem or concern they wanted to address to the student council.

Changbin’s family wasn’t nearly as rich or powerful as woojin and minho’s, but they still held a lot of influence in the country. His father owned electric companies, and it was nothing at all for changbin to find out that JYP Community College was late in their monthly electric bill. With one word, he had the place shut down, even if it was a few days early.

“oh yes, I am very happy. Now we wait,” minho grinned. Woojin just shook his head at the childish pranks the two colleges are always pulling on each other.

“fine by me, im always up for a fight,” changbin laughed, bouncing on one of the couches.

“shouldn’t you be studying for our quarterly exams?” seungmin questioned from his comfy corner.

Changbin shooed the thought away. “ehhh ill get around to it. we still have what? Another week or two?”

“they start in three days,” seungmin said in a bored tone as he flipped another page of his book.

Changbin shot up. “what?! When did they even say this?! how come I never heard about this?!”

“they’ve been mentioning it for like 2 weeks. We even had to send out a memo to the student body announcing the schedule and times.”

“shit, well there goes that. its too late now, so ill just study next time,” changbin instantly gave up on the matter.

Hyunjin laughed. “looks like im taking 4th again this time around~” he sang.

“no. im giving it to you,” changbin glared over at him.

“sure, whatever makes you feel better.”

Seungmin sighed, “im not tutoring you guys the day before, so don’t even ask.” But they all know they would ask, and he would tutor them.


Felix sighed, taking his headphones off his ears.

“it would seem they shut the power down early because the bill wasn’t paid on time. Technically, we had another week left but for some reason they did it now.”

“I bet it was those little golden snots over there that did this!” jisung yelled in the background. He was sitting on a chair in chan’s studio with jeongin on his lap as chan paced around the room. Felix had to use his phone data again since the power wasn’t back on in the building.

“can you find out who did it?” chan asked the blonde boy.

Felix snorted. “of course I can. But why are you so interested this time around? this isn’t the first time the university students did something like this to us.”

Chan stopped pacing and looked up at felix. “because I lost all of my work and now its personal. Enough is enough. They just started a war with us, and we are no amateurs compared to the rest of the students here,” chan gritted out. nobody messes with his music. Nobody.

Jeongin cackled. “im in!”

Jisung clapped his hands. “you don’t have to ask me twice.”

Felix didn’t say anything, too busy tapping away on his phone. Jisung’s smile faded. “felix?”

Felix tuned back in. “oh right, right. Yeah im in. already hacked into the electric company’s phone records. It turns out they got an outside call from a mobile device around the time they turned the power off.”

“awesome! Dude you rock, that literally took you like 5 seconds. So who’s is it?” jisung whooped, tousling jeongin on his lap.

“one sec, ok here we go.” Felix adjusted his phone so he could read better. “seo changbin, third year at JYP University. Son and heir to the Seos. They own a lot of things, and the electric company is definitely one of them. Seems the boy used his golden spoon to get our electric shut off early.”

“I knew it!” jisung yelled.

Chan furrowed his brows. “ok but why would he do that randomly?”

Felix shrugged. “not sure. But he cut out my playing time while I was in the middle of a good level, and im kinda irritated now. He just made this personal for me too.”

Jeongin rubbed his hands together evilly. “I always love it when felix hyung gets interested to play with us. You got any ideas hyung?”

Felix tapped a black fingernail against his chin. “as a matter of fact, I do. lets go see if they need a little cooling off on this warm breezy day.”

Chan grinned, clapping felix on his back. “its not like I have any work to do since the computers are still down.”


Seungmin and woojin hurried across campus, trying to make it to a meeting. They were carrying a ton of papers and flyers in their hands, getting ready to start passing them out and posting them everywhere for events that are coming up.

Suddenly, all of the sprinklers on the grounds went off at once, at the highest settings. Screams and squeals of surprise could be heard all around as all of the students were instantly soaked.

“what the hell?” seungmin swore out loud. he tried to cover the papers in his hands so they wouldn’t get ruined, but it was no use. He and woojin were instantly wet from head to toe within a minute.

Woojin just calmly blinked away the water, taking off his glasses since they were useless in this situation. “it would seem our sprinkler system malfunctioned somehow,” he replied coolly.

Seungmin snorted. “im kinda pissed, but I also kinda didn’t want to go to that meeting. Shall I reschedule?”

Woojin nodded. “yes, please do that. ill go to the groundskeeper and find out what on earth is going on. Tell changbin to make an announcement for the students to stay indoors until we shut off the main water lines to the sprinklers.”

Seungmin nodded and hurried off. Woojin sighed, running a hand through his wet hair. he’s got a sneaky suspicion this was no accident. It was too good of a mistake. He turned on his heel and headed the other way to take care of this.

Looks like those hoodlums just made things personal. Woojin hates when he gets added on work.


“alright!” jeongin snickered when they were back at the community college.

Felix was able to hack into their wifi outside the campus main gate and messed with the sprinklers system. Then they booked it out of there before they could be seen loitering.

“this was way more fun than ruining some poor guy’s car!” jisung hugged onto felix, causing the younger boy to grunt from the added on weight.

“ive been doing a lot lately, so I think I should lie low for a bit before someone realizes all the illegal shit that’s going on.”

Jisung hummed in recognition. He’s right, and he didn’t want felix in any major trouble.

“so now what?” jeongin asked.

“nothing. we just lay low and go back to our quiet lives. I'm too old for this shit now. Once was enough for me,” chan yawned. The power came back on by the time they got back, so the school authorities must have handled the electric company. Now that he has a main computer back online, he can spend the next 12 hours trying to recreate all that he’s lost.

“aww. Until next time I guess guys. I have a class soon,” and then jisung nuzzled into felix’s neck, giving him an obnoxious kiss on his skin before skipping away, the sounds of his bracelets jingling down the hall. Felix rolled his eyes and wiped away the gross kiss mark on his neck before putting his headphones back on and making himself comfortable in one of chan’s chairs.

Jeongin twirled his rings a little hesitantly, glancing up at felix and then back down. chan was mumbling under his breath about music notes, so he didn’t want to bother him.

Without looking up from his phone, felix called over softly, “tell me what it is innie. Its not like you to be shy.”

Jeongin startled at being caught. He doesn’t even know how felix does that, but he always seems to know when one of them was having a hard time even if it looked like he wasn’t paying attention to the world around him.

“uh, could you maybe help me with some homework? If you're not busy of course!”

Felix smiled, looking up at jeongin and taking his headphones off again, letting them rest around his neck. “sure, show me what you got. Its not like I want to go home anyways.”

Jeongin smiled, dragging his backpack over to take out the day’s assignments.


“want me to beat them up? I can always beat someone up, just say the word,” changbin told woojin unhelpfully.

Woojin sighed, adjusting his glasses. “no. we cant just beat up random students who are childish. Yet.”

Seungmin chuckled, “like we weren't also childish.”

“they started it by ruining my car!” minho shouted from his desk with a pout.

“yeah, but that was before we found out they used removable paint, so its not like it was the end of the world. They obviously were just playing a small prank,” seungmin argued back.

Minho blew a raspberry at him and went back to his papers.

“but they ruined our sprinklers!” hyunjin pointed out.

“and we shut off their power which was kind of worse,” seungmin also made a point.

“why aren’t you on our side?” changbin whined, dancing back and forth on is feet. he was ready to move.

Seungmin shrugged. “I don’t take sides, I simply state the facts.”

“boringgggg~” hyunjin called him out.

“I have no particular reason to hate them. They are just tiny specks of dust for all I care- they are there but insignificant to me.”

“ouch, that was harsh,” woojin laughed.

“ah! Woojinnie, you want to study together for our upcoming mock exams?” minho asked his best friend. As college seniors, they have to take mock exams in preparation for the graduation exams at the end of spring next year.

“sure thing. Be at my house by like 7pm?” woojin asked. Minho nodded. They could have gone to minho’s apartment, but he almost never has food, so it was better at woojin’s mansion. His chef is an awesome cook.

Woojin glanced at the clock. It was almost time to pack up and go to his afternoon class. Before he left, he stopped and called out to hyunjin.

“hmm?” hyunjin turned towards him.

Woojin ran a hand through his honey brown hair. “were there any updates?”

Hyunjin didn’t ask what he meant by that, instantly knowing he was talking about his favorite artist on sound cloud. “ah, I checked this morning for you hyung. Nothing yet, which is unlike him. he usually is always on time when he says he’s going to release a new track. I follow his twitter and youtube channel as well and he’s been quiet for the past few days. I wonder if something happened?”

Woojin frowned, ignoring the feeling of disappointment in his stomach. He was looking forward to the promised release of his newest track. His music was one of the things that made his days a little better in this hell.

He smiled a fake smile anyways. “ah, it cant be helped. Maybe he was just busy or something. let me know if you hear anything!”

“sure thing hyung!”

Woojin walked the halls to the next building over where his business classes were being held. He doesn’t particularly hate business, but it just doesn’t excite him. he likes playing his guitar and singing.

His father would never let him pursue those things, and his parents keep a tight control on his social life. woojin doesn’t even have any social media because of it. its not like he doesn’t know how to use twitter and Instagram and all of that, he helps run the official school accounts, its just that he doesn’t want his dad to interfere in his life any more than he already does.

Hyunjin and the others understand that, and keep him updated whenever they can.

He sighed, opening the door to his classroom, when the fire alarms all started going off.


“guys get this!” jisung burst into chan’s studio where the other three were still hanging out. he just finished his class when he heard the news all over the internet.

“somebody set off all of the fire alarms over at the university! The entire place is in an uproar!” jisung cackled, wishing he could have seen that happen.

Chan frowned. “was it an actual fire?”

Jisung waved at his worrying. “no, from what I heard it was another prank done by some random students here on our campus. They got word of someone setting the sprinklers off outside and decided to one up us. Don’t worry! They don’t know it was us, just that it was our campus who did it.”

Chan sighed in relief. “as long as it isn’t something life threatening. That wouldn’t be funny at all. Do the students over at jersey shore know it was a prank?”

“from what I heard, they didn’t at first, but they do now. Its total chaos over there!”

Felix chuckled at jisung’s glee. “it wasn’t me this time, I swear.”

Chan shrugged, “well, that will keep them busy for awhile.” And then he swerved back in his chair and continued reproducing the track he lost. He was upset that he was late at posting it, but his fans would understand.


“dammit! These people are so dumb. You’d think it’s the end of the world just because a couple of fire alarms are going off,” changbin grumbled.

“how the hell did this happen?” seungmin ran a hand through his dark brown waves. He so did not need this shit right now.

“I don’t know, but ill find out. wish me luck!” hyunjin saluted them as he opened up an umbrella and ran into the chaos that was currently their campus. Every single fire alarm in every single building went off at the same time, the sprinklers system above all of their heads dowsed them in water inside the buildings. The student council room was luckily spared since the overhead emergency sprinkler was outside of their room in the adjoining room and in the kitchen areas.

Minho looked up to the ceiling, praying to the lord for strength, and then pushed away from his desk ready to battle out the mess and put order back in place.

Changbin grabbed the announcement mic and started telling everybody it was only a drill and to remain calm and go to their designated places. Seungmin went out to help minho, directing the students on where to go.

Three hours later, everything was calm again and the student council members were dead tired.

Minho slumped in his chair, wet, tired and miserable. Woojin and the others joined him.

Hyunjin barged through the door. “so it was a false alarm.”

“no shit,” seungmin grumbled. Hyunjin instantly went to him, grabbing a towel and helping him dry his hair. seungmin let him take care of him while hyunjin explained what happened.

“I asked a couple of the staff. Apparently some more of those idiots from Whoville managed to set off all of the fire alarms at once. Now im kind of pissed.”

“me too. I'm too tired for this shit, and I have to study, I wanted to be 10 chapters ahead, but with all of the extra stuff going on im only 3 chapters ahead of the class,” seungmin complained. Hyunjin looked at the back of his head in disgust.

“what even is wrong with you?” hyunjin hissed.

“unlike some people, we all cant just ‘wing it’ because we are too lazy to study,” seungmin sniffed.

Changbin nodded his head in agreement.

“don’t agree with him!” hyunjin glared over at the shorter boy. “at least im consistent. You are constantly going back and forth debating whether to study or not.”

“I have more important things to think about!” changbin complained back.

“yeah like whether your shoe goes on the right or left foot,” seungmin snorted.

“rude,” changbin stuck his tongue out. then he stood up, smacking his damp clothes. “well I guess ill be going home now. See you guys tomorrow. Let me know if we are gonna retaliate back. I'm always down for terrorizing those delinquents.”

He waved goodbye with a huge smile and then left.

Woojin chuckled, putting an arm over his eyes. Maybe he could get a few minutes of sleep before he and minho went to go study.

Thirty minutes later Changbin arrived back home, walking into his huge house and flicking on the lights.

“im home…” he said to the empty and dark house. There was no answer back, not like he was expecting one. He sighed, kicking off his shoes and heading to his room to shower.


Minho giggled as he left woojin’s house late that night. They spent a few hours getting some good studying done, and he felt better after working out some problems with woojin. Despite them aiming for the same spot in the university and the country, there was never any competition between them. Minho always won first place, and woojin honestly didn’t care. Being first or second didn’t matter to him, and the same went for minho. However, minho had more at stake if he didn’t get first place, and woojin honestly felt bad for him. his own parents were pressuring and strict, but it was no where in comparison to minho’s.

“bye woojinnie! See you tomorrow!” he waved as he headed to his own apartment. Woojin smiled a genuine smile from his porch, watching to make sure minho got in his car and safely drove off.

“thank goodness he’s gone,” his father said behind him. woojin’s smile instantly dropped at the statement. He turned to face him, bracing himself for whatever was going to happen next.

“I don’t know why you bother helping him out in his studies. You are just fraternizing with the enemy. Do you like just handing that brat all of the things you deserve?”

“father, we’ve been through this. I don’t care whether I get first or second place as long as im still ranked in the top 1%. And I don’t 'deserve' anything. Minho works just as hard for that place as I do. there is no ‘helping’ him out.”

His father snorted, blocking woojin’s way to the staircase that lead to the second floor where his room was located. “sure, keep telling yourself that as he continues to manipulate you. I’m not going to stand for this much more. I want you to crush him and reclaim your spot at the top.”

Woojin gritted his teeth and fisted his hands. “I told you dad, he’s my closest friend. He always has been, and always will be. There is no ‘manipulating’ going on. We both work equally as hard. I cant help it that minho is smarter than me and gets slightly better scores. It’s just how it is.”

Then woojin pushed past his father before he heard any more of his toxic words about his best friend minho.

Shutting his door, he leaned against it and took a deep breath. He slowly walked over to his locked filing cabinet where he kept all of his exams and school achievements from past years. He pulled out a huge stack, going through the marked papers. Nobody but him ever saw the scores.

He shuffled through the stack of exams from his many years in school, even going back to when he and minho were in elementary school together. Consistently, one after the other, a score of ‘99’ could be seen on every single exam paper.

He always missed one question. He never got a perfect score of 100, and he confidently knows he never will.

He smiled fondly at the stack of red ‘99’s.

He wouldn’t have it any other way.


Chan stood up from his computer, stretching. He still wasn’t happy with his newest track and decided to go rinse off his face from the bathroom.

As he walked down the hall towards the public restroom, he looked down at his feet in confusion. He was wading through a huge puddle of water. He followed it to the bathroom and noticed a huge rush of water coming out from under the door.

“what the hell?” he muttered as he pushed open the door to the restroom. The place was totally flooded, all of the toilets and sinks spurting out water. He slammed the door shut again before he could get drenched with the disgusting toilet water. Even if it was supposedly clean, he wasn’t taking chances.

Further down the hall of the fine arts building he heard shouts all over. He walked to another floor and found students frantically trying to mop up water.

He stopped a student who was running past with a bucket, and asked what was going on.

“all of the water pipes burst randomly around campus. All of our buildings are flooding and getting damaged. The place is old enough as it is! I don’t know if we will be able to fix the damages.”

Chan frowned as the kid ran away trying to help out.

Well that wasn’t good.


“I just know it was someone from that stupid school!” jisung yelled. For once chan agreed, jeongin and felix following behind. A few other students were also heading in the direction of the looming university.

Their entire campus was shut down for a few days. The damage the water did when all of the bathrooms and water pipes burst was worse than they thought. None of the students could stay in the dorms, and that meant jisung was out of a place to stay. Jeongin and felix luckily lived close enough to campus to not have to stay in the dorms, and chan had his own apartment nearby. Jisung was going to have to room with chan until they got the whole place working again.

Classes could resume once the maintenance crew got the water cleaned up, but nobody could use the restrooms or public drinking fountains. That also meant the dining halls and cafeterias were down for a while. The place was utter disaster.

Jisung was more upset about the music production building being closed after hours than his dorm getting water logged. None of the extracurricular clubs and teams could practice for at least a week, and the library wasn’t even open for students to study.

Chan and jisung were out of a place to continue making music, and jeongin had no place to study. Felix didn’t care one way or another about the buildings, but now he couldn’t lounge around campus, meaning he would have to go home sooner than he would like, so he was also pissed.

They came up to the main golden gates of JYP University, some students already causing a ruckus demanding the school to compensate for the damages. Jisung fought his way to the front, the others at his heels.

A few of the rich kids took notice and snickered or ignored them, which only pissed them off even more.

“oh look, someone let the animals loose,” a girl yelled from the campus.

“sorry, couldn’t hear you with the nasally tone from that horrible nose job of yours. Must not be rich enough to afford the better ones,” jisung sneered at her through the gates.

“what did you say?” she screeched.

“did I stutter?” jisung shot back.

“take that back! I went to the best surgeon in the country!”

“tell that to the mirror sweetie. Whatever makes you feel better,” jisung sang.

“at least I don’t look like an oompa loompa!” she said, mocking his blue hair. that just riled jisung up.

Felix snickered, putting his headphones on his ears to block out the eruption of insults going back and forth through the gates.

One rich kid taunted some students through the gates, and the community kids weren't going to stand for it. they started grabbing at each other through the bars, ready to fight. This only caused more chaos and shouting between both groups, and things started getting out of hand.

“enough! I said enough!” woojin shouted. Instantly the crowd of university students separated, making way for the five student council members.

“what in hell is going on?” seungmin yelled.

“aww, nobody told me there was going to be a fight,” changbin whined.

Minho smacked his head.

Jisung grabbed the bars to the gates, jumping up to give him more height. He was always agile and good at climbing.

“you assholes ruined our campus! You burst all the water pipes and now we have no where to do our extracurriculars! Pay up you pompous rich bastards!”

The five student council members turned to the obnoxious blue haired boy.

“what proof do you have?” seungmin challenged him.

A few snickers could be heard behind seungmin. some students in the crowd muttered, “they deserved it after the fire alarm stunt.”

see! There’s your proof!” jisung pointed through the gates while still hanging onto the bars in the air with his other hand.

Woojin quirked an eyebrow. Minho glanced to hyunjin. Hyunjin nodded confirming it was indeed their side that caused the damage. Many students have been bragging about it all day.

“perhaps we can settle this calmly-“ woojin tried to reason.

“hah! It was you guys! Pay up! im sure one crack at your little piggy banks will be more than enough to fix our school,” jeongin insulted them.

“now hold on a minute, that gives you no right to insult us to our faces,” minho told him.

“aww did your wittle feelings get hurt,” jisung taunted him. minho gritted his teeth. He really is starting to get annoyed with this kid. And did he mention he hates the color blue now?

“listen here you little-” minho snapped, but was instantly shut up with a hand to his shoulder. He looked to woojin and pouted.

“looks like mommy doesn’t want you fighting,” jisung cackled as he shook and rattled the gates. Woojin glanced at him in interest. This kid certainly had spirit. He noticed a blonde guy with curly hair next to him chuckling.

“jisung, get down already. You look like a crazy person,” chan chastised the blue haired boy, finally putting an end to it.

Jisung looked down, flicking his bangs out of his eyes. He jumped down, his neon blue and black shoes hitting the ground. He was wearing a neon blue and black matching hoodie and his usual metal bracelets and earrings and necklaces clinking with the motion.

Chan stepped forward. “we demand the school for recompensation of damages.”

A few murmurs of agreement were heard from the crowd behind chan, and a few scoffs and denials were heard from the other side.

“and why should we?” seungmin argued. “don’t think we don’t know about the fire alarms and sprinklers recently.”

“yeah and my car!” minho chimed in.

Jisung froze at that. uh oh.

“and we know one of you messed with the security footage!” minho continued on.

Well damn. He got them there.

Arguing started again back and forth, and it was getting pretty loud and heated.

Finally, someone blared a whistle, shutting up most of the students. Immediately over half the crowd fled on both sides, knowing the authorities were about to show up.

Jisung and the others wanted to do the same thing, but they were at the front of the gates and there were too many students in the way before they could get away unnoticed. Unfortunately, the same went for the five student council members. Their classmates abandoned them without a second glance.

“pieces of shit,” seungmin muttered, hyunjin also nodding.

Then they heard dress shoes hitting the pavement as the headmaster of JYP University approached the commotion.

“I am completely disappointed to learn that my best students are in the center of this blasphemy!” he yelled. Woojin stood there with a blank face, and hyunjin stepped behind seungmin.

Changbin was ready to argue when the headmaster put up a hand to shut him up. minho gritted his teeth but didn’t say anything. They were also just as guilty as the rest of them.

“you five, with me! And you four!” the headmaster pointed to chan, jisung, felix, and jeongin. they were the only ones still at the front gates, the other students trying to take off.

Chan sighed, knowing it was pointless to argue or run away.

The gates were opened and they were shuffled off to the headmaster’s office.

The five student council members were in the lead, the four community college kids lagging behind.

Chan and woojin guesses they should have seen this coming.

It was only karma.