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Lunga vita al nostro viaggio

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Elia isn’t quite sure of why he is so disappointed by his friends’ reaction. Perhaps it is hard to admit that he let his imagination run wild, conjuring up a scenario for his coming out that was never going to come true.
They are so damn happy for him, so proud to see Elia embrace his feelings for Filippo rather than run from them.
He can’t really blame them for not living up to his expectations, then, can he?
It’s just that… This is all so… Underwhelming?
There have been plenty of proud smiles, and hugs… But that’s it. Nobody’s jaw dropped, nobody started tearing their hair out.
They all saw it coming, they were all just waiting for him to stop being so secretive about it…. Yet they didn’t think it’d be nice to have a ‘Congratulations on the sex’ cake ready for him.

“This means you’re bisexual, zi’!” Luchino says, looking so proud of himself for using the right word, this time.
“Oh, finally we can stop pretending we didn’t know the two of you were dating…” Sana rolls her eyes, trying to sound annoyed but failing when a smile tugs at her lips.
“I suppose you could do a lot worse, Filo… “ Eleonora shrugs her shoulders, clearly not impressed by her brother’s choice. Elia braces himself for some kind of shovel talk that never comes: they must have reached some kind of agreement beforehand, when she started going out with that guy…  If Filippo is willing to believe Incanti can make his sister happy, Eleonora can do the same with Santini.

Silvia reminds everyone about how she knew right from that night, when Filippo was shown one of the worst photos Elia had on his profile and still said he’d fuck him in a heartbeat. Whatever.
Federica isn’t making much sense, with her ‘I don’t know who I ship more now: Martinico or Filia?’

“I CAN’T BELIEVE IT, GUYS! SINCE WHEN?” Trust Niccolò to deliver the kind of response he has been waiting for. He is bouncing on his feet, unable to stay still. “Where did you two meet for the first time? Who asked the other out? When… Oh, fuck. ” He suddenly goes quiet, fiddling with his hands. “I’m so sorry… I didn’t realize. I would have never suggested setting you up with Silvia, otherwise.”

“Learn to mind your fucking business next time.” He slaps the back of Niccolò’s head hard enough to make him yelp, and then he elbows him in the ribs and grins. “Apologies accepted, bro.”

“No apologies needed as far as I’m concerned, Nico… I mean, if I had to wait for your boyfriend to introduce the two of us… By now I would barely know he existed, let alone how looks and what he’s called.” Filippo comments, giving Martino the finger and getting one back in return. “Besides, I am well aware it was all part of your masterplan to make Eva and Gio realize they belong together.”