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Lunga vita al nostro viaggio

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He loved many things about his boyfriend. His full lips, and that fucking piercing he couldn’t help but bite every time they were kissing. His strong thighs, and the way they would feel around his hips while they were fucking. His cock, and how he knew exactly how to make him beg for it.

And it went beyond a mere phisical attraction… As much as it still scared Elia, he could now admit that was true.

Filippo was funny,  thoughtful and sweet. Never had he acted like knew better than him, refusing to hear Elia’s opinion on a certain matter, just because he was older.  Never had he asked to rediscuss their relationship: it naturally progressed from casual to committed, as they got to know each other better.

His taste in music, however… Damn, it was atrocious. He sang along to the most trashy songs one could think about and expect Elia to sing along as well. Like now.

“Come on! How can you not know Rap Futuristico? I can’t believe it!” He huffed, before he started singing at the top of his lungs.

“I was just a baby when it came out…” Elia reminded him, refusing to give in. “And I can’t stand Fabri Fibra.”

“What? Do you realize this could be the end for us? I’m not really sure I can get over this blatant disregard of one of my most beloved idol…” He sighed dramatically, covering his face with one arm as he flopped onto the mattress beside the younger boy.

“Aspetta che ti mostro il cazzo che me ne frega.*” Sang Elia, suggestively, and made a point of how many fucks he willing to give by getting promptly naked and sitting onto his boyfriend’s lap.

“Okay, you know what? We’re done.” Filippo said, trying to sound serious but failing miserabily. He grinned, as he went to turn his iPod off. Better keep the music out of the bedroom, from now on.