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Lunga vita al nostro viaggio

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What did he do to deserve this? He had been working hard to be a better person for months, now, and that’s what he gets from the universe in return?

Come on, he still has his whole life ahead of him!

The plan was to go home and relax, and perhaps call Niccolò too to remind him he needed some sleep as well, after he spent the whole day helping Filippo out with his latest project.

Martino wasn’t into photography that much, but hanging out with Fili always had the upside of showing him new places where he could take Nico out for a date.

Besides, he was curious to find out if Filippo had anything to do with Elia’s sudden disinterest in partying and girls – one could think that it was due to the approaching end of the year, but Santini’s motto had always been ‘you can make up for a bad grade, but not for the lost time’ , so… - and evasiveness when hooking up was mentioned.                   

What he had found out was quite fascinating, indeed: it didn’t sound like the two of them were dating, but Elia did have a chance with him, if he ever got the guts to make the first move. Well… If his own experience with Niccolò had taught him anything, it was that if it was bound to happen… Then it would.

No need for him to interfere and try to speed up the process.But then Filippo asked if he fancied coming over to his place. Eleonora was supposed to be out and he didn’t feel like having dinner alone. Marti sent a text to Nico, checking if he had any plans for the night, but it seemed that he was too tired to be hungry. Homework have been killing him and he isn’t even done yet.

“You can go check on him, if you are worried.” Filo said, as Martino put the phone back in his pocket.

“I’m not.”  What he fears is Niccolò shutting him out… Being exhausted comes with attending the last year of high school, with finals drawing so close that most students are having multiple nervous breakdowns. “Maybe later.”

The plan wasn’t to die of food poisoning, because his boyfriend had been spending the day with Eleonora – he said that is own room had become too stifling and he needed somewhere where he could focus on his studies  - and they thought it would be nice for Martino and Filippo to come home to a delicious dinner.

“You can’t go wrong with Shepherd’s Pie.” Eleonora says with a smile, as she serves clumpy looking mashed potatoes mixed with a weird bolognaise sauce.

“I swear I didn’t put any tabasco in it. Or sour cream. Or vegan salami. No anchovies, either.” Niccolò cuts in, beaming with pride.

He looks so eager for Martino to taste his dish that he hasn’t got the heart to say no.

Oh well, there are worse ways to go.