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Blessing or a Curse

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Prologue: New Student(s); 3rd Person POV

When Iida Tenya, Uraraka Ochako, and Midoriya Izuku entered the 1A dorms after class on what the thought would be a typical Wednesday. However, they realized how different it was going to be considering there was a 5’8” undercut auburn teenaged (?)boy hanging out in their kitchen.

“Oh, hiya!” he said in a slightly higher pitch than even what Deku even spoke at. Brushing their hands on their black jeans and equally black t-shirt with My Chemical Romance written on the front. Leaving a dusting of white handprints on his thighs.

“Why are you in the 1A dormitories? This is restricted for only students.” Iida spoke up instantly.

The auburn frowned slightly. “Uhm, I’m actually going to be joining your class on Monday, so I s’pose it makes sense since I’m the first one to arrive.”

“You’re a transfer?” Izuku asked, surprised.

“Yep!” The auburn smiled brightly. “I’m Kiyoshi.” even going to shake hands, but then brought it back to his side almost instantly. “Sorry.” he ran his hand through the right- and longer- side of his hair. “Force of habit.”

“Kiyoshi-kun, I apologize for my behavior.” Iida apologized almost instantly.

Kiyoshi chuckled. “No worries.”

“If you’re not starting 'til Monday, why are you here so early?” Uraraka questioned.

“Cheaper flights?” Kiyoshi offered with a shrug. “I mean fifteen-hour flights suck anyway but they’re expensive. I don’t care if I arrive at mid-afternoon and have jetlag kicking my ass for a few days, because I don’t wanna pay extra for that type of flight.”

“Where are you flying from?” Izuku asked.

“‘Merica.” Kiyoshi shrugged. “That’s why I gave you my first name… well, and my last name is long and German so…” Kiyoshi turned back towards the stove.

“My apologies.” Iida offered almost instantly.

Kiyoshi looked up confused. “Why?”

“For using your first name so informally.” Iida spoke, no question in his voice.

“I did it on purpose. That’s what I want you to call me.” Kiyoshi spoke just as strongly.

“Kiyoshi-kun, are you using a Japanese name?” Izuku asked.

Kiyoshi smiled, as he set the oven to preheat. “I’ll answer that if you tell me your names. Deal?”

Uraraka stepped up first. “I’m Uraraka Ochako, Uravity is my hero name.”

Izuku smiled. “Midoriya Izuku, my hero name is Deku, which a few people in class call me.”

Kiyoshi nodded and smiled.

“I am Iida Tenya, I am the second hero under the name Ingenium.”  the bespectacled teen spoke proudly.

Kiyoshi’s expression softened. “I heard about what happened. I’m guessing he’s your older brother?”

Tenya nodded, though he was obviously slightly surprised that the new student had correctly guessed the relation off his hero name alone. “Are you using a Japanese name?” he asked. Tensei was okay, and that was all that really mattered, but it was still a topic he wasn’t too keen on talking about at length. Especially with someone that he wasn’t familiar with.

Kiyoshi shook his head. “Nope, well, not really. Kiyoshi is actually my name, but when you compare the English spelling to the Romaji spelling there’s a dropped letter. Not that it matters, I write in Romaji in everything except my name purely because I just can't write Kanji quickly.”

“Interesting.” Izuku mused.

“We’re back!” Mina shouted from the front door of the dorms.

“Is someone cooking?” Kaminari’s voice always seemed to carry.

“Sweet!” Sero cheered.

The oven pinged.

“I’m guessing that’s more of your classmates. How about you keep them outta here until I get the food in the oven?” Kiyoshi offered.

“Sure.” Uraraka assured with her usual bright smile.

“I can help if you want.” Izuku offered.

Kiyoshi shook his head. “No need. I’m just taking stuff out of the fridge and putting it in the oven and moving some other stuff around. I can manage.” he gave the short greenet a small smile. “Besides, Sato was helping me until about five minutes ago.”

Izuku nodded before following Uraraka and Iida into the common area.

“Deku.” he heard Kacchan grumble, annoyed at his very existence. No surprise.

“Hey Kacchan.” he mumbled as he sat between Iida and Uraraka on the couch to the right of the one the Bakusquad was occupying.

“So, nobody’s cooking?” Kaminari asked sadly, it took Deku a moment to realize that it was the electric boy’s turn to cook.

“No way, you can smell something cooking.” Kirishima argued.

“Satou’s not back yet, right?” Sero asked.

“I do not believe Satou has returned yet.” Iida told Sero. “Though Midoriya, Uraraka, and I may have missed someone coming back to the dorms if they did not announce themselves the way you did.”

“Sato’s here.” Deku spoke up. “He’s upstairs.”

“We startled you three?” Mina teased.

“Stupid Deku.” Kacchan grumbled again.

“Sonova bitch.” Deku heard Kiyoshi barely yelp. “You fucker.” his accentless English was quite the contrast to how any of them spoke. He saw Kiyoshi leave the kitchen, the Bakusquad not seeing him since their couch was facing away. “Hiya!”

Kiyoshi was just as bubbly as when he met the three of them as he caught the attention of the other five.

“Who the fuck are you?” Kacchan demanded angrily, leaning against the back of the couch. Ready to jump the auburn.

Kiyoshi winced slightly. Whether it was from Kacchan’s words or the volume Deku didn’t know.

“I’m Kiyoshi, your new classmate starting Monday.” he spoke calmly, clearly undeterred by the explosive attitude.

“Seriously?” Kirishima asked, stunned.

“Yep. They’re rounding the Hero Classes up to 25, I know there’s at least one in-school transfer and I’m the only American transfer. Though they also said something about someone transferring from Europe, I’m just not sure if they’ll be in 1A or 1B.” Kiyoshi spoke quickly, but clear and concise unlike Deku’s mumbling, despite his run-on spirit.

“End of the Trimester, I guess it makes sense.” Sero mused.

Mina jumped and hugged the new transfer over his right shoulder. Forcing the taller teen to lean against the back of the couch so Mina could still touch the ground. “But you’re the only one here?”

Kiyoshi returned the hug, though he seemed slightly worried despite his hand easily resting on Mina’s right shoulder. “Uh, yeah, I told Iida, Midoriya, and Uraraka that the others won’t be arriving til Saturday, but the in-school transfer is switching on Friday after class.”

“Nice.” Kirishima and Kaminari fistbumped.

“I’m Mina Ashido!” Mina spoke brightly as she pulled the transfer onto the couch, putting the auburn between Mina and Bakugou.

“What the hell?!” he snapped, annoyed.

“Miss Manners is Bakugou Katsuki.” she informed Kiyoshi simply.

“HA?!” Bakugou demanded angrily.

“I’m Kirishima Eijirou.” the red-head told the auburn, his own bright smile was returned fully.

“Kaminari Denki, nice to meetcha.” the blonde let a small jolt of electricity pass between his fingers.

Sero nudged him with his elbow. “Show off.” then looked to Kiyoshi. “I’m Sero Hanta.”

Kiyoshi smiled as he nodded. “Pleasure.” then scooched slightly towards Mina. Letting Bakugou have a cushion completely to himself.

The blonde looked surprised but didn’t actually say anything.

A ding came from the oven.

“Shit knew I was forgetting something.” Kiyoshi muttered, placing a hand on the back of the couch and vaulting over it with ease. Though the landing was taken out from him as he landed on one foot, but turned and tumbled over Mineta as he went to take another step. “Ouch! Fuck!” he yelped, shaking his wrists out as he forced himself back to standing.

“Who are you?” Mineta questioned, annoyed as he too slowly stood up.

“Food first, questions second!” Kiyoshi yelled, not even looking at Mineta as he ran back to the kitchen.

Mina stared at the retreating American, then glanced at Bakugou. “You swear a lot, did he just drop the f-bomb?”

“The dude just vaulted over the couch with one hand, landed on one foot, like it was easy, and you’re concerned about his swearing?!” Kirishima questioned, stunned.

“Well, to be fair, if anyone would be able to pick out swearing it’d be Bakugou.” Kaminari pointed out.

“That would be the f-bomb.” Sato spoke easily as he passed through, clearly heading to the kitchen. “He dropped it a few times before you got here.”

Kaminari and Kirishima easily accepted the information.

“The only upside is that he doesn’t swear at us.” Sero teased.

Bakugou raised an eyebrow, daring the other to continue. “It’s not my damn fault if you can’t fucking handle someone swearing at your shitty ass.”

“Are you alright Mineta?” Midoriya asked, seeing the shortest member of 1A not having moved from his spot.

The grape hero nodded, seeming slightly confused. “I swear he landed on his toes and spun on them.”

“That’d be because I did.” Kiyoshi muttered. “I’m a ballerina and a gymnast, so it really wouldn’t surprise me if that’s exactly what I did. I’m 99% sure I do that by habit at this point.” there was a raised eyebrow from Mina. “Sato kicked me out. I’m better at breakfast anyway.”

“You’re a ballerina?” Uraraka questioned.

“Was, gave it up about three years ago, along with gymnastics when I didn’t want to be competitive. Started doing martial arts instead.” Kiyoshi said with a shrug. “You had your written finals today, right?”

Iida was the one that spoke up, to no one’s surprise. “That’s correct, we have our practicals tomorrow.”

Kiyoshi nodded in thought. “I’m going to probably be taking placement tests on Sunday then… since the others are arriving on Saturday.”

Sero looked at the American strangely. “Why would you need to take the placement test?”

“Weren’t you already accepted into Yuuei?” Kaminari agreed.

“Well… yeah, but ya know the class placement and stuff.” Kiyoshi murmured. “Why are you all looking at me like I just turned into a Hydra?”

“Aren’t you going to be in Class A?” Midoriya asked.

“Gah! I’m so lost it’s not even funny!” Kiyoshi shouted angrily. “Part of me wants to ask: What. The. FUCK it is I’m missing but I’m not even sure I’d understand.”

“You okay?” Kirishima asked, worry clear in both his words, his tone, and on his face.

“Fine.” Kiyoshi nearly growled, then sighed. Dropping his head to the coffee table with a dull thud. “Please explain how you guys handle changing subjects because clearly, I’m missing something.”

“Seriously?” Bakugou questioned. “It’s the fucking same!”

“Nope, no, it’s really not.” Kiyoshi grumbled. “We have our homeroom, then different levels of our core classes that we went to, some having 2,3, or even 4 levels. What dictated your homeroom was your last name, average GPA, or just randomness.”

“That doesn’t make any sense!” Iida objected.

“This doesn’t make any sense to me. I’ve had that type of system since I was 9, to some extent.” Kiyoshi argued.

“How smart are you?” Mina asked.

“Too dumb to be smart and too smart to be dumb.” Kiyoshi replied, his shoulders shrugged in nonchalance, his face looked annoyed, but his voice sounded like he was just repeating something said to him more than once.

“You’ll be fine.” Kirishima said brightly. “They average your Practical and Written results, so you must’ve done really well on your practical.”

“Or your own instructors knew how you’d rank.”

Everyone but Kiyoshi jumped at Todoroki’s sudden way of entering the conversation.

“I blame it being 7 am since I slept last.” Kiyoshi grumbled.

Iida frowned. “You said you had a fifteen-hour flight.”

“Well… more like I had to go down to Chicago which adds about two hours because of the traffic, be there six hours before my flight was actually scheduled to leave because international flights are dumb, arrive in Tokyo and go through customs for an hour, and have what I assume was a two hour train ride before showing up here.” Kiyoshi somehow managed to say that in one sentence but sound defeated and not out of breath at the end.

“What day is it?” Midoriya questioned already having a suspicion.

Kiyoshi frowned. “You’re gonna make me do math?” he deadpanned, already doing it anyway. “Tuesday at 7 plus 15… plus 5… plus 6… would make it Wednesday at 9 am, then the time change…” Kiyoshi chuckled for a moment. “That explains why I feel like pulled an all-nighter.”

“You last slept Monday to Tuesday?!” Iida demanded. “Unacceptable!”

“That just sounds unpleasant.” Kaminari and Mina agreed.

“You should take a nap.” Uraraka told him.

“Look, I want to sleep, but if I don’t sleep tonight I’m just going to make myself more miserable.” Kiyoshi told the brunette. “My brain’s just working slower than normal.” he looked to Todoroki. “So thanks for pointing that out.” he stood up. “I’m Kiyoshi, new transfer.”

“Todoroki Shouto.” he returned calmly, walking up to the rest of the group that seemed to base itself around Midoriya.

“Tsu-chan!” Uraraka greeted brightly as Kiyoshi sat back down.

“Food’s ready.” the frog girl told them.

“Sweet!” Kirishima, Kaminari, Mina, Sero, and Uraraka cheered following her out.

“Are you coming, Kiyoshi-kun?” Iida asked.

“Nah, I’m not really hungry, I’m gonna email my parents and let them know I’m here.” Kiyoshi told the Class President.

“Alright.” Iida said with a nod.


When Class 1A had finished their meal together they were surprised to find Kiyoshi in the courtyard on his laptop. Those who had already met him had a pretty easy time explaining who he was and why he was there.

Izuku Midoriya had walked out for a few moments, seeing Kiyoshi holding a tablet in front of him and red headphones over his ears.

“Gimme a sec.” he muttered before looking at Midoriya properly, pulling one of the speakers behind his left ear and the other half over his right, but not taking the headphones off completely. “Something wrong?”

Midoriya shook his head. “There’s some food in the fridge if you want it, plus you don’t need to be out here.”

Kiyoshi smiled. “I’m face timing my parents, I might speak a different language, but I didn’t want to force you to wait until I was done. Especially since I have no clue how long I’ll be chatting.”

Midoriya smiled and nodded.

“I told you to give me a sec.” Kiyoshi grumbled as he headed back inside. “It was one of my classmates, so it's cool.”

Of course, Iida was waiting for Deku to come back inside and was a little confused when he didn’t bring Kiyoshi back with him.

“He was face timing his parents.” Midoriya informed Iida.

Iida nodded. “I see, then we shouldn’t disrupt him.”

Midoriya agreed with that sentiment.